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In. High Ester Dean this Assad landslide cast today on the show. We're going to hear from the amazing her and win a writer Miss Raquel Castro. It was awesome hanging with her on the set of the show. She Super Uber talented. She just stands not only just her craft, but how to redefine what artist is really respect this woman? She's showing other artists away to just be yourself until your story in keep. Those sound didn't what she did on. The show was amazing, bringing in other writers like herself in showing that where she came from an showing her journey and being able to give back in such a way, it was amazing. So without further ado, here's hurt. My journey as a songwriter, I think it's been kind of difficult to be honest in songs you know, and to take something from your bedroom more from voice note to really recording it and putting it out into the world so I. Know How tough it can be to be a songwriter. Then you also learned that. There isn't much to learn. You just have to speak from the heart. You have to be honest with yourself in your riding. My sound is so many things. It's arm be at the core, but it's so many other things and. You Know I. It's definitely emotional. Sometimes, it's electric, sometimes warm I don't know if it's just one thing it's. It's everything what makes a great song a great melody you know something that's unforgettable and unforgettable melody, and I think the truth. You know something that. You know everybody has has felt or gone through or can relate to I think those things make a great sal. I feel really hard when I hear a song that reminds me of a moment or memory, or that reminds me of something. I feel most of like the purple rain album. Made me feel so much. You Know Dangelo are some of my favorites, Alicia keys. Of Lauryn Hill. Songs in the key of life all those albums or like my favorite these. Plays over and over again it never gets old and. I always feel like. I don't know what it is. That feeling is when you hear a great song but I get it from all those albums. SONGWRITERS are so important. You know they don't get enough recognition, but. You know for a lot of artists. They make the art senior. They make they make a lot of people feel something and you would never know that. It's the person writing like I feel like. A lot of songwriters artists have written so many songs in, and you see them walking down the street and you would never think like he wrote. You know wrecking ball or Songs that we we've known our whole lives. They don't get enough recognition. The experience of being at saw land is much more special because people get to see behind the scenes of what happens in writing sessions. It's like you're literally watching a writing session happen, and that's very rare. You know that doesn't just happen. People don't get to sit in on sessions. People writing hit songs. The energy here is is so free, and it's so fun, and it's like there aren't any rules, but to just make a great song. That's really why being here. I love Ester. She's so dope. She's created so many hits. Somebody songs that I still play. That are still in my playlist, and she's just a cool person like she's a great energy, and and I think that's why she so successful at what she does because she loves it Shane on my Gosh. You know national is one of my favorite places to right, and he has so much of that Nashville him. That just makes me so anxious to get in the studio with him. He's just so warm in. His writing is incredible like he has written so many songs that I love. and. I know he knows about storytelling like he's really about storytelling and that's that's my way of writing just picking up a guitar and being able to talk it out. Right I fan girled when I walked in because I'm such a huge Ryan Fan like I'm a huge Ryan Fan I told him his voice has always affected me like I love his voice so much so the fact that I got to work with him on the show was like it was kind of a dream. Come true it was. It was kind of like a a vision board. Thing because I'm such a big Fan. That was the amazing her. So now we're going to hear from the winning writer Rick Kill Castro and her journey as a writer, and how she created her winning song wrong places. My name is Raquel Castro I'm from Long Island New York I'm a singer. Songwriter and I won the her episode of Song Land With My song wrong places. The first time, anyone even mentioned songwriting to me. I was probably around six years old and a family. Friend of mine was at my house. He's one of my dad's best friends growing up and he was in the music industry and He just started playing these chords on the guitar and I. At the time I loved beanie babies, so I wrote a song about beanie babies, and I just started kind of like free styling it and he I remember. He told me he was like. You're going to be a songwriter one day. When, I was fifteen years old I started working with this producer and a friend of his. She was his co writer, and they brought me out to Los Angeles and we did this cover actually that we released on Youtube, and during that process we started writing songs together I learned a lot from that experience like whether it was just being in the studio and learning how to professionally track my vocals, and also just learned the actual structure of song. So then when I was sixteen years old, I did a show called the voice on. NBC and I remember coming back home from that experience, and just really being so inspired to write songs I was surrounded by so many talented people on that show I. Just remember loving everything that was going on, and just being so inspired by them and learning so. So much from them hours like a sponge is kind of taking in, and since then I just started letting everything, pour out, and I didn't really know where it was going to go and had a lot of learning to do as an artist and development, but I just think from the experience that I had on the voice, it was my first step. Professionally, in the music industry, and that's just kind of what set everything offer me. So when I wrote wrong places, which is a song that I one song land with it was about a year ago, I was in Los Angeles and going through a break-up. Obviously, when you're in Los, Angeles, you can meet a lot of crazy people in. Not The most genuine people or Find yourself in east tricky situations and You know I was. Twenty four years old and I was having fun. I was going out with my friends, drinking lots wine and I just some such a hopeless romantic that I just always just wanted to meet somebody that just made me have that feeling that I was missing I was. In this weird place going through this break up, but also wanting to be loved and missing the love that I had in my past relationship. So that's kind of what inspired the song and I had these court ideas in my head. This really cool progression, and so sometimes I'll record that in my voice memos, and then I will start creating melodies over chords that I create my head, so that was kind of the process. It kind of started out me, singing, dum, dum, dum, dum dum! and. and. And then over that voice memo I would just keep it on loop, and I would just come up with melodies, and the one lyric that I sang was looking for love and all the wrong places. And then one of the lyrics was looking for love and other places, looking for love and all the wrong faces. I'm always looking for love. When wind drunken faded looking for love in all the wrong place A. Came for often knowledge face he. Always, looking for enough. When on one token faith? So. It's like I know going to looking for love in all of these. Wrong people in situations, but I still want it, and that's kind of. It was just as internal mental battle that I was having with myself like I. Want it I know it's not good and I'm romantic and maybe I shouldn't be doing this, but it's still kind of fun, and you know all of those like weird feelings that you have in a situation like that and from there. I sent my ideas. My rough ideas to my friend back home in New York Zach Powell who helped write and produce a song with me and he took what I did, and then made it even cooler, and created an even cooler chord progression. He got where I was trying to go with it and. It does really helped the song to grow. Originally I think he made it a little bit more Staccato and then we kind of tried to make it flow a little bit more and make it more fluid, so he did you know more progressions instead of just very choppy things and we just got it to a really good point of feeling like it had army vibe, but super pop and like just I. Don't know it's so hard for me to describe that part of things because it's like the way my brain works. I'm like all right that sounds. Sounds Great, right? That doesn't sound good, so we're not gonNA do that, so it's like I. Don't know his technique and I don't even know if he does because it's just like a natural God, given talent, but he's one of those people that get exactly what I want. Even if I can't like, verbally, express it if I just give him a few notes, or if I just sing the melody like I feel like he can just figure things out in his brain like a mad scientist. It's really crazy. And just started creating this idea, and then just ran with it, and then just went straight into the studio to record it. It was just really cool to see the progression of the track against. As! ME. The. Question make. Them soon. Shit. Show. How to lose. Just feel like the stars aligned for this one and I just remember the place that I wrote this in and I just feel like it's a really relatable song for anybody that's either going through a up or has been through a break-up or has never even had a relationship and wants love. There's just so many different perspectives that can be taken out of the song. So I'm really glad that wrong. Places was one of those songs that came to life because now here. Is just really cool. So when I walked through the doors of Song Land I had no idea who it was going to be four. And then when I found out that her was my artist I'm like I can really hear her singing this like she would kill it and just take it to a whole other level. So for my first take of singing in front of the producers and her. I remember my heart was beating out of my chest, sweaty palms, like short of breath like all all of that I was just so nervous, and as a songwriter I feel like it's even more vulnerable to do something like this because you're going in front of Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, producers and a Grammy Award, winning artist, and you're singing a song that you wrote from your heart. You're just spilling your guts out. that. was nerve wracking for me. Hello. Cool to be here, this is a song called wrong places. Let's hear it. For. All the wrong case A. Look. All these faces. Always looking for on one trump concern. Kill. Question McCain. Home? That just think. How? I was told young to set. But I just love tools sentimental. Looking for someone to write although woods to my instrumental. It's. Bitch bitches. Only Thing Green. How. Does. Make. Just onto the, God. She gets it after I finished singing Ryan. Header got the piano and he picked up the courts right away. I was like Oh. My God he's playing these chords. It's crazy like they were coming up with ideas only. Me Tell me that you think. They don't. Even more like that could be the bridge. They started like changing a few different lines. Who'd have said? Show me how love and then we. Again. I'm always looking for us when wind drunk and faded. Yes and even like lust with trust to like it's. This is just like when you're warned. Drunken faded. Yes, it was just the coolest constructive criticism that I've never really had the opportunity to have 'cause. It's always just been me singing into my phone or just writing. In my notes so just to have that bounceback with people that are just so well respected in the industry I never thought in a million years that I would have that type of opportunity, and that in itself was so cool. So when I got to move to the second round I, remember like thinking like who who am I going to work with I would be happy any which way because they're all amazing. And so I walked into the room, and I saw Ryan I was so excited because I'm such a big Fan of Ryan header. With the other producers as well, but I just remember like when apologize came out ahead of my space in like anytime I would go through break-up. Apologize would be my song on my space to fit my mood, so to even be in his presence. I was like I wanted to like bow down to him, but we sat down at first before even got into the music aspect of it, and we just went through line by line, and we were like okay. Let's make sure every single line makes sense. I was told him to settle age. Ain't the thing I'm just to sino-middle AJ. Thing there at his age thing too sentimental, so we changed lyrics to just kind of conclude. Conclude each line originally, it was looking for Lebanon all the wrong places, looking for love and all of these faces, so we wanted to say looking for love, and all the wrong places looking for love and all the wrong faces. We definitely changed that, and we changed the end of the hook as well. The lines I've been feeling lonely Homie told me that you think I'm pretty. Show me how to love again, so that's kind of cool because it keeps it open to the imagination, and anyone can really take that line and make it whatever they want to mean. And then we actually facetime her as well which I didn't expect, and her came up with an idea dinnenn. Not which I loved. So it started with an acoustic element and then started to progressively grow throughout the track. Once we got in with all of that and we got the storyline down packed. That's when Ryan hit. The button played this really cool. Drum pocket idea. It fit perfectly and sat down. And play these really cool cords. I feel like that. Just kind of lets the song breathe, and it still makes the story line message. Important and helps tell the story. It was awesome like it. Just everything made sense. It was just so much fun I forgot. Cameras were around like it just felt like I'm in a writing session with Ryan header and this is happening. Really really cool and comfortable. So when I sang wrong places for the second time in front of the producers and her I. Definitely was feeling a little more calm. I knew what to expect and in my mind I was like you know what I mean. has this I got to kind of dance a little bit? I'm a dancer as well and everything just kind of came out all at once and It was just liberating. US All face. I'm always looking for. On A. Question make. Type. Thing! How? THAN THE Hello We all. A. This is GonNa be really hard for me to say but. The song that I chose to. Record is. Wrong places. I remember my heart dropping and I was just like Oh my God. I can't believe this is happening in one of the things. She said that just made me feel so good inside, but she's like. When you came out here I didn't expect. This soul to come out of you and you know I was just pleasantly surprised that really stuck with me as an artist and as a songwriter, you could really get inside your head a lot and feel really insecure and question a lot of things, but her. You know those words really inspired me and. Kind of just gave me that confidence that I needed and just really. This whole experience did that for me. Brian, they really killed it. They really nailed the song. They added the flavor that needed. They made the words. More meaningful, and and and they made sure every line mattered you know, and that's so important with songwriting I always try to like be a line or see if there's something I can do better or word that can choose it's that's better or the rhyme scheme. Make it more clever, and they did that especially with the beat a much happier with it. If feels like a classic. Kind of RB Song, the cords are very. Unique, but they're very classic, and I think that the melody is so new, but it could have been done in a different time in a and I think you know the guitar is a lot more raw on the record, and I think this album making is. Is a lot more organic and it's a lot more raw, but it's still elevated in. It's still. Those melodies that Kinda catch you off guard I know. The song is going to be crazy when I get on my gin the studio. Well I never thought that I would ever have the chance to do this but I get to debut my first song with a major artist, and it's called wrong places, and this is her singing wrong places. Looking for love all the wrong place. US Face! Joking Fade. I was told to young said of. Agent thing I'm. Looking for someone to other words. Awesome. That's off of this episode. Song Land is here for the Community of songwriters and I'm so excited that you guys are getting to be a part of it altogether and make sure you come back for next week. We have Martina McBride and the winning writer of that episode. Mr Dean episode

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