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Support for this podcast and the following message come from frame bridge they make custom framing easy and affordable frame your art in photos at frame bridge dot com or visit visit their new stores located on Fourteenth Street and Bethesda row. Get fifteen percent off your first frame bridge order with Code N._P._R.. Live from N._p._R.. News in Washington I'm Lakshmi Singh. Rodway mourns a legend today director and producer Harold Prince has died in Iceland Iceland after brief illness. He was ninety one years old his legacy includes enduring major hits such as cabaret sweeney todd and the phantom some of the opera and as Jeff London reports Prince won an unprecedented twenty one Tony Awards Hell Prince was at the center of the American musical theater from the latter half of the twentieth century into the twenty-first he began his career as a producer with Pajama game in nineteen fifty four and followed showed up with such hit shows as Damn Yankees West side story and fiddler on the roof but it was as a director where Killer Lee with the work of songwriters Stephen Sondheim rings or Jibes Comes Company and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The Phantom of the opera is the longest running Broadway musical of all time for for N._p._R.. News I'm Jeff London in New York. Puerto Rico's embattled governor is nominating the U._S. territories former representative in Congress Congress to eventually be his replacement governor he got the Rosillo has chosen bevo Pierre Louis C. to become secretary of state and next in line for the Commonwealth's Commonwealth's top office as of Friday. However rosillo selection sets up a showdown in the legislature where Beverly U._C.? Faces heavy opposition Puerto WTA Ricans have stage mass demonstrations for the governor's resignation Democrats competing for their party's presidential nomination in two thousand twenty or trying to up their game to stay in the game. C._N._N.'s moderating the second tonight democratic debate of the primary season ten were candidates are getting ready for a volley of questions this evening in Detroit. Perhaps better informed about what to do or not op do after watching their rivals performances last night. We have more on that from Including Medicare for all while many other candidates on stage including former Congressman John Delaney cautioned about going too far too fast so I think Democrats win when we run on real solutions not impossible promises when we run on things that are workable not Fairytale Economics Warren hit back. You know I don't understand why anybody anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't site for tonight former Vice President Joe uh-huh Biden. WE'LL BE AT center stage with Senators Kamla Harris and cory booker on either side of him Timbre Keith N._p._R.. News at last check on Wall Street. The Dow is up twenty points at twenty seven thousand two hundred eighteen. You're listening to N._P._R.. News President President trump may finally be getting what he's been needling the Fed to do for months in that's cut interest rates. N._P._R.'s Scott horsely reports that at the conclusion of its two day meeting in Washington Washington D._C.. The Federal Bank as he left the White House for a day trip trump told reporters the U._S.. Economy could be growing faster than the Fed not raised interest rates on four separate occasions last year disappointed in the bed. I think they acted too quickly by far and I think I've been proven right people that I was right. They were on the Fed in the bed. Insist guided by economic signals not political pressure trump's policies have contributed to rising uncertainty around the world that intern intern has slowed economic growth and forced the central bank to consider a rate cut Scott horsely N._p._R.. News Washington a private survey finds U._S.. Companies added did one hundred fifty six thousand jobs in July the Associated Press reporting that prey world processor eighty pieces larger firms accounted for most of the gains Congolese health officials confirmed that a second Ebola patient in the city of Goma has died. They have yet to

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