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Welcome to bad news. This is Don. Here's with their Canadian election update. Let's run through the parties. Parties for Liberal Party is public relations scam that plants trees around the mass grave that is Canadian history. Justin Trudeau is like if George W. Bush got into kayaking accident and lost his intelligence and charisma just a total zero these bourgeois sleazebag so military here to Saud family regime and then call themselves unitarians now the Conservative Party is basically Canada's wing of the National Party in South Africa under apartheid this twisted creeps are proud that can't as a settler colony won't have it any other way. Liberals pretend to be sad about the conservatives openly support their leader is Andrew Scheer man so bland that listening to him speak is like eating a box of crackers though to glass of water the New Democratic Party or MVP has never led a federal government but it certainly run left-wing movements into the ground in a number of provinces. Gandhi P has a new leader in Jagmeet Singh. The big question is whether Canadians are racist vote for someone with Punjabi Heritage. That's the wrong question. Canadians are to racist vote for anyone. We need a revolutionary comedian. Run the whole show the block. BECUA- starts with a great idea. We need to destroy Canada then they ruin it by saying in Quebec still needs to exist. The whole idea sounds like a divorce guide. Quebec wants to keep imperialism on weekends next the Green Party. The Greens are another public relations scam. Their slogan is not left not right but forward together. That's Just Textbook Neo Nazi third position. We're not the Green party dreams of joining a coalition liberals. It's like when you watch your garbage collector dumpy recycling into the same as the draft Dr then there's the People's party which is a half ass attempts to start a new fascist party Bozos. Laurie have by fascist ashes parties to choose from. I just listed. Let's talk issued the end. EPA has promised National Pharma Care Program which makes sense in a country country that supposedly has free healthcare. Unfortunately they aren't planning on getting rid of the causes of all those symptoms so you'll have to put on some drake. Take a handful of free painkillers and cry yourself to sleep again. Conservatives said they'll fix the housing crisis years to let people dive into high risk mortgage in ten years. It's only been ten years since this idea new taft the economy and they're already back at it. Abolish win or problem solve all the liberals for their part of promised two point two billion trees. I said they promised trees earlier but you probably didn't believe me. Look it up promising promising trees. Now the official bad news the lesson prediction here it is usual. Democracy is a sham want my sample all sides. It's five hundred years of coney. Eliza workers turf this whole system and come up with something now was right with Ota People's Army. The people people have nothing goodbye I uh-huh.

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