GSMC Weird News Podcast Episode 150: Death Diving, Firenado, and Rodents


Is weird odd strange or just plain bizarre is really your cupcake, then the Golden State media concepts. We're news podcasts. We'll give you that fix. Can't believe it will listen for yourself as we delivered. His strangest news, you'd definitely won't find on CNN or FOX. It's the Golden State media concepts weird news podcasts. Hello. And welcome to the Jesus. Nc weird news podcast brought to you GMC podcast network. I mean who Stacey your co host, Sarah. And today we are joined by two new GMC host Heidi REI on high. So how are you on haven't been on weird news? So just a forewarning lives up to its name. This news is odd. But yeah, we are also weird. So it's fitting just let your weirdness fly. It's totally accepted here. That's what we're here for. So our first story today comes from Norway, which I feel like hear someone making a joke. But I won't because I'm better than that. But so this is a competition in Norway called I'm going to go with Dodd sing. There's a slash through this. Oh, and I don't smoke more regions. I'm sure what that's supposed to be doing. But it's dot sing. Which translates to. Death diving this is death diving competition. Norway. Brought us the firewood television reality show, which sounds about as exciting as well. Firewood. And now death diving are mean those are two opposite excitement going on. Yes. So this is where competitors jump off a ten meter platform in what is supposed to be their most creative pose possible and they receive points for the quote, unquote, coolest pose and cleanest splash. But because some of these poses are nowhere near proper diving poses this often leads to belly flops and or going into your head not clean splashes at all. But I saw. Yeah. So I'm super shot. This is a fifty year old sport. Like why? Oh, well, I didn't even I knew you had swimming pools. But it didn't. I assume it wasn't ten meter diving boards. Then fifties surprising because I feel like this is just like made for social media, right or just made for like, I kind of imagine it when I was watching the videos like this. I would like the seventies. And you know, the surfers who became skateboarders it's that sort of of people like I don't care if I break bones times, it's fine fifty years ago. I feel like they weren't diving off of diving boards and swimming pools. It was probably a cliff and like an icy order, something that's much better. They had like Olympic polls and everything to the one style. Like that was the thing. It is. Yeah. In the video, the diving pool diving into sort of roundish, which I am kind of jealous because I've never seen that. But it means you thankfully than land like sort of equally away from any of the pool is if you were in a rectangle the way some. These guys launched themselves off at an angle, it'd be like, please. Please. But yes, so even though this is fifty years old. This is only the tenth world championship in which I'm like what you doing for forty years. The point. If you don't even have a championship. It was just well, it's a world championship. Maybe the championship another bringing it to the world. So maybe that's what it is Heidi. We have the internet. And now we can bring it to spread go do this. If you've seen the videos for this. I had a hard time watching the video, and it wasn't even the airing this of the competition. It was sort of like clips put together of all the finalists dives or whatever. But there were so many just like going in head first and not with like my hands to brace me sort of in things like why bellyflop endings to felted hurt. Yes. And there were like children in the audience. And I'm just like parents, what are you doing? Their child's what not to do for them owner you encouraging? So if it's a world championship. There must be rules. What are said rules? I couldn't really find too many of the rules other than you do get sort of bonus points for, you know, not even creativity difficulty. So for example, there were several that looked like the same. But then there were somewhere they had their hats on. And so you got docked if while doing the dive your came off and this Bill the bit like gymnastics where it's like, oh, you can see your brush draft. So you can get really focusing on small ridiculousness of that dive in extremely painful Andhra dangerous. I mean, it's the world championship while I guess you got to up your game. There you've got to keep the hat on at all costs like that. What if that spray stuff that beauty pageant people use to keep their bikini from writing up get up? Get up. Spray, or whatever I've seen this Congeniality too many times. Get that for your hat and hope you don't have a Mathilde moment. So you're stays on while doing ridiculous things. And there were evidently the thing. I said read saw that said that it was both men and women, but I did not see the women's competition in the video. And I'm just like, okay. Let's get you know, twenty something guy doing it. It did look mostly men. But then the way they were landing is seemed like it'd be very painful for women to lend. It'd be very painful for funny. Like when I saw the thing that the thing was about cleanest splash. I was like who came up with that rule. Nobody has a cleans as much as you think of like, you know, if you watch Olympic diving some of those splashes are non-existent, whereas these are all like, you purposefully, it would be better if you had like biggest flash as you're reading criteria that would be much better. I'm just going to say I hope these guys are wearing a Cup. Well, and I love it because they don't speak Norwegian. But I was watching the video and it had the audio talking and one guy was wearing a Speedo, which is an even Norwegian Speedo. But then you hear the announcers even doing my reaction when the death. Why are you? Like, I I am. But you've seen this haven't you like, why are you so shock? I'll every painful Trump is new. No, most of the guys looked to be wearing some regular version of Jones. Yeah. Painful either way, it seems like it would be out men. Women. Doesn't matter. You'll have parts that's gonna. Bruce. Yeah. When I saw one guy the first one I saw he launched himself off and this sort of like proud superman pose but one Perng in the air. So that he'd landed almost perfect bellyflop. And then you get the like slow after shot, and he's like all super pumped in the water. Like, yeah. I did it and I'm like, no you've got to be in pain. How are you breathing? After would seem like it would knock the wind out of is that the adrenaline talking right now because what are you doing? And it'd be like give me out of this pool. I can't even move like. And it's it's dangerous. I've seen people do diving competitions and land on their head and be like not fully conscious. So watching these people purposefully do that I'm just like why? And also wears your medical team. Can I see your medical teams super worried and I survived the Olympics where Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board. And I just I I'm traumatized by that. I can't I don't know how I feel about this also reminds me of base jumping because seeing that where it's like they the wing suits. And the jump off of mountains. Negoth go pros like red bull sponsors them. And it looks terribly dangerous. I feel like they're the they're also trying to land safely. But they take it to the last moment of how close can I get to the ground before I have to pull my parachute without dying. Oh, yeah. And I think can this is partly because I thought of it as the surfers who became skateboarders when I was watching the death diving. I was like I would much rather you instead of going in a pool. Can't you just land in a tub of that soft Boma thing that people do practice their flips on learning it like that looks like much less painful? Why does this have to be in a pool? So it turns out there are strict rules about goodness. Yeah. You know, it's not a belly flop competition it's called dosing, which kind of translate translates to death thing. Is that you spread out as you would for a bellyflop but tuck into a sort of folded in half dive right before hitting the water. The contestants are scored based on style. And how long they wait before tucking in. Yeah. That I can see that. 'cause watching it definitely did look like a number of guys waited as long as possible, which is why they went in on their heads. But then the spread out as much as possible criterias, very interesting because sometimes look like they were just doing strange like side up and down flips that I can't believe plane their arms and legs are pulled into them. So they can get a lot of rotation for the spins they're not spread out quite that much the ones I watched they were all basically the same technique flying. Yeah. That's possible. I mean, I definitely did see at least two guys do the superman pose, and at least two guys the I don't even know what call this other painful. So it is possible. If the ideas to spread out, you are kind of limited in what you can do. And then this competition. Just to appear as risky as you possibly can. But then try to not bellyflop at the end like it. Just sounds trying to look as dangerous as you can and this sort of eating and in the sixties and beginning of the seventies. Oslo youth would hang out at the pool where this diving tower is a certain diving tower is and the quote unquote rebels would dare each other to do to impress the girls. That definitely seems like how it started press women. Yes. Number of ridiculous sports star where it's just like you really had nothing better to do like go. You know, Gopi a good neighbor and do your elderly neighbors chores or go to the library something else like seriously. But then you wonder if the ladies are sitting back watching like, look how dumb they are. Lady was impressment. All I wanna go out with him. Probably can't have anymore. Children's. Yes. So we're going to take a short break. Stay to the average sedan is built with a steel frame and equipped with six airbags. Remember this? The next time you see someone walking drivers be aware pedestrians. Don't have armor, a message from the California office of traffic safety. The average SUV has two blind spots ways between four and six thousand pounds and takes about six seconds to stop remember this. The next time you were on foot pay attention people pedestrians. Don't have armor, a message from the California office of traffic safety. Welcome back to GMC weird news podcast. Our second story still, you know, people doing things I cannot even imagine doing but for a better 'cause in that actual cause as opposed to trying to hit on chick which is that in British Columbia in Canada. They are currently dealing with several severe wildfires. There's actually eleven currently burning. They burned over three point three million acres, and we totally just had this this past summer with all the wildfires here in California. And I was just like I feel your pain quite for your pain, except not quite like this because the firefighter is near Vanderhoek had their firehose sucked up by a fire twenty or fire NATO, which when I first heard I was like that's not real like shark NATO say the sequel the shark name making up NATO's now shark NATO bird NATO. Cat food NATO. I'm not watching that one wanna see that either. But this is a real thing, and you can actually see video of this. Because one of the firefighters, I guess was filming it it looks like a cell phone video. But it might have been like dash Cam. And you just see this hose just going up into the air like tornado like a really really terrifying version of wizard of us smoke everywhere in everything looked scary. Yes. The sounds horrifying like tornadoes are scary. And then you have a wild hose, which I'd imagine. When it's a tornado reminds you of snaked on fire, and then it's in the sky, and then you're trying to do something helpful. And then all of your all of your hopes are just gone. Yes. Either completely. Unpredictable. Well, and you see them trying to pull this post back someone. I I thought I thought was actually kind of funny 'cause it looks almost like a cartoon with her doing tug of war against something that of course, they're going to lose terribly. But this whole actually got sucked up into the tornado and melted and this took place over like forty five. Minutes, which I'm just like, hey, I don't want there to be such a thing as a fire NATO, but one that I have to be anywhere near for forty five minutes watching my Firoz get melted. Need to go. See a theory. It's actually more common than you would think. I mean, if you if you picture a very large fire, there's a lot of different air currents. And there's a lot of science that. I can't explain but. But both of my my thought, both my father, and my brother were volunteer firefighters for a very long time. And so you have to be very careful with with backdraughts and drafts of any kind because it can things have unexpected consequences. So if you think of dust devil. Well, it's kind of the same thing where you know, things just start to swirl in this case, it just happens to have fire involved, which is horrible. Well, here's the thing. There are actually those those are very common in fires. But a fire NATO is bigger because it actually reaches up to the clouds, and there's something about Cumulus, and some other type of Cumulus cloud. That are also scientific awards on understand either. But essentially, this is a tornado with fire from the ground to the clouds. There was one during the car fire this past summer. Scientists don't quite fully understand why that's the case in how that happened. But a fire NATO itself is not as common as a fire devil fire. Devonshire? I was surprised they thought it for that long. I mean without knowing the direction, it was going to be like, you know, what you can have it. Looking to fight you for that keep the hose. Well, I'm kind of wondering how chiller the firefighters in Canada because they're wearing what looks like not regular fire gear to me as are you the volunteer fire crew because they're wearing what looks to be like army pants almost shirts. And then they shut the thing. But not like the fool, you know, gear. They're wearing pretty standard hotshot Crozet is different for wildfires than like the building on fire. Okay. Well, in Canada, we know they're really light. So nice about it. That's why the fire Natick. Got the hose it was like. No, you haven't knowing system. This one. Clearly, I think they were they were little tired of being polite because I saw that they've been fighting this for at least a week with sixteen hours a day. And you see in the video at one point after the hose has been completely sucked up. One of the firefighters those. I'm not even sure what it is a rock or something. Data upset fine feel like a fine. It'll just take the rough throw it back. Well in the fire native happen pelting them with burning logs while they were trying to keep it from stealing their hose. I was like that is just like the personification of all things. I don't wanna mess with retaliation the rock the rock. The rock melted hose. One on. I mean, that's that's our next NATO movie. It'll have the rock in it. There you go. Wow. Nice one. But you know, I am terrified about this. And scientists think along with nothing able to explain it. The fact that just large fires in general, but perhaps fire NATO's are also becoming more common is sort of terrifying. Because it's just like, Nope. Nope. Nope. Now, picturing the personification of the tornado from the Disney, Hercules, film fire. Just like it's mad at me. And it's going to burn down everything that teases me through wherever specifically me. It sees me. It's hunting me down and have then how do you fight that too? They're just sucking up the hoses too. So I. No fight here. Gonna find it with the host. By the bucket. I'll take that too. So. And this is actually the video of this is amazing that they do get a shot at the bottom where you do see the flames actually being part of this tornado. And that looks almost not real like I thought it was one of those sort of whitening Globes. You had where you could touch followed your fingers like that. But it looked like just a toy or something. But the fact that that is a real fire is just terrifying to me, I don't want to do here. And it's crazy because like regular tornadoes. You can't really see the bottom. But you see this just burning everything it's touching right at the bottom. Like, wow, okay. You're doing damage. Why fight you? I mean, technically, maybe no escape. So I have to do something. I just let you do your thing. Right. It'd be fix the aftermath insured, right? This is not assurance fraud. If I just like surrender trying to say to your teacher like, oh, the fire NATO my house like I some money for it. I know it's not believable. But it happened. Explain that to your insurance to just like it was a fire, and it was a tornado. They're like really pick one hose. Hose eight my she shed. What no one else went because I immediately went to or not. Did not go there. No, how do you? I mean, technically, you have proof that fire NATO's are thing because this is on video and scientists do agree these exists, even if we can't explain it. But and fire NATO is now a hashtag. So obviously, you know, must be returned to internet thing now. Yeah, I am actually super shock that. This is not yet a movie though, like even before we knew fire NATO's real aren't those just like two of the worst natural disasters. When it's you just automatically put that in a movie in the same way, you every natural disaster twenty twelve or something like just put those together and added an earthquake just because the becoming more common. It might be. And then it gets near the ocean. And then it gets the sharks have sitting out flaming sharks. And. Town. This is my favorite tweet. They need one more shirk NATO movie now shark NATO flaming fins of fewer. Just I mean, the fact that NATO is a thing in movies at least there's not like a real shirk NATO. Right. I hope not that would be possibly mean. Fish get sucked up, and then and then not usually like massive tons of sharks. No. And now, I'm putting like sharp ITO and fire NATO and the Meg together. So you have a giant flaming Scharping. It's the most people NATO all the possible worse things. I can imagine in this world doom of something. Gosh, it's very strange, but I really do feel for the firefighters in British Columbia because right sixteen hour days. Seven days in a row like minimum. Just like, I mean, I guess you can't be like taking a day off from the fire. Nato see later eight my house. Well, can't go back host. So I need a day off to be compressed. You wonder how their health is going to be after all that smoke inhalation dust and all that too. Or even I remember reading, and I don't remember which fire was now because this just become so the norm for me every summer in California. There's a giant fire somewhere? But after one fire, I think it was some celebrity offered the firefighters like massages, and it wasn't even the fire was done. It was just like you ended your, you know, sixteen hour shift or whatever. And obviously that's very stressful. Right. So here's a gem like that is a great thing to do. But also how long did that have to go on celebrity offered massage? Lakes, eight not that they offered to Gilda thought that it was like, you know, like Robert Downey junior offering. Okay. I would actually kind of pay to see. Firefighters like he would actually I feel like a number of them would accept to be like you have a month. He would get the whole avengers crew to. Massage. Yes, I want the sore massage. Captain america. My brother-in-law works at Applebee's. And he they did a promotion for all the firefighters that were fighting this year for free dinner or lunch, or whatever they were. So they came in and got to eat for free just to help them out because there were so many. Yeah, I know guy he does like cook offs for firefighters. He like goes to wherever the fire is and does like barbecue and everything for all of them to make sure the crew gets fed not. That's nice definitely go through some things with these giant fires that just seem impossible to fight. And you hear about them for weeks and weeks, and however many millions of acres and then you'll hear like, oh, it's fifteen percent contained like fifteen percents. Fifteen percent. They've been fighting. How long are you kidding? Kidding? So yet definitely hearts go out to the firefighters whether or not they're fighting fire NATO's hoped. None of them ever the fight a fire NATO again. Because at that point does I'm sorry. You just you lost just throwing the fire hose or whatever. Just throwing give him the truck. So we're going to take a nether short break. Stay tuned. The average sedan is built with a steel frame and equipped with six airbags. Remember this? The next time you see someone walking drivers be aware pedestrians. Don't have armor, a message from the California office of traffic safety. The average SUV has two blind spots ways between four and six thousand pounds and takes about six seconds to stop remember this. The next time you were on foot pay attention people pedestrians. Don't have armor, a message from the California office of traffic safety. Welcome back to the GMC weird news podcasts. Our next story has to do with fires. But thankfully, not a fire NATO or any fire killing anyone in that in Washington DC last summer in a condo building. A rat pulled the fire alarm. Was there a fire? There was not a fire, thankfully, although I'm sure the condo people. Probably thought. There was for awhile. I'm just thinking if you could train a rat. Fire alarm looked like he was trained to it. Did it intentionally I like trying to get to something higher? But I couldn't quite figure out where he was trying to go 'cause he clearly jumps onto the fire alarm. And then the weight of the rat pulls down the handle. But I'm just like where are you trying to go 'cause the only higher than that is like the little thing that swings the door in and out. Just like where where are you aiming at man? But yeah, I love the fact that this happened, and that they caught it on film because otherwise people would be like who pulled that fire punk. It'd be like it's a Raby like, no, it's not. And then you bring out the film. It's like, oh my gosh. It is. But evidently, Washington DC has a major problem. He'll like major rat problem, which I did not know 'cause you know, this is our nation's capital, and you think of okay, Washington, he got the White House, and politics and all that problem. It's just nice. Yeah. I try to stay away from that metaphor. But yeah, no major actual Norwegian rat problem. The animal. Well, see I'm trying to not give a metaphor since the sound. Like, it should be at Disney movie to not now, there's gotta be a story around a rat. Yeah. It'd be a to pulling the fire alarm to you scape. That one shift guy who was onto him and wanted to prove it was the rat. And so he had escaped somehow. I can just see that in the film. I don't think it actually happened. But I can just see it happening in that. Holy enemy show, this I love more. So than anything else. How just sort of like whatever people were in response to this. Because my first thought would be like I need to get the heck out of that condo building. And that rats to intelligent red and its giant, and there's all sorts of problems going on with the rap being able to a fire alarm, right? But they're so used to it was just like of jokes about. Condo rat letting pizza at. I had forgotten about pizza had a think about it for a moment. Pizza was a video of I think in New York actually, just carrying a full slice of pizza down the street as you do when you're in New York, and nobody could stop that piece about so conduct kind of got to have his friends into. And if he can't get to the main door knob else is going to let them in. Guess I don't somebody will open it for me pull the Rier alarm. It's sort of like, oh, I gotta go to the back door and open the emergency exit to let in my dealer friend dealer dealer. Yes. I definitely gotta have pizza have that fix the way. They wouldn't about it though was funny because it looked like he had total motive like I'm gonna do this and do this. And I'm gonna get shot a run out this building. Like he had a purpose that day. I mean. Yeah, he definitely does seem to have a purpose. And there is a sort of paddle handle to also open the fire alarm, and I kind of imagine if he had managed to. Have something at that height to run of it. He would have been like full speed at handle like I am getting specific door open. And if you haven't seen the video there is actually like a railing kind of saying there's a bar that the rat jumps on first. And then so he has a shorter distance to jump onto the. So it does seem like he's trying to get somewhere. Yes. But yeah. Rats amazingly can chew food like metal garbage pails and supposedly the wires in cars are tastes to them. Which is why that's always a problem and the federal government actually helped fund a war on rats in the late nineteen sixties early nineteen seventies didn't work with. I mean, technically when do on non country, those never seem to work, but it's just like a war in rats from the government. I what can we also have like a war on mosquitoes? Because I desperately would totally support that one feels terrifying though to think that there's a war on rats like what else with rats do. Doing like people. Lots the war seclude. They're good at fighting us. They're taking pizza. They're doing fire alarms. What else are the rats controlling? They've clearly -volved. Looking this up? I learned way more statistics than they ever wanted to know about rats, including how frequently they copulate to the point that something like a male rat will copulate with twenty female rats in a day and could have some thousand number of offspring. Well. Well war. That's so many rent and rats, can you know, they can seal rats can get pregnant at a very very young age. So like, oh a couple of weeks, and then they're just station period isn't very long, and so they can have I don't know if it's a litter or what you would call it. But they can have just multiple. And then all those rats are getting their swerve on and they're having litters, and it's just and then they can become pregnant within a day after giving birth. And it's just like, obviously, this is why we lost the war. We are just outnumber. There's no. We had a war. We should've started handing out little tiny rat condoms. Right. Like, a female rats like liberation movement. Let just doesn't seem fair. Go get piper from whatever country. He was from like, okay. You know, what take the rats, and please also don't take children. I am. But then to go to slightly less. Terrifying. Rodents. I thought this was really cute. But also, the image of a terrified me I in that baby. Squirrels were rescued from. What is called a squirrel king and the separately comes from Iraq king because it is known to happen with bats where their tails became entangled. I've heard of that they'll those squirrel king. I was picturing from this headline like some diabolical guy with baby squirrels. He's going to sell them on the black market or something. Wasn't that kind of squirrel king? Wow. It's there is mind goes, so many places squirrel as king. Yeah. Yeah. Just like training, baby rats. Spit. Heidi all the terrifying. Things going on in my head now. Because of what you do I like to just, you know, they're just out there, and they want to eat and evidently copulate a lot and then eat some more and no evil plans to overthrow the humans are happening children's filling killing my thoughts there. Stacey you've heard the story, but I have to share because it's baby squirrels, and my father-in-law rescued two baby. Squirrels and he. They who's cutting down a tree and the squirrels fell out of their nest, and so he rescued them, and the the my favorite part of the story is what he named them everyone. I tell the story to says oh Chippendale. No. He named the key and biggie as you do you don't wanna be Chippendale. It's so it's so original achey and big a babies that's to keep them as pets. They didn't make it. Oh, well, hopefully, these will they were found by a passer-by and brought to the wildlife rehabilitation center at the Wisconsin humane society in Milwaukee, and it took them. I think about forty five minutes they had to NS. Thank you, Sarah. Not a problem. All that's what she's here for they had to that to the squirrel. So that they wouldn't freak out because they were already sort of freaking out because it's like, hey, I can't get away from my brother, and I'm really sick of him right now. And then they had a hard time at first telling whose tail was who and they didn't want to you know, obviously, nip somebody's tail or their would they were worried about blood flow with the tails as well. So they took about forty five minutes, and they did manage to separate them. Although some of them have this your tails than others, and I could see that being a problem sibling jealousy. For the way, we have that's working. I would have had the busiest tail. I was first born I served it. But yet, so they will be held at the center for a few days to make sure that you know, there are no long term damage, and they're all doing well. But just my first thought when I saw that of like five squirrels tied together by their tails have been like some sort of strange apocalypse. Happy. That's not natural. And they get things just tangle Yelm, and they also comes from the material that their nest is made out of that helps thing as well. But my first thought would have been like that is strange Newton, squirrel. And I'm going nowhere. To find a find just Wrigley nest? The awful, it's terrifying. From the squirrel to like. Oh, yeah. Brothers and sisters you wake up and you can't get away. And you're trying to all run into for direction. Thinking about the squirrel. I'm just thinking about myself. Harry run be like, I might call it in and be like there's a a mutant squirrelled. Hark, I don't know if it's still there. I ran away as fast as a whole. It was in this area, and you can go. And if you do find it and get rid of it, please put out a public bulletin. So that I know I can actually leave my house and go back to the park. But thankfully, this story does seem to have ended pretty well. And hopefully, all the squirrels do survive, even if some of them will have less Harry tails and others so on that note, we're going to infant today. Thank you for listening to the GMC weird news podcast.

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