Survivor 39 Episode 6 Feedback with Ali Lasher


Coming to you live from my apartment Ed's rob has a podcast and now here's the guy who's more like the physique of they punctured insured tube of Cookie Dough I am a rob sister Nino everybody and welcome back to rob has a podcast it's our feedback show here for our week number six of survivor island of the idols and I'm very excited to have back with us here on the feedback show here she is of of course you know her from her work co hosting on the MTV reality rops and several appearances recently on Rob Makita need a podcast please welcome back great Allie Allie how are you rob I'm I'm honestly so sorry because nobody's more disappointed pointed that I'm on here this week when like the best episode of the season happens you definitely asked me here because he expected it to be a nonsense nothing boot and then unfortunately for you here to know the most important episode of the season well so far the most important so far we can only hope that they get they get more important but I'm thrilled to have you back here because that you always have take it's never indifference and we have a lot to get into yeah I'm disappointed that if you're not disappointed because I truly prefer to make something out of nothing it's hard for me to deliver when their are expectations involved okay well all right the stage is set we'll see a set whatever expectations you want going into this episode of the pod guess so we have a lot of stuff to cover busy weekend for Allie talking to me coming on the heels of your podcast co host Brian Cohen Getting married congratulations nations to Mr and Mrs Brian Cohen Yeah that became a big story I was finishing the Davy podcast today it's like ten minutes on why we couldn't record a normal time because of Ryan's wedding that's probably the most play Brian's gotten on a podcast that was not ours the longtime ever how was the wedding the the wedding was great and honestly though it might mean the end of the MTV wrap up because I told Brian's mom this and I told Brian this like I we we've been podcasting asking for five and a half years but like I don't know Brian I know him but I got a peek behind the curtain of him being like a real person he's really in love they're a beautiful couple it was so sweet I like can't be meeting him anymore I think Oh wow okay I thought you were going to say that there there was like this whole part of his life than people knew nothing about it felt like what is this meaningless to to him oh I didn't talk to any here's the thing I went in I knew no one besides his mom and him so like I'm not going to hang out with them on the most important day of their lives I did I did have some great moments with plain view sue though I'll save that for for my podcast because she's a Celeb- over there one funny thing I went in like all right I'm going to and I know you heard Akiva Kiva training may on how to be the least important person at the party when he subbed with for Brian a few weeks ago on MTV but I so I I was like all right I'm going to go in I'm not gonNA look at anyone like I'm GonNa pick the least I just kept trying to pick like the least important seats for myself so that I was like not in the way however live dolls I accidentally ended up front and center absolutely everything so I I know no one will believe that I didn't WanNa make get about me but I really was trying I went into the to the beautiful venue for their ceremony and I pick the seat furthest from the Isle in the second to last row I'm there boom by myself on the end far could barely see anything but when they walk into walk down the aisle they're like smack DAB looking at me on their way to get the shot so I am like trying not to make eye contact with anyone but I accidentally have a very prime seat then the speeches are happening best man his brother Emily's best friend the bride's best friend the father of the bride it's beautiful where are they standing directly we in front of me so I'm in the background of every video taken of the speech I just like couldn't be more in the way so other but it was a beautiful foil beautiful wedding ten out of ten it was fabulous to see it's the death of my podcast I'm embarrassed about taking up too much space but otherwise fabulous okay all right well very happy for Brian and Emily yes analyst Yes okay well we do love all emily's in the the world of Rha in her mouth she said that he was he was her h Oh h in in her soul survivor Oh wow okay that's that's really nice okay alley before we get into all of the fun stuff going on with survivor let me just take a moment this weekend that the survivor community Got The word out I started seeing it Saturday morning that legendary he is survivor Rudy Bosh passed away at the age of ninety one and it wasn't a surprise that there had been reports for some time that Rudy was gene declining health for many months and then it seemed like there was a close call a couple of weeks ago and so I think a lot of us were preparing apparent for this but you know just incredible Guy Rudy Bosch that I had the immense pleasure to spend some time with Ali are you a fan of the first survivor Oh my God yes I've watched the first season of survivor with my grandma and we both have watched every every season since now we still talk on the phone we don't get together to watch but I loved Rudy I remember I was maybe like seven or eight when the show air started airing I don't know but I remember Rudy like he was on the show yesterday sad news definitely but his legacy for for the game definitely lives on yeah he he was the breakout star of the first season and I know we have people that listen to the show that weren't necessarily following survivor or alive when the the first season was on but rudy was just this real breakout star of the show that he didn't hold back he was incredibly blunt and unfiltered like the way he liked his water and survivor all stars and my kind of Guy Yeah Rudy was just you know incredibly popular as a person on the show and in terms of the strategy of the game Rena Rudy was Very much just called like he's like he saw it he was a incredibly loyal guy that Richard Hatch picked up on that very quickly but he was a phenomenon in in the year two thousand where that there was talk about spinning rudy off into other shows that he was a household name in two thousand and I had the incredible pleasure to get to know rudy to some degree through my own experience with the show that I met him very briefly at the finale of of my season and ultimately we were all out in Panama together and Yada Yada Yada we both ended up in the same place for several weeks that we spent together other and Rudy was my roommate when we toured are the southernmost tip of Argentina in a town called barrel oce he and I shared a log cabin for I'm not sure if it was a log cabin it was a cap it was a wooden cabin and yeah yeah we shared the little cabin that was where we would call home for about three and a half weeks and he had his room downstairs I hit my room upstairs there was basis like him and I in the cottage and he would make me laugh so much each that he was just the funniest guy and I'm not sure how how often it was like you know with the intention that he was funny but at this his stories would just just absolutely have me doubled over to the point where I couldn't breathe when he would really get going with his many monologues is that he would do I I have no experience thirty personally I just know from watching the show huge huge fan I'm a huge fan of his I still a huge fan of his and he paved the way in terms of like unlikely relationships on survivor that we still are seeing being even in this episode payoff today between him and Richard Hatch like probably the most famous alliance from the early game yeah yeah that's very interesting to frame it that way now that you mention it I had even mentioned Richard and Rudy on the dolls this week so yeah that's a timing is very fitting that we've come so far with survivor over the years and still we are able to have these sort of organic relationships Asian ships form within the context of the shell but rudy was an incredible guy he was an American hero he has a legendary career career in the armed services from before his time in survivor where that he was part of the Navy Seal Unit and I'm sure had a million million stories that were probably just as interesting as the story that he would talk to me about from playing in the first survivor season but he was basically that he had the most incredible relationship with his wife Marge who very sadly she passed away I think it was eleven years ago to the day that rudy passed away but they were talking about like relationship goals that they were you know it seemed like they were the so in Love I love that show and she knew everything about where you know because Rudy famously in that he had that scene in the first survivor where he went through the Blair air which project challenge every answer was I don't know I don't know but she would I might interaction within like she would say all right Rudi you remember this person this year you you know who this is and she started like knew everything that he needed to now so it was very sad that he ended up losing her so long go but they're back together now and just a incredible Guy Rudy Bosch and I just wanted to take some time to sir honor Rudy a little bit more because he deserves yes definitely now I will bring dishonor to myself from everything everything I have to say about this episode definitely release family okay all right and lots of Nice things from the survivor community in terms terms of the outpouring of love for Rudy Bosch Okay all right so let's talk a little bit about what's going on here are in the world of survivor and this week we had a big blindside at this tribal council where you mentioned plain view sue do but I was actually plain view Jason that we saw out of the game were you re USA Jason Linden Fan you you know I didn't register Jason Too much right like it's still in the early game and I don't know that I like fully had any attachment achievement to Jason but listening to the exit press I actually have stopped listening to exit press because it always makes me like the contestants contestants so much more and then I get pissed we lost the zone early on it's like in the early game everyone should still I still download the podcast but but I I listened to Jason's exit press which was fascinating which I'm sure we'll talk about or maybe once you've definitely talked about it already but it made me like wish Jason was on the season more like I would love to see him play again again he seemed like he really did have a handle on the game maybe more so than even really paid attention to your connected to so I'm I'm sad to see Jason go out here it was definitely a bummer and he was a great sport in the exit interview and I appreciate what a good job he did there and what could have done this is not a lot interesting you say that rob frosted tips here's what I say that this this is why why what could Jason have done and it really did seem like Jason was targeted because he looked the archetype of you know the huge huge huge big nerd like you and Stephen hold on hold on just swallow put a point on this because he did talk about how you know there was the people that made reference that he looked like me which I don't know if any of the play if any of the players no what I what I look like I'm not sure necessarily how many play you know certainly Chelsea but I don't know how many players that are out there were we're making that comparison between but it sounded like from his exit interview while people said he looks like me they referred to him as fish back which I watched his day after video and that's where he really looked like I didn't see it really on the island and then like once he was like cleaned up a bit and the beard was trimmed back I was like Oh he does look like rob I see that but but even if it's not directly right it's the mindset that people have of like the Cochran the Christian the Christian who's the survivor nerd the east coast type of like you and Stephen on the west coast alley right but you're still the east coast typing had to bring it to you but like if he had done on something like I truly think and then I watched the episode again because I was so stressed about having to cover this episode I normally do a lot of prep to be on with Iraq because they take this seriously despite seeming like I don't I watched this episode a second time because I was so afraid of it and watching it now having listened to that exit interview when you see Elaine Lane say like he seems really smart and whatever I don't know how much that is the way he talks game Israeli intelligence on the island the way he talks is really smart on the island or if Vich just that he's a lawyer whatever they think about that or if it's that he looks like someone who is smart on survivor and I think that that had a lot to do with like why he went home so how does he not look like that what could he do to drastically changed his appearance to look not look in that way I think he should have gotten like Jason Justin Justin Timberlake frosted tips on the island and I'm not even kidding yeah well this is a really good answer to that because I mean they don't do them any favors once they they put him in a suit I think that that also does not help him out here what are they going to tell them to shave his head before if he shows up on the island with like green hair right right right so I don't know if you say but I don't want to wear a suit like well then you're not on the show you have to wear a suit and so yes this is so I've made a choice I've made a choice where I've gotten a questionable hair decision I'll la nick macaroni of I'M GONNA I'm coming in here with a weird hair choice interesting interesting I think that's like the 'cause he would have had it's just I think I mean maybe we'll hear more in exit press later that it wasn't really about that and he doesn't necessarily he doesn't know what was going on in their mind if they're calling him fish back and that has to have at least you you know thirty percent of fault for the Decision Jeff Blame Your Nemesis Stephen Fishbach can I just saying speaking of my many many nemeses it again I tweeted this but I think I was only invited on here so that you because you love of making that gag I know it all telling him that I'm going to be a year fame I do with that's a bonus it's not the reason I do it one week off the horror of you telling Devon's that I was going to be on certainly doesn't know who I am but like shudder to think bat awkward you've you've had a thawing with with Rick Devon's right I'm very close on twitter his wife but I don't know that I have accents him at all okay well I think all forgiving while we couldn't found out one week off week off I'll after seven people into this podcast cast to prepare for being on the know it alls this week in Stevens Absence Okay Kevin's if you're listening it can only hurt please turn this off all right so for Jason yet and not much he could have done there which I guess leads us into talking about this advantage which came up let me bring into question here this is from a will in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts this will will says a question for you and Ali I think the block vote is the best advantage in the game it can be devastating as seen in the most recent episode but it isn't guaranteed aren t to work it also doesn't mean you're completely safe either elaine almost went home despite playing it it creates great TV moments and has a more compelling strategy than idols it also means you can't idle your way to a win Allah Mike Holloway Bend Reeburg in do you think block vote should be more common than idols should idols at the same a rarity as votes steals and blocks etc and is that a way to bring more balanced to the advantages so so allie where do you stand on a vote block versus the hidden immunity idol first of all there's no more disappointing place to live than Jamaica Plane Massachusetts Hey where are you from Jamaica Plain Massachusetts little admittedly totally distracted by that the entire question but if it boils down to where do I sent him back about look I mean this was the perfect tribe before a block vote right I think block a vote is I don't WanNa say usually more often than not I guess that's usually usually useless or hard hard to take advantage of when you're coming into a four four deadlock block vote is just as valuable is more valuable than an idle because you don't need to know who to play play the idol on you could just block one or the other tribes vote so in certain instances yes it's like the best but I do want to bring up an I worked twitter in a little bit earlier than I show and I and I'll read the her actual tweet during the social media but Shannon Gates was tweeting I thought this was really exciting to see Elaine get the perfect block of Oh and watch be executed was still enough interest where I had no idea it was going to happen at tribal but Shannon Gates is bringing up on twitter that this actually like ruined what would have been great to see see what would have happened with the four four situation like whether Jason's plan would've worked whether Aaron would have flipped that fall out from that like to act or maybe they would have gone onto rocks so in that sense I almost agree with Shannon that the block of sort of like blocked what could have this was a great tribal but it could have been an unbelievable tribal what do you think about that yeah I think that there is merit there we just we don't know how it played out and it's hard to necessarily say that one of the more organic ways they could've played out would have been more exciting than the actual way it played out but it does seem as though we he ended up having where survivor ends up putting a lot of tools in the hands of people who could potentially use them we're with David David's in survivor David versus Goliath where they were down in the numbers but there ended up being like a lot of things hidden around the island which were able to Sorta sorta like level the playing field and get them back into the game so I think that it's really this there's so much variance in terms of Oh you know what what could happen where it's getting harder and harder to be able to really kill off the other side because there's so many advantages that can help the underdogs we'll be you know what's interesting with this season the fact that it's called island of the idols it's all about idols both human and Anya yeah but we haven't really seen a lot of advantage intervention right like Norm Elizabeth don't get it L. E. I'm not aw quite sure what the current status of her idols for one more vote one more of its so it's only the votes were she goes to tribal yeah okay that's interesting and and then we see you know Vince get voted out with an idol Chelsea get with Rydell and Jamal is sitting on and I'd also like as much as there have been these like temporary advantages where they want I want to be used is this is like the first one to be used yes this is the first time it's come into play and it does come in at the perfect time for Elaine let me bring this question from Kyle who says does the proliferation of advantages that can blow up tribal council make throwing challenges a viable strategy and this is the first time I've really heard this idea thrown around where I was saying I don't know why that the vocal majority majority doesn't throw challenges and get out dean in Krishma before they get to the merge but this week was a great example of of that yet you think you could have the numbers or you could have your plan together and then there are so many advantages that could pop up and like Jacob Versus Goliath things that you've never heard of before that could be newly added to the game that you can't count for so this is GonNa be a weird response to have to this but you know how there's like some standardized tests I don't know if it's the sat maybe losing even myself on this one where there's there's certain tests where if you guess wrong you lose like half a point so it's like better to leave something blank than guess wrong which is just like a total nine deaf left to have to like a counter how sure are you as like how sure are you that you are right what percentage of certainty do you need to have to risk losing half a point as opposed to just not putting anything and I think when you play like that right like okay it's the right move to throw the challenge but like what percentage they might have of an something I've never heard of like Dayton then you're not playing the game I think at some point you have to this somebody who's never played right and I'm sure it's like much I'd play much more scared I'll play but I would play much more scared that I'm saying but if someone behind a microphone like if you're thinking of that like projecting yes you need to be thinking King Okay Kelly went to island of the idol so she probably has something there might be stuff hidden like okay it's possible that someone has something like Jamal has an idol but you I don't thank you can play where if it's the clear right move to throw the challenge but if somebody were to have something I've never heard of I get foiled like then then I think you have to just take your lumps and if it's the right move it's the right move I think getting down into the minutiae of like anticipating every single possible advantage that CBS could put into the a game like then you're not playing crazy to say that as someone who's actually played the game no I think you have the right idea so basically I don't know what I don't know where that you could potentially get hit by an asteroid tomorrow of bud sort of like you know reasonable assurances this is that the asteroid is coming here tomorrow you should still get out of bed and go to work and that's what Jason said right in his exit interview giving you a little hat tip that you ask the the question of his exit press club that like better to go out like he went out then to get rocked out in his opinion I think that's also the right opinion like if view get out and he had a pretty good attitude about it like he went out in a blaze of glory there was almost nothing he could have done but dies hair and and that's that's okay like you have to be able to sort of sleep at night with that maybe if you throw a challenge you don't feel that way because you didn't even have to go to tribal council ooh and also like I'm not super convinced that these pre these old Lyra old foci alliances insist that tight like you highlighted on no it also I think that you know Aaron was left out of the vote week one like no surprise that he's sort of flirting with the other side and Kelly seems to be developing really strong bonds with Dean and it's still like people and then there's this this moment we in the beginning where dean sort of making and roads with Jamal over how crazy nor is so I don't even know that these bombs are like tight enough to throw a challenge for but I wouldn't not throw them because of anticipated advantages that you couldn't possibly know that okay let's talk a little bit about the place where you go to get the advantages the island of the idols alley how the island of the idols I don't feel good I like it all right so I've been shocked at how overall overall positive everyone's been on the podcast season about it with the exception of coach which by the way if you have not you've the audience or even rob if you haven't gone back and listen listen like that was the best interview in the history of interview Oh my God what delusion but also like subtle Hinson self-awareness like I absolutely I am going to listen to that again just like for funds I love that in your view please let the coach interview was the best you need to have him on every I'll I'll just I'm going to cut this clip and send it to coach Oh i thought you were to say you're GonNa cut this out I was like why send this off to to coach he's going to be thrilled I mean maybe edit out the the delusion part I mean that interview is the gift that keeps on because that Bryce was talking about pants like that full Stan and this this interview wow just like you had to be like behind the scenes to interview the interviewer like when that was happening what was your reaction to that I'm smiling because I we're bringing culture was how you understand the question yeah win win somebody is bringing it I know I can tell I'm happy but like okay so in terms of first of all I don't understand and why and you've said this a lot like who cares if they're actually I believe they're living out there I also believe that they're getting amenities like they're not hiding it they we had pillows they had chickens they had the watermelon like who cares if their star I don't want to see a decimated Boston Robin Sandra who are are starving and bored out of their minds who cares in the there was like a secret scene of ROB building the mansion of the shelters this week and he's tools rules he's got saw that's amazing give him like full give him a full toolbox and let's go five stories like I love that but so I've enjoyed the moments I think Sandra is being like deeply underutilized I don't really understand why I don't know if this is like an audition addition for rob to host survivor or what but like shown a willingness to sacrifice time at the island of the idol's like last last week which I like but I feel like this week is exactly what is afraid of like I'd also the island of the idols pays off when you're going to have a boring pre merge urge or like you don't have the most like vibrant cast fine and then it's fun to go spend seven to ten minutes with Robbins Sandra here we have people like really playing being and we lose Jason playing a fake idol we lose their alternate plan the fact that tribal really was live like in those seven minutes I feel like we could have had all of that explain to us and it's a crime to me that we've been here that so I've enjoyed island of the idols but I would rather have like a good game play at the time allotted to show in good game play than island adults okay I think those are all good points as far as Sandra uh-huh being underutilized I think we're Sandra shines the most on the island of the idols is when they cut to Sandra's confessionals about what rain what she's He's thinking about what's happening on the island of the idols because it does seem clear that they've given sort of the the copy to Boston in rob to deliver but she when she really took ownership a little bit I think with like Vinci's expedition like that was one one of the more standard honestly I think rob's doing a good job like this is is I kind of Gig like this it's a little like it's a little like exactly they gave him the copy look it gets made me a little rehearsed but when Sandra's just being a looney toon like that's amazing I also think she shines when she's like in the Ah The box seats draw yes she's good in the trauma cats also us rob does a little bit more a play by play than Sandra's just reacting to stuff the other thing I don't love is like the randomness of this election I liked the one time they did like you guys have to pick I almost wish they were leading the person if Elaine was like pick the next person to come from the other tribe I wish there was like a situation where they were actually picking and not just reaching into back I don't really understand why they're doing that as the mechanism like that could be more exciting than it is yeah I don't have necessarily picking I think then once you sort of like have possession of the O. Eill of the good thing along I send my friend and I'll send it back and forth you just WanNa keep accumulating all the advantages but you could I don't know have a wheel and spin spin the wheel or even how they do it is fine but I really wish they would show us what the poll is so it's just like I I believe it's on the level but let it be one hundred percent on level and show us the name gets pulled and you don't have to show a lane but you could tell us who's coming next week a it's funny because I was actually took a meeting with someone at work a friend of mine at work is a fan of yours in watches survivor so I put thirty minutes on his italic work to talk about at this for this podcast and we were talking about it like when you say why don't they show us because you think there's like intervention going on or you dislike wish they like showed the payoff I'm showing the name I'm GonNa assume it was a creative choice to not show us every week but when they don't show it to us then invites people to say like oh well they're just picking who they want to go to the island of the idols when it's just that we we didn't and get the name so to show us the name but you know what if they were doing that like why not just have Robin Sandra pick like I would actually be fine with that like let's actually intervene intervene like let's Robin Sandra Irving tribal let them select you may want to come Thailand of adults I think that that's also going to be an issue where they're going to say well okay well they're just going to do whatever production wants to do so I'm like who cares I'm fine with that defy almost like a lane getting getting the steel vote at this Elaine's tribe being the person to send this week four tribe like getting the block vote I mean greet intervened like that was great yeah not not an unpopular opinion but then hyping it okay well then let's talk about Elaine let's talk about a lane on the Seattle's and we have a question for you this is from David in Los Angeles Hero Bonaly this is David in Los Angeles the first thing Anthony when the SAN started pouring out of the bottle and island at the isle of White doesn't Elaine just stick our finger in the bottle and stuff and fan from pointing out and she can ask them what the heck heck challenge is going to be trying to worry about making the split decision they didn't say it had to do with a certain amount of time just haven't all the Info so she sticks her finger in the bottle casino isn't GonNa keep falling thanks bye all right Allie you're a lawyer you know about loopholes fine print good elaine stick her finger in the bottle and stop the sand from coming out so here's the thing this is like a classical your answer is it depends I the thing with this right it's like oh you can negotiate Shii on island of the idol's like you can do all these things there's I think it was probably Koreans brutal casts assessment but there was an interview with Grin Kaplan where she was talking about how like when you're on survivor for the first time like you do all the stupid things they ask you to do in the be roll and like when you return you're like no I'm not going to wear a suit or I'm not going to like role in on this and and have you laugh at me later like you have more confidence so while it would be amazing to see someone boldly be like rob make that four tribals and I'll do it you know or I'll stick my finger in the bottle or alto the bottle back up or I'll catch the sand whatever that would be awesome but but can we really expect a new player who I mean I'm a huge survivor fan it's like barely been like I could barely relax it I get to talk to you I have your number in my phone right like if I'm on the island and Sandra and rob are there I'm not thinking like oh how can I game this like there must they must be totally totally stunned by this so while it would be amazing television I don't think that's ever going to happen like I can't expect a new player did you that it's just think elaine could pull it off if she was going to do that type of thing where rob is okay you until all this this time is out of the bottle and I'm going to tell you about what's going on and then elaine sticks our finger in there I was like what what what I can do that what what well I mean I your Kentucky accent is even better than mine my or worse than Mine and mine's terrible but I like yes I think it would be he fully allowed a islander the adults is like no parents no rules just not here rob decides they want people to be like bending the rules at rob's giving but can you do you think like a new player would be sort of competent enough to do that I mean even Angelina I don't think would be Goshi skills to make that happen well now that we've sort invented this format I wonder maybe the second iteration we might see some pushback where are Robin Sandra sort of viewed like the substitute teachers. There's that would have been a good question for Ron that was also great interview by the way Ron is another easy interview but yeah I don't know I just think people are so shocked because they truly don't know I think while I understand why they're probably told they can't tell people that returning earning returners can't tell people what happens on Ireland of the idols I think we'd get more negotiation of Kelly could come back and be like by the way Robin Sandra enjoy their and I hesitated and gave me more time with my idol like you can negotiate then we'd get people like prepared and thinking and strategizing against Robin Urban Sandra but then you lose the payoff of like look at my little hat rob so happy to see you I think Elaine definitely knew who they were oh one hundred hundred awkward there was no question there's no way they didn't like approved lanes Boston hats because they knew she would like see rob like we were all waiting for that yeah off she definitely knew she knew what was up really the CAMMO little be hat is really the perfect marriage of the Robin and Sandra headwear true if you're gonNa make them into one thing because by the way that I'm saying that Elaine shouldn't like I don't blame Elaine for not like plugging the bottle doesn't mean I think she handled this correctly I should record of saying okay yes she really did jump at the opportunity and I really thought that the Exercise I was saying this with Steven was that hey don't just you you know because somebody puts a timer on the desk take the offer and this is how you end up with a timeshare when the telling you hey this is well this deal is only good today Ed I mean you've gotta take it yet also it didn't seem like it was running up that quickly like she definitely had a lot of time Sheila the clock but I when I went back on the rewatch and she said and he's saying like this is testing your bill to like make a split decision I mean even say it like that but he said something that basically suggested she should say yes and it's hard when she ended up being right like saying yes to this ended up being right but I think she could of at least been like with an eye on the clock what's the deal could yeah so again they didn't know Robin Sandra out there this is going to work so they're gonNA be caught up in the excitement and they want to say yes to Robin Sandra nobody wants to go in there and not play play ball with Robin Sandra it like declining the wheels spin I have often said that that were nap is like the most powerful move you could make but like who's going to do that everyone wants to be there for the wheelspin well yeah I think you are really over estimating everybody I love I say and I love Elaine and I think going to be around a little bit longer because there's no way we're only getting the small part of her story that she gave which is that she lost her mom three months before coming out on the island I mean that's that's crazy I mean I don't know how casting works but that means like she had to know she was coming out before her mom died right or no at that be possible that she found out those sometimes people get approached late in casting and then there's other times where people are sort of like been in you know in the works for you know six months out lanes no alternate the Yes no backup plan I don't know when she applied and you know this is a different casting group with Lynn being out of the picture so I I don't know what point they got an application for Elaine well either way I mean we're definitely going to get that story which which would it's amazing that she's out there three months after losing her mom and and I look forward as if you were to hearing more more about her story that said I don't think Elaine Scott Longevity in this game she's adorable lane is so cute like she's just on the screen then she makes her little like Kentucky like line she gives that robs obsessed with both actually but there's there's just no I'm shocked she's actually still in the game and I just don't think I think once she's GonNa be back like this week she was the decoy vote right like I think once you become the decoy vote too often all that your your days are numbered but I also think everyone knows she's winning the game if she gets to the end a coup I wanNA give Elena million dollars and I have so much debt but I want to get Elena million dollars so I think they'd be stupid to get let her go to the end and I think they know that this was a lane also on the island of the idols a talking about how she is somebody who is constantly constantly overlooked two a little mustard cannabis get but that's the story of my life everybody underestimates because Moss is now hold on the second let's just in the words of Davy rickenbacker here pound the banks in the first episode of season people are saying Oh we have to vote out a lame if we don't have a lane on day three she's she's winning the game are we still at a point where anybody underestimating elaine other than Lauren who said she was too dumb to have an idol well how what is I mean Elaine doesn't know that necessarily right like I were that was said go sit in front of her said confessional because she was acque tribal she was sort of I feel like in in the early game was at the first tribal that she was like deflecting being a threat that like maybe she's aware of it I I don't know now I mean is she or is she everybody knows she's GonNa win the game she estimated no I think it's different reasons right I like she's underestimated needed in terms of like what she means by that is she wouldn't be physical threat like we could voter out now but she would be a threat to win the game and I think those are to be underestimated in the game like Lawrence had strategically okay and athletically cheese she's not underestimated in terms of her story and her social game okay so that by sitting her out of the challenge they underestimated her I mean the should've let her play she was mixing mixing it up with Jeff about how she wanted to play tell me what do you think about the rapport between Elaine and Jeff props thing that that sucks rory sitting out at least watch it she's so cute honestly Jeffery has been very playful in general the season especially with Elaine especially with the lane but even like his little donuts line enduring tribal which I will put up I wanNA come back sure more to say about that but I think in General Jeff has been pretty fund the season especially with the land there certain characters that like bring that out of Jeff or you can just tell he's enjoying watching them exist and it's interesting because I have a friend who just recently got very into survivor darkly into survivor I might have to intervene where she's like now watch like fifteen seasons seasons but do you ever heard that turn of phrase darkly into survivor year you my friend turn Turkey into survivor charge yes so she's doing reaction I was like you know what I was in what season Charlotte you're next and like you know what let's re-watch fans versus favorites because you're going to be spoiled on June and I'll watch it with you I haven't watched it since it was on in two thousand thousand eight two thousand eight so jarring and you've obviously done the evolution of strategy but it's so jarring to to see how different Jeff is at tribal and older seasons than he is now and like the playfulness that he's giving the season is like sort of shades of old Jeff we're used to like get way more involved all day this is the right spot for Jeff I like when he like picks people out and people like mix it up with him one of my favorites is when Penner gets pissed at him and he's like powder getting mad at me like he Krishna did that a little bit with him this s a win if I get you to do a better impression around the same phillies the same season but I but I don't know if it's the same conversation but yeah so I so I love this sight of Jeff I love it I love to see Jeff's personality without him sort of intervening at tribal like used to do I think Jeff also knows when when somebody is good TV and I think that Jeff is going to let that person shine I feel like you know Christian comes to mind as well some you know of course famously Fli Cochrane when Jeff sort of like identifies like okay this person we've got gold with this person like I think that that he is especially generous to them I am in terms of like allowing them to speak and having a you know a back and forth with them which is great he's right like ten and a Tan and I know in okay all right let's let's go back this is we're talking about Jeff Jeff opened up the tribal council I thought was an interesting comment and I wanna get your take on it here's Jeff probst opening this week's festivities let's imagine we're in a living room special night watching survivor we've got some Tony's in town comes okay all right so tribal council comes we got some donuts alley I know you've hosted a lot of survivor viewings is is that the customary survivor dish to be served don't God well calling donuts dishes fund could jeff be more out of touch are gathered around people people do survivor however I do have to interrupt this like fun conversation rows of Jeff Mike like I'm I'm working in some of the tweets so I got sent social media this week you did not show to Alex for Beano who is doing the Lord's work really in your operation spoiler alert we're doing when social media here in this podcast today so Mike Holloway tweeted in twenty years I have never watched Hashtag survivor while eating donuts next week I'm Gonna I'm a GonNa try it thanks Jeff probes in Jason I asked Mike Actually asked the question Jas Jason Response Ha ha we one donuts at the blindfold challenge but it got cut from the episode would've made more sense if you saw how happy Tommy was when he was eating doughnuts I I still wouldn't make sense nobody jeff is not talking about like all right I know you guys love your doughnuts were here at tribal tribal council he described the scene where people at home eat donuts during tribal council right let's imagine living room special night watching survivor we've got tonens tribal council comes now I understand why donuts got the reaction from the survivor that we're like a home if you're Simpson I I get that but in terms of what people do during survivor episodes I am Stephen Fish back and I aren't scouting crispy creams teams across the country to take the know it alls maybe he should if maybe we should I was wondering because I know you host I tend to watch survivor by myself on not at a live show oh I know that you have people come over and you watched survivor I'm wondering like do you serve a first course maybe at the start of the episode and then at Tribal Apple Council you bring out dessert so I do not do that I feel like John John and Haley strong better question is not just yes even if I may add that I feel like that based on my knowledge of what people snack on during survivor if there was going to be a circular shaped Thune served I would think it would be a shrimp ring that's such a deep gut yeah so here I feel like this is the retired rob to bring up our baking incident that happened Fisher into being on this podcast because I've put a poll up I don't know if you saw I try to avoid checking checking twitter while I'm podcasting get distracted well aren't you professional no so okay so we get get back to what is served at my survivor regathering so we get on the on the podcast and I'm like uc I gotta take something out of the oven quickly I'm baking and I like mistimed it be right back and robs you bake well first off that when I talked to people on podcasts and they tell me that they're baking that it's not often they have something thing in the oven how dare you I'm baking wholesome treats and to send to my friends who passed the Bar Jim because I'm plenty and I'm like an old sense of humor of an old woman and I don't want to say it in case they listened to the podcast before they get them so I don't want to reveal the the quality quality pawn any baked in anyway so rob's like oh you babe that's like so shocking and I was like why is it because you think I'm an asshole it doesn't make shit that I bake and he pauses for too long like maybe I was just trying to think in my head that is Oh is is the act of baking that's something that I inherently associate with people that are nice I don't think that alley is an a hole all but I just didn't suspect that she was somebody who had a lot of free time on our hands and was looking up recipes then I go to twitter because I like my my loyal followers not you but my loyal followers will have seen the Halloween cookies I posted last year the elaborate spreads I have produced dues for the Oscars and Tony parties the bake that like diy survivor cookie decorating I party I had for the Finale Elliot few seasons go like I often the birthday cake I made for Jonathan Foreman so I said Hashtag our audience I seem like Abakar acre choice one choice to not Baker we've had one hundred and thirty five votes seventy six percent of people not a Baker I stand with the majority Jordy and I'm like wait for the bragging post I'm GONNA put up the macaroni I've made of everything so you'll see anyway point is I often serve baked goods never donuts yeah would you do donuts or is that involved the deep fryer so the new trend is like baked donuts but I'm not buying a donut pan if I ever find someone to marry me all registered for one but but I'm not buying a donut fan that's like so useless did Brian Emily donut pan on their registry. You know I'm not sure I don't think so I don't think they registered for like items but I have missed registries before so don't rely I'm not a great wedding guest I did give a gift but I'm not a great okay all right so I guess if people let us know if you eat doughnuts during tribal council what if no if you can acknowledge my baking skills occur Olympic Baker hey what's twenty six percent of the listeners the baker well a prime attendees or important member of the Ann Arbor box wine and Goldfish alliance Monica Browner who does not listen to this podcast I made chocolate chip cookies as for a survivor watch party and she said she wants me to make them for her wedding how big order right I mean well not really because because I don't have many orders coming in seventy six percent of people think I've never used really yeah all right I'm going to send you some baked goods rob's great you're not gonNA eat out that's the I is that why you were featured in the latest batch which of a southpaw suites at the live show in for big brother Yeah I have to get an answer on that too she think I'm a Baker not maybe she's like you don't seemed like Baker maybe you've never had a cookie I'll make you okay yeah they were delicious I can't make us let's be real okay very inside baseball talking about a listener who who is a has a company that makes cookies that she brought to the big brother show all right so let me play a question for you let's bring winging James from Wisconsin with a question about what could happen at the end of the idols potentially after the merge hi Ravanelli this gene Wisconsin with a question about Robin Sandra so so far this season we've only been seeing two three maybe four minutes episode episode but I feel like they have to use more of them after the merge I don't think they're coming back in the game maybe the vote during final tribal council but this last episode when I saw them building Jerry shelter but the tribes can live with Robinson APP Merch love here okay alley what do you think of this is this crazy idea do you think that these survivors could ultimately come to robin didn't Sandra for the merge no okay No so I agree I've spent a lot of time thinking about what's going to happen with Robin Sandra I don't think they're going to come back into the game I think it's possible they get a vote at the end so I think what he said is spot on based on nothing I think it would be insane for them to come live as the merged tribe and what Robin Tanger- remain with that like they all live together like one world style we saw how well that worked out well in terms of I mean that's how every merge goes that they all live to knowingly schedule but like Robin Sandra living amongst them like hey guys don't don't mind US eleven thirty lights out bitches I don't know that would be weird but I don't know what happens like do they continue to send one person one person I loved the idea you guys throughout I think I know all of them serving the merge like big reveal we're here here's yeah I do think that we are due for some sort of like public unveiling that Robin Sandra are indeed the island of this does eventually it's going to the the worst kept secret where they sort of got lucky where Vince went thing and now he's gone but now currently in the game how many people do we have that have been to the island of the idols Elizabeth Elaine Nora Kelly and then nobody went in one episode yes now a four of the fifteen people have four of the fourteen people have now been to the island of the idol so you're gonNA reach a point where more people have gone than having gone yeah I think there needs to be some sort of revealed because like as we were talking about before I also think being an island of the isles is much more interesting when you're expecting it because then I think we will get the negotiation or people being a little bit more prepared and ready for it I think I've got the perfect reveal okay so we're going to have have some sort of a big reward for the group which is going to be we have like a gigantic layer cake that we're gonNA go roll out okay sure chairman and then just you bake this seventeen layer layer cake and and we'll it out and then say alright WanNa know what you're playing four look at this but instead here comes Robin Sandra Pop Added the cake surprise I I mean that's something view the better reveal for them popping out of a giant cake better in terms of what like further show or for fun either yeah I mean maybe it's possible that the merge feast happens on islands island of the idols Murphy says the cake it's like did you merge feast it's the giant cake you've Oh my God did you get enough sugar with Halloween candy you by trying to abstain until like the end of the day when I stress eat nineteen enough funds is candy bars a little too real to real yeah I don't I don't know what's going to happen I I wish I even had the theory like I have no idea what's going to happen I I shudder to think that it's just going to continue the way that it is because there's no way ends at the merge right like island battles must continue it's too expensive not to but I don't I don't really know how they do it right it's too expensive not to using the cost of the production of the giant heads I'm I'm talking about salary cost of the production of giant heads the whole thing is expensive and it's the whole theme of the season ends at the merge like what a long okay theory but I think it's GonNa be you you said this earlier and we didn't talk about it but how like if the players at island of the idols were able to select the next person to come like I don't know that island of the idols automatically advantage now people are being very theatrical about being pissed about it like we get Elaine saying like Oh and then when Lauren gets heated out of the challenge Alan Jr for the immunity challenge she's like Oh thank God when Rob Rob when Jeff says take a seat on the bench like people are acting like they don't WanNa go oh I don't know if they actually don't want to go but we saw Vince get voted out the day that he was at the island the idol so I don't know that it's automatically a good thing to go go why brought this up at this point okay all right well let me give you a second to Jaffa yourself off as we continue onward I let me take a moment and thank our friends and sponsors of the podcast over a sharper image to make the Calming Comfort weighted blanket at its weighted blanket season there's a chill in the air and now you got an extra our to sleep now it's the perfect time for the coming comfort weighted blanket alley how are you sleeping you're good sleeper I normally am but maybe maybe not after how little you and the audience think of my basic skills having nightmares about well if you're somebody who tosses and turns earns a maybe suffers with little bit of anxiety in the evenings a common comfort way to bank it is for you my wife swears by it. 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O. B. and you can't put a price on a great night's sleep so go online now outcoming comfort blanket dot com use Promo Code Rob for your special discount today go ahead and cozy up with a common compromise blanket all right Ali let me bring in another question for you this is from one of our listeners Lauren Brooke who wants to ask you what cases or castaway problems problems from this season would make it to the court of your problems are trash alley you recently appeared on Robin mckeever need a podcast to resolve the problems of our listeners and Lauren what's the no yes yes recently had a great a great appearance to help some of the Rene listeners with their problems and so we had some survivors favors right in with some some issues that you might be able to help them tackle sure I'll so well I'm going to read them to you oh please sorry could unless you unless you have any off the top of your head I need a I need a weighted blanket feeling stressed guy all right so first one comes in too okay dear alley alley I am on survivor tribe with a guy who is the ex of one of my good girlfriends am I allowed to work with this guy in the game or does that make me a bad friend also he seems to be acting like he's he's a detective what should I do did you see by the way the Dean was himself or Halloween sorry sorry to what if one of the things run with he's running with good for him Westfield native he's from the town over from me Okay yeah that's sticky that sticky Kelly I think it's I think in the game you use it to your advantage manage I think you're doing a good job with that from what I can tell from your letter I if you get the opportunity to cut him at the end you do it for your friend okay okay stay loyal yeah we don't know that they had a bad breakup like they don't seem people have good breakup I mean and don't ask me that I mean I don't know some people here stay friends really news this isn't news af all right my mind is okay all right I just ah maybe they maybe they didn't go out for that long maybe it was just like a six years I don't know I'd have to go back and listen okay all right another question for you dear ear alley my roommate is obsessed with adding onto our house every time I try to relax he tells me to smarten up and get back act to work adding a balcony to our second floor how do I convince him that are snug is good as it is signed the Queen needs some sleep it did you write these these are from a real survivor problems I'm crying because this is the first episode I noticed that San Jos I was like come on and tar snug looks playing Saint Love that she uses the same language urban sorry the Queen who needs sleep uses the same language here Yup snug the waiting room yes so I would tell the queen to due to communicate openly with the person she shares her home with and ask is there reason maybe your snoring meaning meaning on me but there's some other reason that he's looking to get some space from is I would maybe he's got too much time on his hands you should encourage that he the job yeah yeah okay good advice all right and then one other one okay dear Ali I've noticed something thing strange in my camp and I want to say something to the group because I think that there is a potential public health concern but I'm concerned that might try already looks at me like a crazy person and I don't know the best way to tell them this potentially shocking in news in fact I am so embarrassed about what I've discovered that I was unable to include it in this email so I have attached a voicemail voicemail recording to explain what I discovered in my tribe can you help me alley this morning that water tastes like how can this person let the tribe know about pretend potential public health concern I think you just have to be open and honest if they already think you're crazy it's just gonNa be on brand for view alert alert everyone as loud and proud as you can about the situation okay it's critical it's like could be life or death on this could it'd be like life or death I was talking about this with offline and somebody Fr- theory is it possible that we've been re using the beaches too many times and there's some sort of a seepage issue where that the somehow like one tribes toilet is like another word of tribes camp is made what is it about me coming on the show that's like you you know what I could talk about this with rob the fish backer or Davey but I'll bring this up with Allie that's fine you're answering advice questions here sure that are written by by you yourself okay all right Allie let so so bring in some other questions from our listeners. Let's take a question here from one of our listeners robby has a question for you survivor Glitter Roddy out in full force at Kia there was one star that shines brighter than the rest of course I'm talking about him to see my question question for you Elliot's did MRI keep watching survivor okay now allie of course was out at the survivor know listeners nurse we had really lost alley has a best friend best friend close friend very a close friend missy who has been the subject of the podcasting on Robin Akiva Nita podcast she was out and and it seemed like that people were really excited to meet missy in person I had probably the best time I've ever had it and no one else I think this is my fourth no at all since the secret is just bring someone from the outside who are I guess people can't always just bring this someone who's an outsider who's GonNa know yes but that was truly a blast I hope we didn't ruin your event I think we kind of made it we had fun okay but missy we kind of went in blind on survivor blind did she watch the first couple of episodes or what happened was I had a friend who watches survivor aber who has been with me to know it alls in the past who wanted to ticket who like bought a ticket and then he canceled because of the rain and so I was either going to the and it was like thirty minutes before literally so it was like do I bother you or go to you know the facebook page and say like Oh psych I have a ticket or whatever do I just eat the ticket or do I just like call I actually texted every survivor fan I know which is a shortlist in New York's like five people and everyone was busy and missy famously has stupidly revealed to me that she doesn't say no to things so I called her up I said you know how you don't say no to things you you wanna come to this podcast and meet rob and she goes Ram I'll be there in twenty the applications for who wants to marry missy is skyrocketing well I told her I was like keep your voice down when you're saying you don't know where you are or who Stephen Fishbach is or what survivor the show is 'cause people really get upset like they like to come come to the show it's like a hot ticket to get so please be quiet that you don't know where you are but she loved it and then she texted me this week like how do I she was like is survivor on Hulu or like how do I said you can watch it on CBS DOT com or I know about a thousand people would probably be willing to give you their CBS Alexis Faster aswering then you can watch she really enjoyed it she had a good time meeting everyone but she also liked the show okay all right so Jack's giving tobin wants to ask if you do you think that if MRI that was on this season with with missy she could work well with MRI or revert back act two Mris game play an isolated herself from missy so I think this is a convoluted way of asking how would the two MRIs survivor Missy Z.. And your close associate missy end up interacting so missy loved missy at like she kept reacting to her and I was like at that's missy like she didn't know her name so that's how you know it was like just to be clear your friend loved the depiction of the woman missy who beyond survivor survivor my friend missy reacted to MRI the survivor contestant very favorably and then I kept that's missy get it like you're you're close I also want to ask you rob like I have had many friends now show up on an cover brian on podcast Josefa mildly Johnny Langan Rorick well I guess it was on survivors so that doesn't count me finding her but and missy now like I have also like a deep deep bench of people I haven't even brought on that I'm sure one hundred percent would make quality content yes I'm realizing that that's not normal like it is there something about me that attracts ABC's Looney tunes that contest I thought you were GonNa want some sort of a finders fee I'm not talking about two thousand one jeff pro sell no I want nothing from this but I also think I could spin off and have like a very successful network of just the looney tunes this is a shakedown alley no I just I want you to tell me that it's not embarrassing that basically I have stacked my life with people who can basically carry episodes of podcast they know nothing about how well I think you're a big personality I think that big personalities attract other other big personalities I don't know that that's true usually so what do you think that big personalities attracts people that are just want to like like hide in the shadows we I feel like usually people who are loud and annoying like may want to be around people who are like quiet and we'll let them just like perform daily yeah yeah but I I have like a clown car of crazy people that I can just roll out and put behind a microphone all right well let's explore this a little bit more in the future have a game that I wanna play with you okay yes all right and I know oh you are one of our biggest social media experts out there on the scene and so I thought that it might be fun to play again I'm calling missy or MRI I have a series of tweets for you and I'm hoping that you could tell the difference between your close friend Missy and Missy bird who is is currently doing great on this season of survivor do we need to give any more background of misery were just like okay that we fully lost the entire audience of most listeners. It's not a good friend of yeah so yes so if there's a woman is a woman named missy she went on a date with one of our or other listeners on Robin keeping podcasts she recently appeared again on Rob Mcewen you to podcasts and she was at the live she's alley lashes friend is it did this woman see tweet it or did MRI that was on survivor tweeted I really wanted the game to be missy missy or MRI but unfortunately it seems as though go missy pain from survivors in Juan del Sur will not be showing up on twitter anytime soon show she appears appears to have turned off her twitter account so it could have been missing this year Muffin Museum is your Muffin Yeah even even better even matter what is right right though who's Muffin yeah okay all right so let me give you an example L. three thrown example one at you okay all right which which missy waited recently wait dot dot dot am I of villain this I know this is this is survivor missy missy who's barely surviving that was the one that was warm up so you gotta You got it okay all right okay which missy tweeted got banana cheesecake instead of my usual tonight exclamation point exclamation important Yolo all caps ha ha ha ha and the tweet does sound like my friend Missy sake she she admittedly like has no idea at ease social media but I don't feel like she would have it usual desert and like tweet about her Osama say survivor missy yellow let's play Yes yes you're right you're right that was from June in twenty seconds two thousand twelve went deep yeah yeah okay all right which missy tweeted there are so many myths about the abdominal muscles I'll be happy to put this one to rest and there's no snow photo or anything attached yeah there are so many myths about the abdominal muscles period new sentence Vince. I'll be happy to put this one to rest okay I'm going quickly I'm not gonNA look at twitter but missy is private five it so does she follow you like how did you seek are these all just survivor missy people I I am behind the The firewall okay why would missy tweet about myths about the like wishy replying to there's definitely context are emitting here I did not look at replies I only look at regular tweets so so one of the Mris just tweeted with no oh context there are so many myths about the abdominal muscles. I'm happy to put this to rest yeah that's right I will check my work as were yeah I feel free to talk this through yeah I mean again this doesn't feel like a missy missy tweet but if if she was in a conversation where she knew like a random fact about ads then it does sound like her voice so to just tweets tweets out of the blue to nothing doesn't sound like either of them okay so giving you enough time to check your work yes that this is not a reply to any person okay well then it would only make sense if like MRI on survivor was reacting to her saying something on TV so I will go survivor missy not really no sorry you're missing missing may sixteenth 2017 mm-hmm twitter for iphone she did a real-life three likes no replies now I do feel like I said said that she it sounded like her but again I don't think that she would I'm I'm now checking your work when did you say because I'm not reading the rest of them just may sixteen in nineteen twenty seventeen oh I'm not well I'll read this at a later date okay all right which missing I wanna come across another tweet that reveal okay which missy tweeted I wish someone would take me to the olive garden tonight and then it's followed by three emojis we have hearts for is big heart little heart and Spaghetti we're someone would take me to the Olive Garden Tonight I'm GonNa show that feels very unbranded for my Mri but I'm going to go with survivor missy because I don't think my MRI has a handle handle on Modi's like that y'all oh I miss him out that was what she was Valentine's Wednesday twenty fifteen that feels very unfair that's not surprising at all it's just the good use of Emojis I me on brand and on bread okay all right all right all right just one more one more is a two parter two-parter okay so one one tweet was from two thousand seventeen tweeted winter is coming simply oy and then that tweet was quoted recently with the new tweet added if I'm the is queen now dot dot dot I guess this aged perfectly that is survivor missy all right well done he's not going to remember what she tweeted last week I'm actually took a screen cap of the abdominal one and I just now why did you tweet this screen grab look see if she gets okay all right so there you go all right let let's get back to the show that everybody wants to uh Okay Owen made it through that some people some people missy missy said it's from the movie heavyweights okay okay because of that data was tied tied to game you got the practice question right fine shut up tim now right so can alex at the lodge I've I've known all during the talk of Bryson's daddy calendar can I talk about this she yes she's okay so I notice because you had very good seats Brian Coen's wedding sitting at the live know it alls that when Bryce talked about his affinity for our protest in Aaron Meredith Event I noticed that you were one of like wait why who and you were not who you are I was going to play a clip listen I just spilled dispelled that on my own podcast because people were making out who just listened to the audio like I was standing coming up like yes I was just politely thought to pull the audio clip on the actual podcast because you you said my name it was that audible it was just like you acknowledged main Alessio that's you listen I love Bryce he is full baby boy live for Bryce and if braces coming to the stage I don't understand stand by your audience is just laying dead like I have cheering I'm snapping everything grace's saying I was living for it and bracing errands of good looking guy I'm like yes yeah Franken race okay so that wasn't necessarily that he he you know uncovered your opinion and you were like yes that that you you just go wherever price leads you what opinion is there to uncover like he's saying errands like a hot guy correct like that's why he's on the show I sure okay all right so let me ask you can we do some some challenge related questions. I've Mortis my hottest take of this podcast about Aaron but for now I should have waited because usually it'll be like all right you have anything else this is more than US newsletter this is that I don't WanNa like I feel like that some people will say well I don't WanNa hear about the challenges might skip ahead so okay so I wanna I wanna talk about two things with Aaron one God forbid I take this back to a serious note but like i WanNa talk about what Aaron could ever should have done to prevent having blood on his hands this week because just like Jason could've done anything else that I'm actually not quite sure what the criticism of Aaron is this episode I don't particularly love Aaron is a game player but like should he have he was making these end roads or these plans with the other tribe where his own tribe at the other side to to turn with Missy Z. Against Elaine before he had complete information about Elaine's advantage then he gets new information and he he changes trajectory so like we see Lauren getting very emotional ocean all we see Tommy like very pissed what could Aaron have done in this situation prevent being the liking like the biggest betrayer of of the season yeah I guess so I think that the issue here is again they had like the winning winning hand if nobody from that group was gonNA flip it I don't know how necessarily you could play this but I think that you could like halfheartedly sell it it to some degree where you're telling them but you're not necessarily like giving like you're sort of like preparing them for the blind side a little bit I don't know oh I don't know I guess people have idols and things like that so you never wanna be too certain but it seemed like from the episode that that like because it seemed like that missy see they weren't counting on MRI after a certain point it's simply they were all counting on Aaron and so whatever missy did I feel like was the right thing where aware that you know we saw Jason gets up to yeah hey don't trust Aaron he wasn't like don't trust air and Missy so here's what I think I think the problem lies the root of the issue if you will allies in the socks socks this socks that Aaron has okay there are two problems with the socks well one I think also Aaron plays very aggressively so he's like working too hard to convince Jason He's GonNa flip when like they you don't need convincing they're willing to go to Iraq so it's like in if they think like if they're actually going although to lane at Aaron doesn't vote Elaine they're willing to go to quote unquote because we had Jason's real plan and so like Aaron doesn't need to sell it that hard that he's GonNa flip so maybe that was the problem but I think the sox are the problem because the socks ocsar this kid's face on it one is so genius that he brought us to the island no one will ever be able to have those socks again with a loved one on them like he broke that it's like corruption like you do it once good job no one will have it and people talk about like Oh this person had a windbreaker personnel three piece suit is percent a hat like I think even if it's subconsciously there is some jealousy to the fact that Aaron thought to have a picture of his child with him on the island which nobody else gets so they're subconscious like this is why I think Erin has never really been able to make real roads in the game but I also think you make an immediate emotional attachment like we see the conversation he has with Tommy about his son with the socks it's like an automatic trust built like Oh yeah this is my son and he confides knew about it and do you think you've developed a real relationship and a real connection but he's actually done that with everyone because it's a frigging picture on his socks and then you feel more betrayed by him so I actually think it's like the worst thing that he could have warned again okay how about that yeah this is true I think you would say that people were going to be jealous of him because the socks were so warm when you talk about this person has a windbreaker that was like an Angelina jacket issue no but isn't it true you're out on the island of other parents or people like the way people breakdown about their loved ones when they come like I imagine it would be a huge advantage in the even if it's in the minds of the other players to be able to look down and see like the reason you're playing thing every day yeah I mean it certainly is an emotional attachment that my allow you to connect with the other players where that it's something I think that definitely could make him more of the same way hey we can't let Elaine get to the end people could be also feeling the same way about him lovely okay I'll let him get to the end because he has his kids socks we all we've all been looking at his son for thirty nine days so that we we we know that that's going to be an emotional argument I just I just imagined it makes those conversations enhanced it happens more quickly like he had that conversation tawny very early on in the tribe swap it's like here this is my son like if you could hear about someone's husband or wife or kids or parents whatever but like this is my son like this this is why I'm playing like you feel like you've you've made a connection and then he portrays you I think that has to do with it that's my heartache that's why he loses game gene Shindo awareness acts right yes so he has that and he's also played aggressively where he seemed very eager to switch over and I think that that's the the reason why Jason and the players from Foci were targeting him at tribal council and then once Elaine pulls out the advantage then they're switching their votes it's to Elaine and then hoping that maybe he's going to stick with them for to get the numbers back on their side let me bring in a question then for you this is from one of our our listeners this is from owed fa in Nigeria one of our listeners alley the global podcast Rob Planet all right here's doc my question is is the best reduce your threat level strategic threat you see my quite do it he said he would just here for vacation we saw wardrobe did after the merge we saw sobre character it assumed was too dumb to Ituri strategic threat not investing reducing threat level thanks Allie I've talked about the sort of Meta game for a while now on the podcast in terms of how people perceive you let me ask you the question this way is it better for people to think you're not as smart or for people to think you're crazy I don't think crazy is good because we see what happens when Nora who is perceived as crazy has this conversation with dean of like I I WanNa make moves against my tribe that should be received well by Dean right like he's out on an island of his own with Krishna the here's Nora saying he wants to work with him instead norris crazy he goes to Jamal and says like wow that crazy person and now it hurts her whereas like if you think someone's not as smart like Elaine you're not unafraid of working with her when she comes up to you and in sort of a new crazy way I love you do you trust me like I have this she opened both conversations with Aaron and Missy easy to tell them this year the idol but she starts with d love me do you love me it's like I guess why it feels like the I think that you should say do you love me after you tell them you have the advantage I mean elaine pulls out that kind of thing off like it's like let's build our relations let me just affirm relationship it really is meaningless it's just like a cutesy way to do it I think then you're still willing to work with Elaine because you don't think she's crazy maybe just don't think she's that intelligent or strategic I think that was actually a bad look for Lauren because like just because it appeared just because lanes got like a southern accent or profession like okay lanes not strategic jake earned elegant and I think that's actually been happening a lot this season like even people on the podcasts go Kelly she's got this big pedigree like she's gone to these two great schools schools and like I've gone to grade school I don't mean to like crap talk talk bad about people have you know certain levels of education but like that's typically not what gets issue foreign survivor like I actually don't think like going to wharton business school is any sort of coup for someone survivor resume and someone like Elaine who's relatable who like people are rooting for both on the show an off like that's actually a bigger threat but people don't really see it they're more afraid of Jason Dan who's a lawyer or Kelly who's gone to these big name schools so I I wonder when that will flip and people will start being suspicious of like the Benji Burgers the Mike Holloway hollow as the Elaine's and it seems like sure in debt so yeah I wonder maybe this is a really onto something here where maybe the biggest threat on survivor is sort of like the hard working middle America blue-collar of person that's in the cast and you should watch out cavs person yeah I think so but but it no matter how the outcome like happens on survivor it seems like people can't can't get away from like I don't want to admit that I'm a lawyer I don't want to admit that I'm this is like quote unquote important profession or I don't want to admit that I went to work business school one line the biggest coup of someone who got an MBA is like angelenos famous negotiations who cares So so yeah so I wonder when that will change because like Lawrence sleeping on a lane and lane which made no sense to me really because then maybe it was like sort of an unfavorable at it for Lauren we're in there was more to this Belykh Elaine went to the island of the idol's like have you seen the show before like I feel like there's a nine ten chance she has something and you don't need to be strategic to get a gift at at the island you stowaway at right so I I don't know if there's like a barrier to intelligence to get an idol survivor I spent naming names like I feel like there's Vincent idols and they don't always use them the right way but I don't know if it's like a a a requirement that you have to necessarily have a certain sat score and that made that's what made no sense to me that the vote was gonna lay in like Aaron should have been you know above thinking that to like it makes sense that the you know the Tommy Eh Lauren Jason Alliance was actually not GonNa vote for lane because it would make no sense to vote for Elaine when she just got back from Iowa like when you could vote for Elizabeth like why would you vote for land when like you know there's an increased chance of her having something and to distrust the other side that she doesn't is worthwhile to me but then once she pulls out the advantage okay all right that go gopher elaine because she doesn't have an idol exactly which which I wanna ask you why did she say that like I know she had to say it like according to her reading the rules that she had to play it before the votes were cast fine fine but like it seemed like she was playing it early and allowed for more discussion to happen which to me just like she got carried away like maybe that wasn't the most strategic move move because exactly like you said she outs the fact that she definitely does not have an idol yeah I didn't think that probably could have been a better time for her to a play the advantage certainly she allowed for I don't know let's certainly if you if you played at the last second if that cross talk is allowed to happen but I do get get the sense that at Tribal Council Twenty nineteen basically you know whatever you could say it's time to vote and then people aren't getting up and moving around and then you could do whatever you want free for all so it worked out it was fine no no major no major issues okay let me ask you a couple of these challenge questions I want to start to get to the social media as well so let's see this is a quick one. JJ FROM NJ Jay says I don't have a voice mail I just want to thank you to send a thank you to Allie for converting me to a challenge viewer during dirty thirty when she was on the nineteen eighteen recap so I been the challenge perhaps up because I was bored and eventually get super invested in the soap opera that is that show I am so deeply sorry sorry but I mean it's I had some conversations with people like this that no one dollars you're like oh I watch big brother watch survivor should I watch a challenge like I think it's it's like confirmed that the challenge is a legitimately good show especially if you like these sort of tragic tragic shirts protests should sit tragic yeah so so there's maybe a little more here's a little bit more drama that some people don't have of an appetite for but it's athleticism it's game play it's definitely moved more and more further and further away from sort of dislike drunk antics so if you've enjoyed this nonsense you're sorta enjoy a challenge are happy with being Brian and I would recommend checking out the show especially this upcoming coming season is GonNa have a lot more big brother players on it if that's sort of your thing okay here's a question from Jeremy Hero Bonelli this Jeremy from California cornea with the challenge rumored to have its first survivor player on its next season got ask Allie obvious question who from the island of the Idols de Most Wanna see on the challenge orange and why is it Tom Laidlaw for of the world's three thanks okay who could crossover from this this season alley so yeah interesting I think we should talk about to the rumored survivor player. I don't know if that's not on the table here I mean I don't know what the challenge spoiler world is other people who are like Oh don't spoil me on upcoming I mean it's not a survivor spoiler as far as I'm concerned no I mean I don't consider casting a spoiler but if you do I mean I will follow you wherever we end up going with you as the listener if you're upset right to me and I'll promptly delete it I don't care so so jay is rumored to be on the season he was on ex on the a beach and now he's going to be on this season the challenge He had like a relationship with Morgan Willett who is now dating bananas and that was a controversy so it doesn't appear that Morgan is going to be on bananas and a show I'm sorry what was Morgan and and that that all took place on on on screen no so Jay Morgan's relationship happened on ex on the beach and then Morgan was on the challenge with bananas and not which and most of the like they were flirty and then they like left the show together and that's just been sort of he said she said about what's happened after the show okay all right so so we have our first survivor setting foot on the challenge what do you call it a beach the challenge I dunno it's it's they're killing floor in this season's that doesn't sound great the killing floor alley could anybody from season thirty nine make the leap I just WanNa say really quick about Jay I don't think this is the right spot for him I love John Survivor Jay was boring as hell on ex on the beach and I don't understand what he's going to be doing on the challenge I think big brother is traditionally a better crossover just because like they cast more like deranged people no I don't know they they gas I think a different type of a person on big brother that can tend to do better on MTV whereas like I feel like survivor is a different show entirely an I don't know again Jay did not really perform an ex on the beach so I'm surprised that he's getting the invite maybe there's more to see that I haven't seen but it challenges weird because you're looking for an athlete EP you're also looking for someone who's going to bring drama whether it's fighting with people in the house or like getting into relationships I feel like more of a big brother thing but but maybe Chelsea or dean because they had that sort of Lake Romance that then caused drama for Chelsea to leave so maybe they're we're sort of in the age range and yeah philatic have that perfect sort of thing right so I j. does seem like a weird fit because he seems like such a super nice guy yet and he's not he doesn't he's he's Athletic for survivor right but he's not athletic as compared to any of the men on the challenge if you've seen a cast photo of the challenge recently it's like wwe Yeah I wanna Aaron too old for the challenge not to alter the challenge because people have been coming back there like into their almost into their forties now how old staples I think he might be considered to be to be like new but I don't I think that could be fine I don't know that he'd wanted to that considering he often talks about his kid his kids old enough to watch the show there are a lot of people with kids but they're like babies I don't know if you WanNa be on the challenge your kids old old enough to get teased at school for being on the Gel with with a source of bullying your dad is on the challenge well he was talking about his right Ronnie's the one Ronnie sorry areas the one who who's like the party boat captain whose kid I was like worry that that he was GonNa look stupid on this show so if he's already worried about that then he's definitely look stupid on the challenge doesn't us can I tell you about a potentially alarming situation situation that's going on at my house would love to hear that yeah so this is weird you know I've podcast for thousands of hours in this room and is a window up here and so out the window today there is a like a biblical plague of bees that seemed to be swarming on the House next amis roof this is like you know this is like the at the end of my girl right now this is a really wild wild out here it's like bees lining the roof of the house next door to me I don't understand what's going on Brian I once had had a very funny episode where I encountered a large bug in my apartment and had to it was like during the podcast and had to pause and come back so if you were to shriek right now and then go attack those bs it would be pretty unbranded for a podcast with me a very concerning situation here with the bees I just sent alley picture of what's of what's going on with the bees and like things are escalating quickly if this is the this might be the last podcast I ever do and so again sorry for him if that's the case but no these these are joke it's like a wall of wall of bees cartoon when like the bees take the shape of something and then are going to be like like turning into like a mallet and then banging me over the head okay all right so allie once again you have prepared prepared the social media for us and such a trip ere interesting because then this is the one time much like when I got to take this week and some ivory history quiz with Jordan hey listen this is where I get to be on the receiving end of the tweets this week well hopefully it's better than having to take this allows a root canal okay all right so I have to play the Jingle here is the Great Jacob Sager Deger Weinstein tweets daily tweet keep rocking khanates ending Jason home by blocking his nice okay okay all right Allie let's let's talk about the weakened social media yeah so we didn't really talk about the Jamal Jack Situation in on this episode but Julia Carter from survivor had some tweets that I think are worth reading here on the subject so Julia said I she said be careful how you use adjectives adjectives like well-spoken slasher tickets such eloquent to describe black people when they speak just because it's not the stereotype your cousin to doesn't mean it's not the norm soon got got something important to keep in mind and then Julia also said I am glad that. CBS made a decision this season to air the very real vulnerable moments and conversations around race that never we happen on survivor I told my story and made it be heard for that I'm a game changer. In my own is progress is progress prayer hymns about Jihad shack survivor so I guess this is sort of still halfway in between talking about the episode and the Social Media But Julia was pretty vocal about her unhappiness with what happened spend with her at it last season and now she sort of saying like I'm glad survivors taking note and the thing too and we didn't talk about this moment here and you've talked about it with Davey Vian Stephen but the thing I loved about this moment why a lot of things about this moment but I really loved a lot of people on survivor will say like oh I couldn't couldn't stand up for what was wrong because it's a social game and if I were in the real world I would have stood up for it and that's not always the case on the mill n and Jamal said like it's hard to know when it's safe to like becoming out strong in these situations ed it's good to see somebody even though they're playing a social game be able all to to stand up for themselves and for what's right and and to perhaps Jack received that well and it seemingly not affect either their games I hope that there's like moving forward is something people can lean on as an example of like I don't need to just let x or y happen 'cause I'm playing a social game I do think that one of the things that really helped allow it to happen in the show was that there was a pre existing friendship with Jamal all and Jack where it did not seem like there was it's like there was any sort of animosity between them prior to that so I think that that was already had the sort of emotional friendship connection to be able to have that type of serious conversation where had this been somebody that those two had been butting heads I don't know if there would be necessarily the framework there there to have that type of deep conversation fair point fair point all right so let's get to the rest of the survivor social media thank you actually no put this together So Boston Rob tweeted water phone Hashtag island of the idol segment Elaine so fawn not good at that Sandra tweeted we need more of a lane and Nora's visit to Iowa at least in a secret seen at survivor. CBS Give the Queen what she's asked for I would love to see more nor aniline on yeah that would be great though that'd be great to get more Sandra with Elaine and with Nora can do you have anything from Boston Rob's instagram can. I can add in one tweet from a ball instagram posts from Boston Robin we've talked about what a great job had rob is done on instagram but this one I just happened to see this I didn't buy it and put this together but it was the Halloween tweet and so these are expired already but I wanted to get this in there Boston rob had a picture of a bunch of candy bars and he said Allah weaned candy keeps getting smaller and smaller when I I was a kid there was one house in the neighborhood that was cool house and they gave out full size candy bars I promise myself that someday I would be that that house if you can find my house tonight you won't be disappointed happy Halloween Hashtag say notice Max is the Haley strong also notably had full-sized candy bars so if you're in Canada there's also opportunity for you and wow okay so the that that's a bold move the ball move to be you don't look I'm all in favor of full size candy bars a fun size Admittedly not that fun but I don't know necessarily early if I want more kids coming to my house I think I might be advertising like hey kids that I'm going with the micro size Mars here this year so sorry at that point just go to raisins raisins sun made sure sure scandi and not the good ones right okay important to know the war dog just semi tweet a minute ago congratulating me on passing a bar exam so how appropriate to be talking about survivor twitter so thank you to the word dog yes all right Jamal who I didn't really get to talk about Jamal all I wanNA roast Jamal for his expertise coming from being a Ta in a college course that did not get enough play about how funny that was like I thought he was going to be like I've studied this sort of like being at least at my school you'd be in anything so if you're a Grad student and like you can interview well but anyway he seemed to when he was talking about but that was pretty hilarious yeah he's great I absolutely love Jamal and I love that Oh Jamal is as a TA in African dance he's like okay But I I stand Jamal on my draft team so he takes it all the way so he said Jack is amazing so grateful to share this moment with him being willing to share in a respectful and loving way is a great way to move forward how shakes arrive or Hashtag check island of the idols as you could imagine I have much more to say about this. I'm looking forward to the opportunity has at survivor. CBS and I'll add Hashtag rob has a podcast uncast looking forward to the opportunity to say more about this I imagine you'd welcome at interview Yo I hope it's not any anytime soon I can't I can't wait till you put that into the atmosphere I can't wait to do a deep dive with Jamal who's been very fun character on the show so far how early behind the scenes here how early do you call the shots and who are the people you want to do deep dives with like do you feel like you know it like three or sometimes you know you know it with rim of you don't need much but you'll so you ideally you want to have some longevity in the game so like there's still I imagine in some people who are sort of too soon to tell what if they go out next week you probably won't be knocking on their door probably not unless they're like a huge huge character and then they you have a lot to say but we get into the whole politics of that then people get insulted if I don't ask them to do a and then how many does the audience want to hear you know it's complicated imagine feeling that way so Jason Linden said Hashtag Attack Volka until the day I die well that was Wednesday pretty clear where I'm rooting for this season Hashtag survivor cool he said did I understand this is not this is hard to read so forgive me I understand a one or two people may be upset I got voted off Hashtag survivor and expressed I they will stop watching all caps please keep watching this is all caps great season and I am as a fan I'm excited for what is too calm Hashtag don't sleep sleep on thirty nine now rob quick quick guests on how Jason will feel if you don't invite him to do a deep dive can you imagine like feeling like people are gonNA stop watching the show because you got that but it out episode six Yeah okay well on Jason what a great luck look that the alley what do you think happens to be fifty million people that watch this show by one by one he had forty three million people had a favorite character and they said they were going to stop watching if that character voted out they did and that's how we lose viewers look when you call me and tell me the MTV podcast is cancelled because there's zero reviewers because I've alienated all of them I won't lose sleep over that that tweet this kind of thing Jason Come on we love you but people are not survivors drivers not getting canceled because you got voted off you don't know that okay all right he also tweeted Hashtag survivor please he's tune into my interview with Arabs Fisher at rob hasn't podcast to hear my perspective on things posted later today and then included a photo with him in a t shirt that says I survived Surviv- survivor and all I got was this t shirt so I included that because they're going to promote you out promote them yeah did Jason Make that up or do you think that somebody has that upon Derosa I think maybe the one or two people ship that to him overnight to victory the ad that shirt and they pass it around it's also supposed to say like this lousy tee shirt like this like I got a good t shirt out of it maybe it's okay that doesn't really accomplish the goal aw I hope Jason doesn't hate me I feel like he could take it or he's not listening to be real the one or two people who are going to be like I'm not listening anymore anymore yeah Victoria Bonday says Am I pronouncing that Crusoe Okay Damn Team Hashtag tag evil vic takes its second hit but honestly I'm not even mad because no way did I wanna lane going home how survivor that seemed to be a popular trend to everybody it was like not a land sorry Jason but anyone but Elaine yeah maybe you say Jason would've gotten more sympathy if it would have been somebody like they were going to put their votes on somebody else to like I was Elizabeth it's like Oh why couldn't it have been elizabeth all right what were said about Jason but at least it wasn't a lame see I think Elizabeth has like high winner I didn't say this but my my actually how is that like a woman is GonNa win this season and I've said that before the numbers were favorable to women like I felt in my bones from the cast announcement that a woman is due to win this season and I think Elizabeth has high like wind potential a lot of people are saying this is not new so I do actually think that would be I think like Aaron would be someone where people be like okay whatever but I think misty Elaine and Elizabeth would be big hits Jason I would say that while I agree that Elizabeth has high potential to win the game I don't think we've really like wrapped our arms around her as a character yet where people would be gutted and stop watching the show Elizabeth got voted out fair enough I would struggle to see anyone here where we'd I mean that goes with the other right like they don't edit the show so people would leave the show if the person they know is going to get voted voted out next week and water and season here let's let's Segue to Aurora here raw McCreary says and I don't really really know what she means by which she says when the bench is getting more airtime than the players dot dot shit y'all losing hashtag survivor thirty nine now with that Elaine got benched in the episode that it the the person on the bench got more airtime or was it the Robin Sandra sitting on the bench I thought ell maybe that's I thought it was like they were cutting to lower in a lot she was actually benched so Aurora is making fun of the survivors not getting screen time is that the punch line listen I'm not stepping Aurora so you can see this is coming for them by the way can I add also alley that the bees as quickly as the board came it seems to have dissipated are you kidding me people are not going to understand this they were all foreign after like five thousand vs on this I thought it was the end of the world but it seems like his came and went all right well why you're sending this picture I only put up the poll of the baking poll for two hours and the final results are in with two hundred sixteen votes seventy five percent of the audience it's not a baker so you can all not eat my baked goods okay so Aurora tweeted and I found out later this was about Laurien said said that's my girl fake cry earn it that's my number woman has shag survivor thirty nine Hashtag I'm going home await so maybe she or woman combine number one woman not that I don't trust actually be no but my digital communications manager Meghan Elizabeth sends me screengrabs grabs verify can't check my work again I trust Alex implicitly enough to read it like this I can't thousand percent confirm that she said number women you can tweet I mean I guess I could do that work but I thought I was the guest here now working hard here sure I'll go to Laura please hold okay be he picture came in I can't do all this little beep picture I don't like this picture all right Aurora has done a a lot of tweets Oh yeah my number woman again Alex I never doubted you can confirm my number woman got the bees are well oh we put the boys didn't want to leave my podcast station for the second picture weight and I can confirm because the branches in the photos it's not not like you took a different not as crazy about photoshop someone knows about bees in your audience is going to be like obviously what happened to the Jake right this is also why these are like going extinct because they just can't confirm the beezer not extinct that's-that's fake news David Rickenbacker who says great interview with him as well also great costume the bringing the Milk Carton Back Yes love that TV is a powerful tool man seeing it firsthand on the T. l. tonight now giving people the courage to not be silent and situations they know are wrong dot dot dot job well done tonight great tribal grit episode Hashtag don't sleep on thirty thirty nine I guess that's like a big Tashnag yeah people say don't sleep on thirty nine when everyone's waiting for forty we're sleeping on forty forty and then people say hey don't forget about us there sorry thirty nine has like a little bit of like a Middle Child Syndrome where season thirty eight was sort of the you know the kid that got like the negative attention season forty everybody's favorite season thirty nine is like the Jan Brady season thirty nine is like the feedback show of survivor. Okay that's fine no I loved it I just like people get upset about it don't sleep leap on the feedback show let's get feedback show spur tragic and don't sleep on the speaking of went went sleeping Wendell Hall and says a little behind on this episode but I'm loving it back to watch tribal Hashtag I'm not sleeping on thirty nine and then the real rupert treatment from Wendell this week he says just finished great episode Hash Survivor Thirty Nine Yeah you won't need the Common Comfort weighted blanket get not sleep on thirty nine e- won't need it to Nazli double negative there I'm not sure where for promoting or not Okay look great episode about any survivor season that was a good episode what no one will be saying about this voicemails tales episode Oh come on Jonathan early says I just want to the editors and Jeff probes a hug for that fantastic episode sern hull positively I mean with all due respect to Jonathan I think the last thing that Jeff props is looking for his hugs from the contestant well yeah I mean talk to Dawson about so you do a bad episode you should have Hug Jeff probst Kellyn Bechtold bechtold new twitter handle at Bechtol Dhia this show did Kirsten Mcguinness I think joe can you credit different we sorta just kept putting pressure on like hey KS Bechtel is really bad it's bad it's bad and then we got we like made something happened we got changes engines of the world. Okay I mean I still think you were you were on the right track for her with telling her to just do at Oh she couldn't get out on that all right Bechtol just you know it's crazy if you remember next year that will be the real test will you not have to look up the her twitter handle next she's on all right so do you ever rating for it you know ten years there's no way that to ten out of ten minutes let's such B. S. would you what would you rate it like lash tweets is just just as good or not good as that came out against Lafayette yes do you said because you can't remember if it's like a capitals or whatever as though it does have I know you're making this up I'm going back I'll think I don't have the time to go back and look at this negative capitalize African when you said you said you couldn't remember something stupid that like obviously honestly it was so stupid I can't remember what you said it was like you can remember it but bechtold Souljah is like new so I've at least had it by entire time like you've had years to remember this big cake about it all right so she he said this episode I can't wait to see how Aaron plays going back to camp after tribal my preseason winner pick was flexing some strategy muscle tonight I will always love this game it for all right that sounded mean great I also looking forward to seeing I think everyone's looking forward to seeing back at camp next week Bertel Troy's and the action he said the world series has to wait dot dot dot I'm one hundred percent on survivor tonight okay all right well I think they probably started without him all right I have a little game of prolific survivor tweeter Alexis Maxwell yes so I'm going to read you five tweets and you were going to tell me which of the five our Alexis Maxwell tweets okay which one of the five breath it could be it could be done it could be all five if any of them from missy no honestly I wish I had thought about missile Erlich okay total blindside okay number one. OMG I love that twist of one person being forced into the major role Hashtag survivor okay did you make up the ones that are not from Alexis Maxwell or somebody else's any one of them that are not Alexis tweets I made up I'll say that

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