South Korean Shares Edge Higher On Monday.


You're listening to the news office are on Africa Business Radio and South Korea she has rose just over one percents on Monday in line with Asian peers and this comes as the US drawn regulators station of the use of blood plasma from recovered patients as a Kobe and treatment lifted sentiment wrong you domestic cases sloat bought the Korean won on the benchmark bond yield weakened the benchmark Kospi closed on twenty five point two, four points at one point. One zero percent to two, thousand, three, hundred, twenty, nine, point, eight, three, five as net buyers of one hundred and ninety eight point six billion won worth of shares on the main board. The sub index from a cynical sector jumped two point nine percent following the authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration on Sunday and that wasn't at this time when Africa. Business Radio. You can't continue to listen live online at www Africa business radio DOT COM or. Honorable APP. I am ratio she gender. Thank you for listening.

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