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Entertainment designed just for you, then checkout. Customizable, streaming TV from expanding it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expending gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most ratios anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps. Right on your TV with x one. Finnity dot com. A one eight hundred eighty or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply. Luck. From washington. This is Caroline. Each week. We bring you the best conversation. News interviews and politics here on chair alive. To hear your show line. Check us out each Wednesday at eight pm eastern or listen on the go by downloading this podcast from. Welcome caroli- just care live in obviously having a little difficulty with the audio here tonight couple of different things going on. But I do have an hoped it. I know it's right. That's great. Live here on care alive as trying to Cuba somew- that was like I I've done all that with my tonight. And I've sure did you guy -firmative do. Good intro. But anyway, I have crews at gotta over really is right tonight on live, and I want to start by talking about his losing when I sit out the promo today for the show. I scribe who sound and Jen so and folk, but how would you describe yourself? I would I I call it a world music nowadays. Because a lot of my African every teach sipping into the music is being bad in a lot of seven writing. I'm recording these days, so call it a world music, which income passes. All this a lot of the cells. You know, when you get people from overseas, the jazzy if so they're phobe all that Imia music, but because he smelled American or western music because world music, and then you said it because I did notice when you go to find your music, I'm tune like one year CD's, I think is and world I think no is in jazz. And I'm not sure about the third one. That's interesting that you say that because it does have a different times. So you know, listen to one. And then you listen to something else. This is get Tarez itself, folks. But you know, you have like a different rhythm to yourself. Would you agree with that? Or does that you're African roots? If comes I guess, he comes from from persona. I I guess I never come to really learn music to study music formally. So all the bad adage that are picked of is what you call violence out. You know, I wouldn't necessarily say that is bad. Having your salad is really good. And if you know, Dr pools you in in China, I know yet, but I hope it place and stuff before we end, but the rhythm of yourself really pulled. And I noticed that a lot of your to a lot of the stuff that you sing it seems to be based on love being in long love of lies. You know, just love in general. Do you right here own Terio? Yes, I do. And I mean love is the essence of everything, you know, everything that we are. I guess we just you know, had all this hackley's. You know, I'm conclusion CARA, you know, every we have all the labels, but even be underneath all those labels. I guess we all love so. I'm just trying to tap into the Heston's about being. I'm I'm selling philosophical now. And and in going back. I guess you. You know, I I saw you know, like each one of your CV. Do you have you know, we have about low? I think what it's called love. Love it self. Then you have been there the two which when I when I was talking about the love of life. You talk about there's a song that you have that's called the future. Where did that song? When how did you derive at Ryan net particular piece? Bakir actually at I don't mean to sound like some profound still, but this is also this is the real truth of a little bit of my my little friend. He's only three years old. But we know I know a lot of friends there's a little friend. Yeah. I don't mean to call them draw for nothing like that where he's two years old. And I was called one day that he was diagnosed with cancer. So I went to go visit him I took him some toys and he's a strong kid. He's always few playing football through you know, all of this. And I met with him. I gave him some toys, and we we know we did what we know. We just played for drug the whole day and my way driving back. He was just about seeing energy stress because at that moment, you can't quite define what the disease all world is telling him. Yes. So you just thinking, you know, what I'm going to get better kinda like a. Code. So he's just fighting like, you know, like we fight Ryan common cold. So you would kinda against ration- United. Wow. You know? I think when once we give something to label that or this will kill you. Or this is detrimental to your health. I think people need people seem to buy into that notion as that, you know, believe in it. But once you when you tell somebody gonna die don't believe it, those are the people that you feel I was giving the six months to leave the end up living over like that. So I write a great piece in once. I have all the on your love of to play that for you. But going back to talking about you being vision now, and you said, you didn't have any formal training anything tell us about how you that story. I think that's all this in your bio, and it sounds to be a pretty interesting story. I got started. I guess I've always had an affinity for music. I've always wanted to to make music, but drilling up in advocate. You don't wanna be a doctor lawyer engineer on accountants, you can't say you wanna be musician health you get back. So what the real job, right? That's a real job before a long time. I wanna be an academic. Okay. Did I I grew up, and you know, I took a computer, you know, the graphic design in college because it was kinda like fine line between Camacho commercial. And my arts what I really like. And I did it for a long time. I didn't really know. It was good. But it wasn't fulfilling and I came about. Isi used street. But none. And that's when I saw all this artist doing their own individual thing. Everybody was just different. There were poets singers rappers but everybody has their own unique. Nobody was trying to anybody else but himself. Like, I wanna play guitar. You know, I wanna play guitar, and I I've always on picked up a deter, you know, I this is a true story out for the girlfriend, and I left the house. I stormed out of the house, and I went to Utah, but like Utah and stuff to get up. So you taught yourself. Yes. I did. That's amazing. That's amazing. So I have though back when we were talking about the cure earlier. I haven't all using now we're gonna play tonight queued up. And yeah. Yeah. I let the warriors listen to this on that you were just describing just a moment ago regarding the three year old. This is a great song. Again. This is the curious from your the essence of cool. That's correct. That was great again that was accused Moore from the assets of cool. What am I favor? It's too that you have is called. And I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing, right? Maybe I should spill it you pronounce it. I e you fair. And you have a video that for that particular song of anyone wants to see that they can go to your site, which is live dot com. Rains at. That's correct. I told her live from Caroline. And you know, although, you know, this is not an English based on I myself, even by myself trying to to sing along with it. Wow. Is he? Is you know, this this particular people were talking about rhythm earlier? This has that particular rhythm in. And I soon as that from your your own routes in the the base be of of the phone. But again, you know, so catchy that even though I don't even know what the words are. And I don't even know what you say it. I'm still trying to sing along because he tell us first because I had a play that one exactly what the song means you fessing ply- men's in Europe, which is my native tone, which your buddies. Western south western Europe, tried and he remains. Definitely means love. So just love festival. We talking. I wasn't. I wasn't aware of that on this moment when I realized I forty. Forty. Yeah. I guess I'm just trying to spread a little love, you know. I gonna play an Cornell. I n how me you said. Okay, fat if you can put him in in little mother into it for you felt like through your about women fair. And there's from your CV unexpected pleasures. Yeah. Craig great, Goldens that to this particular song, we were talking earlier about the the video who produced excuse me, who produced video the video was directed by a Nigerian fellow Nigerian of filmmaker Dermot, if you if you listen to this can you hear me, then you out? He's an incredible talent. Who's doing a lot of videos in Jamaica at the moment. And speaking of videos with the way, I used to your music I for the one sent me a. It was a video clip. I'm gonna guess it. Maybe it was the same guy who directly your video the records as it was a commercial. Oh. Yeah. Sure. Sure. You know, the commercial and the song the music in the commercial. I was more interested in the artist wasn't any games winces is. And then I think at the end is when I I saw your name or whatever the information. Yeah. That's how I was at the end of the now, I'm curious wasn't the same guy who was Jari. Johri the story behind the view is kind of like a funny story year. Okay. I don't make you interested in your that. Really? Okay. I almost can't imagine. Because you know, I didn't say what the the commercial Vaga Hecker. But you know, anybody that you know, if it is that one on their site by chance. Definitely when on my right? I to anybody. They can Email me privately out of view. Oh and thinking of I forgot know this. I was so frustrated with the audio from beginning forgot to give everyone the call in number. The caller number is three four seven nine four five seven four one. By again, the number is three four seven nine four five seven four one five, and I also opened up the chat room of anyone has any questions. I'll be sure to try to relieve him before the show is out. But at this make sure that I got everyday to kill here. Now going back to. That. The video has got that he any other videos for you by cantor. This is the first time working together reprennent doing a lot more work together. But it just you know, I took me a long time to even make a music video that I wanna do a good job at promoting this one before, you know, affect going on a video fact, if he knows that the video that goes with the song, it's a year when you really love that. But in this so family oriented was that by your designed by who vision was that too. Iowa eighty more. It was pretty much the director yet, you know, e called me, I just met him. Maybe about a few months ago. He called me out of the blue one days that gentlemen, MRs Kuku, I'm Jim filmmaker. And I liked him on the video for it. And you know, we've been seeing STAN we've become really good friends. And by that time, I was ready on I record him you record now. So I'm at actually to record pass that record every at any kind of, you know, my catchment to their unexpected pleasures record was a little bit, you know, week at this point. So I just told him that what's your vision? What's he showed me some of pests work, and I'm like, I love what you do. And I love your vision. Just go with it. So when a head and. I two shots of me. Singing and before no shot of a family, you know in a family in love. Right. He went about getting the family shut. And it turns out the family Vitas related to. But by coincidence. Too long causing. I having a US that I didn't ever, you know. That's great. Just that just makes the world that let's Molly, you know. Exactly. And then going back to our saying earlier about the the song that was attached to the video that I heard that play that because this is how this is a piece that I heard that introduced me to. I. What? How? Going back to how that I don't know if he says, but this is an important piece of the elements. You're saying that he picked he picked to get tired. You taught yourself, but it was only six or seven years ago. Right. Yeah. This is a may twenty second twenty seven two thousand. It hasn't been that long. Obviously, you know, apparently have talent. But when did you realize that you had? Forgive me forever. I know I've ever what executives you know, when they when you get big and tall, and you can yourself. I mean, you know, when did you realize that I can really do this? I can play their galley here. Oh, I realize. I think I had my first I went up on stage at the hope of Mike six months later, and they'll play the little song and the crowd him really like it. And but you know, I kind of always been my goal anyway to be able to to translate my own songs with the car. I think very very quickly. I started figuring out that I can I can create my own songs. The way I've always heard them, you know, in my head rather than try to mimic. Of course, there's a lot of favorites that I have that kind of maybe some some of techniques year there what I wanted to have a sound because I knew what I'm trying to do. I'm not gonna get away trying to be somebody of here. They get in. You know, I didn't think I don't I don't recall earlier in the interview that you said how long ago it was. And while I was sitting here listening to that way and that wall, so you know, you accomplish their lot in very short period of time or venue. Thank you. What would you either? What would you do different? She was back over the last six or seven years in how you what would you do different? And what recommendations suggestions? Would you have someone who would like to do the exact same thing become a musician recording? What would I do different? I try to have any regrets as far as you know. But, but if I if I could go back, and I think I would question the 'cause I love always wanted to lick because always taught about you. I just want to sit down on us to in a very intimate venue and just play for folks for hours. You know, always. At that imagination. Even as a kid. But I kinda you know, or I didn't really think I was going to be proficient at during stuff like that. All I don't think I have a knack for for because all, you know, that's painful their hands because the way the Ben in their hands for your people doing something it looks difficult than kind of procrastinated. And I think it was, you know, I guess I guess we were I call godspeed whenever you know, whatever. The right time comes from the if I was able to play guitar maybe when I was six years old. Maybe I would have been from cat father g they would have end up doing drugs because. Glad I was. Probably that you waiting or they happen later in life than earlier, exactly. And you know, I I don't mean to pick on the greeters at the painter ever, Michael Jackson. But he mega mega Jackson is just coming out with all that great music now. Right, right. Now going back to you. You said we're talking about you teaching yourself. And when when you know after six months, you said, you went on stay, but I'm sure at the time, you know, you working a fulltime job when did you fire with when did you start to segue war to the news than to you know, your chosen career? That was kinda like it seemed like there was a divine auto planning fins 'cause once I fed it playing guitar, and I remember it was quite a dictator to it. I remember like even the job, and I will be dreaming about playing like Utah. You know, they always bring it to work with me and at lunchtime. I would go play guitar sort of getting. So I was re-cut of addicted to it, and I was working with a government project then doing graphic design and project ended I got laid up. I got another job that wanted to end it again, I got laid up then the project ended I just kept getting laid off. And it was like, wow, something trying to tell me, you know, you know, the bed for this. So you made sure. I really I mean at the left choice was easy to make at in our ready later. I have a job, you know. Going back saying, you know, you daydream about guitar it. We were talking about their love facet and a lot of your songs about love love again. One of the songs call he has life or one night or call or our unexpected pleasures. I love George, you know, in there is a sort of. But it sounds like, you know, asking, you know, are you in love. But I think I know handed the question you are in love with your get. I love what I'm just different level of life to be Carolina to focus on the phone. You know? No, I don't I don't mean to sell for Suffolk of what it just, you know, to wake up your food convene love, you know. I guess I'm knowing that. Now, many back that I was in love with guitar. You're saying you were they in the entire, and, you know, all your pieces are, you know, our love related in like, you know, there's something there because. That's really inspire new or to you know, the words of the song. And one of that, I think that really embodies that with with poses the question are you in love is you free me or. Yeah. I haven't seen a lot of your pieces about maybe bias because I like all the pieces myself. I'm crying over here. You more than, but I can't sit here thinking like everything peaked that was, you know, on the side because I guess my personal preference. But. Do you have a favorite piece or? That he liked this overall. Maybe that you play every session and everything you do is there certain fall that stands out for you. Oh, I always the last phone the last week for is number -ly. I mean, I I liked him. I'll be like my kids. You know, what it's like the last reading normally gets, you know, he's like the favorite for a while on to the next on comes on. He's almost like a like a brand new baby. She gets their pension. Can look. Right. I see what she's saying. Let's see tonight, you know, and I had explained earlier to as regards the also the the recording. They have it was kind of my own fault. Because I thought I knew what I wanted to play tonight. And then I waited until the last late because there were so many pieces that I live and I couldn't get on into night. And I wished up a what I was gonna do. Yes. So you know, enough I posed the question because there there are so many good ones. And I think that. Seating is one of your CD. Tell you when a second as more of I guess more of a Nigerian flavors more than songs are not English base. Yes. In the absence of cool. I guess a good the the holder you gets the more in tune with you'll you'll call you become I guess, you know, okay. Yes. I guess I am getting older. When I was growing up in Nigeria. All I wanted to be was they'll be. Uh-huh. Dishes. So I kinda like know. Indulge myself and all that musical at American music. So that I can I can really understand this. You know, you know, I really understand it for now. But what all along the African music was still playing in the background. Okay. Merrily seems like full circle. Now, I understand the western world now. And now, I know that I'm a hybrid of both cultures. Now, rather than one the other manage the after the accident cool it came out like then. So you basically say when you did the athletes a cool you start going back to your of your route you. That's correct. Infect aspects of pool is almost like an implant records. If you notice he's very ROY. Tony. Calling. The absence of cool. The result of Megyn sitting in a studio she ever, Chevron the songs that I'm recording now with with with with a frantic studio, and it was pretty much recorded that she ever the sexy, especially and after that, you know, a few days, they told me I recorded everything played the other day. And I think you put it out. Realized they were recording. I realized it, but I didn't I didn't realize it was good enough. In fact, if you listen to the record, you can get anything and messing up my own song in one of the lyrics. You know, it was just I was just kind of cleaning serious before. I'm recorded phone. I'm working or the right there. But but I have to play guitar their voice like me. Let me play them for you know, everything was recorded in two hours. We didn't go back lay had had in another voice. Everything was recorded in one to our Ed the mic. Wow. Whatever year that kinda clean as Clinton. You know, exactly where those spots. Are you all over all over like a bad road? Over. They're getting close the tell us where people can never one go. See you before. Mike. Now, I've been trying to do a lot more stuff. I used to do a lot of stuff within DC. I've been travelling quite a bit doing stuff outside the city. But of course, having my one of my favorite venues to play in pal shout out to human Kevin. So if you ever in the DC area and a fleet of the Kennedy Center, Malaysian stager, I think about three times, I think I'm you back for for time now, so but I can New York recently to right? Yes, we will launch a new project. It's a do a project between myself and the banjo player, we call this project favorite Popper, white just to say we of course, I'm thinking recommend playing guitar. It's kinda like a crooked records, plus one more person. And we we sure to get a copy. To caroli- too that he that you guys can yet, you know, yet. It's a love fest record love in the time of recession. More love fest. Yeah. You know, I I love that kind of stuff. So oh you. Anyway, again, give everyone your website coup. Live right Kula. Caroline, Caroline factor is conclude. I right now you can click on the link that would take the Caroline 'cause we just got a date today. Thank you. Live in Karelia regathered fair for the June FHM right on the homepage. Can check that out and. And your music can be found on items and wear out. I wound rap through the emusic wherever I think most of the line record stores Amazon wherever you like to get music as long as it's not on, you know, on on the on the street side, you know. Refining the street side that might be me selling to you. That's all good. Now, also, are you working thing? What what next can we expect from you? Actually, I'm working something near a fact, I wanna thank. Thanks in this car for making me, stay indoors today to take this. Call. The. Able to work in more music fries interview. Yes. That's brewing over there that in fact is it similar in ready almost finished Kucan. And we I'm old to able to I'm connecting with a bunch of people to get this out on the mall. You know, a bigger distribution f for the bigger promotional efforts for this one. In fact, it's one it's called the queue. This is what you were supposed to be year in before the after of cool to fuck. Oh, okay. This is this is a fool if Macusi feel like Beijing, but a two year produce Reckitt, and it's still love sex Malva universal love fats, rather that remain faster starts in. But that's of course, always real mentioned there because that's the left. So. And speaking of love, the initial I had to do some turn it if 'cause they feed having another issue, but I I am going to play this. Tell us about the song of that's from your CD session. Love was reading by myself. I wrote the lyrics and the music was written by a gentleman by the name of Chris Mendham will make in the US army stationed at Fort Myers, and I was hanging out in his barrack room one day, and he played this melody wasn't a rock band. You want to give the something's rock band. And I'm like, no way. I gotta have that. I wrote the lyrics on top of that you melody at that moment at that time. I didn't pay at your car at all it was just selling to singing guitar riff fan infect Easter one plane that Utah was funny. They why was reported expected pleasure have met him again. Now, we had the army and was able to play to Qatar on the recorded version. Okay. Okay. Well, this is Howard on the end the show tonight with love from Los ashes again, I wanna say thank you very much for being on. Caroline, big gratitude to you miss kind of peace and blessings berry, we're going to be shouting you out every everybody. Honey, I'm on a t join a my Tyree of the Senator and the basketball players. I feel like a superstar kid. I'm caroline. Yours kind. So much again, again, this is Caroline with Kuku tonight on Carolina, your free next week for another session Carolina. Thank you again. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon pry? Enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies TV shows us, free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by T mobile that genius. When offer account offer subject to change called per month. Value offer valid Amazon prime members customers may reduce speed for some customer spit. He'll at forty be capable of ice require see store for details and terms and conditions. The emblem. And. And. Pay in. That. Alexa, play Arianna grandee. Okay. Amazon music all you need tens of millions of songs. Amazon music app today.

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