Samsung's Galaxy Watch -- A Smart Watch With A Twist


I'm Palmer Dane with dish in digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority time to check out Samsung's. Galaxy watch a smart watch with a twist I think that the interface when the twister display is really cool. The ability to twist the desert and switch between different apps or different. Notifications is really a clutch move yahu tech editor, Dan Howley. I also like the idea that this looks like a regular watch. It's got a circular screen like you would expect from any other kind of watch when it's lit up. It genuinely does look like a classic analog. He says the Forty-six millimeter version may be too big for some risks. There's also a smaller forty two millimeter version Howley says the galaxy watch works with Android phones as well as iphones. It starts at three hundred thirty dollars dishing digital. I'm Palmer Nain and for more go to WCBS eight eighty dot com and click on the audio section.

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