LeBron returns to Cleveland


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That so much has happened over the the world of sports that you know. I mean, my goodness what a beautiful beautiful day. It is. Tomorrow's thanksgiving. There's a lot to be thankful for there is no question about that. For me. I'm thankful for my family and thankful for my friends and loved ones, I'm thankful for a phenomenal job in which I get to talk about the things that I love and people that I respected admire I get to work with great great people like I do here. Yes. Jonathan went up that includes you, you are actually great. I don't wanna tell the world that but you actually great. So you JC you not love you, bro. John Curtis and the rest of the crew. But but let me tell you something. Let me tell you people that don't have. They have a lot date for four. Don't get me wrong. Terms of life being in the greatest country in the world etcetera etcetera. But if you northeast Ohio tonight is a night that comes with a level of bitter sweetness on one hand thanksgiving is coming up, and there's a lot to be glad about there's a lot to be appreciative of in. It's great country of Oz. But LeBron James returns to Cleveland tonight by thing he returns to Cleveland tonight. That means he's no longer days visiting and if he's visiting that is not a reason to feel good because we're LeBron James goals competitiveness. Championship contention excetera. There's a part of the equation when he's gone purgatory is what exists for you. And that is clearly the case with the Cleveland Cavaliers the worst team in basketball. They were in the finals last June for the fourth consecutive year. Lebron leaves did a worst team basketball. If there's a testament to the level of greatness that this man has had at his disposal or has had an appointment his hands. This is the testament, and so he returns tonight as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and you have people literally would storylines out there saying, okay, what's going to be the storyline for LeBron James in Cleveland? How are they going to treat him upon his return? Are they going to give him a standing ovation? Are they going to boo? Lebron James what's going to happen? And my point is simply this whoever booze LeBron James in Cleveland tonight, whoever booze LeBron James and the northeast Ohio area. Either it's tempering towards idiocy and ignorance. Or you are simply one of those people who should be classified as one of the most ungrateful unappreciative individuals that we could possibly possibly fathom. It's that simple. The Cleveland Cavaliers in the four years. Lebron was gone what nineteen sixty three twenty one and forty five hundred lockout short season, a twenty eleven twenty twelve twenty four and fifty eight and then thirty three and fifty nine. The very next year that LeBron James arrived. They will fifty three and twenty nine with David bladders their coach. And they went to the finals and lost the second year. Lebron was there. They went fifty seven and twenty five David Blatt was relieved of his duties after thirty and eleven start Tyron Lou takes over. They win the championship. The third year. Lebron was their their fifty one and thirty one they go to the finals again because they fall, but that's what after Kevin Durant arrived in Goethe's date. And then after that they were fifty and thirty two. And again, they went to the finals when you look at what this man has done. The fact that this man has a raced of fifty two year cursed in the northeast Ohio area. There's no professional sports team on any level that won anything in more than a half century. The broad James comes on board. Clearly back to deliver on a promise. He had made to that city in that area. The man comes back. Delivers the championship. Racist curse, fulfills, his promise. And along the way state for two additional years way took y'all to the finals. And this is the person. That you would have a problem with. Let me tell you something, you know, I got my eyes on tonight. You know, who I'm watching John, you know, on watching y'all. I'm watching Dan Gilbert. Because Dan Gilbert had better. Have some appreciation and a better have something special. Plan for LeBron James return to Cleveland the night some kind of special tribute. Yes. Fans can decide to cheer a ball, whatever. But dammit, Dan Gilbert, don't have a choice. Now on the stand. He isn't the most fondest person in the world. Lebron James this is it what it is. I'm telling you what I know. It will never forget that vicious letter that he wrote about LeBron James when abroad decided to take his talent to south beach. Very very few people are gonna get over what he said about that man in what he wrote about that man that was vicious. But it's over and done with LeBron James came back gave him four years four straight trips to the finals and NBA championship. There's nothing to talk about here. There's nothing to talk about here. They want to sit up there. You wanna point the finger? Lebron James, I'm quite sure you could come up with some reasons kyri Irvin. He left because LeBron you want to say that. The bronze still went to finals. They went to funds. JR Smith was relevant because LeBron James Iman Shumpert was rose relevant because LeBron James Kevin love. Was appreciated and became a playoff contender and a champion because a LeBron James. You can still there and talk about him carrying Cari to. I'm not gonna go that far now McCurry average twenty nine and twenty seven respectively to NBA finals appearances. But tell you something right now, I gotta give love to LeBron James, but what he different era his his philanthropy. We know what he did university of Akron. We know what he's done for bunch of people out there. We get all of this. But if you are Dan Gilbert. Which your franchise mired in purgatory and misery. And beyond. For every season. Lebron James has not been there. There is no excuse. To avoid giving this man all the praise he has so richly deserved. Now. Big critical eleborate bridge as tough just talking basketball, some things I love some things. I don't like even though he's the greatest in the world. But it's certainly nothing personal from a personal perspective. You can't ask for a better professional athlete to represent your franchise. You just can't does it. Teach. You with effort doesn't teach. You what conditioning doesn't teach you where results? Generates revenue for you out, the wazoo. What is there to talk about? You're cleveland. Yes. You're fan. You have the right to cheer or boo. All you want you pay for tickets. But if you're the media you have to appreciate LeBron. If you're the Cavaliers organization, you have to worship the ground. He walks on if the bronze as wanted damn pedicure from Dan Gilbert, he should get it. You might sit up there and say because there are some people that will say, well, you know, what what the hell are you talking about? Because the bronze aims did leave. And when he came back when he never left before when he had left before Dan Gilbert, still pay them when he came back and give them religiously had to highest payroll in the NBA, all of those things were absolutely positively true. No doubt. No doubt. But having said all of that. He did it for reason. He did it because it was LeBron. He did it because anybody would do that for LeBron. He did it because it was undeniable what LeBron James was worthy of. And you got to give him his due. He left in two thousand and ten he came back in two thousand fourteen. And he did what he promised he left when he was twenty five he came back when he was twenty nine. And he came back having gone four straight NBA finals and winning two championships. There's nothing to talk about give this man has just do appreciate what he has done for this area. And if you're the fans, you should too man take you to the finals four straight years. There's nothing to talk about he took care of you. And why do I bring this subject up? And why do I think is so important talking about it's something because of what I needed to yesterday. And I'm gonna get into my NFL stuff in the little walk because I got Jason wit coming on a lot. I'm gonna talk about Malcolm Jenkins talking about the Philadelphia Eagles nothing to talk about what we saw Monday night with the Rams and the chiefs. Now, I'm going to talk about the AFC and at t's capable of knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs. And if there's anybody other than the states capable of knocking off the ranch, I'm gonna get an all of that. That's subjects not going anywhere. I'm not going to sit here and the portable empathetic is the Cleveland Cavaliers, I'm not going to sit up and talk about how Duke looks like they could beat the Cavaliers. I'm not going to entertain that subject. I will tell you this. There's no doubt my mind at RJ JR. Smith was right. They try to win games Cleveland. They're trying to get John Williamson. And I'm gonna tell you why that would be a disastrous thing if that was ever to happen. But I'll tell you that a little bit later on his show for now. I want to get back to revisiting what are looted to yesterday because I think it's incredibly important to bring this up. I think it's incredibly important to bring this up. Ladies and gentlemen. We talk about the greatness of LeBron James if you wanna talk about him being the greatest player in the world, then isn't it fair to say, he's the standard. He's a standard upon which everyone should aspire to be into days NBA game. Well, let's let's parlay that into the next subject. Why the hell hasn't anyone else? Does it up? Anthony Davis when I have the personality planet the smoothie king arena. I told y'all before I don't think there's anybody win hell so God planted the smoothie king arena. Every night is going to get a league MVP award. I don't believe it. I told you that the Greek freak is phenomenal. He's the Milwaukee. I think that hurts them to some degree in terms of box office appeal, even though we didn't we right here at ESPN. We did a great commercial with the Greek freak loved it. Absolutely loved it. We got LeBron James and Tinseltown at age thirty three approaching thirty four his six season in the NBA flat out ball and everage twenty eight eight and seven. He's looked phenomenal. And he's just getting started shoot. Nearly forty percent from three point rates pulling up thirty two from thirty two feet for threes. All of that is true. But what's up with a couple of other people? Kevin durant? Got fined twenty five thousand dollars believe is about a warriors for custody of the fan in the stands against the Dallas Mavericks the other night walked over them told them to shut the F up and watch the game. So people sit up there and say Kevin Durant day, he goes give being sensitive. I've certainly been one. I'll certainly say to you that for me. When I look at it. I gotta tell you. Kevin Durant was wrong. You can't act like that. That is absolutely true. But I do side with him from the standpoint that he says why do folks act like I've changed so much. I haven't changed. I've been the same all this. Y'all just paying attention. Does have a good point there. Does have a good point there. Katya somebody that whizzes emotion on asleep. He might have tried to be PC because that's what he was advised to do. And maybe that's what it was. But the reality of the situation is if you catch a bologna, he's always wanted to tell you what he feels. That's fair enough. But I will tell you the right now, you know, we see LeBron LA we see LeBron is doing it's time to start looking at some of these other guys and holding them accountable. Only from the standpoint of trying to measure up you want to be recognized one of the greatest in the game. You want to be recognized that the VP candidate you want to be recognized as such things especially with the money that you get paid less holding them accountable for the right reasons. Like, for example, I'm in the nation's capital the other day, and I'm watching the wizards. These gentlemen, the arena was half full. Half full. Now, here's my mindset to be quite candid and simple about it. I'm watching. I am watching this stuff unfold. And I'm looking at this. And I'm saying that right? They lost two straight. They lost at a Brooklyn nets. And then J Damian Lillard came near dropped forty on them Sunday. And then last night they were down twenty four in the first half to the clippers getting their behinds waxed. And I said this go Ambati something's gotta give. Any for somebody? Gotta make a trade, whatever whatever. But John wall, bald showed up showdown dropped thirty was handling his business. Bill dropped twenty seven. He was balling. And they carried the wizards victory. And Otto porter was a key factor. Jeff green rather was a key factor. All of that is true. All of that is absolutely positively true. Undeniably. So. But I will say this to you. Since that is the case. How can we can't do that continuously? John wall spoke after the game and spoke about his emotional state of mind how he heard trae talk. How was the bit rough? You know, how tough to take because it gives hot. So, blah, blah, blah, stop it. Put on your big boy pants John wall on not that simple. That's not how this works. John wall can play. Tell wall is a five time all star. John wall is not a scrub. But it is Tom that people recognize that when you the face of a franchise your franchise player. Guess what you galvanize the team you set? The example you can't come into camp out of shape. You can't look like you was hanging out in south beach, drink tequila. It's I'm not saying he was said looking like it. You can't do that. I could do that. I'm on camera. I ain't got to run up and down to coordinate four feet eighty two nights year. Twenty-nine asking eighteen to twenty thousand people to pack an arena to come watch me play. All they gotta do the watch his turn on their television sets. And I delivered a good. Make no mistake about it. But that's beside the point my point to you is that's what you don't do as a player. You don't let it go. Tell walls playing now. But you ought to face of a franchise that six and eleven six at eleven five games under five hundred. Markeith Morris has ticked off because people are leak into the media about what happened in practice. My brother. They've been doing it. This stuff is being said it's been going on for years. Yeah. Reports John wall cuss that Scott Brooks, m esta well, guess what he did it to ready Whitman. The only difference was that only grefell wouldn't allow Randy Wittman find John wall. But he allowed Scott Brooks to find them and as a result. John wall is not running amok. Not saying this to denigrate or not done. Well, I like John wall. He might not like me much berry net very much right now. But I don't give a damn here light me later when he balls and our praise them for bowling, which is what he should have been doing to start the dance season. But the fact that a Matt is he got his money? He was comfortable. And as a result. He thought he was running things and Scott Brooks who's a good coach. But I questioned whether or not he was idea for this job because he doesn't like confrontation, and John Wallis as temperamental athlete that sometimes you might have to confront that might be a bit problematic. Scott Brooks, that's all I was saying. But the fact that John wall custard him, and ultimately got fun is a good sign to me because that tells me Scott Brooks ain't taken it. John wall in Washington whizzes. Let's be very very clear. John wall is an all star caliber talent that based on his past is worthy of the one hundred and seventy million dollar contract. He signed, but the wisit our trash then that doesn't mean they'll stay that way. But for the moment that trash, and if you want keep Moore's, I got news. I'm not saying this about Marquis was I like Markeith and his brother Marcus, I like them both. I respect the hell out of them. But you need to know since since you want to be sensitive to what's coming out of the locker room, and the French let me tell you something else. That's coming out. You do have people who believe not Steve day. But you have people who believe. You comfortable even when you play suspect because you've got a good relationship, which I will. You're prioritizing. In other words, having a good relationship with John wall rather than in the way, you're capable of balling. Later, Stephen Abia negative. I like Markeith Morris. I respect him. I respect his real this. But you need to know they say in this about you. He needs to know that. What's the get everything comes back to John wall? Bradley Beal struggles, they blame. John wall Markeith Boris struggles. They blamed John wall. I don't put a struggles. They blamed John wall. Kelly Oubre struggles, they blame John wall. Got tach struggled all last year, damn near quit on John wall said John wall s them last November and lost them, psychologically day, blame John wall. That's a fact. It's a fact. Now, you might not like that John wall. My brother and might not even be fair. But you didn't know this. You didn't know you didn't notice what comes with being a max play getting paid max dollars. Although you can't fill up an arena because it's half empty because they don't believe in you in the nation's capital. You didn't know this was a surprise to you, really? People get upset at me all the time. Because I report this stuff. So be it. I have my friends and loved ones. I don't need new ones. But I do problem I cell phone being fair that was straight talk wireless nationwide. Coverage in America's largest most dependable four G L T networks, by the way, gentlemen, it's fallen. It's time to take advantage of that. Cool. Chris weather the active ticket girl. I go to a game. What concert get tickets to something? Plus, it's the football season. And the time is now to jump on those tickets for your ticket needs look, no further vivid seats efficiency department of ESPN could've Issy Stott common. It's promo code ESPN. And get ten percent off your first order get out. Go having experience fellas. Get to the game and us what I use, that's vivid seats. 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