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I've chosen who was america's first murderer to classic episode from two thousand eleven and has history even more history and at its heart. It's a true crime story It's just straight up interesting and we did record this ten years ago so if some of the words or language that we use seems a little out of date. Please forgive us. The world has changed tremendously in the last decade Hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. Because it's a great one. Welcome to stuck. You should know a production of iheartradio. Hey welcome to the. I'm josh clark. There's charles debut chuck bryant and this is stuff you should know episode three ninety eight now. That's why i'm saying this. So now it's episode. Three ninety eight episode three something three niner. Ater that's good josh. That your intro racking in a row and splish splash over the horizon. What could it be. Look like it's going to be a new country you remember. What are you talking about genuinely have no idea. That was the The schoolhouse rock for The mayflower voyage. Wow really rock and roll is position and his passion. You remember that can coming over the horizon. What could it be Look like is going to be a free country nice or new country. Either way is both new info probably knew because it was not free for everybody. That's true yeah so You're talking about this because we're going to talk about the first murderer right. Yeah in before we start. I wanna ask why has no one ever made a modern film about the mayflower voyage. It seems like a no brainer. You know yeah. I don't know especially ather conroy. To you like the awesomeness of master and commander. Did you ever see that. The one with Russell crowe good surprisingly good. It surprised me to actually get the the colon it made it sound like it was a franchise. But it was like the first of the franchise. It wasn't like i. I guess i guess. Pirates of the caribbean did have a call in the first one didn't it. I don't know but master those peter. We are master and commander so it makes sense that it was awesome because he's such a great director And related to. Bob we are. I think really. I don't know. I don't think i've always suspected. Did he do The truman show That was written by Gatica i don't know who directed that that might have been peter we're but he did go literally in Like scores of great movies. Well cool well. Thank you for joining us at the. Peter weir's films. He should direct the mayflower. Movie was what i'm saying for goodness sakes okay. They need to do like a realistic. Because you know when you learn about in school. At least i did. I thought you know you learn about it from schoolhouse. Rock and you get the picture. They sang songs and kind of rock and roll over the ocean and then ran into plymouth rock and share thanksgiving with the indians and they need to make a real movie about how it really was. Well yeah because you know that whole schoolhouse. Rock impression is pretty widely held even among adults educated adults and the reason why is because there is a very small amount of first hand information. Yeah that left plymouth colony right And was allowed to stand. There is a small group of people who are controlling all of the info about that place and they were trying to paint it in his good delight as possible because they were trying to attract investors and these firsthand accounts that you know basically painted the puritans as you know the hard scrapple people who were Guided by divine hand in the wilderness has stood all these centuries hardscrabble hardscrabble so let's talk about let's talk about the pilgrims the voyage right. They landed in sixteen. Twenty two says a quick primer. Says you and They were pilgrims. They were puritans separatists as they were often called. They were people who were so pious that no one in all of europe was pious enough to contend with them. And they like. I'm sick of all you sinners. we're going to go far. Owned a new A new republic in the in the name for the glory of god. And we're going to be really really good and we're going to do it in the new world and that that's what they did. They sailed over to massachusetts landed in plymouth. Yeah as it turns out nice place to land. Imagine and Welsh to the murder guy right away or should we just ease into that well. Let's talk about who is there. It wasn't just puritans it wasn't just separatists. There's a whole other group of people who don't get talked about a lot And they were called the strangers. That sounded really creepy. When i read it for some reason i think it sounds. I think it sends screaming. Like look like they should have been dressed in like like the pilgrim black. Right like with wide brim. Hansi can't see there is. Yeah what was the deal with him where they catholic. They were anything but the separatists sheraton's so they were catholics. They were sailors. They were Africans they were Whoever kidnapped indians. I don't know all people were on the mayflower but there it was. There was a bunch of people you know. Write them over there with them. And the puritans were pretty rigid. Obviously they didn't catholics at all. They were indeed extremely rigid but to this degree as we'll see the they they found that like nobody's this rigid and there were a lot of strangers who broke a lot of laws but There are a lot of puritans who did to And they just kind of glossed over. They kept records. But these things just didn't get promoted right. Yeah maurice relation yes. You're talking about your march relation written in sixteen twenty two by william bradford who was clearly the governor longtime governor of plymouth right His cousin george morton wrote he was a separatist and he wrote this book or an account in. That was that sort of looked at as the a plymouth. But as it turns out as you point out because you wrote this march relation was written to attract funding for plymouth. So it was basically like a a a lengthy in-depth brochure to attract investors. And what are you going to say. You're not going to say were starving to death over here. We're having a really hard time. We're probably not gonna make it. People are committing bestiality. Yes buggery is what they call the really. We'll get to that okay. and They're they're not going to say this they're going to say things are great. Where really you know living on. By god's will were really just making it over here. We need some more money. Yeah yeah so that they did said that means take take it with a grain of salt. They they didn't just pretend like the rangers weren't there but they painted some of the strangers in possibly less than flattering light right Yeah i mean are we at the billington might as well be the billington. The family john billington his wife Eleanor his son's little john. John junior and francis who was a boy his other son. They were sort of painted as like reading your reading your article. They sorta seem like on one hand like the first white trash. You know this one way to put it. And then they also sorta seemed like no you know they might have been kinda cool and just rabble-rousers or yes. I think that that's very accurate. But they definitely weren't any friends of bradford. They did not like these people know he didn't he called He wrote in a letter to a mr cushing a belief yes That who had some sort of authority. I guess in the over the colony in beckenham england but he basically says that billington still rails against you and that he's a nave which means a scoundrel and he'll always be he'll living dies so yeah and as so he'll live in die yeah those cushman by the way. Thank you same thing and He also said he quote. He said they were one of the famous families to come to the colony and it wasn't just john they didn't he didn't like any of them. His kids were a bit of a handful. Two or one of them. It doesn't say who in the records but on the way over Decided that he's going to shoot off his father's musket. Yeah right gun in a cabin filled with people which is bad enough but he did it right next to a open half phil keg of gunpowder right so he almost just blew the whole mayflower up and history would have changed forever probably. So that was the first thing that happened with the billington. And the rest of the people. On the mayflower. Yes oh no. Actually it wasn't. There was part. There was a mutiny. John billington the father was involved in and he was He was let off the hook because it was his first defense but he he that that started tensions. Were already high. And then one of sons either francis or john. Junior shot off the gone in the cabinet. So you start to get an impression of this family especially when you look at you know when you think of them bristling. Not just the average person's right. I r- yeah. Yeah but puritans right yeah. You're and african. Screw up like a innumerable ways in the eyes of a puritan or especially. If you're not a puritan that's right and then once they got to the new world They continue their shenanigans John junior kind of wandered off one day twenty miles worth and wandered into a native american village and then he was taken to another village by those native americans and eventually they send out a group to go find him and took him a little while they set sail actually ended up on cape cod. What is now cape cod. yeah and Said you know you're gonna have to come back. Yes and they. They found him because of a massive swat Who is the great satan of the weapon. No egg wapner. Omg yeah well panel. Wok our getting email for Who was involved in the first thanksgiving with these same people so he might have had something to do with that then well he did. He was already like he. He basically was Trying to use the englishman against his rivals. I think the albuquerque To basically run them out rather than consolidate with the other indians against the english gotcha and basically that turned over the whole continent to europe like that. One act is largely considered is the the turning point we'll have already pals with them and Yeah we help them find the boy. And if you're from plymouth if you live in the plymouth area than you might know Billington sea which is a pond And that's name for john junior. Yeah who wandered off right. Yeah yeah. I think he might have found that. He discovered the pond but he may have discovered it on his wonder right his sojourn if he will but they found him and he was co behind with beads so apparently they you know kind of adopted a little bit like he was the mascot inadvertently navy. Yeah and then they gave him back. And then the i think the the call in gave the indians in a couple of knives and said thanks and went back to plymouth. Thanks for the beads and the guy but you have to imagine that mounting a ten man sailing expedition into indian country because your kid wandered off. It's gonna you're gonna you're gonna run. The back of your neck can be like thanks a lot in Yeah a billington. Oh thanks for Get my kid back you know. Can i tell me anything or you know. Not so though because billington Had a bad reputation in that he scoffed at captain. Miles standish and you don't scoff at standish. Myles standish proud mile standards was trying to get people to To serve in the military and billington psych. Dude ain't. I'm not doing that. Yeah he was a part of anti-government group's government subversion will there in sixteen twenty four. There was caught. What's called the oldman lyford conspiracy. That was the name of the two main conspirators. He was named as a co-conspirator and reading his history. And then this you know the the actual history of this conspiracy which is a lot of secret meetings about how they should overthrow this puritan regime and start governing this colony the right way right He was probably a part of it but he denied it and and was let off the hook again. Well and he also apologize for the For standing up against standish and they said they threatened them with hog-tying which can actually kill you. I didn't realize that i could see that. Because what you're all you're on your chest right well. It's they tired legs together. They tie your arms behind your back and then they tie your ankles to your neck around your neck. What so unless you stay completely arched like that. You're gonna start cutting off circulation like it's a form of torture. It's not just our gonna tie you up on. That whole second step has been kind of lost a history because as i understand it well now is just tying the hands in your hands and your and your wrists and your ankles together behind your back and yeah you're arched but i don't know anything about tying the ankles around the that's horrible old hard times a little more brutal. Yeah which makes total sense which also makes sense why he's described as basically like pleading for mercy not have that happen to them and which is why they let him go a mile sandwiches like all right get out of my sight. Billington the were hog day. And there's really there's there's we can't forget. We can't leave out the fact that these people were original plymouth colonists like they were the first on the charter right. The first european the first english european americans in the first what would become one of the first states of america like these are important people no matter what their reputations are. He was a signer of the mayflower compact. Which is i European based governing law. I guess you call it. They've laws and he was He was he helped. Hugh the colony out of the wilderness. He was one of the colonists right. Yeah and there's a. Pdf online found that traces. His family tree apparently James garfield the president was a descendant of billington. Oh yeah and it it. I mean if you're i wish i would have written down some of the last names and a witten was one of them but i mean there are people that are still alive today. Oh yeah there is a apparently. I remember researching. Couldn't find it when i re- research for this podcast. But there's like a whole group of people who are into that kind of thing who are proudly ancestors of billington this rabble rouser like real troublemaker. 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Yeah if i ever have a daughter she's can be dorkiest bryant Dorka supposedly was sentenced to whipping because she had sexual intercourse when she was twenty. Two years. Old and you didn't do that so Yeah the whole family was definitely not. They didn't fall in line with with the rest of the crowd. Although that's not true because a lot of the rest of the crowd was doing even worse things as it turns out. You just didn't read it in the brochure right. So can we talk about some of the stuff that people were doing please. Okay so remember by sixteen ninety. They're still only seven hundred and fifty five people in plymouth colony. Seventy five okay so this. This stuff's happening like twenty fifty years before that way fewer people and yet there were incidents of where people like thomas grainger who is a servant. was indicted for buggery which we established before was with a mayor a cow two goats diverse sheep to cavs in turkey hill. He fell in love with he He was sentenced to hang by Or sentenced to die a hanging. John walker the next year turkey. Yes he was he laid with a bitch as it sir put in. Of course we mean the the the pilgrims meant the dog the dodger another guy was Was he was held on suspicion of buggery with a beast Another guy had buggery with the mayor and it just keeps going on and going on so basically somebody would get caught sleeping with the dog. And we'll be whipped. Put into the stocks pilloried And it was recorded but never talked about. Yeah those also rape and sodomy against humans. Going on yeah. The the way they put sodomy was that they were These john alexander and thomas roberts back in sixteen thirty seven were caught And they they got the hot irons. Wow is that's rough so you hear about this stuff and you think dorks doing you know sleeping with a man. I presume is a very normal thing for twenty two year old middle aged woman to do right at the time. Yes she's she's not playing down with turkey's now. So eleanor put in the stocks for slander right. Yeah there's no recording of what she said or basically we've reached this point here where we should probably talk about with john. Billington did okay. Because now that we've debunked the fact that not everyone was super pure and you can't necessarily read Mauritz relation and the brochure. And say you know. Everything's hunky dory over there this maybe. This movie made right because he wants to see a guy sleeping with a turkey. I don't know. I think there's a market movies. You paid a lot for it you know. It's a market for that but it's not Box office grossing Record breaking numbers. Peter wouldn't touch that one did football so We should probably talk about. How billington became america's first murderer. It took Took place ten years after he got there. So you have to think like this guy's an original settler and he's been farming in hewing a an existence out for himself and other people and as a An original mayflower compact signer. He got a bunch of land parcel to like this land now too but well. He made an enemy clearly. One real enemy he made quite a few bradford being one of them but he made one enemy name. John new come in who was a newcomer As it turns out to plymouth He hadn't been there for ten years and it seems like history is a little sketchy because like you said. It's not all like recorded At that point but One thing i read was it was possibly over hunting rights. And i don't know how true that is. It is very true. I would have. Yeah there. There's i when i was going back in Reading the The source material for this. I'm like why did i. I was i so vague when i wrote this article because it did that. Confirm did confirm that. Yeah well it's so in the bradford's version basically is like this. He way that billington laid new coming. We should explain what late is. Waylaid is like basically lying in wait and murdering like hiding in the bush. Ambushing killing buddy premeditated premeditated huge. If you read a stranger's account there's an account by a stranger who It's not in this. Not in the source is cited but It talks about how new coming was already known to billington because he He used to steal from billington traps. Poached on his land. Okay and Billington and chase the kid off a bunch of times newspaper. Seventeen at the time. Gotcha little jerk. Basically and he was what the strangers called which meant you. Were in good with bradford. Because you're a puritan. And compared to a stranger you had exponentially more rights and you got away with exponentially more stuff. Gotcha okay. so here's billington. Who already has a bad reputation. And there's some little seventeen year old punk kid stealing from his traps. Who is chased off time and time and time again and He's catches them there so he goes after him with his gun and the kid goes and hides behind a tree and Billington shoots at the tree. I i don't know if he meant to shoot at the kid. Apparently pretty good marksmen. But he hit the kid in the shoulder right. Not exactly a lethal shot today. Sure well the kid died in like three days of an infection That's how the america's first murder took place and it was apparently with a blunderbuss. Have you ever heard of these guns Is that the one with the big. It's sort of see elmer. Fudd is a pilgrim hunting with. Yeah a little bit. I mean it's not like an elephant gun but if it does flare out at the end and it sort of like what would be considered. Today it's sort of like a sawed off shotgun so like it was a musket but it was short and flared in. So i imagine it. It had a a wider a spray. Even though it wasn't well it wouldn't it be a spray. Because they didn't use pellets. 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Kind of a satirical take on plymouth colony yet thomas morton in the new english canaan said that he was a beloved dude he was beloved by many. Basically if you're a stranger you probably like billington sounded like the kind of fun guy to be honest. I know he's the first murderer via he's a rabble rouser tend to associate with those types. Billington thinks that because of the The fact that they need people they're still yeah each individual's very important And that this kid had been really it was the kid's fault that he was on his property. Billington and warm nemov warned him all that he would he would be spared his life well now. Governor bradford himself was the one who ordered him to death. A didn't like him to begin with right so he had his chance right. So this is what you could call unfair to a certain extent perhaps and not only to bradford sentence his longtime enemy or somebody. He disdained for many years to death. He was also the one who literally wrote the history in addition to What is it more. It's what mortz Retort not retort getting more to relation okay. So in addition to march relation the other probably largest cited Firsthand account of plymouth plantation is called of plymouth plantation. it's bradford zone journal. So he literally wrote the history for plymouth in of course he's going to paint it in his He's gonna paint himself and his fellows in the best light and that's what we go on and billington in a poor light because he sent some the hang. Yeah so i think if anything this Was the episode. Intended to tell you to always take historical counter the green saw especially the old ones. There's always two sides to every story and the three stooges actually get better as you age stuff. You should know anything else. You want to learn more about america's first murder type america's first murder america having trouble saying state You can take that in hand you can type wherever you want. But you're going to get the best result if you type it in the handy search bar. How stuff works dot com sure And of course brings up listener mill. Yes josh i'm going to call this Nicotine poisoning from aaron. A couple years ago guys came home from university to find my kiwi roommate working away in the kitchen he decided to bake brownies for the first time and i hurried upstairs to try some going to support his friend. Okay quickly. I was overwhelmed by a sour taste which was only mildly canceled out by the cherries. Which were mixed in with. The batter was very close to spitting out when my roommate walked in. And said what do you think. I didn't want to insult them. So i popped the rest of it in my mouth and said could use a little more sugar l. left the room. And that's when everything got hazy What i do remember is my roommate's bursting into my room. This is crazy. Found curled up into a ball with my head between my knees rocking slowly. I was covered in sweat and muttering to myself letting out loud moans which is apparently what alerted my roommates when they Opened the door. They flooded the room with light caused intense pain in my head and for some reason in my stomach not really thinking. I bolted to the bathroom and induce vomiting Trying to get the evil out of me was exhausted laying on the floor trying to figure out what was wrong. Apparently there were two boxes on the table. Did you read this one. No one containing brownies and one with shisha tobacco destined for the hookah. Well they kept in their house kid in my hey say accidentally consumed about three ounces of cherry tobacco mix that was destined for the hookah. Not sure exactly how much nicotine my body absorbed in hour so it was in me but when i stood up promptly passed out and according to my roommate started convulsing on the floor they wanted to take me to the hospital of course but i refused Being the bullheaded midwesterner. I sometimes can be or the college student. He doesn't want to pay for that. County right When i did go to the hospital the next morning. Explain the situation to the er tech. They immediately took my vitals and said i was luckily lucky to have survived without any serious complications It very well could have been a fatal dose. And all i can say is if you're ever in the same situation err on the side of caution cow poison control right away. And he's lucky that he's roommates. One of them had. Emt training could've gone the other way erin. Might not be a fan of our podcast today. Man who tobacco bought the mouth said it needs a little more sugar. Wow aaron i'm glad you made it Who had a yeah. I'm very glad he's around. Yeah so okay. And if you are a member of the billington clan by blood somehow marriage whatever we want to hear from you send us an email to stuff podcast. How stuff works dot com stuff you should know is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts. My heart radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Mattress warehouse knows the buying. A mattress can be tough with so many choices. Where do you start introducing bed match a patented diagnostic system. That determines your pressure points and recommends the mattresses that are best for your individual sleep needs in. It's found only mattress warehouse come. Tried that match at a mattress warehouse near you visit. Sleep happens dot com for locations and get free next day delivery on select purchases. Warehouse happens dot com hostesses of citizens. Chef you may know me. As the judge. On top chef season assists shift. 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