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And today's a really exciting day for me personally I think our players will be charged by this. I think the ex players future players are going to really be excited about this acquisition as well but boards I've seen path to the draft I've watched him on it he's a meticulous very analytical person and so when it comes to the front office did around the NFL I spoke to John Gale Jeremiah this week a couple of days after the raiders officially hired Mike Mayock just vote we'll just continue on with happy New Year for the readers they have a lot to smile about bringing on a new GM Mike mayock this is a big signing for them a former NFL network analyst who come into the team with actually zero front office experience but he's been quite the guru when it comes to breaking down draft your fans can hold onto as that the team will get three first round picks in the twenty nine thousand nine NFL draft and to lead them in deciphering this draft board will be our newly appointed general manager for the raiders. Mike mayock Michael Galkina is our insider on the scene in Oakland Michael First of all I'm your host Heidi Fang joined as always with our review journal Raiders beat writer Michael Gilpin the season is over the raiders fell to Kansas City ends a city a devastating loss to in the season on thirty five to three many questions remain for this team as of right now but the only certainty that John Lynch went from NFL player and broadcaster to General Manager Mike Mayock who wasn't nfl player briefly isn't just making this year for the raiders this is a big addition in finally submitting somebody in that role but there's also news this week Michael That and more front office and it's not a unique track in terms of look at Matt Millen when from NFL Player and broadcaster to general manager going to sign anybody there do you think soon I think they would have to but let's just first of all break down the signing of Mike mayock would it means that the team and who he today it's also today happy holidays all holidays are definitively over like that's not even a gray area so for Raider always raider and and there's nobody I'd rather go to go to war with Jon Gruden the mark Dave's happy New Year Raider fans welcome to the Vegas Nation podcasts news they've let their director of player Personnel Personnel Joey clink sales go so I guess as a second we have the same problem I do that most of the time the into as much as I see somebody if it had been the first time that I've seen them in the new year will greet them with happy New Year so be New Year how you doing happy New Year I don't know when it becomes time like I say happy New Year but tendencies like tell people happy new year way too long he's like to work with him and his impressions of him and I'm that's certainly one thing that he highlighted was just how prepared he is to make the jump from regularly go rarely over two hours long and you just the inches one of those valuable analysts for reporters and respect I should be like mid January maybe even into late January I'm so happy New Year but yes happy New Year to you I'm glad that you and I is and what he brings to the raiders yeah we'll Mike Mayock is somebody who's extremely well-versed as it relates to player evaluation he after that in Jeremiah spoke of all of this but the three hundred plus prospects that he would evaluate every year attending pro days and office Mike Mayock has done his homework he's been entrenched when it comes to personnel will he have something of a learning curve of course it's only natural given that he hasn't the jump from broadcast or general manager of the way that those two did his jump is I would say more of a up when you consider on Caster to front office you mentioned he has yet to have an NFL for his job for this past Monday ever handle the day to day operations that general manager must you know looking at the waiver wire and filling out a practice squad and working more with agents and just it's kind of a general manager on TV when it comes to breaking down thirty two teams and what their needs are and perspective fits the old conference halls reporters I go organizations and just speaking to speaking like a scout when when in each of those buildings this isn't your typical switch from the broadcast booth to the front the All Star game the senior bowl and going into the combine every year and just speaking of different evaluators around the League as broadcaster and going all thirty two mayo has a list of guys that he'd want brain in I will see how soon in addition is made typically you don't see a ton of purse player to replace Joey cling skills will help mayock certainly to just navigate his first season as as the raiders general manager and I personnel department moves until after the draft but given that the raiders were ready to move on from Joe klink scales on if I remember what I read correctly you had mark Davis saying he wasn't giving up everybody that they interviewed in case they wanted to bring them on a bit leader and keep those names three hundred plus names over the course of each year and breaking them down he's worked as a analyst to to give his own mock draft if you offensive ends aside from Nick Bosa who I imagine will be gone at the fourth pick there's a lot of defensive tackles available there's offensive linemen and for years so if if you look at what is on the board there's a lot of guys I don't know who they might go with first but there's a lot of guys available as Wednesday that would I would say would be an indicator that there's a chance Mike May or may already have his guy in mind but what to see if the move is made and did the past several years he's worked to watch a lot of pro film so maybe that will help but avenue strong number two guy once he identifies one expect the raiders to do something that would address their need to get after the quarterback far better than they did in two thousand eighteen the raiders had eh Mike mayock understands that this largely is a passing league and the raiders would need to get better himself so maybe it's one of those people who you know we aren't sure who that person will be yet but when the raiders have to look at this draft board New Year of early January I would say you would look for Mike May off Jon Gruden who obviously is highly influential in the raiders do for whereas all the rules have to go through the process. I saw that somebody had asked you did the raiders used the Rooney rule in this interview process and of course they said that they had but then one multi sack game all season it's the first time that's ever been done in NFL history certainly over sixteen game campaign and so they gotta do Vic even if you have your draft board things can come up that can adjust where player stands on it be medical or other probably a little bit later down in the first round you have some wide receivers so where would you think the raiders would I start to look would it be the and the good thing for the raiders they'll be able to look at these prospects themselves Gruden will get to take his whole coaching staff along to the Senior Bowl Michael You reported on this this week how huge is that the raiders have this opportunity and just to get this early glimpse different aspects that come with their can't come with being a general manager and so Elliott may may out naturally will do more with comes to pro player personnel but he said you and hoping that it would come to fruition when the cardinals fires are head coach and the jets fired their head coach it became assured that the raiders and he was relishing the chance to do so again either this calling the senior bowl executive director you know asking would be invited to coach the senior bowl in Mobile Alabama a game in January six but really the weekly up is arguably more important because of the chance to have meetings of different players and run your own drills at their own coaches with these players and just get your hands on him so it's not the you know the protecting the quarterback and they also need to get better at gain after the quarterback and I think if you were to choose one of those two in the first round in the top five you win experience at the NFL Scouting Combine Indianapolis each year early March late February where you in your staff are in a hotel room and set that some of the players Oh it's incredibly valuable it's an opportunity that Jon Gruden has had three times before he's coached team at the senior bowl addresses will it be in the interior will it be somebody out on offense a preface early to get into the raiders might be taking the number four overall allot free agency draft I'm to address this and so I would if you were gonNA lean one way or another here in the happy the first few waves of agency of past while but probably a better sense as to what roster holes are most glaring that being wise and then there is just the nature of how NFL offseason works which is removes you make in Free Agency can really my may hawk is going to be just a great asset to have they have three picks again in the two thousand nine hundred ninety nfl draft and when you say like you have strong influence in terms of the direction that you go come the draft and for agency doesn't begin until March thirteenth so I would say around the time maybe March twentieth elites and at times more importantly off the field and so just as important as saying oh I really liked this guy after we get to senior bowl is important Dan one evening there's just a bunch of different player interviews that you invite you guys into your hotel room one by one for about fifteen with the chiefs they stopped him on fourth down so that was a huge Stop made by Colton Miller yet Derek Carr even though he lost his interception Louis St personnel standpoint to do something to get after the quarterback and probably edge rusher or even interior rusher by thing that they can edge rusher they'll be very happy with that it's piece you are able to ask them whatever you want to ask them you're able to show certain plays on their game film from their college tape and and go the loss in Kansas City you bring up Carlson and he had the one lone score the entire game there it was a very long field goal so he Colton Miller who prevented what could have been a pick six he chased downfield making a huge stop and then they had the Stop there on downs somebody that I think is definitely part of the new foundation of these raiders as they come under the GRUDEN era you look at the bright spots of the game eighteen hundred fifty career completions and his fifth year under center that surpasses Peyton Manning for the most all time through the first five years he finished the season Britt season of any ticker in raiders franchise history so I just a small taste of what the senior Bowl Cambrian in terms of impact players and as we revisit plus four thousand yards that's another milestone I mean you get the feeling that this team has parts in place it can build around you obviously you bring up the offensive line eating think there in Kansas City he was stopped at three hundred and thirty two completions before having this interception thrown but he did notch seven Sabino expressing the interest of hoping to do hoping to account outweigh might may off Jon Gruden you know before math officially was announced being hired that you were talking about it the value say yeah we really don't like that guy let's get them off of our board and so just that it cuts both ways but the access and the ability to that with these guys as mental makeup is extremely valuable in raiders are eager to coach at the senior bowl you look at the two thousand eighteen draft class Johnny Townsend they can definitely build around when you think about the GRUDEN era and who will stay under this regime there's definitely going to be moving parts but who do you I think will help to build this foundation as you take away from the season and look at some of the players well I think there are some pieces in place seventeen when he stores. ACL ended up missing the entirety of his second NFL season. I'm just totally threw him off a critical in their development they're going to have that time and so I think he looked at some of the kind of the glimpses the hopeful Russell Eight men third round Pick Brennan Parker all future raiders who were at featured wears draft picks who are at the senior bowl and then a future raider who they didn't draft flashes of Arden key getting pressure on the quarterback not quite able to close the gap you know quarterback seemingly each week able to slip out of his grasp your rookie experience to build off of in terms of notes snowing which part of your game you need to really focus on fortunately the raiders in a very crude over but really in the fifteen minutes very scripted clair's trained on term what to say what not to say and so the chance to actually sit down and play on the fee the raiders would have been it would be understandable some the raiders organization were holding over F you know final half of December and I in terms of making what many in the NFL believe is the biggest developmental jump in a player's career from her rookie year to your second year you're not training for looks like you can expect Darryl Worley to be tendered as a restricted free agent do not look for Rashawn Melvin to be back that partnership just was not fit for a number of crucial offseason where guys Argentina get stronger Colt Miller music is stronger can go down the list of guys just need to have a nice next few months to keep car upright there's obviously the edge rusher issue and I think the the they do have pieces they have pj hall they have people that a step and you know he'll he'll be diving just missing a sack and sack numbers weren't what he would want them to be as a rookie but the fact that he came so close so part because you saw Apu Eddie Vander does the teams two thousand seventeen third round pick and a final quarter of the final game on the final day of two thousand up all the different moving pieces and parts and another moving piece of this raiders puzzle is where are they going to play in twenty nineteen we did touch on this a bit in London there's been some talk about them playing in San Francisco how closer any of these rumors to coming to fruition and what's been the buzz in our last episode there's been some speculation though Michael you touched on on Sunday in Vegas nation and the recap after the game the possibility that could frame parker in the third round if nothing just kind of go down the list of Maurice I in the fifth there are guys all guys who ended the teast and health last month but there's no guarantee that it was but let's just say the raiders are going to go somewhere else initially and maybe this remains true still raiders uh-huh I think you probably start at the draft class and what the raiders were able to get their key thing is you look at Colt Miller in the first round. Pj Hall in the Second Arden Key sends mainly technique that they are asking do he wasn't comfortable doing on trying to do it so that's kind of a a overview of an answer yes Daniel Carlson as a kicker is among those pieces of the raiders feel confident moving forward with him in the future that's great for the team as they look to rebuild and and is a great indicator that he'll get there with time with development with increased strength and so this offseason is huge and we'll have a better even when they are not expressing their thoughts so to be able to handicapped it is not something that I comfortable dealing as I do is about where they may play in twenty nineteen while the raiders are extremely tight lipped on this topic and so it's very difficult to know what they're thinking really liked the idea of being close to their Alameda California headquarters if they

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