Ep 16 - Tru Starling - Don't Take Life To Seriously


Guys, I'M WELCOME TO EPISODE SIXTEEN BACK I'm your host accident whereas most of you guys probably nine, fifty six. In today's episode. WE'RE GONNA be hearing from true stalling. There's a professional south of sponsored by RIP. earn digital magazine about Yeltsin inspiring bells, and in recent article about truth started off with through stalling is a bundle of joy and she's such an amazing person and leave you with a smile on your face. I. Hope that's the case today. So yeah, welcome troy thank you. That article. Put a smile on my face. Was Pretty. Straight rating in and I'm yeah I'm so stoked to you know be chatting with you and yeah I'm looking forward to seeing while we'll be talking about this is awesome. Started talking five minutes ago. Feel like I've already some reason no new for ages but I am more in depth but for the listeners who don't know you, can you tell us about yourself? Yeah well. As you said is true I'm nineteen I'm from the northern beaches of Sydney I represent North Knob Rainbow Trout is club so. I'm an N. go Yes. I I don't know I being. So think since I was about twelve years old. So I, pretty late to the party on that whole setting saying before that the dance on and loved Sucker and just being outdoors I'm I'm pretty sports he and but you know right now I'm actually, as you said before I'm doing my sister and I have just started an online famous surf Mac Kodama Mac So we're doing that and you know Kinda just learning along the way which has been amazing and then on top of that I'm also doing a swot psychological says well. Not many people know that I'm doing that. So this is kind of only for me. So learning learning about the mind and how it works and it's been pretty incredible. Yeah I'm loving it. Nice. That sounds like a sounds really interesting digging a bit more about Moma Mag. So how does she come up with the idea and like what's the purpose of the magazine? Yeah, well so Pretty. Much more. So my sister and I when we can pay which up and down the coast and my dad will drive off in. Your head off in the. Bit of a road trip up to the Gulf coast or down to the story out when we were allowed to do that and. One I think it was maybe two years ago we were conceptualize the idea of an online female staff Mag because if you look in the Steph saying That there is actually quite a few but they don't actually. They content isn't It's not targeted to fame is not inspiring is pretty generic. So Jesse I decided Jesse's my still We were like you know what? We just WanNa do something that's interesting. It's empowering. It's educating and inspiring for famous whether they be a female. So fall or just a famous athlete in general because we want, we want to create the spice females in general whether I can feel like you know they can do whatever they want to do. So when we were coming up with the idea, we're GONNA K-. What what should we call it? How should you like the name per Maybe full weeks to come up with which isn't that long but it was like. Day. We would sit down and be like maybe this name I think we came out we like there was an ankle betty and then. I kinda those hates of other names but. Just kinda stuck and the reason behind it is so myrna like find as a slow continuous sound. And we will likely K. so. That's that's what we want. Women's of famous debate this slow but growing continuous sound of the famous coming through you know like. Going week we we're here. You can say us like done I've Lukasz, and then also the personal reason is among. Is actually a flock of starlings and alaw name is stalling. We, all Kinda ties in together on that front? But Yeah we just you know out. We WanNa have fun with it, and we won't pay to enjoy what we're what we're doing. You know what my sister's riding, what I'm writing when videos are we just WANNA in? Palley. Young female is or young female athletes in general to have the confidence to do whatever they want to do because like. You can you know yet it's Way Loving it and it's so much fun. On this sounds unbelievable. Southern little dig. Dug in a little bit over the last few days to have a look at magazine and it looks like even spied lots of people have you had anyone reach out and tell a story on how Moma has inspired gills. We haven't as yet I mean. It's not. It's probably more like. Face to face where that happens. You know there's lots of young female surface around the northern beaches and Jesse and what Surfing like we spent so much time in the water. It's crazy. So we're always seeing younger staffers is out and they always come up and they say, you know we love Menagian. What you're doing is amazing and you know this article really helped like I think my sister didn't article on. Bullying and that was probably like the turning point for us with paypal came off to the article and they will like. You don't understand how much we needed that. You know it was kind of about bullying and knowing your Woah and like standing up for yourself in the article, and there was people that reach out to my stop people that reached out to me and that was. The article helped me Chaumont you know so. Little. Things that we put up that you know someone might go. Wow. I actually needed that today. So yeah but like so many people we've got such good response from it and people wanting to do collaborations with us and it's kind of crazy because we've only got like eight hundred followers. It's just the beginnings and yet it's just it every week it's just growing and growing and growing, and it's just so exciting for Jesse to watch it grow and be a part of it, and you know help young girls be bigger and better and broader. Totally I love that does your long term vision for like in your. Yeah this. This is a question that Jesse and I have constantly kept asking ourselves because we will like is this just a passion project or is it something that maybe we can turn into income-based? I think longtime we would love to generate some profit from it but. Out Goal is to cave inspiring and educating and empowering and we want to. We want it to be big. You know we want to reach out to the laxative cursor and Steph, and be we want to get down to the nitty gritty details of what you've experienced as a female in the stuff industry because. Like now, it's completely different to how it was back when lane and Kiala Kennelly and stuff with campaigning it was quite There wasn't much equality in the women's right whereas now there's a prize money and this now there's equal events. So. It's amazing how how much it's growing but still in the water, there is still that sensitive mel dominance. And we want to. Try and turn that into the sense of you know like just because your man and just because you're strong up like physically stronger than us doesn't mean that we put up a fight doesn't make Dr Heels in and give it a as long as good as you you know so I think if If Waken in the future helped to empower young young women and young females whether they be surface. Oh dances or Jim Nestle whatever businesswoman whatever it is in some way if we can help empower them to really dig their heels in and fight for what they want. Then we've done our job the so some. So we're GONNA throw it back a bit to your childhood now, and what were you dreams you know growing up or as a kid. Yes well. My change always kind of fluctuated I voice I'm. I don't know I was always very Gulf I'm very goal any person. So if I don't have goals I'm Kinda Bowler. So. When I was a kid I. Tried all these different things? I tried piano I D- dancing for little bit soccer which I love saga had so much fun and possible I just dabbled in all these different sports but nothing ever really kind of stock. It was always yeah I really enjoy the Senate something that I lacked doing, but it was never something I. Would you know go do with my family on the weekends and then when my dad got me into surfing renounce around twelve? Instantly I was like this is what I wanNA. Do I just knew straight away I was like, yeah like I want to be a professional staff up. So I was in the water all the time out like begging my dad to take me at six o'clock in the morning dot com we have to go to the beach like let's go. Let's go. And Yeah, I think as soon as I got that first wave and as soon as I felt that It's kind of it's cheesy but. Only. A sophomore is a feeling like it's you know it's so crazy how much I can relate to that, and as soon as I like took off on my wife like yet like this is. This is my PA. This is what I have to do, and whether I become a competitive softball or saw fought like. That this is a pasta on hbo down something that I need to do he. So I don't know I never looked back from there and my dad's been like my mom as well. But my dad has been one of my biggest supporters you know he's with me in events. He calls me like if he's not with me if I say something, he'll call me and say. You got this and he's started supported in highs and the lows and yeah I think. If I didn't like looking back. If I didn't have surfing I don't know where I'd be right now like it just my. Like it's at my coal right now you know it's something that the ocean I can just go in and wash off all my emotions or yet get out of my energy which I have a lot of so yeah. I was. I feel very lucky to be doing what I'm doing and as a child as a child I was always like. I want to be seeing out or an actor rule like. A firefighter or something like that but now I'm like nor like. I still enjoy. Dancing around with my friends or whatever that is but this is what I have to do, and this is for some reason. This is the part that I'm on and whether I be professional if I become a steph commentator or if I run this magazine and helps empower more women like. Yes, surfing it's yeah. It's it's taken of my life and for good reason. So. Awesome. So I'm currently twelve years old and I. Guess That's when you kind of started getting into surfing. If you go back to talk to your twelve year old self, what advice would you give to awhile ago? twelve-year-old true. I'd say. Take a breath before you make. Rash decisions. but have fun like. Sometimes. I don't know I think everyone does sometimes people take life too seriously. So I would say to myself like twelve year old true like. Have Fun while doing it. You know if you're at an event Gore, hang out with your friends go have fun and I'm kind of space now where I'm starting to do that more, not basically like focused and dead set on winning you know whereas like that are still on very much like that but you also have to have a life outside of that. So I'd say the twelve year old true like. Breeze have fun like. And make sure you have other passions as well. Because you know you gotTa have something else to fall back on if for some reason. Being Professional Cepheid is the road that you end up going. You know. So have other things that you wanna do and smile more and be proud of yourself. Yeah. Definitely and trust the process. Trust. The process. That's awesome. So you obviously talk you know you wanted to be a PERSA thaw. From what I've seen currently you are and is it high pressure live doing competitions and stuff will help us that feel. Well. It just depends about the amount of pressure that you putting yourself. You know like if you put so much pressure on yourself it. You'll like if I don't win world's GonNa end, it's going to be high pressure situation but I'm start of like I'm starting to learn now if I can just go out and just stuff my best. Whether I win lose or draw I. Come Away knowing that I've done the best that I can and I've shown my ability you know and like it can definitely be high pressure if it's I. Don't know maybe if you you're going for wo title or if you were going to qualify and it was like, if I'm make this heat I qualify for the dream to. That would be completely different but sometimes people. Will back away from that and say, well, like I like Arcand, not make these Haiti icon full I can't do this way I feel like it's so important to go. No, you know I've made it this far like I am going to make these like I'm GonNa sell the best in this that I can and I'm not gonNA put so much pressure myself. I'm just GONNA go out there and just Surf the best that I can do what I know I can do and have fun doing it. That's that's. Awesome fire I'm I. Wish this gut like I'm so excited to go back and listen to this. This is just you'll sorry well-spoken and just unbelievable. Anyway let's move onto the next habbing sir. You're currently on board with RIP Kale and how does it feel being sponsored by such an amazing authentic surf brand micro? Yeah. Well. I'll never forget the day that my dad told me on getting sponsored by Roop kill. So basically the way the hallway that it Kinda came about. We were a there was a rip curl national final here actually at north. NARA. Bain and I. It was like my first one that I've ever done and ended up getting third. And I'll soy starts now call my gosh, and then I got like. Rising Star award or something, and like I was I was so excited. I said Oh my God this is amazing. And I just didn't think it could get any better and then maybe. A couple of days later, it was a nice before my birth actually I think I'll stunning fourteen or fifteen. and. He just goes all true come in. I. Was like Oh. Yeah. Like what's wrong thinking? Oh my gosh. Did I don't make my bid this morning what have I done and it goes on I just want to let you know that your getting sponsored by Rico. And that was it and I'll just like what? Like. You know and then I can dead set. Code ME MOCKED FLANAGAN OUT AMAZING TAE manager. He called me maybe a day. Later we had a ton of fun and he was like Hey. You'll basically was saying you know like we want you on the tame and it's going to be an amazing ride for you and I was like, oh my gosh, like I just couldn't I was just in such shock announce going on I'm sponsored by Rip Kelly Tyrod it's wants to buy. You know she's my idol. So I was going. Wow, this is. It was just so surreal for, and now like they've just they take such good care of the athletes you know they've really much to them and they. You know if you need something that. You know they constantly. Around and it's amazing because he feel so supported and you feel like you're part of this family in any and it's something that is still important and rip cal do it so well, like you said. Such an amazing brand new will fenwick in real and I think that's where I feel so lucky to be with them because that's what I try I try to be real authentic. Can I try not to? Trade this. Aw I'm always happy or always aiming healthy because it's not the case sometimes I will binge out on a blockage clint like. Own Sometimes I'm not happy and that's that's okay. So Yeah recalled they've. The honestly like I owe them. Sorry lots to where I am today in my surfing career. Yeah. Hundred percent. So how does that impact your life like? Being with Ripka. Yes. Yes. So how does that impact my life? Well? Berlin while I was like, oh my gosh. If I don't make these hate like maybe drop me or whatever it was that funny came up to you on diet he's like. We just want to support you and what you do and as long as you'll having fun. That's all I care about. You know like we we WanNa make sure that you make hates and like that you'll serving to the best of your ability. But at the end of the day, like you're part of the family, you'll pilot attain and that Kinda gave me so much more confidence call my Gosh and there's even times like even still now if I grow up I. Like, I'll have a bad cir- for keep falling whatever hang on a second like. I'm good enough like I have the ability to. Make It. You know and I just have to go. I A believe in myself if I wasn't good enough like I wouldn't have ricco like backing May and I wouldn't have old as people supporting me I'm GonNA K- you know like No one's. Blowing smoke up my ass or whatever you know. So it's important for me that people are honest and that's why rip killer. Definitely. Changed. My perceptions as well like in a good way because I've been honest entry civil and that's been amazing. That's that's Al-Shams on. Kissing. because I'm guessing, I'm not this that you travel a bit. With. Surfing. So what was your most memorable trip and why? My St-. Memorable trip and Y. Wow. My Gosh I'm going to have to pay through my brain I. think this is like out of a contest kind of lives, and this is more interesting subject with my family. One year we went to Bali and we ended up we stayed in the book it. So we were in being in for a couple like maybe two weeks, and then we stayed in Olot to for a couple of days, and then we went to Chengdu for a week. and. The waves were just like the whole time. We were there absolutely pumping like it was insane and I just. Like Old. I think except for like eight to ten hours a day every single day it was crazy like as all the time. And that was kind of the turning point for me while I was like. I just want to ban the war I just WanNa surf session surf and that's probably one of my most memorable trips house with my family having so much fun. You know we were aiding good food wearing these beautiful place. But it was just. Yeah. That was probably one of my most memorable trips. But this Bain started many I went to South Africa last year with one of the boys from Home Joni Lola and his girlfriend Leilani mcgonagall who's actually sponsored by curl as well and We went to South Africa together and that was amazing. I Have Bay for the first time and it was like. Pete Dress. It was that was the moon water. The beautiful sunset was just amazing and the way it was worth so good and that was a part of like twenty dolphins out there and I think my friends, Sophie Fletcher, Tournai we both out there and just started crying. Because it was just so roar and beautiful and powerful outside. Well, we had just so lucky to be. Traveling, traveling alone and doing what we're doing and. Like. It's sad that we can't right now but I'm so excited to get out and go travel and make more memories and surfable waves and. Experienced coaches I'm very excited. that. Sounds so much of. A really horrible Safa. But when you look at the hates at J. and stuff whenever they're on, it's just like One day maybe if I get a bit better at surfing, it's be pretty cool to go there. But Sergey surgery on the subject so much all scrolling through your instagram and I saw the posted a quote that was you grow when you're comfortable. So. I'm guessing if you posted that means a bit to you what do you like about it and why? Yes. So When I saw. I think I was. I don't even remember how long ago. When when did Ivan Post that? I'm actually unsure chicked this. Look Anyway. I think. When I saw that I was kind of going. Wow, like that resonates with may start March because. If you're doing something that's in your comfort zone. You just going to constantly be like you'll be you will be progressing, but you're not gonNA be. Making him walk. And Like I just feel like everyone that's put on me. So he's in put heated just. Go through the motions you know. Yeah. Yeah. He to make him off. Make a difference help people. Like. Leave your life and be happy at the same time. So when I saw that quite I was like, okay I really need to put myself in uncomfortable situations where I can grow and I can feel. Strong. Coming out of that unit like I'm a very I would much rather stay home and read a book and drink a cup of tea then go out and party you know. So I'm quite I'm very much like that. So I think in that aspect of my life was whereas like okay I actually can go out and have fun with my friends and growing have one or two drinks or whatever that is but I don't need to do that every weekend but putting myself in that position in that situation. Was important for me because it's not only like. Me brought him my friendship circle, but it's actually me feel like a lot more strong in myself. I can just go up to someone and have a conversation with them. And even in my surfing, it's like. I used to be like, Oh, I'll just go out when it looks good. But now it's like now I'm GonNa if it looks bad, I'm going to go out if it's looked big if if I'm scared I'm going to go out like because at the end of the day, scared the only way to overcome that feeling is actually going you know overcome. So go out not big stuff and try and catch that big wave you know and as long as you have the right tools and the right you know like being waste can be pretty scary with Britain breath hold and stuff like that but. You know you wanNA always keep pushing yourself to say how can grow you know because? If you don't pushing yourself you just going to stay stagnant nuts I just want to keep growing and progressing in all aspects of my life because if one I feel like if Wandel opens another, another doors gonNA open and dosage is GonNa keep getting and things are just GonNa, keep growing and getting better. Love, do you have any other quotes that you that you like? There's one on my I actually have it on my written on my Mira in my room. It's like it's something along the lines of today. Want you to focus on all that you are instead of all that you are not. So pretty much to me. I don't know how you might take it but to me, it was like, okay, I'm just gonNA focus what. On who I am and what I can do and what I can change and things that I can in our people, I can help or whatever that may be instead of focusing on. I'm not I don't have the perfect ads or I'm not. Like Working in offer I'm not the so what you know whatever not my may not be I wanna just focus on a k. like yet I may not have the cuffy caps but I'm going to go in Douma coal causes to get that those jobs that I want you know or just focusing on things that. I can control and focusing on who I am at that time and not who I'm not. So I think. At when I put that online Mira, I was like kind. In a stage in my life where everything was everywhere and then when I found that Kinda just brought everything straight back in and I just was like well. I kind of took a step back and was like, okay like I need to realign everything and focus on who I am and not compan-. I self to others and not think all that go. She's got such nice such nice body or whatever that is you know what like? I have a nice buddy to like I'm proud of that. So yeah. That's that's my other favorite court. That's awesome. So I guess finding good role models can be quite a difficult task in some ways. What, advice would you give to young teenage girls and boys growing up in today's society? Yeah. Wow. That's a yeah. It's so hot lake. In Society. Today everything is so social media based like it is I. Actually think it's bad like it's crazy and you know as. Like someone that I looked up to that he's my role model now and she's like Kinda, mentoring me in a way and helping me down avenues that I didn't quite I'll kind of just walking down blindly because I didn't know what I was doing Laura. From I'm sure you know who she is. She's from my from narrow Bain and when I first with changes to my sister and I under her wing and she's like I'm just GonNa. Take you guys. We've me and. Like it's so important if you were to if you wanted to role motor if there was someone that you looked up to they have. The same real values and morals is you do you know and that trying good message that the helping people helping themselves or whatever that may be. It's so important especially like. I feel like now everyone's going on you know. That that girl so skinny on that boys got like, Hey. So Boffin, Mosley and strong in it like societies creating this picture of you have to either be Muscian strong or skinny ten. person like you know and. Table, is definitely becoming unhappy with themselves if they're not that and it actually saddens me because there's so many people. That just become so on confident in themselves and it's not right because like you are who you are and you should be proud of that and you should be like you know what? This is May when I'm not GonNa Change for anyone else and if you don't accept that been dot com on my train, like you can just all like you can stay out that station and John Jump on someone else's trying of life you know so I think it's just important to. Respect to you are and be confident in yourself, and if you have someone rolling with you, that isn't. Doing that and he's saying you know. I'm empowering you and I'm supporting you. Then you gotTa tell them to get off at the next station. A. Love. The not totally agree with what you're saying there. But before we finish the podcast, I like doing this signature things. So yeah, I've a digital spin the wheel up on my. Computer here, and they're like some incredibly random questions. So that just kind of like some quickfire questions yet and yet they're definitely unique. So say I'm excited. No, and the first question is a what is your favorite smoothie? Oh it's my banana and mango smoothie with a chocolate protein powder in it from one of my sponsors tree protein by. Harm and it's one of my favorites maids of. A sense. Oh And honest movie. Yeah Good. Second question is, what is your? Where is your favorite city in the world? Wow. My favorite city. I don't know. I have not I'd love to garden New York or somewhere and just experienced like the whole vibe there. Yeah, I got an answer that one I I don't know. Who what are your top ones like what my? Favorite. City. Why Harm I'm quite a high I do quite love harm. I like. I really liked Jeffrey's Bay like even like it's kind of more of the town. But when I was there I loved it I kinda just go to towns. But young Jeffrey's Bay was amazing another city. I don't know. That's a hard one because I just grow in the karst I didn't going to the city life but. Karston towns Jeffrey's Bay. Cabaret data off good. I could read them off. I loved going when I was in cruelly that was pretty. It was just like a little town that village kind of area. More rural cities. I have like a liked that I liked that. All right. Next one is, who is your favorite surfer? Tread lightly because I don't want to say my dad and my sister get offended. But. My Dad I. Love my God He's amazing He just doesn't care. He just does whatever he wants but. My Dad and also Steph your tyler if I could mash them together. My favorite all time. Steph. Right next question who is your favorite instagram? Oh. My favorite instagram. Anything related to bulldogs YEP that's. I can't remember what is Colbert as a page and it's got bulldogs. I have a bulldog of my own and I'm just obsessed. Anything related to bulldogs. All ever. I like the that. All right. Next question. I, don't know if you listen to podcasts but if you do, your is your favorite podcast. Oh well, the only ones that I've Leeson to have been the stab ones. So with Mick, fanning and then Sam I, think that's his name Macintosh Yeah probably not wants me my favorite. So thaw but I'm interested I'm looking forward to seeing how this one pans out because maybe that'll become my favorite. So I'm such in the early stages. But hopefully, throughout the next few months hopefully grows a bit and then you have an I yeah, of course, and if you naming to do anything, let me non-self. Sorry finding trumpeting. Do One loss question let's see what those thing spins. and. It is revving some errors yet here what is your favorite food? Oh my gosh. this can be snacks did anything anything anything anything in the wild? Strawberries. Or? Strawberry. Could Peak Yeah Full Brooklyn. Era I. Think I feel like in the food and drinking aspects I can wear pretty similar in some ways there anything nice yummy and fresh. I'm. Hardly Samia. One loss lost thing. I WanNa do before the podcast ends I always do this so. Judging on this podcast is anyone you could introduce me to using would be good for the podcast. In an like. Based in the savvy industry or any Literally any industry Oh. Arken speaking to pay like a personal trainer would be pretty cool. I've got my personal trainer like and there's I know that as a couple around but mile on WHO's based. In the northern beaches as well. He's actually an ex. Baseball player and not natural and pay con across fiddle. He's like hand spies me so much and he. Yet he hates me in check and yet he's pretty switched on but then there is another pay. His name is brody led trees off on the goal cars and hey, actually trained tyler todd as well. So they could be pretty good podcast for you. and. Be Awesome. But that is going to do it for this episode of acting the future is guys did enjoy and you are appalachians out really appreciate if you do go Labor Review where currently sitting twentieth in Australia Education podcast and my goal is to get into the top ten within the next month Saad. Really appreciate that if you're on spotify be all by the genes for quick sake and chocolate a review Maya instagram is fifty seek occurred if you're on all my social oh shoes. True. What is yours? It's trae styling. So truths about T. Perfect via look forward to seeing you guys in the next podcast, which be episode seventeen have a great evening morning or midday review on the world and Yeah. I'll see soon way out.

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