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Yup and how old is she. It was in resolving the same here at the ransom. No it it was the infamously desperate call for help that has since been heard around the world in the early morning of December twenty. Sixth Nineteen ninety-six. Patsy Ramsey dialed nine. One one to report the apparent kidnapping verse six year old daughter Jon Benet from their home in an a fluent area of Boulder Colorado. I am honey. They get paid by the end of that day. The ramseys found jonbenet's body in in their own basement. A little girl was dead. This was boulder. Colorado this was a little six year old girl who they had been tortured and murdered and left her home. It was a town that didn't even have a homicide department because they didn't have homicides. It was horrified for twenty three years. The death of six-year-old Jon. benet Ramsey has been the most notorious and heartbreaking unsolved murder in American history history and despite thousands of policemen hours unprecedented public interest and a witch hunt directed at her parents. Still the ultimate question question remains unanswered. Welcome to the killing of Jon. Benet Ramsey the final suspects hosted by me Danielle Robea. I'm patsy reinvasion mother. This is patsy Ramsey talking to the media in nineteen ninety seven. I'm Paul that that anyone would think that Jon or I would be involved in such a hideous heinous Crohn's on that. Let me assure you that I did not kill Jon Benet. I did not have anything to do with it. I Loved That Child Oiled with my of my heart and soul over the next twelve installments. You are going to here. What may be the most exhaustive investigation into Jonbenet's murder in decades led by investigative reporter? Doug Lung Keeney through his decades working this case Doug Long. Genie has become a trusted colleague to some of the most knowledgeable insiders this doug talking to a very unlikely Jon benet expert Britt from North Carolina. She goes by the single name. Jameson so with Louis. List of suspects in our ability to actually collect DNA. We could actually actually move this case along significantly. Could actually have a breaker. What do you think the Han a finite list? Now of Moos best. I suspect they have cleared a couple of equal people. But there's more to be done a lot. We will learn much much more about detective. Smith's suspect spreadsheet in future episodes but before diving into the investigation. We I need to go back to the beginning and the details of of that awful December Twenty six morning twenty three years ago. My name is Cyril Wecht. I'm a physician I specialized in Anatomic clinical and forensic pathology at five thirty. Am on the day. Okay after Christmas Jon. Benet Ramsey's mother Causey Ramsey. I'd gotten up to make breakfast for them. She came down and she saw a piece taper a regular standard size eight and a half by eleven piece of paper She Got To note and said we represent a small foreign faction. That's the way it begins and then it goes on from there and makes a demand of money she patsy Ramsey she rushes up and indeed her daughters not in her bed. She Awakens her husband. They do a quick search they call the Koch Patsy Ramsey's nine one one call. Some of which you heard at the beginning of this episode has been the subject of two decades worth of conjecture and debate. Here's former supervisory deputy United States Marshal. Mark McLeish Patsy Ramsey had called nine one one when she found the ransom note. And so the Nine one offer astor what's going on and then Patsy gave their address so then the second time the operate said what's going on there Ma'am and pass response that we have a kidnapping. Hurry hurry please. Cops come to the House then about six o'clock in the morning. They searched the house and do not find the girl. Komo Robert Whitson and I was on call detective supervisor in one thousand nine hundred ninety six when Jon Benet Ramsey case occurred heard was six o'clock or so in the morning I received a call that there was a kidnapping and so Got Hold a two detectives who responded and then I responded. I went to the police department and met with the night shift supervisor. Her and also started making some phone calls so I didn't get up to the house. It was probably probably around nine o'clock in the morning we're almost from the moment. Boulder police responded to Patsy. Ramsey's nine one one call catastrophic mistakes were made although the case was still kidnapping normal police protocol would dictate that the ramseys house should have been treated as a crime scene as detective Whitson explains. It was not Gwen. I went I mean in the House I actually was a little surprised because there were three or four adults standing there and I asked one of the detectives who are these people and he. He told me that they were friends of the ramseys. At that point one of the mistakes I made was I should have took those people someplace else else. Either to the Police Department or to one of the other neighbor's homes that lived nearby but I should have had them removed from the house at that point. Of course we're working under the assumption that disappeared to be a legitimate kidnapping and also the movie ransom had just come Out A couple of weeks before and there were a lot of similarities as far as the movie ransom with the information we had at that talk. Detective Whitson also remembers both Patsy and John at this stage remaining relatively calm. I met yet with Mr Ramsey. He was very calm and collected. I only talk to Patsy Ramsey for probably a minute or less and I did was teller that we were going to do everything possible to get their daughter back she basically was sitting in a it was on the first level and she was sitting in a chair and you could tell she had been crying detectives and I went up to Jonbenet s bedroom. Just did a real quick cursory look shut the door. Put crime scene tape over that I specifically told Mr Ramsey. Nobody goes in that room. I also asked him for samples of his and Mrs Ramsey's handwriting. It gave me to know pads and I didn't even look at him that at that point we drive around the area to see if there's anybody suspicious or anybody looked like it could possibly be involved folks. I have to tell you that I was told that police officers had searched the house and didn't find anything. Uh with the New Year right around the corner. It's time to set some new goals for yourself and taking care of your mental. Health should be a top priority. 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And don't miss the return of manifest Monday January sixth on NBC As detectives were about to find out that initial search had been anything but satisfactory even as the house filled with with everyone from police to friends of the family. The broken body of little jonbenet was lying behind a door in the basement. Here's Mark McLeish mm-hmm. It is little bit unusual allies sought. They're dealing with a kidnapping because you had a ransom. No but you absolutely want to search the house which they did but it was just a cursory search search every room obviously because it in this governor body. The detective asked John Ramsey to look around. Sif Anything was missing and so he took her friend. They start starred in the basement. I guess starting to basement worked away up. But that's when John Ramsey he went into a room there was a larger room called the train room. Had a the train tracks. Set up an air then which I think was a wine cellar? That wasn't being used as a wine. Cellar was a room that had no windows Nassar John Ramsey founder Johnny's body body. Our team has spoken exclusively to John Ramsey about that terrible morning well it was it was at first reliefs beliefs. I got founder. It was just a flood of thankfulness. And then I pretty quickly realized Komo alive I screen Care Durham sears. Not An you know. Of course I was criticized for disturbing the crime seat. What would you new? Oh it's my daughter. I'm not going to touch her. 'cause I don't want to disturb. The crime scene at is insane that would have been suspicion. Shanna kid big time and and yet the police that was bizarre media criticized me for disturbing the crime scene is just insane local news reporter. Paula Woodward covered the case. From the START I was an investigative reporter for twenty five to thirty years at Ku Assay ATV discovered the body which was fought was so strange. Boulder Police Department really miss him because they just didn't know how to do it they left asked after ascertaining that they didn't think she was in the house. They did a cursory search and her father was told by the one detective in the House. A Don't you look around stupid things out of place which is so strange so he went to the basement with a friend and he found her body and it was just in talking with him. What a terrible thing as apparent defined your order channeled? Spotty this is detective Robert Whitson then When the call came in that they had found Jonbenet's body I another detective drove to the Ramsey's house and the house was secured women? I walked in the front door. People were standing immediately really inside the door. There's like a foyer area on the first level I remember Mrs Ramsay was holding a Jon Benet. There's like a mother's Wail. She's just crying profusely when he asked the minister he would ask her to put Jon Benet down. She laid the body down. I remember Them having to assist her into the other room she was basically basically just so distraught. Lamp was hard for her to walk on her own power. If discovering the body of your six Israel child isn't terrible enough. The horror was compounded by the sickening injuries. Jon Benet had sustained forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht and former sheriff's investigator Johnson Augustyn tacos through those injuries. In what may for some listeners be upsetting detail. Findings are autopsy. Ed revealed a rope around the neck and one into that rope was tied to a loop around the freight wrist. There was A factor on the top of the skull About seven eight inches in length frontal to accept that means from the front of his Co. forehead region and to the rear part of the skull there were two stun-gun marks found on her face and on her back of which both injuries were very similar. Further pathological findings noted by the coroner included chronic chronic inflammation of the lining of the vaginal wall called the vegetable Muchota very delicate lining there where some wood fibers that were found inside her vaginal bulb indicating that she had been sexually assaulted. So when you put just that piece together somebody but he hit stun gun her. Somebody had sexually assaulted her. Somebody had strangled her and then somebody subsequently had do some blunt object to strike her ahead. Cracking those to excel lobes boulder. Police were no longer dealing with kidnapping. They were dealing with the sexual rule assault torture and murder of an innocent six year old girl and from the start. It seems detectives in this sleepy peaceful town or completely -pletely unable to cope. No one of the investigators have any homicide experience. Everyone on that case probably seven or eight of them initially none of them had homicide experience and logic would dictate to you need somebody with home. Shot experience inhabit as John Saint Augustine. Who would later investigate the case alongside detective loose Smith Explains Doug Lung Guinea many of the later problems problems and controversies that have dogged the case sprang from the initial blunders made by the Boulder police force? When you're doing an investigation nation? Let's like this where the initial call is a kidnapping. It is crucial that the crime scene in our terms and in the law enforcement profession when we use a term called forensic sterility and what that means is that you try to maintain that crime scene as best you can India event that somebody either loves somethin- Anthony took something and so what happens in this case is that we have a major contamination of the crime scene. Because not only do we not remove the family from the crime scene when the call comes in we actually allow the family to introduce into the crime scene. Their friends their their pastor. Astor is allowed to come into the crime scene so there was never any real security of the crime scene at the onset of this investigation to compound the problem even further further. What happens is that law enforcement asks a potential suspect who should have been separated in place in a car in question to go look for things out of the ordinary that should have been the role of either the investigators? The crime scene techs who would have been processing that scene but instead John Ramsey's the one that then you know provides that contamination that additional contamination of which is why this case twenty three years later a your is still unsolved because of all the screw ups that happen in the onset of this investigation The problems were compounded. When reports of the little girls brutal death reached the media? Suddenly Jon Benet Ramsey was a household name around the world world. Here's local reporter and author of we have your daughter. Paula Woodward by the Monday following her body being found on the prayer Thursday. Stay that Monday. The networks were already involved. It all happened so fast and it was so competitive and all of a sudden boom the networks were there and within a few days we learned that the networks were interested. Her Child Area Patch pictures had been leaked and sold sold to the media photographers. Who took them and it was just out of control chaos here? Was this beautiful. Little Girl in child did it. Paget pitchers and that didn't go over. Well it was immediate. Once the national media was there that it became international. Happen very fast. Little girl murdered. AG- founding are home note left that she was kidnapped but she wasn't she was murdered. There are child Giddy pageant pictures and video and everybody throughout the world world. Is there obviously somebody. One or more people were giving the news media information. Some of it was accurate. Some of it was inaccurate. The media certainly was not at. Its best this murder happened. During the Christmas holidays yes were more juror. Experienced orders are on vacation and so a lot of inexperienced reporters were on the case when the murder first happened and and it continued that way. Huge part of what made the murder so gruesomely fascinating for the press. Were several bizarre details that lay at the heart of the case. A ransom note had been left at the scene. Not just a ransom note but a two and a half page ransom note trended fairly neatly with just strange things in Doug Long Guinea and Jameson. Leave the ransom. Note is still one of the most valuable pieces pieces of evidence. We have Mr Ramsey. Listen carefully we're a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your business but not the country it serves at this time. We have your daughter in our possession. She is safe and unharmed. If you WANNA see her nineteen ninety seven you must follow our instructions and to the letter you will withdraw hundred eighteen thousand dollars from your account. A hundred thousand dollars. We'll be in one hundred dollar bills and the remaining eighteen thousand in twenty dollars bills. Make sure you bring in adequate size at Shea to the bank. When you get home you put the money in around paper bag? I will call you between eight and ten. Am Tomorrow instruct. You on delivery. The delivery will be exhausting so I advise you to be arrested. If we monitor you getting the money early we mike call you early to range earlier delivery of the money and hence an earlier picked up of your daughter. Any deviation of my instructions will result in immediate execution of your daughter. You also be denied. Her remains for proper Barrio. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so advise buys you not provoke them speaking to anyone about your situation such as police FBI etc will result in your daughter being beheaded if we catch you talking to a stray dog. She dies if you're bank authorities. She dies with the money is in any way marked or tampered with she dies. You will be scanned for electric devices. And if any are found she dies you can try to deceive us but be warned that we are familiar with law enforcement countermeasures at tactics. You stand a ninety nine percent chance of killing your daughter if you tried to outsmart US follow our instructions and you stand one hundred the percents chance of getting her back. You and your family are under constant scrutiny as well as the authorities. Don't try to grow a brain John. You're not the only fat cat around so don't think that killing will be difficult. Don't underestimate us. John News that good southern common sense of yours is up to you now John It's assigned victory s BTC. Yeah it is a desire. No Yeah but David important. nope beach I used to say if the gift left behind. Because it's his brain article. He is the he would sit down and he would write this note in this particular and everything and it was important to Lou renite outward now but things got even stranger when it was found that the ransom note had been written on paper from a notepad inside the house former deputy. US Marshall and statement analysis expert Mark McLeish his poured over the details of that note for over two decades. He explains several other oddities in its language and content the first thing I noticed before even analyzed and a note is that it was very long like two and a half pages long ransom notes are very short. You know we have give daughter. Is that much. Money will not be in contact for this. No as I mentioned went on for two and a half pages contain information. You generally don't sign in a ransom note. It's such as make sure you bring an adequate size attache to the banks town the Ramseys to be rested at stop just as appear in legitimate ransom notes and and then we also have to remember. The note was written on their stationery with their pen in their house. Now most kidnappers right. Durant's note ahead of time and then they bring yeah no wisdom that this person entered their residents while they were out to dinner at night. Sounds and paper. wrote this ransom note and wave them to return no- he looks for a pen and paper in the middle of the night they figures not a problem. These are colleges associated. People have pen and paper. He finds it he starts art charade. A ransom note doesn't like the beginning of it because he knows one day. It'll be a communication of great interest starts again and that's when he races note we represent a small foreign faction. Another strange detail was the amount of money the supposed kidnappers of Jon Benet were demanding for her return. Paula Woodward explains in the ransom. Note the two and a half patriots and note there was a specific demand for money. One hundred hundred eighteen thousand dollars which was just very strange. Very mysterious added to the mystery of this crime. Why would someone asks for one hundred and eighteen eight thousand dollars and initially? The police leaked that John Ramsey had received a bonus that year in data amount which which wasn't true it was close to that amount but not that amount John Ramsey was a millionaire. And here's this ransom. Note asking for the return of Estado for one hundred eighteen thousand dollars. It didn't make sense. It's still doesn't make sense now. Everything a person says has a meaning and there's a reason why they use one hundred eighteen thousand dollars dollars. I mean first of all. It's a very low amount to me. I believe the Ramseys at that time were worth maybe six million dollars so one hundred eighteen thousand dollars very the low amount. We expect him to say a million maybe half also why one hundred eighteen thousand I mean why not just a hundred thousand one hundred sixty thousand. Yes just very very odd odd number frenzy. Pathologist Cyril Wecht outlines the case against the intruder theory this intruder knows how to get it into the house there in Boulder without causing any disturbance. He knows where the little girls bedrooms is. He's able to awaken her. Take her from Maroon without causing any disturbance her nine year old brother. Burke Ramsey is just right next door not awakening him at all. Now get this picture picture. The police palm side detectors at the house looking for the body of this little girl never knew there was a door never knew there was a room but under the intruder theory. We are to believe that shooter having accomplished everything knowing about this back a set of stairs knowing about the back room. He knew all this he took the little girl there and then having had his perverted sexual pleasure with the little girl he decides. He's going to kill her and then he's going to write a ransom of forgot to bring a pen and paper. Didn't even bring the rope the rope as from material right there in the house he forgot Jon. Benet Ramsey's body you. You just wrote a ransom note demanding money. You went to war of his trouble. You had the behavioral strengthen in control to accomplish all of this and the dead of the night so. You're not flustered or hurried. You're doing all of this stuff and now you've written the not manning this money and then you leave you. Don't take the body. Take the body. Put Him in the back of your car. So it's been a sore throat in Ford and awards thrown in a river toward the lake. Do do whatever you want to. Suddenly John and Patsy Ramsey after losing their daughter in the most horrific of circumstances found themselves prime suspect back in her murder John Ramsey patsy Ramsey Burke Ramsey and Jon Benet Ramsey were the only known people in the house in her body was found with homicides wanted the first thing detect Tuesday look at. Who's in the area? Who's near the scene or who's in the home with? That's where it happened. And so they looked at John and Patsy Ramsey but it in my opinion go way out of control in that it seemed that John and Patsy Ramsey were the only ones they were looking at for her daughter's murder. Here's fellow. Detective Johnson Augustyn who outlines just a few the reasons why Lou smit believed intruder killed Jon Benet typically in my experience and I've probably investigated well over over a few hundred death investigations. I would tell you that when you're looking at a murder like his parents typically if the parents are involved either say something. That was an accident accident. They may say something like I struck down but never have I seen in my career. Anything where stun gun strangulation in a blow to the Eh all happened as well as sexual assault they can find no prior application of the row. That was used to strangle Jon Benet. Meaning they found no other rogue in the house matching their wealth that was used to strangle her. The tape that was used to put over her mouth. There was no prior application. That tape found anywhere in Hong either. And why would the parents if they were planning on killing their daughter. Why would they take her from her bedroom? Sexually assaulted or stun-gun stun-gun her twice strangled her and then subsequently striker head and then stage your body in the basement in a cellar an then go write a ransom. No none of that made sense in her twenty three years reporting on in conducting inducting her own investigation into the case. Paula Woodward his come to know John as Father John Ramsey very well. John Ramsey has a very deep faith in spite of everything that has happened to him. His daughter's murder has become his life but he also has made sure sure that he has time in his life for Burke in his two other children John Andrews and Melinda that's very important to him he has remarried worried a wonderful woman after patsy died in the early two thousands shown elise her killer will be found. She doesn't know how he just know when you just know where that is part of his belief of faith and I guess that's the best way I can express listen. I think it's critically important that any possible leads are checked out if someone has the courage and tenacity to do so this this is such an important case because of all the wrong with that anyone who does something to further the investigation on this case should be lighted. It's really important and somebody knows something. One of the big questions in this case is with the family family did not do it to get right. Is it an intruder. Are there other suspects out there. That could have been involved in this. Are there other suspects that need to be looked at absolutely absolutely. Should there be other suspects Dean as collected absolutely and the problem in this case is that law enforcement was so focused on the family that they never allow themselves to truly investigate the facts of this case still today. There are still a number of leads that have never been followed up by law law enforcement next time on the killing of Jon Benet the final suspects eliminating names. There was a person who had committed suicide. And they were looking at that person because he had a stun gun in hand high-tech shoes. It can just after a very forceful message from district attorney. Alex Hunter who said we'll find you and then the next day he's either dead or concurred he would break ins drew windows he would bring duct tape put them he'd have Krikah white cores to type victims hands and feet he used a stun gun worked for sheer company had one case where he attempted rape female her bedroom. Parents were a separate bedroom red room. The killing of Jon Benet the final suspects. Rex is hosted by me. Danielle Romay executive produced by Dylan Howard. And Not sprouts and is a production of water studios and Endeavour Audio Executive -secutive producers also. Include Tom Freestone. Doug Lunn Guinea Susan Bennett James Robertson and Andy Tillett. The series is written by Dominic reporting by Doug. Monteiro the series is mixed and engineered by Sean Kravis and Sam Ada. There is so much more to the story. And you don't WanNa Miss Anything. I can assure sure you subscribe to the killing of Jon. Benet a final suspects wherever you get podcasts. If you have any the information that could help our investigators and the ramseys identify jonbenet's killer. Please help us at tips at justice for Jon. BENET DOT COM

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