Men in Blazers 04/21/20


This is Rebecca Lowe. Will Rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in. Blazers on the NBC sports network from the embassy row studios in the crackpot of the upper west side New York City and Shocker Roach spoiler alert from the crap part of the Hamptons New York. It's the men in blazers focused. Oh we back when Michael Jordan's go reputation as a is so good to hear your voice. It's like it's like a sunray breaking through the clouds of rainbow a Unicol went ahead. They tones the the GIDDY. Kenneth Really I only do when I see Christian. Pulisic made the bench in a primarily game. How you never happens very often rob. How're you holding up in the in on the mean streets of the Hamptons Dave Yet flew back. Roads flew back. You might say non essential travel before you say that my kids have been here The whole time so Hansi my kids in over a month and came back to see them in quarantine so socially distance from them. Just hang out in the garden with the dogs for another nine days. But it's been amazing to come back and see them. The weather is not that Los Angeles up here in the northeast. Say the winds are howling of gotTa fire crackling in the background roach. But it's beautiful to be back in the northeast when you said that I immediately thought of Sundell until I die as asymmetrically opposite east. The candidate to that one any one of my neighbors could buy semblance here and that lucile their money change it change it. Yeah just imagine Charlie method kids around Your Hood New York. I say remained slightly. Surreal the novelty. Yeah I mean you would've looked down life as long burn or we are in this for the long cold people the external world that we crave clearly close to us. Hey for some time and I'll tell you now more than ever arena life that that internal would dictate toe emotions in the most basic ways is the one that we're kind of in chew gum with really trying to mind. Lockdown life for fleeting moments of joy might crew minutes of purpose. That's going to be focused now. And in this morning's news la about how the real trick is to start each day North. Just a long list of what you need to do because we all have that but the mindset that you won't bring to it. I think is like genuinely for me. The trick right now. The intention of how with courage with creativity empathy and soy of love. I am trying so hard to courage right now. David my to do list of next level. I handle one on my phone and my notes program and also in a beautiful leatherbound book. I've got a system of a pencil and pen and digital. Have you gone quilt? Yeah occasionally I'm not doing anything on my to do list other than the sort of essential work stuff. I'm not getting any of my things. I've been trying to rearrange my toolbox rages. I've got a toolkit out here and it just is is in a frightful state roach. But I've been going to the hardware store not really directed enough on putting my toolbox back together but got to get on that. I love notion of having an incredibly long to do list and never getting past that one which is right out to do this. But Dad for years had a book which he carried around within called how to read foster and he never got past page one hundred and twenty on the whole life right now a reminder that wisdom that didn't really even appreciate enough at the telling we have to take clues off to have a good time words to live by. I will say I don't agree with those words at all by the way. Ask why I can see you nipples on this soon but will say something that gave me incredible strength. This week was doing Fridays happy. Zoom cool with all the essential work that we had over a hundred doctors. Nurses medical stuff still workers delivery operatives and lie. I mean to raise a bird and toast of the EGA MICE. That just true heroes. Each will Netanyahu the strength that wonder the opportunity to football yet but also talk about what they're doing and how it is there will. It was truly humbling. Julian sparring a made me. Think of this David. We're going to do it again by the way this Friday with teachers teachers who are Jeff. Oh ps I salute you. How you have had to reinvent your skills reinvent yourself step? In in a moment of darkness. They're a bit like Bruno. Financiers arriving at Manchester. You know it turn in a leading completely new skills new sit shoop immediately sent in their minds to it and excelling but it made me think David we should make a many blazes facemask for Chevy. We fly the would courage across the from not in the face would be another good one. But then I realized a men blazes facemask Truman and Blazers facemask. Probably have a large Holkar out in the front to help the ASS. It'd be pooled. Yes I feel in you contest coming on. Oh Wow what a segue wrote yes. We are launching a contest with the GOP's at Yagan meister right here right now. America's next top Vardi Raj catch total with the Premier League. Having suspended play. We are casting a movie version of the entire league. The world's greatest Telenovela and we want you. Gop and your friends to star in it okay. We're not actually shooting a film but we are looking for people in America who resemble a Premier Li character remember. I met that guy and he never really worked primarily everywhere he went people told him he looked like Harry. Maguire we want slap heads. We want our American slap heads. We want our American values. We want our American. Sammy assery whatever you are. We want we want all of you. Okay we're not actually going to shoot the film Roach. We just want to make that very clear but we might do when it's all said and done. Do you have a forehead is biggest Harry Maguire? Do you run with your bum out and your arms doing that funny thing Razz Dab like pull Polka de Dah. P- like son. You bought like Mike Dean or us. We want to see it. Send us the perfect short picture or video showing of your figurative or literal resemblance via social media using the Hashtag. Hashtag P l look alike or email me. on Sunday may seventeenth. We'RE GOING TO PICK OUR FAVORITES. Create a movie poster for the film but we will not be making movie. Those selected will receive one of the very limited edition. Living The nightmare. Mugs you use on the TV show. One Grand Prize winner will also win a pair of Yagan Meister stagg high limited edition sneakers. I can I. Yeah they all stank hires a stag. I wish there was only as your ankles. May they're all beautiful? Latch STAG I own. A pair of those yeager mice. The customer snake is. I've gotten them on right now. And let's just say they are the most stunning non clock shoes. I enjoyed by love this contest. I cannot wait to say if anyone's mate or even anyone if anyone or anyone's May you're listening anyone if you like Jordan Pickford but you have slightly longer. Rome's Oh you'll irate Joel. Listen with his old hacker but actually now all the primarily plays bulled off them. Do Low lie. May so I could win this contest but I love this. We are looking for perfect photographs. Like Yakima the perfect shot. Send the main just thrill me with your stupidity and you wonder on this one just just inundated and thrill us we really need. We need Jew right now so much content. Raja tomorrow you're going to be joined by old school. Gop One of the very first guests ever on the minute blaze TV show former Major League pitcher and Co owner of U. S. Els Phoenix Rising Brandon. Mccarthy of course also hosting are now weekly Wednesday Budweiser happy hour on instagram. Live with World Cup champion from the North Carolina. Courage Jessica MacDonald has five. Pm Eastern time Wednesday and Friday with back with another gop zoom happy hour. This one is for teachers any and all teachers interested in joining road at four thirty. Pm Eastern time. Friday to raise it last subscribe to our Raven newsletter on men in Blazers Dot Com. All sign up information will be sent out through that road. I'm tired from just reading that whole paragraph. Can we have a toast home? May I won't raise my first third butter. The day to the memory of nomadic hunter allege injury legion OI defender. Who Don't have corona virus this week the age of seventy six a true hail really enforce at the Bill Umbria of football. He was known by his phone. Lee bestowed pet name by your legs. And this is about when Liverpool had told me Anfield Iron Smith Chelsea had ron chopper Harris each team at a player who thrived in the mud just destroying anyone in Nevis in the teela logos chopping down redwoods as a Kid. I used to have genuine as on a regular basis about Norman. Hunter was that big a bogeyman. But yet she played a mix of skill and stale skill which deliver to League titles to Mighty Legionella. It'd his manager Don. Revie used to send them on with the instructions. Newman you win the bull and you give it to those around you. Who can play? He did he kept things simple even as a broadcaster which became upon retirement. He was asked. What do you think is going to happen in this game? And he said. See that round white thing. You've got to get it in that big. Nettie thing which is really just a symbol of how we saw the inherent simplicity of the game. That come to him so easy. I love the story of how really worked out how to build up his muscles. He was skinny as a kid by a daily ration of roar Reagan Sherry to speed up his development. If I'd had that David maybe I'd made the big dons. But it worked for him and beyond the physicality was fiercely competitive mindset which was captured by this law. Story told by one of his teammates. The former Spurs midfield Alan mullery. Who said we used to go on cruise ships for vacation? I remember we were on the trip. Rono holidays we were playing the crew. I was a referee. And he hit this fella in a fifty fifty challenge and the Fella did threesome assaults landed on his backside and I said no man these passengers you're playing with. They paid a lot of money to come on this cruise. And Newman said we still GONNA win Allen. We can't let them win. I raised my buddy fumbled Legends Peter Bonetti last week Norman. Hunter Bite your legs and his memory. This week may their lives. May that Kariya's made their stories. Never be forgotten courage. Broaddrick member the Nineteen Seventy. Fa Cup final cash. Elsie and leads. It was a classic it went to a replay Chelsea won it but it was arguably the even in an era of of English top flight football that was full blooded as he said earlier. This was really really took the biscuit they recently re showed this game to Michael Oliver and he refereed it and he said he would have given out. Eleven Red GOBS during the game in one particular scene which I'd forgotten which I literally watched together again. Just laugh my eyes of Hunter and in Hutchinson started having a full on fistfight on the pitch for which for which neither of them was even booked. Um Men being bad omen the game. It was an amazing thing to watch and I think it was hit. Eleven read codes before halftime. Michael Oliver said like twenty seven yellow cards in eleven red causes ice popped out of his head while he was watching. That what. You could get away with you. Could do open the surgery on the field on your opponent? And they just wave play on those. Were the days worth of what Peter? Bonetti also who we spoke about six podcasts to passed in about ten days ago and Norman Hunter involved in that game what a classic Roger. Very very sad loss. Okay Raj feels like we haven't had any real football since Norman Hunter and Peter Bonetti. We're actually playing but you've been following it closely. When could we see actual football return? Footballing pandemic indecision twenty twenty continues. I'm afraid they've football. Authorities keep meeting keep affirming that desire to complete the season and it's too Teleki. Ninety two games to play commercial imperatives baby but also keep leaving. The details vary as they have. Because you know they're in control of this reality in the same way that really. I'M IN CONTROL OF MY HAIR GROWTH. Muchly starting to believe and you'll understand this retinoids about narrative and entertainment. I think they're starting to vassily on purpose. David the will footballing authorities. It's a conscious decision to give us something to watch to fill vacuum and they football because the latest no news is that the Premier League teams that took in about a forty day. Enter the season. Just an incredible crush of games nose bleed pace. They also keep talking about China's squeeze signed before contract inspired Armageddon date of June the thirtieth. Which is they went. All the free agents are released. I believe they'll be debating that possibility right up until midnight on June. The twenty nine. Th you wafer we'll say doing their thing blathering about how they plan to jam all seventeen of the remaining champions the fixtures into just over three weeks in August with one city and Real Madrid restarting the competition. We all know how this is going to end. But the big clubs meeting at a designated time and a selected place to play a single round of elimination twister winner will get the trophy. The will be no asterisk. Saw Matt Dave and when you think about the underpinning the English journalist Matt Slater. He really captures the frenzy of the decision making right now. It's all today with the Premier League teams finances that cashflow liquidity or rather the lack of it and he writes famed investor. Warren Buffett once said it was only when the tide goes out the alone. Who's been swimming naked? And the gravity of the corona virus pandemic drag football's tied way out beyond the payer forcing lots of embarrassed. Bayer's to scurry back too. That beet shirts. What you make of it. Well number one not going to take a lecture from the press who themselves running ads on their own newspaper websites looking for donations so they can keep the fifth estate alive. Support The Guardian. Yes but it's it's like this ridiculous. It's not like journalists. Could be running this any better. What will football clubs went to have hundred million dollar cash reserves to go and take them through this crisis? I don't think anybody is going to go and have that look. I've said it before. The football all spoil has run on a calendar that's been perfected over in many cases more than one hundred years and football is chaos and the only thing that held it together was a predictable. Calendar that predictable calendar is gone and football is even more chaotic than Abba. You also have problems. Is that just up? And Down the Premier League you have several teams who do not want to play anymore games because the loss of TV money is not as severe as the potential threat of relegation. So you've got at least four or five clubs hovering just above the relegation zone it on a planning more. They absolutely don't WanNa play anymore. You got other clubs. Who are desperate plan? You've got some teams in the middle of the table. Who probably don't care that much really when it comes down to it and then you've got the issue of domestic football cup football you know. Tv contracts offered different people. European football international football is completely out of the window. We're not even thinking about that. That's all being postponed by year. I know I'm just crying over the lack of nations league football rotate. It kills me the whole Emba- made in my affections Dave until we lost it. Joni Mitchell was talking about the nation's Egwu and she said you don't know what you've got till it's going to be speaking to couple of my mates who are involved in the ownership of clubs. Charlie methuen around Europe. It's an impossible situation. And this is what the way that football is structured is not really built to to handle so I don't know even single entity leagues even Major League. Soccer is going to have a huge amount of trouble figuring out how to restart. It does feel in theory that the idea of taking. What is it four or five neutral grounds. Maybe Wembley may be George's Park. Maybe twickenham maybe a couple of grounds like by the stadium of light. Which isn't a primarily ground anymore and playing games in those stadiums and trying to secure them three games a day spaced out so that players and officials on MTV crews on intersecting with each other that takes an enormous amount of planning. And I don't quite know who is going to be at the helm of all that planning they need to do all the Games on. Ufc fighter oil and but the big news this week the very same time. Oil prices tumbled to negative the seven dollars. A lot of roads made a fortune of store the couple of gallons in roommate but Newcastle so laughable. They announced they can be taken over by a Saudi Arabian ownership group and what Saudi Arabia. Newness great well. He's only lead by Saudi crown. Prince Mohammad bin Salman a reported. Three hundred and seventy four million dollar deal currently being Ju- diligence. I'm sure we've real minute. Detail by the Premier League Fits Appropriate Committee Gordon Journalist Barney ronay compared Newcastle's dreadful old owner Mike Ashley to that perspective New Saudi bosses did it beautifully said Mike Ashley pigheaded retail magnate Saudi Arabia blood-stained inherited dictatorship. Mike Ashley Zero Hour Contracts. Any sport shock. Saudi Arabia beheaded the seven men in a single day. Mike Ashley showed disrespect to Rafa Benitez Saudi Arabia murdered and dismembered Jamal Khashoggi. They've attuned funds so desperate to see the back of the thirteen year. Reckless tenure of Mike Ashley that they're excited to chafer regime that you assassinate journalist yes absolutely tuned. Fans seem to be delighted about this. They've always said there are a big club. Why shouldn't they have a despotic? Billionaire Group of dictators owning them all appropriate clubs that got it is and this ownership group seemed to have big ambition for the tune and that famous black and white stripe and that brand which got smerch by the goal series of movies. It's I could see it working but I don't think tuned fans are going to mourn the exit of Mike Ashley and I think there are willing. You see lots of articles right now. Let Roll Willing to give the new ownership a chance. Give them a chance. I mean you look at it from a Newcastle Fan Perspective. They the most long-suffering incredibly still passionate fanbase. Who HAVE BEEN EXPLOITED? Isn't even the word violated Omega for thirty years by terrible off the terrible? Another up in the North East of England. Sundell until I die territory if year Newcastle funds will not like me saying that. But it's up there the two cities kind of run into each other. It's a beautiful city but it's in a region where industry is long flat and the soul of the football club lives on in the memories is provided for generations of decent only working class families. They some these. You've got to watch Mike Ashley. A manage made millions by exploiting workers like them just completely crap on the one thing they do the one thing that could still bring them pride and pleasure having said that from a human rights perspective as terrible as Mike Ashley's bent getting rid of him is to me. Just call me stupid enough of a reason that we should embrace the Saudi dauntless they. They won't be clear. They do have big plans for new costs but then not doing those plans because a longtime lovers of football anymore went Abu Dhabi Manchester City poker chips and this is true for Qatar with the World Cup using football to do what's called sports washing really to whitewash the image through sports. It's not just the football problem in boxing. Wwe and Formula One. They've offered the money. This one does feel different. It it does feel Is next level having said that the takeover is going to go through it? Sounds unbelievable but the premier league's fit and proper test? It does not clear. The ordering a journalist to be murdered in horrific circumstances fulls fowler that but football is the home of athletic wonder. It's also the home of cognitive dissonance. Where fans are able to separate the emotional experience of watching elite collectives master the ball and the rational thought process of ugly geopolitics and once that game returns the emotional wounds. GonNa Overwhelm all the ethical analysis all the GOP smacking ugliness of what's about to occur and it will be full on her way the lot certainly dark. Okay but let's hit the switch. That's turn the positivity backup to eleven with some GOP questions from your amazing w Gop. The Bull podcast hotline cool. The man at six four six five zero nine hundred seventy that six four six four five zero nine four seven to question the first. Iraj it's a Lou from Charlotte North Carolina. I'm a Chelsea supporter originally from New York City. My question to you as someone who who did not get into football until about twenty seven years old is. They're asked sports that you didn't get into until you were little up in the years or if there was a sport that you had to fall back on the most other than Football what would it be? Thanks have a good one. This is a timely question. Lee from Shala hotoke yesterday. How this weekend somehow harder than any to Miss Sports. In general soccer in particular I identify deep inside and numerous empty chasm of unfulfillment like a set of muscles. I couldn't access or stimulate without live sports and I just know then are condemned to atrophy with a low grade moaning. Dial never be able to silence like a nasty case of indigestion. Is there a sport? They the you've only gained an appreciation of in recent years. Well I mean certainly you know the major American sports you know the NBA The nhl the NFL. I was only Exposed to those when I came to America sort of from the age of seventeen so all of those but you know more recently professional darts and by the way hats off to Gop Modern Jeff. Ob's Heroes Works Barry hearn. He's got the PD and running with. They're doing the at home masters where professional darts players throwing darts at home in the kitchen kitchens and playing the game competing against each other. What the that that basically having to to make sure they're standing the right distance away on the okay and cool their scores. In what the world champion by. The way was disqualified because his wife strong enough which I love that story today. It's sneaking cigarettes. They lay out just like it's so good. Just upside Kharkov at home football. That'd be good. That'd be genuine. They made him watching football as just vaping thinking the non-camera amazing but can I tell him a new one fraud which you just which ended last. I would say ten days I've discovered. This is the huge growing sport. Not so much in America. But it's starting to come of touch tennis. Which is tennis played on a smaller core? It's like Ping Pong meets tennis road. I know this platform tennis and paddle tennis. It's sort of like that but for some reason it's better because he's played the played with something like a real racket with a foam ball is played on a twelve meter by five meter. Corporate singles taught me just by six meters and just watch highlights on Youtube of touch. Tennis Raj I feel like this is your sport. I feel like I know you're good Ping Pong player. I think this could be a sport where you and I can go right up against each other touch tennis. I've always wondered if there is. I am naturally a Wolf Kloss Helena. Sport I just haven't had the scout from that sport. Identify ME UP. That badly postured. Five foot ten and a half kind of fairly lazy pelotas Adherent is actually unbelievably genetically predisposed to win this sport. Maybe I always maybe like ferreting. Well something or sending humans down hole to find triple similize Dave Earth. Be really good at the greatest touch tennis player of all telling take a look. Tell me what you think. But I think he'd be quite good at touched. My Spore in later life has been a sport of rediscovery. Because when I moved to America I did fall in love of all American Sports. So hard so fast mic new. English football on television but all say to watch American sport with fresh is just the marketing. The brule cost pizzazz the blazes. The primly didn't have any of that crap then and I fell in love with the Luc. Longley Era Chicago Bulls. The only Kohl's Washington capitals the OSCE Gayan Jerry. Cora Chicago White SOx always the Baz always the best but when football soccer took up more and more of my life it just devoured my mom with holidays out for those American sports and our about five years. When I just watch football football football premier league LALITA Bundesliga Syria Champions League league women's football NWS l. But a loss four years for so many different reasons been about creating room for American sports. Aflaid back into my life. Nfl NBA NHL to begin with them baseball and WNBA. In like a second wave enough save it. It's wonder all more especially now. The sports are cross pollinating more than they ever have before you know. Nba Stars during the Premier League. Premier League stars revering the NFL and that crossover of human experience and leadership and elite performance. That's where I'm most interested in living right now taking many blazes you know the Steve Kerr into a and which he can effortlessly move from Michael Jordan insights to Europe and KLOPP talking about Mosala and then back again. That's where Mahar minds. Well we'll next week's release of a film we made of Nhl Star Victor Hedman. Who wanted to discuss the audit defending on the voice and just casually worked in Virgil van. Dyke that's the sports world either for the very and I think right now the one that I miss most I gotta tell you watching the last dance right now on. Espn amazing thirty for thirty series. I fell in love with the NBA. When I moved here in one thousand nine hundred nine unfortunately it was an offshoot of the NBA. Called the Orlando Magic. But I ate Michael. Watching that documentary just reminded me of how much I just loved basketball. And I'm I'M GONNA go as soon as that comes back. I'M GONNA go and rediscover my love. I've been watching the NBA. Finals watched Kobe destroy the NBA finals. From a few years ago. I've been watching all golf. Tournaments Raj weirdly old. Golf tournaments are just as good as they were then. So I've been enjoying watching that. Some fashions navigate our style. We'll say about the Michael Jordan documentary the lost. Don't well the last dance as the last dance in America the last dance you know I arrived in Chicago and within two or three days. Normal programming was broken into by news. Headlines the Michael Jordan had retired for the first time and I was at. She wracked with guilt. I thought it was made like I'd come to see this man who would ask you post on my bedroom wall in Liverpool is above my bed for seven years at had that one of his tongue out dunking so he retired almost as soon as I got there and I fell in love that season. What she let the tenacious Luc. Longley always my favorite player because he just seemed like an everyman. Who just like my lewd happened to win back to back to back titles and I was fascinated by that human being Steve. Kerr also similarly tenacious. Toni KUKOC CHEVAL OF AC- Scottie. Pippen just a man who was next level in his own right. I'm going to release this weekend. The jewelry of last year was the Steve Kerr into this. No doubt about it was good humanly that good but in two thousand fifteen Jay DUBB's reminded me that we tracked down and it took me about seven months of detective work. We tracked down Luc Longley to Western Australia and on Thursday. We're going to re release both of these pods side by side. They are absolutely gorgeous. And I can't wait for next Sunday for the last dance to return to allies but listen to that Luc Longley Part we listen to that. Steve Kerr part give you a slightly different? Pov on Michael Jordan within a geography next batter up. Hi Raj this is David Burke from Moorpark California. I support La Galaxy Manchester United and our us. National Teas my question. Is this a few years ago? You engage covered the running of the Bulls in Pamplona. I will never forget the look of W K. Aarp level Turkey dropped on your faces from the first day. When you had to wrap up the broadcast my question is what are your memories of that experience courage. Turkey drop classic television named check. David Burke David. What are you remember most about Spain? I remember not being able to sleep because of the concert going on all night just outside our Hotel Room. I remember that I mean we look quite good and not white shorts and a little white outfit. I thought I think he wore long pants roach. You didn't expose your little nominees. Secca suit me. I had Raymond was it was it was that. I mean the fabric of a sex got. It was an extraordinary experience. Being in Pamplona in some ways we got more into the culture of the entire festival than we did into the actual bull running and bullfighting which I think both of us found somewhat horrific legible slaughter. Yes yeah that funny how that works isn't it? We go into the culture and the history and the tradition rather than the you know the Bull Theater and the food the food which is outside of San Sebastian Pamplona has some of the finest restaurants in Christendom. I mean that was that was amazing. I remember all of those things. It was honest. They one of the most rewarding and exhausting experiences in my life. I mean for eight days. We woke up at four thirty in the morning to head down to the single motion Rickety Broadcasting Compound. I mean every when we were broadcasting. It was always a surprise to me that our platform we were on. Didn't fall into the Bulls as they ran cost but to this day when I set up a wake up on my phone that Kinda shrill bell noise when I hear that my first instinct when I wake up for a second is to think back in Pamplona and have to meet Dave and charge towards the broadcast for me. The jury was twofold. I mean mastering new skills learning a whole new sport to talk about and learning the author broadcasting live sports which was new to us. I mean that I love David. Thou loved and I'd love to do more love to do more and the second was being in Spain with the men in Blazers team. I revere that nation so much. We love the land. We both loved the the traditions the cuisine especially the Rio higher but to have the opportunity to learn about the Spanish civil war had never really understood and which still defines. The country in waste spoke at a measly unspoken just the beauty of that nation. I took a train ride from Pamplona to Barcelona to meet my wife when we were done. And you know I love a train ride to cut through the Spanish countryside. The all towns the fields. The human wonder with a bottle Rio here. I'll say I've rarely been happier than on that couple of our journey. Just the source of it now makes me yearn for the day we can travel. The Globe began expand their minds and revel in the one of this off limits. Will David Yes Ropes Man. Murray's final question from Jeff. Oh P we'll Nicholson. Who Writes Rajon? Dave oh I am. One of the many who've had a wedding postponed Judah Kovic nineteen. The Big Day was supposed to be. The eighteenth of April is soon but was postponed until August in all the struggle and confusion of these times. I've found the pardon chat. Shit get answered to be a source of comfort hoping courage so what would be the best advice in regards to marriage that you can give sincerely will a Liverpool fan in Atlanta. Marrying a bone fail. Well first of all congratulations may ado raise my aching my sta toast to you and you brought to. Beta life to love. The he hasn't done it yet. Human connection he she knew what it depends. Why is he's feeling things and I want to raise a toast to feeling things because it can be shattering to approach a life milestone like this and after postponing can a consumption fares and doubts. Shouldn't be then you powerless to change them because of the old corona. But what do you Dave? What points to have for will? Oh God that Liverpool. Buying thing is a complicated one before vice about marriage make. I have no advice. I am the last person in the world to give any advice about marriage for those of you who know the brief history. My personal life would certainly show but I tell you something about weddings. Justice gives you more time to figure out how to make the wedding the best day of your life not the best day of anybody else's life the person you're worried about. Oh they're going to be so upset if they're not invited or I've got to go and do this or I'm not gonNA keep up with another wedding that another friend as John had. This wedding is for you and your bride to be. It should be all planned around you to having the greatest night ever and getting great photographs of that night. Nothing else matters. If it's a Liverpool in a bind fund and it means I need to get Philippe Katina to minister get while he's still a but my my thinking on the wedding itself. I talked about to be candid in a chat check. Gandhi says I think three episodes ago the I actually think marriage is a bill on founding myths. And the good news is you're GONNA draw strength from having a myth that's like. It's not a fairytale meth eating night. Get engaged by having a dozen White Swan surprise you partner by swimming across a lake filled with dry ice and no swans pulling in a large barge filled red roses and on that Barges Pavarotti and Pavarotti's carrying a ring to. Would you like to me get? Don't want that kind of myth is found in origin of any good relationship. 'cause you know you. Myth cumby perfect because relationships are not perfect imperfect and you'll meth is going to be imperfect now with the council wedding it's going to be one of struggle of having to support each other in time of challenge which to me is what any good relationship is all about in footballing terms marriages about the five to dominant victories against your cross city rivals. It's all about growing out these one. They'll wins when you playing badly. It's about supporting each other's in bad times. Lifton each other by empathy. Patience forgiveness pulling this ultimately going to be a bit James Mill. They're going to be a bit more than they are. You NEYMARS urinal those. It's hard bloody work. It really is consistently every day so that would be my advice. Brace yourself commit hard work. That's what partnership committing to think of some one before yourself which is almost not wired in a way to do that to harvest things today so no this time. It's hard for you. Well I can't even imagine bruisingly but workout consciously make memories of these times. Watch killing Eve together during that bottle of wine that you've always thought you were going to save for a rainy day. Poor on your favorite song dance to it together. Every Friday night may memories now of these times because relationships forged in challenge their relationships that are ultimately built a Valerian stale. So well courage. Big Love to you get in short. Never Marry Ronaldinho. Unless you've got a divorce lawyer Okay Roger instead of the Ball Malt. We're going to do something slightly different this week inspired by that. Me Of President William Jefferson Clinton going around holding albums buy albums we mean records Roach. We're going to list out four favourite albums of all time Roach. What are your should go. First Dave I've got to give this one some four albums. I can listen to you every day without skipping a trap. That's what you want for me. It's GONNA take a second go for it Dave. To be honest I had no idea we were going to do this until called reading the section right here but ironically I have been out here in Bridgehampton. One of the reasons are so happy to get here as I've got an amazing turntable a setup and I've got my beloved record collection out here. May So this is pretty easy for me except this changes. This isn't a fixed list. You'll fall favorite albums of all time changes depending on where you are right now. I must say right now my partner and I are going through an sounds ridiculous because it's the most famous band of all time. But we're going through a love affair again with the Beatles and I gotTa tell you to Beatles albums salt and pepper and revolver and actually I think the revolvers even better than sergeant pepper but salt and pepper is mind blowing. I think those might be themselves the two greatest albums of all time in there by the same band so those two phenomenal recording techniques before the age of pro tools just the song writing the performances the variation just the ordering of the tracks. The album's themselves are just so beautiful. The cover art the lyrics like every single part of them so good and then the two albums I've consistently enjoyed for that have stood the test of time for years and years and years and years that I always go back to all donny. Hathaway everything is everything that was his first studio album donny. Hathaway A had led a tragically short life born in Chicago. Wrote you beloved Chicago but raised in Saint Louis? One of the great songwriters and performers in the history of of soul. R&b His album. Everything is everything is just phenomenal. Dissed the liner notes themselves worthy of a Pulitzer. I love that album and the album that you'll remember listening to as a teenager and I always go back to again and it reminds me so much of my youth but I'd say it's outland astamour. The first police album great show. May I listen to that record so much? Just the sound was so new. The power from those three men so phenomenal same time. Another three piece band. The JAM would superb. Could've put any number of their albums home too but allender stem more. Put It on crank up the volume. Listen to that record. That record is phenomenal. Honorable Mention also to blunders these parallel lines. Because I love that but my forward salt and Pepper Revolver Donny. Hathaway's everything is everything and outland us to more polices first album. May that opening three Rio now. Land us the more next to you going into so lonely going into raw. Sam May be one of the greatest threesome since the note ritual listen and thighs outstanding outstanding. Xiao Mei huge huge respect. I mean you can't really separate out from from parallel lines. The blondie album. That was all made synonymous with the album at the same time. But I don't know if you knew this David but I'm chilly with not really talked about is writing a memoir about growing up really. Don't talk about that before the premarketing face of your book is pretty phenomenal. I honestly don't know if any listeners have ever dug their way out of prison with a spoon but I will say that. The experience of writing fails like pretty much. How imagine that experience goes down? Some Lewis show. This book is ever GonNa Finish. I am making heavy progress. And the reason why is I'm listening and re listening to a ton of albums came of age to write in ones that made me who I am so I am in this mindset right here right now. Say My four. It would be a five honorable mention that you have given me permission. To do beastie boys licensed to well. They doubt that will be in there. That still sounds unbelievable to me. In every single way part from the lyrics which are fairly repulsive so that one lies outside motto for I were Bay Marvin. Gay's what's going on the single greatest album. I believe that has ever been released. Just the lyrics the orchestration the concept the impact the timelessness when I think about the idea of love though because the Marvin Gaye album is pretty dark and I think about love a lot particularly at this moment. In time I go to Van Morrison's Weeden Fleece which I just save I think comfort ye is. It's actually the song I wanted to walk down the aisle to at my wedding but the DJ got it. Cocked up. Played ferry across the Mersey. Instead you're still furious telling you that Lou Reed New York. What an Alabama last year of high school in Liverpool album was really the soundtrack semi finals Miami Levels. They vet scratchy guitar. The spiky drumming but Israeli lucy the anger which just I was blown away by its fury even surpass my own and I love the fast songs. I love any fast song where the singer get so emotional so angry either one that he or she give any more than they have to. Just let the guitars rock out to close the song. This album's full of them to be clear. Seventeen-year-old Raj had no idea of ninety seven percent of what Lewis singing about and I actually met him when I moved here and told him that I had never been when I heard the album to New York at his loved his energy. He sings lines. I'll take Manhattan in a garbage bag with Latin on. Atwood says it's hard to give a shit these days and young Raj listens that was I. Oh my God i WanNa move there. Don't quite understand it but I do understand that. The album's amazing final album and I'm Ryan about it right now. The impact Tracy Chapman had on my life. I'm right about this afternoon. Her message. Take control assert yourself. Do not be passive fight to change everything a play that was reinforced by the purity of tone of voice which embodies tenacity in the face of suffering the album. The debut album remained my guide star. I'm one of my goals in this post pandemic world. David is to interview. She's the what what this to this to. Celebrities of wanted a gap on many blazes. Since we began a neither of them will come on one as Primo Levi and he won't come on because he's dead the other one Tracy Chapman and I'd love to sit down with that and just talk about that. Release track by track to that. The album always will be my number one to say Meryl Streep Look Good to have Meryl Streep on here. By the way speaking of who always reminds me of a Meryl Streep source of the closest thing we have to Meryl Streep in the men in Blazers Universe Rebecca no Laura Linney routes gop. Laura Linney Double L. I have been binge-watching Ozark over the last ten days. Wow Wow how did I not what this before? It is just is just extraordinary television extraordinary writing extraordinary directing and just out of this world acting as it's a weird television show because the first couple of episodes are not that good. You've gotta get three gets better and better and better and better that shape. You're absolutely right. Oh my God so so good on almost at the end of season three just got one episode to go Salt Lake. Greatest thing to watch before you go to sleep. Say because it's fairly dog. But my God is good. I've been just adoring every second. I watched unorthodox which is which is pre sobering and then plunge right into fowler three. Gop's will remember. When we at Lille razz come on the podcast talk about Fowler. Which is just a remarkable sensation at this point. Found three is just so my slapstick hilarious. Kind of kitsch of one. That just a bull doctor who has been plucked out of obscurity. The Great Leo Rows Given Budgets and just made himself the sex symbol that people walk up to him and just oleck close full off instantly. He's on the move bike. They will fire at me from all angles that bullets quilt. Mel told me and I will kill. It's genuinely told me become it was. The first season was a fascinating geopolitical exploration of the Middle East by season three. It's still worth watching it. Still wonderful but by accident. It's almost become like a midlife bull squat man's fantasy life of what he could be as an action here booth worth watching for equal reason but this why is only surreal about the and the ad of a midlife bald. Keep doing it for us Leo rows. I will what you anything may also wrote. Jude enjoy this. One of my mates. Who's in the? Us Air Force reserves and a commercial pilot also. He turned me onto this amazing Spitfire documentary. That's on Netflix. I think it's just called Spitfire. That is just phenomenal. History of that remarkable playing the design of it the conception of it and its performance and the way that that that machine changed went through more than twenty marks more than twenty versions sort of kept its military going long into the era of jet aircraft jet propulsion an absolutely phenomenal phenomenal documentary. I'd say the bird save the Nation all that we'll say less thing I have tapped in to anything from the Second World War watching almost everything. I Cam Right. Now I'm watch- finished watching the brothers and I'm watching band of brothers all over again. I cannot get enough of the nasty just a hair everyday. Heroism is absolutely implicit in that in the battle of Britain is just a must watch everything right now so I will be all over that day as soon as we partied roads. You can follow us on twitter at many places. Imc Davis at Bennett on Instagram and Blazers are MCI Davies on facebook blazes. You can always send you ravens the capital so who can always email us at many places g mail dot com vendor roach war pig. Who wants to sex Matombo like snacks? Bullets Bullets win that Gloria Bulls lose to tweet Africa Rackham Mate Kung Fu fighting America. Love you love you dave.

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