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Today's episode of Area Hawaii's. MMA show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised gentlemen welcome to camp back in your life on this Monday September twenty third two thousand and nineteen plugging. Everyone America Honi hope opener doing well happy fall to you. Today is the first day of fall two thousand nineteen and what did you hear in beautiful and Exotic Bristol Connecticut. It's Balmy armie ninety degrees. I think it's like thirty three Celsius incredible. Where else would you rather be than right here right now? What an honor it is to be hosting this? Show for all of you on this great Monday afternoon about so much discuss coming up an entertaining event in Mexico City this past Saturday unfortunately it ended on a bit of Sour note an ugly note case you missed it. Jeremy Stevens your Rodriguez main event. Everyone was looking forward to it. As the people's main event was the main event a lot not at stake it was Rodriguez his first time back in Mexico first time headlining a show in Mexico yet not and around four years and the fight lasts fifteen fifteen seconds accidental poke it seemed like Jeremy was trying very hard to fight through it her being the referee who has been criticised all a year long and often rightfully so I thought handled the situation very well. I thought he was on point. He was calm he was collected and Stevens just couldn't open his left eye and since then when people have been criticizing Stevenson calling him a coward this guy would like what forty or so fights on his pro record the guy who fights anyone anywhere anytime sometimes to his detriment and you're criticizing him. You're questioning his manhood. You're questioning his heart. It's a it's a shameful situation even more shameful is the fact that he was showered like buy beer by what who knows what was thrown at him. People were coming down from the top of the standards at that arena in Mexico City to get had a better look at him to throw things at him. I hope those people on this Monday afternoon Monday morning. I hope those people are embarrassed. I hope they are ashamed. I hope they are never allowed back at any you have see event. I hope they're never allowed back to that arena because no athletes should be treated that way no athlete no fighter no entertainer no performer. Who are you to throw things? I know you're upset. Guess what there are eleven love and other great fights on that card. You got your money's worth all right. We know you're upset. The Guy's not a coward for people to throw I'd never seen like that and we could split hairs. All we want to twenty nine I have I've never seen a seen at event. That was disgusting. That was classless. That was shameful. That was pitiful us any adjective you want. I was embarrassed for those people and I hope they're embarrassed are so themselves so Jeremy Stevens deserves better. Hopefully he's okay. Hopefully he's not seriously injured and hopefully we get that fight in the very near future. Hopefully they just run it back in a month author so and we can find out who's the better man I was looking for to Jeremy. Stevens told us last week that he spent six weeks in Mexico. He's been thirty thousand dollars on this training camp. You Vicky wanted this fight. The last fifteen seconds you think he wanted to just get his show money. You think he was looking for a way out once he got to the cage. Come on use commonsense. Just completely idiotic takes takes. I see all day long enough of it. These are fighters or do you think they're afraid of. They do for a living think. They're afraid they're actually in the cage at this point. Oh on second thought I'd like a way out out come on. Let's do better so anyway that was disappointing but like I said the rest of the card was great. Esparza Grosso tremendous fight the return a brand Marino tremendous tremendous fight every now Donna looked tremendous Stephen Peterson. Where did that come from these seventh spinning backs? Ko and you have see history these are just some of the notable wins or results I should say because there was a draw in their brand Marino which I'd like to see again against Oscar Askarov so there was a lot of course last week as well we had the UFC two forty four press conference Nathan Diaz for Hamas Waddell. A lot of people thought it was a lot of people thought it didn't live up to the hype. Well guess what I told you listened to the reporters on Wednesday that was going to be just that they're both counterpunchers. When it comes to press conferences they're both the kind of guy who likes to sit back? Relax and sort of react to the other but in this case when you have two guys were sitting back and relaxing. You'RE NOT GONNA get a lot of fireworks so a lot of quotes but you got maswadeh. I'll looking like that. You got the great scene gene behind us with the bridge. You Got New York City. You got some questionable questions by media and I see a lot of people criticizing the media like Oh do better. Those people weren't real media. How about we criticize is the people who let those people in the US should do better as far as who they let into these things now in New York mid week I get it? There's not a lot of 'em media there it. It was what it was. Let's not get all crazy. It's going to be a great fight November second and later today. We're going to get a great interview from as well. Let me run out today's lineup so I'm getting all fired up. I'm looking forward to talking to our first guest of the day this one of my favorite lineups of the year and I sense the excitement from view I came into Bristol today fired up. I got a lot to say my beloved buffalo. Bills are three you know. What more can you like? I mean really Daniel. Cormie is going to join us in his first interview since his loss forty one. Is he going to keep on fighting. Is he going to fight steep amiach. How is he feeling these days a month or so later we'll find out from DC in his first interview? I sat down with House Thursday New York City for an interview about his past where he came from. I learned a lot about this man that I did not know before we'll run that entire interview on this show trust me. It's a different look a lot of interesting insight into the man they call game bread the pride of the three zero five Miami Cuba or yes anyway Jack Hermansson is going to join us at two forty five he headlines lines the US's debut in Denmark this Saturday. What a great car this is littered with names from top to bottom interesting fights interesting personalities Mark Madsen a Olympic silver medalist? It's going to make his debut. You've got the return of Nicholas Daulby Jack Shores on the card Landau Veneta MARCECA's. There's a lot to light from this card Saturday afternoon. It's headlined by that man who goes up against Jared Cananea the near. We'll talk to him. Joey Coco is going to join us. You're all very excited about this. He'll join us at around two twenty looking forward to catching up with him talking to him. He's a huge. MMA Fan a Superfan from Cuba and knows a lot about Maswadeh Romero all those guys but it's a big fan you know about him. It'd be grit mentality the the Church of what's happening now. Joe Rogan podcast all that stuff Joey Diaz making his debut on the program. We'll talk to Martin Kampman the face of Danish. MMA for all those years most wins as far as Danish fighters are concerned inside the octagon eleven wins in the UFC have talked to him and while he's going to be a big part of the show this Saturday we'll talk him Leon Edwards. Where does he factor into the whole scenario barrio? One seventy will catch up with rocky Edwards. Is he going to fight for the belt is he gonNA squeeze in there who the heck knows and Jeremy Stevens will join us at one twenty five talk about his eye and what happened in that. I mean event on Saturdays. We have our first guest. is she ready to go okay but first let us go to the facetime machine or skype machine Oh facetime machine and talked to our our first guest of the day she had a massive win on Saturday against Alexa Grasso. A lot of people are mean to her as well but she deserved to win that fight to rounds to one great fight great performance from Carlos Bars. She's he's kind enough to join US right now from. I believe the airport in Mexico. Is that accurate Carla. Why appreciate you doing this very much? Congratulations on the win. How are you feeling physically less than forty eight hours later? I've been better but usually after every fight I get banged up a little bit. my apple roll over on in pretty good would exactly happen to the elbow. Like what kind of injuries did you sustain didn't go and get x-rays or anything or I but it's already feeling a lot better. I've been doing it to me. I think maybe discount like a dislocation. I'm thinking and just kind of like right now. Nothing crazy I know looks pretty gnarly on the video though yeah pretty gnarly I think that's an understatement it was it was shocking. Lucky to watch it reminded me. I don't know if you've ever saw Benson Henderson versus Donald Sharoni one when Benson was like Ben and that's where the name came from. That's what it reminded me of arms aren't supposed host a bend that way. Could you tell us what's going through your mind. When this is happening I mean I was? I knew it was suckered really titanic and I was just thinking like Oh my God like should I tap tap. I was like no no like I was like. Keep wanting twenty something move like trying. I wiggle out like try anything. You can't get out of this and you know. Fortunately I was able to spin out it was still even locked in a little bit after spun out but but you know fortunately how close were you to tapping late super it was it was obviously lots of joint. Have you ever felt anything like that before. Even practice roll like have you ever felt your arm ben like that and the feelings that come as a result no never I've never felt anything like that but in in the heat of the moment you know the adrenaline with the you know just in a fight you know I'm packing always have early but in a fight is one of the things like you know. He just Kinda got. Did she surprise you in the third round because in addition to that she really came on strong like I think there's a case to be made that that if this was a pride flag maybe she would want because they would score the end of the fight more so than the beginning of the fight. Did you think that she was gonna come on based on the first two rounds. Did you think she was is GonNa come on strong the third. I was really surprised I think she was down around you. You have to keep it. Keep close a couple of times but yeah I felt like I had them you know for sure and she just came like a storm that third round to do think that they would score to draw. Did you think that she might have gone ten eight in the third. It's Kinda hard to tell when you're gonNa make you know like especially in your hometown. I never actually knocked down even though she can be pretty close. I was hoping you decisively. You won the first and second going into that third. You thought you had the first two down how I felt yeah but you know just being someone else's hometown you never know but like I felt that I decisively won the first two rounds you know not by the margin that she won the third round no not at all but I definitely felt like I won the first two. What is it like as an athlete you fight your heart out your your arm Ben's that way? You're in pain. You're getting you gain punched in the face of the third round. She's coming on strong. You do rounds you win a fight on enemy territory with the altitude all that stuff and then you have to do with booze you have to deal with people like disrespecting you and you're you're having your moment and you. We know that you're not the fan favorite in that case but it's almost to the point where like you almost have to apologize. What does that mean? What does that do for you? Afterwards kind of broke my heartbeat because I've always been respectful election. I respectfully leading up to the fate I've always kind of had the Mexican fan base land families behind me and just hear them like stone negative and booing me and not letting me talk like other fellings. You know just kinda disrespected EH I. I didn't do anything wrong bad. It's one of the most annoying things about close fights in mixed martial arts situation where the fans may be upset with the judges but they take it out on you in the post fight interview right it makes no sense and then you're left to the deal with the heat and from what I understand I know it wasn't as bad as Jeremy Stevens but the people throw things at you as well as you were leaving think slow down a little bit to take a couple pictures with people I usually do in you know just say hi to people but they were turned. Rush me out of there on my way out woman jumped a whole cup of beer on top of me. You know it was just it was really sad like just to experience something like probably one of the low points in my career. It was a really hard for so you're walking out and they poured beer on top of your head. Yeah it was like right before you go under the tunnel. Donald like some some guy like dunk like like one of the security was with me Kenny trying to cover me and my walk me out in just you know some of the fans were just pretty ruthless. They were yelling things that you as well as you were walking back. Some of the fans were like being pool ooh wanting to take pictures but some of them were just staying me things and bullying and like you said it's not my call you know and not that I felt that I did win but you know they can't. They can't take it on the fighters because we're literally. They're just doing our job and when you have this kind of take away your joy like a big win like I said enemy territory like did not allow you to fully appreciate it. Enjoy the moment afterwards honestly when I went back to my locker room I I just felt really bummed out. I almost felt like just wanting Friday and he died because which is a crazy feeling after a win. You know it's like I couldn't even enjoy just because I like literally just been attacked on a hard feeling feeling even though we get punched in the face every day now if it was just it was hard to take him. Did you see Alexa to the fight no she. She kinda rushed off a pretty fast after the decision that wind to shake your hand you know shoes nothing but respectful. I've had a having gone to see her. I was just wondering because I've seen her say in the post fight scrummage on social media afterwards that she believes she won the fight which has every right to but I. I wonder if you feel like you're not getting the credit that you deserve for that performance. I can see how she feels like that. Especially when you have the crowds so hard behind you kind of you know like saying saying that the decision was bad but I think anyone who's kind of logical and actually knows about this word like knows I mean I think she you know she was down to rally. No matter how much you dominate that's not enough sometimes how was the I was dealing with the altitude. How is it fighting over there? Dan Lewis arrest money even going up the stairs. It's kind of hard but I was training altitude not for a month. It's out in Mexico City for two weeks so I feel that I make some good adjustment but it definitely is hard to put that outfit. I'll a fight linke would for sure so considering that and also the fan reaction afterwards. Do you have any interest in fighting in Mexico ever again the most I definitely would love to fight on here because the fans are passionate and like I said a lot of Mexican band Dan support me but I definitely would not want to come out here in by local again. That's one hundred percent now just because because they're they're very much against you in that in that regard right definitely I mean even if I thought anyone else thinking I'd have a lot of word but it was just it's a rough one. Each fans back fighters still much amazing but it can also be a bad so that's now two wins in a row for you after the loss to titanic Suarez around a a year or so ago. Did you do anything. Did you do anything differently after that fight. Did you make any changes to get back on track here because that's what was your second loss in a row so it seemed like okay everyone talking malar l. or maybe we saw the best of Carlos bars a banal of sudden very impressive victories in my opinion. Did you change anything afterwards. Actually I'm really small for the divisions side chiefs. I started like I n I started like put on muscle. I mean a lot of adjustments to in my training like with my Jitsu. I think a lot of people saw that I lost fights off my on my left and I need that I mean it appoints. It may be comfortable. They're like just get comfortable being uncomfortable big by weaknesses strengths and I feel like I mean a lot of improvement it. Are you surprised that John Way lease the champion of your way class right now not super surprised because I saw her fight in person I saw her face. You should torres. As and I was super impressed because I thought he should know she's. She's really good fighter. things just seemed to come out of nowhere. Just like Lego storm really doc doc like beyond any kind of sport is that you think you kinda nowhere boom is nowhere nothin' cover and do you suspect that she's going to go on a on a long run as champion or do you think she's more of a flash in the PAN armed with her performance day. I can definitely see or being camper wild but honestly when I when I just got josh when I was like shoot. Let me check or not. Doesn't I never know. When would you like if everything's okay with your arm? When would you like like to return? I was named maybe like I'd love to get on that December thirties card or maybe like early January or something yeah that that would be a deal for not hurt Tikolo bedtime off and actually have quantum all right here on vacation and then had to treaty. What are you doing Guatemala just chilling out or something in particular? I am Climate Keno the Waigel Katito volcano some to spend the night up. There were totally in my arms my legs these are good too. It's still K- declined with your arm like that. I mean I think like I hopefully it's all made I have concerns. I mean I'm not trying to you but you know it. Just seems like you might have a hard time gripping things arpaio. Hopefully I will need to like crawl to be lake dog now but I mean I think I can make it work. I tend to be all right. I'm pretty please tell me you're going with someone like you're going with a friend or somebody. Who's going to help you yeah my boyfriend okay good? Please take care of Carlo are do you have concerns that it's like legit injured or you tore ligaments or anything like that what do you what are you feeling right now toward Laghman fine I mean I'm in. I'm not really much pain unless I'm like like bending are like super. Voters honestly kills a lot better than it did. So you know I I think I think it's GonNa be good okay and just curious. Why did you go check? Check it L. like why don't you go to the hospital now in Mexico because I think they're gonNA do an X. Ray and I mean in all reality likes and I'm not going to get a surgery injury like nine need and nothing that's really going to change. I not do that. I've been I've had many injuries over tuning this loudly cube seniors so just time by if my habits surgery that he did okay and last thing thing. I've heard some people say maybe it's time now for Karla rose rematch. Maybe this is the right. What are you thinking? Who Do you want next? You like that idea anything on your mind through all my fights recruiting had like twenty three fights including my tough fighting swing four. I've never heard a remand so I definitely wouldn't mind rematch with anyone are now all for you time. Send them on the audio that were of the one that I want but honestly I'm down for. Whoever I always he's having never turned down a rare so forever because you think she greets in your fight right because you think she Greece in your fight right Claudia? How did you think that she was greasing? Oh yeah like I still don't know the details of it and obviously like she wouldn't facing seizing on but that was I. I've been wrestling for so long. I've been competing like I know when someone's like like sweaty and I know that feeling like my arms terms of displaced living right off. They're like obviously I regret. I wish I would have said something because it's just all here's C. Now if that were to happen I'm I would definitely remarkable and you know it's out there now. I don't think that was the case. It would be the case again by the way how's the cookie situation in Mexico. Did you have any good ones so far. I've only had one one little. Oh that's it yeah. I definitely need to grab some more. There's more like There's more like a different type E street bond funds will like different pastries and stuff are more popular popularized here all right well. The cookies are well deserved. Please be safe out there. Okay don't do anything crazy sie. You've got an injured arm. You were just integrate fight. Enjoy your vacation congratulations on a very impressive win congratulations on winning your first fight of the night bonus. I'm sure that helps a little bit. It is low and looking forward to the next run all right. Thank you very much. Carlos safe travels to you there. She is Carlos bars the first ever are you have see women's Straw champion big win for her her first fight of the night bonus her second performance bonus a big fight for her on Saturday big performance for takedown landed against Alexa Grasso thirty three take downs landed overall in her. UFC clear that type for most in the AFC women's strawwweight division history that's courtesy of ESPN stats and Info Group Andrew Davis providing us with our information each and every week on the program so that was a big performance. That was a big win in the combing event in a matter of moments. We're going to be joined by Jeremy Stevens who competed of course in the main event as I said at at the top of the show an ugly scene afterwards it lasted just fifteen seconds and there was an eye poke. Maybe even two eye pokes. Her Dean gave Jeremy Stevens a lot of time to recover the doctors came in the I couldn't open it appeared to be spasm being they called it off off. The fans are very upset throwing things at the cage throwing things all over the place throwing things at Jeremy Stevens just completely he made a brief comment afterwards courtesy of Care Brian. This is what your year Rodriguez had to say at the post fight scrum about the ending the unfortunate ending to that main event. She's going to keep the benefit of the doubt. Your mysterious only only wants to leave with with with dodd easiest mind with that. I don't know say that no doubt he's minus is him the only him you know he's the only one who knows feels you know I never been puking the I in a fight but I have had a really bad I really bought. I you know on the front five my I was completely close. Night couldn't see nothing but I was willing to keep on going. You know not everybody's the same Idaho he was feeling so complete benefit of the doubt to Jeremy Stevenson. Let's see what happened and he's just you WANNA. Call me in the eye. Let's back from her five weeks in two weeks. Whatever I'll just scratch you rose the one man so that was the scene? Those were the words Saturday Saturday night from both year Jeremy Stevens. UC The patch on Jeremy Stevens left eye and again. I understand why the fans were upset. That was the main event I understand. They wanted to see their guy. You're Rigas I made event in Mexico hadn't fought in ten months last time he fought the amazing elbow like there was a lot of excitement it was it was pretty well attended event. I get where they're coming from. You can't act like that and to be honest. I think a lot of that reaction did come as a result of your Rodriguez is-is reaction I think he was very fired up and get understandably so hard for me to put myself in his shoes so much pent up aggression and emotion and and just like the nerves and all that stuff that energy before big fight you could see he was emotional having family there. He was amped up. He was excited and then the whole thing lines last fifteen seconds. You don't have an outlet outlet. You'll have a way to get it all out. So you're fired up. You're upset you're heartbroken you're mad and so he was mad and I think the fans saw him react that way and then they reacted the way in which they did and you saw him kind of stepped up Michael Bis being and I think that brought him back to Earth there because this big did not flinch credit the him for doing that so certainly and ugly scene. I really appreciate we shape Jeremy Stevens taking out some time. A lot has happened in his life in the last forty eight or so hours and there he is kind enough to join US via skype Jeremy. How are you doing it and most importantly? How are you feeling on this Monday afternoon? Awhile rested Scott home late last night wake up in the morning and scrabble coffee and do the show. How is your feeling is good freak accident like what happened in their scratch? A It is what it is. What I understand you went to the hospital afterwards correct yeah correct they? They want right to the emergency room. Mining Eighty specialists like doc or anything like that yeah it is Russia rights. What did they say about the the the scratch in any kind of injury that you sustained had to scratches on my is just like Oh like a bruise? I guess scratch a bruise laceration what they called it so nothing nothing major nothing. Permanently damage is weird and so right now. Are you in pain or does it hurt to like being the sunlight. How does it feel I haven't really been in the sunlight is kinda? Keep him some ashamed. Shade Don is a big thing other than that I had a they patched up. I didn't want anything like that or anything also saying they patched you know if you go to the doctor your hand messed up of course in a cast told me keep the kids off like twenty four hours and I just took the patch off swastikas on and all so they replayed the sequence a million times. It looked like he actually hit you in the right eye and then in the left is well. Is that what happened were you actually poked in. Both is yeah so okay balls. you know when I went back by by right I was staying pretty bad. You know there. There was scratch on on that is well in it is it is what it is. You know this this weird free thing. I just remember coming down like this like three stooges in his fingers in my face like this. Do you think he did that on purpose. No of course not you know I. I hope people nine for people to nuts on. I've been you know I've had a broken. Orbital is a bad acid. Donald CERRONE IAN was able to fight you know just or than things where you get you get glaze and it's an it's an eye boat. I mean like a paper cut man Shit. The Shit hurts you know when you're is always very sensitive. You know you definitely to is I've I've fought with a rogue normal like I said you know that was that was painful but I was able able to see a little bit of blurred vision but in this WanNa just this is crazy right both is actually you know your hands philosophy closed. This one's anxiety in the fight. We didn't even get started. You know he won kick in you know next thing in overtime to exchange them which one hurt more the right of the left. You know it's the last one was a lot lot more painful. The rival scratched and I I know no like when I got there too and I noticed that when I was trying to rents offense is were burning both both visor burning both my left eye when you're in that situation before they announced that the fight is off. You could tell like everyone's watching you right in there with her dean. The fight just started. The crowd is starting to lose his patients. What kind of pressure is that on you? I feel for the fire in that situation because everyone wants you to shake it off and be tough and just go back out there and fight because everyone paid to watch his main event and they want to see the payoff and you're in that moment where the entire Rina's just watching you and praying for you to get better. Do you feel that pressure. Are you trying to like force yourself to just open your eyes to get better and it's not an it's like this this battle internally with your body like please just open so I can see but also I can't see and I got all these people that are kind of like putting this pressure putting is I'm here. Are you feeling that struggle when you're in there no not at all you know at the moment of this like what the heck is really going on with my. Id Is it just wasn't relaxing thing. I remember the doctor confident until you're relaxed. Some like a wish I could do that. You know what I'm trying to break over here. Same thing you know I got hit the nuts my last fight really hard. I had to take almost five five minutes to to Kinda Ariku on trying to recoup within the amount of time and in recovery which is unfortunate. It couldn't continue I get it you know I totally I totally get it able to see a fight. How did you feel the referee Herb Dean and the ringside physician? How did you feel they handled the situation? Her was a man who had offices telling me that you're like mcdonagh water over here you know he's like the doctors came in and he's like I still have like amendment and a half of my cool lately recovery. Take the full five. I didn't know what what time it was because I couldn't even. I couldn't even see some senator waiting for the for the time inherited a hell of a job eighty dollars or one of the best amber frey is ever in the game on he he truly was experienced. scores wanting free free. Thank we know great so they wave off the fight. I mean did you. Did you agree with it. In that moment like there was no way that you can continue. Let's they give you five minutes giving a little bit more time some water rinse off but you can't do that in a fly just right off ops heads. Let's see if he in seventeen twenty seconds something like that. You know it's it's weird brawl. You know I'm in a fortunate I I spent money can't money's money's money and can coach spend time away from their families up until the the greatest shave ever you know you you know I everybody wants to fight. This fight needs to happen. You know that it's word shaving was just one of them. Frequently little things it's not wasn't on purpose. I know that on Duri fighter you know we need to run this back. We saw the footage of you leaving the cage being shielded by security in my opinion the ugliest one of the ugliest scenes that we've ever seen you have see you're just being pelted with things showered by beer. God knows what else people coming coming down throwing things at you. What is it like for you? In that moment you have any idea what's going on where you hit where you hurt by any of this felt pesos rose and definitely had some drinks before I ended up in the back you know this I expected that from the fans you know whether I win. There'd jerod hostile territory before Brazil. You know whether I would not allow by the worse you know. Is this again people pay their hard earned money to to watch a fight. I knew they were going to be rowdy. I do they're gonNA be on side. you know an unfortunate things. I say you have see the security they did. They did a great a job but I did hear about some. UFC staff that in some other people that ended up taking a few injuries in getting roughed up in her in all Carlos bars which this came out. She had a beer thrown on her. You know that that's kind of a little out of out of the norm. You know that that's that's not cool. That doesn't take away from the time that I had down out there in the people on us when I when I did my camp and and the way that I was treated I you know I don't really want to speak bat on that. You did a great job and security down. They're about keeping me safe and and I was just coming a situation and just because you said that you felt some pesos money being thrown at you coins yeah I mean there was some some hard you know what a beer in pesos or whatever they had. I don't know I I couldn't see man land was down to just fill things by coach ause looking for me on grabbed in right away. He was like we get out of here and he he he do resume. He said that thanks to comment on on this kind of hanging like damn. You don't like I get it. You Guys WanNa see main event. I wanted to fight you know a is my first no contest and I not even know why record by at bright close over fifty five I haven't had anything ever happened like this sucks. You know it's kind I felt bad felt terrible here. I am my company's Reliabi- made event. I perform time and time again and I didn't get a chance to fight. I totally get how the fans would be upset. You know and it's not my out of my control the way they react or what really goes on and you know thank God for my coach teammates. Everybody helped me out the UFC security sucks for some of the people they ended up getting injured sure. Did you see any of his post fight reaction and if so how do you feel about how he handled it now. I haven't seen one of his I haven't seen anything travelling and I just took some time to debrief fuck. I've in the other day we we've got into it at the hotel on China come up and be cordial and he comes up and he's he's trying to talk shit came here to compete in fighting on so I had to shove him back across crossroads ELM and get into it with a little bit so I mean if you're GonNa talk about me. Let's let's talk about. Let's talk about running it back in the United States and like some of the three greatest American American places over here This'll like the other side. No we got Boston we got. MSG WE'VE GOT DC those in three great American places like you're GonNa Talk Audubon me. Let's let's fight. I came here to compete. You know he's in great shape. I'm in great shape. We we spent harder money like let's go came to fight. I came to compete lake a free thing what's fouts back. So where did this incident happened in the lobby and someone that you're saying that this wasn't like the Wayne's or anything this was when you guys were away from the cameras bringing down my back shaking my bags wind Zingo gas and food and then we were taking often comes up like all awkward Lincoln thumbs up like hey everything okay and I comes up like shaved my anthony. I'd be like a gentleman I get it and DOC shifting Roy. You know I'm I'm not from crotty school brought on from the street. I'm here to compete flight. I'm here to kill you. You know so right away. My my mentality was backed up so I shoved him on his coaches. His Dad and his parents never talented. What will you know and I know assessor? Ask footage from them to release footing but they're not going to release it because you're going to cower. They're coming up trying to be a gentleman fortunately that that wasn't it and he wants to. He wants to talk and same thing I I don't know the I air. He doesn't know me you know but I'm not like that. You know I don't I don't i WanNa Talk Shit. Especially after you live oak me. So is what it is. Let's let's let's continue this fight. You know let's let's go to the best history replaces in America and run this back. You know you've got to come to this side and and I wanna find okay so just because this was yesterday Saturday. This is after the I poke that this happened. Wow okay. I thought you meant before the fight is after the flight so clearly bad blood is still there and you just mentioned Boston you mentioned. MSG mention December seventh Washington and Boston is in less than a month. So are you saying that you're okay to return like if they called you today you WanNa fight in three weeks. You're good. There's there's no issues that I can get cleared. My is fine. You know this is one of them. Free treats things happen so you know I I. I didn't know if he's going to be worse or unfortunately I come out on a on a good end. Thank God because is not to play with I'm the best shape over my life. I spent weeks away from from my family to you know I. I didn't come down there for one check. You know that's that's I spent sent that pretty much down down there and take care of this in the best shape over we can come back to the three greatest places in America it right back. Let's let's go if you're going to sit here and talk. Let's let's go back if not the hell out of my way. I'm I'm uncommon. I WANNA scrap. I WANNA move up this. This is my life. Life by career is revenue for years. have any of those talks about running. It back happened already to the best knowledge it got right back to Sean said ain't like I apologize for him off to him today and he's like man. You have nothing to be mad about robot young aw socks basing its you know I was just fill a ton of emotions. You know I mean. I don't want to go there for like that. I know what table pay especially down people are hard working and you know they. They WanNa see me perform. I love to perform. I am a performer when the lights come on. I show up you know and it just I couldn't continue that night you know and let's let's run back immediately texted Sean. We're trying to figure this out. The this candidate Harry is continuing to talk about me well. Let's let's talk about running back because if you're trying to duck and dodge in indep- you know like I'm right here. I'm in great shape. The thing nothing major happened thank God and was right back. Did Sean seem interested a lot. More people are GONNA be interested in this in this fight now. Yes bigger like a checkmate. Money's rise it up. You know now there's more there's more heat. You're GonNa talk in runaway you know I I've never been cut from the US's from back data flights you know remember that you know I wrote them out to. You know like I am I am I am. I cut a night folks dogs lie. It's a lot different so let's let's go. You know you're in great shape. You're you're at the time like let's let's not wasting any time. I'm still ready to go. I haven't I've only eat a little bit of food. I can still make wait this week actually so let's let's continue this considering that reputation Jeremy. What is it like to have people question your your are your integrity say that you quit that you look for a way out that you were scared? Have you seen any of this stuff and does it make you live it. Like how do you react to that considering. You're one of those guys people in the know no that anytime anywhere I mean you like you said you've never backed down from anything and now you have people online questioning you. That's they're limiting belief man. I I can't control what people would people think on half those more than ninety percents don't even fight. It's out of my concern you know. I don't worry about things that I can't control so I I'm not I'm not too worried about people say everything you know the funny thing Israel's Israel's everybody can talk on the Internet. No one's ever literally came to my face Jeremy Steven. You're quitter you suck. You're terrible or any of those negative things that anybody would whatever say you know fibro there's nothing there's nothing that you can do to Herbie that. Should I don't worry about last week. You told us you spent six weeks in Mexico leading up to the fight spent around thirty thousand dollars on this camp for all that to happen to be away from your family and just get fifteen seconds. It's like you don't get that that ability to release the energy. What is it like coming home after all this like without the W. without even being a fire without any bruises on you do feel unfulfilled fulfiled like could you explain the emotions as you came back home after being away from so long and not actually getting an opportunity to really fight? I have to WHO be away from home so did he sold it his coaches soda. My coaches SORTA like my family to come home with a one check buzz not how I feed my family family. Look at me like I'm. I'm in great shape right there. In the best shape of my life. I felt a well prepared so it's an empty failing to come home with one check is just I can't afford that. You know a lot of money scam. I spent a lot of time for download tasks this like it never happened. It's like I just WanNa continue this and get this over. You know what I really WanNa. I really WANNA go up against his kid. compete with them disapprove beat his ass. There's nothing really going to change. I WANNA embarrasses versus kid on WanNa. Get up there and get get after like. Let's let's go you know one. Check socks go you know and I spent I spent a lot of money and time down there. It's it's empty feeling it must continue and must go on show must go on. Well happy to hear that you're okay that it wasn't serious and hopefully I agree with you. It makes all the sense of the world to run back so hopefully that happened sooner rather than later boss. I think any of those cards I've seen a lot of fans in Boston. Who wanted to seize a beat versus Calvin cater? That fight got moved. I'd say want to put that combing event under Wiedeman and raise makes all the sense. I'm sure you don't care if it's main events or you just want to fight this guy at this point so it's stage brother Yes. That's realme back back to America you know the situation reverses more build up. It's like checkmate foresight like okay. You know let's let's let's it's the best thing that can happen now. We're running back in the stays in these satisfied Ito's in the greatest states in America. There's three of them is that Boston is mentioned. There's MSG huge car art and there's DC. Maybe so maybe I could be the ones bringing the trump's in town so let's roll. Thank you for doing this Jeremy. I appreciate it very much glad to hear you're cocaine and hopefully you get that by. We get that fight sooner rather than later. Thanks so much all right. We'll talk to you soon. There is little heathen Jeremy Stevens unfortunate fortunate situation but here we are just finding out that they had a bit of an incident at the hotel on Sunday adding more fuel to that fire so we'll see if the UFC decides to run back all right. We've been talking about the state of the welterweight title Pitcher for the last several weeks as of right now. Nothing really has changed. We know that Hori mazdas hospitals fighting Nathan yes. The whole thing is so crazy by voice just cracked Kobe coming tomorrow. Who's been are they going to fight? We don't know we know Leon. Edwards is ready to go. He's on quite the run so we thought we heard from Colby. Tomorrow's not available right now but Leon is available. Let's talk to him about the state of this way class and the whole mess surrounding the title picture Liane. Thank you very much for doing this. How are you my man? I'm good era. I'm doing great so I'm GonNa ask you a very broad question. I just mentioned might as well as as I mentioned Covington newsmen not fighting right now. The flights are booked. How'd you feel about what's going on at the top of your way class considering the streak that you're on considering how close you are to a title fight yet? It seems like everything's sort of at a stalemate here exactly the whole division. Now is in standby amber to go I am I am how I'm pushing forty five so that's a fire Kobe happening while I'm hearing I'll go in December so you're hearing that that's now dead that coming to new spin is a is a dead thing right now and they're ready to move on. I'M GONNA get guys now. Stalemate Cobb is asking for too much money or whatever isn't i. I put my name hat and tell them I am ready to go. I feel I'm I'm on the second most win streak in division of I believe it is shot next to the best knowledge you putting that out there you reaching out to the understand extend your management has talked to them as well. Are they open to this or are they warming up to the idea of just skipping colby and going straight to you spoke spot them attain for November second in the formatting Saddam. Would you be ready November second and I said yes and gave muscle India's fight Mrs Again Saddam murder for December four in in Vegas the if qualified. I'm the next in line so I I believe I. I should be in December. You know it's been a couple of weeks now that nothing has happened. Are you surprised that they're waiting so long. It seems like they kind of put this this this issue on ice they went and did the Mazda fight. They're trying to do St Bay four December. They did Holloway but like this thing has kind of come to a screeching halt. Are you surprised price. They're giving Kobe such a long chance to come back to the table and not just moving on exactly I asked on doing wave wave colby for for whatever reason more than deserted shot over Kobe off. He's told told not Nessin. That's it. You know what I mean. I I feel my Polish shop especially car. It was the last person to be it may so I've got one back on the back. Do you have any concern that you're being used as as sort of a leverage point here in the sense that they're saying Okay Leon is ready and on standby. You'd better get your act together because if not we're GONNA skip you and go to Leon that there's really no true intention to give you that but because you have a legitimate streak because you're so close to the title shot you are a legitimate threat so you're not really really being considered but you're more being used. Does that cross your mind at all. Does that worry you not really. I don't fall out since you mentioned like I said I believe I deserve the next do nothing my power to get an extra vaccine me so I believe we'll we'll get next hour shop opened in December Camara except the fighting go from that to the best knowledge how close were you to getting the title fight right at MSG because I heard also that they were having issues with so called not being blamed for a lot of this but but he's coming to the table is one. It almost seems like they're working behind the scenes scenes in unison. Did you think you were close to getting it for the card. All those are the former team. So what are you ready for number. The second said absolutely isn't it was between Muscle Kamara. I thought is already thirty some really across to make a final okay. Do you feel like December fourteenth close November second yeah okay all right. Have they given you a timetable like you're gonNA find out by this time. We're GONNA make a decision by this time. They give me a few weeks and if nothing goes often I I'm next in line waiting to hear back from the from the ESPN. Hey about from tamen to see what's happening. I'm staying in gem state ready. I could not give to also offer deserve tall shot. You've given them all content number. Also I'm ready to. I'm fit and healthy. I'm young. I want to see us a number to get into who would even make sense for a number one contender spot against you at this point. I don't know I don't know what it is Liz name yeah. What do you think about that? Good at Optima cat like my game is my is my champion. This is what this is all focused on is to be an accident me. I want to show if they do come to you and say okay. We're going to give it to is like Colby tomorrow. Is there a negotiation to be had or are you ready to go like. Are you all good. You're everything's agree to you. Just need the date not the payment of money I was and is it okay. I'll I'll I won't be ready to go over whenever and not five trump changes now you mentioned that you're in the gym. You're you're. You're staying fit. You're in shape. You're preparing. Is it hard. Is it hard to get motivated to go to the gym like when you don't really know the center may be delayed to January February like you don't really know what's going on. Is it hard to get motivated some points. I truly enjoy training. I enjoy OPTIMA Komo teammates angel on my on he's ready for fighting November and listen join the process like I said I'm I'm still young in the game a lot learning so these guys trying to find out later on I feel I'll be not meeting them upon so I'm I'm enjoying training and and join how much I know you don't love the the trash talk and the theatrics and the politics has all of this turned you off off even more like the fact that you're stuck in this situation. You're that close but you know it's it's the stalemate. Has it turned you off from the game even more so than the times we talked about it in the past Australian. What can I do A- defeat other folks locking controlling of pushing otherwise this game job imagine I was like I said I believe in myself believe madman? Let's get what I can. I'll get there. I know I'm one one that way. If not like I said I just now I will not turn off. I I wouldn't talk show or display. I know you said that. MSG was on the table. I and that's obviously a big deal for any fighter to fight in that venue it ends up going to Mazda and Mazda. All you have the history with the incident backstage in March to you see what has become of him to see that he's fighting for this title that they're created. You know they're creating out of the blue. How do you feel about this? Eric might give it to you. I believe if adrenaline mentally thought CRESA fate tall and baked well. Why would it be my name's Muslim? They will come. You will see when a day comment. That's not man but are you surprised. Is there making this belt that they're actually producing the title Jessa Gentlemen. I'm not joining the shit. I am GONNA fuck out most of the audience they want to do. I'll do I wanted to but just like because it's guys at one seventy do feel like that because historically the baddest man on the planet or the baddest is the champion right so the fact that another titles being created guys in that division. Do you feel like it almost waters downed the actual real title don't Arrow in turn time no dot means nothing that means you cannot tell your grandkids kids are at that means nothing my champion. I won't be able to champion you can create as much as you want. That means nothing in longer is one thing though for the fighters created. I'm just wondering if you're surprised the UFC is making it the w the office yeah I go. I do my job. I get paid and I take my family and I said recently celebrated. Is your birthday correct. Yeah eight nine Aero gain out come on twenty eight wow. What did we do anything special? That's not really what really nothing nothing apart just nothing I guess twenty eight is a milestone of any quite thirty thirty. It's twenty five is a part of my friends my family and really enjoy trying to just keep passing by the way I'm just curious. You know your brothers doing very well Fabian as you mentioned he's fighting in November as you're going through all this does he. He ever tried to recruit you to say like hey. I don't have to deal with this stuff over with those other guys because he ever tried to do that. Sort of thing with you tried to come over different to say like you said is is is so good Arrow. Oh He's like unbelievable. You know what I mean. That's a show wh showed wild wise like more on the biggest Asian like I said. The kid is amazing. Isn't you WanNa do you think he ends up better than you hope he does. I hope he does like I say can could we came from from from the mud Arrow I hope he does. I didn't get too much money as a Canon does this is a Kenyan ago so in conclusion. You don't have a fight yet. You feel like it's close you come Russmann December Fourteenth Las Vegas. You WanNA fight for the belt. You want to get that rematch against him. You've earned it eight Nero here. The Guy Absolutely era I am I am no one else is me or Kamar longest industry guys on turn two records. Just keep winning losing like come on you cannot be to buy this motherfucker year on twenty record is nonsense. I believe I am next in London Kamar Kamar ready and by the way we colby referring to Leon Scott. Did you hear that I'm on social media. Fuck DOC is this Scott mentioned pitchers Scott Africa coming from TV viewing of I fucking cove is ah he's a weird guy. Just different crafts from different across from these people cannot even for myself too a different life and different craft from all these people. I don't even know like I. I understand Marty fake news. I don't really get that one do you. Do you think he's just calling you a different name. I don't know what I don't get out of. The American air not give a shit is a Weirdo is a weird man is cannot even for all right well. We'll see how it plays out. Hopefully we figured I mean they just added the second title fight on Saturday so hopefully we we get some sort of your thoughts on that Bill Yeah Bill arket ready all right. Well thank you for doing this Leon. I appreciate it and happy belated birthday. Hopefully for your sake. You get that title fight sooner rather than later get Ero. I one hundred percent shot. I do think Kobe deserves it as well. I'll be one hundred percent honest with you. I think they've got an interesting scenario. I would like them them to make this fight sooner rather than later and I said that if they do like if they were GonNa make Kobe versus tomorrow at MSG I want them to do versus Tyronn in the Co main in this before the whole thing came about as a number one contender fight because I do think tire and should be considered in that mix as well. I don't know what they're gonNA do now. I do think I will say the go ahead Tareq Pasha. I think what you feel really deserves our show no no. I say you versus the number one contender fight how you versus Woodley if they made Kobe resilient but I do think that Kobe all the blame is being directed him going both ways. Both guys aren't coming to the table so I feel like that's important to note. I'm curious if they do come to you and say all right. We'll give you the title shot. Will he even come to the table. We'll tomorrow even come to the table. That's what I fear for your sake. I believe I believe it will also I not I believe you will more call department. I'm here John Okay well one. It should be no more than one more next is totally fine but one big fight and then you're there or next. That's what I I don't think you should be going on thirteen. Five winning extremes like never happened our leave. The company goes through the I five tall shot. Never how many flights do you have left on your deal anyway. I believe it's one on one or two so you're getting close yeah. I'm up the renegotiation and now for the right five fast before going into negotiations. Oh Wow so this is really important. I mean you could if you conceivably keep winning then leave if you want if you don't feel like you're getting that fight exactly okay. I'm about so the area and I I am I going to hang around and be during. Is there a deal on the table an extension the negotiations. I want to be a champion. That's my that's my draymond. Our Yeah Okay all right interesting times for Leon Edwards. We'll see how this all plays out. Thank you for doing Leon. I appreciate it. Thank Eh all right. The Rocky Edwards interesting spot very interesting little nugget there as far as his contract is concerned. We'll see how it plays out colby. WHO's Mon- Liane Edwards a very interesting time at a hundred and seventy pounds? He certainly is ready and willing. I the very least one fight Woodley fight if they do end ended up going with Kobe versus one fight against Woodley I think would make a lot of sense as of right now. There is no deal with Kobe. December fourteenth is still missing that one title fight that they'd like to add. There's been talk of these stupid. There's been talks of maybe a John Jones fight. Perhaps if the winner of Wiedeman Ray comes comes back quickly it's all very much influx great to get his side of the story way back when our next guest was a top contender at one hundred and seventy pounds he has been in spots where he derailed a guy who was knocking on a title Shot Door Jake Ellen Berger back in two thousand twelve had that close fight against Jake Shields Shield's around a year or so before when he was getting ready to fight that big fight against GSP at U. OF C. Twenty nine he is the pride of Denmark he is the the greatest fighter to ever come out of Denmark. Eleven wins most wins ever by Danish fighter in the history of the U. OF C. The next best only has one and we haven't talked in quite some time Martin the Hitman Kampman who this week I was thinking about as the UFC is returning to Denmark where I should say making its debut in Denmark I thought why not catch up with the face of Danish. MMA Martin Kampman and there he is it's been awhile since we've talked to him Martin so good to see you my man. How are you doing? You're you're you're very good. It's been awhile since we last talked yeah. It's been a while so it's it's been around three or four years since you walked away from the sport before we get to this weekend. What have you been doing over the last three or so years well right now? I just got out of a just got out of training here at the Great Danes in Denmark mark now training great things may Jim got the guys out here standing there watching your show right now that they can face this on the side of the side of the window here so so. I'm a little sweaty no problem then you know if if a man out you know I'll jump in and still get some rounds in. I still get training unlike when I was still fighting but I still get a a slow. Get some training in you know it's enjoy training. Is this your own Jim. This is like a Jim and it's like an association to boy. The setup is different. You know there's not that many gyms that's kind of being run as business. A lot of gyms like association. That's the what are you GonNa get subsidized from the government to have sports clubs for keeping people engaged in sports sports stuff like that but I'm the CO chair and we have great team great. Thanks Jim and and a lot of good guys most most amateur guys but we're we're working a autumn. Everybody's improving all the time and hopefully bringing out more guys internationally in is the gym in Copenhagen no now we're in Windsor okay. How far is that from Copenhagen two hour drive from from forever around Denmark? I would love to enforce. I'm not going to the event this weekend but one of these days that would be amazing. I'm wondering you retired relatively young and we we often see the in flight sports people retire and then the vent the eventually come back just this past week we found out that Rashad Evans is coming back. Have you ever had the itch to come back. Have you ever thought what about it. I'll get all the time all the time I really enjoy fighting you know and out here in Denmark I also do a for some of the commentary concern for via play. Who has the broadcast you have see so I do some of the compensating in Danny so every time I watched the show compensate? I'm watching walking out of their chatterbox. Because I enjoy I enjoy I'm not just a competitor fan and of course all the time but I already made a clear decision to not continue fighting and now I'm still enjoying training very much and I enjoy coaching. I enjoyed helping helping other people or get get better and improving his fighters. It'll this this week in Copenhagen. We have Michael Madsen that I'm coaching and he's he's competing on the on a big spot and all his you've you of Cebu and he say co main event in Denmark so it's a pretty big deal. He's so it's a pleasure to work with him. Yeah the two thousand sixteen silver medallist us as like a five time world's Greco Roman medalists these this is a start and he's he's really improved his game and he's GonNa. He's GonNa do really well you've see how long have you been with him. For about two years serving okay maybe less maybe less speed we met known each other for a long time but there was a long period where he wasn't there what he was still committed to wrestling you know so it wouldn't he was allowed to some may from the wrestling association but he couldn't he still had to focus focus on wrestling when he had the your teen gem chip world championship all this stuff yet to do the restaurant camps and he wasn't allowed to do and maybe you made the switch to full-timer and MMA and stop wrestling completely and the after you really take leaps unbalanced because then he can focus on not just in. I'll ask you know kind of half ass a interests before you know now is focus on the task at hand and now right now. It's his age no and he's made the made to see his first. You've seen here in Copenhagen so yeah. He's he's a really driven and a talented and just he's just thought thought it's a big spot for him. As you mentioned he's not the Komeda then against Danilo Bello Ardo and he's a local guy and I'm wondering is he the only guy that you'll be cornering on this card or did you have anyone else. No all only guy unfortunately well. There's only two Danish guys under the Copenhagen that I I I wanna I want to complain a little bit too. I think could have put some more Danish guys in there. You know there's there's some Danish guys that could have made the shot. You know there's a mess Brunell he was it was a already knew see he's. We're like seeing again Sir Bach also of course there's premier. He's already signed cheap but there's a lot of guys I would have hoped to see more Danish guy on on CNN but I'm happy to see mark of course because I'm coaching and also Nicholas debut was also really look good in his last so I'm really excited for you've seen Kobe Nicholas the other one who was released from the AFC now coming back great story overcoming depression and alcoholism. We spoke to him recently so I'm happy to but I agree with you. I thought there would be more Danish fighters for you when you were fighting and you were you know main eventing and you're a top contender. Did you ever try to push for this to happen happened. Like is there a part of you that says like man. I wish you guys would come when I was an active fighter that I could experience fighting in my home country. I never really pushed for it to be honest with because back then it just didn't seem too realistic. It didn't seem is a very niche in Denmark and it's still small. It's smelly ino soccer and handball and but it's gotten a lot more mainstream attention especially hereafter. Mara got into the sport because he was you know he's a well the owner athlete merger small country so we don't have too many Olympic medalist sports so mb an Olympic medalist and making the jumps in the doing great job in as brought more mainstream attention to choices for. I think it's definitely helping get a if more attention but also now in Denmark. Is Everything Holding Mason of course. It's grown a lot. You know when I when I was there Morgan fighting you know it was tough to get five or go to Sweden it fights. I'd go to England Goto Russia. I travel a lot now. We just had a lot more easier to get an amateur fights here in Denmark we we had located then this week. Here are Jim you know where that was tuned to get fights and and get experienced so it's growing stuff that growing. It's a lot since I started getting into Denmark and there's a lot of people it's done a great job helping in that progress and I'm sure you're responsible for a a lot of that because for the longest time you're the only only Danish fighter fighting in the AFC and certainly the most successful. How big of a deal is this event like you feel a lot of Buzz Frit? Have a lot of tickets been sold. What kind kinda since you get? I think a yeah I live in Copenhagen but I'm definitely a loan. Invent ordering and I feel there's definitely going a lot of bus. That's a lot of the mainstream mainstream media that's that's caught up on inviting stories an open contacted about it because of my history in the AFC so definitely I'm expecting hopefully sold out arena but if not then close to sold out arena I think is also is going to bring a lot of people from from surrounding countries. She'll because we have a lot of European fighters. That's under car so we're going to get an older Jack Ham Manson on on uh on the main event you know he's a great guy two so Lebron come down from the Ole Sweden Sweden and and there's a lot of guys it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be cool that I'm looking forward to it. After he retired. We were called you coaching team. Alpha male and I used to live in Las Vegas as well. Why did you eventually decided to go back home and not stay in the United States? Was that always the plan or did something come up that brought you back home. No I always I enjoy living the US soon but I've had three kids in the US and when you get kids it's nice to also sometimes be closer to your your fam- family relatives and that was part of the recent moving back to Denmark in one of my kids experienced growing up up in the in Denmark and also it's nice to be close to your you know grandparents to take care of released. Oh yes you know you have you. Have you have a kid as well so you know. Sometimes I get a little released absolutely yes. I have three as well and I don't live in the same country as my parents or my in laws so I know exactly what you're talking talking about. It's a nice luxury and so you went back home to start coaching. Is this what you do full-time now your coach at this great Dane School. I'm coach here and a lot of things also coach at our school for Physical Education Converts where I do martial-arts and of course her coach mark who sir fighting this this week area going fight card I have a web shop with my wife and I have a bunch of the different stuff that are this together making taking plenty of time but it's all it's all a big bond together smaller pieces that make uh-huh when you think back on your career what was your favorite moment favorite fight favorite performance favorite moment. Is there something that sticks out above the rest are aw. I don't know if I have a favorite moment you know fan. There's a tough spot but just by I fight winning in the AFC was that's the the big big deal for me because it came on the US coach nation to fight hoping to get five. Maybe on a smaller fight card and then I I I got a fight on WJ which was trying to kind of compete with the seafood came in and spend a lot of money in eventually they didn't stick around. You've see bottom up. I got a tune to find. UFC was really a really big deal for me back then of course every fight I'm thinking the fans so yeah but just getting my my feet get the door morning getting established in the AFC great experience my favorite Barnum in the J. Kellenberger when I thought was massive for you. I still believe you beat Jake Shields. What do you think do you agree man i? I don't know I think definitely did more damage but to be honest with you I was I was really disappointed. In my own performance I thought I fought aw an invite a smart fight you know I thought I could afford fought waste mortar so even though you know some people think that want it I I'm mostly thinking about. I didn't do my best. I didn't find smart and making it too much of a groundfire where I could you know sit a play. I was trying to submit them and playing into Jitsu game. I I just found around a little bit more but you make mistakes you learn from them and that's some of the stuff that I can carry on and show to the guys that I'm coaching here. The retains everything's and also to Marcus who's fighting this week and of course that fight against Diego Sanchez and Kentucky was phenomenal Carlos Condit fights. I mean you have had some classics. The did you ever sit back and watch them. Do you show your kids what what what they're old man. Did you get to educate them now and it's been a while since I watched any of my fights but really will amount that you maybe now that you reminded me. I'll have to go. I have to go check him out again. Showing my kids in all of this is eight so so does he have any sense because you bring into the gym sometimes and offerings Jim but there are dim warned soccer everything out here right they'll do wrestle wrestle with them and stuff like that and on scrambled fight a little bit but they've Judah for a little bit but they're not dividing regardless I was who do they like Peter Schmeichel. Isn't he Danish. He's too old. You don't even know that he is Exon. Kessler smartly was good goalkeepers. Well there you go all right so mark mats and look up for him right. That's the guy this Saturday and another thing about him. We worth you've. CPI This Training Vegas came off for training camp they do those strengthened explosiveness test out there yeah and he took the record to out of is allow for one fifty five when they won fifty five the most tested weight class really this is start. He's a he's just the different level athletes you know when you do the Olympics all wrestling doing your whole life he's and these starting pickup Samson and and of course he's got solid wrestling but sure hands and getting heavy and again sharp and you guys were just in Kazakhstan right. Yeah we just came back from Kazakhstan because United Wrestling will will will championship wrestling was out there and he already committed to to doing some common Sharon worked for him so he wanted to know honor that commitment even though he had to fight sit up so obviously best thing to the fight camera beaches to not go to Kazakhstan at this time when he wanted to it's the commitment so we went out with him. Took some good training out there. It was really good experience to of course all the wrestling there but also to get to enjoy Khazakstan. I bet wow all right well. I gotta say man. It's really great to catch what's up with you. Martin and I'm really happy for your success in that. You're still in the fight game and now producing talent that we're GONNA see on display this Saturday like I said when I thought of Denmark mark I thought we need to catch up with Marin. Kevin and I'm happy that you're going to be there in some capacity and I'm also happy that you have in scratch that itch I respect greatly when a fighter walks way and just walks away and we see too often guys coming back and I understand why they come back but they look like shells of their former selves. I respect you for for ignoring that rich as much as possible and now training guys and giving back so keep it up man continued success good luck to mark this week and we'll be watching for sure. Thanks Earl always a pleasure to talk with you. Yes we'll talk to you soon. There is Martin Kampman stopping by great to talk to the Hitman longtime veteran top contenders had many any great victories over the likes of Jake Ellen Berger Taegu Alvez's Rick Story Palacio Jacob Volkmann Carlos Condit Rivera dramatic February's tells ladies I mean a WHO's who you also great poker players well so great to see him back and looking forward to mark Matson's debut this Saturday. This is a great card by the way sneaky good card flying under the radar like I said at the top some really good names Jack Hermansson against jarred cannon year. We'll talk to her Manson in a bit Mark Mattson as I mentioned Gilbert Burns against Nelson Elson Khalil Roundtree p Nicholas Dhabi John Phillips CR Bahadur Zodda macy's Angelina Landsberg Mark Casey Against Landover Jack Shore making his debut Brand Davis. There's a lot to like all right. There's some of the lineup before we move on to our next. Let me tell you about our good friends over at vivid seats by the way Jake. I gave some PRA- for this last week on the importers which I know you all love that you can download each and every week on the same feed that you download at this show. I mean you use the same song every week. I mean from what I understand. There's a very extensive library of songs at ESPN. Perhaps we could switch it up. What do you say pick this music? Yeah I picked it back in June of two thousand eighteen I mean I didn't say the yet to stick to it. I mean let's switch it up. Perhaps this week we're going to Denmark. Denmark play some Danish music next week. We're going to Australia place. Let's get in the mood here. You know what I'm saying. I mean it would be nice to see you. Flex your creative muscles. You certainly like to flexor muscles. Just in general flexible created bustles anyway before move along to our highly anticipated next guest. Let me tell you about our good friends over at vivid seats. You know I love them. They support us us. We support them. We know that may fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world but that doesn't mean you all don't like to watch sports. We know you do so listen up because vivid seats is offering ring. ESPN fans ten percent off football tickets but you have to act fast head to vivid seats DOT COM and enter Promo code ESPN at checkout to receive ten percents off your first order vivid it seats as the official ticket partner of ESPN and with one hundred percent buyer guarantee. There's no reason to miss a game this year. Don't wait this offer ends soon head to vivid seats. It's DOT COM and enter the Promo Code. ESPN twenty-five for ten percent off your next order get off the couch. Get into the action. Your team needs you. God bless the Buffalo the bills they don't need me because they are three now all right so today on the show we have some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts we have Jose mas well coming up we have Daniel Cormier in his first interview since his loss at UFC two forty one talked to Leeann Edwards. Jeremy Stevens Got Jack Hermansson Anson when I put out the lineup though about this particular week all the comments were about our next guest and he's not even a fighter but you love him and and to be honest. It's long overdue that we have this man on the program. He is a comedian. He is a podcast. He's an actor. He's a host you know him from the church coach of what's happening. Now you know from the job experience you know him. As the incomparable the often imitated never duplicated the pride of Bergen County the pride pride of Cuba the pride of Colorado the price of a lot of things the Great Joey Coco Diaz on the program Joey. How are you my man good my friend how are you? I'm doing great. Wow what a response to you being on the program people flipping out people so excited. I never seen anything like this before you our beloved. Did you know this. I I hear it. I hear it but now is this mike well. I feel like you're being a little humble. Well like I said it's that's right and I appreciate you downloading skype. Is this your first time doing a skype interview before Yup just for me. It's free you will joe. You're great man thank you I appreciate that the skype is kind of going in and out of your way. I want to hear this from you. Should we reconnect with Joey because this is going in and out. What should we do okay Joe? We're going to reconnect with you. Stand by okay because the skype is going in and out there and I wanNA. I WANNA get joey. You know these days as the facetime has been a lot better than the skype if I'm being honest. I'm not trying to pit the two between each other but I'm just saying it's been a lot better corporate. Jake tells me I can't do it. There's there's a whole big problem back. It's mad at me. It's a whole do a whole to do. All right. We're going to reconnect joy is a lot of you very excited to hear from him. After Joey Diaz we're GonNa talk to the Great Jack Hermansson who of course meets jared cannon year this Saturday in the main event of that show in Copenhagen after that we'll hear from Sudan sat down with him on Thursday before the press conference in New York at the get up studios in these South Street seaport in Lower Manhattan and then we shall talk to Daniel Cormie as well in his first interview since UFC two forty one so I'm looking forward to all of that also in addition to the Denmark hard by the way it's a loaded weekend of action. We've got the bell tour doubleheader on Friday in Dublin Bell Tower Europe. It's one of those weird ones where it's like. A bell toured Europe and also bill twenty seven. I don't really understand how they break this down but but Benson Henderson versus myles jury is I think the headliner it's a little confusing but it's in Dublin. There's a lot of local guys the you all heard from James Gallagher is on the card or I should say James Gallaher. His opponent had to pull out last this week but they were able to find him a replacement and then that's on Friday but then on Saturday it's the conclusion of the first round of the Bell Tower Featherweight Grand Prix built or to twenty-eight Patricia pit bull against one or two letter Leona machida against Giger Masasi to Darren Caldwell gets Henry Corrales. That's a great fight I saw Rogers against Daniel Vital Georgie honey and against Jay McKee and AJ McKee is the son of Antonio Mckee and his dad it is fighting on the prelims father son on the same card. Isn't that insane that hasn't happened very often Antonio Mckee legend of the game now trainer coming back fighting on the prelims on the same card as Sun Twenty eight six thousand two Antonio Mckee. Aj exile also on that card who else does a bunch of names there the android go sean bunch. That's interesting one so that's Saturday in Inglewood up to no good good California and then Friday is the to twenty-seven what else is on this Belto Europe card Richard Keegan he league gets Michael Vana page of course Peter quickly returning that card has kind of been ravaged by a all kinds of injuries and cancellation and so they've had to cobble it together and then the twenty-seven card has keefer crosby on it will flurry France Mambo Bowl and then much local guys on the undercard as well also in addition to all of that cage warriors. Is this weekend cage warriors one. Oh seven seven. There's also an elephant card. Elephants future somewhat in limbo after the sale of access TV but they are putting another card been talking to some people about that as well so a lot of a ton of Emma may going on this weekend. It never ends. It never stops what's going on with my guy. What's going on Wednesday? Okay what's happening on Wednesday. You said Okay you want me to promote air around the bad guy to have anything to there it is right there all right everyone say I on the bad guy and ESPN plus on the platform that we built shale NI- with our own hands are far shoulders by the way how `bout NFL primetime getting on ESPN plus these days isn't that incredible. I actually go out and watch it. ESPN PLUS is the place to be so yes every Wednesday show some love Jalen. I doing our show area on the bad guy. It's tremendous as Joey has is likes to say it comes out every Wednesday at around six thirty seven. PM also do mayor reporters everyone say what did you say corporate jake no problem I don't I never know when you're talking to me. If this is for the world to hear or should I relay this message also let you know by the way that next week we are off because it's Russia Russia. It's the Jewish New Year and so last year we did a show on the Jewish. New Year was on a Monday again. I don't know how it happened. Two years in a row. Oh and I felt horribly guilty but I was new at. ESPN and I felt like I couldn't miss it but I said to corporate Jacob New York Rick at the time back when they were friends and working together that I will never do this again because that's that's one of the holiest days for for people so I decided that this week will be obsolete off next week will return the following week all right. I'm told facetime. The always reliable is working much better than skype. Let's see it Joey Dee as are you there my man Joey. Can you hear me okay okay. Let's see if this is better where you doing this from a cave over there in California. What's going on our house our WHOA fire? It's all good my man well. I appreciate your saying something. You're you're sharing with prey so I didn't WanNa miss that I said that I love what you do that you've been doing this is day one on on your own you as you have gone and got the best in the business. I watch your show. Whatever I can appreciate that and I know no? You've you've had my back as well so that means a lot coming from you joy. When did you first fall in love with them and may we we c talking about all the time but what I ju- you to the sport and this is so but Chris Lebanon really why that one it? It just happened to come on as I was watching. TV and I never saw anything like that before in my life and I dug into it now I love it. Was this before you were friends with Joe or after I was friends we're GONNA pretend in years and I would hear about this nonsense. I grew up on Bruce Lee and karate schools. I knew nothing about you Jitsu and not in so M Andy Eddie they'd be like whatever you know because I saw the first couple of fights the guys looked like me like they were begging out of shape and I thought it was barroom brawling but then once I saw have to send started watching other fights I I became a way everybody else and I've seen clips. I've seen the gifts of you in the karate guy. Is that legit like. Did you really practice karate back in the day from seven to sixteen and from twenty five to about thirty okay. Why did you stop at thirty now because I got into drugs and comedy fair enough and have you had hours? I go ahead now. I go to tie twice a week. I'm fifty six. I left and I try to get a role in once a week on the Lord's what's Day wow so. You're very active so yeah. I gotTa roll brother. I gotta be top of it. Wow you have a six year old. Is that your only child. That's all you need is one look at the budget. I like it so you had a kid at fifty years old. Well done something guys fire their wives look the receptionist and get a quote that not many I thirteen years. I knocked my wife up okay and do you let your son watch your comedy stuff and listen to your podcast or not quite yet by the book succeeding curving the House no alcohol in the house she goes to tie. I wanted to have a different childhood. I hadn't New York City running around like a savage average so we're out here in California. Everything's very nice. No drama and I like it that way. We say no cursing at the House I mean you're sort of infamous for your cursing. It's sort of second every third word on your shows his at home nothing nothing laughing because it's it's servicable. Whatever that word is irreversible? I learned how to curse at my mother's bar. When I was her age you know and then being an immigrant you come white kids? Don't show you the right words they show you curse words first and then they show you the George Washington the name but usually teacher curse words so it stuck and here I am fifty six years later and so. Is this how you know so much. I've heard you you talk about the immigrant mentality. This is where you learned it from. Absolutely it's a immigration tally is like this you have to be better. Your parents raised you to be you have to be better than the white kids and at the same time with this pressure at the house you have this security. You don't know the language people are looking at you know so that's how I have to say my favorite clip of yours like I watch time and again just to put myself in a good mood. Is You Joe Watching Eddie Alvarez Against Rda that to me is the all time great. That's the best one by far that moment of you just getting all fired up and talking about Philadelphia whereas Conor McGregor now I mean that was just incredible that passion that excitement excitement. You know what I'm talking about. Isn't it amazing. I love her. I Love I love and I love the direction. You have seized on back there again. We've had a couple of good cards last couple cards. No drama great sportsmanship and I applaud Dana for November second for the belt. I think it's a great idea. It's GonNa be a great fight and it's it's a fight for the fans. Finally it's not tape of us and it's not about throwing things at buses if you're a fan anime you're gonNa Watch this so I'm excited about this a fight coming up. I feel like you really don't like honor the Uber You bring them up you into subtly. Why don't you like this man? I love Conor McGregor. I Love Gregor. Ah love his range. I loved his personality. I'm you know Irish and Cuban a very close. We got close during the Battle of the Boyne a sixteen hundreds as there was a war and all the Irish went to Cuba because it was a Catholic country I love my wife is Irish. I Love Everything about Colin Gregor. I think that when he got into name it changed a little bit too much and now back to leverage acting acting Kim and Rasi through offer a bit but now we're back on even ground again and I hope it comes back and listen great fights waiting for colonists so no I have nothing against. I just didn't like the antics that were on for a long time but now back home. He knew it's interesting when you go back and watch that clip of you reacting to win. I don't know if you remember this is kind of Gregor now and you kind of predicted that if he ran into Eddie he would get smoked of course. We know what happened so that it's it's Kinda crazy to watch that clip several years later. That must have been shocking to you. You seem very convinced that Eddie would steamroll enroll him. I thought either at your whatever would stain roll him but like I said when you fight conor it's it's half as on so much mental yeah when you go into the when you go into the APP got your head space has to be in a really good replace. You can't get intimidated. You can't let the height get in there. I think that's what happened but I think that's what happened to a lot of his early. Fighters Peter's they let connor massively. There's that's Kinda does the best is get into your head but that could work with you or against you in my neighbor next call listen on your way that works with you most of the time but on the other and it works against against you sometimes but not Kinda fighter and I love what he's done for the USC but there's been we've all had moments. I love John. Jones don't hate what's happened with him but I'm a tremendous fan of John Jones and a dear friend so your dear friend of John Jones I love with all my heart comes to Mexico. He comes to the shows. I knew him before he had the title are used to call them. Fear of a black landed obligate every go when you see John J-o-h-n just call them fear of a black planet got it John Jokes okay. You guys just chill out together. I've never seen a map okay spoke for him and then I went to the club and Albuquerque last year and he showed up on Friday night looking tremendous and we spoke and I gave him a hug and he he's a gentleman we we also gone down to Jackson's camp and hello my next venture is at and T. to say hello okay okay you know of course we know at at at. At there's a very proud Cuban fighter there you are of Cuban descent. What is it like for you to see see what is become of Mazda skies exploded all of a sudden going through this year I mean he was just a good fighter the hardcore neum now he's a mainstream star when loves them Cuban Jesus? He's got the the beard. He's got the scarface outfit. What do you make of what's happened to to Hora Jorges coming through zone? The Prime Ammann's prime is between twenty six thirty to win somewhere along that route you find yourself as a man and as a fighter and when they both also meet or whatever you are as an announcer comic at that point met George is a different person when he makes me very proud. I was a fan of George fifteen years ago because tournament is corn amendment to be yelling in Spanish pitch methenolone guy at Paso that means smack them in the face and I would sit there at home howland saint myself. You can't smack people in the face it's USA. That's been tally of the Cuban. He would say mentally guy at that so that's why he talked how you know I chill means that when you say talk that means to touch somebody that's lose corner and I'd be laughing. Nobody else would catch it and that's how I reached out to him. In power and the we became friends live and would it be safe to say or safe to assume that you're rooting for him on November the second I know I know you like Nathan as well I got I got a big problem here. From Spain Yup my cousins has decided to jump off in Cuba but nick his family said we're going to go a little farther and they went to Mexico and then they shot up wherever I live from nine zero nine up there so nate Diaz is the man I I bet late Diaz against Canada I talking just because his Jitsu skills and I know what it takes to digital black belt and I fall unloved. I've never ever met nate never met nate my life. I was very proud to seek that he had lowering Russ against this. It's he looked great and I think like I said this to me is the best fighter the last five years because it's the fans it's not about paper view. It's not about drome bottles. It's just about the fans and at both acting like gentlemen I saw a picture tonight out at one eighty two afterward and I am this fight as a as a friend and as a gambler. I'm not gonNA got a better. I'm just GonNa sit watch and enjoy like really. USC Fan. Do you bet on a lot of fights. I bet on the ones I know I can win. Yeah okay all right. When's the last time they won? The biggest one was laid. I Have Frank E. The against years ago against one of the guy what he fought the three times I I better rate remain the second fired or something I took my wife Joe gave us tickets and was the last time I put one and I don't remember okay but I usually don't Beckham about 'cause everybody's focused on the main more than these dating. Nobody has a crystal ball as usually good fighting the prelims or the undercard that you could make some money on so if there's something I really I I go after it but I'm such a fan that I wouldn't WanNa ruin it for yourself like I did when I was a kid football and I ruined if the myself with not Europe Street I WANNA watch it as a fan so I'd rather not waste money on it. Yeah you mentioned the fight. You love the title. Is there a part of view. Are you like an old school guy where you're like. They're making a fake title here this you know this this is. WWe Like does that bother you or your all in on this you love it not at all this is not wwe. I think this is brilliant of the sport. I think every once in a while two guys it doesn't mean everything about this. Let's just get guys that WANNA battle it out. I mean I don't WanNa see Shawn beat up the Russian check. My heart began up. Nobody wants to see that right but I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of different. You know let's take the chance Columbus dead you know maybe Feed Bay drop down to something and John Jones go up a little bit and it doesn't mean nothing to your rankings. I would like to mix it up a little bit. Yeah you love Steep Pitch Steel Pick which I love St Bela Frankie Edgar Cowboy you know I can see that the next fight McGregor the easy option for the UFC would be either. Somebody like cowboy was had to fight losing losing skid and he looks like an easy prey or Frankie Edgar. Both of those guys got a good fight left him. You know poconos is is or you know when you fight McGregor. You'd rise for Kinda McGregor you get you get knocked out because kind of touchy with that left or you could take into five rounds or something but I'm also excited for Communists next move because it's gotta be Dustin Okay Kuei Justin or just pick out one fifty five to one fifty five the visualization the NFC east healed day. You had the skins you had the eagles and you had the giants and the cowboys and Ukraine. Somebody didn't pull a Lotta Gun. You pray that somebody didn't pull out a gun like where's John Riggins. He might on a gun like this is what one fifty eighty five is become. Just engages exciting will wait to see what could who is gonNA. Do you know Dustin Corey. Whoever Dustin Ankori fights next expect brain damage your this fantasy expect the ball learns language? I feel bad for whoever fights Dustin Poirier next I love this. That'll I'm very excited for the one fifty five division. I think John Jones is cemented for five steep as back what I like to see him and Daniel. Maybe maybe not AH maybe maybe I'm a big fan of Daniels and I'm a big fan of St pay so maybe maybe not one eighty five. I'm excited for my man whitaker when he comes back so the USCCA exciting again. I'm excited I rented rocked persona how to pay okay for you even though I had to pay for ESPN five I like it. I don't care you're in all right. We appreciate Your Business. Thank you it has has to be. It has to be against bill right none of this other stuff. It has to be Ferguson Vive next right. Well listen giving me. I WanNa see me like three other Fan Habib against the cooling. Yes that's the obvious choice. DSP's raising his hand. I hear rumors about Gig speed you that again that is do dat. Let's give that up. I if nobody wants to see that yet we we WANNA see the Kuwaiti about against B. But could defiant. I'm a comic. I don't make money home. Oh cracking jokes in the mirror right so he's got to fight somebody. He's a fighter. Butch trucks could always push ups as we speak you know so if you're at the USC by the way what did you make of Moslem is with US outfit at the press conference. Did you see that Tony Montana outfit that he was sporting listen man. He's like out in a Lido's way in the beginning doing what he said. Oh I'm Katherine back. He's he's on fire these days then he shows up in Mexico with a Sombrero and the the bullets. Did you see that as well. The guy is just using our cheese mall right now yes and hit an emanate a donor great gentleman nobly stainless to each other and when you happy happy when you're smiling that's local Cooley. He's in there doing the Mambo on the mock arena. This is tapping you ABC's again you know and I'll have to clinch might festival when I'm watching them sweating so I'm very excited about the next couple of months to see what happens the back do. I WANNA see speak to be watch it but we all rather seek to be in Kuwait and get this. Who's WHO's your favorite of all time? Favorite side of all time to guys like cried. I saw get knocked out a couple of times as chocolate del Wow. I don't like to see I don't like to see I love this so much. I don't like to see him. Fight live. When my friends fight live? I cannot go to the fight because if you think what happened was bad I will throw chairs. I will go. I'll get a heart attack right at the garden at one of my friends. You know I can't do it when I'm attack somebody like that. I don't WanNa go to bites. I'd rather see it on TV because if he does get it my New York City Cuban Jersey Santa Rita sex scene on line one fat leg trying to climb over the dude is trying to push me back. I can't go see my friends fight so by the way can ask. Why do they call you mad flavor flavor? That's the name biggie smalls gaming. Did he really give you that no group amazing. How much do you enjoy podcasting casting you love it? You seem like you have a great time. You're one with action. Bronson was a great one one of my favorites we had him on the show last week as well. I love hearing you guys write about food. Yes no I love podcasting. I love what it's become. I don't love that. Take hold things against you that you say that because it's not I'm not being judged judge. I'm not being you know that work. That's why the five cats because I enjoy being free talk about whatever you know but besides that I love podcasting it keeps you work. It keeps your heart out there. It's like riding. The subway in New York should tune which what's really going on. You know so I you talk to the people and so you're doing that. You're doing quite often any any comedy specials coming up any movies coming up. We'll see more of you. You know what man when it comes to comedy specials. I'm no good. I'm no good uptake. I'm better live live on the savage. When I'm alive and I got I got the podcast will do? I've been working on a one man. Show at the comedy store Los Angeles. I'm rich cargo this weekend at the Chicago data Friday night so I'm always busy. I'm always doing something plus. I got the six year old. I got the PTA meeting Wednesday night. You know all that stuff you show up to those things. Do People know what you do in your in your your day job. I look very gluten free community over here. They looked at me and they think they think Donmar John Gotti's nephew. They don't say much. Let me go prepared to these things when I go some parents average speak to me. Some parents look at me but I don't care I might I'm trying to try to raise it so it doesn't matter what they eh you know coincidentally. John Gotti's nephew John Guiding the third is is a pro fighter. Did you know that he's doing quite well. He is yeah he's undefeated. He's good so they just think of that. Yeah who punched against just going reads on me. I'm going down getting beat up one way or another Roman. You're by the way when I was talking to action. He told me like when he's performing. He's in the back watching the fights. He's doing everything like he surrounds everything around like he the fights it's our thing and then he works around to do the same like when you're out on the road and you know there's a big fight. Are you watching them as well backstage in your in your dressing room all that stuff I try everything anything I can't you know with my luck. I always get booked and then the big fight comes on on that day. Obviously I have family out out there that I want to go see on the roads so I'll do anything I can watch the fight at the club. I'll call a week before walk out. Pay For it myself. I'll do whatever I can't always. There's always a dish washer away to was somebody at the event. It's a fan by myself watching together. I don't like watching a fight after it's on right yeah no because what happens so ways yeah I can't well joy. I gotta say this has been a huge honor for me. I know you're very much in demand and you speak with such passion and I think you represent the fan when you speak about the sport and the fights and your excitement is contagious. It's really just a lot of fun to see you react to it into talk about in your podcast is very entertaining. I mean I was really blown away. I know you're very famous. I know you're very popular but to see all these fans so excited for you to be on the program really warm my heart so thank you so much for doing this and hopefully we can do it again soon. I wish you nothing but the best to your family keep doing your thing my man and continued success you you and your family. It's essential my love. I will thank thank you joey. Stay black brother are my man all right Salaam Aleikum. Thank you very much. There is Joey Joey. Coco says says wow what a legend a living legend joining us on the program. That was a lot of fun. I appreciate his time busy guy but definitely check out his podcast if you've never heard it it's the the Church of what's happening now. His twitter feed is hilarious as well add. Matt Flavor gets you a very very pumped up for the day very excited for the day so keep it up and check mighties in Chicago this weekend as well and I think he does a phenomenal job with his stand up so well done joey. Thank you very much for joining us okay. Let's go back to the Copenhagen Hagan Card this weekend. The main event jared cannon near Jack Hermansen huge fight in one hundred and eighty five pound division. Let's say hello now to the joker for himself. One of the breakout stars of Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Jack the joker Hermansson. I should say jacker you are great. Thank you for having me when you have you have to emphasize her man right not just Herman. It's Hermansson exactly okay. So where are you right now jack a aw home here in Oslo. Norway's also know when you go to Denmark at tomorrow tomorrow. This was the one you wanted right. You just wanted to fight on this card. You've been talking talking about this for quite some time. I know you wanted the card. What about the opponent? What did you think when they gave you jared Kenan near? He wasn't my pick you know right so hard artes together Kelvin guests and I know that the UC really tried to to engage him and we really make him to take take the five bucks he. He said he's not ready for this date so he could make it happen so I just asked who's next in line and they said the Jerry and I said all right. I WANNA be fighting here here. At home. I WANNA be fighting in my and backyard and the end to be the main invent the Copenhagen so yeah I got to roll with it and the consideration of both the could have been happier with open a were you aware of what jared has been doing has been somewhat on your radar eight are once you were offered him. Did you have to go look them up. I knew who I knew that he he was coming from behind. You know with a lot of hype than the greater middleweight so our suspecting that they were gonNA offer me to the best of your knowledge. Did they actually go to Kelvin offering from this and he said no yep I I spoke briefly over the Internet with Kelvin as well and and he said that he didn't want this day T- wanted the five they wanted later this year. not dissident okay so you actually were deemed with him or something you we. It was an open conversations throat something you know I really try to you know call him out. It's a little bit and it and commented on some post and so it was not really conversation but it was clear that he wanted to five bucks. They're not not on this date okay and for you fighting and company I mean you have ties to Sweden ties to Norway. Obviously why did it mean so so much to to fight in Denmark just to be close at home almost every fight I need to travel far and the I- it's a enemy territory as is a nice feeling to to to be fighting close to home where a friends family and fans is going to be able to to see me live. You've and I want to grow into the role of the leading martial artists hearings can maybe I you know especially now. sent her step down so think it's time for somebody nobody can take over the throne man and I think that has to be mean so I felt that this may event was made for me there. I obviously don't live there but I'm just wondering is there are a lot of buzzes the first time you've see when they go to a country for the first time usually it feels like a really big deal and we were just talking to Martin Kampman. There's only two Danish fighters on this card so I feel like they're adopting you as one of their own. Are you sensing a lot of big deal or do you think you'll you'll you know a lot of buzz for this or do. You think you'll only really feel that. Once you get there tomorrow. it it. It has been some bus but the I'm looking forward to see how the the vibes are. When I get to Copenhagen then I expect there's going to be a great show and the and the community we will enjoy this? Has Life changed at all for you. Since you be jock rate you notice. It's a difference yeah I do it. It's a little bit more. people are recognizing you. You WanNa you get a little bit more media attention than the and so on but the my life looks pretty much the same you know I'm training twice a day and eating sleeping and that's what I do so I don't see too much you know I don't know if you saw this interview that Jacques did recently with them. May Find Dot Com talked about dealing with depression after the loss and being very emotional afterwards. Do you read that and if so how do you react to that knowing that you're like it was because of your now that you have anything to feel bad about her feel guilty about but just that he was reacting to something that happened in a fight that you were involved in. Do you have any reaction to that. you know I can relate to that and I really felt reject after their fight a really understand that he was really really close to to the ultimate goal and and he has been in the game for such a long time and he was so close to get title shots and the then I'm coming from where and the and the destroys that so I really feel with him and the and the understand the feeling so but on the other side the the you gotTa do this in this game so you can't show mercy when it's time to fight you say that you can relate to him. What do you mean by that abandon similar experiences I remember after I lost to Jerusalem? Those were really really felt like yeah. yeah I felt like shift words. When I got home I will see the state that the probably never have been in other situations felt the super I could look into a wolf for several hours without moving without the been able to think type of emptiness and the the test to be some kind of depression so I can relate to that feeling after like how did you snap out of that? It was hard because I felt like the only way I could snap out of it was to get back banning and to continue to grow but I I was injured after the fight so it really took some time before could train properly again and that's really helped me back act like six months later AL's able to train appropriately again and and the I started to feel a little bit better so yet to get back in there with new goals and the and get back in training. I think that's the best medicine and let's see January is going up away class and has new fight so oh yeah I'm happy and interestingly enough since that fight you have not lost and so I'm wondering if that feeling that you experience afterwards afterwards fuels you like that is part of your motivation for not losing for for not feeling again. Do you think about that a lot. Has It stuck with you what I did after that fight was that I got a mental coach so since that FIFA I got the mental coached and the I learned to a have both to be better prepared before fights but should should think like that happened than than I'm prepared for that as well so I really feel much more comfortable now going out there and the and I feel like I'll able to perform closer to my ability itself working with him so really recommend that to everybody that's struggling with preflight nerve Arab sort the persons off defied so mental coach assists is great if you can't find a google. Do you still work with him. Yeah I do. I just had a meeting with dimmer like a one hour ago. Wow in like this last meeting before the fight. What are you working on? We're talking about preparations for the fight week and making taking shortcuts up with the older stressful things away that everything is prepared for me to go as smooth as possible the things that I'm going to be thinking about on fight week and the issue is Asian and so on so I wanna be as prepared as a camp for the week ahead them what's coming in. Did you suspect that for as long as you fight you'll work with someone like this absolutely but the work was more intense than the stark and they'll I have learned to muster muster many of the techniques that we working with so we're not seeing each other as often as before but more like it briefly and these reminding me of a couple of nothing send the and so on site. I believe I'll continue to talk with him about the nuts not as much as in the beginning you talk to him before the fight at all or or was it. I think this was it but he might have made that. I can call him anytime. A fight should need anything so I. It's a security for me. If if I need us and just curious because I'm fascinated by in this in this winning streak was ever a moment like the night before fight or the day of a fight where you felt you really needed to talk to him and you and you call them once. I can't remember but I don't think it was. I like acute situation or anything like that. I just I think that we had a shot at the hotel room and the it just reminded me out a couple of being said I need to think about so. Usually the work is don before I travel and such a big difference for me right now I am I am before so it's even hard to put words on important that because before me so the winning streak now makes sense ever since you started working with them. You're undefeated four. No one of those wins came against David Branch. Did you hear last week that he's been suspended the two years by Asada Yeah. I think that's my second appeal. I think Bradley Scotland suspended as well so I got two of those guys right now. Did you suspect anything with him with when you fought him I mean it was a short fight but did you did you think of anything like that. No you know I'm very careful about the judging people from the performances or deluxe or anything like that I think ever a little bit to talk to you but when it comes to mentioning people name seeing the in doping situations so auber careful with that you should not take anything from anyone that especially if they hasn't hasn't proved guilty also so right now one eighty five is very interesting because pollock Pulkovo. Excuse me had that big win against your Romero back in August and you're having this fight so close to the middleweight title fight which is in a week from your fight October fifth costs us says he's flying out. There says it he's been invited. I know you think if if you went on Saturday you should get the next five. What do you think do you think it's going to be costs a I in? You're probably going to have to fight someone else this if somebody's injuring themselves on probably the one getting in there because cost I won't make the way the I if if it goes like scheduled at believe Costa as the next one you know he's on the heated and the big name and a lot of hype so but I'm happy to have a elimination fight with him if they want to. If not the I will wait for my turn but I know that I will fight for the title eventually and But definitely it's. It's me or cost for next time so I if I beat can on there. Are you saying that you're going to fly to Australia after your fight in Denmark to be standby fighter. Is that what you want just if you would ask me to okay. They haven't though right okay this time next year. Have you fought or will will be on the verge of fighting for the title yeah for sure that's online. That's my goal and that's my vision next year. I'm going to be the USA championship man a I think it's realistic through to think in the end of next year there will be a possibility so yeah. Let's see my mind all right well. The next step is Saturday against jared cannon near by the way congratulations I think you recently signed a new contract with. UFC correct that's correct well done yes well done so a a lot of exciting things for Jack the joker Hermansson and they continue Saturday on ESPN plus against Jared Cana near main event in the first ever event in Denmark. Thank you so so much for doing this. Before you fly out Jack I really appreciate it and all the best to you on Saturday. Get so much aerial speak to you all right there. Is the joker always smiling. I love that Guy Guy always in a great mood always happy and what a fascinating story about working with a life coach great stuff there from Jack Hermansson. What did you say Corporate Jake? Did you say something to me. Okay so should we wait. Wait now right okay but of the a change of plans if you will we're going to actually be joined in a couple of minutes by Daniel Cormie and then we're going to be joined or we're going to air interview with whore. Hey Maswadeh so five minutes from now we'll talk to Daniel Cormet and then will air at the Mazda del interview I appreciate everyone tuning in our show by the way don't mention it enough on the the live version of the show the show does rear actually doesn't rear like a one a one our version of the show a cut down version that corporate jake and the rest of the team back their work on airs usually at around midnight on ESPN two but there's some new elements to it that don't air on this particular my turn back the clock segment which I like very much in in this particular week we look back at the seven spinning back fist knockouts in UFC history and I didn't know this I don't know if you guys news but the first ever spinning back fist this knockout and UFC history was by schone Carter Mister International. I had no idea that he fought against the guy who is on looking for a fight now with Dana Dana white friend on looking for a fight was actually the guy in the fight against schone Carter. I had no idea why didn't anyone tell me this. That's one of the best but of course it ends with the Steven Peterson knockout on Saturday which was actually a counter to a spinning back fist from Martine Eighteen Bravo counters it and nails him an unbelievable turn of events. That was a fun car on Saturday. I enjoyed it. You didn't Aldana looked phenomenal. Maybe her best performance to date in the UFC couldn't help think of Henry Pseudo as I was watching Brandon Marino people like to laugh at Henry so who know pseudo people like to call them cringe and make fun of him and all the stuff none of this would be happening without him if he would've lost to T. J. dillashaw on January nineteenth of this past year in Brooklyn. There is no flyweight division. It's dead like I don't think enough people realize this and there's a very good chance at Henry's bruce who'd never fights again at one twenty five that way cut takes a lot out of him had he lost that fight to Tj. They closed up Moreno himself himself had been released went to Ella fe brought him back Nave Got Kaikoura France Sergio Pettus look great in his fight on on Saturday and return to one twenty five. There's there's a legitimate case be made that if it wasn't for that one particular win and in everything that he did leading up to that fight and everything that he did after that fight in the build up to that fight there is no one twenty division anymore isn't that amazing the guy singlehandedly and I know he currently he's on the longest victory tour of all time every single event whether it's an Abu Dhabi Mexico God knows where I mean he's probably GonNa be Denmark this weekend. As well every single event it seems like he's they're sitting in the front row huffing and puffing with a a replica medal by the way not the the real medal but it's real gold but it's just not the actual goal metal. I'm not even sure if he got the gold the middle back remember a couple years ago. He was in that fire. He was at this retreat somewhere in northern California. It was in that fire and the whole thing you know his whole room. Tom went up in smoke and he actually lost the gold medal. He brought it there because he was there to do some promotional appearance so I don't even think he has the real one back because I think he told me that he has to go through a whole process get back but someone made him this replica out of real gold so he he shows up to be events with it and whatnot he he deserves a lot of credit. It's unbelievable what he's been able to do. I suspect that his next fight will happen. In the first quarter it could could be against Dominick Cruz. I know they've talked about Joseph Bene- feeders but I think it's a little too soon right now to to pinpoint who he's going to fight because does he still rehabbing that despite his his world travels he is still rehabbing that shoulder my colleague Mark Monday over at ESPN okay. I'm sorry Moreno. Someone's getting really mad at me. I Apologize. I guess I was calling marina more no more no more ran no this from mark Monday of Espn Dot Com he spoke to your Rodriguez. Your call the beginning of the show we spoke to Jeremy Stevens about a an incident that happened yesterday at the hotel as he was leaving. We have the son okay. Here's the sound from Jimmy Stevens and then I'll tell you well you Rodriguez said about it. Do not have the song we got into it at the hotel trying to come up and be cordial. He comes up and he's he's trying to maintain the. I came here to compete in fighting on. It's like shoving back across the hotel and get into it with a little bit. Where did this incident happened in in the lobby and someone that you're saying that this wasn't like the wings or anything this was when you guys were away from the cameras bringing down my back checking my bags Linda's Dongo Gaza Food and then we're taking often comes up like all core drilling giving thumbs up like hey everything okay and I comes up like shake? My hand is trying to be like a gentleman you know I I get it. and you start stop shitting is I really I'm not from trice school on Industry. I'm here to compete. I'm here flight. I'm here to kill you. You know so right away. My my mentality was back the fuck up so I shoved him on his coaches his dad his parents. Nobody's just how what will so that was Jeremy Stevens side of the story this from Mark Monday just posted right now on ESPN DOT COM rod quote Rodriguez told the Peon that he went up to Stevens quote unquote nicely and asked how his I was Rodriguez said Stevens told him it was fine and Dan Rodriguez said he asked him if it was okay now what happened in the fight things escalated from there quote he pushed me like a little expletive and I just told them you live the rest of your life with that in your head if you could continue and didn't shame on you quote. I'm ready for the tests and the proof if I'm wrong. I'll apologize in public no problem. That's more from your Kariya's all right. That's the story there. We'll see if they actually make the. Let's not do I just want to get to do we all right all right so in a matter seconds. We're going to be joined by Daniel Cormier. This is the last time we heard from him. This is following. UFC Two forty one in Anaheim last month at the Honda Center a lot of times you based decisions Asians in we based decisions and emotion. I don't WanNa be that guy you know so I wanna go back and talk to Selena talk to my coaches and we'll we'll figure I figure out what what's next okay so everyone wanted to know after that flight would be next for Daniel Cormie of course he has talked about retiring at forty years old world wondering if that was the last time he would compete in the last week Dana White tying several media outlets that they were working on a trilogy not fight against CPA Mitch. Let us not speculate anymore. Let us talk to the man Daniel Cormie who's kind enough to join us there. He is how are you you. I'm doing good what you what you guys I. It has been awhile. DC's been awhile since that particular location was on the show. We haven't done one from that spot in your house so it's great to talk to my man and before we get to anything I just want to send my condolences. We've obviously talked in private but you know because you lost your father there recently. I know how much he he meant. You just wanted to send my condolences to you and your family and ask you. How are you doing several weeks later after the news of his passing okay? It's the hardest thing I mean my dad was was a fantastic man and you know he really sacrificed a lot in life to try to make a life for us in to lose him was was terrible. I mean it was just so fast. You know we went from we went from a year in about him. Having a form of cancer March colon two April they told us that radiation that gotten it and he was good in in two amine early euro. You guys did that interview in east exceed in June like the thirtieth in July I my sister city look sick so he took him to the emergency room. They told him that he had the robot from cancer. We just didn't know also also home of July. You know we dealt with trying to find they told my father yet six months soliven so we the whole month scrambling trying to find second opinion everything else to try to help him but two days after you guys did that interview it just it's just creating out fast at disease can run through somebody especially a small man like my dad. How much was he and his his illness on your mind as you were preparing for that for you didn't speak about this in the build-up? But how much were you thinking about it. This is a very slippery slope right because you know I don't want to discredit steep in any way I want to give that disclaimer claimer prom. It's hard whenever you're dealing with a lot of family issues but he he won the fight you know and he would have won the regardless but you well it is what it is. You know we all have our problems in my burden was the only time I think you know more than anything thing area. You know like when we when I was going into the fight the week prior about a week and a half beginning to the hospital in a second home Sunday before to fight so when are too on my love got sent home in are everything's good you know and I thought no. We're going to continue to try to find out what was happening. You know that giving him some new medication rigid very hopeful and and my parents normally right front row for the fights and you know they weren't called before the fighting on it was back in the hospital. You know some lot to deal with but ultimately steeping wanted to fight and he wanted to regardless. I guess you know we know you you take losses hard. You wear your emotions and your heart on your sleeve and we saw the clip of you afterwards we saw in the cage. You're very emotional to deal with the loss lawsuit. You were so disappointed about the result but then to deal with a real life thing like like your father's illness in the span of a week. I was just concerned for your well. Being how are you you handling it all mentally emotionally. How are you handling those two traumatic things happening in the span of a week? One loss is a hard on me than it was very difficult but you don't sleep as a good guy great father and you wanted to fight but I'm you know I just went back to Louisiana and the I think when I went home knowing what I knew fight was the furthest thing from a mind I went back to my mom's My father was just really sick. When I was the only concern so you know I think I think it keeps things in perspective a little bit you know each able to put things in perspective you know like the much as I love love sports everything else you know my family and everything is It's so much more important beyond in that moment I would have given any title any amount of money anything. Try to just help my dad. I went home to that. You know so ideas put things in perspective the dealt with my family you know for everything spent eleven days in Lafayette somebody dying years and you know I got spend like the following week at five with my father in then the next week with my mom you know as we prepare for the funeral funeral services so it just really helped to put things in perspective anyone I came home after everything now I have to deal with the effects of the loss you know but it was really put off for a while because more important things to the precedent into my focus from from from the fight in the midst of all that you went to speak to the Texas am football team just days after the why did you do that. I was talking to Jimbo Fisher to coach and he said boys. Do they want men do they're supposed to do you know there was a lesson to be learned. In that moment you know that I made a commitment to those kids to speak to them and it was my job in it was what I was supposed to do. You know I'm not a kid anymore. Kids do whatever they want. Men Do what they're supposed nice to do. in was supposed to go there in on Thursday. I spoke to some veterans all overcoming hardship you know and I I was dealing with it. In the face. All versity in infiltration said this he goes D. C. Loss biggest fight of his life last Saturday and he goes you think he wants to be here. He goes. There's no way that's why zero and men do what they're supposed to do and so I'm wondering now here. We are a month and a half or so removed from the flight have you I had the chance or did you have any interest in sitting down and watching the fight from start to finish no I haven't I watched the Fourth Rama to fight that that was it because ultimately that's what those are the things that I need to accept. I think when you are dealing with it's something that's hard losing a fight. You need to see a don't cloud your judgment with any success you may have had deal with the underlying Ryan issue deal with what ultimately led to the result and would alternate led to a result was was was me doing certain things than the end of the fight just truly ignoring all advice from the some of the best minds all sport evolved could have your Mendez Zindel Sanchez Sanchez Leandro Vieira it. Was You know it was me not listening that got me beat and ultimately I deserve to lose that fight because if I will continue to win that fight or one that fight it would not have been the lesson that I need right now in my life. What should you have done differently in that round? you know I think just been a little more cautious. You know the issue for me. Is I fought very emotional in that fight. you know just fair very emotional in you know obviously that's it's easy to do. Whenever you're landing just everything you throw in but also just just just out there essentially fighting you know I'm I'm generally pretty guy seems to the point that had times booed out of building you know but everything we trying trying to do was what you saw in wrong number one and then at the end of it was just like you know? It was crazy when you say you so. You've obviously been there with guys that you don't like John Jones. I mean that's one of the greatest rivalries in history the store. Why were you fighting so emotionally steeped? We know that there was some friction but why not you know I think you know when you're when we get to this fight area like everything was going so well beautiful e sixty peace and everything was going so well it just the the world was at my fingertips Simpson but on the backside I was going through so many bad things and I think I think you can't control. We'll anger the no one we had. We you know we went to the arena by five thirty and I called my parents to say bye and then I'm GonNa talk to mopped fighting back in the hospital. Also what you know what's going on in in again. I'm really not trying to take anything using away from meal. TRAJAN corn adjust loss but I felt like I did a lot of things better. Did you feel like in hindsight. You got a little overconfident often because you were looking really good like that. First Round couldn't have gone any better and I remember them telling you corner. Put Your hands up. You know respect power. Did you feel like you're feeling yourself a little too much. I think I just didn't feel the threat in the honestly I didn't feel the threat in wrong. one-two-three the three. I think Steve did a great job. It was like she was hit me in the stomach right and I was feeling them but they weren't really hurting me like they weren't hurting joining me but then the very last one before finishing hit with one right over my rib and when he hit the river tight my belly in like my hands drop up and then he admitted a beautiful combination of top that was just great work by him you know and it goes to the fighting mind for mindset in the the ability of steep coach you know he went you went hard body shot in and I'm like the one that hurt me. instead of chasing that again he went up top. That's the one that it may across the tin and that's my started to staggered. I've generally been very good about not allowing that follow up strike to hurt when it went. I'm hurt but this time he was just so straight Chris that it land there was nothing I just didn't see it when you watch the fighting in particular that fourth-round which you said you watch and then you see him win and celebrate and do the dance and all that what does that do for you inside. You know it's weird because it doesn't anger me. It really doesn't anger me. You know I mean a guy a guy at his moment you know a guy had his moment especially in that way me this guy got hit a hot. You know and yet to go through a lot lot of sustained a lot of damage any any any wintered got the job done so I mean love celebrated. That doesn't doesn't affect me. I mean he had to stand through me and brock listener. do what we did last year so yeah I I didn't I didn't I didn't affect what affected me with my kids. You know my wife looking at the face might children and those are that's what affected me wasn't doesn't his celebration or watching what my children went through is what hurt that hurt. I just felt like my whole whole life. I live for protecting my family. My wife and my kids and I just couldn't believe I put him through that you know and they've been the fights. Would they never seen the other side in That's what hurt 'em dancing known them celebrate. That's expected. He wanted heavyweight champion of the world. Would your kids say to you after the fight. Sh It's it's tough you know. My son is a he loves. The sport loves fighting and I sit down cry and you said I'm trying not new trying US trying his hardest to not cry and he just could not turn it off. I think that's the first time that that he was so emotional and didn't know how to deal with his emotions in the you know did I thought he was very brave in very strong in those situations Joycean 'cause they're. They've got cameras pointed in their face because everybody wants to see their reaction to and I thought my son was very brave. I thought my daughter was very very the wife was very bray in a sense that they were the they saw that I was hurting in. They were trying to be strong to make sure that I knew that my support system was was very very very strong and they were they were GonNa try to hold me up even hurt him just as bad but I thought they were break. I was very going back now. I'm very proud of were as you know. One of the big narratives going into that fight was whether or not it would be your last night and I saw a clip of union in the Locker Room afterwards where your son asks you. Is this your last fight and you said you didn't know and so obviously the big question Canales a month and a half later. Have you decided if you will keep on fighting. You know I just never again can't like I didn't have time to really process decision. Immediately knows more deal my family. My Mom lost my godfather in May which brother in the husband in office also as more worried about my family didn't really precision assistance in then I got a call from Dana couple of weeks ago. We spoke at length in he talked me I of the front and and then I ask questions about microwave because obviously if it's his job to do also and that's the way I'd WanNa. Do you know I I I said let me think about when talk to Bob in the Wayne. Ravi Air was endo and my wife knows they are all like hating see whatever the side will do. It was Selena. You know she goes you. Don't invite their this is not how you in. She will lose again. You know it's just meant to be you know but for you to be fighting as you did even with the worst fight Iq McHugh in the history of your career you managed to go out ahead going into that room that you laws it. Also you go fight your fight. You don't want if hyun moves even when you fight your fight. You know we're fine you don't you don't want him like that because I don't want you to do this now in in four years down the line and start start going. I should have did inside to do it right so I'm. I'M GONNA fight this guy again in the mind inches to fight him in the right way and hopefully that's enough to get my hand race but I will fight him again. You know win or lose. I'm not fighting whiten again here so beauty only time that I ever stepped foot in the off guard again so the next one is officially the last one next one will be the last one and and it's against steeple it has to be sleepy no-one house managers and is that offer on the table right now from the AFC. Do they want to make that fight. Yes they WANNA make that flight. They want me to sleep in yeah. It was fantastic. It was a fantastic quite for all the wrong reasons. It didn't have to be a fantastic to fight but it was and I'm not saying I can just go grab sleep. Emil blown down it will no but I can do a lot of things better than I did on all the seventy and is there a date attached to that fight right now as far as the offer concern. Now you know I think sleep is dealing with awesome stuff. you know I'm ready. I'm ready to go whenever the sooner the better for me. you know they after the fight I spent thirteen hours or the Disneyland I want my home. I had thirty eight people from Louisiana that had never been so I took a model Disneyland and the I'm ready to ago. Just waiting for a date to to preeminent will fight again. I know they're looking for a main event on December fourteenth. Is that too soon or would you be down down to do that as well. I'd be down to okay. We're GONNA becomes available that will work for me. I'd be happy to get myself Freddie to go as you may recall was quite the journey to get to the second fight with brock stuff and you had back surgery as well. Is there any part of you that is concerned that steep it will try to turn the tables on you and make you wait and make you sit this one out and drag it out to the point where you'll say I don't WanNa wait and maybe you do are you just can wait as long as possible and get that fight. I'm not gonNA wait as long as possible if he doesn't want to fight them okay. He doesn't WanNA fight but I I didn't necessarily make him wait purpose. I quoted awaiting actually because I had back surgery. I didn't have the go ahead to just go just the moment I got the go-ahead to start training. I did you know what I did as best I could but the reality is like with my back. I probably could could awaited more time for it to heal but I felt like okay I it's functional enough to go. I'm sure you WANNA fight so it's what I do. I love to compete in once. I thought I was good enough to train. I said Okay I'll I took a fight. You know so it wasn't because hours like trying to mix deep a meal wait now. I just had back surgery in December and can do anything until April and I started training camp in Maine so I went soon as I could in your talks with Dana waiter the UFC brass. Your management have said that they've offered this to St Bay. Do you know how he feels about it right now. They just told me they're going to go up. CPI that's it you don't. I'm only worried about what I can control. I cannot control servicemen it. I get a fight offer identified offered in it's up to the other side. That's I'm only going to worry about what I can control. Yeah I mean I'm not in a place right now. Area where I'm chasing. I'm waiting. I'm begging. I'm not doing any of that stuff. I don't need to either. We're GONNA FIGHT A we won't fight so it is I mean I'm going to see what happens. I mean I hope he fights you know I hope he fights me. Run it back like arena back with him. I mean I didn't necessarily have to you know I could have that big win last July and and said wow that was beautiful in Walker Mario's you know but I imagine of the brock listener thing was on the table for them. They probably did it to such a massive fight but the the moment. They told me he wasn't fighting us. It'll play as I said from the moment I stood for any reason. Bribe doesn't fight. I'll give him this rematch so rightfully deserves and I did had you won that fight in August now. Could you tell us in high tech. Would it have been your last one. Would you have walked away at that point probably would have been done yeah. I would feel good to walk away from the sport only reason I'm fighting against a guy that beat me in IBM. That's breath. I love to compete and I don't WanNA finish like this. I'd say because even if I go to him again at least I will fight my fight. It's the released feel good enough to beat me under those terms didn't it is what it is. I've lost four. I've lost a lot of times. I've lost targets Angie's arrested matches. Sometimes I'm just not as good and I can deal with that but at least let me give my best effort four. NFC as coaches Vancouver yeah and I can I had seen a guideline congratulated tone great job you know like I liked Marksman Ellie L. E. N. coaches. I think are great guys. I told him congratulations on getting a job done no hard feelings. I just know that I just want to give give my best effort. That's it and you know what's going to happen right. They'll do the trilogy. Let's say you win all right one more against Jon Jones. You know that's coming Dana. The white is openly talked about that. This is what he's going to offer you but you're saying for sure. There's only one left at this morning Junan fighting steeping yields and that's that's it for me. I don't know what are hard to convince the ground. I WANNA go fight skin lead sleeping. I I WANNA do that. I WanNa do it right. I want to meet my I WANNA go up there and and just do what I'm supposed to do. Fight the wealth to fight and and get my hand rates and if I don't again as long as I fight my fight and I played the way they're not capable of fighting. I'm good with it and so here's my my big question. You said you fought emotionally too emotionally in that in that second fight considering that you've lost to him and considering everything that you've been dealing with your father. It's going to avoid not fighting mostly considering that. It's the retirement there's a lot now going into no listen listen when I was going through nothing should ever nothing could ever mashed ahead. You know nothing could ever be worse than what we dealt with a family so I don't worry about that and plus. What are you going to do the same thing again lose again? I mean what does that do for you. Driving do better. It's all you can do is try to I try to give lessons all these young men and women that I that I need to try to live by now. as as I chased his potential earth fight we found out after the fight. I didn't know this. I don't think many people knew he doesn't really talk a lot. Did you know that his father was also dealing and with with cancer as well going into that fight no I did. It's pretty that's it's crazy right yeah. That's that's that's what I don't like to think about that too much. Okay it just feels. I don't like to think about that too much because I never I'm so happy that him and his family don't have to. I'm so happy that they don't I really am I don't. I don't want anybody to go to a winter but that's a weird one very very odd very weird. How is your body Eddie feeling after this issue the hand issue like forty years old now? How are you feeling? Are you up for another training camp. Tom Hardy aren't the the reason I would like to go. Sooner than later is because I feel great you know like I don't feel as if I'm run down or anything. I didn't hurt myself in the fine. I didn't hurt myself in the camp like I just feel good and it'll be better than just give rolling right away. better get rolling right away. Will you do anything differently as far as training or are you sticking with the same guys in the same same spot with the same kind of game plan you know I think my coaches did a great job of getting me prepare. I just didn't execute it's on me. You know it's it's very simple to could you watch a guy in how bean just executed the game plan that was put out in front of him in look at how well he fought. Oh you know it's it's a matter of executing things that you are training with your coaches. My coaches had me prepared but they're so changes all spend spend more time with with my strength conditioning coach off Guy Care McCoy was a two time Olympian. He was the head coach at Stanford Head Coach University of Maryland. He's GonNa come down in really overseas. The Russell portion of my training camp a guy that I've known since I was on the team and he has no problem saying hey do this better or do this different Is this a real voice the true voice that I can he will tell me everything I need here in the Russian department. I've got guys that really speak truth to be Rosendo does Bob it does all of those but it'll be good to have that common voice from office back in two thousand one of the most high level arrests. We have in the country country to really oversee what I'm doing in that aspect of my game. Will you watch the whole fight in its entirety before the third one or do you have no interest. I we'll okay I will. I think when I think when I do it'll be a matter of accepting everything that happened. I think it'd be a massive mistake. If I did watch it but I will at some point I will not will find the things that I did well. In the bad in on there were a lot of things I did. I think I gotTA respect this. I gotta respective and it's great to land at this at this at this insane percentage of strikes but let's do a lot less of them. I guess and I was surprised that you went to Vancouver. What was that like being back so soon working at a fight being around other people you just mentioned seeing steep as team but was was it tough to be back so soon or did it actually help lead you to this decision like missing it again? It wasn't even about missing the fighting. It was it was it was Kinda getting your head on the whole you know it's just kind of worn everything that you're going through and again. I scheduled to work a month after my fighting wooded I'll tell you before we'll do men do men do they're supposed to do and that's what that's what I did. You know I wanted to work and I called the fights. In in in I came you know every damn surrounded by people that love me dear to my wife is an angel angels. She loves me so completely and she's helping me get through all this and eventually you know it always gets better. You know so that's kind of how I feel right now. I feel much better than a few weeks ago. You're not supposed to you personally and you know it was not good. You know I'll feel better today. I did a while back so for those that missed Daniel Cormie moments ago said that he is ready and willing to return for one last fight will be against steep amiach. He wants that he wants that third crack but that's it after that he wants to right that wrong and is ready as soon as December fourteenth that is tremendously exciting. a lot of exciting things happening your life. The saints got back on track. Your guy drew brees is out teddy. Bridgewater drew who no big deal many a d. C. is doing his thing Doron Win October. Eighteenth Kyle crutch mergers got signed by Bell Tour GonNa make his debut a lot of exciting things but dare. I say this clip right here to me is the most exciting of them all look at Dan Dan himself look at this man. He gets shot by thirty three. What will you step into my the man who you step into feeling myself? I'm good. I'm clap what it's thirty three going to step the Dan Dan like that. What do you what do you feel when you see your son act like got a little swag a little pep in his step and they get those steps to him? What does that? What does that feel like to see that I think like I think like who is a WHO is? This boy is out of his mind. You know it's great man. All you ever want a boy's boy. Talk little boy that I don't. I like his swag when he got up. He amazes me every day in everything he does. My daughter just had this fantastic. These just unbelievable performances at the gymnastics gymnastics competition a couple of weeks ago is just so crazy like watching my children grow into themselves. You know I love watching Daniel in that football fuming. He loves it. He loves the contact. He loves the tackles but it's not just him. I got like five five rutger's on the football team in the you know I've got these clips from all making these great plays Bradley Kato Liam Liam Leiva Daniel. They're they're all making these fantastic tackles in. It's like watching those kids do so well watching low. Dan Get up there after he makes a play. Hey you know what I love. The celebrations not being right. He's GonNa clap himself and walk back to a thirty three kind of gave him the show the ball that was so funny. It's it's great. I it that those things make me so happy. Those are the things that are that that gets you through the tough thing I want to kick gymnastics six and I hadn't been for a while and she round off does complete back flip. I'll call her mama. needling what will start happening been for a while all but I watch him in there just making me so provident I'm so happy and so proud of what my kids are becoming and on top of that beginning September twenty eighth on the platform that I built ESPN plus which I'm now sharing with Alexa view jail and others new episode of detail featuring Israel Sonya how about this little graphic right there the last style benders September twenty eighth of course just days before his title fight against Robert Whitaker you like doing this. Are you enjoying it. I love detail. It's so far on in its soul. It's so great to watch the fights would from a different perspective in just truly explain to people what's happening in mixed martial arts now I can go into. I can give you terminology that you'll never understand but I wanNA. I want to explain this to the next fighter that wants to be me that wants to win two championships in the AFC are championships in other places. I want to be able to tell them. These are things that you need to be taken from this. This guy in this guy in this in this guy to try to build yourself into the fighter that part B. is great in the most beautiful thing about detail is if people all say well to the masses disguise better this guy's better well they show not necessarily for this show is for the guy that wants to be a world champion and that's what I love most about Kobe in his his brain. Kobe is mine like don't worry about what people think worried about that kid that zero zero that's one in two zero. One three in Ed kids says you know what. DC does this so goods but also if I can explain et kid a fight like Israel in this sense our fight conor or be in this sense. That was my job in regards detail the fans love it as that means that that's that's Lonzo. That's icing on the cake. That's extra. That's just a little bit extra but Tom is for that guy. You know four that guy that wants to fight become a world champion watching intake from any final message to stay good. I hope you recover goes. Well you know and and I'm glad you got your moment. I was weirdly. It's weird to be to see someone that worked so hard rewarded especially when it's at your expense bottle like that he had his moment at you. Don't ask me having to go through what I went through in terms of the sadness of losing the title so I want to get that back but we weren't a back you know eight true heavyweight rivalry rivalry will carry a sport and I think right now we have that which steeper and I and I intend to go back in and get the job done and fight in the waited. I've been trained to fight the way that has made me so successful but of course my my career and hopefully for your sake were staying away from Anaheim at this time a when I left the the Hans Shunning sworn how driving the bus and like everybody in the cars just holding up the bird towards issue on the Senate what the horribly the haunted slow bed. I told my boss at TV. I'm not even calling fight air anymore. Because I may walk to the fall and break my frigging or some. The big little Selena actually told me not to go back there. She goes don't go back. They don't fight there. She Puerto Rican Aaron suspicious. They're superstitious as we are on Louisiana and I sent him on in a break it. I'm GonNa do it does not matter and she goes. Please don't go back got. One is just too much in listen. They say you should always listen to your wife. I should have listened. I learned my lesson well. You are listening to her. This time you're coming back. Thank you so much as always. DC We talked about a lot of things thanks for doing this on this show. Thanks for talking to us. I appreciate it and hopefully you get that fight sooner rather than later my man thank you so much. I appreciate it all right there. He is the the one and only Daniel Cormet will that Shoji fight happened December fourteenth. We shall find out it is certainly interesting and there you have it. He is coming back. He has one more fight in him. He wants to fight steep a he wants that trilogy flight and now let's see they get it done sooner rather than later I'm told St Base dealing with some injuries right now and the UFC would like for it to happen on December fourteenth. Let us see interesting stuff fascinating stuff from the always candidate the always open authentic Daniel Cormie alright so let's end on this go from. I'm Daniel Cormier to perhaps the hottest fighter in the sport today or Hey Mas Vidal is enforced. Go as I said on Saturday he could do no wrong last last week. He was in New York. I had a chance to sit down with him. At the seaport studios in New York City where they've filmed get up we went face to face to-to-to so we were sitting in the same room this time and we spoke a lot about his past a lot of things that I didn't know about about the rise the Cup of one Jorges Maswadeh here's my conversation conversation with the man who will meet Nathan as on November Second Madison Square Garden November Second Madison Square Garden. UFC Two forty four four one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history this man for him as well against Nathan for the title. How are you sir uh-huh gory aerial often? You're dodging me. You're saying that you're going to do my show. You don't show up. You're seeing it'll be on camera on the now. I got you in person. Finally I you know I love you. I I just from from the world itself. I say you know isolated from but I love you. May Not I wouldn't be here. You know what I can't stop thinking about. As I say November second four I think about that as well. We'll get to that in a second. You've been doing this sixteen years. forty-five pro fights going into this year. How the hell did this happen going into this year going into this year your last flight? You didn't fight in two thousand eighteen so you didn't have a lot of momentum. You're out doing the reality show your last flight was at. MSG Not even close to the main event not even close lost that fight if you told me that night or he might as well in a year and a half half is going to be main eventing MSG and one of the biggest fights of all time. I wouldn't have believed you. Would you believe you that game. Bird wanted to believe but that game is no longer with this guy got buried a long time ago. It's this guy right here. You know so that guy wouldn't believe you. This guy knows what's going to happen on November second. How'd did you get rid of that guy? We had to catch a body where he's no longer with us. You know but something rose better I I just had the pro shut down a lot of negative program out of things in my life my outlook on certain things that I had to change in and and with Dad's come the success that I got no not as you know also like you said. I've been doing this for sixteen years so I got a lot of people don't know I've been sharpening tools a lifetime. You know I got more than sixteen. Sixteen Years in the sport is sixteen years pro been amateur for some time to so is just literally lifelong journey you know what did you say negative things like what let's say anything negative like my pants you always filled with candies. I got kids candy snacks and stuff or snap APP no more veggies foods for everybody then if if there's even the temptation finding that that's not what happens because the pantry still field with snacks but it's much like life life a lot of those negative things you're in the pantry. I removed him out of my life. I won't get into too much detail but there's a lot of things that are that are not part of my life. You know okay so that night like when you when you lose to wonder boy you have your call a moment where you're like. I need to make some changes here because I'm wasting my career. Definitely I need to make some changes but we got time time. We've got time well you. This guy was telling me before the you'd better come with the hot stuff like I don't usually we're. We're going to warm up. We're warming up you sit in the woman. Well some time passed in the fight. You know obviously heartbroken because the loss of everybody wanted to win against one of the boy Roy and I can't get a fight at the time also got some injury so I told my manager in a nursing injuries that I got fix up a couple things and then get back to doing that process. Maybe maybe six months passed by. I'm ready to compete. Let's go. He's telling me on okay. Let me get you a fight. Some time passes by he gives me a call and my manager's is really good at trolling. I don't know if everybody knows this means so after putting me on numerous trolls he calls me and I go. Hey what's up and he goes. Hey Man I got this reality. Show so for you go awesome. I'm not in the mood for the troll today. Some time passes because he has the same proposition on the day. I WANNA fight. I don't WanNa be on the real world or crap. I WANNA compete you know a man. I can't get you a fight ran on. Nobody's really WANNA fight. You know this gigs getting Sweden in Sweden the more you say no go there for a couple of weeks. What happens ends up being that I go for the show thirteen weeks and there's no phone mobile TV? I've said numerous times but this is kind of how I got to find out exactly what had to do. It sounds Corny as it may be but being out from away from everybody just by myself. I got to find me just listen into my voice not a million different opinions or some stupid song on the radio anything I just got to hear my own voice and and what I want done in my life before I close the chapter on fighting in these are some of the things I don't want it done in my life. I'm still nowhere near where have to get at but I'm pointing in the right direction. My my my mind body Iden- Spirit is pointed towards the right direction for a long time in my life and my career show these last four years that I got she'll be a roller coaster very rarely watch. I'm GONNA snatch everybody. Nobody saw every time I fly. I love people when I fight you know that I just took their breath away. I love that feeling so he's last four years. You're going to be going to be there's going to be something wild man so in the end the reality show must save your career saved my career say not reality show because I could have found this in but it helps out forbid in jail you know just having that that who moment that constantly being when myself finding out here my voice making a detailed so plan on what I'm GonNa do what's left of my career so even though you you saw the light so to speak and you had the plan to see where you're at now to see the kind of year that you've had I the 'til fight which let's be on going into that fight. You know it was a fight but we didn't expect this explosion. Then of course what happened July and now it's happening in November is part of you. It's like Dan. I can't believe it's actually happening divinely fulfilling these dreams that I know I'm kind of mad at myself took so long so as my my good friend and manager did you because he knows that I had the capabilities and but I told them at the start of this year I also told him Amberg because you've got to have witnesses man I I just don't be caught and stuff in there. Everything I've done this year. Almost call it not really almost called it to a t to the few close to me that have been there on General Manager for American American top team Richard Puma Dan Hamburg on my manager along with my coaches. I've been calling in out of the police way before they get done so they're like in ten just like I told Lisa so we got big plans November second huge plains so have you call things that we haven't seen like other things that you call that we haven't seen come to fruition yet yeah. I'm not a prophet but man you guys spot on with a couple things. I can't get into detail or some of them. I gue- fascinated by the higher ups. You're going to hear that I got this Sabah brainpower. The one killed me okay but there are other things it doesn't just entered. The number on November second is is a gift to the world right so you had probably feeling that nate was gonNA since you've been foreseeing I. I wasn't sure on on the nate thing if it was going gonNA happen. I thought obviously it's a strong possiblity nate for starters of fighter more than anything I know he's chasing the money just send me but that guy wants the fight to get him out of bed with motivation. Motivation hit the heavy bag. I'm that guy you know why not because I'm the funniest the best looking at nothing not simply because I'm gonNA come to kill you five the chance and anybody Eddie fighting. He knows that that's not motivating enough. I don't know what is being said. This fight manage just speaks awesome yeah right now. I'm pretty heightened I could. I could go run five miles a hit the background on pretty like so. Where did the change come because there was a time where you were getting split? What decision split decision unanimous decision? You're losing the close ones now. You're like five seconds. Don't blink knocking out until you feel like you've changed as a fighter later as well. Oh definitely definitely you're more aggressive not just that but like reverse engineer to my whole career numerous times but never in-depth death like I did this last time when I was in isolation under the stars just me got in the universe and I'd seen everyone on my decision losses in my head and and went back. How could I have one that decision? I was my first answer and then I immediately killed that person in thought and said why the Hell would I look for Wade out point a guy and should beat ending them like make a math formula so there's no judges involved and that's all I've been trying to do and that's what I'm GonNa do what's left of my career like you said I am the poster Cheboygan split decisions that have the most split decision losses in the UC currently right now. It's not something that I'm proud of but it's true so taking that into consideration I had to it'd be like man. No matter what happens is not going to be known for that whether I had one though split decisions or lost some I wouldn't WanNa be that guy anyways that I was in such an hour competition. There's a lot of fights. I feel I've been robbed terribly in but it's just like man I got to figure out the formula to execute these guys because when great sportsmen when triple-teaming naming a great player. Let's say Michael Jordan. He finds a way to win. He finds a way to get those buckets. We gotta find a way not to get too decisions. I gotta find a way to eliminate opposition separate myself from the pack baptize people so there in outer orbit when they come back. There's no question of who better manage and that's that's all I'm trying to do. Separate myself from the pack so you mentioned something about when you're at the reality show and you kind of had a chance to speak yourself but it could have really been anywhere said something that kind of stuck with you said it could've could have been in jail. God Forbid Yeah. I said the Trim Joe because they'd be music TV sure in a lot of things from not that I'm not in any way shape but I I think a lot of people don't know this. You have spent time in jail about that. Why not we'll skip that one? I'm just curious. Why did you go to jail? So is it just being a dumb kid. Let my surroundings. Maybe maybe you know a lot of a lot of things going up wanted the best decision some of them you no. I don't regret because it was like maybe fearful my life type things and I did certain things and whatever's part of my my journey my history you know I'm not courage nobody to do in Vigo activities on Bass off my history but I had to go through to get here. You know feel a little something someone I'd get here on unshakable movable. There's there's nothing fazes me. Nowadays you know. How old were you when I when you were at Disney world? I know the other Disney the complete opposite and those are rumors rumors I don't want to do that might not even be true. You don't talk about it. Skip okay can ask about your Father Eh. He has been to jail as well yeah well He. He's a very strong INS- instrument in my life and my career I grew up visiting him. Independence injury entry since for drug charges okay and his first sentence was twenty two years he did about eighteen of those years years so I grew up visiting him in anything you're straight eighteen years straight wow yeah eighteen and some change because then after that he's he's not American Cuban so he doesn't get deported so he's in another type of system for another year so really did a little bit more than that but this whole process I grew up with them. I I was in this setting he would tell me things that from that side of the world only know from that dark underground world in how not to get there and he would just lecture my mind of once you get here my son. This is quicksand. You're not gonNA do anything in life. You're not going to get a job. You're not gonna any so it was very grain than me going in the system seen how mess of it is and then hearing from him not in the show. I I think my dad you know 'cause if it wasn't for him. Who knows maybe I would some of the things in life that that that I said No? I'm not going to be a part of it. I'm just going to spend my Friday nights at the gym and and get better on my take Megan sixteen years later. I'm human but when you were getting in trouble Mattie like was he like son. I'm disappointed ended. I tried to tell you for a fact man. It's hard when you're always that right. He's always been a best friend to me so him just saying like just giving me like a hedgehog like I remember being young visit him and then he found that I got into some type of trouble him just giving me like one of these it would kill me. He didn't have to hit me screaming nothing so he definitely help guide me away from anything negative and so when he got out after eighteen years. Has he been cool since has he he's been good. He's a standup citizen. What does he do now works for me? We work together a lot of times. He has a couple of little businesses but his life. My life is like a walk in the park compared his ear. This gentleman really had real hard life. He came from Cuba. The age of fourteen he stole a tire from a tractor turned it into a raft him his best restaurant at the time in his uncle's best friend none of them were seen merchants or none of that they just said we don't want to be told what her favorite color is going to be or what to watch TV so they left Cuba de uh-huh defected and they ended up somewhere in the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands I forget and from there they got extract it to the USA. So that was fourteen at the time in all. Oh he knows is just streetlife from that time on he was in section eight housing project housing. He was in the worst neighborhoods possible with no guidance whatsoever so his life is something that there was so impactful to me just to hear like man good thing. I don't go through all that and you're here to guide me and that's the reason why I'm here the Times you know he's from Cuba. You're from Peru yes man. Where did they meet? They Miami Florida Okay and her life. Maybe a little calmer than his yeah until he meets him and then has this saw Wah was it. My mom only had one child and she said after you there'd be no more kids ever again again coming out of my wound justify this what she said just for the fact that one might come out being half of you know why. I wasn't invited the birthday party so I was like fourteen years old because I'm what I just have a lot of energies tough for me to sit here this long you know right. Now I really WanNa get moving and do something. I was very hyperactive as a kid beyond over the top you know you could tell a little bit mischievous troublemaker yeah okay and so early an insane amount of energy may mix with like bad intentions okay school. You'd get in trouble as well. Yeah not always finding stuff but I don't know maybe I broke something. Something crazy I disappear appeared for like a week and then I came back though so I I was a handful for my mother and did she ended up having more kids. No one really one and done wow brags about it. You know I I wasn't talking till I like family. Birthday parties wasn't allowed to like thirteen fourteen years old till they thought it was civilized enough to get reintegrated in the group again. Wow you're really excluded from everyone a little bit yeah yea that's wild teen I would think and they started from the period of six like I don't know how long there was like Oh. We've got to control that animal when you bring them. You know I are your parents still together no no they haven't been together for ages. Oh really okay what happened. Just kind of I mean just imagine just an eighteen year. Try think was was long enough. I don't know married at the time they were married when he went in. I don't know how in love they were with each other the now at the moment because there's different sizes but I don't know I don't I don't know if it would last if you hadn't gotten in there or not I have no idea. Are you close your mom now. We're cool super cool we they know you're very close to your dad. Yeah my pops and my best friend new moms a super cool but my my my my my best friend so you see them a lot with me but I got a lot of loving Emma Rachel for my mom. She busted her but to get numerous times. She was working chat got a full time job at this dollar rental car place shed a part time job than a night. I remember she's to pack up like necklaces like she'd make necklaces all night along in our wake up like at two in the morning as a kid and see her working and be like man she just left to work came back from war in still working might not make ends meet and those type I booth visuals installed a work ethic that you can go to the greatest Jim in the world American top team and ask any of the coaches there who's got the best work ethical one of the best work ethics and they'll tell you that's me man I I don't. I don't pull that knee off because I'm just so talented. I rep anymore than any human being walking this earth. I'm in there everyday day. GIMNASTIC repetitions my running my sprints my swimming. Whatever it is that I gotTa do I'm out working everybody in that room and a big part of that is because of my mother the work ethic that I saw that she she had wasn't saying to me you know and and I was at a young age and this impacted me no so that's how that's how strong over work I think that immigrant mentality they say now? It's trendy to say but it's true you know. She came over with a work driving them. When my dad went away shed to turn it up? Even more you know when you're going through sort of that uncertainty with your dad away and you get into fighting fighting around fourteen right. That's when you start dabbling with it. Yeah like thirteen fourteen years old. I really start trying to train places. I I started training since young. Maybe like four or five five years old. My Dad tells me but my mom was a conflict of interest. My Dad was like yes put him in that he could burn the nervous energy all that crazy azules stick him in the two three hours a day. GonNa come back a better human being my mom's like you're gonna make a more aggressive. Just GonNa make him worse so it was always like that turbulence. If I do bad in school that they take me out of the sport fourteen hours really like I needed that outlet and that was my outlet that was as crazy as it sounds growing up especially the gym where people are trying to rip your head off my safe zone always meant. It was if I had a bad day if I just biting get to eat for whatever we if anything happened if I go to the gym that does my safe zone so I always looked at the gym is like my temple. You know like my place of pieces. Craziness weird that sounds. What kind of house did you grow up in? I grew up in different houses. Many apartments houses everywhere man lived in many places. Why'd you move around so much good question? I don't know but we moved around a lot. You know I've ever in some tough places where FBI I've been in some some rougher places man. I slept in my car for like four or five months before I got a couple of pro fights really had some cash used in your car in the coin. The parking lot slept a ginger longtime under into the ring under the rain for a while too you know for like a good two months and then bouncing from couch to couch and was able to afford a car. 'cause I wanna the fight had another place to sleep and I got AC. I'm set as an individual I am. I didn't let nothing stop me so young age. I didn't care if I had a house or if I had the right gear. Nah I just make it to the gym because it was my saves. Only didn't it didn't matter where I slept. It didn't matter what I was doing if I could just get to the gym and space off those three four. I wish I was like a kid all over again you know and I've done that throughout my whole life and have to pay off now. You know when you're leaving your car when you're essentially homeless people trying to mess with do because you're out in your sleep. Maybe maybe I wanted to corral somewhere safe. You ever have any situations where someone and tried to rob you. Come up on you this one car that I was in they try to toilet what I was in the car. So I just lived here clicking thing I'm getting robbed in there and cooking all the things that they didn't see me me in the back so I got out of the car. Obviously ready to kill somebody new and like Oh snap sorry about that you know and then hooked the car and stuff but that's about it when you're in these moments. You're nothing at yourself like man. What is this going to lead to at some point? I ever GonNa breakthrough here or am. I just going to be the guy who's jumping camping from place to place living from place to place at some point. You WanNa make you want to be a prizefighter right. You ever have moments of doubt where you're like. Maybe I just took the wrong path. This isn't going to lead to anything any money honey. There's a couple of those split decision those losses were I go. Wow this hurts man. I I put so much into my whole life into this into this camp into this actual fight and then you hear something like thirty one judge twenty seven for for him than other judges studied twenty seven for me than other judges twenty nine twenty eight for him so I leave you like lopsided then you go online and Ariel said I wanted to fight so and so I don't I want to fight the whole press online says when the fight and it puts you in those weird things you could go many different routes. The world is against me or I had an affair with somebody's daughter the judge and how they freaking hate me you could you could do all these things and you got to kind of be a little cheesy and be like man. I gotta find the most positive ositive weighing the least resistance to my success. You know that was just end these guys just gotTa finish them. I'm going to get better. I kept telling myself. I know oh I can do this. I'm going to get better is just a matter of time before everything falls in the place still hasn't fallen in place yet but it Wilson. Have you ever been back Cuba with your dad. No no haven't been I mean he's not really he couldn't go and come back can't because he defected know that too but also he's aw like in the US they don't deport Cubans because we have that embargo treatment you know sometimes they still do but he can't leave the country and then come back into the USA leaves. Yes take on okay yeah when when you when you see nate. Do you see yourself in him. In some aspects yeah I see another kid that man this was his way out. You know the way to to generate money generating income and do nothing crazy. You know maybe maybe we come from similar neighborhoods upbringing. You know so you can see that trauma when he fights it. He's willing to push through the pain fatigue like a dog. It's doesn't matter to him when you when you were coming up that fight that you're like man or maybe even his brother because it feels like it was his brother for the longest time. Really these are the kinds of guys that I want to test myself again. I respect these guys either either one of them you know I thought Menendez a long time ago so I knew about all these guys are obviously nichols. Find me a strike which he was a seventy pound champ I was at one hundred and fifty I five nate was in fifty five but in the UC then when I came over nate went up and then he went down and it was kind of weird so I didn't really think that the those fights were going to materialize with these brothers but I always wanted him because I just knew like men that they we fight is going to be fighting. It's going GonNa be somebody that the fans are gonNA remember. People remember that day and they're counting in their calendar the mark down if you're MMA fan you're going to know about that because you're getting what you want. A fight fight you know guys at ain't GonNa quit that are going to give it their all push themselves to the to the brink. I'm sorry for Harping on this but I can't get over it. Your journey is so unexpected in the sense that in the fight game if you've been fighting for sixteen years especially if you consider boxing let's be honest double digit losses. Not all of them were deserve but that's what it is. It doesn't happen this late. Where you just explode now here you are? You're mainstream star. I see Lebatardshow. ICU on get up like you are a mainstream star. It doesn't doesn't usually happen this way like you could have been easily the guy who got submitted by Toby Imada in one of the craziest emissions that could have been you write. That could have been your legacy what happened to her. We must remember the guy who got submitted and you have somehow overcome all of that. It's amazing. I would imagine there was a period where you're like. Is that going to be me right now. It wasn't never thought that you never ever worried. I knew for a fact you know I knew for back without life had hit me so much harder than ending Eugene on my pro career life at the age like twelve thirteen years old at hit me way harder choked me out way harder than anything I had come in contact with in sports world so I was like it's just a matter of time. I'm going to bounce back from this. I'm going to take that guy's head off and whoever else they put in front of me and slowly but surely I've been I've been getting to that would last time you saw that a modest mission mission. Maybe I don't know like Youtube. I remember seeing soap on highlight. Someone I saw and I just looked at eight and it took me back to those memories. The music and I didn't Wanna I remember feeling like I'm going to get out of here. You're GONNA get embarrassed when you watch it embarrassed and at the same time hold old badge of honor for myself because I know I was close to going out but the fighting me the that that like say that dog Ini was they now. We're going to find a way out of your. I didn't find a way out of it and that was the first time I was actually in a submission like that. I I didn't know nobody you better believe. After that day I got the best guy's that doing that submission because I didn't even know you could get some major from that position and man we drilled it in drooled and drilled so the point where if toby started in that position I'd feel comfortable to get out and it's just the character that I am kind of like a sociopath with these things like I just emerging myself in in and just torment myself till I get good at so you know I feel like so you said you're Ansi got a lot of energy. You're fired up but I feel like you're also somewhat at peace because all this is happening to witness the fact I saw photo photo of you and Michael who I thought would never see eye to eye hanging out chummy. Did you bury the hatchet will might to me on my shoe hugh something like small but he went above and beyond when I was in my fight for literally we're in a real tight hall when he had to go this win and had to go that way and I was ready for anything you know. I don't of this guy's GonNa come fight me. I don't know if he's just going to say exchange of words. I didn't know what he was going to do. In all he did is he came up to me said so George kept walking this. She was like a day or two before my fight not he could've thrown me off course but him not trying to throw me off course showed me a lot of a lot of respect for him. I I just you know besides obviously he's a great fighter and stuff. You know it just showed me and I mean this is a real cool individual because you could try to destroy my mindset and I'm finding this countryman man you know and he didn't and that was real cool. I thought that was from the heart you know so so that has been buried yeah that we were able to talk and express each others things in a couple of Larry's and sociocultural also why we kind of buddy you know so so that that warms my heart I was actually listening. You're in studio my show back in two thousand in sixteen. I don't know if you remember you were here to watch the NCAA wrestling tournament and we actually talked a lot. I just listened to the interview again just to remind me of what we talked about. We talked talked a lot about your roommate. Your friend and abyss being photo makes me think that this makes me sad that you in Kobe beefing. This makes me said you guys were boy. You spoke so highly of him in that interview. I don't know if you remember but going to Taco Bell late at night. I mean we means individuals shared a lot of memories. You guys were real tree. At at some point I would've considered as real friends knowing that that he takes to the internet or online to bash me when I had never bash him and he just took the bashing whether it be for a facebook like or or maybe he's going to get ten more pay per view buys moon. We do fight if you would set our friendship like that so quick. We never had a friendship you. It was all say I thought we had a friendship but I could see from your end to minds. We were never cool man. You were just using me or whatever the hell you know sleep on my couch. Obviously you already knew who I was. So how would I get Kobe and you show I tell you about my Colbrad. Do with other radio shows you know so I just feel like man. This is a punt and then to really put an end in the coffin ripped off. My coach didn't didn't pay money. My coach was training says he's an amateur all the way to the title. Rda and then after that just ripped them off when that happened he died so I really don't like the gentleman interviews because nobody knows who he especially if they're watching me they WANNA see providing they don't WanNa see pure hugging hug. Some fans really know who this dude it. You know so that'll be the first time we address that peasant on this show but I thought we were friends. We we never y. Well you know if you were for a couple of dollars. You would throw my name under the bus or try to say things. We were never cool. You know I'm just because I spoke to Dustin on Monday and he didn't you want really WanNa talk about him. Either say what would happen if you see him at the gym and he's like you'll read about it and that was pretty much it. I don't foresee any sort of scenario where he could be allowed in the gym like how this is going to tear the gym apart right. If you invest in two guys who are so respected isn't a problem you even skipping the gun before you get to mean Dustin. Why was is this guy ever badmouthing Amanda? You know one of the greatest fighters ever. She's shake you. You don't have no respect for yourself main and once he started doing this Gimme we started separating ways like okay like the whole hanging out with girls. He doesn't get girls. I want to one has it become so cool kissing tell like he's talking about who's having affairs various within this and that and then talk about women. I met this guy's father. He actually has a dad man. I'm surprised he acts this way. You know like like a punk literally just to get a reaction action just to get this people talking about it. I can't I can't see I don't I don't care for that. 'cause I know who he is in real life. He's not this. This character is trying no being in real life that he's a sex symbol or that. He doesn't have no feelings he's actually quite the opposite you know so it's crazy to see what people do literally for the the dollar they will sell their soul and that's part of the reason also took me so long to get here. I've never change. I've I've continued to be true to myself. You know that I'm the same person you interview ten fifteen years ago. I'm going to be that person if they like me cool if they don't it is what it is set myself dollar man if you win on November second life is not a when you win my apologies when you went on November second life is going to the beginning but has life changed already like you feel how's life changed. Dramatically may snap. I heard the same before the your last considered profiting you own cities or something like that they they say that's when I really noticed when my own city took like a general consensus of me you know yeah like I said I've been fighting forever and it's never been like a big the big thing over there where I can't go out now. It's like where I can't go out you know and so my own city so that's when I knew like wow I wanna take pictures like it's in California California New York a lot more like if I'm just here randomly I get a lot more. I guess people are more way more educated Maine New York. Let's say hello -fornia or they just get the trends. I you know because it's it's in Miami. I've never felt that boom like how it is now and that's how I knew man. I must go onto the next year up. You know one one thing. It sounds silly but one thing that I really think helped maybe connect you with people Miami is when you said super necessary in that press conference. It's a crazy thing that this has blown up. I don't know why the super necessary. I didn't know that super necessary was so Miami and you didn't know that because afterwards it seems like everyone's like all he's our guy he said super necessary and I heard the the other one was irregardless that everyone says over there a word that doesn't really make sense but was eight. You say you regardless I. I'm sure maybe in the heat of moment I do the super necessary I mean I guess people do say that I don't I don't know but you know that blew up right like that's the the guys on Lebanon on the TV. I know I'm GONNA get on social social media much. I don't know what blows up and then I just do my thing and then later on the good job like I cool you know did it. Yes we're like the three piece in the soda. Yeah Yeah I just I never would have thought it was gonna blow up like that. You know but whatever it's a crazy thing because now I feel like they view you as their guy three. Oh Five. That's what I'm saying now. Oh right now we're waiting for. The first one is there is a party that you guys are johnny-come-latelies now. You'RE GONNA show me love after years right. Is there a part of you that's like where were you guys back. In the day when I was fighting for shark fights my boy said and not me yeah you feel that way of course I mean just think about it like from exposure aside lady fouls able to the UC while we could get the Miami market with this guy the UC would have been pushing me earlier so there is that part of me of Gosh I wish would've got behind me sooner but at the same time man gotta lines stars up for a reason you know in God's timing is perfect so he wanted to now you know so now it is how much we making for this fight did will making some people are going to be not some people. A lot of people won't be mad when they see and I would rather much say a lot of people are going to be happy seen how a lot of my co workers are already been taken to to the stuff when they actually find out these numbers. What are we talking figures big numbers and then and you can't say nothing because when you look at my resume what I've been doing not just forget about the UC's before coming to see you know because you've been covering for ages deserve of these paychecks and then some a long time ago a long time ago my we're making up for lost on November second not only my charging for this year's work but his compound interest I mean it's been building up for a long time? I'm this credit card. Companies coming in to collect -ment got some interest rates to apply unless somebody WANNA oh money money to pay per viewpoints. First Time is finally coming together. This guy knows too much. That's great is there. Finally it's awesome the behavior you know to to to look at their mountain peak and be like I know climbing push yourself get to the top. Look look down beat. I look at all that I did but I'm looking at high man. I got some big big plans man. I got some huge plains. I know you're fighting for this fictitious title but fictitious the company and all its running has never had a bad mother every title all and we'll just can't be coincidence that I'm WANNA WANNA people competing for this title is the hardest title out walking the plan. I mean they picked two dogs and that's for a reason in the history of this company. Have you heard him. PUT UP A I. I don't know why do you think so man. Why do you think well deserve but I'm wondering if in those plans there's a real belt in those pilots? Will it feel like you fell a short. If you don't get the actual title at some point or do you not care about that. You mean Blah on. I want to take everybody's heads in the top ten. I WANNA take their head in there so with it and if they have some Mickey Mouse title with their waste. I'M GONNA take that too. I just see my ma- maybe when I look at other divisions I could see ten like is he skills up when I look at my division I just see like I got my work out for me but every single one of these guys I'm GonNa Baptize them. I'm just going to separate myself from the pack in in his much way shape and form as possible so there's is somebody going out to spreading rumors that they have about worth getting for. I'm coming for you. That's it. There's no more to it. I'm coming for your head and I don't like the he say she say we're gonNA find out the only way that the reason that's fighting you know so whatever they ended up doing with the SEC- fighting built championships and that side I don't know but that bad motherfucker boat. There's going to be my main and after defended against whatever they deem to defend it against last one. WHO's the side on November second your your name? You're looking at the as you look at the the Alpha the the everything in Alpha and Omega is right here in front of you baby. Why would you ask such questions man? I know the answer. I feel like he would have a different answer. Do you know the answer to that. We'll we'll see November second. who was the Alpha? I can't wait. Thank you my man. I appreciate it November Second Madison Square Garden. UFC Two forty four whore Hay Mas Vidal Nathan D as for the BMX title so there you have it. I think I've been interviewing doing horrible Mas Vidal for about ten years. I think the first time was right after the Toby Imada submission loss in Bela Tor and I think that was my favorite one. The setting is just just amazing in New York over there. Thank you very much to the crew for allowing us to do the interview there that get up studio that little is amazing but just great insight into who this man is is how far he has come this doesn't happen in combat sports. You don't fight for sixteen years and I've forty seven pro fights and then blow up. It doesn't happen headline. MSG doesn't happen happen and so this is such a unique story and I mean it's just wonderful to see these two guys in particular who are sort of mirror images of each other from very different parts of the country coming together at the headline this show in less than two months time. I want to thank everyone who tuned in. I also want to note that December fourteenth card very much influx lex and don't count out the Irishman don't count them out. I think the fact that they put two title fights on that card rule them out for that card but it is imminent and we will see what happens but I think first quarter of twenty twenty things are going to happen here and we're ending the year on a very high note with the Carden Melvin the MSG card December fourteenth and then. I think interesting things are to come in the early portion of twenty twenty. We're even talking about the trophies coming back all very exciting. What's not exciting? We're off next week rob because Russia. I tried to fight a corporate. Jake said he wanted a day off so I respect that we got to honor the New Year but we'll be back in two weeks time and that will be right after the Melbourne show but you'll hear from me. I'll do the bad guy on Wednesday and the mayor reporters and even the radio show before two forty-three. Just this particular show off for a couple of weeks but don't worry you'll still see a lot of me and you'll still probably they be very sick of me by the time we return in two weeks all right. We're at a time. What a fun show? This has been what a memorable show great way to go into the bye week so to speak it reminds me of the buffalo bills going into foxborough next week. Are they play in Foxborough. I don't even know they're going to win obviously but I don't know if it's going to be a wrote winner anyway anyway. It's been a fun one. I WanNa thank everyone who tuned in WanNa. Thank everyone who stop. I want to thank vivid seats for being a proud sponsor of this program Graham one of the smart ones out there. Thank you very much Carlos. sparce congratulations to her on the big win and hopefully she stays safe in Guatemala. Thank you very much Jeremy Stevens. Hopefully we'll see that one soon very interesting story about what happened yesterday at the hotel thank you very much Leon Edwards great stuff from him interesting interesting times as well great catch up with Martin Kampman good luck to him in Mark Madsen on Saturday great to have the one and only Joey Dee as on the program. Thank thank you very much to him. All the best to Jack Hermansson this Saturday main event Copenhagen good luck to him against jared CANANEA. Thank you very much who Daniel cormet welcome back that was phenomenal stuff and of course thank you very much to horry Maswadeh for

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