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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 344 QFTA


Yes yes welcome into mckernan show from the home loan expert. Dot Com studios questions from the audience alongside gangster Pete. I'm your host Tim mckernan. It's a podcast in which you send in questions opinions stories really anything to T- mckernan at inside St L. Dot Com and what we do is read them and we talk about them. It's really kind of a simple format team current at inside us. Y'ALL DOT COM. Anytime you have anything just Senate in the next thing you know it becomes a podcast topic. We're in the home. Loan expert Dot Com studios. I am in my basement. Gangster Pete is in the Kirkwood studios and the home loan expert. Dot Com is our studio sponsor. I just refinanced with the home. Loan expert dot com and therefore can speak from a first person experience to how easy the process was and how. I recommend it to our audience in addition to supporting our sponsor Ryan Kelly the home loan expert Dot Com. I can also tell you that it saved me. Twenty plus percent twenty plus percent. I finally did the math. And it's twenty plus percent and I know before I had done and I thought okay this is going to be a whole thing and I really don't have the appetite for a whole thing at this moment and it was so easy it was so easy like the signing process. In order to do it can be done now. just by you know one of those documents e scan via email couldn't be any easier that took less than five minutes and then when my wife and I went into close which was last Tuesday Thursday one of those three We were in there for less than twelve minutes that quickly. So and just like that. We've saved twenty percent and the amount of money we save and how easy it was and knowing we're doing business with somebody the caliber of Ryan Kelly and his staff makes. It's so easy and I see it. It's it's irresponsible at this point not to At least look into how much you can save the home loan expert Ryan Kelly the home loan expert Dot Com our studios sponsored gangster. What's the good word with you? Find Sir You know just Doing it making it happen. I like that I really really liked it. I feel like this. I think people are starting to turn to questions from the audience for maybe a little more depth so to speak than what we are currently able to do with the Ryan Kelly morning after we are coming off of. I think the worst show that I have done on. Tma since two thousand seven. You don't like the tutors. That was probably the highlight of the worst. Show that we have done since two thousand seven and so I've got a few things going on and I've just decided now and you like it that I'm swerving into this as opposed to kind of I don't know swatting away swerving into it swerves swerving into the hatred that I know is there for whatever reason I don't know but I just know it's there so it's like okay fuck you you hate me then fuck you. But that's not what. This moment is about first off the morning after was for my money the worst show. We've done that. I've been a part of anyway since two thousand seven and I'm not saying that is a hyperbolic prisoner of the moment. Mike Greenberg take I really. It was so bad that I was looking at the clock a variety of different times for the first time since two thousand seven going. I don't know what the Hell we're going to do to get to the top of the hour. That's how bad it was. So they have that. I'll get into that in a moment. Then secondly for whatever reason. My basement is freezing cold. And that's where I'm doing the show. And I know that Seth Gold Camp and designer heating and cooling Have set up our house so that it is whatever we want. We can do so you have here. Here are two principles. This is our science lessons. Like Mr Wizards real cold. Air Falls hot air rises right so at night on our top floor. We turn the air on. We have nothing in the main floor and then I believe we turn everything off on the in the basement which is where I do the show and so that means when I come down here in the morning at whatever time it is usually in the five o'clock hour drink my coffee and read and Watch TV. It's super cold. So then I turn on the heat but I believe the air is still on the top floor and so it's essentially cancelling each other out. I'm just Fr- I am wearing as we are talking my winter coat which I just went out and and put on after we recorded. Tma and I saw my son. Who of course I love seeing but I also know and I see him he does not want me to just make an appearance. It becomes it. He wants to play which I love but that that's why I do. Tma and if we have to podcast a podcast and then I tend to much business. They can Before going upstairs because I know once I go upstairs he will freak out if I have to return downstairs but I had to get the winter coat and And so now I feel terribly because a just did the worst Ryan Kelly morning after in thirteen years be. I'm freezing and see. I had to leave my son. Who IS Who is sad that his father had to return back downstairs so those are the three things. So I'm very very bad as we do this. Podcast which might lead to a great podcast or might lead to a bad podcast. I don't know but I think it's important to let the audience know where I am with regard to Roman numeral one the bad. Tma Did you sense how bad the show us today. At the I noticed there's a lot of trouble with people talking over people it was. It was the worst it's ever been. Yeah it was the worst. It's bad it's bad. Even we're in studio which is why I really don't talk that much on the show that people are starting to make observation more and more and so I'm just Kinda like all right. I was going to get out of the way because I wanNA talk but I don't want to contribute to the interrupting so the only way to know that there will be additional interrupting by not talking so I don't really talk so then my chance to actually host to show. Is this podcast. That's when I host a show now so there's that and and because of that maybe then I retreated even more than I let it wander even more and I'm frustrated because as a listener at this moment no longer a host but somebody not just lister but who has to listen perk PERMI- contract as the host. I don't know what to do to try to fix the thing. And and then I have to put responsibility on myself and that you know I. It's not really a brag. It's just the way that the show has worked that we're able to roll the ball out there and it works entrust the force and today. The force wasn't working and I'm like. Ooh This is what happens when the forest doesn't work and it's just just horrendous. I mean it was. It was so bad I wanted to like text you go. Hey Do you have a swaps picks available? Which is you know. I've never done in the nearly three years. You've been with us. I two years three years nurse. Two thousand eighteen to. Yeah so I I mean I just. I don't know so what this means is. I've gotta like put. Some things together is essentially a fallback for tomorrow. Show that's what I can't let what happened today happened again. I also. I'm going to bring my winter stuff down into the basement to prevent the cold thing and stuff with running upstairs to get my winter coat. That doesn't have to happen again by taking care of number two or I would run into my son And then he freaks out but I just I'm coming off of TMA. And I have to. I have to work on things Immediately after the podcast with regard to What we're what we're looking at. Which is out in the open now. So I don't have to dance around that with regard to acquiring a radio station or some some kind of maneuver and And that is really where we'll be really clock in for the day And this moment is certainly a priority and and so I WanNa do this podcast. I've said before his therapeutic but I'm looking for because it's just really the first time I feel like I'm going to be able to talk with an extended thought And it's just it's it's the nature of the situation in general that we are in a spot where Doug is it his house. He's on the phone. I think there's a slight delay there the cats at his house. He's on the phone. I think there's a slight delay. There I have a COMREX unit And that's just because I had the COMREX unit when I was in Spring Training. I still haven't been back into the studio since spring training so I still have the COMREX unit which I don't think has the delay and it has a clear Connection and then you have the Plow Hawk and Iggy who talk more than you do pete and so although I really feel like the Plow Hawk only talks when when spoken to But then you basically four people who can't see each other who don't know when the other is going to talk and if there's a pregnant pause then all four feel a primal of having to fill that time and if you're just filling it means the thought isn't necessarily that provocative or amusing and it becomes white noise vanilla broadcasting and that's what we had for. God. I don't know two three hours today and As the person with the sweater I've got to own it and I'm really irritated by it and I feel I feel very Disappointed in myself gangster. Pete that's what I feel like. Your thoughts are well. I've never heard you this disappointed after a show before so I I really haven't been even even the bad ones are still pretty good but this was so bad. I'm kind of embarrassed by it but I'm just like you know I've got it is because because here's the thing and we've talked about it more on the podcast than than on the radio show. I don't want to get into the crow virus right and it's not because I don't want to get into the corona virus that hasn't been said what's that what can you say that hasn't been said about the current events. It is so politicized that it's it's a it's a toxic topic and so it's you can't you can't like even like the sports links that you sent over that somewhat had to do with the colonel and you probably noticed maybe you didn't. I assume you did because I know you're sharp cat. I read the story with the report on baseball. And and then what it leads to. Is it some people might not realize I mean I think I think I think I know what's going on? The cat really wants sports back. Okay I get it. I understand the situation And and then Doug will say. I don't know how much longer people can take this. You see the protests out there and it's like you know it just depends on where you're where you're getting your information from and then I I don't know I don't know how to handle it. Honestly that's that's that's the real predicament. I don't know how to handle it for the first few weeks of talking about it I didn't view it as a political topic I mean you had the president but the president does what he does and I don't really it's just that it I dislike. Okay there's that guy saying things but they don't really matter at least they don't matter to me but then I got to think about it that it doesn't but for like thirty five percent of the population that they really buy in. But I didn't really feel like like a medical issue could be politicized and now that it's the there and now I were as perhaps naively. I didn't see it that way a few weeks ago. Now I see it. And maybe because it's increased over the last few weeks. I just try to avoid the topic but it is the topic but now I'm intentionally avoiding it so it doesn't turn into one of those political shows that I also don't think is particularly great radio so it's it's I I didn't I enjoy it. Actually doing the show the first few weeks of it again. Considering the circumstances it wasn't like enjoyable because they're in the circumstances it was an outlet and now It's a weird spot and so I I mean it's not like they're sports to fall back on. That was a huge deal. One way or the other for the show. But it's like the big topic in the room. I kind of prefer not to talk about on. Tma I I'd I'd talk about it for three hours on this this podcast but Not on TMA. Because we don't necessarily debate philosophy we debate. What's true and that leads to me often times either biting my tongue and kind of like. Bang my head against the wall or kind of losing my shit and neither one are great. So there is. There is the state of my mind at this particular moment gangster. Pete Yeah I mean some a lot of this. There's nothing you can do about it because I mean it is really hard and you have that many people that can't see each other and you've got the delay so that is going to be an issue every day and then yeah if you WANNA avoid the current virus. 'cause I mean it's getting more and more politicised like it's unbelievable like that's what was so cool about the last dance the other night. It was almost like a sporting event was on that everyone was watching again. You know it's been so long since there'd been something on TV that you just knew everybody was watching any discuss so so we had that for the first hour of the show. Yesterday I loved it. Yeah you know and I felt like yesterday show was. It's that's you know you I mean I don't even know. I guess we can do the math. Sixteen years probably about two hundred fifty shows per year. I happen to have a calculator right next to me here. So it's we're looking at here. Sixteen Times to fifty four thousand shows I shouldn't do that math End of the four thousand shows thirty nine hundred have been either. Just what I would describe as just good and easy and just today's stands out to me and takes me back to two thousand seven and that was the time when Martin had quit producer. Joe had been fired. The cat had been fired. And I was working with Bob VESCO and it. We just didn't have the chemistry and Bob. Bob Has gone on to do well for himself in Kansas City. We just do what he does what I do. Two totally different things doesn't make him bad me good or vice versa. Just just it isn't a good fit so it just didn't work and so a system. I had been used to playing. I couldn't play any longer and then it got to a point where I'm like looking at the clock going. Oh my God I can't wait 'til a commercial break and that's what we had today and it was. It was a holy shit moment because I haven't had that in so long and it's like okay. I gotTa make sure that if I'm not going to let the corona virus get into the discussion. Not because I don't WanNa talk about it because it becomes so political the hatred that comes in when we talk about it for whomever's talk. Oh Yeah it's not. It's not limited to any one person. It's not limited to like liberals on dog or conservatives on me it's it's across the board is and I also and I've had some people who've emailed me and I would describe them as I think intelligent. But you can't really engage it. I guess by how somebody writes. But you know you don't know but astute people at the very least and they're saying things that I look up just like okay. Maybe they're right and I'm wrong and then I look it up and it's like no. They're wrong but yet they're saying wrong. Things really politely. And and so. It's just like by wrong. I'm not talking about opinion I'm talking about. They're actually saying things that are factually incorrect. But they're saying it politely because usually the way it works is people say they're either salting and it's like dumb and just okay delete and it's whatever or if they're saying something With facts that they're planning Aaron correct. There might be doing a mean-spirited way. Because it does usually take if you're in an angry spot You're not going to necessarily write politely. So you kind of have to be counterintuitive to what it would be if you're going to write somebody to disagree so I take those seriously and then I'm like okay. Maybe we were on that. I gotTa look it up and I'm like oh no that. That wasn't wrong that we were right in this person while you know saying kindly is is actually wrong and so that's tough. That's the tough thing about The current again. I'm coming off of this particular show where I'm really. I almost wanted to text dug in the cat and go. What the fuck do I mean? This is like it's like we're you know it's a it's a very old reference but a but a great Missouri Basketball Team in ninety four and I think because I made reference to Nolan Richardson interviewing him when I was doing. Tv In little rock and and they went undefeated in the big eight but they got slaughtered by like fifty or sixty points at the opening of Bud. Walton arena in Fayetteville. And then they went on to be a number one. Cw Tournament that night. They were terrible. And that's what we just had and so I'm coming off of that and I'm about to sneeze. Do there was less you. Do you have allergies gangster. No I'm blessed. Oh My god Oh holy Shit this time of year and I was only outside with my son for like ten minutes in already. Starting up so So anyway questions from the audience always without fail. Made me feel better it is. It is my drug. I enjoy questions from the audience. It is nice to know that I can say something and expound on it and get all of my thoughts out there And so that's a question from the audience is and gangster. Pete has continued observe. Your stock continues to rise every week. They're they're new emails or even post on the fan page. I know that's not your favorite place About enjoying your work on the program. Well I appreciate it. That's Nice it's fun to do something different Like I said before. I know how fast that can turn. So you're not reading your own press. I'm not reading the press clippings all right one game at a time and And some of these. I'm I've read some of them. I've seen there longer and read them when we get to the program I don't think that yeah this one. I do. Remember reading because it came in Twelve O six in the morning so it's probably like something. I read very first thing when I woke up and these are just kind of like questions that I can answer. They're not necessarily philosophical. But I'm happy to do it. Hey Tim I have a couple of questions. I'm curious about number one. Why does it? Doug ever have the text line up. Is it because it's vile? He doesn't own laptop or it's better to get his response. I'm certainly owns a laptop. He does not bring it into the program and I just don't think he really cares. I think that probably the best way to answer it so He does not have it up. There isn't there isn't a great answer to it. The cat sometimes does he. Sometimes doesn't it seems like when he's at home he does more so because he'll sometimes close it. Iggy does not plow haug does or at least can and Pete you do that would be a way to describe and I do that would be the way to describe Texan box and who is seeing and who is not as correct. Yeah that's that's right. Doug just doesn't care. He doesn't care Number two besides getting his MBA gangster pete question. What did Pete previously do before joining? Tma did he have a previous occupation slash career also as a fan of the show artery to see it as a business opportunity. Sarthe these have already been answered. I really don't miss an episode of TMA. But I'm hit or miss here Thanks for all you do. That's from Ryan Shanley Yeah I mean I. I used to teach business classes. 'cause cosgrave business classes to high school kids and then. I got my MBA. While I was doing that and then I got a job doing a real estate development for assisted living company so I did that for a few years. And then sign. I wanted to do something that I enjoy doing. And so you're gangster. Pete is a is a sharp cat and Has Been a great addition to the program. I'm hesitant on this one because I didn't read it. It's long and it's baseball specific. I'm GonNa go ahead and read it. Sir mckernan please indulge me query if you may this may be a little long winded. So bear with me. Consider the possibility that MLB may play games that fans. I'm wondering what you thought. That might do the possibility of Dylan Carlson. Making the major league team if it happens. I've heard that. Despite strong spring training performances some pundits to not believe he would have made the opening day roster because the cardinals referred to give first chances to other more established players like lane. Thomasson Tyler O.`Neil the thought being that they deserve. The first chance and they'd Carlson would be better served with playing time in the minors than sitting on the bench. The majors every even now there seems to be some thought. The same logic would apply when baseball resumes. Despite the likelihood that roster's would be expanded this confuses me though. This premise assumes that minor league teams would also be playing without fans. But why would that be? There will already be risks with major league teams playing in controlled environments that require a hundred plus personnel even without fans adding one hundred more minor league teams practicing or playing families. Games would seem to me to just increase the risk. Also I'd be shocked if Minor League teams can generate any revenue without tickets in game day sales so it would just be giant expense landing on the balance sheet of every major league owner but. I do wonder since baseball and like other. Sports relies heavily on the minor leagues to cover injuries and develop future players. How they could get by without the minor leagues playing. Seems like catch? Twenty two me again. I'm enjoying the show Adam. Not Colorado them Ps If you're also taking opinions is this really Q- Oh Fda. That doesn't really rough tongue. Nope all right. So there's that I don't know my honest answer is i. I probably should edit this out at. That's my allergies are killing me now because I was outside and I'm pissed about how bad the radio show was the last thing I'm thinking about is Dylan Carlson Lane. I have to picture who they are actually before i. It's that's my honest answer. I don't know I don't know what the minor leagues going to do. I know the question has the purest of intense and this gentleman has sent in a number of good questions It's just not something that I have a real strong opinion on that is that's the honest answer and you can think. I'm a complete asshole for the answer but I want to be honest with you. Paid anything play. The best guys like to blow my nose so I might blocking allergies so brutal and I've learned so much shit man. I'm on flown as something that starts with an X Y and Z. I have no idea why they named Bat. 'cause it's the most I'll tell you. Pronounce something with an excellent Y and Z to start. What kind of Fucking Marketing Research? Netti pot going to Netti Pot and the Nettie pots the tits. The NETTI POT is the tits. That should be their marketing. Whoever named Zik Saul should be terminated and the Netti Pot? Is The tits at a roommate tits. Have you ever Nettie potted remained content in any pot? I'd never seen before I was like what the hell is that. Oh I thought it was doing some drugs or something. It's a thing like the first couple of seconds of Netti Pot. I guess I am obligated to explain what it is and I really might need to do it even outside for like five minutes Holy Shit. This is bad. It's bad man. It looks like a little like Aladdin's lantern actually more than a teapot and you put a mixture of sailing into the water and then you tilt your head over the sink. You Insert one of the or the end of the Aladdin's lantern into one of your nostrils and the water pours through your scientists is clearing out the pollen and you do truly feel better but you can feel like like if you were to. You cannot inhale through your nose while this process is going on. I don't even know what that would I mean. I would imagine brutal consciously breathe and do so through your mouth because it's just a substantial amount of water and then once you're halfway through that water then you turn the other way and then you put it through the other astral and it does truly feel better. I really should Netti pot in the middle of this podcast. I might need to my eyes itching so much and I'm GONNA have to To seize but yes. I if you are having allergies that has helped me I all. I've done this morning's as flonase thing that Zik saw which is XYZ. Worst fucking name You're supposed to take at night so I did that. I just have the worst seasonal allergies and it's an unusually. It's either this or September. Maybe the first week or two of October in Saint Louis. It's the absolute best weather but for this time of year. I don't have it in September October but for this time of year. It's really a motherfucker to be outside and I would imagine one out of I don't know twenty five or fifty people deal with this so for most people just like you gotta be kidding me. Your bitching this much about sneezing but it's not just sneezing. It's like my is super red and I was outside for a very small amount of time so anyway. I know that wasn't the question. It was about Dylan Carlson and I honestly don't know I honestly don't know I I really don't I know it's a legitimate question. And if they're not playing minor leagues and why not have them on the major league roster if they are playing major leagues and Their Art Minor Leagues? And they don't put them on the major league roster then people are understandably going to wonder what the. Hell's going on because then it will be like nothing but service time I would say would be the criticism all right been listing on to the radio show for the last ten years and the podcast since it began thoroughly. Enjoy both of them. I appreciate how you're willing to show both sides of the coin whether you agree or disagree to rephrase even though you might be on one side and issue you're not afraid to point out the opposing side. My question to you is. Where do you find your news these days? You have to be mindful of what you can watch slash read and if they have an agenda bias we all know Fox slash CNN and their slant. Newspapers generally all lean left. I would prefer to be presented facts and for my own opinions and your is one of the most impartial news services News sources these days. Thanks in advanced some snooping velvet-velvet I really appreciate the The first part of it. That's something that I take seriously I really do. I really tried to do it in a big way of trying to think we talked about it. I don't know if it was the end of Monday. Show what is today Tuesday so I had to be Friday That when it comes to interpreting news not even interpreting news news Accessing news I think the core issue I really do I actually think the core issue of the polarization of the United States is news. I honestly believe that I believe that you can. You can point to some now. Maybe people will. And this will be. Somebody'll be bold and started contrarian threat against me on the fan page big moment for them. But that's that's not my intent is and you can email me if you disagree with it but my premise being like if you know. Donald TRUMP IS THE PROBLEM. Or if you go. Nancy Pelosi is the problem where Brock Obama was the problem. Whatever take your pick doesn't matter. I believe that you can then take take whichever person you WANNA list. And then backtrack it and then you will get to the way. Facts are presented or not presented in the news but it depends on which news outlet. You are getting it from so that to me is the core because if you are having a conversation with someone so take politics out of it. Take picture yourself at work and not necessarily with your boss. But you're at work with appear and you're trying to solve a problem and your peer is telling you something that in your mind is just false. It's going to irritate you. And therefore you're also going to think just play it out you're going to think your your co worker is lying to you and then therefore because you think you are being allied to what do you associate with someone who's lying who's knowingly representing falsehood to you. You consider that person to have poor character correct and so what's that piece of Shit? Yes and so if right now if you have a and I don't even think I think the easy way out it'll both sides do it and you know. It's just the extremes of both because the left moving far to the left and the right so it's kind of like this here. Let me let me take your cock in my hand and your cock in my hand. I'M GONNA jerk both off and we're going to just not really say anything but fill time and make it sound like we're giving a take and it's bullshit because I don't even think you have to be. I don't think you have to be extreme to have this going on at all. As a matter of fact Pete I think we can have it and I think we're probably somewhat similar in our world views. But if if I'm saying something to you and even if I'm doing so politely and you're like no I know that that's not true and we have to agree on a certain set of facts before we move on to figuring out how to address these facts that are causing a problem. We'll how can we possibly work together? If we're disagreeing on what the problem is and how does that happen at happens from the news outlets and that is why I say I understand both sides of it. I really do because I don't think everyone is bash. I don't think the people who are of my mindset which is certainly a slim amount in particular in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area who share my world views are the only ones who are right and then everyone who doesn't and that would be like almost anybody. I like hang out with Whether it be family or or friends Who like me? Is this This outlier that. They're all wrong but we are getting our information from different places or we are pursuing information at different levels. And by that I mean for what I do for a living. I feel. It's important that I am as informed as possible and And that is why and also I enjoy. I enjoy reading it so I am as subscriber to the New York Times fucking liberal. I may subscriber to the Wall Street. Journal fucking conservative and I watch on Sunday mornings at. I make sure to do so even on days where I'm not really in the mood for it or when I look at the panels and I go shit this motherfucker Meet the press and Fox News Sunday so Chuck Todd and Chris Wallace So that is what I do but even with that I would tell you that I notice things that I don't even think they're necessarily malicious in their representation of what has taken place now. You can look at panels panels are different dislike hosts of like your nighttime Cable News shows. Those are op-eds those editorials those are hosts of TV shows. Those are not your news. Anchors you know in other words Lester Holt should be. Emphasize verbally italicized Lester. Holt should be different than Rachel. Maddow not necessarily in the ideal standpoint but in the execution of the NBC business standpoint both are at NBC one is at Msnbc is the anchor of the NBC nightly news. And Lester Holt should be different than Sean Hannity. And he should be different than Don Lemon. So he is an anchor. The others are hosts. But I don't think that the public necessarily sees a difference between the two. I think that's the case. And so you grew that pete absolutely and so. I think that's where a lot of this comes from. Now if you were to open up and at this point you have to be a subscriber. I pay to be not. I think it's well worth it to. It's it's like fifteen bucks each one per month and for what I do for a living you know to spend forty five dollars on subscriptions and I guess I'm a subscriber to the athletic and that's like a dollar or something a month but with regard to politics the the caliber of the reporting in those Newspapers although I'm reading them of course online Or over my phone is it such another level. It's it's such an and I'm not talking about the editorials I don't actually I guess I I. It's not to say I never have. I don't know for every article I read. I might read. He's got for every one hundred articles I read. I may read one op-ed and I don't even know I mean it's it's Kinda like at that point you're disliking better written version of a comments section. That's how I view it so I don't know I'm just out on that stuff and it's not because I think the people riding at have some kind of malicious intent. It's just okay. It's an opinion. That's cool. I am interested in is sourced reporting. That's what I'm interested in. And and and so and I don't know if the people who are listening to this who who would even be in the same You who who are relating to what I'm saying in the sense that looking for information and and then who have like maybe back in the day read you know just would read a Fox News Dot COM or CNN dot com and then take that and then go and start reading a Wall Street WSJ.COM NY TIMES DOT Com Washington Post Dot Com and the difference is I mean it's just monstrous. How much better the reporting is I'm not talking about like Oh this matches up with my worldview and therefore I like it. It's just it's so well done and it does give me an understanding why journalists although I realized you know certainly part of it is self interest but from an idealistic standpoint continue to talk about the importance of journalism but right now I think journalism comes with a negative connotation because journalism is perceived to be this Created in the back room and then packaged up to serve a left-wing most of the time that's the perception or right wing agenda as opposed to actual reporting and what I am interested in is actual reporting. But it's tough. If I want to have a discussion with somebody and I don't want to have it immediately. Blow up before we even get the first words out and I say yes in this story as reported by the New York Times. If that person is conservative they go. Oh well fuck in New York Times and we're already done and we haven't even had the chance to but if I were to say well this in this editorial in The New York Times I would get it because across the board and I don't even know if again because I don't read them but I see him and there's like ten of them a day. I guess I'll open it up right now. of these columns You know I mean Shit you know what just for the sake of it. I'm opening up right now and I will. I will read. Read the op-eds what they're all today titled You're on your own. Essential workers are being told. That's from the editorial board. Oh now here's a calm for Marco. Rubio we didn't need a more resilient American economy Gail Collins and Brad Stevens. The politics of sanity are within OUR GRASP. Michelson Dell are. We Are we all in this together. Daniel MARKOWITZ wealth tax is the logical way to support corona virus relief Paul Krugman. The right sends in the quacks. That's I believe in reference to Dr Phil Dr Drew and Dr Oz and the regular appearances on Fox News Michelle Goldberg Goldberg Biden Presidency. Could be better than progressives think I guess this is a conservative one. If liquor stores are essential wise in church which by the way just reading the headline. I think that's a fair to say I think that's kind of a fair premise. And it's not like I'm You know real into religion so it kind of actually shot right at me Because clearly they had some conservative columns But that's the perception. I know that but as far as the reporting goes that the reporting is it's so well done but I would also say that about the Wall Street Journal and I really find myself enjoying reading that whereas I don't and DVR NBC nightly news. Which I also know like Doug if I've juggler on the show right now with me. Oh well that's liberal. You know but it's a fact based its reporting it's the panels that then get into and it's and I don't even know how a gender it is? It's Eh by that. I mean 'cause agenda to me is flying under the radar to try to communicate. Opinion passed off as fact and I don't think panels are that I think panels are very clearly opinions so I don't really know if that's an agenda. I guess you could say Fox clearly like brings in a week. Liberal and CNN brings in a week conservative so that well we had a conservative but he got stomped on so that that might be an issue but as far as reporting goes reporting out opinions and to attempt to attempt to get as much accuracy and then see if they both are being reported by the various outlets My three reads are new. York Times Wall Street Journal Washington Post and then my two Well my news program is NBC Nightly News Dvr and then my Television news opinion show Sunday morning shows or meet the press. Eight o'clock on Sunday morning and Fox News Sunday at least locally. It's at nine o'clock with Chris Wallace. So that's that's that's my gamut of my attempt to get as much unbiased reporting asked possible gangster. Pete what is your answer. I like to listen to long foreign podcasts. And then I read The Wall Street Journal. The Post I find myself reverse engineering a lot of internet articles like out. I'll read something that would be. I can't seems off the Google. The site it's from and then try to figure out what they're where they're coming from. It's it's annoying the thing. The thing about it is and I feel like we've talked about this on the radio. Show the PODCAST. I think it was a radio show but what people say like. I want unbiased reporting. But the reality is these are profit-driven businesses. It's like any other business and the titillating Shit. The controversial Shit. The divisive shit is the stuff that works and so the down the middle delivered in a non bombastic way doesn't make the money and so you have a catch twenty two. I think that is a way to sum it up. concisely If you agree if you disagree please feel free to email in T- mckernan at inside US tale that common. We continue the discussion in next week's so Before we go to the next question from the audience We WanNa make sure we let our audience know that. Marquette of Evergreen Wealth Strategies is a wonderful sponsor this program and somebody I know respected. Great deal he is online. Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM with this market volatility I am saying to you. You WanNa make sure you have somebody in somebody. You can count on Marquette Evergreen well strategies would certainly be that person he is online Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM or. You would rather just give him a phone call. You'll feel better after you do three one. Four eight nine zero five zero three. That's three one. Four eight nine zero five zero three. This is the craziest time in our lives with regard to the economy. Make sure you have somebody helping you through this time. Marquette Anna is the person I recommend three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three or go online at Evergreen. St L. DOT COM mark. Hanna Evergreen Wealth Strategies all right. Next question I just caught up on last week's Q. Fta started this week's and listening to them back to back connected. Something about remote broadcasting Oh this ties into how I opened up. Today's podcast last week. You talked about how you hated being Separated from everybody. And how you guys step on each other's since you can't see the tells when you're going to talk continue talking after pause. This week question was raised about setting up COMREX systems to make for better audio since the cat and dog or calling it on phone lines. Have you guys discussed setting up a zoom account or something similar since you have such good chemistry together and on each other A big spitting shake woods guy and I know they broadcast live on record the podcast and they still step on each other a little bit but they haven't worked together for more than ten years either like you guys have just thought in my buzzed world. that is from Eric. I don't know I. I think that probably would help. I think I think it would help. I don't think I think my issue with today's show which was more so than what Eric referencing. Because what he heard had to have been a week or two ago was We just did. We just didn't have shit to talk about. But that's my fault. That is my responsibility and nobody else's so yeah you did have the talking over way more and I do clearly have things that I wanNA talk about Fox. Every every week I read this thing. I'M GONNA do. We go pete and I feel terribly because I go like two hours so I can talk and I want to talk and I love talking. Why it's therapeutic. It's not fun to talk when you like. Here's somebody like clearing their throat. Every three seconds or dog barking for like. Oh Shit if I if I pause somebody's GonNa jump in You know that's that's not that's not fun and I would imagine Everybody else on the show feels the same way. And so when we're all in the studio It's it's you know it's it's mitigated but what are you. GonNa do not do the show so okay. We're in a unique circumstance. First Time ever most likely last time ever and therefore we've got to take measures to help mitigate the issue the issue can't be mitigated with facial tells. Her body tells that we usually have subliminally from doing the show together for all these years. It's just filled with content that that is going to get people talking and have a conversation as opposed to just filling pregnant pauses and that is my responsibility as The point guy on the show so tomorrow's Ryan Kelly morning after. I will probably have ten things that I would consider discussion starters. Ideally none of them that could possibly be taken into a political direction and and We'll we'll I if we have another show like today. Pete I'M GONNA have to look in the mirror because today I just relied on the force and force has worked for sixteen years even when we're not around each other and And and it just wasn't it wasn't I know you're down about it but I I trust will bounce back tomorrow I have. I'm confident as well. Now if we don't then I go Holy Shit. What the hell happened so Yeah sometimes here's the other thing not to this probably is I opening to people once I say it but perhaps since I haven't said it before it might might be like. Oh now that you say it I get it. It can be anybody you know. You know random people who happen to a radio show but what you have going on professionally Or personally can certainly impact like I can get taxed and it can be from a family member or it can be business related in the middle of the show and I see it and it has just blown me up. I am now going to videotape. I'm no longer participating. I'm there but I'm no longer active in the game. And you know Doug and the cat to their credit. Because I don't know how they do it You know. I guess. The cat doesn't have to do it right now but he certainly had to do it for the first fifteen years being pushed idiom until whatever time and then get. I don't know something in the five o'clock hour because the cats always the first one in the studio He just feels like he needs to do that. To wake up whereas I just I need to be at home as long as possible and drink coffee and not be around anybody You know and then Doug Anchor in some nights on Sunday night to like twelve thirty in the morning coming in. So you're super tired. You'RE NOT GONNA be right but that's the thing about today. There was nothing really to cause this outside of Itis didn't have shit ready but then again I really never have shit. We just go and it just didn't It just it just didn't work and I gotta be gotta be better than that So anyway the question was about zoom. What do you think on that? What do you think about I mean I think you could help. I don't know about the delay on the zoom in the COMREX and all that so I think we'd have to test it out I. That's right that's a good. I mean it's possible can help yeah. That's a good point on the delays. There well I don't know if like your audio the comrex comes in quicker than the phone lines so I don't know if there would be some kind of disconnect there like even with being able to each other just being able to see each other regardless even though you know the delays there would help you know. I don't don't don't don't you mentioned that See this is a tweet. I just happened to see from Andrew. Marshawn quote tweeting Colin Coward have to share some news. Our podcast and digital ratings and March with no games are up double digits year to year sort of expected that lots of binge podcast listing but our radio ratings are big with fewer cars on the road and doubled in Los Angeles. Thanks sincerely okay. That's like gross. And that by that I mean him tweet. Foxsports wants to tweeted. I get it but him tweets just like put. Whatever it's standard. I'm just not all that familiar with him. I mean I know of him certainly but I I don't know if I've ever watched more than five minutes straight of him I think he's good in small doses. Because a lot of times they'll take a contrarian point of view which will make you think a little bit but then like over a long period of time or multiple hours in a day. You're just like shut up dude. Yeah it's not all that familiar with them so I thought it was interesting because People have asked. Hell happened yesterday. Matter of fact Like how it affects what we do and I'm like well. I mean we still do our thing unfortunately because our thing on both this show and then. Tma is to talk about whatever and whatever's going on in our lives and what it is that we're most interested in it doesn't affect us because we're not like reliant on the cardinals were blues to be playing. But now that I'm in this mode where I feel like the corona virus is political. I know what will happen to the show if I bring up any story related to it and I'm just not I just and I kinda scolded myself on. Tma Ford at the end of Friday. Show I think it was Friday. Show 'cause I read something that was I thought. Pretty Benign which was The ten west Saint Louis County. Mayor's Oh yeah going after County executive Sam page for lack of communication. And for you know not reopening of the county and how it's killing their citizens and so on and so forth then killing. I mean killing economically. At this time I should make clear on that and And I thought it was just kind of a I want to say. I thought it was nothing if I thought it was nothing. I wouldn't have read it but I didn't see how that could possibly get into it. Just got it into stuff and it just like this is just. It's kind of a nothing is safe and and by nothing save me. Nothing is safe from the political thing and the text inbox which is usually like this. Great source of comedy just goes into toxicity and And so it's like okay. I can't because the text inbox but because the show's not the show's not that great at this moment. So it's like okay. I can't go into even though I'm interested in topics I just I kind of I kind of feel like already know I already. I already like say whatever. But he's going to say before they say it and that isn't that interesting to me. I don't know what do you think Pete? What do you think the topic? How do we handle it talking about politics now no talking about covert nineteen? I mean this moment to different Different on. What are we talking? April twenty first is when we're recording this. I mean my my honest opinion. Is I kind of like avoiding it? Like if I want to voiding it if we have something good in its place but I'm an totally avoiding the elephant in the room right because I I like the team is kind of like a break from it because it's like everywhere you look it's all you see. It's all you hear is like when we talk about some other stuff. I really enjoy that look like today. Like the Zach Zane Article Today. I thought it was GONNA be about and whatever I suppose. It's still the same thing because it's human emotion that's not exclusive to male female or gay or straight or bi doesn't matter Which is and I never even got. I never even got to know clipping column. But the the What threesomes foursomes? Whatever and it enhanced our relationship and then I'm reading it for the first time as I'm willing to do with Zach Sane links and it turns out. He was topping a gentleman who had been married to a woman for nine years but couldn't get hard. I mean that's at that point. I'm thinking it's going to turn into a discussion on poly-amorous which I think it'd be a fascinating discussion and instead we've got Zack. Zane Limp Dick. I it you know with a with a with a gentleman who's been married woman for nine years and you really can't get past that and just move on you can't get you can't get past it and understandably dog and the cat which you know my belief and I think the audience probably understands it. To is for television reasons. They want to distance themselves from it as quickly as possible. And I don't want to get them in a weird spot so if I can tell that. They are more uncomfortable. Horrible that I'm not going to pursue it. You know but actually in the commercial break. I kept reading. And that's how I found out the guy who he couldn't get hard for was a gentleman who've been married to a woman for nine years as this guy really runs into some situations I learned. I learned what the word conversion means so I hit valuable lesson. Sometimes there are awards I recognize but I really don't know how to pronounce them in that case. I didn't know what it was. I don't think anybody on the day is did and and so I was like. Oh this is kind of interesting but I thought but I didn't realize it was Zane article until it was you know I mean I guess once I saw men's health and I scroll down then I saw was saying Argh Okay. I thought this was going to be. Hetero couples talking about threesomes and foursomes which absolutely interest me. But then it was Zane and he was. He was experiencing Impotence and and it was with a waiting husband of nine years to a woman and Zane saying he was thinking if the wife decided she had to move for a job what he lose Simon The gentleman who had a wonderful chiseled jaw and big biceps asleep at. I mean the SACRA who is who is a waiting and learning bottom Zach sane which also I have to tell you caught me off guard just isolate on on that particular part so there was a whole lot to the story and I would have loved to have continued with it clearly. It wasn't something that Doug and the cat really wanted to pursue. I think the Plow Hawk was so fucked up today more so than ever that he wasn't going to be able to participate in agee might not have been in the studio. He was tending imports. And so at this point it was me and you reading his accusation article on it. Just didn't it just didn't In like I said the fact that it was a a yearning husband of nine years woman who he was having these experiences with cars well Let's see the hell do it here? I'll do it on the podcast. Good afternoon Tim. Hope you and your family are staying safe during these troubled times. I was wondering what your thoughts are on. Trump's daily press conferences. This is a topic I would not bring up on the radio and you see the text. Inbox see them. Come in and you also notice. Probably that I don't read them Do you feel they are more helpful or do a disservice to the public? Good these trying times just some background earlier this month. I was furloughed by a major saint. Louis Company. I've been dealing with the stress of this quarantine and I feel that. His press conferences have been self-serving cynical and dishonest. I know people will point to the media's questions as harsh but in these times I want to feel assured by the country's leader and I don't feel that we are in these briefings. Thanks for providing me joy and laughter the mornings the last six years and look forward to your answer that is from Pat He had the press conferences. And this is something that is refreshingly actually being said by Republicans who don't necessarily live in fear of him and Democrats alike and then also voters who I think probably voted for him and those who voted for Hillary Clinton or did not vote November. Two Thousand Sixteen that the press conferences are just. I mean it's absolute circus. And and so if I if this point now I don't even bother with them but for the first couple of weeks when they would be on the way I would handle it was I. I'd Go God. This is unbelievable. I mean I still. I'm still not at a point of just going. Oh this is. This is now our normal. And I'm not talking about being quarantined with a pandemic. I'm talking about that. You know what is being said how. It's being handled. How just just awful it it is. It's just it's it's a phenomenon and in it's kind of like in it's like normalized. It's like yeah but did you hear the question. And it's just like God I mean you know. And then the same people who would condemn the way. Nick Sabin or Bill Belichick handle question love when Donald Trump talks down to reporters very fascinating fascinating standard. That each held to I digress. The my main issue isn't the condescension. It's just being dishonest. That's it be the same thing If it were coming from somebody on the left it's just it's just spewing dishonesty and now if you WanNa talk about like the size of the crowd at the impeachment. It's kind of like okay. Whatever it's Joe I mean. It's it's not a joke but it's just it's it's harmless and boy. Did it set a tone right out of the gate on day. One of what this was going to be like But it's benign. You know this is different. This can impact people's health and you know for those who listened to it and believe it it then leads to where we are now a month plus later of people disputing things that are actually truths and that I think is why I'm just out on on on the topic On the radio show not on the PODCAST. As far as where I am now. I don't watch it when I was watching it then when I after. I initially notice what he was doing. Each day I would mute it and then when foul cheesy burks Mike Pence The Surgeon General Drome atoms whomever. We'll talk then. I then I turn the volume back on and I would go back if I didn't turn the volume on right at the exact time to hear the beginning of their answer and for the record. Mike Pence is Is a Republican You know So this isn't like oh it's Donald Trump. He's Republican I tune them out and I feel like I'm like fighting these like shadow people who aren't necessarily the people I even care to listen to the show who see it's all because he's a Republican. It's not it's because it's him has nothing to do with the Republican thing. Hell Lot of policies actually would be more democratic. I think by definition. But we're so fucking past that that we're not even talking about it anymore. It's pro-trump anti-trump. It's not even discussing well. That's pretty democratic policy So it's just I just I tune I mean the answer is I tune it out tune it out because like angers me to tune it out because it's just it's it's just it's it's theater kind of what we're talking about clay travis last week so like okay. I get what he's doing. It's not my thing that's obviously a porch. I think I think there's ven diagram there Certainly of the two audiences and you know it's it's unfortunate that we're at this point and hopefully we won't be at this point forever but that's where we are. Tune it out Mike Mike Pence. Here's a question for you gangster. Because I've been I've been watching him way more so over the last month and a half two months than ever before and I was trying to think who he reminded me of and I finally reached the conclusion on I think it was because he was on both meet the press on Fox News Sunday And it's a politician so this isn't like a football coach would be in the same arena a politician in our lifetimes and I'm curious if if you watch him speak talk and his mannerisms if if you pick up the same thing as I do first off I will ask before giving you who. I have decided. He reminds me of. Is there any politician? Who Mike Pence reminds? You of gangster. Pete not off the top of my head. No Bill Clinton really. I couldn't figure it out but I used to watch Bill Clinton in the nineteen nineties. Go God this guy so obviously full of shit but unlike trump where it's like people just okay. This is just like what you know. It's a different kind of full of Shit Like I think he actually believes. I think that's what's going on there. I don't know I mean it's certainly a study to be done for decades out from now Penson Clinton I don't know I I see a similarity there and I'm not talking because then it's like you know because I I can't imagine there are people in the audience who are big fans of both. You know like you're not you can't really a big Bill Clinton Fan and a big Mike Pence Fan. I don't think I would imagine there are people who are certainly not fans of either certainly more so than there are people who are big fans of both but it's it's mannerism and it's just like it kind of takes you back to the way people used of you politicians as being full of Shit but benignly full of Shit and by that I mean it was bullshit but you knew it was bullshit and they knew it was bullshit and you knew that they had to go behind closed doors and do whatever they needed to do in order to you know. Keep the trains running on time so to speak and it didn't matter who it was you knew it was bullshit. You know maybe. Jfk inspired people to believe it wasn't bullshit or Barack Obama inspired people to believe. It wasn't Bullshit Ron. Reagan inspired people to believe. It wasn't bullshit. I don't really know that. Jimmy Carter George W. Bush did that but but at least you were kind of just like yeah you know and now that I found out. Jfk was this and that and this and that now that I found out you know. Take your pack. But that's what that's what reminds me of with with pets which is actually in a sense to compare it to what's going on now refreshing not necessarily in a great way just eight change from what this is now and then the second question was or wasn't it was an observation regarding some people might say that the reporters are asking Let's see I WANNA make sure I get it right Do you feel these are more helpful due to service to the public? Good these trying times just some background earlier. This month I was furloughed. Major Saint Louis Company. I've been dealing with the stress of this quarantine and I feel like this. Press Conferences of in self serving cynical and dishonest. People will point the media's questions as harsh but these times I want to feel assured by the country's leader and don't feel that we are in these briefings I I don't know if I were in the White House. Press Room with this stuff going on I do. I really have no idea how to handle that. I've never you know I mean trying to think of anybody I've ever covered. There's just nothing like this From this guy's perspective if I was furloughed watching this this and trump is talking about how ratings or better than the bachelor I would be so pissed off. Yeah I mean there are people who I know who actually get really really. Oh Wow you there are people who angered by this fucking vapid statement. Of course there people angered by but people I know Who are close to me in my life who cannot handle it and it really angers them and can't keep it on and for me. It's like it's it's like I don't know what we were talking about back in March with this because you were like I don't like the pelotas eight politization of it politicization politization whatever fucking it up. I'm afraid to say it now. I know I really did a number on it and it's like yeah and I'm actually. They're like there will be time now. I hope all of the people saying now is not the time to litigate. What happened are in agreement that there will be a time because I have a feeling a number of those people will say whatever we got through it. Let's not go back to it. That's what I think is going to happen from. The people are saying now is not the time see I am saying now is not the time but you better fucking believe there will be a time to go back and research under oath what took place with this pandemic in January and February and March and the statements that are on the record. You love that Stan Kroenke Saint Louis deposition idea. I hope you'll love this one too because I think are a lot of similarities so I hope you enjoy both otherwise we're GONNA have again an interesting inconsistency with being mad at head coaches who are Dismissive of the media but support of the president. When he's dismissive of the media again. I'M GONNA have to point that out so I hope we're on the same page on that you want discovery. Let's get discovery but in the midst of an economic and health crisis I to agree that sitting here and bitching about take your pick of whatever political leader is. This is what's going to happen. That's my that's what I always play that out what what's going to happen. Things will be removed from office. Think Nancy Pelosi is going to be removed from office. Whoever it is that is bothering you at this particular moment. It's just not going to happen so it's like you're barking at the moon. Nothing's going to take place so there. Of course we'll be a day of reckoning but my mindset now is not the time as far as if. I were in the White House. Press Corps You know what is being pro? I mean God I mean I watched it when I would watch it and it will. He would get so mad at the questions and it'd be like that question was so harmless you know it's just it's something else and you know what the thing is as. I'm saying this I've been at this. I would imagine the people who love him have already bailed on. It are already constructing their fuck you emails to but there are a number of people. I'm like close with WHO and I'm not not not necessarily family members per se Not necessarily see the point where they'd be like defiant on it but like friends who I know here this and disco. Yeah you just don't get it. I'm just like man I it's like you know he's not telling the truth like you know it you know he's not and I just can't get past that this guy could be pro poker pro lesbianism pro foursomes you know. Throw whatever shit that I like. You know pro agnostic schism you know whatever whatever it is and I'd be like like fucking lying so I don't I don't care if he lines up with the shit that I like. It doesn't matter to me. That's the most important thing and also when he is by himself and has to make a decision. Do I believe he's going to make a decision that is in his best interest or in the best interests of the country? And it's not even a fucking. There's not a second that goes by before I have the answer to that question and I would think most of you were there with me too. And that's what I'm looking for in a leader not just a president but a leader in a business so if now just because that's my definition it doesn't mean your definition Pitas we've said both our moms pro-life through and through so for them and I've never had the conversation with my mom about this because I'd be really curious but I mean I do tell. The story of there was one day when we were all living in the same under the same roof in Hilton head last year. Feel like I talked about this a few weeks ago and it was just me and my mom and dad and in the living room watching the Sunday morning shows and they just started talking about shit. I don't even remember how to do with Probably the Miller report and I was like. Oh my God holy things that they're saying and I'm not gonNA argue with them just going to just you know Mike. You wouldn't even notice. It was a very organic. Get up and leave it. What's it like a huffing and puffing it up and like shit you know but I sit there and I think if Donald Trump or pro-choice. I don't think that would be the conversation they're having. It's that simple. Which to me is fucking weird but you know what if you view abortion through the Lens my parents view in particular? My mom views it through. I gotta say. I don't blame her. Because of your viewing that is the murderer of millions of babies. I get it. I don't see it that way but if you do view it that way and this gentleman whether you like him or dislike him is going to side on that side of the issue. Well I have to tell you I get it and I guess that's where I differ from. Some people are like. Oh I've I've been loving your anti-trump take for the last fifteen minutes. I feel like I've been wanting you to say this on the radio for the last four years. Now you're finally doing it and you just fucking loss me here. I don't know what to tell you. It's just I I got it and also get people voting for him in two thousand sixteen and don't go your bunch of bigots. I don't see it that way. I totally get not voting. For Hillary Clinton I voted for Hillary Clinton and I used to say on the radio and to my friends. I can't imagine a circumstance which I would ever vote for Hillary Clinton. I mean I really I mean there's an ensure enough only shit donald trump's president so I'm voting for Hillary Clinton so I say I can't imagine a circumstance in which I would ever vote for Donald Trump and I really can't imagine a circumstance in which I would ever vote for Donald Trump but shit I used to say I can't imagine a circumstance. Where would ever vote for? Hillary Clinton and there. I am vote for Hillary Clinton and it wasn't in by the way it wasn't even a sweat. It was a very easy decision. I was shocked that it came to that point. So when I'm sitting there and watching these press briefings initially now like I said I don't even worry about it and I see people tweeting about him. Like what are you surprised at got weird today? What did you think you that Reagan was gonNA walk out today? The Autobahn was gonNA walk out today. Fdr was going to show up with a plan. I mean this is what it is. So it's like hate listening to the radio show. What did you think you were? GonNa get like a breakdown a high school basketball. This is what we do. It's what he does so that's why I don't. I'm not upset about it anymore. It's what he does. I liked him fired. Not or how bad? Tma Out. That's why. That's why I was somebody who say oh. I did when I was waiting in line. You've gone to Max Right Dexter Sunday all right. I was there Saturday. Jameson down there. Because I know that he while we wait and it was only forty minutes by the way I know that he'll sleep which he just doesn't take naps. I know that will sleep. And I'm like oh I got some time I'll do like a Q. And A. on the fan page and add some wonderful questions and there was somebody I somehow came up out the podcast and I see I I I love doing q fta so much. I think about doing it. You know more times a week because I just love to be able to be s and I enjoy and I and I didn't gangster Pete. Having you on thing makes it better so I enjoy. It's therapeutic for me but I'm able to talk about the things that I'm really interested in without like having to like look down at the text. Inbox like personally attacking me and my family or you know or or mid thought and all of a sudden three people were talking. It's just it's a it's a refreshing thing and I feel better all right. I got two more emails and And then I will have emptied The emails for Q FTA Good Morning Tim. is a good one and this was sent in Almost two weeks ago I just found out that Joe Buck is doing a new podcast with someone named Oliver Hudson. Have you listened to this yet? I listened to him talk about it with him. Oliver Hudson on. Pardon my take okay. I listened to their first episode when it was just the two of them and they've had Bill Simmons Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez Illinois Oh absolutely I have not listened to any of those Let's see and it made me think of salary. I just found out the Joe Bucks doing a new podcast for so many Alvan Hudson and it may be that we in two thousand twelve. I think that was the year you are correct. That's very nice. I always like a good year. Accurate reference when you and heated like five podcast. The guests that you guys were able to get were incredible and I enjoyed every second of it. What happened there. Was it too much time for him to pursue any longer with all the changes to podcasts slash slash technology. Since then I would think it would be easier to pull off especially remotely in two thousand twenty any chance. You guys could do something like that again. Thanks Kyle Oakville all wonderful questions. All with easy answers. None of which I think is Is letting anything out of the room? So Oliver Hudson to start with is the brother of Kate Hudson And so they share Both the same mother and father in the also were raised by Kurt. Russell Goldie who's been with has been with forever but they've never been married and Oliver Hudson. I actually knew our Hudson. Not as the actor but he lost on the very first hand of like the to. Do you know what I'm talking about. What this pedia the world poker. Yes always shed. I figured you would know about this He lost in the very first hand of the world series of poker main event. Sam Farr Ha the guy that would always keep on with cigarette in his. I think he's still playing And I don't I don't know what the I think it was. Maybe a one full house over another full house or quads over a full house. I ought to go back and look at the head. I've seen it and I always remember thinking. That's gotta be the worst fucking thing ever That's back in my poker days now. Wouldn't have the same emotion But that's how I knew that. And he's he's been he's been on a number of shows and I also knew that There is a place. I don't think I'm saying anything. That's really cutting edge here because it's celebrity say. This isn't like little secret conclave in Saint Louis because Oliver Hudson. I believe it was in. La Kabo were number people go some of whom you would know from Saint Louis. I'm not talking about old money families. I'm talking about like celebrity. Pay Families Go down and And and it's like Joe. I don't know if JOE's talked about it on the podcast or not but I mean you name it as far as a-list goes they're they're it's it's like to hear. Joe Talk about it and he's not talking about it as a brag. I mean it's just bullshitting but it's like I hit my ball. Left and George Strait was in his backyard. Cutting the grass you know. And then it's like F- alive as a member there and he kind of pissed people off because he walked out on the range talking about one to play one hundred thousand dollars a hole and he was kind of doing it to be. You know look at me but you know everybody there they all have that money and it was just. Kinda like a turn off you know which of course something. There's no way anybody listening to this. Has that kind of money. So this of course is a foreign concept to play for one hundred thousand dollars a hold of anybody listening to this program. Hell dollars a whole before in concept to me Much less one hundred thousand dollars so You know in in DiCaprio and Anniston and so on and so forth so I think there is like a two man tournament and I think Joe and Oliver Bonded over that they played together. This is years ago. I think they want it and and they've become good friends ever since. So that's the background on who? I'll hudson is how they have the relationship and it made me think that we two thousand twelve. That's when Joe and I were doing podcasts. The backstory on that and this is this is. I have to tip my cap to producer. Joe You you and producer Joe Gangster. Pete have this in common Joe came up with this idea. I think this is right around the time when Joe was like I gotta get Outta Radio. He wound up leaving in February or March of thirteen. But we JOE HAD THIS IDEA. I gotTa give him the credit as a producer. Joe Buck of doing a podcast and in two thousand twelve while. This might not might seem weird because it was only eight years ago. There were podcasts. But they weren't nearly as I mean. The market wasn't nearly as saturated as now and there were a handful and they're only a couple you could point to as being really successful and I remember the one that we were talking about. Was Adam Corollas And that when we actually had their Media Kit and What producer Joe's idea was and now with eight years or move? This certainly wouldn't be a big deal and it might not have worked then Because as I'll get to everything always comes down to money and time being worth money which is essentially what matters here for Joe Buck and what is worth it to him is different than what it is worth to me and what it is to producer. Joe You know. Man makes millions of dollars a year You know so. Therefore he's going to need to make a hell of a lot more for it to be worth it to him than than for me or for producer Joe but Joe had this idea where we would do. I think a daily podcast and interview. Peter King I remember. It was one of the names. I can't remember who the NHL person was and like go around the leagues and pay these people a good amount of money. Good amount of money not like one hundred dollars an appearance which is also nice too but I mean this is this has been like a salary not six figures either but but certainly material dollars and you know what the what they would have to do is tweet out the lake which now would absolutely network in two thousand twelve. It might not have worked but now people be like fuck you your tweet junk all the time. You know what I mean like. It just wouldn't play well then it that that wasn't the mindset and that's what the terms would be. You have to be on for like ten minutes with US and have to tweet out the link. And that's that's an that's what we're GONNA do. And so we were meeting with people about investing and our meeting with Kyle. Loesch who producer Joe had a friendship with and you know I realize now. He's a retired Major League pitcher but manmade shit might make might abate nine figures I don't know what do you think Kylo? Shes is really good for a while too and he he was cashing in so I don't know if he would have gotten the nine figures I duNno. It's going to be interesting. I'm GONNA TAKE THE ANDRADE. One hundred million just at thirty eight eighty nine million. We're looking at different. How about that? Isn't that just sick? Not Thirty eight network or what? They made playing what he made play. Okay because I mean starting in twenty eleven pitched through twenty fifteen or he's under contract through twenty fifteen. He was making eight figures. So that's where it piled up but even in two thousand ten with the cardinals. He made nine point one and two thousand nine seven point four two thousand eight four point two five so anyway he Eighty nine million dollars so I mean him him floating US whatever it was going to be. A few hundred thousand dollars was going to be a nothing so we met with him. It was shock and then Joe Buck and we we all each relationship or you know report at the very least with each one and Joe was really all a ball. Everybody was interested and You know but you also know probably could shock and Joe more so than Loesch at the time you get hit up with ideas and it's just it's it's you know. I mean it's kind of it's kind of the cost of being in that position And it's an it's an awkward spots. Usually have somebody kind of feel that. And then if you're still interested it's recommended to you then maybe take a meeting but since you know we had a report. They took the meeting and they knew it wasn't going to be like. Hey we need you know three million dollars to get this thing going so in the conversation with Joe it became. Well what if I came on and then it's like well this just totally change if you're going to be on it and he's like well. Yeah I mean I can do it. Why would I do it if it's going to help it? Why wouldn't I do it? I'm like well I mean if you're going to do it then now we're talking about a totally different thing. And he goes. Yeah and then it kept going and I think we met with Joe. Okay so if we were if we did it we did it. I think in March of twelve and we met with him and remember. He had the FEU vocal cord issue during the two thousand eleven world series. So it had to be in between and that's when Joe and I went to La to meet with His agent and also New York. I think New York was first than La. It was like the two of three weekends and it was it was you know and I told the story. Just 'cause I thought it was an interesting story and it just and people hate it on it not not a bunch. It's one of those things were collect. Two people did and it stands out to me. But they're like all your bragging and I'm like no I don't own the private jet you know. It's not my private jet. I am one hundred percent coattails but I would figure people would find these stories amusing. You know I D. I didn't accomplish anything here. You know I'm I'm I have a rapport with Joe Buck and that has led to me. You know I'm I'm fucking Johnny drama. I didn't do anything you know. Just close to the guy who's the guy but it led to us to to when we went to New York and he was calling. The Giants Falcons playoff game and and having dinner with him and Troy Aikman In kind of surreal thing And then being in the box while they're calling the game and Paul who's friends with was in there and That you know I mean th th. This isn't a brag. It's just people are taking it that way it. But it's that's what we did but it's not like yes. I accomplished this much and then Paul Rudd was hanging out with me. It was joe was curious about how to structure this thing and he had an agent. New York had an agent in La. Thank you probably still does. And he wanted to meet with them both and then the it got into a weird spot because Aikman was going to be one of our guys and so he wanted us to talk with troy about it and I'm just excited Troy Aikman. I mean when you be excited me trae. C'mon BOOM. Yeah so we're walking Joe Always stays the same hotel in New York City and An- Anna Marie. And I were standing a different one in lower Manhattan and we meet at Joe's hotel and then Go over to a place place. I used to love used to be at the Palazzo. does casinos Mexican place in New York City. And I'm like this is fucking nuts. I'm sitting at a table like just for like drinks before we go to dinner with Joe. Buck his agent and Troy Aikman and and Chris Myers And I'm just like you know. It's not a brag because I'm made if it is if it's coming off it is I can't control it but I'm off the situation. So people lookit like what we do on teaming man. That's super cool it. You can't imagine what it'd be like to be around you guys out and it's not exciting and I'm sure those guys like it's not exciting. We were sitting there. None of them would ever remember this Because it's what they do but I'm like Holy Shit I'm sitting here with in particular Troy Aikman and then Joe brings it up Chris in the agenor meyers or the agent or different conversations. Now it's me Joe and Aikman having this conversation about this vision and I think aikman views me as a the business guy and he's going to dig in on What he wants for it and and Desai. Kinda stare me down to my holy Shit. How does this this happen? Because we're talking about doing it. Troy says he'd be interested in doing it and then he looks at me in dislike stairs through my soul like Phil. Ivey trying to pick up a read situation and he goes. I wouldn't do it for anything less than he gives us a number and I'm like okay. It sounds good. I don't know to tell you I'm not really the guy with that much. I think he was looking at me. Is like an agent guy or the guy with the idea and now he's negotiating and Joe is his pitching the idea to him and troy mistook me for being. You know whatever money guy involved with it which up at no surprise here. I'm not I wasn't then I'm not now and And and I once he realized that wasn't the case. Then we wound up. We want to go to dinner bullshitting about it Was dinner with the whole Fox crew. Like God I would say there are thirty people table and I happened to be seated with a cross from Joe and troy and Joe was raving about. Tma how he loved the show. And that's troy started talking about and I think he's an owner in the ticket in Dallas which is a really successful sports. Talk Radio Station and apparently in because Joe is going the best part about their shows. They really never talk sports. And that's when troy goes. Yeah he goes. I think he goes I either. I'm on with the ticket or I own part of the ticket in Dallas. And when I go on we hardly ever talk sports. And that's what they do. And that's that's the secret to the whole thing is that that is bullshit. Guys are funny in the audience. Likes IT AND JOE GOES OUT? That's exactly what you guys have going on so it was cool. Surreal thing I don't think that Troy Aikman would remember one second of it even if you would incentivize them with ten million dollars But for me it was a cool thing and then a couple of weeks later went to Los Angeles but we stopped in Palm Springs. Joe Had MC something for a night and then flew to Santa Monica which is when for golf fans in what is something that because I was kind of out of the golf thing at that time and I didn't realize it was that big of a deal. Even though I knew who he was they got done playing this charity tournament at the Madison Club. Which is look that one up in another world just opened. I think And and the way these people operators they like how you would say can I bum a ride to the TMA live? It's hey can I catch a ride with you? Where are you going on your jet? It's just a different world and so Anthony Kim who is like disappeared from the Gulf world. We're sitting there Mehan Annemarie weightings. Joe Played in the event. And I'm just sitting there waiting. Probably look like total hoodlum. It's something that's like a castle much less the golf course. Glenn Fry was hit. Just got done playing. And he's sitting fucking the hell. Am I doing there and Anthony Kim POPs up because hey Jacob can catch a ride with you l. and so it winds up being me. Joe Blocked my wife and Anthony Kim on this you know. I don't even know what it is. Maybe forty minute flight from Palm Springs to Los Angeles Santa Monica Airport Anthony Kim's telling these just ridiculous gambling stories. I mean asinine gambling so when people go what happened to Anthony Cam. I'm like well. I actually was with him. Didn't realize I didn't realize I was like on a plane with the golf equivalent of sasquatch. And and I can tell you. It seems like he has a gambling issue so I don't know if that has tied into why he hasn't gotten back in a professional golf people always theorize that it has something to do with this insurance policy so we meet with Joe's agent I think the next morning yeah and and discuss and we were all ready to go and do a show and Joe wanted to test it out and we did it on caffeine us and caffeine us you can imagine was thrilled. Joe Buck hosting a show for five days and we had Wayne Gretzky. We'd Alex Rodriguez. We had Jon Hamm and we add Paul Rudd we had Aikman And it was an and you only had five days and it was a two hour show so like there'd be a guest day where it was Wayne. Gretzky Alex Rodriguez in Jon. Hamm like in a matter of ninety minutes on. I mean it's it was it was insanity and it of course was well received. How could it be in and I had nothing to do with me? Joke could have been there with a cardboard cutout. It did matter I had not that this is this is groundbreaking shit. It was all him and he was able to text him but he was coming off that. Hbo thing that did not go. Well the already Lang debacle and while that was one issue the bigger issue that Joe had with it and I think he wrote about this in his book so I don't think I'm saying anything out of school was that he would somehow be responsible for getting the guests to fly up to To New York and would like to get people to like get booked. Flights for these people like with far of lineup from Mississippi to do the show and so on and so forth. And he's just like I don't want to go through that again and I'm like but that was when you had to have him flight at work to be on the show in this case you could tax them and say hey. Do you have twenty minutes? And then they'll be on the show and so he experienced that he saw what happened and I laid out a business model once we did. I said man you know I know what you kind of need to make. He had told me what he needs to make. I assure you as you might imagine. It's more than anybody in Saint Louis. Radio is making but it was not going to be limited to Saint Louis. Radio is going to be a podcast and it's a shame it didn't wind up happening but the reason it didn't of course to shame but here's why it did wind up happening. He had just started up with his now. Wife Michelle Shell buys new at the time. Michelle visner Bucknell. And they didn't live they both did live in Saint. Louis we spent a Lotta time flying back and forth his daughters. Who are now one is in college and one is out of college and now like television and doing stuff on SNL. And I mean just incredibly accomplished You know he had two daughters fresh off worse so you know. Spending time with them was the utmost importance and then the thing that I think probably blew it up more than anything else was. F S. One was coming into play. It was about to debut and when we were first talking about it in twenty eleven slash twenty twelve that wasn't on the horizon and then it started coming into play and do you remember the rollout of F s one gangster. Pete Yeah vaguely I mean they had. They brought them the two guys from Canada who are ridiculously popular in Canada. Dan J I think maybe sportscenter And it just bombed absolutely wasn't good. I remember that. Yeah I mean those guys regards and Canada And it just didn't translate and then they then they would have God who was. It was like Gary Payton Andy Roddick Donovan mcnabb. Like in their own little area and Dan and Jay would throw them like get their takes on the big stories of the day and it's kind of like they try to make it work with names but you know Charles Barkley's a name Charles Barkley's talent kilo neal's a name kill Neal's a talent and Kenny. The jet is a name but Kenny. The jets tout. But here's the difference. It's not just the talent. It's the chemistry. Those guys have along with thirty Johnson. That makes the thing work. You know Terry Bradshaw's named Jimmy Johnson's name stray ends and aim how he longs the name. But it's the chemistry. Those guys have the that? Make that thing works. You can't just throw big names in and just expect to have that magic recreated and it just was a disaster plus they had a bunch of other shows Regis Philbin was hosting something and I think Joe Thought he was going to be involved with that and I think he was in a contract renegotiation and he was a tough spot because Dan Caesar was calling me asking if we were going to do it. And I go on the record and I go to Joe I said. Hey Caesar's writing about he's asking. If this thing is going to happen he goes. Yeah you can tell we're going to do it. And I'm like sweet and it wasn't even like Oh shit that's great to hear. It was like. Yeah we knew we were going to do it. And then you know two months later in. May of two thousand twelve He's like I just can't do it because I got too much on my plate. I'm going back and forth to see Michelle. She's coming back and forth if my daughter's And then I think I'm going to be doing something to show on. F S One. I just can't possibly at another thing to my play plus also once. You know. I'm still doing doing Saturday baseball than October. You know Sunday rolls around and NFL. Around Sundays. It just it just it just it fell off and and I guess the only thing my disappointment you know. Certainly I would've loved to have done. The show goes without saying but But I mean I get that. That's not even there's not like got damaged at all because I totally get. How can you get it? The only the only thing and it's like the most minor thing of all that I don't like about it or that I regret about it. I guess is that I'm on the record publicly saying it's going to happen and then it didn't happen but I only said that after texting Joe to say all right. Dan's asking me and I'm in hindsight annoyed. Dan was asking me because he always talks. Joe Obviously and writes about him You know what is the plan and I think it was something that is going to happen. We just don't know the date or something along those lines and you know I mean it is a huge deal. Now I mean Shit. It's been eight years but It's you know I don't like going on the record and saying something's going to happen and not wind happening but that's how it all came to pass. Oh Joe doing a podcast. Now I don't go got damage. Oliver Hudson you replaced me. I didn't even think about it even cross my mind Until reading this email and I'm like Oh yeah yeah and I probably never told the story as to why it didn't happen and and I guess if I did without being asked about it it might come off as like I matt. Joe And it's the firming shit. Show is on this podcast. How many times he's been on this podcast? Joe's hosted Did A Q. and A. With me at the Improv Shop We've all hung out memory and Michelle and myself and Joe before so you know it's not like there's this bitterness over this two thousand twelve podcast didn't happen not that the author of the email is saying that there was but Just to to give the backstory on it and honestly I don't know how it would have really played out because Joe Joke I mean guy it was it. It's he came up to I was having dinner with Annemarie and her parents for her mom's birthday. Yeah her mom's birthday in November. Twenty twelve yes okay. We must have talked about it. God November twenty eleven. So man we must have talked about this right after the world series. I don't know what the hell happened. Had to be around December It all tied in with Michelle. The first time he ever saw his wife and he writes about this in his book because he talks about it in the book I was aware of. It was as we were walking out of at the time. What was Sports Authority field? It's now I have no idea. But it's worth broncos play and And it was okay. So that was twenty two. That was two thousand twelve. Right that makes sense that was twenty twelve with Me Ameri Aikman yet again. And they had just called the submission game between the broncos the forty niners in August And we were going from Denver to Las Vegas just to hang out. This was kind of more just to hang out thing. This wasn't a business thing and it was supposed to be a business thing and something fell through and he's like well if you guys don't want to come you can still come like sure absolutely and the first time he saw. Michelle was In the walkways. You're walking either onto the field at the broncos stadium or a car out of. The stadium was the first time that he saw any writes about it. And he didn't say anything At that time but he mentioned that he mentioned that specific thing. Like I was walking with you. And didn't you know important? You know what I see but That that that night you know he just he was just fell in love and God bless they've been together now for eight years and have two together and all of that was coinciding with the timing of Doing doing it. And and so twenty. Twenty eleven two thousand twelve was when we talked about doing the podcast. We did the thing in April. I think twenty twelve I think I'm in the paper and look that up April or May of twenty twelve with a quote saying we're GonNa do it then. It fell through and then it somehow got back to it because we were together in. August of two thousand twelve and talking about it again in November twenty. Twelve's I wonder what happened there. Something I don't know the timing doesn't make sense but I know that had to be was right after my cancer scare and I know that was November twenty twelve so the stuff went on for a while and it just didn't wind up happening but playing it out knowing the dollars involved and he came up that night. We were Jimmy's on the park. Remember that place. Every therapy can stuff great stuff no longer with us in demand and Joe came up and he was going to meet Machel and And that like a date thing she was in town was rams game and I think she was doing sidelines or something. I don't know she was in town for that and And he was just going to like show around. It was on the date. It was in a one on one thing. But he's really nervous about it and so he came up to get a drink and so we had a drink at the bar before we went into have Not Joe having dinner with the family but before I went and have dinner with his family. My Wife's family and And Bullshit about this. I remember specifically saying listen goes. This isn't a brag. This isn't to pop up in you know. Take your pick of whatever publication. It's to lay out my situation and therefore how much and I'm going to be debate in order for in order for it to to work at. He told me the number Which you know I think people can be sure you could probably look it up yourself. Although I don't know if it's written about when it comes to people salary I never know how these fucking things out either by the way people's salaries But anyway whatever and he goes so therefore. If I'M GONNA do this it's going to need to somehow be able to pay this and I go okay. I get it think we can do that. I really do because we're not just going to do it in Saint Louis But then as it wound up playing out you know maybe maybe it was two thousand thirteen. Where where the Fox sports one thing happened in two thousand twelve? Somehow it didn't happen for different reason. I don't know but I know that we did it. In Two thousand twelve and I know that we wound up getting back together a couple of different times in August two twelve in November of twelve. And I know that it was in November. Twelve is when he told me that Jimmy's on the park what he Made and what? He was doing our thing in order to do it. So it must've ca so. I don't know the details on why what was going on then but I know it all started up. Four sure in January of two thousand twelve being on those those trips just because I remember it being surreal to be around in La at the at the the golf tournament thing. It was as I said it was. Glenn Fried doing a private concert for like two hundred people Sitting in a table with Pat Perez. The Golfer The next to me was Tony Robbins. Mary Hart and John Elway at a table at the Madison Club. The Madison Club. I'm looking at that right now. It is It's Mickelson goes plays during the winter. It's just throw a thing where this isn't you know and I don't know I I hope people can. I mean if they can't they can't they already don't like anyway but it can tell the difference between a brag and this and I don't really know how I just know that it's not a break so it's not like I'm like yes. I bought a table for me and Annemarie to have dinner at the Madison Club for this charity event. Joe Buck emceed in Glen Fry. The late Glenn Fry played a private concert at. You know that wasn't it. It was like we like once every six months or so. Somehow it'll come up and she'll God I can't believe we went in her big thing. I can't believe we went to that isn't I can't believe we were there. It was I was wearing jeans like a gray J. crew t shirt with the neck like just all bent out of shape and my green cardinal cap that is just ripped up like ninety stone. Her annemarie God bless her. She's you know she's GonNa Look Nice. You know no matter. What but still. She's with me so that that hurts her stock and we weren't dressed appropriately but show. We honestly thought it was for Ben Crane. Who at the time was on tour? I don't think he's on tour anymore. Joe Just had. Mc It for this this charity thing. And I remember I remember Stewart cink being like at a table nearby not that. He's you know tiger or anything like that. Who knows who was really there. I mean I remember the people around me and I remember being introduced to Pat Perez but I was so not into golf at the time. I disc- couldn't I was just like Oh cool and Joe's like he's the most amusing guy on tour and I'm like about he ever heard of 'em's got long hair would have thought I. Would you know. I'm just like whatever I remember sitting at the table and being amusing. But then you know so. That's at night. I think that was a Sunday night at the golf term was on Monday and again. I'm totally not into golf at the time. I mean I'm like I like I like I'm supposed to play an hour and ten minutes and I played yesterday and I can't wait to do it and it's important to me and to think that I was at Madison Club and I couldn't have cared any less than I was on a private jet with Anthony. Kim and I couldn't have cared any less. It's just a weird thing but that's where I was in this was eight years ago and I in we look back on it and we're in. Joe Is being kind of how he is. He just doesn't really get worked up about shit he's shown as is is that. I remember thinking ability to MC. So naturally funny. It's not like this thing that I I don't go to the Saint Louis events they may be fucking cringe and I love that. I'm not asked to be at them because I don't know how I'd get out of it. but because. I just couldn't do. I couldn't see him. Because it's just that but joe in southern. California setting could be you know kind of whatever off color and it's welcomed and And I just remember him saying Yeah. I got this thing to come in just like I don't know how you know. Kinda tired but because we had no idea what it was and we wind up going and I think it was once we saw like these tents and the it's some point like how nice it was having no idea no idea if you went to their website. You win a gun. I know I still haven't gone. I still have a guy I know. I know that it's all this thing. Discovery Properties Amari. I just I've been watching the videos on the on the website since you mentioned just over and over. It's just it's I can't even imagine I can't even imagine and it's so by the way I'll come full circle because it spicy. It's noon and I think we started talking ten twenty so I'm doing it to you again and teatime that's assuming Amr GonNa let me go do this back to back days and then I'm GonNa it's GonNa it's GonNa be a Jamison Day Where he comes out on the course and tortures the people. I'm playing with but fine. At least at least I get him out there with me but I swear to you gangster. I swear to you this is just like it's like it's like it's like Stephanos Amira Obscure Days of our lives for those of you. Who got it though? It's rewarding to you for the rest of you. You're like what the fuck is but it's constantly there I swear to you. What was I doing at Madison Club? The next day of the golf tournament when the eventually we'd be on the private jet with Anthony Kim and sitting on at the table with Glenn. Fry after he got done playing. I had to excuse myself to go down by the pool and talk to the owner of caffeine us about his continuing persistence of me. Buying Caffeine us. It was going on in January of two thousand twelve and by God here we are in April. Twenty twenty and Steffano. Damara will not go away. It's still going. That's what I was doing and and at the time I didn't think because I didn't know what Madison Club was. I think it had just opened up. I think I think that was the big deal. I mean residences on this place. There's residents that was imposed tab unreal. I I see there's a wedding. Sabah wonder what I wonder how much that that'll run to get married. You don't WanNa know at Madison. I wonder what the wonder. Wh- what the down stroke is to be a member Madison Club. I mean it was just I had no idea and I remember walking up and it became a thing. We but that's at such a credit to joe like like see like once a week. There's a threat on the fan page. I don't get why people hate Joe Buck and it's like ads because he calls national games and it's like the same thread every week and it's the same discussion over over again and it's like that's that and I get that and I don't play Joe Says Joe Talks about it a hell of a lot at this point that he's calling huge games and people are used to their local announcers and he's getting excited for the other team under the point of the opposition's fans or at their absolute low because something bad just happened to their team. It's all makes all the sense in the world when you lay it out that way and that's that but my experience with him is. Here's a guy who knows. Even though he's not saying it that this is going to be a cool thing and he knows that whether whether I'm from South Saint Louis which is kind of my go-to thing Or I or I still. I was a classmate of his at Indiana my CDs. It doesn't matter. You know the e you could. You could have gone to Indiana in you know Kelly business school and and you don't get a chance to watch Glenn FRY play a private concert for two hundred people and be around. Take your pick of these people at the Madison Club. You know so. He recognizes that. This is any once you know. He wants people to be able to experience it because he knows. And then there's a there's A. There's an awareness there without going. Hey here's what we have on tap for you tonight. I know you just flew private to southern to palm springs in January with me you know And and you know and I think that's the first time ever been on a private jet in my life and I know that Or maybe the second time because the previous one was two weeks earlier to New York with him. And I know that you know that this is. This is an incredible thing. So you know. Make sure that you bring nice clothes. Don't embarrass me. You're going to be sitting with me at this table and you know we're going to be sitting with. Pga Tour players and right to our left is going to be Mary. Hart and Tony Robbins and John. Elway and It just wasn't like that I mean it just wasn't like that because that's not who he is and I think it would have been because I think he gets so much of it from his dad and I don't think that's I know that's not who is dad. Was you know I mean unlimited amount but another but but I do have firsthand experiences with Jack Buck and and it's just these are traits that once once you're exposed to these traits traits that you and I pay can't possibly relate to 'cause we don't get to experience this kind of stuff you know we. I guess we get occasional tastes of it but not because of anything we've done but because of you know whatever relatives or friends or whatever the case might be. And that's the way that I think I would like to think. If I were in that position I would handle it. I wouldn't go listen. I know you're a shit bag so you're going to have to rent something to wear tonight because you're going to be around people with a combined. Twelve fifty billion dollars at this dinner. Don't embarrass me. It'd be like hey guys ought to come. I think you're going to have a good time. And that's how it was presented but because it was presented that way we show up and I'm wearing I probably have the same shit the same jeans I know I still have the green card bill cap too soon. Gray t shirt and they had this. The people there had to be like. Oh Joe Joe brought the poor family with him so nice if you're like an eccentric billionaire they'd roughly did this guy must be seth Macfarlane's mckernan. Oh it must be McFarland. I must have misunderstood. He's the eccentric rider with Seth Macfarlane on family. Guy That you're exactly right. That's probably what it was and I've talked. I've told the story before it was the same night I was around Massimo. Who initially tell the story it was. Oh the guy with the clothing line that you know people in South County war the nineties. You know that's that's that's that's what that's what people knew him for will now. They know him for the Laurie Law Fleas while he's the husband of Laurie Laughlin. And The you know the Child College bribe bribery scandal. You know and how they might do time. But we went to this after after the Ben. Crane event went to this bar. God I don't know so every whenever the power plays that drop. Isn't it Jon? Voight the Ray Donovan. Drop something called the Palm Springs. Jon Voight Palm Springs. The buggy Whip Palm Springs. Went home with a guy named Jose. That's I swear the place he went to. I thought it was called the Tack Room. I'M GONNA T- yeah. There is one okay. There's a tack Room Palm Springs. Okay it does exist so it's like okay just looked it up and he's typed it in. This is the first time I've done it since I was there. Indio California and even though it was in India California Rustic chic bar and grill So that's where we wound up going and we're with. I'm in a van with a guy not Jim Crane. But somebody WHO's an owner of the Houston Astros with Joe? With my wife with Tommy Armour. I'm not bullshitting you. I think Maasim. Oh and Tommy armour is trying to get everybody to view somebody because he doesn't have his own private jet. Okay this is I mean. This is so fucking. I realized that sounds weird but I remember it to get somebody to use their private jet to get on the jet to fly Vegas because it's not that far by private jet and he really wants to go to Las Vegas and the joker guarding Tommy Armor for golf fans is the metal spikes but for for those people it was at. Tommy always tries to get people to use their private jet. And it's just like this is so fucking foreign to me and we go to the tack room and there's some guy this guy. I don't know who he was but he had to money because that was well. I guess you could swim. I had to have money. I didn't and I don't and so I was. I was along for the ride. So maybe this guy did and he was talking to somebody and he was looking up and down and trying to figure out and I overheard him so it was kind of annoying. But it's not. This shit could happen if I were at you. Know Chipotle is next to the onny you it doesn't have to be the tack room in Palm Springs where people like. What the fuck is she doing with him? So that was the conversation and I overheard it and saying Tomasa Mo and then of course he makes his moving does the whole song and dance. And you know whatever so then we wind up the four of us in a conversation. And you know whatever it's it's it goes nowhere and then Ma Massimo and I wind up bullshitting Because I'm like yeah you know. I started inside his down. Of course you've heard of it. You're a member of Bel Air Country Club. Isn't everybody talking about girl next door of the year? And WHO'S GONNA win? You know so he's telling story and I have no idea who the fuck he is and and I you know. And he's he's not like a these-these not a big guy. I think we're probably comparable in size. Might even less than me. He's a smallish guy and and you know everybody knew him and his bullshit standing at the bar here. It's whatever one in the morning and just bullshit on a Sunday night. Having drinks gives a shit at he's telling a story and I'm asking questions and you tell stories. And then he goes then I sold it you know or know. What the Hell was that? You Watch full House and I said of course. I watched full House and he goes. Yeah well aunt. What was her name? Becky Aunt Beck. Thank you phone becky. I'm I'm married aunt Becky Lori Law Phones. My Wife. Like what the okay. We're like what the fuck just happened here. The only reason I was talking to you. Because your buddy he was trying to make a move on my wife and and then it wound up being an amusing conversation. And I'm like okay. What the Fox you know. And and then he then he then we just. I'm like Oh my God because he i think he just start. I think Moscow's line started by putting clothes designing on on Iraq outside of like this little thing in the garment district in New York City and the winds up selling it and think think that target for like was it for like I don't know tens of millions at least I don't WanNa say hundreds of millions and be wrong but it certainly obviously shitload of money and and I just. I love that story because it speaks to everyone who ever starts a business whether it be something that they started went absolutely nowhere and was a boss or it started with putting clothes out on a rack in the garment district in Manhattan and selling it for. Let's call it one hundred million to target. Who fucking knows that? Everybody's story and everybody at some point had to make the decision to bet on themselves and it doesn't matter if you were doing it and doing a hundred million capital raise or doing it and taking the five hundred dollars you have to your name or the thousand dollars you got a loan from your parents for whatever it was everybody's got the story and remembers the moments and that's the thing about his story. It wasn't it didn't like rush up to the I sold at target. For one hundred million dollars it was like the the menial shit along the way and it was just. It's always stands out to me. And how how kind he was on top of it and you're in there weren't pete when we. Yeah you definitely want women when we interviewed Kelly after the Blues won the Cup and chases been on the podcast a few times and I don't even know how the hell it came up but we were talking about so madison clubs one of these discovery properties. At least it used to be. I assume it's still is and that's why when you hear people going up to Idaho Gaza Idaho is discovery property. So you know like Gretzky goes there. I guess this troubadour thing in Nashville never to see another discovery property. That's what chases working on El Dorado and Kabo. That's a discovery property. So this is this. This is where these a list people. And it's it's a blessing. I mean it is. It's not like you know attention to detail it's just it's it's another it's another it's like. I said I mean you throw the DiCaprio Clooney thing around it's like Aniston it's like okay. You get an idea where we are. It's like oh so there's George Strait who cares you know but I mean for country music fans. He's the King of country music and he's next door mowing grass. Like I said so with the the whole thing is is is is a surreal experience but when we were talking about that conversation and chase being involved with Discovery Properties Sagayev then they brought up meeting Mossel Megan's Yam by the way Maasim. He's getting a raw deal. That guy's the nicest guy I love the chase interview but I really didn't like as Moscow taking on like fuck the of all the things you're Kelly chase pulling to the side of the road. Right in front of the arch and Busch Stadium listening to the team. He played for and broadcast winning the Stanley Cup. Your takeaway was his opinion on Massimo Laurie Laughlin. I'm like how that I didn't even fucking remember it but that was that's the thing that stood out to you. Kelly chase bawling his eyes out with the Stanley Cup in Boston. After winning game seven. But it was the moss. Oh take that set you off and you couldn't go on any further as a super nice guy to yes. I mean I speak to two but those guys obviously the hell I was with them for a half hour. But I don't WanNa wind up happened with it. But the point being on anybody starts a business. And that's the highest Even if it fails because anybody who's ever done it knows you had to take a chance and you have to have some semblance of courage to take a chance and try to make your life better or your family's life better and there is no guarantee you're going to sell it to target from one hundred million dollars so your question. Whoever asked this about an hour ago about the Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson has led to an answer that I never ever thought would Take us down this road but if anybody ever asks what happened with my podcast with Joe Buck you will have a wealth of informational resources with this. Answer on this particular podcast. I said I was going to get to the last two emails and then I went on that for such a long time I think already answered this one though. That's what happens. I usually delete them after I answering that. I feel like I might not have Okay so I think this was about rehash. How are we going to religion? I really will miss my teatime. Hey Tim thanks for answering my question. I appreciate the honesty. I'm not Catholic but my wife is and we decided to raise our five kids. Holy Shit Catholic. God bless you sir. I was wondering about you because I know a lot of Catholics. Typically they were born into it and they stay at it Keep up the old school rap references. I always end up singing. The entire. Can't trust at Song when you get started doing that for this one person also as a Lindbergh graduate of ninety one. I love the Saint. Gabriel e mails. It brings me back to a less stressful time. Please tell ya boy to stuff with the mispronunciation of cheese. It literally makes me. WanNa jump through my phone. One more thing I apologize for the longevity of please hesitate to record every activity of your son the time flies by trust me peace that comes from Kevin Reese hence the reason for anger over there it is otherwise that was the monster non-sequitur So I guess that was in response to us. Talking about Religion and looking at the question hit Tim. I don't need anonymity but I chose to email you instead of posting on facebook because my questions personal. I won't blame you if you choose not answered religions. Come up a lot on the PODCAST and I'm wondering why you're agnostic after being raised Catholic. So obviously we spent some time on that and that is the follow up email from. Kevin Reese and I I hope people. I don't know if people are upset with. I don't know nobody really ever talks about it with me. I guess clear does a little bit here and there on the golf course. Cletus cleaness somebody. I would consider a friend. I think he's a wonderful person. I know you know impede. And the reason I'm using his name here is because I know a number of the people who listen to. Tma are familiar with him Because he's reference to the Very aggressively congratulated Golfer. Who a number of US play with. And he's the greatest guy but he's very eh but but I mean I I I really like when somebody has views that are so opposite of mine but yet it's like it's like not even a you don't even really think about it. You know and he he knows it and he no he's been doing this thing on the fan page and I I know when he does it he goes out and he plays golf and drinks a bunch of so many shit face and he makes these posts and then he goes. I'm just having fun but political posts and they troll. I'm like dude. Why do you do this and I don't? I don't I don't tax say dude. Stop doing this shit. He's an text me something about the cares act and how he got his. I don't know what it was something just talking about how great it was what trump had done and it just shows trump's doing is really working and he goes you mind if I post had nothing to do with trump. I just know over the last couple of weeks. You posted these things and it leads to all hell breaking loose. And I haven't said anything to you but since you're asking me no please don't just because it's going to create a whole bunch of Shit and the fan page has gotten. It's always had it's stuff but during the krona virus understandably people more on edge people got fan page. It's not the fucking fan page because everybody's fucking miserable you know whatever. Other fan pages are out there. I'm sure they're not really humming along right now either because everybody's miserable stuck at home or they're concerned about their jobs or their health so shit it stands to reason there's a cause and effect here but cletus very religious. At least I think is we don't really talk about all that much and it's not like I'm anti religion. I think there's a difference where I am versus where Bill Maher is any bill Maher Kinda shits on religious people and I just don't think that really does I don't think well that's just as bad as the people that try to push their personality. I really do pete and I I mean I know we've done this for two hours or whatever but I mean this is. This is my time to actually talk. Shows I'm going to take it That we talked a little bit about on on. Tma on Dan Crenshaw the representative from taxes. who's probably best known for Pete Davidson of Saturday night. Live making fun of his appearance with his eye patch and then coming on and saying hey you know what I know. Pete's getting a Lotta Shit but you know. Layoff such an anti cancel culture moment which Liberals and Conservatives gravitated to and and you know I don't know a whole lot about Dan crenshaw although you know outside of the kind of Wikipedia level knowledge of him my read on him as he's an incredibly honorable person and Somebody I am a fan of He happens to be Republican. Whatever don't fucking Care Brogan always he really last week gotta listen and so people were talking about not even realized because I I watched the segment twice where he was on with bill. Maher in the observation on the fan page was the segment really worked. Because there wasn't an audience which I couldn't agree with more did you see that segment by the way. What did you think of it? I thought good I mean I agree with the not. Having the audience there would be like ooh. Yeah exactly that that was. That was the key on that thing. I really feel that way and and so but but the thing that also was key is that crenshaw handled Mars questions so well that it actually. I didn't that people call it. Take Down Bill more. I think it was a take like that hake downs. This is such a just a jerk off thing God faulk. He wasn't overmatched. No Yeah no. He just what he did. It's like I talk. I think I've talked about in here. I know I've talked about it privately for sure. The the the handful of court cases I've dealt with my attorney just destroys people. But he does it so calmly that they don't even realized they are being destroyed and then once they finally realized they have just been destroyed. They start losing their shit. And it's an amazing thing to witness. It's beautiful to art and I'm sure it's not like I found the one attorney in the world who does but it's it's I it's I I also it. He said in that interview. Panic breeds panic. Calm breeds calm. And so when you've been in the positions representative crenshaw has been in navies Lucia. What's that navy seal? Yeah Bill Maher coming at you with pointed questions about why do you support Donald Trump which he made clear? He does not necessarily there. But he goes. Let's let's be fair. Let's contextualized this and pointed out some eye-opening things that would be. I think by definition in defense of president trump and his handling of the pandemic by doing that as opposed to shouting at Mar. He got his information out there and he made his point and he did disarm bill. Maher as opposed to what you would normally see on that show or you would have an audience's reaction again so there was an apples to apples because there was no audience but because also it was done calmly and and it was just. I mean it was more was in a space where he can. You know 'cause there on skype or whatever the fuck there on zoom that. He could do what he would. Normally it was just so and I just thought and I'm like I gotTa tell you something I mean there's nobody in the world who is ever going to be able to tell me that the way. Donald Trump handled this with his public. Statements was the way any other president in my lifetime. The ones I can remember. So we'll go Reagan onward would have handled it. Nothing nothing even close. I mean it just nothing even close nothing even close and I believe it played a role in exacerbating the problem however I have to say with what representative crenshaw said. It was I opening with some of the points. He was making that happen to be in defense of the president. Even though I get the sense that he's not really a big fan of the president's statements and press conferences and theatrics and so on and so forth but it was eye opening and he was able to get that information out there in a debate like format because of the way he handled it now. Also it was because it wasn't honest. Set where you would have had who's is but I think it speaks to the ability to try to remain calm as opposed to getting in a shouting match. We're now you're not now. You're not conscious of the the meat of what you're saying. You're conscious of trying to win the argument. Now shout the person who shouting at you and it becomes like Reptilian. And God. I'm telling you I you know what people have to listen to that Rogan podcast. Because my my intuition on crenshaw is that there's this thing right now where somebody makes a good speech or like what's going on with with Cuomo in New York. Wow I wish this guy. We're running back okay. I don't know he's. He's doing good press conferences. I guess but that doesn't mean as a president he had a shitty approval rating in New York before this so those people certainly knew something. The rest of the country in the other forty nine states weren't aware of so it's great press conferences doesn't mean that's a president and just because Anthony Fauci actually goes up there with scientific data. That doesn't mean he should be. There's this weird thing like He should be president. She should be president based on their one. Appearance is like there's more to it than that but my read on crenshaw is not only is he a leader but he's very knowledgeable and he's not looking to like light up other sides. He's just GONNA. This is the way it is. You might not like it but these are facts you might not like Donald Trump but he did shutdown travel from China and he was being attacked for doing so when he did it. So you might not like what he did and then this whole thing that there was nothing going on in. February. Because that's not true. Either there's things going on publicly February now. The problem with that is you had trump talking about how it was just like the flu. And it'll miraculously go away. Those statements don't go away but Crenshaw DID MORE TO HELP TRUMP. I think than trump is done to help trump with the sixty five percent of the country. Who Doesn't you know? Buy into that stuff so I don't know how did you. I came on Rogan's podcast. I haven't listened to it yet. It's from April Seventh Rogan's he's been pumping them out. Lately has catching up. I gotTA listen to it. I gotta listen to all right. We went more than two hours. But I don't even think I had anything today. Either we go. We went to our gangster. I always enjoy thinking of James. Carleton three or four nine. Six hundred forty eight hundred. Here's my insurance agent home auto life. James Carlton is the person to do business with James Carlton Online at Carlton. Insurance dot net. If your insurance costs a leg and an arm call James Carlton State Farm. And this is very important to note. This is very important to note. State farms returning two billion dollars in dividends to their policyholders unprecedent and much needed for many families in our area for those families that haven't been significantly impacted by this crisis under willing to donate all or part of their dividend. James Carlton State Farm is willing to match donations up to one hundred dollars to the covert nineteen regional response fund please email James at Carlton. Insurance Dot net if interested if your insurance costs illegal armed call James Carlton State Forum. Thank you the homeowner expert Dot Com. Thank you to mark Hanna. Evergreen Strategies thank you to James Carlton. Thanks Seth Gold Camp designer heating and cooling online at design air service DOT com four gangster. Pete I'm Tim mckernan. This has been another edition of questions from the audience on the mckernan. Show on the inside of steel podcast network.

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