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Looking for some sparkle under the Tree Kendra Scott has a great selection of guests for everyone on your list for MC classic pendant necklace. Two entre- and instatement earring too something customized just for her visit Kendra Scott Dot com and. Use the Promo Code Bachelor Party. That's the same this podcast. Or mentioned this ad in in your local Kendra Scott Store for twenty percent off your next purchase again KENDRA SCOTT DOT COM or the store with the Code Bachelor Party. And now let's batch While Bachelor Party I'm Julianne Littman. It's December we are just a few weeks out from pilot. Peter Season is in weirdly December. So many good Monday isn't it. It's got five the most you can have an means. We are five weeks out from Peter. Season Premiere January six. We are back on this pod. We've been a little hiatus but starting today we're back on Monday evenings going forward and next week we are beginning a a countdown on this very pot where we are going to rank every season of the bachelor and Bachelorette so far there are thirty eight of them and we're going from thirty eight to one based based on the most dramatic season ever. I've been studying. I've been watching. I've been going back in the archives. Man My excited to talk about all this stuff. It's going to be pretty wild. It kicks off next Monday and we'll have gas along the way it'd be pretty cool and fun. I mostly just want the bachelor. 'cause I weirdly miss it. I'm like Bachelor Addict in the meantime today you were answering questions once. The mail bag and these questions are almost purely from the facebook group Bachelor Party podcast which you should join if you have not already and thank you so much. Everyone who pose does these questions. I'm excited to discuss. And I am joined by my lovely producer. Kind mcmullan Oka- hi. Juliet will you ask me these questions. And we'll talk them out. Yeah Yeah let's do it all right who's I I question comes from Catherine Marie. When do you think the influence our bubble is going to pop great Q.? Catherine third so a couple things about this first of all has your instagram's which where they're hiding the likes yet no not yet. I'm still one of the lowly people who sees lakes. I don't know anyone who likes have disappeared. Except maybe Lauren Zima who I think instagram about it. Maybe that wasn't even permanent. I do think that the that will affect things. If you have a business profile I think you have access to like certain metrics that you don't when your regular human within profile so influencers will still be able to give data eight To the people who are sponsoring them but I do think something will change their. Maybe the rates are or whatnot. I don't I don't know but I don't think the bubble's GONNA pop hopping time. Seems like there's just more influencers than ever in like wild bachelor ones are primarily on instagram. Like there's also youtube influencers and there's just like it. It's just a whole new kind of celebrity and be on. TV really helps you become that kind of celebrity. Don't you agree. Yeah I do agree. I just think there's so much saturation. Now the it's not gonNA pop. Yeah and I think it will. Maybe you can make Lazaroni harder to be successful. But I don't I don't see that ending and similarly like in terms of casting. I don't know how they can just stop casting people who want to be famous because to go on the show. You have to like crave the attention in certain way. I don't know I don't see poppy anytime soon. But that's that's just my opinion. I agree I agree. And why are they gonNA start casting people who don't have instrument profiles they don't exist and they actually like some kind of check on them. I think they do do background checks or they did at some point they do s ged testing but like it is in some ways a useful tool. It's like see these people are all about like Hanan G for example she wasn't influence or before and that's why I was so against her being the Bachelorette but being in a bachelor relationship is on more for her influence or satis than winning could ever do like. I actually wonder if how long date I've heard that. They're pretty legit but that has definitely helped her following in her career more than probably being the Bachelorette itself I mean obviously had a brown has so many followers but in some ways ed just lightning in a bottle for her so I don't know and like Hannah. Godwin is now up to one point five million followers. I mean her and Dylan doing in a lot for each other and saying they're one of the great bachelor couples for now. I Really WanNa get them on the show. I'm working on it but they're hard to get she's got one and a half million followers yeah. They're always in Europe. Oh Yeah did you like to see. If they've got a great thing going on all right let's go onto the next question. Listen all right. The next question is from Dave Hausky. I have a question about when people arrange grand entrances the first night in parentheses riding on a tractor actor or wearing a chicken suit or special things for dates like the John. Paul Jones Prom. Do they come up with those or do the producers. How do they choose who gets to do? What great question if so obviously perhaps this is wrong but what I have heard is as it relates to the entrances? The the contestants are like. It's a kind interpretation would be they collaborate with the producers less kind interpretation would be at their coaxed into doing things but like obviously Alexis. The girl who was in the shark suit some say Delvin and she was her next season. She didn't show up herself with a dolphin suit. I don't think thank like she wasn't like hey. Let me just pack this with all of my other stuff. So I think that the producers have like some ideas based on who these limit our and they help make them happen like also every time a woman or man comes in like a cop car or mini van. Look as your called. Garrett came in in a minivan. They can't arrange that themselves. They have to work with production on it. So I think it's based on conversations that they have of the producers that's like tied to their personality or wraps is a joke. They have during the casting process something like that but the Kansas do on their own and I also think that to further into the question like when they decide who gets to have a suit. It's kind of a mix of like a less ridiculous. Entrance is usually someone who they think has a real shot and could win in a more ridiculous entrance to someone who's clearly not not GonNa win like Alexis was never going to come on. She was also I think too young. That's how that works. I think paradise is different. Those dudes and dude at. Let's have so much free time. I think Sydney gotten to this when she's on the show like they just do nothing all day every day. So I think that but I've learned is that the contestants can kind of like come up with things they want to do. And then of course producers have to help make them happen like in the case of John Paul Jones. But I think there's like more room for like contested creativity in paradise courtesies like the Shit. It's almost worth it to not win. You can go to paradise just might take you. Just get a drink and eaten hang out all day. Everyone from parents look so famous. I know exactly you get almost the same benefits like fame wise after the fact anyways. Yeah exactly so why get into a relationship. Ship is probably not GONNA last. All right next question comes from Laura laws injure. I'm probably pronouncing that wrong. What do you see as a long term future? Sure of the show. What is it longevity in its current state and how may change? So we'll get more into this in the countdown. But I just went back and watched the first season with Alex. Michelle wow which is available on to be if you'd also like to watch and I believe the here to make friends podcast. It's been recapping. It not much has changed like I'll be discussing. I think this at length but a lot about the show is still very much the same the some ways they treat diversity and racist change in some ways the show us to take itself more seriously but the bare bone structure in skeleton is completely intact and even like some of the the flourishes that make the show the show the the music and the like the drama and Chris Harrison. That hasn't changed. So I can see is going on for a long time. I mean Peter is going to be bachelor number twenty four. I believe Yeah there's been twenty three bachelors and fifteen bachelorettes. Peter will be number twenty four thirty nine overall. And while I don't WanNA say T- going twenty years like I don't see it slowing down and if indication of how this past year has gone it's only getting more popular and people are only liking. The show bore also. I think that that you know all the different nations discussed on the show about having like a gay bachelor Bachelorette or kind of you know having a Queer Bachelor Bachelorette Ashoura like I think those shows would be great but like the Bachelor. The Bachelor is the bachelor. Like I said it's it's pretty similar. I don't want at that but like if we're talking about the show can keep going like yes it can because it has and it's made like just like minor differences and it's kind of it's kind of wild to go back and see see for all that has changed I think the viewers and the sensibility have changed more than the show itself. And that's kind of fascinating to me so that's a little bit of a taste of what's succumb we do. The countdown go over every single season. which which there's just so much it's Kinda Fascinating Kaya? Have you ever watched any of one. No I haven't but I'm thinking about going back in doing it before the countdown. There's also only like eight episodes and they're only forty minutes like an hour long. So it's it's way less of an investment. But you know they. They didn't they were doing. It's at a different house. They green screened a lot of sit. Downs actually GonNa really weird use of green scaring don't understand but whatever or they had her budget. Yeah basically like they're on a hale in Malibu and then they like green screen in this like the the lotion but it's very clearly the same name wave over and over again. It's really weird. I don't know what but let us are all right. Let's Mari next question is from Joshua's Stein. What are the the top three spin offs? You'd want to see air go a show at high attendance events like stagecoach the return of a competitive game show a regular where they now special special Joshua great question so my number one spinoff show that I'd like to see is kind of like the Bachelor version of Survivors Ponderosa when these gals gals get sent off. They usually just go home unless they make it. Further in the May after like Santa trip or whatever put them on a second house put them somewhere else in. La like there are all going to move out here for careers anyway. Let's get a jump. Start on what that looks like. And like when we all have loved to go back with Demi to her regular life afterwards like let's do like real world I was a bachelor contestant essentially and. I don't know why we're not doing this. ABC Warner Brothers. But like let's get on at Warner Horizon. I think they're there's so much to mind there and it would just be so fascinating also like you come out of a bubble and then you're back into the real world before you get famous like that period of have you know two months from. Let's get kicked off the show middle of October two before it airs in the beginning of January. Like we've got two and a half months to see this person on the precipice asa fame like that's a great show and I want to know more. That's my number one pitch but I I do think there's some others like we would watch a live. Feed of of Bachelor. Nation goes to coachella wouldn't we. Oh yeah absolutely. We have clarity. They're seriously and then you know. I'm sure it'll be filming Safa. Ben and backups are on the road together for the show. They're doing for the live show like that will be interesting to like when Jason and Caitlyn and Blake have been on the road for Kaitlyn Bristowe off the vine like bar crawl tour which is a great idea by her like let's fill met as well. I just think people are now used to being filmed and they like the attention so we should take more of an advantage of it. I agree we always need more footage. Yeah I'm also like this ninety minutes off the show as the car rides. We know they happen. Like should release. The Snyder released the car footage. We know it's there. I WANNA hear it. I just think that there's no reason not to. Would you want them to bring something like Winter Games back. Yeah I love Winter Games. I like the Sillier stuff I think people do in general like obviously the Bachelor Bachelorette is core but like the reason paradise raises popular. Because it's silly and I think people like when it gets light hearted like that. I agree forgot about Winter Games. Great stuff let's go back also Leslie Murphy. Where are you remember when she she was dating? Deem now it's all about Kaelin Indian I know and now Kaelin starting to become sort of a Leslie Murphy type. Yeah just traveling. The World Right That's the Dean perfect. Although maybe dean got it from Leslie Yeah Maybe Leslie we need answers Leslie. You'RE GONNA come back on the right next okay. Next next question is from Carly Cushman. What new twists would you add to the show right now? Thoughts on having a first impression rejection where the lead needs to eliminate someone immediately immediately based on Limo entrances so carly interesting suggestion. I don't think that the guys at the show would work that obviously night. One is all first impressions nations because like the only gets a couple of peoples it's mostly attracted to but I do think beyond the first impression rose like maybe like someone gets to go on a date it right away like maybe you go off property with someone but the first one is so action packed and you need to get exposed to every person that it's hard to introduce many more wrinkles. I just think that they like they had Katie and Demi Comfort Hannah's night one to like be watching secret cameras or whatever. I would go a little harder with that. Another another thing. I remember from like forgotten about but relearn from Alex Michelle's first season is his friend. He had two friends move into the villa up guest guest house and there was a different house back then and the friends I actually spent time in allegedly expect the night at the same property and like I. I've advocated that before. I think it's a really fun idea. And let's get more of people's like actual friends and family involved because when they have a good family. It's really good. TV like Jason Tardy. I loved loved his family. I think Peter Weber. Sam Looks Awesome so I would incorporate more people from their actual families. I really hope we get more Peterson about we're going to. I bet me too. I wonder if she opened up her instagram. and You keep checking on that. It's great staff. She just loves her side. Peter Back Flying Skies Delta flight. Tomorrow fingers crossed fingers criss-crossed. Okay so the next question comes from Julie Alderman Fuck Mary Kill Will Boom Chad. Luke P okay. So so I don't even think this is. This is difficult at all. I'm going Mary while boom he actually seems beneath all that crazy yelling. Probably the most normal I don't want to to actually have sex Chad but like in the guys at this game I choose Chad for fuck and Lupi kill again. I don't actually like I don't want him to die but Lupi absolutely no thank you and I think pretty clear what do you think what would you order be. Yeah I I mean I probably agree with that. I'm not super familiar with will boom. He's from like a pretty early season. Right No. He was like Rachel season now. I think he was back because he kept yelling. Yeah he kept yelling while boom over and over over again. Oh yeah boom it was so annoying. Well Yeah Lupi is just like automatically kill I. I don't want to spend five seconds around. Lupi you know I forget that Luke Paean jet exist like what else for them like I. I just forget that they're people altogether. Jed has a new girlfriend. Yeah he unveiled. That on Thanksgiving as Jordan Kimball. Jed is if you're judge girlfriend you have to be like dude. Did you have to do this this today late. Or you're just trying to get everyone to know that you have a girlfriend like come on like it's really embarrassing that he did it on Thanksgiving which was a top instagram daggs. Everyone like showing gough their families and stuff exactly exactly everybody showing off. Their thanksgiving fits so embarrassing. He's dating a girl she's pretty. I don't know what else to say about about her. Really other than congrats suggest right like jails we wish you well exactly Jad we wish you well. Her name is Ellen Decker to ours and their first picture together was them on a jet. Ski in Miami Miami Hotspot for Thanksgiving this year. Who was there? Justin Bieber and Haley Bieber. Weird hard yeah strange. I I don't know of anyone else but those two just came to mind while you're right. Jad We wish you well and hope to never hear me again and I have to say by the way I think John is looking cute these days. Okay you looks. He looks good in the Jetski photo. It's all it's All right next question. Moving right along the next question's from Diana Metzker two questions. If the Bachelorette chose a lead from the archives. Who Do you think they should choose? If you had a the same lead to do it all over again I would go. Brad Womack for the third time. I think that'd be funny and weird. I don't know I. I like a weird fixations Brad. Womack again we'll get into that in the countdown He'd be an interesting one and I always wanted Leslie Murphy we just mentioned to be the Bachelorette. I still think that would have been really good. I have a hard time believing that Dez increase will stay together forever and I also would like like to have like a middle aged bachelorettes. When Dez is divorced I'd like a divorce Desi Bachelorette I love that I want a divorce bachelorette or bachelor? We had it wasn't divorced. It'd be great. I think Jason Resnick was divorced. You know his he has his anti with with a different woman so impressed that he was divorced. Like I just want some like real people back in the mix like Colton so not real peter kind of real but like I. I want someone who's just like yeah. I'm divorced. I work at a bank. I work in sales and looking for a wife if like let's just make them random people once again exactly. We need more life experiences. Yes completely okay question from Dan which former Bachelor Coupled you wish had worked out and did not DANNA. This is a good question. This is a really weird answer but I I really WanNa Jeff with one. FM Emily Maynard to work out. I don't know why but I just thought they were. They were funny. And Apparently Jeff F. him at Ari hit a big viewed people. Don't say Nice things about him but For some reason I just wish they had worked. I think that would have been funny. Also for Ben Sake I think Ben would have been happy of him in. Lauren had worked out. I I mean I think he's really happy now. Nothing at star but I think that I think that that would have liked it if that had worked. Although he no he ended up probably with someone he likes now so so it all works out. We're GONNA answer some more questions but first let me tell you about today. Sponsors Family and friends love receiving Gift Gift Cards for the holidays. And you know what I love sending them what better way to give them what they really want. Then what happened cards happy card giving personal gift cards easy and stress free when when he give me cards. You're lucky loved. One can use them at any of the brands displayed on the card. 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I think we can safely assume he'll be an episode three episode. One is just the arrivals episode two is usually The the first one on one a group date and another one on one or another group date. I think it's usually two on a group date though. Usually the competition with the judging panel is saved for episode number three when there's slightly fewer women and we know them a little bit better because then his zingers aren't as cruel so fred why I love Ya. Yeah I particularly love the movie waiting for Guffman and also really like best in show He's really funny waiting for Guffman though what his time has come. I nominate fellow. Hello Pitch Perfect Star. Adam Devine to take his spot. I just feel like he'll fit in perfectly. He'll have a lot of funny. One liners probably also like would be happy to do it based on essentially zero information. But that's just my projection of of Adam Devine and I don't know I just think he'd be really funny. Is that really random. Answer Kaya no I think it works. Thank you and I feel like yeah and like on that note lets with banks in the mix phillies. She'd be good for this as well. Oh yeah absolutely should be bring like that hunger games energy yes exactly plus. She's a judge in pitch perfect and she's like Raunchy inappropriate. I would like it if she played the Pittsburgh character. That'd be fun okay. Let's move on all right next. Question is from generally anthony. This might be a better question from a former contestant bar the ladies on a bachelor season allowed to get their haircut are highlighted sprayed hands nail appointments in waxes throughout the weeks of filming. I imagine when they go to hometowns. Everyone cleaned that but wondering if it's allowed during travel so cassie very clearly cleaned up in between the hometown hometown in final. So yeah I think what happens. Is You go to your hometown there. You can like replenish your your wardrobe. Get your nails and get your haircut or whatever but I believe it was Sydney. Who mentioned that? They were really happy to have a lease on Colton season because she knew how to thread eyebrows and they weren't really in Chelsea was a really doing nails and they weren't actually allowed to seek Out Beauty or Spicer is obviously you can shave your nails anything you can do yourself by. Lali mentioned shaving because I've always wondered about it on survivor. But you can do all that bats yourself but you can't like go to the SPA or whatever so you know. CASSIE also I think pretty famously. The night that cold in walked off you could really we see her white Gel manicure like it was still on but her nails had grown. So there was like that gap when you've had your manicure for like ten days or more and it was kind of funny. It was very real and relatable dateable. I would have recommended. She get bridal nails definitely not white but that has what I've heard and I think if you look closely you can you can see signs of it but it would be really nice to be able to go. Oh home and you get a pit stop and accountable week off. And I don't know I always wonder how the highlighting works with like hair highlights beside grows so so fast especially someone like cassie where it's like really really light blonde and you can tell. It's not her natural color. It's like after a few weeks. You can visibly Louis C. Route. So I've done my hair MC scared to do it so I I don't exactly know but most of these women are on the show for that long. If you make it to hometowns you have made it it seven weeks I think so. That's not that long right if you get your hair down like the week or two before. I guess you're right really strategize. Yeah total you have to be conscious and like be making good citizens okay. Moving along next question comes from Audrey Altman whose post bachelor Bachelorette career do you think has been the most successful. How do you think the show has adjusted slash should adjust to avoid being seen as purely a steppingstone to instagram fame? So dark horse I answer here. I'M GONNA go back Tilly. Her podcast is legitimately popular Are So here. She does a lot of modeling and she seems to like really come into her own and she was on twice. She was on Ben Season and she was on Christmas season. She's won her second in a row people to award for favourite entertainment podcast or whatever her and I think she's like actually doing really well. And maybe it's just like based on the expectation. But she was really quiet. She made it far on Christie's I didn't really get it But she seemed to figure things out and now she's thriving so she's definitely up there. I also think that Ashley Petty as podcast also doing really well. I think I think the women in particular who have gone in shoe kind of like being a host but like more than just like on their instagram but like aligning with actual broadcasting companies. One on has been pretty successful and then of course Jordan Rogers on the SEC network announcing football game so that's pretty impressive a legitimate job. A legitimate VICH congrats Jordan. Great job by you. All right next question comes from Kate. Hitchings Hall how do you go about developing relationships ships with the quote unquote talent. If you want to talk to tyler see now. Do you have to go through his agent or manager or is the whole thing more open and democratic than that it really varies. Thanks for bringing up Tyler. We've made it very far. We haven't discussed him. And as you all know I love Tyler. Tyler is become friends. He's a really really really nice guy like that is just not a front at all and it's kind of shocking. Because he's so handsome. So what Tyler. Text them. But if I had like official Work Business S. that has to go through proper channels. So yeah I mean how do I become friends with them Just from being a fan. I'm like pretty big loser. Who just likes to seek out people? She's as a fan of like namely the backstreet boys people from the Bachelor and Bachelorette so yeah I I get creepiest lead into DM's and then you know we just try to. I think at the Ringer in general have thoughtful conversations with people and on our podcast in our written stories. And I think that usually it means that you respect the people you talk to you and hopefully that's a good foundation for becoming friends and then for P. Japan. It really depends on each person if they you know both had brown and tyler have official managers and Nick as a manager as well and just sort of depends person to person but you know all these people just start out has has just You know other regular humans and I just reach out and try not to be too weird which is a hard indicator. Someone Tyler who. I have huge crush on. Okay next okay. Next question's from Aaron Burnham if you could only watch one person be the bachelor and Bachelorette for the rest of your life just season then after season of them trying to find love it inevitably fails and they try again. Who would it be? I think Claire Crawley should given us so much including failed engagement engagement Ben Wa from Winter Games I think paradise really came into its own when she had the fight. The raccoon Claire is just television. Gold for these producers for whatever ever reasons so she would be high on my list I think for beauty purposes gotta mentioned Tyler. But honestly I don't think he'd be the most compelling lead and and yet I'm going with Clare like no I don't think anyone else is on her level. She's great. That reminded me the other couple. I wish it worked out and didn't is Ali Fedotowsky A.. And Frank Frank dumped her and her finale. I wish they'd worked out because her husband looks just like materia. Everybody has everybody has a type. All right. Last question comes from Peyton Cole. Who Do you think the best bachelor contestant cameo purchase wow while allows also you want someone who's GonNa take it seriously and you know you want someone who's really going to put their all into it and really consider the situation? I think you gotta go Ashley I Kennedy. I Bet Ashley is really thoughtful. Looks into the prompts. And if you ask for advice about she gets good advice maybe jared at two for the price of one I. I can't think of a better choice than Ashley One my friends once bought me a cameo from band which was hilarious because we could just call him but his was really good too so no shots. What's but I'm going to go actually. I just think that she would be very um sweet and be really honest Kaitlyn bristowe would also be really good. I think Caitlyn Jason would be good together together Yeah killing her Ashley. Those my choices I feel like they would take it seriously and be like they get all the information right. Yeah exactly and they would like really care like make it a good video. So that's that's what you're looking for someone who put their all into it. Exactly you want production value Kaya. Thanks for coming on this question. Question Journey with me. This has been really fun. We'll continue. I think we'll do mailbags more frequently. Peter Coming season. Then really fine. Thank you for sending questions that I didn't get to it Hopefully we'll next time always feel free to tweet at me or I read them all and we'll be back next Monday with The first installment of of the most dramatic season ever official rankings. Bachelor Party podcast. I can't wait is gonna be really fun Have a great week and I will talk to you soon.

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