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Every saturday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to today's edition of the rush. Limbaugh show podcast. Greetings to you. Music lovers thrillseekers conversationalist all across the fruited plane rush. Limbaugh back at it. The excellence in broadcasting network a great day to be back folks. Thank you so much. I apologize for being out. I i remember mentioning at the very beginning of this. Ever going to be random days where i would just need to take off and the last couple have been in. That category had some medical challenges but that was to be expected dealing with them. Every day remains a gift and i wake up every morning and i thank god that i did and there will probably be down the road similar type days where i will need to take a day for rest or for whatever medical challenges present themselves but the fact that i'm able to get back here and be with you is a genuine blessing and i appreciate it. I appreciate your your understanding throughout throughout all of this As as we say everything's day to day and especially in the circumstances i find myself in everything is day to day and you strive to make everyday the best it can be. And that's exactly what i'm doing. So i appreciate your understanding and your patients and here we are revved and ready to go for another three hours of broadcast excellence. I'm going to violate one of my one of my rules here One of my rules. Is that when i am discussed in the drive-by media when i'm talking about when i am slandered. Libel or misrepresented. I have always come down on the side of ignoring it rather than discussing it because discussing it amplifies it and makes it even bigger than it already is but that is a moot point because in this circumstance air already making it. Bigger than it should have ever been and it's chock full of misrepresentations in lies and so rather than sit here and ignore this and allow people to draw whatever conclusions they do. I'm gonna. I'm gonna deal with this head on and what this is is this supposed- allegation that i am somehow in favor of secession that i am in favor of civil war that i have predicted a civil war that i have suggested that maybe it would just be better if we divided the country. I have not said this. I have acknowledge that. I have seen other people say it. I have not mentioned their names since they obviously do not wanna step forward and own it. But they know who they are. They are bloggers are prominent bloggers. There are two or three of them who have numerous times suggested that secession in our future. Because we don't have in common anymore the things that divide us have no overlap. All i've done is simply repeat what i have read and as i you know. I always take great pains to protect people's privacy and their identity even though they're writing under their own names. Thanks so i have. I have not mentioned any names. I know how volatile the subject is. But i do a three hour radio program. That's a lot of content that that exists here and there are many many days where that content yearns to be discussed. So i do now. One of the reasons that i usually do. Not mention these kinds of things because there's a theory. Oh wow limbaugh must really be upset. Now he's talking about it now. It must have really hit a home run. Limbaugh must really be in favor of now. It's not that at all. it's just. I'm sick and tired of being lied about and misrepresented when the people doing it. No they know i am not in favor of secession. They cannot find a single quote of mine. Where i'm in favor of it. So let's go to the audio soundbites. We'll show you what i mean. We put together a montage here from last wednesday thursday. And i'm not gonna mention the names of the dufuses in this montage but here is how it sounded elsewhere in the media last Let's see last wednesday and thursday limbaugh. Now he's denying that he was actually in favor of secession but he's playing with fire rush limbaugh talking about succession rush limbaugh trial ballooning. Civil war or secession. They're calling for military action. We've seen rush limbaugh do this to the godfather of this sort of political rhetoric introduced it and then say oh i was just talking about succession is treason. Russia that talk as reckless irresponsible. It is reckless and irresponsible. I never suggested. I'm simply telling you what other people are saying. And now i'm not going to quote these other people but they know who they are. I find it fascinating when this kind of stuff happens this is by no means the first time i have been accused of saying something where i have simply been repeating what i've said or seeing other people say and they do not step forward and raise their hands and i said i'm the one that said it. They're out there hiding but they know who they are. Okay so that's one. Montage thursday night on fox. This is the story with martha mccallum. She had geraldo the grim. Reaper showed up. You know when geraldo shows up. Somebody's going to die or has died and she was talking to geraldo about my comments that the united states may be heading toward secession so to set things up here. She is introducing in playing an audio clip of mine. Even rush limbaugh warning that he thinks we might be headed in a dangerous direction. An actual separation of the states. I actually think that we're trending toward secession. Can't go on this way. There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life theories of government theories of how we manage our affairs. We can't be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way profound and challenging statement for our nation right now well. It's it's a profound challenging statement because all kinds of people are talking about it and by the way have been writing about it for a number of multiple weeks. This is not anything. it's actually even knew actually think we might be trending toward it. I said that. Because i'm reading about it. I'm reading people who by the way. I've quoted before on this program and who i respect. They're out there saying they're out there and by the way when they say it they don't just say if they back it up with their own theories of why and i'm fascinated when they write it on their blog. Nobody writes about it. Nobody's aged you. See what was the such and such blog nano they wait. I repeat it and then somehow claim it originated with me So after she sat up she then went to the grim reaper. Geraldo rivera for his reaction to session is treason. Russia is a a powerhouse broadcaster. he's one zillion. They come along once a generation but that talk is reckless. It's irresponsible we are one nation indivisible. i had a lap of say that people where he is i have no idea what people in new yorker thinking. They're so different. They're like a different species. Half up new york lives in florida. Where rush limbaugh lives. It's preposterous leaders. Who accentuate the differences and exacerbate the divide themselves as responsible. I didn't accentuate or exacerbate it at all. I didn't originate it. It's something that is out there and being discussed by others. Now here's mike mccallum reacting to the grim reaper. That's a strong charge. And it is as i said it's a discussion that i think is being had in a lot of places. There's a piece by the claremont institute recently called the separation which talks about this. I mean nobody wants this to be the case. And i'm sure that rush doesn't want secession to be where the country's headed of course not but see she. She's she's wanting to quote a. Place talked about it. The separation from the claremont institute. The claremont institute is a very highly reputed conservative. Think tank and library is a library of conservative philosophy in thought and they are discussing it there so martha did something that nobody else in the media. Did she went out and actually listened to this program and she found an audio sound bite of me that is appropriate to use in fits based on what all had been discussed on her program so the comments prior to this. We're thursday night on friday. She played a clip. Now imagine if the rest of the media cared about getting things right she wouldn't be the only one found this. This is rush limbaugh because last night geraldo sort of went after for talking about this session statement. I just wanna play this real quick for everybody at home. I simply referenced. What i have seen other people say about how we are incompatible as currently divided and that secession is something that people are speculating about. I m not advocating. It have not advocated. Never have advocated and probably wouldn't just wanted to square the circle on that and make sure that we gave russia's do by playing that part of it. So thank you. Martha for the deep digging i into the archives of the program to find something that was readily available for anybody that wanted to to find it now. I don't expect us to change anything like what's going to happen is is that These same critics of see we got him. We caught rush rush rush. Knows he's given cross. He's trying to change. He said but they're gonna they're totally distort the whole thing again because i represent the opposition. I am the if you if you somehow come along and damage my credibility than they think. They've damage the credibility of the entire opposition and so forth. Which is why all of this stuff happens. There's one more. I think i have one more. Maybe and maybe a couple more. Let's let's this. This is from sunday morning on. Meet the depressed during the table and a discussion about people on the right talking about secession. The moderator is f chuck. Todd he's talking to the hoover institute. Senior fellow lonnie chen. Who said this rush. Limbaugh the godfather of this sort of political rhetoric. That we're dealing with these days also introduced a minute. Stop the godfather of what the the godfather of this political rhetoric that we are talking about these days. Godfather political all right. Well your cue it back up to the topless as i promise. I won't interrupt soundbite again. Limbaugh the godfather of this sort of political rhetoric. God's also introduced it and said oh i was just talking about it talk about succession and the like is nonsense. And it's dangerous. You talk about going against federalism going against the notion that you should ask the judiciary to be activists overturning. The will of the people i mean. These are the kinds of things chuck growing up in the republican party to me would have been fundamentally offensive. But you've got a bunch of people who are out there. Making this crazy argument essentially to politically appease one man and two politically appease their electorate instead of explaining to them. Hey look here's the reason why this is madness. Why what is madness. I'm not sure. I know what lami chen is talking about here. I always thought the hoover institute was a conservative place but it seems that they're getting rid of all the conservative thinking out there and replacing it with a bunch of rhino type thinking leases. What it seems to me at any rate this. This is the same people who lied about russian collusion and trump stealing the election in two thousand sixteen to saint people lying about me now so i just wanted to set the record straight. I know it's not going to set anything straight. It's going to accomplish the exact opposite but what what matters to me. Is you people in the audience. And you understanding. What's what and. And what. I mean when i say what i mean i m a preeminent communicator. I don't leave anybody in doubt as to what i mean when i say anything. I'm perhaps the most direct communicator. I do not speak in riddles at at all and believe me. If if i were in favor of secession you would have no doubt about you. Would you wouldn't doubt it for a minute. Just the divisions in this country that exist are largely because of people on the left anyway so if there is anybody out there moving toward a drifting apart or a division of people in this country. It's people on the left and us. Okay i have time to get this next bite in. Maybe maybe not let me take a brief break. We'll do that. we'll come back. I've got rachel maddow here trying to explain the magic of rush limbaugh. But i'm not quite sure. I understand it even reading with transcript. Let's see this last thursday comedy central daily show. Trevor noah is the is the this is the former show hosted by john. John stewart and rachel meadow is the guest and the question to rachel maddow from trevor. No is there something that liberals and democrats are missing in america and learning how to communicate with people and convincing them of ideas. You know that question is actually more profound than this guy understands. The you know the difference in persuasion and convincing. You know the difference. It's a big difference and he asked right here in is there something. Liberals and democrats are missing in america in learning how to communicate with people and convincing them. You know want to convince people you want them to figure it out on their own. You want to persuade not convince anyway. What he's talking about here is the magic of conservative media and how the left cannot beat us. They can't beat us in talk radio no matter how they try and he wants to know what madhouse theory is and she gets it spectacularly wrong. I was also part of this experiment where liberals tried to do. Am talk radio with air. America radio for a long time and it was at that point. am talk. Radio is basically in a foreign language or sports or church or rush limbaugh. We tried and it didn't work. And so i thought about this a lot. I do think there is something that is a little bit madge about the right wing media that the left wing media will never do. And that i think liberals and centrists will never do which is that they tell their audience. You can trust no one other than me. There are no facts other than those that i'm giving to. You is so spectacularly wrong. This also illustrates why they don't understand trump they don't understand the bond trump has the connection he has with his voters is based audience. Or what have you. And they certainly don't understand the successive talk radio conservative. Talk radio era america. They were clueless from the beginning. They treated it as a fundraising operation. They didn't treat it as a commercial business. And no i did. I don't know how to make a profit. It's not even part of their their lexicon. Prophets a dirty word. Everything is fundraising to them and they have. They have no clue about building an audience and holding it and and creating credibility with the audience. This idea that we sit here and tell you look. There's one son of facts. That's what i'm telling you and there's nothing else that's true. That's not at all what happens here or anywhere else in conservative media. We just have the ability born of honesty to connect with people. I mean if there's any group of people out there which is telling your audience you can trust no one other than me. What the hell have we been through for the past four years with mainstream media lying through their teeth multiple times a day about anything and everything having to do with donald trump and conservative media. So they never did the success. They thought all they had to do was go on the air. That only had to go out and get some fundraisers against donors It'd be up and running. And they had literally no clue how to build an audience how to create an audience to connect with with an audience at all so now they they look at conservative media. Something they can't beat and he's got to be something that'd be some kind of magic. It's got to be something that we would never do. It's gotta be something so low. It's gotta be something so beneath our dignity that we would never do and whether they decided is well. We have our own facts and we tell you that whatever we tell you is all there is. There is no alternative. What they don't get is that. I do a better job of preventing of presenting both sides of any issue than they ever will. Because i am into persuasion. I am attempting to get people to think and conclude the proper thing not by convincing them anything but by persuading quick time out. We'll be right back. No quoting my friends as busy as you are with holiday shopping. Multiply that by everybody else doing the same online shopping. Now imagine all the credit card and account information being put into company databases as all of those purchases are made. That's your information everybody else's information in those databases and just one good cyberattack one stolen database and an online hacker is set for life financially. Your online information might be swept up in such an attack and it could be weeks or months before you even know about it. 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They don't stop until the message fixed. If something happens to you so get protected online. You're going to need this. Some point down the road. Lifelock dot com. Use my name and save twenty five percent off your first year's membership lifelock dot com. That's simple okay. Let's start on the phones. This is carol carols in steubenville ohio. I'm glad you called sir. Hello hello sir Many do those and also lots of prayers for you and your family. Thank you very much. I wanted to talk about the The recent court cases and especially the supreme court case texas and the kinds of precedent-setting for election lawsuits basically I'm of the opinion. I've been following these things a lot. And it seems that no one's really willing to hear the case on the merits they basically kinda suggests that well we don't have jurisdiction or we don't have a an acceptable remedy or the cases mood or the person doesn't have standing. I'm kind of wondering. Are they basically all saying that. It's impossible to bring an election lawsuit because it's just impossible to bring an election lawsuit on the merits. No i don't think that's what they're saying because if it's a case they wanted to take they would take it. I think you know. I a friend of mine sent me a note after the texas after the supreme court refused to hear the texas case and the note is supreme. Court just said that. A state that cheats in a national election which screws everybody in the nation is the only entity. That's allowed to do anything about it. Let's asinine it's like saying the only person who can prosecute murder is the murderer. His point is the supreme court said we cannot allow one st to start suing other states. Because it would soon be out of control and so forth. I think there's a common denominator in all this that people. I mean you know this but you may not have put it in your equation. This is strictly about getting rid of donald trump. there isn't an entity in the in the in the american deep state washington establishment. Whatever that doesn't want to get rid of donald trump including enough justices on the supreme court. And i think it's it's there's some additional reasons. Why in the court gave its. Its its reasons but at the bottom line is that this is the best chance they've ever had to get rid of trump and they're not gonna hear these cases they want him gone. It's no more in my humble estimation. No more complicated. That the precedence that are being set precedents are made to be broken. Supreme court can break whenever president wants anytime at once down the line depending on if they get a case that they that they wanna hear if they get a case that they wanted to side. Okay thank you you bet. I'm glad you call her. Carol here's i guess The which one end in pittsburgh your next. Welcome to the eib network. Hello hey rush mega. Data's mega prayers. But just someone. I heard mitch. Mcconnell this morning congratulating joe biden and kamala harris on their win. And it's just. I have to tell you. It just sickens me rush. When i hear these career politicians congratulating each other on their many many years of quote public service as they all female late and you know millions and millions of dollars before they leave and that's called public service. I'm just it just doesn't make sense to me at all and it's just kind of enrages me that they keep doing they call each other public servants. Wait a minute. Even when they're making millions and millions of dollars what is making millions and millions of dollars have to do with. What what mcconnell said congratulating biden. Well he was congratulating them all these years of public service and quite honestly rush. Elsa sounds to me like hey. We're putting the swamp okay. Let's i've got. I've got the audio sound bite here. Let's listen to listen to the turtle this wise on the senate floor today mitch. Mcconnell speaking about the electoral college. But look this. Is it the same answer. i just gave the previous caller. If you if you have taken a look at at the news you will see that. This statement. mcconnell is being reported as trump conceding. Mcconnell did it for him has sewn it up. Mcconnell has finally acknowledged at trump lost even if trump won't that's how this is being portrayed. This is what mcconnell said. The electoral college has spoken so today. I wanna congratulate. President elect joe biden. The president-elect is no stranger to the senate. He's devoted himself to public service for many years. Also want to congratulate. the vice. President elect our colleague from california senator harris beyond our differences. All americans can take pride that our nation has a female vice president elect for the very first time. And so there you have it then that that suffices for a trump as trump concession in terms of the way it's being reported by the media even though trump hasn't conceded anything. They are reporting that mcconnell effectively. Did it for him. Now your comment about public service and the fact that these people but biden and and in hunter. I gotta tell you. It's it's amazing there. There are at least four separate federal criminal investigations of the biden family. Going on right now people about to move into the white house. There are four separate federal criminal investigations that resulted from joe biden's years and years and years of quote unquote public service. And here's mitch mcconnell congratulating him on all those years of public service. Here's some headlines. Hundred biden raked in six million dollars in nine months from communist chinese dealings not including the two point eight carat diamond that he got his a gift. Hundred biden failed to disclose four hundred thousand dollars in barista. Payments biden is poised to hand. Republicans an incredible tool to investigate the hunter corruption scandal and joe biden deflects. Questions from the press stays silent on criminal investigation of hunter biden. Hundred biden himself says the. Us attorney's office is investigating his tax affairs. He said i learned yesterday for the first time the. Us attorney's office in delaware advise my lawyer also yesterday that they are investigating my tax affairs. So where was all this before the election. Well it was. There just wasn't reported by the people who are reporting now. So why are the people who didn't report this before the election reporting it now. Well my friends. I have explained this on previous editions of this program. Remember the my theory is the ultimate objective is to get biden replaced As soon as feasible they want kombila in there for a whole host of reasons but even if they even even if i'm wrong about that there is another theory and it is the people in the deep state the fbi the intelligence community. Look what they've got biden now. I mean the intelligence community. They want to be the first to meet with every president every day. They wanna have access they now have the means of. I mean they can tell biden what to do when to do it and how to do it. Otherwise they go public with all this otherwise they make hay out of it the fact that they have this data the fact that they're letting biden known everybody know on his team that this supposed- criminal activity is something they are keeping an eye on is the best way they have of controlling the best way they have of having the executive branch do what these people in the other regions of the executive branch want done. So the difference here is rather than used this before the election as a means of maybe casting doubt on biden's competence and his credibility they hold it they hold onto the information and use it after he's elected as a means of controlling him and that's where we are right. Now that's why all of a sudden these headlines are popping up everywhere and that's why all of a sudden everywhere all details about all this stuff which you and i knew before the election because of bob alinsky and some of the other people the mainstream media never reported any of their only reporting it now after the election this is done so as to maintain a level of control over biden as he assumes orifice hot next month be right back folks they were going to get back to the phones injustice second but before we do grab audio sound bite number ten. A mitch mcconnell. The turtle was sound bite number. Ten john harwood today on. Cnn's news room. And he was on with jim shooter who said moments before senate majority leader. The turtle made those comments on the senate floor calling biden. President elect for the first time. President trump continue to tweet out baseless conspiracy theory attacks about the stolen election. You have any reaction from the white house on this yet. From what the turtle. Andy if not how do you think the president handles. What the turtle. debt. President trump has the power to sink those two incumbent republican senators if he wants to buy discouraging people from supporting them. Kelly leffler the appointed senator. David perdue the elected senator. The president has the capacity to take away. Mitch mcconnell's job as majority leader if he sinks those two is he willing to do it. Yeah i think these people think that he is so just to explain this. So mcconnell goes out and basically says for the first time anywhere in the republican party. Joe biden's president-elect. Congratulations mr might way. Congratulations kami harris. The american people are happy to see. The first ever woman elected vice president. That's great with so happy. We're also trump watches. This trump gets mad. trump says. Oh turtle you like being the leader of the senate will. I'm gonna take it away from you. I'm gonna go out there. And i'm gonna suggest a republican voters in georgia that they not support kelly off and And and perdue and thereby by the democrats are gonna own the government and they're gonna own the senate and they're more you will have nothing to be leader of. That's what harwood is suggesting. Trump can do as a reaction to mcconnell essentially acknowledging for the republican party. That biden is official. Here's Here's jim astoria oregon. Jim great to have you on the eib network. Allowed mega does rush. That's my birthday. And today i get my present Thank you very much appreciate you know. You know there's sixty million people praying for you and your family you especially. I really appreciate that to more than you know. But but what i wanted to say was Back in april two thousand seventeen california was Injuring articles of secession into their legislatures. So i don't understand what's the big deal. Well if anyone did say yes you know what. I the reason i wanted to take your call. We bumped you up in the order. Because i just found this story in one of the reason breaks and here it is. It's actually. This is a Web page from november tenth. Two thousand sixteen. This is just a week after the election week after trump won one week seven days. California secession plan gains momentum after trump win. Californians made it abundantly. Clear tuesday night. They didn't wanna see. Donald trump in the white house. Overwhelmingly voting for hillary clinton now disappointed with trump's victory. They're seeking another way out. A group of secessionists is taking advantage of post election discontent to push for calix. It the new name for the prospect of california's sea seating from the us it's modeled after brexit britain's historic decision to leave the european union. Discussion of the idea exploded wednesday on twitter and nowhere to be found was geraldo rivera. Calling it traitorous. Nowhere to be found was around rivera suggesting that it was treasonous. Formerly nicotine stained fingers the state of california. The headline california secession plan gains momentum after trump win. There wasn't a single complaint. There wasn't any righteous hand wringing. There wasn't oh my god. This is outrageous. California needs to be so ashamed of themselves. California's craziness california. This is outrageous. How dare you suggest such a thing that was none of that and new york has talked about secession as well off and on for decades i guess it's i guess it's cute when new york does i guess it's cute when california. Does it right here. November tenth two thousand sixteen. It wasn't the election. Wasn't even a week old ladies and gentlemen so jim in astoria oregon great memory. I'm glad you call. We'll take a brief break and be back and continue right after this bill gates was on. Cnn recently. With with jake tapper. The topic was the pandemic and bill gates spoke about how bad the winter wave of corona's corona virus outbreaks gonna be and basically said that we need to shutdown bars and restaurants. It just needs to happen and need to shut them down for six months minimum here. We have a billionaire telling a reporter at cnn that we need to keep closing down businesses and nobody says anything. Nobody challenges it. nobody disagrees. Nobody why are we listening to bill gates in the world has gates done where his his expertise on this bill gates could withstand being shut down for ten years but these bars and restaurants. These owners can't do this. There'd be destroyed that'd be wiped out at qualcomm we believe in staying connected and you can see us wherever five. 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Doors are going to open the to never dreamed would open. Now do your part. Keep feeding your home's feeding your dreams. Don't use your energy to feed your history use your energy to feed your destiny. It's inspiring uplifting and encouraging. I think you'll like it. Listen to the jolo. Steam podcast on the iheartradio. Add on apple podcasts. Your podcasts the expressed by the hosts on this program documented me almost always right ninety nine point eight percent of the time. Great to have you here with my friends rush limbaugh back at it again just wanted to remind everybody that they're going to be days where i'm not gonna be able to get in and i mentioned that at the at the very outset of this back in In january and february and as time goes on their their medical challenges that present themselves and that have to be dealt with and some of them. You know pop up as a surprise. Some of them are predictable But i continued to look at this and live this as a day today proposition. You know. I've said it enough times. It becomes a cliche that i wake up every morning. And thank god that i did but you know it. It's not a cliche absolutely happens to be the truth. And so the bottom line is that every day is a gift and even those days where i'm not able to get here realized that i wish i could be and that When those days occur that i will. I will do what i can get back as quickly as as as possible. I want to go back to this. This bill gates business. Because look at this to set this up with another story that i have here. My formerly nicotine stained fingers story dated december eleventh or the way that was four days ago. And it's my brother's birthday. And i was not able to wish him a happy birthday publicly here behind the golden. Eib phone so. I'm doing it now. Happy birthday dave. Dave brothers Just a couple years younger than i am. And he's he's doing great and he had a had a birthday last friday. And i wanted to make sure to acknowledge it so happy birthday many. Moore's many more as you want I'm old enough to remember when. Hydroxychloroquine was a kook theory from a kook president. Now all of a sudden it is amazing. The things that are happening after an election where this coq so called. Donald trump has lost allegedly lost. Look at all the things now. All of a sudden the a. m. a. c. although very quietly than hydroxy clark. When is okay. It's perfectly fine. Go ahead and use it if you want. It can be helpful now. How many people do you think we'll ever know. How many people do you think died needlessly. Because they were sent home to ride it out or were afraid to go to the doctor or were afraid to take hydroxy clarkin because what they were hearing about it in the drive by media now if you if you doubt the corruption in the numbers of cove in cases consider that the ama the american medical association the lied to us about using hydroxychloroquine. Here's the headline a. m. a. resend previous statement against prescription of hydroxy. Clark wanted to covid nineteen patients the ama in a surprising move has officially rescinded for those of you unreal linda. That means i've taken it back. A previous statement against the use of hydroxy clark when in the treatment of covid nineteen patients giving doctors the okay to return to utilizing the medication at their discretion. Wait a minute. I remember when we were told that this stuff can kill you. Do you remember. In fact when trump talked about hydroxy. Clark when during oh i forgot was when he had it when he had covert nineteen hundred was before before. Who was it that it was on television. That went nuts. Saying mr president. You're killing people. You're killing people. You're asking people to dyer. Who was it. It was some prominent cable news person that accused trump killing people by suggesting that hydroxy clarken was okay to use. I can't remember who it was but it'll come to me but now it's perfectly fine. He see previously. The ama has issued a statement in march way back at the beginning of his that was highly critical of hydroxychloroquine in regards to its use as a proposed treatment by some doctors in the early stages of covid nineteen in addition to discouraging doctors from ordering it in bulk. They suggested that there was no reason to prescribe it. That it could kill that it could seriously damage that and now now that trump has gone. They think now that trump is famous august. What hydroxy clark went perfectly fine. The us which takes me back to this bill gates story. Bill gates was on cnn with jake. Tapper that we're talking about the corona virus pandemic. Let let me very quickly. Yeah i thought we had the sound bite. Let me go let me let me get the actual soundbites the transcripts up here right here. We go all right here. We go this is i guess. It's sunday morning. State of the union is the show. Jake tapper host talking to bill gates about the pandemic and tapper says a lot of governors who oppose bringing back these lockdown orders and forcing businesses to close. What do you think bars and restaurants in. Most of the country will be closed as we go into this way. I think sadly that's appropriate. The next order six months really call on us to do our best. Because we can see that this will end and you don't want somebody who loved to be the last to die of corona virus. All right okay. So we have a billionaire here as far as i know. That's his only qualification. I i don't know what bill gates qualification is to determine when we have lockdowns who gets locked down for. How long do they get locked down. Where is his level of expertise. And where is somebody on this. Show challenging this. He just gets to run around and say whatever he wants to say and nobody challenges this and what is he saying. We need to keep closing down businesses. So when did gates become the expert in this. Why should anybody be taking advice from him. I know he donates a lot of money. I know he's got this foundation redoes mosquito nets and african so for does a lot of things like that. But i'm reading some bloggers here. The bloggers have checked in or he's not a doctor and gates his not a researcher. He's not a professor in any medical field at all yet. Cnn and a bunch of other news networks very often ask for his opinion on healthcare issues. But he's not a medical expert and they never question his reasoning. it just gets to pontificate. And it's because he's a billionaire. Can't possibly that's what was neil cavuto. It was ca- votto who accused trump of killing people. By suggesting hydroxy. Clarkson neil cavuto. That's exactly right. I appreciate the reminder anyway here you have. Bill gates all over cnn. Nobody challenging. What he says but gates is out there ripping into trump's executive order that brings his america first stance corona virus vaccine distribution tapper. Then asks gates when we're going to get back to a normal life as the knicks. Sound bite here is over. Tapper says president trump signed an executive order. He says prioritizes distribution of the vaccine before it goes to people in other countries. What do you think of that strategy. I think we need help. All of humanity here. The us has benefited from other countries. Work here and we shouldn't be entirely selfish and how we go forward. The extreme idea that everybody should die until we have the very last american vaccinated. That's ardley the appropriate response. Good grief the. Nobody is saying this. Nobody is saying that everybody in the world should die. So that every last american gets vaccines so folks this is classic this is a classic illustration of people who are offended by the idea of america. First or make. America great again gates is a globalist and he believes that the united states is not the good guys the united states trends toward being the problem so here he is suggesting that somebody out there in this world wants to make sure every american is vaccinated. I the hell with the rest of the world the hell with the rest of the world and some people died so that all americans may get the vaccine than the hell. That's not at all on anybody's list. It's not a suggestion that anybody has and it's not who we as americans are as we have demonstrated over and over again time and time again when natural disasters have hit. We're the first on the scene of all nations in the world. Now tapper asked gates when he thinks will be able to get back to some form of normal life gates predicts late summer late summer. We're going to get back to normal life. Well how about the bar and restaurant owners. That gates wants to shut down for six more months. How in the world are they ever going to be able to reopen. They are going to be wiped out. They cannot withstand a six month shutdown or a six month lockdown. These are small business. Owners restaurants and bars are small businesses. They're never going to be able to get back to a quote unquote normal life. If they are shut down for six months like bill gates wants to shut them down. How are they going to pay the mortgages. On their businesses how they gonna pay the mortgages on their homes now billionaires. Don't have these concerns. Billionaires are not worried about mortgage payments and other bills that have to be paid these people that own these bars and restaurants. They just wanna stay open. They want their employees working. They they do not want six months of a shutdown. Her lockdown gates said the next four to six months. Really call on us to do our best. Because we can see that this will end. And you don't want somebody that you love to be the last to die from corona virus gates actually said you know early twenty twenty two unless we help other countries get rid of this disease and we get high vaccination rates in our country the risk of reintroduction will be there of course the global economy will be slowed down which hurts america economically in a pretty dramatic This this is obviously somebody out of touch. And that's that's i know it's a it's a an accusatory thing to say because you know we kind of celebrate billionaires in american well some of us do some people quite being a billionaire with being brilliant and That's not necessarily the case at all. But i mean bill gates is more shutdowns needed six months shutdown bars and restaurants. That's the last thing that's needed. That is the last thing that's going to be helpful shutdowns. Don't advance anything. They just delay the inevitable. Anyway i gotta take a break folks will do that. Come back and resume with you on the phones. Don't go away by the way one more one more thing on on on bill gates. Ted cruz makes a really great point. He said that that all of the government class and by that we mean the government employees political appointees everybody the cabinet level departments virtually every government job. Every every person in a government. Job is getting paid through these shutdowns. Did you know that. Well we tell a bar or restaurant. We're locking down buddy. You're killing the country. You're spreading the virus. You're spreading the disease so we're gonna shut you down for six months we're gonna wipe you out. We're going to put you out of business. Everybody working for the government gets paid through the shutdowns and lock knows. All of the teachers are being paid whether or not there are classes. All of the democrat governors with their states shut down. They are getting paid. It is so easy for these people to shut us down as they pay absolutely no price for it. Their lives are unchanged. Same thing with bill gates bill gates can stand there and suggested every bar and restaurant needs to be shut down for six months and it's no skin off his back gates thinks it'll be next summer before the. Us is close to returning to normal. So at what point are the rest of us going to tire of billionaires whose lives are completely unaffected by lockdowns school closures travel restrictions. And all the rest telling us good little problems that we just have to wait a few more months. That's former new york times reporter. Alex berenson ted koos said leftists. A millionaire billionaire discuss how they think it's appropriate to destroy and bankrupt small businesses across america. I'll tell you what let's do this. Let's halt all salaries at cnn and microsoft. Let's stop paying democrat politicians and then let's see if they think two more years of shutdown is okay. That's ted close. Hey if we're going to shutdown let's shut it down if we're going shut down bars and restaurants who've done nothing here then let's shutdown cnn. Let's just let's let's do the equivalent of shutting them down. Let's just cancel their salaries. Let's just cancel every payment. They get for working. Same thing at microsoft. Let's see how they feel about it. It's a great response. And ted close here is ladd in brunswick georgia we head back to the phones. I'm glad you waited sir. Hello god bless you. We're praying for you. Thank you sir. Appreciate it right now. The establishment republicans have a fatal fall. They think the movement trump starting going away and the party's revert back to the pre trump era but the people who believe that there was enough voter fraud. Just swing this election or not just some group on twitter. I think he didn't compasses everyday. Americans and my point is that we need to let the establishment. Know that if they don't step now in respect to the issue voter fraud and they won't have a job after the next election this. You're making it tough for me. Because i'm on your side and i'm with you on this but that's not going to happen. The truth of the matter is that we have an entity that we're up against and it has in it both republicans and democrats and that entity has been called the deep state. It's been called the washington establishment. It's been called the elites and they want no part of trump's base. They have known desire to somehow find a way to incorporate trump's base in whatever they think the republican party is content to be a minority party. If that's what it takes to eliminate the populism off the trump base the trump voter So while you're sitting out there thinking that the establishment republicans need to come up with a strategy to find a way to incorporate the the the trump trump supporters. They're not doing that. They're doing the exact opposite. They're trying to figure out how to be viable without the trump base. They don't want the trump base. The establishment wants no part of the trump base. They haven't wanted any part of the trump basi- before there was trump. and i. it's it's a all you have to do. If you if you want to know who these people are is find. The nearest never trumper and just listened to them. Read what they right Listen to what they say. And you'll get a very good heads up on what they think of the trump i mean. These people acknowledged they would rather vote for a democrat to support trump or to find a way to build a relationship with trump supporters rather vote for a democrat and they did and they proudly probably said so anyway. We're coming up here on a break. And i i gotta take it. Sit tight will come back and continue on the phone. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two type folks back before you know it. Creating i welcome back our rushbone cutting edge of societal evolution. And give me an example. Never trumper steve schmidt was the he was the campaign consultant for mccain back in two thousand eight would mccain ran against barack hussein. Oh steve schmidt was the guy turned on sarah palin and after mccain lost schmidt start showing up on msnbc and Basically went to the other side. Now never trumper. He just said he just said. The trump supporters are like the brown shirts in germany in the twenties and thirties. This is what they think of you. You're no different than the brown shirts in germany in the twenties and thirties. So folks if you're sitting out there thinking that the republicans in the senate or in the house i mean. There's there are exceptions. But they're not very many. I think you can count on. Maybe two hands the number of republicans in washington who remained fervent trump supporters. There there may be others but they're not visibly public about it and this is just they're they're not trying to figure out a way to keep you on board. They're not trying to find a way to make sure you trump voters stay with them in the republican party. They want a republican party. Doesn't include you. There's an analogy to this and a lot of people are not going to remember it because you have to go back to the eighties but this is exactly what happened when ronald reagan left office after two terms and george h w bush promised the third term of ronald reagan as his Part of his campaign but the fact of the matter is that the washington establishment. If you get right down to it folks did not like reagan. because they don't like conservatism. Mainstream establishment republicans have never liked conservatives. Oh they'll put on a great act. Reagan was president. Oh it was the greatest thing in the world. they all wanted to serve. They all wanted to be in the bright lights. That were shining on raegan. They wanted to be in the cabinet. They wanted to do this. They wanted to do but when it was time for regularly office they were. They were happy. It's about conservatism. Trump call it populism. Call it populist. Whatever trump was implementing a conservative agenda. He was implementing the agenda. The never trumpers have devoted their lives to and still they opposed him so they're not calculating ways to find a way to fold you in with whatever republican party. They hope to build by the white grab sound. Bite number thirty. We found the audio. This is neil cavuto. This is back in may may nineteenth twenty twenty. Va study showed that among a population of veterans in hospital receiving this treatment those with vulnerable conditions respiratory conditions heart ailments. They died it will kill you. I cannot stress enough. This will kill you. Trump took hydroxychloroquine. That's what prompted. Neil cavuto to tell don't do it it'll kill you it's gonna kill you now the. Ama the reason we're making a deal out of this is the ama has resend it all of this. The ama has rescinded. Every critical thing they ever said about hydroxychloroquine. Do you realize how much money we could've saved your allies. How many lives could have been saved. If this drug would have been free to be prescribed. It's a moot point now but the safety and health of your family why that's crucial. It's your highest priority. It's one of the reasons why having a home security system from simplisafe makes so much sense state of the art security system protects every door every window. Every room of your home with wireless technology that means literally no wires no expensive installation crew to install it simply safe and bennett away to do all of that with wifi and the elimination of wires takes all the complexity out. It takes a lot of the expense out. It's every bit as effective at protecting your family and your home but without the expensive price tag and it's simple to install you do it yourself. 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When they know it's not a false alarm the response time is infinitely quicker and they're throwing in the hd camera l. free bump simplisafe usa dot com laura and redding connecticut. I'm glad you waited. You're up next. Hello hey russ mega prayers and did it from the constitution state four committing a conservative of daily. Thank you very much great to have you here. Thank you You're playing in the first hour about rachel maddow's response in the interview is exactly the opposite of the truth. Your audience is bright and fastidious about reading and research and we actually critically think so. You are the catalysts and we do our own analysis research and follow up. That's exactly right thank you. That's exactly right in fact goes back Ladies and gentlemen to the the early days of the program And it still survives to this day the the criticism that you all are a bunch of my number of buts that you can't think of your own that you are tuning in waiting for marching orders from me and that's never been the case. This program attracted a massive audience rapidly because this program validated. What americans already believed what. Millions of americans already thought. They just didn't have anybody in national media saying what they believed that i came along in this program came along and they felt validated. It wasn't that they hadn't considered anything. I was saying they knew it before. I said it. They were just ecstatic. Somebody was already on national media. Finally national media validate what they believe. And you are absolutely right. People in this audience are among the brightest and the most educated the most politically viable people in this country. Precisely because you engage in critical thinking you are the exact opposite of mine number. Robots the exact opposite of bunch of sponges. The exact opposite of a bunch of people waiting for your sven gali to tell you what to do and you know what they know it. They know exactly who you are. They may lie to themselves now and then as they report to their own audiences. You don't have an. I have bigger question than than any of this. What is msnbc gonna do now that they don't have trump. Do you realize how much of cable news is gonna have nothing to talk about now. That trump is gone or allegedly gone. Don't get mad at me here. folks. I'm just saying that without trump in the white house providing media fodder countless hours per day. They're not going to know what to do. They're going to have to cover for biden. They're going to have to sing. Biden's praises there and let me show you how hard that's gonna be grab audio sound bite number. Thirteen biden did a speech last night. It was a train wreck. He couldn't stop coughing. He couldn't stop clearing his throat. The guy was full of flam. We put together a montage of this speech and it sounds like this once again. The america in america more americans voted this year over one hundred and fifty five million votes counted. The biggest voter turnout in the history of the united states and ticket has received together vice president-elect towers and i received when they won in two thousand sixteen. Excuse me or dispute the results yet. Position so extreme before this battle for the soul we. The people voted remains intact. Now it's time to unite to heal. I will be president for all americans work in front of us better than it ever was. We the united states of america as always set the example for the world for a peaceful transition of power. Thank you. The speech was nothing but clearing the throat. So how did the drive by media and deal with this put together another monteilh we heard tonight was a top to bottom. Take down president trump a forceful and full condemnation pretty forceful argument. Pushing the president even to concede a decisive rebuke to the efforts of president trump. There you hear president. Joe biden offering a full defense of democracy the most vigorous denunciation of president trump. What really struck me about those remarks. Just how forceful joe biden. Was he really drew alive in the sand on taking names here was very striking moment. We outrage as joe biden laid out all challenges useful sending that message to the white house in prison. Occupant saying look. Pack up your bags. I'm coming. I don't i don't know what it was but it was not forceful. It was not a top to bottom. Take down. It was not a decisive rebuke. It was nothing more than phlegm and clearing the throat and coughing. But you see. They have to overlook that they have to ignore all of that. So what are they going to do. They cannot be critical the biden they will not be critical. And they're going to prop by until until i'm gonna take folks. I think we're seeing enough information on the biden's now to safely say that biden will serve at the pleasure of barack obama. If obama gives the green light to democrats to take biden out. there will be ample evidence. That biden has lied about his knowledge. His family was selling his name and office with permission. And if that's in fact the case then there's likely unreported money that will be found. The fake news media will temporarily become hard news media if the decision is made. That biden has to step down until that time they will be covering for biden. They'll be making excuses for biden. They'll be ignoring all the negatives you wait and see and then watch what happens to their ratings. When that happens brief break we will come back and continue after this. No i really think obama's running the show obama's been running a democrat show since since two thousand sixteen he ran the operation against trump. he ran the russia's sting. He ran the russian who he ran everything and he's now running this and as long as Biden accomplishes or does what obama wants. He'll be fine. But i do believe that it will be up to obama biden's fate. We'll see here's kim in kennesaw georgia graduated high. Hi rush thank you so much for having me I'm a georgia voter here. I was proud to attend. Trump's rally on november the first waiting in line for eleven hours. It was worth every minute. My question is without trump. Why would i bother to give these. Republican senate seats another vote. I voted for loss. Slur and purdue when i voted for president trump and due to the overwhelming fraud in our georgia election system. My vote did not count. It's the same people running the run off election. Why what. I think it would matter then. Well let me ask you. Does it matter to you that the senate be able to stop the biden obama agenda. We're having our european. You don't care anymore. No i it okay i do care But my thing is to even if we have fifty to forty eight. We can't trust all republican senators. Kamala would be the tiebreaker for fifty. Fifty vote then if romney unconscious for instance loaded with the democrat. I understand that but if you lose these two seats than it's it's it's economic. There's there's no way you have no chance of stopping. The biden obama agenda. At least with these two if they win. There is no merrily a chance to require that the republican stay unified and so forth It just look as far as i'm because there's no wrong or right answer here so don't misinterpret might tone. I'm not. I'm not trying to be critical in the in the way i ask the questions of you just to me. That's what this is about. If you wanna be able to stop the democrat agenda by that you wanna stop the green new deal. Do you want to stop the way. They're they're planning on dealing with the corona virus. D do you wanna you wanna stop the virtual takeover of this country by radical leftists. The only chance you've got is those two senate seats. I know they're not a guarantee because the you know you said they could cave anytime they wanted depend on the pressures that are mounted against them but at least there is the possibility of stopping if they if they are elected and has trump changed his mind has trump said that He doesn't care whether they win or not. Since rally not that i know of i just feel it just seems more hopeless each day. I have never not voted in any election since nineteen eighty eight not even small you municipal elections. But i'm sure. I'm not the only one especially here in georgia. That feels like you know. The republicans are basically using us. The way the democrats us an underclass to keep them power and they're not doing anything to help us. They're selling out left and right. Our governor ran on a platform that he was like trump. He has not none of his administration. Is i don't feel that. The republicans are fighting for us vernon jones. Democrat goes to the capital on the weekend and fights for us but purdue and loss laura or not. well. I understand how you feel. I and i hear this from people constantly that they care about you when it's election time and then after that you may not even exist but look it's it's up to you. I'm not. I'm not gonna try to talk you into or out of anything. I respect your independent thinking enough as it is. But i did want to put the option in front of you because that's really what we're facing. I gotta run out of time. Hey did you see this. Ilan mosque says electric cars will require a lot more electric power than we currently have really why. I wonder where it's going to come from. Details are coming up. Sit tight alrighty. Welcome back my friends here. It's great to have you this. This is the one and only excellence in broadcasting. That work and i am grand poobah the ib network a household name in all four corners of the world. Happy to have you with us. Telephone number is eight hundred. Two eight two two eight eight two if you want to appear on the program. Okay so I thought that i would do a keyword search after bill gates. I saw the bill gates interview. Well i have the audio sound bite. I didn't actually watch cnn. I didn't i. I heard gates at appeared with With jake tapper joe biden impersonation there. And here's a gates advocating that. We shut down bars and restaurants for six months fox. I can't tell you how this irritates me to try to explain it. I want to go back to march and april when we had the first nation wide shutdown was put in place by president trump. Because remember they they have these these computer model projections of two million dead if we did nothing and so they. They succeeded in getting trump to shut down the country so because of mine the necessity of of seeking treatment. I'm traveling around. And i'm i'm looking at the results of this. I'm seeing a boarded up country. And i i remember. I remember coming to the program every day. After i'd seen this and almost breaking down in tears telling you what i had seen and how it was affecting me. I looked at the shutdown. Businesses are what they were. How large or small. And i saw a lifetime dream being destroyed i saw people who had invested. Who knows how much money it was. Just vanishing it. Just irritated the heck out of me. This is not who we are. I was saying to myself. We do not run away from things like this. We don't we've never shut down the country for a pandemic we've never shut down the country for any reason at all and yet here we were and once it started. It was going to be impossible to put it back together. Rapidly shut down for a month. It went longer to two or three months. I'm driving around. I'm looking at this and it. Just it personally was was written in my heart out and i became an advocate on this program for re opening the country because it was so unnecessary we were literally destroying people's livelihoods not to mention the amount of debt that we were going into by paying everybody to stay home. We re paying everybody to shut down for a while. So we're making it easy for these people. They weren't actually seeing their dreams vanish yet. So now we're approaching thirty trillion dollars in debt. Just mind boggling. So here comes gates. And apparently that wasn't enough for him so gates demanding that bars and restaurants be shut down for another six months. Because we don't have any hope of normalising until late twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two. I do not know how gates is an authority on this. But he apparently is because people treat him as one so. I did this. Keyword search on bars and restaurants. And i found a fascinating story here from newsweek. That lets see the date here is done at than it did it. Did it did it today. I don't have the date it. Yeah i do. Yeah i do why. It's just four days ago a magin that. Let me ask you this. What percentage of new covid nineteen cases in new york. Do you think are attributable to restaurants and bars because these these entities are being held up almost as an enemy when gates and the rest of these cuomo people come along and point fingers at bars and restaurants. Say you need to shut down well. Here is the number restaurants and bars account for less than two percent of new covid nineteen cases in new york two percent and this is who we're focusing on. This is who were trying to portray as the enemy. Because that's what this is bars and restaurants you guys you got to shut down. Because that's where people gather. That's where people get together. They don't wear masks. And all in despite all that to per cent less than two percent new covert nineteen cases in new york are accounted for by bars and restaurants now during a press briefing on friday. The new york governor andrew cuomo said that private gatherings account for the vast majority of new statewide cases while less than two percent or coming from bars and restaurants bars and restaurants though we're being told they are high risk areas for the virus to spread. Yes they accounted for. Only one point four percent of new cases in new york. How can this be so once again. We're being fed a bunch of misinformation. We are being fed a bunch of false enemies and false targets for what purpose why in the world target bars restaurants. What in the world could get his purpose. Be at any rate elon. Musk says that electric cars are going to require a lot. More electric power than we currently have. Now wait a minute. I thought we were going to have all the electric power we needed with the green new deal. We're brand new windmills. We're gonna have solar panels all over the place except no those kept those keep getting. Shut down its right. Tesla's ceo elon. Musk says that we're going to need more electricity to power cars like kids a lot more. He said electricity consumption is going to double if the world electric car fleets are electrified. Increasing the need to expand nuclear solar geothermal and wind energy generating source Alon you have to know that we can't cover the needed electricity with wind and solar. It's not possible increasing. The availability of sustainable energy is a major challenges cars move from combustion. Engines battery driven electric motors shift. Which will take twenty years. Musk sand in a talk. Hosted by berlin based publisher axel springer. This is always amazed me. Where do you people drive. electric cars. Think the power is coming from when you plug them into. Charge boggles my mind. These people think that they are saving the planet engaging in clean renewable energy when in fact it is cold that is charging the battery in your car. It is cold. It's charging the battery in your iphone your ipad in whatever lithium ion battery device. You have it is coal evil dirty rotten coal and now elon. Musk is saying that there will not be enough electricity to charge all the electric cars. We are on tap to manufacture. Why well because these newfound sources geothermal wind solar ain't gonna get it done. They simply do not produce enough electricity. There is no free lunch when it comes to renewable energy sources because they're not even renewable. You'll be the closest we have renewable energy as nuclear. But even that not quite what. What about the wind and what about. They're they're free but they're not very efficient and if there's no wind you don't get any power and if there are clouds you don't get any power from solar but mining. Oh my god. It's so filthy so yeah but without it. You're not going to be able to drive your electric car. I it's so much of the radical environmental movement. Just perplexes me from the standpoint of common sense and how there isn't any you take a look at your electric car. You go in and charge it up wherever you do that. The charging stations. And you think somehow you're saving the planet when all you are doing is is upping the demand for more coal and guess where a lot of the call in the united states power plants. Guess where it comes from folks the chicoms. That's exactly right. You wouldn't believe how much col- we import from the comms. They've got it out the wazoo and we need it and so we buy it from them. It's on deniable. Anything that requires batteries is going to require coal to power it. I don't care how clean you think that you are making the environment. Try this this is from the bbc. Here's the headline the heat gap dividing a major city the heat gap. Yes my friends. There is a heat gap out there. It's in los angeles and it's rooted in primary basis as in many u. s. towns historic disinvestment in certain areas of los angeles have created a heat gap within listening. You know what the gap is. Let me tell you poorer neighborhoods experience higher temperatures due to a lack of shade that's right in poorer neighborhoods for. Some reason. environmentalists are gonna near and cut down all the trees. There isn't any shade. There's no tree cover. Vegetation in shade are gone and saw it is hotter in poor neighborhoods. It's unfair in this case. Poor and minorities hardest hit because of the absence of shade. So the city of los angeles and several nonprofits profits are now trying to close the gap through a variety of urban programmes. This is just more left wing victimization. That's all this is creating a new group of victims based on the fact that there's not enough shade where they live and we're going to blame it on the rich. The rich are gone and erin shutdown their shade by cutting down there shade and so the poor have no hope. They're sweltering they're sweating in sweat stink and the stink rises in spreads throughout the city. And all because the rich have gone in and cut down there trees eliminating their shade. Something new to blame on global warming. Rich people are cooler. Rich people can afford shade. Rich people don't have to cut down their trees and so it's just another way to make people think that they're being mistreated unfairly on equitably. Because of a new discovered heat gap in los angeles may right-back. Having more fun than a human being. Should be allowed to have your guiding. Light's times of trouble confusion murkiness to moat chaos electoral fraud. And even the good times. Here's here's john. Eastern shore in maryland. Welcome sir glad you waited. Hello hello russ my prayers go out to you and these days not very prayerful man by dupree for you sir. I appreciate it. Thank you very much. My point is this. We have mayors and governors across this country either closing or limiting the hours of bars and restaurants all in the name of science where the science. Where are they getting. This science from the is going to do anything. I don't think it's about science. I think it's about destroying capitalism. You can't you can't get more capitalistic than american. Small business can you. I mean that's the essence of capitalism. The vast majority of jobs in this country are produced by small business not major big time corporations and if you go after the small businesses if if you if you succeed in shutting them down then you can bring about the change over to socialism you can exchange and by by blaming these bars and restaurants by blaming american small business for the problems that we're having with covid nineteen if you succeed in convincing enough americans that these small businesses are the problem then if shut them down you blame small business as it is that can then be said to be. Capitalism is the problem and then the solution will be government. Government will come in and fix whatever happens. Government will make the owners of these businesses. Whole will do something. We'll we'll protect them. But i i think the objective here is not science and it's not to somehow save people from getting covid nineteen. It's not the stop the spread. It is about promoting globalism and getting rid of american capitalism this is the obstacle that donald trump was trump. his campaign make america. Great again was purely rooted. In american capitalism revitalizing america bringing jobs back that had been lost because of globalism and he succeeded in doing it. I mean more than anybody ever dreamed of so now that they think they have gotten rid of trump. now it's time to get rid of trumpism at means get rid of small businesses get rid of capitalism and get back to the direction we were going under barack obama. We were headed toward globalism. It by the way. I mentioned brexit earlier in a brief comment. Look how long ago. Brexit was voted on by the british people. How many years is it. And they still haven't done it. They still haven't exited the european union. So it's it's the same situation here. The trump for years was was rooted in reestablishing america as a singular nation. That is the good guy in the world. That american greatness is good for everybody in america. Achieving greatness is good for everybody in the world but this runs counter to what the washington establishment sakes in britain able and continue to be able to delay implementing the brexit. Vote for at least four years. And they're going to succeed probably will see how long it takes if they ever do succeed in actually exiting the european union and now look. This is something i think. Yes i did. I predicted this shortly before the election. Trump's miracles are being diminished all of trump's economic successes all of his economic recovery. All of it is being diminished now by revisionists on the left. Here's a tweet from. John harwood alone among the thirteen president since world war. Two trump will exit the white house with fewer americans employed than when he started he will have overseen pune growth in economic output than any of the previous president. Now this is an out an outline by but this is exactly. They're going to end up giving biden credit for the virus for the vaccine. They're gonna byron or biden credit for reviving the us economy. If you go back to the three and a half years of the trump term before the virus hit the economic output of this country was a record high and it was continuing to grow and it was all trump and now here comes the effort to say we all but trump legacy is what happened. After the virus the viruses trump's fall to now look trump. Leave the white house. When fewer americans employed in when he started he will have overseen puny or growth in economic output than any of the previous twelve. Now thinking people understand what the pandemic economies all over the world but here comes the effort to say trump was a disaster. Trump didn't accomplish anything. And it was so predictable. This was going to happen. They're just now beginning. Let me ask you a question. How how much did it hurt. Trump the american medical association literally lying about hydroxychloroquine. Trump comes out advocates. It you're killing people. You're gonna kill people. I'd clark one is a killer. You're irresponsible. how much of that do you think cost. Trump's votes in other words the am a knowing lady lion about hydroxy clarkin. Could you say that it's another form of election. Meddling i mean how. Many people didn't vote for trump because of what they thought hydroxy clarken would do based on what he said. How many people bought into the idea. That hydroxy corcoran can kill you. And trump is advocating. That you take it you mean countless other examples of this kind of distortion of things that trump has said that now all of a sudden guess what. They're perfectly fine everything's okay. Hey for all the hours that you carry around your smartphone all the hours you use it in the ways you do. It's probably not protected enough. 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You'd be amazed at how vulnerable your cell phone can be in a public wifi network if your connection can be seen but if it can't be seen there is nothing they can do. They can't plant malware on your device. They can't put a phishing attack on it. They can't hack you in any other way. Norton three sixty also. Protect your webcam. It helps you with password management and has a lot more now no one can prevent all cybercrime but not the three sixty is a great way to give you and your family. The gift that keeps giving all year long you can connect up to five devices on one account and right now you can save fifty percent off an annual subscription on your first year. Norton dot com slash rush. That's norton dot com slash rush. Fifty percent off. Okay where are we going. Now let's see bill in charleston south carolina. I'm glad you called how you doing. sir. I'm welter mega and prayers rush. It's an honor to speak with us the first time caller that. Thank you much great to have you here. After trump leaves office is no longer the titular head of the party. How soon before the republicans currently distancing themselves have to take the reins i mean. What timeline do you estimate before the internal turf where either retain the mandate for a backbone and double down on conservative principles or face being put out to pasture and let the rhinos owned the death knell of the party. I you got to slow down. I've got to read what you said. After trump leaves office and is no longer the titular head of the party. how soon before the republicans. Currently distance distancing themselves have to take the reins what timeline before the internal turf war to maintain the mandate for conservative principles or lead the rhinos on the death. Now well i who with trump gon. Who's the leader. i would not mitch mcconnell. Maybe well that there isn't a leader. That's my whole point. There's there's there's nobody that is you might have some guys in house and maybe a couple in the senate but i. I don't know a name to give you. That's going to pick up the The gavel the mantle of trumpism and. Try to run with it. Do you lately graham nasty. Nope won't be lindsey. graham lindsey. graham nasty goes with the flow. I think. I think it's time for someone to step up. We've got a power vacuum on on the horizon. Well who would you like it to be. Who would you like to see step into the role of a leadership of the trump movement. Well i can't be prouder than tim. Scott again keeping it local the south carolina. I think that definitely we have great representation there. Yeah but is he trump. i mean is he. Is he going to actively pick up the populist message in the absence of trump and be thought of as the heir to trump. i. If i understand your question that's basically what you're asking me right. Correct and the the alternative is that the rhinos regain control of the party. And we all know what that means so if you can if you can tell me if you can name for me somebody who is going to assume the leadership position now i. Every movement at some point needs a leader. The trump base is going to. It's going to stay. it's gonna. it's gonna hold steady. They are who they are. Trump voters trump supporters are who they are and they i think they existed before trump came along. Trump just had the amazing ability to galvanize them to lead them but people who believe in making america. Great they are numerous remember. We have the research that showed that ninety five percent of republicans supported donald trump. It became his. The republican party. Is the trump party. And i've heard people say that whether trump is active in a leadership role or not that the trump base will stay. It will hold steady but it will be absent A leader in the meantime the republican establishment. That you talk about is going to be doing everything it can to. What's the word eliminate or damage the power that trump voters have within the republican party. Even if it means that the republican party must lose with honour for a couple of elections. I don't think that the republican establishment that you're talking about wants any part of the trump base because the trump basis In their view. It's a bunch of populists and they don't like populism data. Don't like that at all and they'd rather get back to the standing. They had pre trump. i think they're eager and is the republican establishment. Anyway i appreciate the call. I gotta go. We'll be back in. Continue in young. America's real anchorman america's truth detector and doctor of democracy sitting here behind the golden eib microphone and we go back to the phones. This is brian salt lake city. It's great to have you. Brian how are you. I'm great glad to hear your voice today. Thank you sir. hey Quick point on on bill gates I think that people think that he's like it. Software you can turn the country off. Turn it back on again and and it'll work But my calling earlier was that I think that Sleepy joe had some some brilliant ideas by Having kamala harris be his vp. Each pick because he knew that There was going to be a lot of investigation of hunter and it could lead to his own impeachment but he figures that probably nobody in the house right now. None of the mainstream democrats are willing to pick it up because they don't come as the as the president and in two years when the when the republicans take over the house They certainly don't want to impeach him because they don't want to be the president so i think that there's some sleepy joe and he's got some problems i think he either had some really good A adviser he thought that through and thought you know if i pick somebody that everybody hates. Then it'll it'll protect me. So if i understand you correctly you think that biden in a stroke of genius selected kami kami harris to be his vice presidential running mate because he is aware of. How much mainstream democrats despise her and would not want her to become president therefore he has impeachment insurance. You know. i'm not sure if if it's his genius or somebody else's who's pulling the strings but i feel strongly that that is the case. What about this alternative. One about say barack obama choosing commie harris because barack obama wants a radical leftist to be president and knows full. Well that commie harris could never be elected president on her own. The only way to make her president is to have biden. Choose her and then somehow get rid of biden or let that happen. Naturally she's veep she becomes president to get elected never has to go before the american people and they've got their radical leftist socialist president built in and it doesn't matter what mainstream democrats think about it. Well you know. That's that's certainly a an alternative and that could equally be as true. I don't i don't necessarily favor one idea over the other Kind depends on. Who's really pulling the strings. And if it's barack obama you're probably right if it's somebody else then. We know that obama was pulling the strings for the four years of the russian cool. We know that obama was behind. All we know that biden was part of it. We know that biden and obama ran that show. I don't think obama has given up any control over the democrat party whatsoever. I mean how the hell does biden become the democratic nominee in the first place and then get elected president. How the hell does that happen of. All people joe biden. Who happened to be obama's veep. That's it biden is never run for office successfully outside the senate in his life he has sought the presidency. Numerous times never got past the early primaries now all of a sudden bam oh not on easy the nominee now he becomes president and i do believe i mean i think that biden serves at the pleasure of barack obama. We'll find out it isn't gonna long look. I appreciate the call here is in venice florida. Welcome sir great to have you with us Glad to be on rush then. A thirty year listener. Thank you director. My point writes my point with all due respect. I'm sixty one year old. Republican and i've listened to mainstream conservative media such as yourself and fox news and i'm fed up with all of you. I'm fed up with republicans and fed up with the media that supposedly backs republicans. Why in the world with someone like you give a forum during the summer to disc jockeys in new york city that dislike white people. And why in the world would sean hannity have cuomo on his show talking about how. Let's all get along and go to yankee stadium and wear masks during this supposedly pandemic and not one republican have. I heard stand up anywhere on national. Tv on fox news anywhere and say look. This election was a fraud. The republican legislature in michigan could've stopped all this republican legislators all over the country that could put an end to all this and all we were doing was worried about rioting in the summer and cove it while behind the scenes. What were they doing. They were figuring how how to win every time. The republicans will bring a knife to a gunfight. And i'm fed up with it. I hope georgia they lose. I want democrats to run it all for a while and these rhinos and everybody else the conservative media and the whole show give them what they deserve because they won't fight hard enough for the rest of us that trump was willing to do. He was a man all alone and nobody me nobody. Nobody helped him not to the extent that they could have. They wasted their time worrying about these riots in the streets which were all a diversion. Cove it all this other stuff. And what were these states doing in the background. They were gone good. Let them let them do. We'll do the old rope a dope. Let them worry about all this. We're going to figure out how to win this election. You mean satellite don't you. They did steal it when it whatever the republicans should have been smart enough and had guts enough to stop this. The commentators like yourself with all due respect you didn't see the stitches on the fastball. On this one rush you got diverted just like everybody else all. Let's worry about writing. And whether blacks like whites and whites like black and and buy into all this defunding police garbage. It was all a diversion the whole time. They were accomplishing. What their goal was. Divert bird everybody away and get. Why didn't you call me this past summer. And tell me this stuff then. So i could have done something about it a believe me i tried. I've been listening to you every day for the past thirty years and i was so disappointed in you and the other fox news. I'm fed up with them. One williams donna. Brazile whole smeal. Hannity i mean you you talk about how gutless. It is to be a democrat. Well look at our party. If i hear one more republican one more republican. Oh abortion up lurch and uproars and support the military yes what abortions a personal matter. It doesn't matter what the law is and everybody knows you should support the military. What are we supposed to feel better about ourselves because we believe in this. That doesn't win elections. It doesn't win. Well yeah but. I have my own theory about that which i have shared with you numerous times today and i'll have to delay reminding you of it because i'm out of busy broadcast time since i stood aside and let you have your rant because we believe in fairness here at the well. That's it folks. Thank you so much for being with us today. Calypso louis louis farrakhan by the way calling the vaccine toxic waste and white people a bunch of crackers. If they're fool enough to take it we'll have that and whatever else happens between now and then when we get back here tomorrow folks thank you so much for being with us is always have a great rest of the day in a world of an ever changing economic landscape. How on earth can i get some financial stability in my life. I'm david grosso. Most of the podcast. Follow the prophet. Every week you'll hear from successful entrepreneurs learn from their achievements and most importantly to avoid their mistakes on the podcasts. You'll hear stories that will deconstruct what's going on in the economy and how it's affecting your finances so that you can follow. The prophet listened to follow the prophet. Every saturday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. You're to come into a new season of joy and fulfillment like you've never seen hi. I'm joe los team. I have a daily podcast. Row talk about overcoming obstacles accomplishing dreams and becoming all you created to be. You may have had some disappointments in the past but this is new day. Keep feeding your home's feeding your dreams use your energy to feed your destiny. Listen to the jolo steam. Daily podcast on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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