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Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast. We spent basically all night last night waiting for one one thing to happen. And it wasn't no del Beckham junior being traded. That was the nice Ponant. That was the the the ice cream to go with the cake. All right. But what we were all waiting for was to see where lady on bell landed late late last night. We get the answer that he is headed to the jets on a four year deal. Now that we know what the deal looks like it is thirty five million dollar guaranteed as much as sixty one million total. The question is was all of the Levy on bell drama worth it. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz were presented by progressive insurance air, you're still in Miami. And spring break hasn't beaten you. So I am just impressed that you are still with us for another day. I'm here spring break twenty nine hundred still going downstairs a little cloudier today. So a little bit more subdued. But I did not see any fewer full, but cheeks today than. My previous day's is still but season here in Miami. Do you take like a like is their spring break, bingo somewhere you, but I get I should. That's you know, what I just cut me in for like a tenth of it. That's all I ask. So last night is the butts or the bingo, no the prophets from the bingo, I don't need to I need all the prophets. So last night is we were we were sitting here. Especially going to the last hour thinking, you know, it it's going to happen lady on bells going to sign somewhere. And instead Odell Beckham Judy gets traded the sports world blows up, and we have to wait 'til after midnight last night after lady on drops jobs. His record to finally get the answer priorities headed. I mean, not a bad idea. Everybody's searching for Levy on bell. And they're like, oh, go down a few strapped dropping another track. Yeah. Just let me say this. I hope is jets careers better than his recording for on bell for years, the four-year deal when you think about the the numbers that we've heard on it. And you know, at this point it looks like the the thirty five million. Nineteen over four million four years with the max value of close to sixty one million. If you include incentives, according to sources, and what they've told us was it worth all of the drama for lady on to sit out a full year. When you see the money that it's now brought to him. Well, we'll get into what this means for the jets. But I think everyone wants to discuss whether his bet paid off I because that's what we've been focused on for so long. We've talked a whole lot about a guy who didn't play a single down last year because we were a lot of us very shocked that he followed through with his claim that he would be willing to sit in an entire season in order to get what he believed he was owed. Now, if you just look at this in terms of straight cash, homey, then no he lost fourteen and a half million dollars that he will never get back and the deal that he signs that he will sign what the jets for years, fifty two and a half million includes thirty five million guaranteed, which is significantly more than what the jets sorry them. What the Steelers have been offering him, right? The Steelers were only I wanna say going somewhere around the the the the number of fifteen million guaranteed. The max value of that deal that he he he tends to sign what the jets sixty one million. Now, this is a guy who went somebody tweeted him about joining the jets and said, hey, we'll give you sixty million to come to the jets. He said, yeah, you're gonna be a lot more than that to Rome with the jets man, a tweet he has since deleted, by the way when he won he agreed to a deal for one million more. But if it's not just numbers if it's about more than that to him. Then you could argue that he proved the point he wanted to make there's a great story on the ringer by Danny hyphen talks about how you know, if this was all about saying, I'm not going to run my legs four hundred times for a team that does not have me in its future plans. I'm not going to risk injury risk. You know, being too tired to go somewhere else and have them trust that I can still give them the goods then he did. Then he did win out. He did win. Out in terms of not giving himself to a team that he thought was going to run them into the ground because they were they were going to be using him and getting rid of them. Well, and if it becomes a money issue. You're right. You'll never make back to fourteen and a half year decided not to take. But if there had been catastrophic injury if something had happened if he didn't have quite the year that people thought what would it have done to his value going into this free agency? We'll never know. So what we know is that he's now got thirty five million guaranteed as opposed to fourteen and a half. So in that sense. It's absolutely. I mean, it feels like a win. But, but I think part of the reasons were all watching this in my mind, everybody's got an eye on this. Because what does it mean for the future of the NFL? Right. Like one of the things you and I were talking about last night is we've seen Antonio Brown. Go out try and control his destiny, and it worked really, well if lady on turns around and signs less of a deal. It quiet some of the NBA culture conversation of players want to come in and and control their own destiny. I think this did that I think it did quiet. Some of that. I do think it's a win in. Some ways for lady on. But it's not this epic. Oh, my God shattering contract that makes you sit there and say, oh, everybody's going to do this. I mean, the cream of the crop got paid, but didn't get paid. So well that I suddenly think logic is going to change in the National Football League. Yeah. I think member I said that that Tonio Brown owed lady on bell. Thank you card because the fact that we believe now that a player will follow through on the threat of missing a whole season might change the way that teams react to that threat. I still believe that. But that being said the teams can now come back and say look at how that worked out for him. He lost fourteen and a half million the deal. He got is not significantly better. In fact, terms of average annual value it's less than the fourteen million a year that Pittsburgh reportedly offered him. And so that makes it a little tougher for this to have the message that levian bell hoped. It would send now again if his goal was to say, you're not getting four hundred. Carries out of me. And then being done. You're not going to run my legs into the ground without the assurance that you're going to take care of me. If I get hurt that I have enough guaranteed money to make it worth all this. Then then he proved his point. But if it was about sending a bigger message setting a new path for the running back position paving away for those following after him to ask for what they believe they're owed and get it. Then it's a little bit money. I I don't know if that message got sent in the way that he would like to well into that. You're listening to Spain Uffizi ESPN radio sarahspain Jason Fitz of by the way, we're brought to you by my computer career dot EDU training for a better life. When you think about all of the guarantees, the guarantees, the only thing we can really talk about in the conversation because we knew he was guaranteed to make fourteen point five last year. Now, his guarantee make guaranteed to make thirty five but the incentives, I think are key here because when you start to hear the incentive number around it. And again, the reports are that it can reach a max of sixty one million depending on. How the incentives go when you start to think about that kind of money. Then it feels like okay lady on one here if he doesn't hit those incentives. I think there's a fair question that will be asking from somebody that we've seen sort of step back in the past and say, it's not enough is he gonna feel properly paid if he's not hitting the incentives that he thinks he deserves at this point on this deal because there's just a lot of reputation on the line. And I don't know that that that goes out of everybody's mind in one day three days or five five months. I mean, I think each year we're going to be looking at this thing is lady unhappy, and I don't think that that's inappropriate. Yeah. And that's the other thing, you know, when we get into what this means for the jets. I think there are some obvious, you know, massive benefits to a young quarterback in Sam darnold and a team that has struggled to find a good leading rusher in each of the last four seasons. They've had a different leading rusher and the yards needed to lead the team in rushing has gone down in every single season. So they need a solid back to come in. And be the guy that sets up the run game and makes him. Donald John easier. There's a lot more ways that we can talk about how this affects the jets in positive ways right now the question is when you have a guy who was more determined to make a point by virtue of his contract then to play the game with his teammates and a team play the thing he loved or at least at one point love. Right. Then that's a question. We're going forward if he becomes unhappy. If the jets stink if he doesn't like the amount that has legs are being used if he decides that the incentives are, you know, he he isn't hitting them in the money, isn't there? This is a guy who when this all started told our Jeremy Fowler about his contract situations January of twenty eighteen I don't really need to play football right now. I'm just kind of doing it. Because I love it. I've done everything but own a Super Bowl. I don't necessarily care about the money aspect of it. I just want to be valued where I'm at. If I'm playing this game. I want to set standards for all the other running backs behind me, etc. And so forth. So you've got a guy who admits I don't even need. This anymore. I don't even need to play. And he just proved that for a year sitting out. That's a question. Mark going forward if he becomes unhappy. Well, yeah. And and look as we ask ourselves did he win was it a win for lady on? I think the fact that it's not clear that it was a win means loss in so many ways because in the court of public opinion, and that that matters in these situations when you're sitting out you're saying, hey, I'm making a stand for something that, you know, I deserve more. And if your if that's your stance, you deserve more. And it's not really clear that you got it. Then I don't think you can really claim that. I mean, obviously is going to claim it as a win and the on the other side, they're not going to. But in my mind, the fact that that it can't be clearly decided as a win means. It was not straight ahead. The flood gates are open NFL free agency is in full swing and once a prize meeting for a quarterback is happening tonight. We'll tell you where next on Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio Spain and fits the gift that keeps on giving. Right now is the NFL. And just thought we thought we knew the teddy Bridgewater was gonna. Stick with New Orleans. Now, we're getting the developing story that Bridgewater is headed to meet with the dolphins tonight. So looked like he was headed to the saints. Now he's talking to the dolphins, by the way. Yes. And I'm just saying someone in the NBA better do something. Inappropriate fight with a friend or teammate, you know, cause some drama because NBA petty is falling behind right now. And I fell king. Again, the NFL has come back like it. It's like a cartoon monster that all you did was making mad. And so now, it's strong gremlin at eight after midnight. Speaking of gremlins that he'd after midnight. We'll go to the shell Pennzoil performance. ESPN NFL analyst, Dan Orlovsky joins us, Dan. You know, always say you're one of the best. And I love you. I'm watching the highlights from get up this morning. And you're talking about the Browns being a Super Bowl caliber team. Have you just gone bananas? My friend. What do I have to do with the Kremlin after midnight, man? Like do. I why remind you gremlins. No, remind us of someone in know win tunnel right now. Where are you? I'm in my car in New York City. So it's the same thing. Roll the windows up. See through the windows are not then I just figured that water after midnights. The only reason you can already be saying the Browns and Super Bowl in the same sentence. It's the only mission. Okay. So let's let's look at it. Well, take I look at look at the football team for the Cleveland Browns. And find me they're all what's their flaw like where Where'd you go, man? This is their weakness other than okay, Freddie, kitchens for ios and say rookie. Yeah. Yeah. But we saw maybe a lack of leadership team. I mean your hometown team. You know, was a a double going away from external coach the year advancing in the playoffs. So we've seen it a little bit to just looking at their football team going man, they don't they don't really have a flaw. They're incredibly explosive on offense. And they've got a lot of whose like NFL's about who's in house. And and you look at who they have in right now it's owed del Jarvis Landry. It's calloway. It's enjo-. Cu it's Hagans. It's cia. I mean, it's Chubbs. It's to Johnson is Kareem hunt. If he's on the field or not. So you're looking at a team going. All right. Well, they gotta who's now teams. You gotta go. How do we stop them? They've stockpiled on their defensive line. And so they've they've got a a roster that as a very sound roster. And then look at the division. I mean, the ravens over the past four days have been fleeced. And I know they got Mark Ingram. And I know they. Got Thomas, but they've lost four good players on their defense. Starting football players on their defense in great leadership. The Pittsburgh Steelers lost two of their best players the Bengals are restarting. And so if you're looking at the division goes, the Brownsville the most talented team and and arguably the best team in the division, and I just there. It's it's it's easier to call them Super Bowl contenders than it is to justify saying they're just the Browns and I are coaching not contenders. So let me let me poke one hole in that. At least get your thoughts as a former quarterback in the NFL. So often we see a rookie quarterback to comes out and just takes the world by storm and the next year takes his step back. Should there be some concern that defensive coordinators spending the entire offseason prepping for Baker Mayfield they're gonna throw more at him? I mean, it seems like the the progression. I know we just wanna believe is there. But is it reasonable to think that he might take a step back? Why I? I think that is like almost a little bit of a midsummer sounds of quarterbacks. There hasn't been a lot of guys that have really gone he suffered through soft more Trump that he didn't have a gimmick to their game. But didn't have, you know, almost like, you know, window dressing, or is that a sustainable thing? Like Baker Mayfield last year excelled because he was aggressive, and he was incredibly confident. And again, I said this a hundred times he was NFL accurate that doesn't go away. And so yeah, coordinators can still you weren't. But at the end of the day teams are going to have to line up against that offense and go. All right. Well, you know what we wanna play zone. Good luck. 'cause you're gonna that's offensive line with capable soul that running backs. They're going to be a part of it. Or then you're gonna have how do we play this team in zone because they've got so many people that can work the field. Whether it's on the outside of the inside. In the passing game. And you've got a quarterback that sees colors that sees windows, really good. He's confident to cut through defenses at wanna play zone. Now. We're gonna play him against it, man. You can't play the Browns and manning feel confident. There's just too many guys right now, you don't wanna play del by himself in man. And so I think that the the the old way of thinking in a way it's like, oh this guy had a sophomore slump. We don't really see that a lot from quarterbacks that are really efficient from the pocket and stole the ball incredibly well talking to Dan relapse gates Spain and Phipps sarahspain and Jason Fitz. Switching over to the giant side of things it feels like we of course, heard some pushback from Odell Beckham junior to ally to not throwing deep to the system they were playing to to coach. But it feels like now that this deal is done. It reveals more about Gettleman in the giants not knowing what lane there in than it does about a guy that was too much trouble to keep around after signing him to that long-term deal. How are you? You reading the Odell Beckham junior departure. Are you seeing it as having a significant amount to do with attitude and fit or is it discovering too late that they need to do a rebuild? No. I think it's out of tune in fit. I think that they chose Shurmur in Eli manning over Odell Beckham. I mean, it's been, you know, widely detailed pet Schumer get it really enjoy coaching Dell and didn't feel like they connecting couldn't control him, quote, unquote. And that ally manning it'll dill necessarily didn't see eye to eye in. There was some frustration there. And so certainly the rebuild is part of it. But you can rebuild with stars when you can rebuild as really good football players in Odell is one of the unique stars and the NFL that it'll just replace him. 'cause you got the seventeen pick of the draft. And there's some good receivers coming out of college football this year. So this is a this is an organization in an eight Dave ghetto minutes taken a lot of. Heat. I've been one of the people like, you know, what what are you doing? This goes back to last year. This goes back to last year. And I had made this statement last year that the giants not only needed to take a quarterback because it was time in the yelich with Eli. But they needed to take a quarterback because they had a lot of young talent that they eat it too kind of appeasing away in encouraging away. Like, we we know what we're doing. Evan Ingram and ship in Odell Beckham needed a guy that they could feel confident going them the football, and they do you only like things situation, but you feel like a coach one year in you give one year for these guys to figure it out five on five year deal with a massive talent like that. And that the choices go at the coach. Well, I would think that the most important person in the organization is the head coach till you find your quarterback. And so yeah, the head coach matters. But. Players overplays Bill Belichick said it at the end of the Super Bowl. How did you win it, man? We just went we went through our players. And I I know that people have this narrative about Oto Beckham out there. But Pat Shurmur for the hope that he might provide. What not is not going to be a key to this organization changing and turning the tide and winning the SuperBowl. We've both said as you sit her today like, oh, they're going to be with route saquon Barkley. No one's saying you know, what they're gonna build around Pat Shurmur. And so I I just it's hard to justify this coached in it like so we're going to move on from the player. Two guys can follow him on Twitter at Dan Orlovsky, seven to get the best breakdowns of everything happening around the NFL. Dan, we always appreciate your time, my friend, thanks for coming on with this. You got guys ESPN Radi. Brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. Straight ahead. What will OB J mean to the Browns and was relationship with the giants always doomed to fail? We'll break it down next. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Spain and Fitz. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz. That's right. We're just sitting on air last night waiting to see where lady on goes. Then all of a sudden, oh, no Beckham junior gets traded in a trade that frankly rocked the NFL world trying to figure out how they got there. And what happened and? Sir. We're going to go straight to some straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. Maybe the greatest tweet we've received in a long time comes from Marcus Gebriel peppers, the first Cleveland Brown recorded history to be traded to the giants. And actually be disappointed. There's lower neural right now man, the Browns are a destination, you know, the so the Browns suddenly, you know, they're they're over here throwing a parade. And in the meantime, giants fans are looking around saying what the heck how did this happen? Because when you start talking about the seventeenth overall pick in the first round, plus a third round pick and Gebriel peppers all four Odell Beckham junior. Man, you have to ask a very fair question of how did obe- Jay? And the giants get to the point that they wanted to get rid of him so bad. They were willing to do that deal. Yeah. And listen, there's a really interesting piece by Mike Sando up 'cause you and I have been talking about this off air. We did last night during the show and before the show today trying to figure out how much. Conversation surrounding Odell Beckham junior being too difficult and needing to get rid of him before things got worse is just what you say. After the fact to try to explain away why you would get rid of generational talent like him and how they never seemed to have their timing right over with the giants in terms of when to rebuild one to sign one to invest how much of that is is to cover up for the decision making mistakes that they made an how much of it is truth. We're gonna play some sound from Anita marks that speaks to the rift between Odell Beckham junior and Pat Shurmur. So we just were asking or Lobski. Why would you choose a coach who's been there for a year over a guy like Odell Beckham junior not even giving it a little bit longer to see if they can come together and find some common ground, and then also choosing that coach over a generational player. Well, here's a quick thing. From this Mike Sando article, we talked to a young exotic, and he essentially this executive said that the old school nature of the giants continues to prioritize doing things. They always have even when they don't seem to understand that the game has changed and the players have changed players are their own brand. And if you can't accept it. You might struggle any holds that team up next to say the Steelers, this is what the exact said, you know, you know, if if you've I I don't think he said, I'm not saying oh del pulled Antonio pulled. But I do think he knew if he could be difficult long enough. Even after he got paid last year that ultimately the Mars were too conservative to let him run their franchise. And now they've got saquon that can be the face of their team because they were so old school because they've been doing it the same way they always have both the giants. And the Steelers are struggling to keep Devaux like high profile brands, not just players but brands and Fitz that's a fascinating way to look at this. Because then it's still about bad timing. It's still about them not choosing Elaine. But it's deciding we wanna stick with the way we've always done things, even as we watch it drive away the most talented players, and if that's really the situation we're in Sarah, then. Have to look at the giants, particularly and say, how did you hire? Pat shurmur. I mean, you have to look at it. There are lots of people that can step in and be a coach in the NFL. There aren't many Odell Beckham junior's. That's true. And when you think about what Dell Beckham junior means to a team, I'm thinking that the coaching interview when I'm looking at a new candidate, basically starts and ends with how are you going to maximize the most talented players we have on the roster. And and if that's not a conversation, they had you can't hire Pat Shurmur unless you're completely comfortable that he can come in and be a guy that can deal with that sort of personality because otherwise you end up making your team worse because you're married to a coach instead of a player, and I don't know that that's the right place to be in right now for the organization well in the executive use the example of Matt Nagy and the bears. That's a young guy who gets it and can shake things up versus going with an old comfortable, you know, guy that you're used to working with. Here's that sound from Anita marks ESPN New York ninety eight point seven she she was on Freddie and Fitz Simons. Fascinating thing to say about the giants creating the OB J problem and the not being able to work their way out of it, Jerry wreath Mark Roth new OWI junior was their meal ticket. So what do you do you need to make sure that this young man stays happy? So no matter what he did here in New York. No matter how poorly he behave. Well matter how many times he went to Miami on a boat three days before he had the face the cream Bay Packers in the playoffs. No matter what this young man did this organization protected him, and it bled over into Ben mcadoo and Pat Shurmur God here and said enough is enough. I cannot coach this young man. You have allowed him to rule the roost for way too long this season at one point in time on the sideline. Odell Beckham junior told Pat Shurmur SU twice this season. Odell Beckham junior walked off. Sideline with would more than two minutes left in the first half. What are the giants organization? Do they tried to cover it up? Oh, no. He needed to go in because he needed I v. No, no, no, no, no, sir. This is an organization that has allowed OWI junior to become this per Steve monster that we have seen that Pat Shurmur can no longer coach. That is straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage on America's largest, most dependable four G L T networks. I I wanna get your I want to get your reaction to that, Sarah. So let's let's take we'll get when we come back. We'll react to what you just heard because it's pretty strong stuff. And also tell you about something Kyla Murray. Didn't do it as pro day. We'll do all that next. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Spain and Fitz we'll get into Kyla protein and just a second here. But I wanted to get a reaction because we right before we went to break we played some powerful. Audio from Anita marks making statement about Odell Beckham junior's behavior in how essentially the giants were part of what created that behavior in that had got out of control to the point that he was regularly was regularly telling coach to blank off in a walking off the field, etc. Like all of the instances here that that suddenly make it feel like maybe the giants created OBE although Beckham junior's so when you hear that what? Your reaction to it. Well, there are kind of two things in there. And it was that the giants enabled this behavior trying to appease him. But then simultaneously made the decision to bring in a coach who wasn't a good fit for him. And maybe they intimidate at a better connection between the two maybe they thought Shurmur would adjust her OB Jay would adjust. But either way they had a perfect out to to hit the reset button get rid of ally. Trade OBI J draft a quarterback. And instead they made all these moves that no one understood in the moment and are proving to be as problematic as we guess, they would be after the fact, and if if the decision to choose Shurmur over OB Jay was purely because those two would but heads and because the team spending too much time trying to pacify Odell Beckham junior that might feel like the right answer for them right now. But I go back to what that executive was was telling Mike Sando about how brands and players being brands has changed the game. And I do think that we're seeing poten-. Really with both the Steelers and the giants two teams that instead of moving in the right now need to look at the bigger picture and understand how they need to change the way they've always done things in order to properly interact with today's player such a important point. When you think about sort of the volition of where athletes are in personality of athletes, and that's as much as we've joked about the fact that you can be Sean McVeigh's Gardner and get an NFL show up John right at this point, you know, part of the look a lot smarter, right? Making fun of them for that. Oh, you just get a young guy. Well, maybe I mean, maybe maybe at least part, it's at least part of the conversation is getting that person that somehow finds a way to relate, and you walk away from this realizing that there was a disconnect between the ability for Pat Shurmur and Oto Beckham junior to relate to converse to have some sort of an actual relationship, and at some point part of that obviously falls on each of their shoulders. But certainly the ownership group has to look at themselves. And say how did we bring in a head coach that wasn't capable of handling Odell Beckham junior. I mean, and and how do we create this? And if we did create it, you know, why why weren't we better at stopping it at some point? I mean, there's so much blame here for the giants to look in the mirror and say, we've got to be better that I I don't think that can be lost. As a junior goes to the Browns. The other big piece of news today. Kyla Murray had his pro day. And I I don't I don't I don't get it. Sarah. I'll be like like, I I know produce should be important. But my God you've watched Kyla Murray? You've watched all the film on Kyla Murray. He was just in Indianapolis. You saw everything you need to see. Now. He's going to you know, he comes out. And he does his thing in his pro day. Everybody has to be there. I'm not sure what we're supposed to learn from a bunch of guys standing around in a planned workout throwing exactly the the the passes that are pre mapped. I don't understand what we're gonna learn. But we didn't learn anything else about one thing his height because he did not get remeasured today. And that has conspiracy theories the theories everywhere just jumping up and down. Yeah. Here's the thing. We heard after he tested well in the height category at the combine which is to say he stood there, and they measured him and everybody was properly satisfied that that quarter or an eighth of an inch told you everything you need to know about how successful. Will be. But we heard after that that maybe there was some, you know, there was some nefarious mischievous play going on to affect what that what that height measurement was. So the easiest way to get back at anybody who if he indeed claims that these were this was a false rumor that there was nothing but nothing going on. They're the easiest way to get back at them is just to get measured again at you pro day stand there, assuming that your height hasn't changed since the combine which it shouldn't. And then say to everybody big middle fingers to you guys. I'm still this height and everything school. But instead he doesn't and any excuse like, I don't know anyone anything. I don't have to do it again to me sounds like a cover up. Well, and you know, he reweighted in. So he waited to two hundred and five pounds two pounds lighter than his combine wait where he chose not to run. And then he spent any didn't get let the measure McGinn. But then he spent twenty minutes throwing around seventy passes. To curtain informer Oklahoma receivers. What's funny to be in? That is that all you're doing is. You're watching the seventy passes he's been working at in one particular army. There's just nothing to that that I understand why NFL teams could take anything from. But that being said all thirty two teams in attendance. Although notably Steve time a cliff Kingsbury the GM and coach respectively of the cardinals were not there. So, you know, maybe there Matt now they're playing coy. They're playing hardly scheduled their own pro day for right after they draft him. Well, I mean, that's that's. I mean, that's seen it all they already know what they need to know. Yeah. There's no doubt about that. I mean my God. Yeah. There there is a spot here though, where we're we continue to obsess over calamari about one thing. So I think the fact that he didn't measure in again is going to raise that question again. And I can't decide if that's right or wrong. I did get clarity from our buddy. Andrew Hawkins hawk because he he sort of openly cheated his pro day, and they're actually making a movie about some about his life, and this is part of it. But as I learned Yam, the there's a his life stories been optioned into a movie, and what he told us is that essentially he went and bought like he went to Michael's and bought two inches of molding clay and put that at the bottom of his feet. And then you tape your feet like you're taping your ankles up. So when you come into to to be your height have your height measured. He was actually two inches taller, and he had put a couple of weights in his back pockets that nobody saw so that he was a little heavier. So there. Are ways that people cheated? I think that's why the conspiracy theorists are going to jump up and down on say he must five. I'm not sure how you do that though, you know, at the combine maybe at your pro day, you'd be in charge of everything. But you'd think the combine you would be you know, you would be so under scrutiny because everybody was paying most attention on of everything there to his height. Yeah. Well, and that's a I don't know. I don't know. I think we're just obsessing at this point of everything. Kyla more defined some reason? But realistically, I still think he's going to be the first pick in the draft. I just don't think it's going to be the cardinals. I think the cardinals are trying to bring those value up. So that they can get a trade and move out. You know, I I will be starting to the surrounding memory. That's why we just need the draft to come and go. So that we can stop with these lion veers over. Oh my God. I it's it's difficult. I'm not gonna lie it's difficult. But the one thing we know is it until that happens the NFL's going to keep giving us gifts. All the time. We never know who's going to be traded any day of the week straight ahead. You to go from most athletes is to win. Why that may have changed in one players willing to say it, we'll tell you who it is next Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio.

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