News AF: Best of 2019 Highlights


Hey what's going on rob sister back here with you to share the most interesting clips from news af for the year. You're twenty nine hundred. Nineteen here on our Special News Af Year in review or years crystal. It's about to be News makes you to death his tonsils abuse. Yeah that's right eight. Are I ever best of news. A F- special and we had so much fun on news af this year myself and Danny and Tyson A and we wanted to go ahead and instead of just giving you a clip we're going to do A. R. J. P. Best of two thousand nine hundred special in a couple of days I wanted to give news af af its own best of special because I feel like there were so many fun moments throughout the course of the year. So that's what you're going to hear today where we're going to go through and play you some of our favorite clips of the year. Also we are going to put together a soundcloud play list of stuff that did not make the cut go to rob has a website dot com slash news af twenty nine thousand nine hundred and you could hear a sound cloud playlist of all the clips. That were up for consideration for the year that was in news A. F. and may be perhaps twenty thousand. Nine hundred was the most news year of all time as we are about to here on this show today. We appreciate you listening all year long. Or if you're a new listener just wanted to check out the best of twenty thousand hope. You can join us every week. In in twenty twenty. So we're going to go through the year chronologically for the most part and Renna kick things off going back to January Kan.. Of Two thousand nineteen a story about a woman which made a lot of headlines at the time about a woman who was arrested in her a local Walmart living her best life ever. Let's go back to episode number one. Seventy two back on January fifteenth twenty twenty nine thousand nine. Let's talk about a story that turned out to be a one of the most submitted stories we've ever had in the three some odd year. History News A. F. where we were inundated people saw this story and came right to our facebook rope nope and wanted to tell us about it about the woman who was banned from Walmart after she was riding around the electric scooter. Scooter the electric car around the store drinking and not just drinking at any container Tyson but like yourself. She had embodied. PRINGLES can her chalice to ride around Walmart. That sounds awesome. This has hints of Sour Cream Cream Barbecue in subversion. Like how it was wine that leads me. I think that a pringles container poke with holes at the top would be a perfect trap. Maybe that's what she was doing working on the humane trap traff trapped her good. You call it a chalice. I can just picture her. Riding around making demands holding up her goblet of wine. She's driving around the parking lot outside so according to the story this is in Wichita Falls. The incident began on nine eight. Am Friday Haida officers responded to a call about a suspicious person in the parking lot of the Walmart and the dispatchers came in and they found the the woman riding an electric shopping cart used for people with physical limitations issues. Drinking wine from a pringles can and she had been doing it. Says here for hours How long does batteries life crazy lady? Yeah can you imagine just driving by Good Morning Oranje. Good man this lady. This lady like she was like she was just got offer shift on Thursday night and she's like Komo Friday F it. I'm going to Walmart and she finally doing the things she always wanted to do. She's more familiar with drinking out of a box like material pringles a pretty close to that. So she's like this feels more natural now It turns out that the woman was now banned from that Walmart Location Shen. She is no longer able to visit said Walmart. Where do people who get banned from Walmart go? Greyhound doesn't have a lot of dollar store the dollar or store that's probably suspicious. The dollar store. I don't think so you can buy lots of horrible toys. That's true what's suspicious about a woman driving around on a rascal with the pringle of wine. She just how. How are you assuming? It's a name name brand people mover. Yeah you're right but you know what I'm saying. Donald who called and said she suspicious. What would she do? I guess maybe she was proud around around looking inside the cars that would make your public intoxication. I think is against the law. Maybe not in Wichita falls but in some places in the country definitely Walmart Open Open. Twenty four hours. Yeah most of our our this one was then probably most Texas Walmart is open twenty. I four hours a day. You can look it up. Let me look all Walmart store hours. Also as if I remember correctly I think Walmart lets people sleep in their parking lot. And Arby's four hours. Yeah so this lady probably just taking advantage of the fact that the Walmart parking lot is is is a nice little feel safe place for people to meet people to fight and do you think she got the pringles from the Walmart I would assume so the pringles and the wine and then she finished the pringles and then she was like. How can I carry my wine around out in public where I won't get in trouble because you know how a lot of people put it in? They're McDonald's cups. Or what did you used to do rob. Oh I had it in a telescope that you would take the top off. Telescopes a little suspicious amateur astronomer sir. Yes also it's not unusual unusual to drink the crumbs at the very end of pringles. Can you know it is the is last Tyson as we know what particular Taylor Flavor of pringles might best go with a white. Well I think it depends on. I think it's more dependent on what P- Rangel pringles angles. You enjoy like if you were to offer me wine from a sour cream and onion sprinkles can I would say get Outta my face. But I'm not a sacrament onions type of guy I I would probably go with the original just to keep it classy and simple or maybe the pizza flavored ones heats Cheddar on shedder Cheddar. I think that might be a wine and cheese laughing flavors seeing if any salt and vinegar what we already already screaming dill pickle Tyson. No a only because that flavor of pringles if it has nothing to do with it being mixed with wine has has everything to do with if I just like the flavor of pringles or not. Yeah I bet it was original original. Yeah 'cause don how long has a huge selection you know how hard it is to like sprinkle a little salt on your desert these days. A little extra saltiness to that wine. I bet she came up with a new invention and she's going to market it unless we get to this law terrarium ASEP with this idea salted wine. Yeah all right Danny. Should they open. Open up a place where you can ride around shopping mall stores grocery store scooters and also drink wine the equivalent of a smoking section the mobility skewered angles drinking section like that in Utah. It's called Lagoon. Only Danny that joke. But it's a it's a stickiest place on earth earth like the park the saddest Tzu. You've ever seen with some of the saddest rides you've ever seen. Let's hope those things pop up rob those areas because that would be sad just seeing people in a tight confined space circling their rascal scooters around having enough room to even just like boom boom boom boom bumper cars. Yeah actually I could be entertaining bumper car so I guess yeah but with the mobility scooters. Yeah mom has there been an arrest made in this case or the woman just banned from the Walmart. I think she says and does that policewoman. There's no video but the story has really gotten a lot of circulation circulation and the police just showed up and found her at a restaurant nearby and older that she was banned from Walmart. So the police didn't even really witness any me underneath. Excuse me damage. She's probably at Denny's Grand Slam and right. Now what do you want. And she's like like your band for Walmart and she's like for what I barely walked in here to get my Grand Slam five ninety nine. Are you out of your mind and they are you the one. That was driving that rascal around and she's she's like it wasn't a name brand one but yeah and then they were like you're banned for life from Walmart. Johnny bands someone to you Mike Certificate. Get her up at the. Yeah pitcher no none of that none of that. I have a friend and this is is true. It was a friend that was not me who got banned from SHOPCO for life And I don't think they had anything but I I remember him walking in like a year or two later. Just like a misogynist. Try and I do remember them inviting him to leave. Wow really yeah And this is like in the nineties. This is in high school Dan. Have you ever been banned from anywhere. No that Tyson. I have a bunch of people that I know that are banned from. CBS survivor functions. Yeah I know people that are banned from ever appearing on survivor again. I post a lot of self pans. Yes you ban people from you know I itself going to function. Yeah anything any gathering with more than two people. I try to smile boop I will try a follow. Vascular disease lead ban myself from more places in twenty twenty as the list of survivors banned from survivor functions only continued to grow in two thousand nineteen Let's skip ahead to April ninth of two thousand nineteen eighty news AF episode number one nine hundred eighty four news af continued to be the worldwide leader in news about sauces and condiments and we learned learned about a few new condiments which we're going to be released to market including and headlined by the Twenty nineteen discovery of Kranj right. The people at Hinds are out with a new batch of condiments here Dante. How do you feel about Kranj? Explain please was this written on April. I know this is again in what rob was explaining on April first April second we podcast though. The News is just April fools every day. Ranch Danny here okay all right so Kranj is like the name your your okay Kranj only hold on. What is what words have been psych and tell you what it is Kranj catch up and ranch catch up and ranch? Yes that's not right. That's okay I are you. You're kidding me. No I'm not kidding. Tyson you'd eat those things together. Tyson passing the KRANJ. I'm ready to crack down on. Some krantz is whether you putting this crannies goodness names right into my mouth. Yeah I like Kranj do is encrusted crew. Let's get Cranchi does not say. Hey Hey you wanna get I hate everything about it. I hate every single hate sauces European. I am a millennial. Oh hates mayonnaise. You'd hate me sauces. He's I can have a salad. Make sure that it's dry. No I'm vinegar at Man. You know that it's not really a sauce. No but it is a salad dressing. The superior the most superior of salad dressings are look bad. Guys I'm looking at Krantz right now I'm thinking about ordering some habit France or some Kranj. Just bring it in my house. Should I be embarrassed. I asked him to label it. Something else usually usually be embarrassed. That you're on this podcast right now. Should why would I be in very micro-credits Dan Danny and be the face. Ace of Kranj. Yeah for sure he good. Hi I'm Danny Bryson and I endorse Kranj. Franch on eating French interesting. Everything probably hamburger eight but Amer non pizza but a hamburger fries. I can see it going with Bryce PA. I love France. It's not gross. I hate it okay and in addition to crunch also have Mayo Q.. Threw up a little bit of Mayo and Barbecue Sauce. I never picture audit bad not a bad combination all Mike Mike. God Daddy are you kidding. Just try to get under my skin. I'm not identified Tyson. These things sauces massascre. I look I go to suit bars. A I didn't know you were a Saas Pro Saas did yeah you. You're GonNa find me huddled in a corner in a grocery store doing Kranj with some Mayo. May Oh what was it called me. Oh Kyu maybe you and also mail must which mayonnaise mustard. I mean that's pretty common of Mayo. Musters is not a good name ether. It sounds musk male month. Sound like an axe body spray. Flame Sodas Kranj took. This is a new line of ags body spray which also also doubles the sauce. There is another one earlier in this article that I'm reading from. NPR says Mayo Chop May may catch up which we call fry sauce But a Mayo shop is was one of the earlier mixes that Heinz I did. Yeah who chop Kranj I liked. That also sounds like a villain movie. Yes he will agent Kranj but yeah I like the name. 'cause send me some sauce Tyson yes I'll come down. We'll share together. We would you have a bottle of Kranz dance. Shane Your refrigerator. Yeah I'll have a little crashed in the morning as little crunch at night to put me to bed. It's like saying the word they might get that tattooed on my neck. Tyson would you rather Kranj or Mayo. Q. Is going to say neither. Yeah for sure neither. Neither the lives of your family depended on it. And did I have to eat a spoonful. Yeah that's the worst case scenario because look when we talk about these we're talking about putting them on something but yes tyson a spoon giant spoon of one of these which one of the four sauces that are included in all of those the only one that I would even agent Cranston Sanchez. I could eat. I could eat some barbecue but I don't think I could eat it with mayonnaise so I think either one. I'm not keeping that down those you don't have to keep it down Just have to invite it into your mouth voluntarily. Okay well did. You're having a hard time with this Tyson. She's got the thing is is that ranch and Mayo or my two arch nemesis. Never in all of those. I don't have a good option like if it was ketchup barbecue sauce. I can do that or maybe even a mustard sauce. But I can't can't do mayonnaise or rent are the ones that are getting you the catch. It would be easy to similar. Feel like catch you whittling branch out of that at grant and game over and mayonnaise. Just even the thought of Maine as like who invented mayonnaise. It was like this idea It sounds I'd like to kind of invention that happen because someone didn't clean up governed oil and all we got his the egg oil and a squeeze lemon came about in a dorm room somewhere in gotTa have. Add accepted stuff. I left out. Oh Wow this tastes delicious malicious credible. Yeah what boop. There's no telling what condiments might end up being discovered in two thousand twenty but have no fear that once once they hit market we will be here on news af to tell you all about them of course news AF listeners. Know that we never missed an episode all through twenty nineteen and of course that Tyson Apostle was able to his very exciting summer. Be Be with us every step of the way as he vacation but did not miss a beat here in news af in two thousand nineteen. Here's a couple of highlights. It's from Tyson's very exciting. Summer of twenty nine thousand nine. Let's start off with a clip from back in May may twenty twenty-first twenty nine hundred nineteen. Here's our discussion with Tyson. About some of the rumors going on around Tyson in May of twenty nine thousand nine news as a AF episode number one ninety. What I'm still here still kicking and still having fun just hanging out with the family doing the normal thing? Tyson is all a lot of rumors floating around about you. Anything you want to talk about. I'm so good today. Rob Up to address the rumors rob like we talked about before the show. I will be doing some more stuff with tall slim teas and you you know. Keep Your eyes peeled on the Youtube for those dope commercials okay You don't have any big plans for the summer Rachel's parents have their fortieth year anniversary. So we're going to Hawaii in June and my family reunion in July. I just trying to stay out of the Arizona Heat as best. I can okay all right of course with us as always a man who wishes he could get into the Arizona. Heat Eh Danny Bryson Danny how are you it is so cold here. Winter has returned to the great white north. It is not the great white north. THIS IS UTAH. Well South the great white north but it is snowing today absolutely miserable. Yeah Move Danny is speaking. Speaking of winter is coming. Did you happen to catch. The game of thrones finale. Guys don't do do not tell me anything. I'm going to start with episode one. Starting probably tomorrow spoilers at all everybody be quiet about it. It's not worth the Tyson career. You skip I mean if you haven't caught the entire all the episodes of game with from one until now then you haven't been in the news at all because this is a bound. I don't know how you would have to closet yourself up in a cave in the mountains to have missed how season eight ended like seriously. Danny what are you doing to stay warm in the cold Danny to get hot soup today. His picture Danny always getting before the podcast wake wandering in there. And they're like we don't usually put the hot soup till noon. Sir and he's like but I want it now and they're like well we've got some from yesterday and he's like that'll do first of all they don't put it out at noon. They put it out like eleven fifteen. So if you get their air bright and early you lined up. If you're lined up around the corner you know they open the doors just like an exciting concert you get into their. get the hub soup bar a a bright and early. You'll get fresh. She's but no. I did almost have hot soup for dinner because it is snowing then I thought better of it in had some hot fries instead instead hot fries. Yeah okay I mean hot. Fries are the only fries you should ever heat. Cold fries are assigned. Your life has taken a bad turn art boobs so then a couple of weeks after that Tyson was able to call into news af on the road from Hawaii on one of his wild summer vacations. Here's Tyson joining news af from Hawaii. What boop very a excited to bring in somebody here on the Action News? A F- team and that would be Mr Tyson Apostle Tyson. Yes in Aloha and Mahalo. Aloha Aloha icing of course is calling in from Hawaii Tyson. How how is it going? What up did usually idea these awaiian once from my car in the parking lot? I remember when I used to do that. But I have my own hotel room here and everybody else's And I'm just you know just living that aloha lifestyle man wearing wearing my Tommy be shirt. That's short for Tommy Bahama and look in relaxed af well. That's a good man who's always a relaxed AF Danny price and Danny. How are you fairly relaxed on a scale? One to ten with ten being comatose and one being in a rage. Yeah you really like a like a a switch of like you're either Totally relaxed or in a rage. Luckily my my rage sessions Happen less often as I get older care less about things. It appears. Yeah normally You Know Tyson in is a prolific on social media but I have noticed that he is not been posting very much. You notice this Danny. Yeah no pitchers of turtles snakes. Scorpions by Black Light Tyson. What's what's going on so I dropped my phone in in the pool and it has all of my loggins because every time that I need to refresh my password I change it on my phone so I don't have on my computer anywhere and now I have to go through and everything is like two step verification and I've just given up on instagram and twitter for I can't figure Out More heart heartbroken about my Chaz Lamborghini account on Instagram at one hundred and fifty dollars following my desert tortoise in my backyard art what what are you GonNa do now. Still haven't gotten a new phone yet. I've been just using an old one that I found and and it's okay. It's whatever I told myself. I was GONNA go two full years without buying a new phone and that ends in October. We're boop luckily early. Tyson did not make his social media. Fans wait all the way until October and it turns out that by July he was back back on social media with new phone continuing to update us on his adventures all year round so a really fun summer. That Tyson had adam glad he was able to contribute to the show every single week while he was having all sorts of adventures. So let's than skip ahead to due July when we got to learn something about Danny of course that we talk so much about Danny and his love of soup on the podcast cast but we made a discovery about Danny back in July. Let's go to July sixteenth twenty nine thousand nine hundred news AF number one it ninety seven a man who appreciates a good heart attacks role. I demand Earth or water from all. Oh My neighbors were the earth and water. Yeah what do you mean shoulder subservient to my rule. Not Somebody were to leave you a casserole would you eat it. No no never. What about like a hot soup in Harman's I haven't the shell no no any store-bought chilly I don't really? I don't know guys stop. I don't store up then they bring it to your house and leave it. I don't know what happened. Happened between the store and my house. They have a car full of kids. I know it kids. You liked unattentive logistics. Yeah well they could. If they're single look look I. Don't touch it if you made it at your house. You may be the nicest person okay but if there's not a government official wandering through and you know checking do things out on a semi regular basis at this make any sense to you. Hot Soup Bar Danny is again. Why doesn't his life doesn't make sense? US US reformed hot soup bar eater reform. Throw that in. There reformed proved arms reform months ago. You were going so odd. The daily by the way was now remember. I saw that guy where we read a story. There was something there the first guy that you saw. Listen listen hear Danny would you. If it were a sealed packaging like from the grocery store would you then like a bag. twizzlers on your doorstep no. I got a short list. First of all I will accept food from very short. Maybe Robin Robber. I make that list. no no so if I were to leave a bag of twizzlers on your doorstep and it was like okay. postles leaves a bag of sealed. Candy first things first. I squeeze it to make sure that the air sealed airtight Haidinger fringe. Okay I do that yeah boom. I'm eating it so you're on the list for sealed candy. You are not on the list for baked goods or hot soups or casseroles. WHO's on that list? Some of my siblings and very few of them at that are on that list. So Danny if I saw you somewhere and way I want Danny to list the siblings that he's willing to take food from and the ones he's not no. I don't want to do that like it. Started Inter her family war okay. I will say that my siblings know who take food from because when we have dinner over my parents house and people bring dishes I always say okay. Who made this and then they say then? If it's from someone not approved I move on. I say who made this. And they'll do the ones that know that you don't eat their stuff. Also I think it's like unspoken but they might be aware because I have said who made this and then found out who was and then moved on and what you didn't announce that he moved on. Yeah but if they were paying attention they would yell. So what about do you make stuff and does your family partake of the stuff you make. They shouldn't vicious. I know they should. This is the whole reason behind. I mean I'll eat stuff made in my kitchen because that's my whole area but no one should eat. Anything made my kitchen. My Kids Zor Gross. Who knows letting flies land on it? And they're at their houses. I mean it's just yeah. I have very high standards and I feel like most of them meet those standards but you so you just a short two months ago. It was two months ago if I saw you somewhere. And my wife made you a the Mountain dew key Lime Pie. You would not accept it. Oh I accept stuff you would not eat it then I take it to the kitchen and I pretend like someone might need it. Maybe my kids will but it's not gonNa be me okay all right so let's talk. Well wait wait wait wait. Should we go I just before we cut that Pie. They won't eat it like you will. But he's not GonNa Really. You'd better glad we're not going to waste good. Make Kiddo coke zero or clear thin Pepsi sadly at least for any of our listeners. That missed that episode. We had to return all of the news. Af Listener fruitcakes that were sent to Danny's house he would not consume them. He took the man. He said he would eat them but we thought that it would be nicer. Send them back to where they came so that some at least somebody could enjoy the homebake. Goodness that was sent sent. Danny's way amazingly we're stay on July sixteen twenty nine hundred eleven because this was the summer that we were really. We had one story of the summer here on news af and we were following very closely all of the people that were trying to get out to area fifty he won to see what was going on. And let's go back to really the height of all of the area fifty one craziness from that same aim episode of News Af Back on July sixteenth twenty nineteen. What do all right? Let's big update from story. Not that did we break this story last week. We're breaking it probably not. That's not the right. We broke it but we were. We were talking worldwide Bro. We disseminated it early on right storm area. Fifty one tyson has just like a like a boulder going down. A A mountain has picked up steam. Yep Snowball the snowball effect where it's just imagine like a mountain made of humans that are sticky human starts rolling and then all the human stick together and then I hit the bottom. There's over half a million humans. Now that are planning to raid area. Fifty one on Right now so we talked about how many of those people you think are gonNA show up. Well that's a good question we last week. And what are we say that there was maybe almost two hundred doused people and now we are closing in on a million people that are going with eight hundred forty five thousand interested according to the storm area fifty one. They can't stop all of US facebook page for Friday September Twentieth Dante People. You're starting to really talk about this. Yeah but the creator of the page is getting cold feet was he came out and said it was a joke. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube now. I know what he's trying to do. He's like this. It was all a joke. It was just a joke. He doesn't want to be held responsible for the death at the five hundred thousand or Napalming of five hundred thousand people do. It's going to be like that dream. The the Sarah Connor had or the holy hold onto the fence and she gets turned to bones. Let's get a habit of five hundred thousand people when they tried to take all time all at the same time there might not even be anything there What do you mean like they? Pack up everything and go like it's not worth all underground area a sixty listen. You don't ruin that joke. I was GONNA say no I gotta go ahead of you on that. They're the best thing to come out of. This says this guys tweet thread and he is supposedly a journalist from the UK but he could be anything but he wrote to the US Air Force on twitter on public tweet he said Hey. US Air Force. I'm a journalist here in the UK. And I have some information about the proposed rate on area fifty one if you follow me back so I can. DM You a question. I will share all my info course the US air force interests are piqued. Next screen shot of his is the profile page of the US Air Force and it says follows you so they did go oh for the Bay and follow him as he said he would share information. Investigate this hot lead to the from UK journalists the next is a DM from the man to the US Air Force that says. Is there an area. sixty-nine question mark the next screen shot is another screen shot of the US Air Force profile page. And it says you are blocked doc from following the air force so he got blocked after asking about areas sixty nine which leads me to believe that maybe indeed there is an area sixty nine I mean there. Silence is deafening here. If you're a little too close is getting to you. By the way. If you're going to have an area uh-huh sixty nine makes perfect sense because people are going to want to talk about it. Builders tickets a joke areas sixty nine. It's like no that can't be really WANNA keep that very the Very High Yeah. This is an Austin powers. Movie can have an area sixty nine. It's a great great place. I think Tyson's right areas sixty died. Yeah House Oh my friends shared that tweet with me. While I was in a very serious conversation and I could not stop giggling and the more I tried to stop up giggling the less I could stop giggling. It was a moment. I wish she were all there for you. Know that's a losing battle the losing battle these five hundred thousand people working uh-huh so there are people Feeling like this thing is going to happen. the US Air Force has had to issue a response to what happens if this is going into come to pass on September twentieth. A Air Force official Air Force always stands ready. Okay to protect America so the Air Force is backing down. That's a NAS subtle threat but but also the Americans that are going to be storming area. Fifty one are also part of America so doesn't US Air Force also have some commitment as the American no they would deem this a domestic act of terrorism Yeah Yeah I mean you can't you can't let five hundred thousand people dictate how things go to. CIA and FBI. Have I have already talked about aliens. Oh No talk to the owner of this facebook page showed up on his doorstep backtracking. Oh that's what I'm I'm saying. It was a joke. Yeah kidding interesting magin starting something they got this much attention like once in your life doing something and then you get out of control like this was something you did like a drunk host Joel. Kony two thousand twelve day. Yeah it started off as a joke. And now you've been tied into what could be the massacure massacre of hundreds of thousands. This Day would be on on American history. The slaughter of five hundred thousand people. The blood will be on his hands. That's one hundred thousand eight hundred thousand. By the time this airs bears. We could be up to one point two million It's all going to happen secretly. I'm really hoping this happens because there hasn't been any really good news along. I'd really be interested to see trump's to this well it's not just trump would just make for a great news day in a bad way depending on how it's it could really get space force off the ground yet. Will the Space Force This have we been talking about space base force. It hasn't really taken up airspace force. Whatever The the Paris coping aliens live from area fifty. One I think that Getting a lot of attention. They're never gonNA get close enough to those aliens before they get mowed down this salt rock from thought off shotguns which will be the weapon of choice for the Air Force Mine that salt rock ties true salt. As a precious commodity in Galilee Aliens Nearby Future Occurs. There is a mean from our group AF that eh one of our listeners Christine Marie shared. Danny it's as everyone thinks. One hundred thousand people go to show up at area fifty one. Anyone who's ever been in a local band knows that no more than twelve people. I think that sounds. That sounds optimistic to mystic. Twelve people people out of eight hundred thousand are GonNa roll into town. That's the thing is so far away bike if I'm out. West was doing like a promotion or something then. I could see this really happening if they were like prove that you were at area fifty one. We'll give you half price on your tickets. That's what we should do. START A facebook book. Page says all the discounts available to these people if that's the thing they're really going. FULL PROOF VESTS SHOVELS WIRE-CUTTERS I. I'm looking at tripadvisor right now. To See if I can find any hotels near area fifty one see if I can get a hotel that night I bet they probably all sold Out or get one right now and then you can sell yours for premium dude. That's good so on. I want the night the night of the night at my checking out the twentieth or the twenty first. I don't don't think there's any checking out. Check any what you're going to have to do is to say by the whole block hotels. I think go for it. If this is GONNA go off. I think that we will see evidence Vince beforehand. I think maybe a with leading up to it a week or so we'll start to see. RV's news crews. I think there'll be some indications whether or not a larger people are going to show up about like a week or two before. So what do you think I got. The fairfield looks like there's a lot of availability for this weekend whereas it telling you to stay boy dean Wyndham Roswell Sixty five dollars Roswell different laws house in New Mexico area. Fifty one's in well. These are the closest Roswell New Mexico. New Mexico doesn't even Border Nevada Well I did hotels near Alien Zone area. Fifty one off your search on the page on tripadvisor Roswell Is Different Frost. IRA keep look keep looking if he could find any deals near all orbits to just yes orbits is good because that says like a planetary Do it or do we WANNA do airbnb get a whole house. Then you can put put however. Many people are not area fifty one. No No. Should we plan different outing to Roswell we could government I don't know there's government stop or that was just the site of a crash. A government area like area sixty nine and as it turned out that there was not that much action going on at area fifty one or areas sixty nine for that matter only a few. The people showed up. Nobody was vaporized by the The powers that be over at area fifty one But that's only the area fifty fifty one twenty nine thousand nine. Who knows what the future holds for Future Storm Area Fifty One events twenty nineteen? He was a big year. We had our two hundred episode of News Af Back on August eighth twenty nineteen and we did some QNA with our our listeners and we got on the subject to talk about one of my favorite things which was cameo dot com. Here's a highlight from news AF episode number two hundred. What boop Jen Manning wants to know where in the world is my favorite news AF character? Ken Bone Okay. Okay Yeah don't you remember when he got. Ken Boned Ken Bono. He's well I can tell you the answer is it's the same as the Bagel boss guy. he is also available on CAMEO DOT com. Danny how much for a cameo from. Ken Boning running twenty five dollars five dollars higher or lower four TV personality. Ken Bone well. It's hard to go lower more than that because I think that's probably the standard rate but I am going to say Stephen Fishbach was ten dollars. I'm GONNA say lower. You'd go lower lower than twenty-five yeah I mean I think in his prime when he had that Sherrod News over two thousand sixteen sure cover twenty eight again twenty dollars for Ken. Ken Bone Essay on Cameo by. What's he talking about okay? Here's here's Ken Buzz so help. The homeless list helped me and give your friends and I surprised when they see my gigantic head five another I like that better than agree. Twenty eight what an average messages like from Kenmore I for twenty dollars maybe we could splurge on. Ken Bone congrats on two hundred episodes. Maybe this is Ken bone. I heard you guys got a big golf tournament coming up. Well good luck at the battle. Guys I'm going to be watching live and I expect mark the short to shit his pants. Okay you're absolutely Ken How many how do you feel now really said? He's like a Disney actor who in order to be taken seriously sheds. It's that Miley Cyrus boy. I Love Cameo so much. Are you ever on it. Rob No I never remember Chris Hansen from a to catch a Predator worse. Yeah he's he's on there. He's fallen fallen on hard times. He's available dating. How much Chris Hanson? Oh what do you get him to say. What are you? Sit Down and take a seat without wine cooler. Tell me what's in the bag that you came anymore because you were worried about her meeting Predator the experts in the way. What did you mean when you texted? I'm your number neighbor. Why take a bag of conduct get a message from him? That says this is Chris Hansen. I'm your neighbor. How much Danny the man? He's got seventy five dollars. Seventy five dollars thyssen higher lower lower. You can't be Tyson at this game fifty bucks and what all he's saying is lower or higher. He's not even really take you set the over under your setting the over undertaking. Yeah okay hold on hold on. Here's Chris Hansen's okay Franklin or should I call you by your online screen names. Franklin brought the Franklin. I'm going to be honest. This seems so demeaning like fresh vedic remember when Brett Farve I did one didn't for like all right grope. Yeah why would Brett Farve do it. He has so much money. I don't know I don't get this box walks. Dude there's more respect to a guy twirling assign on a corner to go get some pizza then. There is to do this God. I wish had pizza right now. Now you say yeah okay anybody else news AF related. Oh they can take. Oh okay all right. So it's over under PROSAIC Tako thirty dollars dollars lower yeah higher one fifty one fifty way. Hi this is The kind of stuff goes talking about. What's up buddy? Happy Birthday Joe by the wait. Is Jose Canseco. I heard you're pretty good. wiffle ball player. Listen you could never be me. I am the man in whiff and you WANNA play football. I will show you how to do it. The right way by the way happy birthday. That was less demeaning than Chris Hansen. And the KEN boom. It was least related to his sport away. How many reviews does Jose Kaneko. He has thirty one reviews. Okay so all of them glowing wean. They're all glowing reviews from Kaneko. All right so a lot of good stuff going on cameo I love it. Love it so much okay. Should I get on cameo I mean there are a lot of reality. TV personalities on there. But I bet they don't make any money I don't know I don't think the I for whatever I don't think that the survivor players Do a lot to from the last past season of survivor Neil ticket. Hey Hot guy gets strike while the iron is hot. They don't don't realize that nobody cares. Yeah it's not it's not a windfall on on the cameo for some people if you're wacky not enough. I think that there's some if you do it in bulk food and in an update to this story Tyson Apostol is now on cameo and you you can book a cameo with Tyson over on cameo dot com going over to cameo dot com slash Tyson apostol cameo from Tyson okay before we get to our next clip in our best of twenty nineteen special here on news af I wanna take a moment thank our. Our sponsors is absurd and those are friends over at talk. Space and talk. Space is an incredible service which is an online way for you to speak with a therapist. It's not always easy to confide in family and friends unless you have friends like Danny enticing but the best advice comes from people who are unbiased. That's we're talk. Space comes in talks. Base online therapy matches you with a licensed therapist trained to be an active and non-judgmental judgmental listener with therapy. There's no one-size-fits-all talks therapists are trained. In more than forty specialties. You'll get stress management techniques communication indication skills and practical tips to help you feel your best. Your therapist will never bring opinions to the table so you can freely share. What's on your mind? Talks faces great because it's affordable they give you a month anytime access for the price of one in-person therapy session and they have a wide variety of expertise in specialties. Casualties including depression anxiety substance abuse trauma relationships food and eating and more and it's also clinically proven in one academic study talks base users users reported a fifty percent drop anxiety after three months in eighty percent of the participants in another study said talks base was as effective or more effective than in person therapy. It's totally secure and private as well with confidential support of a dedicated therapist from the privacy of your. Do your device anywhere anytime. We all need help. Navigating eating life's ups and downs. Talks offers the support you need at an affordable price. Our listeners can get one hundred dollars off their first month using Promo Code. RJ At talk space dot com match with a therapist for the fraction of the price of traditional therapy at talks base dot com or download. The APP make sure you use Promo Code Arch. APD Get one hundred dollars off your first month. That's talks doc. Space Dot Com Promo Code R. H. A. P.. Okay let's jump ahead to October. We had had a lot of great stories. This fall on news and this story in particular was one that really got to me and it is about the favorite food of millennials and it was not what we expected it to be and we even heard from a millennial in this story to who tell us exactly yes. It is true that it's actually Italian. Food is the most favorite food of all millennials. So let's go back to news AF episode number two ten from October fourteenth. Two Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety boop Danny if you had to guess millennials favorite type of food based on years of doing this. podcast what do you what do you think it is of Qatar Toast. Avocado tells you would think right right but no a new study. Says that millennials favorite food is wait. Yeah Tyson Dragon Fruit. No no it is millennials. Say that their favorite food is Italian food. Can you believe it. Or I think they're Pumpkin US dude but pumpkin mother nature thinking last. I think that facebook secret fakes group facebook group. With if millennials who are like trying to punk generation on facebook this is from Fox News Dot Com. They're pretty tapped. Into what the heels thinking and Sail Almar than anybody. Probably what millennials want. Yes so they say that they were there reporting this research. Italian foods their favourite because instagram is it though he gives little good. I'm going to admit to something right now sometimes late at night on when nobody's watching on I will look over my wife's shoulder as she scrolls through instagram at ah food what do you tell them. Food and cigarette anyway. It seems like desserts are more instagram. -able the than salty dishes. What I've seen cupcakes cookies cakes pies? They tend to be more instagram. As far as I can tell then like a sloppy pasta. You Know Pasta Pasta doesn't have the cue colors. It tends to be unorganized or disorganized is like just all over the place where the gross sauce where she can have a beautiful colored cupcake with something fancy coming out of it. I saw this woman did Qabala Mingo and that seems more instagram. Get detailed food. This is from the instagram of one. Millennial talk about Italian food so this is yeah this one person talking about it affects all those days out there on the island. When I get home I want to eat and I love to cook today? I'm making a beautiful red sauce with the lamb and sausage edge now every Italian nose to send to buy sauce out of job. Yeah sound like millennial money all right quip. I've ever heard Memorial Komo News. That was that was a gen xer pretending to be a millennial that was that that was for sure. A millennial I've record I'd recognize that voice whereas the voice of the millennial their voice that's a collective voice. I'm sorry rob I bet did not sound all millennial voices two into one voice that would be it ties. Do you think Pasta is the most instagram aimable food pasta. Yup Yes no yeah lamb sausage off raid. You'll instagram. Yeah I think Sushi is pretty instagram while I love Sushi way better but it's interesting that the the question wasn't what's the most instagram -able food. What's your favorite food and the answer was talion food because it's because it's integral sixty percent of of the young adults who love Italian food because it tastes good but ten percenter saying that instagram? Why that's putting it over the time? Where did they survey? Where was this survey done? This is a study of two thousand adults found Almost three quarters of twenty to thirty five year olds described Italian. Food is your favorite type of cuisine. Danny so next time you get some Italian food then not a huge fan end of Italian food. I guess it makes me not yeah. Yeah what BOO and of course. Everybody knows the favorite food of Gen. xers like Danny the hot soup of course very instagram -able. Don't hold the phone too close to the hatsuko steam up the camera that'll be not not ideal Fight Okay there you go. I was crying again. Listening to clip of the millennial talking about their favorite Italian foods on instagram. Okay let's go to October. Twenty ninth two thousand nineteen. This was maybe the thing that got me. The most host hot over speaking of hot and steaming up the camera lens the thing that got me the most heated jarring news AF in twenty nineteen. This comes to us from October. Twenty Ninth Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Episode Number to twelve and it came about talking about the battle between the online online streaming service Netflix and the content Creator Judd appetite. How who was very upset does not want net flicks to add an option win? That will allow you to view net flicks at a faster speed. This is from episode to twelve October. Twenty nine twenty nineteen. What what boo? Let's mention story. That's going on here. Now Dan have you ever watched videos sped up. Have you ever altered the speed lead of the videos that you watch not videos but obviously PODCASTS VER- and books very popular feature all watch videos in like on Marco Marco Polo the APP all watch videos video chat. Marco Polo is a video. Chat APP. That you can send videos to and from each other. But it's video messaging and you can do Groups and stuff. It's really fun. It's fun stupid I have done my wife does Marco Polo and annoys me. I don't WanNa talk about. It is on Netflix. I will skip like so. I don't aw I don't play quickly but I will skip ten seconds so that's probably the same thing right. Yeah I guess so. If you'd like Skim through Oh is that what we saw like sometimes on Youtube you. You've got that ten second button and a couple of other video things. Sometimes I'll sit there and hit the ten seconds into a relevant part art so yes so net flicks is playing around with the idea of potentially allowing viewers to be able to watch. It's shows on a faster. Astor's speed and comedian producer. Director Judd. Appetite has said hold up bro Slowdown. Do not mess with the speed of our shows and is now calling on Netflix. To abandon plans for this feature Tyson Tyson. I also kind of agree that you should not put. Also why okay does it matter if you're in it for the art and the artistic qualities of production then you're not going to watch that too anyway exactly. But if if you're just trying to like you know get through. All the game of thrones so you can be relevant conversations. But why should I be allowed to do this because ah here's how he went on twitter. He said no at flicks afflicts at Netflix. No don't make me have to call every director in show creator on Earth to fight you on this. Save me the time I will win but it will take a ton of time. Don't F with our timing. We give you nice things. Leave them as we intended them to be seen. Judd I get where he's coming from. No now Danny because you know no person on Earth listens to me talk at my normal speaking speed. Why why does jet APPA CAL get to put his foot down? I go places in Public Danny and I'm talking to people. They tell me Bro. Rob What is wrong with you. You sound like there. You are suffering from brain injury. I'm not used to hearing you talk so slowly Japa- Tau get only be heard at the speed. Did he gets to want to be heard at. I think that first of all is not your not just hearing him. You're watching his art that he created that he specifically edited to be at a certain pace the punchline beans placer Tanny I will. Obviously you're irritated so it sounds like you would support this if it wasn't already happening to you the busy I wanNa Watch your show at one point five x okay right well. It sounds like you're going to have the opportunity to do that. All I'm saying I can kind of understand Judd's coming from I can't listen to podcasts Speed to like Alvin and the chipmunks. Exactly actually I'm with you on that. I've never listened to any podcast at after listening to America space. I've done to acts. But if people want the option and they're the ones that are missing out on the art and the punch line and that that's how then that's fine with me. Maybe the brains will switch to add the timing anyways because I respect your work but you know what I think. All of his I respect all his work. I I'm still GONNA get. This is forty at one point. Three speed I get it. It's not going to be like. Oh Rob Rob Rob activists terrible. Everything was so rushed. I would watch. All of Rachel shows on speed speedier setting and then watch all of my shows on regular probably a Tyson everytime she walks out of the room make it go like a tenth of an ex. It wasn't even the frog in the pot of boiling water. Your watch our shows a eventually brought up a great point now not not. Only with the argument be over. What movie to watch but what speed to watch it at? It's just now. You'RE GONNA be arguing with your wife. which should we watch what speed we WANNA watch it? Ed What points you stop at heading. It's going to be too fast and we're going to be like everyone that again and let's watch it and enjoy. Hey Jude Abbott. How here beat the system is them make? Everybody Acts Slow Dude. That's what school I have Something relevant story to this. Yeah my dad owns a construction company. And when I was a teenager I used to work in the summers for him and one house had a time lapse camera set up been a tree. Time lapse the entire construction of their house and they would only record from noon to two in the afternoon every day time lapse and also the house just looks like and so one day from noon to two. I spent a full two hours walking in slow motion as I possibly could crossed the entire span of the camera so that I would be walking normal through the whole thing name as the house is going up around like one guy. I just like walking normal speed in my mind. It was so perfect time traveling. Yeah Yeah and then. In the winter the snow came and destroyed the camera and nobody ever got to see that footage so I never knew if it even worked or not but oh man in my mind it was so perfect. Okay so we'll we'll see see if we ever end up getting that Tyson footage we'll see if flex ever ends up Giving us the feature to watch shows faster because you know what I can do it on a lot of different APPS already. I can do this on Youtube. I can do this on youtube faster. Oh yeah that's just like a drop down into a bunch of APPs that I have guess. What Judd Appetito? I have an APP that if I watch Netflix on my computer I could do this already. Our ROB is so passionate about this subject. You really is audience to watch a movie at a faster speed if I want to. Because you're manipulating someone else's are but if you pay for the art should be able to go to museum Tyson and I could look at a painting with a kaleidoscope. Oh He's Van Gogh going to come. No No yes maybe van go ahead cross my eyes and look at a painting. Whatever I want that's true? You could easy. Well we know what you make our let people enjoy it however they won or not enjoy it. That's up to them right. Whatever who cares passionately? Listen I am so I'm GonNa take your site. Yeah it's hard to argue with rod right now because he's GonNa beach down. Well Thought Auburn High Horse on this stuff that had come down from the ivory chair that I thrown the Thais. APPLEBEE'S I thirty three JAPA- Tau. Yeah I stand by the opinion of October Rob Sister Nino because that I I look I put on this Irishman movie on Net flicks and believe you me three and a half hour run time. I was all watching that baby on on my computer the other day one point three one point four it was only helping me be less jarred by the he d aging of Al Pacino in the movie I mean they D- aged his face but he still was walking around with like an eighty year year. Old Body believe me the watching it at one point four only helped. I'm sure Martin Scorsese is no fan of but if you're making a three and a half our movie you can make the movie as long as you want. I should still be able to watch it or whatever speed I want. Okay all right. Let's then skip ahead. Let's go to in November jam-packed fall on news af and let's tell the story of a woman who made headlines after she got into it with the driver of an Uber and the female passenger in the back of the Uber and as a she Really ranted and raved on the woman who was in the back seat of the Uber. Her kids were nearby in the backseat. Accede of her own vehicle listening to something known as kids Bob. So let's hear the saga of Kids Bob Karen from episode number two thirteen on November fifth. Twenty nine hundred. So Danny you talked about how you almost ran into some people with with your car. That was that was the situation that unfolded did with a viral video. That's going around where there was an altercation between an Uber driver with the passenger during the back and a mom who is driving her kids around. Who is now being dubbed kids? Bob Mom I'm not a great nickname does really flow flow. What's a real name? I think are real name is Karen Karen Erin is also her name like okay all right so kids kids BOP. Karen was captured assured in a video that basically she I think she was off. And she's GonNa. She's come for the Uber for driver. And so here here. She is in this viral video. And I have to warn you if you are driving around with in the car with your kids turn her. You want to turn up the kids BOP now before kids. Bop Karen is going to go off on these. Yeah she's going. She's she's prepped. She's not okay. Here's kids Bob. Karen I know that's why I say sorry. She thinks it's cute. Her driver almost hit my kids and she thinks she needs to take video event. They instead of apologizing shopping in the middle of the Rose in the hell I mean okay. I'm sorry I apologize. That didn't upset me. But the sorry the Hometown of credit being a bitch. Your client sorry. But you're calling you bitch and example Ari and the kids for me calling you. Have your windows open. Can't hear me because they're listening to Ken. Cop Robinson background was the woman talking to the window. Yoshi the one dancing in the street. She was she doing dancing in the streets. Now you know what I don't understand So that the mom claims that you almost hit my kids. I'm not sure of her kids. Were in the car so I'm not sure exactly yeah. The Uber driver cut off the car. And then she's like I don't know if she like basically like did the police move where the air she got. The other car to pullover says she could go off on the Uber driver. In the woman in the back seat but Tyson you are big proponent always of public shaming it seems like the act of the woman in the back seat filming. The lady who was yelling seems driven her her insane. Yeah that's exactly what you WANNA do like any time. Somebody starts to lose their shit metro phone. You take out your phone. Where does come into this feel confused? She said that she was calling the woman in the back seat. Who was filming? Who did it does seem to be saying anything angry? She was filming in the back seat and then she was going off and calling her the B word and she she said well. You aren't going to hear you calling me that name. I say my kids are in the back seat listening to kids BOP right here. Anything soundproof booth all right. So I now it all makes sense. I see what's going on here. Yeah Yeah Kids Bob. Caron is sweeping the Nation Tyson. The next time my wife is really going off. I'm just GONNA get my phone out and do this do this to hire your phone is ah is it a shield or is it will aggravate them but it will keep them from doing anything. Violent twist Tyson of people behaving poorly while being recorded. Yeah no I think that towards the person being recorded it's never never towards the phone holder but a quick search People being assaulted while almost never during the phone we all accept that it takes guts though to take out a phone When something like this is happening because you're going to it's going to amp things? Yes yes that's for sure but we create like this you know As much you'd like to think complaint phone as someone record we all by this point in our lives. No we're being recorded you cannot. It's impossible to do a tricky one. Yeah Yeah so so I think the phone almost is like okay now. I'm angry at the phone is almost like like like I'm rubber and your glue. It's it's like the phone just like the anger back to them. It's like okay. I'm being saying I'm holding the phone. I'm just recording. ooh I I use it to record Like or pretend to record like if brigands having a fit or something I'm like okay. Bakool just record this we can watch it later. And then she's like immediately like do I'm okay and I I mean I think you can do a lot with recording people. Want the evidence just in case you wind up in court it almost always makes sense to start recording what we really need. Is Google glass. Take it a little bit more discreet. And then what do you do you sort of like Thank you swipe arm wants. Is that what it is. Well whatever it is I do believe that the phone does act of a key as a kind of shield to most people but also acts as catalyst to rage like Rob Rob's great excellent voice that he keeps doing and the phone comes out. I think that's true like hey what are you gonNa stop in and the phone and I also feel like we've talked about this when a phone comes out. Sometimes people feel like that to perform now. I'm being recorded. I'M GONNA make real we. You see this a lot with the bad airline passenger when the bad airline passenger of the week realizes that they're being we dated act that Women start working. Oh okay like what we go thanks. Do you feel like the reality. TV people are uniquely prepared for then when they filmed in the big moment in public. And Yeah Yeah probably in that. I know that if if I lost my shoot in public. Don't think I would ever do because I'm already some people already know me so to have that go around would be horrific and I mean as much as I want to lose my shit all the time and and I think we're prepared for it. I think we if somebody pulled out their phone and I was like losing it. I'd I just turn it off immediately and just like Oh what are you filming now. You turn it off that your your anger as opposed to show off immediately. The kids Bob Caron the ghetto of cameras. They know what to do. Yeah not sure understand the power of the Internet. Probably I think once you understand and respect and worship with the power of the Internet you mean the the mob using the Internet without the Internet the mob would be useless useless without the mob. The Internet would be used MHM. We'd be solved. We'd be carrying a interesting. You feel like that back. In the day the angry mob used is to just carry around pitchforks. But now it's smartphones. Yeah for sure no with the angry mob. Yeah well the angry mob in the moment. Don't even worse than that rob. Because so it's like a saint person filming and then they put it online and then the mob swarms after that everybody because we we can all agree in that moment. That lady overreacted. And so everybody's upset but you can also probably remember a time when you've overreacted and thank goodness. That's on camera somewhere on red. Yeah the good thing about the The mob in the olden days is that you got a good look at everyone carrying torches and pitchforks Oh bob my neighbor anonymous right for the most part. These are complete strangers from hundreds of miles not thousands of miles away. So it's still the the mob is no longer a personal experience. It used to be friends and family gathered together to carry you on their shoulders to the stake. The people you knew the neighbors the blacksmith and now it's just not you don't even have that personal touch it's just anonymous egg heads. I shouting at you and destroying your business in livelihood because like Tyson. Said you overreacted. Once or twice or whatever amount we all do it right. Yeah This lady but shame maybe next time this will have a positive effect and that she won't come after the person and yell at them through the window and then Kids I don't even mind yelling at them through the window like roll down and be like yeah. What was that and him saying? I'm sorry and be like no sweat. Just don't don't text and drive. Next time I feel bad. I was like demanded that started and I heard that Uber driver apologize. I was embarrassed. I can't this feeling came over me like I was embarrassed. There's for the lady yelling at my nothing more than most you can do. And he was yeah he was really sorry. You you could tell and Kids Bop Karen. She's also apologized for her behavior in the video. So do it in the song she she did not but she did answer a what song where the kids listening to. It was kids BOP Old Town Road Tyson. And here's the question. Would she have apologized. If there had been no video billboard how would she well well. Let's say she could somehow contact the uber driver. Let's she had the ability but there was no video. My guess is that you would never apologise. Maybe though maybe she would have I have I can remember. Remember moments where I've overreacted. And Gone Back and apologized. Okay even though I was initially in the right I made it the raw sincere apology. No no no I said even though I was in the right. Initially my overreaction caused me then to be in the wrong episode colleges colleges for the overreaction even though you were technically rubbing apologized for the overreaction even know it was right yeah so I'm sorry I shouldn't act that way crazy is he wasn't he was Danny from hanging out with the anti mom. The future for kids bought MOM ON CAMEO CAMEO DOT COM. No she's going to try for sure. Yeah I think so for sure but not if she keeps apologizing or maybe get an angry angry one from her and then you get an apology video from her after that or should because rapper you'll be word to get out of here and then like ten minutes later it's like I'm so sorry I overreacted. So if you're only listening to the audio the best part of the video is when she's talking to the woman who's who's the wounds just like filming her and she's like okay. Calm down calm down calm as you just like a hand motion for come like she talks to the woman in the backseat. Like she's three years old also like she's not calm the calm down calm down. But she's the one who's really crazy telling the person that's how you know someone's out of their head D- with their words at all is a completely contradicts your actions and makes zero sense. Yeah I wonder if Tyson is the person listen who says calmed down in the argument typically the person that might need to calm down yes like ninety nine point nine percent of the time although although telling an angry person to calm down is one of the most infuriating thing say to somewhat fuel on the fire. Like if you have somebody waited out your excuse me Sir you could you come down. They're going ape shit. Yeah it's like game over for them trying to think back to some of my own conversations with my wife and I often feel like when she she's telling me to calm down when she is really set off and then have you ever tried to tell her to calm down when she said off tried. I do all my if somebody could pay. Just walk around and tell calm down. Everywhere I go get more angry. Come on wake would be able to do some kind of reverse. Psychology can do that with kids so Yeah you can do that. Bergen trained scream louder. Cry Harder Cry Harder rotter swear at me more. Yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah yell at me Oh am I showed him on drums game next time. I'd love to see that so much practical parenting advice that you get on every episode of News Af all right we are going to then go. Oh to the end of November and come back around talking about cameo once again because it was a nother big news story that we covered extensively Siddeley where the singer songwriter a TV host big brother celebrity contestant mark McGrath made headlines as he was willing to break up a relationship for the Mir fee of one hundred dollars dollars on cameo dot com. Let's listen to our breakdown of mark. McGrath breaking up a couple on November. Twenty six twenty nineteen episode number two sixteen of news editor huge story from one of my favorite websites has been trending in these last twenty four hours Tyson. You and I have discussed for a couple of years. The website Cameo Dot Com uh-huh where all the famous people can go and finally they can get their voice out to the masses for aren nominal fee for a nominal fee. Yeah We love it. I've been encouraged to get on there. A bunch of times if we can get a petition dot org to get What is it eight thousand a signatures for me to join Cameo? It's only been in Canada. I thought Oh it's five thousand. I will do a cameo. Sometimes we've watched a few of these videos. They kinda give off of hostage vibe like people reading a hostage letter like hey how are you. And sometimes they do it a little over the top but the Auburn was from the heart. You could tell that one was hard. It shouldn't have been scrutinized that letter a little bit more but I feel like these are celebrities ladies who are trapped cameo. And it's like they're they're they're saying things they don't feel it or this it cameo in question comes from Danny one of your fellow musicians. The frontman of the band. Sugar Ray mark McGrath actually made news this week. Are you a fan of the sugar. Ray I remember a song. What's their big song? What is there every morning saying no more songs than I do? Think they've got a couple of other a couple of other ones. That are pretty big. Bless you had his poster on my wall and you did have have t shirts to and remember you would always be like. I have abandoned. I wanted to be like sugar ray. I called it Sugar Dan Right. We say let's let's just say I had his poster on my wall. You didn't really though no okay. I don't know any of their music but go ahead okay. It's not the same genre that you've listened to now. It's not I listen to music. I think has a little bit angry you listen to angry media depresses. Yeah yeah look if you were making so one hundred dollar cameos. After you had like a very successful career you'd be ready to make some depressing music too. I'm sure that that's just right around. The corner corner is about to release a new album called Cameo. I think right before you make depressing music. I think you make cameos. I think that's the order of progress. Yeah so mark. McGrath was recently paid one hundred dollars to break up with a woman's boyfriend over cameo meal. I think I think set to do this for free. I think he did offer this service to somebody wants you. Oh Yeah would you dump people for free or charge a fee. Well I think now I have to charge a fee especially now that we've put it out there. I'm going to millions of people in one dollars. Well you husband for me ninety nine dollars. That's that's next level stuff rob fly me out and pay me a few thousand dollars all all do in person. No don't do it in person. You'll get stabbed. Yeah at some point. You don't WanNa get into a loop. What about would you serve divorce papers in person? Yeah they thank God. It's like well I've got some bad news. Here's Yasser No I'm your favorite survivor. Congestive all the time. But I'm not here for you. I'm here on behalf of your significant. I'm actually here. It is actually get your signature. Well the next step so this is like pretty serving divorce voice papers because I guess what I see movies. It's hard to find the person if you know you're GONNA you're don't accept. Yes yeah then you can never get divorced. That's true if you have like. Hey Ho hold on a second. Is that MacAulay Culkin from ally Malone. I wouldn't eat really concerned if he was standing in front of my door and I saw him through my ring I did. He actually looks like he's he's lived life. No I get on the intercom. I don't have any drugs. I talked to him through the door for a little while and smarter growl now. Oh no I would really be. The shoe would be on the other foot if you're inside the house and he was trying to break in. Yeah Oh my gosh. You'll never get in that story. Is that the reboot of of home. Alone is him trying to get in other people's homes now to serve them papers during the holidays. Maybe actually I believe that's a pretty good movie. I liked that. Maybe he's trying to serve the divorce papers and then he's GonNa break up a family and then the kids don't want the parents to get divorced so it's like all right if we don't let this guy into the House then mom and dad can't get divorced. Oh and then he's getting awesome. They're setting up little booby traps and he's you should remember a lot of them but he doesn't you've been through a lot. He's been through a lot pineapple express storyline there some home alone. Yeah all right Do you want to hear mark. McGrath breaking up with the boyfriend over cameo so percent yes all right. This is the message that was that was sent from mark. McGrath to break up with this woman's boyfriend. Hey Okay what is upgrading. Is Mark McGrath a from the band. Sugar Ray off the charts but always in your heart this. This was booked by hand. And she wants you to know a few things and this is a little difficult for me to say because it's the first one of these I've done but she wanted to. I would ever a letter. You mean the world to her but she's having difficulty staying in this long distance relationship. You know it's tough. I've been on the road for years with my wife and long-time the biggest arguments. The biggest obstacle relationships ships is the distance between us. Makes it very difficult around the road And it's hard so. Cheyenne is trying to Gino brain dead. It's very very tough for her to stay in this relationship she still cares about you a lot. You never know the future may hold and she still wants to be friends with you because obviously she's cares about you very very much. Wants you to know. Good luck on your thesis. Timing Cheyenne do on his thesis. Who says you know? Danny what is the response of the message to Cheyenne Cheyenne. Have we checked his blinky for Morse. Code is Martin McGrath being held against his will. This is so great because painful. This this is now. This is the era that I have been waiting for and I didn't know I was waiting for it but I am where we pay celebrities. who think they're eh so rad to do the dumbest and most difficult things that we don't WanNa deal? Yeah and just do whatever whatever okay. So you're saying that the next step is then celebrity Uber. Celebrity door dash where it's like. Well I couldn't get you know. Pay Eighteen dollars dollars to get the pizza but I pay seventy dollars to the mark. McGrath is deliver the pizza and seeing a melody as is he put it a special request for him to sing something while he hands it over to you. Yeah wow this is. This is thirties because then it it towards the turn to prostitution and or no you know what I mean they. They don't have to go down that route we're offering them another outlet when they become washed up Yeah I'm not sure if I grew logic danny just saying that a lot of these people. They've got nowhere else to turn turn right once their career ends and sometimes they turn to more. CD Business Practices and what you're offering honest money to drug drug. Danny what this be. Yeah how so. Well it's like hey also saw pay you X.. To do the next one. Uh Well. I'm already doing it so okay. I see what you're saying this is this is actually going to the. I'm already making humiliating videos videos online. You're I think you're right. I think I had it backwards. I would like to know. What do you think the next phone call all between Brayden and Cheyenne went with? Because I feel like that man I feel she has to change your number at this point. Like she's just gotTa go stem it really mark McGrady like more McGrath. But that's what makes us so funny to think the no one saw alive the guy from surreal life when the guy. He was inflammatory on celebrity. Big Brother that's how he's known. Now I I do like it because if you're going to fire someone you could hire someone like this to do this. This is the future that's saying any difficult conversations like rob. Let's say okay. Something crazy happened on one of your favorite TV shows and it's very difficult for you to talk about and approach in a yes or no way. That's that's going to be pleasing to everyone so what you do is you hire mark. McGrath ask to just you know do a thing. And then you're like absolves completely from messing up at all in the blow is softened and by it being delivered by someone like this. You know what I mean. It's so confusing totally short circuits people who receive messages. Like if you're being fired but it comes from this guy's face it's like I don't even know how to take this news by the time they digested it. You've already moved on Yeah so Danny will we now have a different reaction where you see like Oh Danny pricing you have an incoming message from Lindsay Lohan. What happened yeah actually it will make it so that when you see a celebrity you turn and run which is again benefiting celebrities especially the lower tier celebrities? Because now you're you're not going to be harassing them as much so they don't WanNa get served breathing space Ya. You don't know what kind of message that are gonNA share. Yes so you're like walking down the street and all of a sudden you see Lindsay Lindsay Lohan pop out and you know Kim Kardashian Rob Rob Sesto and you just turn and run across the street Tyson. How do you think Brayton's a thesis is going to come out and angry? He'll probably get an A.. Yeah the philosophy. What is he doing here? I don't know I also think mark McGrath says thesis really weird. He says it. Good luck on your. This is coming up the second time when he s these says he says he's just emphasizing. It spent a little cute little spin on a it really. You should've waited for him to finish his thesis I Yeah I love that went viral and I love at this is now mark. McGrath is best known for also a Danny. Cheyenne definitely has already met somebody right. Yeah for sure. Poor timing right before the holidays I did see I saw some study about which state breaks up the most often before which is a weird weird survey to take but there are some states where breaking up for the holidays the move. I don't know yeah it is. You know why it's sleep number presents. No that's not the big move. Yeah why parents to be all of that. Yeah the big move is having to do a bunch of stuff with the other family if if you're just getting anyways yeah so if you if you're like okay I gotTa do this chore of Going To this other families and doing this other families thing and then pretending like I'm totally down with this other family only to then break up after the holidays. That doesn't make sense. I WANNA get it. Yeah now so that I don't have to do. It's also time it right. You can get a present from him and then break up right after you still get what you want. That's true and shared. He spent her one hundred dollars on mark McGrath. So yeah. That's his present. This is going to be marked. McGrath's thing exclusively like you think. Think that people like We'll turn we'll mark McGrath HAP- like nineteen new cameo requests for breakup today. I hope so. I handled that he put in some personal touches. He you know he did it with great skill delivered. It was awesome. Yeah is there a better person than mark McGrath to have for a breakup. I'm looking on automobile Dr Phil I. I don't know if he's on there. There's no way he's on there but he'd be a good guy three Hudson who's that is Winston from the ghostbusters. Oh that'd that'd be cool. Yeah but he wouldn't be better. I think he'd need like somebody serious. Like somebody from the Godfather films. What about Steve Gutenberg? A cool also very cool. How much is he? He's only one twenty-five Gutenberg. How about Christopher Walken? If he's on there he wouldn't be on there but I'm thinking in terms of delivery you wouldn't wash it okay. I am broken up does gravitas. Yeah what about our old friend. Ken Bone type. No you just be receiving a break-up from stranger not I can't balance star has crashed to the. Here's what about Bagel Bali No. He was hospitalized for a fight. Something happening he had a stroke broke or a heart attack. He's off why Stephen Fish back. Oh Yeah we should hire how much I think he works cheap but I do. I do think that he is not active on cameo right now but he is eloquent. What boo I said? At the beginning of the show that we're going to go through the year mostly it chronologically that was going through the year as The calendar dictates. I have one last clip for you and it is a little extemporaneous because that it was an unforgettable story that we heard this year. We're going to bring you it. It was a special episode of News Af Episode Number One ninety eight where we got to hear a harrowing tale of survival from from our own Danny Bryson so this is going to be a long one. Let let's bring you the story of Danny's Harrowing Helicopter Hop to ride in death defying adventure. This is from news AF number one ninety eight back on July twenty fifth with twenty nineteen. What happened we were supposed to? We were waiting to get up okay. We're going to record any with telling us about how that this journey had become more and more harrowing. So what's been going on so we took a Robinson r sixty six helicopter that my friends is. Oh he's a garbage actually. It's a pretty cool helicopter. The problem with the helicopter is that it has a flexible rotor systems. So that thing that's spins on top. The blades leads aren't stiff. So one thing you have to watch out for not Est.. When you don't have a stiff blade but one of the things you have to watch out for in turbulence supposedly Robinson you can slap if you if you go up and down too hard you can slap that top rotor on the tail of the helicopter and the whole thing falls to pieces so you have to be very careful interprets now so we can fly? What is the reason? The trade off is that as I understand it the floppy is a trade off. It allows house you first of all to be lighter as a helicopter and it gives you more maneuverability so you you lose a lot of weight by not having the rigid system and then you become more maneuverable. It's a cool helicopter but it's not very fast. I think our average speed is probably one hundred knots. I don't know what that translates sates into miles per hour. But someone else figure that out so anyway. One hundred nautical miles per hour indicator was so we started here here. Okay one fifteen but with strict off your head no I looked it up okay. I've actually I've actually been wondering type. A two two hundred knots Tyson. That's two hundred and thirty mile or we. Our goal is to fly as far north as we could. We wanted to go all the way to the top of Alaska right weather permitting. So we kind of set off with his idea to go to the top of Alaska and right away. We realized that this was a very ambitious goal. It maybe a little overreach because we got to Montana. You plan stops or you just look for stop says you were flying. That was part of the problem. Is that you you have to stop obviously to get jet fuel. Aw Jesse was a little bit more rare than abby gas. So you're you have to plant way. What are you calling? It added gas. Avi Gas these what they call it a hundred Leader adding gases aviation gas. Yeah what what all the smaller planes used to play. What floppy Keller's yeah? We we fly up to the border because you have to get clearance from Canada to enter. Would you also have to get permission from America to leave. It's very confusing. So you have to say to America. Hey we're going to leave you ever going to cross the border and this is GonNa answer you again. They were gonNA will enter you later right now. We're going to enter Canada always in this day. So you have to set up this. You have to go through all of this paperwork online to leave America right to file it. You have to wait for permission and then you land in Canada. You call some guy up and you're like hey. We're in Canada cool. Welcome to Canada. That's it okay. So so anyway. We fly to Canada is a horrible day that we find candidates on our second day of flying. I'm puking all over over the place in the helicopter because of the because motion sickness turbulence. I was telling you before you not remember. pry Profit Tyson was like the worst thing you can do is sit in a helicopter for longer than thirty minutes so are sitting here just not only my puke but remember what I told you about the flexible rotor system so we're also are puckered to level ten because we're thinking about the rotor system and we're getting jostled about by thirty five not wins probably probably like forty mile an hour and refine over these mountains and so that's like all day long just getting the living crap and then as we get into our landing spot in Canada. It's just pouring rain so we barely get into an airport before it's become zero visibility. So the second day just was like a bad start to the holdover you puke Puke Bagger were you just a hole in your township okay. You're pulling your head out of big. Yeah relatively big. It smelled like barbecue. Hugh chips when I puked which was nice to cover the barbecue chips eaten or because of the dagger both because the bag and pleasant. Would you pull your head out of Matt's lap to Puke or were you just still so he was holding my hair back while I was puking into the pige between so we actually actually had to land that second day because of before because of the puking I was just puking so much and then because of the rain so we landed on a mountain Alton road in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Canada and just sat there for probably an hour hour and a frying all each other and puking guy lifelike making fun of you. Danny of like there was only one other person. So it's just me and the pilot in the wild. Can you again Bryson but when I did land in Canada The fruit when we landed at our ports of entry and Canada was this tiny airport and the guy. There did make fun of me. He's like I said there's not potato chips. I said that's not potato chips. And he goes. Whoa what's wrong with? You is basically what he's signing but so anyway. Do you have a rebuttal for him now. I was too weak. I was digging laying on the ball. I wish I could go to sleep so we get into Canada and I'm like okay. Maybe I should buy a ticket and go home because that was the roughest day of my life and then we wake up the next day in. There's clouds everywhere but it's called. Yeah yeah so we fly up and we get to Alaska Anyway. The whole trip by the way you're in a helicopter and and you're flying over what I can only describe as the most hostile terrain possible so either. You're flying over inlets. Filled with chilled water and zero landings byles onslaught jets flying over giant mountains with zero landing spots. So we spend a Lotta time convincing ourselves kidding ourselves that we would survive an an emergency landing but eventually we fly in all sorts of creation with your imminent probably. Yeah I just assumed that if something went wrong we were dead. We actually fly all the way up to Glacier Bay national park in the northwestern tip of it. And that's where we turn around around because Anchorage was going to have rain for a week and so we just made the decision. Hey let's just turn around and buy them to be honest we were completely frazzled. I'm going to have to Glacier Bay national carcassone where how far you go. Oh it was unbelievable. I mean flying over those grip. Glaciers was like level intensity. Because now you're we're going to like land in a crevasse right and if you survive that you're gonna live in the Crevasse your remaining day or hours that you're so hours it was it was free. You barely got to Alaska but still pretty far. We got pretty far. You've been in that helicopter. It felt like we were insanely as far as after seventeen helicopter travel. Yeah we're flying all day long from sunrise waking up at six and refine all day long over hostile terrain so anyway we're coming back from Alaska and we saw this cool like abandoned old bridge and it had no roads coming or going so we were we fly down to check it out right and and the pilot drops me off on the edge. The river and I was going to run up and go go check it out. I come back into the helicopter. He starts to take off at all I could see on his face. Is something went wrong long. I mean we're in the middle of BFE and what's BFE basically. I don't WanNa say what it is but middle of nowhere. Okay right. It's it's BEF N.. Okay what is the right word but FM no yeah yeah so when he was BFE AFC stand for what's The e- everywhere but FM won't yeah. I don't know I've just heard sorry. Sorry mixed up so anyway. We we land in the middle of nowhere on this river. By the way we had seen grizzly bears in the area and he starts to take off and the look on his face instantly tells me that something has gone horribly wrong and he instantly shuts off the engine. Do What's wrong. And there is an indicator the most most important indicator in the entire instrument panel for a helicopter. I'm like no that's an indicator in your heart. Okay and only you can read that so it's an indicator that tells you how much pressure you're putting on that top rotor and if you exceed it bad things happen you drop out of the sky so the indicator had stopped working. which is bad is because you really need that indicator to take off and land? Because that's the moment of most danger injure and that's when you need to monitor and say what it monitors entice GonNa make fun of it but it monitors Torque on your Roy. I don't Sena Ania jokes. Okay good all right. No low hanging fruit there so he shuts down the helicopter. And we're talked. Oh you you fall out of the sky. Eventually the helicopter will not fly anymore with just you and Matt Ryan there. You have to avoid being fully worked plus we were full fuel. We had a lot of fuel. Well we had a lot of gear so it's easier to get to work. It's easier to you fully torque with all that stuff so anyway she she does the helicopter and you can tell. He's thinking about his machine which costs a lot of money. It's sitting on a river which obviously rises and falls also as the tide comes in and out in the you know from the nearby ocean or and I'm just there. I'm having a good time. His stresses are not my stresses addresses. So of course. I'm there videotape all this stuff and I'm videotaping it. He gets on the satellite phone with his mechanic in Utah. By the way. Let me do a shout. Brought to iridium. Who makes satellite phones? And I've already known this your phone suck. I would hate to have to use your phone in an emergency around. Yeah I threw away my iridium phone because it never connected you so. We are in an emergency in northern Canada in the wilds northern Canada. We cannot doc it a good connection like the one time need a satellite phone to work. Basically he shouts on the phone as quickly as he can. Can I still fly it and we think we here the mechanics say yes right. Can you fly without that instrument. We come I later. We find out that I think it's illegal to fly instrument. There's certain instruments that if they break down. You're grounded so we discussed it for a long time whether or not we wanted to fly with this innovation. We're like well. What are the other options? We could take a boat. We had two rafts inflatable rafts. We could take them down the river to town. There was further down the river. That may or may not have people in it. We just decided. Hey let's just fly it. We'll be able to read it but we don't think will exceed it. If if we do we die. There's like there's no other option we kid ourselves. We'll fly over the water as much as possible but come on your landing in like what thirty five the jury water well shortly. Five degree water that you're hating it at terminal city so anyway we told ourselves a couple lies we get up in the air and we start to fly and another warning alarm goes off so matt does like an emergency descent descent down to the beach and I walk around. The by now are stressful. was eleven years old. And we saw mine to you. You course because I'm up in the air and helicopter with problems. Can't you just live there. Working Yeah Peter was operational so we landed he he did an emergency landing. Came Down Hard and art around jarring landing not super giant but harder than he normally does any any and he said. I probably shouldn't have done that but he had to. So I walk around and all it was something had jostled loose and opened a little bit so I shot it you know now. Our nerves are really rattled rattled and we flew an hour and a half in silence. I think both of US planning trying to come up with a plan for when the helicopter hit the water. Eventually we get to Campbell River on Vancouver Island right on this spot. Even acquired more risky flying in a little bit longer flight on the hope that they would have like a mechanic there so we land and we kind of we make phone calls in some sense to helicopter repair shop because Canada has helicopters all over the place just because of the inaccessibility of the terrain. You have to have a helicopter. They don't even have cars in a lot of places. Get a lot of place that makes more sense to take a helicopter. So here's the craziest part so we land at this mechanic shop and we we leave the helicopter there. Nobody's there at night when we show up. We come back in the morning. The mechanic looks at it and they don't carry that helicopter but they to carry the cheaper version of it and the guy said to become a dealer for that helicopter. She had to buy a handful full of parts. Maybe less than ten and the part he had was apart we need to replace. It was like unbelievable and you think that was God. God Yeah just fate. Intervene can believe they had the actual inst- missiles guy puts it in. We do some tests it works. We were there for or a day so then we we fly across the border and this is yesterday so now. We're on yesterday's time. We're in Port Angeles on next to the Olympic national part. Here's the best part we go running in the morning before we're going to fly home. The pilot passes out during the run. Full solon collapses. He just falls over Matt Run Madman in the wild did yes armada. Armour's can get on instagram and follow at Matt and the wild and mock him for passing out on a jog. After this harrowing tale she was is to be honest he was starting to feel sick right and he just passes out so now. I'm sitting there in the middle of Olympic National Park. I took the opportunity to take a Fight it I I did video. Gaga's we're sitting there and were were you know. We're on a one thousand nine mile run in the pilot of the helicopter. We need to fly. Home is laying unconscious on the side of the trail You had to leave him on my gosh you the flow after no but but then the concern for me became okay I get him back up. We get down to the helicopter like how is how do I know he's not gonna fly. I know how to make the helicopter. Go onto autopilot. Like that's the limit of my billy. I know what buttons to push. That sounds like it's all you need. Pilot yeah up to a point. I would never in a million years the helicopter even if the controls were on my side which they're not because he took them out wisely and but you know that like drones they have this thing built in in where their battery dies they just land safely they know that is no as a drone that I'll tell you right now they don't land safely they land wherever ever they are or are they return to homeland wherever that was a helicopter should do the same. Why can't they build build helicopters? I feel like if I agree. So we get get into the helicopter. First of all he passes out in that slows everything down way longer to get back to the helicopter because he has to walk and eventually he starts running again. But I'm just thinking the whole time I'm about to fly seven hours with this guy who just blacked out on on the trail but for me it was like what's more important just staying here you do. I want to stay here another night or risk my life to your home and I decided. Roll the dice with this guy and hope that he doesn't pass out. You've rolled the dice so many times with him that it seems like what's another tote you know yeah. We jumped up to the helicopter and we flew seven hundred miles yesterday and luckily he didn't pass out so it was. I mean those those highlights this or lowlights. Whatever you WANNA call them? Those were only the the major problems. So they weren't even like the hair-raising moments when we we realized that we had just enough fuel to get into a location or the moments where clouds moved in and blocked our visibility or a million leeann little things that were less than that but equally as stressful so when we touch ground last night. I can't even tell you. It felt great where there any moments of low stress because it sounds like this was just only a high stress mission. The stress was always there the fear of death constantly and I know there's probably a helicopter pilot out there listening laughing but for a guy who have you ever been on the back of a four wheeler with a friend and there's just this fear because you don't know in control. Yeah you're not in control your like this guy's going too fast but the honors. So I'm the guy on the back of the four wheeler the whole time just thinking what the hell what was going on. It's like don't kill US please. Yeah please don't die. So there were moments and those moments tend to be turbulence free moments in beautiful areas areas but even then like we way back into Glacier Bay National Park. And you're like nobody has probably been back here very few people if we crash here. It's like you're done but we would still be able to recover your body's eventually you think I don't think yeah and like five hundred years. When the glacier choose us up and SPITS US out into the Bay Torres to sit in a boat or yacht looking at the edge of the glacier and they just see my body dangling halfway out of pretty good I say five hundred years for the glacier to melt? Yeah yeah sign up. So let's say fifty years. Yeah you could see Danny's body being chewed up and spit out by the glacier and fifty years one hundred years my naked body. I've always Nathan scenarios. Glacier stripped my clothes at foot you was because of the paper so you would strip down because that's last trip with me a move not now so I mean it's good to be here the most important thing the whole time I'm like please. I just WanNa live for news af we're happy to have us do I again. If being honest and not only that Danny Bryson managed to survive throughout all of two thousand nineteen despite going on more and more death breath defying adventures to come here in two thousand nine hundred and hopefully he will continue to be with us through twenty twenty and beyond on news. Hey all right. This was very fun to go through all of the clips again if you WanNa hear more of these clips and everything else. That didn't make it into the the episode. We had a ton of stuff that we could put in here. Go to rob as a website dot com slash news A. F. Twenty Nineteen News Af two zero one on nine robbers Website Accomplished News Af Twenty nineteen and you can hear the whole soundcloud play list everything that didn't end up making the cut. We've back with a live episode on. I believe New Year's Eve on the thirty first back in regular Tuesday time slot so be on the lookout for that. Of course you can join us in our facebook group go to facebook dot com slash groups slash group. A F- to join over three thousand news news a F- listeners. As we share stories for consideration for the week and talk about the episodes over on facebook dot com slash group slash group A hope you had a a lot of fun listening to this today or at least you know some fun. I'll take we'll take some fun as we went through all of the clips from the hope you have a very happy new year and We'll see you back on news af tick every a good one bye.

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