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Happy Halloween, everyone and welcome diverse things. I I'm John wall. That is the hall of fame of Chris Carter that is Nick, right. We'll spooky moist. This morning's bookie voice that was my regular voice. It was spooky music. That was my regular start the show voice. So we're going let big day of NFL trades yesterday to marry Thomas joining Shawn Watson the Packer shipped off a star defender. But why don't we start with the Philadelphia Eagles who made Carson Wentz a very happy quarterback yesterday? Philly traded a third round pick to the lions for wide receiver. Golden Tate asked why he traded for a guy on the last year deal eagles GM Howie Roseman said he's one of the most productive receivers in the league. And that his run after catch numbers are phenomenal Tate now joins the receiving core of Nelson Aguilar, and Al Sean Jeffrey artsy. What impact you think? Golden teak can have on this ego. Offense. Unlike the fact that how we Roseman the general manager he focused on the skill set as far as what it will provide not only to Carson Wentz to this offense. And in this new NFL people think that maybe Philadelphia might go for running back. There's a couple of running backs potentially could be available. Why don't they trade for them? If you can't get a running back or you're happy with your running backs. You have to get a guy light golden Tate a guy who can play in space a guy can play in the slot. He's also played outside. He is not a just a short area quickness guy. He's not only limited to the slot. He has deep speed. So he's not a possession receiver to meet. He's one. He's one of the guys I like watching play because he's developed he left Seattle after being the third receiver there to increase role in the money in Detroit and the last four years he's been phenomenal Utah. He's the most dangerous guy after the catch. We have in you think. Well, what about Odal Beckham? Odell doesn't get the ball is. Much as he does and didn't do as much as him because the game plan what they've done in Detroit. He's been to highlight his kill set. I believe he's a tremendous addition to the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson wins because he will say, well, they gave up a third round pick. That's a lot of compensation. He's in the last year of his contract if he decided to leave Philadelphia they're going to get a compensatory pick. That's probably going to be a third or four founder anyway. So I like the move to Philadelphia. It doesn't cost them that much. And if they lose him after this year, they'll build a move on by getting another pick and the future those compensatory picks work like what you lose in free agency versus what you bring in free agency. So if the eagles decide to stand Pat mostly in free agency, and they let golden Tate leave. They get something back Detroit instead of getting a pick in two thousand and twenty after him leaving after this off season they're going to get the pick right now from philadel- and Detroit item. Think would have ended up even getting a compensatory pick. Because I think they're going to be buyers this off season. So even if they were gonna. Let him go. They were going to bring in enough this off season to where it would probably minimize what their compensation would be. But for the eagles, see touched on it. He is since he came into the league one of the five most productive yards after catch guys in all of football. And the most productive yard after catch high-volume guy. Meaning the other guys who have similar yard after catch numbers to him are not guys that are getting targeted one hundred plus times per season. What of the eagles struggled within the passing game this year their bottom six in the league yard after catch. So that is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly where we are missing. You are adding and that fix fits. Well, the eagles this year have one game where they've scored three. Plus where they've scored more than three touchdowns. That was the giants game one game where they've scored more than twenty four points. The giants game like Philadelphia. Yes, they had a path to victory last year. That was great defense and ground you down, but they all sort of path of we're just going to crush you. We're gonna put up thirty five points. They've only done. Close to that once all year, and it was against a terrible giant scene. But what I liked the most about this move for Philly is it's how he Roseman saying. I know the first half of the season didn't go, right? You know, what we're still going for it? We still think we can defend our crown. We still think we can win this division. Make noise in the playoffs. We're willing to give up put the eighty fifth pick of the draft for maybe only eight games in a playoff run of golden Tate. It's worth it to us because it's a shot in the arm and maybe for the guys in the locker room. It reminds them man last year we did and helped us win a Super Bowl this year. Maybe we do with golden Tate and helps us get closer get back to it. All right before we get to how far the eagles can go with golden. You talk so much about this about offense looking very much like the starting five hundred basketball team. So tell me what golden Tate does what position he would basically play, but tween guar and alshon Jeffery. Okay. Let's see. I'll Sean Jeffrey right now is their best receiver in Zach ertz. The tight in is very very good. So if we're going to start in five I would say out schon Jeffrey is going to be my center Zach ertz is going to be my power forward. I believe my scorn forwards going to be golden Tate. He's a better run. After the catch Nelson. Aguilar trying to use the backs out of backfield. That's how you're able to supplement the passing attack. That's how you're able to put when I want to wide receiver unit. I want a point guard. I want a guy can score. I want a big guy. But golden Tate is the best wide receiver on Philadelphia's roster now has the most skill with Sean Jefferies. They should look good together. Because outshone is that possession receiver Seaver red zone. Target golden Tate. He's everywhere. He's all over the field. And he's very very friendly to the quarterback. Well, what do you mean by that? He runs his routes. And he gives indicators we saw last week where two interceptions in the Minnesota game were to turnover caused by the wide receivers stealing fumbling and Stefan bids given around indicator for Kirk cousins. Interception return for touchdown. He doesn't do that. He's a veteran wide receiver. He's played with veteran quarterbacks. And he's the kind of guy that I believe can bring them spark to Philadelphia's locker room right now. Give them the type of energy and bounce to give them a lift. So they can go on this playoff run. I wasn't sure you were going to agree with me. What you just said it. I do believe he's the best wide receiver on Philly now. And that's nothing. It's out after you agree with me. Okay. We'll just say point is when I when I heard today when I heard the down I thought. Wow. I mean, he's going to come in and be their best wide or means Adler moves to third what you'll really? We're ranking them. Sure. But we're playing will in the slot. That's why there is a need for someone might gold and take Adler. We thought had a breakout season last year this year, he's kind gone back to year number two. And he's not as important as third wide receiver isn't a lot of teams because of arts because one of your best receiving options is your tight end view of earth's Jeffrey, and golden Tate that's going to take care of the vast majority of your passing attack and no receiver in the league is broken more tackles than Tate. I am curious your opinion on what the timeframe of picking up the offenses golden age has been went to Seattle then Detroit. Now, he's in Philly. How long until he can really make a true impact is still going to take time. I wouldn't see him as a full-time player for a month. I still see them plan initially twenty place to start with also I wouldn't be surprised potentially. They moved him back to return punts. He can return some punts the Bill to try to make plays. I know the Peterson. They know the. Urgency to so when you have a player that has come from two good situations. I looked to be a smart football player. He's got a high football IQ. So they'll try and the next two weeks. How can we get him to plan twenty to thirty plays and also some of those bubble screens and things like that? They not real real sophisticated. So I think those things can be implemented in week number one and Philly by the way on a buy this week coming off the London game. So you won't have to worry about anything for at least another twelve days second year in a row. Howie Roseman went out and got aggressive and picked up someone Jj I last year and golden Tate this year. Can you see this often starting to put it together? Can you see them getting back to where they were last year with what the team looks like right now maybe back to helps. But he he's not going to help. Jason Peters left tackle, he's not going to help lane. The right tackle because they have not played good football. So yes, they have more weapons. They have more things to get the ball. Carson. I like the fact that even though golden can be a deep threat. He's so good run after catch. You can throw him the ball right now. Oh, so that will help offense line. It's almost like an extended running game. But they gotta get their offense of line ago. And personally Jason Peters after coming back taken a reduction in salary. This is the worst football. I've seen him play in at least ten years. So that's what I'm going to be watching offense align in Philadelphia. Even though they have one more weapon to Bill throw to enlist and Philly understand the situation there up against Washington's five into with as I've said before the softest remaining strength of schedule and football. The eagles are foreign four and they five divisional games left. Here's their non divisional games at the Rams at the saints and home for the Texans. Those are three divisional leaders right now. In addition to having to play Washington twice having to play Dallas twice so eighties. Philly knows they've got to find a way to Adam minimum go six into. So this was the best available player. They could acquire. They did it. Now, if they end up going four and four in the second half, and they lose golden Tate. They're going. Say maybe this was shot they won't back. But he also the one of the golden Tate is he is a fiery personality. He's a guy that is known. He had the skirmishes with Percy Harbin back in the day with Seattle like he's going to bring an edge to that locker room that could be useful for a team that right now almost stuck in a post Super Bowl Malays. So I I like this move for Philadelphia Eagles pick up golden Tate. Not by the way, from California from Tennessee. We'll talk about that in the break coming up should Aaron Rodgers periods that the Packers were sellers at the deadline. That's next first thing. Things. Sports is teamed up with four the win for the college football fan index. So each week you that fan will be ranking college football experiences and this week. We're ranking Bess on uniforms a Michigan coming in the top spot followed by Notre Dame, air force and Florida state. What do you think Nick, Michigan and Notre Dame do have conic uniforms? I like the USC uniforms at the top of my head as uniforms that I think like in that late afternoon. West coast, sun, great, see, what's Ohio State, now aside, do you have a particular college football uniform? I don't think even those traditional uniforms and everything I don't think they're the best Notre Dame in Michigan have the best helmets shore. Okay. And I know that's a huge part of the uniform their helmets are conic. And I just remember watching them on Saturdays is a kid that those two schools older Notre Dame helmets. More than the newer shinier. They seem to have. Added almost like a Nike Oregon flair to the helmets lately. That's not quite like what it's a little off color too. Right. Yeah. But the helmets are I kind of got love golden dome. Irs getting done Oregon. They change in uniform. Got thirty five. I'll get to the Packers fire sound second. But I agree cleanly shaven dazzles us with the behind the back move floated over Blake Griffin. Imagine that see Cairo Irving starts looking like urban. And he starts looking like Irving kyri had a great have let us know. He wasn't playing really good before. This look very good last night looked far more explosive and keep you haircut. Loman is a better look for the hair the beard all looked like vintage kyri same game. Reggie jackson. Brings the ball up gets bumped Dale hits the three. Ooh, we mouth then building out there. He's looking for the foul there. It was right before the half. So he has to throw it up. But that's. Onto heck of a shot man to really was next. Terrence Ferguson with a perfect alleyoop rest Westbrook against the clippers this game. Put him up twenty with a few minutes left the little exclamation point. Russell into this game last night. Now, he don't like Patrick. Beverley? No, no, no. He was into this one rock in the baby all night doing that little celebration. Love Russell much Terrence versions. Nice little emerging player for them moving onto yesterday's tread. Dateline? Guesses. No longer. Green Bay Packer. All right. So the guessing game doesn't really work on TV time. Montgomery after return to kick off. He wasn't supposed to then. Fumbled. When he definitely wasn't supposed to Green Bay dealt Montgomery to the ravens for a seventh round pick. But wait, there's more. They also sent Pro Bowl safety ha ha Clinton Dix not funny to Washington in exchange for a fourth round pick. So the Packers sit at three three and one chasing the foreign three Chicago Bears nickel start with you. We surprise. The Packers were such big. Sellers at the deadline. The time Gumri thing doesn't matter much to me that one is not I'm not that surprised by the ha ha Clinton Dix. Trade was shocking to me. I understand that. He's appending free agent this coming year. And maybe they thought they weren't going to sign him. But look at the teams that either are the best teams in football or have older quarterbacks that you don't know what the window will be and what they did the saints. They added Eli apple a week ago. The patriots they were in the market, and they added Josh, Gordon. And we thought they might add more the Rams we're the best team in football. They added Dante Fowler. Chiefs were in the market for Thomas before he broke his leg. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers near fourteen. They're not in first place in their division. They're in a dogfight. So let's get rid of the best defensive player. We've draft in the last six years. Let's get rid of a guy who pro football focus says has been the second best safety in all of this year. Why so we can have the hundred and fifteenth pick of the upcoming draft. This is just another example to me of the Packers not understanding the asset. They have in Aaron Rodgers and the Packers adding to the degree of difficulty for the most talented player in the league, this this trade surprised me and as a football fan angered me because I don't understand what remained is doing. Actually, he's going to be partnered there with DJ swearing pro football, focus as DJ swearing just second Earl Thomas, I and ha ha Clinton Dixon third. I left out because he's injured for the year. So these two safety's now not only does he help the Washington Redskins. But he kills one of their best players now DJ swearing. He doesn't have to play in the mill to field because that's how Dixon that's where he plays in the Millfield high Dixon's better in man-to-man coverage if you wanna match him up and put DJ square in coverage somewhere else. So it makes the Washington Redskins. Let you know that they are trying to win. He's. A good football player. I believe underrated. When you play with Aaron Rodgers and you play with some of the bad defensive players in bad defensive scheme. Green Bay's had it's hard to give a player like him that type of activates now he has been voted into the pro and pro football focus hasn't ranked as one the top safeties. But he's not a player that we talk about lot the Redskins. I believe like unique. They got a lot better yesterday in picking up ha ha Clinton Dix. I hear this. I don't understand what are the backers. Doing. What are they doing? They play the patriots this week in a couple of weeks there at the Vikings after that they have another tough road game at Seattle. Do they think they're done to the Packers are the Packers? They're not going to say it. But they think they're going to miss the playoffs for the first time with a healthy Aaron Rodgers since he became the full time starter is that what they're telling us are the Packers just saying like we have new general manager. We wanna let him have as many assets as possible and Brian Guten coons this upcoming year because I look at the ice. I thought the backers should be encouraged by what happened last week. You went to the Rams the only undefeated team in football and not for bonehead play time. Montgomery. I believe you win that game. You dominate the first half. It takes three spectacular special teams plays by the Rams for them to beat you by two points, and your reaction to that is to get rid of one of your best defenders certainly your best player in the secondary. I know gyro exander the rookie is playing very well. But hoc Clinton Dix is the most established guy. The Packers over last seven years every year spent the first round pick on a defensive player. He's the best one they've drafted. And now you move on from him. I don't this is perplexing to me. I like all the moves over the course of the last couple of years at the Green Bay Packers have made with Aaron Rodgers have seemingly been perplexing. It's one of these. We have Aaron Rodgers everything else will figure out a way to work itself out. Are you a surprise with what the Packers data's nNcholas? I'm not surprised, and you know, Nichols, a lot more emotion attached to it like, I could care less. What the pack like they've been they've been doing things their own way. So why would I mostly get attached to they changed organisation? They changed the structure they have a new general manager there. He's starting to make changes to Bill things his way. I don't know where he's heading. So I'm just going to give him time. He just took over he made a couple coaching changes. He made a couple of personnel changes that I believe are far more than exit owes. I think it's about fitting in long-term to his plans. I believe that's why he moved off of these two players. I'm just. Going to be patient because he just took over. I'm not going to put him under a sense of urgency because of Aaron Rodgers body clock. That's not his fault. He just took over the team. He should have the same amount of time that we get other teams to build tried to put his type of fingerprint on the organization, what type of players he wants to have moving forward. I don't know what he's going to do. But there will be a lot of is own Green Bay to watch. And see what's his next move. And what's to meaning behind him? No matter who their quarterback was I would think a guy you drafted one of the best players drafted. Your organization is drafted who is coming up on free agency playing some of the best football his career. That's the type of player you want to extend. That's the type of player that after this year you were hoping to bring back, but I just I want to remind the Green Bay Packers something because we have gotten a little skewed by the last twenty five years of far to Rogers. There was listen you had Lombardi in star you want all those championships. You. You've been in. You've been playing pro football a year longer than the NFL has existed. There was a twenty five year stretch between star before farve where you one one playoff game. And it was an a strike year a twenty five year stretch where you had two seasons in totality where you one double digit games. Like when Aaron Rodgers is done. There is nothing to say you won't go back to that. This isn't the Steelers that had been relevant in every decade, the NFL has ever existed. This team went through a long drought. We know they're not going to be a viable superstar free agent destination. At least they haven't been in the past the way, you're going to get great players drafting them and keeping them not drafting them and trading them while you're making a playoff. How far can Packers go with what they have now. Sure because of because of twelve but it just got harder. They were marginal playoff team before they made the trait. Right. So it's up that they won't make the playoffs. All right. Let's take a break. We'll talk more about this over the course of the show coming up though, is it. Panic climb for the Huston rocket. One in five that's next. The best players play in the biggest game. Time star Blake Griffin joins the show he super tall. We're gonna have to adjust the lighting that is tomorrow right here. See I wonder how will feel about your open dunk. Contest idea. Now got someone we can ask or you gotta fix it up. He's a little big. I gotta fix it up. When the studio I get really aggressive. They not in studio studio. We've been Blake's played while this year old area Blake this season. He's got one of those system coaches. I grew up with designs often, Mike Nora he runs often with him. Yes. He would say same high school. I didn't know that excited for Blake tomorrow time for us to go viral. Russell Westbrook's been doing a rock the baby celebration after some of his baskets this season. He was asked about it after last night's win against the clippers. And here's what he had to say. No kids. Sleep located. Guards. And literally need a second explanation for the first explanation. It was saying, yeah, that's what you do with your little babies, right? And he's saying that offenders are like his base, and he's rocking. Yeah. He's saying. It's like I throw you the ball on the low post team your own some you have the ball. Okay. Right. Knicks garden, right? You just take your time with them because you're going to take them the school. So you just rock him to sleep. Do you take them to the whole? That's what he's talking is the explanation. Really? That's that was wonderful Senator into the whole, I usually have to work as translator for you. And you the right there worked as translator for Jenna. That was one. That was great teamwork. Just always on the bad end of no. Geno. Yeah. So I'm Rockin bad thing today, so far and that was that ridiculous. Golden Tate stales best things I've said, but I did for something to happen stories to start your morning brought to you by unexpected energy Exxon Mobil. All right. So the first edition of the college football playoff rankings came out yesterday. No surprise guys, Alabama at number one followed by Clemson LSU and Notre Dame Durand out the top four C C. You're shaking your head the committee get this, right? Yeah. It's pretty easy to start off with Alabama. Clemson LSU Notre Dame. They had the great win over Michigan. Start to season followed that up the Bill stay unblemished. It's going to be an exciting race. It of white world's going to be exciting for the mother three van was going to be. There is going to be there. And with the way this sets up bama's toughest game remaining this season until the playoff is this weekend at LSU, and they the way the sets up they could lose it LSU and still end up in the playoff assuming they beat off. Iron and the iron bowl like Bama has almost locked up their playoff spot already with how the rankings are and how they've played. But I think the committee got it right early on moving on to a showdown of two great quarterbacks. Tom Brady taken on Aaron Rodgers in Foxborough Sunday night. How about this? They're facing off for only the second time in their careers Brady said Aaron Rodgers is inspiring even for me, see what he make a brief comments. Aaron Rodgers even inspiring even even one more Super Bowls than anyone. Someone. They're nice little I give I get it, Tom. I understand. That's my take. Must be must be Tom. You ever see the click of Viansa was being interviewed. And someone said just introduce or said, you're beyond say and her response was thank you. It was just like that word Tom Brady is it's like even by my it was like when you ask Dion Sanders. Dionne he said your greatest he didn't lie. Sean, I can't believe these guys have only played once against each other. I get it because you're in different conferences during play once every four years, but that's crazy now curry Irving had his best performance of the young season. Thirty one points on sixteen shots along with five boards and five assists. Boston beats the pistons won await one of five which you make a Kyrie's performance. Nick, the only disappointing thing is that we were surprised by that it took a couple of weeks of the season for Cairo to have by his standards. A really good Pat a few awful games. But he got a shave a haircut and started looking like himself again. And this was a game. The Celtics were in firm control of until about four minutes left. The pistons hit a bunch of threes to make it close at the end. But I mean, this is what the Celtics need from Kyrie what they expect from. This is the first game in seven games genita-. I thought he was the best Celtics other games. I thought he was either second third some games fourth best. Celtic so nice to see. Him come back from the two point performance nights to see him seems like he went to a spa gotta steam shower shave little. Yeah. He definitely he looked like you need to clint's. I finally Lonzo ball took some of the blame for the Lakers recent struggles at a rough Monday night, which is four points, one assists. Lonzo says he's not doing his job needs to be more engaged. All right, Nick. What did you make of lonzo's comments? I respect that the young players taking some of this on himself. I don't think engagement has been his issue. I think Lonzo very rarely do I watch him. And it looks like he's just going through the motions when he saying engage. I think that in his second year in the league, he's starting to realize that there's a certain level of intensity that he hasn't been engaged to is not as if he's engaged not engaged, but he's not engaged at the level that he needs to be engaged in some time through competence to competition. You see that these guys are? Operating at a higher level of intensity than I am now from his his body language in his normal like that's his normal MO, but it's not going to work for him in the NBA. Like we were worried about him last year. Like how intense will he be game in and game out? And I think that's what he's talking about. When he says engaged he's talking about the overall intensity for which he's going about doing his work. But you don't want him to change his approach. Like, there are guys who are very successful. Who aren't nearly like Steph? Curry is not an intense guy. He seems to have a laid back approach. You just wanting do want him to change his approach. I mean, go ahead. Steph is intense you and I sat behind Steph curry, and we were there thirty minutes before the game. Now, I typically do a good job of getting the icon iconic guys dream onset. What's DeMarcus cousins said what's up to me K D because he was like he mean, but me but staff did not into the crowd. He has an intense pre. Game routine. He's working on his muscles. He's working on his shooting motion. He's got these things he does and Steph has a fun personality. But inside the game. He's intense that what he wants to do. I would compare Steffes during the game demeanor almost to a long striding football player that looks like they're not running hard when they actually are like some things come. So we bring people would say, oh, he's loafing. But if you were time him he's running out of four four like where Steph it comes. He so fluid and it comes so naturally to him. It might maybe looks like he's not trying hard as he is for Lonzo. Either. Lonzo's biggest issue is right now, he doesn't know what exactly his role is. I think his issue was aren't injured. I'm off the bench. I'm now in the starting lineup like, but we'll LeBron's going to dominate the ball. I think he hasn't found his footing this year with the team, but the other much more tangible issue is this if you scared to go to the foul line, and you don't have an intermediate. It game. Then how often to player he's only jump shooter? And that's a problem. Right. Like in because he's a good athlete. He can get to the rim. But guys they can get to the rim have to be okay with getting fouled. This has been the Lakers. Now, they're two point guards or two guys. That would rather pass the ball and go to the free throw line. And that's a pro like you can take that at times from big from a center, especially because they're going to get so many touches down in the post. But if you beat your man, and you you got a clear path the basket, and then you see a big coming over is going to have to value to stop you. You gotta be okay with that. And Lonzo on the year. What shot ten free throws? No, I'm sorry. Seven free throws on the season like that. And we talked about this last year about his his lack of wanting to get to the line. And that one as I understand is not good free. Throw shooter got to work through that. Because a getting the other team in the bonus getting yourself in the bones getting team foul. Trouble scoring with all those things are valuable to them. But I also think. He's finding with some stops and starts as far as the line of goes finding his way with his Lakers team. I guess he thinks a little added intensity will help that. All right. Let's stick with basketball tough game for the Houston Rockets last night, which comes after a tough start to the season for the Houston. Rockets James harden continues to miss time with a hamstring injury and Houston lost to Portland one of four eighty five and Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony combined to shoot eight of thirty one from the floor. And so the rockets now sit at one and five on the season tied for the worst record in the west. Here's head coach Mike tan, Tony I'm what has changed since last year. Last year we played well right now, we play crap the difference does not plan. Well, it's hard to explain sometimes we've lost swagger and more on her heels. And when you're when you're desperate is good on defense because you hair should be on fire but his bad on offense. You're in you're struggling we gotta get out of it. And we gotta keep fighting. We'll keep the spirit and these guys good guys and we'll find we'll find something. And you know, hopefully, it's not too late. But we gotta get back on a horse. We got James back office. That's a big part of our offense. No excuses injuries part of the game too. Keep trying to get guys back. Right now. The spirit, right? There's only so many days we can keep saying, well, it's early give them. Thank you hard and chance to get back. We'll give this team a chance to get back into it. Are you concerned at all Nick about one in five star for the rockets? This is to me of far greater concern at one in five. Then I talked about yesterday the Lakers two and five and not because of the one more win. But because of how the the teams have lost those games the rockets getting blown out like the rockets, they have four home losses already this year, by the way, they only lost seven times at home all of last season. And those losses are all my more than ten points. They only had one such loss all of last season. Lest by nineteen to the pelicans eleven to Utah twenty the clippers nineteen to Portland yesterday. They never lead and they were down by twenty eight at one point like last season. They started twenty five and four this year. They're one in five I understand Chris Paul suspended now hardens injured, but this team is not being competitive in these game. Thus far. That's why the one in five is so concerning. It's not the easily could be three and three. No, they couldn't. They couldn't easily be three and three. It's hard to imagine them. Getting blown out is many times as they have without having hard to lineup. You still think that they are the big three that being mellow that being Chris, Paul hard? Now the line of Chris Paul looks nothing like a superstar mellow. I take exception with mellow like he's nowhere near any type of star player. You know, he's not going to be good on the defensive end. They're just not as talented thinking about not playing good basketball their rosters, not as good. So now this season. They can't sustain an injury. Like they could last year last year they had injuries, but they were able to overcome all except the last one that Chris Paul in the Western Conference final. They're not as good, and there's a certain amount of reality to this. And they're going to be struggling for seating. Even when hardened comes back because they got a very weak bench. But this is the team that many people thought was the only team in the league that could really. Compete with Golden State. This is the one team that we're going to win. Now, we're gonna go after Jimmy Butler. We're going to do everything we can because we have a shot this year to compete with Golden State. What happened they this for Daryl Morey? And for James harden. There has to be a bit of deja vu four years ago. The rockets were coming off a Western Conference finals loss to the Golden State Warriors. They won fifty six games that year people thought they were gonna be right back in it the next year, and they went forty one and forty one and crept to the eight seat that then the following year. They got better than they add Chris Paul and you saw the ad, but there's does seem to be a bit of an inability for this team after a great season where you come close to ratchet up the intensity game on the following season to get it feels like it's such a long trek to where you end up wanting to get to that. They're not starting the season off with the requisite level of intensity attention to detail last year. Hard miss ten games. They were six and four like they managed in. Those ten games. James harden missed a we can't say, oh, you don't have hardened. So that's going to happen. Like this team. You were seeing the warning signs before hard left the fourth game of the year with his hamstring. And also, we sit there and watch the warriors play the Knicks this besides them being an MBA this done similarly there in western there's nothing similar about where Golden State is. You talked about how much fun they seem to be having their little routines. They enjoy seeing and they don't even have cousins back with them. Another all-star Houston's going the other way. So no, this isn't the team. There is no team in the NBA. So unless there's some blockbuster trade, it is Golden State in the rest of them. And James harden prior to his injury was the only guy on the team playing at the level or close lovely played last year. PJ Tucker's been worse this year Clint Capella who got that big contract extension. This off season has not been the defensive player of the year candidate that the rockets thought he was going to be you're right. That Chris Paul has not looked like Chris. Paul yet this season how much that was the suspension and how much of that is getting himself into full regular season shape. I don't know and mellows been awful like that is undeniable mellows not in the top hundred and thirty feeling. I did my best. I said I was doing try with mellow. So so when harden comes back if it got someone like Jimmy Butler could he make the Jimmy Butler thing we would have to redo all the mad at one player one Jimmy Butler player away from all back together from if they add Jimmy Butler, they reassert themselves as one of the very very best teams in the league. But you guys know where I stand on Golden State. I think Golden State right now as presently constituted is far and away the best team. And that's before they add DeMarcus cousins, that's where I think they are. But it also looks like Minnesota is just flatly not going to trade Jimmy Butler. Like, Tom typical I think's going to make the owner fire him to trae Jimmy Butler because they're not going to get a better offer than four unprotected first round picks. That's literally the most picks hanger allowed to offer and Houston offered it. So I don't think Jimmy Butler is coming. What's the biggest issue that this rockets has if you could fix one thing? What's what's their biggest issue? I knew they would struggle losing. Trevor reason you just can't just say, oh, you know, all he wasn't. That good, but the intangible things that he provide the limp the to constant not down shooting that they could rotate they had another two or three guys who could knock down three pointers. That's a they don't have enough shotmakers if you're gonna play that style, and you're gonna have the analytics and everything they don't have enough shotmakers on this way knew that with the loss of a reason tape particularly early in the year defensively, they probably weren't gonna be the same team. No one could have been -ticipant. It'd be a bottom five offense right now. They're a bottom five often. What was the thing last year? See with twenty games left. They had the best offense in the history of professional basketball on a per possession basis. Right now, they have a worse off into the Phoenix Suns like come on. And so that can't just be you've missed some of your best players for a couple of games. It's systemic right now in Houston. And if I were my pal Daryl Morey, I'd be concerned can't be getting blown out four home games already this year. All right. Let's take a break. Coming back. Being smart rated. Mary's making the. I'm just saying things while they're their conversation. We're back after this. Back to the show maintained joins us. Happy Halloween coach just up for the festivities. Thank you so much. It did. Yep. Former Browns coach that's what I'm going to this year. In cleveland. Get together. Great that funny. Bumping each other. Club. The third Friday of the month for together. Need more space coach visiting the NFL yesterday that'll happen when you put a deadline on trades. We call it a trade deadline a lot of talk about where Broncos wide receiver to marry Thomas would be traded turns out it was the Texans after losing will fuller for the year the Texans acquired Thomas from Denver for a fourth round pick in a swap seventh rounders so Thomas will pair up with the undre Hopkins. Texans continue their playoff push start with you coach. What impact Thomas have on this Texans offense? I really liked this right now, I I was present Houston do anything with former Denver player faced off the Brock Tober fest. But they went back to it losing we'll fuller and to be able to get a player about quality player at this point in the season is really hard. You look at the waiver wire at the beginning season. There's not much there when you get to mid season to try to get a guy that can actually have an impact on what you're doing. It's almost impossible to do. So to losing we'll fuller and being able to replace them with Damaris Thomas. I think is a great situation for that man and Tennessee is trending the right direction. Texans, texas. The Texans are Tennessee's not training. Turning the right direction. And I think this is going open up things offensively. It's a big physical guy who maybe hasn't produced as well as he has in the past. But if you get them reinvigorated, you get him into a team that has a real chance, and you send a strong message the rest of the team that we're going to do whatever we need to do to to to move forward. So we know that Mary Thomas's production has dropped off significantly since Peyton Manning. Stop being the quarterback there. Now part of that might be deteriorating skills part of that might be the the tactic masquerading quarterback play. This will be the best quarterback. He's gotten to play with since he was having Pro Bowl caliber seasons in Denver with Peyton Manning. Now, he doesn't have the same skill set. His willfuller like the Texans had a really good wide receiver duo, but not a deep wide receiving corps, which I think they made this move. Deandre Hopkins is one of the best in the league and will fuller who was one of the best deep threats in the league. And they like the kid they drafted KiKi Cutie. As a as a rookie slot receiver. They draft in the fourth round this year. I think but after that Sammy coats and guys that are practice squad type of players. So I understand the morning to plug into Mary's Thomas opposite de'andre Hopkins, but he brings a very different skill set them. We'll fuller did willful or brought straight-line speed. He had an excellent report with with Shawn Watson on the deep ball. I don't know if to marry his brings that, but I do think he's better than Sammie Coates. I do think he makes them better right now with the Texan say is we're five and three in a winnable division. We potentially if the patriots or chiefs backslide, maybe we somehow turn owing three into a by like we could we're going to go for right now and giving up just a fourth round pick. When you're probably gonna win your division. I don't think that's overpaying for Damaris. I could say he's a solid receiver. That's about as high as I can take it right now sometime his hands are not dependable sometimes you don't get the type of effort. You think you're going to get out of the body type? I mean, his dimensions are amazing almost six five. Two hundred twenty five pounds used to be able to run for four every day. Now, you don't necessarily see that. So I worry can they get him in that possession role and build a feed him because I believe disarm Watson will make him a better white receiver. But are is hands going to be dependable I know in the locker room, he's a hardworking guy he will fit into the locker room. He's not a high maintenance guy you have not seen him through all the criticism. The last several years in Denver do a bunch of complaining. So he will fit in to what Bill O'Brien is doing and the Texans. They are trying at five and three their roster. Get better when you had to marry Thomas to it. This is this is an interesting Texans team to figure out they're five and three. But Nick points out. These are close wins two weeks. They pretty close does this actually make them legit contenders. Agency. AFC losing will fuller. I think would've would've hurt their chances dramatically, and that's why this trade was very important because of your pushing all the coverage to Hopkins which most teams do that second guy has to have the ability to make you pay. And if you don't have that second threat that can make you pay when you when you take away the first guy, then then you become less than one dimensional. So that's why I think this is really important that does this put them over the edge. I think this keeps them where they were keeps them pretty close to where they were with losing will fuller to your point Gina because of the way they had one prior to these two weeks. They didn't have a big margin of error. They don't have a good offensive line back. They one of the worst in football. They are not an effective running team. We know that they have a lot of talent defensively, and for some reason up until last week's it'd been kind of playing hot and cold, rather your hadn't been the consistency. You would have hoped. Once you lose fuller to coaches point in these. The defense was going to have won one game playing one game plan only. Stop the Andre Hopkins. Now that they have to marry his Thomas they at least have to be cognizant of the threat opposite deandre Hopkins. Which I don't think they would have had to be if it Samy coach out there. One thing if I'm the wide receiver coach for Houston. I'm little more concerned a high get him involved in offense because he's limited for what he can do. He's typically the X the boundary receiver typically he has not gone in motion. So Nick point out. He's been he's gonna get a lot of single coverage. Coach point is going to be a lot of single covers. He's been getting that opposite manual Sanders. So that's not going to change. He's not like golden Tate, golden Tate. You can do more things to him golden Tate. You can move him around and go and take a so good after the catch. So I look for golden Tate to have a bigger impact in Philadelphia compared to Damaris what he's going to do for the Texans. Curiously Chris with Shawn Watson and all the plays that he makes off script. How is that going to play into his skill set? How what kind of an impact can he make when the plays breakdown to Sean moving around. Round and see how he fits in that part of the equation, which I'm not I don't really know at this point how that's gonna look this year to that point the few big plays down the field. He has made has been when Jin guy case is running around off schedule cases been actually quite good this year on those the one thing he's been quite good at this. You're is those deep passes rolling out or win. The protection breaks down. I wanna ask you one question. See why does a player aside from quarterback change? Why would a player who was seemingly on this trajectory go maybe this one or even down the way Demaria's has during what is age wise. What you say should probably have been the prime of. He's a great player. You think at thirty everyone thinks everyone's gonna play till the thirty two thirty three. We don't know where the ceiling is. We don't know if Peyton Manning brought the ceiling was that the ceiling for him was that is good is he's going to get. And that's what I thought. That's as good as he's going to get. He was a good player. Never a great player. Great. Attitude. He's got a good story personally off the field. But we don't know how how how high the buildings supposed to be is it to be eight stories. It's supposed to be eighty. Now. A lot of times we think because guys trend, and we think we know we don't know most of the time is this guy Costa tapped out and Peyton Manning, and that system Adam gays what they had there in Denver was really really special and that brought the best football with him that football. We'll never see again. And it's gonna be interesting to this is the first time he's played for anybody else. This his whole world has changed dramatically. How that can impact. Is it going to add some energy some fuel some motivation for him to try to get to that eighty floor that that to me is another exciting part of this case keenum gotta take a break. Coach stick around coming up. Aaron Rodgers furious that the Packers were sellers at the deadline next thing. Particularly given what you've got back for him. I thought it was a good move and people outside the building's perception was that that signalling you packing it in and were in full rebuild boat. I pack nothing we pack in anything in. We're working as hard as we have ever worked. Someone makes a phone call to you in the middle of the night. And makes you an offer that you think helps this franchise the raiders you make that move. That was a sneak peek of how long's interview with Jon Gruden. You can catch the rest of it tomorrow on Thursday night football when the raiders take on the forty Niners. It all starts at seven thirty eastern on FOX Senate del network and streaming on prime video joke. How we should be very interesting that back here. Coachman genie. Coach guesses. Got a nice haircut. Oh, yeah. Isn't that waiting for a while some bad ones, guess is no longer Green Bay Packer? I'll just I'm gonna tell you. It's time on Gumri after he returned to kick off. He wasn't supposed to after he fumbled. When he definitely wasn't supposed to Green Bay dealt Montgomery to the ravens for a seventh round pick. But wait, there's more. They also sent Pro Bowl safety hawk Clinton Dix to Washington in exchange for a fourth round pick. So Packers currently sitting at three three and one being big aggressive at the trade deadline coach we used the prize. Green Bay were big sellers at the deadline Noma silly. When when you look at this sometimes it's a dish in by subtraction. And. Obviously the they felt differently than Montgomery feld in terms of how clear was whether he should bring it out of the end zone. We talked about that yesterday where he said he wasn't really happen. I think told him that he should say in the end zone. He decided to come out, then he came out and said, they never told me that. And now he's in Baltimore for future. Not even this year. Seventh rounder twenty twenty seventh round pick. Yes. So it was one of those things where okay, let's it's time. It's time to say goodbye. And then with high Clinton Dix, I know we tag Pro Bowl onto a lot of players, but a lot of players make the Pro Bowl. Now that injury was injuries. The teams in the Super Bowl or. It's different the Pro Bowl distinction. The old pro distinction. We know that. Yeah. It's it's a little it can be a little bit deceiving. And we're came out and said, it doesn't look like I'm going to be a Green Bay Packer next year as soon as you start talking about next year and how you're not going to be with that team. Organizationally? You're thinking is this guy really going to push through injuries as he gonna make the sacrifices that we need to make the season goes on or is he going to start to make businesses. And so if you get an opportunity to secure draft pick, and that's that's a good draft pick for for him. And you feel strongly enough about the players. They have to me, I think that makes sense as well. Listen, I get that some guys make a Pro Bowl because they're an alternate. And some guys make a Pro Bowl legitimately. But then don't play at that level anymore. Are pro football focus, se the two best healthy, safeties and football. This year have been DJ swearing jer and haha Clinton Dix Washington now has both of them. That was really interesting clip. I hadn't seen that. Where swear? During Clinton Dix end up slap in five after a big play during the Washington. Green Bay game earlier this year, very very odd. Right. Very very odd for you to be making an interception now, I understand that. There's a fraternity in the league fraternity based on your position. But I'm not going to be dappling guy. After he intercepted my quarterback. So these as ways in cat DJ and haha Clinton Dix. I don't know what made them come together. They get right teammates, though, a week after haha picked it off. So it was just an odd exchange. I just picked up there. But here's the thing is this the Packers are not better today than they were yesterday unless there is so much more to the locker room stuff. I forget the time Montgomery thing. I don't care about that. I'm talking about just the safety unless there's so much more to him being upsetting to contract extension, by the way, this is the type of player you should extend. This is the type of player you draft. The only first round pick. You've taken you've taken defensive guys six years in the first round the. Only one to make a Pro Bowl through Hooker croak injury. Whatever is this player. He's playing at a high level. And you've decided you don't want them on your team next year. And evidently, you don't want on your team the rest of this year, your three three and won the leaders your division or four and three and have a quarterback. They do not trust you ever Aaron Rodgers. I think you just play your best game of the year. Why are you sellers right now? That's the part. I don't get. Why are you sellers? Pro football, focus, right ranked him. And you know, obviously, they say it must be true. But when you when you look at a guy like this the impact in the locker room that that stuff is real. But we don't hear about it. And and who knows what he's saying about the way the scheme is set up. Who knows what he's saying? There's a lot of ways that you can undercut the situation that you're in and the defense is actually playing better than it has in a while. So he may have been a pro bowler on a defense. That was not historically very good. And you have a chance to push forward and potentially take a situation that's negative right now and remove yourself from it. Watch for both organizations. I like the player that Washington's going to get like he's been partner there with the swinging. They bring a physical presence ha gives them ability to build a cover a little more in-space than than DJ does. But as coach said, we don't know the Intel on the player, the general manager, I'm gonna give him benefit of the doubt. Just like I do every other general manager to build a wait to see what is plan is even if he hadn't told me what his plan is like gentleman did when we discussed the other day. So I'm going to watch this. He obviously ha was not going to be one of his guys into the future. They obviously made a decision not to extend him. So how it was probably upset about that. And anytime you start communicating to the media something that didn't need to be communicated you're under contract. So I could see I could see also this being one of many moves, even not only personnel wise. But I wouldn't be surprised Green Bay moved off their coach like I wouldn't be surprised with the opening in Cleveland and with. Dorsey being a system guy in coming from that Andy retrieved typically you like hiring people that you're familiar in your close to. So I think Cleveland we'll be looking at Green Bay's coats, so trade for them. I don't know what I know what you're going to call it. But it just we just look at the season. Green bay. I looked at this season. Turned the other way in the move on from their coaches that way they moved on from these players yesterday anything with the coaching though would happen in the off season. And that I understand entirely I don't look at the Packers team right now. Or I look at the Packers. I should say team that is still a contender as a team that is up against the toughest month and their season. I actually think they should feel good about how the first major test went. They hate how it ended. But they've got to feel like we dominated the Rams in the first half until the final three minutes. We were in position to have the ball and Aaron Rodgers hands down less than a field goal with two minutes to go and get. Let one game affect how you plan on moving into the future. I just believe the general manager has certain things that he wants to do certain players that are not going to they had to get time. A gummy off that roster anytime the coach gets to the podium in the coach says I told him the state now, you're either a fool to get up there to to go against what he said because I know the Green Bay Packers told him gave him special specific instruction there. There's no way that they told him exactly the same thing. They told him for any other kickoff. So once you say that, and then you have the player come out and say that he made the raw mistake there. He was being very very selfish. It's time move on because he's not going to be comfortable working anymore. And the reason Nick that I think is more to the story is all the points that you do make this is a young safety. This is a guy who has had some success and gone to a Pro Bowl. This is a homegrown talent. All those things make you. Another general manager. That's that's a hit point. But all those things make you think that's guy he'd want to extend and the fact that they would move on from him now typically layers underneath this that we're not seeing because it doesn't add up when you look at it objectively did the Packers get better or worse yesterday with any trade trade draft picks up. We're not gonna know. And until we go down the road and see how these how the secondary works. Now when your move. Worse. But the general manager got done what he wanted to do. He's closer to his goal. He's moving this team in direction when they take one of their marquee players and move him, and they didn't have to he wasn't forced to do that. So in his mind jn, they're better than what they were yesterday. And certainly in his mind, they are positioned better. At least in the long term. It is very hard for me to see a scenario unless the locker room stuff is disastrous where they are better for the last eight games of this year without a starting caliber one of their without question. What pro football focus as one of their five best defensive players that minimum this year. They're not going to be better without him the draft picks not coming until next year. We'll know it is clear as law and order. You're you're gonna you're gonna do things the way they want him to do it. Or you're going to be doing it somewhere else. That's a pretty clear message. Cultural see later in the show. Do. Ready? Ball coming up. His all star form after last night's when I wait the whole segment, then I say this. This. This. Cowboys. They're coming off their five preparing for Monday night showdown with Tennessee tines. They'll have their new receiver Amari Cooper for whom Dallas gave up what some would call a costly first round pick is the elephant in the room that is decked Prescott upcoming contract. Jerry Jones says Amari Cooper has nothing to do with the evaluation of Dak Prescott s- future. Cd agree with Jerry. Well, it's. I just. Not unless it's like, it's like doing a show, we get evaluated on a regular basis as a show chemistry in and out of bombs. How we're doing things as far as elements, and but ultimately, it's it's really what they think about me. I mean, I know you guys are here. We're doing a show and everything, but I'm just saying as far as my evaluation. So if they like, I knew this, it's totally different. But if they liked the quarterback, and I believe that Jerry a lot like the people at FOX, they they like they and they like me. So even with my wife receivers are not number one or number two. They decide they're going to go with me anyway, because they like it, and I believe Jerry is in love with that. Now, I do believe this. It's going to come at a certain price. I believe Jerry's going to say because my offense of line when I want to do with Zeke in the future because of my rush would with Lawrence. I gotta pay him. I won't have a Dacca's my quarterback. But it's going to come at like a hometown. Discount. So he's going to try to do a Tom Brady without the championships. That's what I believe, Jerry. And the reason why collectively it's not about the town around him. Jerry's in love with Dak as his quarterback. And that's the way he's going to move. Thank you for listening to the first things first podcast. Remember leaves review and tell us what you think subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catch us on f s one Monday through Friday, six thirty AM Easter for Chris Carter, Nick, right? Jenna Wolfe song? Any?

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