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When Stugotz Met Abby


Welcome to journey inside the soul of one of sports media's brightest minds. Profoundly nuanced odyssey called stupidity lifted by the incomparable. Stugatz. A man I consider a personal hero and con of the industry. I wanna make no bones about it. There is no Mike Greenberg today without these sensational. Stugatz providing me the inspiration to chase my dream and challenge myself to be just half as brilliant as he is allow me Mike Greenberg man who would probably today doing traffic in Sioux Falls without stugatz. His influence to welcome you to a truly transcendent, sonic, experienced. This is stupidity. All right. Welcome to episode three of stupidity. Need number one podcast sports and recreation on apple podcasts number one overall for a week. It's you know, consistently. I would say in the top thirty this episode because we got a ton of surprises for you still got so army. I'm telling you, this is what I want for Valentine's Day. Okay. I do a lot for you. And I need you to do this for me. I will do it for my wife. I want this thing number one overall not just at sports recreation. We appreciate that. I want this number one period ahead of Oprah ahead of Dr Phil I headed Joe Rogan and everyone on apple podcast this week overall every category. Got it. Good Valentine's week. It's an exciting week Valentine's Day. I mean, we are we are doing this on Valentine's Day quick game of athletes that can Valentine's here. Kevin love Michael sweetmeat. Ooh. Wow. Former Nick former Georgetown Hoyas big biggies player of the. Ear Stanford way too much about Michael sweetly who the hell knows that much about Michael Sweeney who doesn't trae flowers. What I heard the flowers dot com code in Josh Hart. Josh are currently or soon to be former Laker plus the only current Laker with any heart. Lovey smith. The former bears goats standing I give you ten dollars right now. If you tell me where lovey Smith is actually know these coach of Illinois. Oh, ten dollars. I'll never see that ten dollars the fighting align. I what about Bob Huggins huggy bear tracksuits. Of course, Bobby Valentine, the former Mets manager who once was kicked out of the game and came back into the dugout more disguise Abby that reminds. We do you. Remember the lacrosse tournament up in Wellington. Then I got kicked out of kind of forget. But yes, I remember. All right. So we lost a heartbreaking game. I was you know, the game was over. I was going by way, the referee. She was going her way. And then she called me over and she reignited. A fight that was happening during the game. All right. And she was talking down to me. She had this Napoleon complex, Abby. Remember this? You remember this referee? I may just insane. I'm not going to allow you to comment because I know you're gonna get to be on this one even though it's Valentine's Day, and you should be on my side. But anyway, she called me back. Now, the game's over I go my way, she goes her way, you're not supposed to talk to anyone after the game. She certainly not supposed to instigate with me. But she did she called me over. And she had some words with me to which I said, hey, listen, do me a favor. You were going your way. I was going my way the game was over knock it off with your to Polian complex at she kicked me out of the entire tournament out of the entire tournament. Avid. You remember what I did during that ornament? And you just go to the car and watch the game from there, you think that I just went to the car and watched the game from there because that's what I told everyone I was going to do. But what I did is I stole a page. At a Bobby valentines book, I was kicked out of the tournament kicked off the entire complex kicked off out. I couldn't come back at. So what I did is. I went to the. Car and I got my own fluffy. Moustache I had to disguise I sat on the parents sideline and unbeknownst to the referee. Who would kick me out? I was wearing a disguise and coaching our kids from the sideline about that Caradoc and chocolate thunder, Abby, let me tell you something. You are sexy when you were dropping nicknames sexy. Stupidity. All right. So it's Valentine's Day. We got a lot of surprises here. A big surprise my wife. She has no idea. What's about to? What's about to happen here? We'll get to that. It just a second. Plus, I want to tell the story of the day me, and Abby I met because I think our audience. I know they haven't heard it yet. I think they'll enjoy that story. Standing Valentine's Day. Are you married? What are you doing Valentine's not married live in girlfriend, though? All right, Abby helped me out how long have you been living with her moved in anes of timber you she moved it. And how long were you dating before she moved in? I'm interrogating. You right now to be how long did she were you guys dating before she moved in and September. We were dating for fifteen. Eighteen months before we moved into gather into a new apartment, Abby anything weird about this. Or like, what do you think? No nothing weird about it. Didn't we I think we did the same thing. I think you should live together before you actually get married because if you can't live together, then what's the point? You know what I mean? Get figure it out before you buy the ring that hopefully you'll buy soon we'll have in there. Right. Why is he buying? I don't think he wants to buy a ring. I think he's trying to avoid buying a ring. I think Stanford. I think you're trying to avoid buying. No, incidentally, about a ring except for Abby. I don't know where that came from. Why don't you just throwing rings around of Gordon I've been having what you're doing to make you the point of why you should live together before you would consider buying you might wanna live together. Because maybe you wouldn't even consider it. Here's the deal up telling you, here's the if you had this moment yet. But this is why you need to live with each other you need to gauge her reaction. Are you living in a big place or an apartment because Abby and I lived in an apartment apartment. Okay. So this is the reason I told her she had to live with me you have to gauge her reaction once once she's comfortable enough, you're comfortable enough. Like, you have no idea until she moves in with you, what her reaction is going to be after you take a huge dump and stink up the entire apartment, Abby. This is what we think about I'm serious. I value right now, we think like for you. You're probably saying I need to get to know my need to see if I can live with I I'm only the only reason I moved in with you, you moved in with me and that tiny little apartment is because I needed to gauge your reaction after I took a shit. I've never gotten used to your poop, smells, disgusting. Happy Valentine's Day stupidity. Okay. We all right. So Valentine's Day. I thought it would be a fun idea to share the story of the first day we met which we didn't really meet that day. But I feel like it's the first day we met you remember that. I don't remember the actual day. But I remember you telling me about the day after we were in temple and Lord knows material. Ju I never go to temple. But on this day, I decided to go to temple despite the odds that were against me stacked against me. And I'll tell you about those odds of the second. Do you? Remember what Jewish holiday it was up on ably. Kapoor so static. I am the night before the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. I decided to go out out. Now, listen, I knew I had to go to temple the next day because static I'm new to the area. So I'm not even moved in yet. And Danny catch who's my best friend. He tells me the night before. Hey, YoM Kapoor tomorrow. I have a ticket for you. I'm gonna pick you up a seven thirty in the morning, we're headed over to temple. For three and a half hour service. I mean, that's what he tells. It's dreadful. You don't want to hear that? It's something when you know, you got a big night ahead go I'm out, and I'm partying, and I'm having a good time, and perhaps I should have stayed home and not party at all. But I was twenty something and I was single and I'm down in south Florida and I- partying my ass off. It's all big into myself. I don't go out to like midnight. It's just watching the clock and I have angst. And I got you know, there's all sorts of tension going on. And I've just thinking what am I going to going to sleep and midnight becomes one one becomes two to becomes three three becomes four four becomes five. He's picked me up two and a half hour. I remember the last sip of alcohol, I took was at four forty five in the morning at a bigoted myself. You know, what I'm going to wake up at like seven, and I'm gonna call Danny? And I'm gonna tell him. Hey, I come into. There's just there's no way. Take your tickets scalp it outside the temple. I am not coming today. I did not call. I did not wake up at seven. He came to my apartment, and he called me. I didn't. Answer. He called me. I didn't answer. He called me. I didn't answer. Most people would leave. Not Danny Katz. Danny katz. Pounded on the door. Pounded on the door to the point where I had at. I knew it was it and stands I was thinking about not answering the door. But I, you know, I got up I got into bed I answered the door and it tip. Daddy says to me. Oh my God. You look like hell, I feel like how I I know. I smell Danny looks at me like he's seen a ghost. You'd never see me looking point like this in my entire life. He says, hey, we're going to go to temple. So bigoted myself my God, I'm hung over. I don't want to do this. And I'm saying, Danny. I'm not going. I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up in the corner to throw a temple. And he's like you're going to be fine. Let's go suck it up. I get into shower. I get ready throw a suit and tie on a long story short. We drive over to the temple. I did throw out once he had the pullover on Nob hill road, and I threw up on the side of the road. And then we got to temple and I handed in my ticket, and I get there. And we're late because Dan, he's usually I wrote we were sitting in the last row at abbey, by the way, you were sitting a couple of rows ahead of us a wad you get there so late. What was your excuse? I was hung over. What was your excuse parking? You know, yum Kapoor. It's a packed house. It's like going to see Yankees Red Sox game seven. Yeah. I see this beautiful beautiful uniform woman get up. All right. And she is there with her dopey boyfriend. And there's no way she's going to stay with that boyfriend for for long term. And so she turns around for a second and she waits. What do I do naturally? I wave back to her. I'm thinking. Wow. Look at that Hoti a couple of rose up. She's waving at me. She doesn't even know who I am. This is exciting. Thank god. Dan. He dragged me on the bed the temple because I am going on a date tonight. Even though it's Yom Kippur, and you're not supposed to go on any sort of data not supposed to do anything. But anyway, she waves to me I wave back to her our eyes lock, and we smile at each other. No, definitely not would happen. You are more on. I was not waving at you. I was not looking at you. I was waving to Danny who I've known since I was fourteen. Our our is definitely not luck. I was probably looking at Danny. But no. So that's not what happened. I definitely do not wave at you. So you're telling me because this is news to me here on Valentine's Day. Thank you break, my heart. But you tell me right now there was no flirting going on. Now. I don't even remember that you were with him. I mean, how about that? For Valentine's gift. I am telling the audience right now for seventeen bleeping years, I have operated under the assumption. That Abby was flirting with me that day temple seventeen years. I was operating under that assumption that Abby was flirting with me. And it was just revealed to me, she didn't even know. I was there. Anyway, long story short and will get to our actual real first date on the next episode because I think people will enjoy that as well. Long story short. She did break up with that. Bozo. Beefcake? She was with six months later, and Danny cat set me up with her. And here we are seventeen. Later. So you crush me on our Valentine's Day here Honey, but I'm about to make yours not only am I going to give you the single best Valentine's Day gift. I've ever given you I it's the best Valentine's Day gift in the history of Valentine's Day gifts. Besides one eight hundred flowers dot com, promo code dead. Abby ready for your gift. Ready? Hey, Abby, Kenny G here. Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day, Stu gods. Loves you so much, and I'm here to prove it. Remiss to Kenny G on anything that I'm doing anything lebatardshow related without asking them this important question. What's the single most important fame? The to do to beat the patriots. All they need is for me to do this. If I play the anthem they're gonna win. He's right. I mean, he's right. He didn't play the anthem and they lost. So he's right. I mean, how about that Abby Kenny? Gee, I mean, he's Jewish by the way. Just so, you know, but I mean, Valentine's Day serenade saxophone. He's a busy, man. Doing me a big favor he Jewish again. He's Jewish abbey there it is. You're just a couple of mentions cutting it up about that Abby. Apple the lot of strings and make that happen. I hope you enjoyed it. Do join your gift. I loved it. Thank you was it that Kenny G. And here's what I'm thinking. But you tell me because I think the audience knows that, you know, at this point, nor relationship seventeen years, Ed Sunday nights, very important night. But since I did that for you. And it is Valentine's I'm thinking we push Sunday to Thursday night this week. But they absolutely not, you know, the arrangement. And here's what that arrangement is. That's appointing considering I got her G the arrangement we have an ongoing thing. Valentine's Day, Abby doesn't want me to get her anything what she wants on Valentine's Day is to be left alone. Add so the gift that I give her is the gift of no sex stupas, very excited to have Mark to Shera on the number one podcast in America right now, at least sports and recreation. We were there for a couple of days, we were head of Oprah Winfrey. I mean, we were number one in the nation number one on apple podcasts right now. We'll settle for being number one sports and wreck. But I'm telling you right now to God's army if I'm not number one overall again after this week, especially having more to share. On there's gonna be issues. Okay. Just that's not a threat. I'm just telling you there's going to be issues. My wife says I have a tendency to think that everyone's my friend, and she says, maybe you should actually check with them to see if they think that you guys are friends. I think that you and I are friends we've never met. But I think we're friends. How would you classify our relationship? I would say we are friends. You know, when when you talk to somebody you go. Oh, yeah. My good friends to God's. I wouldn't say we're good friends. My best friend marked share with the potty the number one test in America. You were drafted in the ninth round by the Red Sox nineteen ninety eight. But you didn't like how the Red Sox treated you. Can you share that with us? What happened there what the Red Sox do? So I was fifteen prospect going into the nineteen ninety eight draft as a high schooler out of Maryland. And I knew I was going to get picked somewhere between like the maybe tencent. Twentieth. Picks kind of around there. The Red Sox a few days before the draft called me and said, hey, we wanna take you with the twelfth pick. And we. Want you to do a prearranged deal where you sign for this number? It was one and a half million dollars the time, and you know, that really wasn't legal at the time. And my agent said, hey, you know, just let him draft you, and then we'll negotiate after they draft you. So I told him. Hey, you know, what thank you. I love the play for the Red Sox. But we'll negotiate after the draft. They didn't like that answer. They let every team know that I was not going to sign, and then I was gonna go on to college. Go to Georgia Tech. I did not get drafted until the ninth round. And guess who drafts me the Boston Red Sox? And I just you know, what? And people ask me why I was such a tough negotiator during my career, and wow, so business savvy at a young age, it's because at eighteen years old, I learned the business of professional sports. And I got wise and told Boston kind of go take a hike is that why does the AKIs the only time you had the only time you're free agent. You chose the Yankees. But did you choose the Yankees because? Disdain for the Red Sox. Not at all. Because the good thing was is that the regime that drafted me ninety eight by the time, you know, ten years later in two thousand eight was completely different. So when I met with with eob Stein, I was super press. I mean is sharp guy. He he kinda revolutionized the way the GM's look at the game and and look at their teams and their organization. So I would have been, you know, very happy to play with the Red Sox. You know, what happened to me in high school had nothing to do with that? All right. So you don't carry a grudge? I carry them for life. Mark. That's just so that's interesting. Because I've always said gimme the guy who's got an eye for talent. Give me the guy who could see value where others don't give me. Theo Epstein over the great manager. What do you think about that? Listen, I think managers can only screw things up. And the reason I say that is baseball. It's not like Bill, Bella check game planning or scheming, you know, making adjustments mid game. Baseball managers pretty much once the game started. They throw the ball out there. They say go play, you know, when you're starting pitchers done. You know, what matchups, you know, everyone every manager has this big binder and his coaching staff says, okay? Well, if this player, you know comes in we're gonna put in this pitcher or vice versa. So the game is kinda predestined but a GM on on the other hand he constructs a roster and the off season. He hires scouting directors to go get him young players. And I think GM's have a much bigger imprint on the game today. That's why you see James making five million bucks and manager's making a million bucks. Wchs. God's here. There's nothing small about your business. Your passion, your hours your reputation. It's all you your partnerships, even bigger with Dell small business acknowledged advisors. You'll get the tech advice and one on one partnership to help your business grow because with reliable Dell PC's with Intel core processors, you can focus on what matters most getting business done 877-buy-dell the speak with an advisor today. That's eight seven seven by Dell. I'm going to bring on gear MO here. He's he's probably the biggest baseball fan. We have on our show probably hitting Chris, Cody, and we're just always coming up with with wacky ways to fix baseball here. Text to make it better because we care about the game. And we also do it to annoy Dan before Billy starts pitching ideas. I do want to tell you in the NBA final five minutes of a big game. I know I'm guaranteed to see LeBron James not only be in the game. But taking all the big shots or making all the big passes or making all the big blocks in that game guaranteed. It mark. I know I'm going to see them big spot big game late in the game. I'm not guaranteed that in baseball. So I came up with an idea called the magic at bat. We're once per nine innings a manager. So let's say it's Bryce Harper. He's already bad it in the eighth inning, Mark. Okay. I think the manager should be able to pull out a magic it bat every place who was ever up the eight hitter. He should be able to replace him with Bryce Harper. Just one time. Nine innings. It's called the magic bat. What do you think? I think fans would love that. What do you think? My initial reaction stew. It's a little crazy. I mean, I think that's called a pinch hitter. But but what I would say can I compromise with you here because no one would ever go for the magic at bat. Let's go to twenty six men rosters. And let's just have like some do that can't play. Any defense has no business with the glove on his hand as that twenty six man on the roster for your magic at that. Because I agree. There's nothing worse than a game on the line and eighth or ninth inning. And seeing a slap hitting second baseman come up. That's got no chance to drive in three runs. If you think that idea was insane. Do you hear Billy's ability there? Yeah. I'm here to ask you feel about the two shares answer to the magic of bad Bill. Well, here's the thanks to God. She didn't set it up. Right. So Mark this is what he left out in the match. You get fat. He didn't tell you that there's smoke that comes out of the dugout and the player, you don't know who it is comes through. This smoke and just reveals themselves. Did that change your opinion of the magic bad at all? Actually, I like it better. Now, billy. I am a master salesman on the master salesman on the show, and you absolutely sold that better at convinced share. This is now a decent idea. Pretty good. It's pretty good now that you had to smoke just here's the thing. Mark. We have solutions for almost every problem. You can come up with Bill, for example. They were talking about having a pitch clock. Right. So I mean, you have to hold the pitcher to twenty seconds or whatever the pitch clock it right now. There's no consequences if the twenty seconds go by I mean, maybe they fall or whatever. But this is all right for that. What you do it at the pitchers mouth. You have a batting practice like pitching machine. Right. So teacher wants to throw a curveball or a slide or whatever they only twenty seconds to get that off. And if they don't then the pitching machines just throwing pitch down like seventy five miles an hour right down the middle and the batter just gonna tee off on that pitch. Do you think about that idea? Yeah. I mean, I think we're turning major league baseball kind of the XFL version. Right. And. I think there is there's room for some really interesting things. I don't see a pitching machine being one of them have to be honest with you guys. What do you think about trampoline warning tracks for really tall walls? I'm in on trampoline warning tracks. I mean, because you know, we're we I can't say no to everything because I see a pattern developing here. So I'm gonna give you trampling warning tracks because I think that would actually pretty cool Billy with the idea that Leland like they're. No, oh, that was the idea that you want to hear what Jim Leyland had say when we build them that you have art. Yeah. How do we feel about this one? Jim. We lower the outfield walls would safer landing spots behind them such as water or ball pits. That's Mike Ryan's idea. I think it's a good one. We're eliminating the outfield fences because kids love when outfielders when anyone jumps into a Baltic. You know, that would probably be a little bit more exciting. If what you're saying is. So you're shorting offensive. So they would jump over the fence. You know that that's really not a bad idea. It's the most Yawkey of audio. I've ever heard. Jim Leyland is a he's a legend. I think Jimmy's have his own podcast. And he's things smoking heaters the entire time. Standing put that on the calendar. What's that Don share be producing this podcast village? You have more ideas for more to share. I've I've two more before you. So what do you think about fits? Mark Yuri talk about having designated twenty six person that could come in for pinch hitting at the end of the game. Right. How about this every team has a homerun legend and that person comes in for the end of the game. And this is the second idea so an extra innings homerun derby, but you can only use your home run legend, and it has to be someone. That's connected to the town or the team. It's some way I love that. Yes. Because this is the reason there is nothing more entertaining than old timers hitting batting practice and talking about how good that used to be because so we would might come up take a step further. We'd Mike him. This is great. And then we could hear. I'm talking smack back and forth. Each other at least twenty percent of these home run derbies extra innings would end him in a fight. Could you imagine like Reggie Jackson for the Yankees versus like Jim rice for the Red Sox? Just crushing each other. I to share you might you might be able to latch on with the team like the braids of the Antes if someone could be there twenty six guy we could. But you know, it'd be more fun. If the guys were at least like in their sixties, right? That'd be even more fun. I gotta have enough pop. Maybe we give them like metal bats. So they can actually hit it. But rubber man, I'm all in on that one. So Billy put that Chris on and let Chris pitch a couple of ideas year that Chris what he got for Martha Shera, everyone likes the twit. You can agree. Right. When you're reading a book when you're watching a movie you like at twit, so we're and everyone loves a home field advantage in sports. So what we're going to have is every baseball team at the start of every theory. They can put a pond in the outfield anywhere they want. They have to leave it for the entire Siri. Like you can't switch it from game to game. So you just have to commit. So that's where the ponds going to be. But it's like, you're you're talking like a like a ten foot pon ten by ten maybe like three feet with water in it. And they have to deal with the L. What do you think about that? Can I just honest with you? That's the most ridiculous thing. I've ever heard my life. Do you realize how much work putting a pond in every single series would be for the ground? Screw these poor guys. And they're overworked and underpaid as it is they go recreating jobs, if a whole new pond crew for every team, I'm just being I'm just being realistic here to dig a pond in imagine by the end of the season. What are outfields would look like forget about what it looks like after a Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley. I mean, we're we're doing ponds and every single stadium. I thought that we can do that. I love movies here. What's the best movie? You saw this you. I haven't watched a ton of movies this year. I'm kind of on a TV show kick. But I did get to see. But he mean rhapsody and I loved it. I'm I'm a big music guy. So love Queen and one the Golden Globes people are saying, oh, it shouldn't have won and other films got rob. But I loved it, man. I I didn't want it to end. I didn't want that last seen at Wembley. Stadium to end. So I was I was into it. All right. We're gonna bring on me to explain this in a second. But you have now mentioned Pearl Jam. You've mentioned your love for music. You have mentioned Queen the Coles music experience you've ever had have you met any Vetter because listen, I love to bands, Mark, the grateful debt, and I'll Pearl Jam. And that's it at I'm dying to meet any better. Now, I've met John Mayer. I've met Bob we are have you met at Vetter. Have you hung out with Eddie Vedder? I have met Eddie Vetter hanging out with probably be an overstatement. We were in Wrigley and spent like ten minutes with them in the in the dugout just chatting. So it sounds like you were hanging out. You get his phone number. What happened? No, I didn't get his phone number. I never asked people for their numbers men. People ask me for their numbers. Unless like if it's used to different, you know, 'cause we're friends if I just meet you. If I just meet you. I'm not gonna ask you for your number. We need to build a little bit more reporting that is their celebrity that asked Mark to share for his number where they're where you're thinking to yourself. How the hell did I arrive here when that person is asking me for my phone number? Man. That's a good question. Like any better than ask for your phone number? No, he didn't. I don't think any. I don't think any of those guys that like people ask who is the biggest celebrity you've ever met and everyone runs through Yankee Stadium. Right. So there's a lot of actors and musicians, whatever. But I have to say Prince, Harry, I got the hang out with Prince Harry for like, four hours in New York. We did a charity thing together. He was the coolest guy and you'll probably the biggest celebrity if you look at like worldwide fame of everybody that I've hung out with. And I think I enjoyed hanging out with him. And I think now when I see him all over the supermarket tabloids, and whatever I'm like. Yeah. Hung out with that guy. That's he's he's pretty cool. You're talking about the ginger, right? Oh, yeah. I mean my God. It's gotta be. I mean. Yeah. I would think in your Rolodex of the people you've met in your life, the two most famous or or him and Derek Jeter Yeah. Well, you know after we won the World Series. We went to a knick game. And then went to the forty forty club and hung out with Jay z and Chris rock me. And my wife are sitting there at the forty forty club. Like what just happened? You know last year I was playing for the Braves to start the season, you know, chilling in Atlanta having a good time with my buddies from college. And now I'm sitting here with Chris rock and Jay z at the forty forty club. My life has has changed quite a bit in the last fourteen months. So we're gonna bring on here because we discovered Mike, Bryan. I love the movie point break more great flick. And so we were discussing it for a couple of weeks when me, and it was in town and Meena was jumping into the conversation, and it appeared like she had seen the movie and love the movie the way, Mike, and I love that movie. And then she revealed to us weeks later that she had never seen point break. But I'm telling you if you reported these conversations that you would think that point break is the best movie she's ever seen. So we stumbled upon a fun idea where Meena breaks down movies. We have no idea whether or not she seen seen some movies. She hasn't seen all these movies me to say hi to mortar Shera. Hey, mark. How're you doing? Good good. Love point break. Great flick. Still haven't seen it. Great lick knock it off. Well, I don't I don't wanna ruin it for you. But Kiana Reeves probably should've won an Oscar for his formats, Johnny utha. I always thought he should play me in the movie my life looking. We kinda look like all right? So here's the deal. So what we've done now Mark with with Meena is we'll give her some movies. She will give a description of the movie her feelings about the movie tell you kind of what happened in the movie, and then me you stands our producer. We'll guess whether or not she's actually seeing the movie or not okay the deal. This is Marta shares top three movies on. Okay. Number three Star Wars. Go out. Come on. I mean, it's like one of the most famous movies of all time. I seem we're talking about the original number one. We will obviously detail of how loose star Skywalker played by. Mark Hamill finds out that he's Jit. I right because you live like uncle Ben and some other lady on this planet, and then he gets his message from RTD too. And it sets off this whole chain of events where he discovers that he's, you know, lay his brother and all all that stuff spirits Kuzmina com. Seen the movie Star Wars zero chance I'm going to say that me the times has not seen the movie Star Wars, Mark. I'm going to say that she has seen it. But she saw once and his lost a lot of recollection. All right. Maybe the answer is. Yeah. Mark now that it's been a while. Bending for some reason. That's what stands out by mind, and Mark Hamill being really whiny ending like Huckle. I wanted to go to claim it. That's really my only member stuff word. It was really good. I mean, I could tell that you knew enough about the movie, but I mean, his name wasn't it wasn't until Ben. You know, Ben kanobi was actually the the guy. It was a rice Meena. Yeah. Right. And you find out that lay as Mr. until until number two. Favorite movie of all time. He's actually seen it where the ones movie I like all the Star Wars is. All right. Let's let's get to his second favorite movie of all time. Which is also in my top five, by the way, it is Patty shack so many times go ahead on Caddyshack. Okay. So I'm not like a huge fan of movie, but I've seen it because it's my husband favorite busy and forced to watch it. My husband grew up carrying on a golf course as well. So Caddyshack Ronnie Dangerfield Chevy pay. I don't remember the name of the actor actually plays the caddy a young, dude. He's the main character, basically, it's like a coming of age story. He's a caddy for just like richer, then he starts working caddying for Chevy Chase. Rodney Dangerfield this total snob. Terrible. You know, ridiculous new riche guy and culminates in this turnament and all the I remember the tournament is the kid catty puts it at the end. It only goes in because there's like an explosion from the. Oh for that. Bill murray. Character has been hunting down a lot of details. Very good. Maybe perhaps too many details. Dance dance. Go ahead has ever seen Caddyshack. She's trying to trick us with this. It's my husband's favorite movie. I'm going to say she's seen bits and pieces of the movie, but she's never seen the movie from start to finish tax. I'm going to say here that if you don't remember Nunes name, you have never seen Caddyshack. So I'm going to say, no Meena conscious never seen Caddyshack. I think she has seen it. I think what she said. I don't remember the actor's name that played Newton me guy. Have you seen Caddyshack, Marcus? Trust me. I've never seen Caddyshack. Really it is my husband Peter moves. So how'd you how'd you know, about all the did you just look up on Google like all the different characters and stuff? Yeah. Competed about thirteen minutes ago. Mark do you find the train? Does. She lies about movie. She seemed just so she could be a part of the conversation. You know, what I I'm not surprised anything that happens on this podcast stupidity. Let's go meet his favorite movie of all time. Also in my top five not my favorite because point break is not my second favorite because that's Tango and cash, but more to share his favorite movie number one on his list. Go ahead on goodfellas. Okay. So I I have seen gazelles I prefer godfather part to if we're talking genre, which is one of my favorite movies because I'm good. Okay. So radio does the main guy Henry, I wanna say hanker Henry and he's like a young kid. You know, he gets gets into the mafia like in like at a pretty young age, and it's like deniro who's the other pulsa vino. I wanna say is one of the other mafia, dude. And so anyways, it's all about his journey, mafia. And Karen, I wanna say was the woman and she turns on him, and he cheats on her. And then it'd be any sales them all out to the witness protection program berry. So I mean, a better than you guys. I mean, she's very confident there stands let's start with you has she seen goodfellas is hard to read because she didn't give the the meaningful. Details of goodfellas. But I think she's trying to trick us. So I'm going to say she has seen us. And she's being deceptive. Okay. That's why. She's so good at this, by the way, good at lying, Mark. I don't know about you. I think she is seeing there's too many details. They're good details. I think she is seen goodfellas about you. I think she has too. But she she is throwing me off a little bit. But I do think she's seen it very torn here. All right now. Have you seen goodfellas tricky on everything is? Oh my gosh. So you've actually seen that. Okay. All right. We appreciate it. Get out of here. Promote your podcast real quick. Take out the meantime show, featuring money, we've got the shipping container on this week's gift. She'll be one. Excellent. Check it out as part of web. It's hard and friends podcast network. Meet a thank you so much. We guys do I have a question is what world does mean a live in where she hasn't seen Caddyshack or goodfellas a world that I don't wanna live in. Let me ask you this because you love music, and you love movies and Lord knows you love baseball. And you're great at baseball. But if you could do it all over again, and I give Mark to share the option you're going to be great at what it is. You do you're going to be a lot of money. You're gonna do it for a long time. If you could do it all over again baseball player rockstar or an actor. But would you call rockstar one hundred percent really one hundred percent I've seen you know, what I have a lot of lot of respect for these actors. They work their tail off. But they're they're kind of like faking it. Right. I mean, they're not it's not real. If you're imagine being on the stage with the Qatar hundred thousand fans just screaming, and you're just just ripping those chords. Oh my gosh. That would be a rush every single night. All the Rockstars wanna be athletes all the athletes wannabe Rockstars, right? It's crazy, man. I mark. We appreciate the time. Thank you so much, man. All right to all. Right. That was a lot of fun today. Thanks to Mark to share. A thank you to to Abby as well. My lovely wife. Happy Valentine's Day to all the all the wives and the living girlfriends out there standing living girlfriend with the hell is going on with you, whatever. But a happy Valentine's Day to to everyone out there. This was a lot of fun and a big thank you to Kenny. Gee, I mean that was really really special. My wife loves Kenny. Gee, I love Kennedy who doesn't love Kenny G. But anyway, here's what I want you to do. Okay. This is your listen, I'm giving this to you every single week out of the kindness of my heart. Abby is not getting paid a dime. I'm not getting paid a dime. Stanford. You getting paid to do this barely. All right. So barely barely standing zero mate zero Abby this is what we're doing this for you. We are doing this for the stugotz. Army the people who love lebatardshow, we are doing this for you out of the kindness of our hearts. Okay. I'm not getting paid Abby not getting paid standing barely getting paid. This is my valentines gift to you this podcast. Okay. Stupidity. It is my valentines gift for you. And when I want you guys do for me on Valentine's Day is simple. I want you to download this thing. I want you to rate it. I want you to. -cribe? I want you to review, and then I want you to unsubscribe at I want you to resubscribe. And then I want you to rate it again. And then I want you to review it again. And then I want you to unsubscribe and subscribe, unsubscribe grat good. Got it. Good. All right. I know the name of the podcast is to potty. If you will allow me though for just a minute here to be serious about something. That means a lot to me to my community to my family today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic shootings at stoneman Douglas high school that is a high school that is within walking distance of my house, not very far from where I'm sitting right now, and like many I've spent a lot of time recently reflecting on that day, and what's happened in the year that has passed since that day, and I find it kind of interesting that you know, I can't remember a single thing that happened the day before I'm not certain I can remember much of what happened the day after. But I can remember every single detail of what happened the day of seeing all the military vehicles. And the cop cars and the ambulances and the fire trucks passing me as I. Had to pull over on the sawgrass expressway and me still having no idea what was going on even while all those cars all those vehicles were clearly racing to an emergency or bright near my house. Still had no idea got back on the expressway. And carried on the conversation. I was having with my friend went to my normal. Starbucks and in the phone started to ring, they just started the buzz. I'm standing in that store bucks. A couple of football fields away from all the terror happening at stolman Douglas high school and of standing there standing in line and my kids don't go to stolman Douglas, but we live again within walking distance of that school. I start getting text nonstop people unknowingly who do not know that my kids don't attend that school. But no, I live in Portland. No. I lived close to that school. Asking me if my daughters are okay. And thankfully, they were because they didn't go to that school. So imagine a pack store bucks line out the door. And then all of a sudden it an instant it clears out. Because everyone gets that phone call everyone gets that text. And then I get it from my wife, and she is I can hear the terror in her voice the fear in her voice, the sadness in her voice. And so listen, it's gonna be it's Valentine's then and I want everyone out there to enjoy it. But just know it's going to be a difficult day here in parkland. But every day for the last year has been a difficult day since that day just more people paying attention today. But we've been going through this for Vernon tire year while you're out there today going about your normal day. Just remember here in parkland. It is anything but normal at it has been normal for while. I'm not certain will ever be normal again. So on a day where you know, you express your gratitude to your loved ones just just do me a favor. Keep all the kids all the people all the parents, everyone just keep us in your hearts today. And it will just say this. I am proud of my city. I am proud of my hometown. I thought things would go back. Back to to normal. Go back to people acting the way they did before that day that has not been the case there's been a noticeable change. It is a change for the better where people are more tolerant of each other people the more patient with each other, and at least one year in that has continued where everyone in this city has just decided, hey, you know, what certain things just aren't important, and we're going to be nicer and more patient and kinder to everyone and my thoughts my prayers on the families that were affected by this. Please I ask that you keep them in your hearts today as you. Celebrate Valentine's Day, could it be a tough day and parkland appreciate it.

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