An Overview of Some of the New Features in MacOS Big Sur


You're listening to this podcast. Hey apple visser's tyler here with the demonstration in walk of some of the new features in macos big sur. If you've been following some of the mainstream tech news regarding the release of big sur you've probably heard a lot by now about the interface redesign and if your voice over wondering of your voice over user. You're probably wondering what does this mean for me. I've been using big sur for a while now and i can say that voiceover works. Generally the same in that the concepts from version to version from catalina to big sur remained constant and the interface design that is often referred to is primarily visual. No one exception to that. I've found is the increased prominence of the actions menu although mac os has had an actions menu for a while. Now it has gained increased prominence in big sur and. I can demonstrate this most immediately. I'm on my desktop. i'm using up aero dropbox alias. Use the down arrow drive volume options available actions available if you use. Irs and ipad os. The that phrase will sound very familiar to you. So i'm gonna access the actions minute with vr command space transmitter two items and use down arrow. Donald oregon children u. And those the only two options in that particular menu. But i'm impressed escape. And if you're using a mac that doesn't have an key press function tab instead drive volume and keep in mind that the show menu action is actually the same menu that you would get to. If you pressed via shift 'em so i can seem a little confusing because you have both the actions menu and the contextual menus and as a general rule i found that in apps that have been on mac os for a long time like finder mail safari etc. The contextual menus generally work as they always have and the actions menus feature most in apps ported from ios and ipad os. Like taps. so good thing about that is like say with the messages app. The actions in the actions menu are the same or similar as the ones in the rotor. On providing a sense of consistency. Once you memorize that keyboard command and normalize it here everyday use moving on one feature on sort of mainstream feature is the revamped notification center and that does change some things for voice over some open. It now with video with construction. It's a new shortcut information center window school area. So i'm gonna vera at it. Which which is greed fear left notifications list notifications less list. And those are the three elements in vacation center. Simon interact with the notifications left with the down arrow time two days ago. Weekly reports available. So that's my screen time notification to go available screen your screen two days and that happens to be the only notification i have currently and to interact with notification. Just press veto command space items and this menu only two items but children you show menu close and close and that's the equivalent of clear or dismiss on i s close screen time so now that notification has been dismissed and for other types notifications like for example messages. You can use that actions menu to reply directly to the message from notification center. So many get out of this notifications list and vr right to the widgets grid. Which here's where things get a little interesting and it seems to be an area where apple could do some work on this. There's much room for improvement. But if i interact with grid calendar calendar weather stocks stock screen time and screen time so if i interact so for example. The weather widget stock other would interact with the shift down in weather. Which at thirty. Nine degrees fahrenheit partly cloudy high of one degrees tonight low of thirty four degrees fahrenheit kinkel cape elizabeth and. That's the only information spite in the wichita. And i can hit the edit which it spun if i stop. Interact out of out. We just grid. And viagra edit button space search. And that's another thing. Why i'm at a notice how when i hit a button with the space. Any element activated in mac. Os big sur. Instead of the classic press announcement in now does the irs style. Double tap sound so. Just keep that in mind. When you're using big sur. But i'm gonna go right image calendar. Calendar luck vir unlabeled images. I don't know exactly what these are. Notes note photos photos. Podcast reminders reminders. Screen time screen time image stocks stocks whether whether which is an which it's grid grid next to track of come to events in meetings so that refers to the calendar which it which apparently is selected but if i stop in iraq whether image stocks and go to stocks for example head. Vr space. If i go back to the widgets grid which is grit in which grid symbol. Price goes on track performance of a simple throughout the day so stocks is displayed description of that. Which is slid but as at the time of recording. I cannot figure out how to add widgets to the notification center. Might be a way. But i'm not sure how it's supposed to work or it could be a bug. I don't know out of which is to get out of that. I'm not right again. Which is grit and this is the second widgets red with the existing widgets. I have added in notification center. Some interact without the schiff down calendar and calendar widget. I'm gonna shift down alan six minus minus button. That's to delete the widget. So if you want to delete a widget you just focus on your existing widgets. Interact with the widget. You want to move and hit minus. So that's basically overview of the notification center again. I think it's an area where apple has some work to do But i think it could be a very useful feature particularly if third party. Developers take advantage of this and add more interactive widgets. So many get out of this with escape finder. And i'm going to demonstrate the control center if us ios. You're probably well into the control center. It's an area where you can configure some basic parameters without needing to dive into settings control center mac. Os has the same objective. And you access it through the menu extras. There is no keystroke as far as out to access control center twice and usa's and veto left siri. Siri siri menu control center. The space application controls dialogue music. We selected a toggle button. Music be selected wifi. That's yeah alex just seems to mispronounce that for whatever reason the do not disturb toggle about to not disturb bluetooth select bluetooth airdrop selected toggle airdrop keyboard spot keyboard brightness screaming screen mirai sixty two point five percent display. That's my display brightness. Apparently sixty two point five percent sixty two point five percent sound volume flatter sixty two point five percent sound toggle airplane audio music play button and notice how these all have actions available so if they go over to airdrop for example your sixty sixty sixty sixty screen keyboard like airdrop selected toggle button options available via space on that will just turn it off. 'cause it's slanted that seemingly implies that it's on but i have a little more granularity. So i can customize it with the actions menu similar to how. If i was using i would use the actions. Rotor to expand controls in center actions to items show details show details on a use that airdrop check check box. Astronaut contacts only selected toggle contacts on everyone toggle button every everyone top and if i wanted to turn our job while check out. Just do that to this box. Or i would simply not even need to go into this action into the show details. I would just the space on that control to disliked it and you can configure. What appears in control center in system preferences just go to dock and menu bar. Somebody get out of control center now finder and there are a bunch of different things that can be configured in control center I'll just give an overview preferences are preferences drive old system preferences system for just talking menu docking menu bar loading many our window docking many bar table. Talking menu are selected down arrow. We many wi fi. We've we've always control center. So that's something that's always in control center and those you'll see that in the table there are a couple of things that remain in the control center that you cannot change. But i'm going to continue going down this table tape bluetooth airdrop do not disturb keyboard. Rightness screen hearing controls display menu are sound menu are in control center. Play menu are in control center now. Playing image is now playing now playing now playing table. Accessibility accessibility shortcut customize accessibility. Show men bar on chat show controls object and show and control center. So any of these things that you'd want to have shown in each either your menu bar or your control center a picture. The menu are being an area where a couple set just a few quick access. Settings are and the control center where you can have a more expansive list of quick settings But of course that's up to you depending on your needs and your use case some closer this finder and that's just basic control center so now onto the new messages app that is. I've found one of the most dramatic changes at least to my use case of mac. Os is the revamped messages app. And what they've done is they've apparent. Apparently rewrote it to catalyst app so much closely parodies the messages app on ios and ipad us open now and hopefully siri will work for me open messages. Alex window and attacks is an ad. Alex in this case. Context is my colleague that i was messaging with earlier. So all veto left to give sense at the interface apps the apps. I'll come back to that in a sec collection messages collection so frana review the contents of my conversation just via ship down arrow and messages collection message. Confetti for fifties group. And that's what. I said at four fifty six pm all left alex. I am not sure what it was. But he worked for fifty five replay. This affects verify. Going okay so. Those are just messages. That i sent and of course to find the most recent message you go to the right alex and that says that he read the message yesterday. So we'll get out of this out. And via left vertical splitter conversations conversations so interact with this and this is just basically a list of conversations and conversations collection selected alex confetti yesterday and for messages for the new messages app. It's instead of a table. It's a collection and in order to activate a conversation. You need to via space on a conversation so just keep that in mind because that was one thing i sort sorta get used to. Is that because it's not a table anymore. I would need to select each conversation if i wanted to send a message someone else. And as an example of how messages. On mac os now parodies messages. Us i focused on. Alex and i'm gonna veto command space and enough six hundred and this actions menu high alerts hide alerts delete delete replay button pin. Just just show on top of everything of other messages. Press press show. Can you show menu jumped in just jump to messages clutching somebody get out of that and via left again alex. That's the verticals. Litter conversations collect search toolbar and the toolbar. Alex alex conversation details conversation details. And that's where if i wanted to share my location or hide alerts for this conversation. It'd be in that view conversation. And that's the all the all the tennis toolbar. So i'm gonna get out with vio. Shift up out in toolbar and over again vertical slip. Alex alex and in messages in the messages collection alex edwards and. I'm focused on a message. And like on iowa i can use actions to react for example so fi activate the options menu with the space copy. Reply it can reply. So that if i was in a group message i could reply to an individual center and that helps keep the conversation tidy because i found when you have a lot of messages sent by a lot of people things can get a little convoluted so you can do that react. You can react press show menu. Which doesn't seem to do anything and jump to the message fields. You'll press react so for react of course heart but you have the heart which is like to love something. Thumbs up thumbs up to like thumbs. Down thumbs down to dislike button to laugh exclamation button exclamation mark question. So that's basically an idea of what you can do with messages and reacting to missiles but there's now something else you can do with The apps button go to that to demonstrate this emoji. I'm aspen button. Emotion message message aspect menu app so that opened a menu down air photos photos. So i wanna send a picture. Stickers me emoji stickers. I've not explored that i don't really know how that works. Number hashtag images. That's i think for trending memes again. Don't use that feature. So i can't speak to it whole lot. Message facts and message effects and that would be for example. If you write happy birthday it will intelligently sound balloons animation of balloons but to see what some of the effects are. I'm just going to select this type of message. The message message a tax is anything and it wants me to type a message. So t's t apps button effect message faxed apps button message. The message affects collection. Select message affects collection selected interacted with that so they love fact. Let's love effect loons button balloons. Effect invisible ink button invisible ink effect. Confetti buttons and fatty effect slam button slam effect button lasers loud celebration but celebration event. I go button effect. Spotlight spotlight effect fireworks. Fireworks gentle button gentle. And i don't know in what context someone would or wouldn't use these other than the balloons for happy birthday. But like they're they're now on the mac and you can also receive messages with full screen effects that people send to you that you can do on your mac. So that's just a basic overview of message is and now to take you to just show you these sounds preferences pain because one thing that mac os spitzer has done. Is they've changed. The system sounds not necessarily voice over. Sounds but sounds for example when you press a key keyboard key when you're not in a text field it will sound a little different Think the best way to demonstrate this. Close the messages window close. We know and notice massachusetts messes as no windows. There's nothing open but the app is still running. So if i press just any lead on the keyboard notice that sounds different from earlier. Versions of mac os because they have done away with the old sounds and put new ones in someone to quit messages now. And show you into sound preferences. Finder open sound preferences references. Sally window toolbar. Sound sound effects selected a tab one of three. That's what i want. In selected selected advice for sound of england. Select alert sounds table alert. Sounds breeze this sound. Br breeze bowel crystal crystal. Funky funky irwin heroine. Jump jump mezzo. Mezzo pebble howell hook plug on sonar soon so new. Me urge submerge. So those are the sounds the new sounds. You can get from big sur. If you've you'll find also please sound effects through alert volume at one hundred mexico's startup. Check box sound on startup. If you're a longtime mac user or if you've had a mac made before twenty sixteen you may be used to the sound. The post sound when the computer turns on Now you can choose because new. Max by default didn't have that But has brought back so you can choose if you want to play. You can check this box interviews. And that's just please side effects that's always just been there so that's an overview of some of the features that i find most important. Obviously there are a lot more changes throughout the that. I cannot cover in one recording. But hopefully that gives you an idea of some of what's new and i hope. He found this useful piece. This apple podcasts. Have been brought to you by the community of alvis dot com for the latest in resources and tips and tricks to get you the best experience from your apple. 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