Cam Newtons Messy Breakup With The Panthers


after months and months of speculation one of the NFL's all-time Great qb's was recently. Go in a rather shocking way breaking news the Panthers Cam Newton back seek a trade. I mean his nine year run and Carolina Cam Newton Social Media and said that he did not request a trade the Carolina Panthers basically told them that it would be like this and he said this was put on him today. The athletics Jordan Rodrigue joins US TO DISCUSS. Why the Carolina Panthers Franchise quarterback was released? So unceremoniously what could be next for Superman and why he is meant so much to the Carolina community? They saw someone who played with joy someone who played with more heart than almost anybody out there on the field. Somebody who could do ingenious things from wondering on the athletic. I'm could beat the Davidson and I'm it's Wednesday April first and this is sportscenter April fools. This is the lead so bad felt like something was ocean stories of the past. 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Two and ham had been kind of coming back. Ever so slowly from This Freak Foot Injury Carolina. Panthers think he's going to be okay. The initial x rays were negative. It is a sprained ankle right now. He wasn't a walking boot booth that we saw him leaving the stadium and they're going to give him more xrays today to make a final determination. But I can tell you that being told by various people within the organization. You're don't worry about the foot don't worry about. But and he came back and he didn't quite look himself than than against Tampa Bay in week. Two there was a really striking moment when at the very end of the game on the goal line and they did not give him the ball. They gave it to Christian. Mccaffrey instead. Direct snap faked. Toss McCaffrey depends where they put it. What a play by Hargraves hat on the edge in he did not get it todd. Bowles defense was not fooled. What a play and the play failed and they lost the game and something was super off at that point. It was well known that he had just a year left on his contract and so there was a lot of thought that if they were going to extend him this foot injury kind of threw everything off and not just the foot but a new owner and back to back shoulder surgeries. So there's a lot of things sort of stacked up against and then the freak foot injury happened so it was really difficult to know when he would be okay. That sort of started escalating into the middle of the season and then with four games left head coach. Ron Rivera was fired. It was a bad idea. I don't think they should have fired him now. I don't think they should have fired. Ron Rivera period Rivera with Cam Newton. When to the Super Bowl in two thousand fifteen? The year before that he was seven that was kind of the writing on the wall. It felt like because he and Ron Rivera had been tied since two thousand eleven. Ron was the guy who drafted him. Still know the panthers were not coming out and talking about it and they were saying giving themselves the caveat like well. We'll talk about it when he's healthy and give us till when he's healthy and when he's healthy get back to me deserves to be said how hard he's working into. Rehab into the. Panthers have an in house video production team. They released a sponsor documentary episode. That was reiterating that rules comments at the combine in Indianapolis about how much he wanted Cam Newton to be his quarterback and how much he was looking forward to working with him and having him on his football team. I'm going to go up there and say I can't wait for him to be healthy. I can't wait for a chance to work with them. I'm excited about the future with him and excited about who he is. But at the same time behind the scenes it was very much apparent that there is a trade market that they were trying to sort of manufacturer for him. Things started escalating through the spring and Cam. Newton went out on Radio Road Super Bowl and said he had had some really great and optimistic conversations with new head coach Matt rule or are you going to be back in Carolina like. Are you sure you're going to be a panther? Absolutely talked about rule is it. Yes Sir I. As a matter of fact you know the devastating to not have the coach who drafted you. Let's say you've got to turn. The page had unbelievable conversation with Mardi Harney GM David Surfer the owner as well as you know cultural the the new head coach and I left. That meeting inspired not only in talk. I'm not you won't find another person in that in that locker with more to prove not only to you poodle to myself and ultimately even though he was able to pass physical and gave them quote unquote the Healthy Cam Newton. They announced that they were going to part ways with him. The press release was so odd. The press release said we have given Cam Newton permission to seek a trade and then they went on to list all of his injuries at the bottom of the press release. I don't think I've ever seen a press. Release that says. Hey We'd like to trade this player. Also here's how her he's been and Newton got on instagram and said I never asked for this one of the videos. He says all I do is work. That's all I know. They gave up on me. Don't know more word play. Don't manipulate to narrative. You forced me into this. We reported at the athletic that just hours after releasing that best released that they had agreed to terms with Teddy Bridgewater. The former backup quarterback New Orleans saints. Get your chilling. It'll be conceived a trade the Carolina Panthers or releasing quarterback Cam Newton with no shooters coming in and having signed Teddy Bridgewater. Two or three or sixty three billion dollar deal last week. That was only a matter of time according to our NFL insiders. He was going to be there next quarterback for the next three years and so I've heard a lot of comparisons to this is like if you were dating somebody and you tell them. I'm giving you permission to see other people. Also here's my new boyfriend girlfriend. How have panthers fans reacted to all of this drama fans have not taken it while just heard and I saw over the panthers and ceremonial over Twitter Instagram? That Camden is now to seek trade on so sad. We've had since two thousand eleven has hope he goes somewhere where you can succeed. Because that's all I want from him. There has never been a player in the Carolinas. Who has drawn? I think such passionate support and really moved people in the way that he has and so for them to kind of in glamorously kind of dumped him by the wayside even though logically and people knew this was logically a very real option. And you know we had kind of talked at nauseam about this thing actually happening. It's still the way it happened was really jarring and I think something that really upset. A lot of people will in. It's worth remembering just how Cam Newton became so beloved in Carolina Jordan. Can you just remind us? What was it like when he first came onto the team? Yeah you know it's it's it's not just like oh you've got a great number one overall pick. You have one of the Best College. Football players of all time controlled as as adult. Your lives up in the backfield and Cam Camp Lou on this. You're talking about heisman. Trophy winner that has not thrown a single incomplete. Pass the opening drive this season and one that hasn't committed a turnover in the fourth quarter. The progression everywhere inbetween has been up scaling that Charlotte's a small city. It has aspirations. But it's still a small city and Cam. Newton was really the first time that they became a global brand. And you know you got just some the really ugly people coming out of the woodwork. For All of the time that he was here and there were some ugly things that people said but to the WHO really look to him and saw Cam for what he was. They saw someone who played with joy someone who played with more heart than almost anybody out there on the field. Somebody who could do ingenious things with the football bend time and space like it. It's just I still can't believe some of the things I've him do. Purchase Time Newton. Nowhere to go but he got the first down with a leap over various Butler for eleven yards. Kiss not supposed to happen this way what he has done to the game the evolution of NFL defense's had to change had to speed up just for him. His knick's Taylor. Jones setting space goes to the highway to not be the greatest. Playoff seed can long time. This is a national football league and he makes four New England patriots. Miss you had to draft different types of linebackers and defensive linemen and even corners safeties just to counter. Can you talk about what kind of figure he grew to be locally when he first got to Charlotte there? Is this this big sense that he wanted to help kids out and he wanted help the youth out and he started this thing called the Sunday giveaway? And so every time he'd score a touchdown throw a touchdown pass or he'd run one in himself. That ball would go to a kid in the end zone with His Jersey. Ready to take it home happy. You know you hear stories from these kids who are now teenagers. You hear stories from their parents on social media in emails where that still remains you know the greatest day that Kid's life and that could have been all that he did but instead he took it upon himself to create the Cam Newton Foundation which he was helped run by several really altruistic way. Great people who just wanted to help their community and he fed thousands and thousands and thousands of families on Thanksgiving and Christmas every single year. It became like the events of the year incident. I S here tonight. You know these to see this cycle or sees as right now. Hope somebody remember just for the rest of their lives This is the annual event that I will want to do for a long time for. Never turn people away. What do you think it meant for young local black kids in the Charlotte area to see Cam? Newton thrive I can't specifically obviously speak from that perspective but I can say that from the interactions that I saw with him and young black kids young black boys and girls who may be going to you know their first game. It was always just so. I mean you see a superhero. But then the superhero kind of kneels down. Always kneels down to where he's looking you right in the eyes and talking to you on your level and talking to you like you matter you can never quantify something like that. That's wild to me to think about fact that Cam Newton has been in the League for ten years already You know do we have a teddy bridgewater. Do we have a Lamar Jackson? If we don't have a Cam Newton. No we don't and you know what those guys can. We'll never say I did that. He would never say that. But those guys teddy and Lamar the Shawn Watson guys who can reach out to and speaks to and kind of has a support system for and gives advice to. They will tell you that they have said that in the past that they don't think that they could be where they are if they had not seen what. Cam Newton was doing at Auburn. You know what he was doing for the Carolina Panthers and I think again. That is so important because this league. It's so stuffy and it's so just constricted in terms of like where are the personalities. Where's the fun whereas the electricity where are where are the people who are genuinely playing with joy and I think you see that in Teddy Bridgewater you see that are Jackson? See that into Sean. And they'll tell you straight up. You Know Cam. Newton is someone who made me believe that this is possible. 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Honestly I would say and they are not rebuilding completely from the ground up. If you don't sign a guy like teddy bridgewater. Who can win you football games? It's your completely tearing everything down and rebuilding. So it's almost like a half rebuild half retool and all of it's going to happen on the fly. There's still a split opinion about whether they should tear the whole thing down and rebuild or whether they are going to try to Winston Games in two thousand twenty in and I think by bringing in Teddy Bridgewater. They've made it clear that they are going to try to win. Games in twenty twenty and in the draft. I believe they're going to start bringing in guys who are going to be core pieces and core players. Who are going to buy into Matt role but I think that there's some skepticism and some healthy skepticism. I would say that the warning or the thing to be cautious about is. Can you build something that will win on a sustainable basis if your foundation is shaky and you know throughout this whole drama Cam has actually been very clear about his desire to stay in? Carolina? Have you ever wondered if he's too loyal? Perhaps I just wanted to sometimes be like I get that you love the community here and I understand how powerful place it can be in how welcoming and it can feel so much like home but they are not set up for success for you now. At this point I think with his kind of he's he's out of the forest. A little bit in terms of the situation is settled down a little bit. He's now looking at other rosters. He's now seeking out other potential options. And if I'm him I've got a feel a little positive about that. Because there are situations that are built for someone like him to be successful. There are better. You know offensive. Line's out there. There are teams that have taken care of guys in that regard and so for him. I would think he almost. Mike feel little relief that all of this is over and this long eight months dance that they've done back and forth between these camps and all of the narratives because now what he can do is he can focus on football and and you know that's his first love and and that's what he is all about Jordan. You found yourself in the middle of some CAM controversy a few years ago when you asked him a question about running routes and he kind of scoffed at the idea of a woman reporter talking about roots this funny to hear female talk about routes. He was widely criticized at the time. He actually lost some sponsorship deals. But in reading your writing since and in talking to you since you seem to have genuinely enjoyed covering Cam Newton I think you can you can have messy moments and you can feel messy about something or someone for a moment and things can be complicated and hurtful and that does not change how you should treat people and Cam. Every single day treats people with respect Cam. Newton is apologizing understand. A word choice was extremely. They great in and disrespectful to limit. If you are a person who took offence to what I said. I sincerely apologize and so to me. It was really important to me and I will forever be grateful that despite you know a brief and messy time that never prevented us from being kind to each other anyway. So when all of a sudden done. What's next for Cam Newton well? I don't know what the charges are doing waiting so long to sign the guy but I mean clearly. Nobody in that building in Los Angeles has ever been to a Panther's game with him. Newton in his heyday. Because let me tell you that guy puts butts and seat for me. That's a franchise that could really use a little in pardon the pun but electricity in that regard and. I think that CAM is a great fit. You know. I'd like to see it personally. You know I don't cover them anymore so I don't have to be unbiased and in a biased way. I hope he goes somewhere. That sets them up for success so few people on. It's so rare to end things on your own terms in the NFL. I think they can. Newton might be that rare of a player. Could maybe have a chance at doing that. We'll Jordan thank you so much for joining us. Even if you did throw in a chargers pawn unexpectedly for having me you can read Jordan Rodrigues coverage of the Carolina Panthers at the Athletic Dot Com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead. It's been business mostly as usual for the NFL. During the corona virus pandemic and that continued on Tuesday when the League announced its plans for the twenty twenty regular season on a conference call. All of our focus has been on a normal traditional season starting on time playing in front of fans in her regular stadiums and going through full sixteen game regular season and the NFL also announced on Tuesday that owners have approved the new fourteen playoff format which means seven teams from each conference will make the postseason instead of six and though the League plans to start season on time the release of the season schedule has been delayed from April until may also on Tuesday New Orleans Saints Head. Coach Sean Payton who told USA. Today that he's quote one hundred percent recovered from the corona virus made an appearance on ESPN and apparently broke. Some news on behalf of Drew Brees. The unique situation with our team and with our quarterback drew brees is. He's announced he's coming back for its final season. Brees who turned forty one in January. Signed eight two year. Fifty million dollar deal with the saints a couple of weeks ago and. Dr. James Andrews has decided to temporarily stop performing Tommy John Surgeries at his facility in Florida. A spokesperson for Andrew is a statement saying quote we are not performing any non urgent or non emergent procedures including Tommy John. Surgery in compliance with the governor's executive order we are adhering to these restrictions and all such cases are suspended at this time. Tommy John Surgery. And whether it's medically necessary has been a topic of discussion recently with two Star pitchers Chris sale of the red sox and Noah syndergaard of the mets both undergoing the procedure within the last week. That's it for today. Thanks for listening from wondering on the athletic. I'm beat the Davidson and I'm under skelter see tomorrow.

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