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I'm telling you because you're rooting for the other team but also because you can get any hot beverage at any size for one dollar which is seven eleven app and you only get a pumpkin spice latte. They manhattan lakewood at like seven eleven b game. I'm dave ready plus tax where applicable valid at participating locations farmers insurance knows the difference between a car hitting your bumper and a clown car hitting your because because we covered it clicked for more are under at my farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates available in every state recorded live live at corolla one studios with adam corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist dr drew pinski. You're listening listening to the atom dr drew shell get it on. They got their didn't and we're over here. Ah man man about ten times as road. Hey you the king of the road so good news. Ryan holiday is in-studio bestselling author. He's got a podcast. He sold millions of books. He's a motivational speaker. He speaks to professional sports. Sports franchises fixed the n._f._l. Owners i mean he is the real deal. Stillness is the key it's available for preorder now on amazon out october. I could see again my friend yeah. Thanks so the corolla staff already raving about it yeah yeah they are into it so so i signed them a couple more books for really yeah. That's the bambi. Obstacles away egos the enemy. It's time it's time for these guys to read this so they can really start to adopt some adam. Adam is sort of passively a stalwart. Yes he doesn't know it. They lined up more with your philosophy. I think he's a natural philosophy awesome natural philosopher what is a stoic what's the definition lost for warrior but a philosopher king sometimes but go ahead and tell us doses so <hes> stoicism is an ancient philosophy comes from rome. We think we think epicurious means a hedonist. We think stoic means has no motions. Both a total mess readings serve four virtues of stoicism our wisdom justice temperance courage. That's the whole thing is basically the idea that we we don't control the world around us but we control how we respond and <hes> that's what we should focus on. So you remember how i met ryan no oh no let me think ryan when he was on. My podcast said he met you at sixteen fating eighty eight. It's my brain is weird weird. I remember odd and even if you would've said not safe you would've said not sixteen eighteen but i would have never said seventeen or fifteen. I know otter even anyway he were. He approached you at an event at that age yeah and reading now when i go i'm well. I'm not sure you want to read this stuff. It seems it's pretty boring but if you're ready for it i was reading the end caribbean by epoch t. but i don't remember where the event was or what accents accents is in los angeles. Here's the weirdest possible event you could again. It was a it was a conference put on by trojan condom right for journalists or yeah because it and it was was what's her name there to <hes> those are woman with me. You know it was just you just me okay all right. Sorry being a stoic is what values again wisdom justice temperance kirk self-control wisdom so intelligence courage bravery. I forget <hes> temperance so moderation right well. The justice injustice do the right thing yeah i don't. I don't mind being wired that way or being way. I'm wired. The thing is is when you get hit with like frivolous us lawsuits which i get hit with. I don't get angry. I get confused. Yeah i'd be like and and there's claims of racism and it's like how how could you do this. How can people say. I don't know how people can do it. I get those like i kinda get al-qaeda but when i have a neighbor tried assuming zooming get ten thousand dollars. You're forty four year old professional guy. How can you do this. I am sending a letter like i'm confused that guy i su he kept threatening that a bunch of these but the point is i mostly. I'm confused onto ends. I'm confused that there's an adult adult who lives next door to me. Who is threatening this. I'm a. I'm confused that there's another professional dull. Who's an attorney. Who's willing to write the letter for. I'm confused by like i literally it doesn't make sense to me but are angered by to some degree but i mostly like i have no idea what are you doing. Why would you do this s. Like what do you do. Do you have mir's at your fucking house. What happens when you pass one like how do you how do you get that way. When when <hes> medical students wouldn't follow the directions actions fall through on the things i asked him to do what the life you i told you what to do. I have that too. This is even worse but sorry go ahead ahead ryan. I know i was just going to say are you. Are you surprised actually like giving everything you've seen in your life or you actually surprised i am surprised is i'm discouraged. How weak people are how how they have a million and one thoughts and then someone one tells them you can get eighty five hundred dollars for free and they go fuck it. It's all out the window. I'm in whatever we gotta. Write whatever we have to accuse. I mean we just had <hes> o oh on a._c._s. Two weeks ago. I had <hes> sean <hes> football player in here. Figure it out the move in mcgarrell. Thanks brian brian banks too many names brian banks is in brian banks brian. Brian banks was an all whatever football player at the high school level. There's a movie out now glide ryan banks and there's a fee on and he had a verbal commitment to go to u._s._c. in the eleventh grade that he was a big time guy he was going to the pros at some point eventually eventually did i you had to go to prison for five years because a classmate accused him of rape and he did not rape her yeah and that's it and she accused him of rape and he went to jail and this fee nom athlete was pulled out of the eleventh grade and sent to prison and she got one point five million bucks from like the school system and later on years years later when he got out of prison parole and stuff like that she was like yeah. I lied. I didn't lose my virginity until you know after our little encounter and everything but my worry is i. I don't want to give back one point five so that's my that's my that's my dilemma and i'm like i am. I am astounded that this person exist and that this person can watch this blue chip athlete rot in prison while he should be a star u._s._c. and you just go go. Pats your day like. I'm confused that there's that many of those people not stores. She's not historic. What was it again but in a way in a way along the line cont <hes> one of the virtues i i didn't go off tuned out a little but the almost the courage required to exist such an insane world baffles us. You know what i mean like like how how did you hear things like that and then wake up and go like i'm going to be a good a person today when you know what people regularly get away when you know how low the actual standard of behavior as a human being that you could get away with is i think it says something about we should be mildly police that more people are not just heinous awful. She's here. I i am. I'm also again seemingly decent. People willing to transition to sort of semi. Emme heinous for a couple of dollars is really insane. I mean the other ones that get me all the time talking about football but ray caruso son and is ray crew's coming out of jail. He's out of jail probably right caruth his son he's a junior sadly very disfigured figured in in a wheelchair and they can't operate and blah blah blah because when his mom is. I don't know eight nine months pregnant with him. She was shot multiple times because ray carruth. Ah got his twenty two year old girlfriend pregnant and did not want to deal with her and the launch a little plan where they would go to a movie and then they would make sweet love and then they we're getting a car and they'd like he'd follow her her house and they'd stop on this dirt road and this other card come pulling up trap to cars and unloaded clip into the car and and kill the twenty-three-year-old who was pregnant nine months now the part about the whole story that freaks me out. Is all of it now the ray caruth part. I'm not bothered by. I'm bothered that he just found a guy backed the car up it was he paid him like forty. Five hundred dollars and the guy is just a ryan twenty three year old who was nine months pregnant. It's like yeah. We'll give me the forty five hundred and tell me what street were meeting on that guy so that's the scariest human being on the planet that rake ruth one is bad but not as bad. It's just like <hes> what are we. We have from movies you think hit men are these elite assassins that could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's like agency that sets up the hits and then it's usually all kill someone for fifteen hundred bucks and they do a horrible job. Also it gets you literally for five for the price of a very used pickup truck you can get somebody killed all through. It's insane that you're just folks floating around well. One percent of the population has psychopathy. Why how much one percent explain net and there's explain how temperance works into the whole psychopath is is genetic biological phenomenon where people literally don't have the usual all connection with emotions don't have emotions particularly not empathy and then you'd drug addiction and all these other things on top of it right now. One is good as three million americans they they they. They interviewed the guy right. Killing people are running. The guy who gary knew that going in the a guy the guy who shot her like five times she got to the hospital. They took the kid out. The kid was severely damaged. She she was there air alive long enough to go rake route that it rake route showed up to the hospital with his new girlfriend to visit her. Oh my god in the the guy they interviewed the guy they interviewed said. Do you have any regrets and he's like. I should have put a bullet in bitches his head like i just shot her five times through the car but i didn't. I didn't put one entertain <unk> for put winner temples. She would've been alive long enough to to mention the name for career or this was set up or whatever she felt like. This wasn't an accident. That was his answer he by the way i know no one likes the death penalty. I'm in love at the death toll the i want. This guy killed. Is that okay so we got him. It made it tam that's what he did. Rehabilitating that guy the only the only argument against the death penalty in that case is the whatever whatever percentage of the time we just get a totally wrong. We accidentally execute the wrong the wrong person. Yes oh my by all means. Let's bet and revette once we've added added that's it. I don't know what we want out of that. Guy conjugal visits. He's gonna find jesus christ and start preaching and then the kardashians over again volved. He's gonna move in next year. 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Our listeners can try ziprecruiter recruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash a._d._s. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash a._d._s. Ziprecruiter dot com slash a._d._s. ziprecruiter the smartest way to higher rate caruth out yet and he wants. He wants custody of his kit. No way well initially wanted custody all of the kid. That was his initial thing. He wants to reconnect blood literally what her blonde yeah yeah so temperance. How does that factor so. Timbers has nothing to do with alcohol. It's just moderation. Had nothing in excess is is the the the dictum so aristotle's aristotle's argument is that <hes> all virtues are mid point between two vices so courage is halfway between gene foolhardiness and cowardice and so the folks were saying look. Most virtues are halfway between the balance in all things key. That's a very interesting point at many of the other ones are kind of obvious or semi obvious things you'd think of. I have temperance always have but i've never really thought of it as anything positive just always felt myself saying to people apple like i knew guys who smoked a pack a day and they'd go like i wanna quit and go all right. You smoke twenty cigarettes a day. They'd go yeah. I smoke fifteen tomorrow and i go non. I'm waiting until new years and go to smoke fifteen tomorrow. What's the difference <hes> you could get by on fifteen. Gonna wait to the end of the year. She's a smoke. Oh fifty-nine you could do it. Spread it out eight minutes more cigarettes. You'll be fifteen and they're gonna and i never understood why they didn't understand that or why didn't why that certa thought didn't make sense to them. I'm not saying that's an example. Tempers wiring was like just bring it down a little. They don't wanna stop bottomline yeah or just the idea that it's important to be in control of what you do right. It's like obviously smoking's bad because it's bad for you but the virtue of temperance is like who's in charge. Is it like the urges. Are you in charge like it's good to be ambitious. It's not good to want to conquer the entire world you know and so they're like. How do we keep these things in check because we do have biology and we have pathologies but we need what the human body has or the human animal has the ability to go. I'm gonna rain that in talk a little bit about obstacles away because at that when they're really astonished my kids that you know these things that we think are bad in our lives can absolutely be the way into something great yeah so this idea that licked we don't control it happens. We control how we respond is like the sort of the through line through the philosophy auspey so markets realize he's writing like look you set out to do x. and something got in the way and you could see that as like oh. I've been harmed in some way. This is the problem problem where you go. This is an opportunity to do some other things. So you get you get this frivolous lawsuit. Obviously you're not that's not what your intention is. You don't want that bad but then you go okay. What am i going to do with me out of it and make comedy out of it. That's gonna be a lesson for my kids. I'm going to not let this get to me. You know like i'm going to. I'm going to practice this forgiveness for this horrible person of kill this guy here by the way six thousand three before three after <unk> a three thousand dollar home gone gone out with dixon and had bills for dinner that three thousand bucks with nineteen guys that he put put on william moore's is charge card jesus goddamn christ. Did this caruth get out. He's out. Oh yeah what's he doing works at a color me. Mind is going to take an isa. I would interview that i would absolutely produce that jesus christ so yeah so what are we doing so the idea is like okay instead of seeing these things as obstacles what what if we see them as fuel the images. They're like look whatever you throw in front of a fire the fire consumes and so how do you sort of build this so we think a philosophy is being this nerdy thinly. Dan was thing that you know. Turtleneck professors talk about in classrooms. It's like no. This was an ancient in ancient greece in ancient rome. This was like what people who had real. Oh jobs were doing and we're thinking about to be better at their jobs so there are general or they're a senator or their entrepreneur. They're like real people in the real world and they're trying to ask them so they're trying to come up with strategies like today we would call the self help but back then this is what philosophy was it only becomes this sort of abstraction in his meaningless questions about things that don't matter like much much later on. They're talking about business ethics and they're talking about how do you how do you the deal with the fact that <hes> you know somebody who loved is like what's the right amount of grief you know. They're just thinking about very very practical questions and then in way. This philosophy gets left behind because you can't get a p._h._d. Telling people things that are you can't spend eight years studying something that where where the people are saying what they actually fucking mean in a very straightforward direct way it's sorta becomes this school of philosophy but it had it was criticized not even being a philosophy because there is no consistent philosophical framework it was just a bunch of musing and ideas and thoughts and yeah almost like a comedian whose riffing and they're they're coming up with a way of living in totality but they're not sitting down and going let me tell you. The rules of the universe is examined life. Things seth got on your case pretty good. I didn't quite understand what his objection was to. He didn't like stoicism for some reason. He's one of the he's one of the the podcasters on partially examined life right was it uh-huh shift noun setter so i said partially examined life did yeah so yeah i i don't know there's i think there is i think that at the end of the day what people are afraid of having to take responsibility for their own life which is essentially what stoicism is saying they're saying like i'm not arguing that he was arguing but if you break your neck and they're going to be a good thing then you're gonna look at that as an obstacle that becomes a good thing yeah and it's like i'm not saying it's a good thing but it is thing right. That's what they would say. What are you going to do. What are you what are you proposing as an alternative that just lay down here and die that i should he does lay down here and and and and wallow and i think that is what people are saying. They want it they. They don't wanna philosophy that says at the end of the day you're responsible for yourself yourself and make the best of whatever circumstances literally the the best tony circumstance that come across your plate yeah. It's not an industry. I mean the industry. There's a political industry. That's built on what we're talking about. The opposite exactly there's a whole industry of fear and it's not your fault and how can you get ahead non-competition grievance by who is the most aggrieved and then not stop yeah and there's a whole there's a whole industry built on fear feminine fear. You know you need this antibiotic. So you need the right in your kidneys. It starts like they they start with these fucking kids when they're born and their slathering on all the fuck anointment mm-hmm and all the stuff and then they get into this product and get into that product. There's the like fear of the armpit smellier in the subway and there's a hot chick. You know when you're fucking what can subway and to you happens a lot and stuff like that you you put your hand in july day but you're confident now you know with confidence. Eh everything is all fucking fear based and we live in a piece a shit society because when i tell people fuck you i don't use shampoo. I don't use soap. I don't care it's a fucking procter. Gamble's trying to fuck and sell you this shit. I don't you think oh fuck you. Go oh fuck and check this science you fucking dollars. Check the fucking science and see who's right with all your you have a smell. You must be horrible well. No it's the opposite. I'm not scrubbing away. All the fucking shit that your body's now working double time to put back on you you fucking assholes now fucking take a hot rents every morning that's enough and by the way i wasn't jumping in a cult fucking pull a do it once or twice a week. Maybe who gives a fuck. That's insane saying we're nuts fucking cowards in its pushed by all the fucking scared people and all the fucking cowards pushing them. I tell people three years ago. I don't use shampoo and i know yourself. It's not my thing. I don't wash my hands. You go the bathroom you fucking take a leak and then you just walk alley a hammer cashew bitch can need to run all either right now. I don't care. I'm not interested. You're what about don't care. Don't care it's not good for you can't be good for you. Oh yeah you're gonna get sick. I never ever get sick you fucking idiot and you've imbibed all these fucking lies at madison avenue and procter gamble force-feeding up your ass because you're stupid and and you're superstitious your fucking dumb and now you're trying to lay it on me but i'm not superstitious and dumb like you are and then you wait and then the science starts coming. Oh it turns out parallels not good for your turns out the overexposure week at you yeah who fucking knew this who never stopped talking about it who was way out ahead of this a a billion years ago that everyone is fucking sanitizing themselves a thousand times over deaths. What nature knows what it's doing. You're not supposed to be dumping alcohol on your hands. I'll fucking dane aimed gel form to ryan. If you like to know what's coming next predicted there will be attack raven's yeah school should people wear sunscreen dr drew now. The next one is spraying and all of your fucking. Maybe scrape my kids sitting there fucking cloud of chemicals. They're gonna say oh well. That's seven million units later. It may not be good. Well that so this because what you're saying. This is why i was asking so my wife. My wife's frames coming rice. Don't you worry one more thing for the wife to freak out of my wife's sprayed great sunscreen on my kid in the back of our truck and so some of it gets you see like the outline of where she sprays it <hes> a month later. It's still in the back back of the truck right like it's rained since then. It's been a hundred degrees every day since then. I've driven at eighty miles an hour all over the place. I've put boxes in the back of it's still there. How could it possibly be good to put that on your body. Oh this it's all kind. It's all all their fucking nonsense. It's all coming back. It's all it's all falls under that umbrella umbrella bureau huck look at tell the kid fucking t shirt on if he's gonna frolic out the pool all day or what have you but i i am telling you the spray on sunscreen especially in just a sunscreen like people. They're not getting enough vitamin d fucking dermatologist twelve years ago. Ooh ooh whoa you're going to walk to the mailbox without sunscreen. 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He knows what's going to happen and he says i'm leaving the world of technology and entering the world of epoch titas who is the philosopher that dr drew told me how he had studied it in stanford that the navy had sent him to an advanced graduate program and that's where he's introduced to philosophy. Every titas was a slave who learned how to tolerate life including when his master brokers like his master broke his leg and what what stockdale basically says he's like. I knew it was gonna be horrible. I knew i might not survive but he said if yeah i knew that if i did survive i always retained the ability to decide what the end of the story was and that's what stoicism is is the idea that i don't control what happens ed control how long i'm here but control what i do. I'm here are the choices that i make while i'm here and i choose what i do. After you like that right. Oh yeah i'm so he he basically they're. They're going to put him on camera and and use him to humiliate the united states and so he tries to kill l. self now because he wanted to die but he refused. I do have a choice about whether i'm going to be used as a tool to do this thing i disagree with and he was so he's so he basically tried to beat himself to death by beating his head against a mere and <hes> he was so damaged he didn't die but thankfully but he was so damaged that they couldn't houston so he said i control that and that's what he did. <hes> did mccain have so he's in the same stockdale on mccain in the same incredible thing about mccain and and we don't know how much indices and but but definitely fellow traveller mccain is became father is is like basically the the highest ranking admiral in the u._s. navy at the time and so they find out that this is not just an ordinary prisoner. This is like the guy son and so the the ruin p._o._w. Camps when they let people go they have to let them go based on the order that came in like like they're like hey this guy can go that guy's not really allowed to skip the line so they go to mccain and then go look a- and he says is it my turn line and they said now and then said but you can go so when people what people don't understand about john mccain became where everything about his politics. This dude chose to spend six years in that prison camp. He had the opportunity to leave at essentially anytime and refused to violate what he thought was his duty and to make somebody else stay in his place instead of him. Yeah that is incredible and my wiring is if you told mad. Leave leave if you told me i'd leave and someone else had to stay. That should've left then i wouldn't. That's what that meant that because they were going to get to let some prisoners go they were gonna let him skip the line essentially yeah and and if but would you leave if they they were letting you go to demoralize the other troops by saying that rich or important wouldn't the sons of richer important people got special treatment. I have a very strong problem with affecting other people in a negative way so it it's littering or probably hanoi hilton. I just don't think it's your spot to have your car stereo area too loud when your partner in front of someone's house or something in in any way kind of putting off the other people freaked out about even in my own house if i pull up and unblocking the garage just the off chance my wife will leave. I'll run back to the car 'cause. I don't want him to block them or inconvenience them or do do whatever to them. I don't have the same criteria for myself like i don't really care if people do stuff to me so much but i don't have a tolerance florence for doing that to somebody so i would be you know it's easy to say obviously i would feel very weird about leaving and taking someone else's spot letting me leave with not taking anyone spider would definitely be down with immediately but if they're letting you leave not not because someone someone is taking someone's spot but they're doing it precisely to hurt all the soldiers that are staying there and all the soldiers who are serving my feeling would sort of be like i would need to examine that like is that and here's the other thing too because i don't think i'm that could there's a part of me. That's like look <hes> fellow oh air airman who was shot down. I didn't shoot you down right like i get it. You feel bad that i'm leaving but maybe you should find a broken mirror that he was smashing his head against dance and look into it and go. Why does this make you feel so bad. Like why don't i get it. Let's flip the script. Be happy for me yeah. I'm leaving like see to me. A certain amount of that is on them like why are you demoralized by me leaving if i didn't leave prematurely do you let that happen. Why why do you let response. There's one less person in the hanoi hilton. That's upsetting to you sure who wears your uniform yeah but yes. I i guess mccain's thinking is <hes>. I'm not going to get special treatment just because of who my dad like duty honor also also cartha stuff. He came stories crazy because he crashed a bunch appliance clash training you had it was i was with to forestall stall how the whole incident with the whole heaves them fault but the worst the naval fire ever the crazy thing about mavericks is that his mom's still alive. Wow really general wow jesus christ all right. Let me hit <hes> truecar. 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I got new lyrics for the rap break progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law napa know so why should you get a five court jug of napa conventional oil plus a pro select oil filter for fifteen ninety nine because the dog days of summer justice hard hard on your engine as they are on you so get your five court jug of napa conventional oil plus a pro select oil filter for just fifteen ninety-nine quality parts helpful the people that's napa know how no how generous states pricing sales presses include applicable state local taxes or recycling fees offer ends eight thirty one nineteen. I'm rita foley with an a._p. News minute. What do you think of the job. President trump is doing a new a._p. Poll finds about six in ten americans disapprove of his overall the job performance a._p. Washington correspondent saga megani is getting some support for his handling of the economy but poor marks on several key issues like immigration healthcare off care foreign policy and guns. President says he's giving up. The idea of a payroll tax cut matt small reports from washington. President trump now says a possible payroll tax cut to boost the economy is off the table. The president says he's dropping the idea because the united states already has a strong economy washington then governor. Jay inslee says he's giving up his democratic presidential campaign. He made fighting climate change the central theme of his campaign dwayne. The rock johnson johnson is the world's highest paid actor according to forbes eighty nine million dollars in the past year. I'm rita foley.

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