"How about a 40 incher?"


Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show I'm making a face that is really punishable laughing. I'm chortling. I think is the right way chortling with Gusto embryo on the bottom side Orebro. Could you could see my obnoxious white watch and on the bottom. This feels more of an editorial comment than any else it just says. Is it just the worst seeing that the Tony Kornheiser show is on now. I love Chris Cillizza. We're here with Gary Braun and gene McManus Kornheiser Nigel who produce the show run the board do the news. We're here for Friday. We'll we we have done virtually every since we started. We've gone five wide three weeks in a row here. Yes so we're not shortchanging any listeners I didn't in taking Fridays off I've taken from PT. I haven't taken them off from the podcast which brings me to and we're in the good studio today. which is much better? The Little Rabbit Warren Lewis even triumph didn't even try to do small walked into the studio today. I wanted to bring this up to just to explain what happened yesterday. I don't know if anybody's interested I didn't in this or not but Michael before we went on the air. We were talking about acquiring products from new sponsors. I had a position that was is not necessarily in opposition to Michael's but Michael was scolding me on on a bunch of levels Louis chat with family to scold on me and perhaps I deserved some of the scolding but not to the extent that I was getting in any case yesterday there was a product opportunity at PT is how I will put it. The people from Samsung took over the show they shot the entire show on cell phone cameras which were mounted on the regular large television in cameras that we use it caused no particular effect on the show except to excite wilpon because Wilpon is one of those people who had always always had a Samsung cell phone and not an apple cell phone and when you ask Wilpon why this is where I get lost when you ask Wilpon hold on why he talks about the quality of the camera and the pictures he can take an I to me your your phone is your phone and that should be and then he launches into to a diatribe about how women against Tim Apple No women prefer iphones and that's why everybody has an iphone men men amend that he we know prefers Samsung and I sat here and I said this is based on a conversation with has no feet in reality whatsoever but Wiley in any case Wilpon has always has always independent of this for years and years and years has extolled the virtues of Samsung and I made a couple of nasty comments during the show that I I won't say now but I of course did that to be subversive but I also did this. I looked at the Samsung Song people and I said how about a big TV for me for Tony a big TV that Q. L. E. D. TV advertise now. How about one of those and I said how big and I said I don't know forty inches and they laughed at chicken well? That's all I've got. That's the only room I've got my house and they said how about seventy five so. I'm just I'm just saying that if this some people came through I very who would love that very happy except of Your T. Are you talking about putting it in the the room by the kitchen. That's too small. put it out at the Beach Alka I would put it out on the outside a an exterior exterior wall of the Little House and you look at it like watching out the window. Maybe go full dance last Alexa Samsung people ask you to look into anything with Joe Biden Exchange to that so I was thrilled so I mean I I don't think doc they're going to give me a television set a great if they did so let us start with a full. Actually what would be better is if they got if you received a television set at home today Eh and then on Monday received an invoice television host and some other things so I I'd sit with auto that just give me a TV you can get a TV for for eleven dollars and ninety five cents. Why don't you get a phone we'll and takes his phone everywhere everywhere? I don't even put it in a bag. I don't even answer the answer. Occasionally your phone rings and you say what's that we have to say. It's your phone call phones. It's usually in the call well. It's travels with the car but they don't take it to play like everybody takes play. I don't know I don't leave it in the locker. I don't take it out. It never goes upstairs. Either now does not ever go upstairs. Its downsides a comfortable. You doubt it's happy downstairs. Russia starts over the weekend so happy New Year everybody but I won't get a chance to say that while holidays going on happy new year everybody will start with the eagles. Eagles needed this win desperately. I flipped packers win. The game the packers had eight shots inside the ten and four at the one with our in Rogers. They passed every single time and none of them were completed right. Gary completed I would bet was in the penultimate drive for the packers. In the last two drives. They had oh okay well. In the second to last drive they had a first and goal from one right and the One god turned it over the last drive. They got intercepted seven in passes. Maybe ran than six seventy ran one of them the second time but yeah I would have bet anything sure Aaron Rodgers would have gotten him into the the end zone at home to win that gay pick all year. I don't believe Norma Swin for the Eagles because if you look at the eagles schedule Yes they have the jets next week but after do that Gary. Can you get their schedule insect. It's a killer I play schedule the next like five games after that are all very hard so if they had been one one and three so okay they beat the jets but then they're looking at two and six then they're done then they're done so they needed. This Carson Wentz had three touchdown passes basis. packers got hurt by a non pass interference call at one point and the opportunity that you could possibly ask Tony after they had the after the jets they are at Minnesota at Dallas at Buffalo Verse Chicago versus New England Verse Seattle. That's hard. That's really hard. It's really hard so they really need this game. They were lucky they're lucky to win but they won the game. I mean you could say their defense stood up they. Did you know well. The packers scored a bunch of points wasn't like it was like they yielded one touchdown philly not not a tremendous offensive showing but the defense provided them a couple of short soared fields over the good for them the local teams they know how to come up from nothing and more yeah I mean to go to green bay on a on a Thursday night in a must-win situation win from like that that's that that takes stones. The the you mentioned the pattern I actually two they were awful that were reviewed and upheld upheld. It's GonNa get really really old. I mean we're just a quarter way through the season they I don't know if they can do it and NHL alike reversal and somehow fix this thing but in two of those instances the defender clearly now I grant you were talking milliseconds in real time you don't. I don't see this but when you show it in replay the guys are clearly impeding the receiver's ability to catch the ball hawking. They're not looking Oz said you know it's GonNa go either way for them right and and that's the rule though they are breaking the rule and then so then you review it and you say the call is upheld it makes it it it really makes no sense at all and everyone's confused I mean the commentators are confused. Pereira's and our Lebron's confused confused and the consensus is there's too many flags now. There's too much stoppage the you know and then people are being carted off also also too many injuries my wife at that second one said that boycotting football. It's like it's to upsetting I mean for me but for yeah well there was late in the game to from the Eagles a defensive back who actually a little game yeah and that that looked even Jimmy Graham should have had that catch I it's hard Jimmy Graham six seven but it's it was but I wouldn't call it a drop. DOTS one handed catch. Just it's very very straight laced exciting game. It's very surprising that Aaron Rodgers could not get his team in. I mean I wouldn't say that about most quarterbacks the overwhelming majority I would. I'd say okay they missed but there are five hundred twenty two yards. He threw four four twenty two well. You know what every single week the guy who leads yardage is played on a losing team yeah like last last week Russell Wilson Yeah and they lost that game every every almost everybody who goes over four this Matthew Stafford has eight four hundred yard games a year and six Salaam they lose because you're behind throwing all this week could be another one of those they play Kansas City and he's the kind of guy he'll have one hundred and eighty yard fourth quarter Awesome Bhai twenty I I will mention that I should mention this Tony Romo was two under par yesterday in the opening round of the Safeway clouds leave. I had that yeah you did have that this. It's the Safeway Classic Right. I mean that doesn't mean they'll be more food at hang on. You're kidding when you said you had about nine because I said what did you guys. I think he chewed even porn. You said no like seventy six seventy nine or something and he could still go out and I still don't think you'll make the cut I still don't although he was five five shots better than Phil Mickelson who put to audit bounds over a road over a road he's ahead of a few major winners and there is a lot of buzz in the locker room about his play and his ability to score. You might invite us go off on this for a minute. I'd say for you to do that but thank you know they're they're. We've received some criticism about out my saying he would not make the cut. I totally support Tony Romo playing in these events. I don't really know where I don't know what the final aim is. He's a good amateur player. He's not a top tier player Claire just by what he's posting say. US J. Qualifiers and invitational tournaments but I'm I'm happy sponsors to give him these these opportunities and he saw him turn his game around he was much better with managing big misses any have to look at the Birdie conversions the only twenty six putts these are members and he was taking taking advantage of the par five so great for him to under. I'm not sure he can go under par again today but I think he'll need to make the cut it brings up a larger your question for me as to what it means to be an amador because he is in this pseudo celebrity ambassador nebulous area where he's doing paid commercials for sketchers but it's because of his profession fashioned and corona yeah so that's that's a tough spot for governing John. I guess it's not based on his famous Golfer right they would they would say he's not he's not Tony Romo Golfer in these add. He's Tony Romo the football analysts who also happens to play golf on the side and there's always been enamoured or golf well how much free equipment is too much free and what if what if Tony Pro V. WanNa want to get in the queue. Led Sam but only but only forty soliders by the way he's merely five off yeah yeah a lot of stroke if he goes seventy six today which is ser and that's a good score. You played a tour course with pros. You play all the way back if he goes seventy six today. He probably doesn't make seven five seventy six. He probably doesn't make it but going to under I had the same feeling about that. Do you remember when Annika Sorenstam played in Texas is like What what does that Dallas tournament colonial colonial when she played that because it is not the longest course on the tour and she went out there and she hit a good drive live on the first hall when she patted her heart because she the the admission how nervous she was and she did very well. I mean I think she was two or three over or something but she beat some some people. She beat some male players out there. I felt great for her. She did not make the cut. I felt great for her because that's an unbelievable challenges to be the same thing for me. If Carli Lloyd actually was good enough as a place awesome we have a great team and even before she got out the League because she missed she made a couple of females is great. That's wonderful. I feel that way about Tony Royal. No he opened he made a fifty footer for Birdie on the first toll any made a simple up and down from the bunker for Birdie on his last. This is what towards doing bounceback after bad holes maybe late last year and he had one of those seventy six seventy-seven missed the cut. We said he has too many big misses and that's where he's tidied up his game so it is fun to watch yeah and I was driving my golfers yesterday. They wanted to see what he posted on the back nine to see if he had a chance to make the cut today so that's one he's twenty eighth at one forty four think the pros feel as kindly toward Tony Romo success no no no because they feel he's taking a spot one of them so the guys who are fully qualified to play in any tournaments the top tier tour players like Adam Scott guys like Justin Thomas. They're okay with it because they know they already have theirs yeah but the guys who are in the middle of the day all right. We'll take a break when we come back gives an Hornets will join us has a movies to review. It's a regular Friday. I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the Brook Linin ad making your home. Beautiful is the ultimate form of self care. You spend one third of your life in sheets. Don't you want them to be insanely comfortable so when you sleep sleep well on Hotel Quality L. 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That's next weekend isn't it October correct Thursday Friday or something like that eight. PM At Velvet Lounge with the money W. J. Reid and Maria and are tober forth a Gypsy Sally's Vinyl Lounge with Ali Maria purdy on Tober for V ten. Am Solo at Coffee Nature Ten am Solo October fifth gotta be a weekend you wouldn't do this. You wouldn't go in the morning like that third. It's Thursday so that's not a Thursday Thursday October fifth third Thursday. What does the Friday the fifth of Tober is Saturday? This is brandon bathroom coffee ten. Am Solo this song is called Old Columbia. These really good if you're gonNA play him later in the show as Zweli plays in an Hornets. We got a million questions for an hornets particularly about two movies that we did not get to last week and one is a movie about Judy. Garland Niane did say that Renee Zellweger had a lovely performance in it. She wasn't crazy about the movie WanNa go into a little bit more depth and and a movie about mister is to Rogers called Beautiful Day in the neighborhood with Tom. Hanks let me start would judy garland because I noticed in the paper. Today you have a big piece on as elway and you tell a fabulous story the at the beginning of that peace with the young an Hornets and the young Renee Zellweger. Could you repeat that for everybody please yeah it was my first job as a film film critic was at the Austin American statesman in Austin Texas hook them horns and that was the first time I ever attended Sundance. It was my first foray. Sorry 'cause to into the film festival and it was she had a little film there she was sort of she was unknown person in Austin circles because because she appeared in a lot of indie films student films you know she was just sort of a partisan film culture so but she had literally just received word the she got the role in Jerry Maguire and so they were like get her get an interview and so I did and I was standing at the I've met her at a theater are probably wear her film had just screened and they said Oh it's it's an from the Statesman and she ran up the aisle and just you know almost most jumped into my arms with a bear hood just because I was from home town you know she she had gone to. Ut and she's from Katy Texas and I think she was just so happy to see somebody from her from back home and she was just of course you can imagine right being just you know over brimming with with just excitement and it was just an exciting wonderful thrilling time and she was just absolutely adorable. He would think she would be and she's still is so your phone is is cracking a so. Should we call your cellphone. If that's your landline. Should we call your cell phone is it's cracking Nigel. Call your cellphone now and that gives me an opportunity to to recommend that people read this piece Renee Zellweger and and and deals with this renee Zellweger went away for awhile mean that that Jerry Maguire thing was a a big star role from her then she went away and there were all these pictures of her about all the plastic surgery she had had and people get plastic surgery all the time. It's advertised all the time. I don't think you have to talk about if you don't want to. Everybody can see it that you've added in after awhile. They sort of accept you with this new look but she looked. I guess difficult It's you know it's talked about in this piece Nigel when we get in you want to plug something in was to put your microphone and it's actually appears on the Adam Ferrara podcast this week. Oh good yes good are you. Are you there with us on your cell phone. Okay good. Maybe that'll be a little bit better so let me let me get to Renee Zellweger. I talked about the plastic surgery stuff that you wrote about in in the piece you said last week. I thought you said last week that she doesn't really look like Judy Garland. I was totally blown away in the Bobby Riggs Billie Jean King Movie How much Steve Carell looked like bobby. Riggs is a dead ringer the what's her name did she emma stone very good actress she sort of approximated billie alleging king and was close but not like this in the picture. I'm looking at in the front page of the style section in the Washington Post. This is Judy Garland. I saw the trailer. This is Judy gone looks really she does. I think I might have missed dated she. I don't think Renee Zellweger looks anything like Carlos stuff means yes and then when you add the especially in the performances it's dead on. I mean the the physicality those those little ticks those all starting little movement she would not to mention she just got a splendid voice. it absolutely all all comes together and it really is. You're right. I mean it's it's one hundred percent channeling. There's no there's no daylight. Hurry the movie actually the movies perfectly fine as a vehicle for this performance it the movie itself structurally and you know it. Doesn't you know it is what it is. It's very straightforward. It's it's a it's a few weeks in the life of Judy garland toward the end of her life and it would want to flashbacks that I think kind of often flashbacks we'll get in the way of a narrative in this case. I do think they provide us with some understanding of how she came to be the person she was and and just the pressure she was under as a young star and so they do provide a service but I don't think that there is you know it's not it's not a it's not an ingenious film piece easib cinema but that's okay like in a way I admire it just for sort of getting out of its own way and giving us this amazing performance and sometimes that's what a movie is and it's good enough for that now so when I was young my parents loved Judy Garland and Judy Garland had a weekly television show and this Judy Garland and in her forties she died very young. Did she not like like in our forties so the Judy Garland our forties is nothing like Judy Garland in the wizard of Oz nothing and she is she appears to be like you said she has great nervous tics and and all and she when she sings she she liked holds holds her shoulders she clasps arms around her shoulders and I remember there was one song I I'm going back sixty years at least here there was one one song she was a great great torch singer which you wouldn't have expected from the beginning of her life and she sings the man who got away until you're talking you just you just you are reduced to liquid. She is that grouchy is that great and there's a lot of singers who have great voices and I don't know that they can do that. Song you'll man I just don't that takes a servant attitude and probably a certain pain to do that song. I don't know if that's what I remember that I remember an acting. She's a great actress. It's almost like a great officer has to be a great actor in terms of telling the story hey you know and as a storyteller in an emotional instrument on the voice and I think you're right. You're absolutely I don't think I don't have the notes in front of me. I don't think that particular her number is in this movie. There are number that evoked that performance I mean where you're just. You're just your hair blown back emotion of and she's and again Renee Zellweger just nails every single thing she nails the voice but she nailed that peace to you know just like Holy Holy what just happened light up beyond transcend and it's really just terrific. Let me get to the Tom Hanks movie and Mister Rogers called Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. Tom Hanks in the last ten. It was just plays real people. He plays people you know he plays Walt Disney. He plays Ben Bradlee. He plays the lawyer in the spy exchange movie. He plays Captain Phillips. He plays Sullen Ellen Berger. He plays real. This is what he does now and I and I think that I think when movie these are his choices obviously buddy movie people. We'll go to him because they say this is the American face in the American because he can get it done to write true yeah so he's our Paul Paul Mooney remember Paul Mooney. He did all those bio pics of the great men. I guess he's turning into some aging myself but the the I've lost my train of thought none another documentary on Fred Rogers was tremendous and it's only out within the last year and it's tremendous how is this I loved it. I have to say and I and this is a somebody who also loved documentary and thought Oh God of course they're going to remake the you know here we go They're GONNA get on the Mr Rogers train and kind of exploit the popularity and it's GonNa be a bio pic about how sweetie was going to be cloying and it'll be tom hanks begging to be liked and you know I I went in with a lot of skepticism and it is so you know what it is is the story of Tom Juno who who wrote about him for GTO Ryan exactly and and Matthew Rees plays him and it's really the story about these two men and and it it Kinda doubles down as the Americans is the husband's Russell okay delivers a wonderful performance and then the director actor Marielle Heller who did can you ever forgive me and various teenage girl. She is a brilliant director and she directs this movie movie with elements of the Mr Rogers world imaginary world and it's so inventive and it's so ingenious and fresh and unexpected and I don't want to spoil anything but there's a moment in the documentary bits toward the end that I start crying even describing it yeah with a lot of people having a moment and it's just exquisite and she does a version of that. Her own version of that kind of a moment in this movie that is is absolutely gorgeous. It's just wonderful and both these men are terrific. Juno wrote right it he didn't right. I don't think he wrote the actual movie. I'm sorry in this will come to us in November. We can talk about warranties with yeah. Oh yeah that that that piece was famous Dow Right. I mean that was one of I think I think he might have won a magazine award. I was revealed that Fred Rogers swam every day. Naked could swear yeah but it is a lovely movie and and Tom Hanks Yeah that's tricky again in in terms of like within as Zellwegger and Judy like sometimes these icons like it does slip into just doing an impersonation and especially with Mister Rogers that could be totally Kinda picky and he doesn't go that route at all and that kind of bothered me about his Ben Bradlee than I thought it was a little to use this struggling to imitate van after you saw for Jason Robards do it. It's very hard for anybody anyway according Diam. DB written by Noel Harp Stir and and Meek Echo of fitzsimmons minkah Fitzpatrick was also Patrick. I have one other question. Nigel says I mentioned this. The other day I watch the EMMYS and was sort of stunned at how many things were not on broadcast television which is twenty five out of twenty seven awards and not a single broadcast television in series one anything Saturday night live one stuff but that's not that's not a series as far as I'm concerned. I was stunned at the award for something called fleabag because I had not only never seen it. I had never even heard of it and didn't find no knowledge of it. Whatsoever Nigel says you watch it? Love it love but I watched it because unfortunately it was only two seasons and it will not come back. She's the Creator Phoebe Waller Bridge whose I you know we throw this word around a lot I really do. She's a genius if this is one of the best things I've seen on TV it's about a woman in London who uh when you meet her. She's kind of a mess you know she runs a little cafe and she's something has happened that has kind of sent her into Gortex and she's having like bad luck with her relationship. She's got fractured relationships with their family and she teases out threads out out the re- you know you you kind of learn what happened with her very very subtly and gradually over the course of the first season and it's absolutely hilariously funny but then the past the she gets some real pesos and lost come in and so the second season I think is the one that just want all the emmys where she takes an already wonderful show and absolutely deepens it. just goes places as an actress. She breaks the fourth wall a lot in a way that is just endearing an intimate and I duNNo. She's just goes to a new place with this season yeah but you do need to watch both and it won't take you I mean this is so binge -able do it in a weekend it you just can't stop watching on now only on episode six season season one the one I'm that's my next thing. Everybody's talking about this succession. I guess we should start watching it started that is take me a year and yet gene. Do you watch either. I watched season one episode one of fleabag an and I that was all I needed. I stopped. I good morning did not like it. I heard filthy it well my sisters. My older sister says she stuck with it and really likes it but I couldn't. I just did not like her from that I it was due to her lack the way it was. She was debasing herself in that episode name. Thank this really really bothered me but succession. I mean that's like everybody's nasty. It's like dynasty was is it in the seventies and eighties a great show so far from me for five episodes because I hate everybody on it really stick with it. I'm just unplug plug-ins deal again and up his on the Adam Ferrara podcast thirty minutes. You'll never get back back from COM ED. You could find it. Everywhere was a brilliant conversation and is so great and it's just it's fun for everyone. Thank you Anne. Thank everybody day boys and girls we will oh come back with news. I am telling you Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the quick had and what I really like is it's on white paper burn and it says items highlighted in yellow or mandatory must read and there's no yellow. There's no yellow yeah well. There is sort of looks like it says feel free to add live the introduction with a personalized story. Always I tell you about trying to get that television set from Samsung latest autopsy or start with the below look. This is quip. I've got I'm going out to the beach. I got it at the beach. I expected to work every time I've been out there even if I haven't been out there in a few weeks and I pressed that quick that quick work. Would you leave your name the whole time. I wish I couldn't even plug it but I haven't Gotten I. I haven't gotten my renewable battery. which means this is going off. Eh I have faith that this is going to work yet backup. I the manual. We'll take care. I've saved everyone from every visit Audi. 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Ip Ip dot com slash Tony Kay this is Dick Tony Kornheiser show Um we played Columbia already by Brandon Espe- alker this is called climbing and again in DC on October third at eight PM at the Velvet Lounge with a Mani W. J. Reid and all he maria on October fourth at eight PM. Gypsy Sally's Vinyl Lounge. That's in Georgetown Nigel. That's right yeah right on K. Street purdy on October fifth Saturday for those of you keeping track ten. Am Solo I'd coffee nature so our best which is to Brandon Bowker and maybe we'll go see him. Let she's maybe we we have news and you have news. Yes that's right hi. This is Tony we start off with baseball the Washington nationals in Philly yeah if all along with the Phillies of quick I five game sweep and nats history. Well well unusually get five games for Tunis June rain out yeah. That's what happened. The brewers however also win. They're very good so keeping the pressure up on the nats for that home field advantage in the wildcard what makes this interesting and by the way Strasbourg had six good innings ten strikeouts two earned run he's eighteen and six with a three thirty two. Era Boswell today came out and said Strasbourg should start corbin not or shirts should relieve or Corbin should relieve. I am Bosnia's right about this. If you get to the dodgers you want Corbin starting game three because that's the first home game you definitely want that. I would picture but good for Baas for for going out there. The brewers are eighteen and two in their last twenty games and fifteen of those games are without Christian Yelich. What makes this interesting thing is that Cleveland is in desperate circumstance now to get into the AOL wildcard there to back with three to play from both Tampa Bay and Oakland at least two of the Games will be meaningful at least the Friday game today in the Saturday game? They won't be eliminated Sunday the Games by the way every game starts at three Oh five so if you're on the West Coast it starts at twelve oh five they don't. There's no you gotta end. Go you blows. You can't see who else is doing. You gotta be out on the field. which I think is really good so the nats the nats have to play hard against Cleveland because Milwaukee Milwaukee is breathing down their necks? She's a good series I with thing and something else that makes it interesting is that Milwaukee and cardinals are now an apartment in Milwaukee correct. The Milwaukee Worst Nationally Yard temple has the easiest schedule for the last. You Know Joe Madden's comments about he's GonNa Start. Basically brewers can go pound Santa focused on his team half their starters are pitchers are shut down and most to there I would say position players are going to have a nice long rest so again so the cubs are not going to try to beat the carding. It'd be hard to take more eleven straight losses or something like that the exact quote we're GonNa put a good team out there. But of course they're gonNA Bitch of course again but quite frankly they're sitting things unforgivably about and that would be one of the fan sounds like everyone believes. Madden is on the way out. I know where he should lan but that's just me what else before you move past based this as we get more information about what may or may not have been said to Bryce Harper in right field. I am a little bit embarrassed. I don't necessarily trust Bryce Harper's wife in being totally accurate just just because the way that they've messaged everything from the birth announcement of crew just sort of this series. I think it's more complicated situation but I am embarrassed. If the wind down and Redfield did didn't have class again yeah. There's a very specific lack of class by nats fans in right field at that point but I think that this is the last Hurrah in that I mean I think carpet will get booed almost every time so often it'll lessen I I would just like to say that phillies fans and Eagles fans to me are in the clubhouse with the lead for boorish behavior. They come out like that yet due to save the babies saying I wouldn't dropping them upon further review. He didn't actually catch a baby he wasn't but it was a great law. Yeah it was a great line wasn't like Buckner by the way just one LETO baseball. the twins at ninety nine wins if they get to one hundred to be the first time we've had full one hundred win teams in one season. We mentioned Rocco Ball Deli yesterday. I've known that I think they just sit some record for home runs. Three hundred home runs or something like most home runs by team in any season ever the Minnesota twins and I cannot name anyone on Swat. Cook can hope we are not there anymore. Hundred loss teams as well. I guess that's happened before but have not yes. It's the NFL L. The owners looks like they're giving up on eighteen games but never posed a seventeen game scheduled that could eliminate preseason games preseason games. The Exhibition Games are stupid and nobody plays in. There's no reason to have them. There's absolutely no reason to have them. You can have scrimmages. You can have what you want. You don't show anything in these games and guys that get hurt. People get hurt. One hundred degrees grieve are going to seventeen games as idiotic it it. It's a stupid number. If you WANNA go to eighteen I've always been in favour of eighteen with a with a cap on how many games you can play in other expand the rosters so that more people make money which should please the players association wilpon was bleeding like a sheep yesterday about how dangerous it is and if cared at all about players safety they wouldn't raise a team that you down. A fourteen says he thinks on savings said yes. They don't play any don't don't play any I think it's unsafe. Don't play any but if you think you can play football then put a cap on how many games each player can play expand expand the rosters and have some strategy in terms of coaching and he said no you cheating your season ticket holders nine say anything policy cheating season ticket holders what about load management in the the NBA where people don't even show up at road games so online to watch football. I know what football does. I still still like to watch what we're GONNA. Put It on to me. You know cap the amount of games you can play you looking at me got the games COMPLA- I mean wilpon. That's crazy argument think of all the players who get hurt in preseason games or even into guys taken all gene structures last. It's light too many games. It's just it's a dangerous game. The thing about seventy seventeen games that interests me and I agree with you that it's an odd number is most people and I understand their players Carson Wentz for instance play last night. I don't think he took a single snap in preseason but most starters play about four quarters in the preseason played give right set several don't play it down Gago Buddy Khalil mack played down any play series in the first game back into into quarter so by removing the preseason adding seventeenth game for those players. It's essentially the same amount of football out of odd number so interesting and would create so many crazy issues from a scheduling standpoint but they can manage. It won't stick with the NFL looks like Melvin Flash Gordon. We'll be back in camp I and still loser. This was not as user as list spell the team starter. Yes you had to go coach. Equa by by the way has been great. He's earned more Kerry's. Anthony Lynn said was he's a star for reason I like the way Austin and JJ. I guess that's Justin Jack they've done an excellent job improved. They can play illegal have still have a major offense but as soon as Melvin ready he'll go back to being lost in every way that you can lose and and has come crawling back to his team. They said to him go make a deal make a deal that we liked and they couldn't do it. MINKA fitzpatrick made a deal and he was traded away from the BBC is way more valuable in today's NFL than running back. Not He is not pulled short jumping. Yeah I will say this when you say he lost out big time I guarantee bells in retrospect wishes Hito come back. I mean I mean that's money. You're never getting back. That's your eligibility you never getting back so in the NBA you can say I don't WanNa play here. Here's where I want to play and you somehow you go deal gets done and by midnight right in the NFL you can say I don't WanNa play here and they say okay I don't care where they want to trade you which Jalen Ramsey uh-huh he's going to find out they make deals what else if you had Georgia tech and you'll brackets in the early version of the brackets to win the NCAA tournament this year you might want to get some and quite yet how what is the what is the penalty vacant they banned from postseason in one year for one year probation was also phillies one scholarship for each year of probation along with other recruiting restrictions and yet the coach. Josh passenger has a has a full the full backing of the athletic director so so I'm just looking at this. I just wonder if if that's going to happen with bill self in Shawn Miller to that the school will suffer some sort of penalty it'll be marginal and the coaches will have the full backing of everybody. It's possible certainly possible. Yes although you said as you pointed out bill self said I know everything that's going on this program. I'm completely in charge of that doesn't give him a lot of wiggle room. When would thank? I'm just I'm giggling because I think Georgia tech in an effort to try and avoid any penalties had self imposed a five thousand dollar fine the one the fantastic to the hoyas Mr Tony the continuing fallout from parents who tried to what was the name name of this operation fast and furious varsity blues. That's right yes Los Angeles businessman was sentenced to four four months in prison for four hundred thousand dollars to get his son into Georgetown University fake tennis recruit. This is Stephen Simple Vivo Comma fifty three Thank you sandy third parent that WHO's been sentenced across the four months in jail four months kit son uh-huh was expelled from Georgetown three point one eight q three point one eight you're doing you're doing the work. After I believe two years right. I would not have booted this kid. Jeannie would've booted the kid voted to give the father at least four months. I got no problem with that at all. There's plenty of kids who could get into Georgetown and get a three point point one four better who were as qualified if not better qualified then this punk who pretended to be a tennis player so you want the father in jail yes I do you are committed fraud. He committed fraud. I don't know why you're so soft on rich people including the one sitting in sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. I'm not I'm not so soft on rich people. I just think that certain things that jail time is is not the best measure of what time it's not good for rich white people. No it's no jail time is good for rich white people who commit terrible crimes white collar crimes that affect hundreds and thousands of people. I'm I have no the problem with that stock fraud things no problem. Whatsoever Bernie made often go to jail for the rest of the time? I have no problem with that this guy. This is so minor to me. I don't think sales it is a minor sentence. One night in real jail is real hard. I don't WanNa spend one night in a real jail. Which is why I'm not going to commit fraud to try to get a child in the school that he's probably not going to get in without my fraud? Three one eight means you can do the job again four hundred grand just give it to the school above the table and that makes me wonder if if it wasn't if he didn't if there was not some financial crime involved evolved if if he made a donation and tried to write off or something but just you know if you're going to spend four hundred grand trying to get your kid into a school I four hundred it should be able to get a kid in Georgia. I think just became a four year school a couple years. I know somebody whose daughter was a legacy the the mother and the father had gone to Georgetown and they were so why not young woman to get into Georgetown and she didn't she didn't get one of the reasons given was that the two legacy parents had not contributed enough as alumni see that seems okay for five bucks that gets you into Binghamton. I've told everybody go to Binghamton said Good Quality Education State School Co High-quality State School only two schools schools in the state better than Binghamton Cornell Columbia. That's it that's the list that list notes list Mr Tony some quite the tons of job but a Delta airlines baggage handler has was arrested in has gone missing after three hundred thousand dollars of the money shipment from Miami to New York went missing he was arrested and has gone missing. Yes Quincy Thorpe. No Age given probably seventy one was arrested on Thursday was released on eighty thousand dollars has bailed. He's still made a profit at two. I've got this right here twenty. Apparently he had gone sick at the time of Ah Jalen Ramsey I wink wink and they arrested him again bail and now he is nowhere to be found but this greg comment from a Delta spokesperson looks person says the alleged accents of this employees are just unacceptable okay. That's very nice. We'll take a great We'll come back with radio and Greg. Garcia is going to join us because escape from Margarita Ville is opening on various cities in the east and will open in Washington not tober eighth braids so we'll talk to. It's always good to talk to Greg will return. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is old guy radio for the day. This is Bob Dylan. This is not not knocking on heaven's door. That's right and we are playing this for. It's very specific reason because on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy one no no Bob Dylan played in front of the Pope John Paul who liked him who liked him and use blown blown in the wind as part of his sermon but then pope benedict comedian like who is not the pope but that was when he went electric that Alexa that was right yeah so but yeah so we thought well how's the how's Pope Francis on Dylan I think he's a fan but I not keep go up more acoustic girlie Kinda sales club tunes still play and yes. He still gray still collecting Nobel peace prizes. Just you know what still declining pictures I was walking the dog Greg Garcia's with us and he will I think enjoyed his I was walking the dog the other night and I- songs fly into into your head when you walk in your dog and you have no idea whether we're and and you know this song don't think twice which was butchered by Frankie Valli as a group called the wonder who but but it's got a lyric in it I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul. It's just a good Bob. Dylan is is still so brilliant. Even though you don't have any idea idea what he's talking about most of the time by the way that song I thought that was over previous album that you wrote that Song for the movie Pat Garrett and billy the kid which don't think twice no going to happen late. Dylan store was nineteen seventy-three second didn't we was they brought him Kristofferson brought him in and said this kid can play. That's great once you write the whole album did the whole soundtrack and the school for the Ham Peckinpah auto have had a clue Bob Dylan was one would think Greg Garcia joins us his play escape from Margarita. Reveal is going to be in Washington soon. We're going to plug that like crazy wary physically now working bob going pedophile uh-huh someone else. We've not heard the lyrics. I want a woman a child. I am told right she wanted my heart and I know it wasn't child party making out with someone in the corner. They said Hey we told you this anyway. Where you OK aren't out the window Providence Rhode Island? I bad where's the tour describe where the show is going to go. Oh okay so we're in providence now. That's where it starts but second stop watch could Louis does all all over the country. It's because there's only fifty sixty cities. It's booked until like February two thousand twenty one. I don't know this thing all over the place. Are you going everywhere. No no no. I'm about to get off this train okay but you're going to go to Washington you wash. I'M GONNA come to war airport. I to see how if it's a whole new cast test. I'M GONNA see how it goes. this weekend. These Sunday shows where it starts for shows and then I'm GonNa come into these for fun. for the first couple of shows there from the eight thirteen. I'm assuming that advanced sales are probably great i. I think they're okay I I I don't I don't know I don't keep track of that stuff too. I think it's okay yeah. I think the difference is you know you go to New York. This thing lasted like four and a half months on Broadway Rodway I think they they overestimated some south and and it didn't last as long as they had hoped I think the difference is you. You know you go to these cities and then come out and and uh limited runs and enterprise show you saw it I love I absolutely loved it. I thought it was great fun. everybody who was there enjoyed it. They ovation's all over the place and it'll it also I I was a wonderful moment. Buffet came out and played a couple of tunes. I was really nice. I thought it was wonderful didn't know and it's a it's. It's remains in fund fund really fun show. It's pretty much the same show. The different tasks at the young is young cat which is exciting on those people that you know are just starting out out of college and stuff but like you know as as you know the doesn't really mean you're not getting you're getting less talent. They're just they're they're just younger and excited and Oh really good and and so I'm looking forward to it. I was been rehearsing them up in New York and it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be fun to speed up so this is an interesting politician. I saw I was fortunate enough to see Hamilton with the original cast but I believe strongly that the influence of Hamilton on young people throughout the country. That's that thousands if not millions of people of kids know every word to that show and can't way to be in it. I don't think it matters who's in it. You know what I mean. I think if you're energetic and and you love the material you sell the material world world you'll have. You'll have people performing it who had been who've been performing it for longer than the original yes practice. I mean if the people in your show skipper Margarita redevelop love the songs and WanNa do this. It doesn't matter who they are. I think no no not at all not at all I mean they that the the enthusiasm and the the talent that they have and then they bring to this. It's it's you know it's the same show it's the only difference is is with with the Broadway cast and they're kind of older buffet walks in and they're like Oh my God it's Jimmy Buffett and then and then with younger cat. Jimmy Buffett walks in there. Is that Larry David Yeah. That's funny. I thought you might run away from this. I thought you were done. I thought you wrote it. It happened you were done you moved on but you're with it yeah but I'm almost done but yeah no I I but I wanNA stick it out. I WANNA I WANNA make sure you know you're sending the thing of all throughout the country with your name on it. You WanNa make sure that that is going well and and you can help the actors with any of you know a little a little nuances and directions stuff like that so now you WanNa stick with it right in the beginning and then then you let it go and then I'll see it in Gosh in. La for three weeks in Kabiri so I'll see it again in February and see how it's doing and everything but then yeah but then I'm done how kids what are you kids. Doing kids are wonderful. We got my one in Boston. I just saw gonNA come up here and see the show on Sunday that one more year and then into the world of acting then we got the the Middle One University of Oregon distorted Sophomore Year GonNa be the journalists for the club hockey team okay excited about that and and then the little little little one is the seventh grade. He's going to go to school now. Lebron James The kids are GonNa yeah trail for the basketball team like he's like the prime. It's not it's not roddy. There's little as a smaller one to do. I think just so I told him you. He has looked at he goes. He's very he's a realist. You know he's like that. I think I could get on the bench. I think I can get on the bench I I. I you know not gonNa Start. Maybe if they if they if they're losing or winning like crazy out get in but maybe give a bit too we've been trained him not for layups or three points and things like towel waving yeah everybody with water. Anybody got anybody you want like during tryouts set all he's going to be doing. I left the other kid shoots the ball. Oh you know spirit spirit spirit so we'll see we'll see that back so would you go from five hundred thousand dollars to get this kid into college. How do you feel all about all I do? You probably know some of these people. Who've done this indirectly indirectly now my kids look you know me I went to Frostburg State University? You're on your own. You know they get into where you get in and that's it if you the only advantage you have is if you can somehow fool somebody with the Garcia name. That's all the application they are seeing. We get in healthcare that other than that no euro bureau see. I've told people for a while. If you give me five dollars I can get you into Binghamton. What did you think the raiders for Frostburg you can get anybody into Frostburg it? Somebody somebody buys me. A Ham. Sandwich can HAP- back. I think this is exactly state school. People feel that way what are working on what's next for you. You know what I'm not working on a lot that show I guess book. They decided not to do a third season of that. I got coming up. I got a couple of ideas and if somebody wants to do 'em great if not I don't know semi retired. We'll see what's going on. I'm enjoying just relaxing action. I got a new hammock in my backyard. That's wonderful so yeah. We'll see what happens. I'm not real sure well you know about you always run on the board here. You have a good time. You'd have a great. My rate went up a little bit. That's right so so we'll see you. I hope when you come to Washington. Thank you greg. Okay we got we got an email. They wrote the Burger King Khan Oh yeah that you've got you can eat at Burger King anywhere anywhere and it's free for you free for life yeah and the thing about that too which is great because I don't use it a lot so so when I go in I just I walks for everybody. I'm like Oprah going back to everybody in line gets a walker. People are confused like what aww that's cool man. I can buy my own like no. No no no no. I got it. I got it other. People are doubling up on their friends. They want yeah. How does someone come in to one of those carts? Did they say they were five people in the world. Who have this yet? This is like well I got because I worked at Burger King during the writers strike and they got some press about it or whatever but to me Jay Leno. I don't know it's it's. It's really a story about it. It's it's I mean you never have to go hungry unless you know but then you have to Burger King although I like Burger King I do. I've always liked what flavor it all the time. That's their trick you know if you eat it for the lifetime your lifetime. It's shorter that out. I think we'll see we'll see be good daycare. I love the show I went to the opening night escape from Margarita Burrito bill and I live I didn't say Greg on the air because he knows it and he just says don't worry about it. I was livid at the New York Times review which misstating which had been written before before it was fantastic though I mean it was a bad review but hey you had to respect the only thing I didn't respect respect for the month before but he'd seen preview yeah but his mind could not be changed. Ronnie was he was committed and his mind cannot be yeah and I sat there and I thought the show was really good and I thought it was like hairspray I mean I thought it was buoyant and happy and all of those things so anyway all right so so that if you're looking I'm for a fun evening. It's only here for about five or six days theater. Thirteenth escaped from Jimmy Buffett songs and and a plot that Greg wrote and it's funny. You'll have a good time. We'll take a break. We'll come back with emails and Jingles. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser. Show it comes Tony's bag gut cerebrum male Jews engine notes here comes Tony's me back for all thank you gary before we tailback let me thank Washington Post movie critic and Hornet and Greg Garcia for coming on with us today. Let me think today sponsors Brooklyn and equip remember to subscribe and listen to all new and archived episodes Tony Kornheiser show wherever listen to podcasts everyday cooking apple podcast spotify Google play and radio DOT com. If you'll show through itunes. Please leave US review. I have no idea if anybody's reviewed us no idea somebody's foolishness for sure from Shad Haiku the nats versus Philadelphia. LVN defines the Haiku Lyrical Japanese Yada Yada he is there for twelve more years respectively clinching the playoffs and a five game sweep to boot more shade and phillies. Please shutting Freud you know and that's he hates Bryce Harper so that's why that's there which has got Albert Chan Aurora on -Tario was Geraldo Rivera present when you open your trunk to find nothing in it alcohol knitting store just drunk in your basement all these years Adam in West Hartford Tony if the podcast studio isn't up to your standards and you refuse to do the the pod. Will you still be doing your radio show. I will hang up. Listen also does Claude Indochino suits. I'm interested in what he thinks breaks component Charlotte North Carolina our line. Ah I'm sorry to hear about the other radio team taking over your big cushy studio have you considered the use of spray vomit spray and stuffing fish in the vents to dissuade Wade them from moving and that wasn't a divorce case wasn't believe it was it's mean from Josh just go back to the undisclosed location where we might from chief in Somerville Massachusetts Institutes Not revamped now. Everyone's favorite Easter tradition is telling young children that the Easter Bunny isn't real my new favorite fall tradition is telling people at Pumpkin spice is just doc meg team. Do you like this can is just a vehicle for this abominable spice blend. The pumpkin tastes like nothing throw nutmeg cinnamon and may soon Meyer point pop punk Vedra beach. That's where that's where it saw grass. This is in Florida out that last night's T- I was a one and done experiment with the Samsung Galaxy note ten no offense with both you and wilpon looked like pumpkin spice versions of yourself with a hint of boom boom Olympic is that right do look orange fantastic. Mike Higgins and Cape Girardeau Missouri is where Cindy born is from Cindy born Comma Comma Age withheld Karma. I believe the open lyrics to Dolly Parton Song Nine to five to be very good. I yeah tumble out Abedin's edition and Yawn and stretch and try and come spirit asked to cope season this Linda Ronstadt documentary to like it. I Will Yep but Mike in says. I think you agree that. The lyrics to I have a piano are far superior yes rj from rocks from Bronxville New York by way of Chicago. Oh I know you get the post every day at five. Am I do but in case your subscription to the Boca Breeze has ended. I thought I'd share a section of an article from today's edition failing restaurant on tour and no lover of Soup Tony Oranges seventy one was overheard making threats to anyone with ears. You have to be exiled very funny. I was driving this bill pitcher forty-three in New York's Adirondack mountains which I know well. My wife was driving my car. When the Odom had two hundred thousand miles our daughter was driving and three three hundred thousand they get the milestones got get? The Pailin drums the latest three one eight one three. That's a lot of miles to hear your wish is my command is a two thousand four Toyota Cameron and for the last ten years it's been service by a mechanic named Eddie Sawyer who's kept this thing moving with strategic welding flex line fine and probably twist ties and retired last week. My check engine light came on a few days later. I now live in fear that every pal dramatic number will be its last look if you're mechanically leaves if you dry cleaner closes off if your doctors your a you're in trouble just say quit and of course they quit and you gotta find some young punk who wants to do minimally invasive surgery those Dominic Teller Orlando Florida. Did you send chest immune system for Buzi. Maybe just need to get him. A couple of big MACs and present usually builds it up on a side note a moving to Minneapolis from Florida Arta in a couple of months any minneapolis little tips for us might smell in Manhattan. I have a correction that I'd like to issue from your show Wednesday. You told Richard Justice that Mike Wilbon loves the the cops more than anything else. That's what we'll buy loves more than anything else as being Mike Wilbon. PP's loves it is he does wherever he goes. He's happy should all be so lucky to go someplace and meet new people who adore him. Get it is being the boy in the manger in Loves Wilbon. Oh Oh come let us adore him. PAP listening the pot from yesterday is the crew tossed around potential wildcard starting options for the nets. It occurred to to me that I was given the answer months ago earlier this spring. I just completed round of golf club. Just south of the Pittsburgh Airport I had parenthetically because she must be dying to know I played drake broke eighty at a tough track peak both my brothers perfect afternoon on the course after the round is we sat out on the veranda overlooking eighteen cocktail. You guys a Golfer when he goes to tear ear for green or something like that overlooking eighteen green with a cocktail an elderly gentleman stepped away from his dinner and he has to join us for a smoke sure skip and enter due to the compensation. Jimmy Leland much to my surprise. After a few moments Leila's pleasantries and early season pirates talk. I managed to blurt out a pretty good question one game game. You have to win anybody. I've ever managed to get the ball Max. He responded with Arden before I had stopped talking. That's my choice vases out there would strasbourg that's fine Strasberg's been great for sunny and seventy five. PM Flea Colebrook Connecticut anything positive about the prospects losing it and start a Tony's lifestyle hint hint section the podcast suggestion for the first two hints one to keep your car keys clean and cool always store them in your ask for refreshing change walk around your neighborhood in your underwear once awhile stylish Scott from j Burke Virginia Not Mike from Jj Virginia pleased report a new little was added to the fall recently as my wife and I had our first child a feminine shop last Tuesday while She's nowhere near the behemoth size of Buzi nor does she have an intimidating nickname like the hammer I figured you'd at least enjoy the date of birth nine seventeen nineteen and from John Walston in Bennington Nebraska I apologize if someone else has covered this already but the m the MTA the movement owners are named Jacob Casson and Kramer plant if I had to venture ensure guests that would probably agree with you on your Lisbeth Warren Bernie Sanders. Oar opinion these two ordinary guys sold their company last year for cool three hundred million dollars the group on you buy as always do wear white Tokay. We wound up some. I'm worse than a positive way. We weren't worst team in the League Columbia. I'm a slow fire is gone out work. Thank you know given up gene dum dum few saw gave he's got lost Arabians follow Paul Fox's. Don't cry I would Komo Kit bond to the dumb doc in the it has to be the Soosai gave too easily I'm upset against cancer serve to she. Lost one never to some Take me uh-huh soon as aged uh-huh aw you have fixed God ABC struggle and do you she think about did you congenial the say. Do you WanNa Struggle uh-huh tell you No ooh give her You asked this have a have gotten too early. You you WANNA struggle. You don't have to eh thank

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