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choose day it's amazing sbk newsday these shows parameters seven you i'm your host michael busy all the mazing sbk welcome come to the show welcome to amazon news this is your host michael easy consumer discretionary stocks hit fifty two week high consumer discretionary discussion we stocks traded in exchange traded funds each fc worldwide could get another big boost next week after hitting a new fifty two week high sierra thefts research director told roselle head of the e t f said they were expecting prime day to be recalled breaking event farmers in this year jay jacobs head of research at global x funds said you have to ask what is the small companies doing differently to separate themselves on the markets when you look at the amazons of the world they are the ones notes this more companies right now amazon has been found liable for hamas close by product so by said party selling as federal court ruling at amazon dot com could be held liable for adult color salt on its website that potty blended the woman could complicate online merchants business is applied broadly the lawsuit was brought by a woman had the overdose who had boats i don't call it with a retractable leash sold by the thirty gang through amazon necessary gang being said poppy settling on amazon's website when she took a dog for a walk the pet lunged breaking a ring on the color she claimed that because the leash to recoil on his face and lost his permanently blinding her in they left i she alleged sit plus he said that the ferry gang could not be contacted or otherwise found by amazon or the consumer the circuit it's court of appeals in philadelphia on july the overturn a judge's decision the dominant shielded under the communications decency act who protects online businesses from lawsuits over the posting of that uses specifically the communications occasions decency act protects amazon from overdoses failure to warn claims they appeal court said in an opinion by judge jane a rough immunity provision for online platform satis does not protect the company from her claims that amazon is liable selling inspecting marketing distributing failing to test or designing the color the court said it's the first federal appeals court to hold the amazon is a product to sell that they can be held liable under state law sales on its marketplace place that is so the court said in a divided ruling on wednesday even though the products are shipped by said party vendors it's found at amazon's involvement in transactions extends beyond may editorial function it plays a large role in actual sales process if the ruling is applied more broadly it could significantly affects more than half do some salt on the popular sites come from independent merchants and tastes commission on sales on charges additional fees for storing products in his warehouses packaging them and delivering them but it technically doesn't understand the tree affected his used to protect itself from liability cases in the past pennsylvania users guidelines implied by other states so they said sick his reasoning could be applied more widely that could impose on amazon greater responsibility of the goods posted on its site possibly adding new costs and complexities to business model designed around efficiency however the precedent is not yet clear cut all the amazon has not yet commented on the ruling it seems like these at the company will ultimately appeal the ruling allowing the colts were rule on whether the leash that coolest overdose injury was indeed defective three other federal appeals courts have ruled recently in cases brought against amazon to ruled on these companies favor on the seller she said did not address this issue directly like many areas involved in the relationship between amazon in state and federal government's they feature is not yet entirely clear but it is another one of the many rulings of the last couple of years that point to the tide of amazon's will let the success in holding off liability responsibility to sell its beginnings of ten against against these seattlebased giant this includes the infamous ongoing sales tax bottles with state governments which are decidedly getting against amazon in recent months hong kong protesting storm legislative council on july first a public holiday known establishment day in honor of the handover offi hong kong territory in nineteen ninety seven from from britain to china antigovernment protested stone into the city's council chamber displaying eight british colonial flag for cameras on social media feeds kerry lama the territory's chief executive held a press conference at police headquarters is it four am local time on july the second condemning the break in and find the perpetrators would be quote and punished the chinese central government liaison office in hong kong declared the x one outlet breach of the rule of law and have indeed arrested multiple people you caves response the chinese ambassador to britain mr lee said the radicals had china is the bottom line of one country two systems the framework negotiates it treats with britain under which hong kong's freedoms meant to be protected until twenty forty seven mr lee warned the british distaff the fight following the uk government warning to china to abide by its commitments on the biological treaty missile you said the uk government had chosen to stand on the wrong side and he wants to the consequences to the relationship with china if britain continue to interfere although he did not spell out what those consequences would be like so much listening to newsday if you want get more indepth discussion of topics remington ranging from so saying in china or south india all the way through to sales tax and how to raise funds and find those whose name but a few of the topics you won't check out the new ten k collects you poke costs

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