5/12/2020 - Wisconsin in beginning to resist


Good afternoon Milwaukee this. Is the mark belling late afternoon show? On newstalk eleven thirty W I S. I believe today. What is the de the twelfth? People say. Why do you say may thought wealthy on April the fourteenth I? Don't know I think it's a Wisconsin thing. I've always said that way. Admittedly, it shouldn't be made the twelfth. That should be me twelve, but trying to get me after all these years to correct that obvious grammatical stupidity is. Apparently beyond my control I had a stroke at apparently had reinforced that aid there i. just remember people that's people would say it I. Don't know if it's a Fox valley thing I'm from or or what it is but. It's the fourteenth well. No, it's not. It's September for thank you. I can't get it out. I can't stop. So stop correcting Miata because apparently I I'll you know I think probably would have at have, and it's generally without thinking, but now people. Who apparently can't attack me with any logic whatsoever for the comments that I am making about the excessive reaction to the corona virus, and the devastation of American life are Qatar, be our way of life at our freedoms and creating medical atrocities that are going to be far worse than Colbert and denying our kids in education, and I think permanently altering life, which is part of the agenda of the people driving this. Was that for a sentence? I'm still halfway through it. Because you can't come up with a logical argument against that. You're worried about how I see date. Obviously I was GONNA. Say I don't care if you don't like. I say the date, but here I am yet, but of audit side must care somewhat acknowledge. I got it. I just claim it's one of those things I'll just. Take the same approach to the lefty I can't help it. I can't help it with regard to. And as I said, it's going to be a pivotal day for a number of reasons. I believe? At I commented I've commented on this for several days in a row. Including yesterday I have been predicting for some time that there is going to be a significant resistance in the United States to an ongoing lockdown of our society at a restriction of our rights. And I believe and I don't know this I'm just predicting is. Going to continue to grow, we are seeing a grow on a daily basis here in Wisconsin elsewhere. It is still very limited. But everything starts limited. The question is whether or not the limited is going to grow and how it's growing again today. There is more and more frustration. There is more and more anger. We are going to get to a point of push coming to shove. We're not yet at that point because. The people that are in favor of resisting are either not large enough yet or not pushing hard enough to equal the shove. That is coming back from the government. But I believe it is going to happen. I'm going to deal with some specific cases, and for whatever reason I it might be coincidence it might not. I'm thinking this through especially since this is the county that I grew up at. Ground Zero for the resistance in Wisconsin Right now appears to be Outta gamy county. When you hear out, okay, because that's Appleton true, it's Appleton I'm from their. APPLETON's not the only city they're. Big Rural, area rod in several, other, small and medium sized cities that are now to give county to for whatever reason. Again. Maybe it's coincidence maybe not, but I'll get to this as I. Move here on a bump it. I believe most people. Who are politically anywhere from the middle on over to the right. Generally believe in respecting thority and following the rules. It's kind of the way that we're wired. We also believe that we have a right to grumble and complain about the rules that even try to change them, but so long as the rules are in place we tend. To believe that they ought to be followed. As it example. When you go into some place that I don't be now with the virus. I mean just in general before this. If, you're told everybody who wants to. Go into Miller Park here getting the slide, people generally believe at getting allied and the category hacked off. If there are people that are standing outside the ladder kind of worming their way through, they respect even at that most by new level authority, because we understand that in order to have a decent quality of life, there's gotta be a following of certain rules. Even if the rule is stupid, there's gotta be at least subway. To control us so that we don't live a chaotic life. You don't people taking advantage of fight another. Even if the law is one that many of us I think don't like. For, example I've argued for years on this program I don't understand why insider trading is illegal I just don't. Nobody if the that that's why I picked. This is an example, but that doesn't mean I. Don't I'm going to commit insider trading. If I ever wasn't insider, I'm not going to break the rule. Just because I think the rule is stupid whether or not I think that rule is stupid or not. We've. The majority clearly supports the rule so therefore. I put up with it. I go along with it. I generally believe that we should be law abiding citizens and follow the rules. I've got more of an independent streak in this area than most people in the rule is really stupid. As. You know I've expressed in the past that I, just I. I can't I can't follow it. A hard time with that but. That's the. Case! If they tell you hey. If you WANNA. Get on the airplane. You GotTa be at the Gate Twenty minutes before it's time to board. I, just the missing connection. I'm going to be there twenty minutes before it's time to board if they tell you to light up and group ABC yet, all the airlines wow, there's no groups. I'll get in the right grope. When southwest it's thing where they gave i. think that's numbers or something one to fifteen it. Everybody would have a number. I? got. My number was I. IF I was fifty two I didn't try to go stand by seven. And when people do what I was, one of those who who the hell are you? People jumping aligned for I. don't mean somebody's joining their wife saving the spot and they I don't mean that just got to get up there I'm one of those who shoot my mother A. But. To my entire life. Until now. That no should've following. The rules was one. that. It's never put to this real test of. What if the rule is horribly? Wrong destructive and indefensible. What if the rule is destroying our way of life and destroying our rights? What if the rules are making people sicker? What if the rules on their face are part of a larger attempt to destroy by? The type of country and society that we have. Now there are some people who make a federal case out of everything, and they've been arguing this kind of thing. Forever, they'll find some picky though. Violation of Iraq no well. Maybe it is, but it's so minor. Let it go. We're not at in my opinion right now. I'll let it go. I'm going to advance on this and they get you these areas. The persistence that I say first thing to do though is giving you the three o'clock hour word and the help pay your bills cash contest This thing ends on Friday so limited number of times to keep try to win that thousand dollars. We had another weather on my program yesterday. How many is that? We have here no. No? No, no, no, no, my show. Dave. Dave says twenty six. He believes you don't know the guessing. I thought you people were outing these. Paulo's tracks. I knew he'd lose track. I, tell them one thing on this thing. Keep track of how many winters we have. He does. Of course he's not by the way he's not here today as you by. Not It doesn't really matter that much. We had another yesterday. The with outward for this hour is couch. O., U., C., H. Couch, you have until four PM anytime between non for texts that into two hundred, two hundred thousand dollars of cash, get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data and message rates apply. In this nationwide contest. We brought up in. Some people believe it's an over the top efforts. The term the good German. Good German term generally applied to. The Nazis including the soldiers who? Followed the victims of Hitler. And the dilemma, the moral dilemma that was in place for people back in that era. Being loyal to their country and following the rules. Even if the rules were morally indefensible. And many people have wondered how. You could have otherwise decent people. Following such. Awful rules. Defense was of course I was only following orders that was only following orders without defense didn't work at Nuremberg. I was only following orders. We determined. That the orders, the following were so on their face, evil and immoral that you had an obligation to not follow them. Now, some people argue that to suggest that some of the rules that are in place and covid nineteen in some of the ways that were enforced to get to compare that to Nazi Germany is obnoxious and stupid, and I grant you. We are not yet gassing people on the basis of their religion. We're not. Invading countries and Slaughtering People Bought we are fundamentally. Take away some of the most important rights that Americans have. Changing the nature of our country and potentially destroying everyone's quality of life by Gutting Our Academy In terms of. Raising it to a higher level. I believe we're violating the bill of rights. When? You tell churches that they can't meet in the manner of their choice I believe that's violating the constitutional right. Of the free exercise of religion. So I don't think this is just the all complaining that you can't go to a tanning spot. The fact that the rules get so nitpicky that they itemize what business can open it which wine? CANNING SPA can't open. The barbershop can't open. But then some other business, it seems to be related cad. Calls can't open target can. Now that you have to debate the picky unit nature of given the fact that the rules themselves are picky units to the point of being indefensible, but along with all of those picky unit distinctions, there are profound and I. Do believe fundamentally morally important questions. I'm not even saying a church should open up and let everybody go there. I'm saying that it is very very troubling that we are saying. The government can't decide what the church should do or can do not the church itself. The religious freedom is the reason this country. I want to stay this differently the original. The settlers, the puritans were the first major wave to come over here. There are a lot of other waves of explorers and so odd, but they became the ones that out of the roots of the Puritans Ed the New England movement and so I'd came to push for independence. They came here for religious, freedom. And it's why religious freedom was built into the bill of rights in fact, put in the very first amendment, the first, the very first Ed, but the first of Avid. So not all of this can be shunted aside to say oh. What do you bitch at about on their? You stupid right-wingers. This is just nothing. It's minor inconveniences. It goes beyond that. These are beyond the level of minor inconveniences. then. This just rolling over at accepting the notion that. We're going to pay government to run public schools without running public schools suggesting somehow. The extremely remote risk that one kid might get sick. Is more important than the education of all children. That's a fundamental question that we ought to be debating. We've never felt that way in the past. If we get, we wouldn't allow kids to walk to school there. Take the bus for fear that somebody might be yet. Her struck by or something. And then telling people. That some of their most basic freedoms of assembly I WANNA. Go over here I want to let this person give me a massage I. WanNa go over here and I want to be able to buy. This dress I to go over. Here and I want somebody to be able to do this alteration. I want to go in here and see somebody for such and such or I just want to take my kids over to see their nephews and hang around in the same house play. When we accord government the ability. To Stop You from doing that? Don't tell me that this is just trivial. Well, who cares if he has come over, can come over and play with their deputies. But that's the point the fact that it is so far reaching that it gets into something as trivial as that kills you why it's so terribly wrong. This is not an emergency rule stopping one or two extremely dangerous things. Over a short term period of time. Like the nuclear bomb just dropped the radiation out. There stay locked up for forty eight hours. It's not that. It's far more far reaching that and goes into. Telling people almost every component of their life that they can or cannot live the way they want. So yes, this is important. Everything in life needs to be put to the balancing test test. When we have in the past accepted the restriction of certain rights. It was because of an overwhelming need to do something else that it. At least in the short term was considered to be more important. But understand this. The reason we've established these rights. Is Not for the day to day occurrences. It's precisely four this. In a normal period of time. People were running around shutting. The churches vowed. You only need to have that right during a time in which someone's trying to? People have argued about the second edit. Governments confiscating anybody's guns. Is it even true. I know but written there for the time in which government might think. Hey, we're going to deal with. Freedom of the press. The one I remember right that the media trumpets time. It's there. To protect the papers right to write a story about the broers. It's there to protect the type of story. The government might try to stop people for Rating. Our rights are there to protect us in the most extreme of times. Like. Are we going to allow? Some virus tried to come in. And use that as an excuse to say all these rights we said to have. You don't have a right now because there's a virus of China. That's why we took these rights and put them not as some law, but in the constitution. Our founding document that is extremely hard to change. Some. People argued that none of this is rising to the level of constitutionality and so I just don't agree with that it is. Also. You have to understand the motivation for this. The motivation I think for some people who support this. Stop the as. Well. We gotTA stop the virus. It's naive to think that that is the motivation for. A lot of the people that are the hardest thought this. They're looking to take advantage of this because they always do rob. Emanuel was one of the few enough to Blab it out. Never let a good crisis. Go to waste. They're using this as an opportunity. To do a lot of the things that they've always wanted to do. In fact, there's. An email from the mayor of Madison to the city employees. It's out there floating around today. Say things that ever got to return back to the way we wear. This has got to be an opportunity for us to create things the way we've always wanted them to be actually coming right out and saying it. There are people that are cheering for a wreckage in the economy. This of those cases of Sometimes, you're better off, not getting what you hope for. They seem to think that. The academy gets wreck. This takes away Donald Trump's talking point. He loses reelection. We can flip the switch back. Either way can return to this affluence that allows us to take all this tax buddy and build all these public schools and pay public employees so much money and half the giant welfare state. They're going to find that whether it's in a few months or four years at some point Donald. Trump's not going to be president that I'd say anyway. But if our academy is destroyed. Our prosperity has and they aren't going to be able to suck off the rest of war because there's GonNa. be nothing to suck odd. But I understand that this is what of their motivations hey. Damage the academy that Ain't good trump. We couldn't figure out any other way to get rid of him I. think that's part of it. And I also think a big part of this is. The number of people who are enjoying the opportunity. To expand the welfare, state. With so many people out there collecting more money at unemployment and their government check by that. They were making when they were working. It makes those people dependent which liberals have always been in favour of once. We get him on the Dole. We have them forever. That's their belief. Given that I believe that this is the motivation for many of that. It's another reason why I believe that this has to be taken very very importantly, and it shouldn't be seen as a bunch of wingers. Betcha about things that are irrelevant. Oh, you don't care about people dying. You don't care about people getting sick. So You get to this point with regard to. As I said at the beginning of these comments. Most people are who are like from the middle on off to the right, generally believe in following the rules respecting its already. And so what? I think many of us thought that we would never in our lifetimes. Get to a point where. We couldn't justify doing that Eddie more. It was always a decade amac notion of you know. Government starts rounding up the guns. Will you turn yours over? A Cup. It's never really rounded up the guns with certain exceptions. The government's never really done. The kinds of things in China were pulled people out of their houses for no reason and locked up. Haven't done with the Soviet Union did okay, you said the wrong thing. You're going to Siberia million years like Solzhenitsyn. But now we're starting to stare at our government becoming that kind of totalitarian authoritarian nation. That not only takes away our rights. is going to make us poorer going to make sicker. And taking the joy out of life. At some point. You have to question if we've gotten to the point of. I'm not going to follow these rules. I'm not, GonNa, go along with this. I'M NOT GONNA? Say Yes, master. These rules a raw egg and the way they're being forced is wrong. People are going to come to this conclusion at different times at different occasions. At it's got to be a matter of how desperate they are before there react, but it is happening, and that's the point I'm making. This resistance is beginning very slowly, but it is starting. Now I believe here in Milwaukee. You're going to be seeing it in different ways, and it's going to result in by necessity, some of the authoritarian types back off on some of the rules I do not believe you're going to be able to keep people from the parks of the lake. And engaging in social activity at. Stopping people from doing things ten fifteen at a time. When it's July canton eighty two degrees outside I don't. We've had a very difficult time. Dealing with just the general lack of ordering control at the beach in the summer and Milwaukee without already reasons to keep anybody away from there. You're also going to have a limit as to how long before people start going crazy that you can tell them that. They have to stay in their houses every night. and. Once government checks start to dry out. This to be a limit as to how long people simply sit back and take. Economic ruined. I think and I don't think anybody's commented or at least I. It's a dumb thing to say nobody that I've seen his edit out. The fact that the stock market is held up rather well is aiding people in their patients with this. Because most people have not seen. Their 401K's and their IRA's gutted and go down to zero. If. We see another downturn in the stock market which will happen if we don't resume economic at? Stating the obvious, if every company's profits, they're going down to zero. The stock. Market's going to crash and fall apart is an anticipation of the part of the market here that this is a short live thing, and we are going to be returning to some sense of strike economic activity. Otherwise you couldn't justify so many of these companies not taking that big of a hit on their stock prices, but it has cushioned. The. Blow and therefore softened. I think some of this resistance. That I keep saying is going to come. But it's GONNA come. When some of the people who have been furloughed realized that these furloughs are now permanent, and the company's not going to bring them back. and. They realize that nobody else has hiring or even those that are. Of like the good old days have a few months ago. When there were fifty vacancies for every applicant whether or now five hundred applicants for everyone vacancy. That's what I think you're going to see. Resistance grow and grow and grow and grow one of the fears that I think we have to have. is whether or not it's going to be possible at some point. To ever resume certain things. Are Professional Sports Dad. Are College sports dead. Their financial models based on. Fifty thousand people go into a ballgame eighty thousand people going to a football game. Eighteen thousand people going were basketball game. If. We're not going to let them do that. A huge portion of the way that they generate money as God. At all of the things that come from them are gone. If we're not going to allow restaurants and Friday and Saturday night to pack the joint. All the tables filled in two thousand five people clamored at the Maitre d' desk to sit down. That industry goes under it. All the people involved in it. Go idea for not going to allow the bars to pack themselves on Friday and Saturday nights especially in some of the big cities. If we're not going to allow the resorts up north, not going to allow the casinos to go back packing them at those things, and because we're just not comfortable with it. You're talking about entire massive sectors of the academy. Gone with nothing to replace them. To the resistance. As I said for whatever raise, it might be coincidence, although maybe it isn't. Work at it through I've got about fifty percents. It's a coincidence and fifty percent who? Think that it's not. Ground Zero for the resistance in Wisconsin seems to be Outta Gay County. I'm going to share some stories. And start what HAP- start with what's happening to the operator of an Appleton Harris a lot. When we come back after the break and a reminder of already given you the three o'clock hour word, but will have a four five and six o'clock hour word all we never comes before the top of the hour generally comes before twenty minutes after the hour usually closer to the top that we move it around chances to win money in the. Did you find out how many winner I've? Twenty Four. DOUBT, how could go from twenty six to twenty four when I had a winter yesterday? Because you're just, you're nobody ads these. Friday shows do not somebody filling in for me. The Wednesday show Coutts. Twenty Four. Yeah, as I've said. My show is on Monday through Thursday. When somebody fills in for me because I just not working one of those they sick or something, good other that's still by show. The Friday program is a different show offered by wins, said so the two thousand four had remarkable given that I'm only doing a four day a week program here on this national so anyways. Stick around for all of those four, five and six. On this issue of this resistance, which I think as I say is going to continue to build, and it's happening. I'm using this term too much lately. Organically and other words. It's happening from the people. Themselves is not happening because any leadership all. From Republican elected officials. In Wisconsin? Who are doing anything to provide really any? Semblance of political opposition to this at all. Send out a press release file a couple of lawsuits. That's IT I. don't see any Republican elected officials standing at the door, telling the police that you're gonNA arrest this person for. Offering this service you're gonNA. have to walk through my body. You're not getting any of that kind of courage from elected Republican officials right now. This is a country that allowed antibiotic. Just defy the law with these violent protests across the United States, were cops wouldn't arrest them, but is now turning those very same police forces on members of their own community in some cases, small communities in some cases people that have spent their entire lives backing and supporting the police. And as I've said some of these police departments better start thinking about that. But Lot of us who've given them support forever and ever and ever ever. Now realize that when it's time for them to support us. They're turning us and say well. We have an order. Screw you with your water. Look the other way respect the rights in a why can't to unreasonable search and seizure of a guy that you know is carrying drugs. But then go in and push around and bully around. Four old farts trying to play pickle ball. Don't think we won't remember that. Some of these hack police chiefs that are out there. And again I know that many of the police officers well. I I wish I didn't have to do this. By large, the problem is one for the people who run the departments, and not the individual cop. That he's try. Situation will be remembered for some time. When the leaders of Troy couldn't tell their hack of a police chief. Not to bother people because they got out of their cars, and they were eating food at the restaurant, Barbecue, restaurant. It becomes eye-opening when you realize that some of these people who said that they were your side in fact. Think you're an axe murderer. Because you're eating in a parking, lot of a restaurant. So with all of that said we're going to move to some of these stories on this growing resistance. It's out there. Some of which are fascinating. Start the story on the. Haircut in place in Appleton will do that. Extra three thirty eight US talk eleven thirty W I. Say it's time for rapid traffic I. Ninety four westbound I am back was Varma through yesterday. Were you one of these days? You're one of the one of these very like you don't to working. That's supposed to get paid or. Part of the deal. Notice calls not here today either Yes. He has The. Thing that's happening now in the American economy that we are just apparently in my mind, just choosing to destroy. Choosing to destroy our academy, that's happening. You're choosing to destroy our economy by allowing guys like Iverson. Guys like Pritzker in Illinois and guys like. GonNa say guys women like the quack at. Oh just worst. Not just you know to. Shut everything down and Gut in destroy your academy and take my take money out of people's as I say when well I got the stimulus check. The unemployment's giving me more money when that rise up, and then when you realize some of these companies figuring off, Hey got by without these twenty percent that we furloughed during this time we got by just find that running this division so on the people will realize what they have done. To themselves in addition to. Everything else, but this is spreading across the academy and as I say I keep delaying getting to this. Break it just I. There should be more resentment. Over the fact that the people that are doing all of the shutdowns are laying off any of their staff. Tony is by the way issued an order on Friday that part-time hourly employees who aren't working at all well now be getting their full paychecks, not not fulltime employees part time hourly employs. Limited term gotta come in and do this. We're GONNA pay them to even that. Not Stay at home at work. Just no work whatsoever that I guy that is looking out for those people and his own staff and getting a full paycheck, and so on are running around and just say well. You have an obligation to give up your income your job, your way of life and so odd. The guys that are pushing us all around are losing nothing. Here is a result of this ought to be more objection to that. As well I mean he won't. Even symbolically out of good faith, take a fifty percent pay cut for himself. I mean just the sort of thing that people do just to make it look good. You won't even get out of any of them. Ta What. How much is Tom Barrack cutting his own pay? As he sits at home, we could have. A mayor sits at home during a crisis. I thought when there was a crisis. The mayor supposed to go into the office I mean if we have nuclear war going out, and we got carnage in the streets and so Tom Barrack. It'd be hiding at home as opposed to going into work for crying out loud, and does he know that he's gutting his own downtown while he's doing all of what he's doing I mentioned before. That be careful of what you wish for. There's this I think belief. Okay, we'll turn the switch off, trump CETERA, then we'll flip it back out and everything. is going to be back to wonderful. It's not going to be back to wonderful. Add the areas that are going to be hurt to hurt. The worst are going to be the big cities where a lot of people aren't GonNa want to live anymore because they've had this unsafe. Where a lot of the employers and realizing we don't need the big giant office buildings anymore we could have these people work at home. You, know wh. Why in the world should we continue to run? The virus transit systems like the buses in the subways trolleys that are pass it along all of the virus, not to mention the fact that you're gutting the state aid checks that you've been getting. For, because our economy is GonNa, go to hell. We're not gonNA. Have the taxes that you've been living on to run. All of these things no I. This is another example here we're liberals were all of these things but their own stupidity? They don't even understand that. In the end they are going to be among the greatest victims of this. I mean the public schools are never going to be the same again. This staffs never be as large as they are now just by nature of the fact that a they've committed in many cases to the Walla doses. Just example they're. They're stuck with the they've stopped. They've issued these bodies stock with having to make those payments. They've started doing the construction and they're going to have their classroom instruction muddy gutted because of the declines in state aid that are going to be in place, and so what and they're going to be saddled with this, but again I. Don't think they thought that down rates thing. They think they're swept. Switch can just be flicked back. I'd again and they think that the economy that Donald Trump gave us that allowed. All this money to pour in can somehow be in place when. Joe Biden is somehow the president or whomever it is. They just think that those things can happen, and they can't. The damage that's being done here by the number of businesses that are just GonNa go under and the declines in so many revenue streams that are there that will take decades to ever replace at. It comes right after so many of these school this they put themselves so massive lay. In debt at the same time they got you know that's what these bu bond issues are. It is massive debt, and almost hilariously for school buildings that they have chosen now essentially not to use by right Kelly the kids, Joe, said home, even though no kids get the virus were. Thirty W, I s N. Mark. After shelf weather forecast. It's going to get a little bit milder. As the week goes along most they voted I'd still droppin to the thirties about thirty seven from Oh, tomorrow, increasing clouds with a high of fifty six rain showers coming in at night, but that's going to be in front of a little bit warmer weather. It's going to get a lot warmer. Well to the south of us, but an are not bad for Thursday, scattered showers and thunderstorms, but we should get up into the upper sixties with a high of about sixty nine Friday decreasing clouds with a high of sixty six northeast winds that day whatever you hear that or be cooling of the lake, Saturday chance of storms in the afternoon and evening, but otherwise rather mild high around sixty three, Sunday scattered showers and thunderstorms, a high of sixty two degrees seems like every year in late May. We get about four or five days in which we get into well into the eighties, so don't know if that's going to happen this year, but we're still middle part of May all right. I mentioned. This business of resistance. And we have seen a trickle here at trickle there. particularly in certain other states. Not so much. The states have already begun to open things up or never really shut things down all that much like say Oklahoma. The DAKOTAS or Georgia, which is now gradually opened up much of their state or Florida where regions of the state are approaching sense of normalcy again, but here in the state of Wisconsin where we have had one of the most Ricardian lockdowns of all. There has been gradually indications. Some degree of resistance I mentioned on yesterday's program that restaurant and Beaver dam opened on Saturday. It was open. All weekend did huge business. And the Sheriff in Dodge County didn't do anything about it to his credit. That's aside resistance. We've also heard some stories there. Addict auto of various businesses especially up north that have been opened. We have a statement from some local law enforcement authorities that they're not going to do anything to enforce the order, but even with that still generally, there's bank to apply. It's, but it's a start. It's a start. I'll note. That if you back them into a quarter, they are likely to backed out my proof of that. When that rally was held in Madison a few weeks ago, heard those social distancing going onto that he was right next to one another. Tony did not order the Madison State. Capitol police and the city of Madison Police. They didn't round. Everybody up for violating that order. They didn't do it. There was no permit that was issued for the thing. They realize that if they tried to round up to three thousand, whatever number people. There were there that it would have been chaotic. It's a lot easier to enforce. These orders would only one person here or there is violating them. When? Their resistance grows in numbered. Follow this point. This is not redundant. When the resistance grows in number, it grows number. To put it better. That's a snowball effect to this. The more people that resist the harder it is going to be to stop the resistance. Let's start with the story from appleton. There's a woman who operates a Harris Saladdin Wisconsin avenue and apple them kingdom cuts. She decided to open up. And she decided to tell the story on our facebook page. Just opened up. and. She was ready. When of course, busybodies at Appleton complain? Hey, this woman's gotTa Store Open. The appleton police came in. And told her look. You've got to close your doors. They didn't issue a citation, but they said Hey, if we come back. You could be facing citation and remember. We can go after your license. The police were polite about it the individual officers, but that's what they older. Day later she's open again. Here comes. One of the two cops have been there that day before. He wrote her a referral to the district attorney. What does that bid? He sends the case to the District Attorney for a criminal referral in other words, the district attorney can charge her with a misdemeanor for violating the order on the video filmed by the woman record by the woman. She states it's an order. It's not a law and the police officer and this is. What they're hanging their hat on her saying that. The order has the force of Law Because The order has been issued governed by Wisconsin Statute and the governor's emergency authorities give him the ability to issue that order in the case of the Andrea Palm orders. The argument has been made in. This is what's being challenged in the. State Supreme Court. that. She has the authority to issue these orders, which then have the force of law because her authority is backed by statute. It'll be up to courts. They have to decide that especially if there's going to be a number of violations that occur. So she's posted all of this other facebook page. He just decided to keep opening doors in. The COPS decided to keep coming over, and now she's got a criminal referral. Today. The woman whose name is Jessica that's all. The lawsuit in, federal, court. Seeking a temporary injunction joining Twenty Iverson enforcing his order. The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern. District of Wisconsin Wisconsin is to Federal Court districts, eastern, Western and the northern division of the Eastern District. There is a federal court in Green Bay. It's part of the same federal court. That's in Milwaukee, but they've got a courthouse and federal judges magistrate up in Green Bay. That's where it's been filed, and that's the district that she lives it. Interestingly. The law firm that's handling the case is former Ozaukee county judge. Joe Voilate, who is the guy who ran and got elected judge? If eating long-term term incumbent, who had side the Walker recall? The Federal Court case filing says that the Iverson order violates the constitution, a number of areas including making it impossible to participate in your democracy. That, the order is making it very high for candidates to circulate recall petitions nominating petitions for Public Office run the piling period for public office in Wisconsin. Levers order is making it very hard for candidates to try to engage in democracy. The law suit also alleges that freedom of religion is being violated here via the order, and then in the area that directly affects. The woman who operates the hair salon and Madison saying that the order is. Indefensible in arbitrary it is. By singling out certain businesses that can open another that cannot. Now nobody knows how any federal judge is going to rule out this. There has been a federal court ruling in Kentucky that enjoined the governor down there from some of his restrictions on religious activity. But you get this in the hands of liberal federal judge, they're gonNA look at one way to get your head in the hands of a conservative federal judge. They may look at it somewhere else and other way. On her facebook posting. and. I. Don't know if this has gotten any news coverage. There's been the media has just tried very hard not to report at Eddie of this resisting that's gone on. It's like they don't want to give this any momentum while we can't show that. People resisting we show, the lawsuits are going to be piled. We can't show that. All of these businesses are opening up. We can show that because it's going to give other people the idea to do it. So I don't know if there's better but essay. She did filed the lawsuit in Federal Court today, and she s posted extensively on her facebook page on this. On her facebook page. Save one that detailed the cases of the police coming in honor. She does state that day. She did file and the federal lawsuit. She understands that she's going to be getting a lot of hate for doing it as she says, but she's doing it for the rights of everyone including the haters. One case now. It's a case of a person who's pushing it by saying I'm going to sue them. And finding a lawyer who's willing to take the case? Ended of itself. Yes, the police said Appleton are going to be able to keep that salon from opening. They can show up every day and eventually they can holler out and throw in jail I imagine. But. Here's the point that I'm making about the growth of this. What would happen if twenty five here? Salons in Appleton Open Up. You can have the entire outer came county jail filled with. cosmetologists. It's hard to fathom this. And I suspect that if she keeps opening up, she keeps pocketing a little bit of money before the police show up. Some others are going to be willing to do it. Especially those that are facing financial ruin. This. Attempt to ease the pain to the handing out of stimulus checks. There are some people that don't get much out of this. If you own your own business, and you don't pay yourself much of salary. Your unemployment compensation is low, and it's also difficult to file for unemployment if you're the business owner to begin with. The stimulus check is the same check that everybody else gets. For workers that are on the low end, though they're the ones that are being harmed by this, because if you're pay is low, your unemployment check is low. Some of the people who have higher paying jobs are doing better right now. We talked about this category of people that are making more money under the lockdown than when they were actually working, but for a lot of these small business owners including rather small businesses. They don't you know we're not talking million dollar a year businesses here. They're the ones that are heard in. The woman told the police she said look. I'm trying to provide for my family. This is where we're at somebody who is trying to provide for her family on her facebook page also pointed out. Look I'm not catering anybody to make come in here. The only people coming in or people who WanNa get a haircut. They're willing to come again and I'm willing to cutting their hair. It should give you great pause. That in Appleton, Wisconsin. The police wet and cited her for this. As I, said they did a referral at similar citation, they referred her for criminal charges to the District Attorney's office in other words, he's going to let the Outta gave me cutty district attorney to decide whether or not is going to try to get her locked up. Interestingly. There's another story. This is actually making a fair amount of news. Also! From Appleton, and as I say, I don't know if it's coincidental. Party says that it is a part of me says that it isn't. But this is the next one is going to be the second of three stories that I have today about resistance that is going God. At is coming from appleton. It has to do with a bunch of kids who tried to play baseball. And once again. The storm troopers who worked for the APPLETON police chief. Told Them. They couldn't play baseball. You may recall the Appleton also out of all the cities in the state, the most disgraceful in terms of trying to facilitate the election. The apparently, not only have a bad city clerk. They have a bad police chief up there as well appleton city, the trends slightly democratic the Overall County Ota gamy generally trends slightly Republican, but it's a split city on this, and you can see this with a the resistance developing, but also be the number of people who call the police on the people that are trying to resist thirst kids baseball. And apparently the apple, the police got a number of calls to the police from that game. He County itself is a case that he's had only a tiny number of actual cases of Covid nineteen there, even though population wise, it's one of the bigger counties in the state will tell you about the baseball story at a moment, and also coming up in a moment of to give you the help pay your bills cash. Contest takes word for the four o'clock cowards four zero to a news talk eleven. Thirty W is said. News eleven thirty. Mark belling lay down. Can give you the help. Pay Your Bills Kashtan, cast through word for the four o'clock hour. Remember you have until five o'clock to text the following word into two hundred two hundred. The word for this hour is Care Cara. Anytime between now and five techs care to two hundred two hundred thousand dollars in cash. You'll get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest again also from appleton. One of those traveling summer baseball teams in other words not affiliated directly with school. One of the Summer League teams, but involving kids. was holding a practice. At apple the Baseball Park, their coach was there. People call the police. And apparently quite a few of them. And when these people are calling the police, they're not even calling the nonemergency number. According to the report from wwl UK and Green Bay. They received a number of nine eleven. Call of this now I get. This is the split we're seeing in our society. There are people that are out there. That just think that this is so unbelievably stupid. I'm. GonNa go out and play ball with some other kids. And there are other people who think that this is such a terrible thing that they're calling nine one one opioid. The very crowd liberals who have been soft on crime forever. What anybody locked up? The people who argue that we should have no incarceration of Dodd. Violent criminals are now the same ones that are calling the cops trying to lock up people for playing baseball. The WWL UK story quoted. They apparently got their hands of the nine one one tapes. The green sides opposed you know not for not to be played on, but there's at least a dozen kids out there, said one caller another one I just water reports some guys that are playing basketball at court that was nearby and they go wad. The baseball team involved in Appleton. Is Run by Mark Caveney. He owns the caveat. Any Baseball Training Academy and he has. What are these traveling caves, but his business is actually to operate an academy that teaches kids how to play baseball. Somebody called the cops and said that he had people that were out of doors, playing baseball at his academy. Caveat any said that all we did is had the players coaches get together. We have not been beating because of the stay at home order. To touch base and to hold it option a practice. He said no members of the team were required to play. Yet they had the police called on the. He said look of all the sports that exist. Baseball's probably the one that has the most social distancing them. I'll quote cavalry. The basis are ninety feet apart. The pitching mound to home plate is sixty feet six inches. A neighbor who lives in the area, recorded the video and provided wwl UK showing the police engaging with the coach. And then telling look, you gotta have everybody go home apparently under the threat of arrest. The absurdity of saying that we can have all sorts of people in a grocery store or hardware store. that. We could have all of these kids out there walking on the streets and walk on the sidewalks and so on, but they can't go to a baseball field where by definition, nobody particularly close to one another at all. The left field is way far away from the center fielder. The centerfield is the same distance the rightfielder. That you can't do that. Still, I think it's interesting that they initially wristed and they tried to go out and hold their practice. This is the resistance that I said he's going to occur. We're in early. May the weather's crappy for baseball? What do you think? Is GonNa? Happen when it warms up. We're not going to allow any kids to play baseball all Subir. I'm not talking here. Fans in the stands. These kids can't go out and play ball. The Guy that operates a baseball academy can't have batting practice fielding practice. Still. Of all the private baseball teams that all the baseball the don't hear of any others that have done this as I say. This level of resistance starts slowly. But it happened meanwhile, said Outta gave me county for whatever reason seems to be ground zero on this. The following story doesn't come from Oughta Gay County, but it comes from real close to the county line. It's in Greenleaf Wisconsin. Green Leaf is in Brown county, which is the Green Bay area, but it's very close to Outta gave me cody. This isn't even a story of resistance, but it's an indication of how these things are coming to ahead. There's a small bar in Greenlee called slammer in. There were a number of motorcycles that were parked in the parking lot. What happened here is. At at I've acknowledged that even I was cal back. County came from a few days ago. That I thought was fake, told to Real I'm stunned. At some of the reactions that you're getting from police in any event. Some people saw. About our cycles in the parking lot of the bar. So, they called the police. Greenleaf police that there are a number of motorcycles at the bar. We need backup. They called in police some as far away as Schwab added Green Bay. Seventy squads responded. The story is being rather widely covered up there in the Fox valley media, so if you want to look it up, there's a number of places you can fight it. A WTI radio has one said, has it? When the police showed up. They went inside the bar. There's nobody added. Except the odor. The odor was put in a new floor. The ground with construction material all over the place. So what happened. It turns out. That a bunch of motorcyclists decided that they were GonNa go out to ride. and. They said Hey. Let's all meet at the parking lot of slavers. And that's what these people who call the cops saw. The motorcyclists who aren't supposed to be out there, joy, Reid, anyway, that's the only reason they were there. There was never anybody in the bar. The police said that the initial reports of seventy squads was it a reaction. We only had twenty. K maybe it's between twenty and seven. Let's say it's twenty. I wonder the last time you ever had twenty squad cars responding to anything in Greenlee for God said and what it was that they were responding to a report that a buyer by be open, and it wasn't even open. busybody see a bunch of bytes at the bar. Bay rather than mind, their own business called the police. Police here this. They hear the. There might be as many as one hundred bikes by the way the bikers say that we're nowhere near that many of us whatever the number is. The police apparently freaked out. They might have to confront biker whole by God the Hells Angels Greenleaf. They call up backup. All of these other municipalities people the COPS SCHWAB DOT leave their city to go. Help out for this awful situation. Agree there bikers at a bar. It is very hard. For, people on the receiving end of this. View the police the same way after seeing this kind of a reaction. If they had heard. That, there was drug dealing going out of the basement of the bar. Green Bay where they have had that many cops I doubt it. They were there because they thought that there are a bunch of guys sitting in the Bar, drinking beer. And they were even doing that. The parking lot of slabs, probably the biggest parking ladder GREENLEAF. That's how this wise. The Brown County Sheriff's department. Was the organizer of the response. They're the ones that put out the mutual aid. Call the credit officers from other agencies to come in as far away as I. Added appear, that's actually a hike to green leafy green leaves not that far from rights. Doubt, it's all kind of their. I've got another one for you. This what is not from the Fox Valley? This story actually has already been widely covered elsewhere. So this is me picking up on a story that's been reported by many others in the media as well several. The TV stations in Milwaukee have already reported this story, so this is that new, but I am adding get in here. To this laundry list of stories that fall into the category of resistance and overreaction by authorities. The Kenosha County Board. Was Holding Regular Meeting. They said they asked the public not to attend the meeting. And they put a video up on. Youtube or whatever resigned, but there was a video up of the beating for people who wanted to watch, but the board actually held its meeting board members showed up. They had the social distancing that wearing the masks the side of the other thing. A resident of Kenosha. Her name. Is Mary Magdalene Moser? Why did you address the county board? They have public comments. Section at the beginning of the beating which governmental bodies do. So she showed up at the car knows which is where the county board bates, so she could attend the meeting and speak to the board as I said they asked the public not to attend. But she points out. They never said on the agenda. The public could not adequate merely asked the public not to a Ted. She showed up because she wanted to address the board on something right other during the public covets. She got in the elevator and. A high ranking officer of the Kenosha County Sheriff's department. Determined that she hasn't actually on the county board. Got On the elevator with her. According to Miss Moser. She was slammed against the wall and arrested. Arrested for trying to attend a meeting of the county board in the county which she leads. I contacted Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth today. Best the Republican, but it isn't always a parrot. I was told by his public information officer that he was not available to answer questions about this. Now. You're actually at the level of storm Cooper. Ms Moses. It's far as I can. Tell does not have a criminal record. I did see capper. She's fifty seven years old I've seen a picture of her in the various television stories. She looks about his day. I don't know what the issue was that she intended to talk about. She tried to show up at. A governmental meeting in the United States of America talk during the public comments never even got the robe. Stop by Sheriff's deputies handcuffed and arrested. Hope you're comfortable with this and Kenosha County. I guarantee you. Many people are not. I don't know kind of a county sheriff. Beth is rotting. As for the cowboys itself I don't know if there is legal authority to bar the public from attending a meeting at yet partly because I don't think anybody's ever tried it. You can go to closed session and all of that stuff, but to say we're going to have a meeting. It wasn't by the way a virtual meeting. The meeting the the board was there. Some members might've been either thing, but as I looked at the meeting and watched it on the video by south. They had a fair number of members that were there. They're sitting in the chairs and some are sitting in the gallery so that they could distance, but the media was being held. Furthermore there was nothing ever said it would be illegal farmer up a person to head. These things are happening regular old Americans, fifty seven year old woman. Cuffed arrested for prime to go to a county board meeting. It Kenosha Wisconsin. This is what Tony has done to this date. There are number of tyrants and local government that have grab this at run with it. And unfortunately in many instances they're lod force, but. Now the logic behind all of this why the county board chair, but if he was the individual who authorized the arrest or not, and it's unclear if he's running away from saying that this, they're the ones that directed that any of this occur from the news coverage that I am Sade. More afraid of a person who is going to address the public from somewhere in the back of the Rome than the other members of the county board that were actually in the room is beyond me. Can you have government. That's only being done video. Can members actually participate in? It'll be two four or five member agency twenty thirty forty member when they're all video. How can you recognize? Somebody wants to speak if somebody tries to talk, how can you tell it impractical? We have a right to participate in our government. Now At, least in Kenosha county not only. Are they trying to make it impossible to participate in your government? If you, show up at the courthouse. They're going to arrest you. This is shelly. As I say if you're looking for any public officials to. Make us. Think about it. You're so far coming up empty. There ought to be investigation you talk about. Cases of African Americans being harassed for driving on the street in a white suburb. What's the checkout sheriff's department. It's comfy woman trying to go to a county board meeting. What's the check on share up that? And as I said I did seek out sheriff bats input on the city apparently didn't want to be bothered enough to offer it. We could argue about whether or not they should have should have taste sterling browde what he parked illegally. In the middle of the night at Walgreens. And then didn't comply with officer directives. You could argue that. What's the argument. For. A woman forgetting an elevator for tried to go to a county board meeting. What's the argument for that. At, at what point do we simply have to lose? Respect for law enforcement that he's decided not only. Are we going to enforce these orders such zealousness? But we're going to. manhandle citizens. WHO PRESENT NO THREAT AT ALL! And certainly, we're not intending to do anything with criminal intent. Go to county board meeting. Now this story as I said has gotten a fair amount of news coverage so I'm not going to claim that nobody covered this. It's been reported elsewhere. I'm including it in this long list of stories that I've using to try to highlight what I think is. The beginning of some level of resistance, there's only so log. Even without any leadership elected officials even without the cut, Oshakati executive standard APP even without. Hardly any members of the state legislature Baker Stink. No, members of the congressional delegation coming to the defense of these people. Still, there's only so the people in this country. Large numbers of them are going to tolerate this. I think back to the tea party movement and the thing that created that was a lot less serious that all studied with Obama was proposing Obamacare, and so on a lot less serious of a threat to our liberty this. This resistance as I say is going to build. And it needs to build, and it is about time that some of the elected officials have claimed that they are ladies and claim that they care about this stuff. Start joining this resistance and start condemning. County boards and sheriff's. The threatening to lock people up for trying to go to a government meeting. Or the police chief at Appleton who thinks it's his job. So zealously enforce a governor stupid order that he won't let a few kids play catch. Route out of control here under this, we are out of control. It becomes very hard, however, for this level of thuggery, Gorie and the enforcement of Eagles is awful order. To contain you the more resistance there is. I'm not telling you to resist. And but he has to make up their mind as to what they're gonNA do in their own life. I'm just telling you. I think the resistance is GonNa grow in the more that crows, the harder it is to deal with. This is I say. Twenty five salons at apple opened up. It would be very very hard for the police department to fill up their entire apple, jail. With a bunch of barbers and cosmetologists. Rolled into a break. I've got talk about something that happened in the state of Michigan as I. Continue on this theme as I say I. Try to identify these trends on the covid story early on, and the resistance is beginning. Stand up Milwaukee. This is the mark belling late afternoon. Show I do stock eleven thirty W. I S. We are in the very early early stages of backlash. As it's beginning to dawn on people that some of the people that have locked down our society. Don't intend to ever restore all of our freedoms. You have people like Tony ever say the good old days are never coming back. I think this was a shock to a lot of people. You now. Hearing discussion about the schools potentially not opening in the fall. This is shocking to a lot of people. You hearing discussion about the NFL not allowing any fan this fall again. It's this is shocking a lot of people. I think that many of the people who early on accepted the notion of. Some restrictions activity particularly when they bought into the hype that call the nineteen was going to be one of the deadliest viruses effort was going to white people out. Once they recognize. that. There's no end in sight to the controls that are under that we are under. And that this three straight stretch should've our liberties is something that they intend to go with for a long time gradually more and more resistance develops. Is there an answer and the courts will no one knows because the courts have never been forced to confront questions like this because we've never had this kind of Kony and governmental overreach. Wisconsin Supreme Court has not ruled yet on the lawsuit filed by the state, legislature. To the orders to separate cases I'm surmising here. That the court may be of a mixed mind with regard to the authorities that are in place. Certainly. There's a question to be raised about whether or not it's the job of the courts to overturn State Law. That was duly fast. And many many many years ago, we passed the law that gave the health services secretary the ability to issue health related orders. Done decades ago. And that's the law that allowing Andrea Palm the issue these orders. Given the fact that the law was passed. That is in place. Should it be overturned? Simply because some people don't like Oh Andrea Palm is exhibiting her exercising authority. Simply blame this. The voters who chose to elect. A liberal Tony Iverson empower the Madison establishment to go and bring in a woman from Hillary Clinton staff. To Run the health of the State of Wisconsin according to the whims of Madison Radicals Dodo. I suspect the court is likely to accept either to sixty emergency authority which expires today. than it is Andrea, palms unending emergency authority that. Goes well beyond things that deal with health and get into the micromanagement of. Individual Rights. But I, do think it's fairly apparent that other than. A handful of really independent minded public officials that the resistance here is mostly going to come from the public I've commented on. And I know that they think this is unfair, but I. Just have to call it at the generally pathetic response from Republicans in the State Legislature Wisconsin. They have tools at their disposal that they have chosen not to use. And? They are terrified of offending the media. Which is why they will not step and going to bad. For individuals whose lives are being, you know you would have thought by now. That what elected official would have gone and found somebody to cut his hair down in public just to defy them and make that person a symbol. We can't even get that. The rhetoric that has come has been very very tame, and there are some Republicans that don't even buy into it. There are some things that it is their job to regurgitate the misleading health information being provided by the Andrea Palm Agency, much of which is turned out to be right by the way the states own gating materia has gone all green except one today. I'll explain that now because I don't want to. Just leave it out there in passing the states put up this guy. They call it the gating criteria. They've got all these said you gotta gotTa at this had open anything up until we hit all. Everybody's got to be great. The only one that is still red not. Increase in flu like symptoms flow like. Not even call it. That, one's red. Because they're now reporting an increase in flu like symptoms, everything else has gone grade. They're rejecting the criteria as they go along. They're doing with it whatever they want. Everything else went great. Every other number has hit the criteria. That was himself established so now we're going to roll on the flu. Like what does that have to call? Kobe I, can I suppose it is? This brings us to a story for Michigan. And as I said, you're gradually seeing some signs of resistance Pennsylvania. There's been tremendous resistance to what they're trying to do there. which is a regional reopening? I've warned Republicans. It was constant that. If you try to pull this crap that wmc wants to do of a regional putting in this state. You're going to have health pay. Given the fact that so many of you are elected from southeastern, Wisconsin. Which would obviously remain lockdown for a long time under a regional reopening plaid. We either have rights that we don't have rights. We're either going to overreact to Kobe nineteen overnight. We're GONNA. Err on the side of allowing people that businesses to say, Hey, I'm going to stay closed on my own I'm going to open my own or a person saying I. Don't WanNa go to the store I don't feel safe or allowing the yeah, perfectly fine going into the store. There's been resistance in Pennsylvania to the region reopening amazingly, that's what. A number of Wisconsin, Republicans, the sellouts at WMC and Madison are pushing. Now given that. Madison's numbers have gotten so low. The great irony would be that Madison would be allowed to open hurry to reopening and Waukesha. County probably would not anyway. The stories of Michigan. As. You probably know on Friday night. The governor there who's extremists whitmer the Democrat that they were dumb enough to elect Governor Michigan. made it clear that hair related businesses. He's had to stay close to the lack odor. A seventy seven year old Michigan Barber opened up anyway. This is where we're going on this folks. A group calling itself the Michigan Militia. Armed? showed up at the barbershop. To protect the barber and stop him from being arrested. The police backed out. So here, you had a citizens militia trying to protect this barber to protect his rights to operate. Before local police department, responding to the Michigan Governors order would tell us seventy-seven-year-old. He can't cut hair. This is reminiscent of what happened with. The bundy ranch out. West we had a standoff that was going on for some time. This is over people trying to run barber, shop. Most people including most people on the right would not be comfortable. With farming militia to try to help a barber shop opened up, but some people are and this. Stuff's going to continue to happen. Until these government back off and start he'll. We're not talking anymore about public health and safety. People could make these decisions on their own. People locked themselves up. If people want to decide okay I'm GONNA home school. My kids next door. Don't feel safe setting of school fine. But the taxpayers are paying good buddy to have their kids get an education. They're not GONNA put up with this notion. We're just GONNA keep. The schools closed until this accede, and then when the next virus comes close up again for two years until this other affects that I could put up with this. WE'RE NOT GONNA put up with telling people for months. They can't get a haircut. WE'RE NOT GONNA put up with police coming in. And taking taxpaying law abiding citizens, they're their community. People who have been wearing badges and putting button side supporting the police being shoved around by a bunch of cops. Because some PISS ANTIFA governor has put out some ridiculous. That doesn't even make any sad 's. So, Michigan of other guys got together for him volition. Took guns onto the barber shop. The police showed the good judgment to. Not Try to bust through that and hall the Barber Out for seventy seven year old guy. Trying to stay afloat. There are two issues here one the right of the government to do all of it, and then the other part that I've tried to raise a lot. and. That is how stupidly crafted Iverson his orders are. They don't even make any sense. Yesterday All right. A lot of the businesses that I had lockdown could open up with thinking only a five in the store. What sense does that make? A huge store. And what are these cubbyholes at a strip mall are treated the same. It wasn't based on square footage. It wasn't based on the size of the business or even the nature of the business. So obviously a large store do not gonNA. See cat point of opening if they can only let five people in. But for a really small store. Especially, the doesn't have a lot of foot traffic. They're allowed to open. What's the sense of this? And then even stores in similar categories. Representative SANFILIPPO put out a well-worn. Where press release as I say, we're starting to get some signs of pulse from some of them. Saying own, district. He's got a target store. That's all, but I'm guessing he's talking about what at Highway? One hundred? The target store is open across the street to call stores closed. See The target store sells groceries so I'd order it open. The call store across. The street doesn't sell grocery, so they have to be closed. How can you defend this? So you have here, the bullying power of government. Throw it! It's weighed around. The city is here. And slapping on these restrictions on people's activities. And restrictions of their rights. But doing it to enforce it. That in many cases simply doesn't make any sense. Gatherings of three or more or not allowed to or one are allowed. So. Three people are hanging around doing something like play basketball. That's that allowed but to cat. Where's the logic that? Gary D'Amato did a story last week. About a guy named Bob Burns. He runs a driving range in appleton. It's kind of a legend. That Wisconsin Golfing community. Under Iverson's order, golf courses could open, but driving ranges can't. Get. You've got to think about this. First of all. It is. The amount of time. The Iverson's putting it to come up with those kinds of distinctions. The driving range cat open support Bob. He's in his seventy going under. At as he points out. The spring is actually the busiest time of the year for the driving ranges, because this is the call rusty, the ready to get started with Gulping for the summer, so go to the driving range for a while. The work had their game. The chillier weather, the beginning of the season. That's prime time for the driving ranges. It gets better. The golf course, many golf courses have driving ranges on the site. Golf courses are not allowed to open the driving ranges. Seeking go to a golf course Gulf, but you can't go over to the practice here to hit a few balls at the same facility. please. Tell me how. Unless you're just are bullied, neutered leftist sycophant! You could sit here and that object to this. There are victims of this. The Guy that owns the driving range is going to be wiped out. He has most of his bills and knowing. Aside from the fact. That you think that somewhere in America you'd have some sort of right to allow people to walk in to a large facility and whack around a few golf balls. But no. To continue on the inconsistency in stupidity of these arguments. Construction crews are working all over the place. And it's hard and I'm not for shutting anybody out. Where's the? Essential Nature. Of somebody getting a new REC room put in. So, that's allowed. Nine people in a closed in space motor on the same air, banging the plaster around Cetera that's allowed. But we don't allow. A baseball team to practice. You see the ridiculous this of some of this stuff. Some medical procedures have been resumed. civilities that on their own stopped doing them. But others remained a lot of their state law. So some medic procedures can't be done, but other procedures can be done yet. In both cases, the doctor would be having about the same type of contact with the patient. Where's the consistency on logic in that? The daughter seems to allow friends to cut the care of their friends. So. A barber can cut his wife's hair. But he can't cut the hair of the neighbor down the street. Now what we would do if the neighbor went into his own basement, no probably depend on which city you lived in. As as we've stated, there are some cities which of the police departments of saying that I could enforce the order and poll that Cedar Berg is joining Hartford in their approach to this whether or not, there's a lot of businesses that are going to take advantage and just say screw taty. The cops are given me the freeway to go ahead and do this by not enforcing it. Dow. But again, if you live in a community where you have a police, department or Sheriff's Department, that is choosing to be. Brutally enforcing of this as we have. Just remember that they don't have too many sheriffs in many police agencies that have been backing off deciding that they're not gonNA run around. And violate people's rights just because Tony Iverson signed a piece of paper. So this inconsistency and the stupidity, and how Inane at the rules are. Allowing some things and not allow. We got these. Restaurants are available for carry out only will sub restaurants. That's the only type of business. They have I was over at the cousins the other day. I mean they have booths? A few people eat sandwich sandwich cousins, ninety percent of people take their stuff and leave. So for many of them. Virtually, nothing has been changed at all under this. So I can go into the cousins and stand there for ten minutes while they make the sandwich. But I couldn't stay in the same cousins and sit down to the booth at eat. In fact I'm not supposed to sit out to the booth what I waiting for the sad which had supposed to stand up. That's the role guys come up with. What some were more dangerous eating the sandwich that waiting for the sandwich. When you have a media and political class that will not challenge any of this stuff. When you have all of this supposedly being done in the name of health when a the health threat isn't that great, and some of these things don't have any relationship to a health threat at all. This is just being a dank. What's the health threat with regard to? Standing in line at the restaurant for the takeout. As opposed to sitting all by yourself and eating the food of the restaurant. or The east try. You can go eat your food in the parking lot of. Any parking lot in east dry, but you can't eat your food in the parking lot of the restaurant. That sold you the vote. The Insanity of this? And as I say the longer it goes on, the more people are just going to say fed up. And then I gotta follow the rules of the pressure and many of their communities is going to become overwhelming. To stop enforcing the rules and some of these local mayors, village boards and police chiefs are going to stop listening to the crabby lady down the stack. Not Playing basketball. And they're going to stand up for people just fed up. When you hear this Gel, we're never going to return to the good old days. I hope all of you, buyer owners state understand that they intend to allow you to go back to full capacity. There's always going to be some communicable illness. That's out there. You restaurant operators. You sports team owners. Do you think they're ever going to allow you? To put eighty thousand people back in Camp Randall. As I say, you've got a situation here where? You can't find a kid that's gotten sick from covid nineteen yet they still have the schools closed. They're talking about closing them next year. And then they turn around and say well. We got to follow the science. The Science Clare there the risks to children is virtually non-existent. The people of elegance forever they education. Our children are so important. Have decided that the education of our children. Can Be abandoned. We're not even going to do it. For virus that kids can't get. Eleven thirty WASO's Mark belling laid out. Going give you. Pay Your Bills Tash contest texted word here in Wisconsin. My great disappointment with. The Republicans in the state legislature came. When they had the one moment of leverage that was out there. In order to get the flow of checks. Out there. They had to pass this bill. Enabling the spending of money. Call it act one eighty five. And the legislature. Many members not even showing up voting in participating virtually. Pass virtually unanimously in the assembly, but was unit Take it back. There might have one or two votes. Pass the legislation to allow the checks the flow, and so out of they put in other things about this stat of the other things, some of which were good, some of which are bad and so what? That was the one moment in time. that. They had leverage with Tony. He needed this bill. In order to provide some of this assistance. That was the time to play hardball. That was the tied. To say yes. We'll let the checks flow and cut a deal with Uber's say something along the lines will allow you to have this emergency authority of lack everything down, but it ends may fifteenth, and then you have done then after that any rule you put in place has to go through US and has to be approved in both chambers of the legislature. At if he wouldn't go along with it, he said well. He went to along with it. Well, then the checks wouldn't have come out. In, public would have been mad and that's the problem here when the public's. That's Getting Mad Republicans start. That kind of hard ball is played by Democrats all the time. It was a moment in which they had leverage. Once they gave the body. He realized that his back pocket. He had this. Andrea Palmer the money that doesn't ever add. Eddie figured I can now that I got the authority to spend the money I can. Do whatever I want without regard to anything that they say oh, they could run to the legislature beginning. What maybe this laws actually constitutional? I do grant you. The big problem here. Is that by a very narrow margin Tony? ABRAS got himself elected governor in some conservatives. Who didn't show up to vote add. We're still at US hissy fit because Oh. There was at a casino in Kenosha. Whatever whatever hang up leads with Walker, who didn't show up and vote? We had all these close elections involving. Walker this. What the other side! What they what? And resist the governor at a lot of people who thought whole well, and we had this stuff for the business community. He's reasonable. He's pragmatic. He's not one of those madison leftists. Yao K. Right. Look at this. Four governors in the United States have been given an F. by the Wall Street Journal in response to their handling of Colbert and Iverson's one of them. And the reason he got his F- is because while our coalpit numbers are extremely low per capita are restrictions are extremely aggressive in other words. You could justify perhaps x more extreme reaction in New York state that you could in Wisconsin, where cases have been extremely limited anyway. while. Passionate commentary from Republican lawmakers has been few, and far between there was a pretty good statement by Joe Sanfilippo. With regard to the latest tweaking of the order that we got from Tony Givers yesterday. As I mentioned his own gating criteria, today has gone all green except increase in flu like symptoms that Kobe increase in flu like symptoms, everything else is greed. Excuse, not to lift the whole thing, anyway, here's the SANFILIPPO statement. Yesterday marked the end of the sixty day statutory emergency power period under which governor Uber's has been operated rather than acknowledging this fact working with the legislature, the governor decided to ignore the law and issue more seemingly baseless directives. The emergency order issued yesterday is just another example of how the administration's directives simply lack Tom and said for instance small retailers can open with no more than five customers in the store at a time yet, the order feels to account for the size of the store, a retailer with fifty square feet of. Of floor space is treated the same as one with five thousand square feet. Where's the common sense in this order in West Alison? Area I represent. My constituents can shop at work at target, but across the street at calls they are shut out. Does the virus magically stop target store? Unfortunately one can find countless similar contradiction communities across the state, the stated reason for the original safer at home order to flatten the curb, which has been successfully achieved. We now need to free our hospitals and medical systems to go back to providing the routine diagnostic care that has been lacking throughout this order. It is time to put an end to these arbitrary edicts coming down from the governor's Office Governor Everts must recognizes responsibility under the law to work with the legislature so that we can immediately and Safeway open all businesses around the state. Every business is essential to the people who work there with the data. We have been collecting over the past sixty days we. We are now able to identify vulnerable populations in areas of greater risk, and we can use that information to educate citizens on how to better prioritize themselves and each other. There is no need to continue quarantining perfectly healthy people in low risk areas, but decision making book moving forward needs to be grounded in common sense at real data now the only agenda. If decision, making needs to return to the public and people have to decide for themselves what they do and do not want to do. It had we done that from the beginning. which is how we have handled every other viral outbreak in. The last century in this country, we would not have been in this mess. There would have been an economic downturn because some people wouldn't have been comfortable going to this. Saturday, the other thing and many businesses like these sports leagues would have shut down on their own without government order. But. That would have been at least of Eric is making decisions for themselves. Rather than this micromanagement of our lives that you heard the last spot break Danell Donald one of the zoo's Max commercials, and he talked about how in many communities they're using these orders as an excuse to clamp down on Christian churches. Don't ever forget that liberals are opportunistic. Never let a good crisis. Go to waste. while. The media will continue to frame. This is a health question. You will see overreach in all of these areas that have nothing to do with health as they use this situation as an excuse to do a zillion things that they otherwise would have loved to do like not letting people go to church. Remember, their, priorities. The abortion clinics were exempted. They can stay open. The still slice it up. The babies across the state as well in southeastern, Wisconsin with clinics still exist. But many other businesses cannot operate. They will never shut out. The stuff that they most care about. Just as They will never take away the paychecks from their own people. They'll shut down the schools, but they won't take away the teachers. PAYCHECK's even as I mentioned. Earlier signed an order say that limited term of ploys, not even fulltime workers will now get paid their full salary. Even though none of them are working, he will always take care of his own. He will always take advantage of this situation that we have here to do all the stuff that they wished in normal times they could get away with. But weren't able. To do so excellent. Light Asset. Late afternoon show. Gradually a number of the a number of the healthcare procedures that had been. Voluntarily held up. By the big hospital, companies in clinics are now being scheduled unfortunately for many people, the scheduling is way down the line in the future because of the backlog that existed, but all sorts of other medical procedures, the ones that were banned under Iverson's order. They remain. Unavailable to people. One of the great ironies of the pathetic mismanagement by the hospital companies of Covid, and they get no heat for this from anyone other than me. Thank. -Ly, mismanaged. We have actual real time data. We don't have to work on projects sheds in models. We have an actual real time data. When somebody goes into the hospital, it's instantly recorded. We had the ability to track a real time exactly what was happening with this virus. And we had the ability to pick up what was going on in every other state in the country. There was every reason to tell Berry early on the coalpit nineteen was going to have a very minimal impact. On Health Care Facilities Wisconsin. It was apparent almost the very beginning. Everybody, drank the Koolade from the Imperial College Model. The weather said two point two million deaths in the United States. But a bottle tomato. The bottle was out there and it was very early that you could tell. There was nothing to it in fact. The CDC kept radically lowering its own death projections of the United States. That two point two million. Plummeted in no time whatsoever. Furthermore. We saw from the experience of New York. That? Even in New York City, the hospital system was not blown over capacity. Some hospitals in new. York remained with bedspace. Even though some were filled, others were not. They brought that big navy ship up to the New York Harbor to deal with the overflow and they ended up. I don't think they ever had more than twenty patients at it at in New York. You had this incredible concentration of outbreak, so if that's the worst, the situation was in New York. It was apparent very early on that. There was no need to restrict medical procedures. In Wisconsin especially once you got away from Milwaukee. Did it. The speaks terribly of the judgement of the people who run Aurora. Ascension. Freighter. The Medical College, all the other facilities of the State of Wisconsin. They have ended up costing themselves. A fortune and getting number of their employees furloughed not to mention the damage done to all of the people who didn't get medical care have not been able to have physical exams have not been able to have cancer screenings have not been able to essentially had any kind of preventive medicine performed in them at all. In the case of a raw. Their operations were down three hundred million dollars in April according to J s online today. Now, they're also eligible for one hundred and thirty million dollars from the federal government, because the federal bailout package includes all sorts of buddy for hospitals, so they're looking to a lot of the federal money to make up for. The revenue that they lost regard to some of these procedures. But whatever lost they sustain was of their own doing because as I say D-. While initially, you can react to worst case scenarios. It was apparent from a week and a half to two weeks into this thing that there wasn't going to be a significant impact in Wisconsin we never got a number spike. The numbers held pretty much across the United States build up a spike, and then a long flat lining, and I think this lawn flat lining. It's going to continue also, and this is. Why don't look for these public health officials to ever try to open anything because we're going to be in a flat line situation as the virus works its way through in relatively low numbers, but it is not at any point to be overtaxing the medical system. Remember what the rationale was for the lockdowns. It was not well. We gotTA stop eating. Get into virus. It was flattened the curve. We can't allow the medical system to be overtaxed flattened the curve. And once it became apparent. That, other than New York City, the medical system was not being over taxed at all. And the curve quickly had been flattened. The criteria changed to well. We could have a spike again. When did what was it ever? We have spikes. It was the flat curve to not overtaxed the healthcare system. And as for the healthcare system officials themselves, the people who are in the best position. They also wow. We're relying guidance from CMS. That's the Medicare agency. The guidance says we shouldn't perform this. The guidance says we shouldn't do that. So as they said here, and once, the federal money dries up and they look for bailouts from others. You'RE NOT GONNA get receptive ear for me. We're talking about all the healthcare heroes we have. None of them are sitting in the executive suites. They butchered this. In addition to the denial of healthcare. Which means at all sorts of people's cancers and heart, procedures and other. You know aneurysms that weren't discovered because they didn't go in for casting, there are people who have been freaked out at our going, and even for procedures that are allowed. Then you add in the carnage beckel carnage that comes from this kind of lockdown, the increase in drug abuse alcoholism problems pertaining to obesity. And that added the domestic violence. This is a healthcare catastrophe that we have created contributed to buy healthcare companies that call themselves healthcare experts, all of which will be fireworks than whatever the Davidge is done. By covid nineteen itself. How many children are going to suffer medically for being cooped up inside the house germ fast apartment buildings that they live in and so odd. By, being denied the opportunity to go to schools, which probably could have been the safest place they could be because the only other people in him are basically all kids who can't get this. We were twelve from the beginning to follow the sides. And then what's the science started giving US actual results. That were contrary to what we were told they would be. They stopped following the science change. This all changed all of our criteria. To cover for the fact that everyone of the science projections, they made wise Rog. You can't run around and put on all these ads saying you care about people when you then turn around and tell them, but. For the next few months, you can't come to the doctor. because. We made some miscalculations of a different virus. We screwed up, but your health care be damned. Again these statements that I make which seem inflammatory, simply backed by the factual record. They got Milwaukee. This is the mark belling late afternoon. Show on news. Talk Eleven thirty W I S. Retracting earlier in the program. Not sure a lot of. The, people in the laugh, no amount of people thought about the long term ramifications. Of what's Go- I got here first of all there's this guy is not and assuming that the economy can immediately bounce back, and secondly the you could simply flip a switch at all of a sudden. We go back to a boo. But then when you consider. The long-term changes in behavior that are going to occur her. I have to wonder if professional sports in America is. Going to have to significantly downsize. Just at the local level. Will Milwaukee Bucks Franchise that's lost significant revenue, and now won't be getting any playoff ticket, buddy and all of this stuff. Will they be able to make the offer that had been anticipated to recite yachters, or is that simply a pipedream? Will some of these sports franchises not enlarge markets? That are heavily dependent on ticket revenue. Will they even make it? What's the longterm model for sports? If that attendance is going to be restricted the future? Can. Anyone envisioned right now when we're going to be allowed to pack any value for anything. Is next year. Suddenly, a magic number voucher keeps saying well. We after wait until a vaccine. What if they don't come up with one? At best case scenario. They say it's maybe a euro away. You're already getting the. He be GBS about people letting kids go back to school of the fall. I college is going to go back. Once. You create this notion that. As long as somebody bike, get sick from something. We can't have anything. then. Let's consider this. What's the longterm rationale for building? High Rise apartment buildings in central cities. Given the fact that the city's clearly you go across the United States. Even I understand the cities have higher population, but even on a per capita basis all across the country. You're likely to be infected with this virus if you live in a big city that if you live elsewhere. All across America. There are a handful of hot spots that aren't in big cities, but almost all of those are simply. There's a nursing home in that community. Will this finally be the thing that turns the tide away from this move toward urbanization? You know all about Latinos. WanNa live in the cities. But the millennials are the ones that have been most freight. By the virus, despite the fact that hardly any of them get sick from it. Cities shared spaces. multifamily housing. I love this whole thing. We should stay at home or you're safe. You're not safe. If you in an apartment building with a zillion other people there, you're better off getting outside and get the fresh air. But clearly heavy reliance on mass transit shared ride service. Housing in which you're all packed together. If the avoiding viruses becomes highest priority in life. It was about number twenty seven until recently, and it was something that was odd there. But more the lefties worried about secondhand smoke for crying out loud than they worked contracting a virus, but if we're going to make this the highest priority in life, it's that argument for people out into the Great Wide Open. Many businesses who have gotten away with this having people work at home and downsizing may occur to them that. We not need to break people back into the home. Office, if northwestern mutual has been able to operate just fine and I don't think that they've gone under. By, having somebody of their employees at home will companies like them consider the need to be building big highrise apartment, a corporate headquarters rather in the big cities. The Sea of twitter says you could work forever. Well. It's good to raise questions about whether or not. We need to have all of this real estate and all of these construction of the big cities if businesses can't justify having them. Again the long term ramifications of Creating panic over close contract with one another who are the people that are generally in the closest contact with leaded other people who live at the cities which are overwhelmingly democratic areas where liberals live. Universities densely packed communities where people live in dorms. Student housing are together again, very liberal institutions. They're creating panic over the very lifestyles that they thrive odd. I commented on the refusal to shut down the mass transit systems. Even though the evidence is overwhelming that a New York. This is how the virus got spread and bay. Just common sense shared services. People packed in that. There are about the most dangerous place you could go if. You're worried about catching a communicable disease like a virus. So again! They've created a paddock. That might have a long-term ramification. Of cutting everything it is that they care about. The generations these are just coming of age. You wonder if this'll be the one and they've been the ones that were really raised in the bubble. Sheltered from everything. Whether they'll be the one that decides. They don't want any part of the big cities that they wanna live in suburbs. They Wanna live at open spaces. They WANNA liberty safe. It's safe. It's safe. It's safe and the numbers are pretty clear. If. Virus Aversion is your highest priority in life. You're safer in the lake country. You're safer at western Racing County. You're safer in the middle of nowhere. They knew. Iran congested clogged dirty setis. And again. It's their side that created all of these new priorities. Say Come back to bite them, but the but. And we talk about all of these activities like sporting events concerts. Are All by and large events that are held it urbanized areas. It's all the stuff that they have all the advantages of the reasons to live a big city the culture the arts in Say New York Broadway all these things. If we're going to give them a bad name, because you can get sick the ballgame all the all the stuff that exists in the big cities the create the quality of life. In forbidding, all of them are saying people can't attend them, or we've got to distance themselves from our this economic bottle where they can't survive. What is the upside of living of the cities? If all the good stuff that's in there and suddenly now banned from existing or deemed to be too risky to do. The interesting story on Bloomberg Dot Com out today on this covert nineteen may fuel migration from high cost cities, and then that's the next one. These city budgets got to pick up my pace of this. The states that have had the most recode lockdowns. Candidate be the ones that have the biggest cities because that's where the outbreaks are the greatest. The stiffest dowd's the art state. Michigan with Detroit Illinois Chicago for no reason Wisconsin. Our biggest city has milwaukee and our numbers have an approach. The per capita numbers of some of the other cities that were hot spots. But Wisconsin being something of an outlier. The biggest. Blackouts therefore, the greatest economic impact is going to be in areas that are predominantly democratic areas. The economic impact. In Montana. Wyoming. Is Not going to be as great as the economic impact in New York state. I mean they're still not close to reopening. The hit on their budgets is going to be astronomical. Yet it's in these liberal areas that the reliance government spending is the greatest. These are very high tax areas. And in order to make up the shortfall once things do start running. They're going to have to raise taxes even higher on the people paying them. Toy that sure sounds to me like another excuse to leave those high tax areas. We've seen the migration over the last number of decades from high tax states in the rust belt, and in the northeast to lower tax states in the south and elsewhere climate, a big part of that as well, but the tax component is real if the response is going to be. And again. This is just the thing that liberals have not considered the consequences of. The, idiocy, for example they're gonNA shut down the schools at least lay off all the teachers so that you'd save the money so that next year when or whatever it is that you resume classes, you don't have to slash your budgets instead the opportunities. They had to save money right now. They wasted. Full operations. They're going to have far less revenue to be able to operate off of because of the damage done to the economy, the decline in tax revenues that governments are going to get. And very little incentive. For people who live in lower tax portions of those states to support it at if they do raise the taxes creating a further by gration, so you have fewer people to pay the taxes and fewer corporations that are going to be based at these states that go it. You gotTA company say. Corporate headquarters in New York City. And almost all of other than the very largest. They don't on their building sanely space. Psychic Milwaukee Very few northwestern mutual owns its building, but most of the companies are in leased buildings, and so odd is a few exceptions in New York. City most of these big companies they you know they least south five or seven nine floors on one of the high rise buildings, and so on. They generally don't own the real estate. So if you're one of those big companies New York City. You just got into this period of which hey we got away with. A lot of people are work at home. Now they're suddenly facing much larger taxes to support all the money that was lost during the downturn, and to keep the welfare state of the social services in the mass transit of the schools that everybody else operating. Suddenly, that will have to South Carolina. Backed that large company, especially if They're finding that. A lot of the staff does have to come into work anyway, and they could simply work from home wherever they are at the United States. I don't think the average left. He has thought through Eddie of this. They can't get past. Hey, we can shut down the churches we can shove. Maybe trump lose. They're not very good at thinking about ramifications of anything. We've seen to the whole situation. Doing the one thing causing all of these other further reactions. or The impact, the people that are going to be long term hardest hit by this. Are Low income employed. Not The unemployed who have been living off of government aid forever low income employed. There the likeliest to lose their jobs in a long term economic decline. And they're also the ones that are not going to have as much of a social safety net to be able to rely pod. Even now. The people that are high off the hog, relatively well paid employees where therefore collecting large unemployment check, but their pay low enough that they're still eligible for the government. Stimulus package? If. You're a highly paid person and you're out. Employ your unemployment. Check is rather high. But if you're a low paid person. or You work in the type of business where tips for example. Are a big chunk of your income. You're out of play, but check simply isn't very large, so the so-called working poor. Again a Democratic constituency they've always felt. Again badly armed by this. As I said I don't think they've thought through. Any of this five forty seven newstalk seven thirty W, I? It's time for rapid traffic. I ninety four westbound ten minutes downtown Morland Road while forty one southbound is ten from Good Hope Road into the zoo interchange. If you see traffic problems called Tri city national, bank, your hometown bank, total traffic tip line, four and four nine four four fifty one eleven I'm John Y this. Seven youkilis tiger eleven thirty W I S and mark late afternoon show. Give update data the weather forecast because it is going to improve expend chilly beginning of the week, but a fair amount of sunshine we've got to have some precept cub again in the middle of the way tomorrow, a little bit warmer temperatures, making it in the mid fifties, but a chance of precip coming in tomorrow evening, and after that, though chance of showers throughout the period, but we should get high temperatures in the sixties for the remainder of the week, so it's going to begin to warm up. We're in this period of May. May is one of those months. That's all over the map in terms of the weather. We'll get some very likely to get some very hot days in there somewhere. Always remember what I was in college. Member College. This is what college you actually go to college, and they actually had it. And even then you know. The university's calendar was just. I. Guess It's the biggest gap of all time. It was so soft. You know you'd start. It's even worse now, but I mean back in my day. The second semester would start about January ninth, or so like a week, and a little bit of weaker, so after the side of the New Year, and your dad. By the way we're dot and you had spring. Break back that it was always coinciding with Easter now. They usually just put him in the middle of the semester. She got a week off in the middle that you were done by the middle of May at ours remember. That right after college in in the summers that I would go home for the summer as usually work in the city or something and the first thing to do if you're working for the city's. Ready I swear every single week that we do. That was always late May. It would be the first week and we'll get to be like eighty five degrees, and suddenly it was hotter than could be at. It always just seemed to coincide that right around or before memorial you get a few hot days and then the next thing you know it'd be done to like thirty watt at night again. So that's May as in the state of Wisconsin I wanNA. Turn my attention now to another story. And it's unfortunate, but it has been a little bit lost in the shuffle. That would be the Dobbin story. For Conservatives. In America were not in the middle of the Cova thing. And that is the growing evidence. that. The misconduct occurred from the FBI in framing Michael. fled, Went beyond the FBI. There's A. Out there and it's a big. And explain some of the things that you may have heard. Some people say over the last few days. For those of you don't have the background. I'll give you the quick background Michael Flynn who is the incoming national security adviser for president trump former three star general. was investigated during the whole Russian collusion story. They knew there was no collusion with Russia. There was a desire at the highest level of the. Me and struck. To Get Flynn on something even though he had done nothing wrong, so they set up an interview with Flynn for the sole purpose of trying to get him to say something dishonest, even though the thing that the interview was about, he had not committed any actual crime. We now know based on public records that have come out that that's exactly what they've done. And Flint has been exonerated bought. Attorney General Bar, who did the exoneration is under fire now? This is the part of the story. It's critical whose rapid for clearing for dropping the charges against fled even though the paperwork. MAKES IT CLEAR FLYNN? Rogge that he was set up by calming INSTRUC-. Bars being attacked for this and he's being attacked by the Obama crowd and by the media. Now. Here's the key here. The Russia collusion story was invented. It was a fiction. There was never collusion with Russia and the trump campaign at all. We now know that. But it was invented as a fiction to be used as the excuse to wiretap. It investigate trump during the campaign. They wanted to listen what the trump T- was doing during the campaign, so they started this investigation Russia collusion, even though nothing was actually go a God. that. Much to their shock. Trump what? All right. We are wired half of the guy that we thought we had a beat. He Wad. Now. We've got to cover all of our butts. ID's. We've got make it. Look like the Russia collusion remember. The Russia collusion story was nothing when they knew it advanced. We see the documents. There was nothing to it, but Muller. The pressure is made again. Within Justice Department apply Special Prosecutor. The Justice Department said we need to have a special prosecutor comes in supposedly the Russia collusion, and that's what they went after fled. They did not want. It to be realized that Russia. Collusion was a hoax. So, WHO's they? decided he would they for a moment? The James Call me and Peter. Struck themselves invented the Russia collusion story on their own in twenty sixteen. The Justice Department is in charge of the FBI. The Justice Department is Loretta allege. Her predecessor was Eric holder. She worked for a Bob. Now. Some of the documents that have gotten us to the bottom of the Flynn was framed came about this week, but The documents remain classified. The key here and this term, you've heard a lot. The unmasking of Flynn that is when Flynn was identified. To be the target here for this investigation. WHO AUTHORIZED THE UNMASKING OF FLYNN? Who decided that? We've got to get something Michael Flynn? In order to keep the cover up. The fact that we made up the whole Russia collusion thing. Parts of that remain classified. Stuff was classified during the Obama era. It is very possible. That these classified records implicate Obama. That's why you've gotTA follow this story. So who's railing on bar for cleric fled Obama and that crowd they are going to try to discredit any further. Look into this, because it may reveal documents that implicate all Baba. Did Obama was Obama involved in inventing the false narrative of the Russia collusion story. What it's not a log leap to get way now. The Kobe was involved. It's just too late to get to old Baba Kobe worked for Lynch. Lynch worked for Oh Baba. Remember also. That this was all going on during this whole Hillary Clinton investigation which was being swept under the rug. Who Was it that met with Clinton? On the tarmac of the airport. In Phoenix that was Loretta Lynch that that Attorney General. WHO WORKED FOR OH BOB? What's in these classified documents I? Know this those classified documents at some point. I gotta be declassified. You have a criminal investigation now being run by Durham. The designate United States attorney for the DC district. It appears as though he has an interest in getting to the bottom of this. I believe Obama is going to try to get the clock run out. They are so desperate that trump be beaten, which would then put the Justice Department back under the control of the Democrats and they can quash any of these investigations. I think trump has confidence in bar. The Attorney General and he has confidence in Durham who he named to be the United States attorney for the district. EVEN IF DONALD TRUMP goes down in this election. He has every interest and getting this. He still chafes about that whole Russia. Collusion thing he's still chafes that he was under investigation by. He knows that this was a shots. They took down. Michael fled. Who was a guy? He appointed and they. He knows that this impeachment the whole thing it was all crap. And but if he loses reelection, he's going to want to get the truth out about how. This was all done to him. So follow this story and follow the Bedia and follow Obama tried to discredit any attempts to classify this information and released documents that might implicate Abba has being involved in a frame up of Michael. Flynn and I use of the government to try to rig the election by spying donald trump using a fake criminal investigation as a pretext, the beginning investigation of the entire trump campaign during the election period. Many people were shocked to learn how braise it was. That at the highest level of the FBI, they just took it. American citizen Michael Flynn and decided defray. It. Put it. That's what they did. The investigation was closed we. It didn't do anything rog. And then the memo from struck not enough. Don't close it seven floor. That's the headquarters. They want it reopened schedule interview with them, and then the planning for the get, but we've got to get him to lie about sent. You've got to get him to say something that can be considered to be not true. Even, though he's done nothing wrong then we'll use that as the reason to charge them. And then we'll charge them. And that allows us to continue the whole Russia collusion thing and stop anybody from looking into the origins of this investigation of the first place. We've got to produce something out of this. And Michael Flynn's going to be the patsy forward. And as I say some of the material. That details. The origin of this is classified. Why that still classified. And once it is the classified nicest back. That will be at the point. At which they get somewhere on criminal charges into this. That we will see whether or not Barack Obama's fingerprints or more participants body are all over this. There's a lack of what I'd hear. You just get the impression. It's all kind of tied into. The, call that thing. The people who talked about deep state a few years ago were considered to be paranoid, not so deep state right, yeah! You're not paranoid anymore. If you're talking about deep state, you see right in front of you how real it is! This is the Logger Paradise Talk. They didn't find some flimsy. Agitators Posey Comitatus Guy Out there in Montana that they figured we gotta do something because he might commit a terrorist act. They took three retired three star general and the incoming national. Security Advisor framed him. And for awhile they got away with it. The one thing though about cover ups almost love them. Hold forever. which the people who do cover-ups never really consider which is why I think. You're seeing right now. The Obama Car Obama crowd in full out freak out of this. So, another reason why I suspect they want to keep the Colbert. As possible and they certainly don't want trump to be reelected, because if trump is reelected, that's four more years of the Justice Department being able to prosecute cases against the wrongdoing that was done to Flynn and maybe in the origination of the whole Russia. Collusion hoax. They at least know. That if they can get Biden or some other Democrat elected president. They have the Justice Department back. And they can get patsy like Eric holder or Loretta Lynch back in charge of that agency to resume. They're covering up and targeting of. Their political opponents all of this. Yes, in the I I swear there people who have to be right now wondering what country they live between losing all of their rights out of the covert thing overreacting to a virus, whose death toll is while bad, not out of line with other communicable viruses that we've had in the past and now learning that. The Democratic Administration of the United States framed American citizens high ranking American citizens. During the same time, they were conducting a spy campaign on the opposition the opposition during a presidential election. Lulla Barucha. Only positive out of it is. The Guy who is currently president of the United. States is aware of all of it at I. Think is trying to figure out how to maneuver this morass of Washington and this whole virus situation that's out there and the fact that the Democrats have suckered a good chunk of public into. Being so panicked and distracted that. Were damaging to the economy to the point that his seemingly cinched reelection is now endangered how to navigate through it but I fully believe. Trump is aware of all of this and you see by his latest firing away at Obama through twitter that he's oddness. He's not tried to distract your attention. He's trying to get your attention over to this other story. That may well be connected to the way. We're reacting to Cova I've got to take a break and when we come back to give you a chance to win the. Thousand Bucks how many winners if I had ninety seven? Twenty, four this these people I would. This is Dave Michael Sitting here, he and Paul. They changed numbers on me constantly. I I don't understand how I can have winners in the number goes down. This number is reliable. Is What what a? What Jennifer Burke say about the numbers of the CDC. I can't trust that by the way what I said yesterday. Let me give this. Go to the Rick Watch. This growing rex retirement between burks and FAO G. That story was leaked to The Washington Post. That burks went off during a private white. House Cova Task Force meeting, saying I can't trust any of the numbers on call that come out of CDC. They're inflating the numbers. Now. Why would she leak? that. She thinks the numbers are inflated. There is going to be some long term fallout from all of this and the covered by, but period is beginning. And I don't think burks any desire to take the fall for any of the prescriptions that came from FAUCI. And remember don't think that trump is in figuring out how. To work his way through that. At if he can play, what of them against the other? I wouldn't be shocked if it occurs, but remember this. If Burke shot off about in that meeting out across steady of the craft, CDC, she did that knowing that it could. That'd be leaked that. She said it. She didn't have to say that. In that meeting, she could have said it to a staffer. She could have said it privately. She said in a meeting in which minutes were taken close meeting. But a meeting that what have minutes that then could be leaked or People within the meeting could leak it. And I think it's highly likely that leaky. There came from trump support supporters in the meeting, or from berks herself. There certainly would be no reason for FAO cheaper league that burks is running around questioning all of his numbers six nine news eleven thirty wins. It's time for rapid traffic I forty three northbound running eleven minutes from downtown to especially before who gets fired first voucher. You're burks. I've been asking this for weeks. It's probably GONNA. Be burks right I see I. Think Burkes is trying to distance herself now from foce. Yeah, but I just he is so. He's the Golden One and boy you. You Fire Him, and it's just gonNA. Be another one of these. You know complete storms that fall. You don't think they both survived the end of the first of all. If Trump I. if trump thinks he's gotta go out, there's a lot of people that are going on with that show. Yeah, but I just. If that if either one of them's going to go I, think they both survive. Probably. No. I'm not saying that what good thing this is. The I always watch what they do not what they say. This leak is the first crack I've seed, and that happy little couple the two of them well I mean. Is that a coincidence that there's a leak that comes out with Jennifer Burke saying all the CDC numbers crap. That a coincidence you have. Somebody needs to start putting a chink. In Dr Shutdowns Armor in order to get that to be palatable to anybody well. I think that Chink might not have been with that leak was having. Leak to. Did they leak that to Fox News or some right way? They leaked to the Washington Post. Provider credibility coming from Utah, the Left left-wing mainstream media right and who'd be smart enough to do that? Jennifer burks. I. Mean You're talk-? Adhere to swap rats I. Mean these are two veterans here, add. The longer this thing goes on, and the longer that it becomes apparent that these projections were terribly wrong all the overreact. The other thing is fall cheese out there yacking about cloud opening the schools you know like ever again from the beginning to the end of time, it's possible burks doesn't buy into this. And if she's going to be if she's. Burks you called for all these locked in the first place. She's got a fallback I, don't do the numbers. That's folksy. I got bad data. She's in, said all. I need the numbers. Good numbers numbers. He goes in order for me to tell you what to do. i. e good numbers to her way of getting out of this, say hey. I was operating off of these crap numbers here that all Tho-. Ci over here gave me. I pick up on this stuff before most people the stories turning. Stories Turtle. There's a chink in that. You said that somebody's got what was your comment? You've got to put a Chink of Dr lockdowns arm or something. I I didn't say it was dead, but this thing over the weekend. That was you had the Washington Post reporting. burks not trusting CDC numbers. That's a big thing. From the Lynch GM. The traffic deny I never have it from the list super. Super League's a total traffic I was talking about how some people that considered essential employees and others are not how it doesn't make any sense that target is is open, but calls is closed the way the fact that you've we it as it is. Right now is. All right, it's six news talk Oh. Did you have to do it I? Get it I. Get one more sponsorship in there. Let's just make what up. Who paid for this? We did it already. Lynch GM superstore charge applies filling. Broke here six twelve news talk about thirty wins said. Background there with the over dubbing. There's a term for that back in the days, called the wall of sound. To listen. Respect probably a murderer and he was really crazy, but I think he said that you have to be nuts in a leave of Libya genius I mean doesn't seem to go hand-in-hand, which leads me to the story that I want to share about Moss, mature. Dave Michaels in here. You don't even know the Phil Spector is new. Yeah, what else do you do about it? He killed the woman you got. He helped racket roller. He killed a woman and he's not sorry. You Got Ninety nine percent of their. The WEIRDO here. He really shafted. All those girls singers I mean Darlene love it all of that stuff. He would invent these names fake names for these bands, so that none of the singers themselves get enough credit, so he can keep them under control of the biggest one that he controlled was his own than wife. Ronnie Spector, but. A, Darlene love is on Zillions of those songs and different kinds of bands. So all right, here's the chance to win a thousand bucks. Let's get a winner today. Help. Pay Your bills cash contests. The word is aid again. There's no rush. You haven't seven PM. About forty minutes to texting aid and again you got to smell it right a ID. That version of aid aid to two, hundred, two hundred to get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data and message rates apply in the station white contest. GotTa get to the store. Tesla. is now. Essentially. headed. To a major confrontation with California. TESLA ALLOWED MOSQUE Who has been a darling of the left forever? Of all bit corporate executives to decide that he's going to defy a lockdown, or you just wouldn't think that it would be somebody that the lefties have always loved. Musk and tesla have. These orders and they've been backlogged for months. If they don't make cars. They can't sell cars. Tesla doesn't have dealers they also. They sell all of their cars to the public. And they have this backlog of orders, and they also, if you've been following the stories of their finances, very controversial company stock has been skyrocketing for a long time, but they have a ton of debt. And the only way to pay off their debt is they gotta get a ton of cash and the only way they can get a ton of cash by selling a ton of cars, but if they can't manufacture the cars right now because they're shut down to the states where their plants are. They can't get the cash for musk. This is survival. If California keeps him shut down for another three months Tesla even though this tremendous demand for their product may go under because they can't pay off their debt because they got no money cut again. Musk has a factory in Alameda County California. That's the Oakland area that that side of the bay. California's Governor News of his given him the go ahead to start operating if he wants but Alameda, county does not want to allow him to do so. Today Alameda County gave him a cease and desist order saying that he must shut down the operation in the meantime. Musk is playing hardball. He's telling his workers at the plant that they're going to lose their unemployment benefits. If they don't come back to work, he saying what you're called back. You can't just stay hope you won't get unemployment. If you refused to report to work, you don't get out and play, but again he's in survival mode. Billionaire but in survival mode. He's telling California. Look I'm operating you. Come in and give me these orders. You are going to have to arrest me. I talked at the beginning of the program today about how you're starting to see resistance pop up here and therein Wisconsin. It's baseball team tries to practice the hair salon operator in Appleton. The BAR and West beaver dam. You're citing to see this. This is a major American Corporation and one of the best known business leaders in America. He's now resisting. He's resisting because he is a billionaire that sees the potential of being wiped out. Musk's entire fortune is the ownership that he hasn't these companies. That's why he's a billionaire. It's all based on the stock price of Tesla Tesla goes under because they can't pay their bills because they can't sell Carson so they can't service their debt. He's wiped out. He isn't survival mode. Watch this story added remember musk has always been kind of a darling of the left, and they've always liked this kind of maverick street that he has suddenly. The Maverick streak is running a little bit counter. What lefties are telling us what Mafraq Nece with regard to Kobe? What everybody healing comply? I've always thought that musk is an interesting guy. But Ted a weird Kinda shafting of the of his shareholders, and so on, but then the share price keeps going up, so who knows? He got to give them this. And again it's because he's back is to the wall economically. He's the first major American figure saying I don't care what government says I'm an American I. got a business to operate I'm GONNA. Make my cars. If you don't like you, come and arrest me and throw me in jail and I'll sick by lawyers I'd you? As I've been saying. This is all going to continue to happen in this country and every day that goes by the resistance is going to grow as people see their rights, their country, their livelihood and everything that they value taken from them six twenty four. Seven, thirty W, it's time for rapid traffic. roadwork downtown continues to have Broadway closed between Buffalo and Saint Paul. That'll continue through the end of the day tomorrow. If you see traffic problems, call much like must big. Given. That company forever. Yeah I mean I'm not thrilled with the. That we love him right now though we total. I mean especially that he sticking it to him in California. This this is going to be I. Talk about the long term. Ramifications of this companies are going to think about am I gonNA bone manufacturer at California or am I going to manufacture. Maybe Georgia, Musket make electric cars. Electric cars anywhere am I going to go somewhere where they're telling me. I can't make my cars or they're going to go somewhere where they let me stay in business. He let this stuff plays over the long. Long haul in a way that's going to backfire on the left he short-term. Maybe they get rid of trump. They take away our economy. They shut the other churches long-term it screws up everything they care about Oh yeah I mean he was on the verge of moving to Texas, or whatever anyway I mean. This is really probably going to push him completely out of the state. You also wonder given that you know he's got. Kinda freaky creepy, really some of the people who are fans of musk. It's like hero worship. idolize him. You wonder if this is also a crack in the liberal support for all of these lockdowns, now that one of their heroes is kind of signaling that the virtue was on the side of. Let my people work, and the thing is that I I think misreading by the left to think that he's that political. He's really not he's. They've just always liked him. For no real re for the same reason I've argued that conservatives have disliked him for no real reason, but no, he's not really much of any. Just because he's building electric cars doesn't mean that he's necessarily. Let's can lead the green revolution guy well. I've tried to tell conservatives that forever that. I don't think his thing is anything to do with great. It has everything to do with. He thinks that he's come up with a better way of building A. Any wanted to be the first one in to do it on a mass level that you know Ford. and GM and everybody else hasn't bothered done that I. Know want to buy. It hasn't I. Don't really WanNa. Buy Tesla, but if I could make us who would have thought that that would become like a right wing stat.

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