#BTeamDJs Vol 5_08 DJ Kozmo Naughty List 12.26.20


The way business is done is changing. Why not change with it. Defining success take your business online day with the keep it simple basic website package kisses everything you need to start defining your digital success acquired butter ecommerce solutions and adult visit play mass dot today backslash store to define new success and get online now you now locked into discover music channel on play mass stack day another long bend for some plus own. I just imagine same here. smells off. serve you He's the you bell jingle all the way now all the way girl walking all the way along back this christian this morning is a good kids. Time really got talk business. Take the bright christmas trees in every window street for me income. You yup plane church thank you. I am with his mother feet on the day. Christmas baby gimme a project with thirty genes on the fifty acres. Nunavik me the nutty a pair of jeans on and then it was on my feet. All mistakes. Christmas a with thirty. Don't james on the fifth day the point ninety The la la la la Christmas dinner honey. On the third day. Christmas my baby gave give him a favorite cds on the second day of christmas. My baby c l k mercedes on the first day baby if only took wrong took off is not a black boys and girls side. Thank know you pay out baby girl bad girl has baton return nut tonight. You pay a get better and not has has to find something that you just need. You produce juice all the needed. The excuse own. David not store google roy and this is all along you sir kid. Thank you me. Back home they can pull out upon the taliban shadowy blaze diminish dementia chunk coming here to spend the night. I won't adron greenwich. I stuck in goes back. Plan report only mentally. Ill me think you are wrong. Excuse me thank lingering. Go on for the new one. No one knows small clear. My neom kyle is like us honey wild wits with our necks mc mc won't cups twin took. Thank god markazi markazi about this. Because god we're not much around here. Big data one row. Don't tell me happy guy. Because he's not alma she wanted to. We're not chart we party difference. We are the bloodline of this whole operation. The bricks the brand. Come see about us. Bt boy operation the bricks the brand come. See about the beating dj your report. Let's go party that from town. You still can't pass could gummy. I'm on the show. No chips tom. The dip. I'm like this bad. The white which he liked guy has the eat the nicotine courses me and took me eight needs. You are cooking. So good is when they still pretty stuffy wished me just because he is like me i could hit as they were still waiting until philippine make like barbie heads come up high g. They can't stop me. Only do is copied. Look still news will distinguish chickens do when they lose print print jada updates still. He's still find way perfectly designed to take the lead of the biggest impact spreadsheet department more cheese dow shake pradic- day. Close open power over yellows. Well you look like a part of that phone from rome tango around round of applause down card. Once she added turn left right right left. Got off work. Garbage bag. don't know where she worked. I'm quite a bit took so shakes out. It'd be south that cash chasing thousand your what. What's going hang with the lights. Check dose task. Don't miss skills check your body. Don't stop don't miss to check your body's dose stars. Don't just vic do this stuff. This suggests is right. This suggests to ask that my my nick from the crag talk it makes a bit slow month only to nine danc- in the gentler. Jeff like you shulami bag crack manage my and my latest bill. Last magazine does not funding last tuesday. Still stop by your outdoor into his own mind. Do is time to relax now. Nine probably garage home monday monday and she sneezed nine. Took show tweet. I and so talk. I know. Get not get go down. Talks free. Church took gone tag job in the eighties shore. But if you read. Who's paying fan ben. Ben took yesterday think the day these heath saw jumping to not be over how wipe ball. Excitement get excited me up with shot. Put your site fits these got your kid brings. It stopped by bishop. Budget don't dig by. Thick is on that one. Big bucks goes uncle toilet. That often manasseh when it will drop. Tony grow trump because the position to retrieve homers look. Uncle stopped fast food. Roy re going. On roy moore contrary. Don't do from twitter place whole the whole thing. Don't touch don't the whole when somebody connecticut picky coming city so on twitter does money lots. He's watching bill. I got into took off events. A took took spot was wiped. Speaking with that comes a difficulty is given way up go-to attorney Back owner jobs jumped. She dumps watson. Seem obvious walk. Hey town talk. don't mike was i don bye. The past dog took shots shots shots. Off w w we take one road local dot com. Come my buddy part that come shots. Precision club zubac. Thank skinny does came over one adults. I'm a big pecan. Glassware like my water would be a kiss de anita. J followed abe k. Way is off with the rest of close on this. Does politics here to one dollars channel except slow. Ghosn talk not to those. We got second big shop knocking. Nick still gang kasoulides back then allowed over she me. Poppy hit straight cannot get some more on a year together. Not just got the second big still checking out those jobs back back back back little girl and your frame grill pricey pampa. You know my name bang helping body paint drill bit player. 'cause right up in this game group to bomb girl encore going plant. Y'all about the cheese. Yeah we beat a ram tag nova in this five baby. Let us crash that then it over stat. I'm according to remain the same. Shame game almost trying to party baby baby baby and the kind of gave you don't know it back talk okay. Interest rate out little. Don't you decided she had. Ap busing like take api ap no wings but gestures at eight. Tv's slipping flying. We slip slide bus bus because my plus safety. But i can't took trick. I was new. Ap bus wakes but gestures at eight. Tv's slipping flying buzzing new ap ap wing is plugged. Come on de bush of it took daddy. I don't even go from delta aloe daddy tracking she bag on a textual relations with no strings attached. I got into the attitude. She pushing now jimmy to bag on a handbag. Does it mean to wear boss. Just gotta brag then. You can't come back crack crack mouth without the compensation away room. Baby say protect declaration celebrates she called the shutting out she got messed up by on jean-paul selects those john. Quick pitch shutting. Was it thirty forty. Six cute lips hearing in a for sale hockey over time as you white came coble. Just take a little girl freak out. People a drug enough ownership off type. That's as tight the feedback down down. Don't by steel him feel can't please thrown please from take a little privacy. That's my type. Type were broke. You don't don't don't know tina beker pictures. I check. i can mic. Don't ullmark look your took dow wake ties mall momoa begging you to go to three tom to try to explain. Democrat is blind as the a dave logan stab. We really act free so he could put their race and these goal is and south korean threat. Now bobby she added take she naked. Song don't disrespect popul- speed beat go. Take it to the if you want you can keep yourself those allies town back back back away. New power better. I made playing may brand puget. The just chose me so much that they don't see in the mix like that just like that from my kids. Pick my day. That can be to pay your pain with the made. What the baby west. La me this. Bruce never grow taylor kind like brad. Put bye debuted with nike ask. Aw is local. I don't know old and apart. Part whole foods got you brian. Phone don't care took the moisture try and belsey muscles. Don't hey open flow zoo great. Cranberry juice one. Don't be a world rochman here by the space like christmas woman. Three hundred eighteen independent twenty fifty got into it. Because you know you don't let them out cash to glasgow hit j. club. Thank god alabama project. The back close for she said you will give me more than one. You have to give me more to fat jimmy more than you will have to twenty thousand fifty. Yeah you're going to have to. You took the need company. frapp brian. Everybody money money by gonna be. You want to save money by not being trying to be trying to be as little bit the fab money on the other side. One five eight the money by money money by by five five. Isn't money playback from theft. Gonna hit a big day. Didn't permit it talk about that. I part one pro park. Regatta offense. I know each shipment. That's me don only taboo a birthday birthday birthday luggage get go work a apollo birthday. I wanna see that birthday birthday birthday birthday six. The birthday girls birthday his birthday back home. Birthday combative approach money. Money money money money money. I want some money bow money. I want john money. How how many how many. I won't shall money money our money. I want more money. I won't jump money. Our money. Our money i want more money. I won't jump money money. i won't show money. i want more. I won't show once upon a time now. Long ago i was and i won't take john money more money. I want john money more money. I won't show money our money. I won't show once upon a time now. Long ago i was and i'm in the i won't take you back and i'm the i won't take it back. Because was the how many how many money money money. I'll have some money money. Our john wayne fucking gone. Fuck them if he ain't got a buck. I won't cup spend a hundred on me. Nothing wanted double back to the point. Is that some cash in this place is palestine and you turn around then. He asked about the case he the passionate but a fucking dow and if his mother. Now it's about that the long i was the won't thank you. Thank you tom now. Once upon a time now once thong on that bitch. I'm trying to see her biz. Business men blew would. I'm not so baby mama. Thick and thin lipstick and not speaking now is not a wind. You know talk talk. Thought you saw my face. I don't you know you you. John ain't good but baby would i keep on asking. Just we'll just talk a wedding down down down down down down down badge giannakou based does that. We demon road food without because you get linda. Paddock data you will be japan. Anita russell david bethel what up russ took. Thank you report by i i. I love fate guy. I'll by allow big big. How maybe how faint come beat the owner cal. Shakes out the. I'm about some about life in prison. That you better making count like a mother got a mountain passport. Ready to not safe we allow about on. Get on the pop up. Then it's really going to china around for the seat of by i. Yeah thought hung snaggy. Howard kurtz so join me. I need a light law operated by showing off Struck drop drop drop. Drop go back from the camp. It's the rule less nightmare krueger. Ruge but east where. I grew up so after taking mug boy might throw him a who no one loses. Good brains. ain't me khuda. i just wanted to pass through to paint killing upbeat that i got a large appetite for cookie. I my money is great. And i thought that things about once a gig as we stopped bucking cash. The beat can't catch the beat by the dad. I had one thing left fella my hand. Hey don't talk. I band wi and i need you. Are you person i your. She doesn't want to talk to bringing to the table working. I asked on cable phone enough so enough rails on rotation i without a father mansion and you ready to be signed to bands to baby two thousand panipat finished around five defame dog days club different. We are the bloodline of this whole operation. The bricks brand. Come see a bama's.

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