Case 147: Julie Dart and Stephanie Slater


Era besides with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel it anytime, you need support. Please contact to across the central for suggested. Confidential support place as shy nights for this episode on your APP or website? In July of Nineteen, ninety-one things looked promising verizon year old Julie Dodd. bobbly spirited teenager with wavy brown hair and a smile she had recently finished high school, and was hoping to fulfil locked long dream of joining Britain's armed forces. Julie had grown up in late the largest city in the northern English county of West. Yo Shaw where she still lived with her mother. On Tuesday July, nine, nineteen, ninety-one Julie, spent the day with her boyfriend twenty year all Dominick Nari who lived in the nearby suburb of gitten. At six o'clock in the evening, the couple went to dominique sister rose's house where Julie helped prepare meal of Roast, Lamb and Yorkshire Pudding. After They Dayton, Juliet excused herself to start not shift at the hospital where she'd recently started working as an orderly. At seven forty five PM. She cased Dominic Goodbye and departed wearing a black skirt with a pink and black jacket. At, nine Peon Julie Find Dominique to say she would be working until eleven thirty PM and would then return to her Gnheim. Dominique noticed that there appeared to be music. Playing in the background is though Julie were calling from a POB. Two days past and dominate could didn't hear from Julie. Then on the morning of fraud. Agent Lights Twelve. He received an unexpected visit from his sister rose, who had found a handwritten envelope addressed to hin amongst her male. There was a letter inside written in Julie's handwriting which read. Dominic helped me plays of Ben. Kidnapped and obeying held as a personal security until next Monday night. Please go until my mom straightaway. Love you so much, dominic? Mom find the police stride away and helped me. Have not eaten anything, but I'll have offered food. Feeling a bit sick, but on drinking two cups of Tape Day. Mum Dominic. Help me. Love You all? Julie. Upon rating the letter Dominic Cold Julie's mother. Lynn Dodd to rush Daiva to rate it for herself. She noticed that despite being pending Julie's handwriting, some of the woods and freising didn't Santa luck daughter at all. More IVA lean couldn't understand why Julie would be abducted and held for ransom. Has Family had little money? Lynn immediately called the police to report her daughter missing and gave them the lead off. Police began looking into JULIE'S LAV Born on March one, nineteen, seventy three, Julie Anne Dodd, was the first chart of Lin and Alec Hill who went on to have a son named poll two years later. When Julie was four years old. Alex left his young family and in Nineteen, seventy, eight Lynn remarried and electrician named a and dot. The Julianne poll what close to their stepfather? Calling Him Dad and adopting he surname? Lin and day in separated when Julie was sixteen years old, but a in maintained a relationship with these stepchildren. Although Julie was brought. She wasn't a dedicated student and instead preferred to focus on her athletic abilities. A talented Rana. She participated in school and county competitions, accumulating a number of trophies, which her mother proudly displayed in the family In her spare Don Julie locked, socializing dancing and performing Karaoke with her friends. While she was still at school. She go to Tom Job at a cafe, which was wish she met Dominique a CO worker, who was two years her senior. They dated for three years, and when Julie was just seventeen, they became engaged. Julie moved out of her family home to live with Dominique in his flat which mother Lynn didn't approve of. Julie had confided in her younger brother poll that Shea and Dominique often argued and today's altercations sometimes became violent. By the end of nineteen ninety, the relationship ended and Julie returned time. She and her mother had always been particularly close, but they both had strong personalities and living together time resulted in clashes and disagreements. Julie for the day when she could live independently and start a career. Longtime Drain was the become a physical training instructor Fabiani. She had always been fit and healthy, though she was claustrophobic and suffered from mild Asmara's a child. In December of Nineteen Ninety, she visited the army recruiting office in late to apply for a Rall as driver in the women's Royal Army Corps. After several months her application was accepted under the condition that she said a final selection examination. Friday June. Seven nineteen ninety-one one week before she was due to take the exam a forty one year, old man named to Michael, Wall Talk Cold The army recruiting office. Hey had befriended Julie several years earlier when she was employed at the cafe and had eventually offered reports on job as a on. Michael was calling to notify the office that Julie had recently stolen two of his bank cards and used them to withdraw six hundred and sixty pounds. She had since signed a liability foam, agreeing to repay the money to the bank, but Michael was worried that if she joined the army before settling the debt, the money might never be repaid. The recruitment office who took the coal was concerned as it was essential that all new recruits with free from financial liability. When questioned by the officer Julie denied owing any money, and proceeded to excel at her fawn Alexan-. She was subsequently accepted for the army's September intake. Markle Walter repeated. He's concerns that if Julie didn't settle her debt, the bank would initiate criminal proceedings. Julie continued to deny of taking the money the degrade to pay the bank what was owed to enable her to join the Armed Forces by September? However on Thursday July four. The recruitment officer went to Julie's school to confirm her fawn all grades and discovered that she had forged her academic records. This resulted in Julie's application being rejected. The recruitment office has sent her a letter, explaining the situation that same day, but it is unknown. Whether Julie Ever received it. Lynn told the police that there had been nothing happening in Julie's loft that had given her any course concern. She said that about a month prior Julie had started experimenting with her physical appearance, but trying out different makeup stalls and coloring her hair. However, she had thought it back to its Natural Cala when her grandmother didn't approve. Julie had told her mother that she had recently started a notch shift job sterilizing syringes at a laboratory and had been spending knots at the home of an old friend. Police questioned this friend who revealed she hadn't seen Julie in four months. It soon became clear that Julie and Dominique had reconciled their relationship, but had been keeping it a secret from Julie's family. Domini call and divided. He's gone between the homes of East. Two sisters and two Julie, had occasionally been staying with him. While telling her mother, she was with a friend. While Lynn believed Julie, had a job sterilizing syringes at a laboratory dominique was under the impression. She worked as an orderly at a hospital. The police in quiet with both workplaces, but nathe ever heard of Julie Dodd. After falling her report Lynn walked the streets of laid over, and Daiva showing people Julie's photograph. At not she visited the city's pubs asking punches whether I had seen her daughter. A number of people recognized Julie's Pichai and said they knew her, but none had sought at her within the last week. The police decided to speak with Voss quite investigators from the lead suburb of Chapel town, which at the time was a red light district popular with sex workers. From Nineteen, seventy five until nineteen eighty, the area was a hunting ground for notorious serial killer. The Yorkshire Ripa whose crimes were covered in episode thirty seven of Case Fall. Although the voice squad had no record of Julie. They soon established that multiple witnesses had seen her hanging around the district in the three weeks leading up to her disappearance. She had apparently told some sex workers that she was new to the industry and did ask to their Voss on where to take clients and how much to charge. Of Full Matt classmate of Julie's also came forward, claiming he'd seen her in Chapel town on Tuesday. July non the noise. She went missing. He had been driving through the area at eight fifteen pm when he sputtered Julie Standing on a street corner with another girl. They briefly made contact, but Julie turned her head away as though she didn't want to be saying. She had been dressed in light blue denim jeans, and a what Blair House which was different to the outfit she had been wearing when she left the dominique half an hour earlier. Enquiries revealed that shortly after this Julie taxi to a POB with two other young women and PM, she find dominate from the pubs fine. She then had a few drinks and played the jukebox before role. Three women quote a cab to the chapel. Tan Straight of Spencer place to engage in sex work. There Julie spent roughly twenty minutes with a client before buying takeaway Kebab. By Eleven PM. Both of her friends had gone home leaving. Julie Standing alone on the corner of spent place and delay appalled straight. The discovery that Julie had been engaging in sex work troubled the voice squad. On Friday July, twelve the same day that dominate received. They kidnapped Bleda from Julie. The West Yorkshire Police had received an envelope addressed to late city police and outdated name that had been used since nineteen seventy four. Inside was a LEDA talked in red ink, informing offices that a young sex work had been kidnapped from Chapel Tan area, and would be killed and less. The police paid one hundred forty thousand pounds in cash. The author role roadside demanded that thousand pounds be loaded onto bankcards. Instructions for the hand I've read. Next Tuesday July Sixteen, a woman police constable will drive to Birmingham New Street station with the money and a white, a phone call at the terminal in the waiting room on platform nine. She must wear a lot issue blue skirt with the money in a shoulder bag. She must be there by six PM and a white, the coal at seven PM. She will then be given the location of the next phone call. The letter instructed the constable to drop from payphone to pay phone where she would receive further directions along the way. Eventually at the last sought adult glacis, would-be hanging from a tree, ready for her to clip the money to. The cash was to be wrapped in polythene and debris on payback. Then todd with the New Orleans, cord. The Oh threatened that if these demands weren't met of by a bomb would go off at a major store in an English city at five am on Wednesday July seven tain. According to the Post marks on the envelope of this letter and the one sent to Dominique. Buzz had been sent at seven PM. On Thursday July eleven from the town of Huntington, located, one hundred and thirty five miles south of lades. Realizing that, they appear to be dealing with a genuine kidnapping. Investigators decided to run an operation in accordance with the kidnapping instructions. At six PM, on Tuesday July Sixteen constable a net Zeke nece went to Birmingham. New Straits station has instructed carrying the money in a shoulder bag. Located one hundred and twenty miles south of late in England's West, Midlands region. The station is the busiest and largest of three railway stations. The Service Birmingham Central Business District. Undercover offices availed constables ignace as she waited for the phone call at the phone terminal in the waiting room at platform GNAWING. At six minutes past seven, the pay phone rang. Constables vagueness answered it, but the cooler on the other end was silent and disconnected. The coal loftus the several seconds. Constables ignace whited another twenty minutes, but no of the calls came through. With no further instructions from the kid kidnapper investigators were left, wanting to say whether the individual would make contact again. Despite the kidnap is threat to firebomb a city building. If their demands weren't met the following day of Wednesday July seventeen past with the incident. On the morning of fraud I July nineteen, fifty one year old former. Bob Skelton was preparing for his day in the rural village of aced and ninety two miles southeast of leads. Bumps bomb spanned five hundred seventy nine acres and included a disused railway line. He's planned for the day was to rely Katie's kettle to fresh pastures with the help of these eighteen year, old son and another young employees. At seven forty five am. The three men were in a field located alongside the abandoned row by lawn, half a mile from the a one motorway when they noticed the pink and white striped shape lying on the grass. Assuming it was carelessly dumped rubbish. They moved close off and sold at the shape was banned with lengths of Teal colored rope and something to be wrapped up inside. Bob Son used his pen Nov to lost the ripe and Seen Hall in this shake revealing another layer of shake. Bob Thought, he could save the outline of a human arm and all three men smelled a strong unpleasant Toda. Decided to drop back to the farm to call the police. While the two young men stood guard over the grisly discovery. Officers arrived at the same and unwrapped the shape. Inside that van to the naked and significantly decomposed body of a young woman. The corpse was taken to be autopsied by Professor Stephen. Jones who noted that the only item the victim was wearing was a gold. Wish Bang Ring on her right Middle Finger. The head was entirely bold, and there were several injuries to her skull, including one at the back of her scale another above her left ear and diffraction below the. Days? Injuries had luckily bang caused by a hammer like weapon. Thought would not the cause of death. Around the victim's neck was ligature mark, indicating, she had also been drank. A right ankle featured chain like bruises suggesting she had been made to where some sort of allegra strike. Ju to the state of decomposition, professor giants was then able to determine whether she had been sexually assaulted. It was determined that the victim had likely been killed awake prior to being discovered, but the grass beneath where the body had been found, show to no discoloration, indicating at had only been dumped Arizona Leah. Using clear at hey steve type. Forensic scientists recovered a number of five is from the shape, including yellow wool and Brown Nylon fibers which appear to have originated from a mustard colored cop it. They sang yellow when debris on fob is where roadside fan in the rope that had been used to tie shape. An electronic message was sent out to police forces around the country to inform them that an unidentified body had been found. The message caught the attention of detective. Chief Superintendent Bump. Tyler of the West Yorkshire Police, who had been investigating Julie DOTS disappearance? Julie had a chipped tooth, leading Superintendent Tyler to win quiet whether the unidentified. Shed this characteristic. When it was confirmed that she did. Julie's dental records were summoned and on Saturday July twenty. The victim was positively identified as eighteen year old Julie Dot. That not. Superintendent Tyler went to Lynn Dot time to inform her of the news bringing with him. The gold wished by ring recovered from Julie's body. The devastated mother identified the ring as a gift she had given Julie for her eighteenth birthday fall. MONTHS, prior. Witnesses who had seen anything suspicious in the area knee Bob Skilton. FEMME were encouraged to come fullwood. Several individuals reported that two hours before Julie's body was found. They had been traveling on a bus along hotdog road in eastern when they noticed the red car up ahead and to the rot. Vehicle was approaching the road from track next to the posture with Julie's was found and was being driven by a watt loan. Police had initially considered whether. Roy Friend Dominick Murray could be responsible for her off. However he didn't own a car and two days before. Julie's disappearance, he had sustained an injury that would have made it impossible for him to dispose of her body alone. At Two am on Sunday July seven. Hey and Julie had been walking home together after a not drinking at the pub. And Judy. Constable noticed that Julie could hardly stand and that her face was swollen and to lip was bloody. Dominique who was propping her up and slapping her, said the constable intervened and Dominique fell breaking his ankle. He and Julie would take to the hospital and kept their over not with Dominic, having a cast put on his left foot. Julie's older friend Markle Walter who had alerted the army recruitment office to her theft. He's bankcards was also considered a suspect. The leaving he had a motive. Police arrested him, but questioning awake after Julie's disappearance. He was released on Thursday July attain, but police ordered that he be kept under constant surveillance. As. He was still being monitored. Win. Julie's body was discovered the next day he was ruled out as a suspect. Three days after Julie's body was found, the police received another letter claiming to bay from the Kid Napa. This talk to message had been sent from Layton Railway Station and was postmarked Sunday July twenty two. At Red. Woods will never be able to express my regret. That Julie Dot had to be killed. But I did warn what would happen if anything went wrong. At the time of this letter, there has been no publicity. If. You do not find the body within a few days I will contact to you as to the location. She. Was Not right does sexually abused or harmed in any way until she met her and. She was taught up and he'd a few blows to the back of the head to render her unconscious and then strangled. She never saw what was to happen. Never felt no pain or knew anything about it. The? Firebomb was not left as promised has the seal unto ran? Their combustibles must have got knocked in transit and smell with badly, so it was never placed. Owens furniture store in Coventry was to be the target. A, still require the same money's as before under the same conditions. If you want to avoid serious fire damage and any further prostitutes lives place an ad in the personal column of the Sun To raid. Let's try again for Julie's sake. Convinced the LEDA was genuinely pen to by. Julie's Killa on Saturday July twenty seven. The police placed an ad in the sun paper as instructed. On Tuesday, July thirty, they received a handwritten lead up from the KID NAPA acknowledging the ad and warning that another hostage would soon be taken. He instructed constable a net satanist to travel to a particular python alongside the M, one motorway in the county of less dot that evening and a white. He's coal. Constables Zeke. nece waited by the payphone as directed. When the call came instead of speaking directly into the phone to kidnap are played an audio recording. Constable Zeke. Nurse explained that she was unable to heed the message over the noise of the traffic. But. The line went dead. Two days later on Thursday August one. The kidnap US sent another letter ordering councils Zeke Nest to return to the same payphone in less stop on Tuesday August six. She relied days instructions, but no Cole came through. Three days off to that police received a letter from the Kid Napa explaining that he'd been unable to find a suitable hostage in time. He told Constables Dayton S to return to the phone booth. Bone Wednesday August fourteen at eight fifteen pm. Threatening quite. This will be the last time you will receive a coal. They usual location. Should anything go wrong? You will not then be given the location of the incendiary device or the prostitutes buddy. On August fourteen, the Cole came through as promised, and the kidnap is spoke to constables directly. Climbing to have abducted a sex work named Sarah Davies from the town of veep switch. He provided directions to another phonebox. Need the m one motorway and told constables ignace to Bay de by nine forty five pm. She arrived in Thanh, but when she answered the coal, the kidnapping, said heating candid some problems and would call back in half Ella. The phone rang again thirty minutes later, but the fines cradle had jammed and constables eight struggled to answer it. But the Tom. She was able to pick up the RESEDA the Kula had hung up. Constables weakness waited for another half. Ella, but the phone didn't ring again. The West Yorkshire Police checked whether anyone named Sarah. Davies had gone missing from hips, which but no reports of this nature had been made. They concluded that the Cole had allied about the kidnapping in order to increase pressure from police. The following day, cement will. Donate the disused railway bridge on the M one motorway near the phonebox that had jammed when they found what appeared to be a smoke bomb. The device was shaped like Eighteen Kane and attached to one end was a wire and a small red plastic cube. Responding offices from the South Yorkshire Police were unaware that their colleagues in West Yorkshire had been interacting with a possible extortionist and suspected that Voss was a fake. This was confirmed by a bomb disposal officer who arrived on the scene to investigate. Knee by police bound a brick that had been painted watt and had an envelope attached. That was mocked with the number three. Inside a hand stenciled note read. A message next bridge, four hundred maters detector on panel carry money. When the news spread to the West Yorkshire Police, they were certain the items had been left by their suspect, and that the issues bridge was. He's intended location for the money draw. To test that theory that carried out a reconstruction, not the sought. Had Constables AAC nece be able to receive the second phone call? The police deduced that she would have been directed to the bridge and the fake incendiary device. From there she would have placed the devos which the suspect had referred to as a detector on her car dashboard and driven to the next bridge, four hundred made his away. They're as per the kidnap is original. He would've intended to stand on the bridge and lower. A dog leash for constables ignace to clip the bundle of money to. To kidnap would've then intended to hole up the money and attempt an escape. Ten days light up a discovery in the South Yorkshire town of bonds. -Ly revealed that the Kid Napa had planned yet another step which police had missed. An envelope labeled with the number. Two was banned tight underneath a show in one of the town's phone booths. In Saad was a note providing directions to the fake incendiary device and two white brick. Investigators determined that the kidnap Napa had actually planned to direct constables ignace, Ted. This payphone burst to receive the instructions. Thought, he's playing, had bank thwarted when the phone reseda jammed that the previous booth? On Monday August, two nineteen police received a lead off from the kidnap off that read. gained. Now abandoned Crimewatch, UK. We'll tell me most of what I wanted to know. You'll have to follow your papers into try again. As you know I never piqued anyone up. You need switch or planted a divorce I didn't need to. Following Julie's unfortunate death. You'd cooperate with anything I wanted. Your records. Julie was picked up on Tuesday July non eleven thirty am. The Raisin Buddy deteriorated so quick was that it was kept in a whealy being in a greenhouse Fatu very hot days. Ahead was wrapped in a tail, but when this was removed to clean her up before dropping her, her hair came away stuck to the blood on the tail. As none of these details about Julie's buddy had been released to the media. The police forwarded the letter to a pathologist to verify the kidnap is claims. Professor Stephen. Jones confirmed that the state Julie's body was seen was consistent with having been stored in a plastic being inside a greenhouse as the killer DISGRA. In order to gain further rinse thought as to the top of individual that would dealing with police retained criminal psychologist pull Britain to create a profile of the suspect. Britain concluded that the suspect was luckily aged in his late forties or early fifties and was a careful plan. As he's led his were riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. He luckily had a secondary level education, but no university degree. In terms of occupation, he luckily worked in a field that required a high level of technical knowledge, but not a high level of technical skills. He wanted to be taken seriously by police and have them engage him as a high level adversary. Old Though nerd. I wasn't the primary aim of the Koran and the suspect probably hadn't killed before. Britain concluded that he would kill again and less was court. As the suspects lead is had been posted from various locations, it was clear that whoever had sent them had the time and freedom to travel. They was sent to a forensic document examiner in Birmingham, who determined that the taught letters were written using an Olivetti manual taught by top right off. That had damage to its taught faces. Several, KS, what missing particular elements including the Loa left portion of the number, zero and pod the lower case F. It was estimated that the machine was between twenty to thirty years old. The handwritten letters were mostly panned using messy capital letters possibly by the kid Napa using. He's non dominant hand. Despite his obvious attempts to disguise his handwriting, consistent phages were noted in how he particular letters of the alphabet. Though the more given that he referred to the West Yorkshire Police by their own name of allayed city police. It was suggested that the kidnap. How could be an older individual with a grudge against the force? An examination of the fake. revealed it had been crafted from a container of fish food that had been painted Silva. The white painted brick was harder to identify. At wasn't of esteemed brick saw and was originally blue instead of a typical read Cala. Chemical and mineral analysis revealed that the break had been made from a particular Klay van at a quarry in the county of Steph Aja. Only one company in the country manufactured this sort of brick, which was used to construct the road gutters. On Wednesday August twenty one. The police held a press conference to share some of the details about Julie's murder that di had intentionally Bain withholding. They revealed that one of the kidnappers lettuce contained indentations from another message that had been written on a shade of Papau placed on top. It read. Mavis will not be in on Tuesday. Fill. On Thursday September twelve Julie's case was covered by Crimewatch. BBC Programme that shed information about unsolved crimes and requested assistance in solving them. Ray Constructions, depicting Jesus lost nine movements, were read along with the red carpet that was spotted by the field where her body was found. The coverage prompted four hundred viewers to phone in with information, including one man who claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Julie One wake before her disappearance. He said the two had met in a lades POB and he lied. A gave Julia lift in his car. They chatted for an hour during which Julie revealed. She had taken up sex work to repay a debt so that she could join the army. Another man cold, asking to speak to Superintendent Bob Tyler directly before abruptly hanging up the phone. This led police to consider on whether the Cooler had been the kidnapper himself. On October Sixteen Nineteen ninety-one after two months of salons. The police were saved another handwritten. Lead up from the KID NAPA. It read. As you nowhere near on my tail, the time has come to collect my one hundred and forty thousand pounds from you. I do not get any biggest sentence for two murders and prostitutes are easy to pick up. He ordered Constables Zeke nest to go to a payphone at the Carlisle train station in North West England at eight pm on Wednesday October twenty, one and two white phase coal. Investigators is confused as October twenty. One was actually a Monday, not a Wednesday. Morava the phonebox. The kidnapper described had been ray hated US earlier. Nevertheless they sent their crime squad to the location on both Monday and Wednesday but received no further contact from this aspect. On October fifteen a menacing LEDA, had also been sent to the London headquarters of British Royal, the Stein Company that operated most of Great Britain's overground rail transport. It had been sent five days prior from the city of stugotz Trent in Staffordshire. Of To taught pages, the author threatened to derail the hospital train and less two hundred thousand pounds in cash was delivered, but to female employees as on Wednesday. October twenty three. The employees as would directed to go to a payphone accrue station in Chesa. To receive further instructions with a Stent, Soda Message Warning. You'll now will be in danger if money, not real. Throughout. The Letta the pro neon way was used repeatedly giving the impression that more than one person was behind the extortions game. Detective Chase Superintendent Pat Fleming from the London. Metropolitan Police was assigned to coordinate the railway, threatening quarry, and begin looking into possible links with other blackmails games, including the Julie Dot case. On Monday October twenty one senior offices from both investigations compared pad, their respective letters and discovered, there were a number of similarities. The included stenciled riding the use of technical language and diagrams and instructed women to act as couriers to deliver money in a similar fashion. As British rail extortionist was requesting that Money Bay delivered on the same day that offices from the Julie Dog inquiry would be carrying out their own operation. Police suspected the perpetrator was attempting to try up their resources. At Seven PM on Wednesday October twenty three, a female police officer went to crew station to a white. The extortionists phone call. Eight minutes light up a cocaine through during which the coal repeatedly asked Hallo before hanging up. The phone rang again. After Woods, but stopped before it could be answered, and the operation was subsequently boarded. On Monday October twenty eight, another letter arrived at British Ryo stating. Congratulations you have now qualified for retribution. De extortionist threatened to take DNA section of a train line and remove an electric local pantograph, which is an apparatus that connects a train to a overhead. Awake later on Monday November four British rail track charge men Dennis. Parton was conducting a routine inspection of the West. Coast Lawn which runs from London to Glasgow. He was focusing on an eight mile stretch that ran south between crew station and stuff station when he came to a bridge near the Steph show village of Mill Mace. Under the Bridge Dennis noticed that of broken concrete Baloch. Some San Stein and a piece of rope would lying between the riles. He notified that British Transport Police who determined that the extortionist had blocked, taught the concrete to one end of the road, and the Saints Stein to the other. Using the concrete and as an anchor, he then the scene Stein and over the train line with the intention of damaging a passing trains pantograph. If this plan had succeeded, the train would have lost Pale, and potentially caused significant damage to both the train and those on board. On Thursday November seven? The Julie Dot inquiry was formerly linked with the British Royal Case and to West Yorkshire Police were awarded responsibility for both investigations. That same day Julius funeral was held in Leeds. Almost four months had passed since her body was discovered and three hundred mourners gathered to pay their respects including a number of police officers who had been working tirelessly on solving her case. Julie's family would devastated by the revelation that she had been struggling with answers and abusive relationship and Jeremy Application and had chosen to Cape Days troubles to herself. Her maternal grandparents Margaret and Havi Aitken had always told their grandchildren to come to them anytime. I needed help. Margaret Lightest stated. I think of Julie Every day. It's still breaks my heart that she couldn't come to us and tell us what was wrong. Police continued to work the case, but no substantial leads emerged. On January. Sixteen nineteen, ninety-two, an inquest into Julie's death was held with the car now ruling her had bain and unlawful killing by person or persons unknown. Six days later on the morning of Wednesday January twenty, two, nineteen, ninety two real estate agents Stephanie slight off was preparing for work. The twenty five year old lived with her parents in Birmingham, and had recently started a new job at ship ways, estate agents an offshoot of one of England's largest insurance groups. Things were going well for Stephanie. She locked to a new job. She had a boyfriend and an active social life, and to just booked the to wake some holiday with a friend. The pair planning to visit the oil. What a picturesque go island set of England that Stephanie had often visited as a child. By the time Stephanie was ready for work. Parents had already left for the day. She gave her two pet cats quick PAT before heading out the door. Her first appointment was scheduled for ten thirty A. M where she would be showing a client named Bob. Southall a rundown. Two story semi detached house, located, one hundred and fifty three turnby road in Birmingham. Bulb had cold ship ways to waive Zolia seeking a list of houses for sale in the sixty thousand pound price range. He had visited the office in person to collect the list before sending a letter, confirming which has he wanted to visit? This was unusual as most perspective, boys typically book to their viewings via telephone. Stephanie arrived at the office at nine am, and spent the first part of her morning, checking her male and following up on client enquiries before driving to make Bob at the turnberry road property. Shortly before noon, Stephanie's many jaw Kevin Watts and another colleague were on their way to a meeting when they drive past one hundred fifty three temporary road, and noticed that Stephanie's car was still parked out the front. They remarked that she'd been at her appointment for an unusually large time. Twenty minutes. Lyda the phone rang at the ship ways office. Receptionist Sylvia Baker answered and a man on the other end stated. Listen Sill Stephanie slide up. She's been kidnapped. It will be a ransom note in the post tomorrow. Contact the police or anybody and she'll die. He then hung up. Stunt Sylvia immediately called Kevin Watts he's meeting and hey quickly returned to the office. Stephanie's Co workers called the number Bugsy South Oh had provided, but it turned out to be connected to a phone booth at a petrol station Kevin and call Lake then hurried to one hundred and fifty three term road. Stephanie's car was still parked out the front. But the house was empty. In the hallway, they fan Stephanie's Cock as as well as the case for the property. On one of the key rings there were several spots of blood and a single long hair. Kevin phoned, the police, and the uniformed officers were immediately dispatched to the House on turnberry road to conduct search. In the upstairs bathroom and at the top of the says they found drops of blood as well as a lodger bloodstain on a wool. Need the kitchen. Offices interviewed shoop ways employees as and installed a phone at the office that good record and trace incoming Kohl's. When Stephanie's Parents Warren and Betty slide off with defraud. They both collapsed in shock and required sedation. They couldn't think of any reason why Stephanie would be targeted, nor did they believe she had any reason to walk straight Haroon disappearance. Detectives from the West Midlands Police were assigned to the case and immediately realized that had been a mistake to send a uniformed officers in response to the report as the kidnap had warned Sylvia not to gold the police. The uniformed officers were quickly withdrawn and replaced with undercover investigators. Shortly after three PM another call came through the ship ways office. A man with a northern accent stated. Jeff's Leeson Stephanie's dropped her case to the house in the whole, so go into luck adopt. The coal was Daiva Sipe fast that it was unable to be recorded. An incident room was set up and immediately embargo was enforced to prevent this story from going public. Ship ways agreed to pay whatever the kidnap at demanded and police were granted permission to sort through the post the Birmingham's Royal Mail sorting office in an attempt to find the ransom Leda as soon as possible. At Five am on Thursday January, twenty three, they found an envelope addressed to sheep ways that contained LEDA and democracy cassette type. The letter explained that Stephanie would only be released if ship ways a great to pay one hundred seventy five thousand pounds seen unmarked bills that would free from tracking devices. The micro cassette faded a female voice saying. This is Stephanie slider. The time is eleven forty five. I can assure you. I am okay and unharmed. Providing these instructions at carried out I will be released on Friday the thirty first of January. She explained that her manager Kevin Watts was to deliver the money on Wednesday January twenty nine. He had to use his own car and would be given. At various points along the way, West Midlands police were aware of Julie Dots murder and the extortion attempt against British rail and wondered whether Stephanie's disappearance could be connected. The similarities between the three crimes appeared to be mounting. But Julian Stephanie's kidnapping had used recorded messages and misspelled the word ransom by adding an a on the. More Iva in all three crimes, the perpetrator provided very specific instructions about how the money was to be bundled. Investigators began carrying out the door perations in the neighborhood where Stephanie had been abducted. They door not houses on temporary road, explaining that there had been a bright in nearby and asked whether the neighbors had seen anything unusual on Wednesday January twenty two. One mentioned seeing a red van revving. It's engine and turning into a lane white that the rear of the houses. Another had noticed a man standing outside of one hundred and fifty three turnberry road, who appeared to be in his early fifties. He was short and were a code with a badge on the left to breast pocket. With little in the way of blades, investigators were forced to Whiten. Say whether the KID NAPA would make contact again. At Two PM on Sunday January twenty six four days after Stephanie had vanished, the phone rang at her parents own. Recording equipment had been set up in anticipation of this moment and Stephanie's father Warren immediately started taping the coal. A male voice on the other end told Warren to listen. Then played a pre recorded message featuring Stephanie's voice. She said. Hello at Stephanie here. Dive allowed me to make a message to you just to let you know that I'm all right and unharmed. While he that West Bromwich Albion locked yesterday to Swazi three to. I want you to know that I love you. I'm not to say too much, and whatever the outcome I'll always love you. Look after the cats for me. The results from the recent football match indicated that Stephanie was still alive. Her parents were both relieved and destroyed while investigators believed that if they followed the kidnap is demands. They might have a chance of bringing Stephanie Home Safely. Stephanie's manager Kevin Watts agreed to help and investigators provided him with strategies to speak with the kidnapper to minimize threats to He's own safety. As the KID NAPA had already demonstrated that he was capable of traveling throughout the country, one thousand detectives from the Midland's police forces, Scotland Yard, and the Metropolitan Police were enlisted to bay, positioned throughout various motorways during the operation. Investigators would follow Kevin from old directions with Becker route just in case. Four female detectives would be on standby to Kaffa. Stephanie, if she was returned safely. While another thirty officers were prepared to spring into action if she was found to bay deceased. Shortly, before five pm on Tuesday January twenty eight the day before the ransom drop the phone rang at shoot ways estate, agency. It was kidnapped are demanding to speak to Kevin. He asked if Kevin had the money and in response. Kevin inquired who was calling. The kidnap responded impatiently. Never mind. Have you got the money for tomorrow? Kevin confirmed that he was getting it and to kidnap a told him to expect a message at three o'clock the following day. The next morning Kevin said goodbye to his wife and daughters, using his finger to rot on love you in the air before getting into his car. At the office, he put a bullet proof vest on Bonetti's works sued. A two way radio was installed in his vehicle and the ransom money was delivered to the office in a sports bag that had a tracking device sewn into the lining. He was decayed bag with him at all times so that the police could constantly tracks whereabouts. At three twenty five pm to kidnap a coal and instructed Kevin to go to the railway station in Glossop town, almost ninety eight miles north of Birmingham, then Ed. He was to head to the payphone in the station's entrance hole where the KID NAPA would call to provide further instructions at seven o'clock. Kevin departed for GLOSSOP with undercover officers trailing behind. As he drive, he used the two way radio to Kate. The police informed about the route he was taking. He arrived at GLOSSOP railway station shortly before seven PM and waited nervously by the phone booth to kidnap a had described. Eventually to kidnap a cold and tell Kevin to leave the station, turn right and go to another phone box about two hundred yards away. There he would find written. Instructions typed beneath show. Kevin followed these orders and fanton envelope in the phone booth marked with the letter ray. In inside was taught to note directing him to drive twenty two miles east towards the town of don't worth where another Leda was waiting in a phone booth. Kevin got back in east car and started driving, but within a minute heavy fog fell all around him, making it difficult to see. The limited visibility hindered his progress, but he made it to the oscillated phone booths by eight fifteen. A. Nuruddin Sawed pointed him towards an off, Elaine, one hundred and fifty yards away and warned. This route Bush Oh if you obeying followed. Once the Kevin was to look for a renoir traffic kind near a small building. It would be back next to the kind which he was to place the money into. Kevin returned to his car again and turned left onto the lane, passing a small wooden sawn. That red ship ways. Was Rough and framed by hedges and low Stein Wolves but he soon spotted a shed with a kind and a large black bag in front of it. Kevin Poole Daiva griped bag and stuff the cash inside. He fancied note, directing him to continue to the end of the line, and then onto another payphone several miles away where another note was waiting. Kevin kept driving forward. Noticing that the Stein Wolves on either side suddenly loomed much higher. Within three hundred yards, he unexpectedly encountered another kind with a stencilled message attached. It explained that a wooden tray with the censoring Saud was perched on one of the woes. Kevin was instructed to place the bag with the money in the trade, and if the SANSA didn't buzz, he could save the money and go. To! Kevin worked to the TRAE, noticing a Suva Rectangular Davos in one of its corners. He James The bagging saw and was relieved when the sense I didn't make a sound. Nervously. He then headed back to his car. Meanwhile the investigators who were monitoring Kevin's movements had struggled to fond a parallel route along the narrow lane and had lost contact with the tracking signal that had been fitted into his bag. While the Tom Kevin delivered the money. They had lost sort of him all together. Kevin had used the two way radio to let the police know that he was about to hand over the cash, but a technical problem had prevented them from receiving the message. As Kevin drive away from the drop off, Saad. He used the to radio again to inform police that he'd successfully dropped off the money. This time he's message went through. Investigators were horrified to learn that I lost contact with their Korea at the most crucial moment as it meant, the kidnapper had luckily managed to escape with the money. Were still they had no idea west Stephanie was or if they just lost their only chance to save her life. When West Yorkshire Detectives heard that their prime suspect for juillet dots murder had slipped through west Midland's polices, comprehensive and elaborate sting. They were furious. Investigators said about the tighening end interrogating everyone dying candid in proximity of the drop off zone, but there was no sawn of the kidnap. Or of Stephanie Slide Aw. Eventually at eleven thirty PM police reluctantly held a press conference to announce that air operation had failed. Although the media, embargo on the story was still being forced, investigated admitted the money had been handed Ovar, but they had not managed to recover Stephanie. Detective Inspector Adrian. Bela's had been tasked with looking after Stephanie's parents. While the operation was carried out and was waiting with them in that family home, the past eight days had been incredibly distressing for Warren and Betty Saliva and the news that Stephanie had not been saved during the operation, though there added to grief. At twelve fifty a M, there was a loud banging at the slightest front door accompanied by the doorbell ringing. 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She reviewed. Blindfolded for a long period of time and adult is confirmed that harass. Thought was temporarily damaged as a result. Blood and tissue samples taken and physical evidence was collected for Monday. Donate her fingernails. Her clothing was also taken into evidence. Stephanie denied that any sexual assault had taken place meaning that it wasn't necessary for doctors to conduct a right kit. After being allowed to Sheila she was transported to a private hospital for monitoring where her parents were allowed to stay in an adjoining room. When she learned that her kidnapper was also suspected of having murdered Julie Dot, she was gonna come with Greif at the thought of what Julie had endured. D Eight. Day media embargo was finally lifted and the next morning Stephanie Story featured on breakfast news into radio programs throughout the country. West Midlands Police assistant trustable. Phil Thomas thanked the press for their cooperation throughout the operation, and said that while the NAPA had escaped with one hundred and seventy five thousand pounds, police had achieved their primary objective of bringing Stephanie Heim. He stated quite. We can now openly get on with the investigation to catch this man. Airing queries, and now willing hand, and we have gained a lot of information which we didn't have before. The media are interested in this story was intense and to light that afternoon. Stephanie appear at a press conference to answer questions about role deal. When asked how she felt upon realizing she had been abducted, she stated. Odd Call at the Tara. You can't put that sort of feeling into words unless you've actually been through it. Stephanie said she was eager to thank her many Kevin Watson person and hoped that she could return to her life as soon as possible. Following the press conference Stephanie returned to the hospital where she spent the next ten days providing evidence about her ordeal to three female offices who was specially trained in debriefing victims. Her Ray Cole was excellent, and she managed to provide a detailed account of the events that unfolded after she met the man claiming to be named Bob Southville at one hundred fifty three term bree road. When Stephanie arrived at the address Bob was already standing by the front door. She described him as aged between forty and fifty five with an average stocky build and detained complexion. He had been wearing the black framed glasses, and a jacket had a badge featuring a train on its left pocket. He spoke with a northern accent indicating he wasn't local to Birmingham. When they entered the Property Bob last few questions about the house, but didn't appear particularly interested. As. They headed upstairs to see the second story Bob pointed to a window, and in quiet whether it was double glazed Stephanie, replied that it was. Stephanie whited nearby while Bob explored the upstairs rooms. As he entered the bathroom Stephanie began to walk it back downstairs, but bob suddenly pointed at the wool, opposite him and asked. Was that out there? Stephanie went into the bathroom and realized he was pointing at a hook which she explained was to hang a tail on. She turned around to leave. The bulb suddenly flew towards her. He was holding a ten to twelve inch north in one hand, and a long flat chisel with a Hook in the ATHOL. A struggle ensued and Stephanie Received Small Knicks to her vice from the north. She grabbed both weapons and managed to bend the Chisel rendering it useless. Stephanie screened and Bob Attempted to cover her mouth with these hand. He then jumped on her, and to grabbed her long hair from behind wrenching her head back and pushing her over the side of the bathtub. Stephanie caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and sold. Bob was holding enough to her throat. He threatened to cut her throat if she started screaming to which Stephanie responded. Alright calm down. You've got me. Don't kill me. Please don't kill me. Please remember on human. Bob Band Stephanie's wrists together with what appeared to be road from a washing line and placed a noose around her neck made from the same material. He forced her dance Dez yelling angrily whenever she looked directly at him. At the bottom of the stairs he blindfolded and Gagged Stephanie, using her run sky off, then tied her legs with a rope just below the nays. He then steed her through the back of the House and into the garage where he forced her into a vehicle at point. Stephanie was made to lie down on the passage state which had been moved into a reclining position. Face was then covered with a blanket, and a line of rope was taught across the neck to restrict her from sitting up. Bob held off to her stomach and started driving. In order to determine where that would going Stephanie focused on noises. The quality of the roads and the tunes was taking. He eventually who'd I ever in a quiet isolated area and forced stephanie to record the ransom message that he lied a sense her employers. He also explained that he's name wasn't really Bob, but instructed Stephanie to continue calling him that to make things easier. By evening, they reached a rough dirt track. Bob Parked the car and had Stephanie along a gravel path. He pushed. What sounded like a metallic sliding door and lead Stephanie into a room with the Stein floor where he taught her to a wooden chair? He left the room and returned shortly after with some chips for heard away. He, then forced her to change into men's clothing and remarked. A hub you're not claustrophobic. Bob explained he was going to play Stephanie inside a box that was placed inside another box. She was forced to lie down and shuffle fate versed into a long narrow container, which required her to twist her body into uncomfortable corkscrew position. Once. She was seen Bob Todd Stephanie's handcuffed wrists to a metal bar above her head and warned that it she pulled on the bar. Code is placed above would fall down and crush her. He also placed a wire inside the box which he explained was attached to electrodes. That would shock Stephanie if she moved. Bob Todd Stephanie. He couldn't understand why she was so calm to which she responded. On, not com I'm frightened to death. Bob Closed. The lead is the top of her head and said. See you in the morning then. Stephanie spent the night in physical agony. It was freezing, cold and body was in pain from the awkward restricted position she'd been forced into. Terrified. She lay awake throughout the not convinced she would die from suffocation. Who Hypothermia? At her nice distraught point, she noticed a speck of light that appeared to grow and move towards her. As, it came closer Stephanie realized. That resembled the face of Jesus Christ. As she was not religious person division took by surprise, and she wanted whether she had died. The following morning music started playing from a nearby radio. But this stage Stephanie's entire was wracked with excruciating pain and her extremities when NAM. Bob opened the box and seemed surprised to volunteer in such agony. He removed Stephanie from the box and set her onto a chair, rubbing her roms in an attempt to lessen the pain. After giving her a cup of tea and some par H. he explained that he's planned. Was Cape Her hostage until the following? Wednesday January, twenty nine when he would collect, he's ransom money. If she behaved Bob told Stephanie she would be home within a week. Instead of returning her to the box Bob, then allowed Stephanie to stay on a mattress on the floor while he went to work provided, she didn't make any noise or attempt an escape. After he had left, Stephanie began reflecting on Bob's behavior. Although he had been threatening and Volun-, he had also a more humane side and Stephanie wanted if she could appeal to this part of his personality. Deciding her best chance survival was the bay, compliant and polite. She resolved to put her strong people skills to us. Over the following week, Bob returned every morning and evening to give Stephanie Food and to let her use the toilet. At nought, he would answer back into the box. During his visits, Stephanie attempted to humanize herself by chatting with Bob. About the TV programs. She locked to watch. She told him about her boyfriend whom her mother hoped she would marry day. On one occasion Bob brought a German shepherd puppy with him and Stephanie revealed her love of animals. She also confided that she had been adopted at six months old because her parents were unable to conceive, children and Bob appeared moved by this revelation. Although Stephanie was kept blindfolded and bound a majority of the time. She many jd to pay close attention to her surroundings. During her first day in captivity, she heard muffled voices. Knee bought followed by short ringing, sound, and then soy `lance. This Patten repeated. Several times and Stephanie realized she was luckily being held out the back of a store. The sound of an electric soul and banging led her to believe it could be an engineering workshop. In addition. She knew there was a microwave nearby as it made it digging sand. Every time Bob made her par- each. A radio was also close by which played all day and was permanently tuned to base as radio to channel. Stephanie O. Sir heard a bell on what sanded lock and old fashioned cash register and the ringing of a Rotary Stall Fund. The sand trucks, lorries and trains. Could also I be heard regularly passing through the neighborhood? During one conversation. Bob told Stephanie that he was carrying out the ransoms game with a male accomplice whom he referred to as he's made. He described the man as a nasty piece of work and told Stephanie. She was lucky not to be stuck with him. Bob appeared to grow somewhat fund of Stephanie and repeatedly promised that she would be going home yet. He also appeared to take pleasure in scaring her. On one occasion Stephanie told a joke that made. Bob. Blah After which he remarked. I'll have to get rid of that been now. When. Stephanie off which been he was referring to? Bob explained there was a plastic whealy being in the corner that he had planned to dispose of her skin. On Sunday January twenty six. Bob Made Stephanie report a message that he could play for her parents. He had mentioned the result of the recent West Bromwich Albion versus ONC- football match to verify that she was still alive. The next day, he confirmed that she would be going home on Wednesday January twenty nine. On Stephanie's not in captivity. Bob Let her sleep on the mattress instead of inside the box. On the morning of Wednesday January twenty nine Bob, told Stephanie he would be collecting the ransom money from her many Kevin Watts that not and would be back to a between eight and nine PM. He then remarked. Always thinking that it would be nice to have a photograph of you. You know something to remember you by. A, he told Stephanie to remove blonde followed, but Cape. Her eyes closed while he snapped a picture of her. Stephanie was then secured back into the box where she remained for the rest of the day. The radio was kept on allowing her to keep track of the Thanh boy at the hourly news bulletins. Non PM eventually came and went with no sawn of Bob and Stephanie began to worry that he wasn't coming back after all. She became increasingly panicked that she would be left to die a slow painful death alone in captivity. To escape such a fight, she contemplated taking her run off by smothering her face with the do vague. That had been left inside the box with A. At Ten forty five pm Bob finally returned. He. Released Stephanie had her change into new clothes and reassured her that he was taking her home. He's initial plan was to leave her at a police station northbound box, but he drive her back to Birmingham instead and dropped her off near her home. Before he left, he asked for a kiss, goodbye. off to Bain blindfolded and restricted forever awake Stephanie found it difficult to say and walk, but she many Jd to stumble home where she was fun La Reunited with her parents. The police were impressed by the level of data in Stephanie's recollections, and said about having sketch artist create an impression of the perpetrate Main Wall an investigation of the money dropped sought, revealed that the narrow loan with lodge stone wolves that Kevin had been sent to was actually a bridge above an abandoned railway line. Underneath. The bridge offices recovered a rectangular device that had been painted Silva as well as the trade that Kevin had placed the money in which was a wooden draw with a length of washing line attached. It appeared that the kid Napa whited under the bridge, then dragged the drool with the money in it down after Kevin had left. Investigators theorized that he may have escaped on a motorbike arc to avoid police roadblocks. The site of the abandoned Ralway line was part of the country woking trial known as the Dove Valley trial. It was just three miles down the track from the bridge where the painted brick and false incendiary device were found in relation to Julie DOTS case. The two cases were formerly linked into West Yorkshire. Assistant Chief Constable Tom Cook was appointed as the head of the investigation. Stephanie's Abe is what questioned to save. Date noticed anything unusual on the night of her return. A sprite Banca named Les- Barnaby recalled that he'd been watching film in bed around one am when he heard the sand of a car engine revving outside. He looked out the window and saw a Red Austin Metro in the street below. It was owed and muddy, and to the passenger door was slightly open after a minute, a young disheveled looking woman stumbled backwards out of the car and Stugotz down the street in an awkward run. On the evening of Choices Day, February full six days after Stephanie's return police released the first sketch of the suspect. It depicted a middle, aged white male with short dark hair, wearing square black framed glasses. He's face was brought with a square forehead and destroyed knows. Within an hour of going public, more than five hundred people find tips into the police, but none generated any promising lades. Assistant Chief Constable Tom Cook told the media. He was almost expecting to hear from kidnapper directly quite. Perhaps, he might matlock to boast about it if he feels. He is being successful. On, Thursday February six. A letter arrived at the offices of the BBC. Say Yorkshire Television The Sun and news of the world newspapers, the West Midland and West Yorkshire Police and at the workplace of Julie Dots Mother. It claimed to Bay from the Kid Napa, who admitted to abducting Stephanie but denied murdering Julie will blackmailing British Ryo. He wanted to clarify this out of concern for Stephanie's will gain as he previously told her that he never killed anyone and was worried about how she might feel if she thought he had. The letter read. The fact that I could and did carry out the crime extremely successfully is my only satisfaction. I am ashamed, upset and thoroughly disgusted at my treatment of Stephanie, and the suffering on must have caused to her parents. Avondale my is filled with. I wake up during the not actually crying with a little luck. Stephanie will get over it shortly. Myself I do not think I ever will. The lead contained spelling and punctuation errors that matched previous correspondence from the kidnap A. The phrase with a little luck had also been used in one of the letters sent to British rail. These indicated that the same person was indeed responsible for all three crimes and on Friday. February seven snippets of the letter were published in the country's newspapers. Two days later, Stephanie finally left the hospital and was able to return home. A number of reporters had set up camp in the fields. Opposite her house to Cava her coming. She agreed to pose for the cameras with her parents and two pet cats, and was met at the front door by a police officer, carrying a bouquet of flowers. On detectives took shifts guarding the family and escorting them everywhere they went while police dogs, and they handle is patrolled the land between the House and the nearby motorway. Interest in the case was unrelenting and Stephanie was inundated with large financial losses in exchange for an exclusive interview. Police advised her to negotiate a deal with one newspaper as this would prompt all other outlets to back off. She decided to sign a contract with the Sun newspaper. As it was the paper, her father read, and also had the highest number of raiders. Stephanie wanted to use her experience to alert women to the possible dangers, they faced and suggest ways that could protect themselves. From the outset of the investigation police had intentionally withheld significant details from the media, and they eventually chose to release this information on an episode of babies as Kron Watch. The show Ed on the evening of Thursday February twenty with fifteen million viewers tuning in to watch. For the first time it was publicly revealed that they kidnap a drove a Red Austin Metro that he appeared to have a connection with British railways and that Stephanie had been held hostage in a workshop environment. The recorded phone call between the Napa and Watson was also played prompting one thousand phone calls to police and to the Chrome Watch headquarters. Forty eight year old Susan Oak had been out when the shell wed, but she had tight does so she could watch it live on. The case had caught Susan's attention. As the sketch of the suspect resembled her ex husband. Michael Sam's who will so drive a red car similar to the one witness to need the location where Julie Dodds body was found. The more the suspect had reportedly worn a railway badge when he's code. and Michael loved trains. However Michael had one leg amputated thirteen years earlier, and the suspect wasn't said to have a limp, so Susan deemed it unlikely that her rex could bay responsible. She primarily wanted to say the crime, watch episode to lay her suspicions to rest. At Eleven PM on the not the episode Ed Susan play the tape. Upon hearing the voice of the Kid Napa she let debt of her chair and shouted. It seem that's Mike. Michael Benjamin Sam was born on August eleven nineteen, forty, one in the West Yorkshire town of Caisley. He had a conventional middle class upbringing, and was abroad child who did well at school, although struggled with spelling and grandma. At the age of Twenty Sam's joined the merchant navy, but returned to his hometown a year later and trained to work as a lift engineer. He met his first wife Susan when he was installing lifts at her workplace. The young couple Mary don't July eighteen nineteen sixty four and went on to have two sons. By nineteen seventy SAM said started his own business servicing central heating boilers and was often so busy that he rarely saw his wife and children. He dedicated any spare time he had to trainspotting at term used to describe the hobby of watching trains. Sam's was fascinated by RYO transport. He collected train memorabilia and displayed a railway in a spare room. In Nineteen, seventy, three SAM's suddenly became ill and was rushed to hospital. Doctor suspected. Enjoyed US and inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord, but tests were inconclusive. Sam's managed to make a recovery, but thereafter he was prone to mood swings and violent outbursts. Hey in Susan argued frequently with Sam's often becoming physically and sexually aggressive. He started writing his wife and subjected her to humiliating sexual abuse. In Nineteen, seventy six Susan left. Sam's taking the couple's two sons with her. Sam's begged her to take him back while also threatening if I caught. Have you nobody else will? On one occasion, one of same's employees told Susan that Sam. Said offered him money to kill her. Sam said also bragged to the employees that hey new had to carry out the perfect to kidnapping. Samson Susan divorced in Nineteen Seventy, seven and that same year Sam stole a car, resulting in his first recorded criminal offense and to nine months in prison. While serving his sentence Sam's begin experiencing significant pain in his right knee. He was dog nosed with cancer, and to prevent the disease from spreading his leg was amputated above the knee. Sam's was released stuff the serving six months. Three weeks later, he married a woman named Jane whom he met through a line. Lee Hautes personal side. However, Jane soon became unhappy in the relationship and ended the marriage in nineteen ninety one. The next year SAMs began work as a palatal repairman for blackened deca. In Birmingham, he met third wife Tina after she placed personal ad in a local newspaper, and he soon opened his own tool repair shop in the town of Peterborough Cambridge, CIA. Sam's often criticized Tena and pestered her for sex, which caused their marriage to deteriorate within a few years. He once threatened to Goto laid to find a sex worker saying he knew which areas they frequented. Despite being unhappy, the couple stayed together and eventually moved to the village of Sutton on Trent, which was approximately halfway between Leeds and Birmingham. Sam started his own business repairing power tools and had a shop in the nearby town of new ICK. Susan Oak had to do with her ex husband, and though her son still saw him occasionally. In mid February, Nineteen, ninety-two, Sam's the Dodd and Susan attended his funeral where she saw Sam's for the first time in four years. He appeared strange and divisive refusing to make eye contact or give Susan a lift to the cemetery in his Red Austin Metro. He's voice and peculiar behavior was still clear in Susan's mind several days later when she watched the Crime Watch episode, and she had no doubt that hey was responsible for the crimes. She immediately called the crimewatch hotline, but it was busy, so she reported her suspicions to the Julie Dot Incident Room in Leeds instead. One of her sons also called Crimewatch back. He's about this report. Among the hundreds of calls that were coming through the West Yorkshire. Police quickly prioritized Susan's information and two offices were dispatched to her home. But, who I am markle SAM's had officially Bain placed on the suspect list along with four other individuals. At Ten Forty Im Friday February. Twenty, one full high ranking officers were dispatched to Sam's residents in Sutton on Trent. He's wife. Tina answered the door and explained that her husband was at work. One of the detectives noticed an abundance of railway paraphernalia, hanging on the walls of the house, including photographs of trains and salvaged engine nameplates. Then it was also a moped, a German shepherd and a fish tank. These details were significant as a fish food container had been used to construct the incendiary device found in the Julie Dot case. Stephanie had also been Sharon, a German shepherd puppy walling captivity and police believed the kidnap may have driven a motorbike of some kind when picking up the ransom money. The offices told Tena. They would return at five pm, but then rushed to Sam shop ice malls away in Newark hoping that Tena Wooden alert him to their visited. They pulled up at the address where a hand stenciled saw and read tain dem tools. Samsa Red Austin Metro was parked outside and a railway law and ran nearby which could account for the? That Stephanie heard during her time in captivity. In sawed tools were hanging on the wall and cash registers sat on the Canada. But nobody was there. A number of other phages aligned with Stephanie's recollections. There was an old rotary stall telephone, a mark per wave abell above the door and to radio playing that was chained to BBC. Say Radio to. One of the offices cold out. And Sam's emerged from behind a curtain stating. A pain expecting you. What is it you want? The offices explained that he was under arrest. fisa species of abduction and murder, relating to Julie Dot and Stephanie Slide. Sam's retorted. You've got the wrong man. You were making a big mistake. He was taken to the nearest police station and held for questioning. A young constable tasked with guarding Sam's to what he was in four. Seems replied. Suspicion of murder into action. Didn't you watch crime? Watch lost, naught. The constable said that he hadn't and asked. Whether seems was referring to the Stephanie a case. Seems responded. Yes, the evidence is in the workshop. I didn't do the murder. I don't know how they've linked the two. Stoddard the constable Sam's if he was responsible for Stephanie's abduction. He replied. Yeah. But I didn't do the other one. Sam's was taken to the station sergeant to repeat his admission. He stated. I've done that kidnapping of not done the murder. Promised Stephanie that she'd go. And she did. Following this confession Sam's was stripped, searched and to give a new clothes with these darn sent off the forensic testing. As he was moved throughout the station, he continued to provide further details to the young constable whenever the two were left alone. Sam's explained to that he was annoyed when the real estate agency sent a woman to the property at one, hundred, fifty, three to embry road, as he would have become less emotionally attached to a Mayo hostage. He also boasted about successfully hiding the fact that he had a prosthetic leg from Stephanie and data that he only carried out the kidnapping because he was bored and align -ly. Sam's first formal interview commenced to light that often. Hey repeated. He's confession and explained that he'd buried most of the ransom money after dropping Stephanie home. He said that he only asked for one hundred seventy five thousand pans, because it's same to lock realistic amount that would be manageable to carry. That's on. The interview ended. News had broken about the arrest. Sam's was transferred to a police station in Birmingham where angry crowds whiting out the front, a hill abuse as he was rushed inside. Main Wall. Forensic investigators had been inspecting Sam's workshop for evidence and found ten thousand pounds in cash. They discovered that the chamber kept Stephanie in was accustomed built Timbo box that had been placed inside a sideways plastic. whealy been? A number of human, his matching Stephanie's fanned while other dod strands of hair looked like that could belong to Julie Dot. Deluded bloodstain was found an old curtain, which someone appeared to have attempted to wash away with water. There wasn't enough blood to obtain a DNA profile, but the blood top was identified as the same as Julie's. Grand Norlin five is on the workshop floor also matched those vans on the shades used to wrap Julie's body. An inspection of Sam's computer revealed a disturbing would document reading in the stall of police statement. It explained that he had picked up a young sex worker named Julie from lades who said she worked at the Leeds? General Infirmary. She mentioned having a boyfriend whose name began with Deo, but she stopped herself before revealing. He's honing. The two had sex during which Sam's noticed that Julia had a number of bruises on her body. Afterwards she wrote the name Julie Day on a business card and told him. I will be around here. Some evenings I'll get dropped off about ten forty five and collected around eleven thirty. Seems claimed he'd returned to the area of few days light. But didn't say Julia again. Investigators also searched the to repair shopping. Cambridge Shah. That Sam said run several years earlier. There they found a number of unusual bricks that matched the one fanned during Julie. Dot Investigation. That break had been painted Watt and had an envelope attached with instructions and a forensic examination revealed that it had been made from blue colored clay. The bricks fanned. It seems fullness shop where of the same source and Carlo. Sam's wife Tina, told investigators that she and her husband had watched the latest episode of Krahn Watch together, and that seems commented that the suspect sketch looked like him ten years prior. Tena had a great and joked. You've got a metro and you live near a railway lawn. It's a good job. You've got eighteen leg. When Sam's mother was questioned Shea said that he entertainer had visited her on July. Twenty, one, nineteen, ninety one. This matched the date that Julie Dot. Killa had posted a to the police from Leeds Railway Station. Tina confirmed that she and her husband had stopped at the station during debt trip while other journey Sam, said made also aligned with deitz that other random letters had been sent. Sam's ex wife Susan Oak was shown some of these letters and confirmed that the spelling and grammatical errors matched those she'd seen before in Sam's riding. On Saturday February twenty two, the police continued, took formerly interview Sam's about Stephanie's kidnapping. When talking about Stephanie. He often started crying, saying that he couldn't bring himself to hurt her. Sam's adamantly denied having anything to do with the Julie Dots. Moda all being familiar with chapel towns read a lot district insisting he was incapable of hurting a woman. When the police pointed out that Julie's body was disposed of in a willy being, and the had made a similar threat to Stephanie SAMs dismissed. This says a coincidence. The dies interrogation concluded and police applaud for thirty six hour extension on Sam's detention said they could continue questioning him. Joe Alie. The following morning Sam's provided investigators with a lengthy written statement in which he claimed to have an accomplice in Stephanie's kidnapping. He said he paid the accomplice twenty thousand pants to drive him to the GLOSSOP railway station, which was the first thought that Stephanie's manager. Kevin Watts was directed to leaving. Sam's with a moped and other equipment. Off the. Sand had successfully obtained the ransom money. The accomplice picked him up and insisted that Stephanie be killed. Seems refused and a violent odd -ment broke up between the two men. The accomplice only relented when Sam's off to give him a majority of the money. Sam's claimed that it was his accomplice, who was responsible for blackmailing British Rio and for murdering. Julie Dodd. The accomplice had allegedly kept Julie Todd to a bed in chalet on the east coast of England and debate her with a hammer when she tried to escape from, he's sexual abuse. Sam's also claimed that he's accomplice had qe two SAM's workshop and had used these computer on multiple occasions. Sam's refused to name this individual out of fee. He might harm Stephanie in retaliation. Investigators did not believe that another individual was involved. Instead they were convinced. This seems way of explaining the evidence. That linked him to the other two cases. Dye obtained a writing sample from Sam's and had an expert. Compare it to the handwritten letters from Julie Dots case. The sample featured a number of notable similarities to the letters including fourteen identical spelling errors. The expert concluded that seems was the author of the letters. On Monday February, Twenty Four Marco Sam's was only charged with the kidnapping of Stephanie Slider as well as unlawfully holding her prison, a- and demanding one hundred seventy five thousand cans from her employer with menaces. Two days later, he was also charged with the murder of Julie Dodd and with demanding one hundred forty thousand cans with menaces from West Yorkshire Police. Sam's was remanded in custody pending trial during which she continued to undergo interviews with the police. During one interview, he suddenly confessed to another filed kidnapping tent. Sam's admitted that one week before Julie's disappearance. He made an appointment to view a house with Nottingham. Real Estate Agent Forty two year old Carol John's. He went on with a NAF and rope intending to a doctor. But his plans were foiled when a Bill Daw working on the house, next door started chatting to him while he waited Ficarra to arrive. Sam's ended up leaving before Carol got their. Investigators spoke with Carol giants. Who remembered that? Her client was a no show that day. One of her colleagues, Karen, Langdon recalled going to meet a client at that same Nottingham Property. Upon her arrival, she had been approached by a man carrying a clipboard who was wearing glasses similar to Michael Sam's. He walked away at the last moment and Karen noticed he walked with a slight limp. But Carol and Karen was shocked to learn. They had escaped to brush with a kidnapper. Karen was particularly shaken as she had resigned from her job after Stephanie. Slight is abduction out of fear of the risks involved. Michael Sam's eventually admitted to writing the ransom letters that claimed his accomplice had forced him to do side. As he maintained that this individual had the majority of the ransom money funding the cash became a priority for investigators as it would disprove Sam's claims about a second perpetrate off once and for all. To witnesses had reported that in July of Nineteen ninety-one. They remain with a walking stick on a disused railway track less than one mile from where Julie's body was found. Seems denied ever visiting the area except for one occasion when he visited a popular trainspotting destination named Stoke Summit. Police spoke with a retired colonel from the Special Air Service specialized in funding arms caches. Hey advised that the money would likely be buried in a remote location was closed to public access. Based on this voss and the witness citing police honed in on the stoke. Summit railway men located one point seven miles from where Julie's buddy had been dumped. On December to nineteen, ninety two just over ten months after Stephanie's kidnapping, they used grand probing radar to D in the area. Eight inches below the surface they vanda black tray wrapped in polythene, talked with a newspaper dated February six, Nineteen ninety-two. Inside their stacks of banknotes. Wins. Sam's heard about the discovery. Hey, told police. The postle was one of two. He'd prepared, but claimed that it must have been buried by his accomplices. To days later buried sixteen fade away from the first police recovered the second parcel of money. We'll LOP. They recovered all of the ransom money less twelve and a half, thousand pounds, which was never found. Michael Sam's trial commenced that the Nottingham Crown Court on June nine, nine, hundred, ninety three. He pleaded guilty to the charges relating to Stephanie Slide. But not guilty to Julie's abduction and murder, and not guilty to the attempted extortion of British Ryo. I've attuned a half days. The prosecutor delivered a dramatic opening speech day tally. What hey dubbed Michael Sam's campaign of crime? Julie, dot was known to be terrified of confined spaces and was described as someone who would have fought back against an attacker. The prosecution's theory was that Julie had luckily attempted to escape from the box Sam's Durian and San had dang killed her at a feed that she had seen too much. The prosecution believed that Stephanie had survived because she had played along with Sam's demands. When Stephanie took disdained to deliver her testimony, she kept her eyes to the ground while Sam's Song in the background. The defense cold. Michael Sam says their first witness. Hey maintained that he's accomplice had murdered Julie Dot and had forced Sam's to rot. The ransom lead his. As Stephanie's. Kidnapping Hey claimed he was financially motivated to commit the crime because he wanted to buy KNAUSS S for his wife in an attempt to mend their relationship. During Cross examination. Sam's refused to name Julie's Killa saying he would only do so at the conclusion of the trial after proving himself innocent. The prosecutor accused. Sam's of lying stating quite. You cannot bring yourself to admit that you killed Julie Dot and like a little child. You have invented this friend. The trial ran for four weeks and on July. The jury retired to consider verdict. They deliberated for three and a half hours before declaring Michael Sam's guilty of Oh charges including Julie's murder and the British. Rail extortion attempt. Though seated in the public gallery applauded and cheered while Stephanie slider cried and mouthed. Thank you to the jury. Julie's Martha Lynn Dodd cried out you Boston. Before bursting into tease. Sam's showed no emotion as the judge addressed him directly, saying quote. You are an extremely dangerous into evil man. The jury has convicted you up the murder of Julie Dodd. That was murdered in cold blood at kidnap gone wrong because she saw more than she should. Undeterred by the horror of what you had done. He tried to turn her death to your advantage. When Stephanie slider was kidnapped. not the slightest doubt that she was in desperate and mortal danger. The ordeal that you inflicted on her is something that the rest of us can only imagine? Her survival in my judgment is entirely jude to her Ryan remarkable moral courage. That he's crimes against. Julian Stephanie, the Judge Sentenced Sam's to four lifetime's. He also received concurrent ten year sentences for age of the blackmail attempts and the attempted extortion of British Ryo. When Stephanie was lighter Ross Tau. She felt she remarked. He shouldn't have done it shoot he if he was going to cry like that off the what he is done. I can show him tease. Can show him. Lots of teas stronger upsetting natural teas. Outside Court Lynn Dr told reporters quote. On know we will never have Julie Back I say know that justice has been done at last, and to that based SAMs, and that's years has got what he justly deserves. Sam's was sent to serve. He sentence at full Sutton prison in Yoga. Four days off. He's conviction. He requested to speak with West Yorkshire Detective Superintendant Bob Tyler who had been in charge of the Julie Dogging Quarry. Sam's told the detective that he had seen a photo of Julie DOTS headstone on television and to noticed that it didn't have an exact date for her death. Consequently, he had decided to come clean as he wanted Julie's mother to know when her daughter had died. Sam's confessed that he had Louisville Julian to his car at eleven thirty PM on Tuesday July nine, nineteen, ninety, one under the guise of harboring for sex work. When she leaned forward in the passage sate to remove her shoes. He placed a noose around her neck and drove her to his workshop. Then he stripped her clothes, tied her to a chair and forced her to ride a ransom letter to her boyfriend. Sam's thanked him. Fond Julie in the box in saw the wheel been like he did with Stephanie. The next day, Julie managed to smash. Show Wyatt but SAM, said set up a trigger mechanism that sent him a phone call to alert him to any escape attempts. Shortly before six PM, the trigger went off and seems Rice Dover to the workshop. Using a hammer, he not to Julie unconscious before strangling her to death. Although. She was no longer alive seems per sated with these extortion attempts, but continuing to send ransom letters to the police. Off The SAM's confession detective superintendant Tyler met with the Julie Dodds Valley to shed this new information. Lynn Dot was finally able to update her daughter's head. Stein with the Julie's exact date of death. She told Yorkshire Television Quite Sam says known for two years that he did it. He knew all through the trial that he was guilty. So why does he now saw to come out and say it? Hey just walked in twisted. He's twisting. And rubbing salt in the wound as well. It is just another game in his book. One month later. Portions of Leda that Sam's had written to his now estranged wife Tina were published in newspapers throughout Britain. Unit Sam's revealed that he had always intended to release Stephanie, and had always plan on killing Julie based on this information. Investigators theorize that Sam's has likely abducted and killed Julie a trial run that he subsequent abductions gain. From the moment. Stephanie slide was abducted. Comparisons made to the nineteen ninety-six disappearance of Suzy Lamp Lou, which was covered in episode, Forty, eight of case file. Suzy was a twenty five year old British styled agent who vanished often going to show a half to a client name to miss the Kipah and turn. The case says never been solved. Stephanie had been well aware of Suzy's disappearance and does a real estate agent herself. She had initially started carrying a personal alarm when she was at showing houses. However by the time of her own abduction, in Nineteen ninety-two, the memory of Suzy's tragedy had faded and Stephanie, no longer carried the ALLOM. During her taunt being held hostage. Sam's had assured Stephanie that he had nothing to do with Suzy's disappearance. But after he's arrest, the media speculated that hey may be responsible. Police dismissed. This theory, stating that Sam's wasn't a likely culprit, but had likely been inspired by the case. In Nineteen, Ninety four, SAM's allegedly sent a lead off from prison confessing, too suzy's abduction, but it was dismissed by Pele says seek hoax. The following year chrome Rod Christopher Berry. Day published a book. Todd unmasking Mr Kipah. Who Really Killed Suzy Lamp Lou? which argued that Sam's was responsible for the crime. The lamp family would never consulted about the book and we're unhappy about its publication. Suzy's mother Diana publicly stated her belief that Berry Day was using her daughter's disappearance to sell his book, which was far more focused on Michael Sam's then on Susie. Stephanie slide off found it difficult to return to normal life. After her abduction, she was unable to return to her job struggled to socialize with friends and ended her relationship with her boyfriend. As a result of being kept in the wooden box, she suffered from chronic back pain as well as anxiety. And, panic, attacks. People recognized her. When, so she altered her appearance and temporarily changed her name in an attempt to create a new identity. Stephanie also struggled with the fact that she had survived while Julie. Dot hadn't been Silaaki. She meant Julie's mother and grandparents and went with Lynn Dot to place flowers on Julie's grave. In an attempt to find closure, Stephanie decided to go back to the workshop where she'd been held. And degrade that television network Central Television could film the visit. Seeing the workshop on blindfolded for the first time, she was surprised by how smaller was and how close it was to a main road. Does she found the experience on no ving had didn't provide the resolution. Stephanie was looking for. In native a fresh start in October nineteen ninety. She decided to relocate to the all of what with her best friend Stacy Cavanaugh. Stephanie had spent many happy some as there as a child, and described it as her own personal heaven on earth. The following year she began working as a pot Tom to a god at a historic castle. This help to give her law focus and encouraged her to speak to strange's again. Stephanie developed a close Knit Circle of friends and attributed her recovery to the support of her loved ones. Stephanie decided to write a book about her ordeal in the hubs. Her story might help this. Todd beyond fee Ma will to survive. The book revealed that Stephanie had in fact. Obtain Right to by Michael Sam's during her first nod as a hostage. She had originally withheld the information as she was terrified that the truth would devastate her mother who had health problems and had suffered a heart attack following Stephanie's kidnapping. On the not Stephanie had been released from captivity, her mother had begged her to say that the kid Napa hadn't touched her. And Stephanie decided not to raise the issue. In, the months and years that followed the only person she told about the ripe was her friend Stacy. While Stephanie was in the process of writing a book. It was reported that Michael Sam's also intended to write a book claiming that he and Stephanie were in love and had a consensual affair. Stephanie was incensed by the claims lightest fighting quite. At felt as if all was being right Dole over again. Always, taking antidepressants and drinking heavily to try to stop the flashbacks, not mass. Always drinking two bottles of one, and not in the hope of sinking into some kind of oblivion. Stephanie's Co Rawda. Convinced her not to let Sam's bully her and she persevered with telling the truth in her book. She later said that this decision was quite. The best thing I ever did I just wish dot of done it earlier. When the ripe became public knowledge following the book's publication in Nineteen ninety-five Michael Sam's threatened to sue Stephanie Fallible but was prevented from doing so by the Prison Service. On October. Twenty four, nineteen, Ninety five probation officer Julia flack was in her office when Michael Sam scented without warning armed with shop and Metal Rod. He'd stolen from a prison workshop. Julius screamed for help and pressed an alarm button, but seems through lunch. Try it her and proceeded to Headbutt her. Another prison hood the attack and came to Julie's rescue. He managed to other POW Assam's of Boll. Prison offices arrived seconds light off. Jude, to these quick intervention Julia only required Mona medical treatment. Sam's was transferred to the prison's segregation unit and charged with false imprisonment and attempted murder. In February nineteen ninety-seven, he altered to defend himself trial. Sam said he had committed the attack because he was angry that the prison service had prevented him from Suing Stephanie. He had also wanted to sell some paintings charity that days had been confiscated. He claimed to have vented Julia Flax Office to stage a peaceful demonstration and had planned to hold her hostage until police were code at which point he intended to take his own life. Jury Band Banned Sam's guilty of false imprisonment, but not guilty of attempted murder, and he was sentenced to a the eight years. He's now among the oldest tend to longest serving life sentence prisoners in England and Wales. Over the years Stephanie slider continued to use her traumatic ordeal to help others. She helped various police. Departments improve their interactions with kidnap victims and provided support to other survivors of crime. In two thousand eleven, she said quite. The full, and this happened I had a boyfriend, a job and a company car I had loads of friends and a great social life. But seems took everything and destroyed the next twenty years of my life. But now I am ready to begin again. Most people begin their lives in their twenties and thirties, but does years of my life were destroyed. In a two thousand twelve interview with the journalist Kate Wilkinson Stephanie said. I ran away from my name Steph, for a long time, because of everything was attached to. But, the thing was didn't realize when all was running. Sir bossed that I've actually come back into contact with her again. This time around on proud of what she's done and on proud of what she survived. and Dov embraced it again. I'm not going to run away from Stephanie slider any more because and her again and it's May. So Nail, take on board. What happened to May by us? It and hopefully held. Through it. Stephanie continue to living on the isle of what West she and her best friend. Stacy might plans this. Start a ghost to a business using a restored nineteen sixty six camper van. However in August two thousand, Seventeen Stephanie was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of fifty. And died just eleven days later. The funeral was held at the all of white crematorium on September fourteen. Mourners traveled in her vintage. Camper van while her coffin was carried in a second Silva Kampe. Stephanie's friend Stacy Kevin Na said. We have had a unique and epic friendship at twenty five years, and shed so much together good and bad times. On, no, that she truly never got over the events that shaped her life so dramatically in January, nineteen, ninety two. It's been an honor and a privilege to base Stephanie's best friend. The West Midlands Police also pay tribute to Stephanie in a statement that read. To Stephanie's courage and bravery over the years, and for the work she did in helping police officers and victims by sharing her experience. Journalist Kate Wilkinson who worked with Stephanie on a documentary in the nineteen nineties said. There's no doubt her reference helped to pave the way but better support for victims. She also helped raise awareness of the possible dangers faced by estate agents meeting clients alone. For her bravery and campaigning work many people low Stephanie a great debt of gratitude.

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