Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - April 9th 2021


Welcome to the weekend stakes preview on the horse racing radio network presented by naira vets. Top concert tour is the leader. He's a quarter mile from rev old victory and he leads by length from caddo river in second to the outside keeping in mind then get her number final furlong. Concert tour is now four length in front and concert. Tour is running them off their fate in the rebel concert. Tour five lengths in front your mike. It second eight rebels for baffert concert tour. Wow how big run four and a half hosur second big lake third. Maybe superstock for four. Now here's anthony. Stabile and bobby newman. Good evening everyone. Welcome to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bats here on the horse racing radio network on the big a anthony stabile in new york. Bobby new down. South florida producivity. Though peanut back in our lexington kentucky studios ten stakes for you. This saturday akwa kieland oaklawn. Last two stops on the kentucky derby trail last couple of cancer. Get some points in the lexington at keeneland and the arkansas derby down at oaklawn park. What's happening bob looking forward to another big weekend the final weekend if you will as far as preps go for the kentucky derby the final qualifiers this weekend with the arkansas gerber at oaklawn lexington at keeneland. And then we'll know who the top twenty qualifiers are and it's just a matter of if they're all headed to the starting gate on the first saturday in may yeah this is it last. Couple of preps twenty points to the winner in the hundred to the winner of the arkansas derby. Go time final points. Preparations play all over at nyra. Bets dot com head on over to open an account. Hris hundreds of promo code beck two hundred. Get two hundred last week for the derby. Bankroll bill fifty dollars to win. Or more on your selection and the arkansas derby on the narrow app and if your horse Win or lose you get twenty bucks back at the vets dot com for more details. Cross hundred five america's day at the racists friday saturday and sunday check your local listings for timely during on fox. Sports to this weekend. Also please keep in mind. We're recording this show. Thursday bobby traveling fridays on vacation next week. The most the next week so he'll be back for the weekend stakes next week. But we're recording the show on thursday so whether some changes we're not going to give you a blurs news update will tell you what you can read over there. Though but in any event we have ten stakes at the end of the show. The last segments the arkansas derby. And we're gonna talk about the three year old picture because after tomorrow night and that race goes late every goes it at like seven thirty or so eastern time will we'll know we'll have the at least the top twenty points getters and whose figures to be way are come the best. You're listening to this. It's three weeks in a wake up to kentucky derby day pretty amazing all right. Let's get things started off an aqueduct. Top-flight invitational is at a mile and an eight hundred thousand on the line. So once around the main track of the big day features a field of six Some interesting runners in here namely mrs danvers. Who won the commonly. As a three year. Old at this furlong distance aqueduct to starts back tried older stakes phillies for the first time to no avail when she do on the lead of the royal delta last time at gulfstream kendrick bruce rights and her allergist currents are all just one. The bell dame was third tomato. My girl in the tryon last summer mott's only had it for four starts at a fantastic winter and at gulfstream park. He's kicked off this new meet ecuador three or six junior. Our rights are just from post five. I'll tell you what anthony for a short field of only six fantastic race. I five of the six runners. I think have a legitimate shot in here. We didn't mention clean the kea. She's the one who won the royal delta where mrs danvers was favored queen nikita was almost thirty two one that day and came running by mrs danvers. And everyone else to get the win. Lucky stride has riding a to raise win streak into this today. She has only tried graded stakes competition in this country once and it was back in august last year in the shoe and she really didn't run that bad behind the true ska and royal flag. She was only beaten three and a half lengths and even on the outside thankful looks like she's kind of an up and comer. I think all things equal that geraldo gist is the most talented runner in the field. Right now. her good races. I think are better than anyone else in. This race can run. She's not the most consistent mayor in the world She's kind of an innovator and outer you never know when she's going to throw in a you know a kind of a clunker or half a clunker in there and some of the times. It's been where she's just been overmatched. She didn't expect to get the win or at least most people didn't expect to get the win. In the breeders cup distaff we last saw on november seventh at keelan but she. She ran a poor race. He was beaten ten lengths. That day finishing ninth in the field of ten maybe. She was just tired from a longer campaign her good races though including the bell dame win against a short field last year. The molly pitcher win our better than this field can handle. No monoploy girls in here. I think she'll roll by the pace of mrs danvers. And she'll get the win tomorrow in the top flight all right. I went to our oldest shocker. For me i'm just a fan Bills the such a great job with her and is force. I mean you know. I'm not gonna hold the breeders cup against her other three races racist really good Queen mcqueen the kea was the beneficiary of the being the other saffy joseph last time The phillies that dueled with mrs danvers. Also trained by saffy kind of rent her into the ground and the key just came rolling violated a huge price keep in mind some of these phillies have runoff lasix. Some of them haven't Just hasn't which is. I have a little trepidation. Almost people think i'm a A worry wart with. But i do i have a little trepidation. But i do like her. Allergist i think queen the kea Who saffy. Joseph came in here last saturday one. The bayshore were drain. o'clock one. The carter with mischievous alex who one hundred and nine beyer speed figure and one of the clamor that day so he's going to have a string of horses at belmont park. He's a perfect roof for three. So far ecuador's we'll see queen a key. Does she of it. I would want So five to me harassed over clean kia race number five goes as the flight invitational later on on this. Saturday card is the dangers. Our goes race eight a flat mile on the inner turf. Course here Another interesting bunch of wars is decorated invader makes his first start since The hollywood derby. I start against older horses. Christoph gaumont junior alvarado team up analyze it horn graded stakes winner. Comes up for chad brown. Six year old son of point of entry. Jose ortiz will ride. Chattels has delaware and here Figures to be a battle between those two price talk comes in for him. Horia ray you But i would imagine those. Two decorated invader analyze it. Take the money in here boy partner. I i'm guessing you have a tough time with this race. And when you've got a stake race where you got clermont trainy a bill. Ma tre chad brown trainees. And and one of the chad brown trainees delaware's a horse. That for some reason you've decided to adopt as your own. And he may not be as good as his entry in his stablemate near. You must really be scratching your head in this point. I think it's a real tough race to any cap. I picked analyze it on top. He's run well off the bench in the past boy. He's got a lot of gaps in his racist for horse. That is situated. He's only ten starts and his maiden races on the page from october of twenty seventeen so obviously they've had issues keeping this horse race sound when he gets to the races though he usually runs very very well now last time we saw disappointed against either and raging bull in the shadwell turf mile. We haven't seen him since and that was october of last year but he fires well fresh. I think he's going to be able to sit. Just off the pace of rinaldi who does have a chance down along the inside. The other horse that i would use with him would be penalty. The bill maher training. I know junior alvarado takes off to stick with decorated invader and that makes sense. He's ridden decorated invader in the past and decorated invader. has a much better resume than penalty but penalty really lost all chance at winning his last start right at the beginning when he had a lot of traffic trouble clipped heels and would just way too far back. There was nothing that can be done. He's got races that. Make him a contender so i use him. He'll probably be a little bit of an over an underlay rather an overlay. Just because he's got kind of hidden form but analyze it on top for me. I trust and chad brown off the lay often. I trust and analyze it to run a good race more often than not as do i. I don't think there's a is there a delaware property on on mobley. I don't think there is right trying to. I'm trying to remember the top of my head. I can't remember the delaware but boy like you said i've kind of adopted was my own i. I don't know i'm kinda done though. I've seen enough. I mean he's over six in this country. I don't know what it takes for you to to. that's it. that's an unindicted tap out the tap out in a ufc right. I tap out Yeah i just. I decorated invader kind of has the look of a horse who they caught up to last year. I was a fan of his kinda feel like they caught up to the other way. You can look at it is was he just better at this distance. Was it the distance that started getting him. I think you could argue both points. I don't know what to do with him tomorrow. I don't know what to do with him tomorrow. i know i don't like it has a little more positional speed than he does. Unless it's going to be short or too. I mean you know we say positional speed. I would imagine all these other leading analyze it's just gonna sit there analyze it You know take the short price chats had great numbers coming back up here with her forces analyze it for me race. Number on saturday goes as the dangers. Our let's get into the keeneland action. Rusted away it's four from keeneland four from oaklawn park. The ben ali goes as ray seven. It's a great three mile an eighth just to feel the five night ops even money brad cox javier alpha post three sober dust. Five to two bret calhoun the biscuit. Abbas schizo. I don't know who else going to bet. I would imagine these horses a very very short and everybody else's at these price. I actually think it's a pretty wide open race night. Ops may be the most trustworthy runner of the field. Because even when he doesn't win he usually runs very very well. I wouldn't take even money on him in this field. I don't think he lays over this field. I'm a little intrigued with number one. Bloom air for rudy broussais and lewis is by the way. I'm i'm on a big louis. Sayas train it seems like keeneland. So if louis sayas has a good week that's going to be pretty good for me I don't think luminaries any better. Maybe some of the other ones in this field but he may be in front of the other ones in this field. There's just not a lot of speed night ops is more of a stalker mid pack horse. Same can be said with sprawl silver. Dust has gotten to the lead when they go very very slowly. Same with treasure trove. Maybe baalu luminary just gets out from the rail and goes and if that happens. I think he could be tough to catch okay. So you're looking at a little different angle. I i had a heck of a time with this heat. I mean bowling. They're coming off the all weather treasure trove coming out of a mile and a half night ops of the race but has he really done a lot of running behind silver. State this winter. And that's a comment. You don't see often no match up to. He hasn't back-to-back back. Start on the short comment. No match up to a minute. That is just as ugly as a comment as i've ever seen But like. I said you want silver dust. Who hasn't won in over a year. I don't blame you for trying. Upset the favorites. I'm very very very very reluctantly. Pick night ops here. Because i don't have faith in any of them and if i'm not going to have faith in any of them i might as well keep the take the one that i think has been keeping the company so i took night ops. Believe me Is even money. I don't want to put anybody in this race but night ops to pick from me ray. Seven causes the great three bentley. We'll take i break. We'll come back and wrap the keeneland coverage for saturday at keeneland. You're listening to weei. 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She is going to win our usa. Few struggling in the sound points day of summer was second and drop a hint. Finish honorably al on the call at a sand pointing. It was all comma here. We'll see how she does down in the jenny wiley at keeneland on saturday. Welcome back to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by naira bet here on the horse racing radio network. The big a. Bobby newman taking you through a fantastic friday night. Don't forget we're recording. This show on thursday. So can't be responsible for any weather or the such normally we talk about the boar's news update now but giving you news thirty hours in advance and seem to make any sense. So we'll just tell you that you can sign up for the blowers daily voters daily. Brings you the latest racing breeding. Sales industry news analysis entries results race. Replay videos and warn. 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Four brendan was in the breeders cup turf sprint. Against a boy she's back with the ladies l. z's gotten a better over down at the fairgrounds Two of the three times they've met this winter l. z's back in here as well but intimate sixty two to one favorite from the rail with near and i pick into mystic in this race for one real to real reasons. One is the fact that she can close. And there's a lot of speed in this race when l. beaten gotten lead pretty easily go wire-to-wire. I'm not sure that's going to happen. Characters fast ooh barracuda and jakarta are both very fast. If they wanna be they could pressure l z and actually presser from the outside. The other reason. I like intimacy. Is that unless i'm reading this wrong. This is the first time that i read ortiz. Junior will be aboard and in my mind on in a race. Where positioning on the turf is going to be key for intimacy. There just is nobody better right now than i ortiz. I expect him to have her in the right spot and find the right spot trying to pass these speed mar phillies and mirrors in front of him. I think it's gonna go on and get the win in the giant's causeway yeah. I don't think you said anything wrong. They are Carrick wesley ward. Who always has a great team in meat. He's having a very good meet again. This philly has run sporadically on the turf of i who turf races in this country. With victories she tried the matron. She tried to stewart manor. A couple to six. We haven't seen a lot of carrick in fact since november tenth of twenty nine thousand nine. We've only seen her twice. She galloped in a race on valentine's day last year at turf talk on the all weather than they ran an off the turf race in the summer of churchill downs where she show speed and tired main track looks beer achilles heel. She seems to be fine on turf. So i'm going to give her one more chance. Intimate six top pick. I would not be surprised to see character run. Well you mentioned a good deal of speed in here. Whenever jakarta shows up l. z's here man z. I if one of the to scratch. I think you gotta use the other. But they're both in here man. They almost have to hit up front. So the close of the ads. Like bobby does into mystic character for me. One seven in race eight the giant's causeway race number nine. Here's the lexington stonestreet lexington grade three twenty derby points to the winner. Twenty eight four two mile and a sixteenth as far as a derby goes. There's only two horses that really would be able to move forward dad Who got twenty points via his third place finish in the jeff ruby stakes. Just two weeks ago he gets married gutierrez to fly in for his man doug o'neil he would need to win to have forty and get him into starting eight twenty eight would put him on the bubble and it's not really a bubble you'd wanna get in if he ran second and proxy proxies kind of already in trainer mike's them and godolphin of said look. Let's see what he does on saturday. The beauty of keeneland moving the race back three weeks as opposed to the old two weeks is it gives you a little bit of an option to not go. Bang your head against the horse's like concert tour and caddo river and hosur and what is normally a bigger field in the arkansas derby. Grab these twenty points grabbed the eight points. Even if he runs second. I think bobby you need to see obviously a win from hockey. Dad put a dazzling performance from proxy to get either one of them into the derby. I would not be surprised. Though if this race is being used as a preakness prep for some. I think everything you said is true and boy. What a long strange trip hockey. Dad has taken us. Far he went from debut in sprinting on the dirt at santa anita against cowbridge to sprinting. On the turf ended up routing on the turf he routed on the synthetic surface and now for the first time he'll be routing on conventional dirt and he's run well in just about all his starts. I personally don't think he's run well enough to win. This race is going to have to run better But he's obviously a very versatile horse. There's no doubt about it. That proxy has the best resume coming in. He's been running in the best races. He's been running pretty well against the best competition and he. He looks like he's logical in this spot. I don't think he's overwhelmingly better than this field though. And he's probably going to be four to five. I think there are horses. That are trying stakes competition for the first time in stretching out for the first time. That are both interesting and those would be inside. Two runners number one noble reflection number two swift shore. Both of them coming off sprint victories. At oaklawn in their most recent starts swisher is actually gotten a maiden win and an allowance to his credit. Noble reflection coming off an impressive wire-to-wire maiden win last time out. I'm gonna try noble reflection. He's fifteen two one on the morning line. he's by liam's map out of tis now air. It sounds to me like he's bread to be better going long than short and he was real good last time going short. I think he might just get out and go with. How are castellano from the inside post. I don't know if he's going to be able to take them all the way. I don't know if anyone is going to be pressing him. There are some other horses in here who can show some speed. But i think noble reflection with that inside post is just gonna go and if they let him go he's gonna take him along at fifteen two one. I would give him a shot. Yeah i want the asmussen horse right next door. The to swift shore first time rhetoric keys source won both of his sprint. Samedan win fairgrounds on allowance win at oaklawn park. We haven't seen now for ten weeks son of uncle mo out of a spy town there mile and a half a mile half mile and a sixteenth shouldn't be an issue. I would imagine noble reflections going to go from the inside and era just going to try and follow him and save some ground. The it's my house has some speed. Bezos has some speed other than that. It looks like the two inside. Horses should have the run of the race. Look see if noble reflection can repeat that performance. he's a big price. I don't think he'll be that big. I don't think it'll be fifteen two one those they'll be a big price. I don't think basil's will be eight to one either. Basil be four to one. I mean everybody loves the source. I thought the interesting course roxie can win. I will be interesting horse in this race. Was king fury. This is the worst mcpeek has made sure to run. Long just ran a mile and a sixteenth five times as a two year old and keep in mind that was from derby week. September third through november twenty eighth. So think about that five races at a mile and sixteen in the span of less than three months he. He broke his maiden and one the st sense. He was the borders of the three races. They were against essential quality and the brewers for charity where he was only seven one. He finished seventh in the breeders cup. Juvenile behind the central quality did not have the greatest trip he only got eleven lengths and last time the blinky them up he made a very early. Move to the lead from a wide draw. Got tiredly now. The blinkers off. We haven't seen them in a while. She's training okay. Blair's office a nice move for coming with peaks. Born i kink fury's really interesting. I picked the number two swiftsure to win it. But i think king fury is going to run a big one in fact over vegas insider. I'm making a little bit of a triple in here. The plan playing his two seven nine seven nine all and i'm hoping to get a two nine hundred nine to home. I think it's an interesting race. We'll see what happens. As far as derby and the preakness and the belmont stakes go triple. Crown implications will save this lexin. Greet three twenty three points on the line. Well as two hundred thousand it goes race nine tomorrow. At keeneland we'll wrap up to keeneland action with the coolmore guinea wiley grade. One three hundred thousand mile and a sixteenth field of just six. But i'll tell you what the inside forerunners. I had a hard time making a case. For maximum rate the five to six those inside. Four runners michelin tama. Here juliet foxtrot twat all have licensed to win this. Pull more jenny. While i'm gonna take it even further than that buddy. I think all six have a chance in here and i'm going to pick number five maximum rate on top the thing i don't like about maximum rate which i don't like about most from this field is that there's just not a lot of speed in here and juliet fox trot might find herself on the lead by herself but for some reason. I don't know if it's just bring meat. Compared to the fall meet at keeneland the speed has been not so great on the turf. This meet at kaylynn and we've seen runners who've gotten leads going fairly easily still get overhauled and not overhauled. Barely overhauled easily In on this turf. So i think it's going to play fine for these phillies and mayors coming from off the pace maximum rate to starts back in the grade. Two gold cova at santa anita was awesome. She was two to one that day and she sat a trip three and a half lengths off the pace and blitz by him. Down the lane to win going away covered the mile and a swift one. Thirty three and four then. She tried tough field in the matriarch that included juliet foxtrot and moreover included via dera. And she didn't get the job done but she was eight to one that day. She was only beaten to lights. It wasn't like she ran a poor race. She's been off for a while now. Return for simon callaghan. Who's had her in training Since at least mid january she shows eleven works since returning to the work tab. So i think she's going to be fit and ready to go. She gets her regular rider and umberto risk and to me. Maximum rates race in the gold. Cova is good enough to beat this field and she's tend to one. I'm gonna try a little. Bit of a shocker. In the jenny wiley well that would be. That'd be a little bit of a little bit. More of a shocker than anything else I think it'll be a big shock to be honest with you I don't know. I think i tama here. Made a lot of sense. I race in the. Us was really good I know it wasn't going straight three year old. And then they sent their out west as she ran into via darren blowout and juliette fox. Rotten and truth be told. I don't want to forty five and some change but going a mile really fast out in california and she gets a better setup here because she'll be this race figures to on fold more to her liking. I think the sixteenth of a mile is going to play nicely into her hands It's a ride. You mentioned you don't really want speed. She has the right kind of style. i dunno. I thought i know you can make a case for the other shoes. And i'll tell you what i i don't know if michelle leans and just not the most talented much one one out of the bunch. She's got a goodrich second hobbies little on island in eighth in the qa to challenge cup last year. She wanted knowing long she got the job done in the hillsborough on amount of neath her biggest might be the mount of sixteen might not be enough ground. So i'm gonna take time here feeling that it's horror michelin yeah. Julia foxtrot has racist toiling. Probably it's probably need some more ground. So i'm gonna go with a little to one here. Tammy here over michelin. i'll use both in the pit foreign. Pick five come back a little stronger with tammy year ten goes to coolmore more jenny. Wiley humans all routes when we come back. it's all oaklawn. We got three stakes coming up in this segment including the rematch between whitmore and ceesay rocket in that count fleet strength. You're listening to the weekend. Screw view presented by naira. Bats here on hr in that and watch the races worldwide. From the palm of your hand with nyra bets. Sign up for nyra bets today. Take advantage of premier perks with the best live racing. Mincer replays in hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every. Bet sign up for nyra bets today with the promo code. Hr in two hundred and iron deposit match bonus show hundred dollars again. That's hr in two hundred with nirex. Bet you can bet any track anywhere. 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The trainers listen to trainer talk presented by stacey tipton only on n el dorado and i listened to hr and this is the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets sees. The rocket is in fourth diamond hoops and lasting legacy move as a team to the center of the track echo talent and manny wa instant traffic looking toward the inside. She asked her friends. Police here comes. Empire gold on the outside of that one eco town. An awkward moved there ceesay rocket his moving on the upside. Here's whitmore here's went more. Here's whitmore here's four striding forward for the lead in the final readers. Props breads in the career of this seven year old with four a-rod ortiz. Junior pep won the breeders cup sprint in one minute. Eight point six. One second. Own kurt becker on the call of the breeders cups rent whitmore getting the job done a fantastic stories such a cool horse. A horse that Man everybody just seems to love it. All went more getting it done last year in the fall up at keeneland he'll head down to his winter. Base his favor track arguably for this count fleet sprint though. How many in a row and how many sources one in his career welcome back to the weekend stakes created presented by bets here on h. r. n. Oaklawn park the site of the derby bankroll builder this weekend. Final one of the year had over two naira bets dot com open a new account. Hr to hundreds to promo code that you hundred gets you hundred. You can play that derby bankroll builder. All you have to do is but fifty dollars or more to win on the app. Your horse you think's gonna win in arkansas derby tomorrow and we look at twenty bucks back in time for the derby that money gets the positive positive thursday april twenty nine has an ira bets. Dot com for more details. Cross-country pick five tomorrow america's day at the races as well take a listen Take a look over at narrow. Bets dot com all right. The carousel kicks off the stakes. Action oaklawn six furlongs race number six four the phillies and masters field of six francs. Rocket comes in off a win. The american beauty back in january over the course seventy five favorite bill for floor drew in fact. Is the only horse bills. Run at oaklawn. This meat edge. Way was a big winner of an allowance race out of santa anita in february for john sadler and joel rosario and casual has duked it out all fall and winter churchill remington oaklawn second to kamari in the spring fever last time for asmussen and santana again Three outside one is for you to take a bulk of the money. In the carousel quarter million dollar purse and an ungraded stake. I would think that that would have to change starting in twenty twenty two especially if one of those outside three gets the job done. I think franks rocket is the philly to beat in this spot Belmont flora giroux. Except when she runs against boys she's pretty tough to beat in fact she's been first or second. All eleven starts when running against the ladies her our loan poor effort if you will was trying the boys in the breeder's cup sprint. Against the girl. She's won five races in a row. She can go to the front she can stop the pace And as long as she doesn't get into some sort of a dual maybe with the philly just to or outside edge way I think franks rocket is going to be very very tough. I have all the respect the world for both edge and casual. Because i really don't think they're far behind francs rocket but it's tough to fault. Franks rocket when she just does nothing but good things in the right spots. Yeah can't disagree. I want to try and get edgy. Out of the number. That is ray swallow. It was good it was you know she was supposed to do last time. I want a four six years. He can burn off a little energy chasing after franks rocket and casual. Come pick up the pieces for second. So i'm going to try a four six in here. Franks rocket over casual six. Goes as the carousel good and races on the car tomorrow at oaklawn as well race. Eight is the oakland raiders. Nine rather is the oaklawn mile. Four hundred thousand online short stretch of the mile run for the older horses field of nine. The return of by my standards on last seen. He was running off the board in both british classic. And then the clark. He returned from where calhoun gave sayas pioneer spirit. First off the clean for mike maker rucci returns to oakland having money allowance here last winter wells by youth third in louisiana usual cast here in. I think it's between by my standards. Rushy in this spot and i both think they're going to get the right trip. There is plenty of speed in this one mile. Farewells by you. We know that he tries for the lead blackberry. Wine is a horse who needs to be on the lead or pressing the pace. Pioneer spirits never far out at home base. i. I don't see how homebase could contend unless he's basically right up there on the lead with this tough cast of characters so it's for russia and by my standards. I think both going to get some pace to run out. I think they both have a big chance in here. I think by my standard is the better horse and you know. He just didn't. He did not run well in the breeders cup classic and i just i don't know if it was the result of the end of a long campaign or the the comp was too tough i mean let's face it he's facing authentic and improbable and maximum security and global campaign and his the law and he just didn't run very well and then he came back twenty days later in the clark in that move that i absolutely despise these breeders cup runners almost as an afterthought comeback. Well we can just come back. There's another race before the year's over and they were all cranked up for the breeders cup and now they're not all cranked up for the next race and he ran poorly once again because he should never be losing to a horse. Like bodey express. I think the clark is is a toss outrace on paper breeders cup classic just in run. Well he's been freshened up. He looks like he's working. Faster as return bret. Calhoun very capable of getting them ready off layoffs and i just think by my standards is going to get the trip and gonna go by. I love how. I don't know if i know anyone has passionate about anything as you are with the the breeders cup you hate you just hate it. You cannot stand that run in the breeders that run back afterwards. I for the most part for the most part. I'm with you It's not it's just within that same right next month month and a half because it just doesn't seem like i mean they're definitely not using the breeders cup as a prep for that race at the end of the year and imagine they'd be anymore cranked up and fit for that other race than they were for the breeders cup and they're almost always favored and if they lose. They're losing more than half of the time which they are. You know some of them get the job done but there are so many of them that lose short prices it just. It's mind boggling. I've gotta tell you. I absolutely i i mean i absolutely positively a love. Love love a horse in the oakland mile. And i mean you probably know who it is. Because i don't use that word often anymore. You love russia. I love russia in here. I mean you wanna talk about a horse that wants the mile and the to turn mile race at oaklawn last year in the mound six keefe he was probably stretched at the mar on sixteen mile and an eighth races aren't bad but he really doesn't wanna go that far. You look at the mile race that he breaks his maiden it then he runs behind charlotte then he wins. Sixteen all right. Forget the two mile races but even the mile an eighth when russia's three eight horses that have won the races that he hasn't running thousand words graded stakes winner shaalan grade rated stakes winner raid one winner. Honorary p grade one winner art collector great to win a swiss skydiver was second preakness winner knicks. Go he's no offense that arrested these horses none of those horses. I mean if this race was knicks. Go he's useless team. Art collector swiss skydiver. If honoree pain authentic it stayed in training and challa them by my standards would be thirty. Two one. this horse would be forty two one so and he's getting four lancs six weeks he's gonna. He's got tactical speed. He'll probably follow wells by you out of there. I think silver states waiting for the oakland park handicap. Next week i was. I was gonna say let's overstates not here I love the source tomorrow. Absolutely love this worst. Be single than everything all about rushing from me rates nine goes as the oak on mile and before we head to break its whitmore. It's easy rocket it's the count. Fleet sprint goes race number. Eleven grade three six furlongs tell you what. It's war against easy rocket but there are a couple other real fast horses in this race. No parole breaks from the rail. They tried to turf last time. We did not break it all for tom. Amos he draws the inside ramon vasquez gonna ride for the first time and strike power. Joel rosario war what santana riding whitmore power is a horse that for three years. They've been waiting for this was to come around. He's run well. Two of his three starts. Four steve asmussen got the job. Done ricardo santana. Junior used the inside bias. It oakland to his advantage last time when he alternated on the lead with second place. Finisher hollis. now he's taken a big step up in class. But i was going to climb aboard. I don't know if he can find the lead by himself with horses like With horses like no parole in here but mistake power is always been cut out to be a nice horse maybe now at the age of six a full wars. Maybe he's finding himself. I think this is more than a rematch of the hot springs. I think you're right. And the fact that no parole is in the race is one of the big reasons. Because he's the quickest one out there. They tried him. Sprinting on the turf. Last time out didn't work very well. But his sprints on dirt are very very good. I think he's a little faster than strike. Power mr jager. Meister by the way Whitmore you mentioned. He's won this race three times. You want it and seventeen. Eighteen and twenty second mottley in two thousand nineteen his His only defeat in the counseling. He was not able to hold off ceesay rocket in the hot springs. Last time out. And i don't think he's going to be able to hold off ceesay rocket once again in the count fleet. I think ceesay rockets. I think i said this exact thing before the hot springs ceesay rockets. Good races are better than whitmore's good races and it looks like cece. Rocket is back in good form and if that happens i think he's better than this field. They're both gonna get plenty of pace to run at Rocket once again. He beat what more last time and he may not be favored once again tomorrow in the count fleet. I won't. i'm taking power. I'm taking shot against both of them. I'm taking the young and the six year old over the seventy year old. I'm gonna take strike power last time. Power wasn't on all out. Send the first start for us. Back in november. He was able to rate. This is something he never was able to do in his old barn. He can now so. I'm wondering if rosario breaks plays break you know no parole did not break well last time if that happens again strike power can find himself on the lead in here because you're going to see their mojo man and you're going to see mr strike powers faster than the mo jo man. Mr yeager meister you. I'm worried about no parole but maybe just off no parole. No parole comes off the bed. Break the turf try. Gimme strike power in my pick fours and fives. I'll use war strike power and ncc rockets cover myself. I'm gonna come back with an extra ticket which strike power and really try and things up here. you're on. The lewis is trained on with manual. Rosario at all times strike power for me to upset the great three count fleet sprint. It goes race eleven at oklahoma break. We'll come back. We'll talk about the arkansas derby. Bobby i'll throw some ideas around about this three year old picture. Which is this is one of the more muddled three year old pictures. I can remember in a very long time taking away last year. Of course with All the post woman's of the races and the moving the schedule this is a wild year. We'll see how it finishes on the derby trail tomorrow and we'll talk about that. All can saw derby the last points race on the road to louisville in twenty twenty one. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by nyerere bats here on the horse racing radio network and watch the races worldwide from the palm of your hand with nyerere bets. Sign up for nyra today. Take advantage of from your perks with the best live. Racing minster replays in hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every. Bet sign up for nyra bets today with the promo code. Hr in two hundred and iron deposit match bonus rope the shoe hundred dollars again. That's hr in two hundred with nyra. Bet you can bet any track anywhere at any time. Head over to an ira. Bax dot com. Spring is live at gulfstream park. Now through september twenty sixth with live racing thursday through sunday. Herb red steak section continues in may with premium steaks and look forward to some to speed on july third and the f. t. b. o. Eight florida sire stakes series starting july thirty first. Stay in the action from your mobile phone with. I bet the official app of gulfstream park for seat reservations steak schedules or tips. Analysis visit gulfstream park dot com on onsite viewing is still limited so book your seats. Now is a gulfstream park dot com for more information. Good news racing fan. Santa anita park is now open to the general public. Just visit santa anita dot com slash open walkup. Admission is not yet available and fans are asked to please socially distance and wear a mask. Upon arrival all of santa anita races are still available free of charge at santa anita dot com slash. Live and you can watch and wager via. I bet that's i dot com slash beck looking ahead. Santa anita will operate on a saturday and sunday basis. Through sunday april eighteenth in order to fresh our turf wars and prepare for the remainder of our winter. Spring meet which runs through june twentieth. The great to two hundred thousand dollars californian will be run on saturday april seventeenth and make plans to join us on april eighteenth as top sprinters go six furlongs in the grade. Three kona goal again. I post time. This weekend is a one o'clock. So join tom quickly and a special guests as the handicapped. Each day's card beginning and eleven fifty. Am at santa. Anita dot com slash. Live this is the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets. Highly motivated has the lead coming fourth quarter pole central quality second on the outside like separate the field had. They've opened up by some like the jar and to hidden staff who swings widened. Third here comes with central quality now taking a once again at highly motivated. Who still has laid coming into the vital for long pump. The royal the blue grass pilot motivated with the advantage. A central quality is still driving on the outside passed a sixty four highly motivated talk. Quality shale remain unbeaten central quality fort. Louis is he the favorite four with twenty twenty one talking. Sergio quality job done stayed undefeated. Face the stiffest test of his career to date when running down the motivated in a thrilling stretch. One of the bluegrass of keen. One last saturday kentucky derby one forty seven just three weeks away will it be him or will it be concert. Tore your even when he favorite in tomorrow's arkansas even on the morning line welcome back to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by narrow bats here on. Hr kickoff your saturday morning with equine forum. Eight to eleven am eastern time. Mike pence has you covered all of the saturday action. All right bobby arkansas derby last button on murphy's code as they would say hundred points on the line one hundred forty two second so first or second you're pretty much in Great one million dollars the gerber points mile and an eighth just a field of six concert tours even money from post five. That was second in the rebel tool hosur. Stablemate another bob baffert trainee. He's three to one caddo river. They took him off. The lead is the sixty five favorite in that rebel. It did not work out well. They've been pretty public about the fact that there will be no taking caddo river off the lead tomorrow. He'll be on the church on the front end on the bill. Daley whatever you wanna call it. Does that change anything in the arkansas. Or while i'm gonna disagree when they say that they took him off the lead last time out. What i think happened was that joel. Rosario took flora's rudy school going into the first turn joel. Rosario on concert tour broke on the money and he sent and just took it to caddo river in florence jew and put them both in a place they did not want to be and it caused them to kind of change their course and try to do something that maybe they didn't wanna do and that left concert tour on the lead basically by himself most of the way and he just kicked it into another gear and proved that he was much better than that field in the rebel in the arkansas derby. You mentioned he's facing basically the same runners that he faced in the rebel. One new come in the field last. Samurai who to be perfectly honest doesn't look like he has much of a chance at winning the arkansas derby my honest opinion is there isn't one race that any of these other five have ever run. That could beat any of the three graces. Concert tour has run in his career so if he runs his race. One of these others is really going to have to move forward to get the win. Concert tour showed in the second start albeit at seven furlongs. He can still run well when not getting the lead and tracking from the outside. He got up to win over freedom fighter in the chosen for on that day. The shows brown came right back in one in his next start. I think that's probably the triple get. Because i that forearm giroux will be hell bent as they say on getting caddo river to the front and i don't think that joel rosario and concert terrible mind even one little bit. I think they'll track from the outside. Put cattle river away turning for home and go on to win. I would probably try to get one of the closers up for second once again whether it be hosur superstock or get her number. So i'm going to give cavalry one more chance at a big price. 'cause i think he'll be a big price a bigger price certainly than concert tour. The horse i want to try and get out of the numbers hosier who i think kind of just found everything goes way last time he i was believer that that track was playing inside for a while he kind of just stayed inside when the run when when when concert tour ran away from those horses he kind of just sucked up the inside and he found the best part of the racetrack. Maybe they'll have again I think in a smaller field on a fair racetrack it. It's not going to matter as much. i think. Super stocks better than hosur I think superstock can get into this number. I think superstars and interesting. You and i talk about this yesterday. If at any point concert tour gets that elite. He's probably gonna win this race whether it's when the gate opens while at the whole He's probably in this race. Superstock is the only interesting runner in here to me. I don't want hosmer. I would want superstock if you're looking to to try to split these favorites in here. You're not gonna wanna play. Kyle river over concert tour and quite frankly for caddo river to win. I think that means concert tour didn't want to chase him and i can see superstock. Picking them up late. I think there's a better chance at this race running to five and there is running five two if that makes any sense I'm rather a chance to running five. To than i do running to five. Because i think you know there's a chance that he just goes by cattle river. Nobody picks them up. I can see concert tour kinda spin his wheels. Because i want see him do it again and i want to see him. Do it going a distance. I know we went to my on sixteenth last time. But he really had things on way. I've never been a fan of this source if he does it again. This horse can make me a believer. Because i'll tell you what we have a couple of minutes left here. In fact time now for i cattle river kong now for the naira batch best map this is the naira beds. Best bat taken away. I'm going to go in the same fashion that you did last week with picking gamine to win the las flores. I will pay concert tour to remain undefeated win. The arkansas derby is my bet actually took drain the clock to win the bayshore. I'll go. I'm going to go back to the oakland mile. I love russia tomorrow russia. Whatever you love you call him right. We got a few. We got a couple of minutes. Left here Concert can win the over tomorrow and contract with me over to the point where he might be doors. I picking the derby depending on what he does. Tomorrow i've never been a fan. I'm looking for a horse to have a breakout performance I don't think we've seen a breakout before it's even rock your world. He went to the lead. He beat a couple of horses. That probably don't wanna step past a mile and a sixteenth in medina spirit and I can't even remember the name of the of of the peter wars dream dream shake So i i want to see him run well but i wanna see him do it again. Okay and if he doesn't let's face it if he he's the only one who has a chance aside from central quality of being the favorite in the kentucky derby. That's concert tour. That doesn't say that those are the only two that can win. Obviously rock your world and and all these other one you know there. There are plenty of unknown agenda and highly motivated there. Plenty of horses out there. They'd have a chance to win the kentucky derby but as far as being favored in the kentucky derby it's essential quality or concert tour. If concert tour runs well again. Tomorrow agreed agreed. You know it's the wild wild thing is what's it concentrate doesn't run well tomorrow or something happens along the way to either of the two favorites in the next three weeks a horse. That's run one race on the dirt is likely. Be your second choice rock. Your world has to be the third choice right now right. I'm not sure i mean known. Agenda was very impressive in his florida. Derby win and for a for a trainer that is much more nationally renowned and todd. pletcher. So i would. I could see him being the third choice right now. All right well it'll be curious to see how it all shakes out the kentucky derby trail road to louisville anyway ends tomorrow in the lexington at qinglin beyond so derby park naira pets.com. Has you covered or his day covered as well. bobby's off. Next week he will return for the weekend stakes preview and for racing on friday. Enjoy the time off. Man appreciate it. Buddy bobby newman and lethal weapon on the big anthony. Still hope lucky night. I hope you went all your photo. Finishes don't forget tomorrow morning. Forum starts at eight. Am eastern time to talk to you then. Gray weekend everyone.

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