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I'm loud and bold radio announcer. Who was hired to tell you about the loud and bold flavors and Tyson anytime there's chicken snacks? There boldly says it full of flavor. Thanks for listening by Tyson. NATO's chicken bold flavorful chicken's necks. This is the Dan Le Batard show with this to spot CASS. Uh Billy what do you mean you think would make a good Santa vast. I'd like I like to walk that back a a little bit if I could because I feel like people aren't really going to fully understand what I'm saying here. I said that I think I saw the art of coaching yesterday. And I said that I think Ulla check would make a good Santa and I want to walk that back. I think he would make a great Santa hold on a second the art of coaching here. How many have you seen it How many of you have seen it okay? So we've got a while everybody what I was there opening night. Man Wait a minute. Are you kidding me. You guys always say you're gonna go see things and you never. I say you never go and actually see them. You're telling me everyone saw Bella check in Savin sitting around talking Yup. I didn't have to go anywhere. Sat on my couch was amazing. Why did we raise as our hands like we were in school on radio? I was actually doing something else. I didn't mean raise my hand going into it. I was clearly the most excited for it and I haven't gotten around. Jokic told me last night was the night. Yeah just ended up not being the night. Can I ask you guys something in the modern age of entertainment options. Do you find that you're falling behind that you simply can't watch most of what you want to get to. Everyone's telling me to watch the watchman I'm I'm still not don was succession. It's it's and then at least I appreciate what the man delorean's them because it's like one episode of Week and I'm like this is refreshing. I don't feel the pressure of being exploded down. Yeah yeah and I feel like everyone does what I do. which is you have in your phone? A little notepad restart writing things down and you want to get you. Don't get any of it. The list just grow. How long as your? How long has your wish list on things that you put away in a queue to watch law day Islam I've had milk on my dvr since two eight? Yep a mine is long. I just can't can't find it anyway. I'm sorry billy I interrupted you. You were telling US why Bill belichick would make a great mall. Santa so I was watching the art of coaching. And I wasn't sure how I'd feel about them. I was interested and obviously these two guys are at the top of what they do. And they're you know they're geniuses in their own crafts that's right and for whatever reason bill belichick came off as super likable nick. Sabin Kinda came off as Nick Sabin like. I'd see him kind of the coaching clips. That they'd shown one is like yeah. That's that's what I expect from Nick. Sabin I didn't dislike him for watching it but bill belichick. I was like you know what this just seems like a guy like. He's just a guy I hang now with him. I feel like he'd be Santa and when he's with his family he's like a totally different person. You just like to listen to this jolly guy talked to billy. He's a jolly guy. No Oh you have you. Have you seen it. Oh Jolly Guy. I'll watch right now. Jolly Guy Billy is right. He is jolly. It's GonNa Change Your Perspective on Bill. Belgium Sabin Dan they show him on the silent. He always looks like he just had a bunch of sour patch. Kids are warheads but you see him talking with his players and he's like just super supportive that come on guys. You're better than this. But he has scallon is facing like. Oh my God. He's probably saying these horrible things just like I'll leave in you and it's like Whoa Bill. Really Nice Guy Sometimes cheech. Maybe we're getting to the bottom. That not sure on that but really nice guy. I didn't buy the opening scene. That's two guys was talking about yesterday. In the opening scene they walk into savings officer visit Alabama and they kind of give a looked all the guys all the TV people like hey give us like five ten minutes before we record we would want to say what's up Chris. There was no Bell Jack. Dodoma get out. Yeah and then they do and they're like okay. We'll turn off the cameras except one of them and then they sit down and you'd think that that would be to get out of here. We want actually have some personal conversation. They get right in taxes the nose so it's really odd so stugotz to that the first scene there nick savings office which I thought was weird. That bill belichick was like everybody get Outta here but even that Dan he's like Hey You know we. We may want to talk to each other. Spend a couple minutes together. And they're like so. Do you want us to leave. New like Maybe we might want that to happen. But he wasn't forced to like get fatty fatty or I'm bill belichick which I know what you're thinking. That's what he does now what he does now what he does just We may want a couple and then they started talking about. So what did you do with the cornerback on that play. Oh I saw this play out days and it was so strain on the wall they care about and your family. This is We've talked about this before. Right those coaches sometimes. It's not even even in their family. We've talked about how obsessive that job is how these guys are obsessive. Compulsive eighteen hours a day. Got To work harder than the next guy because Same Attitude Steven naismith articulated in that G. Q.. Magazine piece. That gave Stu gods goosebumps get that quote micro the same idea of I if if I'm resting that other coaches beating me and gaining an advantage The thing it's not surprising to me at all that Bella check can. Ns often when he goes on his boat with Jimmy Johnson and they're drinking beers. The conversations between them are are loose and Free Bella check just recently recently in these last two pieces the NFL network and this one that you guys are watching on HBO. He's given himself more freely in terms of putting himself the votes in front of the cameras and talking about the things that he wants to talk about the fire him up like football history and top one hundred players. Bella Check has little to God's in it he wants to do the top player. Who Does it? Oh you think you want to Co host the show with us when we potty. Maybe maybe we can catch him like dietrich just shirtless clevelander Interpol. That's my boy told to G. Hey wait a minute. Train is Dontrelle Willis. What do you mean billy? Don't start pastore with his friendship with Dietrich. It was so ridiculous it was great. I hold it over all embarrassed embarrassed. That'd be a nice guy. Hold on we will get to these Stephen. A Smith quotes in. This story was a very good story in G. Q.. How many people do you think Noah G. Q. Sands Toy? Let's go around the room. We why are we raising hands on radio. It's great quality. I know what it is the last two guys. Do you know what it is. No all right. It's Gentlemen's quarterly and very good. Dan Thanks a magazine. That is your magazine. It is that you're welcome everybody. I'm pleased that I could do that for you before we get to these old stuff but we should. We should put that on the poll though. Because I I'd like to know how many people excuse hands for what's S. I mean Si si very intrigued the G. Q.. Magazine issues are there. I think there's more than four now. There are more than four right making. That's a bad day W doesn't even work monthly. GM The twenty five year because a quarter twenty five cents. And I had to cook. Oh here we go and I wanted to sidetrack into what it is that they were doing but dietrich yes so what happened yesterday. Did you really say in the middle. What were are we talking join Dietrich? Next relating pause pressing pause on that discussion guys should be moving over to another top at a shocking upset here on the one. That's paying attention. Listen to me. I wanted to get to dietrich. Because has it shamed. To God's it takes precedent over the Stephen a Smith boats something takes precedence. Stephen a Smith quotes are GONNA have to wait. Because I prefer to hear billion Chris talk about how gross to God's was yesterday got explained to the audience yesterday. Cincinnati reds player. Derek actually free agent three agent Derek. Eric Dietrich was spotted by somebody here by the pool at the Cleveland or a lot of strange people are headed toward the clevelander for the Super Bowl and and NBC. Is here this weekend. Then for reasons that don't make any sense today. Textiles did NBC. I feel like let me ask you for permission to produce content air. We will get to them in a second but dietrich was getting son by the pool and somebody spotted him. Who spotted him Chris? I know those traps anywhere and Chris. Cody went downstairs. Got Out of shirtless dietrich. For us it was the highlight of the show yesterday. Spent five glorious central minutes with US and In the middle of it billy Lee and Chris Sauce to God's go maximum stu gods as he does around anyone who has fame. I don't even know the stories. You're going to tell but I can imagine that what he did is simply simply get near famous guy and just want things from him. One hundred and fifty percent so after the show is over. He hung out here a little bit. And we were talking going back and forth and STU gods that's all of a sudden became the social media coordinator for the show at because they wanted to get a clip of his appearance on the show. So they could put it out absolutely. Derek I'll get it to you. Give me your number Gloria Korea. I need your cell phone number and as soon as we get that clip out as soon as I put it out. I'll text you the link. I'll text you the thing. I'll tell you how to get and it's like you know. Any of this works like it while he was getting his number to text him to let him know that it was it was already out. It had already been put out by the people that actually do this stuff. Just wanted that number. So it's telling him anything that Oh yeah. Oh absolutely but I'll I'll make sure that they guys we need to guys guys and he's putting the guys guys get that out there needs is going to fly. Please if ACI if I may okay what Derek wanted my friend garrick my very good friend Eric. What he wanted was he wanted video for his family he was? He was uncertain if I was able to turn on the TV you to watch and no one else was responding and I handle that. It's my responsibility here at so I got his number gave him mind. We haven't stopped actually nonsense by the way we've already been on it and you're missing the key. Part of the story is after you get Derek Dietrich's number as our social media coordinator. He turns the corner. You come in here all right. How did we get him as a video guys? How do I get? I do that as soon as he gets the number goes. I gotTa go out stupidity. But he said I gotTa Talk to Dylan misquotes as if that means anything really say that yeah to go. We'll get into more want more. I want more and eventually we'll get to these stephen. A Smith quotes. You are the grossest and you know oily. He was when he came in here and he was the second an oily person in the room from. Hbo Sports Get Unprecedented Access to to a football's most accessible and revere coaches in Bella check and Sabin the art of coaching chronicling. The four decade Long Friendship Between Patriots Coach Bill Bell Jack and Alabama. Football's Nick Sabin go. Inside Their annual coaching retreated. They discussed their interwoven history and coaching philosophies. That's bays learn about their blueprints to organizational success. 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Get a vivid seats so everyone on the show watched the HBO show on Bella. Check and Savin except for Mike Ryan and Roy who is now vigorously leash shaking his head. No but while it's not everybody we've got three people here and I will take that is in everybody because this show is very rarely prepared to talk about anything that it just happened as a group. We rarely find the places where three people could talk about anything that just happened in pop culture because all of us are falling behind every day there too many anything to watch and we cannot keep up and it is it is the golden age of television streaming and the ability to get whatever content. You want whenever it is that you want it and they're simply too much of it and none of us can keep up so three people watched what just came out and stu gods just boasted and we're still waiting for for him to get to those Peyton. Manning shows he just boasted. I saw the night it came out. Got a first dibs on Bella check and save and talking yes and he said that Sabin did something. There was one moment in the in the show. That Sabin did something that came off his ugly. I am telling you if you watch this thing for the most part art you're GonNa Fall in love with Bill Belichick and Nick Sabin. You really will but there was a part where saving is talking about how ballot check is one of maybe two coaches in in the NFL. who anytime he drafts? A player from Alabama. He will call Nick. Sabin or fly to Nick Sabin and discuss said player. There's no way he is taking him unless Nick Sabin says yes. That's a guy you should take and Sabin was getting angry. Upset that the other thirty coaches in the NFL didn't do that and he went on to tell ballot check had they called me I would have told them. Hey because they take some of my players sitting there going what you took that guy I want you call me. If you called me I would have told you. Hey good player. But maybe he's an off the field issues and that part I think got a lot of people upset upset. Why does no one call me? Maybe because they weren't on the Cleveland browns staff with your new. You when you were twenty years old you have that relationship with Bill Belichick. Why doesn't anybody? I seem so approachable. Why does it anybody reach out to me I think it? NFL coach could feel comfortable calling nick. Sabin and saying hey tell me about this player and saving comfortable calling. Nick Sabin sabe Belgium in two other coaches according to save. And I I I actually I think the coaches are dumb for not calling at like. That's the way I took that. I didn't take that as save it on his high horse. I was like what. What are these coaches doing drafting players? At least not trying to reach out to him. I took it as listen. If you call me I'll tell you the truth about the player. I don't know if that's what Nick Sabin should be doing like like those guys who came to Alabama played for him. He's trying to advance their careers. He's going to tell you all the bad stuff they do. He said he would. He said I'm just going to tell you the whole story. I'll tell you the good stuff and if there's some bad that's up I'll be honest like here's the part actually seemed like he was being genuinely honest. Here's the thing you guys don't know about Nick. Sabin than we learned he's An and and but guy and he told us that he likes when people tell him and because and using means a good things coming after but after the but always a bad thing and he's found out that the but guys after the but always always bad and it always ends up being real about the second scenario in which signed up to play for Alabama and get my career to a place that I get a getting drafted drafted in the NFL. And Nick. Saban's going to say bad things about me when I'm trying to get a job. Yeah you shouldn't have shown up time Nick Sabin did not I sit well with me. I think he should just lie. Just anyone that was on Alabama. He's a perfect person. Yeah we don't get paid. Oh then you lose credibility the kid comes the Alabama. Okay worth really when you say. I'm not going to be the Alabama head coach. He seems to be doing just fine. Someone whose family you heard that her sunset. I've never heard anything. The ring for hat spat Solon. Said you have to win your conference. College College Football playoff. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced overpriced over. Designed out of touch. At Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars. 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V Power Nitro plus Premium Liam gasoline now with four levels defense against gunk wear corrosion and friction guests on the Dan. lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line here's your sportscenter. Update the angels and Anthony Rendong agreed to a seven year two hundred and forty five million dollar contract. I WANNA add some pitching. I think I recognize the look on Air Guillermo faces faces so read right now and I think it's just because he's laughing and how disgusting Stugotz's I'm learning about how his interview with Mickey Isky one yesterday for Stupidity Miss Quits. The guy from Ziprecruiter US asking him questions and Mike. You have to get this thing. I'm like a wrote that question Ghibli. I knew someone else to Britain it because it was too good of a question. Thanks thanks everyone love billy billy only had a line in the first segment there. We just snuck in with the be careful. It expires on Mike's milk joke from two thousand eight and we all trampled it all. Ah I had to ask him how you who got the hockey excellent. I thought it was his show really joking. It has ninety five percent of the jokes. Billy makes you get the glory for anyway. CORREC- looking billy just throws up his hand. Oh Pshaw Pichad bring attention to me ninety five a little high give credits. Give yourself some credit bike by Jordan. How's it going anyway? Garrett Cole signed a three hundred and twenty four million dollar contract with the Yankees Strasbourg two hundred and forty five million with the nationals. Mustafa's sixty four million with the reds agent. Scott Boras is the goshi eight hundred. Seventy eight million dollars worth of deals during the winter meetings. A hell of a commission president's Cup. The international team leaves the United States for two one after the first session. America's loaned match win was the Tiger Woods Justice Thomas Four and three basketball asfaw victory over mark leash men and walkie Neiman and finally matrix four and John Wick. Four are both presently scheduled to be released on May Twenty I two thousand twenty one big day for all the latest headlines and information tune sportscenter on ESPN radio. Where's Allison uh-huh so Chris and billy were mortified? I would say I don't think I'm misrepresenting. their viewpoints. On this many years ago go when we first started the show nationally at the clevelander. And these guys were just young up and coming producers Stu Gods was a go getter back then. A literal go getter lesean McCoy was getting dropped by the pool and nobody went to go. GET HIM SO. Stugatz chased him down the street unsuccessfully as it turns out a revisionist genesis history. Billy actually did go down and try to speak with Shawn Mccoy and he said no which was very unsatisfactory right. And so because it doesn't take no for an answer chase the Shawn McCoy down the street. But yesterday Chris emboldened strong went down and got an oily bronze shirtless Derek. Derek Dietrich From the Cleveland or pool The last time somebody came through here was when we laid that that line of beer cans down the hallway to see if we could lure gronk out of his room where we just had. We were just leaving in the hallway to see if we could get grant. But they got they ensnared Derek Dietrich trick and then Stugatz immediately went to work just wanting things from Derek Dietrich in a way that I mean billion Chris have no shortage of experience variance with gross. Do God's and they were appalled they were like throwing up in their mouth a little bit after the segment. Derek Super Nice. He was super excited to have done what he just did it. So he's like Oh man. This is after my career. Something I might WanNa get into into Gotcha a buddy. You're good at this. I can help you get your number Baba just so like overly like smarmy whereas gross. Yeah well he was asking for help and no one was offering any sort of hell. That's why even though I had to leave in tape. An interview with Dylan escalates. Mickey I still. I still came through for Dietrich and we haven't stopped texting yet. Get them the video. No no he said you guys took care. The one of my favorite parts of yesterday with Derek Dietrich was right after the show had ended. Derek Dietrich stands up and says so when's that GONNA air. I was like it just did. Ah Favorite part was walking him to billy's computer to actually like put on proud display the fact that dietrich shirtless has been billy's background around for years. Well that's the thing we weren't joking. People thought we were joking. There were two things in yesterday's show that we were not joking about. Chris has borrowed underwear from billy that were under his his desk and billy was screensaver on his phone or computer. It's a desktop wallpaper on his computer and we put the I think the available on her instagram at Lebatardshow on instagram he points to and in the background of that photos Christian Yelich and Dietrich Goes Oh look over there is the MVP and himself he's like MVP most valuable body the guy what else. What else did you guys out? He really just hang hung out here long enough to get the number which is what he wanted. And I'm telling you as suit like within seconds of getting the numbers have gotta go miss quits and then just like these guys will handle the rest. Yeah he just he gets high off of getting any number anyone honestly like in the grand scheme of things this is Bella. Check taping the the bengals. Is it not the get this Li- like some video social media coordinator who will stop at nothing to get any number. Burn his phone. He's everybody's done playing baseball. This is what he wants to do and I was just you know offering some help I mean little. Does he know he's hosting stupidity with me next week. You want to feel good about this so so after you left after you left. We're like Oh yeah we'll get the video. How do we send it to you? Whatever he didn't give his number anyone else he said I guess number sues got it? He wouldn't give anyone also also digital money. Traffic's okay so I want to get into this with you guys because invariably what happens is one of these players are athletes will pay attention attention to Stugotz for a small amount of time. Whether it's Dan Uggla or Laurence Maroney but they all get sick of him and they all changed their numbers Adam Gates right now Adam case aces was bothering him this week. peppering him with tax trying to get him to bid on Flam flam brands art. Yeah like I what he will over asking ask and continually over ask until these people are out of his life someone else. I don't worry Dan. We warned Derek Dietrich what was coming in full transparency parents. He'd been texting him on morning saying that. That he has got Scott's is back that we don't know what we're talking about two ws credit though he's like that's all right. I WANNA WANNA do this house allies because he told me when we were out there like the gas gas got back to me. He said you're an idiot and then has the phone and I see that there's no reply from gaze at all you just been. I'm texting gays hoping for a response. Who knows what's real respond ditches wrote to me? Hey Bro I've got your back. Don't listen to them L. O. L. Glad I was able to help Dan and street cred with the clean up. You're always welcomed the ride and Tam with me. I well I will write it down when you drink it as long as you give me something. You're always welcome to ride and Tan with mean Eh. He really pointed at his shirtless. Torso on your screensaver. This is the thing that I haven't. How how is this escaping my attention until today you guys are telling me that a factual thing that happened in this world? Is that Major League Baseball player. Who We've discussed in various segments? We've said of him. He should just play in body paint that he should not that he likes his body so much that he should not wear a uniform he should simply be allowed unlike any other player in baseball to play in in body paint. You're gonNA tell me that human being out of nowhere. Yesterday was the only person tanning by our pool. You're going to tell me that that human being came up here and actually actually pointed at your computer screen where you are the only person in America who has that picture unless maybe teenage girls maybe teenage girls but not even his parents like nobody open. Has that picture as their screen saver inside. I I will grant you that. It's odd at the time we had a whole movement going on at the time when I sent it. It's so I was at the game. I was excited. I was like you know what this is a bad picture. I'm going to put this thing. And then we had a short time here. That never took off Dan where we wanted to do something called tank tops Fridays. Because as of this where we were just gonNA wear tank tops every Friday the show off our arms and we were gonNA wear Derek Dietrich shirts as like an homage to him and since then I haven't changed the background Akron my computer to the point that I honestly and this is ridiculous but I have so many things open. I don't I forgot that. Was the background my computer until Anthony was like. Hey isn't that the background or the computer. I'm Mike is it and I closed and I'm like Oh my God. I hope he doesn't come in here and see it and sure enough. They went immediately. And you guys are telling me okay for the audience that doesn't know there's a real factual thing that happened. Is that you the only human being on earth the only one on earth who has a screen saver a game winning hit from the marlins that resulted in Derek Dietrich running around a major league baseball field shirt in like meaningless July game in two thousand six. The only person that Mike Ryan then brought him to your computer computer and he stared at. It stared at it lovingly and with Christian Yelich in the background actually said there's the MVP and here's the MVP the and called himself the most valuable body super facts. How is it that you guys didn't bring me that long before now? The following US on instagram record physician consultation are only available at the physician. Determined prescriptions appropriate subscription required. See full details important safety information. Hey guys canoes. The outrageously Lee expensive little blue pill is now generic. Which means you can get the prescription medication to treat E. D. at affordable prices and hence makes extra affordable? 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How much is this costing us? Why more blues these talk show with Stugatz on ESPN radio? All Gaston Dan Le Batard show appear via the Shell Pennzoil Performance Line Meeting Times. We'll be there a little bit later around Canadians. Were Nice to Kawai. We actually had we had for years. We've talked about. Is there any right way to leave a place. Place that Lebron all these guys whenever they changed teams Kevin Durant even if they choose teams even if they choose teams that aren't super teams. People tend to get mad at the guy who leaves their fan base in his prime but Canadians were super nice to Leonard. He left evidently the right way by winning a title by winning a title. But he was only there for year and they don't begrudge him that like it's very hard food leave San Antonio the right way. I'm sure that I'm sure that that's not. He wanted championship San Antonio and he'll never be thought of in San Antonio the way he's thought of in Toronto Raptors her fans went into it saying. Hey we got a great player. What was what we were doing with? Lower into Rosen wasn't working I don't think they had expectations of him staying there long term and he gave gave them the best possible outcome in the one year that he was there. That's certainly one way to do it. Yes but he only he left after a year and usually the guy who wins a championship. Some in places the reason for winning the championship someplace and if he leaves after year. That's not going to be met with celebration. That's not going. There aren't a lot of stories that you have have like this where a fan base isn't bitter in an indignant because the guy took the winning with him took the relevance with him took all of that feel good they were celebrating last night and they celebrated it well they celebrated it. I mean Doc rivers is saying after the game he saying. That's the best one of these that I've seen where people are actually showering the player with an appreciation. Shen if only he were capable of human emotion to receive it. I think he smiled. If he were capable of human emotion to receive it. uh-huh so we will get to these quotes from Stephen. A Smith for you guys disappointed because Sodano interviewed a quiet after the game. It Sadan is. You're not doing what they said they they would do for you guys the Sodano and Izzy. Who learned that our bosom who are like family members around here? They're doing the sideline reporting on these Games and they've promised to infiltrate great these games with some sayings but they won't do it because they're afraid of either the NBA partners the seriousness of the seriousness of NBA basketball than the sideline online reporting. They can't even get the horns to go out there and give us a phrase for our audience. I didn't notice last night because I could not get past Georgia's Black Turtleneck. I just A. He looks so good last night. It was amazing that a distracted me from what he was talking about with coach to the game. Tony absolutely has a gripe here because everyone is stealing your drip from Dan's wedding. Dominique Foxworth on get up now. George Sodano on the sideline everyone's just taking fashion pointers from our newest container member but to dance point. They've they've made it to the big time and they are forgetting about where they all right. We don't need them. We found guy if you listen to today's local hour which appears on your Dan. lebatardshow is STU gods PODCAST feed you'll listen to an interview with Mike O'Donnell the man. ESPN threes Mike. O'Donnell who often calls. UCF Basketball Games Games for that platform. And if you tune in to sacred heart versus ucf you will fine. And why wouldn't you be on an NFL Sunday. You will find a a college basketball analyst. Who is force-feeding show specific lines into his broadcast? Some of them don't even make sense. Well you'll be tuning in secret heart. Plus what this guy's really good though he's got the look. He's got the voice he needs to be doing bigger games like that's what we should be doing here. And he's promised to work in rock and I'm with you on a Wednesday on a Sunday. WHOA now is a do you guys believe is a good air is claimed and this is going to be Lakers heat so a good amount of people are going to be watching? This claimed he's going to throw in their freaking with you on a Friday. There's no way he does that. He's lying I'm never talking to them. Mm again what. Now you're lying around is he. I am I right. Am I right or wrong to be hurt wounded. The sad disappointed that Izzy and Sodano are getting to the blessed cathedral of sideline reporting. Oh you're right you're right. Yeah Yeah you're always sir. Thanks to you I mean I mean handed it nation favorite. Yes you're right. Yeah Yeah So. I'm wrong to be heard and sad and disappointed by whatever you say. What do you want to be wrong if you want to be wrong? You're wrong you tell your right and being ride like somebody to tell me whether or not they want izzy and Saddam to do this and how they're gonNA feel if it doesn't happen how. How would you feel just out of curiosity right? I'm pretty indifferent arrived at all. I tell us about this. Learn from this Where are the Stephen? A Smith quotes that you want to get to the G. Q. Story The writer was working on it for or one year. The Steven A. Smith Story. He really got in. There probed around near Seoul Gentleman's quarterly. Here's the quotes as told to G Q you direct quote from Stephen a Smith if I'm asleep somebody else's awake if I'm off somebody else's working and if those things are happening than they think they can take me which means that at some point in time they're going to confront me to test me and see if I'm ready and at that point I will annihilate them to show them they were never ready at all and just in debate in sports update every hair. Your arms are instead it upright as Thanos actually texted me goosebumps with that quote. I will allow them with what with my sports argument. Yes I will annihilate them with. How amazing my weapon of words? No you don't WanNa find out there. Just I will. Tactics will allow them. You thought you already. You talked to me and I will quickly prove you so you were not ready. I will speak better and more loudly and you do. Your home is important. 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