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Hello and welcome back to the get your globe. Paul cause a wellness cost volumes. This is episode fifteen with Tom Redwood, Tom is chef and co founder of babies who on a mission to nutshell future fees. He believes the introducing a little one two amazing taste in Texas. At an early age is the best way to raise healthy, adventurous eaters. Now, Tom is the first male guests on the poll costs and we together bit. He has also become a good friend. I literally adore his outlet on food and how to feed your kids. In today's episode. We talk about how Tom went from private shaft to celebs to owning his own baby food brand his jerning with weaning tests on getting kids to love food. And why we need to look outside the box when it comes to cooking for kits. He's. Very passionate about getting kids to eat food that we home. So that will not constantly making tons of food everything which is about today. You can find all the details and the show notes which are Madeleine short com forward slash episode. Fifteen right. Let's bring on the fantastic. Tom. Welcome Tom t the polka. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me. We're head and babies H Q, but knock as she bay glamorous with a tiny covered the pitcher with sitting on this little kids, tools, and there's a light sentences like is on an office. Sometimes been talking your bitch back sometimes looking at is making it sound. Offices. The Polk cost by asking you ate for breakfast. Good question. Because actually today embarrassingly of had nothing that I know. And is that a new thing? No. Because my life is topsy turvy at the moment. Essence myself my wife to businesses we've got an incredibly busy schedule. And it's been a foot on day HQ, as you know, we've had the live Q and A, and so I've had to try and get a hold as work fitted in before. And after fitting around these the fun bits of the job. I think for my chef days, I tend to focus better when I don't eat. And so got this thing. Definitely advocate for Maeve seem to focus better. When I don't eat research now intimate stand thing, really helpful. So that might be positive it might be just that your brain focused when it's not idea. Oh, absolutely nothing tried every diet under the sun including five two and. Definitely on days. When I I I do feel a bit more focus made my buddies just naturally in June. And so I love to hate your story. The case like she said before you chef to amazing timers people around the world shafting privately and at the moment, you have your own baby few brands, how did that journey happen of always been around food? Always love food food has always been a real central part of my life from a little kids one of five. So you have to do random things to get attention when you in a big family. And so my thing was always trying to eat the opposite of what my brothers sisters eight which men if there was a quiche that was a cheese and onion case that was the one I did clear, and my mom and dad's which would have been Brooklyn Stilton, even if I didn't like it. And so I was kind of challenging myself, which meant actually then think I developed a quiet this word sophisticated palate conflict another way. Palate. Those Vence for my agents, I've always been the one in the family things a wit, and I used to sometimes pretend to even if I didn't just to be different. But then over the years, I kind of have defended this obsession with food, which quite helpful when you become a chef. And so it's always been such a big part of my life. It was a natural thing for me to do once leaving school. And I went my way through this Vanson kitchens. The good old fashioned apprentice style working day in and day out. Putting all the shifts to eventually ended up being a private chef where I was traveling the world looking after some quite interesting people from lead singer of simple minds Jim Kerr or his chef period. Craig David without dropping too many names. And so it's been a really interesting journey and always been obsessed with fussy eating. It puzzles me why someone like something another person doesn't I Cusi how really things like what? Especially cheese anything. Still eat it now. So never liked milk. My mom Kasich DIGI like pastor in kind of credence mushrooms by how tough my pain to pass. And like the smell of cheese, the smell with milk revolts may still still too happy with now, it's not problem. But when I was a K grown the feed the people at the house is like cheese on toes. He's on baked potatoes battery ham sandwich, and I was like what I'm not an eater. And I would sit there. To sit there and say, wow. And so to this day, you don't like macaroni cheese. You don't like anything. Like, oh and trying to be healthy. It's like the thought of tonight you'd have to pay money to eat. Missile many interesting reasons why people develop like dislike I've always kind of zoomed in on someone who doesn't like something and try to challenge myself because I love food so much literally so much. I can't imagine why someone would not like mushrooms, I asked delicious. What is it? You don't like about mushrooms and often it comes down to like texture glove within the taste is really taste of mushroom. You do hear it? But it's often the texture. Yeah. Exactly and saying tomatoes, and that's really another good example people say are hate tomatoes, but they love bullying nays, and they love tomato ketchup and tomato soup, but I don't like tomatoes. So there's often this whole psychology. So for instance, when I first met you Ana she's my business partner and now wife on a first date. She said she didn't like mom I and I was like. I bet you do like mama because I've always seen a challenge. The chef to try and cheat something if I've managed to get someone to like it. So I said to her when she said she didn't like mama's that you like chicken and she said, yes, okay. You like mama, and she looks puzzled. And if you think about it roast chicken juices that arose chicken and Cowman is at the bottom of the trade off the new season your chicken with quite low. So at least you seize your chicken and all of those kind of juices that cameras will the protein and of the cameras in the bottom of the trae. If you actually stick your finger and lick it and close your eyes is got that same family vibe as mama, mama. If you think about it is salty savory with a bit of bits. We kind of taste to it wishes. Exactly what the juices of voice chicken most beef. If you're vegetarian you dissociate with really heavily voted mushrooms, maybe some Tamari that kind of like, the salty vibe. And so if you like those you don't like, mama as she probably don't like, mama because of the. Experience of Bava than actual MoMA itself. So I said to you bet you within six months, I can get you liking, mama. And so that that was on. I think whoever it had to buy the person the holiday summit, New York or something like that. Anyways. It was first date. So you know in the pressing mode anyway, so fast boards are invited over for dinner and identifies chicken. And then I got Starbucks piece of Saturday toast erupted it into the juices sliced avocado put out in tobe sprinkle back pepper tiny bit of soaps and walk it, but a volleyball and served it. And that's us eighteen this is good. What have you done to it? I'll have to check it and blow. Delicious. Anyway, three weeks later four weeks later. Did her brunch. Made bunch for her. But this time I did it with sour, though, toast, olive oil Amar might still have a car does their work. It's Pepe still avoid also looked identical. And so would he has quality. I remember this. This was tasty. Then when she hit into it. She didn't automats freak out momma. She went oh familiar, but different and she ate it and afterwards, I was like frosted mama, and it kind of went on from them. So I think that's kind of a bit of an extravagant way of getting over my obsession with fussy to literally I'm obsessed with it when I then turned thirty. So I was always working as a chef throughout the whole of my twenties and up to my mid thirties. My friends started having kids, and when I saw a friend put a pouch out of the bag curious. I've never seen food served in the pouch before do you mind? If I have a taste. And when they said, yeah. Of course, he taste on my good guys tasted. This is disgusting. Really puzzled. I was expecting it to maybe not taste yummy. I found his so sweet when it was described as something savory and my response kind of haunted me. Yes. I know it's baby food, and so they almost expected or accepted the fact that it didn't taste very nice. And then my mind was like going over the place thinking fussy, eaters know, this is what we're feeding our kids. It's no wonder that we got this problem with children developer dislike for food or fussy over vegetables and starting to develop beige flavors. You know, you're kind of let your bland pain, pastors, etc. Etc. This idea kind of got stuck in my head. I've been a private jet for quite a while. So come kids who didn't like certain food groups. And so I got in my head. There must be something in the food that we're feeding our kids can influence whether you like something or dislike something. And so the seed was sown to start a baby food empire and that was nine years ago. Now that the idea was so here we are today offices babies is an incredible paper Mogo on talk about sets. How is it being setting company with your wife because obviously you'd love each other together? And also what together puts that lie. I'm so intrigued, well, I think I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world because I physically could not do this without her if she quit tomorrow that would be it on now. Hit jackpot in the sense that someone I loved it. Who's super bright super intelligent and so good at what she does. But it's the exact opposite of why do we the absolutely and yak I'm a bit creative chef vibe in may of being a chef all of my life. It's what I do. I've always been working with my hands and being creative our love cooking and developing recipes, and she's much more process driven, and she's very good the structured things, which if you didn't have you wouldn't have a business. And so I remember which hawking it was only two months after dating that she made me give up my joke to give this a go. So she's still out of full time job working with computers and IT consultant, and I quit my job. And I was there doing it. But not knowing was doing as you can imagine with starting a business, and she said to me how's the forecast looking. And I was like what? What's the forecast? She said how much are you going to sell everything they going to do ten a week per store five week pesto? I dunno. And she said, okay, where's your spreadsheet? And I was like. spreadsheet we'll start. She's excel. And I was like is that an app and so literally from day one even when she was working full time doing another job. She's been absolutely Ying and Yang and we've been very fortunate because whenever we have a difficult day, we have a difficult day together. So when we come home, we both understand how difficult the day is. And we've loved what we've done from the beginning. We really feel like we're doing something good setting a company that's based on good ethos. We've got huge, I'm visions, which obviously, you know about. And I think that I physically without want. We say good team you fantastic team. And she is an gorgeous human is you have competing revolutionized the baby feedback heads. And I've seen be really said to half year. Use saw was wrong with them. All you want to change. And how you've done it. Because I think a lot of people may know, you may know, your brand, and they probably think oceans like any other Brown that say that in power this free Bunge in them. But you know, we both know how different they are on. I think it'd be really important to hair what the differences are why he wants to do why it's so important, first and foremost, we didn't ever start off with wanting to take over the world with the baby food brand. That's never been our intention. What we wanted to do was change how people viewed baby food because it surprised me when my friend said to me, oh, baby. Food challenge, you go ask anyone squeeze some baby food into a both from a pouch from jar and go up to someone and say you want to try the baby food. It's quite fun to try it. I guarantee more than nine out of ten people say, oh, no don't eat baby food. And that's this owed. If you go PT, and you're lucky enough to have completely homemade food, which some people have the time and all the passion to do that. Which is great. I totally support making your own food. You don't make baby food and taste it and go sweet potato puree. It is sweet potato pureed finger food stained Buckley, arose, deport clay or just because it's for baby doesn't mean it has to taste nasty. And so we started off with the face simple, missions, try and change the way we viewed baby food, which is why actually my sister-in-law when we were kind of brainstorming one Christmas. So this way back two thousand five years ago way before we started, and I was doing my mission vision and values or of that land's day for my business plan, which is a bit over ninety and concept for me. She was saying so what's different about what you do. Well, we make food real food food for babies not baby food issues that you've got it. And so that's when we kind of coined the phrase food for babies not baby food because. We really wanted people to associate with what we do as real food. You know, the next best thing to homemade food when homemade just isn't possible because that's face it. We will have busy crazy life. Not everyone's lucky enough to have a stay at home, mom or stay at home dads, who's able to cook the meals, and there are times simply where life gets in the way or you want off all your traveling. There's so many occasions where we need to reach out for something forbid of how and so I thought actually trying to shake up what we're offering because it didn't make sense to me that if you and I go down the supermarket. I o looking for food for ourselves. You can find all sorts of wonderful great healthy options from coconut water in the fridge. Three to co press juices all the way through in the snack house. You got amazing war BAAs and healthy KO crisps and all sorts of things going on for us as adults. But then you go down the baby I'll it's all things like puffed corn and only puff with some flavors that it too. If you're lucky. Or free pure ways sometimes hidden behind the vegetables titles. So it might be a bit confusing where you're think you're buying something. But it's something different. And so we wanted to try and start a movement of bit of honesty and transparency and create food the as a pair, and it's not confusing. You go down the baby all if you see something called positive count, and kale guess what? It should be positive counting kale. There shouldn't be reversed marketing nonsense that gets in the way. I think brands this is cross the whole of the insur-. I'm not singling anyone out us marketing to sell put up twelve than actually doing what we should be fading kids. If you and you're buying spring Green's, you wanna be buying spring greens. If you're a parent, you're buying sweet potato you wanna be buying sweet potato. And so we set ourselves some really tough targets where we never hide anything behind the title. So on us and transparency comes through. And then when you start introducing Bill males. From around stage to woods, we wanted to do food that you and I would want to eat like, Karen Cowie's and Thai chicken choas and vegetables autos, and all that sorts of food that you, and I would salivate if we're talking about, but then actually make it like what you and I would make so not kind of at any other bits and make exactly as you. And I would make it which is why we were so for recipes for you to try home if you want to and they are the exact recipes, we don't do anything different because we want to try and show a whole world of flavor because as often the adults who put the restrictions on the baby's babies put in the strictures on what they eat where the ones that feed them. They don't want the shopping list and say, you know, what mount tonight do not give me carry again. We are the ones who decide whether we give the Kobe or not give the curry. I think courts really interesting is that you use lots of spices avai. The also, grains and close he meets. I think quite often of. Baby food when I'm buying it, basically fruit touch of vegetables, and that's actually not getting enough nutrient into a baby's because they need good quality fans. They need teams that do also makeup hydrates in the minerals that come from the vegetables and not only is about nature requires is also setting them up for line at the end of the day. We don't drink smoothies all day long. We have the maybe for breakfast or as a snack. We eat whole meals really balance. And I think that if we starting from the beginning or kids, a so much more likely to be eating not later on the line and your obsessed with this flavor window Tommy about because there's a flavor window Cerny low of evidence, suggesting unfortunate, you can't interview a six month old and say how was that? Give me one ten, but it was a study done. I think it was in America where they were confused. Why babies who were taking formula milk that was from an allergy point of view? So they couldn't breastfeed they couldn't have cow meal. So therefore they had to have special formula. And if you can imagine the taste of the formula milk is basically the smell of motivate, you know, whether you're gonna job of veterans owner, sometimes it's hard to swallow particularly when elephant sized pill. So imagine that in a drink form where you have to sip it as though you love it. Can you even imagine that certainly con imagine that? And so they were puzzled by curious by is why when they measured babies receptors like pleasure receptors in their brain. They responded with joy, drinking it. And so therefore they started thinking in questioning whether there's something what's now being the flavor Windham in who knows what it's called scientifically. And there's not enough evidence of research behind it to say categorically this exists. But they're certainly enough evidence to be talking about it. And I think even nowadays as evidence around the taste buds fully developed in the third trimester. So how cool is it to think that the food that you're eating a among when you're pregnant is influencing the flavors of the ambulance fluids. And so therefore as there's swimming around third trimester, get ready to be borne by romantic image. Obviously, that's exactly what it's life for you mums that they've tasted the food that you eat. And now, they even started to think that there's something where the flay. Annoyed go in the blood cell. So as you're eating it goes instantly into your best milk. It goes straight from under your tongue into your bloodstream and the flavonoids come out into the best move. So how cool is it to think that that taste buds are being diverted at that stage? I think that this flavor window whether or not it's scientific there's certainly evidence at least towards it. This study was saying that between the age of four, and I think of the top of my head is four and seven months, but it certainly in the first year there's a thing with the flair who window where your baby's the most receptive flavor than there again. Now, that's definitely doesn't mean that if you miss that flavor window that game over absolutely not an even if we take away from that the dispeat- brave at the beginning. Even if that's the only thing you take away from it. I think that giving parents and I use this words cautiously permission to be brave, and the reason I used that word is because we oversee quite confident when it comes to winning because we've been around. Winning so menu on didn't have a baby when we started the company, but we have a baby now. So we've been through the winning journey widdly halfway through starting to baby food business. But anyway, when friends of us see as giving Alex Tyco, suddenly go that's allowed. And so it's almost like seeing someone to have that will forty totally cool. Give them Tyco e give them a carrot and Covey maker doll, Selena, you inspire me so much with what you could feel this point. X could you talk us through a typical day on his patients when he thinks the adventurous just to get us excited and also inspire antipathy. That is okay. Because at the end today, we've all become huge Feeney's, right? We eat Chinese Fidel might eat like shut Shuka Middle Eastern kind of baked eggs for breakfast. But we're classic kind of feeding kids fish fingers. Is all bangers and mash and pee on repeat? We're not really being adventurous, but we really tally. We don't want out any sugar or salt to offered up until one but other than that it's really like game on my office seat. No, choking hazards. Not all the foods of grace. Oh, absolutely. I think that the list is long of what you can give the Newcomb's. And so I think that we limit ourselves too much in worrying about it. And so I think I'm probably the extreme opposite because not only did Alex have to everything because we own a baby food business. You know, I was really testing off the and so from the beginning, even from six, months, six and a half months. Own words, I was trying to make things like laxes for him where the essence of Alexa, make it kind of miss it up a bit. So it was on the pure side. And then give it to him to count of Chow on and the noises that he would make when he was eighty. Being kind of just inspire you Immelt. Johar? Everyone would have exposed this. Whatever it is that you give them they love kind of. Antecedents that excitement of the food. What is this? You're giving me the weekend is when we really get time to cook. Because the time that we spend as a family really from day one. He was in the office with every day, but pouches most days to lack of time. And also, we've got lots of baby food around the offices oversleep, but the weekends. We gotta thing going where I get up in the morning I make muffins within because he loves just get messy now. And so we give you know a bit of a lion because she's still breastfeeding of can't help out in that time. And so give you a bit of a lion. And we make a fridge my which is basically clearing out in the fridge of everything half a cower in. It goes piece of scraggly looking cauliflower that will do great make fridge Muffin and together. And then we might make something like shot shoot. The day I made in nasty go, and for example, as uncooking kind of talk to him about what I may king. He's fourteen months now. So he's starting to use the word egg and cheese and more and occasionally, no. All his words failures pretty much. Exactly. So then we've kind of try and do something a bit more adventurous than we would in weekday. Weekdays is your classic Povich that sort of thing I was trying fund cap with spices occasionally. But also, we do try to give we want him to light polish poet, we don't want it to always have to be kind of zinged up. So yeah. Typical star of the day the weekend food would be something a bit different a bit of a tree a bit of a brunch and lunch will be out somewhere. And we always try to pick somewhere maybe gets bo- market or something like that. And then want to try and explore flavors. And now, he's fourteen months. You can do that a bit more. And then evening will be whatever goes bit of past the maybe or something like that. How do you navigate and many when you're eating out with Alex because we are in control so much of what he eats. And especially now, he's over twelve months. It becomes a bit easier. We do tend to relax a bit. On certain things. So we don't get super militant about what he eats out and about we just do best to try and order off the menu. There's going to be things that suitable. He tends to love the food. We love because that's what we fed him. Go to birthday anniversary good news celebration. Whatever is tied and surprise surprise. His favor is Thai women go out on me. He loves to tie fish cakes. He loves satay chicken in an e loves the noodles, whatever. That would be Patsy you pad Thai, and we just try to give him slightly less of the socio side of things. But bear in mind that we know that such a small part of his diets over will balance out. So that he's not definitely in the salty diet, so bad like, it's a no, no, we just try to be mindful that this isn't an every day and currents and to try and off the menus best. We can and we always and often mum who's Morgan is than dad's will have something in the nappy bag. Likes cucumbers stick. So some roasted veggies from the day before something and then in the early days less so now he's getting bigger. We would always have a pouch with us. What about yourself? How did you? Very similar trend odor, the nominee thing that bugs the so much is kids Manu Chao me about it. I think that was and I would happily work with any restaurant to get it better. Because. Lychee? The only options are chicken nuggets in cherubs ish fish fingers pizza, there is nothing wrong with these option. But I just think that obscene vegetables is no color on these plays. And it's not making them adventures. And I think the most amazing time to venture is eating our it's when your slightly out of your comfort zone. New surroundings Mamata probably easing something new different that you've not seen to this is a fantastic time to also engage in our I would really like challenge to try and order something off the menu that might work say, I have a slightly smaller portion of it. So they don't get huge portion all shares family few showing plates and just give it a go because this is a really nice place to try, and I think you've got less pressure for your kid to try something new because you're enjoying yourself your enduring surroundings was when you're home they're eating by themselves. You more likely not to his venturous because you kind of like you go into the same zone day. He couldn't say. Things way. So I think off in the main menu. This is actually where the real food the kinsman, you is some places fine. But often not that good. I think there's a time in the places in sometimes a good chicken nugget. Go chicken, do or whatever you wanna call. It is. Okay. But is really frustrating is when that everywhere you go, and again, that's kind of like go back full circle to I started this map concept of startling baby. Food business of being frustrated with people's opinion of what kids, you know? If you go to a country that doesn't have chicken nuggets of the play. If you go travel around Asia, if you travel around Greece and Italy Spain kids, what the adult Z another thing that we would do is definitely echoing what you're saying is we would very rarely orders a smaller portion because even a small portions still huge for Alex fourteen months, anyway, so we were just trying to order something different. And then give something up lights, and then make mishmash of whatever way too. I think it's really nice to eat out with little I know at the beginning. I just had to go and eat out because they didn't want to be all the time. So we to do this walk through one comment flotsam and jetsam fantastic. Cafe forever and barrier, and they have this cornbread, which is also really goes weaning food for babies and share it off his comrade tonight. Have my eggs and avocado with maybe. Swap abet. But to eat out with your child is very much a cool and to get them involved G make mass he no I'm in a relationship with a guy who owns restaurants on its bit infuriating for them not gonna lie, but Derek hey about it e-e-e-e-no. It's just a food on the floor city Morici, much G clean up after yourselves and enjoy it because eating is a pleasure. And I think that makes it really fun kind of August Hanan involved. We also developed a few good hacks that we just go into the habit that what we did when we get there is we knew we needed. What's when you needed somewhere to put away on this? Maybe makes us look really kind of a bit OT or CD. We'd get an abbey bag out. Like, my chef days of wiping down as you go. I'm totally not grading for actual. We don't stabilize our hands. Whatever bacteria. It wasn't like wipe his hand. So another thing that we wouldn't do is wipe his hands as eight because we didn't want him to kind of like obsessed with eating clean fingers wanted to get in and dig in. But it was more when a bit landed on the floor. We could clear up and put it in the bags. So then when you wanna leave it's kind of like a really quickly. It's kind of like she drew and you'll get to go fussy each is what really inspired you to get into the business. You're some season. Because I know it's such an issue for seventy parents and a real heartbreaking issues, especially if you food if your child doesn't also have g you have maybe five tips four fussy eater. I think in the early days try and give as much as possible because I think the more you can offer the better the more likely they are to start finding different flavors familia. And won't be expecting the same flavor. Every single time. They ate so mix it up and don't be scared to challenge yourself. We given flavor. That's number one. Number two be step back in relax much easier said than done. But if you can one thing that I really like is the government has stopped cooling weaning per se, and they start talking about complementary feeding and one thing I love about that. And the reason they introduced I also quite like is that they want to try and encourage the best feeding longer if you can or at least understanding that weaning doesn't mean stopping if you start the weeding journey you're not stopping milk, whether that's breast formula. And so quite like, the concept of complementary feeding because then you understand actually milk continues. But then food starts, and so it's not about one starts the stops. And so the really early days whether you start winning six months, whether you start winning five and a half when you babies ready to start weaning. If you relax and step back and realize that they're getting most of what they need from the milk. Whether that's breast formula. All you're doing is giving them an experience. Introducing them to this amazing world of food. And if one day they kinda like all over and wants to kind of try everything that's great. But then if another day there little bit more, fussy or tired step back, and relax point number two point number three would be introduced textures early and possible. And the reason is there's loads of evidence suggests now that the more texting you introduced the more likely they are to defend up good eating habits. So the longer you stay on pure ways, the more likely you are to have a fussy kid. You even hear some kids who can't move off the pouch because they've only ever had pouches. And so I think a combination between whether you doing baby let winning over you to puree winning or whatever winning style you choose trying to introduce finger foods as early on as. You can't think it's really nice way of developing hand eye toward nation. But also, the relationship of food touching food holding a book Lynn sucking on Berkeley, whether or not they chew it spit out on the floor doesn't matter. But then hold in that Berkeley, really important at the same time as may begin another handful of pure with the other hand and having a combination tip. Number four. I would say see the food you're eating lots of parents feed from the pouch which are totally get because it's clean. It's kind of convenient. It's on the go, but don't use that as your go-to because otherwise you end up with the baby fourteen months who will be screaming for the pouch. And they want to directly from the pouch. If you eat from a pouch yourself from pouch and enter into a bow and see how different experiences because if you suck from pouch bypassing your nose. So you're not smelling anything. But we are doing is. You're stimulating the taste buds bothering the flavors sceptres to put it in a bowl. So when your baby's eating the smell of the food on the spoon comes and they kind of getting all of their senses stimulating, and they'll actually learn develop a nicer habit with food relationship with food because they see what food is. And they understand what food is totally get. Sometimes it's more convenient with the pouch. And I'm not one for preaching. But I think is quite good to understand the psychology of why you would put it in a bowl. So you can make a decision. Maybe if you are nj into a bow. If you're about maybe from the pouch, and maybe do a combination of two tip number five would be probably temperature. The reason is is that if you kind of stick with one temperature of food, whether that's always warm always code you will develop the child is accepting. They also like, for instance, milk, if you move onto milk, if you start off in warm milk, you then have to stay on warm. Whereas if you give Cobo at one time, and then we'll Milton other, and then co milk another time what you're doing is. You're not setting an expectation and you're educating foods different. And so give different temperatures of food. Also, don't be afraid to give warm food. That's quite hot. Don't eat hot food because you don't want to scold your baby absolutely not. But then fail the food is hot. So they understand or hot and getting to learn to blow on it and getting into Karna get to the point where always good way of testing. Whether it's enough is put on your lip. And if it's burns your lipids to you. You. If you're. Come to far the other way. So. Yeah. Temperature to tell that you develop kind of like a curious to have learning different foods different temperatures. And it's all good. I will say my other tips would be persistence. I think persistence if your little ones rejecting cautioned that doesn't mean that they don't like Huish ads. Try again, maybe it's about chopping it up into chip light shapes and roses with garlic in the other or maybe spirit ising as noodles and putting in with your I think it's really good to try and and don't go over. They don't eat that food or they're doing because you're going to narrow down your one start so much if you start taking session food out, and I think it's important to always have color on the plate. So even if they don't eat the cabbage or the Berkeley still consistently have there. So that they know food comes in a variety of colors and also to copy what you're eating. So if your eating all these different vegetables and stuff them will. Like to get on boards. I think those are also really love the whole food face thing as well, which I talk about a lot and lots of parents when they see a baby face. So I've had it before where mothers come to me winning workshop, and she goes, oh, my let one doesn't like food. They always reject food, and okay, come and sit down, and we sit down we set up the perfect eighteen environment at the table, everyone's relaxed food in the bowl lows of spoons on the table, entertain the baby I always pick one. I think would be challenging like Carolyn cowry or something to really shock. The parents almost and debt the spoon in the Karen cover and put it in front of the baby and the baby put in their mouth and they pull a face Conrad. But you can't see my face, but I'm putting face and the automatic says, oh c doesn't like it. And I go, no, no, less relaxed actually babies pull sorts of faces with a new experience. So I dip again on a put it in front of it. And they go. Oh, no. He's not gonna go. If we relax step back and kind of late it's important to try and not say, you weren't like and these emotions onto whether or not baby's going to light something and the baby puts in the mouth and still pulls a face. But maybe slightly less expressed. I kept on going again and again with dip in the spoon going back until eventually the baby eight nearly a whole bowl of this mail. Karen Coweta and before that point had never eaten a stage to pass before. And the mom was saying that she was stopping because of the face because she felt bad that she was giving something that the baby didn't like that so import seventh fussy easing in general is don't let your emotions get in the way because I think sometimes we're like, oh my God. He said they pulled a phase or they threw on the floor, and they don't like, and it's rejection only of the fever of me. And really it's about you at it might be teething and might have had a bad day at school. If the older all the something else going off wind. Bit for. And is also going to come about into an kids have very different easing patterns to us. If we consistently maybe a similar every single day. Whereas a little one might eat a lot one day very much the next day nothing day that and then tons it after because they basically eat when they're hungry than us. What we're just like, oh, it's called Christian property of their time. Even though it's not an hour ago. So I think it's really important to in mind that it might not be about you. It might not be about the food. It might be something hours. Just keep going and keeping persistent think housing one rejected. I can only imagine. 'cause I'm very lucky to have a very venturous eater would be really difficult. But I think these few tips will really help and obviously checkout babies instruments that's got tons of tips on weaning and feeding and for. Etang? It's a really good place to go. I wanna hit a little bit about your hush time in your message, which is future. Foodies all about getting kids to be more adventurous why he misses so important firstly. I think when we first came out with babies, and we kind of launched three years ago, if you wasn't part of our message, it was all about every ingredient used for reasons that made sense because we were really militarism about what we chose to go recipes movie cared a lot. So we thought that several law and food for babies not baby food, and when a creative agency suggested future foodies, I struggled with it to start off with because it felt to me like what does it mean? Because it could be seen as almost an elitist thing luxury to foodie until we had a discussion around the table going. What is a foodie, and we're not realize food is the someone love food. Actually, it doesn't have to be pretentious someone who. Fog, while someone who flies around the world and look at me and Thailand eating an authentic pad Thai or whatever it is a food is someone that loves food, and that can be some loves cheese on toast. I absolutely effing love cheese. And so I am food food. It can be someone who loves ating Cobain's from can if you love it, your food and also realize actually as a pain, we all want our kids love food being foodie may total sense because we all want our kids love food. We all on kissed healthly. We all want our kids to have a good relationship with food to learn about it can be tasty, but also healthy nutritious, and let's face it food is such wonderful central part of our lives. Whether that's sharing meal around the table with the family or whether that's going out with your best friends and eating amazing food in a restaurant food brings people together. Such an amazing thing who want their kids to start off eighteen lovely young. Food stage. I think it's an amazing message. And I think he is a doing such awesome. What they'll like, you all create new generation fees, and I'd really commend everything that you guys do if we look through your bag what we find in your backpack. Our you would find my laptop refined a pad. That's never been written in before. And it's. It's. Not new birth. Never had anything written in it. Good intentions ready. It's very very ready for you would find an iphone charger, and you would find probably some vanden coins from different countries. And you'd find my passport. I'm always ready to leave just for some reason if I ever come from possible ago my front pocket of my bag, and there it is. And maybe some newer van. Okay. Ready for quickfire? Yes. Go what was the first thing? He did this money. Check my phone. What's your favorite eighty shows that C Intego high ten it's difficult to say one of the two hidden talent. I love singing for. Random famous Thai city or country country taxing to king. I'd say probably talking by text too much cooking or being cooked for a love being cooked for but not many people kicking for chef. So very happens. Netflix Addy night sadly net flicks. Bike riders Haxhi love it to be. But it's always tax fast. Liberty crush Cindy Crawford. Still my crotch if you have a CPA power. What would it be always flying on? No. That's really boy. But I just think you'll be amazing to be out as zip up in the air, and you could do other things if you could fly as well. Yeah. Maybe today. Was the strangest gift you've ever been given are being given from guy friend. I used to see every summer untuckit when I was private chef. Really good mates is proper surfing, dude. And he gave me a man bag, which was it was a lovely gift. But totally expected what Jewish you name before he became a dad by less. You don't need the gadgets and probably exercise a bit more getting shape is hard work being that hardware being among as well getting shape exercise bit more get ready for. Yeah. It's very interesting thing. I think you're right. We prepare solids and notionally for this love. We're gonna feel and maybe in our time that we're gonna give them. You're right is very physical being the Harun picking up hitting them down laying on the ground. And is something that itchy needs to be fit for an you need to be ready for it because you can have to whatever the nets. You have like Anita picks up all time, and he enjoying I love it. Say to you today when we're and you can have a really difficult than in the office because he came into work with us in the early days up until about twelve months every day, and you can have a really crappy meeting about something, you know, you lost the mccown or one and account or something difficult at work, which we all have every day, and he'd kind of cool up to the office in a big meeting room in the office. And he just looked at you with his eyes, and just instantly. Didn't even take a second to get over that bad. Whatever it is difficult moment. You're going to such joy. It's hard work damage hardware. We don't sleep. I wouldn't change it for the world. He's he's an incredible, man. She is the app St James, he say he is definitely gets his looks from his mother nothing. Say you've launch and credible flavors of pouch what's next for you personally as well. As in your work next. Personally. I think I would like to find a way of slowing down a bit getting some family time because when you work together no month in a very hot words when you're among Puna and adad partner. So I like to cooler fam-. Pick. But what you know? It's pretty intense. We haven't had the holiday since we've met wishes crazy imagine if we found out we didn't like each other and holiday now, really. Yeah. That and starting a business is kind of two ways of getting so doing something for us or two thousand nineteen I think she'd love to hear this. When she listens to thousand nine hundred and has to be the year about taking a bit of TLC with both of us on family, and then for the business we gotta shout more and getting the message out there because we put so much hard work into creating an amazing product. And I think we need to get the message out there more. So people understand how much love care and attention goes into products, and that we really are generally trying to change the market and do something good. So start shouting more and relaxing, more convex morons of each other. I think efficiently. Okay. Three key messages from this podcast chart said for very long time. So. Even had meetings with buyers who will now for clot work-sharing where an hour later. They're going, you know, this should have finished two hours ago. Come on. So carry on. If there were three key messages. I love listeners could take away from today from all the knowledge that you've given us. What would they be be brave of thing we set limitations on ourselves to be brave? You'd never know what's going to happen. Don't be afraid of failure. Which against this may be the same as be brave. But I think whether it's to do cooking for your letter one. Whether it's to do with a job decision. Don't be scared to make a failure. Because often those failures result in something beautiful that comes out of it. And I think it's the fear of failure stops from doing stuff. So I think that is kind of late. So I'm going to do that as one actually inspired by early on today. But it's reminded me of five six seven years ago. Be kind to yourself forgotten about that. So I think we had a lovely chat over lunch today. And I think it's really important to be kind to yourself and again, nothing you can relate to that. As a pair when waning or when? Staying up. Lifetime beat yourself up. Give yourself a break because I think that life is pretty tough. So be kind to yourself and then third and final tip would be to eat babies. If you run this one thing, what would it be like to be known for started a movement to change the way, we feed all I felt you're doing that. And my final question is just getting your global. I can't yourself because I think that when we look after south, and when we kind of whether that's having a night of all eating some food just because you really want it. It doesn't matter. How we look physically thing. The when we mentally kind of kind of ourselves you have that glow that I think that only other people can say you can't see yourself that glow. When someone says, oh, did you sleep? Well, what's happened? You know, there's something about it. And I think that to end on a bit of a spiritual thing when you're kind to yourself. I think you get your global. I think savings fly the. The. It's very hard for having. And if my first male gas on the globe protons, so thank he so much normally ask where the thumbs on neckers in the quickfire says on. Every time. Exactly. Thank you. Thank you so much listing isn't he just the vast? He's a really really who guy. And I just think that he is creating and spreading such a cool message. I love getting behind, and I love support hang, and I just know that he is making such huge difference to the world. And I really hope you enjoyed hearing his journey. Don't forget hit that subscribe often if you haven't already and leave us a five star be so we can get more mum's going from the inside out, and you can find all the details on this episode in the show notes, which you're out Madeline should comb food slash episode. Fifteen I'll see next week for a brand spanking new episode of get your back.

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