The Vienna Strangler Pt. 2 - Jack Unterweger


Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on the evening of June. Nineteenth Nineteen ninety-one be one thirty five year old. Shannon actually got into a yellow cab and made her way towards Seventh Street in downtown. Los Angeles Shannon excellent was a sex worker. Iran seventh street was her spot. She had a client base full of truckers who found her youthful look enticing as the cab made its way closer closer towards her corner. She gazed out the window and saw a number of homeless men and women setting up their tents in the now infamous skid row at around around midnight a car pulled up to Shannon and the John rolled down his window in a funny accent he asked Shannon how much he was around forty years old and looked rich Shannon hopped into his car and they drove off but instead of pulling around the corner into a warehouse parking lot like her average customer. The man made ate his way down seventh street he past Alameda drove across the La River and pulled into a vacant lot on seventh and thicket in Royal Heights the next day June twentieth. Shannon's body was discovered by a couple of girls picked up trash. Shannon was almost entirely naked. Her Bra wrapped tightly around her neck. Jack unter vaguer the Vienna Woods killer had you just claimed his first victim in the United States hi. I'm Greg Colson. 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Let us know how we're doing doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help last week we covered jacqueline travers mysterious childhood and how he went from Patty criminal to murderer after receiving a life sentence in prison he was able to transform public perception about him through his memoir but once he secured his release he immediately began killing again today. We'll conclude our exploration into the poet of death. Johann Oh Han Jack wound vaguer while in prison for the murder your of eighteen year old Margaret Shaeffer Jack Vega wrote and published his nineteen eighty-four Memoir Vega Foia or purgatory in it. He largely embellishes relishes a horrendous childhood living with his grandfather due to his excessive hyperbole. The memoir helped Jack cultivate an image that garnered sympathy sympathy from Australia's literary elite and prison reform activists. He became a celebrated author writing short stories plays and and children's stories to go along with his bestselling autobiography he successively trick them all into thinking that prison had rehabilitated him in nineteen ninety ninety. Jack Otter Vicar was released upon his release. He continued his charade as a changed man he became a celebrity giving book readings things in interviews but on September Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety just four months after he regained his freedom. Jack began a whole new murder spree spree. His first victim was thirty year old. Blanca botch Gavaa in Prague this week will cover Jack's continuous murder spree throughout route nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety-one has he moved from Austria to California then we'll cover the international efforts to bring Jack to justice. Thanks in large part are to a retired detective. One of the only ones who saw through Jack's reformed literary Genius Act after Jack Murdered Blunk Bochco vow while interviewing sex workers in Prague he returned to Vienna and began production on a play the piece was entitled Dungeon and served as a sequel to purgatory instead of just staying in Vienna. Jack was taking the play on tour. He was hoping for it to become his first big literary success post-prison. Unfortunately it was neither a critical nor financial success and the lack of appraise angered Jack October twenty six one thousand nine hundred ninety while Jack was in grottes possibly with the tour thirty nine year old sex worker Brune Hilda Hilda Massa disappeared in Austria. Sex Work is legal and highly regulated women must register with the police and are not allowed to begin working until the age of nineteen. The authorities are constantly in the know when it comes to the women working on the streets so when police learned of the disappearance of Brune held Hilda Masa it gave them a great deal of concern as the police scratch their heads over Broom Hilda's disappearance Jack in the tour traveled to Dornbirn a small town four hundred miles west of Vienna near the border of Austria and Switzerland on December fifth one thousand nine hundred ninety according to biographer John Leaks while in Dornbirn Dornbirn Jack called a friend of his and complained about the tepid response dungeon was receiving throughout the tour. The friend recalled that Jack was completely arrate. She tried to calm him down but he hung up on her still in a rage that night jack room the the streets of brigands seven miles north of Dornbirn to cool down. He needed to find a way to blow off some steam. Sadly the victim of Jack's rage would be thirty one year old sex sex worker. Heidi Marie Hammer Heidemarie vanished from her usual spot of the night of December fifth on New Year's Eve a couple of hikers making their way through the woods outside the city discovered Heidemarie Body. She was partially naked exposed from the waist down wrapped around her neck was is her pantyhose which had been used to strangle her to death a few days later on January Fifth Nineteen ninety-one Brune Hilda masses partially naked body body was discovered in the woods by a couple of kids playing there there had been a year and a half gap between the murders of Meriva Horvat and Margaret Shaeffer now while Jack was only waiting a month in between kills it appeared as Jack was evolving Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please I note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks Greg last week. We discussed how jack suffered from narcissistic personality disorder however since his release from prison it is possible that Jackson. PD evolved into malignant narcissism malignant narcissism is a blending of NPD with antisocial personality disorder as Rhonda Freeman PhD writes in her article for psychology she today people with this condition have extremely fragile egos and self esteem they can have occurrences of unstable impulsive or aggressive aggressive behavior. It's quite possible that the poor reception of Dungeon hurt Jax Egos so much that drove him to kill while on the road and at the start of the New Year nineteen ninety-one Jackson the process of moving on from the failures of Dungeon by focusing on his next play scream of fear scream of fear was a short play about AIDS Jackass said lost friends to the disease while in prison throughout the eighties during the AIDS crisis he became increasingly worried about the rising death toll and wanted to bring awareness to it scream of fear premiered in Vienna on February February seventeenth nineteen ninety-one it then travelled to seven other cities across Australia while we don't have confirmed proof that scream of fear was met met with the same response as Dungeon. It is quite possible that it did because while the play was on Tour Jack Struck again on March seventh seventh nineteen ninety-one sex worker Alfreda shrimp disappeared from her corner in Grottes Austria about one hundred twenty miles south of Vienna Elfriede has case ace proved slightly different from Jack previous murders a few days after a free to disappeared. Jack called off Rita's parents and taunted them. What made the calls halls even more nefarious was that the families phone number was unlisted in the phone book. It's possible that check forestall free to give them the number just before he strangled her and then in the span of single month between April and May nineteen ninety-one. Jack claimed the lives of four more sex workers in Vienna the first victim in this month long spree was Sylvia's zoeggeler uglier. Sylvia was a twenty three year old sex worker who disappeared on the night of April eighth at around ten thirty PM eight days later on on April sixteenth twenty five year old Sabina Moise was the next to go missing. She was last seen being dropped off at the West train station her usual spot the third victim was thirty three year old regina premium on the night of April Twenty Eighth Regina was last seen around eleven thirty PM near the Hotel Rudolph Shelf before she vanished her husband Rudolf who knew that his wife was a sex worker. Then began getting mysterious phone calls taunting him about his wife's disappearance and her profession finally twenty five year old Korean a rogue Lou vanished on May seventh seventh nineteen ninety-one just a few blocks away from where Sabina Moise had last been seen as the disappearances began to make the front pages Jack in in an insidious move took to the streets of Vienna's Red Light District and interviewed the scared sex workers as a freelance reporter. Jack wrote about about the very disappearances and murders he was committing when some of the bodies were discovered it confirmed the fear that a taken over the whole sex where community Kennedy on May Twentieth Nineteen ninety-one Sabina Moise was found by an elderly hiker in the woods a noose made from her pantyhose was still wrapped around her neck back three days later on May twenty third Carina Rogue Lou was also discovered in the woods like the others she had been strangled to death with her own underwear. However corrine also showed signs of blunt force trauma it appeared that she drew particular ire from Jack or possibly struggled to stay alive causing Jack to beat her in the span of eight months Jackson vaguer had murdered seven sex workers all all over Austria police in grottes brigands and Vienna were at a complete loss as to who was responsible Austria had never had a serial killer before so the thought of one never even crossed their minds and they certainly didn't consider the famous writer Jack Undertaker the same man reporting on the murders as the one responsible however in the city of Salzburg a retired police investigator had a strong suspicion that Jack was in fact the man committing the sex worker murders by nineteen ninety one seventy year old inspector. I'll goose Scheiner had been retired tired from the Salzburg police for some time but he had recently become personally interested in the unsolved murders and disappearances of sex workers in and and around Vienna the press had dubbed whoever was perpetuating the heinous acts as the Vienna woods killer as Jenner continue you to read about the bodies being found in the woods but details reminded him of an unsolved case from eighteen years earlier or Ritz Horvitz death had trouble Chen or since the seventy s he knew that Jack Unterberger had committed that murder but never had the evidence required to charge him with it. Now bodies of sex workers were being bound all over the country and the way in which they were killed and discovered struck shiner as a little too similar to Marita and Margaret's murders Jack had gotten away with killing Marita Hor Vat and skirted his life sentence for Margaret. Shaeffer shiner wasn't going to let him get away with these new murders. I on Friday may thirty first nineteen ninety one a week after Katrina rogue. Lose body was found. I'll go jenner called the homicide division of the Vienna police and tell them to take a look into Jack Hunter Vigor. The police were in disbelief no way with the famed literary genius Jacqueline faker be the Vienna underwood's killer. It was completely impossible. Jack was rehabilitated. Walsh inner was being brushed off by the police. Jack began working on on his next big piece of reporting he had already written some articles on the Vienna Woods killings focusing mostly on the disappearances but after the discoveries discoveries of Sabina noisy and Corinna row glue Jack decided to write a more in-depth article on the murders on June third. Jack walked into the Vienna police headquarters and sat down with chief Max Adl Bucker. Jack told Walker that he was a freelance journalist working for the journal Panorama on USA Rienscher Room folk or all our F- Australia's National Broadcasting Program. He claimed he was working on a story about sex worker slayings at first. I Adl Bacher was apprehensive about revealing too much to a reporter to get him to feel comfortable. Jack shared the fictional story of his aunt's death because she was a murdered sex worker. He had a special insight into that world. L. Bacher acquiesced the police chief told Hold Jack that the police have been unable to find any hard evidence at the crime scenes the time between the murders and the discovery of the bodies had made it difficult for the investigators to find anything concrete because of this they were completely puzzled as to how to proceed in the investigation. Adl Bacher admitted that Austria had never seen anything quite I this before after his meeting with Jack Adl Bacher finally heard about the tip from Jenner. He was slightly taken aback given how sincere Jack Can ben the dissonance between his behavior and the accusations against him didn't make sense to Adl Bacher two days later on June fifth. Adl uh-huh Bacher Watch Jack Story the fear in the Red Light milieu on the O. R. F. While he watched the show his wife told him that she had heard of the man on TV. He was the same hey man who made waves in the news a year earlier for his prison. Release the same Jack who killed an eighteen year old German girl in the nineteen seventies for some inexplicable reason Adl Bacher hadn't made the connection when he first met Jack as as the program continued Adl Bacher Studied Jack Taking special note of his mannerisms. He was still not convinced that Jack was a brutal serial killer alert but Jenner's tip now seem to have some credence to it Jack after all had been convicted of murder back in the nineteen seventies. Perhaps it could kill again. Adl Bacher decided to have Jack surveilled for a few days officers followed him as he drove around town as eight at his favourite cafes half as and as he played with German shepherd when they finished the officers came back reporting that Jack was a normal rehabilitated citizen. Adl bucker assumed as much but he did wonder why Jenner would accuse Jack of the Vienna Woods killings on June tenth. Jack returned to Adl Blogger to inform warm him that he was going to be traveling to Los Angeles. He was going to write a story about crime in the US and he wondered if Adl Bacher had any contacts within the LAPD LAPD to facilitate interviews or a ride along Adl Bacher didn't but wished him luck and said he looked forward to hearing what Jack reported. Don Adl Bacher however kept to himself about Al Goose Chatters phone call and as Jack went to Los Angeles the next day he had no idea that he was suddenly certainly on the radar of the Austrian police not that it mattered to Jack he was about to hit the sunny shores of California and continue his his murder spree coming up Jack Unterweger travels to Los Angeles and becomes the first intercontinental intercontinental serial killer. Have you heard about Sola. They take the stress out of wedding planning with free wedding websites the easiest this wedding registry affordable invite sweets and more. If you're getting married you need Zola. The free wedding website is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes to customize demise. They're hundreds of website designs to choose from all with matching invitation suits then fill your website with photos info for out of towners and even the story story of how the two of you met plus. 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They'll explore the dramatic collision course of our most revered athletes and the underbelly of society you learn about these athletes rise through competitive sports and and how the discipline and motivation that brought them to the top served to push them into their downfall. Whether you're a rabid fan or a passive observer their stories he's carried significance for us all listen and subscribe to sports criminals for free on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts and if you hang around after the end ended the show you can hear a clip of the first episode of sports criminals now back to the story in the spring of nineteen ninety one the Vienna police were at a complete loss as to who was responsible for the disappearance and murder of six Austrian sex workers. Many of their bodies had been found in the woods surrounding the city but a couple of missing women still had yet to be he found in Salzburg retired police inspector. I'll go shattner tipped off the beanies police to check winter vigors past of sexual assault and murder however however the Viennese police found the tip somewhat dubious. Jack was a celebrated author but more importantly he had shown the Austrian government. That prison rehabilitation worked worked. Why would he risk going back to prison by murdering sex workers. What did he have to gain a brief period of surveillance confirmed the polices belief. Jack was a normal citizen. They had no reason to continue investigating him. Instead the police allow Jack to go on with his trip to Los Angeles without any harassment on June. Eleventh jacker vaguer landed at Los Angeles International Airport wearing an absurd white outfit with snakeskin cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. If Jack's goal was to make an outrageous this entrance he accomplished as much when he landed Jack made his way to downtown. La He checked into the city's infamous the hotel cecil the one time residents of the Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Aka the night stalker the hotel see soul known today as stay stay on main hotel is located on south main near the corner of Seventh Street. The hotel was just on the border of the area known as skid row a place known for for its high homeless population and to the eighties a high population of sex work. Jack met several German and Austrian workers within the film industry including Francis Schonberger the Hollywood correspondent for the German magazine Stern. It was during his lunch with schonberger that he elaborated more on his ideas for the articles he intended to write about Los Angeles Jack told schonberger he wanted to search for his American father. Jack Becker the man he never knew new. He had no clue where to begin search but he figured that he should at least try schonberger promised to help with search using stern magazines contacts for the next few days. Jack toured Los Angeles keeping himself busy by sightseeing and researching for his article on June seventeenth. Francis Schonberger came to Jack with bad news. She was unable to find Jack's father she had reached out to her contacts in Washington. DC But ultimately came up short. Jack apparently took this very hard. It's possible that the disappointing news is what pushed him to finally kill again. Two nights later on June Nineteenth Jack picked up thirty five year old sex worker Shannon expertly from the corner of Seventh Street in town not far from the Hotel Cecil he drove two and a half miles across the Los Angeles River and into Boyle Heights pulled into a vacant street behind hind a small hill and strangled Shannon with her own Bra. Jack had now killed a total of eleven women in four different countries over the next few days. Jack cavorted around Los Angeles soaking in the Nightlife and culture he even participated participated in the gay and Lesbian Parade in West Hollywood despite having fun he knew it was time to focus on his crime article on Tuesday June twenty-fifth. Jack got the chance to participate in a ride along with the LAPD for four hours. Jack Rode around with Sergeant Steve Staples throughout the Central Division in mainly in the downtown area he took pictures jotted down notes and soaked in the underbelly of Los Angeles during the day following his right along. Jack walked up and down Seventh Street and interviewed various pimps and sex workers for his article on June twenty any eighth just a few days after spending the morning with the LAPD. Jack picked up thirty-three-year-old Irene Rodriguez near the hotel seasonal. Irene had only been in in Los Angeles for two months after arriving a Greyhound bus from El Paso she had developed a heroin addiction and in order to feed her habit. She turned to sex work on seventh street. According to her roommate Irene left the apartment around eight pm to go to work at some point into the evening she ran into Jack Jacqueline travailler assuming he was just another John Jack drove her to the outskirts of downtown to boyle heights just as he did with Shannon expertly not parked in a secluded area and strangled Irene with her own bra her body was found naked and sprawled out in a parking lot the next day a t shirt a sock and a syringe were next to the body a few days later on July third check went driving through the hills of Malibu in search of an Austrian filmmaker living in the US named Robert Dornan Dornan career was more or less than its beginning beginning stages he had made only a handful of movies before nineteen ninety-one but check wanted to make an English adaptation of his memoir Purgatory Dorn. Helm was annoyed that Jack had discovered his Malibu home which was said to be across the street from then married couple Madonna and Sean Penn Dorn Dorn Helm who had been living in the US for several years had no idea who Jack Winter Vega even was however he agreed to listen to Jack. Tell his story story by the time the sunset dornam had promised that he would look into Jack's history and read his books but Jack could sense that Dorn Hounds promised Thomas was meant to humor him and to get him to leave. Dornam wasn't interested in adapting purgatory as Jack Drove back from Alabama to Los Angeles along the Pacific Coast highway. His defeated attitude turned into a red hot rage and he needed to do something to help himself calm down. He found his relief in the form of twenty six-year-old. Sherry long who also went by the name Peggy booth she'd come to Los Angeles with an eye towards becoming famous but the harsh realities of Hollywood rejection had unfortunate consequences she she became friends with assorted crowd soon she became addicted to drugs and eventually turned to sex work to fulfill her addiction. Sherri didn't work downtown downtown like Shannon. Lee or Irene Rodriguez rather she worked about ten miles away on sunset boulevard in between La Brea Avenue and Fairfax at some point during the evening of July Third Jacqueline treve found Sherry working on sunset and picked her up however instead of driving to boyle heights where he had killed his previous victims. Jack drove thirty miles back to Malibu making his way through the winding roads into the Santa Monica Monica Mountains Jack. Soon found a spot to park where no one would be able to hear Sherry screams. Sherry's body was found eight days later on July Eleventh Nineteen ninety-one off of Coral Canyon road in Malibu. She was partially naked. Her boss still wrapped around her neck the L. A. P. D. was completely stumped as to who could be responsible for these killings. Though they were convinced that it was the work of one person they were only left wondering wondering when would this killer strike again. Jack left Los Angeles just before July Rely Twentieth Nineteen Ninety one he returned to Vienna without finding anyone interested in making purgatory into a major Hollywood picture in some respects. It was a disappointing trip for Jack on July twenty second. Jack was featured on the Austrian radio program. Zik Zak once again he told told Austria the story he had written in purgatory. No new information was given the broadcast wasn't as well received as he expected because at this point Jack Story was old news many Austrians began to wonder why continue to focus on his early life this question lingered in the mind of Shar Lada our the stepdaughter of Jack's grandfather grandfather Charlotta had read Jack's book and was enraged at the libellous lies. Jack had written in order to garner sympathy on at least two occasions while Jack was still in Prison Charlotte spoke out against Jack's claims though who was going to believe a commoner over Austria's celebrated aided author Charlotta discovered that Jack was going to the V. Midst Valley on August sixteenth to celebrate his birthday as part of the festivities he was going to be performing reading reading of purgatory. She tried to ignore the Zik Zak broadcast a few weeks earlier but after years and years of anger brewing inside she decided that now now was the perfect time to Confront Jack on August Sixteenth Charlotta found Jack Sitting at a cafe in v Metz Valley with a group of of women when she began to Confront Jack. He denied knowing who she was but Charlotta wasn't going to be dismissed so easily in her hand was is an envelope filled with pictures of Jack and his grandfather when Jack was between two and eight years of age check rose leaned in and enforce we told Charlotta be quiet or something may happen to you. CHARLOTTA could see the hatred and Jack size the anger she knew then that at any moment the man who killed Margaret Shaeffer all those years ago could suddenly reemerge for her safety. She knew it. It would be better if she followed his order and kept quiet Charlotte. Our wasn't the only one interested in forcing the truth out of Jack Unterweger Peter Grow League and Austrian reporter working for the courier had heard about Al Goose shinners tip to the police at the beginning of the summer while Jack was is in Los Angeles Grow League began to investigate him and he to found the parallels between the murder of Margaret Shaffer and the bodies being discovered in the woods around around Vienna on August Fourth Nineteen Ninety one the body of Sylvia Zog Ler the sex worker who had been missing since the beginning of April was discovered near the village of both both scrubbing five miles from Vienna. She was naked and her body was badly decomposed. During the course of the investigation the police practically threw up their hands in surrender due to the lack of hard evidence at the crime scenes. This caused Peter Grow League to become frustrated with the police he decided to take matters into who is own hands on September first nineteen ninety-one currier published an article entitled hot tip in the search for the prostitute murderer durer the article all but named Jack Outright as the Vienna Woods killer the article may Jag very nervous four days after the article was published pushed he visited chief Adl blocker at the Viennese police headquarters and fished for hints as to whether he was under investigation Adl Bacher was coined with check and didn't reveal that he had decided to put him under surveillance again in Jackson is everything was business as usual however he made sure to be a little little bit more careful now that Greg had suddenly cast public suspicion onto him but the damage was already done Adl Bacher and the Viennese police police though not entirely convinced that Jack was the Vienna Woods killer had at least finally taken goose shiners advice and made Jack a suspect soon he would become their only suspect and a wanted fugitive coming up Jack Gutter vigor discovers a warrant for his arrest has been issued now back to the story on on September First Nineteen Ninety one forty year old. Jack Unterweger read an article in a popular Viennese newspaper that practically outed him the Vienna Woods killer at the time the Viennese police were investigating four of the murder cases Sylvia's Zeigler Sabina Moise See Corinne Eroglu and Regina premium who was still missing a few weeks later on September sixteenth. Jack returned to Viennese unease police chief. Adl Box Office for the second time to fish for information. Were the police seriously considering him suspect. There was an uneasiness keenest during the conversation after a long pause. Adl Bacher confessed that Jack was indeed a suspect however he assured Jack Jack that he was one of over one hundred Jack had nothing to worry about. They just needed to follow every lead. Adl Bacher assured Jack that his name would soon be crossed lost off the list. He just needed Jack to provide written alibis for April Eighth Sixteenth and twentieth and for May seventh the days the four women had gone missing upon hearing this. Jack broke down and cried. He agreed to give a written account of his whereabouts back in the spring he he claimed he could not have committed the murders as he would never risk being sent back to prison. Adl Bacher assured Jack that he understood but still insisted did on the alibis to clear his name on October. Fifth Nineteen ninety-one as Jack was working on his alibis the Skeleton Tim L. Freda Shrimp Jack's third victim post-prison was discovered outside of grottes. The grass police now had two dead sex workers on their hands and new that'd the Anna was having a similar problem. The grottes police heard about the Jenner tip and asked Vienna for help the Ns still didn't think Jack was responsible. All the grottes police thought otherwise and vowed to continue searching for a connection two days later on October. Seventh check returned with his his alibis. Has it'll poker over them. His suspicions grew Jack. Wasn't able to say specifically where he was on the dates in question just that he was working working in Vienna but what troubled Adl Bucker was that Jack claimed he didn't drive because he didn't tap license. He'll blocker knew that was a balled baseline because his surveillance teams had report subject driving around the city. It was a small detail but to eight. Oh blocker. It meant that Jack was more than willing to lie to the chief of police. Jack however continued to work on his investigative stories. He's and enjoy his freedom. A November Sixteenth Nineteen ninety-one Jack met eighteen year old Bianca Marach Bianca. It was a beautiful local girl still living with her controlling mother and yearning to be on her own. Jack used that to his advantage after a few weeks of casualties seeing each other. Jack mentioned that he was thinking about renting the spare room at his apartment and asked if she was interested. She said yes less than three weeks after meeting him. Bianca moved in with Jack Jack was controlling. He never took Bianca out on the town or to dine with his intellectual friends. Instead he forced her to stay in the apartment and adhere to a strict daily schedule yet because Bianca had so desperately wanted to be free of her controlling mother she gladly accepted Jax dominance in exchange. She also enjoyed the sexual intimacy they shared at at some point in the month of December Jack. Inform Bianca about money was a little tight end. He needed her help. The head over heels Bianca told Jack that she would do anything he knew of an upscale escort company that she would be perfect for as a hostess Bianca Nervous at first agreed to at least meet with the manager during the meeting she discovered that escort was a glorified name for sex worker. Bianca was enraged. She confronted Jack who was at the bar with two other women and accused him of trying to pimp her as she fled. Jack chased after her apologized promising to never do such a thing again not wanting to have to return to her mother. Bianca stayed with Jack a few days later later. He got her a job as a barmaid and just before Christmas after knowing each other for just over a month. Jack proposed the naive eighteen year world said yes. It's unclear why exactly Jack Chose Bianca. It's possible that given her youth and beauty. He saw her merely as a way to make money. Jack never made his true feelings about her now but going into nineteen ninety two the two appeared to be happily engaged in January. The grottes police ramped up their investigation. Believing Jack was a prime suspect on January eleventh nineteen ninety he to investigators went around grosses red light district and showed several of the sex workers. Jack's photograph one sex worker identified Jack as the the man who attempted to kidnap her after she propositioned him when the police asked when the event occurred. She told them October nineteen ninety over a week before Brune Hilda Masoe went missing the grottes press got hold of the story and began hounding Jack for interviews Jack. Could feel the noose is tightening around his neck. Then through his journalists contacts. He learned that the police had begun talking about him to Vienna police. It was becoming too much. He needed to get away on February second. Jack and Bianca made their way to Saint Gall in Switzerland as Jack and Bianca fled Austria Korea Dr Ernst Geiger of the Australian Federal Police came to believe that Jack was there man he had listened to shinners tip. Listen listen to the stories told by the grottes police and he was convinced on February tenth. Geiger's sent the Vienna. Da a reported all the evidence they had found implicating Jack Hunter vigor in the murders of seven women in Vienna growths and brigands unfortunately the DA didn't think the evidence was enough enough to prosecute. Luckily for Geiger the Interior Ministry disagreed. They created a Special Commission to further investigate Jack. A team of investigators was assembled from Vienna grottes lower Austria and moral Berg Ernst Geiger was appointed the head of the Commission a few days later. Jack called his probation officer who had several friends in the Viennese police. The probation officer gave Jack Updates on Geiger's investigation investigation. Jack begun to think that might be a good idea to leave Europe altogether on February thirteenth. The grottes criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Jack in Vienna without the Vienna's. Da's permission grunts police planned on arriving the following day to arrest Jack the press got wind of the warrant but promised to not report on it until February fifteenth however on the evening of February fourteenth justice the Special Commission was gathering for the first time the Friday evening distribution at the Saturday morning paper arrived on the newsstands the headline read D- Murder Series and arrest warrant for Jack Under Regular Jack saw the headline and knew he had no time to waste leaving Europe. His timing was perfect because the next day February Fifteenth Geiger and his unit broke into Jack's apartment warrant in Hand Jack of course was long gone but police scoured the apartment and discovered a shotgun a switchblade and a can of mace items man on parole was not allowed to have the we also discovered a case that contained three pairs of handcuffs still searching the police also found receipts from restaurants from his time in Los Angeles pictures of him with the lapd a brown leather jacket and a red scarf while the jacket scarf or taken to the labs for analysis geiger contacted the L. a. p. d. he asked them if they had any unsolved murders similar to the Vienna Woods killings. LAPD couldn't believe it. They'd been stuck trying to solve the murders. Shannon actually Irene Rodriguez and Sherry long for the last eight months with the help of the L. A. P. D. Geiger Geiger was able to connect the receipts he found in Jack's apartment two locations near where the L. A. Sex workers were last seen but the most damning evidence a bit in the police had obtained against Jack was the leather jacket and red scarf. When the lab came back with their results they discovered that fibers on the clothing matched fibers found on Heidi Marie Hammer for the first time the authorities had more than just circumstantial evidence against Jack. Meanwhile in Switzerland Jack went to the Bar Bianca worked at in hysterics. He told her the police in Vienna were after him because an old old cop named Al Goose Scheiner was dead set on sending him back to prison. Jack claimed that Scheiner was framing him for the murders of the sex workers. There's he needed to either. Take his own life or flee. Bianca promised to flee with him as long as he didn't kill himself. She asked for her last paycheck H. Check and they got it to Jax Kar and headed towards France while driving through France. Jack tried to figure out where they could dodge the authorities for good at first he thought Spain Spain was a good idea but as he continued driving through the Alps he thought the last place they would look for him would be the US he ultimately decided to fly to Miami thinking thinking that it would be easy for him to blend in with his outrageous flare. Just outside of Paris. Jack and Bianca hopped on a plane to New York and from there air flew to Miami. They landed on February sixteenth upon on arriving in Miami. Jack arranged for Bianca to get a job as a Gogo dancer at a nearby club while she worked. Jack kept his ear to the ground on information back in Austria. Following the daily news reports on the police hunt for him. He grew annoyed that the police were able to paint the narrative as they had in nineteen seventy six with Margaret Shaffer and he wasn't able to tell his side of the story to bolster his defense he began writing letters and called into Austria's public radio to proclaim acclaim his innocence meanwhile Jack In communication with an ex girlfriend who worked for an Austrian magazine called success. She told him they he wanted to do an exclusive story on Jack while he was on the run and even offered to pay him ten thousand dollars for the interview chat couldn't believe it he he said yes immediately and told them where to wire the money. USA Money Exchange Miami Beach Little dejected no that Gert Schmidt the the editor of success magazine had taken the wire transfer information to the police with checks location. Geiger called the Miami Police Department. They informed Geiger that they didn't have the authority to make the arrest but the US marshals could help them out the next day February Twenty Seventh Nineteen Ninety two Jack and Bianca made their way to the Miami Beach Branch of the USA money. Exchange Bianca went inside to collect the money while Jack State on the street as Jack waited. He looked around and noticed something strange. Many of the pedestrians nearby were acting suspicious frequently glancing over at him. He assumed correctly that they were law enforcement. The hair in the back of his neck began to stand but he stayed patient. He needed the money if he was going to make a clean get-away after several tense minutes. Bianco go finally exited the building with the cash as soon as she stepped out the door. Jack shouted at her telling her to run but before she could process what he had said. Jack took off running down the street. He didn't get very far. Squad cars appeared out of nowhere aware and blocked his exit soon he was in cuffs. Bianca as well. The Vienna Woods killer was finally in custody. Jack now waited a Miami jail to be extradited back to Austria meanwhile out in California via the L. A. P. D. and Austrian authorities began working together pulling their evidence to build a case and as law enforcement units collected said evidence evidence a lingering thought pass through everyone's minds. Was it possible that Jack murdered elsewhere besides Austria and L. A. They soon got their answer as they searched Jack's Miami apartment. They had found a collection of diaries many of which had missing pages pertaining to the dates. Jack's victims had gone missing. The police speculated that Jack had gotten rid of incriminating evidence however one diary entry caught their attention for the dates of September fourteenth through September Sixteenth nineteen ninety it simply Red Vienna to Prague to Vienna Geiger found this intriguing and decided to contact Interpol to see if Prague had any unsolved sex worker murders sure enough the prog doc police did for year and a half they had no leads to the murder of block botch Cafa when Geiger heard the details they matched the murders in Austria yeah and in Los Angeles and based on the time line they were able to establish that Blanca was Jack's. I kill four months after being released eastern prison. It became clear to them now that he had never been rehabilitated while Geiger was in Prague confirming the murder of Blunk Botch Gavaa. Jack returned to Vienna in handcuffs. It was made twenty eighth nineteen ninety two. He had only been away from Austria for three months that night. Jack devised a plan to get himself out of jail and into a hospital he somehow managed to sneak in a razor and when no one was looking cut open vein along his arm. Jack purposely cut the vein in a way that while making a bloody mess would not have actually ended in his life he knew that if he appeared suicidal that he would be transferred out of prison cell and into the comforts of a hospital bed but the ruse didn't work he was quickly bandaged and remained in his cell to await trial. Jack's trial L. began nearly two years later on April Twentieth Nineteen Ninety four the Austrian press dubbed it the crime of the century in Austria criminal can be tried for crimes that they committed in other countries within the Austrian courts Austria took on the responsibility of trying Jack for the murders orders in Prague and in Los Angeles and as the prosecution made their case they called on the FBI and Lapd to testify against against Jack with the evidence they had found in Los Angeles. Jack's defense was simple. He leaned into his celebrity. He claimed that he didn't need to spend his money. Liane sex workers because since he was rich and famous sex came to him naturally the last thing he needed to do was pay for it. According to Psychiatrists Reinhard Taylor Jack even bragged during one of their sessions that he had slept with over one hundred fifty women between May nineteen ninety and February nineteen ninety-two even when facing a life sentence Jack's malignant narcissism shined through despite being charming and witty he was fragile and hyper-sensitive about the reputation he had created for himself and as the two-month trial came to an end the jury had decided that his charm arm wasn't going to save him this time on June twenty eighth. Jack Unterweger was convicted of nine out of eleven murders due to the decomposition decomposition of Alfreda shrimp and Regina premiums bodies. There was not enough evidence to convict Jack. But even justice had not been found in their cases the overwhelming evidence and the other murders earn Jack conviction of several life sentences he was set to spend the rest of his life behind bars but but Jack had sworn to himself that he would not live the rest of his days rotting in a prison cell the next morning June twenty ninth Nineteen Ninety-four. Jack's body was found hanging in his cell at the grottes courthouse he had taken the drawstring from his pants fashioned. Washington not similar to the one he used on the sex workers he had murdered and hung himself from a coat hook. One Austrian public official would call it his best murder Jack Inter vaguer was able to do do the unthinkable with the power of his pen. He changed the public narrative about his life. He manipulated the world into thinking he was a victim of childhood abuse abuse and that the abuse was what led him to kill when he was young those in power bought his lies. Hook line and sinker. Jack was never reformed or rehabilitated. He was a caged animal waiting for his chance to kill again and when he was finally released he he didn't wait long to satisfy his dark urges. Ultimately he was dark and awful proof that even your favorite author you can be a poet of death mark. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. We'll be back Monday with a new episode. You can find more more episodes of serial killers and all other park has originals for free on spotify spotify already. Have all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast rituals like serial killers for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream serial killers killers on spotify. 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It's it's about Olympic runner Oscar pistorius and the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeve steenkamp to hear the full first episode follow sports criminals for free on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts or visit podcast dot com slash sports criminals to listen London two thousand twelve the thirtieth summer Olympic but games the sixty six thousand capacity stadium was full to the brim for the men's four hundred meter semi-final eight of the thirty two who fastest men in the world stood in front of the starting blocks. There was a smattering of applause for the Venezuelan in lane to the Brit in Elaine three received a predictably warm or of appreciation from his home country. The Belgian in lane four fed off the energy of the excited crowd is they hollered hard for him as well but it was the South African in lane five who ignited the stadium into a frenzied uproar indeed millions millions of is around the world were fixated on the man in the fifth flame the starting gun fired and the runners took off the South African can maintained pace coming out of the first turn but was soon overtaken by the Belgian. This was of little consequence. All the South African needed to do to qualify qualify for the finals was finished in the top three but then the runners came to the home stretch and the South African found himself in sixth place looking ahead at the determined runners including the man who would go on to win gold in the last fifty meters. The South African fell back into seventh seventh in the final twenty meters he was overtaken by the Venezuelan and crossed the finish line in dead last several strides behind find the man in front of him but then the winner of the heat the future gold medallist turn to embrace the South African he signaled that he wanted to trade the bibs that had their names printed on them a sign of the greatest respect between athletes the South African man then then raised his hand and bowed to the crowd as though he had won the stadium cheered wildly for him at homes around the world family sat in their living rooms and shook their heads in disbelief amazing some said absolutely incredible they reacted as such because the South African African was a man named Oscar Pistorius the first double amputee to run in the Olympic Games to get here he and not only had to qualify competing against the world's greatest but also navigate the trials of hellacious litigation to prove that his carbon fiber prosthetics did not give him an unfair advantage pistorius had become an international hero a poster boy for overcoming coming obstacles but what he would be remembered for was not his phenomenal unrivalled resume of athletic achievement. It was the result of a single goal night six months after the London Olympics when Oscar pistorius fired four shots into his closed bathroom door killing his twenty nine year old girlfriend Riva steenkamp welcome to sports criminals park asked original every week we dive into the dark side of sports history and look look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport. We'll also uncover how their actions impacted the history of the sport they played and had a ripple of cultural and social implications. I'm Tim Johnson and Carter. Roy Sports is built on a foundation of fairness us with rules that aim to set up equal obstacles for two opposing sides so why is it that so many people within this strict moral code stray outside the law whether that means they simply break the rules of the game or commit a brutal act like murder. There are an untold told number of athletes and others involved with the sports world that wind up in a life of debauchery sports criminals aims to unpack this connection. We seek to uproot how the fame and cutthroat nature of professional and amateur sports can exacerbate and feed some of our darkest desires. There's you can find episodes of sports criminals and all other park cast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to extreme sports criminals for free on spotify just open the APP and type sports criminals in the search bar. The story of Oscar Pistorius is one of the most emotionally complex in sports history in many ways he represented everything that draws us to athletics headaches overcoming obstacles the triumph of spirit and determination an unparalleled work ethic and commitment to persevere no matter are the odds historians was not just an inspiration to Paralympic athletes but to all athletes proving that even the greatest trials can can be overcome the runner also carried with him a confident in light charisma charming his way through interviews to become a media darling not just a hero of South Africa but a hero of the world the attention he brought to Paralympic athletics flooded the community with sponsorships and spectators they had never had before his humble but confident outward persona and what appears to be a genuine authentic exotic vive made it absolutely shocking when the events Valentine's Day two thousand thirteen came to pass in just a few short hours everything the world thought they knew about Oscar pistorius started unraveling at three. Am that morning historian shot and killed his girlfriend. Reva steenkamp through his closed bathroom door at his home in Pretoria South Africa mysterious claimed it was an accident prosecutors called it premeditated murder and cited an unknown unpredictable incredibly aggressive decide to Pistorius that he had hidden from the media for years in the story. You're about to hear we will try and present the tragic rise and in fall of Oscar Pistorius from the most objective viewpoint possible but what will come to light is the simple truth that it's impossible to know what happened on that fateful night whether pistorius knowingly shot his girlfriend of three months or did so believing he was protecting her his actions that night were incredibly reckless. Perhaps he was a cold killer incredibly calculated liar or maybe B. He was so intensely traumatized by the idea of a break in that he was willing to act on violent impulse. One thing is for certain at the end end of this tragic tale. It will be impossible not to form an opinion one way or the other. Oscar pistorius historians was born on November twenty second nineteen eighty six in Johannesburg South Africa without a fibula in either of his legs Oscar's mother other. Sheila knew her son would need surgery to have the lower portion of both his legs removed so when the baby was six months old she wrote wrote her son a letter encouraging him in the trials he was sure to face in his life the piece that stock with Oscar when he read the letter as an adult stated the real loser is never the person who crosses the finish line last the real loser is the person who sits on the side the person in who does not even try to compete. Sheila strove to ingrain this attitude within her young son. Even after the eleven month old pistorious Aureus had both of his legs amputated six months later he was given his first prosthetics and from that moment forward Sheila Pistorius made sure or that above all else her son would not feel different and for the most part he did not he pursued the world with an energetic thirst I for adrenaline climbing and falling from trees launching himself onto motorbikes racing his brother's go-cart so fast down a hill that the pair had had to use one of Oscar's prosthetics as a break it was moments like these when Oskar considered his differences the most as a child he did not not feel pain as as manufactured leg ground for Roche ously against the Gravelly road. It's something else became apparent about Oscar's attitude attitude. He carried with him sort of reckless abandon an attitude of jump. I ask questions later. This type of daredevil persona is accepted in the sports world in fact it's encouraged but for Oscar it would string together a series of unchecked behaviors. There's that culminated in a tragic death. However in childhood there was little to suggest his audacious physicality was anything anything out of the ordinary he took naturally to athletics and this seemed like a good environment to exert his energy but pistorius is childhood was not entirely really defined by adrenaline and athletically fueled outings when he was six years old in one thousand nine hundred ninety three his parents divorced? Sheila began began excessively drinking as a way to subside the turmoil of singlehandedly raising three children when she moved her family to a smaller home in a poor neighborhood neighborhood she also developed an acute fear of break ins going so far as to sleep with a nine millimeter pistol underneath her pillow this planted and immense anxiety within Oscar that stuck with him into his adult years but it was not necessarily unjustified in the nineteen nineties. South Africa was on the tail end of the decades long horrors of apartheid the institution of racial segregation that had dominated South African Society for nearly fifty years despite the political moves toward what a more democratic country violence and civil unrest still rampaged through the nation it seemed at turns filled with random acts of violence and rife with the brutality of organized crime townships lobbied for anarchy. Ak Forty seven sold on the black market for fifteen. US dollars citizens were left as refugees when the fires and violence have territory wars push them from their homes. The pistorius Aureus family even after the divorce was relatively affluent compared to the incredibly impoverished Sarah Gated Black Community of South Africa. The unrest of the country bled into all homes rich and poor alike as the tides of reform force the nation to scramble for any any sort of identity above all else. Sheila pistorious was concerned for the safety and wellbeing of her children which is why she gene rolled. Oscar in the prestigious Pretoria boys high when she brought Oscar in to see Bill Schroeder the school's headmaster he I'd the boys prosthetics aesthetics suspiciously. Schroeder politely addressed Sheila. She understood that this was an institution of the highest athletics standard did she not all enrolled were expected to excel. Sheila hardly blinked and ignored the man's concerned Gaze. Oh Oh yes she assured him. Oscar was quite accomplished. In many different sports this unfaltering determination and belief that Oscar was just just another boy instilled in him and unwavering confidence that is missing legs would not get in the way of anything he did. Oscar's mother made it sure that he never thought twice about fitting in and pursuing whatever it was he was passionate about which is why it hit especially hard when in March of two thousand two Oscars father came to Pretoria boys high to break the news to a fifteen year old Oscar that his mother was fatally ill her excessive drinking had led to an incurable liver problem and during her treatment she suffered from an adverse drug interaction one that tragically took her life that March at the age of forty three the news shattered Oscar but he was fortunately originally able to channel his energy into sports. He especially took to rugby water polo with an incredible server aided by lighter more aerodynamic namic prosthetics Oscar was able to compete within the ultra competitive landscape of the Pretoria boys school that is until June twenty first. I two thousand three. Oscar was playing rugby on the outside wing when a pass came in high and fast Oscar leapt to catch the ball but as he did so two boys slammed into him one high and one low he spiraled into the air and crashed to the ground sending a shock wave of pain through his leg. The drunken fathers on the sidelines drank their beers and goaded. Get up you sissy. I didn't come here to watch my kid play against a Panzi Oscar as he always did gritted his teeth and stood up he finished the the match and pedaled six kilometers back to his house the next morning when he woke up his knee was discolored and incredibly swollen and Oscar knew immediately that his athletic career was in serious jeopardy. There are two things of note about this injury. I it is another example of Oscars reckless willingness to throw himself head first into a situation even knowing his relative Leticia vulnerability second the injury put him on a crash course with the sport that would see him making history as fate would have it the physical therapist that Oscar consulted with his injury suggested a very specific routine to regain gene functionality in his knee sprinting so in two thousand three Oscar began training with track and field coach. Needless enlist to say he took to the sport immediately. A teacher signed him up for a race which he won easily then he anchored the last one hundred meters for for his schools four by one hundred relay and posted an almost mind boggling time of eleven point seven two seconds to take home the victory reveling in the immediacy the issue of his son success. Hank pistorious started researching the Paralympics all the while Oscar continued to win race after race posting ludicrous times for a seventeen year old double amputee then may two thousand four came around and so two did some relatively actively shocking news. Oscar Pistorius was chosen to represent South Africa in Athens for the Paralympic Games but his tenure in the two hundred meter race seemed destined to get off to a rocky start. Oscar had performed well enough that he was set to compete in the men's single leg amputee division. He was the only double amputee in the entire. Field Oscar also so had considerable difficulty starting racists mostly because he lacked defeat to feel the starting blocks in never quite perfected the proper push off this issue came to light as he crouched down for the first round of the men's two hundred meter. Oscar was in the Seventh Lane Elaine. He would come come to hate because he preferred to play catch up in the seventh lane. Almost the entire field lined up behind you. Oscar and his coach had been working tirelessly tirelessly on his starts focusing on making sure his weight hovered forward and over his body to launch himself out of the gates. This is what Oskar was thinking as he crouched on the track weight forward launch out of the blocks strides gain forty centimeters is on the lean Oskar was so focused on his technique that he completely missed the sound of the starting gun for one one point eight seconds he stayed crouched while the other runners took off when Oscar finally came to he scrambled upright and ran after the group group by the end of the first turn he had moved into third place in the home stretch he overtook second and then I as though they were standing still will he crossed the finish line twenty three point four three seconds finishing first in his heat and setting a new world record for the Paralympics Olympics then came the finals seventeen year old Oscar pistorius with a mouthful of braces only eight eight months removed from his first therapeutic sprints lined up in lane five this time pistorious did not get off to a slow. We start from the outset. It was easy to see that the race was never in doubt many might believe sprinting to be an aggressive and uncoordinated sport. A sort of British unrestrained launched a run as fast as you can. The reality is that sprinting takes a great deal of grace a unique balance of stability and rigid strides with bodily relaxation in fluid limbs sprinting has a unique aesthetic from from athlete to athlete the long tall runner will allow the leverage of their limbs to carry the momentum there strides while a shorter stock your person person might look for quick thunderous steps in this way sprinting displays the functions of the body in an incredibly intimate in beautiful way to watch Oscar pistorius even in those early days it was easy to see that he had a connection to his form that radiated type of elegance a powerful but effortless overturning of limbs at once more electric and more calm than every other runner in the field historians thundered past the competition bursting across the finish line at Twenty one point nine seven seconds seconds shattering the world record and securing the gold there was something radiant in the young athlete that day he hugged his competition and looked up at the crowd mouth open in a joyful smile though select few who watched the two thousand four Athens Paralympic Games knew they had just witnessed the birth of a legend once in a lifetime competitor.

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