Hour 1: Out of The Woods


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I'm only care how we feel fellas. I'm excited. I feel great y'all doing. Okay. That's about as good as everybody. What's wrong about a subject for years and years and feel great this morning? That's right. Well, I feel great for a lot of different reasons. Actually, we will offer little while. Of the time, I'm refreshed. I'm ready to Rome. Let's get it guys. Tiger Woods making history. Unbelievable after all his struggles over a decade later. He's officially back winning a masters for the fifth time in his fifteenth. Overall, major before Sunday his last masters title was in two thousand five. Wow. Stephanie, did you say this coming hell, no? All right. But by the way, max out was rolling until you up until yesterday. I actually had been right all of these years, but certainly proved me wrong yesterday. And I can't be happy for him. Because you know, what you need tiger in the sport of golf, you need tug in order to keep golf relevant. And I'm happy about it. This is why didn't see coming up his performance. Even though we had seen that to some degree with some of the non major tournaments the he had won over the years. What resonated to me was kept and hitting it into the water on twelve Mullen narrow hitting it into the water on twelve I thought Tigers footsteps I heard what steps and I saw him creeping up on those cats, and I saw them we'll beneath that pressure. That is what I have not seen for the better part of the last decade. Plus, I did not see that coming. And obviously, you know, what he birdied three of his last six holes. We saw twelfth thirteenth. Fifteenth sixteenth that shadow sixteen was something spectacular. No credit away from them whatsoever. Was spectacular performance. Where you consider the fact that he was he was at least better than Paul all four days all four days he played well at what did not been saying all of this time. I have no doubt that talk, and do whatever it is that the he could do over the course of our day, maybe to my my trepidation was what he could deliver over the course of four days. I did not see that coming. I did not see the intimidation factor, which I cannot be underestimated I did not see God's beneath the pressure. I didn't see any of that coming and the fact that that showed up paticularly yesterday and the final round where he was trailing. And it's the first time you wanna major after trailer. I think is tremendous and I'm incredibly happy not just for him. But for all of us because golf is elevated in terms of interest in our mind yet again before I even make my point if you are a grown person at. A professional golfer. We're no one's playing defense on you know, one's hitting the balls on a tee for you. And you're intimidated by the presence of another golfer should be ashamed of yourself. That's the first thing. Well, you just half the field over the last twenty years, and they should aim to them. No question, if they are intimidated because someone else's also playing golf with them not against them. No defense. That shame. Shame on don't know. Pugilist goss. I understand you come darts. That would understand. Tiger. I knew was going to come back. I thought it was a very good chance. You'll win a major in fact when we had that debate earlier in the year. I said this given the way he played last year. So we had four shots. And now he has another four shots. That's eight shots over two years of being healthy. I'm going to go ahead and say, Yup, he's gonna win one of these. He he has to have for four days for the better part of a week. He needs to have his putting game strong. And if that can happen now that he's healthy. He's gonna win one. Now. Nextradio dumbest. But it's just a matter of shots on goal. If he what what happened with Tigers come back. He was back in three ways number one. His back was back. You know, he talked about he had to get on the floor to play with his kids. I've been there for five one. You can't move anywhere. You turn excruciating. If you need your lower back for torque at all, you will not be good. So as back came back, and that was you could see all the difference. Second thing was the result of the fact that could. Play again his short game came back. That's what he was other worldly at right? His short gapes was backs back his short games back. Then he's back at Augusta. He knows it really. Well, twelve poll for three no one else wants to play that conservatively. Tiger knows. It's a fifth win fasters win. He knows just stay out of the water. Right. Let me just get it on the green. So yet for all those reasons he came back and finally look guys, you do not need the athletic ability to play golf that you need to play real sports. Let's be honest. So like, Tom Watson when he was fifty nine years old almost won the British Open at fifty nine because because the kind of athleticism you need to play basketball and football goes away quickly, but golf you can have a much much longer career. This was not surprising. So a couple of things first of all if you're a grown adult, and you watched that yesterday, and you didn't have some tears accumulate in the corner of your is, especially when tiger hugged his daughter and his son, Charley. And you saw the parallels to when he first won in hugged his father. Earl I don't think you have a soul or it's frozen thaw out because that moment, right? There was not just one of the best redemption stories in American sports history. That was a father son arc cycle of life. Oh, yeah. That makes anyone that has children that might not even be necessary. Go. You know, a little bit misty on you here in this moment. So I wanna talk about that for the second. How awesome this was for tiger in his family in for all of us? I saw this coming. I saw for different reasons. Perhaps you max, I don't I cannot say that I saw a win at the masters this weekend coming, but I saw another major wind coming. And here's the reason why over the last year it became clear that tiger was one of the best golfers in the world. He competed within a pack within a group with Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas in Brooks KEPCO where we saw in two different majors last year. He was in. He was in it all the way to the. I think Stephen a while. He's still came up one day short in those majors. I saw the hints. We saw the the idea that he can play four days of golf. So I began to think this was going to happen, this sooner or later, he would get another major two quick points to disagree with both of you first. I ball max. I mean, I don't know if you've ever competed at anything that didn't require defense. I don't know if you've ever been in intense darts match at a bar, or if you've ever been in a target shooting contest or anything. Pressure of somebody else's performance is weighing on. You would you know that guy over there? He's not going to mess up. What does that mean means I don't have one stroke of mess up in me? You absolutely can intimidate other people even if you're not playing defense, it's one hundred percent happen. But to the weaker psychologically and talking about the best golfers in the for twenty years for your week, psychological. The best golfers in the world for twenty years have been wilting under Tigers rusher. It's so that's amazing there we we need to get you out there. If you could stay the lodge because this bolt on a tee for you. No one's playing defense knows coming to hit you and someone else's also hitting and you will from that you're weak. I wonder why you're doing this. And you're not out there. You know, what you're choosing to be ignorant purpose? And here's the reason why because when you're competing it's relative to what you play. In other words, assure if you're coming from a boxer or a fighter or even a basketball or football player with his office in his defense and somebody can literally stop you. Sure, that's different. But when you are a golfer, the sport of golf, the pressure of knowing that you have to be perfect that you have to be devoid of mistakes because you hear somebody who's been elite in the past nip and tuck at your heels that from a psychological perspective is pressure and pressure is usually psychological more. So than anything else. You know sports. Well, enough, you covered boxing, another, you know, good and damn well that is good point. You're making a good point. I would say this. If there was a competition to hit the bag perfectly, and you had to fight you were competing against Floyd Mayweather, you would feel some pressure because you know, me whether it's not gonna make any mistakes, but I'm. Sorry in the context of sports. I am comparing that to if you have to fight Floyd Mayweather and those mistakes are going to result in you get in your face punk. Well, you as. Are you as a one view has been one of the people on the record stating that sometimes the bigger biggest opponent is yourself because psychologically, it can wait on you many many occasions you sat right in this chair on national television. And you've alluded today if anything Pitta misers that sport, a golf, you can't ignore the fact that excuse me Tiger Woods. Oh my goodness. It's two hundred seventy dip in better scores in the history in terms of the final round. But nevertheless, if you if you're mom Nari, you've got a two stroke lead. If you're Marlin Ari, and you see tiger damage. Friday's here Saturdays here, he won't go away. Right. This is the fourteen tuck champion going foot fifteen. This is a guy that we've talked about in the same breath as Jack Nicklaus and all my Lord. He's here. His back is not hurting his knees hurting, psychologically isn't walked anymore. He won't. Onto say calls cold would agree that in order for anyone that you just mentioned to beat tiger. They would have to block that out and concentrate on their own and I'm saying to you not it's not as simple as that. It's understanding who you're going against undesired old understand. And you can't be you. You have to be damn near flawless. He doesn't focus on the competition. He's just built tougher everything just said or right? Her right by me and took a of balls legacy the moments all that. And you say anybody that doesn't realize that they can be absolutely and utterly without mistake. They're week. No. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is since you are competing against yourself. A point that you guys keep making concentrate on yourself. If that's the hardest thing to do and golf. We're bending over backwards to get golfers extra credit concentrate on your game. If Tiger Woods presence throws. You off your deserve to win your. Here's where your point goes right out the window in a sport like basketball. How many times that we've seen a guy on the line with seconds left? There's no defense then it's a free throw. That's a part of the game of basketball, excuse me. Some of the some of the guys that you've witnessed in the past there demons come out because actor free throw line impress arroz moments. Their pennant how many times have we see in the gosh, eighty eighty five ninety and then all of a sudden agree in Roswell. And it's the free throw. There's no. I'm not saying that pressure doesn't exist in effect people. What I'm saying is if you're on the free throw line, and you missed the free throw because LeBron James is on the other team that soft that's week. So if you missed the puck 'cause there's pressure I get it. But if you missed the putt because there's pressure because Tiger Woods is about a week. Remember, you're speaking in the guy who doesn't believe golf is a sport. But by the way, well, you and I weren't the only people move by the Serena Williams with this tweet. The goat herself saying, I'm literally in tears watching Tiger Woods as greatness like. No other knowing all you've been through physically to come back and do what you just did today. Congrats a million times. I am. So inspired. Thank you, buddy. So in Serena's inspired big things are happening. Everybody should be right. Okay. So woods. Fifteen. Major titles are second. Only to Jack Nicklaus's eighteen west gate Hasim as the favorite now to win next month's PJ championship and Bethpage Black where he won in two thousand the US open so three the tie. For the pass diva. Title going to catch Jack. I you listen, I'm willing to go as far as to say that because I didn't believe he'd get one. But I also said if he got one I think he could get the four it's overcoming that initial hawk. That's the key in all of this. You're almost playing with house money at this particular moment in time. You gotta remember because Tiger Woods hasn't lost. Hasn't won all of the time. What have we been talking about? We haven't been talking about just to injuries. We talked about what preceded those injuries. We talked about two thousand seven we talked about what happened with him and his family. We talked about how the mosier was going because you were so fixated on making sure people were more receptive to you that they had forgive you that somehow, someway, you old the world and apology, not just your family. Your ex wife, your children, etc. You own the world in apology. The fact that you had to even though that wasn't the case in recent memory for those first few years. It was undeniable he had to deal with all of that. Excuse me. That's bypass now. The injuries appear to be. A non existent right now. If you don't have those injuries, and you don't have the backdrop of that nonsense taking place in your life to the point where everywhere you go. People are looking at you raised eyebrow or with disgust and beyond the golf community. Remember how they treated remember how they talked about an at top. Remember, how off the he apologized to those folks because of how he represented the sport and how much he had sullied the sport in his eyes. I'm saying when you have those demons working against you, and you're dealing with all of that the biggest challenge in the world if overcoming it the first time what you do that. Now, we get back to just go. And to me, that's what I thought it would be. And I'm of the mindset it would be toughest for him to capture another major then it would be for him to capture floor. The fact that he I didn't think he would do yesterday. I know I'm having trouble keeping up with swings. Can't win one. Now, he's gonna win full. That's what I'm saying. Straight it to you that he can he it's about that. It was about getting over the hawk look that to me to me about what tiger just did is the irony of his career is that he became this icon that like a lot of fathers and mothers with athletic children's started putting golf clubs in their hands for the first time athletes who may have done other things could actually compete in real sports started playing golf so he came into an era as an older injured player with much better players than the era. He started in. And we saw guys like you mentioned speed, and you mentioned Dustin Johnson and McElroy and all these guys Jason bay one after another these like, young female. Maybe he's the next tiger was he's now in a field of Tiger Woods is always the next. Tiger Woods is. And he'd beat him. Now. I don't think he is if he is the best golfer in the world, that's probably not by much. It's because he's older and they're better. But the fact that he won one that's what really impresses me. So the question now is can he win? Three more just to catch nNcholas. I don't know about passage before more. Can you win three more? I think as I mentioned, Tom Watson, who's not Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods has more talent than he's in a group with with whom Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus, right? There's the only guys you can really talk about in the upper. Maybe he's number one in terms of that stuff talent. And maybe in this career overall greatness, if Tom Watson can do it at fifty nine almost win the British Open. That means Tiger Woods may have another decade. Where even if he's not the best. He's good enough that on a good couple days he can compete. I'm saying, especially if what you guys are saying is true that in this field. They're intimidated by his presence then. Yeah, I'm going to say he's gonna win three more majors before he's done. I disagree with both of you. And I don't like the swings. I'll have to keep up with. I can't believe that to come out here and argue against you or against Michael Collins, which I did on Friday fill in for you guys that he'd win another major. Everybody told me he'll never do it again. I said, yes, he will. Will. But now, I do not think he will win three to catch Jack Nicholson, you you you're in the video, you know, that you're right. You're in the video tiger sitting there watching his doubters talking about he's done your washed. He's a former golfer. He'll never do it again this and that he's watching and he's watching you Stephen as watching you tell him he can't well, he just sits up watch people. Go ahead. And now you're out here saying he's gonna win three's going to catch. Jack, nNcholas I get it. I understand your argument. Basically you've made the icebreaker argument. He won the first that was the hardest now he's back now we're rolling now. We're often running and chasing, Jack. And here's my argument. Why that's not true. I don't think we're necessarily looking at the tiger of old even though we just had this argument about intimidation, and that you can be intimidated. I certainly believe that in tiger candidate people. I only it's going to happen to this field. I only it's going to happen to Brooks kept go on. There is going to happen to Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas this field as you point out max is stack and I thought tiger would win because he's in the field. But because the field exists I can't give them three more in the old days. He dominate he'd last time. He ran out ahead. But now he's got to beat these guys. And let me tell you some looks. He's not gonna will from any pressure. He's going to be there tournament in tournament out. You don't think they can win three more. And let's say twenty eight more tries let's say plays tilles fifth. I'm like if you will more eight more tries it can't win three. Hey, this mess. I think he's gonna win another one this year. I think he'll either win at best page or pebble? But I can't line them up for him to win in his forties, which would be rare. It's been done where you win multiple in your forties, which would be rare again modern medicine granted tiger shape, granted technology grant in. I can't give him three on his own. See here's the problem, which argument number one. You're acting like tiger has to be in order to win see in the sport, a golf as you well know, some other people can fold. That's what happened yesterday to your time out. I'm not saying he has to be elite to win. I'm saying yes to be elite to win multiple because we're talking about. But here's the problem with your argument, you act like this is basketball or football where you have a regular season and then a playoffs and then at the end of the champion this crowd. No, excuse me. You have multiple majors Ichi. And so when I'm looking at it, I'm saying you got numerous chances at the apple tiger wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I think it's safe to say we can expect them to compete in at least twelve more majors in his career because he's going to be golfing for at least the next three years or so I think we can expect to see that. And I think when you look at it from that perspective, I'm saying excuse me who out there, can you definitively say is going to get it done. Remember when he wanted to one thousand nine hundred seventy one by twelve strokes. Remember that he was like eighteen hundred five remember correctly. Remember that door to speed then he was the only person to match that says twenty which was about in twenty fifteen the point is we're not looking at guys consistently and saying, you know, what they're going to be in his way women in his Jordan speeding-up. This doesn't John. Hundred actors eight of them. It will always been with writing. Here's the here's the question is Tiger Woods back. The answer is. Yes, Tiger Woods. Looks like the best version of what he might have been at the age of forty three. But that does not mean that he's back to what he was at the exact, okay? So I'm with you there. However, I think about it like this until he's fifty let's say if his back in hold up, the whole thing at least fifty why not it's golf you're not wanting around if he can do it. He's fifty he has potentially what twenty one more shots until he's fifty can he win two of them in that time at least because if he just needs three to match I bring up Tom Watson again who's fifty nine because in the fifties. He may have another Shawn Watson brought him up. A couple of times is a great exception in this list. You know that the oldest major winters forty eight forty nine years old. There are many major winners over the age of what tiger is right now. I'm not fond into the max Kellerman argument of holding an exceptional individual to actuarial tables. I'm not holding exceptional. Individuals to averages I believe tiger. Like Tom Brady will make us rethink how long you can compete. But I. We'll have to say three three. That's that's actually is going to win one more this. And I do that for the rest of his fourteen is not gonna win. He wanted to in the rest of his forties. Max he would tie the record for guys one in there for what ten in the then in his again in a decade of his fifties to win on. Nobody's done. Here's the other thing. He's not just playing. It's the only reason he is playing. He's not out there just to make money. He's not out there because you know, what I'm young and I'm good at this. So let me do it. He's playing for one reason. And one reason only he's chasing Jack period. The only reason when I look at it from that perspective where you are great again to me and remember and give me credit for this. The argument that I made I made months ago a year ago two years ago, I said don't get crazy. He said it would be. It would be it would be impossible. I said it'd be closer to our kids winning one. But he never went to one. I think he will get the floor because getting over that hump. What it's really playing to be clear when. Molest them before he's done. Catch Jack best one jacket for I want to say this. I don't think he should be marked for doubting him. I don't think anybody should. That's the point of the redemption. That's the point of the comeback. He was one thousand one hundred and ninety nine for you to doubt him was reasonable. We'll see why the offers in the world. Now last year leaving. Offers in the world last year he remained so this year if he's that way for the foreseeable future shot tiger out of the woods back in the game. Very inspiring. What's going on everybody? I'm only man. You are listening to the first take podcast. Let's be real hiring used to be hard multiple job sites. Stacks of resumes, confusing review process, but today, hiring can be easy. 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For more coverage, isn't state farm dot com. Good Monday morning with your sports center right now. I'm Phil Murphy. Sixers nets game two is tonight in Philadelphia. But before moving ahead several Sixers stars had to look back dressing scrutiny from while on the floor and often in Phillies game one loss. I love. I love. We wanna be. Well, so. Using. Could be a lot worse now with board or not. Not. Coach Brett Brown added that Amir Johnson who was inactive for Dame one address the team Sunday to apologize for this sideline distraction. Joel Embiid sitting next to him had twenty two points, fifteen boards and just twenty four minutes. He's questionable for game. Two with lingering. Niece orders. That's it for this sport center right now, we'll send you back to I take. Thank you cell phone gate. It's alive. And well, folks, the Brooklyn nets went on the road took Dame one in front of that Philly faithful how about that. Max how much of this loss is on. There's some of it on it to call it on them beat. It's on his knee. It's on his back. It's on the fact that because of his knee and his back. He's not in the mandate shape. Exactly. He's not in the kind of shape. He needs to be into practice to have his wind up basketball shape is something else. I mean to be one thing to be more. Thrills competition. Oh, Dow just chatting, no deckhand. Right. You can correctly gauge, the athletic ability of participants. That's right, call something you can't do as well in golf, obviously. But basketball. Absolutely. And Joel Embiid. You can see he's not involved in the offense for you know, because a lot of the time because his wind isn't there because he can't practice because he's hurt. So a lot of it's on him. But a lot of it's on the coach, you know, like why is emptied shooting all these threes. When Stephen you've been bringing this up forever about him bead, you know, get down the low block, right? Of course, of course. Especially no matter what the return is on a shot. Eight foot from the from the basket eight feet from the basket. It's a higher return when the guy was guarding. You is six foot eight and your seven feet and you're great at scoring from down there. So if he's taking five threes and you're losing at home in the playoffs when they need you because other guys aren't playing well, some of it's on you. But some of it's on the coach while I'm going to look at it this way, and I won't. I only want to go first because you don't want to play in the NBA out the further you, but I'm gonna say this. Joel Embiid pot three pointers so Saturday. He's attempted four per game on the season. It's something that I think he needs to get away from from the standpoint he needs to find himself back in the low post. He's a man amongst boys. He's got tremendous footwork. He's got moves towards the basket. I think he should be playing more with his back to the basket, which he was doing to some degree this year. Okay. It's one game. I'm not gonna panic. Tobias Harris has to step up and play better. JJ Radic has to step up and play better. But I will tell you this and rich I'm gonna come to you after I say this. Sixers cannot lose this series. If the seventy Sixers lose this. I want to say I want to seven hundred let me state for the record here. Let me be wanna record if the seventy Sixers lose this series. I personally believe Brett Brown will be fired head coach he deserve one hundred. He will be fired as head coach of the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers you can't lose this series. You go out and all in during the season you acquired Jimmy Butler you go out during the season. You quiet Tobia Tobias Harris, you gotta starting five their people what's instantly state championship contenders. Could you lose the Boston? That would not be great. But by could you lose took a walk near Toronto. That will not be great. What fun? You cannot Luther the Brooklyn net. And please don't get me wrong. I'm not speaking negatively out in the one that's been talking about the Brooklyn nets from the standpoint. First of all you've been doing a great job, call some of their games. But it yes. That would by the way, keep it up. But the other thing I want to say this because I watched them a lot this year academic coaches Buttle, he's doing a hell of a job. And and. Is showing more than a hell of a job building? That's gone down. The Brooklyn nets are incredibly impressive. But they are not the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. You cannot lose this series. If you are Brett Brown, if if the seventy Sixers Lou this, and that's why I'm looking at you have figured joy Lumbini, healthy fine. Tobias Harris rents go to better. He's not going to police. That's a one game Tobias Harris. I believe in him Jimmy Butler showed up Ben Simmons. It would be nice. If you scored more than points, you all been simits but Brett Brown. You have too much talent. We appreciate the us. You put in this man don't win this series. This could be a new coach of Philadelphia, and it would be. And if they lose the next series. I firmly believe that look this is the thing about Joel and beat and the nets have struggled all year long against really big dominant players bashes been their story. Look Jared Allen. It's great. But he's a little on the slender sinus at Davis. Great. But he's a backup big. And he's a little bit on the smaller side, when you're comparing Joel Embiid Joel Embiid needs to be thirty plus in fifteen plus I don't mind the shooting part of reason why I don't mind him only shooting four or five three's is because look he's going to take a lot of pounding. And we've know his body cannot take downing. So we can take you out. Have you shoot a couple of jumpers and still use you defensive end. So use you on the floor without getting beat up. That's fine. But really when you said to bias hairs, this is the man that was on the verge of being all star and leading the clippers in the Western Conference, and they bring him in when you look at he played forty minutes and was to for seven you can't play Rettig forty JJ. I told it to him. I told it to get to but JD ratings go make sure he's gonna make shopping also JJ Redick is a guy historically, you can take out of the playoffs because you can just switch on he can't create his own shot. He's a person that will open up the four for everyone else to work just as a diversion bias Harrison the guy that can go get his own shot. Who can't be a Matra problem? You put a big on him. He steps outside. You put a small on him. You post them? There is no way that you play forty minutes. And you only get here's the problem. Take it play by play. Right. Simmons was invisible. Harris was terrible. And by the way, he's a guy who should be able to switch on five positions. And it turns out he can't Gordon many of the five to the end 'cause like I can't guard five physician heal elective. They shot three of twenty five points. Embiid shooting so much either the point is he's doing that. Instead of posted who's taking a beating from on the nets. These are little guys finally read, but it's not, but it's not about him taking a beating from the net. Is that his knee his exploded? And everything that goes with that. I was wanting to read it grew quick, Stephen. 'cause I said he's the liability on this team. And by the way, they also don't have death because they traded up to get what we. We're talking about is really their six man, and he's provided my he should be posting to Rettig can't defend and you see opposing coaches as soon as he's in the game. Right gold. Right. Adam stop right there. I have a point to make. But I'm gonna ask the question. First. Is Joe Harris better than JJ read this year? Yes. Yes. I'm talking about. I'm talking about is is he a guy that kids Fendt is he got to create his own show. Joe Harris to me right now today is better than JJ. Let me say this you I like Johannes could obviously shoot the ball. Very well, we didn't push you Jimmy. We get all of that. Also, get what I'm saying. He uses somehow some way Akerson found a way to get this man three three three pointers. They hit eleven of twenty six three pointed this out forty two percent from three point range, somehow some way kind of things that we allude to about the Sixers you could say the same about the Brooklyn nets, except you've got a coach that's getting them shot. You've got you've got. Today's point switched coaches who wins that game. It's not about the game. We won I understand. That's our job. It's about the series. And look the nets played almost a perfect game. The nets are in the bottom third of the league in free-throw at and free throw makes right in percentage. So they go like twenty to twenty five so even enduring a run the instead of having their seventeen for twenty-five Bigalow? Twenty to twenty five so the nets played up perfect game. We know Philly is going to play better. My big my big issue with this whole game is is Phillies mental right when I'm not worried about the cell phone that was just a mistake. But when you're complaining about the booze on the court all of us here know, the fans in Philly they expect greatness and we've been promised greatness. We've been promised the process and we've been promised of rookie of the year. We want to see some gross of when we see this. And the crazy thing about the booze. Let me tell you about the booth those twenty thousand fans in there had no idea about the cell phone. They had no idea about the cell phone. So all of a sudden, they get. Home pissed off booing all their entire team. They go at Turlough TV. Now, the fine. We're looking at a cell phone. This is what I paid my money to go root for these guys. That's the crazy part about the cell phone thing is that all the booze without. Well, if they're getting blown out it's happening. First of all it was it was against league rules shitting happened. There's no excuse for. Everyone's Johnson is a veteran. He knows better. He should not have done it. But more importantly, again, I'm rooting for the man, I really am because I like web Brown, but it's so it's a blemish on him. You molly. There are certain coaches. You wouldn't even think you wouldn't it? Trust me and tiny wouldn't eve you be patra fi. We're gonna bond organization. Oh, you wouldn't even think of something like that happening? Those are the kind of things that you're going to look at Pratt brand and say Joe what is going really saying? It's gonna take a miracle for him to keep his job. Because Richard you're saying they need to win the next series two is. East is they have four real good teams in the east right now that's going to be tough thing. The one thing I want to say in his defense, though, we didn't know that Embiid was playing too. So last minute. So it is hard to game plan. By. Live ability. He was too. Joel Joel Embiid at the last minute. Oh, my Lord to horrible thing. Joel them beat. No, no now, if you find out what is going down vailable that would be different, but defined yet agreeable new there is there is an aspect of that. But this is more of it. When you're adding him in the last minute is not the issue is your adding at the last minute. And you don't know what he's really going. Exactly, you don't know. We didn't. And he did not look great. I want to say one thing about Ben Simmons before we get out of here. I think Benjamin is going to be a great player. I see him as a version of like he's like a little mini LeBron or or like Greek freak without the shot. Right. But he's so people don't understand how young he is still like the ngelo Russell you see him as an all star. Now wasn't that way? A couple years ago Simmons is so good already. We expect them to be this end. But we leave earlier we need we need to see growth. I don't care if you miss every shot when read I bring it up is because Brett Brown put him in the dunker spot, and it started to work this year. And you thought that was gonna show up in the playoffs. And it hasn't played that control. You can control. You can't be on a cell phone layoff game that you're losing at home. And they did not now. All and all. They did not have you with us. I can't believe it. That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it got their loan employees get there. I'll learn until we get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do what's this button? Do what's this button? Do what's this? Believe that. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley were tossed with foreign change left in Golden State one Twenty-one one a four game win after saving two pairs of double technicals for repeatedly giant in confronting each other. Here's katie's thoughts after the game. How much do you worry about technicals because you only get what what did they say for seven? You worry about that. At all, no control muscle. So if you wanna play with emotion, but do you think Kevin kind of took the bait a little bit with Beverly tonight? Obviously we took the bait and he took the bait and technicals you get seven technicals your seventh. One is a suspension in the playoffs. It's the tilles bold performance. Question of the day. Get ready, Stephen katie's injection was this a big deal too. Big do it's a big deal. I personally would have preferred not been called because. Watching them compete no-one. How Patrick Beverley is. I didn't see non vascular ball plays max take place. I didn't see clothes hang, you know, somebody hit headline guy grills line or anything like that. They were basketball players. And sometimes you look at the league you like come on guys. And even on that particular play the ball was being thrown Patrick Beverley, and Kevin Durant went towards the couldn't stop the momentum of whatever. But did it might be physical because Patrick Beverley was being physical with him. So in that regard. I do think that the call was excessive to throw them out of the game. Just because patching readily jumped up and they were willing to get in each other's face. It wasn't like fisticuffs was going to take place in my opinion. I just think that it's the play offs. I really wish that hadn't happened. Having said all of that that does not absolve Kevin Durant. Kevin durant? The last game of the regular season. He received his sixteenth technical fab it ultimately was rescinded. But neverthe-. The less that was sixteen and it really didn't matter because it was the last game of the regular season. And the slate is wiped clean, come postseason. Top a sixteenth technical foul conscious automatic one game suspension by the league and the regular season, then they wipe it off. And then come playoff time. You get sick. And then a seventh. You get suspended kept at the rent just picked up to he just got to. That means he's got four more to go. Here's the problem, Beverly probably going home in the next four games next five games. Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. You got this one. You got at least for more games in the next round at least four more games in the conference finals, if your gift if you do what we expect you to do they'll be lethal more games in the finals. We're talking about a minimum of fifteen more games to go. If they're going to win the title. Kevin Durant could very well. End up finding themselves spending. I think of this anybody that could control themselves. I think it's him. But it doesn't escape me. Max I've had a fficials on numerous occasions say to me this year. These do some of them need to be thrown out of the league the way that they talk to us. I've had a fish you say to me if you knew the stuff that they said and the stuff that they get away with it's gotten out of control they want to compete against the refs more than they want to compete against other players. I've had referenced helped me that. That's how bad it has gotten. So something needs to be done. And Kevin Durant. Gotta watch yourself because you need to be there because I got news for you. I don't believe the warriors can win the championship without him. My answer is it's a deal. But it's not a big deal yet look game one already to tax. You can't seventh. One is an injection come on K D. You got the whole playoffs in front of you. You got four more. What are you doing on the other hand? Maybe he learns his lesson early. You know, you look at the other to like Houston done have Patrick Beverley anymore than Patrick Beverley is the guy who got under his how many guys like Patrick Beverley is Katie gonna come across in the playoffs. And also because this is being made a big deal of now, you would think you'd be able to control himself now to your point you say, I think you'll be able to control himself Kate these a bit of a hothead like consider this for a second. You always call the Draymond suspension a stimulus package for the Cavs the year that the warriors one seventy three games but fell to the Cavs in the playoffs. Consider this Draymond green is like the Patrick Beverley type of that team of the warriors. He's the one who gets under other players skin and all that and plays the rugged defense, and in certain ways is the emotional leader. Right. Like Patrick Beverley kind of guy you want on your team. Lebron James got under Draymond skin. Lebron James baited dream on into the in into the kind of conduct on my Alosha, which you today that resulted in Draymond suspension, but K D it's not like he got under someone else's skin. He allow Patrick Beverley to get him thrown out by ten inches taller than not. But also that what t-, of course, Katie has to know when they were gladly. They would gladly trade. I'll explain they would gladly trade. Patrick Beverley for Katie if you're the other team here, we'll give you Patrick. Beverley let's get Patrick. Beverley you get K D out. Why is K D falling into that trap and Kenny control himself in the moment of truth? I will tell you this. If there's anybody that could get under your skin. It's Patrick Beverley Patrick Beverley is a pit bull. One of the elite defenders in basketball falls up concern to answer your question about being so much shorter. Anyone would take any tall individual will tell you. There's nothing worse than a pest decking for that. That that that that you know that works on your low extremely cut you off at the knees. They're undercutting did low bridging you doing all somebody looking at you. Oughta is less of an irritant than somebody like with thick muggy bolted. There was a time in the eighties with Muggsy Bogues was an absolute nightmare because this dude about five three five four with pick you up ninety four feet and nobody wanted to dribble the ball up the court against Gede Smith in the eighties play with Patrick Ewing EPA, John Thompson, those boys at Georgetown until the way Pearl Washington. Bookie don't him God rest assaults woma Syracuse stocks. I mean, jeez. Smith was a nightmare. Everybody right now. Eric Bledsoe through that hit boom self Patrick. Beverley is that kind guy and he's feisty? He ain't scared in it. No. But the difference is is that dream on usually arguing and fighting with the rest, Pat, Patrick, if you watch the video when they show Patrick Patrick Beverley sitting there job in Kevin Durant. We know sitting there going like this then in other words, you've flop it. Flock got into bandage on me. You supposed to be the second best player on the planet. Put you fly saying let's go where he was doing that on purpose. That's how active Beverly is. Or the trying to be the alpha of the NBA, which Ron has been Katie is hiring to then you don't allow the Patrick Beverley or the Draymond green to get you in trouble. You get that guy in trouble. Lebron got three on kicked out. Don't get me started with ever league. I don't like the outta the stimulus package that the NBA granted to the Cleveland. Cavaliers all the Bronx. When it's not I don't even want to go with that. But I will tell you a quick funny story Patrick Beverley, this is Patrick Beverley max, he'll say if they you know, he's always somebody in these irritating guy. He's patting him on the backside of whatever I'm going to could at the state was center. I got a drink in my hand weeks ago. Patrick Beverley ballots Nazi right in the bag. Unlike what the hell you do that. He said you want to call it. Everybody's uncalled get hit. That's right. That's what can you have? We talked to school. This is a little bit off the off the. Topic? But we're talking about the Sixers earlier how did they not get Patrick Beverley in that deal? Right. Like if you if Patrick Beverley is on the Sixers right now, we're not having the conversations about the Sixers that we're having having a conversation. They could get beat by Brooklyn. That does the city all the news and all that out. Oh, no. Brooklyn day big. I might.

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