Amy Goes to A Fancy Star-Studded Baby Shower + Maren Morris Demonstrates Her Vocal Warm Up + The Favorite Chris Fantasy Draft


<hes> would not drive a story that you tell off. My daughter was beaten to death and Katharine Townsend host of the true crime podcast Helen gone and I'm heading back to Arkansas on a new case to find out what what happened to Jamie Ward on September ninth nineteen eighty nine when there's no justice done it hurts a lot of people listen to hell and gone. That's H.. E. L. L. and gone on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts around the bobby bones post show pre show thanks for checking out the podcast by the way the award winning number one guests and all of the world at least for a week or a month. I'm not sure how often they do these ratings but thank you so much because listen to this. You're watching on facebook facebook right now or you're listening to the podcast. You're about to hear today show so we just got off the air finish. Today's show and the story is unlimited tacos. They guaranteed that at a Taco festival well. What kind of festival is that? That's awesome. I've been a lot of festivals sign me up. There was a festival in San Jose California where people were supposed to get unlimited tacos but they ran out almost immediately a festival that the event yours promised unlimited beer and tacos fell short of expectations. Some people stood in line for ninety minutes when they got there. There was nothing they ran out halfway through the line. Never got a free Taco. The event ran from thirty six in the evening that sucks yeah. It's you having obviously if you're promising unlimited limited. You need to have a lot extra because all that extra are gonNA get taken right unlimited those a weird thing because some people will be like a unlimited drinks like some bars that have that as a come to the bar you get unlimited drinks. Like what are you talking about. People could die right. He's drink until they die even been to an unlimited drink place lunchbox. No never been to a bar where it's like. I mean I wish they. I don't think that's legal to say twenty dollars. All you can drink that would be incredible. They would say that though business legal but all you can eat buffet now that we hear those stories of people getting turned away because they show up and they're like football players like <hes> so so that didn't talk about that today. We had a pretty good show go as far as in Maryland more on we get to all segments with are pretty good. They liked that segment online. They loved it yeah. She's good I like and then it wasn't awkward. Sometimes what I don't like is having to hang out in here during a break a commercial break yeah because then you just go small talk. I'm the worst small talker and I know Mirren so we're able to talk about stuff like real life stuff but sometimes it also. I don't like guests coming in and sitting before we go on the air because you got a small talk. You don't say anything so now. We've actually improved our system what we would do is we'd walk them in sit them down. Mike them all and then go to them but now I put Mike D Aside order this morning I was like can we unplug the Mike Mike them out there and then when they walk in there they're already wearing the Mike and just plug it into the back wall. Oh that what happened today. I didn't even notice doing law Mike now and so that takes a while to get on a call you do that <music> out there and you walk in just plug that back table in their smart efficient af can I say that why not the bad word right. It's not a bad word to say it's like sucks like the original term improbably back in the day was well that sucks and it literally meant that sucks right like a I wouldn't let me say that right now. It doesn't mean anything you just a term. That's just like well my kids saying it but yeah but you don't hate them saying <music> I they're not allowed to say it. You're torn though I can hear in your voice because I say that sucks and then they hear me then they're gonNa repeat me and then they'd be like mom you say it sometimes. Let's go like you so you don't cause and I'd be like mandated to Dick. I'm not talking about the penis. It's like it's a term that is used for someone who is not a nice person. I was reading this story about what it's like to be stuck between genetics and millennials because the cutoff line for for being gen-x and millennial is nine hundred eighty the official cut up to eighty and there are people like myself and like amy. I guess I'm like Eddie Seventy nine yeah but you would be near that blurb round the cusp so you're officially yeah genetics but if I have like a sprinkle of molyneaux wrecked that's why we get along so well your lunchbox eighty-one so that'd be in there so if you're not genetics but you're not really Gen Y.. Like you don't really bond either one of them so much because you're on the line it's like you're between two generations and they say seventy five eighty. Two of those people mortgage is not on that. You're born like two thousand four now nineteen ninety-three one you feel your identity slightly mixed up. millennials are the bubbly naive side of you in genetics next cynical pessimistic side feel about that you'll care no you can't name more than three ninety nickelodeon shows. Go Amy the Greens Nickel Knicks are time wow nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick nickelodeon green slime one. You can't do that or double. Double Dare Double Dare. was that ninety s yeah. I was a kid Mark Summers Yeah. You got your email address in college yes yeah I think I set up because I used to. We Have A._O._l.. Account I used to go to the public library drive me to the library and dropped me off and I set up a yahoo account in public library while yeah there you go so I did have one in high school but I was basically the Bill Gates. Melamine travelling theatre basically definitely in college you filled out your college applications on a Typewriter Doc minor handwritten. Oh even worse pilgrim style college application. I pry the paper end. You've got to that line yeah and then return. was you pull the lever. The only be ever made in school and high school is a is in typing on on one stupid. Go go back and read ticket. You actually drank orbits and Zima Zima with skills inside its orbit skittles or jolly rancher either you were maybe be still on a new-kids-on-the-block. Yeah had their poster up in my room. You feel torn between valuing the old completely embracing the new. I like new yeah yeah. You don't like the old while I guess I like both so I'm not got torn. Okay a lot of mortgage note here a lot of Alaska where you got your hat on the facebook comments your hat woody from toy story short email me this she was like saw it thought Melania which by the way well let me say this Sean is with my partner from two czars. We're engaged. Wouldn't that be funny guys. None of us knew <hes> you know that show starts back. They start training again. I think in September because the show September sixteenth thinks that it comes back so they started like late August august-september and I'm torn because if you know me don't say but one of my friends is doing the show and then this friend will not be dancing with Shauna so I've got to people on the show that I'm like wow so I support them both but yeah support both where does my loyalty fall friend a or Sharma amy 'cause. I got help friend. Get on the show. I I think you can root for both teams really struggle only Arkansas razorback. It's it at Chicago cubs. That's hard Oh. I don't know I know good luck with that. I don't want to help you tablings where you look that way. People can see your hat there. It is all right thank you. You're welcome Oh so we have you. Have they invited. You back not yet invited anybody back yet but they especially have invited me. It's like Zags. Dude kicked us off a streaming. We had the song old folks home. Got A call yesterday. Talk about later in the show can't put it up on streaming on earth. Just shouldn't ask but you should have done it that you I mean. That's you say that a lot. Don't ask us do it and maybe get about everything well. That's crazy man breakfast fine after the Bungee Hornets snaps no no no no no. Where is he jumping from a high place? I know bet like over water. Sometimes sometimes people do that. A man broke his spine after his harness reportedly snap during a Bungee jump he was jumping thirty feet. When the hardest now the company organized the jumps in the man was in good condition local hospital and they say watch the video no oh not watching a video thirty nine year old man leaping from a platform only to have his harness snap in mid air? Oh can you imagine seeing it to listen doing it was worse than seeing it so they both but he may just somebody watching resulting in horrified onlookers and a broken spine first time you've ever done it. Oh my God raise high into the air he's seen falling downward with his court attached but as it gets closer to the ground is harnessed fails any lands on the large airfield. At least it was a matt. Oh yeah it doesn't a matter <hes> three hundred thousand feet the company wrote on facebook the most important the health of the participant is a no serious danger. He didn't break his spine. Oh he did not listen. That's what they said that listen. This is what the company said but this new store says he did. Oh so someone's lying to us he did. They said he didn't break his by. We okay. We would like to inform you that when our instructors the E._r. that night the condition the jumper was good. Oh when he left yeah but still as his fine broke the got you price bind broke either way Bungee cord the conversation. We're maybe you're broken. That's confidence yeah so saw that mostly use the picture by the way I was gonNA bring this up to yesterday. Kylie Jenner was an integral picture. Maybe we'll travis Scott and they're parked in a handicapped spot. They didn't even notice it. How do they get through <hes> is crazy? <hes> Kyle followers upset after she posted a picture for post two <hes> posing in a handicapped spot not on purpose. The card is having me into behind him. I saw that on the news for someone that values all of their instagram and like that's their image. They should have probably had that figured out here. It is I'm looking at it now and how you would know is because that's the back glass right like you can see to the back of it and you see that that sign that goes handicapped parking. It's on the ground. It's the blue sign that's behind them right dummies because they are not handicap. They're not physically there or not. I give you one more. A passenger smashes the laptop over a boyfriends head on a packed plane because that boyfriend looked at another woman. I wouldn't have that I would've loved to have I've seen yes. I want to see the budget break. I'm always up for drama in an airplane as long as it's not terroristic. LII and I don't think that sort of thing would make the plane turnaround right. It's just a little a woman was caught on video flying into a rage on a flight with her boyfriend and she can be seen smashing a laptop over his head while boarding a flight in Miami boarding. She claims because he caught she caught him looking at other women. Oh multiple women. It just says other women so he was just looking around a lot the woman it can be seen screaming at her boyfriend while patches looked on the American airline stewardesses stood by them attempting to calm the situation but no success they have to get off the plane or now. They're just go anyway they have to. They have to get them off the plane. Maybe the whole plane alien isn't but you have to the woman grabs the laptop turns and smashes it into the head of the boyfriend. He's pounding him with our fists. Oh my gosh as the woman is being booted off the plane. She doubles back to get her purse at which point the pilot informs her. She's going to be charged with charged with assault which she replies fine. Whatever debris issues in there you don't you don't get back with her? You don't you don't long-term rage well. You just don't long-term rage. You don't long-term rage. Someone has raised long-term it. That's is it. What does that was her first time living in there? It's dormant <hes> yeah. Today's will not be as long anything. You'd like to say. Amy Hope everyone has a great day anything. What are you doing to recording some podcasts tonight? Just be up home dinner the kids. Why are you doing anything yet? Now I mean you can come over and have dinner with us. I should do that sometime when I'm in town. Oh remember we talked about. Maybe doing Haitian yeah. We can schedule that. Are Your kids still scared of Voodoo dolls. I we haven't talked about it in a while but I assume it's still the same one of the gotten older and removed out of that. Maybe it's not a thing to them anymore. No I think that would still be a thing to them. You want to bring it up. It'd be like hey feel about this. I know I know no. I mean I guess if it comes up organically but now I don't WanNa be like if you're bad no now I wouldn't do that to them. Nope people hate you believe in that. Yes practice heavily there <hes> yeah it's actually it fortunately my kids in an orphanage where it wasn't practiced. Thank goodness because I have friends that have adopted and they did practice. It and their kids are still dealing with stuff. Are you tired now. I'm Kinda waiting for I kind of thought my kicking all I think hungry energy levels definitely low. Let me say that anyway now yeah but it was low today well now. It's funny because I see amy on the screen and it starts at the beginning of the show she starts in the middle of the screen and then as the show goes on she slowly slides to the right and back she gets drunk. I can sit. I can sit up. I'm definitely hungry. We talked to I feel like we were talking about food today and some point food every breaks when he was talking about something and I'm just like I'm so hungry every day. I kind of not eat right now. Why balls injury wait what what does that? Oh so that you don't go to the bathroom. Oh okay well. You can't stop that we just lay off the metamucil and the probiotics and the what is a whole what else have a whole chemistry lab happening in there but that's not what happened. What happened was black? Yeah Merrill lacks most LAX PAPA lack l._A._X.. I hurt my butthole on my bike seat as really doing those kickbacks yeah it went and I was like Oh. It's why I kept Rollin Poland. Then it was hurt I go to the doctor and he's like all right. This is what you do and it fixed. I thought I heard a fricken. Did it again. I gotTA stop doing those kick. What do you call it on the seat those those Ashdown's? I don't know they don't have yeah. What did it again? Real Drama Ball. It's not good timing and then you're back down. It's like yeah so I have to not eat anything because what happened is why those why injuries. They're hurt because you always gotta use it. 'cause you go into the bathroom. Jim Hill so use it every day. I'm going on the I.. R. For A. B. H.. Injured reserve for a ball <hes>. It's it's so tiny nine your mouth. You get a cut and you feel like all this huge car. I cannot believe they're cut him out to show bigger dominated my whole world. You know that feeling yes and it's just like you can't even see you. Pull your live down in the mirror and it's like the part of a TIC TAC at first. I really didn't understand what you were talking about when you said do injured or but just show time ago he wasn't saying that. I wasn't really getting being exactly what happened until we have a mutual friend that she oh this is conversation fearing sit around and do ball. She heard you talking about Taco box and she said she wanted to like text you then. She wanted to be weird but she was just like I've never know not. Many people have experienced it and people don't talk about it because they're fine. Yes then that's what you raise your ball. Everyone apart you never heard of it but the rigging hurt the terror whatever he did to it and she said that it it is it's like the hardest thing we get over and it was so painful and she wanted to like syntax like I feel you ever support hers was with water like she got thrown off a she was writing to tube on a boat and it's going really fast. She got thrown off and the pressure from the water. Her is so bad and it took so long. What's a chat rooms in about this conversation number two? They're laughing <hes> but whole talk with bobby great idea for do Logan butto talk. More people need to talk about it because I had never you heard of a lot of people are experiencing hoping and I'm I'm the voice of injured Bohol but I do have a chemistry lab in my belly because I've been taking all this stuff. I just have some kind of a stomach issue. This non-related pep do.. Boom boom shout out. They don't pay for that by the way now sitting here we were talking about on our show how much we paid for Instagram's and what I mentioned is I'll do one every few months and instagram post I but it's only for people that I already have some relationship with it. I believe in like metamucil or PEPCO pitiful. I got two things there or bows the general which I'm going to do in what would be great too if I do if you'll like it and I love this product. Just write down on instagram because then they look at that and go yeah. It's working there like what this guy the heck of an influence yes. If you ever see that just go to it'd be are inside joke be like I'm glad you posted this bobby. I was just looking for something to fix my upset upset stomach <hes> and they come to you for that stuff and Gosh. I didn't give me one of those. Get you WanNa what somebody to talk about on my instagram. Some company like I talked to party like they can talk about literally metamucil came to me because I was talking about them in an instagram post. I had nothing to do with them and they were like hey you already talking about us. How about you talking about us and like do a ad and it really wasn't even that it was like me being funny? Ish We're going H. Genucel that was it everywhere I go all the time you do and they were like hey you already wearing it. Let us be a sponsor and who doesn't use pepper abysmal. I do exactly yeah thank you. <hes> yeah get you one of those all right and like I try to push a lot of Waterberg and they don't ever hit me up pizza hut every time I order pizza you tag them. Yeah good for you it. Nothing I gotta follow I got followed by Pizza Hut and whataburger thing but no add sta aiming. I have had these conversations in the office before because people come to amy like crazy advertising hers. He's a big time influencer not even with the numbers that she has although you do have to cut it a dozen followers now. I'm not there yet. See what you got and it's like five something but well that's close awesome IOS five forty five but like amy like her people rightfully so trust her and so if that's something they all they do it or they at least check it out or believe in it the same way if you told me I believe in it and so they come to all the time and then like hey we have these pills feels that it'll turn your eyes yellow. It'd be fun and they offered me money and she she doesn't do it credit. She's like nope not GonNa do it and we'll have that talk like all right. What's our line because we're not going to sell it? We're we're not selling stamps anyway. If so it'd be every fifth post but I guess I may do it once every three months. I've never done it. Oh you haven't done. I've never let me say this. She hasn't done it. They've been offering her money like crazy. We're just not gonNA chase that money. We're not we're not going to let me I know that I definitely love and I'm like maybe I'll note. I mean because I genuinely love Oh. I tag but I'm and I'll keep. I don't even care if they ever say or do anything with it because I know I'm a Fan Morgan number. One's gotTa Change Our instagram name remember to know more number one. Oh who doesn't work here anymore. She works for me over right. They hired him radio girl Morgan. She didn't work in radio anymore. What is she going to change it to regular girl good morning? Whatever Eddie might he's writing this on the screen for me? Yes number two well. Nasdaq's replied to you on twitter yes is he mad should be does he. You say just kidding now. We got stream arsenault guitar while you buck what you said slandered. Hopefully people will go to my page. What does she read that slower ones? I didn't understand the artist has no control over what gets blocked. Why are you sent me up to get slandered? Okay okay so it's not him. It's his people yeah I mean. We've figured that you're setting them up to get slandered. I don't think so he just said that. People go check out the video because he he re tweeted it. Let's leave it up. Okay all right. You don't need you reply to be like makeup like you. Don't want beef with him right. Oh It'd be anybody but legit question is like nothing I I really don't know but if you are the artists. Can't you tell L. Your people or the publisher whoever's saying don't do that. Can't you tell him hey let them do that. As the artist you have any control or no I probably okay probably say what up okay. That's a legit question. I just figured the artist has some sort of control control over his music most probably yeah he wrote the Song Okay Yeah so I thought Eddie one sixty seven thousand followers lunchbox to seventy eight M to ninety five point five tracking toward one hundred getting their m one eighty one point six thousand all right there you go <hes> Nasdaq's. Gosh that's tough. I don't know Yo amy amy. We started with people all good now. Tell them they're stupid. Tell him what's up yeah. Tell him what's up. It's jam. Have you heard tell them what's up I do. That's big on what it can mean anything else. What's up? I'm GonNa tell him what's up. You know I asked him. If keough's cool with you use an you oh cookie you that the guy in the beginning of the song as Keough he's the producer who made the beat yeah all right. Hopefully this happen ghetto controversy yeah. They'll allow for streaming they will we'll Pied B._T.. Awards together next year would love the Nasdaq's and Eddie awesome all right the end. We're going to go. I gotTa go meeting so we'll see you tomorrow tomorrow. We're GONNA Thursday all right. We'll see he gets by writing. I get a lot of emails about coal case all the time and usually when I look at a story I can tell them. The first five minutes probably happened but this one is really strain. I'm Katherine Townsend. Host of the true crime podcast casts Helen going in and asking people what's wrong what's wrong. We're getting the sheriff's office. He said James Dan no explanation. Janey Ward was sixteen years old when she died under mysterious circumstances stances she was at a party at a cabin in the woods in the small town of Marshall Arkansas stores fell all daughter would be today. I'm heading back to Arkansas console on a new case to find out what happened to Jamie Ward on September Ninth Nineteen eighty-nine listen to hell and gone. That's H.. E. L. L. and gone on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts your buddy miss the bombing transmittal about right welcome to the big Wednesday showed just a little note Merrin Morris will become a by hanging out in the studio so hopefully well one she gums ethical and then to you watch it or listen to it. We have all that option <hes> more studio. Let's go over and talk to Carina in Ohio Corinna. Thank you for being a part of the show how are you. I'm good morning per time caller. Thank you very much. What would you like to say? I wanted to let you know that the past few years we've had a really rough go with my son in some sicknesses and we've all been a little down when my husband and I took a little trip to Destin Florida this weekend and I read both of your books and I just wanted to tell you thank you because you send such a positive message to everybody. You completely completely changed my look on the outline. My son is doing better and all I can do. Now is keep thinking positively because I'd leave a great message that you have portrayed to everybody. I wanted to say. Thank you very nice of you well. I'm glad yeah he's doing better. I guess in a sense him onto he's just hitting Dolly playing. I don't know how to react to say complimentary things so I make a joke but that's very and I don't think any as well because of tenpin joy she's always got a positive attitude with that as well and we kind of have a weird sense of humor so tempting joy was our thing and I would wear it to the hospital. When my son was very sick and people would they join them and then I would have to explain it? That's good that's behind. It was hopefully people would ask well listen. Thank you very much for calling and I'm glad things are going all right for you. Absolutely thank you buddy howdy. We love watching you all the time T._v.. And listening to you Ohio loves YOU COME TO OHIO COME to Ohio with raising idiots 'cause I will be there with my husband and my son live in Ohio. I up toward Toledo. You don't own Ohio but I would even go to Detroit to see you if I had to well. I've had you lock down like deep all right. Hey thank you have a great day you too. I think sometimes you know I I I wrote a couple of books. The first one was kind of the story of my life call barebones and the last one I wrote came out last year is called a fail until you don't <hes> for me. You know a lot of people go. Hi just think positively and put the VIBE. I'm not a vibe person. I may train yourself to be disciplined person because once you discipline yourself your set like you you you're giving yourself the tools and so I think you have to think it to do it but I'm a big doer like me riding my bike here right in my like. I'll love it because I do. It and it's there and I've now trained myself two o'clock. I'm on the bike like in their. I D I write it down goes down so as much as you know people. Go out of love your attitude. I'm a big believer in attitude kind of creates your discipline and if you do it a few times you you've trained yourself to be disciplined and then you just kind of stay with it if you see results adults like Dave says right and they said that like did you start seeing results. It makes you wonder to hang in there the longest yeah yeah and that's what it's like with that bike to all that the end this is a metaphor me right in that bike but I hate it but I do it because I know long term. It's it's the right move. Here's the bobby bones show podcast highlight segment of the day now time for our fantasy draft. Today we will be drafting fantasy Chris's any Chris only role. There are no rules in the rule book except Trach Favorite Chris. That's the only rule now each person has three pixel be three rounds. Amy Goes I gotta go amy lunchbox Eddie Morgan number two myself and he goes okay so he goes lunchbox and then we go backward to make it even all right lunchbox with the first pick of the Chris draft selecting. It's easy guys number one pick. I mean I Christie comes to your mind. When you think Chris you WANNA laugh all the time so I'm hanging out all the time with Chris Rock? Oh solid number one solid number one pick all right Eddie. Yeah is easy guys I mean I have to get him early because I'm sure a lot of you guys have on your list. I'm going with Jesus Christ. I was going to use the original trust me is the original Chris Jesus Christ. Our listeners may not listener voting. Wow Yeah you think about that they do you're right. I didn't I thought of legit Christophe Christmas Christmas Father Christmas and see how it comes about Christmas and General Day. That's not a person it's just your favorite arguing about roles guys right. That's the only rule just play the game. You don't follow the role. Listeners won't vote you in. There's by the way there's no fighting in this game anymore. If anyone fight they just go home you tired of all the fighting Morgan Number to Europe. I I was going to do Christmas felt wait. I'll let you have. I'M GONNA go with Chris Hemsworth solid Christmas Christmas Chris Right. You're taking nervous bones. Well that Christmas pick though you've already Christ which starts at sea H._R._I._S. Chris Chris. I'M GONNA go with with the order pick in the draft. I'M GONNA go with Chris Pratt solid yeah. I just feel like there's a lot of value in that pick right here. I'M GONNA go Chris Pratt Amy. I'm going another funny Guy Chris Farley. That's a good I'll take him off my list right dead. We already got Chris Rock. That's just make sure people know Oh. Are you tainting my list. GO AHEAD NEXT DEAD TO GET NOT IN MY mind. I want you to write your second pick. Amy Oh oh yeah backgrounds Neat Kris Jenner baller businesswoman mom in the Car Dashiell Yeah Chris for my second pig. I will pick Christmas. That's right in the second round. How favorite Chris is Christmas boom? Thank you thank you very much Morgan number. Two in the fantasy draft the second round. Who's your next Chris? I'm going with another very attractive actor. Chris Evans Casino Win again from looks. Hey pandered who you wanNA pander to Eddie. I'm going to stay with Christmas theme and I'm GonNa go with Santa Claus Chris cringle. Thank you got Friday. Okay G._M.. Brings in Chris Dude. What how what do you got who solid picks box the last pick of the second round? It's easy guys I'm going to be laughing a lot with Chris Rock and I need a good concert in joy. I'm going Chris Martin. It's all a pick good one. Adam was a third round or scratch him all right <HES> lunchbox. You get your last pick here. Oh I do okay well. I am going to have to have another concert and just give me Chris Cornell all R._I._p.. Recipes Right Eddie who this is tough guys for the last one. I'm going to go with the man that this covered America. Christopher Columbus <music> killed. Everybody and that's not nice. There's Jesus and Christopher Columbus will not get along. I'm just letting you know right point. That's like you don't want infighting team third around God ask for the bad dude and that's a controversial pick then. I'll get a lot of press this season all right Morgan number two your third around Chris. I'm going to stick with my actors others and go with Chris Pine Cay from Star Trek what else he's in a lot. He's also a very attractive well. I got a couple of Christmas up here. We're getting down to the nitty gritty here on the crisis and so far I have Chris Pratt feels pretty solid the space movie which I called Captains of America Guardians of the Galaxy thank you Chris Pratt and then I have Christmas Jeff illustre Christmas Smith my third pick is the notorious B. I G Christopher Wallis. No one thought about biggie amy. Who's your third around Chris? I'm just telling me brings his harmonica. Curse Janssen. Oh solid Chris now getting torn an audience yeah. No I mean it's going to be fun. They know wow I'm looking at the teams here Eddie. I love your picks. Thank the first two I thought give this Guy Aways won the championship yeah and then I came out with Christopher Columbus but if people no I don't think a lot of people really understand how bad of a Christopher Columbus ways so maybe they'll just see. Where are they voting Morgan number two on this facebook okay so they may not know? Do we have proof of all this or is this just hearsay like my friends that are teachers are like they don't like teaching 'cause like in by the way he never came to America and no no no no oh no. Where did he go? He went to the islands Haiti and so when they were looking for back into history gone we need to act like America's been more established. When can we say someone discovered America? There were like you know Christopher Columbus. Let's say he discovered America in fourteen ninety two. He'd never actually came to the mainland. He just sailed back. That's not what they taught us in school. I know my friends that are teachers struggle. Kill people help people is bad. I didn't do that research for a drafted him yeah. I haven't sometimes yeah trade them history. Oh you WANNA trade <music>. I'm a trade him later. Okay you give me Christopher. Columbus worked for Christmas and I'll give you a third round pick in two thousand twenty one anyone all right. Let me say this by the way because C._F._S.. is coming up and Marianne Morris was and earlier and <hes> a big mirror Moore's fan. She will be performing. She will have a spot with her and Brandi Carlile but C._M._a.. Fest Sunday August four th at eight seven central a three hour special and it's hosted by to a my favorite hosts hosts Thomas Rhett and Kelsey Ballerini one hosts that well. We'll see how it goes. That's that's that's right plays. Watch we could use the ratings <hes> special collaborations including billy Ray Cyrus and Keith urban obviously Christianssen who's on Amy's all Chris team thing there near the Chris's no but people like Blake Shelton at Thomas Rhett and there's a lot of people playing like Shelton on it as a dot here. I don't think I saw blake at the show. Maybe that's wrong but it says blake like Shelton right anyway. Watch it. Please watch IT SEEM FEST DOT COM which by the way our family feud ratings for our show. They were up number yeah. Oh we get number pretty pumped about that. We got iheartradio. Put out the podcast we had the number one podcast to and the whole company which is crazy thankful to our listeners that allow us to go on and do stuff because nobody thinks we're going to do anything it was like who cares about the people from country. That's what that's always the word who good people from in country biology from country. Nobody cares that's kind of what is said by all the elites all the coasters throw like country who cares and I'm like you know normal folks like put me on. I represent them. They're going to watch anyway then we lost in John. Party was still mad. <hes> all right let me talk to George and Virginia Real Quick Georgia's calling the bobby bones show right now George. How are you bud a pretty good? How you doing buddy we go? We just had our all Chris fantasy draft. How'd you feel about that? I enjoyed it definitely the whole fantasy of it. It's GonNa cool hanging fantasy. What would you like to say? I just WANNA say man. I appreciate all y'all <hes>. Listen to you all since all started pretty much I've <hes> you know right country music whenever I can but you'll inspire me to don't give up as a dead gets like he got dry and and do what you need to do. Get things done but I'm driving surry Virginia today kind of new Jamestown by the way but <hes> I just WanNa say thank you to everybody. That's awesome. Keep doing what you're doing and keep grinding brother. Thanks man appreciate that remember. It's not over until you quit so the only time that your dream is over is when you quit when you quit draymond. That's when it's over otherwise keep adding keep plugging away. We'll do brother. Thank you. Bobby bones show Raimondo's got the news here on Wednesday got him under Cape Cod Massachusetts more than fifty thousand people are without power. A rare tornado traded one hundred mile an hour winds ripping off roofs downing power lines and trees in yellowstone national park nine year old girl was struck and thrown into the air by charging in Bison. The girls have been released from the hospital. She's doing fine and finally in pet news. New York becomes the first day to ban declawing your cats. You'RE GONNA get a thousand dollar fine if they find out that you did it. So there's a new bobby cast up with Thomas Rhett we talked for over an hour and it was in this bobby cast that he announced he's having another baby which which came out yesterday wow and I told him I said I'll hold it and let you do the announcement and so yeah so here. He is <hes> you've seen now on social media. Eh Him and his wife were having another baby and here's him talking to me about that on the bobby cast. We're having a baby. Wow yeah look at that. It's pretty wild man potent. You are on a girl three girls three girls yeah just when I thought life could not get any crazier we're having we're having another girl and Wendy. When is the baby going to beard you know February third and you know what's a girl yeah we did? We did the blood test thing. You know where you can do the genetic to I don't know Oh yeah you do now. So you can do a blood. I think it's ten weeks new blood test and you can find out the gender and you can find out you know kind of all the stuff about your baby and so yeah we're having a girl we found out yesterday our whole our whole family can never when we shut off these canons that blow either blue bluer paint colors and my whole family was convinced it was boy already had boy names picked out and <hes> we shot these canons often it was pink and I was like dear Lord three weddings three weddings. That's true as a dad yeah. You'RE GONNA have to marry off three daughters and we're not we're not even done. I mean Lorraine wants to have five kids. So who knows now will you. Are you shooting toward five or are you gonNA shoot toward until you get a boy like what's right now. What's in your mind or you just shooting toward? Let's get this one and make sure everything comes out right yeah. We're we're definitely focused on this one for sure <hes> and <hes> I do need alarm both with love we would love to adopt again <hes> whenever the time was right and <hes> yeah I mean Lawrence Summers Five. I think when we get to five my wife will probably be like we can do six. That's just the kind of person my wife is in my brain and going for art. How how are we GONNA do this? We're going to have to have non tour buses for our girls. <hes> on the road you know having having girls men and think before we had kids. I always thought that was meant to be kind of the dad had boys <hes> but now that I've had girls my heart has softened so much and I have never her. I've never looked at anybody like look. Girls like it is in the the emotion that you feel. I'm beyond excited to have a girl but I do look forward to hopefully having a boy one day. There is Thomas Rhett. Exciting is always having another baby and you. I can hear the whole conversation. It's over an hour long. It really was a fantastic conversation. It's always nice to get him a buddies because you don't have to worry about that. Whole who would I go? How do I get there but check out the latest bobby cast with Thomas Rhett Search Bobby cast wherever you listen to your podcasts like Iheartradio and yeah is you heard yesterday's having another baby and that was what I talk about it? Lewis show story is so funny and I'm glad I wasn't there but <HES> disneyworld tourists did not have a fast pass to ride which fast pass is you can go on you can buy I wanted you basically cut line. You only buy one an hour or so so she didn't have one of these and she wanted to go on tower of terror. which is that right at Disney that takes you up and drops you? I think Yes yes I've been on it. It's amazing okay so she's like fast S. pass. I want to get on this ride. They said no so she punched an employee and then sort of pressing all the buttons what's Yeah like at the podium start slamming buttons not good Chicago Tarez who was angry. She didn't have a fast past ended up punching a cast member in the face face and began pushing all the buttons in a place that hey don't do that. That could have an effect on the ride. The twenty three year old woman wasn't charged because the Disney worker didn't want to press charges too nice. The attack began when her and her group are group's embarrassed right course church noxious. They were upset. They're fast. Passes weren't valid for the tower of terror which because there's a long way they know fast passes on the line. Apparently the incident <hes> <hes> was right there where where everybody watches like the twilight zone introduction they say and so again the scene discontinued escalate she goes. Hey you should stop in. That's when she pushed the girl's hands away and she punched the cast member the face that she goes is over start hitting all the buttons is a whole thing not. What did she want to do with all the buttons? I wonder make a crash yeah. Is that her goal all the buttons like she can't be on it. Nobody's going to have a good time like break their legs so awful. We don't tolerate unsafe behavior a Disney spokesman said when I thought that was funny I was laughing before went on the air with it should be in trouble. The CAST membership press charges. You know it shouldn't be on the cast member should be on the park. Okay the park yeah sure somebody if she punched aged somebody in the face. If I was on that right it's almost hitting buttons when I'm on the ride and it could bake faster or stop. I'll be ticked saw where there was some bad weather and they had to stop some of the rides the other day and they just they just stick your there wherever Utah Oh that's the worst I mean I've never experienced it but to be on a roller coaster upside down what's hanging upside down for like four hours of my gosh no because I always nervous that my little harness thing thing is gonNA come loose ride about blood rushing to my head just for a long time more than it because I don't think that's ever going to drop. I don't think harness is going to let me go. I do I think about how miserable it will be. The all the blood into your head for hours elitist Hollywood Morgan number two thirty seven announced that he and his wife Lauren are expecting their third child. He talked all about the baby news with Bobby on the latest episode of the Bobby cast for having a baby. Wow Yeah look at that pretty wild man hoping you are innocent girl three girls three girls just when I thought life good get any crazier. We're having we're having another girl. McIntyre has joined the voice cast of the animation movie called spies in disguise. The movie also features will Smith and Tom Paulin and we'll be in theaters. This Christmas billy ray Cyrus in little nods axes old town road is up for seven nominations at the MTV video music music awards including Song of the year and best collaboration of the year. I'M WE'RE GONNA do. That's your skin. It's time for the good news amy man they're still little girls and they are awesome. Sisters sisters one thirteen one eight years old and they are reading bedtime stories on facebook live for other kids whose parents might be too busy a bedtime to read to them. Oh that's pretty good yeah so those stories say how many well they have like a hundred or so of yours going up there on inside edition of inside edition they'll gain traction but one of the girl's name is Aria and the other one is Haley so shout out to them each Sunday the girls that visit the library to pick out the books that they're gonna read for the week for the week and then they read stories five nights out of the week that is really cool. I get a lot more viewers because it's making the news yeah for sure and I want you make inside edition your whole world changes and honestly someday I mean I'll hook them up with my kids. Sometimes you not feel like doing that. Nighttime reading. I'm so tired seems like only read to me and I'm like <hes> not tonight but he won't please let me know here's friends because there's no networks in their rooms but I might take my computer in there. Be like a special treat. Zarian Haley are going to read to you. Thanks girls. I was watching your story and your daughter was watching catching some Arabic show on youtube guy and now she wants to go well. She doesn't know how to say it but she's like. Can we go to Arabic like she wants to travel to Arabic and yeah but that this little yeah Arabic kid some show. That's on Youtube I I mean it's kind of funny but I have no idea what they're saying and it's got eighteen million views and when I posted about it I got so many replies from people that are like Y'all my kids watch these weird youtube videos. I've no idea what they are and I don't even know why they're into it but they are how they find it. I have no idea I think he goes most it just shows up as popular or mo searched or something and she somehow or suggested for you for so for some reason she loves watching things in all kinds of languages I good maybe that's good yeah you do. Does she still practice or creole French now. Sometimes like last week this Haitian babysitter that we have came over and they shall speak creole with her because she's like a college student here in Nashville still speaks creole and yeah so that's when she gets to use it but other than that by poor Stevenson he's forgotten at all which bums me out well listen. We don't want in Sour note that is tell me something that was telling me something good show. This story comes to the Shrimp Garden City Georgia. A woman went into McDonalds ordered some food some fries left and she came back about ten minutes later pulls out a gun boom fires into the Ford says wire my fries call four yes yeah. She wanted to get their attention so they gave her new. Fry's gave her a refund. She drove away but they wrote her license plate down. She was arrested a few blocks later. How'd she get a gun I she I guess she had it in her car and when she came back she was angry? She had to come back for the fries. Is that were cold. I'm assuming she didn't get that from a background. Check establishment table thing no one that shoots into the floor of McDonald's would be cleared. Someone that has a stable background yeah wow that's crazy and she didn't have a mask on never mask on or anything they just wrote down her license plate and no word on if she ate the fries before she got pulled over you know all right lunchbox box at your boneheads story today hi this is Mark Murphy and I'm the host of a new podcast from iheartradio called food three sixty some of you may know me as a chef and a New York restaurant tour maybe recognize my voice is one of the judges on food network's chopped. I've been cooking for over thirty years but I'm not done learning about food yet yet. Either join me as we take a three hundred sixty degree look at history science culture and more all through the lens of food. It's about sugar right and understanding mylar affect its chemistry. It is protein and fat and feet. I was a the American chef opening a restaurant in New York City which was highly unusual hair new house at the new Animal Zoo. You know let's go see that new animals striped exactly writing the recipe itself. Don't be flowery. Don't be purple. Get that information Asian across really what's writing on your recipes. Someone Else's dinner be sure to subscribe to food three sixty on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite shows so what do think about carpeted bathrooms not into it at all. My parents had carpeted bathroom growing up but I think it's because it was like the eighties. I don't know it's so weird to me. A woman spend the weekend with her grandmother. Other was surprised by the interior of her house and so this was on Reddit and so she was like hey I go into the bathroom. There's carpet everywhere. I want to take a shower and I was getting my clothes ready and carpet on the ground is is that disgusting or not guess. Do you think it's disgusting like visually or like journeys. It's like water. I feel like everywhere I don't like it more difficult to clean like yeah I just have flashbacks of how it fell when I get out out of the bath or the shower at my parents house and like anywhere like it was in their entire bathroom like where the toilet was everything I mean they had a pretty spacious bathroom and it was entirely carpet for me. It's more germy because as a dude sometimes you just missed the toilet me yeah that means. There's pee on the carpet yeah yeah. That was a bathroom. Oh I love it. I love it because I love when I take my shoes off to rub my feet on carpet so it is the best feeling ever will your wet feet. When you get out of shower hanging out there yeah mats different and you can throw that in the wash which you should yeah y'all wash those right? Your shower mets yeah. I do inasmuch shake him out. Throw it probably every three months. You should wash it. More shower met yeah the one that they knew steph out on right when you get it. Put a towel down okay. I don't have a shower man and you know what put a towel down. All the time. I get out what Nope I drop in the shower for the most part. Oh see that's interesting. That's a debate to that. I had with a friend recently is like do you do you towel dry off inside the shower or outside. I drop inside because I don't always have a towel put under there and mostly and I don't don't know if you're gonNA think less than me after this I only about one clean towel. I'm a single guy I keep about one towel clean and I just kind of keep it on a one towel rotation and so that's why I don't know how to put down so I just dry off completely in the shower hidden. Get Out and then go fetch them onto where that makes sense you outside. I get out get out soaking wet brush arc it out. I out of the shower. It's on the hook outside the shower. I step out grab it show and towel off and I don't really tell that much is one of those scrub and I'm usually wet went up mcglone. That's gross all right. Here are the three biggest songs and country music at number three Blake Shelton. God's country God's country so that's number one for two weeks and it's number three this week regulations to Blake Shelton massive song and number two lou combs beer ear never broke my heart lambs new number one song in this league here on the countdown. It's Eric Church some of it illegal. I think this week mirror and more song goes number one. If I'm guessing she's GonNa come in later today so I think that girl will be the number one song this week if I'm having a look ahead in the future <hes> on the pop side the number one song is I don't Care Ed Sheeran Justin Bieber Hugo mouth. Maybe with my baby. It's got and the number one alternative song and I love this band and I love their record. Its head in the heart. This is called missed connection convection. Those big songs and music McKinley in Oklahoma is on the phone. Hey McKinley welcome to the bobby bones show hi bobby. I wanted to know how your dog was doing in. How everyone on the show is doing all right? We'll start with the dog. A dog is now ten weeks old eleven weeks old <hes> living his life. He's actually pretty fun to hang out with. Sometimes he used to be fun to hang out with no times because he was so puppy and this was fighting all the time now he kind of chills out about eighteen percent of the time he eats the floor now which is new thing but he's not chewing on humans as much still some. I tried to wear him out in the daytime. He jumped in the poll with his life jacket on by himself off. Oh that's fine. He's only fourteen pounds is still small but I put the life jacket on them and I knew it to do well. I was in it and he was annoyed. He wasn't with me yeah. It's annoy wearing a life jacket but it's like all right. I'm out JEB. Bush jumped right in that's so acute and he didn't just swim around he was like Oh. What do I do so I grabbed him and I just kind of moved around? I just WANNA make him comfortable with water. bulldogs are not supposed to be swimming by themselves. They have so much skin. They sink <hes>. Do you put a life jacket on them and yeah cool so it's pretty good I for another week or so. I'm going to have someone come a walk him at one of the morning and so it's like a dog walker most people that have someone come at noon if they were gone for eight hours for me. Someone comes at one in the morning schedules a bit odd and I think it's going. I'm pretty good. He eats he loves he knows what that means. Mushroom knows his name yet which is Stanley not all comes soon right think but that's how the dog's going and I'm doing pretty good. Thanks for asking we've got a pretty good show. Amy was how you doing. I'm doing great Mike. Everything's really good. My kids are in their last few weeks of summer and we're trying to enjoy and soak it all up before they hit the grind box how you doing man I'm doing great. My Co ed soccer team started the season four. No we go for game number five tonight so we're undefeated in first employees and I mean looking like the class the league right now and Eddie Producer Eddie how're you doing. I'm getting better. My wife had <hes> a pneumonia so she's kind of been like really in bed. A lot and Kinda just hired. She's pushing through but I mean I'm in having to carry that dad load and some little tired but I mean I'm getting better and she's feeling a lot better now so we're we're in the up and up while McKinley hope. We answered all that for you thank you thanks for calling. She is McKinley by the way Ed Sheeran bought the houses on both sides of his home because he was getting noise complaints and so he goes all right you guys WanNa play by Your House baller from his music. hardees all slasher being being Ed Sheeran as amy says life the the twenty five million dollar home in London but was having trouble with his neighbors complaining so he bought a both properties. It's been another five million bucks and you know his property. I mean I have no idea but I'm picturing seventeen and picture but surely if it's twenty five million he's on some land right and then there's probably land neighbors would probably right next door unless he's one of those flats <hes> neighbors pretty close and they are pretty close bowl show. Leo DiCaprio has a no contact policy headed on the set out of once upon a time in Hollywood that new movie according to a new report from the Hollywood reporter he maintains such persona in the movie that it actually is what he wanted on the set. I think about that. That's crazy to me. Quote off camera the cafe AU has maintained a carefully crafted air of mystery some crew members on once upon a time. We're instructed to avoid making eye contact with them. According to an onset source which sounds tense the revelation was made a part of the analysis looking into the Caprio in what they call Hollywood's last movie star so that's an interesting thing. I always find it interesting that people think people looking at them in the is is is some sort of insult or means. You're even if you look me in the eyes like I require only stare. Them is the whole time logged on home. Everybody must make the whole time awkwardly. Hold it everywhere I go. That's always a weird thing that you hear about people doing that. I have never actually heard of anyone's name. Specifically mentioned like domain guy contact but they say the CAPRIO had that didn't Steve Harvey have something one time don't you Steve Harvey was like when I'm walking down the hall after a show. Don't stop me and talk to me yeah. Let me get to my room. 'CAUSE I'm tired like Saddam meeting like I got it yeah. He got some. He got some bad publicity but I kind of agreed. He's busy with what he was saying about himself. He's like I just got off the air. I'm trying to get my room and kind of relaxed down for A. Second like please don't stop me in the hallway. Let me get my moment. <hes> if you're like oh Steve Harvey and you know what probably McCaffrey of the story probably not as crazy as they right. I don't know it just has to Capri. Who hasn't I'm working on? I'm tired of people look at me. In the AH are so tired I need my moment tired of having contact so yeah it does look good. Though is this the Steve Harvey Note Mike Okay. Here's the Steve Harvey Known Good Morning. Everyone welcome back. I like you all to review and adhere to the following notes in rules for season five on my talk show there will be no meetings in my dressing room no stopping buyer popping in no one to not come to my dressing room unless invited by the way I'm talking. I'm totally in on this so far this Israel. I don't have the same roles but this Israel do not open my dressing room door. If you open my door expect to be removed my security most everyone for standing on my door who have the Tennessee or speak to me. I want all the ambushing to stop. You must schedule an appointment. Is this yeah you think it is I mean I don't think it's nuts but then when you really think about it you're like okay I get it because he's busy but yeah for him to have to put it out there as a little bit nuts nemo where people can post it that far. I'm just told them all. I'm seeking more free time for me. Throughout the other day. I hate being ambushed. Promise I will not entertain you in the hallway. If you're reading this I mean you. Everybody wants to talk to Steve Harvey. I can't imagine that famous and everybody always wanted to talk to you. Yeah that's a problem we don't have but I don't hate that note. I'd like to see DiCaprio's note Nola. I'm in the I walked down the trailer. Do not look me in the face. Keep your head down at all times and I mean you your same east pile of stories stories so there's this dad who has decided to completely take his son out of school so he can focus on video games full-time. Oh how old's the kid he's sixteen years old but he's been gaming like a lot of his life. His Dad said he put a game controller in his hand. In at three years old. He was a natural and ten he was winning all sorts of tournaments already now at sixteen like he sees the potential and I guess so far. The Kid has earned about sixty thousand dollars from gaming so the dads basically like we got this. How do you feel about that? I mean I guess it's a he's sixteen as long as he may be complete some sort of home schooling program or maybe he can get his G._e._d.. Or something I mean it's no different than sometimes like Taylor swift moving to Nashville at what fourteen or fifteen to pursue her career career yeah. I'm glad you came round on this until the beginning. You were like yeah when I think about how other kids if they've got a true talent and I mean e sports is like a thing and I would s- call Yeah Music Sports Gaming Listen. If you just want to start your career building houses. It's good to finish school but I don't have a problem with that sort of the kids sixteen. He's not twelve sixteen. You don't WanNa go you. Just don't go to school. Drive away and go <hes> yeah. I'm okay with what else you got so forty percent of people say that they regret how they lived in their life like so far and I had the list of the five biggest regrets number five of the biggest. This is the saddest list of all time no. It's the biggest recruit on now to make a change number five now not being a better parent not being a better parent what's going to be I don't you always feel like regardless of how good you did that. You could have done better as well. There's idiots week-to-week like you could overall. I hope that I've looked back thinking. I was a good parent but some weeks I'm better than others some weeks. I'm more involved. Some some more engaged some weeks unless annoyed. I would say though that that's such a big thing that I don't know that you can hit peak parenting all the time. I think every parent probably thinks that yeah no ninety parents out there like nailed it. We'll maybe occasionally number on the biggest regrets in life working too much. I feel like hobby might regret that you do. Yes you weren't too you watch <hes> you don't live the only time that ever resonates with me that I may work too much is when I hear people that I think I'm similar to other older than me. Say the same thing I will watch that David Letterman series and he goes you know what I wish. I just kids earlier because he waited till he was older kids yeah. He's like in his fifties and it was like I just wish I had kids earlier and I'm nutty. He's nutty and I was like man. Maybe I'm thinking about this too if I ever have kids I'd like to have kids. Does anyone have a kid with me. What are you doing today? I'm busy. I have four kids good number three amy not spending enough time with their family to not taking better care of their health. Yeah that's a big one and the number one thing people regret most not traveling pulling more working too much or they're just broke like I didn't go anywhere the first yeah thirty years of my life. I don't have any money you bore you you. You're trying to pay the rent more so than you know go to Ethiopia. If People Ethiopia yes many young exam or final story over there so this guy and he calls himself the sleep artist and he says he does amazing drawings and paintings in his sleep but has no artistic ability when he's awake interesting yeah so here's what I was thinking when i read this. I was like Oh this is totally like a marketing thing because he calls himself to sleep artists and he creates celebrity portrait's <hes> abstracts. He sells awesome for thousands of dollars it while he's asleep right angle you know every artist angle and it's like definitely good one like you know when you have your friends over and you've got your new piece of art hanging. They may ask you about it. It's like a conversation starter. I bought it from this artists that only paints in his sleep. You know it is it's intriguing so I feel like that's how he's getting it out there. So if you're looking for an angle I'm going to start painting pictures and say my dog did it because I'm bad but I'll be like no. This is my dog. He's actually good for correct me. I want some evil doing watching unless this guy really doesn't mean we sleepwalked people eat law eath sleepy and he walked to me Walker and so maybe maybe there's something to it but yeah pretty pretty cool by the way David Letterman is seventy two sons fifteen. Oh yes there you go time for him to be happy that he had a kid. I'll never he regrets it. David Letterman's has the coolest things he goes man. I don't WanNa be the old dude. That's trying to look cool. Aw I want to be a cool old dude yeah. There's a difference con right. Did you see that closet yeah and that <hes> trying on all the easy clubs and he goes yeah does he goes door. Look ridiculous because I don't want to be the old dude trying to look cool aw dude and there's a difference and salts other pretty cool pile. That was amy's pile of stories. It's time for the good news. The mark and Mary Taylor lost pretty much everything in the California fires last year you know their home burned down so everything's destroyed or a guy that works for the Fire Department. He's the photographer that goes the crime scenes and takes pictures he he was going through a little bit in the attic and he found an old boxes like negatives of family photos wedding albums he took them dusted them off and re got them reprinted and made them a photo mall their photos. Oh wow that's cool because he definitely did not had to do that. He could have not done it and no one would ever known. I found them into an oh good yeah good for him actual extra for their. I bet she was pumped. All they were so excited like oh my gosh she did not do that. What an amazing surprise to have a little bit of our memories memories restored? I liked yeah me too when people do things that we can share the listeners that they can also do things like more so than someone donates one hundred million dollars but we don't know if they do that right but I mean something like this people could see in their everyday everyday activities and help somebody out and that's what the segment is all about right. That was telling me something good morning corny. What's a sheep's favorite sport? What's a sheep's favorite sport admitting that was morning Gordon? This podcast began with the simple premise but things don't always go as planned and something happened during production something no one expected. I'm going to let you in a dark secret. Something have tried to hide from almost every one of the past few years. I can't sleep at night and when I am able to sleep I have nightmares not the kind of nightmares that a child might have but the kind that can only come from the mind of a grown adult who seen and read a little too much. I'm hoping that if I can get this off my chest maybe just maybe I'll be able to shake these killers out of my head long enough to get some much needed rest from iheartradio and tender foot TV MONSTER MUSTER PRESENTS INSOMNIAC listen two months to present INSOMNIAC on apple podcasts or wherever else you get your podcasts on the bobby bones show now Morris Chorus Rosemary and walking in right now anymore errand. She's GonNa plug in <hes> Marins here by the way trying to call. You can't eight seven seven seventy seven bobby. That's phone number. Maybe you have a question marins woman of the people she'll talk to the people people I know. She loves the People Right Michael there. She is all right all right good. How are you? We've only had like four guests. Since we're still figuring out the studio thing Yeah I love it. It's so slick. Thank you see you guys have built it all in my hands and I was saying it reminds me of Howard Stern. I'm so jealous you got to do that. You know when there was at one point when he I found your video he found your interview on my show really yeah he was like who is this guy and they were like Oh. He's a big fan and then start talking about you. That was cool connection. That was that was that fun. Yeah it was pretty trippy but he was so kind like he was really nice to my band and talk to each and every one of them including cluding me like it was like an hour and he you don't really know what the schedule is. GonNa look like like you just hold your instruments until he's like done with the conversation and then he's like Oh yeah. Maybe you should play a song <hes> but it was it was cool. He's obviously just an amazing conversationalist like he can just talk to you and get deep about anything. So it's a gift that's one of my heroes David Letterman Howard Stern <hes> who were yours. That's interesting like who do you look up to and go. Oh man if I had to pick heroes heroes I mean definitely like in every thing that she's done in her career. Probably Dolly Parton <hes> I after working with her earlier this year on the grammy's that was just such a in a life lesson of how to conduct your business and treat people and she still sounds just clear as a bell like she did back in the seventies and so <hes> yeah I mean I've always looked up to her more than just like as a songwriter right but just as a businesswoman what about personal men personally this one of my heroes personally oh man I mean this sounds like very cliche like my mom like she's such as self starter. She started her own business snus. She a hairdresser so <hes> she started her own business like twenty five years ago and you know we never had like a ton of money growing up but she and my dad were always they had that entrepreneurial spirit and like nothing was handed to us so we really had to just go out and worked for things and <hes> yeah so probably personally on that level her Merrin Morris is here so we grew up pretty similar. It wasn't like we had all these resources just thrown at us like how do you go after music. Oh because instruments aren't cheap guitar cheap like how how did you make money as a kid in order to keep you know playing music. You know the car payments insurance payments stuff like that <hes> I mean in Texas I would play gigs as a kid in a teenager and do like everything from Honky tonks to Chili Cook offs <hes> just every weird thing in between and I paid for my first car in cash with my gig money was a car was that it was <music> a one thousand nine hundred Montero sport so it was like an S._U._v. so I felt really tall for the first time and <hes> yeah I mean it was weird to just not have a car payment. All my other friends did and I just paid for it in full with my gig money founded on on craigslist Marianne Morris here. I WANNA put Alex on in Missouri. Who wants to ask a question about girl? Hey Alex how are you. Hey Alex. You're on the show you their bud. Go once we have Alex raising as you hang up he probably freaked out yeah. We should have and Alex more shot by this once in a lifetime opportunity here people pay much money to get angry with mayor and Morris Alex Missouri going once all right. We gotTA HANG UP ON ALEX Raimondo. Sorry Alex you missed it. What are your memories like before show do before after before and how many people will you mean I mean with my headline stuff? It was fifty plus like radio so it ends up being closer to seventy five so it's about an hour before show. You'll dedicate about an hour yeah. Do you worry about your voice before show because there's a lot of talking involved there yeah I've started to like it does take a toll just like talking that often every day before a show so I don't know like but I love getting to meet everyone and there's so many of my fans that are like recurring. You'll meet and greet her so they'll see them. You know several times on tour and it's just nice to see familiar faces but <hes> yeah the Guy I do have to warm up before the meet-and-greet sometimes just because I know that I'm going to be talking for an hour before the show. What does your warm up sound like because warm-ups are often ridiculous sounding yeah? There's never like a cool one right. What does your warm up sound like? What are you do? I've been doing the same one for probably twenty years. <hes> it's this guy <hes> Roger love and he was vocal coach. At the time you know I was a kid and my mom bought his book and this is so weird but Taylor Hanson from Hanson when he went through puberty like his voice lowered and so he went to this guy this vocal coach so he could still sing Bob in the original. Thanks and I was like well if it works for him it will work for me so it's just like go. God go like it's it's a bunch of those meals. <hes> it's like a ten minute. I still have like party girl morning worse right now so this is a good example but <hes> it's a ten minute warm up. Did you last night I had. I've had the last two days of rehearsals with the high women so we have a show this Friday so we've just been hammering being away. We have a lot of songs on the record so we've been rehearsing a bunch the last few days. We'll definitely talk about that coming up to. I do have Alex who called back. We're GONNA give them one other. Show Alex. I was waiting for you. Are you there. Can you hear me girl girl. High can hear you now Alex Alexander on Y'all and Marianne Morris Hi oh my gosh man. I'm a big fan of you. I love all your albums. I listened to hear all the time. I want to ask you. What your favorite track on girl is? <hes> it changes honestly league after I went on tour it it would change every night but <hes> I love singing obviously girl <hes> and we always start the show with that one <hes> and then I love the bones like that's a that's a really <hes> <hes> emotional ones this thing each night and then probably song for everything. Maybe I don't know I it really is a day by day basis but I would say those are my top three. I can't give you the top one favorite. I don't know I love girl empowering. I also really really really really really really really <hes> enjoy <hes> make out with me analyst Alex thank you for listening to the show. Thanks for calling talking to Marilyn Nice to meet you sort of meet you by the way Mirren's here because <hes> your songs going to number one this week. I don't think I'm jinxing. It and I don't think it's a jinx okay. How does it feel? It feels amazing but I I'm so superstitious. I guess I've been down this road where we've kicked the can and we get so close like I mean honestly even getting into the top ten and is a feat in itself so I I do consider myself lucky to have had like several <hes> but this if it goes number one this week it would be my my second number one since I could use a love song so it would be cool to ring my bell again. You have posted on one of your social media as an artist told you hey don't worry about the chart it was. I'm paraphrasing here. Just do you and make sure people like your songs but just keep doing you. Do you WanNa say who told you that will give that advice is his Miranda. She was like just do you yeah well. We you know I'm on her new record and you know we've gotten into philosophical conversations about all of this industry and she's from Texas so I just feel like we've been sort of kindred spirits. It's over this whole thing but <hes> yes. She's like where's your song right now and I'll be like oh it's eight. I don't know she's like Oh. It's a hit she's like anything top fifteen <hes> and if they're singing your words back to you which I played faster horses last week week <hes> for the first time and that was my first time really hearing you know thirty five thousand people sing it that loud because you know when we put the song out is a single <hes>. You know it's very rock <hes> so I didn't know how it was going to fare at Radio but I just believed in it so much so I'm really sort of floored that it's been my my quickest single today's era quickest yeah <hes> you're GonNa make it about this. I can eat my backup backup plan. <HES> WE'RE GONNA come back come. Can you come back and four minutes we can you Merrin. Morris is here. If you guys want to hop on you can't eight seven seven seventy seven Bobby Darrin Morris on instagram on the bobby bones show now. They're Morris Chris primarily here. I WanNa put on Adrian Texas. Who is a police officer Hadrian? Hey Good morning. I Have Marilyn here. What would you like to say? I have a bad day at work or in order to actually put your music on just whatever's going on at that moment. That's really sweet. Thank you for saying that for you. GotTa go bust some heads. I feel you feel is yes. I age appreciate that call Bud thank you you know in my last book. I wrote that have a pre show playlist. It's still the same because I believe I'm not a superstitious guy but I believe something's going right. Why mess with it like don't even risk? The superstition broke yeah and so all my pre. Pre Show playlist. I still have rich and I wrote him a book I talk about hey if you find something that works for you stay with it because if you get your mind right who knows if it works or not but if it's working it's working but it's a placebo it's working yeah and so all my pre show playlist I still before I go a lot and do standup. I'll play rich as that have ferrall song and I have a couple of others. What are you doing before? Show talk to me about that. I mean to be honest this past tour. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was like this sophomore album jitter thing but I <hes> I have been dealing with massive anxiety before shows which they used to just be you know butterflies before you go on stage which are good because it gets your Adrenalin pumping but for some reason the first half of this headline tour just before the show I would have to push the show a couple of minutes because I was having like a slight panic attack and then I would get on stage and be totally fine. I don't know it's just like the buildup is so <hes> anxiety inducing because of the success of the first the project did is that why because you got to live up to something to yourself. Maybe not even anybody else but even to you yeah. I think that's a big part of it <hes> even when the album came out it's like you you try to enjoy the process of it and the week that it's out and everyone's hearing it for the first time but you also just like Oh my God so many more people are looking at this and they did the first album so <hes> but I got over it after that first half of the tour and I could go out and just be totally fine but <hes> I don't really love drinking before shows or like a shot anymore so I like to be sober when I'm out there <hes> but yeah I mean I it's like a real thing anxiety but now that I'm sort of in festival season and it's been way more communal and fun and it doesn't feel like it's just me so that's been good now in this new studio where these are my stagers. I brought him but clean wax out of them like every day. Are you so big now that someone cleans the wax years ears because that's level I'm trying to get to <hes> like your ear like these. <hes> like <hes> the little holes in <hes> our monitor Guy Chris. I feel like he is always happy but I was like I cannot believe part of your job each day's as like the entire band to clean the accident everybody's ears. He has a machine like he doesn't do it by hand. Be My wax cleaner your machine. Oh God I don't know what I mean. Can I just get like a clorox swiping. No you gotta like dig in there too yeah. He has a machine. This is so disgusting but he has a machine that he like. It's tiny tube that he can put in the the whole and it sucks all the wax morning having to clean my own ears. Let's go to safe in Maryland faith that you name Hi. Mary Morris Yeah <hes> we were wondering what marins inspiration was for her band. The all girl band <music> Hi Women Yeah <hes> well the inspiration was actually the highway men which was Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Kristofferson and <hes> Johnny cash so they were sort of like the the O._G.. troubadours that started this projects and they started it because they were all successful in their own right but they were friends and they just wanted to make music together and we <hes> sort of in a very respectful take on highway men created the high women and it's <hes> just basically all these women coming together and celebrating our songwriting craft and what we go through as women in this industry <hes> Sheryl Crowe Plays Bass <hes> we have Yola like there's so many people on it that are just amazing amazing musicians and yes. That was the inspiration behind it. That's awesome. That's so cool. We love your new album. Thank you so much to hey safe. Thank you thank you thank thank you we love your show podcast. The high women talk about your other bandmates in that yes it's me Brady Carlisle Natalie Hamby and Amanda shires and and <hes> You know I've obviously written a ton with Natalie Hamby over the last six years and she's been on both of my records as a writer <hes> and then brandy was on my record girl <hes> with my song common so that's how we met but <hes> yeah like this whole sort of collective came together because Amanda wanted to start this group and <hes> she reached out to brandy and then brandy reached out to me and Natalie to be a part of it and you know I'm still mid cycle of my record girl so oh I'm sure like my manager was like you're also join a band like right in the middle of your your record cycle and I was like. I don't think it's gonNA distract at all. It's it's so different different <hes> different wavelengths so <hes> but it it feels like I can contribute songs that I've written over the years that are Super Americana super traditional country that maybe wouldn't work <hes> in my solo project land but would work for the high women and <hes> it's just like really really soulful roots music. Dave Cobb produced it and <hes> are for show is <hes> this Friday at Newport folk festival so we've just been in rehearsals the last few days but it's it's some of my proudest work and to kind of be up there in a band and not be the only person on stage has been so refreshing and I love to like harmonize so this is the first time I've really gotten to do that in a band since so it took forever to go from record to record two and now you've got record to in another project <hes> with him like are you already writing songs for the next record. We got away like ten more years and have something else now. I've already started writing. I think the landscape of music is so different now with <hes> we just consume it so much quicker so I don't think I'll wait another three years to put a record out. I mean I might release music next year. That's on my own <hes> that wouldn't be maybe necessarily a part of a new album but just you know some morsels. I don't know I feel like if I don't ask one question about your husband that I will be doing myself an injustice I know because I do love Ryan so much my question about Ryan Ryan her artist husband muscular figure is whenever you guys are on vacation and he has his shirt off and he has he has muscles in places AH body parts. I don't even have like these weird muscular body parts does he go get a workout and even vacation every day. <hes> I mean most days not every day to get my workouts and you work out enough come. I'm on. I'm like the Lazy Bum on vacation he he'll like even if it's for twenty minutes he'll go and just to say he did it. Even if he ran for like five of it yeah he did he. He goes you were on women's Health magazine. I saw that the cover that you're not giving enough credit or they're calling the lazy bum. I mean I know I mean in general lacks. He works hard every other time. He has sorry Aaron Oprah on that. We hiked over there and she <hes> he whips us into shape. I'm GONNA play girl. I appreciate you coming by congratulations. I love the studio. Thank you for having a year and tell Ryan. It's a high I will tell pancake is a high. We need to get him on an Stanley together. Well the thing is your dog so much bigger than mine right now. Three sampling's right yes or at least half siblings okay three months. My Dog will go to yours for some advice but like hey. How do I do this? I gotTA owner WHO's an idiot. They'll have a talk. It'll be a whole. What is your advice for me on bulldogs in general I've never had one have a good vet on speed dial because they're always in and out of debt? <hes> pancakes had so many ailments <hes> he just he tore a C L A few months ago yeah dogs their legs. are this big they have. They can tear an A._C._l.. Yeah that's crazy yeah so it's just just perfect prepared. Maybe you'll be luckier than we have been. <hes> with your bulldog but <HES> Chrissy Teigen John Legends like they have they have a couple of bulldogs I think and <hes> she jokes that yeah you're GonNa always need to have a vet on speed dial Doug Mentors to America mentor to me on the bulldogs ask us and we've probably been through it with pancake or Mirren Morris. You probably know that Marie Antoinette never said let them eat cake but here's something she did say as she was led to. The Guillotine. marie-antoinette accidentally stepped on her executioners her final words were. I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it. I'm Danish words and I'm the host of noble blood a new podcast from iheartradio radio and Aaron Mankin each episode focuses on the single story from the life of one of history's most fascinating royds for Marie Antoinette during the final days to the Baronet lost at sea might have reappeared as Australian farm in the world is full of ill fated love affairs bad decisions and family drama but for Monir the personal determines the fate of nations and when you're wearing a crown mistakes tend to be deadly listen subscribe at Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts seven a pretty good day yesterday and I just kind of be bopping around. I talk to Arkansas key. That was his birthday <hes> at a nice lunch at the house. The dog was acting pretty good his puppy but started have dog moments Murli enjoy my dog time. I got a good workout in with jared my boxing gym but yesterday was just a pretty solid day and I get a call and I look at my phone and I'm like <hes> like one of the people I work with music and he's calling me to random time you know sometimes you get that call from somebody you often get but it's not the particular time you're used to. Something's up yeah and I all right so I answer the call. Tom What's up it goes a little nauseous blocked us from our parody and I was like what do you mean he goes. They won't let us put it out. We can't service it to to streaming or it can't do anything. I'm like if it's a parody weird Al build his whole life on this is a good it's called old folks home and he goes yeah laws blocked it was like I was the first one argue for X. on Good Morning America on alone in my room on on instagram alone in your room. Wow I know okay okay so we'll be you can play here will they can't stop me from playing it here and they've stopped us from putting it on Australian platforms and it's still in Youtube for some reason it's all on Youtube. Maybe don't tell you won't find out but little nods ex team blocked all folks home from going up as a as a parody bomber from the from the raging idiots so I was debating on playing it at the Grand Ole opry on Friday night because I do comedy at the opry and now I think we have to and then we're GONNA play Chicago. What are you gonNA play? We're going to start. We may play at five times a show every other system rub it in so yeah we got blocked from loan is XS team from putting this all going to play the song is only a minute thirty seconds long and he would get all the money for by by the way we're not getting any money for it. <hes> it's a parody but they didn't want it. They said it was a joke. Are they said it was stupid or something well. I don't know okay here. It is by the way we'll put it up. A bobby bobby bones dot com. We'll put it on twitter. Put the youtube link upstream at like crazy but then he still gets paid but whatever but we can put it on on any of this platform radio or apple or spotify or none of that hang dude. I thought you were joking. I thought we were boys only follow seven hundred people on twitter and I'm one of them allow and I went and tweeted them. I was like what happened to the loyalty gnaws ex. You know what he said nothing. He didn't even respond by the way our big boss is here. He is the head of IHEART country. I saw looking the window or you here because Marin was here yeah to be honest shirts up here this early for us. I love Y'all too but we do appreciate the one you pop your head in nine. That's that's nice. We do like that. Do you really know yeah honestly. What do you agree Jeff Yeah? We yeah sure no no no no. No our studio was basically in the basement of the building. Yes it is it is back in the way back corner for sure so we see no one and so we like it when you I think people are afraid to come back here then. Why do you think that <hes> that's a good question? I think they think it's off limits like it's. I think they think it's it's <hes> not a too cool thing but like like Oh. That's that's a national show. We can go back there. That's not the case. It's definitely not the case. I said I enjoy the people are walking around down here when I see you. You're the head of the whole country afraid to come down here. I'm not really have the whole country but at least I feel comfortable coming in here. What do you feel about Lona Zack blocking parody from me? I just heard that I can't believe it. Come mind. Let's all just loosen up. There's no downside to that. Just play the song it's fun and it's not like we're making money right. We're not putting it up for our own money making effort I if anything it's just additional whatever you WANNA call it promotion for a song that's already Freddie had promotion beyond belief so agree and you know he was promoting it way early the bobby bones and how's life life's Gray House the studio you like it. Do you like it. I love it. We're finally getting into it now when we can we can do our show without worrying about the studio yeah why still worry about the studio and I worked for Rai raise the man he's keeping it. Even an altogether raise running not only audio all morning from two A._M.. Then he didn't run the show the whole thing and it looks good in here but there's still some duct tape by the he has to keep keep it on but I met I didn't get here before Maron came in. I WanNa see the artists reaction when they walk in because they've been here before and then see this room. It's got to be like one of those flip this house things because is there was such because we I never had a newspaper in my whole life. One I showed us through with the radio station and then whenever I moved here it was Jerry houses all studio and so as much as I love Jerry it was time now. We've got the upgrade. What's let's do this? As we have Rod Phillips the head of our country. Oh Gosh just musically like right now. What do you love <hes>? We'll break it into categories songs. That are the top of the charts right now. GimMe us on the radio stations play that you're like. I love when I hear now that song. The Lou combs is hard. It's undeniable the hook. That's a hook easiest big country anthem song. We've had a long time that long cold beer never broke my heart out that one yeah I won't sing it but that one and then what about the new artist front. Is there anybody that you like man. There's some real some real papa this person well generally do like do love to kneel towns in her sound because it's different. It's unique and she's so super talented A._B._C.. Our lives she's unbelievable <hes> the other new stuff. That's coming that that's that's lighting up. You know Jordan. Davis pray doesn't get enough credit. I mean he's really good and on his third single and I don't know the people know who he is yet. Jordan Davis has a single if he ever stupid enough enough and then he had the other one was <hes>. Here's the problem with all the dudes and country music. Oh I know what you're going to say. They're all replaceable and independent well. Let me let me go back to you individually. They're all fine and good and great but they're they're also similar that just someone listening to choose another dude's name. They have one hit and they go away. I think it's hard to differentiate between them. Hey from me and I like and I say that and I love Jordan as a person Jordan kind of buds off theater too but when you have a dude getting a hit and then he doesn't have a hit for another year and a half and another dude all these dude names is kind of go together well he at least has the beard but people don't if they don't know they don't know they just hear the sound and it doesn't differentiate enough wow so so what makes all these guys different from one another. It's hard because there's a lot of them. Some of them only have nine apps and some have eight you know what I'm saying and they shared up to see some of them only played pro football and not pro baseball and pro football. We we need one more ex baseball player to have a country song right. Just an ex athlete band of country artists like the high the high high women now we need life to hijack man all the ex jocks listen. I appreciate you stopping by me. I don't think that was ever a guest in the studio now. I'm even more happy about this. How do you feel about sitting because I'm telling you the Mike's the Mike thing sounds good? We got it figured out now. Yeah it sounds great. I don't know I can't hear myself. Voices like butter. Thank you Rod Phillips head Divi hard country aiming to have new artists that you love new. No none no new artists. Nobody know new artists yeah. No I mean I to kneel towns. I mean rod mentioning her like she's someone that I really really like but you turned me onto her when she came in. I didn't know she was really live towards me. I was like Oh she's shutting down the crowds and as long as you're still on England Andras person as an artist yeah yeah that's that's going to be big all right there. You haven't Rod Phillips head coach. Let's Clapham out here all right coming up. Some good tease do that 'cause rod used to do radio like real name. This is so you can make fun of me. He was like this Rock Rob Phillips well you Rockin. Rod was a long long time ago. Yeah Law Yeah he was rocking right here yeah but then I got rid of it where were you on the Rocker Rod in Lexington Kentucky and what what genre and what's like what was this all started as a top forty station Asian but then we've flipped to oldies because we didn't have rating Rockin Rod. That's rocking Rod. Here's the drifters nineteen fifty two by the way I'll say this I wrote about Rod in my first book. Just for some context rod was the very first ever our executive in any form shape or size to come and go. Hey Guy in Austin Texas. I think your show should actually be on more places like you're the first person I met my building that ever had any faith in me whatsoever not the only person known outside of my bill loudest per only executive the first person to ever show up and they'd be like hey. I think there's something to you bobby all right here we go. Here's our tease go ahead coming up next on news doing it to make fun of me do even better radio voice coming up next to them. Tell me something good. Barbara in Tennessee is giving discount haircuts to a kid who can do this find out what it is up next right there. You have it all right back with rocket rods going home but the tell me something good is next here. I think you should Kamal Zone on yesterday's show. We talked about how there were kids at the school and they said Hey if you don't pay off their lunch debt they get taken going to foster care and so we were like man that seems a bit extreme that escalated quickly and so I said someone's going to step up the community or someone's going to pay this lunch. All you need is for it to become public and people go oh. I'd like to help I think a big thing and why so many people don't get help is they don't say they need help including US personally and even things like this right so the story comes out. I'm convinced. Someone's GonNa come up and go. I'll take care of that. Twenty thousand dollar lunch debt that the kids cannot pay so talked about this yesterday. It's in Pennsylvania the Wyoming Valley West School district they threatened parents will take the kids away well. It turns out look Columbine Coffee Chief Executive Todd Carmichael said I had twenty two thousand bucks. I will donate it and pay off all of those school lunches except the school turn it down lie according to a spokesperson for the coffee chain the school board president declined the offer because he claims the money is owed by parents who can afford to pay L. Interesting not interesting just want to pay it right. I mean it's just interesting that he's okay. Yeah I agree. I don't know why you would turn down the money. You're probably not going to get great point to now in my mind this is this is where I go. I'll talk about my high school for a second when I grew up. I didn't play basketball because I couldn't afford the shoes. The shoes were like seventy bucks the matching shoes the on the team he had to have matching tennis shoes and I didn't want to be embarrassed. I couldn't afford them and so I did not play basketball and I always held that with me and I thought if I can ever help I'm going to buy my all the entire team shoes so no one has to not play because they can't afford so that's what I do amount by school the entire basketball team I buy shoes so if someone plays and they can't afford it they never have to even acknowledge it right mentioning and that's it's totally can afford. It really does not matter. All I'm trying to do is help out the the four percent of people apple unhappily. I have a good job now. I'm good I happily am am willing to cover everybody can afford it to help those who can't and with the same theory here I would do. I can't believe they're not taking the money right. There are some kids afford it and then is it the these kids like I'm confused because if they could afford it I guess is it a free which they show up and they scan their card or whatever and then they're just not paying. I don't know how school lunches work anymore like. I used to up to have actual money but why is their debt if they can afford it. I thought it was like the free lunch program. You don't pay anything. Relaunch is just you just show up and it's already taken care of. I guess I'm just wondering how you get debt. That's twenty the two thousand dollars take them on the money. <hes> channing tatum gets a permanent restraining order against a home intruder now. That's an odd story but it does get odder. channing tatum has been granted a permanent restraining order against a home intruder. The woman broke into his house and then stayed there for ten days. What that's scary? They were renovating it so she just squatted <hes> because she loves channing or needed who doesn't love Chan. I know right. She's been orders away from the actor but it also extends to his wife is X.. Y. Genita- Juan and their daughter to tatum's attorney said the woman email the attorney's office to admit to the break in which occurred while the homes vacant due to ongoing renovations she also apparently agreed to all the terms the restraining order nice of her. I Love Them. People comply with restraining orders restraining orders a weird though because I've had some issues with safety before and had to get a couple of them but it's only a piece of paper you can easily walked up. He's paper and very want right. It's time for the good news to get discounted haircuts to kids who read while in his chair. Germain Scott came up with the idea after noticing most of the kids came in were glued to their tablets or other electronic devices says I do love my devices. I feel your kid. He started offering five dollars off the fifteen dollar haircut. You have to educate your mind. Education is key Scott says the discount is offered every Thursday and the barber provides the books from the local library. He said he didn't see the importance of reading growing up now I hope and he does and he hopes it can impact the next generation so I like that. It's great one all right and that is what it's all about. They give that was telling me something good. Eh Fancy baby shower. She went to last night which I don't think you felt. It was fancy going into it now. You just knew that your friend was having a baby. She was like come to a baby shower but she was also teaming up with another friend doing a dual baby shower right but Eddie I was talking to amy amy drop a name but it was like heavy namedrop not from her but she was just talking. Why is her friend is Caroline Hobby? Who Does the get real podcast? Her in Caroline's husband is that thous horses and the joint baby shower was bright young kids you know and his wife Taylor which by the way no one level good for it so did you get them both a gift. I ended up. Yes you do about got it and I was like yes. I knew that I was only invited because the caroline but they're both having babies and they're both celebrating and I can so I got them. Both gifts I click amy's is a story last night. John Parties there and he's like doing a monologue about how we viewed. Oh yeah he was at the party count he goes. I'm looking around. He's like I'm counting blouses. There's no blouses here but I see like fifteen baseball caps so the final question that we had on family feud was something above your waste it starts with the B yeah and we didn't say blouse baseball hats baseball cap whatever it is in here John Party last night at the party question. How many blouses actually be warned right now? Now baseball hands anymore got one on and on he was going to town also at this fancy baby shower was Jason Aldean's. Wow Dean was there yeah yeah and he also he watched our family feud episode he was. He said he knew Lauren. Elena was going to be on so that's why he was watching and so he's like Oh. Long Lane is GONNA be on. I gotTa Watch her. They turn it on and he was like wait. Coach bobby bones show like he had no idea so he's you know he watched it and it was cool and then yeah pass Lay's wife was there. There is the fanciest Nashville baby shower ever heard in the deckers. Oh Jesse James and Eric Decker uh-huh yeah on Earth Yeah I mean there was a policy yeah a lot a lot of other people to that jobs more names right now no no more drop on wor named Japan's shower. I can't think right now. I know there's another one it's like I forgot Oprah now. It was it was really the weather was amazing. It was beautiful as Nice as fun to celebrate and like I feel like our listeners like it. When I go oh check out who is with because I'm just a goober from Mountain Pine Arkansas and I'm hanging out with people so I'm kind of their eyes and ears? Maybe he's always like I don't want to. I should okay yeah ailing secrets he did and it was fun. <hes> well the Moakler there Steve Moakler like it's our our walking gang so I mean it's just everybody I think like Oh. It's like a something crazy because it is when they walk in and you're like Oh and the fact that it is weird to my husband to see like because Jason will come in here. We know chasing. He's like not my life but it is weird to me that you know he 'cause. I still even because we see them at work things so it's like I wonder if they actually not jason any of the countries superstars you know our names but it's like weird to him. Be Like Hey amy. How's it going what he don't know? My name is a coolest. One of the show never never be the coolest person of this show is amy just doesn't play it up play of what has a walking group with like all the coal people celebs ABC's they go on a walk and to pry you guys like the Nashville Female <hes> what's housewife's now. What's that group that controls everything what what now when the woman Audie Nashville Nashville woman on it anybody's welcome to come walking to the streets no no but Carolina is definitely like about to pop like I was thinking last night? I was like that baby could come like any minute toddler Hubbard. They're no I saw I saw his story except followed from Florida Georgia line. They were doing a pregnancy shoot. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's like a thing <hes> I want to get pregnant. I WanNa do yeah do were. They doing like just a normal one or like one of those sexy ones well. The one he showed was pretty normal but he was like you should have seen the picture before this. It was in her birthday suit L. C.. Yeah I know some women caroline she was saying she did wine and she was like it was so empowering towering she was like an isis owning and loving my body because of like how it's just crazy that it can create this and yeah she's a little bit. She's bigger but she's like. I have like an excuse to be and it just felt so amazing to be free because her and her husband they definitely took some unsexy wants to where I was like if I was that baby when I'm born later on Instagram oh I know so so but it's like when you're born later in life you you look back and you're like Mom Dad. Why did you date that picture? When I was in your belly that's weird? I heard what I was thinking. I didn't say that to her saying that now. I don't know but I mean there last night like nine thirty yeah. No it started at six thirty early well. I'm glad you got about the gift yes. You're so so fancy it was it was fun it was it was fun giving you a hard time cake. Thanks this is the outcast a weekly podcast about what it means to be clear today by out magazine and it's staffers i. I'm your host. France Rondo the deputy editor at out magazine. This label gets thrown on her. She doesn't necessarily identify yourself that way. Everything you see on drag race you saw in Harrison's burning. I just WanNa be like messing major soaking up her brilliance. Listen and subscribe to the outcast on Apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts let me go talk to dusty in Virginia. Who's on the phone right now dusty welcome to the bobby bones show? What's up man not much? I don't sixty four right now thought to Chesterfield Virginia I drive all over the country and <hes> always make a point to look for your show and I wanna tell all appreciate everything I'll do a lot of a lot of radio radio shows now focus and over publicize all the bad and the negative in the world and <hes> I really enjoy all tell me something good segment and how y'all focus on bringing light into all the overpublicized darkness appreciate them and fifty five after every hour we try to get that tell me something good on and be safe out there all right dusty dusty in Virginia. I was reading this story about how much people make per instagram post <hes>. Did you see this story. They they have the top ten celeb- instagram ritualised okay. Did you see it at all so I'm not going to spoil it. If I'm not spoiling anything that I haven't seen it I mean I guess some people that are on top well. It's not so much about on time how much they're getting paid per instagram post so I we can roll through seven to six without any drum roll racal draw thrown pretty quick number number ten Justin Bieber s a seventy six ten tennis ex Justin Bieber makes seven hundred twenty thousand dollars post number ten by the way while he's at ten the soccer player Neymar seven hundred twenty thousand dollars they Mount Taylor swift at number eight seven hundred and forty eight thousand dollars purse fiance. It's seven seven hundred eighty five thousand dollars post. I The rock makes eight hundred eighty two thousand dollars a post number six now. It's just one post on instagram. That's what they're making by the way I rarely do sponsor posts I will for businesses that I already have a relationship with for example metamucil which came to me by the way and they were like hey you're already talking about us and fiber you just talk about us and let us sponsor it and I was like of course I will those headphones that work with them so I never tell me you will not see me doing tell me they like a lot of these people do number five drum roll please Raimondo on the top ten instagram rich list making eight hundred eighty six thousand dollars per incident post Selena Selena Gomez while number four making nine hundred ten thousand dollars per instagram post Kim Kardashian she million you did. I don't think anybody would be in the millions. There's one person in the millions number three Cristiano rinaldo number two arianna `Grande making nine hundred ninety six thousand dollars. Can't they just break her four thousand dollar right ninety six. Can't they just go. It didn't negotiate that a little better in the number one is Kylie Jenner making one point two million dollars per instagram post so crazy yeah so whenever there hey we'd like to have you sponsor riposte host. That's how much they're outrageous. Okay show me the money but if they didn't get their money back on this they wouldn't spend it right meaning. It's worth it to them. A lot of times people go. Why would I buy social media or digital media? It's like do you want to catch eyeballs. Eyeballs are not like you can buy traditional. You can go on by the local news I guess but do you want to catch the visual. Do you want to catch balls because there are more people watching youtube videos than insert whatever else at times I'm buying more now from things I zee on Instagram or things that people post whether it's whether it's sponsored or not like just influencers or people that I follow that I trust that I'm like oh well if they're using it and they like it like I'm just going to swipe up and click it and like it's just so easy because it's all right there. It's kind of bad that it's that easy but I do get offers to go. Hey will you and I just. I feel like my instagram feed. I have to be truthful about things or no. One's GonNa believe anything ever right so if you see me like PEPCO abysmal they want for them like two months ago months ago. You better believe I use PEPCO abysmal by the way they're not paying me to mention this but yeah it seems like easy money a million dollars for a post and by the way that they're worth it yeah. That's why she's he's the youngest billionaire don't get into that self made stuff right. She's not self made well. It depends who you talk to. I'm talking to me okay well. Do you feel like she don't she had a platform platform like I don't yeah I don't now should not already there sh- now she's worked hard and maybe she's had some great ideas and she's a businesswoman and entrepreneur sure but she had mass audience already there you go well. Thank you. Everyone thanks for coming to my Ted. Talk on instagram bobby bones show for some reason I'm always drawn to drama on airplanes like I love these stories where people are doing things in Paris stuff right but like the stuff that makes a news or we go what MHM police had removed the guy from American Airlines flight after he decided he wanted to sit in a better seat just refuse to move as my seat. I live here now so bizarre. The flight to the Los Angeles International Airport was delayed about an hour a disruptive disruptive passenger handcuffed to a wheelchair and removed off an American Airlines flight by the way they had to put him in a wheelchair one to get him off and they'd handcuff him. Maybe he was drinking. He was not happy with this assignment in row thirty six and then he sat right behind first first class in the window seat and said I'm just not moving. Did he think that was going to turn out in a good way. Do you think they would just give them a go. Now you gotta point all right. You seem like a good guy. Let's just fly. Let's just go pilots. Get Out of here so no he said don't force me. Don't violate my freedom. He went into kind of a braveheart thing violate. He said that's my seat so anyway. Obviously it didn't turn out well for him. Yeah you can't do that. No I mean I guess on South West you could but not American southwest you get to pick your own seat right. There is no wrong seat. Maybe he was confused. On the airline flight attendants told the pastor go to your seat or I'll have to remove you and he didn't move to other passengers got their bags and they got off the plane. They were just like all right. We're going to be on your out here. Remember that story about the guy who I'm assuming it was a guy 'cause only guys would do this. He airdropped a photo of a suicide bomber jacket to everybody on the flight had their bees <music> out. I'm out don't fail me now and then we talked about a guy called in a bomb threat to because he liked the flight attendant now that I get I totally understand all right around the room where we doing today amy. I have two to podcast interview up here. I feel like I'm going to be up here like today. I'm Jessica Honecker in Jeremy Coward. Oh Yeah do you know Jeremy from this is us now is secondary characters. It gets brought to the new season of US know okay so I have those today and then by the time I get home some sort of a workout and then kid time family time. I'M GONNA get a little bike work in although my buddy hurting again now I know 'cause I tore it right in nightline throwing the bike retire. I don't want to commit to being a retail. I think so I know it hurts so I have that to deal with. I have this A._B._C. has asked me to develop some shows for their network so I have been called today about that. Were already working on one scripted show but I don't. I don't know that and then have Meeting Day barn today. Dave Barnes the artist yeah. We're talking about some stuff tough McGinnis Spray Tan tonight because I got some stuff to shoot. Some opry spray Tan takes a big part of my night. That's right. They're gonNA come back and go other spray. Tan was a bad thing for people in the year. Two Thousand Nineteen think about that every time like I'm getting sprayed. I hold my breath because maybe maybe I mean I know it's already being attached to the largest Oregon on my body my skin so it's it's getting into me somehow but I feel like if I don't inhale it's better I think my second largest source and I found a girl. She's organic. That's organic chemicals get organic chemicals. Oh my gosh. That's got sprayed since I all I got sprayed since I started watching Chernobyl. I know they're not related but I was like when you think about a nuclear disaster turn in one's a tiny hose it eats the skin and you're bringing up just like things like I do freak out about putting chemicals in my body but I'm like <hes> tans ten so nice. I know it's a give and take thank you very much. The New Thomas Rhett Bobby cast is up search for today. Check it out. It's men T._R.. Thomas Rhett Thomas Whatever you WANNA call him up for an hour talking bobby cast and listen to the Thomas Show and all right. Thank you C.. Tomorrow it would not rob story that you tell off. My daughter was beaten to death and Katharine Townsend host of the true crime podcast Helen gone and I'm heading back to Arkansas on a new case.

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