Episode 77, Apple announces virtual WWDC; Apple Watch Pride Edition and Nike Sport bands; OS software updates; and stores begin to reopen


Welcome back MAC minutes for episode seventy seven for Thursday may twenty first apple announces virtual ww DC. New Apple Watch pride in Nike sport bands new. Software updates and stores begin to reopen. This is the MAC minutes podcast with John Scudder. You will hear about the. Apple and how technology can help you work smarter personally and professionally. Who Will Give you the news? You can use in minutes, not hours. That's why this is. The MAC minutes podcast. In this episode we will talk about several recent apple announcements including the virtual world, wide developers conference commonly known as WW DC the new Apple Watch pride in Nike, sport bands, the new ipad West and Iowa's thirteen point five software updates. And stores begin to reopen with them. Precautionary changes due to the COVID nineteen pandemic. Let's get the show starred with these new announcements. I on the agenda is apple host of virtual ww. DC beginning June twenty-first apple announced it will host. It's a worldwide developers conference again known as ww DC virtually beginning June twenty second in the apple developer. And on the apple developer website for free for all developers. For those who are not developers, and if this year is the same as previous years. Certain keynotes will be immediately available and other lectures will be available afterwards. Now in its thirty first year WW DC twenty will be an opportunity for millions of creative and innovative developers around the world to get early access to the future of I O. S. IPAD OS MAC OS TV OS WATCH OS and to learn from apple engineers. Phil! Schiller Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing said. WW DC twenty will be our biggest yet bringing together our global developer community of more than twenty, three million in an unprecedented way for a week in June to learn about the future of apple platforms. We can't wait to meet online in June with the global developer community and share with them all the new tools. We've been working on to help them. Create even more incredible absence services. We look forward to sharing more details about ww DC with everyone as we get closer to this exciting event, finish chiller. I am expecting that new software will be the highlight versus any hardware announcement. Hardware announcement would detract from their software focus. There is some speculation of what some of the software will look like and new features. There are some tech journalists who have insight into the features especially for. Fourteen and watch os seven. You can delve more into their speculation by searching for those stories using IOS fourteen and watch os seven. If even half of what they say is true. It will be a keynote Shirley not to miss. Apple announced more information about its upcoming digital ww DC event via email and on the apple developer website in the coming weeks. and Mac minutes will update you as we learn more information about the plan sessions and events. Now. Let's move on to the new apple. Watch pride in Nike Sport Bands. This year's artfully unique pride. Edition Sport Band is joined for the first time by the new Apple Watch Nike Pride Addition Sport Ban. Through this effort, apple and Nike are proud to support Lgbtq organizations doing vital advocacy and community building worldwide. As for the new accessory entry into the market, apple describes the process of creating the new multicolored version from multiple strips. The Pride Edition Sport Band is assembled by hand from individual strips of colored floral or last summer. The strips are then machine I cut and compression molded together. This process results in subtle variations in the wavy rainbow design, making each band artfully unique. There are pictures of the ban on the MAC. Minutes website located at Mac minutes dot be. L. U., B. R. Y., dot net. Both are available today from Apple Dot Com, the apple store, APP and apple stores and really need to be seen to be appreciated. And are perfect with the new matching pride watch faces. They're coming soon as part of watch os six point two point five. The price is forty nine dollars us. In is available in both forty millimeters and forty four millimeters sizes. With the introduction of the Twenty Twenty Pride Edition Sport Bands Apple has discontinued the two thousand and Nineteen Pride Edition Sport, loop band. If. You are collector of apple bands. This is a product you don't want to miss out on. Now let's move on to the OS software updates apple today released IOS I. Pay it. Thirteen point five. It's a major health related update that brings many features related to the ongoing, public health crisis. The IRS IPAD thirteen point. Five updates are available on all eligible devices over the air in the settings. APP to access the updates go to settings, general software update. Apple has also released IOS. Twelve point four point seven for older devices with the update bringing security fixes. The, irs thirteen point five update introduces the exposure notification. API created by apple and Google which is designed to allow public health authorities. To create covid nineteen contact tracing APPs with the aim of slowing the spread of the virus. Exposure notification is behind the Scenes Bluetooth based API that will be incorporated into APPs created by public health authorities in each country. It does not work without an accompanying APP installed. There is an exposure logging toggle that will let users opt out of participating in covid nineteen exposure notifications. Apple and Google jointly released. What we've built is not an APP. Rather public health agencies will incorporate the API into their own APPs that people install our technology is designed to make. These APPs worked better. Each user gets to decide whether or not to opt in to exposure notifications. The system does not collect or used location from the device in an if a person is diagnosed with cove nineteen. It is up to them whether or not to report that in the public health APP user adoption is key to success, and we believe that these strong privacy protections are also the best way to encourage use of these APPS. Today this technology is in the hands of the public health agencies across the world who will take the lead, and we will continue to support their efforts. They finished. In addition to creating a foundation for APPs to use the exposure notification API, IOS and IPAD thirteen point five makes it easier to unlock an iphone or ipad with a pass code when wearing a mask. Do the large number of people that are regularly wearing face coverings. With, the update the passcode interface is displayed more quickly when an Iowa device detects that a user is wearing a mask that obscures the face after a person swipes up, so it's quicker getting into the iphone using a passcode then before. Apple has awful tweet group face time this update adding a new toggle to disable the feature that automatically enlarges the title of the person who is speaking by default group facetime features a dynamic view with a towel for each person in the conversation and the person speaking has a larger tile when the towels representing the other people fade into the background. The new automatic prominent section in the face time part of the settings APP allows the shifting tile sizes to be disabled. And lastly there's a new feature in Iowa S. thirteen point five for sharing medical. Information automatically with emergency dispatchers when placing an emergency call. Again, there's a toggle to turn on and off. That is located in the health APP. Those are some of the major updates to the OS update. Let's move on to our next subject, which is Apple Stores Start Limited reopenings. More than eighty percent of apples, five hundred ten stores worldwide remained closed, but the company plans to reopen twenty five more stores in the U. S. twelve in Canada and ten in Italy over the next week. The degree of service offered will vary by store. All stores will allow customers to make genius bar reservations and pick up items ordered online, but some will only offers storefront or curbside service rather than having customers enter the store itself for those stores that don't open their doors. Temperature checks will be conducted in all staff and customers will be required will be required to wear face coverings. Apple will provide coverings to customers who don't have their own, and will enforce social distancing rules with a limited number of people in the store at one time in every store, limiting occupancy and giving everybody. Lots of room is important. Apple reopened a few US doors last week in Idaho South Carolina. Alabama and my favorite Alaska. This week's reopenings reported our Florida Hawaii Oklahoma Colorado with some in California and Washington. Having curbside service. Details of reopenings will be updated through apple's find a store search tool. Again as the uncertainty of COVID, nineteen changes there may be some modifications so checking the apple website under fine. A store would certainly be your wisest choice. If. You have a question. Please get ahold of me and I can answer them in a future episode. The MAC minutes web pages located online at Mac minutes dot. Be L. U. B. R. Y. Dot net. Other places are twitter at minutes, underscore MAC and facebook at MAC minutes. So. That's all we have for Mac. Minutes I'd love you to join the MAC minutes podcast group on facebook where I post articles from the top tech journalists, people can discuss topics post articles join special events in other great tech happenings. MAC minutes listeners can visit Alaskan apple users group Zoom, meeting, scheduled for May Twenty third at Ten am Alaska. Time you can find information about that meeting at the MAC minutes or Alaska Apple Users Group facebook website. For All MAC minutes listeners I hope all of you and your loved ones are well and look forward to seeing you next week's MAC minutes. Thank you again for listening and Mac. Minutes is available on Apple podcasts, spotify iheartradio cast box teaser, and many of your favorite podcasters take care of yourself during the upcoming week and we'll see you again. The next MAC minutes podcast.

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