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Bonus Podcast: Kristen Stewart


hello everybody. Welcome back to the film buds. Podcast this is our ninth bonus show so thank you so much for joining us once again but I should say my name is Henry and no Khloe. This time around but joining us is a good buddy Jacob hours. Yeah it's been a while and Yeah Jacob Number One. He's also Henry Jacob Bonus show yeah collective. Yeah we're back again and so yeah. Thank you so much It and this time around. In honor of the Charlie's angels reboot. That has just been released. We're doing a show centered around the film's of Kristen. Stewart who happens to be Jacob's favourite actress or one off. And so it's GonNa be a really good time. We have a bunch of reviews. It's going to be the first twilight from two thousand eight Adventure Land Snow White and the huntsman clouds of cells Maria certain women and personal shopper. And so six six big ones Jagan states. Yeah and so yeah. We got some of her bigger films as well as some of her more. Recent Art House works and so I think it's going to be pretty interesting talk. I think we've been trying to plan this for a while so I'm glad we finally got the chance. And if you are new to the bonus shows we won't be doing any news or listener questions or anything like that. It's going to be purely Cinema reviews so which is okay. We'll Jacob how you doing. It's been a little while. Yeah Yeah I'm doing. I'm doing good good. I've missed it. You Know Yeah you've and you're saying you've been enjoying the regal. This is not a plug in any way but the regal unlimited pass unlimited movies. It's finally here. They play that ad at the beginning of every movie. Yeah you know go get it. Yeah let's buy Regal I've been to get. I think I will especially now that you have a tell the listeners out there there are no catches. Ado. Think it's very worth it. You're not hit with any hidden fees except for fifty three cents convenience fee if you're getting tickets off the APP so not technically free but you do go to the theater. It is free but if anyone's on the fence about it I think it's very worth it. I've seen like eleven movies with it so far sometimes three days you know you. Can you can us over here? Yeah you can. You can only reserve up to three tickets at once on that but if you go to the theater you can just you be there all day. Yeah they'll start looking at you weird but you can. Just that's cool though man. It's one after the other. Yeah Well Jacob. I guess we can start off like that with the other shows. We can talk about our introduction to Kristen Stewart. How we when we first came across her. And when did the the the the craze for Kristen Stewart? Start for you. Well were you a twilight twilight guy. I saw in twilight. Didn't know who she was before that assumed she was in some stuff before she she was in panic room with David. Fincher and into the wild with David Lynch Not Ledge What's his name? Sean Penn? Yes yeah twilight girlfriend in like the seventh grade. Nice who wanted me to read all the books with her so read them read. All of them are the first two in Lebron. Sorry to toilet after. I think that's the first came out I watched it. Didn't think she was great in it but then of course later realized that was because I wasn't necessarily her fault yeah She probably wasn't given a lot to request. And then when you reflect back on the books. Her character is written almost exactly how she plays that character. Yeah so she actually did a good job. Yeah but I wouldn't say that's exactly when I started being a fan of her surges grew gradually over the years. Yeah I say it really hit when she started making indie movies and I was like well. You know she's really given it all. Yeah can really you know screening one? That says she can't act because just go watch certain women personal shopper. Go Watch clouds of Says Maria Yeah? She's she's an actress. American ultra right classic. She's she is an actress and her. I always found like adventure. Land is one of my favorites and I was. I was found her and Jesse Eisenberg to have a really great onscreen chemistry. You wouldn't think that they would but I think they should make more movies together. They're great together on. It's just yeah. It's when you let cafe society eventually and ultra. Yeah Oh yeah I had forgotten. Yeah they're in three together but anyways yeah what about you for me. I mean I had heard of course I had heard of her. When twilight came out. I didn't see any of them until the past year And Yeah you have to check out the others. They're really good so no. I think I can't remember what the first one I saw her. Was Maybe Snow White and the Huntsman. But I think I have definitely grown. She's grown on me a lot for sure. I think that of all of the young kid actors like you know with these big franchises like Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson and a few others. But I think she similar with them have really broken. This stereotype of them. Never really breaking out into anything else other than just these big money making strew. Yeah and I think she's really proven herself to be a pretty interesting and dynamic actress and out says she's one of the more interesting young actr- actors working today. I think that even if not all of her films are five at a fives. I think that she's making some of the most interesting choices and Robert Pattinson. I mean he's had quite a year as well. So Robert Patterson in Christian Sir and as you said Daniel Radcliffe. They've been killing the indie scene. Yeah for sure really. You Know Robert Patterson's even was in like a Kronenbourg was eating. Yeah he was in Cosmopoulos. Yeah yeah so I think that the more I watch her. I was just thinking about the house again. Oh yeah that's a good time wild. Yeah and I think that the more I watch her the more I like her. I mean I think some of that may even just be with how her performance is in twilight. Not being very good or just I mean in that. Moving general not being great but except for that baseball scene. It'll show up on our top. I think that she just lost my thought. Sorry aren't just something about twilight. Not being good. Oh yes. So it's her. I think one of the most interesting things about her and impressive things about her is just her career arc and development where she's gone from this very pretty bland blockbuster into doing some really pretty emotional nuanced performances and I think just her improvement as an actress is one of the coolest things about her. And she's kind of Sh- really shown people that she can be more than just a twilight star so because the huntsman wasn't really top tier either. No no it's and now with Charlie's angels is like her first real blockbuster since Snow White Right. Yeah she I mean American. Ultra kind of but it's that was a pretty small movie anyways but yes so she's she's mostly been doing a lot of indie movies which will be talking about in a little bit. But as you've been busy over here yeah. I watched personal shopper last night. Just got the criterion of it. You know yeah and so all right well I guess we can jump right in. Jake we get plenty of movies to talk about. So we can get into the first twilight which came out in two thousand eight and it's directed by Katherine Hardwick and of course it stars. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Sarah Clarke. See who else we got here. Yeah Billy Burke. Yeah Anna Kendrick Nikki Reed and the Synopsis Is Bella. Swan moves to forks and encounters. Ed mccollum a gorgeous boy with a secret so this one made quite a bit of money. Obviously it made three hundred ninety three million against a budget of thirty seven and of course it went onto a massive sensation and franchise and Really you know went along with Harry Potter. I shortly afterwards in terms of these massive WII movies and Especially with the trend of breaking a book up into two films that I mean Harry Potter did at first but this one kind of continued it. Not that that's really a good thing but I don't know if you knew the south top of your head the home of the average gross for like the Harry Potter movies. They're pretty high. I mean I mean I would say they're more towards between five hundred billion now out. Thank you I was just thinking about. How like most most triple A? Blockbusters these days are just they're just hitting a billion left and right so. I don't know if that was like different back in the day. Yeah so just just KINDA RANDOM. So the half blood prince which is the sixth one made nine hundred thirty four million. So that's I would say that's a pretty average run for those movies. So yeah it's doing pretty well because joker just hit a billion Yahoo's crazy. Yeah well I completely forgot that Anna. Kendrick was yeah. I think everybody did I like her too. Yeah Well Jake what do you think of the first twilight is it? A masterpiece misunderstood or is it who plays as one of the other high school friends of okay bellows. Actually Green Played Alice Vampire. You got to be honest with you. This is. This is a safe place. You're okay I don't think it's very good but I don't think it's that bad I would watch it again. But it's not going in my top ten of all time that's fair. It's not going in my top ten of movies I saw last week. Yeah but it's got married while said review done. I mean you know I remember being really gray and really. Yeah really dramatic Very similar to the book. Oh you read the book. Read the phones right. That's right because the book was sort of just like a Kinda Kinda read. Fan Fiction Stephanie Meyer Yeah Anyways yeah just a grey blue masterpiece so like I said I. I haven't seen them until or any of them until recently and I guess I agree with you. I tried not to be overly critical of it. It's not a very good movie and I think that it is especially when you compare it to these other franchises like especially Harry Potter is the Big One. But there's such a massive difference in quality just the performances the the writing and characters and everything. It's kind of shocking. Almost how different these franchises can be even with something like the hunger games. Which isn't a perfect franchise. But even that has more compelling elements to it than I think twilight does I could also say a lot about the quality of Harry Potter towards the end. But that's for another day. Yeah and I think the biggest issue with this one and I think all of them in general but this one starts at is that it's just dull. It's not like I can get over the bad acting and bad writing all of that but it's just not very interesting to watch like nothing happens in honestly like she meets Robert Pattinson. And that's about it and then there's just these kind of conversations between them which I mean isn't just because that's the case isn't a bad thing inherently but I think that I mean the one thing that's well known as that they dated offscreen but there's no chemistry between them whatsoever. And so you could. You could care less about their relationship and and I mean of course a lot of this is old news but I mean the idea of an and I get it. It's like a teenager. Love story like you know you'll be become obsessed with someone unequivocably irrevocably in love with him. Yes which I mean. Fine I mean have that happens with teenagers and that's fine but I think that it really does kind of send a bad message. I think it because like I'm not. I mean. I would say the majority of the audience for this franchise would be teenage girls right. I am I am. I wrong there. The I'd say that you're right. Okay I think the I think the hard facts and statistics would show that to be accurate. And which is fine but I think that now. I'm not a teenage girl. All right so I I'm just talking gesture. Yeah I'm just I think this is it kind of sends a bad message to kits because like your. There's this girl who is very fragile and depressed. And then she meets this guy who is is so cold and uncaring of her in so many ways like anterior dhs hair. But it's like you know he'll say things I've kill people and and I like watching you sleep things like that and then she's like. Oh I love you. You're the best guy ever and it's like it's showing that no matter what this guy desk to her shoulders. Keep going along with what he does. And and we're relationship should be based on physical attraction alone. Nothing else. No no message. Yeah yeah no not that. But the thing is he's not even I mean he's a good looking guy but I don't think that in this he's not. He's not all that appealing to me personally. I know some people do but I mean for one thing the thing that is horrible about these movies. The vampire contact lenses Horrible terrible but I I think it's just not a very compelling relationship and it's kind of almost off putting because it's just this very one-sided relate relationship where someone will be very angry and Just not not really showing care for her at all except in some of the most intense situations and showed his fall flat over feet for for this guy no matter what he does. And it's just it's not that interesting of a relationship to me but then again you have the other franchises like Harry Potter or Hunger Games where there are these very. I mean there are of course antagonists and bad characters but I think that they still have a better more moral and ethical dynamic with them in terms of what you can get behind because in this you don't really care about anybody and and then at that same time the performances are so blank that it you can't really latch onto that either and that's that is the moment when people were like this is Christmas. This is how she is how she always going to be. Yeah and so that that stuff is kind of a pretty big flaw to the movie and but of course Taylor. Lautner is unforgivable in this and I mean and he just I would say he is someone who has continued falling back into the trend of these young actors. Not Moving on from their franchises. Because he's gone and done other things but it's clear he is not a very dynamic actor. Rose channing tatum but TATUM's very successful. Yeah exactly a lot of good stuff but Taylor Lautner. I'd say unlike Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has not grown as an actor and Jacob. Yeah great character and so I I mean I as you mentioned i. I don't like how it looks. It's too like nineties like just to that like blue filter very gray very very very great blue. Yeah and so. I don't think it looks very good and I think that mean the direction is okay. I think I mean I actually saw this director at Sundance when I was there the year before last speaking at a panel which was interesting. But you ask some questions about about. I didn't but I I was purely there to observe but I got to see. Tyco not speak as well so that was cool. Yeah and his new movie. Oh It's good. Yeah it's nine regal yet so waiting for that to happen and I don't think the direction is horrible. I mean I think that the source material just doesn't really lend itself to being very high quality anyways but there's just nothing very interesting. The happens in terms of direction. It's I mean it's the camera is always kind of like moving in and it's like tilted at odd angles which I guess I can appreciate but it's not really enough to save it in any way and one one scene. I love just great. A great moment of teenager. Love is when Bella walks into the classroom and Robert Pants and a smelter and he just throws his his hand over his nose and like stares at her because she smells so bad. Yeah just stuff like that. It's it's so unsubtle that remember the the vocabulary used in. The book was so bizarre. Yeah as I said before you know. Unequivocably Urva Qabli. Yeah they think at one point he was explaining to her since they don't age that they've matriculated. Yeah many times When I was a kid you know what is matriculated mean. Yeah sounds weird very very academic and I think the I mean. There's the element of Robert Pattinson being. Like being a vampire and being violent and angry and when they go to have a romance together in bed. He's like no I can't I can't do it because I can't lose control when I'm around you and it's trying to bring up that idea of like you know teenager. I guess teenage sex life I guess you know. Yeah and it's just it's it's so it's so poorly done that it's just it's goofy which isn't necessarily a bad thing either but I think at the same time it's trying to take it self seriously and so there's an odd tone to it but yeah but I. I don't think it's horrible. It's I would say it's one of the better entries of the ones I've seen. I haven't seen all of them but and I don't think it's as bad as people say I mean it's obviously when you can nitpick to death but I mean it's just A. It's a cheesy blockbuster. I'm not going to try. And make it out to be Schindler's List here it's just you know. It's it's just a blockbuster so more or less exciting than Schindler's list. Less and I owe the score is by Carter Burwell who has done the majority of the Coen brothers films. Yeah Yeah I wonder if the Cohn brothers have seen toilet probably not probably not. Yeah so well any anything else about twilight Jacob. Who plays her father? Oh Yeah I forgot about the dad that for me I believe it's Billie Burke Yeah and and that. That character is very frustrating because as an especially as the series progresses. He's so oblivious to but then at the same time he'll he'll jump back and forth between being attentive to Bella and then he'll be completely unaware of or He won't be curious at all about what's going on with her. And it's not that it's trying to portray a oblivious father. It's just that it's very poorly written you know and it's it's not creating an interesting dynamic of this dad who's like kind of cares of a kind of doesn't it's just that it's so uneven that it can never make up. Its mind and you have no idea what his actual Understanding is of her His daughter's life like in the beginning of the second one or actually it might be. I don't think it's in this one. But where she gets all these bruises and she wakes up in the hospital he says. Hey what happened since she says? I fell down like two flights of stairs like went through a window. Things like that and he's just like Oh okay. It's like your daughter is covered in bruises. And she says Oh. I just fell down a couple of flights of stairs. I'm clumsy sorry dad and there's an it's so unbelievably oblivious that it doesn't work it's just like clumsy. Bella to fight stairs. I do that sometimes. You have the list of characters in front you. Yeah all right all right. What's up? Test my my knowledge here. Yeah please. Let's do let's Guy Bella and Edward Together jakup the love triangle interests. Yes and we've got Jasper and Alice there together and Carlisle as Meriva or the parents resume is Bellas future baby. She's not in this. One Them May Have Im- it cannot remember that last girl's name it's the last vampire child too many characters listed here. I don't know it's the only one I didn't say it has like everybody in the movie. I have no idea Carlisle mid thirties has a bunch of adopted children who are in their late twenties. makes sense. Yeah Anyways. Yeah yeah you know like what do you do all the time? If you don't sleep like we just have sex all night. Yeah all every night. Yeah they do cool when they play baseball. Oh Yeah we have even talked about that so there is the just a famous vampire baseball scene. And where it's like you know super high speed crazy baseball. And it's and it has the song by Muse playing over in a black hole. Oh God it's terrible. They have to wait for a they. They can only plan storms because I have to wait her for a thunder. Clap to happen. Yeah obviously hit the ball. It's so loud that people might wonder what's going on. Yeah they might encounter them. Yeah and I I love it when like afterwards after it all goes wrong and Edward is driving Bella away and they. He's like spinning off all of this really like dark dramatic dialogue and he's wearing like a Yankees baseball shirt like a like a pin striped shirt and it looks so ridiculous. It's great the costume design. Yeah really brilliant up there. Yeah and but really any design of the the. Vampires is so lame like the the trio that comes to ruin the baseball same where it's like the blond guy the guy with dreads. And then the the woman I forget the design is the worst like it's so it's so lame and uninspired and and very very dated and three bucks or four four I believe twilight new moon breaking dawn and eclipse eclipse as the tragedy of midnight. Sun Never released new supposed to be the first book twilight but from Edwards perspective. I at some that will be missed love to read that graduate. Yeah and I don't mean to be getting off onto into the other movies but my favorite one of my I think my favorite scene in the entire franchise Jacobson the my favorite saying okay as new moon. Where bell is having her birthday. Party with a vampire's the other vampires and she's given a gift or or something like that and she cuts her finger on a piece of paper she gets a paper cut and she her index finger starting to bleed a little bit and so of course being around. Vampires makes sense. She holds up her finger. Her bloody finger looks around the room at the vampire other. Vampires and goes paper cut. It's just a fantastic thing. If you have seen yeah I should go watch the other the other four you should. I think I think they're all on Hulu right now. So but it's just like yeah here I might the one thing you're not supposed to do around vampires bleed and she just makes a point of holding her bloody finger going pay cut. I show you something Henry. Oh Yeah please let shopping. This just arrived in the mail for me for me last night. Is this a a Blu Ray? You have four. Four K ULTRA HD. Holy Moly yes. Jacob here is showing me. A picture of something unrelated. Sorry but it's a the moral studios. Infinity Saga Four K. So this has every. Marvel film auditing the incredible while all on four K. That is amazing. This with tons of deleted stuff. How many how many pesos did that? Such back six hundred GS WHOA boy. But Hey it was limited. So they're going for like a thousand now also. I think if you wanted to get all of them in four H. D. individually. It'd be like something like eight hundred we got you know Wyoming signatures here. Wow I got number. Forty one out of four thousand twenty. That is cool man. That's cool. Yeah well I mean since you gotta dig in there. Yeah well I mean since you've got the the collection at rather than the the single desks you save money. You made money in the steel. Well I guess someone could argue that. I could go shopping for deals for each one but you know collect I like it. I like the big box. Also Got Disney plus. I oh I got that the other day as well actually I got Disney plus so got everything on there too. Yeah anyways yeah Well that's you know. Yeah twilight maybe do a crossover some kind so but I mean again. Kristen Stewart is not very good in it but I I think especially with what she's done since I don't really blame her for that but I mean it's you know it's when you're watching it. It's not a good performance so I can't defend her completely but I get it. You know I I get the I think she gets it too. Yeah Yeah I mean. She seems aware so all right well at a five Jacob. Two two and a half. Yeah I gotTa Tell You I'm excited for Charlie's angels. Yeah so all right. Well I guess we can move on to X. we have adventure land which came out in two thousand nine and is written and directed by Greg Mottola and it stars. Kristen Stewart Jesse Eisenberg Ryan Reynolds. Who else we got here Kelsey legend Michael Zagan Jack Gilpin Kristen wig bill. Hader Martin Star. It's about it and the synopsis is in the summer of nineteen eighty seven. A college graduate takes a nowhere job at his local amusement park. Only to find it's the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world so this one made seventeen point two million against a budget of nine point eight million so pretty small movie. But I think it's had a bit of a cult following so to speak and it's this came out. Yeah like just a year. After twilight and Kristen Stewart was kind of I guess riding on the popularity of that and although I guess this movie that make a ton of money so I guess that's not necessarily true but I still think that it's her. At least she has a little range in this. I mean she has more comedic chops and but I think she's still very much within that Bella phase where it's like. Can I have a relatively blank-faced depressed teenager? Who hasn't really showered and a day or two kind of deal which is fine but I think in having that in this new environment I feel like it works. I do think it's it works a lot better in escape for Washington. Yeah I think that it's it. Works Better in an ensemble and as more as a comedy and this movie is feels very jut. Appetite inspired the like the Guess. The appetito effect where it's these comedies. That are injected with relatively decent drama and characters and so the the runtime has extended a little bit and of course. Of course that's been copied a lot. These days were essentially. Every comedy is two hours long. Which is I mean not not in a good way but yeah comedies. I feel should. That's one genre that doesn't need to be long. No dramas I get it. You Know Thomas. Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah the two genres yeah. Heart horror movies to pre-pretty long. Yeah and I think that I mean in this case I think especially for the first time that it came out it works. I think the character relationships are fairly decent for movie. Like this. I mean there's the the romance the UN the Secret Romance Between Kristen Stewart and Ron Reynolds and then of course the the main Dynamic between her and Jesse Eisenberg and then there's also the the quote unquote pretty girl Who's I actually thought was? I was worried at first where she would just be the kind of like the pretty girl side character who's always come jumping in and just Creating attention and energy but J- actually has a pretty interesting arc. I think and they they do a good job of giving most characters a a relatable side I think now had you had you seen this had not actually. I watched it for the first time about a week ago so I I watched to longtime ago in high school when I heard about but I never got around to watching a lot of heavy hitters in there. Yeah Bill Hader Kristen Wiig Ryan Reynolds. Yeah I mean it's it's very much like an SNL Rogan kind of group of people. But I think in a in a good way I forgot the Martin Starr was in there. Yeah action watching a lot of Martin Star recently. Not Not a not intentionally. It's just a I watched freaks and Geeks and then and then I watched all of Silicone Valley a non watching party down thanks. I don't always have a lot to work So sometimes I pull out a yeah. That's cool but I and then you know rewatch adventure landed on the Martin Star and all over the place. Yeah I think I think the weakest part of the movie for me is Ryan Reynolds. I'm not a big fan of his for the most part I mean I like them as Deadpool I really where he hit his stride. Yeah uses a bunch of the kind of like not great comedies? Before the yeah and I think I think this falls right into that way. It's just he's very much a just a pretty boy actor who can kind of act but he's more so there for just the presence and so I don't think he's great in it and it kind of is unfortunate because some of the big drama of the movie revolves around that dynamic between him and Kristen Stewart and so sometimes his performance kind of hurts the movie in that way otherwise. It wouldn't really be that big of an issue because it's very much an ensemble film but I don't think he's great in it. I think everybody else is pretty good. I think Jesse Eisenberg is just playing. Jesse Eisenberg gets but I. I think I think he's. He's all right in the movie as that that type of person he's got typecast. Yeah totally and so. I just like these. Hang out comedies. You know said a in this case an amusement park and where it's just watching these different characters go through these wacky situations and and it. It does feel slightly ahead of its time like. I said I mean jet appetite has started before this. But it's it's this one kind of has come before a lot of the other big recent films that have been inspired by By those and so I think that it feels a little ahead of its time but I think that it's still. It still feels long. I mean it's only about an hour and forty five minutes but I think by the end I think it overstates welcome by ten or fifteen minutes and but either way I still think it's quite funny and the characters are decent enough to where you care about them at least a little bit. You know I think one of my favorites is the the quote unquote best friend of Jesse. Eisenberg who's always punching him in the balls you know. So that's a classic classic character. Which was I mean? It's so it's so over the top but like in high school. That was like I totally saw that happening. You know I'm not really in a good way but I mean like that like being a teenage boy or having been one that I can totally relate to that in terms of I mean I. I didn't do that but it's that was such a teenage boy thing like high school boy thing. Were you a popular kid? No no I kept to myself for the most part so yeah I was just you know I just I stayed in the background the Lone Wolf Pretty Much. I mean I had a couple couple of buddies but it was orange high school so it wasn't really a the most friendly places I was in band. So Oh yeah then you really much right. Well said well. What are some things about Adventure Land Jacob? It was an adventure. Yeah go watching it. this was the second movie. I ever saw Jesse Eisenberg in being the first. Yeah so this is what really established for me just the Eisenberg. Kristen Stewart's chemistry I I have a great onscreen presence together if you like sort of It doesn't shine through that great. In American ultra good Cafe Society Do more stuff together. Yeah but I don't know. I bought the romance thing a lot of the times in movies like this. You've got some awkward nerd character like Jesse Eisenberg and they'll try and pair them with you know crazy like I don't really buy into the whole like league system but you get it like in movies. They try they try and establish a relationship. That doesn't seem very realistic. You know yeah Just someone that the sort of milquetoasty main character doesn't have anything in common with more You know just a very stereotypical Pretty girl but I feel like you know. I think it works for them. Christmas story fits into that Still very attractive but just kind of down to Earth. You'll milquetoasty girl while but I feel like they. They they fit together like puzzle a puzzle. Yeah it makes sense. I Dunno I see what you mean for sure and I think as I've watched more of her I mean I I have started to notice a few of her tricks for lack of a better word but I mean she kind of has this awkward and I think it's natural because it's an every one of her performances. I'm not really. I don't really fault her for it's just certain. Actors have certain is natural quirks that you can't help but notice after a while like the whole Brad Pitt. Tongue thing like hanging out of his mouth. That's the most well known ever noticed. Now you have to go back and watch Brad Pitt movies. And you'll see. He has his tongue hanging out just a little bit. I read something about him. Always eating something. He's always eating as well. That's another thing. Yeah and but she has this like awkward like show kind of shrug her shoulders. A little bit. Shake your head a little bit kind of bites her lower lip and so she has these little text that I mean I think. I don't think they're a bad thing. I think in her the early part of her career she maybe relies on a little too much. And maybe that's just because she was even that aware of them an unnatural thing and I think just as she grows she just becomes more has more range so but I think that she is. She is funny in the movie and I think that she works. Well with Jesse Eisenberg as you said I think they both have a good chemistry and they I mean I I could see their relationship in real life happening. I wouldn't think it'd be that weird. I think it's almost that dynamic is kind of almost of the time like like a two thousand nine thousands stereotype or something like I guess the like Nerd. Culture has kind of become more mainstream and so people aren't as judge of. Who's who you know which I in in many ways but and so in that way. It's maybe it feels very two thousand nine but yeah. I I think it works. And it's it balances some good drama with moments of pretty wacky comedy and so It was it was a good time. I love it but I I I it was. It holds up. I think in many ways so I think all of the supporting or great I agree Yeah I'd say that I had a really good time with it Had yet to say a few more things about it. Yeah I agree that it a product of its time very much Lost what I was saying. Yeah just what you said about it about fitting that whole you. Two thousand nine feeling of back when this These kind of characters weren't AS Roma's mainstream. Is You might be now. Yeah I'm on. I guess we should say so. Greg Mottola also did super bad and Paul both Seth Rogan films and. So yeah. He's I guess he. He definitely had a pretty big impact on comedy at the time. Because I would say super bad is I mean I would say one of the best comedies of that decade but also one of the most influential ones sense in terms of how it's been copied so Because some alternate reality where Jesse Eisenberg is the main character in hot rod instead of in December maybe so the Great Bill Hader role. Yeah all right well anything else about adventure land. It's good. Yeah cool at five. We give this four four from me as well so all right. Well I guess we can move on to a third film which is Snow White and the Huntsman and this one came out in two thousand twelve and is directed by Rupert Sanders. Who I guess most recently did ghost in the shell. The the live action one was was Lee Scarlett Johansson. Yeah and Along with Kristen. Has Chris Hemsworth Charlie Farren? Same Coughlin Ian McShane. Ray winstone Toby Jones and I think if die say surely staring. Yeah and in a twist to the fairytale. The Huntsman ordered to take snow white into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the evil queen. So I think this one. I think almost like marked the end of the Kristen Stewart like the the end like was the end of the first phase of her career. I feel like after this. She kind of is worth her. Real interesting work started. I think in terms of more the arthouse indie film and so. I think this is where I should say. After this movie. She broke that thought or that thought process around her and so this one made three hundred ninety. Six million against a budget of one. Seventy and so You know a decent hit but probably not as much as many others like it just a disclaimer. Yeah I have. This is probably the only one I I've not seen but I do know a little bit about it but I'll let you carry this one. Don't have to worry about spoilers I know it's probably. It's probably not very good. It's okay actually. I mean so this one I think while there were other live action. Dark fairytale retailing's before like I mean there is Alice in wonderland and a few others as well. We've got gretel in Hansel coming. Oh yeah it'll Gretel in Hansel. Yeah I I think this one can marked the. I think it made a bigger impact than I think people realize. I think that it showed that these live action films like this can actually be good. I mean to to degrades not a masterpiece by any means certainly better than what is it. I can sign with certainly better like Daniel Radcliffe not knowing. That's the guy who was Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight. Oh what's that other? Oh Victor Frankenstein. Yeah it's better than that but I mean although I don't mind that movie but Victor yes this one. I think that the best one of the best things about it is that it has a lot of practical effects and sets where which is something that has not really been copied all that much and not in the best way I think because I think having rewatch that it it still holds up pretty well visually. I think it looks quite good. I think like the the dark forest and some of the castle sequences all look very good still because they were real places seemingly and so. I think that's one strong aspect about the movie. I'd say the weeks part of the film would be Chris Hemsworth. His accent and the opening narration is brutal. Like it's trying to be Kind of English or but it's also slightly off and so I have no idea what was going for. And so he he kind of he hurts the movie. I think that he is someone who's kind of grown a little bit as an actor. I mean he was good and rash so like his his early. Thor accent yeah when he was. Kinda him in it it was. It's a little rush. But he's not great in the movie and I mean Kristen Stewart is okay. I think that again. This is her right before her. Real breakout and to really great performances. But I think she's Ok out. Say the strongest part of the movie Charlotte's therein. She's very over the top but her performance works so well and fits the tone of the movie so well somehow shed it we. Yeah and so I think that There's the one scene where she's in the She goes into the I. Guess it's a milk bath or something and she walks down nude into this pool of I. I guess it's milk or something of like why Goo and then she comes up and she's completely covered in white and it's a very striking visual and I think that that's one. I think Rupert Sanders Directs. He directs the heck out of it. Jacomb the movie I think he I mean he's he's not an amazing director but I think he he made a stamp for sure and I think that other films like malefic and some of the other fairy tale films have. I think were inspired by this one. In at least in some ways I mean this one is derivative in many ways of Lord of the Rings and out say Ridley Scott especially with some of the action like a gladiator and Robin Hood. But I still think it. It has a good earns. Its place a little bit at least and is one that I feel like I go back to much more often than a lot of the others. Like it certainly fits the physical description of Snow White. Yeah Yeah and I think it's one I think something about the direction. It's very good. Is how the match elements of the movie are very reserved. They're they're not crazy special effects for the most part they're very either done through performances or they're done offscreen and so you're not constantly like poking holes in the absurdity of the magic in the movie which is a good thing and that's something that is always done very well in recent ones and so you kind of get put out of the movie a little bit but I think in this one it does it fairly well and I like medieval fantasy. So I think that this one is Has Good action but I think that especially on rewatch. It does fuel long. It's I mean it's it's over two hours. Which isn't crazy firm. We'll be like this but for some reason I think having watched it a few times it feels a little long a little sluggish but I stole would go back to this one rather than many others. So yeah and then there was the sequel tissue see the Sequel Jacob. The huntsmen winters war eagle own. Yeah you gotTA check it out. Yeah Yeah and that one did some have Kristen Stewart. It's all about Chris Hemsworth. Why would us? That's the but it has. Emily Blunt within. Who's WHO's like. She's that character so interesting both from a character standpoint and from a design standpoint that I wished she had just been the whole movie but sadly that's not the case but this one is definitely better than the other. Yeah it's I I like it. I think it's kind of underrated in in many ways. It's not. It's not a masterpiece. Like I said but I think that it has some really really cool elements that I don't think are appreciated enough and the the fairy tale genre good. I will check it out so check it out from your library. Yeah Oh Yeah Yeah. Feel free all right well. It's a four for me so I'll give it a four cool all right. Well I guess we can move on and to see some of her more indie works and so Clouds of Sales Maria is next and so this one came out in twenty fourteen and this one is written and directed by CEOS and stars. Juliet Panos Kristen. Stewart closed Grace Marantz Lars Adenjer. Johnny Flynn and the synopsis is a Filmstar comes face to face with uncomfortable reflection of herself while starring in a revival of the play that launched her career and so this one I think in many ways it got Kristen Stewart back on the map for great performances and I think excuse me I think after I saw this I was back on board with her. And I've been hooked ever since Jacob and this one four point seven million against the budget of five point one was looking some notes. Oh you're fine against the budget of five point one so not not a really big hit but well Jacob what did what do you think of this one a little bit? Yeah it's I Live Juliet Minoshe as well. So just the power couple. Geneva Been Ocean Kristen Stewart Double Double Whammy So Julia Typically French foreign film actor but occasionally makes her way into. I don't know if I'd call this an American film but yeah I mean it's out. Call it French but with a couple English actors or with one English actor to too but yeah but Christmas to replace the loyal assistant. America's system Some sexual tension. Yeah I think anyway. Yeah Between hurrying Julia Noche klay-grand merits. Also in there and she is she someone who's also grown on me recently. I think I'm starting to enjoy her work more and more. So she's doing As well the miseducation Cameron posts which we reviewed on the regular show so She plays that you know the young upstart actress. Lindsay. Lohan ask. Yes that's doing the the role that that What is the character named? Juliet Noche who she played. I cannot recall kristen. Stewart is Valentine She's Maria Enders as right. Yeah so Players it's character playing the role in this play that Maria had played us before and sort of clashing. Yeah and Kristen Stewart's there to offer the support. Yeah the your. They spend a lot of time in the mountains together. Yeah Oh yeah a little little getaway hiking in things I believe the play was was meant to be like a lesbian drama. I believe so yeah. Yeah so Yeah I think Chris. Insert really shines in this movie. Yeah even though. She's not the lead Like she was in the past two movies. We talked about surely comes through. Yeah I mean I mean I I guess I should have said it more at the beginning but I can say now. There's just something about Kristen. Stewart that just like cool you know for lack of a more academic word. It's just there's something kind of grounded about her down to earth and also just really cool and but at the same time she super awkward. I really got that from the Charlie's angels trailer. Yeah and I think that she and I. It seems natural in terms of what I've seen her in with interviews but she's somehow manages to be both like trying to be cool but or not really trying to be cool but she kind of has a cool vibe about her but she kind of fails at it sometimes and so she kinda bounces back to the teenage nerd a little bit and which she posed really cool to hang out with. I think so too But she is. I think in this movie that comes through and I think that this might. It's one of my favorite performances of hers for sure and I think that the the dynamic between her and Juliet Bench is like is an amazing very memorable relationship. I mean in any conversation about art or an literature and film and music. Anything else in this movie. They do good job of being making it like semi pretentious but being able to bring it back to reality so to speak in not having it be just these. Hoity toity people talking about art but like having it feel relatable like the the scene once they've gotten seen seen the like the X. Men movie with Khloe Grace Marantz and they're talking at the bar and Kristen. Stewart is like from an earnest point of view of why cloudy Graham writes character is so kind of bad ass and and strong and then at the same time. Julia Binoche's like laughing at everything she sang. Because she's talking about a big goofy soap opera comic book film. And which but the best thing about those dynamics is that they're both right so like I which I love and so like you can get behind someone laughing at a comic book movie. No matter how earnest you think it is someone's always going to be there to laugh at it. You know. This is a stupid comic book movie. Which in many ways. They're right because yeah it's ridiculous. They're talking about things that they that doesn't exist in any way that are just from comic book movies or Comic Books from the nineteen forties. This movie came out before before the whole craze. Well I'm used the two thousand fourteen so it was kind of in the in the heart of it out say Yeah I was thinking it was way earlier. Yeah but and so you can get where Juliet No she's laughing at it or get why she's doing that but then also you can get. Why Kristen Stewart can be so earnest. About how a comic book film or something along those lines can still have genuine emotion in it and which I think speaks to the director and and his writing. Because that's the best kind of relationship in film where both people are right and you. Can you struggle with deciding who you should side with if if you ever are able to? Yeah And I think that that really really works and again. I think that they're able to make a good balance of the Keeping it grounded even if they are talking about like you know how someone acts in. Nfl more the writing of a famous playwright or something you know which could come across as very pretentious. I rolling but it doesn't do anything about it so it's just a great great description there of that scene. I thank you uh-huh I mean I think that one other thing about it. That comes down to a lot of the direction. Is that since they do run lines together. They it's directed in the way that you know at first that they're that they're running lines that they're just it's just seems like they're having a conversation about this really really a relationship crumbling but it's actually about the the two women in the play their romance falling apart but they do good job of blending these or creating these parallel lines between the relationship. The play to Chris Stewart and Juliette Binoche's relationship. And so Madam. Sorry go ahead. I like that scene where they're hiking. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah that's the cloud of and that feels very French like I mean and I mean 'cause SAS directed personal shopper which will get to an end a little bit as well but he loves fading to Black You know he loves it but and maybe a little too much. Honestly like they're just be scenes that would like someone would be talking and it will just suddenly fade to black. Which isn't a bad thing inherently but at times it was a little over used. But it's I mean it's very elegantly directed and very graceful and very quiet and so it feels very French in that way and I guess it's it's also dealing with kind of forbidden romance as well and so it feels very very French film and but I think Khloe Grayson rats very good. The the best seen one of the best things in the film aside from that Great Comic Book Conversation Jacob is the scene where chloe Grace Morad's meets Juliette Binoche at the hotel or whatever it is and they're the three of them or just having genuine conversation about how merits was so inspired by Juliette. Panaceas acting work early on in her life and how that inspired her to become an actress. And it's an again. It manages to feel relatable feel like that that love for the the those that actors work is genuine. Like you're like you. You can understand how someone could see that in her. And it's I think that really is Dramatic and compelling Even though at the same time. Sorry to be jabbering on here. Everybody but might as well. What is this? What this podcast forum. Yeah should be the tack line but I. I think that it's able to cover cover material that I think is I mean. I guess one thing that the director is able to do well in general is incorporate cliches or like concept the concept around cliches and kind of break them down especially when it comes to celebrities. I think 'cause I mean with Khloe Morass you had the Lindsay Lohan kind of party girl. Young young actor celebrity aspects of the character were. She'll be on a talk show and she'll be like acting like a complete bitch and you know not giving two craps about an anybody you know and then at the same time like the talking about. She's completely normal. Those yeah invulnerable and saying something completely genuine and I think that speaks to both the writing and chloe grace meritas performance because you can believe see that happening on both sides and the thing. Yeah I I got back the got it now. Yeah sorry add a little brain moment but I think that which I mean I think especially in this day and age where social media is so apparent. I think that makes sense because you can see actress. Who will act kind of like a complete nitwits in real life but then somehow they came give really emotional performances and so. I think that that it feels feels of this time but I think it works and it feels rounded acting pretending. Yeah I mean in many ways and Kind of random. Did you see the actors on actors spy variety with Kristen Stewart and Charlotte buff recently? I don't think I have always get like both of them. It's the talking. Yeah and if you haven't heard there's this this series on Youtube. That variety does called actors on actors. And they'll get to actors who are in new films of completely different backgrounds and put them together and have them give like just regular conversations kind of interview each other. It was after like honey boy. Yeah Yeah Kristen. Stewart and Shiloh. Buff did one recently which was really really good and they have like Jennifer Lopez and Robert. Pattinson did one so. It's very uncommon dynamics. But it it. It's so interesting to look that up and so if if you like watching actors similar to this movie if you like just watching movies about behind the scenes of acting and film and theatre even sometimes I think you should check it out. But I watched Stuff we I follow like Vanity Fair Variety Wired just all the press junkets as eat it up. Yeah well I mean you don't have to do much work because I share everything for you on facebook. You know you can just go down the feed. That's all my youtube recommended in Henry's profile So is is honey boy about child buffs childhood. But he's playing his father. Yes that's what I thought so. Yeah alright well anything else about Sills Maria. It's very French. They don't have as many hangups about sex and nudity in romance which personal shopper gets into though. Yeah yeah so the French. I think I would say the French. Cinemas like probably one of my favorites out agree favorite favorite. Suddenly a boat like regions. Ah Film Yeah. Yeah you know in in Maya. Degree program had watch a lot of Russian cinema and German cinema Italian French I think the French do a great job out agree and I I mean I like a Nordic film as well like Swedish women like the girl with the Dragon Tattoo is Swedish. Says stuff like that. I really enjoy as well like with French film. You get more of the kind of elegance kind of And then like with Nordic film you get more of the slightly sharp kind of colder Thrillers and mysteries and so there I mean just European. Cinema in general is very very interesting and diverse. So all right well Jacob. Five five for me okay. So we can move onto our fifth film of the day and that is certain women which came out in two thousand sixteen and it's directed by Kelly Ryecart and it stars. Kristen Stewart Laura dern Michelle Williams John Gates James Gross Jared Harris and the synopsis is the lives of three women intersect and small town America. Where each is imperfectly. Blazing a trail. So I had heard about this one when it came out. I don't I think I I was curious about it by never really got around to to watching it until just about two days ago. I saw it a pitcher and made a one point five million against a two million dollar budget so another pre small movie but it didn't make now failure failure and so this one like like the synopsis. Kind of alludes to so it sees three separate storylines at first like there's Laura dern is dealing with a she's a lawyer who's one of her What do you? What do you call them? Or whatever clients thank you. is very damaged from a being hurt on the job and he's being Neglected by or Rejected by the insurance companies. And so he's kind of breaking down very quickly and she's trying to help control that situation and You know the dynamics between those two characters and then there is the Michelle Williams storyline. Which is the. She's a a mother who has a troubled or Or a teenage daughter. Who is they? Don't really get along very well. And then she s husband. Who was kind of I mean he? He he cares for her but he's doesn't always listen to to Michelle Williams and so there's the kind of the sparring back and forth of these these this family as they're trying to build this new house for themselves and there's the Kristen Stewart storyline whereas sh I guess it's not actually her. I mean it's not really her story. I Guess Lily Gladstone is the the main character of US oil. Yeah where she? She's a rancher farmhand so to speak and she is Goes into town one day and she sees this group of people going to a school or something like that like a rec center. And Kristen. Stewart is teaching this class and she immediately kind of becomes interested in her and the to have meals at at the diner late at night and Kristen Stewart is discussing. How the Her drive is like four hours each way to get to this this job and how her her life. His is slowly falling apart in many ways. And you can tell how interested Lily. Gladstone is in Kristen Stewart. And I mean we're talking about it offered a few minutes ago but I think I cannot believe how good Kristen Stewart. Wasn't this not to say that it's that. I didn't think she could do it. But like her performance and I think Lily Gladstone. As well who? I don't think I've ever seen before. They're so nuanced and subtle and quiet but they're so moving It has definitely my favorite relationship of the movie and not just because I like Kristen Stewart. I just felt like at outshined the other two years with the horse or she wants Kristen. Stewart to ride on the horse with her. Yeah you know I think one I mean it's not. It's not a bad thing by any. I mean it's more. I guess heartbreaking in some ways but I think watching it by the end of the movie you can like feel how lonely this director is by because the the whole film is dealing with different kinds of loneliness where like Laura. Dern is stuck in the situation where? She can't really help this person who needs help and at the same time she needs to take care of herself and she can't always do that and so she's very much stuck in the situation where no one else really knows this guy and who knows how to deal with it. Her story gets really crazy. Like I believe there's like a hostage situation. Yeah held hostage. Yeah and then Michelle Williams is I guess being feels kind of ostracized because she can't really connect with her husband nor with her daughter and she's just trying to to get by and be half her voice be heard but then I think like you said I think my favorite is by far the the final one and you can see like there's the scene where the lily gladstone is at the ranch. I mean there and there are many scenes of her just by herself going about work with the horses and all of that. But there's the seen I think toward the very beginning of that storyline where she is watching. Tv or something and then you can just see how desperate she is for interaction and so she turns it off and that and that's when she goes into town. But I think that I mean it's one thing to to deal with the film about loneliness but I think when it's like seeping through the movie I think it. It's it's heartbreaking from a personal perspective just because you know someone who's able to communicate that so effectively feels that way but at the same time cinematic Louis. It's incredibly compelling and dramatic and but I think that subtle dynamic between Kristen Stewart and lily gladstone is like it's one of the most compelling and interesting pieces of film that I've seen in a long time like I. I wish that could have just been the whole movie. Honestly agree and I think that like every seen especially in that storyline feels like it has a purpose and that I think that speaks to the direction but like the same where you you see how the relationship ends. And there's the long scene of Lily Gladstone. Driving back to the Ranch. And there's just like a few minutes of looking right at her and and realizing like she's having to go back to this very isolated life all over again this like the one person that she had connected with in a long long time and now she's Hasta to go back and I think the final scene is it's one of the best file shots that I've seen. It's where it's like kind of just life goes on. You can't really can't really do much about you. Just gotTa keep because I mean and it's done in a way to where 'cause she's she's walking these horses back and forth between this these doors or this these rooms and it's almost done from a perspective of That you could see kristen. Stewart popping up there like you could see that because that's that's happened before where someone will like be doing something. And they're the love of their life will pop up and happy happily ever after but in this case. It's like hinting at that but it doesn't happen Jacomb. That's that's what happens in life unfortunately sometimes but art imitates life. Yeah but I think it's IT'S I. I mean I had heard good things about it but I could not believe how invested I was in this movie by the end of it and so it's really worth watching if you are up for it. You know it's not really a happy movie but it's it's very very nuanced and unique your Kristen Stewart Fan. It's a messy at this it might. It might be my favorite of hers. I it's hard to say it's either that or or Sills Maria I think and I think and one thing about Kristen Stewart is one thing about Kristen Stewart. That someone else talking to yesterday was mentioning. It's like she almost seems to be addressed the same way and like every movie. But it's your slightly different. Like she kind of has dorky. Like kind of off. Kilter luck to her but works for whatever reason she pulls it off you know. She's got mom jeans. Yeah for sure. Yeah and then. She'll pair that with a leather jacket or something and it. Just it's cool. I mean that's again it's just. There's something very different about her. And it's it's interesting but yeah it's it's a very at first. I was a little worried because it just seemed kind of like a almost annoyingly subdued and reserved But then I think once you get an understanding of the pacing and the flow and and the style of the movie. I think it's it. Earns ITS Its vision so to speak so yeah anything else and but yet at the scene on the horse is amazing the worst they they ride together and and I think also I think when lily gladstone goes to try and find Kristen Stewart. That's really really good as well where she's like waiting for her and you can see how nervous she is about seeing her again and how she's GonNa React so. I think that that performance along with Chris Stewart is is amazing so and I don't think that actress got enough attention for that. I think she's really really good in it because she does even say that much. It's almost all purely through expression so you get the impression that she's much invested in this relationship than Kristen Stewart. You get the impression that she thinks that this is going to go somewhere but that That Christmas towards character really. That was not her expectation. You know or she may not even have known how you know. How much Fallen for her. You know yeah because there's a Lotta love there and you don't know if that was like legitimate love or if it was just desperation like you said craving human connection because she did lead such a lonely life. Yeah you know. This is the first person that she really came across that. She felt like she could connect with. I think from Kristen. Stewart's perspective She's being a nice person early. She she wasn't expecting like a to settle down with her or anything or to like you know she wasn't expecting a happily ever after. Yeah scientific that that was a kind of like a Gut Punch to illegal since character in. Yeah I I didn't expect the movie to end so so tragically for everyone but it it. It really was like after I watched it. I was like why you know it's very realistic. You know The happily ever after ending doesn't usually happen in life. You know it's stuff happens in time keeps marching forward. Yeah man that's the way it goes. You're the love of your life doesn't show up at the barn after you split ways. That's that's the way I usually. Yeah Not GonNa say it never happens. Dog happens you know. Yes so I'd like to the realistic portrayal of relationships and Yeah Yeah Never. Jim Never take it for granted if it works. Never never take that That for granted. You know so what you've got till it's gone exactly so one thing when kind of random thing about the movie that I had. I talked to a few minutes ago. The I think one thing that little nuance of the character of Kristen Stewart. But when they're eating at the diner and you can she's talking about how tired of driving and you can just see how exhausted she has from her life in many ways she's and I. I don't know if this was written or if this is always something Kristen Stewart did but I loved it so much is that you can tell. She's she's so tired that when she's wiping her mouth she takes the Napkin. That's wrapped up around the silverware with the low piece of like tape or something. And she is wipes her mouth with the rolled up Napkin like she does even take the time to unroll the Napkin and I thought that was such a funny kind of endearing. Little look into the character because it's like she's so tired of everything she doesn't even take the time to unroll the Napkin to wipe her mouth. She just keeps it. She A surprising how much eating she did in this movie called like eating isn't really something that happens. A lot and movies. Yeah 'cause maybe it's hard to director it's just like but I should know that you don't see a lot of actors. Onscreen eating like a whole finishing a whole whole meal there like Brennan. Yeah he's the king. There are times like the Zodiac right. mark ruffalo vegetarian. Yeah Mark Ruffalo was always eating. They had him just like eat. That Burger just like leave it in his mouth and then spit it out after the take. Yeah why they couldn't get vegetarian burgers for Mark Ruffalo. Yeah if he's not important enough But yeah eating is always something weird to me and movies because you know it's just it's one of those you know every day life things that is necessary for survival that you don't really see injected into a you know a movie that's supposed to be sort of like an escapist like larger than life sort of thing. I don't know what I'm saying. Oh yeah I I'm feeling it but no and Zodiac. Yeah that's a good example is like he's always eating like they're always diners and he's always like you've got animal crackers stuff like that. So that's and I mean that feels very David Venture. You know that kind of detail because the directors like that. I think they try to they. Try to get the realism. Yeah so I think that's it. This movie feels incredibly natural so a lot of movies you'll watching. You'll be like you won't be able to tell like how many days it took took place over. No one's ever like sleeping or eating. You know. Go to the bathroom. Yeah they're all just like. Did the whole movie happened in one night. You don't sell sheets grilled cheese and cheeseburger. I believe Nice and fries. Love it if I'm remembering correctly. Yeah it's very important. It's very important that I remember. Yeah yeah but I I mean one last thing. I think that the scene that I touched on earlier but the scene. Where Lily Gladstone goes to see Kristen Stewart at her new job which is kind of like the final resolution of that that relationship. I think is. It's so incredibly well directed and you get everything almost through the performance. Because like you'LL KRISTEN. Stewart kind of has this very D- complex expression on her face where it's communicating. Like I see what you're you're feeling but that's not really what I'm doing but I it's like but I appreciate it at the same time. Like I got all of that just through her performance and at the same time he from her from Lily Gladstone. He got the ideas of like. I'm here I came all this way. It seemed like you were interested in me but you know I it just. It's very very rich and it's so subtle at the same time and so I don't know how I don't know how Kelly did it. Jacob the master you know. She's Abbas sleeping on her. Do we know what what else does she directly? I think she did. She did another movie with Michelle Williams. Meek's cutoff which is a western. And then she did. Let's say oh she did night moves with Jesse Eisenberg. Yeah that's seems like it's about it but I think it's the directions one of the best parts about the movie and I think in terms of also dealing with loneliness. There's the final scene with Laura dern and Jared Harris where she's or jared Harris in prison but Laura dern comes to see him with some food and Jared Harris is discussing. How he doesn't he just wants to hear from somebody like he. He doesn't care if they just talk about the weather or if they talk about their day he just wants to hear something and so again. That's kind of another element of or his his perspective on loneliness. Where it's like. He just wants to hear what somebody has to say. He could care less what they're saying. He has been stuck in prison all this time with all of these with all these regrets and and being isolated from everybody and and and that's another scene with food. He gets a milkshake vanilla. Milkshake you know and I drink your milkshake. Yeah and so I think I think by the end it really. It creates many many different perspective. Different perspectives on that. Same idea like there's the older guy in Michelle Williams's storyline who's kind of starting to decline a little bit and very much alone in many ways and so yeah it's it's very very nuance in how it goes about it and I think you you really need to see the whole movie before you really get that completely but I mean which sounds maybe pretentious like you really need to be but you need to give the movie time to build. So yeah so check it out. It's on criterion. Might have to buy the criterion. You should yeah an interesting fact about food in movies. Please always real that show riverdale. Yeah Favorites Yeah Edgy. Teen adaptation of Archie Comics. You know they have a diner that I always go to. And they're always getting milkshakes. I was watching an interview with catch a a PA. The Kiwi actor who plays Archie and. He said that it's not ice. Cream is warm Greek yogurt because it needs to keep its shape right and not melt so warm. Greek yogurt with whipped cream and a cherry nice. You know they got a drink that I like Greek Yogurt Times. So do you think you could drink warm Greek if I had to paddle on money sure? Yeah so it's just interesting fact. Yeah case anyone's wondering yeah cool while it's a heavy five for me. Oh yeah yeah all right. Well I guess we can get onto our last review which is personal shopper which also came out in two thousand sixteen and this one is also directed by Olivier Assayas who did clouds of cells and it stars. Kristen Stewart Laura's adding Juror Anders Danielsen Lee. And that's about it. I believe we have actually see the woman that she's personal shopping for you see. You're dead so the synopsis is a personal shopper. In Paris refuses to leave the city until she makes contact with their twin brother who previously died there her life becomes more complicated when a mysterious person context her via text message so yeah this was SAS as follow up to a cloud of cells Maria. And I I saw it in theaters. I didn't know anything about going in. I don't think I I don't know if I had seen Sills Maria before this. I think I was just went because it was kristen. Stewart but re watched it last night and I think it's good. I don't think it's as good as Sills Maria. I've really a scenario because it was the first American actress to our award. That's right yeah so I'm glad you brought that up. So yes one is dealing with this. Kristen Stewart is this young personal assistant personal shopper to the celebrity and she's also a medium and she's it's all about her trying to make contact with her brother who has died who died suddenly of heart attack and She moves into like his old house. Something right or she she goes and visits and yeah yeah and it's all about Kristen. Stewart trying to navigate this life of kind of chaos in many ways. I mean she's having to fill in for the celebrity mini at many points. And she's just been kind of controlled by many other people in that really having much of a say I think and and then at the same time like the synopsis mentioned. There's this element this at least at first a supernatural element of this person messaging or constantly knowing exactly where she is what she's doing and following her but she never sees who at least until the end. But it's it's done very well and it is an interesting parallel to the whole ghost element. 'cause you think okay. Is this something ridiculous? Like someone trying to contact her through the grave. But it's you know it's but it's done in a way that feels I mean it's slightly. It's over the top but it's Kinda pulpy at the same time in the supernatural stuff. Feels calling us on the back burner. It is it's very subdued is much more about kristen. Stewart sort of wanting to imagine herself as as being that upper class of persons kind of being okay with leading the life of Mediocrity As a as a personal assistant which personal systems do get paid very well. They can't But of course there's that there's that pretty standout seeing of her trying on the the lady's dresses that she's just brought her 'cause she's dead. Yeah so great scene. Yeah and that stuff feels very French. So you know non sexual nudity. Yeah yeah the the French the French are good at that. Yeah like I said no hang-ups so They're very good at displaying nudity without having to be overly sexualize here now here in America. Yeah so yeah I agree. I think that I enjoy her journey. For the most part I do find the movie. Unlike Qods of Sills Maria. I do find this one to be kind of frustratingly ambiguous at times. Which is it's dealing with ghosts. And so obviously it's already something very supernatural and confusing for lack of a better word. But it's I think it's I think it could have been communicated in a way in terms of this person moving on from someone's death and like wanting to connect with them again even even though they they've passed away and then also trying to figure out how to move on without them. I still think that those ideas are a little frustrating. And how they're communicated because I don't know if I totally got the point of the movie by the end I like the ideas I just said. That's what that's what the film is discussing but I think at the same time by the end. I think it's feels a little confused which may be. That's the point I I don't know but I don't think it does a good enough job of totally making that an effective idea or discussion. It's true it does. It does feel a little. What's the word Lost it doesn't feel like it has a clear it's a little messy clear path for where where it's trying to trying to go. Yeah just it's just sort of like a you know what you've got. The box here says a an evocative character study which I mean. That's my favorite part about the movie and I'm and I think that the supernatural elements are done pretty. Well like the look of the ghosts are pretty cool. And they're they're very subdued and minimalist but I think that for this movie it works and it it tries to ground in a reality and so I think that that stuff is very good. I think that the murder of the the celebrities may be a little much. I don't know 'cause it's pretty bloody the scene where she encounters her. And I don't know if that I don't know if that adds anything to the end of the film the The final ideas I don't know if I mean I guess in some ways you needed it for the whole idea of the text messages but I think it it. It feels a little overdone and stuff like that feels kind of out of place and not nearly as direct and clear as Sills Maria. I think this is another really great performance. Oh I agree I think I think she's very good. I think she has a very good way of she can be scared or show fear very well like she's very good at like shaking and have trembling and especially when she's being messaged by this unknown person she has like. It communicates very realistic relatable kind of sense of okay. I'm being followed by someone constantly and I can't control it very curious to see how like how her performance is going to be in. Charlie's angels. I go see later. Just after all of these. Just great knockout indie performances. Really just getting back into the the blockbuster scene yeah you know. I'm curious about it as well. Has she done anything after personal shopper? I think she's been in a couple of indie movies. I can't think of them off the top of my head but and she's GonNa be in secret. I think it is or Seeburg later this year. Which is about the French? New Wave actress from breathless. That's right and then. She's going to be an underwater next year. Oh yeah which looks. Interest Yellow Looks Fun and so I think A yes but she's she's very good in this very very quiet like I mean she often is. But I think that it's it's compelling in. It's it's detailed and very complex in terms of what she's feeling and portraying and so she really carries the movie very well like whenever she was I mean I guess she's on screen and she's in every scene really pretty much and so I guess there's never about. It's all about her. Yeah there's never really a lag with that but I think she really truly does a whole lot of interacting with other characters. Does she kind of back and forth. But I think what the best scene in the movie is the scene towards the end where she's on the back patio talking to. I guess it's her late brother's friend or roommate something like that and it's just a very down to earth conversation about how she's feeling about her brother and move. Trent trying to move on from her brother and I think that the writing and the performance in that scene is so so good and it. It's it it gets back to the Sills Maria kinds of conversations where it's just them having very relaxed down earth conversations but it's so provocative and interesting. You know so. I think it's good. It's not having watched it. I think it went down a little bit for me. I didn't like it as much as when I first saw it but I still think it's a cool part of her filmography for sure so and I hope that they she works more with away because I think they have a cool relationship so I agree like she was in after personal shopper. Billy Lynn's long halftime. Oh yeah the movie Lizzie and JT. Leroy Okay Yeah. I'll three mention I. I WANNA see Camp X ray where she plays at Guantanamo Bay. Prison Prison Guard. And I WANNA see that and at some point. I'll watch the Ang Lee movie. It just seemed so sentimental and sappy that I. I think I really need to be in the right mood for that. She's also equals with Nicholas. Hope I missed that one. Yeah but Yeah so she's I mean like we've said she has a really really interesting filmography and I think that that she's really earned her place and out say she's take she's one of the most interesting actors working today agree you know. I mean again not. She doesn't have five at five every single time but I think that her range and And variety in films is much better than more interesting than most other actors working at least at at her age. So it's pretty impressive. And she's of course has really grown as an actress and so that is that much more impressive. So she's a bad US Jacob Total Betas. Yeah I'll be the first to say. Yeah all right well. Let's four for me five a right again if you're new to the show. Do you have yours already. I forgot but I can. I can I can provide okay. Yeah so if you're new to the bonus shows we've started to do something called the I guess it's the highs and lows were all do top five and bottom five moments of The film that we've discussed whether it's a performance of visual Score sorry that was my dog or anything really anything that we loved or that we hated and so I guess I can start off sure so top five Jacob all right all right so five. Is the milk bath and snow. White and the huntsman. Just love it such such a cool visual number four the portrayal of loneliness and certain women like we said. Check out that review if you haven't you know very good and then number three the practical effects and sets and Snow White and the Huntsman still holds up looks very good much better than the majority of other films like it and I would say Number two any conversation about art in clouds sales Maria just very engaging very new and inspired and very grounded in the same way and the number one Kristen Stewart and certain women. Just absolute blowout. Yeah Okay my top five. Say Number Five. I gotTa love that baseball scene. Oh yeah you know. It's it's killer it's a classic scene so for that scene from so's Maria where they're they're hiking yeah You know having that conversation the cloud. Yeah I really liked that Three I think the use of food in certain women whatever reason I just like what they did with the all the diner scenes Kristen Stewart Joan down to just her. These last years is going to be like general performances. That's okay too. Just her general understated performance personal shopper. I really enjoyed and one same as you just heard overall performance in certain women. Yeah all right well the loose so like unlike you number five. Is the Vampire Baseball season twilight? Just it's I mean it's there's entertaining entertaining aspects about it but from a More grounded perspective. It's just can't do it for Chris. Hemsworth accent and Snow White especially the opening. Narration Horrible Then the annoy number three. The annoying ambiguity a personal shopper. Not not super apparent or noticeable just every once in a while kind got that like. I said number two Ryan Reynolds in adventure land and the number one. The overall poor acting execution of the first toilet forgot about eventually probably probably a top ten. There'd be some stuff For me your would also say ambiguity of personal shopper got a little messy the fact that Snow White and the huntsman is probably not going to be that great once. I got around to watching it Taylor. Lautner maybe Through Taylor yeah he did it Taylor Swift for a little while. Oh did he made a joke that if they got married in Taylor. Wonder Yeah. That's funny the Blue Gray filter over the whole twilight movie totally and just twilight in general just negative hunk of junk all right. Well that about does it. I think unfortunately I wish I wish we could just keep Goin' Jacob but you know life goes on. Yeah and so. Thank you again so much for downloading and donating and because we it really helps to go support. The film buds and the Music Buds at all goes to the same place. And so we appreciate you helping out all of that and check out. The film. Buds DOT COM. The MUSIC BUDS DOT COM. All that stuff and yeah stay up to date with the regular show. We have I guess next week. We have motherless Brooklyn and last Christmas as the T. reviews for next week to new films that too. Yeah and so. Yeah keep an eye out for that and make sure to check out our most recent show on doctor sleep and the nightingale which is really a good time and Jacob. Yeah I mean I. I really enjoy these. These actor introspective. I think we should try and do some more. If you're up for it. Sure director Dr Ones. Do I do. Yeah and so and if any if you have any ideas out there. The film buds podcast. is where you can reach us at we. We love to hear suggestions and recommendations and so but I mean we'll definitely try to keep doing them as time goes on and while you're you're in the area and so I think I think availability is pretty much shrunk to weekends. Let's go an interesting bonus show to do would be on the works of female directors? Yeah totally that'd be that'd be down for sure and so and we'd love to get you back on the regular shows. Well the Khloe told me to tell you as you okay. Yeah so yeah. We love to get your backyard back on there at some point but yeah well. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and once again. Thank you so much for for downloading and taking the time to spend you know the money spend the day and your money with us so yeah and Jacob. Thank you so much again. I really appreciate you taking the time and we'll see next time.

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