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How Larson breaks a long losing streak by taking a checkered flag at Dover I knew he could do it now let's get some more some of the points leader take torpedo amidships I don't understand I don't understand that at all those are our top stories plus we'll talk with Josh Berry the winner of the heat upgraded to in all three top divisions some like it some don't but it sets up situations like this where you know the tables can be turned in a hurry advance and by auto trader ready to set record time at the dealership accelerate car buying online with auto trader racing network presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information visit Toyota racing dot com wigs filters with over sixteen or other shows analysts have been saying all year long how you know Kyle Larson needs to win that he's you know he's the guy that they can get to victory lane that hasn't already and he proved that on now here's your host profess talk Doug Rice it was a long time in coming but Kyle Larson finally gets back to Victory Lane by winning at Dover and last couple of years and just got unbelievable talent his car control is as good as anybody I've seen you know in the last ten or fifteen years and you just wonder why big stories plus a lot of the championship contenders took a big hit at Dover Guess what holiday is coming up next so we continue to stir the Pot Alexa Sunday at Dover you know I think it was a great rice for them certainly the first time he's ever made it into the round of eight which that win yesterday at Dover did for him so a surprise winner for you in Kyle Larson finally breaks the glass ceiling and gets back to victory lane well if you listen to any of these shows are shut they don't win more often and he's been overshadowed a majority of this year backer Bush and so we talk about it every week how great he is Oh him and his team are breathing a little bit easier now that they're heading into Talladega this weekend and and they they don't have to do anything crazy you know Carlos it doing so kyle has now secured a spot in the final eight for NASCAR playoffs I'm doug rise with her Sadler and Alexis Ericsson that's going to be one of our in how much talent he's got and they they just have not been able to win but they did it yesterday and did it in very dominate fashions of if they let this kid get to homestead in two thousand filters find the correct wicks filter for any vehicle no two weeks filters dot com advance auto parts think ahead army I agree with you it's funny because on this show and every other show have listened to us well Kurt Busch man he's brought chip Ganassi back he's made them legit he's one certainly done that with Kyle Larson now makes us to see how they bagged at a you know it was a one off deal with a hit in nobody else did to weather was a little bit different and and now we may have an actual opportunity to see him race at homestead but this is his last one to do that and it be the finale with the schedule next year go into it person for the last two or three years has been the biggest mystery to me then then I can remember I've been lucky enough to be able to race a little bit with him on the race track over the last the race was not good mrs is show so I'm anxious to see how they're able to back that up if they can capitalize on this momentum and by the way upfront Kirk didn't make it out of the first round now Bush is in the final eight yeah this is you know you look at either side of this playoff system that Nascar we had a chance on Alexis kind of alluded to this does this Dover Win Make Kyle Larson more of a threat to win a title you depending on who makes it out of this round said we always say well man if collars and makes it said he you know he's going to be a force to be reckoned with and and it hasn't happened yet and now he finally gets into the round of eight for the first time like I meant he make Dan air and throw it into work you never know well that's what's interesting about this because you know for however many years that he's been racing and we've been having our finale at homes I'm still GONNA be aways back on points to you know Martin Kyle Kevin Joey To start the next round you know start today I was like eighteen points back a Kozlowski so that's still a lot to overcome and get some playoff points and just kinda chip away at our deficit that we're in Scott Larson is post race presser at a Dover of course and also he was asked how does this you're going to be even better probably start the next round so but Texas we could we could go there and win we could go to Phoenix listen have a good shot to win Martinsville hopefully could go have a good run there but we'll see so it's just nice to you get a win gets the I've looked at it you know this ever say released your next year schedules does my best opportunity to to win the championship so I got to take advantage of that it could never get out of it but I hope that this win maybe between now and Talladega anything goes but I hope you'll be he's already got in his mind where he's going run well at and where he's going to struggle and as driver that's a we've all been in that box as drivers I've been in with that final round at homestead you're my best track and you know it's the final year for the for the championship race to be at homestead so feel for you to finally break through and get to that final eight to to move onto the next round special but we're not satisfied with being in the round debate you know we wanna go at better and better and better and they were the ones that adjust it to you know this racetrack I think a little bit larceny was only other win this year by the way came in the All star race if you've got to win something that doesn't count million bucks in the all-star not too bad you know what I don't like about his comments more open minded about what he may be able to accomplish if they hit on something here this policies yeah I mean you see him talking about Martinsville there and it's clear that that may be isn't one of the tracks had taken rubber like we expect it to normally take at a place like Dover we didn't get those temperatures it was overcast most of the day that's no excuse for the other teams that got dusted the race and chase Elliott last week's winner eight laps in is done kind of crazy these days to have a race where there's that much attrition you know Joey Logano has an axle issue like you said doesn't even start the race chase Elliott has some kind of engine issue ends up finishing dead last which wasn't a great points day for that team this race less you say in my opinion would have been more competitive had the temperature been higher in the sun but not on the racetrack and the track anybody else or they deserve a lot of credit for that but Alexis a lot of the big news coming out of this race took place in the first five minutes Joey Logano literally doesn't start then you have Ryan Blaney who has some kind of issue that that hampered his brakes and he had to go behind the garage so I mean for playoff contenders even though there wasn't a lot of action happening on the track there was only one caution besides the two stage breaks it was a big day for playoff contenders having bad days and shaking up the point standing in the biggest concern I declare the fact that he's talking about what we could win here we could win there the guy hasn't won in over a year he wins and then all of a sudden and her you know this better than most his confidence is like yeah I can take on the world now I think the way he did it over the weekend at Dover in a he he had it all weekend you know they they unloaded okay in the I've never been one that has bought into the I understand the frustration with Ryan Newman but he's driving his racecar yeah he gets paid to get the best finish that he can forty two I wanted to see the nines momentum you he comes in he had the wroval and he is awesome he crashes and comes back and win if he can go to Dover came back out with twenty four laps down didn't cut Denny Hamlin any slack during the race kind of upset the driver of the eleven call make hey if obviously if you're chase Elliott Giuliana you don't want to give up those points and you WanNa have a chance to win over but bigger than that to me is just like we talked about with the tender if he can back that up same thing with Ghana I mean they weren't that great in practice anyway so I don't know that he would have won dove he wasn't as good as the non for most of the weekend in win great but just another top five not only keep that momentum going gets everybody else around him watching him he's he's he's a more serious I don't understand that at all so that's just stupid statement by an idiot he would come back later and say oh well he's not an idiot I shouldn't just having that big fail at this point of the season sometimes can get the train off the tracks and of course joy Lagaan had problems early on didn't start the race positionings twenty four lifestyle and that's the most idiotic statement I've ever heard we're violent for the end of the stage it's not your day you had bad luck we get it I don't understand erasing dot com and whether it's at the dealership at the gas pump auto trader is always looking for better ways to make your automotive experience better Internet a winfrey gas for year from auto trade back Carl Larsson but they had it they kept it he was out front he had to clean air and they were able to keep his car turning better through the course of the day some people here arrogance but for us it's the sound of time running out every millisecond cats one wrong move and Eric Jones isn't getting his first cup win just he's like by the way coming up we will have another edition of good times and bad times I'll tell you this show is presented by Toyota you can find out more by visiting every time you know he's trying to block Joey and his pit or wh- you know you gotta figure that at some point you're going to need some cooperation and joy didn't do himself any favors I'm Alex Bowman and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network to the playoffs and I've always kind of been like hey you're on the race track to race but in this situation you're twenty something lapsed down I don't know I think you may be should show a little bit more group performance extend engine life at reduce emissions yet see maks today at the Max Dot Com or your local auto parts store Kinney's points that was well taken was he didn't cut the guys any slack in creating goodwill right that maybe he may need these that he thinks that he can have some strength up. I can understand that from from a mental standpoint how you don't WanNa count yourself out before you even pull your Holler into the racetrack so I completely get that Toyota racing family buckle up twenty nineteen follow us a Toyota racing dot com Toyota let's go places NASCAR is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car racing in Peoria and visit go P. R. dot com forward slash auto trader for your chance to win free gas for a year at the official rules no purchase necessary committee but I mean that just Kinda shows you I've always been adamant you know we had this conversation a few weeks ago with with Ryan Newman racing the leaders hard stay on the lead lap and earn his way in you wash the outside clean the inside and make sure maintenances up today pamper your car's engine you'll system by adding Zemach Mike Expressig races hidden to his home state so if the shoe's on the other foot in any Hamlin crashes at Talladega hope that happened but he's out there trying to get a Finnish and thanks to Jimmy Page Robert Plant the other guys led Zeppelin riding a great song awesome get and when he's racing to try to make make the playoffs stay only lead lap whatever but I'm with you twenty three twenty four laps Dan I think Cher it with your friends who could not get enough at the three of us here so if you're watching us on facebook or twitter buddies know about coming back good times bad times the big late model show up Martinsville speed by speed way but right now it's time for good times bad times you went up to the Martinsville race that helped children from combating pediatric cancer to providing a healthy meat we help kids wherever and whenever they need to the support of our longtime partners and awesome fan around the queen is probably the the big room according to any yeah and I you know we talked about this before the show started but I don't think joe is ever really been worried about any good goodwill or favors he didn't care whose Christmas card This is Major General Chuck Swan it each year speedway children's charities partnered with hundreds of programs nationwide Tapie Morton's meal tight field so I was glad to see mother nature cooperate in that were always good to have you here let's let you start off we you can go to good times and we have granted more than fifty five million dollars helping more than thirteen million children in your surrounding beaner learn more about how you can help a child visiting us at speed bulletin that won't it that makes them think they just ignore it and he seems to at least on the surface ignored that and came back with another a top five finish I like that tinder to win open to legal. US residents over the age of eighteen ends November fourth this year void where prohibited by the way if you happen to be watching us on some of our social media streams overlay we've talked a lot on the show about Chevrolet in about the issues and problems that they've been having but they've got to wins in a row you know and I think they have a very good shot at getting another win this weekend at Talladega and so I think they're swinging in the right direction and then my other good time is Caitlin Larson because because if anybody watched the broadcast yesterday Caitlyn had a really really good time and I have never seen kyle so happy looks like such a proud in the good times bad times coming up a little bit later on we're going to break down the drivers that haven't won this year it's kind of all been bad for them and we will talk with Josh Berry winner break in using the carrier to reach internal parts Zemach Literally Soaks Into Metal Dispersing harmful carbon buildup his health. I also like the way that he relatively downplay all the shenanigans with bubble here the rosval the week before kind of like my dad always told you know if you give got to step up your hot dogs hot dog too hot dogs and hot chocolate and it was not at the same time all right and that's the same day okay hot husband in that shot of her chugging a beer shotgun a beer in victory lane at Dover and I just think she was having a good time and good for her and that's no pony I'll give you that seems odd for seventh place running but I know where you can you know he's used too much loftier heights Alexis couple of good times from you yes I'm GonNa go the the best singers in country music and the biggest stars in Nascar Hello Garth Oh my Gosh you've got a nickname for tricia down to about eight thousand nicknames for and this is going to seem a little bit odd for guy this dislike -CCOMPLISH as a racer but cow Bush I really believe that with all the you know they're not for the weekend wherever you WanNa go with your good time well the first one to me Alex Bowman and he continues to impress he continues to be consistent a not on this stage but when you put all that time effort work into a race weekend and don't even get to take the green flag at that level of NASCAR race in is get it just right it's all part of the championship so if you haven't just been listed the counting the seconds your family now two thousand eighteen is a great season for the go with William Byron because even though he had a thirteenth place finish I feel like he could have raced better than that he had a couple violations on pit road speeding penalty and then I think maybe crewmen too many criminals in positive going on with the race team at this point of the season I thought was a good time for them yeah and they got a speeding penalty yes yep so okay I'll in high gear right now on the eighteen and they didn't qualify will and then really run that whale for them to get a you know top ten at Dover to Kinda keep something that that was a not a competitive race and I don't mean that you know all the driver the cars are going too fast I mean the those cars at that racetrack tracks across the country with her family and her brother and and with Kyle and so yeah she probably show the guy that she's a shotgun with she she beats him quite handle corner so that's we've got to find ways to make these racism at NASCAR will it we've had some wonderful races this year been very entertained doc I did I had to all the way the only way to have them that's why you need to make the show come on uh if there's such a thing as a bad time yeah I can see that with go fast racing maybe one of their cars Pinski car still sitting on pit lane when it's time to go and you gotTa Push Garage Doc with hot dogs that doesn't have a couple of coal and but that's just it did get a little bit cooler in time for the race something like that and that just really hampers team so one bedtime additional bedtime I like dogs comment on is the race Yep Yeah Way Charities Dr Paul Sheldon Charlotte with Kevin Martin L. at Nashville here on C. Max racing country from prn their cell proud of bringing you that's tough that's tough all right Alexis couple of bad times from you I mean I don't see how you could not mention chase Elliott in the woes that that team had as army said in but an bad weekend for planning and we've talked about it some but Joey Ghana you know to nothing worse as in it's happened to me twice bad times from this past well I won I really you know we don't pull for anybody anymore than anybody else but I've been waiting for Ryan Blaney to break it earlier in the show you know coming off the win at the role and then not being able to back that up and keep that momentum going was probably not great for that team and then you know guys back in my frat brother days that didn't do that well so I'm not GonNa Challenge all right so that's good those are legit good harm me back to you out in a another bad weekend for that team I just think he's got a lot of talent and he does things right way in with a good organization in good I feel like we're they've suffered have been dover and Richmond Wealth those races have not brought me much back in the way of satisfy and racetrack one of the Social Media Post I saw yesterday was from Jimmy Johnson Yeah and he says I remember a time when a faster car could pass but it just it was hard to find really good side by side racing anyway on the racetrack. Ns this racetrack is something we got address moving for clear that there isn't a universal package that works on every race track the package that is giving us these exciting shows on mile and a half I think is what is hampering us a little bit at these other attention business owners we know that owning a business means getting things done right now so if you're right now list includes a new building call the right now just going to say I know that sounds backwards when you when you talk in the race phase because the goal is to go as fast as you can but with these cars would that rule package in the it not yesterday I feel like this year the mylan has which everybody's big kicking while they've been down have made big strides guessing so those racists eight hundred three nine eight eight three Oh nine eight hundred three nine eight eight three Oh nine that's eight hundred three nine eight eighty three the right way this Gordon the season we've had I've been thoroughly entertained and we've had some great races but it seemed like everybody kind of had their hands tied yesterday and that's unfortunate one Texas Motor speedway the track great battles are waged where fearless driver Anthony General Steel we can design a building for your business quickly and save you thousands of dollars that's right thousands you may think general steel only bills large projects hire combination and all that there's just not enough air with two cars side by side to race go on dose species through the center of the corner in Dover I love that racetrack but it's all Texas Motor speedway dot com nine I'm David Ragan and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network and win and it wasn't the case today well Jimmy's also won eleven times d'auvergne he's not winning they're all right so this his attitude is he rolls into the Blake Texas five hundred NASCAR weekend playoff back includes tickets for the entire weekend and a Sunday pre-race pass with good access should I was definitely not among that coming up we're gonNA talk about some of the drivers that we probably thought at the first of the year we're going to take checkered flags but so far their batting zeroed have left after a restart it was single file they was just not allowed of passing and so that was more of a concern to me than you know than Kyle Larson being dominant which he was bad for right now so if you're right now list includes a new building call the right now company general steel eight hundred three nine eight eight three Oh nine or that you can't afford general steel quality check these prices how about a forty by sixty four building for under twenty two thousand dollars or even a fifty by one hundred for under thirty five thousand dollars like Busch Harvick and Kozlowski spar in the ultimate spectacle is the track where playoff hopes go up in flames Otar speedway Dot Com it's playoff time with a great American speedway November I root third NASCAR's finest head race fan you understand racing you look back to ten fifteen through twenty and see some great racing yesterday all over the race track it was after yes that's right a five thousand square foot building for under thirty five thousand and these buildings all have general steel quality best of all you can still order building and have it delivered in time to bill this year witnessed the drama unfolded the AAA Texas five hundred Sunday November third with sights and sounds to pack two tickets in scanner as low as ninety nine dollars Texas it off harmony you mentioned a moment ago Ryan Blaney he's like I'm not GonNa say Ryan Blaney is expected in the sports we expect him to run up front Pre Keep my at the start of the season will start with you this time Alexis Eric Merola from Stewart Haas racing he's over and it has been thirty five races since he got a victory L. Limits Texas Wash Harvick Gano don't miss the Battle of the eighth playoff race for as low as ninety nine bucks aged Delaware maybe a little bit different Doug on something I know we gotta go to break probably on some races the leader may be out known but if you want to if you're a big enough I'm just not sure if it's a personnel situation or maybe some they may be looking at all maybe should look at maybe some changes in within your organization because verge of superstardom if there's one thing missing yeah he reminds me a little bit of of the collars and conversation where we are always talking about he should be winning he should be winning inch hunt a little bit later on in the segment but right now I wanNA talk about Herman Lexus people that are not winning races folks that are in trouble this year let's start yeah he has has not found victory lane anytime in the recent past and the last time he did win I believe was the rover will wear Jimmy Johnson Martin tricks junior took then toward the end championship season the NASCAR starting to come into focus but you still got twelve players fighting for spot we're going to talk about the guys that are in the champ other out you know on the on the white flag lap and he went on twin granted he had put himself in position to be there to win that race and he he did win it and it says w next to him in the record books but yeah I mean that's I think that's a tall boy that she's shotgun yeah I think she's a professional well she's been around racing along spent a lot and a lot of days and nights at I think overcome when their equipment is is average in so I don't think Alma role in his team although he's really yeah I mean if you look at his stats it's been quite a long time for him and that team but I feel like Stewart Haas racing struggled a bit at the beginning of the year and it's just so reason and lead laps and yet he's not been close to a win this season what is going on with Ron Blaine it's been thirty seven races since one yes released surprising you know he laid that Kevin Harvick has really come up to speed and gotten some wins for that team and so even Clint Boyer he did make the playoffs but struggling I think I think them as the need for the last couple of years in for the next couple years coming up is going to be compared to harvest yeah and they're they're the only team in that organization that are able to if you're not great you can't take tenth place cars and wind with them like Harvard does from time to time and some other people that we've seen in and out of that organization so they need to organization also need to to maybe have a few changes to to get them a little bit further down the line yeah everybody Stewart Haas was going to be at least you know all right let's hop round let's go down to Richard childress Racing Austin Dillon Austin Dillon Eric Merola and Ryan Blaney by the way are all tied at two I agree and I and I think it's an anomaly this year most of the races have been better I agree totally paint that we're not I'm not you know you could argue that that wasn't a dominant performance either so yeah I mean that team at team needs some work that's for sure all right by next driver that has not won this year Twentieth Place Organization in obviously you can ask Richard childress I would assume he'll tell you that that's not good enough we've already had one Stewart Haas driver on our list that hasn't won the he's got the talent and obviously they've got the team but but he is he's not performing to the level I think that everybody expecting to Alexis I feel like he's on the late model show up at Martinsville speedway and I'll be joined of course by Hermes Sadler and Alexis Erickson right here on fast talk it's fast talk on the performance you with me I is is looking for something they're looking for something they haven't found it yet I think maybe they're hoping that next year Tyler Radic help the organization and by doing so we'll help off installed it in it from the very beginning and he being the grandson and I mean that's a that's a tough spot to be in and they need to win that I mean and I thought Oh the floodgates will open they especially he's in house with Pinski and all the parts and pieces and all the tools all there John Dillon but you know I don't know we'll have to see I mean unfortunately on the Cup level those that organization is a fifteenth to twentieth place for the number of racist they have one are you surprised that we're sitting here in Austin Dillon's an offer this year now you know the the racist that Austin Dillon have has one organization and I have lots of friends there and I love Richard Judas and I think a lot of often dilly think of the pressure that he's under his grandfather's organism to Alexis point they'd that organization needs to you know the they're not quite where they not stacking up right near where they did maybe a couple of years ago two thousand when they were in big races I mean he's one Daytona won the Coca Cola six hundred I mean those are big races on a big stage but I think that that team and nobody will argue in for lots of reasons one of which to avoid some awkward situations in the future at that organization but they they've consistent with what they are they fifteenth Sheila at another one. Clint Boyer Clinton the playoffs to her me he's good he's not great you know you can say not putting right with Al Merola this Clinton had a you know a pretty good career and he has shown the ability to elevate his equipment but they just they just don't have that something that he did you know he he can take place car and and win with so he's good but not great yeah I mean I really can't argue with that I mean look fifty two racist since his last win I mean really good and he had his moments now is he is he's just good yeah he's in the play he's good but he's not great and talk about Stewart Haas and we talk about you know Kevin Harvick being the gold standard over there and he's the one that's getting the winds and and supporting that team and I'm just hoping that they find something else down the road that can get some of their other drivers into victory lane or out of Alexis the magic number here is eight hundred fifty five as we are recording this show shear thoughts on where Jimmy Johnson isn't and what's down the road you know I think all of these drivers that we've talked about today Jimmy Johnson included have have the option race from now until he retires and he is still seven time champion and that's the way I always look at him this always ruffles some feathers but in my opinion would a opposition and all these things I'm like Alexis fear that he's done in the win column but I have the same feelings Alexis de Jean's nothing does that mean south Jimmy Johnson is the best race car driver that I've ever seen and better than cow Bush better than Akao Bush in his in his prime guy he is he's the best that I've ever seen and I mean better than I didn't obviously never raced against oh gosh mileage think ahead advance auto parts makes oil changes easier with the right oil filter at the right price every day if your car is over seventy five thousand performance produce emissions extend engine life and increased fuel mileage by Cemex today at the Max Dot Com or your local auto parts Ronin to compete for wins on a regular basis Jimmy Johnson is is certainly one of them but I also look at Jimmy Johnson I think he could finish dead last in every took the late model feature up at Martinsville Big payday for we'll talk with him in just a moment don't wait until your engine is full of gunk and sludge and doing a number Richard Petty and I raised a little bit against Dale Earnhardt when he started understand you know the fan perspective in the intimidate and all this but for my money learn probably next couple of weeks with Jimmy's you know planes are for the next couple of years but I don't see him going down without a fight so even though he's it's been it's been a struggle is no way to sugarcoat it we see tv every week but he is the best race car driver that I've ever seen race all right so that's their thoughts on five guys blaming L. Merola Dylan Boyer Johnson that have not won this year and actually most of the streak is a little bit longer than a year coming up Josh Berry he just one this past weekend Mike Rollover into the fuel and oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parks as it soaks into battle Xamax disperses harmful carbon buildup to help improve meals extend its engine life with five quarts of high mileage Castro Gt X. Pennzoil more valvoline and one of four select oil filter brands for twenty eight ninety nine think ahead era you it's hard to compare different areas of racing and all that but if in my opinion he's the best that we've ever had a against more quality in and and could possibly win this week in Talladega beyond that and beyond the wildcard they they're going to need help they're going to need to turn some things around in order to Richard Petty outlasts their way past their prime and I don't see Jimmy doing that he's too competitive of a person but they just had this announced this week sponsors coming back we'll orbits racing network the does he has earned the right to race as long as he wants to and I hope he doesn't go down you know the we seen Darrell Waltrip in some others Richard Petty think of vans and advance auto parts and participating locations see store for details because we want to help extend the life of your vehicle adds Ziemba store help your vehicle run better with Cemex Micro Louver Kit I'm clervoy and you're listening to fast talk on the McMillan each week in the rally reporters would give you an honest look at the week's new you're GonNa make the mistake well then you better kick into gear and make up for it allow join me rep McMillan the O'Reilly auto parts pit reporters each week on prn the performance racing network going forward now just have to beat this they can't go back to be the worst competitors want to go out on top you don't WanNa stink when you from the grant state of New Hampshire down through North Carolina and all the way to California the speedway motorsports inc footprint is cup series race there this weekend but in the little hamlet of Martinsville they were busy with their big late model show the valley star three hundred usually draws about eighty truly national dot this is Bristol from c title show which was dominated by Josh Berry Josh won the pole and went on to win the feature leading all two hundred laps driving's junior the cars and a big fan base I feel like everybody in my neighborhood was at Martinsville this past Saturday both my next door neighbor's packed up and went up to what's the big lake most of the NASCAR world was focused on Dover and with good reason the expense and the monster energy I know exactly how big of a deal this racist and Martinsville for the late model community Morrinsville is just became became his definitely I'm just a unbelievable unbelievable night we had Her car was josh talk about where this win ranks within the late model world because I think a lot of our listeners are are very well versed in Cup racing it's finicky racing but they might not is flawless and everything went away we just it seemed like everything everything we could do everything we could win we did it and it's just one of those nights I'll never forget in general not only for your talent behind the wheel but also respect how much you know about cars in how much work you put into you know water sports number eighty eight to victory Josh first off congratulations what I guess is the biggest win of your career yeah too late appear cars and do those kinds of things so given all that how rewarding is it to have that kind of respect amongst your peers in in obviously capped off with a big win like this the two guys I never ah Kee events for the season you had a pretty cool facetime in victory lane the boss man facetime Jeff what did he say to you terms and but you really except for these fast last last weekend and and last year we took a big step forward on our program and that'd be grace in November as well as the Thanksgiving plastic it's other national so all those racists pretty much those are all the you know key it was just it was just unbelievable all josh outside of yourself because obviously you dominated this race in a well accomplished in motorsports yourself but has been so understanding how how hard that race is and how much how much things can happen out of control there you know he he said it a few times aches rarely justice is Hermes saddle congratulations on a great win a you very well respected not only in the late model ranks but by race car drivers doc guys that raise eyebrows basically more near Martinsville would be on they have a Virginia triple crowns right I know the folks up at Bristol Hall to Big Lake Model Show what are a couple of the other keystone events throughout the year for the late models out in the next couple of years on the NASCAR scene it's hard to say there's so many so outside of you in you race against these guys and girls a lot at the late models dot com level give us a name or two of another driver that we may be hearing more snows are all big races and then towards a little bit towards the end of the year which we have a couple of coming up is the Myrtle beach four hundred that's a in rain a lot better there so you know the hell out times you know of course over the course of my season you know there's been a couple of incidents and stuff that happened where lost down on racist that you know maybe should have one or not but for me you know the performance of the car was what really I hang my hat on and when you have a performance the bill is a panicle near it is it is the biggest race you know and everybody puts in their best effort You know the best motors cars everybody so excited I mean he he's been so good to me over the years but he especially when it comes to Martinsville as just kid from I think the Mid West you this driving from Nelson motorsports their base in Virginia right there fantasy deal and that's Martin the Martinsville race the big race July fourth itself off in in the heat at Langley yeah no it's it's definitely it's a big deal I mean I've been very hands on with this program and in working on it over the years closing on you never never goes they're expecting expected to win you know I mean he just so when we did I think he just he this was like us we were just we just couldn't believe artwork and then how much disappointment we've had at Martinsville to see that sitting there which is just truly unbelievable Josh congratulations on a big win in the late model outages they're doing this stuff we've been very fortunate with our program to work with you know a lot of good good Lord Chart Drivers one that here for the driver available government assistant programs and save you money call now eight hundred seven six three four eight to nine eight hundred seven six three four eight to nine eight hundred seven six three four eight to nine that's eight hundred seven six three forty eight twenty nine tentatives today at sixty five plus Medicare are free service can show you a plan that will maximize your Medicare benefits. Insure you are taking advantage of all of the it's all star Circuit of Champions Usak car store pass ultimate superleague bottle series fasttrack naismith power I am more that's PRN's at the track every week it cool coming up a little green flag black flag action here on Medicare rules are confusing they should be there over a hundred and thirty thousand pages of choosing the right Medicare plan is a really big deal the wrong choice can cost you a lot of money and the right choice can put more money in your pocket call one of our licensed reps being there for ten years and you know Martin race it's always deleted us you know as a team you know me personally I mean we've had had speed at times the current outbreak fan her now as very well and for for late mall sock racing here with the international are women series Sopra st just for late for late model stock car division that we race they race at Martinsville wants to do you had always has great relations there's part A. Through D. Medicare advantage and Medicare according to the cms there are government programs available that can help you pay for your medical expenses come over and help us together so they got to they got the experience that I mean just crazy thing sitting there and after all these years Chad z Max racing country classics I go back a long time listening to Charlie pride that grew up in was sippy right below Memphis I saw broadcast radio the Free P. R. and I do Kathy Martin del and Paul I feel like the only guy that has to go and win the next two races to advance might be rumbling. Yeah I'd agree I mean at at at minus twenty down to single digits the number of racist left in the two thousand Nineteen Monster Energy Cup season and of course man you can run a Tom have been paying attention to handsome and he seems like he's going to be a pretty good though Josh she went at Martinsville you get a cold trophy visit personalities of grassroots racing each week on pr ends at the track we cover the short tracks dirt tracks legends car racing from the world about laws Lucas oil series brings the best of the best that they can and the racist just this extremely prestigious and often the win for it for the way it's it's the with bonus points and things of that nature will also go on everybody else could be a mystery right now Alexis and her army a two out that's that's a big hill to climb even with you know stage points he could go in a couple of stages and maybe you know gain two points on some guys but yeah the grandfather clock where's it living right now it is in my living room in their Alexis Mind told y'all her and her husband program at Daytona and Talladega has been very very good it gives laskey and some of those guys had been taken most of the time upfront but blaney should have a car capable of getting it done if we have twelve drivers still in contention some on the bubble we know Kyle Larson will live bait we know Martin tricks junior because of his big lead tall order for that group but he needs to seize the moment because blades in that spot and plus the last several years the Ford's engine and aerodynamic not be as many as twenty two points out like Ryan Blaney as I think he's I think he's probably feeling a little bit better about that those playoff points he accumulated Earlier in the season helped him Bush will not make the final youth that's a hard one I know what I'm GonNa go green flag I I know I know world series racing more down the road thanks for spending some time with high they hadn't thanks Josh Josh Berry he won at Martinsville gets the grandfather clock in all bets the need for Special Bubble Wallace and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network they've been running I would be concerned heck afflicted can it be for him to go how do you how do you race yeah you can't give up state points and all these a little biased but one that I've been pretty excited for is if fan mayor he he ran a label for us last year and in us this year and they found one of the canine champion the things that are going on but you've also got to be a little bit cautious to have something to race with it in he cannot have another Mulligan hero he will certainly picture late all right it's time for a little green flag black it's time for another edition of Green Flag Fleck flat yeah I agree I think anything could improve yesterday green flag black flag goes to Alexis Eric Son you can make the right moves at the right time and with the disaster headed Dover the defending champion Joey Logano is is on the bubble right now and the weight why not black black green flags yeah why not down in Dover Double Down over gamble goes over and I just hope we found a way to have a better race when we go back deferred start with the gentleman from said Okay I love that they're already doing it at Pocono Dover would be a good candidate for another doubleheader weakened the most wind situation I mean even with you know the disastrous day that he had yesterday at Dover to be even you know with William Byron and ships he's somebody I think really like him and he's a good kid but I don't know there's several I think there's a young kid this car cup season should be over by Labor Day he asking her army right flank labor they can make all food better yeah Oh yeah green flag absolutely here green flag in last week's race and John last long other mind-boggling edition of green flag black flag presented by advance auto parts pick your oil changed bundled including selected oil filters in this situation not not be too far down but yeah I mean he he's got to keep the ship going in the right way too big without your nice that's true that you would be Dan I stand by my answer cow Bush I'll come back to you on that tape please don't green flag flag flag I just don't live racing WANNA raise rates in doubleheaders in triple headers every weekend and get to a point without losing a race and be done by Labor Day and to Alexis Point Yep you're not against college football you're not against the NFL or Major League Baseball. Dave drives like a chipmunk stopping and changing lanes in rush hour traffic wick says no problem with you have a normal everyday drive or an extreme drive or I don't believe you I think I think there's a little a little doubt I'm doug stick by three three months plus without a win in clubs in red surviving fully came there for a show do song on the show I said I'd be tons of country music this weekend on racing how at advance ahead think advance weeks has the perfect filter for how eubanks drives early green flowering flack train we need to be over before. NFL hits the television on Sunday but not green flake blakely is not as much fun as we exact but I I think there are painless ways NASCAR could manipulate schedule Lori Virginia we even take the grease out of Bacon input it with my scrambled eggs oh yeah so it ain't just to make visit harming there's a there's a jar bacon grease we'll get you there go to wick filters dot com to find the distributor near you ready to set record time at the dealership photo treatment America Merola and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network who check us out at go PR DOT COM. I I play I

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