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Welcome to the conscious milliner podcast show episode number eighteen eleven day, everyone. This is Abraham Carranza out there mesh of the Mind Messier Reality and today unconscious millionare's ot to program yourself to make millions. Look to conscious millionaire, the number one show for conscious entrepreneurs and CEOS on a mission to build a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact on Egypt's discover how to make bigger money create a bigger impact and live vigor live. You're listening to the conscious meaner network her by over twelve million listeners in one hundred ninety countries now join your host jv chrome the third, the conscious millionaire mentor, Master, NLP, coach, speaker and author of the number one international bestseller conscious millionaire grow your business by making a difference. Are You an entrepreneur, coach or business owner who wants to unlock your potential achieve much bigger goals and fast track your success, then grab this opportunity to have an accelerate session to clarify what you want and map out your success now. Space is limited to apply today. Go to conscious millionaire dot com forward slash accelerate again. That's hunches millionaire dot. com, Ford slash accelerate. Alot this and I am so excited that you join us because I've been amazing show for you today, and as you know, this isn't just a podcast and syndicated radio show heard around the world one hundred ninety countries twelve million listeners. This is a true Niro training. You're in for a treat today because we're going to talk about mindset strategies and execution I have a very special guest. He's an entrepreneur and own several multimillion dollar companies. He's a mindset development expert in human performance and success and author of the Book Master. The mind master realities might guests. Today is mentored by Bob Proctor and the gallagher. Institute helped me welcome Abraham. Carranza Abraham. Thank you for joining us today. As, well, thank you for giving me on the show here yet. I'm excited I of our folks. You need to go visit. I am mastermind dot com. It is an incredible website and especially. For anybody who wants to absolutely master the path to millions, because there's no way to get there without changing your internal world, so many people I watch fail, and it's just painful to see them fail. They're all we focus on the external. They go well. If I just have the right strategy, you are just have the right tactic or I. Just have the right marketing all that's important, but it will not make a difference if you don't change. What's inside of you and that's what we're going to be discussing today, you know, let's let's start with if somebody. Wants to get the result of making millions, and if you're listening, you're conscious, millionaire listener follower fan. You know you want to do that in a way that's going to create a positive impact the world, but what is it that everybody who wants to make millions must do? The very first thing is going to be mindset and mindset is everything. Relatively you can think about it. As ninety five percent might sit upset skill. So I say that you you whatever it is, you WANNA achieve accomplish. You want to center your mind to the end result if it's money you want. The Lob University states you must always give then. He received so things in the right order, so if you WANNA hit a million set, the target is million and decide. What's the value you're going to trade for? A lot of people are chasing the results in the forget the cost. So if if you're listening in urine. What we're really saying is that you've got to I figure out. Because everybody's going. Are A lot of people go well I wouldn't put a million dollars in the bank, but that's really the wrong question, isn't it? It's really about impact. It's really that's where you start. What's that impact I want to be? Making that is so valuable, and truthfully you know word that I like to use around money sexy. It has to be sexy for people to want it. People don't walk in and feels like a cardboard box and go. Yeah, that's what I've been waiting to buy. There has to be something juicy that somebody really wants because it connects with them emotionally how? Abraham. How do people start figuring out? What's that JUIC- offer? What's that juicy difference? I WANNA be making in the world. At the very first thing I was GonNa Purpose universes always looking for the personal acted one of the biggest things that I've noticed been missing. I worked with a lot of people and I work with the People Making Twenty, thousand, thirty, thousand, thousand, sixty, I've worked with millionaires. And it all goes back to one ORTON. Point here one that's going to be personal factor the individual. So insane that I want you to start thinking who am I? And then. Starting to find that. So, what would be the first step? Someone might take because I agree with you completely, and that's one of those. You know. We think that is a one on one question, but it's also. An eight Oh one question, it's also a graduate school question because there's infinite layers to that I. don't think we ever get through all the layers, but if someone you're listening and you're going okay, I've heard this purpose stuff before and I like it, but somehow. I'm not getting it. I'm not I'm not able to move forward I don't feel like I've connected purpose and building business and making money I have been able to put them together. What would be your suggestion for someone? At, the very first thing I suggest is right down. As many wants everything in all creation. There must be desired, and you've got a really want it. You've gotta when you go to bed within. Wake up on. You have that type of goal. Sky's the limit. So finding the right goal says ABC goals. You want to go for seagull. That just drives bills. You encourage you to move. And in the midst of all things, it picks you up in the morning. All struggles. It doesn't matter. You'RE GONNA. Keep moving finally success so right down. Three four or five pages long as many once. Everyone you desire that your heart desires, and then start narrowing them down, and then you WANNA start looking bored while where's the cause or all these desires? What do I wanNA trade my life for? So there's an equation here, and and I often think of it is not an equal equation that you actually want to be trading something that has more value than you actually receive. Because then people bought it at a discount I liked that concept of selling whatever you have at a discount, but it's a discount because somebody's GonNa get a multiple of value like you. Maybe somebody pays you A. A thousand dollars, but they get five or ten thousand dollars with the value. You know I go well. That's a great world you're creating because you're expressing abundance in an expansive way and yet. Why wouldn't somebody want to pay you one thousand dollars if you figured out something that they want, and you could deliver it in a way that will give them five or ten thousand dollars value. What do you think is the best way for someone to frame that in their mind when they start looking at their business? Mo the very first thing is always go to the laws of compensation. The Laws Come station St. you will always be equal proportion to. Your value right so look at this the need for what you do. Your ability to do it. And then the difficulty replacing if you could take care of those three anything that you choose new direction, you WANNA go in. Skies Eliminates Yours. I'll have ultimately. It's about value. and. Let's go over those three again because you probably heard him so quickly on. Wait a minute I. Wish I knew at those were. Can you say those again? Force Abraham? Versus going to be the need for what you do. Second is your ability to do it. And third is the difficulty in replacing you. If you can really really concentrate on mastering number two. The, other ones will take care of themselves. I like difficulty in replacing you right because if you're I'm just thinking. Somebody's making cookies. let's make them chocolate chip. That's my favorite cookie anyway. But if you're just making a chocolate chip cookie like everybody else, there's no difficulty in replacing. You really don't have any unique value, but if you're making a chocolate chip, Cook it and somehow there's some secret ingredients, and there's a little bit oatmeal flavor in it. You know and people go. Oh, my God I've never had anything like this now. You're become A. A little bit more difficult to replace, or if somebody's buying service from you, but their experiences very different than what everybody else in the marketplace you know, then it's more difficult to replace it, or you figured out some angle that nobody else has figured out or been able to one of the things I've been doing clients lately and we've been reframing and recreating. Packages for them is in this time we're in. We're having a compression of time right now. And what I've noticed is people want results to gay? They're not as concerned about six months or twelve months from now right now. And I've been having people take programs. That were six months long ago. How could you deliver the value in four weeks? What how could you reconfigure that now you have something. Other people don't have, and it's more difficult to replace it because they've figured out how to build a long program it. They're not exactly sure how to take all the value and do it. In four weeks. I have one person who took a two year program, and is now delivering it in four hours. So that he can help companies get their employees up to scale on new skills, but they don't have to take a long time doing it, so I'm just mentioning that that that difficulty is kind of an intriguing idea, because you wanna be unique in the marketplace, not like everybody else. Is Correct you, you WanNa, find your personal factor in whatever it is you do and you said something very important earlier out. What is that that extra juice? What does that that extra finesse? What does that extra just little? Sexist there's a second story what does that second is will buy got is going to be the desire. It's the desire of the individual in his personal factor. To become. Chief would surely desires, and that's the zest I'm curious because you've made millions. And what was the sizzle for you? I know what it was for me I grew up. We didn't have any money is pretty simple. By five triggered out. This was not a good way to live life. Right and I said. Mommy and daddy are smart. Why are they broke? On by twenty five I literally had a four storey home in a Mercedes on the water made my first million my sizzle. Personally, it wasn't too later I took a more conscious path was i. just didn't like living. This broke where we didn't know food was coming from right, so my sister was I wanted a better life. What what was it that compelled you to make that first million? realtively is wanted to expand myself. I wanted to really outs worked in corporate settings, and I wanted to mount thing. and. I really wanted to achieve something. Ask for guidance, many many years and I wanted to help you in the same time I wanted to reduce my own income. Only be free. And I think that's something that we're all looking for freedom. I likewise. we live early. a little little income and that's a lot of that stimulated Myers to to be something and do something grand and big at a bigger scale than than what I should have been low times. We go into life and. You, look at the the previous programming for some of us as not enough. Well and programming I'm glad you brought that back up because. What most of us were programmed to do? In the room of money we'd have call mediocrity. We were not program to be wealthy. We were not told the kind of beliefs were not shown how to think in order to produce wealth I think for most people who want to be wealthy, and let's say wealthy is having several million dollars because today's world. To live fairly well. That's about what it takes. are have to have to literally re program their mind because they're not even at opportunities the correct way. They're not looking at their business the correct way they're doing the little things rather than the big things are GonNa, matter. Right, it's in the lead times you can be doing small things in a big way and and the biggest thing that. We touch a little bit on it and you're right. It's programming semester programming. and If you guys get a chance to come legal, we do, but this is what we teach for years. I. I went back to studying the mind after it made. Billions of dollars yearly it took me really easy fast quick. Anywhere win this money. And I started doing best in individuals, and they just could not make it happen and I started seeing that there was something. that it was a psychology behind the belief behavior, and they just could not get to the next level so for. Couple of years two years, three years asked. Universe for guidance I wanted on the mine and white people do what they do. And I knew that Austin helped in. It was something else that I was missing. One so I know that you have a really special program. I want to talk about that and we have a special link for you today, and it's your masterclass. I am mastermind. We're going to give you linked to go check that out. Tell us more about that because I know. This is an ongoing program you have. Yes in in our masterclasses. we teach people We get started in the loss of success and really just. Keep driving home with you you need to be. You need to surround yourself with this information every day all day long you see the mind is moment. And we're not in control of that movement than we've become the plaything the things around us so this this information realatively it realize you back opuses back on the directors and is teaching you. The Laws of success unilateral with the directions aware whether it goes one and chief. If you'd like to check that out, and we're going to have this on the show notes, it's well bring it up again once more on the show, but I want you to get it now. It's conscious millionaire dot com. Ford Slash. I am mastermind. That's conscious, millionaire dot com, Ford Slash. I am mastermind. And we'RE GONNA. Be Right back. We're going to have the twenty four hour challenge and we're going to have the conscious millionaire questions. You'RE GONNA. Stay tuned for all of that. especially that challenge I know everybody looks forward to that and we're going to be right back with my featured guest Abraham. Slow. Hi this is jv. Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs and coaches make make millions while others struggled to get ahead. Well if you want to build a high profit business that makes a difference want to offer you a completely free accelerate session to clarify what you want and map out your plan to achieve it because I want you to get the amazing life and business of your dreams. Get your accelerate session now. Space is limited, so apply today. Go to conscious millionaire dot Ford slash accelerate. That's conscious, millionaire dot com, Ford slash accelerate. Again. Just go to conscious. MILLIONAIRE DOT COM Ford slash accelerate. Welcome back I'm javy chrome. The third host of the conscious millionaires and I have my featured guest with me. Today Abraham Carranza. He is the author of master the mind master reality. We've been talking about how to program yourself to make millions I. WanNa, remind you at the special link. Conscious millionaire dot com forward slash. I am mastermind. That's conscious millionaire dot com forward slash I. AM mastermind where you can go and check out. A Abraham's masterclasses that he has and now it's time. Yes for the twenty four hour challenge, Abraham. I'd love to turn it over to you. What's the twenty four hour challenge for everyone listening today? Twenty four hour challenge I would say. Write down a goal and a go-cart. What you trading word what you want. Sagging is an affirmation. And I want you to write down, and this is a really good affirmation has worked for me. And thought about myself running up in its it starts off as I am so happy and grateful now that I'm getting better and better. At all that I do all day everyday in every way for this, I did. And folks we're GONNA say that one more time, but we will have it written out on. The show notes at conscious millionaire show dot com. Could you get that two issues one more time? I am so happy and grateful now that I'm getting better and better in all that I do. All Day everyday every way for this I did. Absolutely thank you so much for that. I just want to add almost blessings to that because I think that's. You know that this is the truth that it really starts inside of you. You know I'm somebody who does internal transformation and business transformation our work on mindset, strategy and execution, and I can tell you. I've had this conversation with lots of other coaches as well. People. Over and over and over again Wanna come, and just by the strategy, right and I go, you can't do that. First of all wants to sell you the strategy, because until you change your mindset. You aren't even GonNa. Know what strategies to use could thinking too small, and once you start changing your mindset. Right of what you can accomplish all of a sudden. You're strategies. Look different. You're looking at different opportunities. You're executing in different ways because right now I can guarantee you one thing wherever you are on your journey of Crete, making money and building while. You're executing too small. And I say that about myself. I'm GonNa say that about Abraham why. There is no no into the infinite level that we can listen to. An everyday. You've got to be asking yourself. How can I play bigger it all starts inside of you and folks I just WanNa. Take a moment right now to thank you for listening especially you especially you and all our fans in Toronto Canada been there many times and Lovett Texas. Now this is going to be an interesting one. I WANNA. Make comet. Probably, I gotta be honest. Probably not the place I plan to spend. New Year's but I was leaving. Denver and we were having a snows- oh my God horrible snowstorms several years ago. And I actually was very grateful when I got there that there was a motel that was kind of a convention motel, and I was when a few people they had breakfast included, and I was glad of that I was glad to get off of these block. Ice Roads. Because, I had been on a block ice road for twenty five miles now if you don't live where it snows I'm just going to tell you. Black ice roads are where the asphalt is black. And it's covered with ice. And Twenty five miles of I think it was three or four hours to get down that twenty four. You can't you can't. You can barely move right and anything you do. You're likely to slide. And you can't get close to any vehicles. It's a scary proposition especially when it's dark and when I saw that Motala said that's the place I'm supposed to stay in. It was New Year's Eve. There I was at didn't know you were there. We would have gotten together and had a mindset party. Folks were kept coming up next the conscious million of questions and we're going to start out. Yes, we're actually. GonNa. Start out with mindset. Abraham you have built multiple multi million dollar companies. So you're always looking at business opportunities. What's the mindset that you've developed that? Helps you discover your best business opportunities. The very first thing when you're looking at businesses, you WANNA look at processing systems If you want to invest in a company or in any form of of company that's going to generate revenue very first thing. Is You look at the processing systems? Because that's what you purchased if you're not purchasing that, you're purchasing the individuals energy, and if he goes the energies. So you want to when you're looking at system of organization, YOU WANNA look at the structure and have a good for mapping, and is it a value? What's the value and let's go back to compensation? Right so, is it something? Is it worth you? Is it worth your time? Is it worth the investment is is who are the Missouri in the company and A really. The main thing you need to know is a want it. I think that's a very. Good point at as we are doing this show, I happen to be because one of the stages. That I'm now. Add what I'm doing with my work because I happened to be looking at two companies that I don't part of and help built because that's now what I'm looking for and part of my clients at you're absolutely right of looking at the systems. Go going. Is this good Roi for my time and Energy? What's IT GONNA? Take for me to invest my time, not just owning a chunk of it, but part of the deal is I'm going to help it grow. Right and so you've gotta decide. When you're going to evaluate. Should I take the risk on because the way I'm looking at that from a mindset, standpoint is everything that's not guaranteed is risk. Because, it's very nice to think Oh, you make a million from this, but that's all risk actually because it doesn't yet exist and what's the probability? It's going to exist, so you? You mentioned systems. Let's talk about strategy. What's a strategy? You could share with all of our entrepreneur listeners that would help them become more profitable. If you're ready in the business of as an entrepreneur one of the biggest things that had a major impact on me. Many years ago, I met with some some older gentlemen. Millionaires billionaires and. They as well had had come from entrepreneurial, and they came from nowhere. And, no business mentalities, but they were made. Big Jumps made lots of money break first thing they said was. Want you to do is analyze business? Are you very person? Are you working in Your Business? I business. At different mindset. It's true so. So whenever you're working in your business. Your company can only grow as far as your arms can reach. And if you're always a center of that energy. than. You're moving the energy. It's you when you're gone that energy the bids falls apart so very first thing you want to work on processing systems. Instead it up where when you're not there, it's Allah generated. This was a big difference in how I operate in how I move in what I do, and it's scaling the business, and you want to their certain ways of doing it have more time, but very I think always ask yourself am I working on the business or working in the business? It's a different mindset in. It's different way of setting up your company model, and when you can work on the company, and not in the company ninety one in the right rooks. Conscious billionaire we have a formula for creating wealth in its conscious focused action, but that formula can be utilized to accomplish anything. You know one of the most important things when we talked about it before is. Is You actually start with the giving? What is the way that you're consciously focusing your actions on a regular basis to make a bigger contribution with your life? It's always about valley very first. Things in the laws of compensations than Detroit Roy do so when you when you start raising your stock in your your your value, and I want everyone to think about this. Go ahead unaware. Right down stock where you stand and know that there's a level of stop the more personal development you do, the more you improve your abilities and your knowledge that you rate your level of stock and when you do that. You're going to do is just increase s slow and create more value. The more value you you provide for. Millions Billions right so you know that's where you hit. Millions millions billions that is a result of value, consciously creating more value or the need for what you do. You know you have an incredible book. Master the mine master your reality Folk. We're going to have a link for that on the show notes at conscious millionaire show dot com. WHAT'S A book? You'd like to promote. Out. Say there's two three books First one is going to be thinking. Grow Rich and my mentor Bob Proctor. He's that you're born rich and. Bob's on several years of research development as thinking grow, which came out, and he's personalized in different areas and fields. Of levels of awareness hunches awareness in really deep into the programming of the subconscious mind, and that is the kingdom. Is GonNa? Ultimately his Co. specs programming, and and that's the reason I. I am consulted for the company. The next one is going to be Dr Joseph Murphy. And power, the subconscious mind so. Everything originates in the mind, and this is the most important thing that that can take a value. Promise is understanding the mind, and how the mind works in the should believe of your behavior. It's ultimately it's bullying your world. We either operating character or we operate in spirit. I. Absolutely agree you were born rich thinking, grow rich and powered your subconscious mind all of those getting wealthy. Three listed. In case you're driving. You can't write this down right now. You can always know the headquarters. Is Conscious millionaire show dot com that's headquarters for everything for the show, and you scroll down to today. Show program yourself to make millions and everything. We've been discussing answers. The questions are all going to be there on the show notes. You know I'm curious because you're are expensive. You're really young guy who's made millions and you're GONNA make perhaps billions before you're through an impact, the planet in many many ways. What's your next summit? And what might be a challenge for? You are an obstacle. You'RE GONNA have to overcome to get to your next mountaintop. Mike. Go! Is Universe many years ago. It was was here for wanted to do, and this is my big seagull. I know that. Relatively goes back to our programming the way we are. From zero two seven, we'd get a mental programming. I WANNA change that changed help society razor level, conscious awareness. I want bill schools from. Pre k. all the way through universities and I know that that's going to be a big project and a lot of my investments. A lot of our work is Oliver. Companies were bringing person development to our companies We are bringing people from all over the world. Come work for us. We want forms, individuals, and the next move over is. Venturing off into a venture capital where we invest into entrepreneurs, and then we connect with schools of education so that the child and the parent are both learning this process at the same time in within twenty thirty year period we have a different level of awareness and you conscious awareness. Well I I. Love That you know have a nonprofit working with youth who want to enter the question. How do we create a world where everyone can win? And that's certainly a personal. Anna Conscious Development Journey. You know talk about journeys. What's the legacy? You'd like to leave? Leaving? Everyone with the impression of increased. That's a great legacy. Folks I'd like to hear what your legacy is. You can go to conscious millionaire show DOT com. You can send me an e mail or voicemail. Come privately to me. No one else will see them and I will respond directly back to you. What's the legacy? You WanNa live in the world. You know if today show was meaningful to you. Then it would be meaningful to me if you would tell some of your entrepreneurial friends about conscious millionaire in the conscious millionaire's show, because I am absolutely passionate about helping entrepreneurs built high profit businesses that make a positive impact in the world. I look forward to connecting with you on the next conscious million Aaron Abraham. For being featured guest today. Is Row. Thank you present opportunity. Thanks for listening to. PODCASTS PODCAST radio network, the host producer and owner of the show. 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