Moment of the Day (06/25/19)


A lot of talk about the Mets Mickey Callaway and his issue with the reporter from Sunday in Chicago. You know, Billy Martin punched a reporter one time. It's just part at part of this game. He was just being kind of, like, I don't find that funny, but he's trying to be. No. I know. That's why I played it with the laugh and I I just don't see as responding to. I saw him right answer. And I was like, all right. He's just trying to be funny. You know, he's trying to make light of the situation. Casey Stangl stab guy wants did that happen. Back in the day. I mean these things just part of the game you know. You know, Dolly Martin punched a report at one time. It's just part of part of this game. Danny Martinez at a reporter on fire ones. Long time ago. I mean this is just this. History. A moment. Hey, lethal weapon a long time ago. Right. Anyway, have a great day. All right. Thank you, Jerry. All right.

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