Cod Save America (with Wesley Morris and Dr. Sumesh Hirway)


Hi We have a favorite ask we're doing a little listener survey to learn more about you. You think of the podcast we'd be grateful if you could just take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire, it's at home cooking dot show slash serving. As you might know, we're part of the radio topiary podcast collective. So while you're there, you can answer questions about all of the other radio topiary podcasts you listen to. It'll really help us out just go to home cooking dot show slash survey. Thanks. I'm so mean Nassir and I'm Ashiq case your way and we're home cooking. This is episode three of our four part quarantine miniseries where we help, you figure out what to Cook with what you've got in the house coming up. We'll be joined by Wesley Morris. My best friend in the entire universe hey. He's the host of one of my favorite podcasts still processing. He's also a great culture writer at the New York Times well, we're also going to be joined by my dad. We all know your dad likes me better than you. Okay. That's definitely true. My Dad texts me about you all the time. But before we get to all that. What's investing made this week and is my banana bread in the mail I have not seen anything in the mail because I'm still perfecting but I did the thing I said I was going to be do, which is I made sour dough bread Oh and it turned out so good but then I made it two more times than it was terrible both. But now I'm making him the fourth time will be this. We'll did you figure out what went wrong the The Times went wrong yes. My laziness. Well I actually don't know what what Ron. We'll last time, which is both loaves Burns so hard and like stuck to the. Dutch oven so bad A lot of things went wrong. If only there were podcast, you could call in to ask some advice if only and you'll notice I didn't post instagram pictures most failures. But here I am telling you all. Your outing yourself now yeah. I did call my own version of me for bread, which are all my baker friends who have watched me fail. Over the years. And I got some good information basically I just have to stick to the recipe and I was sort of being very liberal with my my timing. Let's say you can't be liberal with that kind of labor. No but there are two loaves proofing in the fridge right now, I'm going to make tomorrow and they are looking very promising knock wood. Okay. Good luck. Okay. Enough about me. What's the most delicious thing you made this week? Actually, I made something that reminded me of you because do remember the last time he came to visit before the quarantine you came to visit you went to the store and you brought back all these delicious spectacles yeah and then you chop them up and we had them as a snack and Pimento cheese yes and We'll got got all these great vegetables in our CSA box These carrots that were just unbelievable like we just WANNA eat them raw because they were so good. So I made us. Oh, awesome. Yeah. Have you made how before I have? Yeah. It's been a little while but it's one of those things I feel like I can do pretty easily. I mean anyone can do pretty easily. How did you make your? Hamas. Well, I have a vitamix. So I start with just a can of chickpeas in there and I really like. Part of the reason why I can neither follow nor Creator recipes because like all my measurements are just in the quantity of some. Put in you put in some Pea I put in Psalm. The only measurement I have is it was one can of chickpeas and then yes, some olive oil some Tahini I think it was two spoonfuls of Tahini and. Salt and some black pepper and maybe a clove of garlic. Lemon juice yes. Some lemon juice from eleven from our tree and some basil. You've gone crazy with the spices in and then blended it all up and it was so good. Oh, that's awesome. Can I tell you how I make mine? Yeah I do some chickpeas. And I do know olive oil only two he in it. So it's a lot of Tahini chickpeas, Kinda. Lot, lemon juice. You know I, push it on the garlic I would say an salt but no pepper nothing just those that. So what is that Tahini garlic lemon juice chickpeas salt five ingredients. and. Because I'm an insane person who makes my own chick peas and do the whole baking soda in the pot. Thing. This kids are really really really soft and so then. If you once you blend all of that and I just let the blender go I do. I have a vitamix too but I hate you. Hate cleaning yeah. Even, the food processor cleaning for. Hate cleaning everything on Yeah Yeah and then I just blend for really longtime until it's unbelievably smooth but I used to put olive oil in my Hamas as well and I think I read enough Israeli and Palestinian cookbooks to realize that they put the olive oil generally on top and. Just in. I put the oil in and on top OH I love that. And I I put a little Atar on top of the end. Delicious and love a spice mix it's unbelievable. The vast difference in quality between homemade, Hamas and store-bought HAMAS absolutely. Well, for one thing using olive oil. You probably use more teeny and also you use fresh lemon juice and a lot of those store-bought harnesses have citric acid in it instead or in addition to which has just a different Tang I mean idol honest about Hamas to it's not whatever. But when I make it at home, my mouth is just so much happier. Yeah. I also made some nice cookies. Oh, I saw pictures of them. Were they chocolate chip cookies yet? They're chocolate chip cookies. That's why I always make chocolate chip cookies. That's pretty much I just make variations on chocolate chip cookies. So like we're all living one great groundhog day right now. But you're just living are real groundhog day because the only cookie. Everyone a little different I mean these are different because I ran out of vanilla extract. So gave me the chance to use vanilla bean paste instead of ood that's basically vanilla bean just mushed up I've never used that. So do you must use a lot less? You must why I've been influenced to go kind of heavy on the Vanilla and general in my cookies, Holy. Yeah. So if a recipe calls for like a teaspoon of Vanilla, I might go like do a tablespoon instead what Oh, of extract of extract. Okay. But yeah. So here I did a tablespoon of Vanilla bean paste used a tablespoon of Vanilla bean based in your cookie. Yes. Are you a monster? So go a million. I. Don't Actually Know Vanilla bean paste was a present. So I actually don't know he's a very expensive. Putting rolled in there, we'll this vanilla bean paste is like super powered, vanilla? Flavor and. Because it's very. Expensive also I ran out of light brown sugar. So I used dark brown sugar my my preferred Brown of sugar is dark. Where your cookies better than ever according to Lindsey this was her favorite Bachelor Far Oh really. Yeah. Could you take please tell me you could tell there was a lot of them when you add them. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Good I. also use the Stella Parks Trick of mixing different types of dark chocolate like different brands with different levels of. So with all of that, every single byte is a little different. There's Little Sea salt on top and it was great. Okay. Well, now I'm annoyed that you didn't send me any. Go both ways. So, actually for our first question, there was one that we got that. I actually thought that I might be able to answer, but I don't feel totally confident about it. So I was hoping you could do it with me. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well, then I'll whole all sit on my hands let you answer make a fool myself. Yeah. Okay, hi I'm Miranda from Costa. Rica and I would like to know why some recipes have granulated sugar and brown sugar as well. I was baking some cookies OATMEAL and cranberry. Cookies. And the recipe says to US brown sugar as well as granulated sugar. So I would like to understand why they use two types of sugar. Okay. So I'm going to try and yeah, do this give it a try while there are a couple of reasons why you'd want to have two different kinds of sugar granulated sugar, which is white sugar is basically just sweetness it's just sucrose Sarah correct and brown sugar is that sucrose, but it also has molasses in it correct and that gives it a flavor besides just the sweetness. So part of the reason why like the dark Brown sugar in the truck cookies that I made is because it has that kind of that molasses. He kind of that flavor which is maybe not everybody likes but I like it and it gives it a richness and complexity. But then also it's part of what gives the cookies there rise because the acidity of the molasses reacts with the baking. Soda. In a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide, which gives your cookies the texture inside correct. That's really really good and one more thing. Yeah. You know how when you open a bag or a box of brown sugar it feels different. It. Feels like wet sand. You know whereas regular granulated sugar just feel sort of dry and you can pour it through your fingers. Yeah. Well, I mean that molasses is wet. So Brown sugar is actually more moist and so what it does is it also will make your baked good your final baked, good more chewy in moist chocolate chip cookies or Maranda like your cranberry oatmeal cookies. Those are very typically American style cookies that really want that shoe Eunice and the chewing is very much comes from the molasses and the brown sugar. Thanks around a question and giving the chance to look like I know something Miranda the check is in the mail where she's to send me. In. The form of Vanilla bean paste repair very expensive. I mean you had mentioned after my dad accidentally called us when we were recording episode one that you'd like to have my dad on the podcast again. I would give anything to talk to your down again. We got a few questions sent into us about food safety and I thought this might be a good time to talk to him because he's actually retired food scientist. So what do you think? Should we give them a call? Okay I can't wait. Than is record I don't think it's recording she called nude according downloading. Okay. You don't need to download anything. There's a red button at the bottom. The Big Red Button Oak. Hit the big red button got sick recording. Yes. Ari. Now we can go. Hi, Dad Hi. Hi, summation. Has Amine is good to talk to you. Is My place to talk to you. Okay, here's a question that we got from our friend Anna Sale. Okay how you to this is Anna and I have a question about sharing food that I make from home with my neighbors rate. Now I found myself stuck between this impulse to be neighborly in helpful and share things that we make at home and then I realized with horror like. Spreading germs from, my household. To my elderly neighbor next door. So can you give me some guidelines and tips regarding food safety right now like what is a good safe thing to make more of an share with people around you who aren't socially isolating with you and what is something to avoid thanks so much I really love this show. What do you think that the? I'm going to be cutting from, which has got a lot of information and has been updated. Today is food safety and corona whereas a comprehensive guide. Serious East Dot com by Kenji Lopez Art. I love that you're referring to that 'cause that's the same exact thing that I refer to. Yes. Now coming to a Friend shading the food is a very noble gesture because I also in condominium which I do that I share with my neighbors when I make some folded there. But we had to follow the general guidelines. Important thing in the food safety is hit. So when they get it are to hit up the Food I. Think in general it makes sense to give people food that will be reheated rather than food that they're going to eat you know either refrigerated or room temperature yes. Because from when I looked at Kennedy's article I remember one thing he said was that the virus is actually quite fragile. So for example, I think soup probably would be good or stews or anything that. You. Know you can given a clean container that can get wiped down and then reheated is that right? Yes. No I'm assuming that the families living may not have a thermometer if they have to monitor, it will be great but otherwise the one way to see like you mentioned about soup or something they heat up, it has to come to the bubbling like steam coming out like a Simmer Sumer is you don't have a thermometer. Not only the temperature also the time. So similar phase that Europe Clark or something to about five minutes. Dad You said that you've been sharing stuff with your neighbors. What's something that you've made that you've shared with other people in the Condo the one having shading with them? Is there a minced meat which we call Kema? Toki mincemeat and US. Peace with it. A little bit of Indian cody and tomato sauce I love Kemah I love Kema in. samosas. I, Love Chemo with Rice I. Love Kema in Rotea I. Love Chemo. Right. His Dad when you're making chemo, what are the safety guidelines that you're following when you're making it? So of course, precaution you take now anything when you're cooking use a mosque if you're cooking for other people, yes they can wash your hands, keep your routine cells in that area. Clean it up use SANITIZER that. Will. Do you think it would be safe to bake cookies or cake and share that with your neighbors you can share but put the hour on for four hundred degrees and then you put your bread for awhile. So like surface and all these things gets heated up little bit. Okay. So this is when you receiving it. If you're giving your neighbors something baked, they should heated up after they've gotten it from you. Right right that the other part of Anna's question was if there are foods that one should avoid when you're making stuff your neighbors I will associate because. It will to. Maybe don't give your neighbor Sushi these days. That's probably. I probably wouldn't accept Sushi from neighborhood. To mean, you have any other questions from dad no I feel like I learned a lot about you my friend Richie. I feel like when you see someone's parents, you learn a lot about your friend. Yeah. All right. Thanks Dad. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the episodes and podcast coming up a case debt. Thanks also to Anna Sale for the question and also for lending a microphones so that we could record our first episode. You can find her podcast at death sex and money you can't follow my dad. Wait no actually my dad does have an instagram now though he has never posted but if you WanNa follow him on instagram he's at summation here way S. U. M. E. S. H. H. I. R. W., A. Y. Anybody how many followers he gets really be stoked when his follower numbers jumble he only twenty seven two right now though okay. Good good. We have our starting number. Yeah. Okay so mean we got a few questions on a topic that we have not yet discussed fish. Okay. Specifically, we got a couple of questions about sardines forgets makes sense there preserved fish. which I guess makes sense there Preserved Fish That people would have questions. No I get it because you buy. Very. Charming. The way you said it is that the reaction that you have when somebody says something charming mock. Maybe. I really took a yeah I. Think the way you took it was I had a flashback to seventh grade and people doing nerd voice at me like I'd say something maybe like technically. Okay here's a question from Charlene. High. Sabine when Image Arlene and I have a question about what to do with a lot of canned sardines. Came home from the grocery store put my cancer genes in my pantry and realize I already had a lot of cancer. I thought I. had a Lotta candidate anchovies home already. So now I have a ton of cancer deans. Do. Things. I did she call me Sabine she did call you. What I really like about that is that it's Dear Sabine from Charlene about sardines. Of course, you love that. No, but I also loved the tone of voice was just so resigned to the sardine. Oh my God, what's the difference between the Sardine and anchovy well, they're both small fish. But usually what happens in the canning in my experience and this is definitely not like an expert I'm not a small fish expert I'm just a cook. But in my experience, interviews are salted in their preservation and sardines are not necessarily salted and so since there's so much let's less meat on anchovy. It really becomes like a much more concentrated taste of fishing and Salt Tina's which I think of more as an accent flavor whereas sardines have kind of significantly greater amount of meat on the bone. And so they're not as concentrated in fishy nece in Mommy or in Salt, and hence make a better sort of ingredient like a main ingredient you know right and less of a seasoning. Let's say so that's why anchovies are often chopped and dispersed in a thing but a sardine, you can just have on a cracker. Exactly. So yeah, I do think the answer for you like you're going to have a long future in. Sir Dean toasts, I think. Actually before you go further then. I'm interrupting you with a question from Michael to complicate things. Okay. Hi, this is Mike from Fairfax Virginia. I'd like your ideas and how to serve sardines other than straight up on crackers. Thank you. Okay, there's the wrinkle. Obviously. There's the classic sardine on Triscuit Sardine on a cracker. But what I think I would like to do if. The cracker and or toast has been taken away from me. Yes. is to replace those with some other starches. So there's a classic sort of Italian. It's like usually tuna and white beans salad. So you could make a delicious Sardine version of that of cancer deans crumbled up not into small pieces. Tossed with olive oil and vinegar, and maybe onions that have been pickled lightly and some red wine vinegar some fresh herbs like Parsley and a little beautiful pile of white beans with all of oil. So that would be really delicious. That sounds really good. I don't even like Sardines. That sounds really it's super good and then the other thing I would do is I would use the sardines as a base for Pasta. So there's a classic. Oh, it's delicious Sardinian. So Sardinas Island, you know one of the islands of Italy named after Sardines and there's a classic point in their they're named after sardines it's not the other way around. Maybe, it's around okay I. Don't Know Do. I'm guess it's the other way around. Well, anyways sardines and Sardinians go hand in hand. Okay. I don't know which direction. But is a Boston they're called. Zara Day. Day and you could make like a fishy tomato pasta. I won't talk about that because I think you could probably figure that out yourself with like garlic and Chili flakes. This one's a little bit different than I really like it. You could use ten sardines traditionally, it's made with pine nuts and currants so I would start with an onion that I may be dice if you have any saffron, put a little saffron in. The onion, get it Sicily and sort of golden delicious and tender in some olive oil, and then if you have the patience to toe, some nuts do that otherwise throw the pine nuts into pan. So they can cook along with onions, crumble some sardines in their if your current Oria raisins are already like moist in delicious just throw them in otherwise maybe rehydrate them in some warm water squeeze out that water at dot in. And if you have some fennel seeds and Chili, flakes could grind those up and put those in tossed that with. Any freshly cooked. Delicious. Dry Pasta. I would maybe put in a little squeeze of lemon juice or white wine right at the end, add some acid and shower with parsley, and even if you wanted to some secret parmesan cheese because traditionally. Cheese and fish are not found in the same pasta but I think you could sneak some in and it would be so good. That's a really classic Pasta that I love. If you don't WanNa, make it with Pasta, you can actually roast slices of cauliflower and make that same sardine. Currency Pine, nutty chilly thing, and sort of spoon the cauliflower that would be a delicious combination and somewhat traditional to well, it's really yummy and I have to say I haven't even thought about it until justice moment and now I kinda WanNa. Eat It. I'm not totally sure that I can picture what Sardine tastes like because I've had such limited experience with them or an anchovy I think they get a bad rap i. mean my first experience of Sardines drew my entire childhood was in cartoons right exactly I. Feel. Like it's a thing like cartoon cats. Yes. Yes. So I didn't really taste them until I tasted fresh sardines as a cook and I only got to taste them because I had to clean million of them and fresh ones are a lot milder than the canned ones. But the can ones I really liked the taste of, and I recently had some in December of friends showed up at my house on a road trip and she was like I have these sardines. Let's eat them. It was like her car food. So she pulled out sardines and we ate them and I was like Oh gosh these are good and they are not so different from Mackerel, which is a slightly bigger macro is to our the Sardinas to an anchovy. So it's a slightly bigger fish. So all three of them I think you could use somewhat interchangeably. By the way when you will Sardinia Sardines as if it were written directly to you the first thing that comes up it says sardines are named after Sardinia not the other way around wait. What did I say you? was named after Sardines Oh sorry I already I'm confused and forgot. Thanks for really laying it on teaching me. What's what technically technically Sabine technically sardines are named after Sir Denia not the other way. We are like two year-olds. Well. Let me roll into another question about fish that we got this one comes from Isabel from Canada Hi, you too So just before all the craziness started I was actually diagnosed with the auto immune disease and one of the recommendation is that I should eat more fish to help me fight this and to be better in my body. So when everything hit I bought A lot of frozen fish not knowing when I could get my hands on fresh. So now I've got two bags of frozen fish sitting in my freezer what should I do with them to make them taste good. Thanks. Bye. Depending on what kind of fish you have 'cause she didn't specify. Did she in the email she specified that the contains cod salmon soul and pollock. Okay. Well Kaden soul and politics are all similar in that. Their white flaky fishes and salmon is not white and it's quite oily. So I think you probably want to treat salmon separately and differently than the other three. But the white fish what I would want to do is make a pot of fish stew which I really love making, and it's absolutely like fishermen peasant food and it's taking some things that you have valuable and stretching it with other ingredients. So in this case, the fish is stretched with vegetables and tomatoes and all that kind of stuff the first step to making a delicious fish. stew is a having delicious broth and since you can't start with fish bones, it sounds like you're gonna WanNa make that broth out of maybe if there are any broken little pieces or little end pieces again, avoid the salmon but any of those whitefish you throw those in there you throw some canned crushed tomatoes or tomato paste tomato product you could start with some white wine you. You're talking about the little dregs of frozen bits that might be in the bag of just from the bag. Then you want to make a little vegetable base so I would sautee some onion and I don't love carrot in my fish stew but celery if you have it or leak or if you have any fennel tops, those are really good. So all of those things throw them in the in a pot and you just want to make stock the nice thing about fish stock or whatever kind of. Veggie stock that you'RE GONNA make for this is that it doesn't take all day. It takes forty minutes. You basically bring it to a boil similar for thirty minutes and then strain it. So that's GonNa be your flavor base. What do you do with the stuff that you strain out audio? That's compost One Weird thought that I'm having, which is a little like molecular gastronomy and not very classically. So mean but I kind of think it would help make a really delicious texture in your fish stew. Is If you have any powdered gelatin or even sheets of Gelatin. After you strain your stock I would dissolve that gelatin just like a spoonful or or one piece of when she. Into the stock because you're not having fish bones. And Gelatin is going to make that. Student just like coat the inside of your mouth in a much more pleasant way. It's GonNa feel richer and be a lot more delicious and that's really what fish bones add to stock anyway. So you can sort of take a shortcut by doing that. So you once you have this delicious like fragrant aromatic stock did I say white wine there should be some white wine in there may be a lemon zest or an orange zest. The base of your soup. Now, you can do whatever vegetables you like. So you could take a canned tomato and chopped up you could do onions you could do garlic you could dude celery pieces and fennel. So if you're hearing I'm repeating a lot of the same stuff. So I would do is have some nicely chop stuff that I set aside for the actual soup and then all the ends and the bits. and the skins and stuff like that. Go into the stock. So that's how you can kind of make use of every little bit and you cook those down until their tender poor your stock over at the very end at your frozen fish fillets and let them cook until they fall apart and I. Think people often have this fear that they're going to overcook their fish. Yeah which is a good fear to have. But in a stew like this, you really. WanNa Cook until everything flakes apart and falls apart because you want those delicious sort of fallen apart flakes in your mouth you don't want it to be so tough that it's holding together and especially with God I think people tend to undercooked cod when they're not familiar with it and then you get rubbery cod. Oh No. Oh, and then what I would do, I, don't know which autoimmune disease you have because I want to. But if you can eat eat an eggs, then you make a beautiful piece of toast that you rub with a clove of garlic and you spoon garlic mayonnaise over, and then you float that in Your v Superman and you just imagine that you're on the coast of southern France with your glass of Rosaiah and your fish soup. Swimming has that been making things scarier for you having an autoimmune disease this whole time? Well, my autoimmune diseases I'm hypothyroid. So it's not quite the same as being immune compromised I. Don't think I mean I'm not no, I'm not. I'm fine. I'm just taking pills living in denial. You, know the living in denial is one of the most important ingredients to getting through the quarantine. It's true. Let, me turn your attention to another question that we got. That is also sickness related. This one comes from Sarah Hi Simenon Rashiq the Sarah in Brooklyn, unfortunately, I am home sick with coded I have a mild case. One of the weirdest things about it is that you lose your sense of smell and taste, and this is really forced me to begin eating in different ways like totally into triscuits now because of the texture an. Pineapple is seeming really good to me. So I wondered if you guys could tell those of us who are maybe sick and recovering lost a sense of smell and taste some things we could do to cook for texture, Cook for things different than taste nps I've been sleeping like thirteen or fourteen hours a day and the other day I was like in the middle of a fever dream and totally thought we were hanging out together. And the work up and realized that I had left the radio on and you were talking on. NPR show. So it was a wonderful little reverie and this podcast is the next best thing to hanging out. Thank you for keeping US entertained and inspired take good care Oh Syra I. Hope you're already better by the time you listen to this yeah. Me Too. Okay. So I have a lot to say about this. When a person loses the sense of smell which I think the percentage of taste that is smell something like seventy, five or eighty percent. So without smell you really can't taste much. Yeah. That's called a nausea and I have a couple of family members who are in Ause Mak like permanently well, one had an illness and so there's a possibility where her sense we'll come back. But yeah, like my mom's on goal has been inauthentic I think you know for decades. So, this is something I've definitely thought about over the years. It's a bummer. Absolutely I mean even I think any of us can relate just from when we have a stuffy nose and you can't taste and how kind of not appetizing often it feels to eat. So I can't imagine that sort of going on indefinitely and I have a lot of compassion for people. But some weird factoid Wade's that I happen to know yeah you are. You can say, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no no no no. I did you have to do that? Right? Then I was being so earnest. Okay please continue. Okay. Some weird factoid that will help you spiciness like as in pepper hot pepper is not a flavor. It's not a taste it's a feeling. So spiciness does something to your actual body and that has nothing to do with smaller taste. So it actually causes you pain. Like. It's mild pain and that that we get used to that, we come to love like this podcast for you kind of like this podcast. Exactly. Yeah. I would say one thing that you could do is start introducing different kinds of Chili oils and Jalapenos spicy spices to create some sort of sensation in your eating. Another really important part of our experience of eating the is Kinda we often forget about is temperature. So things like ice cream, hot things, cold things, creamy things creamy cold things you know boiling swallowing hot things. So soups I think would be kind of exciting to eat because you're having like a hot experience in your mouth or porridge or anything like that a hot experience in your mouth I'm surprised you didn't really take now sometimes, it's better to just leave it alone. This podcast is for children. Exactly I don't want to offend anybody except for you. Okay okay. Is there a hot and spicy or like a Hutton sour egg drop soup kind of thing that you might a Oh. You're just trying to combine all the experiences especially. I'm trying to give her general tips for like how to spread out these things. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So. Heat is one lack of heat is another one. Spices. One and then that brings us to texture which is really gonNA be your best friend I. Think. I'm curious about the pineapple won I wonder what happened with the Pineapple? They gave you a Yummy nece. But yeah. One of the most important way that we derive pleasure from eating is from having contrasts in texture. And also in temperature. So you want like that hot thing next to that cold thing you want that crispy thing next to that soft thing put some pineapple on your triscuit you want that pine up on your triscuit. So I think what I would do is have your own little arsenal of crispy things that you sprinkle on top of other foods. So those can be all of those like Ritchie's tar or for a cocky or like toasted ride crumbs that you crumble up into like little teeny tiny crispy is that you sprinkle on top sometimes I smash a some almonds in a ziplock bag and then sprinkle those on yeah or I really like the sliced almonds. Thin and Brittle and ready ready to sort of breaking top of stuff. Yeah nuts are great source of at crunch for sure. You can make all sorts of toasted little grains toasted Keane was you can make fried crispy rices and fried crispy Farro anything where you get an experience in your mouth other than just like soft and Chewy is I think an bring you some pleasure in some joy I love this idea that like you can cook in a way that still provides pleasure while thinking about things other than. The sense of taste. Well, that's a nice thing for you to say because I do think that's what professional cooks are really trying to do is make food enjoyable on more than one sensory level. You know they want it to be something playful visually to look out or give you a stall joe when you smell it or remind you of a funny story that you read yet they want you to have that hot experience in your mouth. Exactly. A hate you. Thank you Sarah thanks, Sarah I really do hope you're better by the time you hear this. 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Okay changing topics, we got questions from people who have a surplus of certain vegetables and they don't know what to do with them high swing and receive Valerie here from Riverdale Maryland, I'm definitely more of a gardener than Home Cook and as usual I've gone completely overboard with the Greens. Dinosaur Kale. Scarlet Kale Levin Basil Purple Basil Swiss Chard and Strawberry Spinach literally coming out of my ears literally saved me from turning these beautiful grains into a bunch of pathetic salads. So she's got some literally coming out of her years. She has problems that we cannot help with. Far, you gotta call your ear nose and throat doctor. What do you think the Dinosaur Kale Scarlet Kale Lemon Basil Purple Basil Swiss Chard and Strawberry. Spinach. Strawberries binges, but I got to try that. All right. Two things come to mind for me. There is a recipe by an amazing cookbook author named Paula Wolfert. For Herb Gentlemen, she basically takes every random green thing. She's got including an especially herbs but also all of those other things you listed are fine. And cooks them down and so for the tougher things like the Kale I might blanch them I or saute them I separately until their tender. You Cook everything you chop it until super fine. You could absolutely do this in a food processor to save you your arm. What you chop it first, then you cook it down no, you have to cook it down and then chop it for the tough stuff and then the delicate things like the basil you could chop afterward although I think everything benefits from Saute I than a chop, and then a second saute this dish gets cooked for really long time. You can add any album. You have I like it with finely chopped shallots or onions that are cooked down also, I love when you say things like album album. Oh. Yes. Sorry. USING FANCY WORDS L I it it makes it feel like our podcast is so high class it's not high class look. This lies. It's a onion family or families. Like things like leaks would be really good in this and you could even use the green parts of a leak. You Know Green garlic is garlic plant that's been pulled from the ground in the spring rather than the summer before the bulb has formed. So you could use all of that whole thing the Greens and the whites, and you just chop everything really finally and you just cook it. You Cook it you cook it. That's why it's called. Jam, and it turns into some other thing. This is it won't resemble Greens at all anymore it gets sweet and sort of Jammie. And it just has this incredible texture. A lot of times people will finish it with. Pieces of olive kind of make it like a top naughty thing. You could squeeze a whole lemon in there or you could put lemon zest in there and how do you eat it? Is it the main dish? You can't stop eating it? No, it's not a main dish usually usually it's something that you like spread on toes more crackers. It would also be good here I on gets on a triscuit or with white beans Jesus, it would be actually really delicious with some potato. It be so good with the FRA Totta but it is something where you're like, how did this get made out of waste? Don't understand it's so good. and. kind of with a different result is a Persian dish called Kuku savvy which coup is our word for for Totta and sobs as our word for Greens or Green things. So in Persian cooking, what we do typically is we cook the Greens twice just like I said so you'll cook the kind of tougher things down I, chop them up, and then you fry them until they start to turn almost really dark and sweet and fragrant, and then you crack the eggs over and the thing about a Kuku. Koukoussy is that the proportion of egg to Greens is about inverse of what you might think of a typical for todd so it's Really Greens bound together by AG rather than egg sort of with some Greens in it, and it gets really brown and sweet on the outside. It's just like eating a piece of healthy greenness. You know it's kind of like a quiche without a crust kind of and it's also not custody like quiche I don't know how to describe it. It's just like its own special thing. So I have a recipe for Kusaba my book I have one in The New York Times I'm sure there's plenty of them free on the Internet and also you can find Paula Wolfert herb jam on the Internet to will link to all this stuff. Sounds Great. Okay here's a question from Naomi. She's also got a lot of veggies. Hi, Samir receive. This is Naomi like a lot of people were getting a veggie delivery box to cut down on our runs to the grocery store and like any farm share we end up with some stuff that we might not choose and that we don't necessarily know how to use things like turnips and big radishes and beats things that keep well and I'm sure can be delicious but I'm just not quite sure what to do with them so. You Have A. Thanks so much the last question. Specifically asked to avoid giving the advice of Salads, you don't make friends it's Allen. But Naomi has not given us that restriction. So are you gonNa tell her to make a turn of Big Radish Beet Salad? Doesn't seem like an easy answer. Is that what you want to eat I like a what is it turnip? Know. What a turnip is, but I don't know how you would. How do you cook a turnip all right when I think of eternal by want it to be like roasted young given to me like a French fry. Yeah. That's basically what I was going to say I mean all four of those things would benefit from roasting maybe not together on the same tray and they all need slightly different. But I'M GONNA. Give you at least one thing to do with each of them turnips. I would either make mashed turnips Kinda like mashed potatoes MIC, super buttery, and delicious. Maybe even with some brown butter do you know what butter is she? Oh Yeah. You do because your cookies yeah. Yeah. So it's just butter that you cook until it starts to sputter and turn Brown. You know it's magic. It's unbelievable. It is unbelievable. It's a whole other thing that's not you're like, how did butter become this? Yeah. Yeah. It's nutty and delicious. So I think that on some sort of steamed or boiled. have been mashed would be really yummy. So if it's like a sweeter sort of smaller turn up is probably just go straight into the roast I mean if it's really sweet and baby I would boil it and just drizzle some salt and olive oil in it and eat it like that. But I do think turnips really benefit from roasting with olive oil or coconut oil or any other oil that you have and salt that Browning really brings out there sweetness and they're just really delicious. So that's kind of like a turnip French fry like what you said. Yeah. With roasting vegetables like that I really think you have to obey a couple of things. One is. All the pieces are approximately the same size. To really do that thing that you don't want to do dirty an extra bowl by tossing all of the vegetables with oil and salt in this bowl to make sure they're covered on all sides then spread them out on the baking sheet in a single layer. Make sure that they're not really touching because the more space that you leave between them. The more space there is for steam to escape and for Browning to. Happen when cram stuff onto a single tray and there's just no room between. That's when you get like a weird tray of steamed vegetables not really did Brown crispy vegetables. So this is true for Broccoli. Cauliflower anything else carrots all that kind of stuff spread it out and ideal roasting temperatures probably four hundred or four, twenty five and also you know, I, baby my stuff that's in the oven and I turn it I flip. I rotate the Pan. I put the Pan on a different rock as it's cooking to make sure it's cooking evenly you'll be rewarded with delicious crispiness sweetness. Brandishes depending on what kind of radishes. You're feeling. You can treat exactly the same as the turnips if you're feeling like you just don't WanNa do separate preparations for all this stuff. You could actually combine the radishes and turnips on the same trae. I'm breaking my own rule because they're basic they're very similar in constitution and as long as you cut them into similar sized pieces. Yeah. If you feel like making something different with the radishes, you cut them into like matchsticks pieces or very thin slices and make delicious pickle alight pickle by just covering them with if you have a rice wine vinegar. Probably Yummy for this particular thing and maybe some like a mixture of rice wine vinegar and salt and sugar, and just letting them sit for anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty five minutes, and then you have kind of like a little Japanese style pickle, which would be really nice thing to put an a sandwich to eat with a hardcore tag I dunno just keep a jar of it in your fridge for when you want that little crunchy pickle. Four the beats, my favorite to make beats is roasting them, but it's kind of a Combo of a roast and esteem. So I wash all the dirt off beats and then I put him in a roasting pan or a baking dish maybe like a quarter inch centimeter of water in there some salt, and then I always because I'm a freak and I don't like foiled to touch my food when possible I put parchment directly over the beats and then foil directly over that and make a tight of a seal as possible. And then you can throw that into that same four hundred degree oven. If you want or hotter, you can go all the way to five hundred and really what you're doing is you're steaming those beats until they're all the way soft and the thing about beats is they have to get cooked all the way through you up to cook them until you can pierce them with a knife and it's like, what's that saying hot knife cold butter like a hot knife through butter like a hot knife through butter and then when they come out, you can use a paper towel to rub and peel them chop them into. Whatever size pieces you like whether that's wedges or slices drizzle with vinegar of any kind rice wine, red wine or white wine vinegar probably are the three I would choose and salt and olive oil and let that sit and those become lightly pickled beets that are delicious to eat with a salad with a hard cook bag with you know I, had earlier said there would be really good in lentil salad. So those are kind of things that you just keep in your fridge and you eat over the course of the week. Can I tell you about a beat dish that I had recently that I was really excited about No, no no, it's not a joke. It's not a joke. It's a real it's a real. I don't trust you Lindsey rusted some beets and I was trying to figure out what to make with them. So I made a tuna fish sandwich to go with them, and by the way, the ten percent, which was like a real triumph for me because. I realized that we didn't have any mayonnaise I made manny's you may man, yeah. How with an egg and mustard and a blender and oil? I'm so proud of you. It took so long but it worked I'm so proud I'm like floored I couldn't believe that it worked I couldn't believe you did it. Yeah. We did not have the right ingredients for it. You know like I didn't have like a white wine or red wine vinegar so I used apple cider vinegar. I didn't have dijon mustard doesn't matter matters. So made the mayonnaise and then made the tuna fish sandwich with that, and then we ate the beats with that. Magic. Unicorn Salt No Way Magic Unicorn Sea salt sprinkled on top and it was so good. Anyway. Yeah. This is supposed to be a story about beats, but it ended up being about Manny's thanks Naomi. Thanks for calling and I hope that we gave you some inspiration to get through that box. I hope you have some good square meals with your roots. Some square roots no no. Okay basically. We're we've lost. Our mind. Air Marbles or gone. Honestly that's what is up this week marbles gone. Let's go from the vegetables themselves to something that you might put on the vegetables. We got a question from Kim. Let me play for you. I mean and Richie. This is Kim calling from China. my question is about Vinaigrette? S- I love a good been agree. And I mean, you talk about him a lot and putting them on. Different things. But I am just really not good at making them at home. I somehow get the ratios wrong. They taste to me. And so I want your instructions and maybe a recipe or two on making really good vinaigrette. Thanks Ho. This is good. I WanNa know this as well. Okay. I'm ready. I'm so ready because I have the best vinaigre in the whole world himmy it's not even mine and the thing about it is I can speak so confidently about it because it's not mine because it's the salad dressing from my very favorite solid in the whole wide world, which is the Green Salad at a restaurant called via Kuroda in New York. And I was so obsessed and M so obsessed with the solid that I. wrote an entire column about? It. And I don't choose the like headlines The New York Times uses. and. So I feel like they. What was the headline that the used for this? They said the Best Green Salad and the Best Green Salad in the world and I was like I did not say that but okay, cool like. I was like I do agree I do support this. So it really is so so so delicious and the secret is side question before he tells the cigarette was there any kind of issue in extracting the secret from the restaurant Honestly no I just called and asked I've known the chefs for while in like I begged them to share it with me and they did and what was so amazing was that I was in New York the week after the story ran and when I went, they were like Oh we have to get solid deliveries twice a day. Now we go through two hundred cases of solid lettuce a week now because of the article because of article. That's awesome and it's a really popular restaurant I. Mean, I mean I didn't think I really didn't think anything. I. Would say would make such a big deal but it was so funny I was like sorry. So. What's the secret? So the secret to most people at home I think it's twofold. One is maybe not something most people can do anything about right now, which is a do think the quality of your olive oil makes a big difference. So having good fresh olive oil that's not rancid and buy fresh I mean pressed in the last you know year really is really what? Can I interrupt you there? Yeah just on olive oil as you know I don't drink wine and so I know nothing about wine and but sometimes, it is my job to go like get a bottle of wine for a party or for my wife or something like that and I feel like I'm just choosing blindly based on the label on the. Label, and the price exactly, and then I, feel similarly with olive oil I don't know what is a high quality olive oil when they all say extra-virgin totally other than the price the main thing that I can tell you that's GonNa make a difference in the store is to look for a date married already. I can't wait for this podcast to be over. Okay. I'm back. All right. So you go to the store you find. Someone. Asked them out. You find you find. That so Step one what step two. Once, you have your partner. No really to find data production on the label what either it's the expiration date or it's the date of production. If you're olive oil has one or both of those dates on it, it's already a good olive oil. Certainly, you want it to say that it's extra-virgin but having a date and making sure that it's not expired. So if it's a data production, no that olive oil has about a year to fourteen months in. Data production is older than twenty nineteen fall also because olive oil is pretty much unless it comes from the Southern Hemisphere it's almost universally pressed in the fall. So if it's later than follower winter of two, thousand, eighteen than it's all oil and it's probably bad. Okay. So that's one really helpful way to know. So start with that when you are able to go back to a store and look at all the olive. Oils. But the other thing I think that's the main mistake that most people at home make who are not like trained cooks or really sort of active home cooks is they don't put enough acid in their vinaigrette and by acid I mean lemon juice and or vinegar, and for me I like to layer my acids I like to use more than one form because I think it adds dimension. But that puck greenness is certainly a big part of what makes solid really delightful to eat especially, if the salad is rich in any way if there's cheese or anything in it. Or if it's very starchy like if it has a lot of croutons or it's a bread solid or you're pouring vinaigrette over potatoes or beans, you really WanNa make sure it's a cynic so that it sort of gives you a pucker. It should make your is kind of open up you know is that maybe what Kimberly is lacking in terms of it tastes to oily yeah definitely. Definitely and the Nice thing about this recipe, which in a link to it really only has one form of vinegar just has sherry vinegar in it, but it has two kinds of mustard in. And actually what kind of really weird and delightful about this is that The chefs temper that acidity with a little bit of water. So there's just I. Don't know why this recipe works it. Kind of is the opposite of everything I've always believed and understood which I don't know maybe that's why it's so good. I really couldn't tell you. It is addictive though it's so good the stressing I, pour it on everything I, pour it over just boiled asparagus I, pour it on grain salads a use it on my green salad, but it makes me want to eat salad, which is why I think you will like it too. So the Nice. Thing about it too is you don't even have to do the stop called maceration, which is leading shallot or album sit in vinegar or lemon juice for a long time to sort of tame. It's fire who for whatever reason this doesn't have that and it still works so good. So you just take a shower and you men sit and then this has two tablespoons plus one teaspoon of aged Sherry Vinegar. So in these dark times, if you don't have Sherry Vinegar, you might be able to get away with red wine vinegar a tablespoon of warm. Water One cup extra-virgin. One and a half teaspoons each of dijon and whole grain mustard. You could also, if you don't have both kinds, make do with one or the other. One and a half teaspoons of honey. She puts in two sprigs of time stripped. If you don't have fresh thyme right now that's fine. One large clove of garlic and salt and freshly ground black pepper. The garlic is finally grated or pounded in a mortar and pestle into a paste. So if you just mix all that up and shake, it should taste delicious. You might need to adjust one tiny bit one way or another with either salt or vinegar. Or olive oil. But the way I test n even aggressive is I dip a piece of the lettuce that I'm going to eat it on or a piece of whatever I'm going to eat it on in it and I eat them together because there is no way that you're really going to be able to make that judgment without the thing that you're dressing right? Is this something that you could make a lot of and then keeping your fridge or does it have to be used pretty quickly this recipe does make kind of a lot because it's a whole cup of olive oil. So this is definitely enough for like two large salads for a family you know to big sort of dinner solids and I think I've kept it in the fridge for up to like, let's say four days successfully after that you gotta make it fresh that sounds so good. It's like honestly sitting here and looking at this recipe and this picture of this solid makes me wanna go downstairs make solid and it's nine, forty, eight PM. Thanks you. So now we're going to give our friend Wesley Morris a call. He is one of my favorite writers at the New York. Times writes all about culture and movies and I've heard he's a really good cook. All right let's give them a call. I have right now three cookbooks open on top of each other and one of Missouri's and I have been I, don't have a great food imagination but I have a real eagerness and a determination and an openness. So. If you give me the manuals, I can put the meal together but I can't handle these large portion this like large amounts of food that some of these recipes leave you with it's not because I can't eat it. It's because I can. Oh, same same. s totally what's the best thing that you've made so far that you both love and hate. I had never been a cake before the last month I have this beautiful stand mixer that I had been using to make Pie crusts I've heard about your pies. It's the only thing I can say unequivocally I'm pretty good making a Pie I've learned it's gotten a lot better since you came into my life Oh. Thank you. But you made cake. Tell us about the cake I made the Times is. I don't know who's recipe it is. Clark, Melissa Clark. So it's her Pantry crumb cake Oh. Yeah. That cake so good. It's very good. It's very easy. Receive you made this? No, but I love crab cake. I mean it's Very simple recipe it's just like all the things that you need to make a good cake except she you know she is into the ground spice portions. She gives you the option of having cinnamon ginger, cardamom nutmeg or some combination of those things do you like yogurt which thing to do us? Oh, great question I used creme fresh the first time I made it and yogurt the second time these. So you've made this cake twice so far when you're asking if I had had ever made, my problem is I'm GonNa make it and then I'm gonNA eat the entire thing in one sitting. So it's to. Well that's the other part of it is like I just become like a bottomless pit. To give everything wet, I'll eat me eat one slice and then give the thing away. I actually have been that person where I've like, I feel like this is like a classic moment from television show but. I put the thing in the compost so that I would stop eating it and the next morning I was like this is on top. Really Go. Fully done. So like the only way to. Put it out of my house i. Am the person that when I'm in my bedroom, there's a little voice calling me from the refrigerator. Like semi I'm not last piece of pizza. So mean I'm the other peanut buttercup comes we lonely. Listen I hear you? I saw something about you richie over the weekend you made cookies and you made them like extra large so that you could say you just eight two or something. It was four. Nice Nicer try. Okay. So Wesley, you've made the crump cake twice so far do you think you're going to make it again Oh my God yeah it's really good and I will add more nuts to it and it keeps really well lake something I just get nervous about like eating after a week but this is not very good out of the oven. It is delicious with one day behind. Party I'm going to try it. You should definitely try should definitely definitely try I'm GonNa make it again. Thanks so much leslie. Thank you. Take care stay. Well, Oh my God this was a pleasure. It was a real pleasure. You can follow Wesley Twitter at Wesley Underscore Morris and you can find still processing wherever you get your podcasts. Okay. What else you got? Okay. Here's a question that I love that we got from. Tim. He wrote when boiling eggs should you start with the water cold or on a rolling boil like with poaching? Okay. There are as many answers as there are eggs in the world to this question. So, there is many ways to boil an egg, and in fact, Kenji Lopez all broke a whole thing about how the best way to boil naggus steam steaming egg. So you can find any answer that you like out there. My guaranteed way for boiling eggs is to start with the water at a boil to gently lower the eggs in with the slotted spoon one at a time because I, just know how to set I that's the way I was taught how to do it. That's how I know how to set a timer. I know what? One Minute two minutes, four minutes, six minutes, eight minutes I'll look like. and. It also will you know the timing will also depend on whether or not your eggs are at room temperature or refrigerator temperature when you start but I have a really fun drawing in my book that will post a picture of on the website I love that dry. That's my favorite drawing from the whole book that's a sort of an egg boiling chart, but I do start with boiling water and I go straight from the boiling water. Into a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking. But under no circumstances do I ever boil longer than ten minutes I've never in my professional cooking career ever done that. So I think ten ten minutes is your Max, and if you want like a real sort of glossy perfect yoke that you know leaves a clean knife but cuts cleanly I think eight minutes is really nice and then less than that you get into the Jammie seat You know it's good when things get Jimmy. Beats. Beats, what did I do to deserve this? Well, that's it. For this episode. Thanks to Margaret Miller for Editing Zach macneice for mixing the show and Gary. Lee. And Casey deal for their help to thanks so much to dead Dr Somme and New York. Times critic at large Wesley Morris. Let us know if you have any cooking related questions, call us at two zero, one, two, four, one cook or send us a voice memo at a little home cooking at You can find instructions on how to record voice memo on our website, which is home cooking dot show. You can also find me on twitter and Instagram at Chao semi and I'm at she highway stay healthy eat well and take care of each other. We'll be back soon with another episode until then I'm so mean and I'm ready and we'll be home cooking. Talk. Radio. Acts.

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