Episode 20: Cormier, Adesanya & Abdelaziz & Eubanks in studio, Miocic, Cannonier and more


Uh-huh. Gentlemen. Back in your life on this Monday, November fifth two thousand and eighteen. Hello again, everyone marry a Hawaii welcome back to the program. Hope you had a nice week. Hope you had a nice weekend. It's very rainy afternoon here in New York City, and I do believe that I've a hole in my left shoe because by socks are soaking wet horrible. But it's okay, I'm excited about today's show. We've a lot to discuss with a lot of different people were coming off. You have two thirty New York City Madison Square Garden history was made on two fronts. A first time the m a heavyweight champion of world because let's be honest with you have see built is first time that the heavyweight title was defended at the mecca Ali Frazier. Lewis Holyfield, many other great boxing heavyweights have fought in that building the world's most famous arena, but never before and Emma may has been done. It was done on Saturday night. Daniel cormier is still the reigning defending UFC heavyweight champion he submits Derek Lewis in the second year. We're naked choke also of note that night. Oh, and by the way, the other thing was Dan accordia is the first minute to successfully defend. A built in two different classes, how about that huge night for the two thousand eighteen footer the year as of right this moment. Something's going to happen in the next two months. Ba- right now three no three finishes to belts for way. Classes pretty damn good year for the third nine year old Dana Cormie. Chuck race ozo- breaks, Chris widens heart in the third round. With knockout. What performance what fight that was? Unbelievable. Israel out of Sonya has arrived. He is no longer the future. He is the present what a win over Derek Brunson. Jared cannon year taking a fight on two weeks. Notice. A lot of fun things happen on Saturday. Of course, it wasn't the stat card that you'll see two five and two seventeen were. But it was a fun night at MSG. And as always luck going on in the world of 'em may and combat sports. How about Floyd Mayweather going to rise in? We'll talk more about that on the Poche show with Newark, Rick who is back from his six month long vacation, and I do believe Hawaii. And so we'll talk to him about that. We'll talk to him about two thirty all that and more. That's coming up on the post show. But today on the program we're talking to thirty. We've got three in studio guests we've got a lot of big name stopping by slummy run down today's lineup. And then we shall get to our first guest of the day. So jar Eubanks is going to join us at around three forty to talk about her win over rocks out of ferry. You probably know that she missed weight. She won that fight. But she was probably the one person on this card who could not miss wait, she missed weight, and she heard it from the local crowd. She's a New York fighter and. They booed her somewhat polarizing fighter now. But she is someone who seems to be embracing the booze. So that's interesting. She's going to be in studio. We have apparently squashed our beef. Speaking of beefs a lot of you are probably in the dark when it comes to my relationship. These days my business relationship if you will with Ali abilities. It has been a rough month for us. And so we have decided to have an airing of grievances on this program. I don't think you think this interview is going to go the way you think it's gonna go. That's just a hunch Elliott those will be in studio at around three o'clock, lots of talk about with him is out of sign. It will be back. The rare double double the rare two weeks in a row in studio. Visit it's only been done once before those John Cavanaugh before. And after two five out of sun is a second to do it. He was here last week back this week talking about the win over Derek Brunson. Jared cannon euro, join us at one forty five and the champ champ himself, the double check. Danna Cormet will stop by a man of his word tradition. Is he comes back after his wins? He'll be doing that in around twenty minutes. But first, let's talk to a man who has had an unbelievable month. Head coach over at the American kickboxing academy last month in Las Vegas. He was there when hubby Maga magnate one Saturday night, he was there when Daniel Cormet one what a month what a year for AK what a year for have your Mendez. He joins us now via the magic Skype. Hello heavier. Hello areo. Congratulations on a big night. Congratulations on a big month. Would you say that this may be one of the best months of your career? Yes. Yes. Definitely definitely has you. If if you're measuring it by populist movements. Yes. Higher percent to pay per views back to back main event, you know, historic winds to the biggest fight cards of the year. It's hard to top that right? Yeah. I've never seen it done. Now never seen the look on. All right. So let's talk about Saturday night. I call me wins. It was fairly one sided were you expecting it to be that one sided. I wasn't near. I wasn't expecting it. Because I never I never do that. I always always prepare my guys for five rounds, you know. And there was to be respected. And we didn't know exactly you know, how was going to go. We thought we were going out wrestle the hell out of him right from the get-go like, Dan Henderson style. And so I was confident all the way going in to it. But let me explain to go back to it. All started the call for mic Maynard about three weeks. He said, hey, what do you think about their Brunson, and these and I said I like the matchup. Yeah. Favors us. Yeah. I like it. He goes. Okay. Goes what do you think about number November third? I went oh, I said. Well, you know, I guess because you know, he's got a weakness as we expose, but you know, what let let the this decide that if this is I'm on board. So now, you gotta get DC to be on board. He calls. These CDC says, hey, let me make sure my hand holds out. And if my hand holds out on good next day, these hitting the pads went Rosendo Sanchez, and he said, he's good to go. So we took the fight is first barring session was horrific where like is crazy about we're going. Oh boy. So bad his where he hasn't done anything. Right. He's been doing commentating doing all these other things his first fired session was was not what we were expecting. Really? Yeah. His second one was like fifty percent better. And he's third one. Whereas like, we were like, okay, we have it. We haven't no problem. But then he's back went out. Yeah. And I wanna ask you I wanna ask you about the back of the second. But first how worried were you about the hand? Clearly, he didn't need in the fight. But just the fact that he was going in with a fairly injured hand, how worried were you? I was but we were hoping are wrestling with what you take what was going on. And if you watch the fight he didn't use his right hand that much. She was mostly using his left hand fear of that. Okay. So okay. Let's talk about the back. He told us on Saturday night about what happened. But what's the story from your perspective? When did you find out and how concerned were you when you actually saw the state that he was in? Okay. What normally these? He always goes through some kind of something. Always happens to him. And it's back went out about a week and half ago. And I was like crap here we go again, and he could hardly walk. You know? And you know, so we, you know, he does a the hyperbaric chamber where he goes to sleep, you know, a lot. And then all of a sudden he comes back next as feeling pretty good. He's like for wolverine, you know, always gets better quicker. So I'm going into the fight thinking. Okay. We haven't. Everything's perfect. Is last session was fantastic. I mean, he did perfect everything we needed from him was perfect. Then we're going. We're going to the fights. You know, I'm ready going to the fights. And crazy Bob says to me, hey, I didn't wanna tell you. But these back when out when he sneezed this morning without doctors with them for hours, and I'm might just turn white. You know, like oh. Now, I'm worried because we gotta take it easy. We gotta make certain we warm up. Right. So here I am always thinking about the warm the warm up. Okay. So I had the the people from the Rena turn on the heater to people more, you know, and, but then all of a sudden area when he starts doing hit when he starts talking to solve when he goes come on DC. Let's go, you know. That's when I knew that everything that I that. I was concerned about went away. Okay. Wow. What a story that would have been right. If he'd had to pull out because he's sneeze and blew out of that. He or of horrible horrible. Okay. So he wins. Thank god. Nothing happened with the back. He looked fairly. I mean, there were very few moments where it didn't look like he was in total control afterwards. He talks about Brock. Do you really believe he is sticking to this? He says it's done March. I'm turning forty. There's a pay per view two weeks for my birthday. It's going to be Brock less. Do you really believe that that will be retired? Fight. I want you know. I'm doing everything I can to to make that reality. You know, I wanted to retire. You know, I wanted to retire on top. You know, he he has so many other things to do aerial. He could join you, you know, how many of the things that he can do these. So so good at you know, he doesn't need the fight forever. You know, he's forty years old could going to be forty you know, he has enough money. So so why not make the big giant pay day with Brock and then move on you know, him as well. As anyone you know, how competitive he is do you really think he can walk away without third crack at Jones. I hope that he is. I want to believe he is. I wanna believe is why why don't you wanna see him beat John because I don't think he needs to how of meat anymore only if he wants to he don't need to not for his legacy. He doesn't need it. Okay. Well, why do you feel that way? Because to me there's an asterik behind that play and both fights as far as I'm concerned that that to me they don't count to me. Okay. So what do you say to someone who says, okay? You guys are pushing the Brock fight. He's got a checkered past as well. Why not just try to go for John and their retirement fight rather than broad who's coming off suspension to prize fighting. What is more Brock? Sorry. Yeah. No person. Is there anything that? Brought does that really concerns? Like, honestly feels to me like this is like the Floyd Connor fight for DC. Biggest name easiest fight. To me he's harder than than the than their Lewis. You know, he's a better wrestler. We can't raise can't wrestle him. We have to stand with this guy with Derek the plan was to take him down. I said to dad Henderson style. I go. Why would you wanna stand down Henderson when when he's got the H bomb? You know, said hey can. I said, hey, can I don't want you stand with him stupid. We were all all the coaches Roseanne, though, Sanchez Reutemann those and buck grains about cook. We're all saying the same thing over Nogan take down. We don't want. We don't want you get into fight because he does that. They I knew like with dick with Gustaf it, you know, I was perfect. And all of a sudden Casaus hits them with the knee. That was it. He didn't give it no more. He was gonna hit back. And that was it. No more take him down. And we tried to take him down. He wouldn't do it. He didn't want to do it. He halfway dried. You know? When you know, you're fighting, you know, your fighter he just wanted to be a opposite. Because with that me beautiful. Now, let me ask you about last month because we haven't talked after two twenty nine Habib economy Gregor afterwards. You know, the mailing twos. We know about all that and more. What do you want him to do next up to you? I haven't heard you really weigh in on this. There's a lot of talk about this that it seems like Floyd is off the table. Thank God for now. But what do you want him to do next? Got you. But I wanted to be one of that fight the biggest prizefight of and also let's face it. Okay. I heard it's Japan. Yeah. Yeah. Always known for doing some sneaky crap. So who knows how real that's going to be is going to be a real fight. It wasn't going to be then not to be the what what the deal is gonna be is going to be a real fight or exhibition fight. What is it going to be? We don't know. Japan's known for that. And also I heard getting a hundred million. Okay. If he's only getting one hundred million why the hell is Floyd gonna do something for a hundred million when he knows damn wealth. You find someone like how is going to make three to four doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense to me. So something's going on what's going on. I don't know. Is it entertaining for Japan? Great. But I mean for the mass public over here. They don't know the other guy. So I personally don't think it's a big deal on the US. I think it's a big deal in Japan. I think is huge into pan. And I think that's probably all they care about. It's going to be huge over there. So you saying that you're still holding out hope that his next fight is against Floyd. No, no, I can't pull that hold on. We don't know what's going on. I'm just saying I don't know what's going on with the other one. Whether it's a real fight or exhibition. I'm just talking numbers here Floyd talks three hundred million. Plus, right. So he's getting one hundred million from what I hear. And I don't see the paper of you being high over here you I don't see. No, no because his name. And it's going to be in the middle of the night. But DC has said publicly few times. Look, I love hubby. I don't wanna see him fight Floyd Floyd gonna beat him. He's just a better striker. We all know what he's good at. We all know it gives good at as his striking coach. Do you see any scenario in which you could actually beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, well to be realistic where you know, we have a chance, but we have the same kind of cast Conard in which is you've you've figure that one out. We wouldn't fight the same as Connor. But where we have the same chance. I could tell you this. We'll go twelve rounds. He doesn't stop him. No, okay. We go. So we have around the potential knock out what about from an MA perspective. If this suspension is into by what do you think that they're going to give him? What do you think nomad is going to give him? What do you think? He. I think probably gonna find him anywhere from two hundred fifty to four hundred thousand dollars in probably suspend them from six to eight months. Maybe that's what I'm thinking. They've been pretty harsh in the past with everybody in because the public was involved in this, and I see that as a potential. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I hope they understand that that the man was you know, his buns were being pressed right from two months out. And I don't know who in the world would never attacked those guys any sooner. I think anybody else would have tax sooner with all the tax was put on him, you know, from his father to to his religion too political. I mean, I mean he hit every single button. And I just wish you wouldn't. He's such a great fighter Connor is. And he's such a great marketer that why did he go there? And he didn't have to do that. He could've went the other route got just as much attention and not create. Hey, you know, he created. Hey, you know, and I just wish you wouldn't have done. It is a great fighter is one of the greatest. I feel. Well in in. And I thought he fought a fantastic fight. You know, he came out. Really smart. I didn't expect him to come out. And do it. He did which is what he came at us. I thought he was going to do is trademarks laidback same back, wait to counter us as we're coming in. That's what we were planning for. But when he came in and attacked us. And then, you know, a lot of people are not giving him enough credit and the way he defended in the first round because I know how good hubby. Is extremely well. Man. He took no damage. You know, none at all. And it wasn't until you start getting a little tired. And of course that overhand right in. And I don't think he was ready for for for the striking. I don't think he was ready for striking. I told you guys every single time. I do an interview hobby striking is getting better don't sleep on it and everybody only striking every single time. And look what happens Dana white said on Saturday night that he spoke to Connor Connor wants the rematch. What do you think about that? Do you have any interest in that for your guy? You know to me, it's whatever the you have seen whatever he wants. If that's what he wants then. Okay. I don't know. I haven't talked to Habib I've been trying to get a hold of them. But aren't you know, the time difference over there? And you know, hey, if that's what the UFC wants and hubby once and I'm in. So you haven't had a discussion with him about what he wants to do next. No. The only discussion I had is he told me he said, I want I want I want may with coach I want Mayweather, please. If you people talk, you push Mayweather, really want Mayweather 'cause. Yes. I want may weather. It goes if it doesn't happen. Okay. But I want him. I said all right. Okay. All right. So, hey, whatever that kid wants whatever reason he wins, man. Every time he's been in the Jimmy tells me how to do this. And I'm looking at like, no, you're crazy. No, no, please. Let me do it. Please, please. And he ends up dominating. I'm like how the frequency do it. He's so strong his dad trained him to just be mentally straw. Is stronger than anybody. I've ever I've ever felt and look in other thing area. This is how strong is his religion. Okay. After the fight, you know, he was the five the biggest fight of his career. We're at all these house, and he says to me, and my friend Jake Jacob Chabot says he goes, hey, can you guys please excuse me? I have to go pray. Wow. Okay. You give me a break. You think that you attack his religion? That's not gonna affect this poor guy. It sure as hell did. Yeah. And you know, it's like how can you Paul them for what he did? I don't think anybody in the right mind that understands who loves their family and their dad that understands that those are the kind of things that men from people kill you for that. I remember talking to you win. This fight was first announced and asked you if you had any concern that he would be to emotional in the fight. Clearly, it did not affect him. He fought at his best. He looked for nominal. But did you have an inkling that if he won the fight that something might happen where you worried all week long that something might happen. Because how personal this got? I was worried about during I wasn't thinking about after. So everyday I will talk to him. Please. Remember us everything he's got to go against him. He's gonna talk father is going to talk about politics gonna talk religion. I need you to stay on the state relaxed because he has coach I'll stay relaxed everyday area was talking to him. And then when the fight was over I was out celebrating with people that I know saying, blah, blah, blah, and all of a sudden had hype. And then all of a sudden I went, dammit, why did I? To him about after I did not talk about after how to act, you know. 'cause I know if I would have done that put it in his head two months out after you beat them be a professional. Stay calm, stay relaxed. The people don't wanna see, blah, blah. I didn't do that. I did not do that. And then like a dump I try to get in there and police tell me stale, stay back. Well, you know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna listen with the law says nobody beats the law the law tells you stay back stay back. You know, I noticed that he apologized to there was a clip of him saying sorry to afterwards. And you said you don't have to apologize. Did you feel like at any point? It got a little too far. Maybe not even with Habib. Both other members of the team. I know, you know, viral you coach him as well. Like were you disappointed about anything that happened afterwards? I was disappointed the junk h. Yes. Absolutely. Because regardless regardless is still wrong. I understand why he did it. But it's still wrong. I can't condone that I can't say no, I don't blame him. No bullshit. You know, it was wrong. But but I do understand why in I'm not in his shoes. And I I'm not religious like he is. But I'll tell you the only thing that would affect me as family if someone talks about my family, 'cause my father a rat a terrorist and all these kind of things, I don't know. I bought attacked them at the press conference. You know, I probably can say I wouldn't have I probably would have, you know, and he waited that long. So that's pretty amazing. What is your gut say right now as far as next fight? What do you think happens does he fight? While you're they know wants that one O'Connor Connor said today. No Connor said today. Yeah. You know, to be honest with you Mike says data's the boss. So if we can say I can say Conor, but Dana could go watch ESP or I want Tony. What do you want your way? If they said to you, what do you want? What would you? What would you like to see you want? The Tony fight you want the DSP what do you want? And you want the Connery match. I personally would want the Connery Magid. But I would like for it to be keep three items out of it. You know, talk talking to now because he's such a great marketer, and you know, to me Connors, one of the greats. And he I don't care what anybody says, he's a great fighter. I've always respected him. And I was well respect him. Just you know, if he can't just if it does happen, just, you know, say something else. Don't don't don't include that stuff. Do you think Zubaira will be cut? I would hope not I would think that would be a bad mistake because Habib is one hundred percent loyal, and he'll give up his whole career. He will give up his whole career for for his friends. Probably is he will die for his friends. So if they do that, and then they lost ho crew all of while you think all of them will leave all of them will is just where they are. What what are you hearing about his status right now? I'm hearing that everything is going to work out. Gotta see what the December tenth commission meeting. But I'm hearing that it's all working out. I'm hearing that everybody's looking at everything they're looking at the videos. They're looking at the was Connor also to Connor struck his cousin when he was on the fans as cousin was looking to jump over to try to help and then Connor cold them. Anyway in Connor's defense. You know, he's you know, he's defendant is friends so for war. So, you know, but he did started. You know, he, you know, have started jumping defense by Connor. Started next by by punching his cousin. You know? That's all all this started. So he had he not done anything. No one would've come after him for anything. But he is just as guilty as how eve is. Wow. What a month for you. Unbelievable. Not bad for a little Jim in San Jose, California to the biggest of the year. You got the double champion. You could be the biggest fight of all time. Congratulations have year, really happy for you guys. Enjoy the victories. And what are you give another fight this weekend and Denver? What do you have next? We have Louise opinion. That's right. That's right. Bob ross. Justin Willis, getting making his big debut against mar content. Australia expecting good results on that one in the white grant is fighting in Milwaukee on December fifteenth, and and then Roussillon might other heavyweight from from Russia. He'll be fighting soon. And Sergei also to the new one that just signed he had been training with us too. So we'll see we'll see what happens, but there's a lot of good things. And the biggest one of all his, hey, man. Get came Alaska's going guess, where's where's he's been ready to go? So what's the problem? Negotiations broke negotiations. I don't know what's going on is negotiations. But he's ready to go. He's hungry. You know, I was working them out in in in New York in the room. He's he's ready to go. He's been ready to go. It's just a matter of people coming together, his lawyer his manager with the UFC and ironing out. But that he is healthy. Yeah. Are we waiting for that that that's the only thing holding it up? All right. You know, it isn't. He doesn't wanna fight. It's just a matter of them coming up hitting the right numbers that they want. I mean, come on everybody everybody that I walk when I walk with him. He's attacked everywhere. You know, he's very very popular people wanting they miss them. They all wanna see him back. I wanna see him back. You wanna see him back? Everybody was him back. You know? So let's get back. You think he fights again? Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes. He fights fights for who. I hope it works out. But but he fights definitely bites. Okay. Wow. The he might leave. I hope not I hope they work it out because if he doesn't if he doesn't get what he wants. He's not fighting. Okay. No money as his contract. You know? So it's the money. It's obviously. Yeah. But I don't know what it is. I don't know what the numbers are. They don't tell me what it's probably good that. I don't know anyways. I'm a big mouth, I blurted out. So it's good that I don't know any other particulars have your thank you very much. Congratulations all the best. We'll talk to you soon. All right. There is have your Mendez headman over at the American kickboxing academy in San Jose, California. And interesting nugget there about Kim Velazquez who was in New York, and that's one of the cool things about AK one of the most loyal teams as far as everyone travelling to the events having their guys back. I mean Rockall supposed to fight on that card gets injured. And and you would think it was devastating still shows up still there to support DC Cain was there. They all fly in. Josh thompson. I saw on the street as well. So huge month. Huge thirty. As for that team with the Bieb winning on October six Daniel cornea winning Saturday night. And they've got some big ones violent Bob Ross making his return on Saturday at U of C Denver the twenty fifth anniversary show. So it never ends in the fight game. And in particular, I k- when they have so many fighters their matter moments. We're going to be joined by Mr. Daniel cormier, the double champ. And what a stretch it has been for him. And in particular on this show. The man is a man of his word he said last week that he'd be back when he won and he will be hopefully joining us at a matter of seconds as well later on. We'll be joined by Jared cannon near who had a big win on Saturday took the fight on two weeks notice against David branch in a new way class, and he looks like I mean, it's unbelievable. How different this man looks deep which is also gonna join us is out of Sanya in studio suggest Eubanks in studio and manager to the stars Ali abilities will also be. Joining us in studio. Great tweet from DC earlier this morning running down his accomplishments this year. Three now three titles. Two different way. Classes I said last night it feels like he's the front runner right now for fighter. This is around the time when you start to think about who's the fighter of the year. And when you consider the year that he's had Habib's had a great year. Although the Barbosa flight was technically in two thousand seventeen so he's only to no. Israel Sonya went foreign oh. Anthony Smith had a good year as well. But. I think two different weight classes to belts three finishes against the top contenders. 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And it'll be good anytime of the air any occasion Boorda meeting Sunday brunch. Indochino dot com. Check them out introductory price. Seventy nine dollars for those. Wow. Thank you very much to Indochino and stamps dot com. Support. Them because they support us. Okay. Matter of seconds. Dana Cormet who is. Available and we're just going to connect to them as I said, I think and matter of seconds near creek, working hard or throwing him into the fire. Here we are throwing him into the fire because he's been away for the last couple of weeks. What's this? Interesting tax all Yvette for later. Sorry. Yes. It was fun to be at Madison Square Garden knows fun to be there for the first heavyweight title fight. It was fun to be there. For history is Daniel Cormet defended the heavyweight title. I man to successfully defend a title in two different way classes, and you know, how big this win was you know, how big this whole deal was for the first time in a very long time. And I'm talking about a very long time. D C is on the match Skype. That's how big this is. Hello daniel. I don't see. I don't see myself. What do you mean? You don't see me? I c I don't see myself. Now, you just flip the camera, and we're looking at your trader Joe's in rich moisturizing. Now, you're back. You don't have to see yourself. Tell the world if you could see me now now we're back. Now, we're back to the moisture national. This is great. This is great. You're on your on Gilroy hawks baby. The old the old got it doesn't even use a computer. I can't believe you did Skype for this one. That must mean, it's a big deal. You want to be seen? Roy wrestling cO. We address something right off the top DC. I get a lot of people who say man, you asked if she to be onto I've Jewish guilt. You ask them to be on your kind of pushing have have I asked too many times, tell me is it going to be too much this idiot. Okay. Very upset. If you didn't ask me on this week while that means a lot. But I'm sorry. You're in the news all the time. Like you've had a crazy like the past four months, you're breaking records or defending titles. You're taking notice John jobs. It's hard not to talk to you. And I have a feeling we're going to be talking to you again soon when you except your fighter of the year. Ward. What do we what do we got him? Yeah. Oh. Give me she please. What do we have there? I just wanted to. I want kinda show few of my my toys. Wow. How many do you have? Eighty eight. They give you a new one every time, I guess area. I guess you could call me a gold digger. Smart. I guess he could call me a gold digger. Wow. That how many have right there. Oh my gosh. Just three three the earlier ones. Okay. Look at that. Man. Life is good life is good. Okay era. Top is very very good as it's off right now. Can you can you sort of? Well, you really did bury the lead on Saturday. Can you give me the real run down the hour by hour rundown of the sneeze heard round the world? What happens tummy you wake goes on as we collect more belt here. We welcome in more toys look at this. This is unbelievable. Okay. What what happens? So. I was in the morning in. So my back is kind of best up. Right. So I got up in the morning, and I was like all its five day. I was like, yes. Perfect. Because I've got I've got a bad back. And sometimes it kind of goes down the left side of my my leg. It's my what my oldest is really bad generally around three weeks training camp. I get this. But I use that like five weeks can't let so tonight just kind of get over it. But. This one on fight week. I was like oh my bags ball, but warm good get going Saturday morning area. I give up. My things are perfect. I feel no pain walk into the bathroom, ice knees. And I will got no it's I bit over because sometimes you eagle shoot go over e kinda Greig like my old. No it hurts. And I was stuck over. I was like man, I'm really earth. So I call Bob guys down for run. I stretch stretch real good. My dad's bother me man got on that treadmill? Rand Tuesday was like I can't do happening. We go back to my room bothered him run out to get heating pads. We call the UFC Dr Davidson comes to my room getting evaluation. They tell me I can't take anything because in New York yet vows ending rose. I got like a paint shot or something. New york. Let you do nothing. Take a couple of Tylenol and be done. So heavy came over massage me gave me a stem machine. I was on that thing all afternoon bed. Chris Camacho rhyming through two extra them sessions and in a row five o'clock win for walk after I walked kinda started to lose a little bit steak died but round two o'clock. Bob was like either you're going to be better. Are you're not flying. Great. Wow. Were you freaking out? Free. And I was like how am I supposed to explain this? Right. Like I kept saying one way to win the fight knows to not now. But to my knowledge I came to find out that he had to he could've won by four. Because this if I didn't fight you have won the fight. By went to the arena was like I can't do this guys here to fight even want. Wow. Crazy. There's there's no returning from that. That would have been a stain on your legacy forever out via sneeze out because but then outta turned into maybe the freighter Derek Lewis, you stay right would have been like this guy's really truly hurt. But it would have been being afraid of Derek didn't wanna fight that that felt like a clinic. Right. I mean, like, look, I'm wrestling expert. I'm not a technical guy. I know my role, but like the headlock to the ankle pick trip, and even I was recognized like this like he's having a field day. I feel like you're having fun out there. I was been got some good techniques off he's done it. A while. I've always said that might take off. It's is a very high because I keep trying to throw different things at equal until something sticks. So I do I try to run the pie trying to get your position. That's my ideal position is to just get him up lifted. Maybe flip them are thrown through the air. But guys got sleep. You guys up on the conversation. That guys got the guys have gotten to the point now where they don't wanna get picked up. They wanna stay grounded so drop all their weight. So now, I try and kick out their back foot knocks down. Then we got back up like, okay snatch singles on this side of the single third time. I got the single putting up on the tree top right up to the shoulder kick the back foot out front headlock ako pick out who am I like, kill Sanderson. Bits off on like it was great. He went back with. No, they were actually scoop the ACL friends that our position with ill. There was also a great great isn't annoying when they're doing you. And you're doing this like you are you are showing excellence and the fans are booing. I just think that I just think that the. The. You ship wrestling on TV, isn't all that high. But would they were in a person that watches Russell's like, oh, this is good technique is technical wrestling. But to generalize. Like, why is he going down say? Nobody's impressed with this. And that the other my pick somebody up and I slam him. But that's only because I am not for the wrestling technique. But realistically people walk into that read it that night with an idea that the may see something truly special in that was there at Lewis scored that upset, but that number was going to happen. I was well prepared and. I will never underestimate anyone. So being that I had short time. I all fair there. So the last time you competed at MSG was two thousand three they give you that amazing plaque which clearly touched you, and I thought it was an amazing classy thing that they did for you was it at all familiar backstage. Did you remember like did you take yourself back the fifteen years ago before all this started? What was it like to actually do what you had always set out to do? And that's headline MSG. It was it was familiar, but it's so that we were wrestling world championships. We got to use the Knicks locker room as the world heavyweight champion. I did not use the Knicks locker while. I. It was fine. But. It was familiar to Lynn remember. Just that that that aura of the real there aren't many places that you walk into in go while this MSG I felt that when I walked to the arena on Saturday night. And it was truly amazing. I'm just a lucky man to accomplish the things that I accomplished in also been to the places that I've been the crazy thing is how all the star seem to be aligning like you sneak this one and you get a nice pay day against the favorable opponent, Adam ac-, which is where you always wanted to fight. It didn't look like it would align. And now they have this event in Vegas, which is a nice little break with with with the timing. That Brock will be like, it's so weird. How all this is just timing out. So perfectly with your plan that you you've been talking about two years now to retire at forty it's strange, right? It's unbelievable with grains. I knew when I took this if I can get through this one. I was like there's gotta be a fight. In March or late cranberry kind of works. But then for it to be March third. It's just ridiculous like and in Vegas like it seems as though I'm not the only one plan all be like somebody else's planning on my behalf. Yeah. Good. Have you heard from Brooke and her bra? Last time I heard for rock. Was a little bit ago at getting back from Saudi Arabia. Not let a three day travel. He's on a jet. He's home by now. Right. He brought lives on ninety shooter cell service. Busy guys. Get ready for the heavyweight title fight to me, the most notable thing that happened all weekend wasn't necessarily what happened in the fight on Saturday is what you said on Friday after the ceremonial way. And I'm Daniel Cormie. And I'm the greatest of all time the goat. And that you admitted afterwards to us on our show that you sort of said that because you knew who was in the building just a couple of minutes prior. They're still on your mind. And that's why you know, I love you. You know, I have a soft spot. I just have a hard time believing you're walking without fighting John one more time. I just I can't I can't buy. There's no disrespect. I'm not calling you liar. You're just too damn competitive. You know? Yeah. No. That's it man. That's it. I don't need it anymore. You know, sometimes you need things. Sometimes you don't in. I I mean. You know, I just don't stand. I don't understand the logic of. I need anyone anymore. I don't come to terms with everything like I said area because he was gone so much I had to remove myself from the situation. So completely that it almost became like not reality. Now, I would happen. Truly retrain my mind to understand that he's a even back in the game. The reality is can I really trust that he's truly going to be back in the game. Because history shows that there will probably be some sort of issue either. Ford Augusta's inviter after the Guston fight it if not regressing fight we schedule a fight. They're definitely going to be issue. Because there's always been addition while I take it back. I actually believe you now, this is the first you seem sincere when did you come to this realization that you don't need him? It was a long time. I mean, I mean, honestly when if you saw issue saadah, right or when when he kill the after the trip a why when I cried, and I was like, oh my goodness. On family vacation. Like, I can't believe this is happening to get. I thought to myself if you sign it is is right. The greatest testing organization in the entire world after failing once in getting a year, you feel twice the obvious suspension is going to be about two years. I'm not going to be here two years. So after know that my career is going to happen be done without this guy. But I was your side to change the game a little bit on this. So it was like, I stay true. Who I am? It just seemed as though. In regards Jobim's, you cited it so. Now, he's back with I add to really come to terms with the fact that after watching certain guys one night told on himself in that to you like literally like did something which either you to get to years thinking months, eighteen months. It was his first time was in his first time. Yeah. First time. He did anything. I think he told on something that eighteen months. John got twice and got fifteen months. You says they are I have to understand that. I will never get another opportunity. So I can't term do you think it will be emotional when you walk away. Do you think you'll miss this? Or did you you do actually think you're ready in your kind of looking forward to walking away. I'm not looking forward to it a missing a lot. I love competing. I mean, I think that's what makes me who I am the competition aspect of it. And I'm gonna miss that. Like, I'm really gonna miss being able to walk there and fight. Here the chairs here the booze because all to go on reactors of are usually the same. If me getting my raise in you cheered in the I'm gonna miss that. But it comes to everybody live my whole life in those situations. Like, I spent more time in high levels fourth, and I spent on this earth without it. Like, I started doing this and a high level at fifteen twenty four years of competition at the highest level. I. Okay. You mentioned the post by press conference that you have some big things in the works. Not just what do you got? Can you tell us can you feel in? Jason jinx it until what I'm. That's a good thing. Go come in. And you said you'll be making more post fighting than you did while being a fighter that's wild this and say it, and I made a lot of money fighting. So I've got some big things coming and do you go about like you're wearing the Gilroy shirt? You're the head coach over there at the Gilroy high school right local high school. Do you? Go back today. You take. We have practice thirty on the track running. They were billing. We got Brexit three thirty a group message today talking about the repercussions of missing. Okay. Coats is not okay. Double champ. Eight time champ is not say, okay. Coach will be there while you don't take any break. Now where I'm calling the kids on Sunday morning about hydration. Like was wrestling they hydration process where you have to wear certain amount in order to wrestle at a certain wake less might team. Greg number ten in the country right now. So but in order for us to be one of the top two teams in the country. Our kids have to be at the ways that they're supposed to wrestle at in Seoul on Thursday. We do our hydration that go high school. So this to get some weight often that's gonna start sock new. It's unbelievable that you're thirty nine. And you know, in your retirement fight is if I told you xactly this time last year that you would have had the year that you had this year, you probably would've called me a liar. You're probably gonna win the fighter of the year and a year ago, this this this time, you're going into that Volkan fight and sort of a shame to the fact you're the light heavyweight champion. Remember, you don't wanna hold the belt and all that this is it's unfathomable. It's unbelievable that this year has been what it's been especially at my age. Right. Thirty nine years old most guys down by mid thirties. You know, obviously, I started a lot later than other guys. But. Either. I. Think about think about this one. I went into this year after getting not going crying to defending light headway time in winning by finish over the number two guy in the world. A guy that was on. It absolute care. What do I do the topic? Okay. From the find the greatest heavyweight of all time knock him out in the first round finish third fight number two guy in the world and heavily invent on tear one nine out of ten and I finished within two rounds. It's like you can't even dream this stuff in for people to saying. Well, I don't you know, it's kinda boring fire like how finish everybody all you want to see a personnel vicious fights. I finished fights the. There's been guys that have had tremendous years. Israel sign you had tremendous year. But the level of competition is just vastly different. I've been in all championship fights. Even Brian Ortega is to pull the upset of max Holloway. How do you compare it? You know, when I won in the finish his belt one another belt defended it all in the same year. I pay being run for fighter of the year in the man think about your boy might even be up for that speed next year at lawyer. Upward s breezy. Right. I'm gonna put in a good word cried in the octagon. Yeah. It'd be SB within a year. That's nuts. It's cool to see all the fighters. Happy for you. But this time in particular felt like I saw Draymond green shouting you out. I saw Kristaps Porzingis shutting you out is there one is there one shot or text or someone does he have to be famous, but someone that reached out that really touched you. This is crazy. Right. So I'm in my my locker. At. There's a guy from Louisiana named Kevin gates. Right. He's saying this local really really low this stuff. He's real big rapper, and they banned Reuss in Reina's on what the goal why would ever just get done? Mike photographer. I am the bay his computerize in this. Kevin gates on FaceTime. Right. But he starts to me. And I'm like things gates, really. Appreciate it. But then he talking game. The white right now, he just kept talking basic thing also talking to Kevin gays, but then we were just talking and talking and talking like gates us. I have to go. Finally, he let me go to call in. In. The call. It was kinda cool that I'm talking to Kevin gates is about to want to be offered on it finally gate. I have to ask my seriously. Do I have to like? What the call me? It was the greatest thing in the world, but drain on green cool guy Greek diet was like it's just a lot more notoriety of later my career. Why does it seem like there's a direct correlation between the amount of time that you win how dominant you're looking and the higher your pants are getting I feel like the pants are getting higher and higher these days. What's going on over there? Fatter trip that women use. We're pull their pants trying to let's live, right? Hey, let's thing man. I do wrestling practice. I all the kids like host point pants hate it like we hate that. Drove away your pants up in tuck yourself to your sweat of guys called down. John Smith is do that. In John's not a fact island John pitches to be on the need is they all. Do. I kinda hate that. Look just kinda will air it. It's so ridiculous data's man on the planet. That's you. But hey, it's not everybody doesn't hate it though. Like the other fighters, especially ones that arrest is like this is like the guy from the gym. He's like unaware that he's Brian pool is pants. And so now on this Monday the hand the back. Okay. You think you're good for March? Everything's to go. I have the punch it much my right hand. I mean, I don't know if I even through a bunch on the feet, maybe like two. But isn't it truly amazing that I'm the small guy the fact that and I just walked these big news down. It's absolute say that they back up. What you think they would just take a stand and say, no, I'm not backing up. Great. We will miss you. When you're gone, my man, we really will. I mean, it's just amazing. What you've done in particular this year, look at those belts. It's unbelievable. I wonder how much that ways right now on you too much. It's incredible. Can you stay up holding them? Can you stand up holding them? Or is that too heavy? Not a lot back to slip out of Garin us little by way. I just wanted the visual. But that's all good. Look at thirty nine years old. You're you're marvel my man, thank you so much. Thank you for always coming on the show before it after an honor as always to watch you live. We'll get it one more time. And I'll have to say that. I'm a little sad about it. All because I feel like you're just getting warmed up. I know you're thirty nine, but I feel like you're actually in your prime. And I know I know that was the question that led to the story about your back, but you are so dominant your thirty nine year killing it. Can you be in your forty? I don't know all prime the Gulf you're going. I hope that I'm as good as as you are at at at forty doing what I do. Go ahead lasting. Yeah. Very easy to get give. Okay. So I want to tell you guys gotta do website seek dot com. I've had it for weeks. It's really said anything about it. I've been buried as for check checking out these see cormier dot com. It's got some t shirts shopping videos. News is also what the very ex-. In a happy about is going to be coming up very soon. It's a the coaches quarter. So you'll get to go and see the technique for resemble Sanchez. Bob Cuckmere Noverre how they're Mendez really crews all my coach is going to give kipps and techniques as to what they're trained to fire that the kickboxer kademi, so good. It's like, it's it's a good website where you can get on my stuff. All my social media will be there. It's Graham Twitter Facebook, everything one stop shop for everything DC. So love hate me. Check me out. Go. Learn from the best coaches in the world congrat- on that. Congrats on the win. And congrats on your saints. What a weekend for you. Holy smokes. Wow. All the state of Louisiana day to LSU to pull it off. If you have the Sates myself and LSU, and you go to one in those under those it's a good weekend for the vote for the thirty third south coast, Louisiana, a it's a great state. I love being from their true. The support that the stated show will be Popeye's chose there. But the state of the Lisi Anna chills, Daniel cormier, or did you have the checking by the way? No, I. Probably got the elevator. Oh, really hungry like that. But but I I have a strange suspicion. You bought the chicken wasn't spicy. I know brother that chicken because a brother bud spicy chicken for you bought the file chicken one. I've still never tried it. I've still never tried. I don't know. What's not you buy the Popeye's chicken and get the Despites you'll be like who? Alice. Like, what bitter salt like ooh that's two season spice. I'm glad you had a and I love what you did covering them up. You gotta stay loyal to your to your team, and they weren't loyal to you. So while done much love. Thank you so much for doing this. Congrats. We'll talk to Sinn. Thank you. Thank you. Join. That's the bit. Thank you, my friend areas. The double champion himself, Daniel Cormet unbelievable. What a performance out of him on Saturday night. What a win for him on Saturday night. And it appears as though will get him one more time that's early March in Las Vegas. Okay. Another big performance on Saturday. Another man who want a performance bonus. We'll be talking to one later on Israel Sonya. But Jared Cananea what a performance out of him taking this fight on two weeks notice in his third way class one eighty five looks like a different person and Dana white told a great story afterwards about being somewhat worried after what happened in the globe to sheriff fight in Brooklyn a couple years ago that David branch would be the wrong kind of opponent firm. Well, that wasn't the case he wins via stoppage. And now all of a sudden we have a new face. We have a new player one eighty five. His name is the killer. Gorilla has named jarred. Kennedy. I do believe he is joining us right now via Skype. Jared. How are you? I'm doing good area. Thank you have me on. And yes, I'm really it's a pleasure where we off to. I'm going to. Okay, congratulate the gym you take the morning off. Now, man. Relatively. So have. Ready for five bucks? Okay. Can I ask you favor? I think the volume is a little too high because we're getting feedback is it possible to lower. You'll you'll still be able to hear hear me. How's that? Yeah. That's better. That's better. Can you hear me? I can't get enough. Okay. Fair enough. Congratulations on the win. How did you transform your body? Like that Jared. I hardly recognized you I remember he was a heavyweight and light heavyweight you look completely different person. What happened? How did you do this? Quit. My job quit. My full time job. Of course, everybody knows that in on a move down to the lab to partake in the more consistent program on top of that, you know, just the dietary adjustments and just bunch of hard work. Why did you feel like you? You were best. I wanted five. Like, this was the smart move. That's a twenty pound cut. Why did you do it? Well, I'm not a natural heavy, even I'm not a big might have either. I'm pretty muscled up. But I'm not, you know, too muscled up like bulking or anything like that. So I had to wait to rose in the wills melting off. And it was only maritime like I said, even the heavy went. I was always saying, you know, middleweights probably gonna be future. And here we are when you accepted the fight on two weeks, notice how much did you weigh initially when you took that when you took that fight. What I accept the fi? I was around two five two three after workouts are probably like two ninety nine to ninety eight. Okay. And I was already in Ryan. How's reading ago, I heard that you ask for the fight you wanted? This is that accurate. Yeah. When I when I signed on from our fight in Argentina, I told them if you know some short notice come out because I wanted to fight early. I wanted to find Sony and I'm glad they listen to a game of the call when when they make the adjustments to the card, and I was ready. I was with more than willing to step up. Dana white said that you know, he thought that he pushed you a little too quickly with the global fight. And he didn't wanna make that same mistake because he said that you arrested today, and he was concerned when this idea was brought up about you fighting branch on short notice. Like, maybe this isn't the right move for your career at this point. Why did you feel like this was a good match? What was it just about? You know, it was just about taking a fight on the matter who 'cause 'cause branches notorious for being that kind of guy who can smother you on the ground. Well, we we try and pretty hard at the lab in my coaches have faith. I have my coaches and in the program that they have there, and I've been learning a lot in the last year. I'm not saying, I'm I'm a expert wrestler anything, but I know how to get off my back or not how you know the submitted in and help down or thin periods of time. So I was good to go. I was ready. I was ready for his wrestling FAM. I'm ready to get taken down. But I'm also ready to get back up. What was your confidence like going into this fight after how the the last two fights went for you? Did you feel like this was a must win? Absolutely m being on to fight scared is not fun. It wasn't something. You know, the top glory. I wanted to pass, but you know. Maybe hunt more fear in the just want to keep this going and take it all away. But did you feel like you had to win this fight to stick around? Well, no, I had two more fights my contract. Yeah. You know? How that goes? They cut you at any time. Yeah. They could. But I'm excited fighter whether whether I win or lose. So what about fighting MSG? Did that mean anything to you? Oh, man. You know, it would mean anything to to everybody it will mean something to every fighter fighting. That's like the pinnacle of sports arenas right there. But when I was there the energy to fight week was awesome in in Manhattan in New York Times square. But when I was in MSG, the energy was even even more profound came to the worst put it in. When I was I was getting ready to walk out. There are some kids standing up there and his pants like pointing at me. I got it was it was like Saint Peter at the parents gates accolades all the great things I've done he was like you're the best yet. This. You can beat anybody just pump me up, man. And I ain't never felt in the NFL the motivation. Like that man. It's like he put a spirit of me. And it was like I wish I wish I knew it was man, right, man. He was probably so much. I took off my my my fight jersey. And I had to give it to my in he earned it just by putting me up like that. Oh, I'm happy. You said that because I kind of made a joke like cannon years. So proud of his physique that I don't usually see we don't usually see someone walk out without the jersey on. But you actually gave it to the kid. That's why you walked out shirtless. Man. That kid was like I said, you know, he was I said it was like Saint Peter. I ain't never seen today. Among like, Saint Peter telling me all the great things I've ever done in my life listening accolades, it was just pumped me up. And it was the best thing. This is the best thing is been spilling the world seeing that little boy he was so into it so publicly right? My is pointing at me that's incredible. Bumps just talking about it right now. How old you think he was he'd hatch been my, you know, nine ten years old damn thing about like he would have been great on. My daughter is on the way out. Not it came at the medicine out. Glad another way. Okay. Wow. Well, if that kids watching well done my man well done if you are watching I would like to sign that shirt for you. Okay. Autograph? That's incredible. Well, done by the way, I noticed afterwards because I've talked to you about this in the past like how you hold the tally. Right. You didn't do that this time? Or did you that? I miss it. No. I didn't do it. How come? Well. I'm not doing Judaism, no more. What happened? Well, you know, my again, my spiritual system has shifted initially shifted from, you know, southern Baptist pitch vanity to Judaism. And now get more into my roots. No, more African spirited systems. And they are definitely more fitting for me. Okay. Wow. When did this happen this happened after a job? So I'm sorry. Moving around right now. Okay. I quit my job, and I moved to Phoenix. So I didn't have a lot of distractions with Workington day trying to train all night and try to, you know, the family man for the rest of my time. So I have a lot of my hands been here about to jam coming hall. Wrestling, relaxing. I have a friend who put me onto a few brothers. Who who teach? We'll take a lot of I won't say African spirituality. But they teach a lot of stuff that we're not that. We're not taught, you know, especially in school or just in our daily lives. They don't out so got into that. Listen to these guys talking about, you know, sacred sciences and geometry and different types of stuff. Wow. You know, just it really. I don't even know how to find the but. But there's so much to is really deep is history to be honest. But that's essentially where my walk is in the last year in okay? I always love seeing you hold a tally. But you know, if you found your your your new calling then much respect you gotta do what's best for you. And you left your job. Of course, we remember used to work in the nation business, right? Yeah. Yes. Working for the FAA FA. That's right. How long were you there for? I was there for nine years men. Was it hard to leave now? Oh, you didn't like it. No. I'm not built for desk job. Right. So now, you got the life on your one hundred percent fighting all the time. That's all you have to worry about. Do you feel like you make enough to support your family? Well, that's why quit my job. Because I got to a point where I was making enough to support my job as long as active fighting. Okay. Now, do you wanna have a quick turnaround? I'm ready again. I was back in game today. I don't have any bumps bruises. I just have to go get checked out, you know, some stuff, but. Whenever we get that stuff cleared talk to my manager talk to the cultures. We'll get some gone. They're fighting here Phoenix and February get on that card. Get on that card now what's up with you? And not Asana. He pees in the cage UP on top of his p what's going on over there. I mean, we we all know how dogs do right? Yeah. For dogs has another dog this right here dollars piss on it and dog disrespect when the other dog. You know, he's just marking his territory like here now. Right. So again that was nothing against Israel. I have all the respect in the world for him. I was watching him when he wanted cage. And and I think that's his cage at this point. But when I go into that, that's that's my guy, and you know, as I was walking in my head yet. He did right there on the corner. And I caught a whiff of it. Now, this is my guy now. So I Mark my territory. Would you like the fight him? What I liked it will be that would be a very fun fight whatever again matchmaking his for the matchmakers. I don't get paid to make matches. So I paid to fight ago. Go back into training and fair for the best whoever, you know, pair for myself. Like I've said before I'm just trying to be better than better than I was yesterday. You wish that you would have gone down to one eighty five sooner. Do you feel like you'd be a lot further along in your career? Had you done this move sooner everything happens for a reason. And I wasn't no rush to get you know, skinny and die be super disciplined. It all happens. It all happened in perfect time. So this is the perfect time. Everybody's happy to see it. So no, I'm not no. Creditor wife. Right. She's the one who did all the cooking. Get you down to one eighty five absolutely mad credits Hershey again, like like, I said she could sit eight so she was being more disciplined for me than I had had to be for myself. So it was a team effort. Congratulations to you and your family, what a performance what a win looking forward to what you're gonna do. Now. One eighty five. Clearly, Dana white is is is on notice as well. He said that he went up to right after the fight. Yeah. He did that must feel. It is he did have a fight like you said he was really excited after that. And even more. So now that he sees I'm learning wrestling part. I don't like to leave holes in my game. You know on the reason why I, you know, I'm not getting wrestling because I didn't grow up wrestling. So everybody else has everybody can have that advantage. But it ain't going to them. It ain't gonna do them. Too much. Good because I'm getting better congrat- Charrette. Thanks for coming on and joy the victory. Thank you very much for having. All right. There is Jared cannon near joining us. What a great win would obey performance from the gorilla in his middleweight debut wins at heavyweight wins at middleweight, of course, the wind just now and then wins at light heavyweight. So I probably did that the wrong way should've done heavyweight light heavyweight mid away. But you get the point you get the point and especially doing it in New York and gets a felon yorker, David branch, who's a tough out a really really tough out while what a win for Daniel. She's me Jared Cananea. Well done and on two weeks notice to boot. Let's just stop at one eighty five. You see those before and after pictures before and after pictures of Cananea at heavyweight, I think is the first one maybe even light heavyweight, but then the middle way looks dramatically different person. It's unbelievable. All right fun. I our in the books matter moments. We're going to be joined by the former heavyweight champion steep coach. I'm very curious to hear what he had to say or has to say about Saturday night. And what's next for him? I had heard that there was talk when they were searching for main event. For a minute there before they went with DC versus Lewis. I had heard that there was some talk of St. pavers Kane. But in the end that did not come to fruition. So when are we gonna see him back? We wanna see him back. Alexia Linic wants to fight him. But I'm sure he wants to fight for the belt as well. DC saying on Saturday night, if the Brooklyn fight doesn't come to fruition. It will probably be St. bay in his retirement fight that I'm assuming will be the best case scenario. For the heavyweight from Ohio the Croat. But I think everyone wants to know when he wants to return against two and what he thought of the whole situation on Saturday at Madison Square Garden. I know he was in New York before the fight. With some of New York's finest, the the F D N Y. And that's always an amazing thing. That's debate does still working as an active firefighter, still supporting the firefighters the first responders says a lot about who he is. After CPA we're going to be joined in studio by Israel out of Sonya back to back weeks. He was on last week prior to the fight against Derek Brunson. An amazing win for him one of the break-up performances on Saturday, but also breakout fighter of the year four no now debuted in February came back in April. Then the main event in July and Madison Square Garden. I mean that is just an absurd year for the last style bender and very rare that we can have someone in studio one week and then the next week pre win post win, and he was actually kind enough. He was supposed to fly out. I think either yesterday or this morning and actually extended his trip so that he could come in studio, and and talk about it all and then after that we'll be joined by Elliott, those ease and then suggest Eubanks we'll stop by to talk about her somewhat controversial win on Saturday. MS Square Garden over Roxanne on ferry. Okay. Without further ado, let's go back to this guy machine and say Hello to the former UC heavyweight champion, the one and only steep amyotrophic is on the show against how are you? It's good to talk to you. And congratulations to you and your family yesterday was a big day for you guys. Right. My daughter's back. Wow. How was that was awesome? Pretty tired day. Yeah. Is that is that like an emotional thing for you? I'm not I'm not bat was at Baptist or Catholic. Chris what does it Catholic? So I don't really know. I've never been to one of those. What is it like? Just bunch of family. Krizan and decide it's a it's a great day. Just you know, Starbucks sacraments. Where are we right now? Are we in your home? Yes. I like this little setup you got you got the two belts. What do you have to over your right shoulder over there? What are those statues? Yeah. Just finding boxing. Okay. And then what's on the other side Fedor the air ward. Yeah. A Ohio boxers association look at you all humble. Yeah. Did you watch the fight on Saturday? On this guy with a bunch crammed followers. You know, good time one hand. I mean, I offered myself. That card and he said now, they told me he was on available weekly. Are you spending Lewis? I mean, was it annoying for you to watch it like, what is going through your mind when you're seeing this. Of course, it was annoying mail scenario. This should be me. Right. There's a ton of guys that never defend about negative rematch. But then I defended the three times favorite do superfine get rematch inning. And it's not like he was beating. Finally, I was winning fighting just congress shot, man. I really feel today. We're not talking about the IFO either by stop. I get shot. Right. Did you ever get an explanation as to why the you have seen ever tried to make that fight? Now, you've heard I'm I'm sure him talk about it saying look steep too good right to fight on three weeks. Notice. You take that as a kind of compliment or is that not good enough? Now, it's not gonna you think I was in great, right? But you've done it. Are sent I wanna go. That's my belt. So what do you do? Now. Rematch. So they're openly talking about Brock. He's talking about the retirement fight. Are you worried? No care racks, doing something in Saudi Arabia. I mean, it isn't find two and half years. He he wanted to cider. I mean, these arriving if they pass you up for Brock, and you get passed up again what how do you react to that? We will find out. Okay. Clearly, you're not happy. No. Would you be? No. I mean, I put myself in your shoes. But I understand a hundred percent where you're coming from. We might be doing the same thing. They want the rematch. I mean these same way for the roles reversed. I was not. Yeah. Did they try to do versus Kane Velazquez for a minute on that card? Maybe maybe our remember, okay? D C N, even if they did like what's that? Sorry. I want my rematch -ment about back. And even if they were doing like interim belt or anything like that. Not good enough. I wanted to see what happens if he retired before you get your hands on them. I mean, he's not going to be on the first round. So again, so confident. Yeah. Do you would that be something that would bother you for the rest of your career? If you don't get another crack at him, if he leaves before you fight again, he was willing. What could you do? So I mean, we're if he if he actually fights again in March, and they don't give you could be out for a very long time. Are you prepared for that? See I just put my chair down all the way. I don't know. If you saw this interview, I'm very barest right now. See Pam sorry to embarrass for you. To be honest. I'm a little timid data right now, you're really pissed off. Yeah. Man. I mean, I mean, I well with the New York on fans, right? Did why don't you find tonight? I everybody even the US, Cowan tears even the media. They're like, why don't you tonight? Answer. Yeah. Why did you go to New York? Appearance. Okay. Was it weird to be there? So close to to you know, the venue and all that knowing that you should be. Restore some jump in you know, fight, but apparently didn't happen. So I went back home. You didn't go to the actual fight. Now, but you did watch I came after him on Sunday. So I don't wanna like sure be late Sunday right again Trump. That'd be a bad luck. I'm actually surprised that you watch the fight knowing how upset you were about all this. With Chris wideman, the my boy. That's right. That's right. Yeah. Have you talked to them? How is he doing? I know I kind of like try by people have gone to the head as it is arguing weaker saw in about. Okay. Were you impressed with performance? Jury as he warned different just. Not really, no, okay. Even though it was that dominant. Just took him now. Yeah. Did you think Derek had a chance? Where everyone has a chance in DC chance needs. Yeah. Nobody going into the fight. Did you think that oh when he fought? Yes. But did you think that Derek had a chance going into the fight? Or did you think that this was fairly one sided? No. I mean, it's. There's a big hits high as may use of any came back. Do you think that if you had a different kind of relationship with you see you have gone in that shot like you feel like all the drama of the past? Couple of years is coming back to haunt you. Probably I don't really care. They do. They want. Flavor. The week is that's how the kid right? But then it so in this case, it's not like another sport. Where you you kinda like earn your shot here you have to almost be granted the title shot. And sometimes when you better relationship, there's a better chance of that happening, right? Ron stand trial. Cram is this kind of ruining your love for the game. Merrill, would I do? So I it's fans fans 'cause if it wasn't for the fans wouldn't be right now. Right. But the like this politics have you tried to campaign for tasha? It's probably not something that you wanna do. No. I mean, I don't mind because like this they want we're gonna get. Okay. So what does the game plan? How do you get the fight? Keep talking I should pay. I deserve. Brooke record you're talking. Maybe I really don't off to give multiple times more more ever defended. See and those. Come on. Now guys entering defended about after they wanna match, right? What do you think about Brock? And you saw is there is there a chance because even DC said best friend. What do you mean? Got up. I mean, I I don't I. I guy at the two and a half years. Right. I mean. I just. My. Irritates more because. We have always finds that. We're recording. Pain hard just tuna. Title shot. Yeah. That's the weirdest part about it that he's getting a shot after all of that. And there's there's no real justification for it. It's not like he's he's earned in. Now. Here you are in this position. So I can understand your frustration. There's no doubt about that. You think that having like a sit down with the UFC would would help you in terms of getting your point across. That's something that's on the table that before and it's never worked. They wanna do. So they want. Okay. And just curious what are you planning on doing? If they do. In fact, go with Brock. Find out. Until you everything you do have a plan. Man. I'm a little bit scared right now. I'm not gonna lie. Are you like really really mad, right? New York and in. Yes, I don't I do not want that. But it's like you're not the kind of look like scowling the whole time. I mean, it's just it's just I feel every day. I should've been fighting. Actually gonna shot. Now, I'm not gonna. I just they just is. You work your butt off your. I mean, I made been doing. I needed to get. Did somebody knows dining gal fish? Yeah. And then you hear things probably like Connor is gonna get an immediate rematch and all this stuff. I mean, what's up? Man, it just. Blackout. What's real? Just. Were you worried that this would happen? If you've ever lost the belt considering the relationship with the. See? No exact dot at. After like you off. Rematch. Right. Putting my contract. The of it. But. You know for China is about July was my night. Do you have a message for Daniel? Yeah. Fighting you do. Fray when I was. No credible any carbon going. By licey. You know, you're not again. All right. And what about for the U of C? Give me my rematch. Or seriously? Either. I just start taking steroids. Back. We all right. Yeah. Iran's was. Is there a chance that you have fought your last fight in the AFC? No, our said that don't oh, I'm asking I'm asking. I'm just wondering. I mean, we saw trades. We saw DJ just get traded, right? For that shit. Okay. Okay. I just didn't know how frustrated that right? Okay. Fair enough. Well, I appreciate you coming on and voicing your your opinions and displeasure about everything. And I do hope it works out for you. Workout. It was. All right. Thank you. Steve bay. Good luck to you. Banks fix chair. Okay. Thanks fix right now ups there, it is sepia meal. There. He is. I was mad a few words. But in this particular case, I don't think he's happy. That's just my impression of the whole situation. He seems very upset. And I understand where he's coming from it doesn't appear as though the odds are in his favor on this one. This is going to be interesting. Oh, my. Winning his champion in in in UFC heavyweight history. The fended the title successfully more than anyone certainly has a strong case. Is he the front runner now to get that title shot? No. That's the sport prize fighting. It's not America Crecy. It's the fight business. They said on Saturday that you have to twenty nine was the second most success. No, not to twenty nine to thirty was the second most successful, pay per view. And in large part because of this man, Israel out of my man. How are you in the house? What's up my man? They engage family. Oh, everyone's here Israel. How are you? I was expecting to come in this fast. Didn't give me a heads up. But look at you. You're quick, man. You're making the rounds today. You're in my former home, I knew you're just everywhere. Look, I think is the right guy to replace. Oh, yeah. Big shoes to fill. But I think he's big enough. He's a large man, quite literally. Right. Yeah. Well, thank you for doing this supposing. You were supposed to fly out win yesterday today Sunday, and you changed for me for everyone. Thanks, man. Thank you. Thank you. Can you come a little closer to the microphone chick chick mic? Check one two. Is that is that comfortable? Okay, easy. Thank you for doing this. This is only been done once before what twice twice back to back weeks in studio back to bed. Yes. The six God, John Kavanagh? Did it you have see two five or country Eddie, but never a fighter. So this means a lot especially one who has to fly. Now. We're going back to New Zealand. Yeah. Wow. How long is that live and a half hours? But you know, I talked to Dennis via comfortable in the flight. Now Cal is just about to ask you that. I made sure business class, right? I'm the merchant after us, man. What on the way here where we, you know? You know, coach coach you coach yet out of your window C. I'll got that thing where your leg vise. It's like horrible, right? But yes, so now like I like to be comfortable I like on it so much easier because you have to get up stretch because I tall guys. Well, you have to like all that while you fly. So Mick did it for me a couple of times when I. Business class same thing. So I felt comfortable you can just lie down stress free. And it's good for the athletes. You know? So of course, my worth nothing. Now, you know, we'll talk about it. That's besides the point. I'll talk to them. Okay. And what about the hotel? What happens to the hotel you happy from the downgrade from last time does where we last time in in Vegas GM. Yeah. In the bigs, we literally just a little bit bigger than this room. Okay. And then right adjacent or next to it was my coaches, and like we had a conjoining like it was easy. So I could just leave it open close anytime I want, and it was big hotel living room and the shower with my favorite bit just 'cause it was just. Huge. Yeah. So you can just like yawn thing. Yeah. And this time it was I it was nice tonight. I same regular. But I'm I'm that Bucci. I like the black BI. I'm chilling. I'm alright, I I'm I just I really really pride myself in my shower time. That's my alone time when I after a fight. That's my time. When I get to be alone thoughts. Okay. Yeah. 'cause I got shower, man. Yeah. Nobody like what do you do in there? Like, you meditate in my own way. Like last time and the GM after the fight after all my friends, you know, we had a little party in my room, nor really like chilling hanging out music. And then. Yeah afterwards when they left I remember I just put on some rap. You knows a little stoned. And then just sat there and just meditated stone like smoking. Oh, yeah. My wanna? Yeah. Is that your thing? Yeah. Par- partially everything alcohol marijuana just depends some of them who. Okay. Some of them. Yeah. Like, they use put the some of them. All there's a lot of things coming your way now here that. Yeah. Yes. Yes. They come in through it. When it goes to like, my baby system our brothers. All my son is here. Yeah. They're telling people that they haven't talked for years coming out just trying to latch woodwork. Like, hey, this is weird. I haven't just put a post like two minutes ago. Check my story real quick. Okay. Like, yeah. Friend of mine is kind of said she saw it as well. So it was weird. I've seen all the link. So I'm really clued up. I've been looking at this for a long time. So I know okay. They come and this time also the last after Vegas, I was geared up. 'cause sometimes you need to brace for impact. You don't really? Like after my debut was like, okay. I wasn't ready for that one. After the. Which hold out Arizona fight. I wasn't ready for that impact. Yeah. So this after July Kate brace for impact, boom. A handle that. Excuse me. Thank you, sir. Yeah. And this time again, I just knew it's going to be even worse. So I was just get ready here. They come and what is it been like less couple days or less than two? Oh, really? I don't put it on vibrate oil ringing spin. So 'cause that busy it is. Then. Anyone anyone that you saw like, oh, man. This is cool. This person reached out to me show me love a few. I don't wanna name. Oh, yeah. Namedrop here. Celebrities like, so we're probably my favorite artist. Really? Yeah. Like what? Yeah. Music. Also, we'll talk about that later. Drake put on what's his name was talking about Charlemagne. He posted your video you re posted a talking about his book. Oh, yeah. So this morning. He did. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's on his Instagram. So yeah this morning. I was I knew for reason. It's weird how life works like I couldn't sleep all just chilling always plotting do my thing. And then four minutes I saw like he he's tagging posted the video of me talking about his book and talking about their and whatnot. Because that's what his book is about. And then I kinda just like should him giving him back and then. Yeah. A little divall while the guy walked out to yes track. Yeah. Plug me up. So which is good for my from my. Say my entry into black America. If you will like he's the he's the guy right now. His track is the hot mic the head of the summer. So yeah, I mean, they plug me up. I'm I'm introducing them to a new audience as well. So it's kind of like a back and forth thing, and I say, he's not going back and forth. But as his back and forth. Yeah, I feel like it's hard to relate with you. Based on what you do in the cage. Like, I can't even fathom doing the things. But I think based on what I saw you talking about your time as a as a school student is student school dyslexia. And all that stuff. I saw a lot of people say like, wow, I go through the same thing. And I saw some people say, oh, I know what it's like in Nigeria teacher dump. I mean, you hear from a lot of people. I didn't know about that too much. I had looking a little bit comments. But not really too much about that. But yeah, it's it's it's crazy over there. Like when I remember when I first came to New Zealand, and I was in. I was like ten years old and no by twelve on. Eleven and form one. And then this kid was using his walkman and class. The teacher was like they must Tony Tony put that away like to miss. And I remember the look at my face life. Because normally oh, you get caned. Yeah. I'm from legit head down. Sure in front of the class, ten lashes, Dan. So he can't do. So I was like you can talk to the teacher like that. It's crazy. So it was a culture shock for me in that point. But then yeah, I mean, I was raised different. And I don't know for me. It's yeah. Different culture. Yeah. I wanna start with always sort of started here. But that felt like the pre interview you leave here, and I was so jealous. We mean check courtside Knicks game a real my beloved may ever team. Travertine minute t leave. Here you go with the jacket. What was that? They know. It was incredible that Jackie dead. What hap- is dead. Is that what does that mean? No, more good. Not like, I mean, it's what it is. It's it's just amazing beautiful. What was it like sitting courtside at MSU before you're about the fight there? But you're seeing the NBA players that you told me you were going. I didn't realize you were sitting that close. I didn't know either, bro. So we got we got there. Right. And there's me and my wrestling coach take us like the VIP room. Yeah. And there's like all these movie stars. And there was a guy Christian from thirteen reasons why I started watching down-home trust me. I told him I'm gonna 'cause I've heard so much about it from last year her it was controversial, Jerry. All right. It's almost better black mirror. Okay. I probably watch it. Then I'll watch it. So. Yeah. He would he reached out a fan? Realize navarro? Yes, I'm I'm gonna start watching that. 'cause I I love Netflix and chill. So I've got on your house. So I'm good. I'm new house now to definite. Oh, look at you. What? While I was in camp. So I had to like just I wanna get to sidetrack. So I kind of go everything my parents, my parents really helped me for that one organizing furniture. I went to them with them to buy everything. But there we looked after me with and she was happy to do it. Anyway, by all the furniture and all this organizing, the curtains draped security all that I have to focus on campus fulltime. But I'm yeah, he he reached he's cool. I like the guy, and we're talking about you into the Knicks games gang peas Bros. Oh where we saw him. Like all these movie. Like superstars you see on TV and whatnot and me. And my wrestling coaches, giggling on dre giggling, the whole time, and if you could look and be like these guys don't belong here. And we I couldn't eat too much. And I kind of had this little like a little taste of this. Fish best fish. I've ever had man. What kind of was just had the softness? Moist candy flavor around it broke away from the just self. It was beautiful and then courtside will right there set next to Britney supermodel from here. She made friends with them. They're cool. Yeah. I know. And it was just it was a good time. And it was good to be in the atmosphere and the energy of the place on feel it because you so how walked out? Yeah. I don't even know. I was going do that. Like, I swear I caught the Holy Ghost because I thought okay. Normally when I walk out. I'm not like everyone knows. I don't know why these guys like walkout something like, oh, hey, guys. Thank you. Thank you. What about you? Go back to this. I heard it wasn't Ariana. When my guy was right there. This is one. I like I realized this opponent was right there. He was what two walkout? He didn't. And the curtains closed. Whoever was yelling from the stands like going Marvin get this. Get jeez, come on knock him out. But he goes out. And I go next the same. Exact listen said the same exact to me. And I remember just like these new about me. So whenever I walk. I just I'm focused on my business. It's happening around me. So after the fight when I sparked the place up, then I feel it. So yeah, when I was in there, I walked out to divorce smile. Always just thought I'm just gonna focus on me. But then just groovy, you know, my shoulder started working started enjoy myself when I get comfortable because I've already been in mischievous already felt that atmosphere already made that same walk when I walked to the Senate of the court. So it was just another day in the office. And I remember I walked in there. He walked in like, I look back at the fight nine. I saw the way he walked in. He was just t- Newell's happening. He knew he was walking to the slaughterhouse. He knew he was about to get got you could feel it, dude. Like, even as soon as you ran past me, he jumped into the cage sloppiest, and I watched on the on the when he stepped up on the cage by normally in his other fights would be like, whatever he's like like he's gonna see. Like, he's out, you know. But you think you're in his head about real estate all over the place. You knew that a long time ago. You had also what I like to do is watch the like your interview with them that you interview after the fight. I just see the demeanor and I- validates what already knew he was shook. He was shook one he saying all the right things. That thing's supposed to say, I'm all hype. What else did he say to you? He see laughed at my prediction. And this is up being salty, by the way, 'cause guests me if he won our near the end of this. I can feel it most guys like Brad. If you want it would have been good fight, whatever that's it done. And I one good fight. That was it done. I paid them respects. Well, this guy. It was different. I I didn't like his approach. Yeah. I didn't like his approach to what he was. He was a boy he came at me in different. Why didn't like the way he was trying to remind me of bullying like kind of triggered me a little bit. So I became the bully became what I hate. I don't believe. So. Yeah. I yeah. I I I still bump this fist. I looked at him. Not said, look, I know you're all this is all talk before the game and whatnot. Good fight looked at me. Reluctantly and just you can see it, right? When herb was holding hands. And he's boy, you can tell you salty about it. And I'm Saul bass. Oh, whatever. And then I would imagine when he grabs onto your shorts. A couple times. Oh, you know, what I hate his pretend afterwards initially. He did it the first time, and I thought okay herb dean didn't see that. And I talked to her about three say sought, but. It didn't really he didn't get any advantage of it. So as whatever, but then the second time he did it on the he use it to keep me on the fence blatantly. If it was just one of those board shorts. He might have got away with it. Also shot to sauna gym who doesn't on the regular me. So I'm used to grabbing the gloves on no like people are gonna try and get away with it. So they mimic it and sometimes in the gym, Dan mimics in the gym just to kinda like 'cause people are gonna try and get away with it and get a warning. And you see him as soon as herb was like stop stop. And I was pissed off in the Byrd. He's like. And you see the look on his face. He looked on sell. It was about to cry like only did it once. I'm like you want you did he will shook he knew he was about to get so, yeah, he was trying desperately clutching at straws where you want my shorts. Saw. I just had to do what I had to do. Did you enjoy the final moments of that fight where he's like all wobble? Like it was out there. Yeah. I didn't enjoy any short. I don't think I missed one single strike who else when you watch someone hurt someone like that. And then the you have him do an everyone else you see how they go at them. Yeah. Who else do you see just patiently waits like after walking through a sequence? And my wrestling coach, Andre new all we did every we even drilled it before we left the hotel room. Bumping let's go let's can go. And then. We knew I'm left side. He's going to try and use keep me on the fan and use a shot. So I couldn't grab the risks. And just audible. Goodbye set controls. All right, cool, boom, secure that I had that on luck. And at the end sequence remember double on the hooks. And then I broke it boom. And then as I try to escape, and so sometimes you either thorough left like his pal slide, or he'll shoot this way to cut you off. And he's got a lot of people with it under as to Goodman. He's already lie. And also his shot was way too slow because was his name on dre Paulette Romanian. All right. Let's talk about him a few times. He's my man, that's my guy and he liked with him. He understands he understands how I'd like to be and we get each other. But he like he told me he's gonna shoot this way and try and cut me off. And as soon as he tried it you watch the tape you try to I escaped and got away. Even those the stuff of the fans Andre told me what exactly what is going to do exactly the same pathways. And that he rushed in because he all he's hurt or mobile. He can still up time the knee, and my my coach gave me props. Yes. She give me props. Rare upset like when I need him. I went straight to the undertook to defend the take down. But he was ready hurt. And from that point he was wobbly. And so I went on our south y thing hook uppercut and left knee, then drop them, and I was going to follow up like a lot of guys. Just did dumb. Does get excited and come to fast. They jumping on them and blow the load mustard back back up. He smiled at me. And I was like, oh, okay. Cool went back back to orthodox. And I looked at him question-mark kick hit him with a two piece boom drop them again. Then I framed, and there's a little bit of a sequence just trying to find him touching him touching them touching them. Eventually. I just pop he dropped again found the other one. South park. And I do like a little lazy whip all everything was like forty fifty percent credible. All these guys they blow the load because they can go and one hundred percent trying to like finish the fight like the hoping. I don't have to hope. I know if I touched the fall and people all early other bit early Stuttle who said that stupid people a lot of them. But he was honesty. He was done. He was already on wobbly legs for about a minute and a half. He was like all maybe about. I don't know how long I had left out about thirty seconds left and a five, but he wasn't wobbly legs from that. First thing the first the first time, I dropped them. So yeah, he was done. And I remember I like the was satisfactory looked at when I was like, I was I've had it's fine. Because I said he was a bully. I became the belief is the hype stuff like are we not going to hear that anymore here? It really say when I when I win the Bill they're going to beat five times, though, keep saying it is going to be someone at the end of the day. It doesn't matter. How they see you somewhere. Let's come up with a new narrative going into your mind. I am the hype train run them all over. Yeah. Can I Jake? We have is celebration. I wanna ask you about the celebration. Just as breakdown for you. That was just as impressive in my opinion. It's going to come up here. So who is like a little dash training Niger right now. So last time I spoke in my native tongue this time. I spoke with body language Shaq Shaq hit it with them. What does this tell me tell me and then with guate- guate- that's from South Africa? Dan. That's a Crump callup and enjoy myself. I don't know like this is body language. Those who no, no. So replay it again. Yeah. J J come on time did on a loot j I like that. So I just enjoy shopping shocking for them. So people know that and they hit them with the guate- guava. Crump gallup. Oh my God. How I'm sitting at the end lapook. Because that's culture. You know, what you're saying? But it sounds amazing. Not. But like, I mean, those who know no that that's just I I don't really have to cater to my own crowd, Cheryl. If you if you don't take a Heiko pick a number sitting line on different television that you did the last time last time ever what did I do last time breadth of ours? I just walked around hands up. I wasn't guest. You never done something like this. Or maybe it was two fights ago or is the debut nothing. The last time was on was on heck's. Yeah. Hex f c I hit him with another old Transi. Everyone's with Nigerian culture right in all the Niger and artists whiz. Kid, vito. What's his name? Can't remember keep people on you? This is this right here. My weaves note what is like ninja arts ninja techniques from enemy Coronado. So it's like ninja magic. I'm ninja. When I'm in there. I'm not do that again J come on. My slot. Some of the most on my back the dragging on my back with the scroll blood scroll down hit, my my my hands signs credits. And then boom in the bee's comes out Kunda kinky at the dragon on my back. I gotta finish them wanna get back. Oh us. Rod Dawson is going to finish it up and get up Brooklyn native, broken native. I'm the I'm the government or the Batman's doves. You know, I'm the the pebble among stones, you know, the the village idiot, but they don't realize. Yeah. He's different. I'm the one that they is that guy. He's a, but then look at me now he's crazy on air. Yes. Oh, so the back one is that again. Let's go come on ninja off with you. Let's grow that my weaves as someone animate this, please like make it for real. 'cause I know someone. What's his name? There's a black print from New Zealand black print FX another guy. I know the Instagram picture by the name escapes me. There's another one as well. They do all this animates. They'll they'll plug a bitter those who know they can see what's happening. Yeah. Understand that. If you don't know it just with the folks just doing I feel like you've watched all this like a million times and Saturday. Yes. Over some guy tried to say, oh, well, your hand signs was weak. That's something through week, but the finish made up for it. Oh god. Locked. That how dare you saw my ninja technique play that one more time. One more. Syria is wrong with you. Oh my God. That's that's you don't understand. This is I'm sweating. I'm geeking out right now. I love it. A proud of yourself very that. I'm proud of that moment. Right. Just this. Yeah. Wear to means more to me than the actual fight was cool. I made some money. But this was my weaves out there they understand now. You may you have new contract you got the bonus. Right. But that's like we need to rip up that contract. Now that contract this. Doc is way up now. I know the Wall Street check Wall Street. Yeah. A check Wall Street all the way up next would be. Let's get the Bill on a C. Like, okay. So array I haven't heard he said he's beat there twice. I understand. That's his case. And you know, shocker I which Acharya I don't have any beef toward them. I'll fight them later on. But. He's been beaten by Kelvin and Robert my case against that. So I count I count argue that with that. But come on. Let's see what happens with them rubber and its name Kelvin Kelvin gasoline. Let's see what happens with them. If Robert wins, the only fight to make the pathways clear, I've already made my case at the post fight Wayne's a post fight press conference. I don't wanna go through it. Again, what the pathways clear if you really wanna make some money if you really wanna make noise. I'm the guy I'm gonna fight these guys. Anyway, let me just fight them with the belt. I'm gonna fight all of them. Anyway, when it's all said and done I said my goal to build it's a fancy tiara boy after pick it up along the way like a little like a little trinket. I'm gonna fight all these guys along the way was all said they're going to say who's the best of all time. Who's a guy that didn't duck? Anyone he didn't pull out, you know, he didn't like a lot of guys around play this like, oh, which of these older, I'll fight everyone. I wanna fight drop in on a fight everyone and hitting duck. And he's the best. He didn't. You know what I mean? Like, I wanna be that guy. So yeah, I'm just getting fifty cents as get the strap strap season next week next year Dana said at the press conference, he has your opponent in mind unless it is. We'll see what he says he tell you. I wouldn't talk about that. But was afterwards though. Right. Yeah. We'll just talk. He'd gave me. Some some good words say about you know, a kid Monday morning. Your life's going to change blow and all you gave me. Some good words. Let me know kind of stuff what he says like on the ultimate fighter. Like generic stuff? What kinda he has to let you know, you have to hear from the horse's mouth and things already know what's good to hear it again. And be reminded of it keeps me I thought he was going to say Monday morning. You gotta go on aerial show. That's my guy. Guy favorite has favorite told me that. Yeah. But yeah, he. Yeah. You gave some good words, and then I just appreciated it. And then he said, yeah. Good luck. And I we he's gonna be in Australia's. Well, I think for the plug in for the Adelaide fighting. Okay. Voting his work. So Peter is going to work him out there. He and what's Arabella? They're gonna put him through the meat grinder. But but he didn't say, okay. This is what I have in mind. He'll talk to my manager. I mean, okay. I'm not that dumb. Yeah. Even when I met him in the club after the what you call it two through six. I talked to him. This is when we shook Dana, then it was an accident. I tell you. That's no, okay. So I went to go get some more money from the cash machine in the security guard. We're talking of blah, and then he takes me to the the wrong room. I see McMahon. And I'm like, you don't hear talked to make he's like entre to Dana as the first time, I met him life. Wow. And then we start yawning, and we talked about what we're gonna do. And he says he likes when I'm doing all this and yeah after. And after that, I talked I was a little bit drunk by not even drunk tipsy from about me. And also, my boy, Dan, Hooker smoke this. So yeah afterwards. It was like all right cool. I'll let off Al comeback. Of course, not. I'm not gonna let my walls down because it's like this. I mean, this is business. I wanna be friends with them. Right. Cool. Like, Mick as my guy. Mc heavy Mick is. So he's good energy. I love Maynard. Yeah. He's the man honestly, man. And he's he's been so like working with him. He and my management team working with like together. It's just me so beautiful. There's no. And he knows what's up. He's not like a guy at least some promoted to pay you. Of course, they'll pay you, the, you know, the the least they can pay you won't try and get the most of what you can. But I think they know what's happening to see what is in front of them. They realize that finally recognize what's happening. So yeah, I I'm not gonna like more money up by a lot of guys. Make that mistake, you know, hanging around and with buddy buddy now. Like, the F F. And there's no it's not like saying, we're not friends we can be friendlier friends. But at the end of the day of being promoted in the past by my business deals in the past. And I've met a lot of mistakes. And I have to say what made a lot of mistakes. And those are one of them's person the wrong people. So yeah, I'm a love the relationship. We have with the USC right in our religion. We have Dana with Mick. And especially Mickey so cool. But it just goes black belt as well. Why do I feel if they're going to do versus Anderson or wanted to reception was the point? I don't I don't really wanna see that. Can I be honest real? I don't young too quick. Why really wanna kill that guy off? No. That's the guy told you don't get me wrong. Just because I'm a fan. Doesn't mean cash. These hands. But there's no need. I mean, like I say you have seen ninety I some live do some magic. And I was like, oh, this is this guy. He's a looked up to I still look up to him. I think is the best middleweight of all time. And what to run over what he did. Okay. So that pizza coming up. What is it the sign? It was. Was breakfast hotdog for breakfast do Maimon. I'm living the life. Now. My best live off the street. Yeah. Jeeze New York. I'm went Tim's me. Where did you guys? Celebrate just some Irish bar around the hotel. That's it. Yeah. They'll clubs nothing marquee nothing. I don't see you don't do that. They got me twisted. They think they know me they think they have figured out. They think the way I dress the way I talk the where at all. He's another one of those ones on my God. Okay. We've seen this guy before. Is more than meets the eye. What? Okay. And. Okay. So you got. So you got the meeting with Dana. Dana is glowing. I saw him going glazing talking about his new toy, you know. He's like so happy cash cow. Yeah. Yeah. He loves it. What's his name things Budapest? He made this this name. He he's he's made this mean put on his page symbol one. Yeah. Right up. How much you're gonna wanna do something with that some light? Yeah. The funny. One is great. It's Dana as whoever that character. In The Lion King Simba chosen one. That's funny. It's unbelievable. John jones. He was here. Have you ever seen me and Georgia's in the same room? No. That's why I wanted to know. It's unbelievable. You're like a young Jones your face. Oh, I'm not saying like, maybe I have a beard on and I just walk around. You didn't wanna meet a not not that? I I like the guy. He's cool. I saw him first time. I saw him fight live was you f c ninety four on Saint year versus pin? You look like him back in the face. He looked like me, I say that he. Yeah. He up. Stephan Boerner with like some crazy like him. I saw him like as one point. He had over hooks in a soup likes the and then he was just like ragged on them in the spinning elbow drop them. And he was so cool. Still is he's he's another great and same thing. Like, I said when he jumped on the scene who am I good? It's Anderson two point. Oh, what wrestling he outgrew those comparisons? Now, I'm the hot chick in the bar. Oh my God. He's this and that, blah, blah, blah. Eventually I'm gonna grow those comparisons as well. But John Jones cool. Yeah. I've met him. I just think if we meet maybe the world might explode because off. Okay. I'm gonna get ahead of the game. Because I had someone took a picture of me and Alexander Goss in backstage, and I know for a fact coming. I that's going to be funny. I someone just swim. I think would dapper scrappers, man. Yeah. You know, everything. Unbelievable. I get my air man here. Unbelievable, everywhere up obscure things. Dummy. Joe jitsu? I like the fact he and I think Chris is John Millington Christopher. Yeah. Equal. They started that that whole movement, and that's cool kind of bringing fashion to the UFC do New York fashion week just once I used to fashion week where they can afford me anymore. So they didn't get me. I think this year they tried to. But then like, nah, the stock is going up. So you can't. Yeah. Said yeah. So next year, I'm gonna do New York fashion week for sure I wanna do once. I'm not going to be one of these guys on the model now that I'm not going to sponsors. We got here. We're talking we got tray. Bar. None number one. Fuck everybody else. I because they stuck by me win everyone else said, no. And I said after my post, I was supposed to say you pay me, a reverse it because you're not the famous line paying a remixed it. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, I don't wanna be that guy. Like because I heard, you know, Luca paid mad money full. Ralph Lauren he doesn't need to fight anymore. Wasn't one to you. Can. I mean, whatever. But I love fighting. You know, I love this game. I love learning. And if if I didn't have the gym if I have Eugene if I didn't have city kickboxing team on what I'd be doing. I'm I'll be I'll be doing something else. This is way more fun. You know? And I just I feel like I'm what better way to make a Mark in history stat my name is one of the greats. I knew this can I can I ask I don't quite understand your undefeated fourteen fifteen and what is it now? Fifteen fifteen your last kickboxing fights where a loss right back to back. Yeah. What's the difference? Why are you doing so? Well, now, and you were on like, I can't even fathom losing to enroll Emma? What's the difference? What happened was my kickboxing installers is not suited for the star. They wanted the gloves different. And they score based on some don't sometimes you know, like Mona four for the world title. I won that fight. You could see me around five can repose. Our our that on my story. You see me around five just couldn't be touched Roy Jones. Like I was just in zone. Can this guy up? All these just like this job on eating shorts and walking forward throwing some legs, legs suppose. Slow you down. Moving eating slow me down all but he was moving forward and let kicks pro. And then I mean, what is one of the contents remembers name now? About the Leaney was talking to him. He was very very biased because I mean, he had to stop fighting because he had some concussions or whatever, I know. But I mean, that's because his style of fighting. I don't get concussed because I fight smart. So people this is art. So, you know, you whatever it's subjective. Whatever you you appeals to you. You look at your favorite, you know, and it's happening boxing different styles. So the commentary was very very biased, and they don't understand what I'm doing. And this is the ring was told you small than this. So I beat the system is able to avoid he hit me probably hard like twice the whole fight the mobile knees who's the opponent for this one. You don't want to say, I can't I know isn't Herrera. Will. The one that brought out was it. Did you know that today? He brought him for his camp. Yeah. He show. Yeah. You know that how did I help him? Not not very well. Yeah. I'm different. I don't fight those fight like dumb. I'm I'm I'm smarter than them. You know, my team is smarter than them beat them. And then even the fight. He knew it he knew he lost. And then when his hand raise he was really surprised, and then I remember to what he save pipe, whatever, I'm the champion, baby. Got here and then forever as well. Same thing. He's another mother who's going to be telling his grandkids, I fought, and I him you see he posts a picture view. I don't check like every fight. I'm gonna tell you. They going to be watching me. I'll never in my life watch any of his fights ever. You know, why winning the war? He won the battle. Sure. You wanna battle? I'm winning the war understand is level sedition. And if he comes about trust me, the I was in China. Very very biased in that one as well. I I beat them their bias. And that's why when he beat me it was based on my slip up, you know, based on me I up in the second round. And I should I should have got him out of there. I did what everyone else does you know, why from the wellness fight. 'cause I started listening to people listened like well, don't leave it in the head of the judges and people I know from back home was on Zealand so stupid on his like people who I respect. Well, that's what happens when you leave it in the hands of the judges on my think, I was trying to leave it in the hand of the judges. So let that that was back into sixteen. I let some of that sip in let some of that sip in and I regret that now because. Yeah, in that fight when I heard him the second round if I just don't what I did to Bronson which is just take my time. Stay pretty Ammon shoot out to go to matter there. But I try to rush him. And I'll just all I was doing right hands. I look I don't cringe about the knockout that. Yeah. And what I'm fine I'm alive. I'm anyway. But I was. Was so cringe because all that was right hands at his face. I didn't go to the body. I didn't go to the legs. I might as well. Just don't miss like just. So cringe, and that's not my art. That's not my style. I would just like me drawing. And just like, that's what it is that that's not me. So that's what makes me cringe the artistry was and then. Yeah. So he here go he got me. Good job. Come if p hold up like a fake UFC contract saying he's gonna get signed cool work your way up. I'm sitting pretty where I'm at you know, he's way way down below in the dirt. You know? How to is? You're gonna get to me if he manages to I'll spot kick him back down there. Wow. Okay. Is Floyd gonna ask you to help them? He's fighting you hear about this law against ten and in Reisen you hear about this. What do you think that is you think it's going to be kickboxing match? No. Oh, man my life. I just don't know. Well floor is being he's the greatest box of all time. We know who's fighting right Kantian yell. With venus. Yeah. What do you think they're gonna let him kick? No. Exactly, he's he's he said when it was on the may where the pre may MAC, presto. Yeah. I'll do when when Karna call them out like you wouldn't dare step in my world. So yeah, I'll do 'em. May I said on the James Toney some Hornets? Yeah. Harness came in. He said man, I remember when when asked him how do you feel about these man if I hit with this? I'm going to Jill think that was your one eighteen if I'm a mistake. You're right. And versus Edgar too damn look at you. I think so often. No, no. You're one hundred right? Yeah. Yeah. So I think yeah, he is I'm going to jail, and he went in there granite up Rennick tour ankle picked him real quick like a turtle off his back. But at least he tried a mother gangster. Do you think his boxing history or his boxing record matters because he filled in 'em may know, James, Toney humane. I'm just borrow if you wanna be the set in my post-flight, if you want to be the best fighter in your heart. You know, what's up? My ego would never let me live if I just. Kickboxing and be the greatest gas credits. Kim FOX what time I'm slipping. Hey talk. You're you are human after all facts. Yeah. I've lied. I cry. If I could have been the greatest kick box of all time for me personally as a as a martial artist. I just know. I will never like even jitsu black Bill a chick could strangle me if you wanted to understand a kid could like break my arm, if they wanted to because I don't know that language. I don't know how to defend that. I don't know. What that is. You know? So I had to like honestly had to just humble myself. And be like you almost do if Floyd takes a year a year. How's he forty one? Yeah. He takes a year. Just to like learns wrestling learned some grappling. He's such a smart and physically genius gifted person. I'm pretty sure he'll pick it up fast. I'm pretty sure he'll do. Okay. Don't fight corner. I if you want to make the money make the money do that. But if if he just takes time, and does that I think you'll be bad like as in bad. Good good as AB that the MA maybe not the best, but he'll be all right? He'll be able to sprawl maybe kicking take some time to work on. But like just the grappling aspect and his hands. Looking at his timing. His is at forty one. Wits about him. You know, so why around be like James Toney goes going this? You know, get in there get amongst it. What do you make of Jared Kenan near peeing where you peed? Understood. It, you know, dog eat dog, and yeah, I'm cannibal about to do what I do. So, you know, winning their Mark my territory he walked, Pat, he. Alpha male who's alpha male. He's okay, he's healthy. Always don't pile off. This comma take the spot. All right now. I I talked to him backstage talk about that. You see it? I didn't see that bit while out hit him up about it. But he's cool. He's because I remember his name Farahnaz. Okay. And I remember now I watch one of his fights. I remember seeing one of his fights heavy what I think he was bald. Yeah. That's why he's a little bit skinnier. That's why recognize him buddy. No them either. But yeah, he was in shorts. And as I do that with me. But yeah, he talked to him backstage when we we took a photo together with a photography crew. But it wasn't disrespect me. Is this kind of what he's doing? But doggy dog I've been in China. So right. I hope not you've had probably I never questioned anything. I never questioned anything. I just if it tastes good. I ate it. 'cause sometime if you I had some whatever. Yeah. I've even worse. I've been everywhere in this some places up eating worse than dog. You know when you. Drought and k chin. Let's go. I took my boy at. Doing. I give them a show. That's my man. He looked after me. I give my show you fought everywhere now and also shot to dusty on hold for coming up from Perth as well. Okay. My boys right there. I appreciate that. You know? Yeah. Thanks for coming guys. I appreciate that. 'cause it takes a lot to fly all this way. Man on the time. They could have been with their family dusty what his dog, you know, Br of doing their thing. But appreciate that. And how about your siblings? Yeah. They're still enjoying themselves. Yeah. What was it like to have them here? Do this again. What what what tell you know? I just wanted to know because I it's a nice way too tight all together last week. We talked about them. I'll come get enjoyed it, man. It was cool. Yeah. They enjoyed it. They loved it. They loved the experience. I I love doing this. Because the shows them there's more to the world is so much more to the little country. We live in you know, this so much more and travel enjoy tasty different foods get amongst that. You know? And I think that's what's if you really want to. If like. Say what what's going to cure racism? But if you ever feel some type of way about something else good of that country immerse yourself, if you really live someplace, I if like KKK got people go to Africa, literally if you can go to Nigeria and get amongst and immerse yourself with the people if you can leave their racist. Well, good luck to you. I just don't think it's going to happen. If you really especially well, actually, go with someone because you probably get ripped off in certain parts of Nigeria but go with someone that can really get you immersing the culture in a beautiful way. Like that's going to call. That's going to cure like your illness of racism, I feel so I want them to like experience everything in this life that they can enjoy the world do while you're young before you settle down, and you can still do what your family, but you know, there's a process when your kids and you have to get them the certain age we can travel with them. You don't to be that parent. Yeah. So yeah. Definitely just I'm happy with the whole trip. The whole trip was and everything is just so much. So many things have happened, man. I told you I told you I did I planned everything to the most minute detail to the most and it's all coming to fruition. And I'm just sitting there like player one and everything else is just bought s- and programs in my world. Is this the best week of your career? Yeah. Yes yet. Right. Right. You fight all over the yet. Yeah. Of course, you fought all over the world. And it just feels like it's all coming together. I put out a thing yesterday. Just looking I'm trying to think about the year end. I think any communist fighter of the year. And I got a lot of people say treated as well because I'm the same. Mind blank Israel. I did it sometime 'cause I'm put on the pressure. Okay. Two seconds. And may our Luke Luke Thomas. Yeah. He said Josh was that's not what is it. Dammit. Look Thomas was almost saying like, yeah. It's either meal DC, and I was like probably I said brick through fighter the years me hundred guaranteed. What to look DC made a poster when I was on Twitter now that he has it. Yeah. See exactly look good on him to like, you know, what give it to him. He has it. But the you're in. It's like, I think it's DC even you. I'm there. I'm there's no doubt. I'm in their talks. And that's nice air to be amongst, you know, nice for kid. I'm a fan of the sport regardless and people's are. I'm a fan of the sport. I've been watching this since two thousand and five like now, I'm here planned, all and initially. You wouldn't pay me enough? When I first watched the fight into five all that you wouldn't pay me enough to do that. I wanna Dana White's job. I was like I wanna be the guy. 'cause I love the sport. I wanted to be the guy playing matchmaker. This guy fight that guy. Yeah. Got one this guy to fight that guy. But now it's flipped. I don't want the mice job that he looks. Yeah. He works. He looks good for what he's doing. But he seems like a lot of work, and I do a lot of work as well. But my work is easy in the cage behind the scenes. There's a lot of our work this time next year. Are you the champion what do out of defending the probably maybe once you think? So. Yeah. Like, what is Kevin going to drop out? And you're gonna get like, what are you? What are you forseeing laya one thing play one thing? Let me look into my crystal buffo for a little bit. And I'll see this time next year. You have the belt after two to one I'm gonna replace this clip after too. The head of the to win the green room and some guy was looking at the balance. Let me see that. And I felt the weight of it. I remember that moment I felt the weight of it. And I remember just touching it and feeling and just like looking at it. And I took a took a little video with it. And I just my debut in February. And I remember just holding it like. I can I'm there right now feel I remember that it was on this show the two. Yeah. A twist holy. Holy. That's crazy. I I'm deep man. People don't understand power this thing as levels. I swear to God out my third. I'm arrays can level. The just do me a favor. I feel like very soon you're going to be on a different level though. Forget about us. Little people bring the elevator back down. I've seen time. And again, a man it's cool for you to come now. But in the year, you're like about. This is already blowing off now. Five days ten days. No response change your number. I'll never switch up on those as long as you keep the same edgy 'cause I would say the name, but there's more reporter who me over. And I told you we're not anytime we actually for interview done done. What happened? That's you not stab me. But he was very he did it twice. Did it? Before for Brad in the pre fight press conference in the post fight press conference about the same thing. I want to go into it. And I seen him as well. He he didn't hit me up about it. But I was just gave them kind of generic answers. I didn't really give them the flavor. You don't get. I told you I'm petty. Yeah. Br. So they'll put me. And now if you're nice to me on Licey, honestly, like just be cool. If you're cool, if you if I say, I don't wanna talk about something like some guys some shoot if a guy's trying to stay away for something that keep pressing like, I'm an investigative journalist. I've ever want to get down to us. Like, he doesn't wanna talk about it. You don't so. Well, he's not getting anything from me ever again. Okay. And that's word to you guys out there where does bond when you leave? Wednesday. Okay. For a couple more days. I'm still gonna work. I'm gonna enjoy myself going to chill. Yeah. The US looking after me. So I mean people want to pay for it as more leaving for the fighters. I understand that. I understand that. And this is the monopoly. Yes. It is. But you have to do your work. You have to know your role. You have to know what you're worth as well. And there's no do so many jealous fighters right now, even backstage, I could see you could feel my guy can no like I said, you can when you see what you've been there before I've been I've been the green monster. So when I see it on everyone now, I'm the slime. Dude, man. Is enough to go around even Charlemagne just posted this thing today. Hold up. Gotta read it on my phone charging. He said. Are we posted? It was a court about like he got raised to believe that the sun is enough sun for everyone. You know, what I mean, infinite money trust me you deal work. They'll pay you trust me, they'll pay you. If you do your work, if you know, you're worth while you deserve to be payment. Thank you so much man relations, what an honor it is to to watch it. It really is. See great. It's unbelievable. A big hit. I'm all right. You're gonna get one of these. You know, one of these big dogs right here. That's coming as well along with a lot of other things. That's the cell do something that's gonna same way. That's the one. He did the McDonald one biggie walls dope. Yeah. Yes. Style bender coming through. That'd be cool. The Netflix that last eb ended. I mean, let's work. Yeah. Let's let's just hit your people out. Yes. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thanks, guys. Thanks for stopping by. Wow. What can we say? And he just walks off. He doesn't need anything. You've done this before you could come any week anytime anytime you come next week Israel. You're the man all the best guys. Take care. Thank you for coming in. While. What can we say about Israel at assign? You a rising star. And I said he is the future. No. He is the present. There's no doubt about that you shall remember his name because he is something else. Okay. Israel to Sonya. Thank you so much for coming in matter of seconds. We're going to be joined by Alliott Belaziz manager to the stars. And I know a lot of you're looking forward to this one. I am curious about this one as well. It has been an interesting month for Mr. Abella Z's, probably interesting. Couple of months, I hear a lot of laughing back there. And a lot of you have been hitting me up. What are you gonna talk about? Well, she was told. I'm surprised that he's in studio truth be told. I'm surprised he's here. I'm surprised I'm talking to him. There's a lot that we need to talk about an airing of grievances. If you will here, he comes Mr. Elliot disease with his headphones on what are you taking a call their Ellie? What's going on? What's happening who you talking to? Welcome. My friend. Handed. Why? Okay. Okay. I just try to be try to be respectful. Okay. How are you? What are you over there? What is it? What is that? Brighi? Okay. What all your prayer beads. Yeah. My uncle used to use that back in the day. You're okay there. What do you nervous live? You never send it the lights. You don't know. What's happening here? Right. You don't know. What about the come? Let's go up. Well, thank you for coming new. I just said are you done with your phone call? They're going are you recording? This it's recorded. Don't worry. I was just saying that if you told me last week that you'd be sitting here in this studio. I would've called you a liar. I I'm just here to put you on bless here. Yeah. Friends. Okay. What's let's talk. Who goes first mayor you. I know you're you're the guest. I'd like you to go. I actually okay there's and come closer to the microphone over there. It has been an interesting month for you. It's been interesting few months, I should say right because the build up to the fight the post fight. But let's be honest here because the people don't know you tweeted out things. I don't think everyone knows you were very mad at me. I woke up one morning blocked on Twitter blocked on Instagram. Send me a text message. What did you say in the tax? We're going to put the cards out on the table, right? Habib was right about you. Yes. That'd be was right about you. You have you have no loyalty to clicks. Yeah. And more click, and then after my interview with Artem you said, you're a disappointment. You said you don't ask. Him. Hardly. This is kinda you said the whole thing is I you're mad. I mean, first of all this. I should not. I have I told you. You know, what I'm saying about the guy who relevant these guys what I don't wanna be. His irrelevant. But don't think is when you have a guy like that you talking to me one of the biggest in a game. This is who you are. Everybody know how you when you talk to people and when people say something become news. But the whole thing is when you talk to people and they lie. I don't ask him to our question become fake news. That mean, you produce fake news to the people out there. What what what he say those? And by the way, people will say the same about my relationship with you don't have relationship, they will say this guy on the show, whatever I said, everything I say happened. I say what are you gonna get a title shot? He got a title shot at their Henry's old is gonna get shot. He got title shot at that Frankie shot. He got hurt. You know, come on everything I say unpredicted happen. I give flying. You know, what what people say about you? You know, this ever may work is fan. I have nothing but hating as people honestly at this point. I can give. A flight. What what everybody thinks because guess what? Like, I said. I have one masters the masters have is my friends. My fires Henza Gracie can be just engage oldest guys. This is my master. I have one master to serve my roster. Everybody else this people that treat me now. I'm like a superstar celebrity was all this stuff fans, fighters coaches, but our ended. Why were you to me though? I matter you walked me on Twitter. I got this. You got this guy. What I said when you as when he asked me questions, I answer. Yeah. Many times. I don't dodge your question. But when this whole thing would this guy Connor happened. Yeah. Did his car this start this whole relationship? Just for you to be clear K, you know, who started who started on Twitter was a tweet I want you say it. You're saying John off John Kavanagh did when I said the thing about when he this prophet Muhammad, and Jesus the whole thing is you don't think he was kind of joking there. You can't joke. Like that. Can I do about Jewish people? I cannot did you think it was malicious? You're saying this whole holy war. The bus. The bus with a tweet, but they'll two years ago, the whole thing the whole this. How things started really this? I'm this. How things started from whose perspective all these? If if you're coach. Yeah, you're fires have to look up to you. Whatever you do. They have to follow you. They sense you understand. And if it's okay for coach talking about prophet Jesus. But birth I'm thirty something man. You know, I'm surprised John put in this part because he didn't come. He deserved one. I'm telling you, it's over honestly, I don't I don't care about this. Okay. But when he interviewed his guy. Yeah. You know, what I'm saying, dude, I got called a fracking terrorist. Right. You know what I'm saying? I don't care. You can call me. The only thing out arise out anybody have before me. I will try to rise you by what by by my success? And like, I said, if anybody whatever, you know, I don't wanna act like a tough guy. But don't think is when you interview this guy, you know? One of the things to this. This thing was premature premeditated. They planned. Yeah. You understand that planned interviewed is this. This little midget, you know, what I'm saying. Artem hey said, oh, he lies you understand. Is he's straight. You know, what I don't think? Because if Connor got slept. I guarantee you Konno's slap you back. What happened is that? Can you come by himself hidden say nothing comeback was grew and grab my head. Get the hell out of here, you think of be gonna bring his crew for your punk know, what happened went to talk with him. And he grabs his lap his face. You understand? And he was talking like like an I stepped in the second time I walked off. And I say focus on you fight, you know, get out of here and his other Chechen, your friend. Got punched busted at phase Gaba stir up guess what he didn't do nothing about it because he was threatening his mouth in actually his friend on got our guy because you run his mouth the whole thing was going to be a compensation, but he was starting to flex its little short guy with him. Like, you look like on orders. Name is. Why are you so fired up right now why you guys not saw fired up and you guys won the fight? It doesn't matter. What God used to this? People abused us. Where pro this guy is two years ago? Talk about religion, right? Talk about come on how many matches you get hate much. I got a lot because what if any Muslim guy out there, send your messages about being a Jew? You have a big nose. They not Muslims. You know what I'm saying? Islam. Or Christianity or Judaism, if you believe in that you understand you're not supposed to make fun of other religion. You're not supposed to make fun of other people. Oh, how fun out there in us installed. Jewish member. Being a Jew is wrong. This is my own people insulting you they not, and I respect that. But here's my thing after the fight, and we're kind of going all over the place here. But that's after the fight has said nothing about Connor very little CONNER wrote his thing, but not despicable. I feel like you're the one who continues to make this into a personal matter making it so heated. Von we one guess what what it is personal. But you want. It's over is person. This still don't think is you tapped him, but the whole thing is no he quick. Well, let's keep this frizz. Okay. Wait. So you okay. So he'd have equal. Why are you Matt is it from being tap and quit quit? Okay. You understand the whole thing is honestly, I can give about why he's screaming writing. All this stuff is going. Making it worse. It's making this sport. Don't think is he said he wasn't a fight as a fight. Yeah. How the hell? You win the fight. You got out struck out grabble out out out wrestled, and after that use clean and the Tehran. Hey is only business. My brother you understand. It's only business. You know, what can go on your? She'll you talk about your your your your family, fun Irish. All this bullshit, bro. I'm in New York for a week. I went to an Irish bar coma. Steph, Harry Irish people come do not represent us, man. I know a lot of Irish people Joe Duffy guy, don't act like them. But don't think is, you know, me, you know, could be we don't change fame money changes. People you understand. But okay, you you talk about World Series of fighting back in the day. No one would cover World Series of fighting talk. Talk talk talk. People about us to an eye problem saying this clown, all this coun-, this all this everybody out there, you the only person you who design Nick Newell. You did. Okay. Anjar Morgan suppose being loyal to block is being loyal to send messages to me. It feels like this is all getting to your head. I if you want me to be on I feel you're getting out of control. This is not the first time I've block rock why who has that child? That's a high school kid. That right that you're taking a page out of his book who out of Dana White's book, you're acting like Dana white with the bully. You are and you're getting two motions. And you're trying to intimidate people. And you're trying to intimidate the media, you are and you can't do that. That's not your job. I am. That's not your job. I respect you for being loyal tier guys for having your intimidate the media. That's what I said to Dan. I said you're trying to intimidate me. And you're trying to you're trying to not only you are not true. If I tried to know what his out to call me appointment, only, my wife, my mom and my dad. I think if I said, I have ties disappointment disappointed me nine my son. How I read what you really wanna I misspelled, and I was wrong for saying that just to make it clear. I never want tried to anybody. You understand listen, he did a lot of things for me. Yeah. Throughout my career. You support me you being humble and oil, but that's not being Larry. I I did block before we got in a fight before. But don't think is everybody think we best friend? I respect you a lot. I think you're an honest guy. But sometime maybe you think team Connor. No, that's what I hear from all these guys. What have I said? I in the post the problem is. Yeah. The problem wasn't. I realized after this. I realize after this. This is your business you have to have many different teams. And maybe that's I think is that you, but maybe I'm wrong you understand. But in a way, I'm not the. Guy. I said he shouldn't be suspended. He shouldn't be stripped. He shouldn't be fine. I said to shouldn't be cut. What more do you want? Like what what what that? I didn't ask John Cavanaugh about a tweet that he sent out two years ago about a lot. This guy said oh Zuid should be cut. He said yours you'll be cut. Okay. And I'm saying no what the yes cut. You know, what I'm saying is you would be cut these guys prima tainted attempted morale everybody in the bus. I try to they said there was coming to kill us. Art didn't cut if he fought in Canada understand you will never be Z can even the cage Zuber they be will. We have trying to send these guys are solo is one hundred million on. On on the ground right there and Suba. Have you say fled Zuber fight and fight. And this is how they were. And even even question, it, don't even questioning me, Andrew faith. We are together. And this is honestly is sparring is he gonna get his mind to me, whatever whatever the a need to do. They have told him you manage him. Of course. I'm okay, whatever you're gonna do with him, whatever he's gonna do. But I know this you will not Sievers you not see even in any fighting a reigned, a cage a hockey ring was Zuber. I can guarantee you that. And I'm not trying nobody this is what the man want because every time this as I talked to people the San three him. I'm just outspoken. You know, the most people don't say smiling. Face comes stick you before. Right. You understand? Why not literally got stick before? Yeah. Somebody bulletin you here before it happened, I'm bullets and I'm saying, drew. It is what it is. But you should be happy. I can confront about mad at you. Not go behind your back and say listen to me, none of this mother out there. Excuse my language. Nobody can say I say something you understand. Because whatever I'm going to tell anybody. I'm saying you face. This is who I am. You understand oldest guys fake like this guy. He said, oh, you got somebody for you. You nothing who this guy. The guy was thirteen and four record. He's got the crew on come with me or let pro uk-us left. He got slightly even nothing. You don't do. Nothing you understand. And his uncle, man. Why do we wanna keep this going keep it going? But this is a monster faces guys my brothers. You. You're part of the story Connor called you a terrorist. Listen, let me ask you questions. Why don't you defend your? Itself. I do you know how to defend myself? Yeah. Because I guarantee you this man will not say this from is. I mean, he said it right in front of you in the one hundred security cameras. Well, understand Wisconsin's listen to me, I'm gonna tell you something. This guy talk. These all these guys they say, it's not over this this this this guys, they know about this life. They have these two this life. They not about this Gun Talk life. When you go to an arena. Are you pro I'm a father? But I'm I'm down for my friend. I'm down for my family. If I see on the street some down guarantee, I'll be there for you. This is why am I grew up? But then two oldest dog. They did. In backing up inside the cage. That in back out on side the. What I'm saying? You got you got people calling somebody, I'm Muslim rat and idea, of course, denied it. But guess what he was saying on Instagram and Twitter throughout the week. You understand it Dylan brought that I don't even want on. He's one mother. I see him. I promise you. I'm gonna smack him. Why brother this guy? Listen Conor McGregor is the world champion. Yeah. You understand? He's the double champ. Yeah. You understand you want an old bum? Never wanna never wanna blackbelt Jiu jitsu twenty as the as a world champion, you understand you live in this man legacy. And this is gonna problem. He's an idiot everybody sucking his blood, but it's not him. Now the world had changed. You see a guy like Habib he made in the president or the one he's going to Abu Dhabi meeting. Oldest this great shakes his going to Morocco Morocco. And he got guy driving a truck sending liquors so understand. So he. Has been meeting a lot of people. But you know, the lot of the people that he's been meeting our polarizing figures in this world controversial figures in this world, Putin vermin. Yes, put actually his car as a pitcher. Then why that doesn't make Putin Inkatha? These are controversial figures this that's what everybody's confidential you understand. You don't think Trump gonna federal? Yes, he's he's state president, right? When you get invited by people, you know, what we've been doing lately, and this honestly more important that anything's k we working on a fund was United lex ten million dollars in one year. We're going to one thousand will Africa cubby might be going to Nigeria next week. We don't things not for us. Come. You can go out there make crazy money run out. Right millions. But he said, I wanna do something. I want to go to Africa that people he wants to help. And we don't now when I advertise in that we're not doing it. But this is what he wanted to do. I want him make what to be honest. I want him to make this up. Clearances make millions of dollars. You know, I got probably five million dollar contract for him alone. And he's down hole to do what probe to meet people appearances. Like people pay him to meet you understand is little different. He become the king of the Middle East row. Now, the king of Africa is he oh, he become different. I'm not gonna compare them. Like Muhammad, Ali like dinner. Did I told Dan I man how you gonna compare trash is why trash the Muhammad Ali. Like this crazy is this respectful to the community two Muslims spritzers to to compare this pig to Mohammed Ali, you can't Mamadali. Never quit. You understand? No way. This is what we do our path you understand like you have faith. I know expected by faith. But this our faith as has to do to help other. And this is not me. This is what we wanted to do. This is why I'm so inspired by this guy. This is why I'm so far. By guy. Yeah. Understand somebody tried. But why are you keeping going is? My is not why are you going on scramming? Right. Why are you calling prostitute? That's not good. That's not a good representation of who. You are. Right. Saying things. Like that to me. I'm gonna tell you something. Yeah. If this man is not a prostitute. Who is a product. What does that even mean? This guy does anything for money. He does is talking about the be things. Things you said you want him to go get might want him to make money. That's the I don't talk. Listen to me this guy. He bring people father mother religion Chism of terrorism. This man said I was on. Have five passports. I must be better stairs on this planet because I'm free baby. I'm here. The only person got terrorists he got terrorized inside this, and I'm gonna tell you something too. If her dean was not there caller McGregor been dead today, you understand 'cause he's talking about killing people and doing this. I'm telling you, he's not about this life. They now about this life. That's what he has all these guys around here. But this guy cannot intimidate us. He cannot if those labels and accusations aren't true. Why don't you come out and deny them once and for all so the kid can give a fly in what? But what people say clearly bothers you off. Okay. Let me tell you. If someone called me a terrorist. I would be doing everything in my power to if I wasn't to deny correct. But I don't care, you know, talks about your past. Why don't you? If he says that you're an informant a double edge, someone like are you crazy? Keep saying it keeps that that's your. Tation? That's what. Business. No, right. Right. He's he's he's he's a liar. You understood why are you saying this now, but I'm gonna tell you something. I don't know. I something why don't you just climb in? I've been ten year in this game. Right. Yeah. Ten years have won only guys left for reasons. News down, my friend. Did is they just have a baby related, right? Didn't Brunson leave and then come back yet? Yeah. You understand? That's true. Good memories. Yeah. But guess what? I'm happy. I'm grateful. That's what I'm not a manager. Everybody out there. If you're looking for a manager. Don't call me. I'm interested. I'm a full blown promoter a manager can pick up the phone. Do your flight. I got people does that. I don't I don't do that. I got team. Does that like I I am a promoter. You know? I said we will change the game from ways. But I am doing it. You understand who do you work for? I for me. I promote. See brother, they wish motive for you can't afford. How are you? The only guy was allowed in the cage. What do you mean? You're like the only manager who's allowed in the case. I was a positive state problem if another manager yelled economy Gregor the way you did at that press conference. They would've been banned from the building. How is it possible that you are allowed to do whatever you want? You know, what it's I have this relationship. You have to understand everything me and Dana and hundred row I got in a fight with hundred other day me and yesterday, I went off on a thanks much. And he called me and honesty. We my place because I was wrong. What was it about? Understand it. No floyd. But the whole thing is I whatever problem we have. I don't let I I don't I don't air out and this when you do business on this level. I can't make a personal about me. But guarantee you me undisguised we bark on each other. You understand me on Sean, our friend. Cianci is a great guy me and him. We he's honestly he's the one of the meanest guy. He go out everybody. I agree. But he just kidding. But he does is one of the best ham. You know? It make is a nice guy, but makes the planet, but don't let it for you make make we'll also put you in your place. If any a lot a lot of managers think you have some kind of deal with the see that you get some sort of how do you get all these fighters? How do you get all these title-fights? How do you how how is it possible? I thought some other guy was getting all this fights. I listened to me over manager there. You know, they do good do good work for you guys. Get out of this is my job. You can nobody can blame me for doing my job, right? By my guys getting title fight. This is good or bad those great my jaw game, pay more money. It's good or bad. Great. That mean, I'm doing my job. Whatever relationship. I have with your see. It's nobody's business. I guarantee you nobody nobody under supplant it. Fight with Dana, white mood and meet. But so different when I speak with this man, I respect what he doesn't from the sport. He doesn't love for everybody. I don't care. I know you happy for them. If you always bring this up. It's okay. Because I think he did a lot for you won't even allow for him. This is my thing. This is what I look at. You like Mohammed Ali have interviewed him all the time. And I think you guys did. But you guys fell off, you know, I hope you guys get back to good graces because I think you guys need each other point, you know, but my relationship with the other day with this. I would not which one which one lower lawyer Atari commission over show up, and he said, sit down crazy mother. He would look I need, you know, sometime I go off on certain things sometime, I'm wrong. But sometime, I'm right? I'm right. You understand the whole thing is I'm nine two mediated by these guys. I'm not sure we friend whose guys I don't kiss up guys everyone every manager there have an opportunity for this. Register die burn it. Or they got too close or something happened you understand and say man, whenever I think a lot of your your beat fans. Got mad at me because I said he stealing Connors playbook the whole thing. Please enough with the Floyd thing is supposed to be the guy who brings some sanity back to the sport. We saw the Floyd story dead now. Now the Floyd is going to Japan to point about this week. We end this. I'm know I always see even a boxing match. I wanna see him in MMA where he's best. Okay. I make two points. First of all. And I'm not kidding you stumbled does a hate mashes for this, man. It doesn't matter Jewish Christian. If you are Muslim, you cannot make fun. That's number one thing. Number two things. This is not of your business. I'm gonna tell you I this none of your business. If the whole thing is can be created twenty seven fights. Twenty seven win. The man never got cut. Never been dropped. Never got a black eye in Tunis fight his legacies there. Sure his legacy is there. Now me as the big brother as the manager. Tony, I one of the greatest fighter Neo see today. They don't just you know, wrong winning streak me. Have you been steady years old, right? Yeah. Still young. Yeah. If I have a hundred million dollars pay day. A few the manager or fifty Melander pay any in an air hockey and fucking basketball. I can't you can't you get that in the UFC. Do you think that you've seen they stupid? They're going to print money. They're going to give you fifty mile. He's on as use at what I got more than two hundred twenty. Okay about what he's best that. You can't get the money. You're looking for it to fight Conor or two GS P. I try legit speed. Gonna just to make it clear. Yeah. I touched your I talked about P this. He didn't know when he when he come on. I love this. This is my big brother. What he thought about yours? He have no idea. Right. But the thing is you have to understand George. It's a fight cubby wanted will come I father of the Manab wanted. It's a fire. So why don't they make it something? If they know. Is one of the greatest promote of all the time. He will give spe- a fight. I fifty five pounds and after we maybe even bounce again. Do it like not not has Heus fought. Matt Hughes sixty catchweight fight legend versus champion. Okay. I'm cubby is yours beat Kebbi Kebbi Steeler champ. So value go down. Now, yours fight. You know, if if DC lost the steep as value doesn't go down when he went up he was still the light heavyweight champion, and it happens all the time. It's like when BJ Penn lost to Georgia UC ninety four. His didn't go down not up. This guys can bring this kind of revenues. I understand you have to understand today to me it just felt like deja vu of the whole Connor Floyd thing. Like, you guys are supposed to be the ones who are the money. You guys are the ones who don't want the show and all that stuff. Yeah. Whoever money, meaning anybody the money the purity of the game. Is it sanctity of this hour? Anybody above the money? Nobody would be fighting because a lot of guys don't even like fighting five because money because you know, a lot of pressure this fighters people fighters, they go through so much they training family that to be separated from their family could Nazis family. He fought four time. I think three times twelve called me. And you told me be never gonna speak to her. Again. You said that right? I care of it. What had why did he say why what did I say we stick together? But what did I say that's a threat you're trying to fight on trying to get me to speak in a different way. You're telling me he's speaking ever again. Nobody can control you listen. Can I tell you something about, you know, the reason you got from FOX thing because nobody can control you control, you how am I can't control my supposed to respond to that control? Me. You didn't want to control me the only prison trying to. But she can't do you. Try to bull as I on this way. I'm I'm not a bully run. Listen. I would I go I can go for a coffee. You we talked. Yeah, we good. But don't think is like I said, I never I never called you the b word like other other people did the D word disappointment. I said this listen because you wanna read it right now a show it on the screen. Sure. I don't care you put it. I don't need to read it. It is what it is. I said it just it is what it is. But the whole thing is right now, we're talking about this money, fight, whatever. If course cabbie is next fight. I don't care what eating because this is my job. I have to make sure he's taking care of what what does he do next? We we have a battle than better commission. This guy's met up. Once that gets cleared. Listen, listen, honestly, they've coalition. I think my opinion. Whatever fight next. He have to fight unless vase to make. Yes. No holding half his purse. They're holding half is quote, unquote. What they holding right? Nobody knows is Roe person. Okay. This is I know eventual. Yeah. This is what they're holding a million dollars. They hold a million dollars. You're okay with that. And we are we have we have lawyers. We talk about Bennett, we cooperating, you know, we we're going to try to this whole we should get. I'm not a commission. I want him to get nothing. Okay. Zero suspension zero money, but they have to show teeth. That's 'cause whatever happened cannot happen. But what happened happened before? But people didn't get about it this. She and John Jones what they do. Nothing corner jumped out of the kids before he got nothing. Connor head is in a press conference nothing. Right. But that understand the magnitude the people's there, you know, listen for can visit to enter the we one happy. I'm so happy that even even even was fifty five. I'm so happy said that I want we happy can we down now. Why are you fired up? Why are you ready to say it's too much? Let's see man. But you know, why did you write last week? I have news. That's can I tell you my theory. You said I have news that's going to blow everyone's mind. You remember that? Yes. I tell you my theory is my theory is you didn't have news. I did have news. What was it? But but you guess what? What listen. I I tell you. I'm gonna tell you what public any mother mother afra- deny. I have proof K. What is it? What was the news? You know, we was talking to Floyd team actually throw it reach out the recklessly, and he said wanna talk any answer because I don't know. It's number. We talked after I talked to people he understand. And I I picked up the phone. And I let the you've seen because we contract with the of. And I let him know the fight. What's what's happening and things are going? But Now, Dan this have some meetings was his team, you know. But then have this is where me and then our difference. We don't agree on this thing right now he thinks he can bring Floyd fighter near see right hands. Be. Yes. He thinks he can do this. I don't doubt the man because he's a lot of you can do. Right. But you have to understand Floyd is not a real fighter. He's not. He's a boxer. You understand? You know, what I'm saying fighting Connor? It was okay because Carter narrow fighter to Connor is like, you know, he get tired. He quit in what I'm saying. And this noted him, but the whole thing is, you know, if you're gonna bring Floyd Mayweather, I think as logic. The guy how how it would kill him. You know, it was it'll be no human day that this is what they know wanted to do. He said I like this as like Connor guys whipped for one hundred million, right? He wanted to bring hobby Floyd octagon game Stony did for if you wanna make the money. You gotta be very much is the does the Japan thing affect us at all no dramatic show, man. You know, I think that you are getting jealous then co was getting so much credit that you were like, oh, I want some attention. That was my theory. Yeah. Stay orchestrated the biggest trade, right? The first trade he orchestrated that he was getting all kinds of love. And I felt like you thought like I need some of that. No. I got much. I got voicemails. I got I got everything and if anybody from Floyd team or from the sea gotta say, something, I'll put everything on social media your listen when Floyd Mayweather Koi directly. Yeah. This is a big news. It is big news because if how can make hundred million dollars under contract, so you have to get them. One. Yeah. That's it. Yeah. How much did he make for the Connor fight? He made he made very good money. He's good much figures. Over ten. You said he won't fight for fifty million Dana laughed at that. That's okay. When asked him he said, he's the promoted it the whole thing is listen, they know what he's job to get the best product for the lowest money again. This is his project. You know what I'm saying? So I give me on fire copy. Who's a very good deal. That's what he wants. He treated us very early times things change if you paid his dollars. Are you upset that kinda made that much more than you deserve? How I can be upset up. He earned. He deserves every bit of it. Listen to me, one of the things I will never take away from Connor his one of the best promoter. He changed the game. Everybody's making more money because you know, that I think you know, he's a prostitute. Yes. I think he's one of the guy changed the game. And I we all make money because him. Yes. One hundred percent. But if I understand Connor is is is popular among American people. Some Irish people little bit a Europe. But koby. Guarantee you. Today. Who's more problem Connor hobby lobby a bigger star worldwide for much much bigger star? What what now you have done? What about what about you? What about you because you just came on the show right now? And you said I'm a promoter. Now to me promoter. You are telling the world that that if they think it's been too much. It's going to be even more is everybody's in for rude. Awakening was listen to me. I've been promoted my guys, I've been promote my guys and work with PF L. No. I don't work. I'm as a fan. I got into them whatsoever. No, I loved his guy promotion, no no zero be fail. I feel all this story out media. They're innocent. Reporter you're on this guy spending millions of dollars you understand. They're gonna pay guys guys for twenty years. Right. Ten years then ever make a million dollars got last Palmer, Steven Siler Vinnie? Oldest guys might be making a million dollar. She'd you know now why? Guys. Can I get love, you know, Kayla Harrison? Yeah, she ever to go to the sea and to go to fail when I look if she going to win she gonna close to three million dollars right is about money. The you'll see amazing to be there if I'm a fighter I wanna find me. But when you look at the money, I think be fail. Everybody think I worked. I don't work there. I used to work at it and manage at the same time, right guys. What? And I said it I didn't deny it. But guess what? I am upper motor. I will promote Frankie Edgar Cody Garbrandt, Marla mariah's, even mock moth Islam market. Chef I will promote these guys become this huge machine. A lot of people will get left behind whatever. I'm doing people say I'm talking you'll never hear me talking about myself. I'm the greatest manager and this. I'm this was about my guys Henry sold right now. You think I have a good relationship with your see we have the. The biggest beef right now that you see about Henry, you know, it's a problem. It's. Listen to me. Let's talk about the meter Johnson damange done then media Johnson. If he wanted a rematch. We was willing to give him a rematch. The meter is left. Because for two things because one is a good promotion going to be a lot of money shelter out. There is a smart guy. And he does a good job. But he knows. Mystique is gone Henry's demand. Now, you know, you you you you rain much respect for this caveman. I know a lot of things before, but I have nothing but love respect, but he understand he cannot be Henry anymore. He moved on. How are we going to trade that great is of all the time? Like, everybody said, I think that all the time I have to be John Jones or Kobe. John Jones have to come back. If you never lose around in ever lost nothing should be considered. I just be the Conor McGregor champion. But I think that meters is not aggressive all the time. I have to be John Jones cabbie Jorissen, piano, composition to understand self. You know now, I didn't sell call me. Of course, you have you know. But then you have of course, have to be concerned about this genre lost right to what's your haunting. But I'm talking about they got been answering. Right. That's right. Yeah. They you'll see the not trade the media Johnson. I'm saying they probably not gonna like it. They got radio Dmitri Johnson. Well, they got something in return. What they do. Ben ash. I'm happy for asking. Yeah. I went to end this weekend. But you can't trade the greatest of all the time for the same money is like this is like the patriots traded. Tom Brady from our Charlene how this possible. So what is your point though? The whole thing is straight is the Henry Suharto thing. Why are you in a beef with of see about him because they want that mean first of all you've got ready Henry pseudo at Henry allowed him because sorry, the mattress let me just gonna make so much more money to you Hugh make three times much money. Right. Who's call me right now who Machi? That's okay. That's okay. Maybe he wants to refute. What you're saying? No. They did a good really did a good job. He makes them each is gonna make so much more money. Right. You understand that meets just gonna make so much more money. He did a good job. And he brought and asking asking give him a gift because man asking we'll never see knock is not. It was monkey you understand. But the matrix Johnson, did whatever he did. That was the best thing responsibly. But don't think is I believe part of me. I think. He kinda got the rematch because he didn't want it. But you'll see one or two because I thought Henry come to Henry Henry will play ball and move up, you know, and move up and and just be like, no more one twenty five. That's what they wanna do. Yeah. Why no idea? I don't know. Because I don't think anybody gold medalist who speaks Spanish Portuguese. Go looking guy if they pay enough Henry is to go up. If you're not gonna like everybody is about money. This is about money now. And that's your job. This is about the let me ask you this. Yes, when Conrad listen, I'm not this about Malki or Henry. They did a good job. Yeah. 'cause I know I know the meters got paid a lot of money. Most of the champion. They not gonna make what what's this isn't a train. What's the meters? Gonna make he's gonna be can eight figures, maybe may more even than eighty right? You understand that mean, he's secure? Future. But they see very much they destroyed just get rid of the Mitri. But he's smart. I think that you've have lost than win. Okay. Fair enough. It's just my opinion. Let me ask you. I know I know you're active online blocked me into your active online. I know you look at the comments every time. I have you on the show. I get killed for it. Right. When he why you have this guy on while you haven't Monto to to put out his negativity and his past, and I've asked you a million times about your past, right? I've asked you million times. Why don't you come out and clear the air once and for all Connor is the writing about you in the Washington Post? I'm going to do them. Why win time out just wants it? No other. When I when I saw them everything will come up. Why my lowest right now. No, why why I gotta talk about what I did. What am I calling? Calling you a terrorist people on my thing. They're like this guy's listen to just say anybody wanna call me that come set at my face off. I'm gonna if you wanna say to my face just shut up. Right. That's it. Whatever I do. I'm going to shoot auction boost Connor they say Sukarno, but I don't wanna switch on it. I really don't wanna do because I know he's promoting defied. Don't agree. What he said. I have no intention of soon. But I'm in the process Hsun Washington Post, one hundred see the Washington Post for what for saying that you think think call you they reported what he said it's a lawsuit because it's liable is character, bro. I have people said they wanna kill my children. They wanna they wanna rape, my family is, of course, copied a lot of problems. If in me, I believe that religion agree with you hundred percent religion family should not be discussed. But in this fight. You were attacked, right? Religion was discussed and your family was brought up and you didn't want to talk about this. Right. What you know what I talk about it more. I'm gonna make news. And more is going to affect me. It doesn't have it doesn't bother me because the air and just I I don't need to clear nothing because more. I talk more. We're gonna write me, you know, when you speak people, you know, people are drawn to it. Right. But listen to you become a character in the sports, not about being a part of becoming famous part of becoming in the public eye is sometimes having to address things that are said about you. Right. I know you can't address everything that I I dress lawsuit because when you do a lawsuit. Everything's going to have to come who who are you suing just Washington buzzed for now. But they're not the ones that said they were reporting. This is my lawyer job to do what he does didn't bother you that got personal about you that you became a story in this fight to be honest with you. I think sign of weakness, I think sign of weakness for somebody to talk about family children. And and religion, I think is weakness because he no he doesn't have any showed a short when he went to side, this cage. He wanted to get in honeybees mind. He that's Conor McGregor that he does a great job getting people's mind. This is what? He does you know, whatever this is what he that. He's good at that. But twenty did was even backfired on him. It's put a later afire undercover. But and he was training three or four times a day. He never does motivated more. See how come you were in the back during the fight? Because I felt I didn't wear a suit. I was with my sweat so much thinkers, I felt doing this fight. I was too much in the I was I was too much. I was in group. And I felt it's time for me to stop back. And now, you gotta watch to the best lightweight in the world ever fight each other. So it bother you that you were brought up that you are part of the story. But yet you made yourself part of the story, right? You are the one before even on this show back in the day. You are calling Connor before. Right. I know this is the fight is gonna take his legacy do from level. Of course. So if you're going to interject yourself you have to sort of. I didn't talk about congress family, children your wife. Yes. Father come on short talk a lot. I did not say one bad thing about his you're right. And I never will. You're and I never will. This is not who I asked her. Why didn't you respond when he talked about your family because the whole thing is the only respond. I wanna give it to him punch him cross is knows I'm breaking you one hundred percent. He's talking about my family. Let me talk about your family in. I this is why I wanna fight somebody talk about my family is nothing. You know, if anybody talk about your family in a bad way, you have to smash in how you don't want to smash him. And this is why for me, I'm my mindset talking is gonna make me more under you understand. You understand my family never have this. My son never did nothing to him. My my wife that there'd be understand us and all my family's upset about this all the emails all this thing. It doesn't matter. If you must be this, this this this, this is horrible. Do you wanna clear the air? Do you wanna clear 'cause he was what about your family about what he said about your family is my family is my family was asking do you can't why I want to discuss my children my bra. It got brought up in the face. What guess what he's a low life piece of what he is this. I know you'll never do that. I know. Joe Johns like certain guys, but the guy he have no values. You understand you understand like me and monkey right? We have we have beef right before stay between us. We talked all the time. We are we when they come out monkey call me won't keep you hit up. Whatever, you know. Like, the whole thing is and we have before. But because what we men will keep things about. But you never see me come out and say bad things about him. But he said bad things about me, or I have problems other manager or this person, or this person is that why you're continuing this thing is it's so personal. It is personal Ehrich person. Even though you on doesn't matter this man insulted, my family, my religion where I come from. It is personal because cabbie guys revenge. I didn't what did you think? What do you want you taking? I don't know. I I'm gonna tell you. I'm not gonna show him. You're not. No, I I have a lot. So crazy. Saugus. Connor why you create how we're gonna talk about somebody like that. But the whole thing is I'm not in it so people because he called you a terrorist. Listen to me, I'm over this whole thing. Okay. It is what it is to be honest with you. I'm not gonna say over everything's, okay. We make one no no is wanna fight him. Again. You want to fight on this into me right now. Whatever want want I'm going to do. But what is he telling you? He wants. Do you wanna talk about fighting rennet? Right. We ever commission. This is a big problem. You know? But you know, but you know, the whole thing is like I understand I feel like it's better for everyone. If we move on a little bit from this for you for your sanity job is the choice our choice. It's not your choice who say hoping is when you talk about money who's going to bring them the biggest money fight like DC on John Jones. Right. You think guys fall for the third time? It would not be even bigger. Of course, he'll be bigger. I'd have. Anyway, you know, you got one of the greatest of all the time. John Jones, come back. He'd be CDC become the heavyweight champion. They come back. A lot of things said it doesn't. But I believe John Jones, and they see they did not talk about their religion or their families. They did not. And you felt that was too much. No, they didn't John Jones and DC didn't talk about each other's going with you in your cause down. The John Jones Jones talks about it a little bit. But I it's a little, but it's not the same. I know he says I go to your house. But I. These guys have found these guys don't have nothing. That's why says a prostitute not because actually getting Bank. I'm talking about he because he does every Artem saying that he called him a chicken. And where where they're from. Is that true? Do you know about that Russia? These are not first of all these guys are not being the c on his record. Right, right. This you number one play him like crazy. What do you mean? You play me. So you the you come how come on you you playing him eight believe that? No, he does. If this guy is not going to up in the AFC one hundred percent. He's a draw people like him he draw because he is a clown. You understand worth? He got he's. Never go never got finished his record. He got finished. Like so many times in the UC. Madam though, I don't care about this. He's nothing. Honestly. He's honestly. I feel like he's got into this middle things. You're not gonna middle of it. But he put himself in it because he's talked about cubby if he shut his mouth shut his mouth nothing happening. Right. But he opened his mouth. Yup. Understand this guys from douglaston Russia. They one of the nicest people, most generous, respectful guys. But. Certain things you don't cross with them when this guy's not over these over. Hey, what happened? You know to my impression is this isn't over. This is what's this can never be over. They said this cannot be over. But I'm telling you this cannot be over. This is going to be over because I. I like that while the history. Created hollywood's. Yeah. Right. And this guy. Hey created a holy wars. Try to Connor. Yeah. Was a knife. But he doesn't understand. It was a lot of tanks and aeroplanes when you talk about things like that. It's it's a bit scary. I must say that scares the game. It's supposed to be fun. Give adulting is like, I'm telling you. I'm defending new nobody should be because this is Cussing. Yeah. If somebody talk about being a Jewish big knows about your family, this is discussing Islam. They say that Christianity say that. If you are be not talk to you this way, we not with us. Our brother you understand. Nobody should talk about this. These you cannot do this so bad you understand. So somebody's wife. Somebody's kid somebody son. Why why they they say home? They do nothing to nobody. They innocent. What's your wife lets religion to everybody talk about? Oldest people older people talk to me in that to me. I swear to God to not bother me one bit Connor bothered me, you know. But these people Connor bother you because this Connor about there because he started a lot of a lot of hate. He started become hate when he called Utara him. I don't hate nobody. I do not hate him. But this guy this startup people are never even shake his hand. You understand how forgive him to be forgiving me. How are we good? Now. We are good. Listen to me. I know you never gonna talk about my my mother, and my wife, my son. But we have you realize what the job of the media is. Yes. And honestly, I think I want apologize to because I expect so much from you. But I think but I shouldn't. But it's one of those things like there's so much information out there about you. And there's Conor McGregor talking about you. And the fact that is a quick owner that guys say a lot of the most powerful though, he's not he don't want puffing what he's the age draw. He's used what? And then you come out. And you say this guy's not gonna talk in this guy, and we're gonna it's just the whole thing is a bit. Everything's good. I think you need to go on vacation and calm down one on good. Okay. Good luck. Listen. Yeah. Like, I I wanna say couple of things here just before Tissa jar, right? Okay. One of the things to okay, let me ask you Machi wants to talk to do you wanna talk to him? Now, if you wanna talk, we can talk, you know, why everyone ETR conversation that's fair. I I don't think it's fair to put you on the spot. He wants to say something to you. But I am we can talk. We talk every day, we can talk. Everyone's to say something to you on the air. But I don't think talk to me if you wanna talk me, I'm a call. I said they did a good job. I know. He's suck. He'd be mad. But you wanna thought asking me, they're asking me? So that's I don't think it's fair to put you on the spot. That's why I would ask you first. And that's fine to forget about it. Okay. He had what did you say? Henry Henry is just not going to go thirty five and just be like, okay. I'm gonna go thirty five number one thing. Like like, I mentioned him l'amour iceman on fries. He's getting screwed being just fire. Supposed to fire crew said no was to find out. How you know? I don't know why he said, no you understand. Now, the men stuck with not to fight. You know, it's a lot of things man. I'm I'm kinda tired. I'm done done yet. I win ten nine. How lonnie? Draw? Rumble Johnson, I thought rumble last week. Right. And he said John Jones DC has heavyweight. On John win if John win he wanted to come back. And this is the only five he think you come back to John John's, but a heavyweight or light-heavyweight John Johnson's two hundred eighty five pound. Okay. That's it. So he's considering a comeback or he is coming back. He wanna come back as heavyweight. Okay. But but I think have to be something different. He can just he he missed us for the sport. And he said he will come back to fight someone like John Joe, whatever to the body building. He's having fun. And he thinks he's been on for a long time. He's resting his body and fight again. He will fight again for sure hundred under percents. So he has to go through your side again though because he retired. Yeah. Six months. I say so we good you calm down. I'm calm. Stop threatening. The media. I'm not trying to you know, you the only. John. Kevin. I I never threatening right? Having. Wasn't it? Jon Morgan, I want the last month not going to be on it. I be honest with you. I didn't talk to you for the last three weeks. I was I was in heaven. It was so great. Without you bothering me threatening me and bullying me. It was amazing. It was amazing. Wow. This is a great life. I don't need this guy. Relationship. I'm going to say, but now stop the block the blocking. That was twelve year old kid with the blocking. Honestly, it's I know sometime quite did. I say this. Yeah. You understand? I see a lot of things. I shouldn't. I shouldn't say, but it's funny. That people think that were like buddy buddy went understand when we talked people. Listen, I don't know about that. It was great talking to you for a month. I loved it. It was you know, who's responsible for all of this the vault without him. None of this is happening. He was still Daniel my man areas guy. You guys have a good relationship. And he said he said, I was wrong. He can act specked from him. He's not your partner. He said, he's not your partner. He's doing his job and you need to do your job. And to say, listen, I showed him blocked, you gotta it. He shouldn't send me threatening messages. I didn't try. All the stuff. All right. Okay. All right. We're good. We're good this ajar here jar who she? Yeah. She's her to she was mad at me. Also. I have no reason to be mad at you. And I have to defend you on this one, you know, the jar. She just she's a great Gherman and she worked really hard. But I of the day we have to make weight. It was our fault mcquaid. She blew up. She her next five guarantee identified she probably not gonna get it. Now, she have to kinda you're gonna talk to you. And she can okay. Let's do. Thank you for coming. Got Salama like tell by say, Hello, Okay. Text them. I don't have number changes it every week. All right. It's he probably bought me to there. He is Elliott delicacies good times. Wow. That was fun Ali. And here's the Jarrah. No rest. Thank you. And I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm not sure if you heard, but Lee likes to talk. I'm actually so happy. I'm so happy to see you because this is probably going to be a lot more enjoyable than that. Then all right. After that. Thank you for coming. I appreciate it. I didn't think you'd ever come back. Oh, man. I we need to clear up, but we did already. We went on this whole back and forth. My my whole thing is I always felt throughout my career. If someone's mad at me, and in particular fighter have the utmost respect for all of you every single one of you that walk in. I just wanna come to you and clear the air. And if you don't wanna talk to me ever again, that's cool. But at least want to tell you why should this or one understand why you're mad, and we went back and forth. And you're very honest text much respect. I I know that you like to keep a real. So I am happy that you're here after all that. Because I didn't think that you would come. I'm happy to be here. And I can respect you coming up in in saying how you fell and we were able to hash it out and chitchat, and that's all I wanna do. I just like to be heard. And and I appreciate you putting a platform for us to be able to speak and clear mines and like you say like you saw lease. We can come on your show and say, whatever we feel so that's the lots respect. Congratulations on the win is it with mixed emotions. Yeah. Are you? You're not really able to to to actually like be happy about this one. And celebrate or are you going to be happy celebrated because I was able to accomplish a lot over the weekend. I was happy my performance. My family came out to see me, my my dad's all my fights. I did have a couple of bit. Like, I have my mom come down. Cousins. Never see me fight. It's Madison Square Garden like there's a lot to be happy about. But there is the little disappointment there that I wasn't able to make it to the scales. Do I wanted to? So what happened? Yeah. I don't know we have to we have to figure it out. I was coming in lean been working really really diligently to get my my body, right? A year ago? We know happened. I was hospitalized. And I went to PI was working really closely with nutritionists and doing everything like I felt like I was supposed to do. And I was coming into this fight week lower than I did my last cut for you. There's Laura Murphy in in my body whenever I cut to win twenty five one thirty between. Thirty one twenty eight is really when it starts to get tough. And I had hit one twenty eight and was just men. I I would be cutting like that day. I went from I woke up I can't remember remember exactly, but we had started around nine thirty with maybe four or five pounds to go and cut for two hours like sweating, mid smeeting, mid sweating mitts and only got like a pound point seven off. And it just starts to get exhausted. And you know, I kinda was worried I was like if I if I push it too hard and I make it like hospitalized. Like last time. I'm not gonna have any fight. So I kind of like if if we pull the plug pound early I'm going to get dragged at least I'll have a fight. Okay. And so it's kind of what is in. And I'm a female in everyone all the fans and people hate to hear it. But you know, once a month, we have everything in and it makes a difference. Your body wants to hold onto the soul. It wants to hold on biologically like. You have to have some kind of fat and and watering you in order for your natural cycled happen. So so I heard from some people said like you showed up I think at around nine thirty still had some time left. Why didn't you go to the buzzer and try to cut as much as possible or you just couldn't? Not that. I not that. I couldn't. But I was speaking to the have doctors, and they were like just let me let's make some calls a sea of rock is okay with it. Let's let's see if everyone's okay with this and just leave you here. Because if we suck you out too, much more, we're going to commission sees you. They're going to if the commission sees you struggling in. And they know that you had struggles in the past. We don't want them to Yankees. And I I don't wanna be yanked either. So. So they they they offered me the chance to win at nine thirty and starts rehydrate instead of waiting until eleven you knew that you had a title shot. If you on is that no longer the case, I'm assuming not how do you feel about that? It hurts. It hurts. Second time. Right. Second time gotta be the charm here. Yeah. I guess it. Will you get a third time? Hope so I mean, my my my my goal in life is is to be real champion. You no matter. What ways I was determined to do flyweight? But I don't know, man. I'm gonna be champ one day one way or another thirty five twenty five I really feel structurally based on hive stood like literally stood side by side by some other band weights. I feel like structurally, I'm closer to the size of flyweight. It's just been. It's just been a hard cut. I got a lot of muscle. I've been test. I have a lot of muscle mass. And it's hard to chip away at muscle. Mass fats, easy, hit the treadmill? You run around you diet clean. Your fat starts to come down. But to to to deplete some your muscle. Masters takes a lot more time. I'm going to get a belt one way or another. It's just it's just my goal in life in dead fast determined to get it. So when the ultimate fighter was announced. And it was for the Bill at flyway. I was like all right. Tim more pounds is gonna suck. And it was going to be terrible cut. But this is the quickest path to the built in any fighter that is determined to be champion. They want to pass that's going to get them there without taking twenty freaking years. You know? So I just taking me a lot longer. I've been in weight, and I knew that by entering fighter tournament. I could get my foot in the door of the UFC and make some noise and get close that built. So I hope that flyweight I really wanted to be a flyweight. And I wanted to do some things I want to go back to John board and see what we can do here. But the end of the day, you know, we gotta we gotta make sure I'm healthy. I gotta go home to my kid at end today. There have been some scenarios some situations in the past. Where do you see is almost ask someone to go up? Right. Kelvin gasoline comes to mind others as well. Anthony johnson. Do you think they'll ask you to go up at this point? I'm not. I'm not sure would you be open to it up. Yeah. 'cause I rather keep my job at one thirty five. I have another older. So we have to ask my doctor gonna cut you. But if they say, look, there's nothing for you. Here we can't possibly put you in a title fight because you've missed. Option flyweight, I'm out here. Because I want to Bill I want to strap told you about what they think. No, we haven't talked. What do you think? Like, what's the point of going through the whole one twenty five cut? Do you think you're you're at a disadvantage, I want thirty five? I don't to be honest with you. I think is a had a lot to do with my ego. I just don't like to like. Okay. So I can I can talk. Okay. So I was abandoned wait for when I first started my career because I didn't think ever going twenty five like I had been kind of heavy kid my whole life. And when I was doing to just do it the blackball levels competing 163 like so all you've been kind of buff, husky kinda grow. And then you know, I my manager at the time. I think you're flyweight. Let's take some fights before the flyweight division will come into eventually. And so my first cut the flyweight was like this terrible. I've never doing this again. I thought it was terrible. It was the first time I fought Caitlyn. Actually, I only but after that went back up to benway started lifting, and I started trying to swell up for bantamweight. And then when they also Smith fighter I try to go back down. And now what what happened the year ago been hospitalized? Really to me. I felt like that first house was Asian was my fault. I didn't think I did what I was opposed to do as far as attrition as far as conditioning as far doing I supposed to do to prepare for that. I had a shot. I was offered guest. Nico montani. I think came at fighter a little gassed and little overconfident and kinda just like hanging out. And then that first one was my my fault. It's always like after eating myself. And so that's when I started to really take my condition seriously. I think we talked about this the first one was on your show. And so I got down to a walk around those under one fifty coming into Lauren fight. And like I said we're working really closely with the PI in Clinton was in. We have to continue. It's going to take us some time to get you under in walking around as lean as possible with as little bit a fat on your body as possible is going to take some time. He's like if I could I would tell you to wait like a year. But I just don't have the luxury of waiting that long between fights. So after Lauren I did. Okay. But because I wasn't really at that walk around and needed to be a blue backup after more. And again it started coming back down. And I just I just couldn't I just didn't have didn't have the last two pounds coming into this weekend. It just was it just it just paint me. I was like I can't go back to the hospital, man. A part of me when I miss I don't I don't like to miss. I'm like to be wrong. I don't like to. Embarrassed that way. So part of me like a part of me was like can we try to go after I I've been talking to Clinton go out to the PI soon as possible. Okay. Have you ever been there? Okay. Wh-? What is it like to fight it MS, gene? Get booed before the fight. You're getting booed. I got to pretty bad at the fans or smart they follow. They know what's going on. What what does that? What does that do to you? I don't care. You don't care. Awesome. You're playing it up again. What's up, y'all? Yeah. Probably talking smack right now. You know, you gotta live Twitter feed somebody right now talking about right? And it doesn't bother you know, why not listen. I'm a black woman. I'm gay black woman in America. Somebody's gonna hate me at some point. And you don't hear go look here right now. She's playing the race card. No. It is what it is. Like, I've been I've been a fan of sports I've been a fan of mixed martial arts and I've seen some athletes crumble under the villain card. Some athletes were at the top of the game to something. And then, you know, the fans start to hate them in there, like hotel love me, you know, seen it happen. And I was like at some point. They're gonna hate me. I just kind of put that in my head. If they if they never hate me, and I'm loving the whole career great. I'll be loving the whole career for some point. The people hate me. I can't fight it. Like, I can't sit appearing let it mess with my inner peace. So I think you're playing it up perfectly. Yeah. Why not you might as well brace embrace it? Right. Whatever it is. And still the end of the day. Like is gave me a lot of notoriety in the last what last time I spoke to like not too many people knew I was except for those from a fighter that year this time. Like, yeah, I'm coming up Emma's you being like that many people even know. So I thought you played it. Well in the aftermath UFC won the fight. But I was disappointed. One thing. You didn't say anything to Joe Rogan, Joey what happened that was your chance? You know me. Now, Joe, you know, Joe. So Joe came out to me right before the interview he came up to indicate before before the cards were announced he came up, and he showed his spec meeting disrespect by it. And I was like Joey had to do me. Like that have to dismiss me that way. And he was like this. I say lot of things I talk a lot. But I I really didn't mean it you put on a great fight in. I hope it's cool. Okay. And so we did speak. She don't wanna put on blast. No, not after that. He kind of did he came up to me indicates you show me respect is about respecting. Okay, fighters out here. Like, we're putting our we come out, and we we risk almost everything. Yeah. To get out in a cage and chased what we love in front of thousands, hundreds tens of thousands of people like, you know, the the the Ristori ward is crazy like have some respect. So you're all over them. Yeah. I'm going. I'm not here. I'm not here to beef. I'm here to like respect respect you posted the tweet that I think some people the wrong way, the the show like no, I'm sorry. No long explanation. Just that. I'm sorry for what I should die for you guys out here. Right. Because I mean, I have to say responsibility. I apologize to my coaches. I apologize to my to my family. Apologize to my teammates. Those are the people. Oh apologies to because I represent my team at the end of the day. I represent Marquette Ricardo Mehta team has Gracie Jamal Patterson. My teammates were there with me every day, my family, whose depending on me, those are the people. I. To those are the people who I let down myself, you know, but I can give ragged either way on Twitter, whatever gonna have a ball with me or they were gonna rip me either way since one gas it food a little bit. But what about Ben aspirin? Been asking. Yeah. Now that do if I said something to him too. I seen him. I stop and ask him backstage. Right after my fight, okay interview. And I was like what's up? What's up? What's your problem? Won't you focus on making way around your business? And I started to tell him somewhere. He's there with his wife, and his our weather that wasn't he trying to his his interview. But I said something to really, yeah. Getting nobody because when what's been asking. What would you step into me for for what you're not a troll? You're not feign. You're fighting like you MAC, and I'm gonna UFC because more people know about me and my little four little fights. And you're not here wrestling everybody to death last twenty years in the wake, here's what are you? Step in me for. Wow, what is so I came to him the way I came you. I thought all serious and chess. One hundred seventy five pound, which one do you like do you think he crossed the line with his tweet? I don't even know what his most recent tweet was tweeting about me. How many tweets have you tweeted about me? Like, you're at the world's tweeting about me. What are you doing trying to help me here anyone's way in the world except Eubanks? He said what he said. I'd fight any welterweight in the world accepts ajar Eubanks because he's scared him because he not magazine. That's right seven I tell you what I fought in Aguirre hundred sixty three put on with that you think. So I'm nasty in the game, man. Nobody knows. Wow. Men bins been you know, I don't know what his problem is on his deal is like me step online. That's like me saying something to do like for what like what am I going to say something to one hundred eighty five hundred four right? Like, it's not my it's not my business. It's not my plane. I'm another fighter if anything other fighters when you the same class, and you notice potential to fight. Okay. Let's talk. Because we could actually sell our differences like me, and then like don't live differences outside the cave never gonna be able to actually step into the cage. So I said sometime after fight like what's up, right? So you're not gonna swing on me. So why are you doing well done? Okay. So did you talk today and weighed afterwards? I haven't spoken to date. No, really surprised. You said you went after him on the phone. So I figured he'd have something to say back to you. I thought he would. Ooh. Both that pounding. No, nothing. You didn't say anything to the winds when you guys know? But I I said sorry, I'm Osama man what he says he just not it wasn't really is live Windsor. Sure. Nothing in the back. I haven't literally haven't seen him. Okay. What about MC manner? I saw Mick at the winds. And in a sense, I said. Sorry to him to what he say. Same thing. Just gave me the. Yeah. I gotta give you prosper having a smile on your face. Right. All this a lot of people would come in head down offering excuses. No, man. Yeah. I miss the weight not been trying hard. You know, a lot of people like oh like as easy to sales. I sit around, you know, shoveling cookies now man house clean running in most people seem you on daily basis. My body has changed over the last nine months, I've gotten slimmer we just missed the market little bit the actual fight where you happy performance. I was happy. I was happy with it. Yeah. Why not? I mean, she's. She's on tough here. Big stage you've ever fought on Madison Square Garden. It's a long ways from Utica, right? That's why I'm smiling. So no, no complaints. No complaints. I felt like my different slipped. A little and I managed to go back and watch the commentary. No, people said, I was tired. I think it was a little bit more nervous. Yeah. To be honest. I mean, it's a huge stage. Yeah. It's like, you know, half the time. I'm like don't worry about it. Just another fighting have time like is medicine frigging Square Garden like when you get off the bus, and they put you in that infamous freight elevator elevator. Like oh. My God guys. Yeah. Chase. He's been in this elevator logo. Right. Oh, yeah. Beyond say visit. This elevator cO pitcher. So it started to kind of like. And I knew that this was important, especially after the mis did you recognize important. I had to win this garden to ahead to win by any means that Surrey doing this fight. Even if it wasn't the most flashy win or whatever. So I felt like, you know, in my mind really wanted to finish his fight. I think finish with a definitely stamp things. A little bit more for me, Barack shins toughen you certified I hit everything I had kicked and she got she proper backup. So if it was up to your next flight one twenty five. Probably really all that all over again. Let me I just feel like. Is what I been praying on it. And it's hard. I'm still only what forty eight hours you move. Oh, yeah. Less from the fight. I just want. He's built so bad bet. I'm so close to the flyweight Bill right there. Oh, and I feel like if I go to benway have any trouble with being I think I can bulk up to put on muscle masses to take it away. I think my speed will make up for the reach disadvantage. I'd have been weight, but probably have to start probably pretty close to the bottom and work my way over the deck up at a week. And I feel like I'm so close. I'm so close to the Bill at flyway. I'm just cloth. And you know, I'm thirty three I plan on fighting for quite a few more years, but it's not too many chances a fighter has to get for Bill. I seem to have quite a few. Calms my word. We'll come 'cause my time will come on one way or another. I'm determined that my time for a title shot will come in my time of getting that built after on my waist will come it will. But that's that's kind of what makes makes bridge. People is how how long you gonna stay in the grime before get what you want like I've been knocked down before. And I had a tough knock last year. I got another tough knock one way or another one thirty one twenty five forty five. I'm gonna get gonna get when these belts aerial. I'm figuring telephone next right now. I don't think so I'm not gonna even hold my breath. Right. And you're at peace with that. Yeah. I have to I have to be the new contract probably helps new contract comes a lot is. That's another reason why was import for me. Now, I can lease. I don't have to work like security or deliver. You were doing I was working security on the weekends and delivering food during the week. How recently up until I thought I was fighting Valentina come on. Yeah. For real. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. With all ready UFC fight on your belt, two jobs. Not just one two. And now, you quit him. I quit them. When when they when when you called me for Valentino also struck out five weeks. Really? The ultimate fighter. I had a few bucks. And I just knew I made I told you I got guests. I think I had like ten fifteen thousand bucks and good now baby I'm fighting for title and get two hundred thousand and then when I did make the way I was back to nothing back to nothing. So that time between when I when when I was at the ultimate fighter up inside fall. And Murphy was pure struggle. Like I had to go back to like asking my dad to send me money every month. Wow. Yeah. Like like that. And then after Lauren Murphy, I kinda was able to get gas. But I was still in a ton of credit card debt. I was still you know, I still had owed a bunch of people the time that I I wasn't working in getting getting off the ultimate fighter. And so over the summer yet pick up another job. I got a shout out to JR's bar at jersey shorty hooked me up with it with a job. They're real good guys friends with Frankie. So I was working there not not very long, but they they knew what was up tone took real good care of me. Let me stay in a firehouse. I was a little bit behind on on my Rendell. And he he was he said it was cool. And then, you know, you know, door DeShaun those free hours door to deliver for door dasher. And wow, that's people recognize you a couple of times. Do you fight like take your food? Going back to that. No more. That's great. So so you think tell shop, but in the end you kinda went out because you don't have to go back to that these for now, I'm smiling there. Yeah. He's asking. Why aren't you more mad like I'm healthy? Like, I have a happy family like I can finally breathe now. I can like I know after this weekend. I had enough money that I don't like they in the first thing. I send my girls. We don't have to struggle. No more. Like, I'm not rich. I'm not Floyd not Connor. But right. I don't have to. I don't have to deliver pizzas deliver food. No more. Like we're to that point now after this weekend like. Chill that you can when you want to return how much of a break after everything taken long breaks. Let's return as possible. But obviously, the whole flyway thing we gotta see if we need a little bit more time to to see I'm still pretty small. This is actually the lowest I've blown back up after flyweight cut. So usually I cut the twenty five into the cage I'm back up to like one fifty. But the next morning after the cut I was only like one forty two. Okay. And so I came into into the cage like forty five forty seven. I was just wondering 'cause this past month has probably been a little bit, mentally exhausting right with everything. On a little bit of a break a little bit not much. What aren't taught who? Do you want? Thought about that. Okay. Toronto for the title fight. I would like to go. That would be snag. I'll leave before he ran off like leave Toronto will be a he'll move you sit there in the front. That's mile. I still I kept saying that that fight was going to be more is. Yes, perfect sleeping. I would love to. Yeah. Boring. Yes. I would do that far you hook it up. Now, I'm gonna tell them we were talking about it strong before, you know, for sure. His people off more for sure you're still claiming that you're the number one contender still. Yeah. Do you say look idea? I like it. I'm gonna say worst is if people are just don't tell mos- my, okay, then you're totally screwed. But the worst he'll and doesn't sort of embrace it. If you brace it, then people start to get a little confused. I kind of liked this person. I don't really wanna hate them. But if you sort of fight it, then you become even more hated. I think so I think you're playing perfectly. Thank you. Yeah. Keep it up. It just exactly how I feel. But thanks. I'm happy. We squash are are beef ever came in. I'm sorry didn't work out this past week. But you know, it's a weird thing. It's like, I think you would agree when you have a contract the professional thing is to make weight. But in a weird way, you're being professional in the way, you're handling it in the aftermath. You understand what I'm saying? Yeah. So I think that takes a lot because you can offer every excuse under the sun, you can come in here and point fingers, but you're not doing that. You're owning up to it. And I think that that's that's that's commendable. Appreciate that trying to try and do my best just trying to get on these bills out here for my family. Appreciate that. Every time we have someone coming in. We have them sign our banner over there. You might do that for us. Of course. Okay. We've got some big dogs right over there is. Yeah. The markers right over there jar Eubanks team Eubanks right here. All right. It was it was a doubt for a second. But now, we're like the best of friends. It's yes. And and don't want to be on her bedside because I saw what it's like on her bedside. Let me tell you. It is not a pretty place. She is signing our banner going to charity one day star. We don't know which, but that's my that's my word. Thank you so much for coming in all the best to you. Yes. And good luck. In your next fighting congrats on this one despite everything that happened there. She has Eubanks stopping by one of the top contenders at one hundred twenty five pounds in the US's women's flyweight division. All right. What a day. Oh, yeah. Elite. No, you notice I didn't ask you to sign the ban. It's only at least. Least still here and just came in and said, I didn't sign your banner. Guess what? I didn't ask him to sign the panic because he's not a fighter thinks he's a fighter, but he's not a fighter. Anyhow that was interesting as he's about to like bargin, Jake then front of that door over there. Okay. 'cause I don't want. I don't need. No. I don't even know Ali smoke. Okay. Thank you, Jake. It's been a fun day. Wow. We still have the post show some gonna wrap this baby up matter moments. We're gonna take the post show in your quick we're going to talk to you, see two thirty. We're gonna talk a little Floyd. We're gonna talk you see Denver twenty fifth anniversary for the UFC. What else a lot of other things going on someone didn't drink their water? But for now, we shall say goodbye far as the live show. And I hope everyone enjoyed it. I hope you're all content. I hope it lived up to your standards and and your expectations. I had a fun day. There was certainly. A lot that happened today as my computer crashed in the middle of the interview, always fun. When you have the in studio guests always fun when it's after pay per view, always fun when you have one of the greatest of all time, Daniel Korea stopping by with all those belts. I would I would guess that was like two hundred pounds worth of gold right there. If not maybe more nine belts just chilling on his lap. That's unbelievable. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by. Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in on this rainy Monday. My socks are a little drier. But still quite what if you could only see what's going on under my my my desk right here. No shoes. No shoes. Monday. Thanks so much. Have your Mendez? Congratulations on a big month on a successful month. Maybe his best month yet as a coach much Daniel cormier appreciate his timing. Congratulations once again to potential Fedor veer. Thank you very much Jared cannon year. Thank you, very much sleep coach, Israel, how to Sonya Elliot does ease. And of course suggest. Are you Bank? So you have C two thirty in the books next week. We'll be back talk about you. See Denver, and whatever craziness that goes on in the world of inmate. He missed anything. Check it out I tunes YouTube, Stitcher, all those places more back next week, save time and place.

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