Who replaces Dan Quinn if he's fired mid-season?


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It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen any Ninja Warrior Fan who will take over for Dan Quinn if he's fired midseason and what will it take for Arthur blank to do that and is it all a moot point if the falcons can beat Aaron Donald Work here with the Falcons under Tomah trough and of course Sean mcvay went to a local Atlanta high school so he has a direct Atlanta connection so you on twitter at the site have been speculating about a coach Dan Quinn what will happen with him who may take over the team and we're going to discuss that on the is because one as you know my brand is to mock the saints mercilessly and they gave me pretty much endless ammo the way that the episode of the podcast my friend under normal circumstances nor podcast we would have some guests we ended up with some scheduling that we've found the bottom yet we are going up against the Sean McVeigh Rams and first thing I think we should acknowledge is a big the play this year but I got him not going to be too mad about it for those two reasons and it's a team that has some Atlanta connections the GM less need Houston view to the rams for knocking the saints out of the playoffs last year actually was it was great for me personally about where this team is headed some projections about what we think may happen over the next few weeks and where the season may end up on a lot of you certainly not where we thought the team would be the offense has played well the last two weeks the defense arguably has hit well I'd say hit rock bottom but podcast in the second half after we preview this upcoming rams game so gina obviously the Falcons are back home they are one in five I'm doing great David thank you how are you doing great I've I've missed doing the pod with you on the we've had some rough weeks here and we're in the midst of one but we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have getting to talk to guys like Aaron Donald and you know just it was a great experience so this is a team that I'm I think that they're GonNa light the Falcons up because we evolved bowl in the super bowl this past year and Atlanta and so they're actually they've got a lot of really good guys on that team I really offering them genuinely enjoy facebook messenger the Amphibian Samaritan the trash talker supreme the one that only touchdown balls she you will not be bossed Gina Online Thomas Gina how're you doing snafus that follow my court I apologize for that so we're GonNa talk a little bit about the rams game coming up in the second half of the podcast we're GONNA talk you're talking about the Falcons got some hard saulters I'm ready we are on brand and they knocked for that and then to one of the greatest experiences of my professional life was getting to cover the rams in super talk of victory is anybody you know without a bulldog on the roster that that's the word pretty cool I'm on hungrily or I don't know if you're played at the University of Georgia you may have heard he was player male missile podcasting the Falcons on the nation podcast network I am Dwi as always I'm joined by my co host the gym the powder of dogs person for name the quick draw McGraw owners who was their number one corner Who is one of the best ball hawks I think in the NFL since he's come into the league and then easily top three and I think on many many lists he would be the number one corner in the League so they are saying he's a little bit better Kazmin so that I can get absolutely so the rams come into this game with some really really interesting trades that happened speeders but then turn around and get Jalen Ramsey in the door so I think there was this brief moment where people are like hey you know the rams don't have Marcus Peters immediately turned around and Delta `way two first round draft picks to the Jaguars to sign and bring in Jalen Ramsey which was quite the move to get rid of market a little bit we're we're not going to touch that one but so Jalen Ramsey comes in a road ahead of time knowing that I would have a busy schedule and I had to make two edits because they traded away earlier in the week traded away Marcus this week in fact the trades were inconvenient to me because I wrote my normal series of the Falcons offense versus the upcoming defense last time we played the rams and I should point out you know to be fair to the Falcons that they've had pretty good success against the rams in recent years they beat them in the playoffs keep to leave and everyone was sort of like celebrating we're going to pass on them and then they signed Jalen Ramsey towns I think the I think he is arguably the best player plager- not the best defensive tackle but the player Ali Donald looked like he was a running back for the falcons because he was in our backfield so often is that good and I think anyone who looks at the numbers and says oh he doesn't care as a rookie he is calling out Aaron Rodgers leg I love that swagger and yeah I mean he's a great addition and I bet that he will have a lead rams I do think this year is clearly different but one thing that stood out to me at least in the two thousand seventeen playoff game was erin okay this Aaron Powell I'm watch them play but yeah I am I fear for our quarterbacks life and I'm game against the Falcons I think you'd be hard pressed to find a corner in the league that many people would say is better than Jalen Ramsey he he is obviously going to make that secondary pretty stout and I don't know if you've heard of this player named Aaron Donald who is in the middle of their defensive line but some people tell me this guy is actually fairly decent what's your take on their donald my take on him is that he is a generational not even joking like I am legitimate about the indomitable and whatever the Falcons offensive line is going to look like the summit the terrible news against the absolute best player in the NFL in like you said not the best defensive tackle now that the best defense player the best player period that any position on Thursday from limited participation in practice to out and so that means that we're likely looking at you know that's just not an encouraging development two thousand seventeen they beat them during the season the two thousand sixteen so they're they have you know they've they've been pretty good against the Sean her situation with the stat sheet you don't always see his impact in in black and white and writing after the game but you do see it job for the most part even this season when he's had instability on either side of him but going into this week you know we had James Carpenter downgraded on a Thursday which is when recording we'll see what happens tomorrow but if that stands then we're looking at Joan Brown and West Schweitzer he has been battling some injuries he's got the arthritis issues thinker well-publicized this point I I feel like Gena his he may do against Alex Mack Carpenter and Brown noddy realizing at the time that carpenter was getting downgraded so obviously he is just I mean he is one of my favorite Mon Falcons players in the League one because attitude that he plays with I think that he is aware he says whatever months it You know Alex Mack is is great he has been an exceptional center for his entire career he has anchored this line and he has really done an admirable ounce back game is going to be Sunday I just hope but what's your take on Todd Gurley what do you think he's going to do against the Falcons defensive front eruptions doesn't necessarily show up at sheet but he is disruptive on almost every play I mean grading jared actually has kind of a similar point I really should not be needling are fans oh you should not away not with the way that will weigh in the sports are going please no I cope I'm not looking forward to go and in you know in my show notes we'd put together before we prepare the podcast I actually had a note about what you want to forget that I ever liked football and never won't four prospects honest hundred seventy five yards yeah I mean frankly if I would start anybody who's playing against his falcons defense are as a matter yeah so the interesting thing you mentioned this name earlier in its Todd Gurley he is a player that if you at those positions and Holy Shit I but the thought of Donald going up against West lights are makes me his sack totals or down he's not having a good season you aren't watching Aaron Donald if you're looking at the numbers this man is still dominant se has been his right we all know that he's got him on a pitch count like we all we all know I every everybody knows that you if you have one of the best running backs in the National Football League and Europe he is really he is a transcendent talent the one thing that I would like to say about Aaron Donald is that murder as Mobile Matt Ryan on Sunday that I think the rams have a huge advantage with and that's their wide receivers against our secondary I think Jared Goff is unknown on the field of play he is very disruptive Donald is that like times a million he just a very special player and my biggest concern right now is the instead one last match up I want to talk about and this is one I think that may you know many falcons fan should be mindful of because it's arguably the one are barely there's a reason but you know for girly sake for the sake of those two fantasy teams I'm hoping that that rest is enough for him first one wide receiver running back or tight end from the Falcons opponent and I have one money almost every week are some of the place fantasy football and you bought into girly early you may be very upset with how his season has been going clearly weather slot receivers in the league this is a really really good trio of receivers not to mention they've got Everett they've got higby Hugh Leagues and so I will say last week Gurley was out I think he may be Contrast I think that you know mcvay just needs to get over ends in total than even the Falcons do and that's saying a lot and they're going up against Isaiah Oliver Kendall Sheffield because Desmond true is brandin cooks they're all boom or bust but but the Falcons defense provides an opportunity for every options to have a receivers you've got Robert Woods who is I think a fairly good receiver you've got brandin cooks who has I think arguably one of the fastest making decent planes and that's a good thing for a rookie cornerback so I was really pleased with Sheffield's by but in the grand scheme it I'm horrified by that but at the same time I like money and I like winning and so it's not a bad strategy it's I can't argue again and so that's my concern Sheffield played really well last week for the most part I only noticed him when he was mountain be productive just maybe not this week except that I've seen this defense play and so I do feel running for four achievers in the League and he's shown McVeigh's I mean yes and then you've got Cooper Cup who is arguably one of the the minute CFS strategy. I don't know if you know you know our our listeners are aware of I'm I'm pretty enter draftkings I usually delete every week you can it tight end argued in article that's going to land this week that the rams may have a better arsenal of offensive weapon follow me on twitter and get in on that action if you're interested just let me know but Anyway Mayan Strategy lately is to start the quarterback and well my take on the Falcons Defense as that this is get right team and buy get right there right I mean that whoever is playing should now with Antonio Brown said at home and so I'll do have top caliber talent but as far as you know having set the talents the rams are in stronger position and so yeah I think that this is one that and of course now that I'm saying all of this out loud the Falcons will probably make quantity for the most part and I think if we're going to slow him down Grady Jarrett is GonNa be because it's GonNa be Great at times to what we're looking at the rand we're not going to be playing in this game and Demonte Z.. And Ricardo Allen and Kamala Schmil on the back end how do you feel about this matchup let's have because Austin Hooper has really emerged as one of the better tighter Trimble League and who is the best wide receiver in the League a debt that's not even you know those guys that gough is more stable in the pocket so do you think that maybe this is a game where the Falcons defensive line finally wakes up from their slumber and maybe takes advantage offensive line or do you think that's wishful thinking so one of the issues with the Ranch Offensive Line that Roger Saf old who had been jared Goff who is not the mobile quarterback that a keiler Murray as that you know some of the guys faced Marcus Mariota bench you know I had a lot of these rams players on various AMC teams and I can tell you guys guys like woods guys like top guys leg gough is that he struggles to read defenses before anybody gets their hopes up the falcons defense is basically like the damn ABC's and not a healthy relationship So yeah I mean I do think that is one of the issues will stop I think that that's part of the reason that he doesn't react offensive line they're not playing particularly well a lot of people are saying you want to look at the rams offensive struggle really starts in the middle it starts with the I hope that because off does have those weaknesses because they do have that softness in the center of their line I am a grady Jarrett I have completely eighth and that he will put everything out there on Sunday and he will do s to disrupt Goff's game and I think that he will succeed a decent amount of time I Liam this is really unfortunate match out for our defense I mean they they really do have I wouldn't say that they have like the caliber of talent moves Alkan I don't know that it will be another as I the best way to explain it we're going to need guys like clayborn McKinley Beasley to show up as well either way in the last thing what point and I really have no idea what the making this the rams right now have a struggle there are lots make when you're talking about people who thought Gurley was a good option for fantasy I feel personally attacked because that was the end less of what we saw the past three weeks whether that happens or not I think remains to be seen so with that there center in regards they're not playing at a very high level in it sort of is an area where you would think Greg Jarrett could have an impact on this game and I think particularly in the last three weeks they haven't so arguably I think the last time these guys showed up was against the eagles in week two so we need more of that and so this is going to have as much of a challenge two ways as quickly I think it's because he struggles to read defenses I don't think that he will have as much trouble with US Falcons defense we have all seen it all season you know predictions on the were leaning having looked you know these two rosters and and how they match up I think the match ups are really the key longest tenured player with the rams he left and free agency a land below the titans and so that does create instability in the center and one of the issues discover three out here and it's like you know soft zone and very easy to pick apart I mean it's just not it doesn't present much of a challenge so events that is deeply deeply troubling I think that we see another thirty plus point performance from them this week at home so I'm thinking it's going to be somewhere in the ball losses in multiple weeks and yet that's where I'm at I think it's going to be something akin to like last week where it'll be a joint idiot but I'll take it I'm not either I'm right or the Falcons play well so I went thirty eight like it'll be something completely ridiculous like I'm with you I've I can't remember a time where I've predicted Falcon the field goal the the loss is not solely on him. If you still lose you should not giving up over thirty points per game every night so I think it will end like thirty five thirty three rams with the Falcons failing to convert two point conversion because someone fumbles of out of the her how do you think this one's going to play out on there I think that it's going to be close enough a really pissed me off one in six with one game remaining before the bye week i WanNa talk about what that could potentially mean for this coaching staff for the remainder of the season and even going into the following year into twenty twenty but before we have that conversation we're GonNa take a quick break we'll be right back check out the American park of you know well now I've got to do Football Matha my head rings forty one did it will be a high game because we've seen what the Falcons offense can do I mean the fact that they've put up thirty plus two weeks and Ham when those games because the DC old Todd Gurley and the rest of the rams Sunday all of that is next with Gina Thomas in Me David Walker on this week's alcoholic podcast back of the end zone or something something random that will just piss off and reminds us at the Falcons always find new ways to to crush our hearts our souls one universal earth about the Atlanta Falcons that's right there so if the Falcons lose that will take them you know from like Matt Bryant in fans are GonNA blame him for that game I'm going to reiterate this this this sort of got on my nerves when your offense scored thirty three points in your kicker Mrs also I really do love this team they just have hurt me so I think it's it's not a healthy relationship if we're being honest excited prepared and is under percent on the coaching staff just sell Barna everybody in that was not Matt Ryan Snow Hey I'm Spencer Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown forecast avengers of college football podcast it says edgeware podcasts for a behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts up roads we really really truly and deeply appreciate it thanks guys we'll talk with you next time right before the bye week the team that arguably got him this job to begin with the team he came from so we both predicted the rams loss I think want to take college football exactly seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP and we're back on the alcoholics podcast this is David Walker. Dwi Back with you with my co host Thomas and there are multiple things at play here and I would say the chief among them is the fact that Arthur blank has recently experienced winning a championship in middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you I said the only way he would fire him at the mid point of the season would be if he goes into the bye week at one in seven right now a pass to fire coaches midseason I still think there's an element of that there I think you have some insight into that so give me your thoughts what you think of my my sort of prediction that one and seven is the breaking point where you think this may fall out we'll Dan quimby casualty the bye week how does this flush out in your mind so you are podcasts articles I've said I think consistently for the past several weeks I think the only way Arthur blank moves on from Dan Quinn you can look at seahawks and very easily think yet that could be another loss so I want your take because we we've talked about this before and Arthur blank's hesitance in we're talking about the Falcons two thousand eighteen season and where this thing is going to play out I have gone on the record both on radio certainly in the united they just one and December and they've one other trophies since then like I don't really follow soccer because I only have so much other one in five they face the rams at home and they turn around and how is this for irony if it's the game that decides his fate he will play the seahawks repaint for the players and all that kind of stuff so I also think that everybody likes Dan Quentin the queen is a genuinely good person I have a before the end of the season is if the falcons go into the bye week by week as week nine so it's perfect split eight games before games after out of respect for him and I like him a whole lot here's the thing though I think that now that blank knows what it feels like to see a team that he owns actually win at all remember two thousand two thousand seven yeah that Bobby Katrina less snuck out of town in the middle of the night and all that kind of bullshit and so that was obviously midseason we have seen specific examples where he is reticence about that you know Jim Mora flat out said he wanted to be a college coach blanked kept him around says the most is the most absurd collapse in a super bowl ever in the history of the NFL that's the that's the closest that he has I think that he wants more of that and I think he sees the money that he has pumping into this team is not getting the closest the closest sandwich for pro sports and the ones that I do like a really my spare Lemay says I'm a falcons rains in cavs fan so please pray for me Ezra because at that point it's obvious that he's not going to turn around and so you're asking him to do is basically jeopardize his future in season You Know Jerry Glanville I think it was he only fired him because land bowls like what you're gonNA fire majors new now and then of course we all and it gets lit a fire under blank to you know maybe make some harder decisions I also think in this as a speaking to your point about if to make him you know slog through the shit show of the season he's jeopardizing his future his his his future as a coach and so into the bye week with just one win I don't know how you look at this as as somebody who likes and respects Dan quarry deal I don't know how you don't want to put him out of his I think at some point to you have to do I mean like I sound like I'm talking about you know dealing with an aging pets or something but you know increase you gene Robinson getting busted for solicitation than losing in spectacular fashion and so that that has kind of jeopardize his ability to get jobs in the future if he continues trotting out this kind of performance every week yeah I don't want to be unemployed forever I think that he has the potential thank you in what I do think in the past I think that blink understands then ferried disruptive it's Higher Code that will stay the execution until the end of the year yeah and I think that it should because if he's able to pull off wins against two teams that should be it'll be a great coach it's just he's not getting through to these players sometimes players just need a different voice and I think that that's maybe where we are with this team but Dan Quinn is a good install Matt Ryan needs is an adequate defense and if Dan Quinn can get this motley crue play adequate defense and yeah I mean if Quinn wins the next two games and gets the team to three and five at the by so a win against the rams followed by a win against the seahawks do you think I and I completely agree and I think for the exact same reasons plus just from a pure mathematics standpoint three and five in theory you could finish eleven five now will they finished eleven five I mean that's a pretty that you're talking about them winning ten straight games we are that this is not the best thing for the team and I think it's becoming clear that this situation is not what's best for when either and so then I think that a real leader has to me and yet wins and especially if the offense can keep reforming like it has because all the defense needs to be adequate and you I mean you must be so tired and do you think that it's going to take a one in seven or maybe even the two and six record or let me let me restate it this way you acted I think that if you if you go into the by and you were not statistically out of it yeah I think you have to say okay three I think this offense the sky's the limit and they have played the past two weeks in ways that should have won them gains it was completely on the defense that they didn't win those and Yeah I think we've said there for like five years since we've been doing this podcast I have said those words a million tender for playoff spots in the NFC I think he should get a shots keep it going if if you if the team responds if they improve if they responded seems like a stretch for the way they've performed up to this point but then again you know we've this is the one thing I love about the NFL is that you person with the right

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