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What follows may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. Stories. Stories of mysteries. Of Curiosities. Joy? In An Giang through Gilligan Tov for strange. The boozers! The unexpected. As. The LID and wash asleep you're inside. The box! oddities. Go, this is fun. I think we received well over two hundred emails and messages from people telling us that fans gold was found. Yeah, stop sending messages, please so we appreciate it, but it was a story that we we talked about pretty early on in in the PODCASTS and I love love love that you people know what we want to hear about for sure and that was amazing to me. Because I was like Oh, Shit! Did you hear that fence golden? You were like Oh. That's really interesting. I was like I. Know Right, and then it was all bing bing being. Like big. Now! Let's just briefly recap this guy. forest fan allegedly hid like a million dollars, plus in gold and gems, and then gave clues in a poll that he released. For Ten years people have been looking for this gold, and now allegedly it's been found, and so I was like. Wouldn't it be funny if he was just running low on dollars, so he just went out to the desert, dug it up and it was like someone found it. Needed the cash right right? My thought is that it never existed. He's eighty nine now he figures. Probably it's time to cash in the laugh which he will get, but according to his his blog, somebody found this treasure. They sent him a picture of it and verified the coordinates of where it was, but he won't say who that person is. That person he just said is from quote back East, and nobody knows who who this person is, or if in fact, the treasure was really found, or if in fact, there was really a treasure. I think it's just him having some fun. I love the idea that it was real and that someone did find it and if someone found it and he was like Oh. Yeah, someone founded it. Was Brian Doyle from West Chester Sinfield, vis the West chesterson field. Ville Doyle's and. I'd be like wow, that guys a dick. Brian Doyle doesn't want everyone knowing he found your treasure. Thank you. So I applaud the not telling who was that found it even though I kind of don't believe that Brian found it right. No I think that it's a bunch of hoo-ha. Either way I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much for sending all the messages. We're just kidding. We love hearing from you guys even if it's over and over and over again. We did post an instagram video from the deck I realized now that I was probably. A little, too. Horn swaddled. I was into the giggle juice, and so maybe I should like had a couple of drams of POPs skull. Turn off the the SOC meads, when Oh be joyful anyway. It was fun. Oh, I. Put some NECTARINES IN MY IS T. and. It's probably the best choice I've ever made. Oh! So good what you got for me well today I wanNA talk about the ghosts on Mount Everest Mount Everest is littered with bodies of dead climbers right? Yes, they've accumulated over the decades now. When you say ghosts, though do you mean goes, and not just bodies. In both Shaker Oh, Shit. Yeah, there are so many bodies on Mount Everest that when you climb to the summit. If you go through the regular route that they take to the summit, you have to physically step over bodies right and some of the bodies are actually used as landmarks the way Salako Green boots halfway up or something like that. In fact, green boots is one of the most famous. Famous bodies his real name. By the way was to swung Powell your and it is now a a landmark on the main northeast. Ridge route to the mountain. in-depth green boots has become sort of a guide for the living. He died in a small indentation in the cliff. That is a a commonplace for for hikers to crawl in and kind of catch their breath rest up a little bit. He died in there, and that indentation is right next to the main path to the summit, and people actually have to step over his legs to proceed passing hikers even occasionally stop for a Selfie with green boots. Doesn't that seem a little disrespect for the navy? Of course we just casually refer to him as green boots and he's a mile marker so good point. Another guy? David Sharp, who was also a fellow mountaineer? Different entirely different party in fact years after green boots died crawled in there to to stay warm, and he died in there, too, but his body was removed according to an article on Rancor Mount Everest is notorious for its corpses. People travel from all over the world, of course, the climb Everest and not all of them survive their avalanches. Of course, a lot of people die from falling in clinic temperatures all. All those things prove fatal. Most people die from avalanches. That's terrifying avalanches to me are very very scary. no-one wants no one's like avalanche but I've seen some videos of avalanche events, and like there was one where it was just taken out houses like it was i. don't even know if it's technically an avalanche or something graded up from an avalanche, but it was just like house. House House just sweep sweep sweep. And it gives me that same feeling that like I don't know like a heights? do or something something like that that you just your blood. My Body reacts to it I read an interview with a guy. He was a skier that got swept up in an avalanche, and he was obviously rescued because he was being interviewed about the event. He said that the most scary thing for him was not knowing. Which direction was up. Yeah, yeah, I. Know. It's because it's a weird combination of things. It's the disorientation. It's the CLAUSTROPHOBIA and it's the cold, and there's I'm sure so much that the. L.! Now that's why we're moving to a warmer climate. In two thousand seventeen four bodies were discovered in a tent on the on a an Everest base camp site. analysts believe the campers passed away due to altitude sickness. The weird thing is none of the local climbing. Agencies reported any climbers missing. They remain unidentified. Oh Man. Yeah, well. There's gotta be a way that you can like. Scoot past you know and make your way on documented I guess so there are. There are several routes to the summit right? Some of them are more challenging than others. Most people just take this main route. Right but I know you there's like a check in right when you go up the mountain so that people know that you're. Yup. They're like three two or three different base camps that people will set up. Their parties will set up. But the most dangerous route. Is this particular route northeast Ridge Route near Everest's summit? There's an area there called. They call it Rainbow Valley now that sounds peaceful but essentially what it is mass pit of Bodies Oh. Yup, the grisly scene got its name because of all the brightly colored jackets and climbing gear. The cadavers still have on strewn all over the section of the mountain. That's letter. Throughout the years, climbers have been known to push cadavers over the mountainside into Rainbow Valley or to cut the ropes of mummified remains, so that it's less hazardous as you try to come back down the trail in this area of vast majority of those who succumb to altitude, sickness, or exhaustion or hypothermia. It happens in this area. After, the summit on the way down Oh really. Oh I didn't know that that's really depressing. It's like Oh, you've achieved the thing and now you're going to die. Yeah, yeah I don't like that also I would think that any sort of dangling rope mummy would be very dangerous and I can totally understand doing the old heave. Ho! Ho, and so these bodies are just collecting down in this gorge. and. It's just like littered with Colorful Ski Jacket Sad as a horror movie in the making according to the laws in Nepal Everest is considered sacred in any remains are to be removed immediately. That's the law you need to remove them immediately. The problem is it's nearly impossible to retrieve remains from this area, which is also called the death zone. cheery, there was this one guy's name was. Peter Kinloch and he had just summited Everest when he was struck by sudden blindness. Now this is another problem that people have at these altitudes. His team reported that Peter was an excellent health climb up, and they also noted how overjoyed he was when he reached the summit, this was a dream that he had but due to the high altitude. oftentimes this happened in Peter's case, climbers are struck with retinal hemorrhages, bleeding from the cells in the back of their eyes, and it can cause blurred vision or just outright blindness she's. So he's on top of fricken Everest in he goes. Blind guides notice that kid locks. Loss of coordination was starting to become more prominent at that point. He admitted he could no longer see so sherpas tried to help him. He's twenty eight years old. They try to help them down the mountain. They shared their oxygen and their medicine with him over ten hours in hopes of keeping him stable enough until they reached base camp, but the team began to suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. They had to make the difficult decision to leave him behind now. Yeah, OH, my Gosh! Those poor people several months later, one of Peter King locks friends. A guy named Rodney. Hogue was making his own attempt on Everest. And he spotted Peter Sitting on a ledge, his remains were perfectly preserved by the ice. He said quote when I saw him I instantly knew it was Peter. You could see his face. It was just like he was lying on his back taking arrest. Jeez the climbed down to Peter was too dangerous to undertake, so hope took a moment. He paid his respects to his fallen comrade before continuing on. On now before Kinloch had died, the SHERP. Is that were with him at clipped him to a fixed line on the side of the mountain, and that's probably where he will remain until somebody cuts down. That's got to be super bizarre to all of a sudden. See your dead friend on the side of a mountain. Yeah, he's been dead for months and he looks like he's taken a nap. Be Concerned that I was like hallucinating. Yeah, nobody knows exactly how many bodies are still on Everest? But the estimate it to be just over two hundred eighty bodies. Most of them are Sherpas, which is not surprising. That makes a lot of sense. They reside in the Tibetan Nepali border area, interestingly the Sherpas when they die the perish. Perish at the lower altitudes while the foreigners perish higher up closer to the top of the mountain I. Don't know why that is exactly, but but that's what statistics tell us interesting. According to the Himalayas database, most climbers expire either ascending or descending from the summit, mostly descending very few diet base camp. Now there have been very strange and unexplained sightings on the mountain particularly in this area that I'm talking about the dead zone. Just as you're coming down from the summit Pemba, Dorji Sherpa from Nepal claims to have seen black shadows during his two thousand four ascent of Mount Everest. When I paused at amount of rocks I saw what looked like spirits in the form of black shadows coming toward me. They had their hands outstretched. They were begging for something to eat. Dorji thinks the shadows are obviously spirits of mountaineers that were killed during past climbs, and that's interesting, because it's a tradition to leave food near a deceased climber's body on the mountain as a form of respect, Mohan Singh a resident of local Himalayan village. He reportedly encountered a very strange man, wearing mountain, climbing gear outside of his home. During the winter months of two thousand four, he said the sky turned to black, and the stranger reached for sings shirt he was. He was trying to grab him to keep himself from falling, but his fingers went right through sings body just like a ghost might do. Strangers Body. He said, continuously changed sizes, growing up to nine feet, tall, and then suddenly shrinking to quote the height of a chicken. Dad's weird. That's terrifying. I mean your brain must be doing crazy things when you your body is being put through that that tremendous stress will that that that is true, and that's what makes this particular story interesting is this is a a resident of a village that is certainly acclimated hikers go you. You know Internet of this this village on their way to and from, so he wasn't. He wasn't hiking. He wasn't doing this this dressy thing actually chopping wood chopping, what can be stress in June of nineteen, thirty three Frank Smyth while he was climbing suddenly. You sense that he was not alone. He descended from one of Mount Everest's notorious death zone areas, and during a break from these this journey he encountered the presence of a man. Described it a mint cake with him. He attempted to break his mint cake in half, and as he was handing it to this man, the man just slowly disappeared right in front of his eyes. Sometime later Smyth discovered to dark bulbous. Hovering over him, he described one of the objects as having a quote. Squat developed wing, while the other had a beak like protrusion kind of like the spout of a tea kettle. K The objects remained pulsating over him until eventually disappearing in a passing now, that could be explained by the brain's lack of oxygen at a higher altitude. That's still pretty pretty frigging weird. Be Creepy. In one thousand, nine, hundred eighty five guy, named Dougal Hanson and a friend of his Doug Scott, claimed two cents quote a third climber aiding their survival one particularly brutal Mount Everest. Ascent has an got were members of the very first expedition that successfully climbed Mount Everest using uncharted path, so this was. Arduous journey. The ghostly mountaineer that the men ran into. I would hope that on that kind of journey. You'd want to hold your head up high. Oh, an arduous journey got it Arjun journey no gone account. Topical Jokes Katrina. All home bringing the topical Joe Folks. But a band from the sixties. Early seventies actually but. I will look that shit up seventy two Arjun. Hold your head up. Featuring Rod Argenta. Former lead singer of zombies founded in nineteen sixty nine. Yeah, but when was that song hit? I didn't say. When was the song ahead? I said a banned from the sixteen. semantics. So the ghostly mountaineer that them, so the ghostly mountaineer that the men encountered apparently helped them out, he provided extra company, and encouragement has an in Scott claimed that the phantom climber help them make it through the night. And then he just disappeared. That reminds me of that story of the the woods that kill people. You talked about one time. There is a group of kids. And the waters were rising. The rivers were rising, and there was always someone at the river to help them across, but it turns out. There was no one there something that story vaguely vaguely. That's called the third man factor. Oh, that's the it's a thing. It's an extraordinary account of how people at the very edge of death often sense an unseen presence beside them who encourages them to make one final effort to survive? They offer a feeling of hope, protection guidance, and it leaves the person convinced that he or she is not alone. wikipedia says that Sir Ernest Shackleton during the Shackleton Expeditions wrote in his book, South his belief that a in corporal being joined him in two others during the. The final leg of their journey Shackleton wrote during that long and racking march of thirty six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of south Georgia. It seemed to me often that we were four. Not Three. His admission resulted in other survivors of extreme hardship, coming forward and sharing similar experiences in recent years, well known adventurers like climber, reinhold, Messner and polar. Explorers Peter, Hillary, and Bancroft reported that exact same experience. Some some people think of it as a Guardian Angel. Some people think of it as imaginary friend I'd like to think that if I was in that kind of situation and some sort of spirits, being came to me to encourage me to withstand pressures and persevere I. It would be Michael Jordan. Would it yeah okay? I would follow Michael Jordan's advice, absolutely Michael Jordan. Talk me into just about anything I'd be like you're right Michael. A lot of people say an explanation for this is a coping mechanism for the brain. Modern psychologists have actually used the third man factor to treat victims of trauma Oh the cultivated inner character lens imagined support and comfort. That's kind of a nice place to end I think. On the story rather than? People stepping over frozen corpses, and that was nice top of. Ghosts. Thing in the middle today's thing in the middle once again called from the freaks group on facebook. Jesse rights anyone else's family have words that they use that. No one else understands in my family. If you're about to say something, and then you suddenly forget, or you can't remember something that you know you know. We call it a brain fart I just said brain fart to a friend and she. She was so confused she'd never heard the term. Yeah and I think that's really interesting. And so many people chimed in with their family words that don't make no sense and I love it number five. Emily writes I'm from New York originally and we call people. Things like chew ch and Scotch I. Don't know how to spell it exactly, but it means you're being a pain in the ass. L. Says Oh. We have so many family. Speak Words that I could go on for days. Some of them are rubber, husband, but dollies and waffle juice. They all sound bad, but they aren't, but she doesn't go on to say what they are for I. Wish I need to know what waffle juice a- need to know? What but dollies are I think I might need one. Linda commented Google Equals ibook irs. Yam Equals huge turn I light equals too bright. Just left a huge GM into the room. Bob Number two Julius. My mom has a habit of adding the ending equal to a body part for example, if you wearing the bride's on the boob area. Wear shoes that your critical area! And it seems totally normal to me I. Love It. Analysis writes in zombies is Arby's means. Those little balls of fluff that you vacuum up. ZOMBIES I love those things. My sister always called the the stuff that gathers in the bottom of a sink trainer Grete, and I liked that very much I thought it was very a descriptive, and it sounds like the right word to use its Gret of adopted that myself. Friend's MOM. Always called Farts fluffs fluffs. Heard that yeah. Hoop fluff. My, mom when she wanted you to do, something quickly would say higgledy-piggledy. Go Clean Your Room higgledy-piggledy. Sure why authoritative when you say that. Yeah, I mean it hastily. The box auditees with cat and Ja- through Gilligan to off. What do you got for me? What you. What? I was doing the robot during that. Have, you ever heard of Dog Mountain? No, are we doing to mountain? Stories back toback sort of. I mean it is a mountain, yes. Dog Mountain is set upon about one hundred fifty acres a private mountain top spot in Saint. John's Barre Vermont the grounds are almost always open to people and their dogs. It was started by Stephen, neck and Gwen Hugh Neck. Stephen Hyun was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, eight in Columbus. Ohio he was an American Wood. Carver artist, furniture, maker, painter, and author. He was a self taught sculptor Stephen started out as an antique furniture picker, and through that experience. He said that he learned about good design and how to build furniture that lasts forever, and he studied the furniture, so then he started to build the furniture. Stephen had very good fortune to be discovered doing the thing that he loved. He carved his first piece. It was an angel and. And it was in the back of his truck, and he was discovered in Nineteen eighty-four, when a man started pulling the angel out of the back of his truck, and he said. How much do you want for this angel and Hyun? It was not intending to sell it, and he believed that the guy wouldn't pay what he wanted for it anyway, so he said a thousand dollars in the man revealed himself to be an art dealer for Manhattan, and he gave the guy a thousand dollars. This is the type of story. Yeah. It really is so. The Art dealer paid Stephen The thousand dollars and that was that he was now an artist. In The New York Times in nineteen, Eighty, eight, there was an article that states in a short time several of Mr H- UNIX works were sold through that dealer. One fetch ten thousand dollars. I never made half that on an antique Stephen who was thirty nine at the time said. This seems like a miracle within two years of the sale from his pickup truck. His works were. Were being widely exhibited as examples of Faux Card from the Stamford Museum and Nature Center to the White House. Mr Pieces are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution the Dog Museum of America and the American Kennel Club so in Nineteen ninety-four. Stephen suffered from adult respiratory distress syndrome after he fell down a flight of stairs, and it left him in a coma for two months. the, doctors were not hopeful, but with the help of his wife Gwen. Stephen made a full recovery. He pretty much had to relearn everything how to walk how to sign his own name, and just before this accident had taken place, he's was inspired to do a series of woodcut prints based on his dog sally. So after he woke up from the coma once he was able to Stephen began working. Working on these would cuts, and the I would cut. He carved was called. Life is a ball, and that celebrated his newfound life, and it remains one of the most cherished and iconic of his works You can probably picture it. It's kind of a rectangular piece, and it's a water line on the bottom with dogs head coming up out of the water after a ball and at the bottom. Bottom, it says life is ball. It's real simplistic, but beautiful, and well done and anyway I love it so Stephen and Gwen. It didn't have kids, but they always had dogs. They were there constant companions, and they felt that they were compelled to do something special, and after Stevens near death experience, they bought a property in one, thousand, nine, hundred five to do this project dog mountain, the centerpiece of. Of Dog, mountain is the dog chapel and that opened its doors memorial. Day weekend of the year. Two thousand Dog Mountain is an unspoiled haven. It's Scott Hiking trails and and Dob Pons. There's wild flowers in the summer and you can snowshoe in the winter. leashes are not required. You are encouraged to bring your dogs and just let them beat dogs, and this is in Saint John's Berry. Correct Okay Stephen spoke of his passion project and said I've learned so much more about love from my dogs than I ever did my parents or the church. He's quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying they're really great teachers, and they love you with their whole hearts, so dog mountain is a vast park like space and is open to the public at no charge it. It also includes a gallery of Stevens Artwork and fun agility course for dogs I mean as post people could do it, too, but you know probably more fun for the dogs. Stephen and Gwen turned the barn that was on the property into a studio space. He said I'm a hand carver. I love the texture. You can get only by hand and he carved almost. Almost every single day of the year he would take time out to walk the dogs obviously, but he was pretty much just wanted. It's what he did. It's how he spent his time and being self taught. He carved very unique style, some referred to as backward carving, so he carved toward himself. Other artists were very curious about this style and one actually asked. Asked if he could come and stay with Stephen and Gwen for a month spend a month. Just watching him carve so that he could learn his style because he loved what he produced by sea, and the style is unique to Stephen, so he wanted to kind of absorb them. It's kind of counterintuitive though you don't WanNa. Be Carving toward yourself with sharp pokey thing. Stephen and Gwen very private people, though so they declined the offer of having a random stranger artist. Come live with them for a month. They like I said they didn't have kids, but they did have three dogs, two black labs, daisy and Sally and molly a golden retriever. Stephen built. The Dog Chapel himself in the style of twenty s Vermont Village Church. It is small, modest and white. The chapel resembles a regular new. England church from the outside, aside from the steeple topped with a Labrador with wings. One? A sign out front proclaims welcome all creeds, all breeds. No Dogmas allowed. This is according to the New York. Times inside the four pews had made by Mr Huhne are supported by carved wooden dogs stained glass windows depict dogs in various poses, and the walls are covered inches thick with photos and handwritten notes to departed pets. Place there by their grieving visitors, according to John is who is gwynn's brother in an interview with NPR. Stevens said that the dog chapel was his largest and most personal artwork, and it really is. It's a masterpiece. The videos that I watched. It's almost spiritual. People walk inside, and there's this real reverence. Wait. That's carried there and you can see these handwritten notes. That say things like Frankie. These sixteen years were the best years of my life. I'll never forget you my sweet hot dog. You know that kind of thing. Some our work is obviously made by children grieving. They're they're lost pets. It's really an emotional place. What a beautiful project would a beautiful effort would a beautiful work of art that is, and it was so personal to them. It was such a passion project a thing that they believed that that we need to have unfortunately the UNIX fell on hard times during the two thousand eight financial crisis and Steven in January of two thousand, ten was despondent over having to have laid off employees. They lost a lot of money. They weren't able to maintain the employees that they had hired. And so at the age of sixty one, he took his own life in June of two thousand thirteen, after three years of maintaining dog mountain on her own and struggling to keep it going and grow this project that meant so much to her and her husband. Gwen passed away as well. The Dog Mountain community released a statement. Gwen never got over the loss of Stephen and missed him terribly every day. As you all know after Stephen's death, she devoted her life to continuing his legacy as a great artist, she continued to manage the gallery and kept active in community affairs. She vowed to help. Turn Saint John's Berry into one. One of the most dog friendly places in Vermont so this year, the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the dog chapel the dog mountain website posted finally in the year two thousand, the dog chapel was introduced to the world is a symbol of peace, love and remembrance in the twenty years, since it has been transformed into a living piece of communal art and history ever-evolving, each new note and photo pin to the overflowing walls, the chapel has become a unique and moving physical embodiment of the unending love. People have to give in these times especially places like the dog chapel deserve to be celebrated and cherished. That is so beautiful. It's sad that that his life ended with him being despondent and sad. Because clearly, he gave so much joy to people through his works and. This one in particular, the the struggle was not new, though he had lived most of his life, battling depression, and so it was I from the vibe. That I got from the articles that I. Read and the statements released by friends and relatives. It seems like this was kind of all that he could handle like he gave what he wanted to give back and was would just wasn't able to fight anymore. It's interesting. How many creative people suffer from depression? I've not seen any statistics on it, but I would venture to guess it's a pretty high percentage. Absolutely name so friends of Dog Mountain is a nonprofit organization that was established by family and friends of Stephen and Gwen. That's committed to ensuring the dog mountain and the Stephen Unit Gallery and the dog chapel will not just survive. Survive but thrive, and you can find more on the website. Dog Mt Dot Com. There's all kinds of information about Stevens art and the legacy, and where you can donate to help. Keep this passion project going. There's actually been a documentary made about the location as well. It's called Dog Mountain, a love story and I think I'd really like to watch that slash. Never Watch it because I don't think I'll make it through. Yeah. We have a very dear friend who had to say goodbye to his dog today. So. This story I think affects you and I may be. A bit more because of that I know this is kind of a bummer and I tried to figure out like how to like. Put the whole death part in the first part and then move, but there's no way you. GotTa tell a story as it is, and so I wanted to leave you with this. It's a quote from Stephen Eunuch that I found him. One of the articles that I read I received inspiration to accomplish certain things in life, and that figures into a bigger equation. You have to give to get. That's beautiful. You know who okay yeah. Dogs, they're great Yeah, they're so great dogs. And we love you and we love the you hang out with us, and we want to welcome our latest premium subscribers to the box of oddities. We're going to be releasing our next bonus episode in just a few days. So if you're not a member yet now is a good time to join you. Get the bonus episode. You get all of the episodes ad free. You get them a day early and you get access to the back channel, which is direct contact with us so if you want to send a message through the back channel, says fuck you Katrina for giving me all these feelings. You big stupid ahead. You know she's going to see it. Off The eventual respond to it again in some way. The box of oddities dot. com is where you can go to to become. A charter member if you will. Get all kinds of details there about all kinds of stuff we try to make it a one stop shop for all your body's needs, and there's plenty of. In a helpful knowledgeable staff. See next time my friend. Keep! Flying Freak flag flies proudly. So let it be known that the blocks of oddities belongs to. And it's lead is in your hands. Therefore it's been requested by those two. To Beseech you. The resistance we asked what one thing of you to provide a five star rating and laws of review true. That is two things, however is merely a five star, rating and positive review. Also subscribed to us. Okay, so three things is always asking three things and three things only. Henceforth. The box of oddities commits to the telling of stories stories of the strange, the bizarre, the unexpected we wish to offer our deeply felt gratitude and appreciation for your patriots. The BOX AUDITEES DOT com. Right twenty twenty all rights reserved.

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