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They even though fans can attend this year's masters. The tournament is using the flexibility of a hybrid cloud to scale their capabilities. Now everyone can be a patron learn more at ibm dot com slash monsters fried passion and patron torri of college. Football leaves here. The paul finebaum. Show our three podcast. Busy second half the program. I had and we begin in columbia missouri where missouri will be hosting georgia an opportunity for missouri. Keep on after a pulsating win. Last week over arkansas lauren sis or is there. We had laura couple of weeks to talk about. I think it was vanderbilt georgia. She ended up getting there as the game was cancelled. But lauren looks like this game is on how are you. Yeah it feels good to be here in columbia missouri with the game right ahead of us less than twenty four hours from now no word or no indication that this is going to be cancelled so ready to roll of course. The weather's a little icky outside right. Now it's raining. it's going to be cold. There was some discussion about there being snow in the forecast which got some people excited me included but it looks like things will probably be pretty clear tomorrow just very very gold and i think before the season when you look at the schedule and saw that georgia was going to missouri. You you new georgia would be a highly regarded team. I don't think anyone predicted this would be a battle of of top twenty five teams. I mean that's that might be one of the more surprising elements of the season in the sec. Yeah when you look at the slate of games this weekend across the board and really with a lot of cancer of course this game is definitely a highlight. Definitely really excited for this one. I think these two teams match up. Well when you look at the offensive side of the football for georgia and missouri both two quarterbacks that are really coming into their own. Two weeks ago i got to watch. Jt daniels make his first start when they played mississippi state he's really improved a lot even in just the last two weeks being able to get that mobility being more comfortable in the offense and really. That's one thing he talked about todd monk and has really given him i guess control of the offense and what todd mahnken burns the table in this. This offensive scheme really works well for and the communication is there. He's able to control the offense he feels like he's able to facilitate things get it to his playmakers and then on the other side you've got missouri. Connor lack certainly a great quarterback. A redshirt freshman had the acl injury a year ago as well just like jt daniels and is really starting to emerge and we saw that in the arkansas game. What they were able to do. Obviously offensively came down to the wire. There was a lot of confidence in that one thing. That really kind of stood out to me is the confidence level. We were talking to coach. Walter's the defensive coordinator and he said that there were so much confidence when there was forty six. Forty six seconds left on the clock in arkansas game that they felt very confident that they were going to be able to drive down the field. Get it in field goal range and get the field goal kick to win that football game in laren i mean. I don't think we can say enough about missouri coach drinkers. Don't we talk to a connor. The other day and story is just so so fantastic. But what is your sense of this program right now in terms of what's ahead because i mean it was not in good shape and it wasn't necessarily the fault of berry odem but the ncw investigation a couple of years ago. wreaked havoc. The numbers were low. Still are really interested in your view of this program right now. Yeah you know. I think missouri is really trying to turn the page and certainly electric goods coming in and being able to set the standard. He's setting a standard in a culture. That really hasn't been in place for a couple of years and again to your point. I don't think it is the fault of very odem but really what he had to do was come in and really not apologize for the standard setting and basically say in order to get a championship culture. Here we've got to act like champions. We've got to be champions before actually champions and so that's sort of the mindset coming in and i feel that. There is a lot of competence around that that people are bought in the players. The coaching staff and really the community around missouri. The entire state of missouri is bought into that. I think early on there might have been some speculation. Just some concerns that maybe he's not going to get the job done and at the end of the day. I think that it's showing now on paper. And obviously what he's doing inside the locker room. Yeah they've had opt-outs just like every other team in the country i think now they're up to nine opt-outs but in his mind he says you know what if you're not in you don't wanna play. You can go somewhere else and find that success. We're gonna do us here. And that's really been the mindset and i really think that they're trending in the right direction right now and finally laura one end on georgia. I'm struggling to find the right words to describe this. George season ranked number nine in the country and it just feels like a law. Season for caribbean smart. Because of the two big games that they let go i mean obviously alabama. Everyone's lost alabama and now like many had beaten florida florida. Either you think that's just what kirby's mar has to live with every day being one of the top coaches and having one of the top programs in america well you point that out and i actually heard you talking to cole cubelic earlier about the auburn football program and sort of what they deal with in the state of alabama going up against nick sabin and the crimson tide and. I think georgia faces some of that. Same thing. Really just competing in the sec. What they're having to go up against you know obviously as you said the two big losses but in the minds of the committee they have them in the top ten still. And you know. Certainly feel like they're deserving of that ranking going into this last game or last two games of the season they'll make their game against vanderbilt next week. But you know. I definitely think there is some disappointment there because it seems like all the pieces coming in. We're in place. We talked to the coaching staff. A couple of weeks ago. There was so much optimism before they even took the first half of the season that this offense was the offense that was going to get it done that they had all the right pieces in place and then defensively georgia comes back year in and year out. They've got identity on defense that really they weren't able to live up to and it really showed up. They were able to expose those weaknesses in that forty game. And that's something that i think is plagued them and certainly been that something that they've really tried to refocus on these last couple of weeks because they deathly gave up some big explosive plays in just could not get the job done. They didn't have a good performance. Good showing against alabama. The same happened against florida now. They're trying to kind of crawl out of this hole and really again sort of a day late dollar short and not being able to be considered once again for the college football playoff and now you know hoping for You know a big bowl at the end of the season lawrence. This are always great to see you even through the magic of television Can't wait to see you in person. Miss miss our saturday morning chats about the world. I know i miss you. Paul always good to chat with you in optimistic about that lauren. Thank you very much for joining us. Live for columbia. I don't care what anybody says. We're gonna end this nonsense here soon. Let's get to more calls in a moment at eight. Five five two four two seven two eight five as well as more guests as well matched He's got a big win. The mara national We'll be the site of tennessee vanderbilt. And we'll talk about that with him in a minute. 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Adorable kits visit a. L. l. y. Dot com slash savings to learn more ally bank member. Fdic always great to welcome it matched to the grim here and he'll be on the call tamar for tennessee and vanderbilt and matt seems like we've talked about tennessee a few times this year and i'm really interested in your view of them and Especially you know trying to shalva season with vanderbilt tomorrow. Am the next week. The schedules obviously been rearranged a little bit. Where are they right now. Bad spot Lots of season in a game vs vanderbilt non place you want to be. If you're tennessee. Football program your rewind all the way to the beginning of the season writing that winning streak and then getting a victory vs south carolina and then going on the road and putting it on missouri. I mean running the football right down their throat to the point where i think it changed. Who missouri was defensively. Going forward made him a better football team kind of steeled their resolve not to have that happen again because tennessee almost two hundred forty seven rushing yards on them in that football game. It's been the same sense. I will have to say that most people. I think observing the program even outside of the quarterback position and the circumstances that all teams have found themselves in this year. This has been really disappointing year for tennessee football. They've got two more shots at. It is a very short handed vanderbilt. Football program could get on the field georgia. It'll be interesting to see if tennessee can put together a convincing performance versus their in state conference member i. i wouldn't even call it. A rival per se for tennessee's perspective although Tennessee vanderbilt had some success versus the balls in recent years. Easy man on talk shows to blame coaches but there is obviously more to it. But as you look at jeremy pruitt and his staff. I'm curious how you would evaluate or analyze some of the decisions especially at quarterback because a lot of people feel like jeremy was was really slow to make a change. Yeah quarterbacks been an interesting adventure for tennessee to say. The least. I mean even last time out versus the florida gators harrison bailey. Obviously getting out there and then comes out of the game briefly. Brian our goes in but then. Jt shrout finishes finishes the game. We haven't seen a lot of either one of those guys. Jt shroud got in earlier. In the season jarod guarantee no Start out rough to say the least versus kentucky and what ended up being a blowout loss at the hands of the wildcats at home. Jt shrout through pass for an interception in that one football game and then to see him late last week and had some success in two series versus the florida gators. But it's it's been kind of all over the place at the quarterback position and largely been that way for two seasons. Really paul when you think about the way. They had to manage the quarterback position last year. And i would argue masterfully. Really given where. Jerry guarantee no been mentally after the gulf called. Qb sneak versus alabama. When tennessee was still very much in that football game ends up going the other direction the idea that they were able to still salvage the back. End of that season was was really impressive from a coaching standpoint. This season the quarterback position has remained an issue to say the least and the lack of consistency and even in the past couple of weeks in harrisonburg getting his first start versus florida a week ago. It's still not a known commodity. We'll talk to tennessee later on today. We've not visited with him yet to find out what exactly can expect to get their quarterback tomorrow versus the commodores one program with a six game losing streak the other with a nine game. I mean i guess there is only. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. That one team has to win. But i mean this. This is a mess. Matt i realize this late in the year and it's a stranger at that but on the other side of vanderbilt. We all know the story pretty well. The coaching change the future unknown. Give us give us your assessment of of where they are right now with with a chance to at least be tennessee. That would that would be big. It'd be huge And it's still going to be an uphill climb. I mean you look at their roster. There's no way they've got fifty scholarship players available in this football game. They're choosing to play the game. It's admirable because vanderbilt different. I think it's well documented that they're different from any of the other member institutions southeastern eastern conference but none more so than in the area of roster roster management in a year where everyone is incredibly lean. This point in time memorable would be lean anyway. Even in regular circumstances they don't have a ton of walk on. There's not a lot of kids lining up to pay that tuition to pay full freight and have that academic rigor. Oh and by the way all week you get a practice. Football games probably never see the field and likely watch. Your teammates get beat down. It's just something that a lot of people are signing up for. They don't have a lot of bodies they don't have a lot of kids to even be able to practice. So it's admirable the vanderbilt's even able to take the field tomorrow. I'll little bit hesitant to say the least. We had them last week in a would be game vs. Georgia got cancelled at noon on friday. It does appear that this game's going to get. Its admirable just enough that the commodores are going to be able to take. The field. Looked like they were turning a corner. Looked like they were going to play better. Football down the stretch. Mississippi state had an opportunity to win. Were undone by turnovers. Still a young quarterback and true freshman kin seals but there last time out versus missouri was a discouraging performance to say the least in. It'll be interesting to see what they're able to cobble together with the personnel. They have available. And what could be their final game of the season if they're not able to get back out there versus georgia we from them. What is the sarah fuller situation for. Tomorrow's best you know as we understand it She will be kicking in football game. We think extra points. is probably the likelihood of win. We will expect to see her in the contest tomorrow but she is available for place kicking duties and it seems as if the point after attempt is the most likelihood most area of likelihood that we could see on the field of play tomorrow. You know there's so much conversation about that. And and i think most reasonable people smiled and we're happy and and celebrated it but you know we both grew up in the south and there are certainly narrow views of what happened. I'm curious just to somebody who played this game at the highest level is also reasonable your thoughts on when it happened. And what you'll see you tomorrow. Yeah you know as a father of daughters the whole thing. The more opportunities The better in that regard. I will say that circumstances in many ways. I don't wanna say forced but created the opportunity for this to have happened in credit sarah fuller for wanting to take advantage of that. I do think that you know the attention that it still garnering. The fact that things have seemingly settled down around the fact that there's a female kicker in a power five game is only help not only her ability to contribute with that football team but the team in general because as we know it is unique and can be a distinct distraction in some ways. A positive distraction but distraction nonetheless and from what we gather and it makes sense that because some time has passed. And maybe perhaps because vanderbilt didn't take the field last week vs georgia. The things have kind of settled down and interestingly and rather quickly surf or has assimilated into that football team and program not an easy thing to do late in the year But i think that speaks to some of the positive elements of this as much as anything else squib make a field goal point after was the fact that she is seemingly a member of the football team and not a novelty. I think that's really where the progress would ultimately be made the fact that so much attention has been garnered around it. That's fine for the first time but if progress is actually being made and if we're opening up our eyes and broadening our rises and just playing the best potential players in these capacities then at some point in time it shouldn't be a novelty to just be something that should be expected. We're not there yet. That's not the case but we're closer this week than we were two weeks ago when she first took the field versus missouri match them on the call tomorrow matt. Thank you as always. We will talk to you next week. Always a pleasure baseball great stuff for matt. We are going to take a break. I know i promise phone calls. We will eventually get to them. We still have a lot to do. We have general balls in the final hour talking about the army navy. Chris doering on the weekend ahead and a look at what's going on currently in college football including the espn deal with the sec. John tardy from al dot com will join us next at once app. That's dan sing running with elite. Qb's wrestled at the kennedy td's across nova step behind no need to watch the clock at thirty thirty two single. Push us bruce lee showing no mercy factfile got the crew on deck knows g. No one knows goes deeper as the espn app download. Now you're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back and always great to have our next guest. John taught nobody more plugged in to the sec. What's happening at various campuses or in downtown birmingham. The sec office than john gotti l. dot com. We'll talk about the big news of yesterday in a few minutes at john has written quite skillfully about but but john i want to start with a couple of items that you mentioned in your column from the week. I'm and get to auburn in a minute. Where things are always cooking. But but you you talked about lsu another tumultuous week for the tigers and they go to gainesville and then the university announces the. I'll try to get through this with a straight face helped me please That it is self imposing a bowl ban on the school on a team that very likely will will do no better than five hundred and could do worse you almost have to respect how brazen as paul i mean that's such a laughable move to enforce a bowl ban win a i mean as you pointed out record is very good and given all the challenges. They've had between claire issues. It's hard for me to imagine that what you wanna play a full anyway. So you had an opportunity earlier. In the year to enforce a bowl ban allen had gone back and forth the. Ncaa didn't wanna do it. Dan so waiting to do it now. I can just see with. They're trying to do. And so maybe it works. But i don't believe the. Ncaa is incapable of critical thinking. They'll see see through. That moved there but certainly their challenges in place unless you right now on the other day. A great story looking at that situation. There's just a lot of challenges already really one of the teams that you look back on. It's hard to a mac. Torture really remember team struggling as much as osu has now with all the issues that come with that coming off the national championship. the year. Before i was reading your column the other day. John and you talk about people within the industry insiders people that you talk every day in talking about the future that owes run and i did a double take and i. I'm not naive. I feel like you know me pretty well but it still struck me that a year ago. This man was the toast of the college football industry national coach of the year the national champion. And how could he be in trouble. And i asked that tongue-in-cheek because i did read your column. Well yeah i mean it just shows how quickly things can change. Employ knows anybody. The gene chizik is probably the perfect example. As to how thing out vaccines can change. And you know if you're editing certainly. Don't want to be compared to jean. Who is a very nice man but didn't work out the end for auburn there and i think the challenge that that faces that was similar to choosing. Is that when things started. Going bad with kizzee again. It started going bad after. Gus malzahn left. What happened as you remember is that people basically gave malzahn all the credit to the national shaped team of course of cam newton as well and you started seeing just not really getting credit for winning that. I'm already seeing some of that. Lsu wish he were pointing to joe burrow. Joe brady dave randa as roy. The reasons for that national championship game and that stuff starts to happen like the cases is almost starting to be made as to why os. Ron doesn't deserve all the credit to the national championship. And why maybe he isn't the guy for the long-term future air. So i can tell you. Within the industry there was a lot of interest around that job. No one expected to open this year. But there are certainly some high level coaches would love a shot at it would ever come open and they're not gonna decadent live and they're thinking of the next year or two jobs come open especially next year if it continued to really struggle you see more opt-outs more transfers all of a sudden you start going to cultural problems with some of the other issues that are going on there and then it starts getting a little easier to to imagine a move jollity with us you know you talk about the future in terms of ed- odur on what about the president for gus malzahn. I know it's a familiar. You're late season conversation but this year. The noise seems to be loud. Yeah i mean i think. Back to one of my Favorite bands talking heads. You know once in a lifetime and the situation is same as it ever was. You know it feels like every year we get to the end and you know it looks like justice on the hot seat. You've got you know some powerful boosters trying to work. I'm the scenes to to see if they're move can be made and gus just kind of battle into hang on. We've seen it in the past when he was on the ropes. And then he beats georgia and alabama. And it's a massive extinction so you everything is kind of feels like on the table for auburn. And like we said in the asfaw you should never. I think make a decision purely just off of one game. But i do think this is an important weekend for us because a loss mississippi state given all the challenge. They've had this year Certainly would not pretend to a lot of positive momentum going into next year no matter how much he says he thinks it's going to be a special year and i think you can never discount the emotion that comes up high-level boosters so a bad loss mississippi state and you might see some people compelled to really make run at pushing gus out so i think this is certainly of a movie night. The most exciting slate of games this weekend. The game on paying close attention to is mississippi state. Johnny was almost a year ago. You you wrote a column entitled winners and losers of the fallout of the expected. Sec espn deal talking about what was announced yesterday. We all know it was supposed to come out. Be announced at the sec. Basketball tournament somewhere thereabouts. Everyone knows what happened in march. I'm curious though is For someone who's been following this story since its inception has broken many important aspects of it including what you wrote yesterday. Just give us your thoughts on why. This is so important to not only the sec. But to it's its new life partner. Espn well because i know you're too humble to mention it yourself. I had one of my wears off for the record just so that your listeners. Now i've got pause one of the big winners of this deal. I think it's important for a couple of reasons. One obviously is a lot of money involved here. And so the sec. Already been the best answers along the big ten in terms of its pay us to its schools but with the cvs bang under market rate for many years. Now there's been a lot of money on a left on the table and here this is going to rectify that so it's gonna be a much bigger payout for all these different esi schools which allows them to spend more money on all the things to spend on coaches and facilities. And all that kinda stuff. I think in terms of fans one of the big things that i've heard and tots back yesterday that it gives them a lot more flexibility to be able to schedule in advance as opposed to recently with cbs. A two week out window. It was kind of waiting to see what cbs does before scheduling their games in theory They concede much further out in advance. You might know in the summer okay eleven. Am gave this week. I've got three pm game three weeks after that. It makes it a lot easier for knowledge fans to figure out what they're doing but also of course coaches and athletic department in all that out in advance so it's certainly a huge deal You know it's a couple years away of right now So you get a little bit time to wait on that But it's an important deal for everybody in something like you said you was agreeing to really a year ago but finding was able to come out yesterday officially. Cbs has this for three more seasons to call them. A lame duck would would would be unfair to lame ducks out there. But what d- no and what what is the likelihood that. Cbs says you know what. Let's invest our money and things that we are going to control long term as opposed to something we are just holding onto well. I think it would be a few different active there. Paul and that you know we know that this has been extremely popular product four. Cvs you don't just give it away early unless you have to use some things to keep in mind here One how much money's offered you know everybody will say that. Something's not for sale. But i think everybody has a price so now it'd be one thing to consider is this. Espn just below them. Away of christ another key. Things remembers that the sec has to be on board with it as well so it's not purely just a gsp pm. Thing the final angle. I would say that is worth considering is a cbs. Spend the nfl writes. That wants to keep that could determine how much money you might need extra coming in. Ask some extra money to spend. Just some of the rights deals that are coming down the line of somebody at conferences not. Cbs wanted to make a run at another concept deals with big ten or pac. Twelve down the line. Maybe they went benefit from having some extra money they could spend and be able to added a new brand. That could go all in on and really kind of france us. There's after the sec since nineteen ninety-six. So there's a lot of factors of mare three yesterday. No high-level discussions have happened to this point. But i think certainly your employer would love to see a little bit earlier. It could just gonna depend knock. You know whether it makes sense for cbs to do that and let me close with another line. You had from this article a year ago. You talked about how as this deal was closing. This was in december of twenty thousand nine hundred and this was really the first big moment for greg sankey since taking over i i thought about that john and then think about where greg sankey is today with literally the weight of college football on his shoulders. He's gone from the commissioner the sec. I don't mean to put words in your mouth. But i know how you feel to literally the most powerful and successful person in this in this place and in this platform. What does this deal on. Top of what he has done since covid. Where does this put him. Yeah and he's had a tremendous year. And i always think you know me well enough paul that you don't wanna be the sec guy who just only beaten up You know how great the sec is. Safety deserves a lot of credit for everything eat did over. The last year avocado football season this year. I mean you know how tenuous it was at various points this year in the sec. Staying resolve in working behind the scenes to try to keep the acc big twelve yawn or his well. I think it's huge and really why we're still able to talk football and having season all the games that we're talking. That aso deserves a massive amount of credit for that and then again during a huge deal here you know his predecessor Staying with cvs less money to stay of cbs white. The entity on it would have been easy in some ways. I think just stay with. Cbs because is a product that was working at a one that allowed fans alike and are custom to we saw the reaction to possibly losing just acting song and how much that made people think and so took to move to espn seems easier. Think about now but it is bold in some regard. And i think he deserves credit for helping kind of navigate that athen. I thought it was telling you. He told me that really from the moment he took over. Excuse me was announced as commissioner. He started thinking about this meteorites. Deal so worth for many years behind the scenes thinking about this move and again you know agreed to essentially a year ago but finally announced yesterday just shows you the work that went into it and it's going to benefit. I think certainly schools financially but fans one joy. Some of the flexibility. That comes with the schedule going over to in john. Finally the path. The path forward Four months ago today the big ten shut down the college football world was hanging on by threaten. I thought it was interesting. Michael sags when. I know you ve interviewed many many times told us the other day here the epidemiologist from uab if the situation with cova today was was same back in august. We probably would not have had a football season which leads me to the next couple of weeks. It's getting considerably dangerous out there. Doctors are telling people don't travel all of. This is the college football season hens for championship saturday next week. And then the playoffs. What's it gonna look like over these next three to four weeks. Yeah i think. One of the things that i i saw the day thought was telling you pretend down. The future is just boston college deciding that they didn't want to you. Play a ball game. And you're gonna see more and more of that going forward in wish you. There's been a massive level commitment that we've expected all these student athletes and coaches stay on board. Try to stay in a mini bubble. Best possible not seeing their friends and family you playing a bowl game would mean likely missing christmas for most of them being their families. So i think you're gonna see a lot of the programs that might have been geared toward a lower bowl designing. It's not worth it. I think again as upset of asan you show the high level programs that are in the running for Whether it's the cloth or other high-level near sixty goals there's one to for them to try to keep it together and keep powering through because you know dr saga mixed great points that it is going to be very challenging going forward is getting even more challenging given the numbers. We're seeing around the country and so you know for the album of the world is so much the place or they'll find a way to keep you know trying to get across that finish line and staying safe during it. But the other programs athletes other people involved aside. It's not really worth all of the toll of financially and emotionally to keep trying play football beyond this weekend next weekend when someone to make up games are scheduled to be played. There's nobody better to unpack the vagaries and complexities of college. Football than than john. Tommy john thank you very very much. I can't wait to talk to you again soon. All the best thanks to balkash gionta the senior sports editor at aol dot com. We are heading to a break. We'll get to your phone calls in a moment then. Many more gas as we close in on friday night right here listening to paul finebaum show podcast medicine and we are back in candy is up next in toledo. Kenny get evening. How are you hi paul. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you a year. welcome. I talked to you last week. And i mentioned something about an asterix season. And i know you didn't wanna hear it but i don't think you really hurt me out and i wanna tell you what i mean by that. Okay and i. I think the big fan really screwed up this year. They panicked and they cancelled the season. So the pac. Twelve the cancel the season. Then they come in six weeks later and they want credibility now. I'm big time. Ohio state fan. I'm a big big ten fan. And but i don't think they have any credibility right now and i don't think that ohio state deserve to be in the playoff and simply because not enough games and everybody knows that they've lost some big games in the last few years when they were ranked in the top. Four what do you think about that. I think they're in great shape and they're they're they have a path and then there's a scenario as you know that would let likely keep them out. Alabama really is the key for them. They need alabama to win. And then i think they're and they're they're in really good shape. 'cause 'cause i think ohio state is going to trump texas am rightly or wrongly. I think perceptively the big ten champion is going to be able to leap. What most all considered to be the third team in the sec. Even even though technically they may be the second team. Okay but what do you think of this scenario. And i know you know who met album and i know that he brought this point up. Why can't if If the big ten is going to change the rules to get their team in why didn't they change the rules and let them play out of conference gates. Well that's different. you know. listen. I respect mitchell lot He's a great writer but big ten. The sec primarily believed that everything should be conference only. And when you when you only have an game conference. There's no reason to do that. I mean they chain a rule that they put in three months ago. It wasn't like a lifetime deal. Hey thanks for the call. Break a lot to do in the final hour including a major general in the army about the army navy. Game and chris during what are those do have in common. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show airs weekdays on the sec network beginning at three eastern.

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