118: Thursday, July 11th, 2019 with Shep Rose


Good morning everyone. I'm feeling extra vocally today. I'm just feeling so inspired from seeing a native pure fucking talent at the primary concert. I'm excited to hear about it. I watched some of your stories tonight. Just Foley sub. I've watched all my wife. She's much you guys had posted before. I went right okay. No I'm going on really late I guess checking and then it was almost like ten forty five times when she went on and I need to go home and watch actual primary concert answer because I need to find myself in the background because apparently Margaret quite as well I saw it's in the toasters. Nobody WanNa see like on my T._v.. Finally I'll be on T._v.. I like people send me video that you guys were on the screen because it was her and then you're in the background. I thought you got screen time. You guys dance. We didn't get even though we should've you should yeah they only did the fifties in the front. Apparently there was a rule not to wear stripes but I didn't hear about that role because I unintentionally was a backup singer a where the back of seniors wearing shoes wearing pig stripes and prints sparklys trips and then everyone behind the words was wearing pink purple sparkles and I was literally wearing pink Purple Stripe so you're back. I mean singer. Actually I wasn't paid or anything but I do that. How was it sadness and Stanislaus second? I was just like like I say let's just talk about even before she went on because first of all I don't know like literally who who in upper management allowed me to be invited because it wasn't like influence or central I saw Andi Dorfman and that was it. I didn't see any other influencers so it wasn't like they were being thirsty trying to get like make everyone to come and post like they literally treated us like royalty like I just I don't know if it was Amazon. If it was autumn communications whoever invented me like thank you so much not only that whoever respected the hell out of me because they put me in a private box and right when Taylor went on did ADID and her family comes out and Taylor's box like literally it was so crazy it was so we're so close to the stage and the three performers before or super interesting 'cause I want to do a leap for a second yeah. She went on. I which I thought was really interesting. I thought they would go from small to Vegas. Take making her. Maybe second or third yeah yeah. Actually it's interesting because they live triptych globally like two hundred countries like it was the perfect person for it and like the energy in the stadium. Now in the room wasn't like wasn't there for for Becky g mostly Taylor Shannon. I don't think they have a similar audience like she's quite a performer and she snatched his hell and she has the gap in her to fix which I kind of miss but she's so pretty. I didn't know any for music I wanted to she singing in the shower no and and she kept saying to change and I was like I'm ready. Just not a song I'd ever heard before which was really disappointing but like I have to say I have respect for Becky Jean Alix. She has a bustling career that we just don't know about in America. I've always had respect for Becky g every time she comes on my released radar with a new song always give it a try and it's just not for me. No because it's now I think she does like overwhelmingly Spanish songs. Yeah and I'm happy to see her thriving. She knows she's thriving then. I want to talk about Julie because obviously like I'd like to just as someone who loves pop culture like I was like I'll probably know a good amount of her songs and I was really blown away by duly but like first of all I knew every every word I didn't even know there were songs that I thought Jessica and saying and I was like oh no it's duleep literally and she is so beautiful like and so like snatched edged body wise and she's an amazing dancer like she is actually a triple threat. Yeah I thinking this is going to have a real legit career because first of all like her voice is so good and she doesn't say backtrack and like her songs are so good she sings in the same genre all the time like it's just she knows what she's good at Dance Club music yeah her and her dancers are so cute she literally such good dancer she was making me want to take dance classes. Yeah right like you just like move to the right news just like on rid swag. I don't know what it was. She was so that I really enjoyed her. Sousa was was being weird. She was like refusing to sing straight to the audience like she had her back just literally the whole time and to the camera. I didn't know what what it looks like on camera but like in the audience we might as well not have been there and what I have to say about the Amazon Prime Concert has Adams made for T._v.. But like there might as well not have been cameras there like every every performance they had was so connected with the audience but also with the cameras and it was just really impressive. I forgot that Taylor was streaming to all these countries but CIZA. She just didn't have like the the stage presence that everyone else did. I don't know what it looks like on on the street because I didn't watch it but just being in the audience I've literally forgot she was on it sounded like background music because she was lowering hiding from the audience like literally like this but she sang a cover of so kiss me ninety song yeah. It was really good cute. She's an amazing voice. Maniacs sixpence receipts pens on the Richard. It was a great song selection. She has a really great voice. I'm sure now if I listened to her music click on spotify al like it but her stage presence like there wasn't there for me yet doesn't grenade moment worse because danced yet. No I literally saw this as back the whole time glow then Taylor it came on and Luhrmann's like normally I would have been annoyed literally three hours later Taylor and on but like I was just so excited oh sorry before we even go Jane Lynch the hardest Working Woman in Hollywood. I'm so good at her job. You have no idea how hard job was because she was reading from. The teleprompter basically doing stand up but nobody in the audience was listening to be. We're going to drink it was so loud which was really talking to the camera and like she was playing to the audience and no one was listening. I just had so much respect for because it was such a hard job and she did it seamlessly and every time she walked off stage she would be right in the wings waiting to get back on stage when they did like an Amazon commercial. She said hi to every single person took a picture with all the kids like was she is literally like who thinks she is. You know what I mean yeah. She's the hardest working woman in Hollywood and she was so sweet like I couldn't get over how like usually the cameras go down and like the celebrities like another makeup touched up and like not talking to anyone. Jane Lynch didn't stop op working when the cameras were down. That's so nice to hear. I was watching her the whole time. I was really impressed by her work ethic somebody needing a paramedic because they got oh. My God yeah like really girls at the front they literally millions of people want to come and you're gonNA blackout before Taylor. They went on and the paramedics to come and take her away so embarrassing. It was embarrassing but also like what you do better. It was really disappointing. I'm set for her okay. Then Taylor came out and just like not that I needed any sort of like cementation in my standard but like I did last night. was you know what I mean. She first of all like anyone who ever says she doesn't have a good voice like please. She was not saying with backtracks at the reputation tour she did just because it's so many people that like you need more of like a whatever but yeah but she was just so go on with her vocals her body God not an ounce of cellulite literally. Her shorts were so far up regina like any normal person would have had cellulite know her legs. I looked like so and so ted so healthy jen yeah and it was really getting your story. They looked but I was noticing you. My stories like they look bigger. As video-game did is I wanNA take those ties and just like put my head between them like they're perfect. I couldn't stop looking at her legs. Then everyone in my stories was like Oh my God. She's singing to you. She kept pointing. I was learning standing right the next age Hadid and Taylor was actually saying to the whole time like pointing singing like certain lines like they have obviously like inside jokes and so I thought it was maybe it wasn't like respected the hell out of their friendship and tell her did a good job of like making G._D._p.. Like scene while also like nobody we also realized they were like having these moments except for me because I was right there. You know what I mean like. I find it annoying when people like sink to their mom and like the crowd but Taylor did a good job with like balancing both the set list. What did she saying we'll so she did here's what he's aside so she didn't Acoustic version of welcome to New York which is not unusual part of like her way? Go Tango Greatest Hits were in New York New York but she'll feel welcome so this this is the song I wrote about New York. Actually this is the first song I wrote about New York which makes me think now that on lover there's talking about New York which is great. I love welcome to considering my favorite song and there's so many iconic lines at Taylor. has this was really swifty crowds so many steam these these are like really we were accepting back. Yes we were. We were represented really nicely. I'm but you said connick lines that like people felt like if like camp like chanting like first of all boys and girls and girls and welcome to New York and the place went on fire screaming she never made anybody. Oh my God everyone was dying sticks and stones ever everyone everyone was like it was literally like color yeah. No that's the BELIC hallward like literally turned into like this fast chant one-two-three. Let's go bitch one two three. Let's go over God. My Cross got the most epic I x out of it so trying to say like owner are put an X. and the save button <unk> grandma Chinese migrants don next to you yes they are are. It happens to me all the time. It's so precious hearing save is he knows his here XS here. Warner interests aunt snapchat has there's on the bottom and that should be sorry yes so arbox missile let also they had like a bunch of Amazon celebs like the husband for marvelous as well. He was also roxy like looks exactly the same like he does on T._v.. And also this girl who's from Jessica Jones Notch Christian Ritter <hes> blonde girl I- Trish shoes in the box and the next thing the entire show. I have never seen her before in my life. They said he was on just vigil Jones but I don't know her. There's only one Bangor on new show on Amazon. She was in our box to I don't know how am I gonNA ended up in the special box because there was like a bunch of boxes I saw write about refusing to go to the bathroom or get a drink because they thought it was an oversight. Yes it here yeah. What else did she sang? She Sang Love Story. Shake it off. I knew your travel and she did the I knew you were trouble tour version so it's like oh the status fee and I was really living like I was having overtime bouncing like so many emotions because before him in the box I was ready to be like nightmare literally. Throw myself off the terrorists like Chevy city in the world but then I'm like okay I have to be a little bit but then I was also like wanting to like dancing jumping diane sweat but then also so much just wanted to like stare and remember it and also film it so like I was really bouncing. All these emotions and people have been tagging videos in the background of and like I'm literally just like this. She was just like standing all in because I'm not thinking about how like it was such for me like I don't think I'll ever have an experience like that again and because it was a full Taylor production background singers fire works pyro everything but in such an intimate setting. I can't think that there are more than three hundred people there now yeah so it was so special like being so close to it and I was just trying to remember it because I don't think I'll ever get an offer like I'll see Taylor again and I spent my life savings on front row seats for Taylor like I don't mind like shelling out but it is still different it's different because she was playing like to me and I just I was really just trying to like live now. I WanNa go home and watch a full thing because they just need to see myself in the background. I'm so let her sparkles because it was really shining. I WanNa go home and see because we also did see from the side like I want her face head on because yes so pretty she likes to show and I just couldn't deal with her. Finally wearing red lipstick again like red red not the crimson red and she was talking about how she got her start in country and like if she never talks about country which was just like a metaphor like why would she talking about it was how she got her country music leading into love story yeah whatever she was just like she never says country anymore like the word country. Do you know what I mean yeah so it just made me think like she's back yeah I do. There'll be some country just back to like the just like bright bubbly great Taylor okay so I was looking for stories today and they saw story story that during her concert she shaded Scott got and so yes so in shake it off when there's the rap and it's like an don't get out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world and she just really emphasized the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the early yelled back to you could've been getting down to really she definitely intentional it was intentional. She was singing it and then she just goes and yelling waited putting liars cheats and then she just goes back to being cute and she's like this thing like it was completely intentional anything it was out it was about what else who else cheated her in the past week new totally yeah it was just a really great show and I was really excited to be there and that's it yeah no it was like the greatest had in my life like I literally got home and I sat in my dress and my heels and my full makeup Kevin. I just sat there like watching my story just like smiling emotional my God. I'm so happy for you Jackie because she had her ticket of course I would have never done that to you and then I would've missed third eye blind aw I doubt it wasn't third eye blind. It was one I blind one man singing. It was so fucking we're in it was like just one of those nights. That's like so me where it's like. Everything goes wrong offensively food at the restaurant and then I went to dinner and I was starving starving. It was so slow everything was just like so many we can barely like at our it was just it was coming so hard and if I if we had a great meal and then we went to shitty concert and then we left he was only in grammercy mercy like it wasn't a big lift. It would have been fine but it's just like everything sucked everywhere terrible just so me sorry Dr we went to Sarah Baths which is not at a dinner wouldn't Ben told me they went to Sarabeth so I'm like what is he doing. They serve pancakes aches. Nope <unk> Tar and everything you in such a great area also heels grammercy hotel has the best Italian restaurant in lobby. Well we fucked up. I'm like I blame Ben for that. Serono's in charge of reservations and I was happy to go to Buna and then he was actually U._C.. Barbara near Socks Mike no he'll he'll soon. You can't get a reservation our before church her successor whatever that was I blame them for that. I Apologize. I just like in charge of the food. Excuse Susan so anyways. The concert was just it wasn't a concert it was just like. A man a man who's determined to I knew it would be. I thought they would be and I kind of associate like third eye blind with blink one eighty two so if like one member of blink one eighty tape to was playing acoustic Lincoln eighty-two sounds like that's kind of cool yes but I guess third eye blind is not blink twenty one has to bangers jumper and semi trump but then also this guy was singing just random songs and no one was singing along so. I don't think they're they're even third lines. I think it was just like songs. He wrote like on his own sad. It was so fucking weird weird. Yeah I remembered that we saw do Aletha and say can out in the booth key. I think they're cute. I mean I have the most respect for but I think also the most respect for her back muscles. I'm staying in the site. I don't even know she was wearing that like furry tube top block that you wanted that I have yeah I'm wearing it finally fit. That's nice school. I got it didn't fit. I thought I got there on size and then I lost a few pounds and our kids. That's so you can never had never happened. I thought I might build was just like to build it. 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We need to recap. No I feel oh we ship rose coming on the show today. That's so exciting. Last night I went to watch southern charm and I actually wound up watching season one episode one wow and I was kind of into it because I I could talk about this. Week's episode actually can't I didn't watch it but I wanNA talk about the whole because we've come really far when you watch the first episode it's so fucking creepy because of the Thomas and the J. A._D._A.. At all and I want to talk to him about so many things I need chuck ship about talking about his podcast. You'RE GONNA have on and he's talked to him about just like being a man about town like what goes on in Charleston like. It's such a small town. He's not like this major slob. He just went golfing with David like I need to know more yeah. You know he's a Megastar I would say maybe one of the most successful celebrities like one of the most popular yet consistently he's having a rough season. Yes and I did speak to him about Jackson Brady's wedding because I spoke about that with him and we love to say okay good. I'm I'm looking forward to it. Also while you guys were at Taylor so I was at eight Taylor Swift around the Gandhi soul cycle like it. I actually would have went to that if I didn't have to have my hair yes it was incredible it the fifty fourth with Nicholas who does musical so he's just in Tunis. Hell what am I okay on the Taylor and he played some really interesting choices. He played white horse at one point which just I was full body chills. Oh my God wow what our song while. I'm like folks at when's the next one I think on Wednesday suggest some good versus because I think before he did tell her and Arianna again but he played a lot of a nine hundred eighty nine like I listened to Mike playing space. I'm what I'm trying to think like. I can't even remember her. It was just like so good. He plays side new one. I thought he was thinking next. He played not yourself to cry. He played break up with your boyfriend girlfriend girlfriend. He played one aree song that I didn't get. I'm not so into <hes> just went by so quickly. That's the best I was hardly paying attention to the sons. I didn't even notice them because they were unless they were like because white horse was like an interesting choice is that was what other Taylor's yeah we shit. There were a lot it was a very toasty costs with anyone. was there please comment frick. He Played Romantics know he plead unique. Come down the stretch but he didn't. That was the only new song that he played whatever it's okay I feel like I'm missing a whole album <unk> red city now fearless. I don't eat red mountain. Never whatever reputation oh I did something bad he started as it was so good as I love rug not really would go to that even though now that you're talking about those. Arianna sounds like don't do it for me and I realize like I'm not like an Arianna like queen. I would rather do like Tiller Schiffer's Lady Gaga. I mean you take what you can get and our Amazon's GonNa. Thank you next was incredible yeah. I'd love to yourself to cry me to them. One last time he played just such a great so agree cycle to that yeah I thought he would place is decided in or- cycle spitting grab Chinese emigre but without further. Do I do feel as though it's time because it's been twenty minutes and we have a guest today. Oh Yeah we should definitely feels like it's time it's almost past it but it's time to deliver the stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast we can but I would be remiss. Evidently you know that I'm packing for Vegas which is so pertinent because as episode is brought to you by liquid I'd be and I did literally pack so much like what I mean because it is the most important thing on my packing looks like I don't even need clean underwear. I just need look what ivy because. 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We've been through this before when we take them before the show our faces are like so tired and that's GonNa take him after the show we exercise Oliver Muscle. We're ready to smile over like you know. Just I thought okay. Let's get into it because our first story is the world's highest paid entertainers of twenty nine thousand nine list is here from Forbes. Are you ready for it to no pun intended to number one highest paid celebrity in two thousand nineteen is Taylor swift width obviously number two. We have Kylie Jenner number three Kanye West number four Lionel Messi number five Ed Sheeran six Cristiano Renaldo Seven Neymar eight the eagles nine Dr Phil McGraw Ten Cannella Alvarez Alvarez Dr Phil that is so interesting is interesting especially because all the top ten is really comprised of so many different types of celebrities like reality star musician athlete band like there's so many different different types celebs it. I find it so interesting that not one category dominated the top ten like you would think maybe all the athletes would be at the top or the musicians yet right. That's what we currently so impressive right but like Dr Phil McGraw makes it. I'm sorry the Eagles are actually yes shocking Dr Villas listen shocking to me when I found out that <hes> judge Judy the highest paid woman on television per episode. She's making fifty million dollars a year like good for her so it didn't shock me because Dr Phil Literally never stops working as T._v.. Show radio show podcast now and he's so well respected in his field and he just literally says nothing on the Eagles is quite shocking. What is the eagles band team Google what they say forget I get them confused with with the police who there's a lot of them and then when I think of the police I always think of that episode of Friends Scale Number Fifteen is dwayne Johnson? Dr Phil is making more money than John. That's crazy. Johnson is a cell number twenty s Jay Z.. Dr Phil is making more money. They'll change on US making more than juicy see. That's Shocking Hotel California really. I always think that William Hung saying that's really the guy from American idol. I know him getting guys my God Number Twenty Medians uh-huh oh I didn't. I thought you were serious because maybe he performed on American idol. Did that's memories. He never made it through. Oh my God I can't William Hung Sang that song on American idol addition and it was like so bad everyone's dying and it went totally viral that was like the. I don't think I'd always was I. I actually think it was like Ricky Martin me to like bangs she wasn't she vague. Google it right so William Folk American idol audition I don't. I don't know if I'm right but I just pretty sure it's not hotel California. Okay Wait William Hong American idol audition. I'm here. I'm here but like I have to listen to okay so we'll continue out saying that you're right she as yeah but I would you know fencer Google Margot okay. I'm sorry if three people are actually like one hundred percent. Why don't you google it everyone saying he was she bangs? Fuck Yeah. He was like yeah right here Ricky Martin William Song She bangs okay so now I understand why you didn't get my job okay because it is factually incorrect okay so I'm glad that we all figured it out. I really do I remember being home to California. I don't know and he only had one on one he went on but he's look Islam all different song yeah he was the one hit wonder okay some other notable celebs number twenty beyond saying number twenty two ellen they left on number twenty one and Split Tie for twentieth. Maybe let me go back. Twenty and twenty are Jay Z. and beyond say oh the tide married but she says they gather income and then they probably split it in half Forbes. Yeah I mean I find that I find that to be very low on the list for them especially because they only media property so it's like title that would be like Steve Jobs being number twenty rock nation the title like was titles not successful but they they're pretending like Novus what she's saying is that they have so many other business interests other than music that would really probably put them way above Conway Yeah Yeah Kylie but no but not because Kenya has easy and Kylie has kind of cosmetics and you see Connie on the cover of Forbes yes. I'M GONNA get to that for this issue so we had twenty six. Kim Riana is thirty six travis Scott is thirty nine row good for him. Wow so rocky get out of jail but this is so crazy. Scarlett Johansson is number forty seven like that makes more because of marvel comic book men like into the Plus is Jewish comic world yet because I need some marvel or DC comics money because that is the money that the money deter she's in and out yes dark phoenix she will be why is she here like so. Some of these like it makes sense when you look at it but then it's like okay how is Scarlett Johansson making more than Toby Turner who also did game of thrones this year game of thrones because if you think about it was like eight episodes and let's say she made a million APPs so they didn't really like Emilia Clarke that that realm was like five hundred grand right so she was probably like just a little bit less and this is like her first start Phoenix movies. There's probably didn't get paid as much as Carl. She'll be there soon yeah. She will be less than five years. Yeah judge judys fifty nine then Steve Harvey's sixty-nine Doctor Phil's making way more than Steve Harvey Steve Harvey work so much harder. He does everything he literally says. He'll just as actor Kevin I think he has a podcast. Steve Harvey hosts like four different shows interesting and is a radio show a daytime talk show interest does all the things that Dr Phil and then so much more and are on the ground as sixty two which is so crazy is but you're the one who told me that like when you make music Larry takes a year for you to get that music so Taylor the money for writing songs so Taylor is now in twenty nine hundred reputation came out in two thousand eighteen and now she's the highest. I think that makes sense whereas maybe next year are a grind. It will be much higher on the list because this year was of music. Yes yes I. I hope that is the case because Taylor didn't have she was so quiet all year so I already number one is it has to be residual right now. It takes like net sixty payday. I'm ready for Kylie to be number. One on this list I just think like that would be so epic and it would really be report like an accurate representation of our culture. You know what I mean like. She really is so like twenty nine thousand nine yeah and she's so like she's a representative of what Instagram Reality T._v.. Influencing can do right but like for her to be the highest paid celebrity all the other bitches out here doing it do at the corporate way yeah would be why and like with quote unquote talent like with a skill yes with the trade. Okay and Tony is on the cover of Forbes under Connie's hood a rare. A peek inside the kinetic chaotic creative mind behind a billion dollar sneaker empire so Kim posted his cover and wrote the sweetest caption Connie on the cover of Forbes so in crowd so incredibly proud of my husband I watched every day how hard he works and how much of his heart and soul he puts into his business every idea and product that he creates. It's of no surprise to anyone who works with or is close to Connie that he has been able to turn millions of dollars in debt into a billion dollar empire only four years one hundred percent on his own terms while owning one hundred percent of his business he inspires me every Susan Dey and I'm so happy that he he is finally getting the recognition and credit that he deserves that is so impressive and I'm so this came out because I'd be like ever since they went on that crazy where he was four million dollars in debt and asking Mark Zuckerberg for money on twitter <hes> no one's taken him or his business seriously but he's just been quietly with his head down. Working like now has a billion dollar business. That's the second one in the family I feel like also when he talks about his success. People always go back to he's broke you know like how successful but in the words of Derek Hemsley every businessman at one point in another other has been bankrupt. Yes so like this is what theory should throw in Camille space. There's also this was only four years ago even though advocate US magazine is reporting that P._k.. Injuries accounts have been frozen as their failed to pit at what would two million dollar loan shit yeah. I really don't WanNa hear that new. I know like I need the facade that they have going to keep up because I love it joined there like extravagant privileged lifestyle right because like the way that she spends the money who knows that that's the whole how they procured procured it. It's like she. I love watching her spend. It and I love watching her like Glam and everything I can't. I can't emission anyways. I'm happy for him yeah yeah. I'm having family yeah truly so. Who Do you think the next billion dollar business is going to come to him? I think the shape wear like might be at for even though they don't have a dollar and sales yet. I think had that with the K. K. W. American no way good American is very successful. I Know David but chloe doesn't own all of it where it's at now it's. I don't know that it's going to get much bigger but it's pretty big. It's yeah it's really jail. She has sex successful business but it's not really quietly. I really liked when when you watch keeping up with the Kardashians they're always talking about their businesses like how hard they work in. The KHLOE really doesn't like she just gets shit done and like she really. I don't think she owns and hazard American pop socket right. I hate that pop socking logo. I hate the logo. It looks like a corporate logo like she went to some conference and got corporate. I think Nordstrom owns a percentage of it. New Like it looks like see like eight looks like like yeah. No it really bothers me that pop sake. It looks like something I once got C._B._S.. Framework or <music> AD week yeah like you to make it then he cheddar rent. I could go like something written out like good American script. Whatever just pop second pisses me off because I want someone else's hand in G had it on once and it was like what is that or you could get a joke? It's no morning shows pop song and it's no toast from the while pop second and certainly not a here's the thing certainly certainly not the Russians are breaking in are going to be happy or more proud of them who might be the next billion billion dollar business. Are you kidding me. Are they even make she's getting like what are they make money to blog affiliate links. That's just it's literally the saddest thing. It's just something of affiliate links a segue into our next. Semi influence are related story yeah. This is so crazy story so crazy. I'm going to read the whole thing because I need everyone saw I need all hands on deck here. Amanda Ciphered Slams influence for quote flaunting lifestyle amid criticism over her body image and her privilege Amanda Cypher is He's speaking out about the importance of social media personalities using their influence responsibly after something navy's Ariel charges received backlash for perpetuating and unrealistic body image with a photo of her Postpartum Bikini Body safely posted a screen shot of a comment left on Charles's this photo by Amanda Schaefer Sprint Sophie Flack in which flack called Charlie's alpern acknowledging her wealth and privilege that may have contributed to bounce back after childbirth. The writer went on to say the charm is glorifying and unhealthy body image regardless of whether it's natural build or not although safety said the influence our since blocked her flak safe read rights. We have to be open to the discussion surrounding what we're promoting okay so basically fantasy. Preach friend left like it was a well worded trolley only comment if I think this is the comment okay so it says one totally fine that you're privileged then good for you. I am too ish got. No probably all sharing are thin primer just like I've a Prada bag so to you so we are got no problem with either of those things but you're you're here like slamming her privilege problem but if you don't acknowledge how your wealth make your workout such body possible you're just perpetuating the patriarchal totally unrealistic notion that mother should bounce back after childbirth an impossibility for anyone who can't afford ample childcare which is almost everyone you want in this country lots to unpack here. I know so condescending to honey child. You are glorifying an unhealthy body image. I don't care if it's natural. Don't even try that Shit with me in a society that already fetishes the adolescent female form young girls don't need anymore images of emaciated needed women. Thank you very much. How is this not body shaming if you if this is her natural bill no it's threes literally the meanest common ever and just because she's using big words? She thinks that she's above a being a troll but this is so truly and it's bullying and its body shaming and it's so me three. I know you're better than this. Why not use your pot to encourage more women to be ambitious with business women or say run for office or maybe she? I don't know do something to help the kids literally dying in cages but what do I know you do so many theory posted the screen with her own caption. This is so weird like what is he doing getting involved in influence or drama and then referring to our attorneys as a semi influence which is probably the meanest thing that happened here because I follow her and she is so influential but she is the textbook influence Windsor. She has a lot of followers. She has a clothing line. She has multiple businesses like she uses affiliate lady. She's not an influence or who is totally. What's what is Amanda Savory semi influential about her? Does she not have enough followers. She's so influential so like that's not only isn't shady eighty. It's just wrong like if you WANNA be taken seriously. Don't just like you WANNA be don't call someone honey child but that would be like someone saying a mandate siegfried is semi famous. She's famous. She's an up and coming actress yeah. She's an actress yeah like it. Doesn't she have something better to do. She doesn't like Mama Mia thrown the me three golden go right it. People like seat like I don't know feel some type of way about something and feel like it's unbelievably important for them to say something and they feel like when I first saw this article article honestly I was like where who's the bones where down to that yeah. Let's go because obviously like influencers most of the time accountable because they're out of control and this lack a worldly self-awareness sometime an argument can be he made that Ariel tournus sometimes says but this this is like the Lisa veteran. Why are we picking this to like? Come for Oil China's. I mean I know I met her sisters and they're so nice in there so skinny like I actually got a massage Gosh so how's Miami and I saw her mom in the spa so skinny yet they are naturally so thin and like yes. She probably has a trainer and like an anti to watch her kids while she went to go work out but like there are plenty of people I mean like I technically I guess yes. I could get a trainer and if I did it would do nothing. I have a trainer living. You know like just because you like have some sort of access to two things that can help you lose weight like doesn't mean you could lose weight. Their argument is contradictory because I'm the one here and they're saying it's natural build and so she shouldn't be promoting it but on the other hand she's saying that she should recognize her wealth and privilege that has allowed her to have the body but they're saying that it's natural and so are the genes the privilege or I don't know I don't I know but jeans was born. She no she really is also like she's so so thin and they're saying that she's emaciated and she's skinny so like yours. You don't like how she looks at your saying. She's privileged to look like someone just made a great comet. If her caption was like look what I did you can do it to motivate yourself rubbing it. She all the comment. She put up a picture of herself and she was like I'm really proud of myself. Like what is the problem yeah I I just and for hurt for amnesty for to use her arguably much bigger platform tissue mom shame body shame and just like put on blast. This girl who works hard and just like wants to be an influence on what are you doing Amanda. It's so weird eight so weird and like Amanda Spread to do this like I get like I get her motives like she's just like an. She's obviously like an angry woman. You know like who has an ax to grind in some sort of way with Arielle China's but like for medicine for it. He was like a busy woman an actress like with a very fulfilled life. What are you doing and also like to post it as an in feed post? All your flow is nasty. Now Second Molly puts it to your story like a normal person you know just beefing and this is where you want to put your stake in the ground like right. This ain't it no. It's so weird I saw in <hes> one of the toasters gives me the we're talking about. Someone made a point like just because you have access to trainers and and chefs are healthier foods like doesn't necessarily mean that you're gonna be able to do it like look at Rob Kardashian right so it's still takes hard work and it's like please Bej if I like was her and I had a money for like Anani- a team of people and I could go work out an hour with my trainer. We make dances like Mitch. You know I would be doing that so like we're all just shell us. Oh for sure I just I this was shocking to me. Yeah you know so anyways it was shocking because it's so unbelievably odd and if we're GONNA come in guns blazing full steam ahead to take down influence or we're going to need something bigger. We're going to need something better yet. This ain't it access. This ain't no not at all. It's so it's so mean yeah and it's it's saying that she doesn't look like we evolved past like judging other women for having Nannies and working out like I really thought in two thousand nine hundred and like after all the bullshit we've been through like we were pass this right but apparently deciphered saw no eight so nitpicky and there's and there's nothing. There's like a follower if you don't like it like some people like for me like I follow her because it's aspirational has fucked like when I am her age I wanNa have two kids at a nanny at I want to be skinny like you know what it's aspirational also her saying that she doesn't like promote women being businesswomen whatever she's arguably one of the most entrepreneurial influences out there influencers out there and I think she's setting a really good example as far as a working mom being a working mom and doing it on your own cheese superwealthy she could've just like had her kids and just taking pictures of them and and Never Dr Been Worse. Life would have been the same yeah no. She continued her North Carolina super successful yeah like she's being a businesswoman. Like what are we doing. I don't know it's so weird. It's so weird. I am not here to judge anyone. Else's is lifestyle body or mommy techniques because you know what I'm going to be a mom one day knock on wood. Maybe I'm going to be terrible. No one's a lot say anything when I okay yeah no at its core. It is weird yeah. It is off eleven eleven Neko wish wish I wish people just live in a society where women can just do what they want as mothers as businesswoman and as athletes. I wish we all get along like we used to in high school. Yeah like those are that it's so simple. Even though I don't know middle school you went to because we're not getting on Middle Middle School in middle school high school right. You'll school was when like every week someone was on the outs and then go like if you're if you hadn't been on the outset like your term was fundraising. I was on the outs I so I got kind of got to watch. Everyone else goes through the outs last and it's not a good place. I think I would rather go. I think one of the second just to see what it's like for the first person when it happened to me I I didn't know what was happening and that that it would happen to everyone else got. It was just me it was just a cycle of middle school life. It's a crazy thing that how did that happen to you. Guys who in middle class ever friends and at one point one of you is always on the hour we worth three some third girl. She was the first to go send girl she was second to go and then they came for the Queen and I literally never forget it as long as I live in. It's killing me not say the girl's name. I'd say I'm not going to I will I will literally never forget it. It changed me as women I mean it made me into the monster that I am so grateful because like who knows maybe if I'd stayed friends with that like she would have brought me down and I never would have been a successful morning show host comedian. That's not funny right now. I bet she's just like you know trying to get tickets on stubhub. You tell her Seth Niche is blocking the transaction office school fucking Middle School Man Dan what happened to you when we got kidding you Margaret was turned on. We were just talking about our experiences so someone always gets turned on. It's like a new thing every week in middle school. Oh I heard you talking about like that. We were bullied in middle school. I think it's because we were saying that quote for mean girls by Kimmy get along these SUV middle school barack actually municipal sucked sucked at one point like someone is always on the out. I went. I in my group of friends cloudy went last which is the worst well. I started out as the new girl so it was rough. I was always in and out because people were like like me you to be mean and probably my favorite facts about tended to like her to be mean because they also wore dresses like probably my favorite facts about Margot is that our parents got divorced and moved to a new school new city. It was a really really tough transition. Me and Margaret were middle school together. The first day at a new school marvels in the fifth grade. I J what happens. She gets her period now sixth grade no I got it. Excuse me Margot Thom Lie. I got I got in the sixth. Great I remember the date I got it in the sixth grade. When did you get yours in the seventh grade right before soccer practice nice? I got mine in the eighth grade right before lunch. Wow late. I got mine on the House from Oriental. I got mine in which is so idea. Yeah I was home from school changing for soccer practice and I got it right between like God knew I couldn't handle getting into public Saturday. Oh that's nice. I got mine in school but mom happened to be in school that day so like Brunei I got mine in cab home from orientation with mom and I think what it was the way. I don't think there's anything more painful than like getting your period and like talking about it feels like round so you're confused the dead anyways okay we gotta keep gotTa keep chugging along. Well okay so someone wrote in the in the livestream that they got their period in the tenth grade Nicole as junior shoes hitting wisely as late bloomer like wild yeah interesting so interesting Okay Third Story Only Jessica Sim SARS. Who's just some SARS? Jessica Simpson is coming out with a memoir that will burn the it yesterday and Erica Jane. I'm in such good company and Wendy Williams. ooh that will detail her marriage to Nicholas. Shay Jessica Simpson is ready to tell all memoir slated to be released in twenty twenty two bubis quote. I will be released my first book on February fourth with Harpercollins. The the pop star turned designer posted on instagram Wednesday. I've been working so hard on. I have opened my heart up in a way I've never before and now I can't wait to share it with the world. The untitled book will profile her life as a popstar reality star head of a fashion empire and a mother. I'm this I I feel like she has a lot to say I think but I also think she is such an interesting career how like she was like the world's biggest pop star and then like fell out of out of it and somehow managed to still be a billionaire through her kmart line and I bought some of herself steph a pair of edges and beach Komo and it's shit and I just think like the transition from pop star Reality Star Z. Lesser To Zealander but with a billion dollars is really interesting ritzy lister with like a great has been great family. Yeah great kids and you know Diana. Ross has her stepmother in law. Oh yes yeah how does what is it. Her sister is married to Diana Ross Son. That's pretty close yeah so her no sisters mother-in-law yeah they're her inlaws Ashley. No but Simpson's in laws are the Ross's yeah but whatever still count Silk House this is great. I think actually I read this read. This always have this conjoined with Jessica Simpson ever since like the days duke stays because she and I have the same birthday and if I felt this connection to her so I'm really I'm just happy for her like she's a celebrity like I think I'll always like yeah is not problematic. I think also she has a really fun personality like I feel like she can like shady and funny and that this book could be shady and funny. I mean I just need to know more about the nickel shy of at all I know I feel like the weirdness was on there like wasn't Nik- Nikola. She wasn't weird like the simpsons were weird. The Joseph Joseph he's laying low ham so when it comes comes to these matters I kind of want to hear from me Shay Yeah and it will shake just like rebounded with the girl of his dreams like when does that happen no and like they couldn't be happier married longer thriving yeah people get more a healthy lifestyle. No never happens never never with the with the rebound. Yes just supposed to be a one night. Stand same thing I mean. Jessica wasn't hurry wasn't her husband now but like now Jessica's in the same type of relationship that's like healthy stable yet can withstand the test of time so maybe like their situation really set them up successful sessile feature to can we read more about it me too okay next story more about Instagram influencers Instagram influencers are flocking to a toxic bright Blue Lake as government warns to stay away. This is so I can't the beautiful blue waters of the man made honestly the water so beautiful and I thought it was Jackie o flow what's it called it is called. MARTA IS GONNA go. The Novosibirsk Maldives are actually caused by nearby coal plant okay. This is Chernobyl vibes. He's tall cell government. Officials are warning tourists away from traveling to the Noble Sim Brisk Maldives a lake that looks natural beautiful but it's actually manmade and potentially dangerous. The body of water is located near the Russian city of Novosibirsk and received its nickname named birds brightly water which is reminiscent of the Maldives a Gr. Oh it's not in the movies they call it that because it looks like a picture of it and the hindrance figure out how to spell islands that are popular luxury vacation destination in the Indian Ocean. The mountains are not this the site has been increasing in popularity with instagram users who flocked to the area to snap a photo with the other world the show the Siberian pond even has its own instagram count which shows visitors posing the water and they're like encouraging it will no the governor officials claim the waters incredible blue-collar is actually the result of a massive Asham from a nearby coal plant and are asking visitors to stay clear of the area. This lake is not a natural miracle at all but in Ashdown been which P P having a soda instagram account influencing influencing is is. I don't know if it's a lake that has someone made an instagram account for the lake but if the government really does what I went to beautiful it's beautiful but like it's like waste around two blue. I wouldn't jump to come just put a thing you know awesome yellow tape whatever say it's not technically poisonous but they should not go swimming in the water. Yeah you shouldn't go swimming in a body of Ash I imagine yeah I feel as though it would probably be rather painful. That's crazy because look at this. You think you're like to know that this is in Russia like something right right. That totally looks like Maldives Jamaica. Yeah wow interests on guys. We're planning a trip there. Maybe reconsider Chernobyl vibes for sure Chernobyl vibes okay. They didn't final story some food news well. Let's them food news because I feel as though we're one of the leading sources on what's going on with the impossible foods industry we definitely are and now impossible foods is developing fake seafood for Vegetarians fishless fish. The plant based company hopes to offer replacement Baseman for every animal-based food by twenty thirty five impossible foods is cutting cooking up something sure to make even more of a splash and the stink then they're impossible burger a fish product totally free of fish. The California company known for whipping up patties mean entirely of plans has its sights set on doing the theme for Seafood According to New York Times the only way we can see this to make fish from plants that is more delicious than the fish that stretch that strip mined from the ocean the Times reports of the impossible Burr foods has been working on developing alternative sufficient other seafood food plant based recipes or growing cells in laboratories to recreate the Seafood Flavor Brown said the company uses him a protein also seen their meet formula okay so on its face like cool shirt whatever but then when you think about it. It's like no one eats fish because they any like no. This is the total opposite it's on its face. It's like chemical made fish species stinky enough now. We're GONNA add plans but then it's like damn if they can really do it and nobody that stuff they can do the impossible burger because they thought it was impossible but they did. Ah I have a feeling they actually are going to do it and kill it and then the maybe one hundred years. We live in a world where we don't kill animals that I think the environmental impact of this is super cool because it's like I once took an oceanographer class and just you know the rates devastating we're were fishing fish and they were talking about how the what was the name of the fish the toothfish that they were like the two fish off the shores at Patagonia were depleting it there because everyone loves to eat it and I was like who eats toothfish have never even heard of it turns out it. It's sea bass fish over so I didn't take an oceanography class but I did one time on a yacht with Leonardo DiCaprio and he told me that in in Asia right now there is now ninety percent less fishing ocean than there was one hundred years ago and I told you I salihu that's fascinating. Thank you know it is fascinating and I'll just I'll never cease to bring up an opportunity where I can tell everyone that I was on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio and you're learning like you were right. I mean I showed up in the boat like with champagne like ready to party and it was more of a whale watching experience slightly O.'s very tempered but I still autograph time and I learned a lot clearly so for that reason I'm here for this but when I think about fish I only eat it because it's healthy and it's good for me but I don't want to be eating it. It's epic however like I could go for like some impossible muscles because I can't if arrest shellfish actually might be down right right with. Do you think they'll make an impossible. Whatever sauce probably I think they have? Do we ever told the whatever story on the show of embarrassing we were not okay very the one we were out to lunch like a really long time ago before we kept kosher but this was around the same time it was just a badge were so moody and like you were really like in it of the puberty like you were a bit like really it. It's tough time as a family like right like it was after posted wars post daddy dying like we were all we were not like the healthy individuals we work today. We're definitely like oh not okay genes. We were like Moody Teenagers. We were actual engine. Margaret ordered the muscles and the waitress so standing behind her and Margaret just in one of her prepubescent Michio smooths and Margaret ordered the muscle. She's like all the muscles and she was very dismissive like the whipping around and she handed the Menu Margaret she was done ordering and mark. The lady was like well what associate you won't like Nara clan. Whatever with whatever whatever sauce and we're like what say like I'll take whatever sauce I'm? There's no such thing as what we saw. It was one of those things eggs where like I could've. It could've been like a small thing that we just like literally to the same. We still order clams with whatever's hot yeah yeah so I think if possible foods it's GonNa make muscles. It's key that they make whatever is possible only knows what's in the whatever sauce you should Bodil your own sauce for muscles and whatever and called the whatever saw I had any muscles in years. I don't even know a pairs with it anymore. Yeah Oh my God that's such a new or used. Make a sauce that you like yeah like mussels clams ends one because they're not going to turn to you because I just smell like a whip out my send bird every time in Spritz the table after I'm done eating my fingers. It's not for me. I understand that but at least you have the semper to get through it. Yes similar does the luxury fragrance subscription service perfumes and colognes away if you discover new perfumes without buying entire bottle more than four hundred fifty designer brands for you to choose a perfume and Cologne from each month you choose to perfume you on the try and they'll send you a thirty day supply. It's so great because I'm not the type of person who was like one fragrance. I just more like to try fancy ones. When people ask Goes Giorgio Armani you know me I had to learn how to pronounce it Bulgari? If you're not sure what type of saying you're looking for you can sort to the website and find your new fragrance by brand style occasion season and more you can check out user ratings and reviews on any fragrance and with our exclusive offer for our listeners can get fifty percent off your first month today at sent bird dot com slash toast. That's only seven dollars and fifty cents for your first fragrance. GO TO CENTER DOT COM slash toast and sign up for fifty percents off your first month again. That's S. C.. The E. N.. T. Bird Dot com slash toast for you to try your first perfume or Cologne for seven dollars and fifty cents sign on smell amazing. I Love Sanford. I got to pack them up for this trip because we are not checking luggage which is tempered and that pertinent Senate does day party like sweat Israel and I'm definitely going to need some perform. Yeah snitch airdropped me something Brennan Charter supposed to that nine minutes grand in aerials husband posted a skinny person is at her. It's her it's a T._v.. And so in honor of my upcoming birthday warning this body is not attainable. Please do not attempt to attain such body by working out. If you attempt to attain you must have at least three ninety and be shirt commonly pay them in cash but also in thank you shout outs on instagram. Everytime such body is posted. You can't afford an anti please do not attempt to have a very successful career in order to do so genetics may or may not have played a factor only ages thirty and older allowed to post use must be accompanied by a therapist. Please note such warnings have been provided for an in compliance with the American Body Shaming Association Asian. There snapped damn he's had I I was like what is what is he doing the girl what is doing but by the end. I'm like this is hilarious yeah. It's a little <hes> thirsty. No it's a little out of touch. <hes> you know what they're saying. They were saying is like when you post them like you should acknowledge the fact that you're privileged need this disclaimer so here's the disclaimer aerial China's wants to pose a picture of her. I wish it would it would give it so much cloud because it's so stupid yeah I've seen Lina usually but when someone bigger a bigger platform is sometimes when a troll like she also puts a lot of tro comments where it's like. We would never see them because they're but Minnesota is a more famous than her select. She's not giving her a platform. That's true so honestly I was ready to not be here for that post but I'm here for it. <hes> and I'm also here for Shep rose. He is actually in the building. We're GONNA take a brief pause if you have any questions for shepherds about southern charm or that his new podcast about is he dating. I don't know leave a comment on the youtube stream and we'll we'll do our absolute absolute best together. Tim Go get a snack go to bathroom. Talk Sally Watercolor. We will be back in two minutes. Thank you so much for your patience and we'll see you in a bit. We are back with a mismatch of mystery chef rose southern charm shepherds. He brought a half drink in bottle. Worldwide and wouldn't tell us why until we went live so without further a mysterious person I am an open book foolishly mysterious about this. I had a great great date. Last night I one that I was looking forward to and we have been texting and then we finally went on a date and <hes> it was great. We had a fun time and <hes> conversation was good. We went to a champagne bar. It was called something champagne areas. He's champagne. Below is a sake bar. So we went like downstairs at Sake. She was fun. Remember I was telling you the Jackson's well no but I told I told you that a lot of girls have been meeting lately. Are there like beautiful four but they're not all that fun. She was fun and Beautiful Beautiful End Fund girls. Yeah that's right yes so the bottle so we went back to tell how to got bought a bottle of wine and and she was like I'm going to go home. I was like yeah that's a good idea and little kiss and with him. I had a half drunk bottle of wine from the restaurant. Yeah I took it upstairs. I'm going to drink a bottle of wine by myself and I wasn't. I'M GONNA leave it there because it was a fairly expensive one so this is is this even a gift can commemoration of my good day. Get married out okay. This is so sweet. I'm so excited about this. Thank you so much. We have some share but no I want to keep it O- keep the not this is special. Keep this bottle ever be aged like a fine line with open. You can't record it. I'm GONNA spend some money from pressure so we're sitting here now with Delo podcast host ship recently launched a podcast. You feel different. You feel like Dan Rather Eh. I'd rather not know I did this podcast. I was Kinda talked into it by my friends at William Morris and now they're trying to get me to write a book like you and I don't. I'm I'm like overwhelmed a little bit. I sort of prided myself on not having to do anything now ever the eternal child yes I am and now I have a like I give myself work and but I enjoy it and I'm working on some things and I'm going to L._A.. In a week or actually a few days I go to Tahoe today and I'll be in L._A.. It's easy in L._A.. PODCAST right because everybody is trying to get their name out the podcast yeah and so but in Charleston. It's not so easy like there's there's not a whole lot of people that are trying to get out there and like people are in the entertainment business or what have you so. I'm going to have to be creative. Do not want to have your cast mates on the show. I got in big trouble for that. Yeah yeah I I should probably not have you know as much as I would. I originally when I said I don't want to talk about reality T._v. and southern charm but obviously that's the red meat that the listeners they'd be willing to do but I can get in trouble because there's like a line. I guess you can cross pretty easily so I just leave it at that maybe but so I have all these different interesting the people I will not have on but I'm just not good at asking people favors to like hey will you come on in order to be a successful podcast so it's you have to be comfortable like being thirsty and I feel like a lot of things but you ain't thirsting. I'm not but I'M GONNA try. It's hard yeah and if you're important with that thirst gene I know my my parents friends used to be like you'd be great at sales. I was like no I wouldn't. I don't WanNa bother anybody so it's cool though I think somebody sent me the <hes> twenty five thousand people listened okay check check so now if somebody called me because we're both podcast says and we're also both parents because you know Crass Little Eh Oh yes and <hes> so less than anybody worry about my travels and Johnson around the earth on. I have a a Co parent one of my best friends Tony. We're we're co pairs were straight then or co parents of progressive and I got my friend to make a name and I think it's Hilarious Dad nights sweater. Yes a show called my two dads way back in the day you Paul Reisner and this other guy they raise this little girl and it's like three men and a little bit so cute so I'm GonNa Post that later and let let the people out. I am not neglecting this dog fully committed. I get that I get that too because I travel apple so much but still has many families takes a village it surely does. Do you think that this is a step for you in the right direction like maybe having a child one day yes see I think so. I was talking to my lovely date last night. I was maybe AH tried to appease fears of my immaturity but I was like yeah. I got this dog because I'm always trying to improve myself. I hate to use a dog as a tool to myself but I think that that's a Leballa changes. It forces you to get up and do those things walk correct and <hes> so baby steps right and so the first step and the name Craig doesn't mind truly kruglov correct thinks Craig Craig. I hope so big crowd thinks it's cute that you name the dog. He likes it. He thinks it's an honor I to me. It's like a little bit of Oklahoma and a little bit of a yeah I loved Jabbing Craig and that's what I do and that's how our relationship got a lot of questions for you about like where the line is when it comes to crack. Let's definitely have this brotherly fraternal relationship where you put fun at each other but you ever feel like you take it too far especially on the show no well yes we've gotten in what we got in a huge fight in the Bahamas moas and I threw a plate with a stake in the front of his face away yeah yeah but he he's a fragile guy. I think I know where the line is but he begs for or at he honestly like so for example on our trip on our R._v.. Trip now no it wasn't it was so much fun and let me tell you why I gave him a hard time. Two reasons one is he almost put a metal bowl with food into a microwave microwave in our R._v.. Essentially setting it on fire and maybe exploding and killing us all right also we stopped it like an applebees with like it wasn't on camera but would just to get food for everybody and he sat down and his passport escort fell out of his pocket in an applebees. We didn't realize it till two hours later the whole applebee's staff looking for his passport back rush saying okay. I Make Fun of you if you do these the password one thousand at that he's just he's absurd. I love him. I love observe people eccentric observable but boy does he begged for it yeah. He doesn't make his case super doesn't mean a case. Just be yourself. One thing I said about crank that I think he's sort of changed for the better in the in the all the seasons we've done is that in the I remember if you remember the first few seasons. He didn't own his absurdity. Yeah you know like he was making the excuses and lives and this and that he's starting to own. It was just like crazy yeah hi I'm Craig. I'm kinda crazy like that. That's a big step for him. Actually happened to watch season one episode one last night. 'cause I guess it was on Bravo and it recorded recorded on my television and it was so interesting to watch one because everyone is really so the show is really the same like the core cast is the same aside from like Thomas <hes> but I'm wondering who do you think has changed the most yeah I agree first of all like the cast the same yeah thank you cameron. That's honestly does not like the relationship with the this show is so odd I took a break from southern charm and Jackie always like it's watching and I'm fully back in this way. There's one thing that nobody talks about that. Bothers me a lot that I need to get your perspective on then like why does talk about how incredibly audit is that Patricia Tricia who was like this establish older women out hanging out with thirty year olds well here's Patricia but Patricia a widow right and I mean she hangs out with the Butler a lot. She she'd cry. I mean rightly so like wants to be you know action in her life. I think the show itself is been really Cathartic in a good way for her. I think she loves interacting with the fans and I think it's like giving her like I don't think she was ever like had any health but it's can give a second wind or she gets really in the weeds on the drama on hand. She's dressing Ashley and then on the other hand. She's like on her instagram. Live talking. She backs the roles horses yes before so finally she's on the right side of history and so I'm coming around her she oh well because you and her buddy had she's firmly on T.. Madison Madison SCUDDER air for ten years and you are firmly like not onto Madison and I can't understand your reasons why and ensure everyone in in the world to come tearing often having a threesome and then like her cheating on him like cheating though so she revenge she did okay then she she got someone to D._M.. Gentry gentry and and like and then denied it but then like own it and then denied it again then she sent text messages screen shot of text message of Austin talking. Should I mean you said that before. All this happened before you knew that the thing you said what she did is so much worse than Austin. I'm just saying well. That's how I feel like. Okay Okay your significant other cheats on you. You talk about it. You decide to stay together. Yes that doesn't I think it is totally shows no class that'd be like I'm GonNa get you great like if you WanNa break up and you want us together people do that and and I'll support you but it's not like a tit for tat. That's just not acceptable Austin Madison together right now because they were when he was on watch what happens lot. She was there. Okay I got I understand. Let's just say the reunions going to be interesting. You film it yet. The reunion and I look I feel bad. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa get down in the weeds and call people names. It's not it's not how is raised I but at the core of it was my life my friend I was getting embarrassed around town and I knew people were whispering and I knew what the source of it was and I just didn't see a whole hell of a lot of of good energy coming from their relationships. Yeah and I have after back my friends so I really do take back. I'd like to take the name calling and the reunions going to be very hard for me because I'm not going to really know how to approach this whole thing and I really don't WanNa tear somebody down. Honestly I just don't I would like to not have her anywhere in my life about that. That doesn't mean negative. I just don't want her in my life and this is like a hopefully an easy requests but we'll see how it shakes out he he obviously has something something between them and I don't understand nobody understands yeah and I know all his friends from his hometown. They're great friends of mine to some of them some of them. I don't know as well but they're all we're all friends. Nobody supports relationship not one single person almost like an I hate to say this. It was almost like they're on an island and you know they clean to each other. Yeah guess who else was on an island clean and Ashley Yeah you know and I don't. I don't want to compare them because it's not the same but I understand that psyche. I don't personally understand it but I think I've seen it before so maybe us against the world. Yes yes exactly so I wanna put you on the spot for that because just hung out a bunch in Kentucky we had a great time sweating. He was hurting my knee. I don't know what happened but the first night I got so hammered running all just like running around Lexington like animals house I made a great time and you and it was on this night where you apparently interview. He made a promise me and I don't know if you remember it but now I'm seeing it on the air so you have to be on you know. I'm coming to Charleston July Twenty six twenty six now you open you did stand up and you open for Rachel O'Brien and you said you would open on watch L._A.. Now let me last smoke. You didn't have these plans July twenty six micro. Can you look it up. Is it a Thursday and it sounds like a thirsty Thursday ish feeling as though okay let me let me move some things around but God. The DOT com. I'm trying to write a pilot for T._v.. Show in L._A.. With comedy writer but what in Charleston with this company Yeah I am I right are you. What's the premise you start no well? Ah No I'm not an actor. Believe it or not likely myself. No my friend came back from Afghanistan. He was in special forces and he he was dishonorably. Earth Start Sir honorably discharged and he was like I served you know served my country time. I say congratulations you made it as we need to celebrate so I called him a month later and he was like I'm personal security for Jeff Bezos. Wow and I was like get Outta here. I was like that's a T._v.. Show not necessarily the visas. Maybe make an eccentric billionaire and you come back from Afghanistan in the premise is that the security detail is way more dangerous and insane than Afghanistan ever was yeah. I think that there's something something there so lots of ideas. I have a hundred ideas. I have another one that you would like. I think it's called appearance. Yes yes so it's actually really interesting listen so I done a few appearances. I don't do much like Jackson those guys they'll think club appearance on not so well I would to casino in Atlantic city which one ungodly amount of money how much twelve k wow just says and they got be a private table and I was like I was with my friend. They drove him down. They were so overly nice and we were like in a private table. I don't think anybody cared. I was always not not Atlantic city. I know any city is like the bottom of the barrel white trash and you are just like the upper echelon of Charleston society totally at another one. They were like Delta magazine Hosting Award Show and I thought airlines was fluid in Louisiana. I was like early in Atlanta and it was like my first year after the show and it was Delta Region the region the Louisiana Delta Invest Tanning bed goes to Oh and uttered these lines that I had was redone our next on the stage you might remember him from season two redneck island he night. Oh my God. That's still by so I use. I was like okay so there's purposes you take someone like me or y'all all or like. Maybe an ex athlete and you you have to do the most like potentially embarrassing appearance you know where your fish out of water and you see how they adapt and maybe they have a great time. They want to escape but that's that's the logistics on the couch. Would they have to pay you to go to like your worst nightmare. Peer payments is like a Bikini contest your ten million dollars the head of a parade or show just something he'd it'd be good at that. Have you done that no but I think that would be funny and you meet like there's this one guy that keeps inviting me to packers game. He's in Wisconsin. He's just a fan of the show coming. The walkie talkie will pick you up and go tailgating. I'm like that would be hilarious to phone camera yeah yeah so just in case they come in motoring lots of ideas yet unfortunately in this business idea is hard to get to the goal line. We'll see if it's such an interesting life these last few years doing it. Wasn't you weren't on the show. I'll tell you what <hes> right before I got on the show I was gonNA franchise a fast casual dining Asian sort of rice bowl notable triple sort of thing and I was GonNa do like two or three or four stores and they each make like a hundred twenty five to fifty k. so I would have been like you know running around chopping chicken on the WOK. I would've liked to see that yeah. I would have been happy. I'm sure yeah but this is better I think. How old are you now thirty nine? Oh I thought you were older very wise very wise. So when do you see yourself. I know everyone asks you this like really moving out of the kids stuff and starting a family yeah I do. I might sister brother both have that honestly like the whole hookup seend been there done that doesn't give me any sort of set like sense of pride or like self like you know in my twenties like Oh. Did you hook up bird. Yeah Bro like that doesn't do it for anymore. Thank God watching Jackson Britney like it's there's a certain kind of I think it's cool that sort of check out of the game in a timely manner yeah and make sure it's the right so I would never do it because of societal pressure. What did you think if I had a blast and honestly I want to say and I think you'll agree like the cameras were not invasive a bit like it did not feel like a dog and pony show? Everybody has a video log refer so I'd like to say Good Job Bravo for stepping out very in the even the cameras were smaller. They were guys with big big old rigs pigs so it was classy. He was lovely but that castle was truly much really late Saturday night. A lot I mean Friday night was a fucking mess. The wedding was so fun well Friday nights always shit show all weddings right. Yes everybody gets together. Everybody's excited to see each other. The shots start flowing from out of town but Saturday it was great. It was a beautiful wedding and she looked beautiful and I had a great time and she that's what everyone wants to know did you. Did you not machine yeah. I did a little bit but that's it. You know I told her I was like look at your great lovely but like I just there was like a pressure about it and I it didn't feel right to me especially coming from where everybody's was she right and she was doing that. Show coming from in a corner and I was like I don't like this slip out of actor Kevin Costner nobody but yeah just felt a little forced and the cameras. I didn't want to become a story line on the on the rolls my own problems. We'd have one last question for you. Are you girls from relationship. <hes> not really a year in hindsight. What are your thoughts on that Chow like no well? No I mean what I wanted to do was different than what got done and I don't fault anybody. I mean if you want to give you two weeks. Yeah I mean I wanted it to be more of like an Anthony Bourdain dating show like I just go to bing bing bing all these different cities in the United States to show the different cultural and I was going to be funny like I all I wanna do is comedy honestly but I will say your head in the door. I know I know <hes> so it turned out to more of a bachelor facsimile and whatever but I'll say this if you judge by the public reaction which is a dangerous thing to do but it's also valid on a certain level. Nobody hated it. Nobody was over the moon about it so it was right down the middle on the show right at bell on the show. I listened to that. I was pretty mad about that. She each she refused to be like I don't know she refused to be like yeah. I was a lot of fun ship treated us like she was just sort of. I don't know just like she. She couldn't verbalize it. I was like what does a cat got. Your turn right here would you what does Bella I have. No ill wiltord's anybody of that. Show thank you for coming on. I know the heart of the thing about that show was I was doing five to six hours of Improv essentially eh with people that were new to being in front of bring out the best in them and I had to give my best. It was exhausting yeah. It was exhausting yeah and I mean Bella. I helped her find a new job in the city with a friend of mine who owns a company. I mean I was nothing but good and I don't. I don't need any pats on the back but I have no. Ill will towards any of them for sure you still talk to the girl who was on last seats whose time yes I see her from time to fill in Charleston issues. She moved there for you. Oh I don't think so I think when when you relationship show is on Jackie in a really good call that she thought you were going to run away with your producer. Do you still talk to her with Jaggi. sock spark their everyone I didn't I don't even everyone saying we're great friends but she's a homebody body. She's nothing like me in that regard but there's another producer her best friend that worked on our show to who were we're weighed like more flirtatious and yeah for whatever reason anyway yes always trying to set you up. Yeah Ed happened so those two girls were were the producers and season one of southern charm and they were kind of in charge of me and I mean we we had so much fun I mean I was like a little kid. I didn't do anything and they were you got to be here. You got to do there and we just had so much fun. I've met some of the most amazing people that worked on the show. Honestly I'm going to Tahoe and one of my friends will be out there. That was on season. What is a producer we are very close? He was events and all his buddies are my buddies now so anyone could a guy you know. I'm just a happy guy yeah you. Despite all the cast we got a question because you were in New York with anesthesia from below deck and I kind of ship it marks line will we'll see Hannah and I shipped up. We were we had been flirty on twitter prior to actually meeting and she had texted me about asking questions about this that and the other and I was like she seems like a lot of fun I don't. I don't really watch the show. I've watched like maybe two episodes but she seems like a pistol. I kind of like she has yeah yeah so we after they're after their watch what happens I went to need them. I didn't know anesthesia she's lovely though and I were like bouncing off each other and then as everybody drink more Hannah like oh she spilled a whole Martini all over herself and she went out to change in the United States and started talking and then we got a cheese sticks eh food truck and she jumped rope with the cheese stick. It was really cool and I didn't try anything but but it was the old switcheroo <hes> well we had we flirted and I don't know what I'm GonNa do now because I might like somebody it does. I don't know what she well. She doesn't I'm not interested. What's the protocol sequel? Send a follow up tax Giambi so loser like a million text messages like be aware of the the blue to gray ratio. Don't be a Dick. I'm not going to be a dick like don't don't not call yeah okay I will I will I wanna like I find. I like if I like somebody. I want to share all those goofy funny thoughts. I have yeah but I would like a response also like yeah. No that's very normal so I sent her when I get into this show I said this is this is before we met C._N._N.. Over the but you found each other <hes> ah yes we have mutual friends showed a great place to start and so I said her revealing too much it's I was with my mom in the mountains and we were watching Ching a Beatles documentary and my mom was gushing about how much she loved the Beatles and she was singing along on all the songs and said she bought every record and she paul was her favorite and I was just laughing. I was kind of like imagining my mom is a little Beatles Fan and I senator that tax and I got a jerk gets back but she could have been asleep. She are busy or whatever but I don't think that'll happen again because we had such a good time last night she didn't she is good at the time as you did. I know she did because we met her for coffee he this morning and she like it was mutual dates. Yeah we got a croissant and got ice. Call takes such New York moment. How long are you in New York for an hour? I leave this afternoon to go to Tahoe and then L._A.. For a couple of weeks and she lives here yes damn so what to do what to do but good good good problems. I guess too much that I'm not we had a great time. Listen if you're texting much nothing to say like when you finally when you talk talk about everything then when you see each other every she's she's sharp weirdly very intelligent. People don't know about you but like everyone knows why S._A._T.'s thirteen hundred that's take good and then I went home for the summer the smartest I've ever been eleventh grade like ever since then. It's been a down because I like I started smoking a bunch of we drinking to excess on so I went home over the summer. After I got thirty nine hundred and just chief we'd all summer and came back in like literally made like a five and thirteen snow my name so well well. It has been an absolute pleasure having so much to keep up follow you on instagram at relationship to new podcast. It's called what enough about me that meets on. I tunes spotify. All the places one also follow Craig the dog. It's good Boy Craig Great Great Game Boy Craig Fifty Nine thousand a week and everyone at home to sail the player that this works out with Japan's new life style but yes. It's good to be excited. Isn't it the best let's be excited.

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