The Ocho: Cornerback flexibility?


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We are nine days away from the Kansas City chiefs hosting the Houston Texans and the season's kickoff game I believe based on twitter clues that the Kansas City chiefs are actually scheduled to receive their super superbowl. Fifty Four Championship rings today I could be wrong I'll head on over to Arrowhead Pride Dot, com and check that out. I have a feeling. It's going to be a beautiful ring whenever it is ultimately released for the world to see in for the chiefs players to have for Blake Bell to have one of the newest member of the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboys of course, not quite single digits away just yet but they will visit the Los Angeles Rams next. Sunday next Sunday, how does that sound? We'll get to all in a minute I. Do want to start by giving a huge I mean I'm talking Galactic sized shadow just incredible props. So proud of BDB's zone Kelsey Charles. It was announced on Monday by Dowse Coverage Dot Dick Eagleton Kelsey and Dallas cowboys dot com or David Hellman will have a new show this season on Dallas cowboys dot com called the star at night by the way Dave did fill in four Kelsey on the latest episode of Grow Tomboys Dave was on with meg they talked about Tony Pollard nicknames and all sorts of stuff. So check that out whenever you get a chance but we are so proud of Kelsey don't worry growth stock and boys isn't going anywhere. We've got a lot of those questions. Calcium may still be in your podcast twice a week on Mondays and Fridays to recap the game that was and get you ready for the game that is coming. So if you want to hear them, you want to hear everybody else on the blackboard podcast feed and make sure. You subscribe to the podcast network wherever you get your podcast. We are available on all major podcast platforms, album devices, spotify, whenever, wherever by the way on the subject of that there it looks like we will not have a new episode, the seven five later on today momentary thing that will be back next week as well. But huge shadow to Kelsey Charles. So proud of her and all the work that she's doing the start and I going to be awesome to watch this season and lots of stuff happening with regards the Dallas Cowboys and. We really know a lot about it. I mean the scrimmage. Scrimmage that wasn't whatever you WANNA call it on Sunday was a huge talking point on. Monday found out that tell Bryant did not tear his ACL which was a very good thing and if exchange slater reported that we found out at the very least at the time of this recording that exhibit your woods is injury or alleged injury is not a big deal. Steven Jones appeared on the fan on Monday and we'll get into that right now. But he noted that they were still waiting on the results of Xavier. Woods is test to see what exactly happened and I'm recording this just before five pm central time on Monday for four clarity. And nothing has really emerged as of the moment regarding Xavier Woods. However, there was a brigade of sorts shadow to the season a big brother and Enzo by the way brigade kind of mounting for Logan Ryan, lots of cowboys fans. You know sort of pushing that idea that the cowboys could certainly do with the services of Logan Ryan and the secondary obviously there's been talk Logan Ryan's agent really pushed the idea that he's a safety now, etc. The New York giants landed Logan Ryan and so you can. You can take that name off your wishlist. If you were somebody who was pining for Logan Ryan, the cowboys of course could still add earl Thomas who is at the time of this recording is again mentioned available. So I don't know but. To get into what Stephen Jones said. On Monday I wonder if I through the fan in talking about. Your Woods. was asked if the cowboys kind of latch would they have? In the secondary etc and he mentioned three names and none of these are shocking but he did mention them they were reiterated in that sense. Because we all know it safety the cowboys have. and. Then kind of cross your fingers hoglund exterior and Thompson whatever you WANNA call it. Stephen Jones talked about the cowboys having some cornerbacks that they could move over to safety if they needed to in a pinch obviously positioned flex are. Two words that are very well known. To be liked to put it simply by the Dallas Cowboys and Steven Jones mentioned Darrow Wurley newcomer to the cowboys and. I want to talk about a second but he did. Just, reemphasize at the cowboys have moved. Reggie in the second their fourth round. Pick from Tulsa. To safety so I don't know what that means for reg Robinson's future is going to be a safety forever as you wanted to be safety for two thousand, twenty s he ever GonNa move back to cornerback it's hard to know but the fact that the cowboys are still keeping this idea out there. Seems to imply intimate. that. They at the various liked the idea of you know cheeto playing safety and she said before when he's married with the local media that I'm a corner according to the corner he's talked about it being a contractor. It would be kind of unfair in some ways to make cheeto play a different position contractor. Let alone one that's happening in the middle of a global pandemic. But the fact that the cowboys is at least have that in the back of their minds, means that idea is in the back of their minds So to speak other things that Steve Jones touched on that I thought were important. He was asked Obviously, we know the cowboys top receivers remark Cooper Michael Galvin cd-rom Bam? Bam Bam. Who's next riot where we can guess we can sort of figure it out on the how Bryant injury even though he didn't tear a C. L. is a factor in that conversation we talked about that on Sunday night on Monday morning depending on you listen. But Steven, Jones was asked if anyone separate themselves after the top three, he said I think there's a group there of you know now browns really denigrate job. He's shown up I don't know how much I've been in practice talking to the Kinsey masterpiece one, affect the fan he's showed. Up Big Time said, Wilson showed up those guys probably at the end of the day have really separated themselves as the next Tier Cedrick Wilson. Our we've talked about we've written about lots of writers, bloggers, Dot Com, cedrick Wilson kind of cemented himself as wide receiver four for the cowboys and Noah, Brown I think if you do break it up into tears I mean you could tear Amari. Michael Gallup in CD maybe individually if you really wanted to. But there clearly on their own right and then I think it's Cedrick Wilson on this other. And then a gap that isn't quite as large as the first, the second tier, and that's where Noah Brown and then maybe it's Devon Smith Inventory Bryant but. It remains to be seen Stephen Jones did say it was kind of still a question mark wide receiver six is going to be for the cowboys and. We expect this to to be moving in passing alive or at least passing more passing more efficiently, I should say. So we'll they have six hundred series that remains to be seen I. Think we all think there's only two running backs maybe they're going to be able to sneak bend the new the new sean onto the practice squad. So some of those things factor into whether they'll carry five or six receivers. But at the very least, it seems like those are their top five. Now on the subject of receivers, many people have floated out the idea of city lamb returning punts. This is always something that is a conversation whenever you have a prominent rookie wide receiver namely first round. Wide Receiver because they are typically explosive players when the footballs in their hands Yada Yada Yada Cliche cliche. Steven. Jones was also asked about this on one of the fan. Again, if you go to the fans website or their social channels, you can listen to all of these interviews back. If you life to I, believe they are also available on the cowboys. Social Properties on their youtube channel things like that. You can hear these interviews that happened on the home of the cowboys but anyway, Steven Jones was asked about the prospects of cd-rom as a punt returner, and here's what he had to say I think it's a great opportunity for him to touch the ball. We've had some great players return punts for the cowboys starting with. Dion Sanders big time coming here. Anyway those guys are really good at their trade I don't think it's as dangerous as a place kick off in terms of their returner. I think those guys see especially the great ones I've Dion and certainly see you can be a see all the traffic coming at them. They know when differ catch and wanted to get out of bounds and you know when to go for it, there's been a lot of receives in this. League get. Back there and feel punts and do a great job doing it I. Don't have a huge issue. There may be times where it's safe and we put said, Wilson back there something like that I. Think you've got to this day in time in this league. If you've got dynamic players, you've got to give them opportunities to make plays in the open field and it's true. I mean that is literally an objectively true. It's not like CD lamb. Every time you want to put the ball his hands is in the open field like he theoretically on a punt return and. If you've been watching the cabbage for some time. You remember Dez. Bryant the rookie returning punts and obviously as I touched on etc.. I'm a fan of this idea i. think it's I. Think this is probably how you or the average cowboy's fan feels well, I only want to do it in in special times and not all the time, right? Like if it's not a great situation, I don't want to do it and that's fine that's like saying I only want CD Lambda Return punts when he's going to return them for touchdowns and we all agree with that is just so circumstantial circumstantial even beyond that it's circumstantial in. What's the game situation? How Times left? Where's he fielding the punt? What's the score? WHAT'S A quarter? What's the? WHAT'S THE RECORD IS DIVISION GAME Are The lights brighter is it outdoors? Is it raining I mean there are million factors that go into this and so I think it's smart to keep that door open but we certainly don't know I. Don't think you can say beyond a shadow of doubt in all of these circumstances city gets feel all of these circumstances city doesn't get to feel the and that's why you have to have another return ready somebody like Steven Jones said a Cedrick Wilson so that you can count on them. No matter what that obviously by the way adds to Cedric Wilson's value as a wide receiver team. The final thing I want to get into I mentioned that the game against the Los Angeles Rams is next Sunday. That's right. You can say it that way it is next Sunday. Very very, very cool stuff it came out on Monday the Los Angeles Rams head coach. Sean mcvay said that Wide Cooper Cup does not have an ankle injury but does have the soreness. This is a report from Omar. Obviously overran if DOT COM now. It is very early. At this point, we are twelve days away from this opener in La, but it is worth acknowledging that one of the rams most potent offensive weapons by the way making his return. Is, dealing with this and we never root for injuries or we're just talking about just letting you know what Cooper dealing with Ian Rapoport did add that Cooper Cup has a muscle strain on the side of the lower part of his leg right above the foot of the he should be fine for the opener I mean, we hope he's fine for the opener. You've never want to see any injury of any kind. So hopefully, cooper to go, but you have now been warned especially if you do have your fantasy draft coming up sooner rather than later. But yeah. That about does it yeah. It's getting getting to be that time. Yeah. It's getting exciting. Lots of lots of exciting things coming down the pipe coming around the bend, and so we're pumped to talk about Dallas Cowboys football all season long here on the block the boys podcast network makes you do subscribe you miss of our wonderful episodes again, it looks like we're not going to have a seven five. Oh, later on today but that will be a momentary thing we'll be. Back of course, next week. Make sure you do subscribe by the way to the blog YouTube channel have a brand new episode recapping what we could recap from the blue and white scrimmage and makes you check out blocking the boys dot com your home for the Best Dallas was coverage across the entire Internet. Yeah. All right. That's that's Tuesday I'm Joe, you can follow me on twitter or. At our Joe You can also shoot me an email rj data show at espy nation dot com, and you can also do me a huge favor and you can have the absolute. Best. Tuesday of all time. You know why? Because you deserve it it was human. My friends is always go cowboys. Out.

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