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Top ten songs about the devil


On this Devil's night twenty. Nineteen we bring you that top ten songs of all time about the prince of Darkness Himself Lucifer Lucifer Satan Aka the devil. You're listening to the Lou. Dini rock and roll circus changing rack. History One podcast cast at a time. All right everybody welcome back. It is the Lou. Dini rock and Roll Circus Devil's night twenty. Nineteen addition addition. Welcome everybody we've got little V.. Six with US tonight looking her most deadly Hamas devilish isn't the worst. I've got a gun so it's going to be good show. We're going to be counting down the top ten songs we do. We're probably going to go over. Whatever about the devil? The Prince of darkness bells above Satan. Whatever to call name is for your your Lord and Savior Gatty Tatty Loudini rock and roll circus? Dot Com is the website. Lots of cool stuff happening there. Check back off in for that. The other thing I want to tell you about is is our private area. If you want to dig a little deeper doesn't cost anything just gotTA LOMBARDI ROCKS DOT COM. Click the little. You'll see. It's it's all very self explanatory and you get right into our private group great community of people who are just like you really excited about Great Guitar driven rock of really kind of all types hard rock rock and roll punk alternative of course metal. I'm wearing my burger. Kills Shirt shirt. Sauber killed this weekend. Great show along with sue WOCKA. And we're going to be playing a little burger kill and sue walk a little bit later on in the show Guys Welcome. That's all the stuff and I want to give a shoutout to Wolf's customs customs. There's no reason for you to be playing the same boring in guitar as everybody else. Go Take Your Strat your telecaster whatever you got your as your Jackson. Whatever you're working on there air and send it out here and get a hold of of Chris under Wolf Dotson Wolf's customs dot online and they do amazing custom painting on Guitars ars so you definitely want to check them out as wolves customs dot online? So we've got literally be sixty six on what you well I went to. Two shows is one on Sunday where this guy opened for Burger Kilns Waka and one yesterday. Which was the fiftieth anniversary? UFO Tour Slash Ashley last in line opened and it was amazing and it was late so last in line is is that the family band. Now know that bandwidth at the end Campbell. Okay and the Guy Andrew Freeman. Who sings just like? Do by the way but they were awesome totally metal they didn't do a Deal Hologram or anything. No added into that. Because I didn't need one. I've heard I've heard that you know there's this thing this possibility of a tour with deal holly. I think it's out. I think it's out on tour right now and I'm curious I'd like to see here I think but it's not going anywhere around here pizzas. Just watch youtube video of it. I don't I just think I'll just seems cheesy as all get out I did not lysine. I'm I'm curious as to what I can see that and then Saturday are you. Are you by curious now. I told you can't do that stuff not into it however I'm try- curious of course. The Yard Saturday I'm going to go see vixen and winger together so exciting exciting stuff and that's going to be in eh just broke in on in buffalo to fall. I was going to go with you but I guess I can't now okay all right guys. We're going to get into to here. We are going to open the show up with a band which band we're GonNa Start with the let's start with so walk. This is a track called destroyer. They played this at the show. Oh on Sunday night. Great Show you guys missed it. which is when these guys? Berger kills walk are huge. I'm going to be able to say I saw Them like with like in front of ten people and I opened his guys. Hear it as a destroyer sue on the Dini rock and roll circus. take off the Lake L.. And uh-huh yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. New York City originally not from Indonesia. And we'RE GONNA play Burger kill in a little bit and they are Indonesia's well so we were. Indonesia was representing in Pittsburgh on Sunday night and my band. Twenty temporarily called twenty thousand metal. Dick's temporarily temporary. I I do all we can think of is like pervy like that's guys. It's like jared got a bad name. He texts me. It's like it's Dick Splitter. I liked fist full of assholes. That's the one I always pick fit heads or some I don't know but we got wasn't Madinat. Maybe fistful of assholes. Maybe I'll exit to the guys life. They'll be like what we're looking for like a good name. We need like a really killer name because if you have a killer name then that fills in all the marketing and then then like figuring out. What the logo and all that is become super easy so help us out? You've got some good band names strokes. We aren't metal okay. We are more like an alternative hard rock kind of sound. They sound awesome. We do so we'd see sound good. We are good band and thank you very much. THAT LILLY SUE walk walkout. Let me give you guys the the down low on Sue Waka here. You may find Suwalki at Sioux tribe dot com. Tom Easy enough tribe. They have their own tribe. I love it great band. Super Friendly Dude. Just awesome really had a good time. So SUWALKI TRIBE DOT COM. Check them out. Okay we are talking. We'll get into the Yes Do you want to know a little bit about before you get into our accounting and you're a little bit about the origins of the devil in rock music. Go forward I mean. Do you guys want to know a little bit about this. I I really for some reason. I don't know why but this topic just really kind of rang my bell. I grew up in a an evangelical Christian upbringing and rock. Music was forbidden. It was The Devil's music but it this idea that music certain music could be evil or the devil's music is not a new thing. There was there was classical music that you know people. The the church had condemned this big band music. A let's see here Saxophone when they were when they first come more. Viewed as with suspicion. Suspicion was a scandalous instrument who was banned by Pope Pious. The tenth in one thousand nine hundred three I did not. That's pretty cool. Yeah because Ah we're used a belt out. Jazz that aroused Lou. Dancing makes me WANNA listen on eighty s music with saxophone provoked alarm and outrage the devil knew a Lotta tempt after all With an apple or sexy rhythm and four-time in the twenties jazz band in hundreds of public dance halls. Interesting interesting. There was any time anything happen. You Know Oh. The experts are blaming the new jazz syncopated rhythms trouble. No one knows. That's for sure. Eighteenth Century Cleric said that the devil has the best tunes some which you will find in our playlist tonight as we talk about headed by Jelly Roll. Morton recorded a devil related song called BOOGER BOO classical music. Had aroused consternation over Don Smith cobs and immoral symphonies. Now I want you guys listen. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA turn off the background music from what you guys. Listen to this. This is a piece called Sonata engy minor but It's called the devil's trill. I know the Kartini. Now what you guys to give this this one a little bit of a listen I got. I got to turn off the of the background music as you hear. Classical music is unlike pop. Music has dynamics and if you Cloud requires requires very close listening. So let's go ahead and check this out TORTILLA KNEES VIOLENT SONATA NUMBER ONE IN G minor. I don't know if this sound evil any of you guys out there. I can see why it's so it's it's in a minor key doesn't necessarily make it evil Venetian Russian composer Giuseppe Kartini. Never who was one of a number of composers who used this musical interval called a triton which musical interval it goes across three entire whole notes was branded a diabe us in Musica or the Devil's interoil these dissonant chords reappear in heavy metal music by bands like slayer black Sabbath and even the edgy theme to the simpsons uses this musical interval interval in music is just means the space between the notes most when you say interval. They're thinking interval of time. This is the space space between the notes in the documentary film heavy metal a head. bangers journey producer Bob as Orrin. Who's worked with Alice? Cooper depot said. There is something very sexual about the Tri town. It apparently was the sound used to call up the east. A you were going to do that. the legend of how the King of the Delta Blues Robert Johnson earned his retain. His potent Inspiration or or power as a blues artists. This was a kind of accentuated and exaggerated in the one thousand nine hundred six film by Walter Hill called crossroads movie original score by right cooed also features legendary blues man. Sonny Terry on harmonica the plotline of a Blues Guitar Selling his soul. It was also part of the COEN brothers. Movie Rather Art Thou and provide the inspiration for the nineteen seventy-nine hit song. The Devil went down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels band. This this is when people don't on. This goes back to our origins as a species on the planet while we don't understand something or something is new or different. We blame week. We blame the gods poor devil ever or whatever ever so. We're so this is not anything new that we've been doing It has proved attractive for musicians to claim varying varying degrees of seriousness seriousness. that the also made their own deal with the devil. John Lennon told told a press conference that the reason the Beatles were success successful awful was that he had sold his soul and Katy Perry eazy e are among those who made the same claim. Bon Jovi even told a teen pop magazine Smash Hits that that I'd kill my mother for rock and roll and I would sell my soul and the devil said No. So that's why you're Bon Jovi. However not all rockstars? Ours are alarming. You know would have been hard to see bill. Haley and his middle aged band is part of a devil's covert army but as music change engine darkened in the sixties. The band's became more on edgy link between music and satanism reached a new height. Gone were the days of West side story. Sing alongs Maria. Oh you know I met a you know. Whatever the world was entering the volatile area era of Charles Manson and the communist and things like that Manson incidentally he released his own bizarre records by the way some guys know that John Lennon is fell obidos? We're still at a primary school win. Notorious caught figure alister Crowley died in hastings in forty-seven but so-called wicked US man on the planet cast a long shadow after his death. Crawley peered is one of the faces on Peter Blake's iconic cover for the nine hundred sixty seven album sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band. It was in that same year that the rolling stones released the album called hold their satanic Majesties request the first time the prince of darkness had been summoned in the title of a major rock release sneeze. It was predominantly Jagger. Who Dabbled in reading about the occult? He read things like the Taoist secret of the golden flower. He's richards who created a defining moment in music relationship with the devil and sixty nine when they cut sympathy for the devil and the song which originally had the less memorable working title of the devil is my name. The the Stones Imagine Satan's appearance in crucial moments in history. This was shocking for the Times. Guys we've all grown up this we've had forty years of rock and roll since then with all kinds of things that have happened in bands that have come out and Knights in Satan's service and all this insanity so but at the time something like that coming out of that era really freaked people out and freaked parents out and I think that it was one of the reasons why the stones did but that was like how bad could we be. Oh will play with the devil leaving really people's because they were the bad boys of rock and roll playing up the Satanic Image Jagger performed the song on the concert film the Rolling Stones Rock and roll circus whilst shirtless and covered in fake devil. Tattoos there we're also claims that the Church of Satan used the song which has been covered by artists as diverse as Sandie Shaw Bryan ferry motorhead and guns and roses as an anthem. But Jagger's girlfriend at the time. The singer Marianne Faithfull said that many people missed the complexity and irony of lyrics which I totally agree with year. Mick never for one moment believed that he was Lucifer Right. And if you listen to the song. The song is kind of like finger-pointing song about all the sort of atrocities is. That happened in history with the sort of like devil. Looking on Crawley was a major influence on David. Bowie Tom ever. Since David Bowie was young he liked the mess from a Tarot Cards He performed exorcism rituals a paid tribute to crawl into seventy one song in quicksand while while seventy six he admitted to rolling stone. Rock has always been the devil's music. I believe rock and roll is dangerous. I feel we're only heralding something even darker than ourselves Bowie's ziggy stardust. Character is perhaps popular music most potent embodiment vitamin of the archetype of the dying. God and the musician continued his interest in mysticism right up to his death in nineteen. Excuse me in twenty sixteen team but Bowie's fascination with what he called the Dark Netherworld almost pails and this is what we're going to stop and get into the countdown here with Jimmy Page says one to get into right right here. Jimmy Page reportedly attended seances collected artifacts and even in the year the Bowie released. Quicksand purchased Bolt Bolt Bolt Skyline House. which is Crowley's former home on the shores of Lake? Likasi that Alister Crowley on the shores of Loch Ness. So like you go ahead you go ahead and put that together yourself. In Scotland page interests pages interest. In the occult led to accusations led Zeppelin weren't a satanic man. While songs such as houses of the holy addressed the subject of the devil directly page once said that mixing in Satanic influences was like an AL chemical process but in two thousand seven songwriter guitarist then at the age of sixty three told guitar world that he didn't like to speak about your calls anymore. Because the more you discuss it the more eccentric centric you appear. So we'll just gonNA leave that discussion right there for now. I just wanted to give a little preamble and a little background that there is a history and some of the younger folks watching may not realize that this idea of the devil being in music is just it's colored music throughout the centuries and since we've had modern media TV magazines records things like that. It has like really explored. We have documented. Now you can go back and listen to these things so I just wanted to share a little bit about that. We'll talk about ozzy and things like that a little bit later on so we do have a countdown tonight of songs without the Devil Lily. What lillies are countdown? queen so Lilly. Who'd he got here? What's what's on your list? We did our these any kind of order. They read America So we already talked about their yard and talked about this a little bit but sympathy for the Devil by the rolling stones on the nine hundred eight album beggars banquet mixing this and the first person narrative as the devil and he say he said the influence came came from bald bald. Dare a French poet and from the Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov novel. The master in the Margarita was covered by guns and roses. As for the interview with the vampire soundtrack and motor had covered it on the twenty fifteen album. Bad Magic and Ozzy covered it on the two thousand five album undercover so it was a pretty Popular Song to be covered by it is a rock classic rock classic for reason. First of all it's a killer song. Second of all the lyrics Are Very intriguing and I pondered those lyrics for many many years myself. Find them absolutely fascinating. I think it's one of the best compositions it's ever and I would argue that. It is one of the Best Guitar Solos on a Rolling Stones Song ever that Guitar Solo and his tone on that what are just dynamite knocks me out forty years later so blows my mind sympathy for the devil. Please allow me to introduce reduce myself. Wealth taste couldn't have said it any better myself making KIEF. So what's what's what's next next. We have to have this on the list. The Devil went down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band released on the nineteen seventy nine album million mile reflections. It's about the devils failed attempt to steal young man and soul through a fiddle playing contest that involved enticing the young man's participation using a worldly prize which is the Golden Fiddle of course. The muppets covered the song on the show with guest star Alan Arkin in Nineteen Eighty Alvin and the chipmunks covered it on the nineteen eighty-one album urban chipmunk and premise covered on the nineteen ninety eight Rhino Plastic. EP Yeah I I want to mention that. The primaries version has an amazing video video with done with stop motion animation. Yes that is just killing eyler. And if you're looking for something to put on at Halloween for your part you're having barty whatever. Maybe you haven't Halloween party tonight and pull this up. Put this up on up on your Fire stick or your Roku or whatever and played for your friends everybody will freaking love it. We're very very well done. Sounds awesome rocks heart. Is You know what what and just just just really great track But I remember that song when it came when it was brand new. That's how old I am and I was completely fascinated by. I have always been a big fan of rock lyrics and one of the one is one of the reasons I do a weekly show called Eric Talk. Maybe I'll do a a show on sympathy for the devil. Excuse me excuse me. Devil went down to Georgia. I do WANNA sympathy the devil too but the Song Devil went down to Georgia is a story. It's a it's a narrative it has a beginning a middle and then and the music plays in with that absolutely perfect the devils jam. There's Janis Janis. He's jam and I. I always have personally have San. I think most people agree that the devils I always thought like. Here's my first reaction when I heard the song and I heard devil and then I heard Johnny. My reaction was Oh. Wow while Johnny. It looks like you're screwed because the devils jam was less kicked ass like you didn't you know and then when it came back that the devil bowed his head because he knew that even beat I was like what devils week the hell out of here. The Devil Kick Janis as I called Shenanigans and I still call Shenanigans. Go back and listen to that that gets our during that thing that chicken chicken thing and that and that base I Buddha. That's amazing sorry. Johnny sorry sorry you given your soul to the devil just saying so he got next. The next one on my list is running with the devil by Van Halen. It's the second single from van. halen's nineteen seventy eight. Debut album. Van Halen was the first single shit. Why do you ask me questions like that? The song was inspired by the Ohio players. Song run in from the devil named the Ninth Greatest Hard Rock Song of all time by each one and it's usually interpreted as being about the life of a touring band not really the devil not really not technically about the devil so this should be like an honorable mention and not like really Asanga. Whatever shouldn't be on the list but it also right song long? The riff is. I did a What makes his rift grade or something like I did? I did a podcast on his roof. That you guys can go out there and find Just just absolutely amazing. That's the first thing I ever heard by. Van Halen was a song and hooked instantly like like. This is the greatest thing I have ever heard. I was like Oh my God. Like what is this amazing vocals lyrics. It is about life on the road in rock and roll. And how you know you just you sort of feel like you're kind of being chased by this thing so when he got next action the next one on my list is devil inside by excess water some releases a single in one thousand nine hundred eight. This song was most successful in the. US turning number two for two weeks Kirk Pendulum Guitarist in the saxophonist stated that he did not like the music video because it was too American. Therefore my show you if you didn't know that the song was featured in the movie Rockstar and the TV show hindsight's but I do love me some Michael Hutchence. I have told my inaccessibility many times times as I won't tell it again. It's a very cool song. Great Band Sad story. Mike watching killer ban poor guy a speaking of great bands. This is Burger. Kill when it come back after a little burger kill and talk a little bit more about the top ten songs about the data Dalla. Happy Devil's night. Everybody what are you doing for devils nine hour. You celebrating devils. Let us know in the comments. We'll talk to year after some Burger. Kill It took hello Yeah it will uh and Yeah aw uh-huh aw yeah yeah in this hello Ah Uh it took Eh. That's Burger kill everybody and let me give you a little. How you Lou Lombardi he? He always insists on trying to play his Geigo Burger guilty. Give you the Aware here okay. You can in go to burger killed dot band camp dot com there on the bank. They do have a burger official but it is not. What's it's like in progress? It's not together so just go to Burger King Dot Band Camp Dot com find them. We opened show a swastika. SUWALKI TRIBE DOT COM We're GONNA be playing some silk nine here in a few minutes. Soak nine great band. They're a good band great band so we can talk with his guys to so we are talking came out songs of the data. We did a facebook post. Let's see that at the end so because I don't want to overlap in your list. Wanted still at least under and it's like that has only gets mad. Well it's just not that it's just kind of takes away from what we're doing blah blah. What do you got well? I'm Gonna I read some comments so build on Miano's watching Raven datsuns watching. She did a little skeleton. PUMPKIN EMOJI thing Allen Spangler said Grendel butter for your band name and Chris. Thunder will said Super Band waistband. Let's just call ourselves the under reuss. Sir Ron Paul's watching John Rastas watching Shaun King and I said all the other people and I lost some comments because I did move away from facebook real quick check something so I'm sorry if I missed your comment comment again and share because when you share what you do is you. You do have to lose any rock and roll circus arcus but you get the word out about the band's we place it and these vans aren't like you know they're not on the radio and stuff like that so this is where they get an outlet if you're digging what we're doing show share share the podcast and your friends will know how you're up on the absolute coolest new music out there. I'm just saying Shout out to Chris Thunder. We'll uh Wolf's customs wolves customs dot online and yourself a custom job on. You're not accustomed blowjob. You wouldn't that be something. We custom blowjob some custom paint job. So what do you got next bill. Of course yes. I have to mention this band every single time. The podcast happens but the next song is the number of the beast by iron maiden seven single release on the second sweet seven single release total and the second single from the nineteen eighty two album of the same name. It was inspired by nightmare. That Steve Harris had after watching the movie Damian Omen to of course the song caused is controversy in the United States amongst religious groups because of the name of it clearly However it does it does remain one of the most popular songs it has been performed at almost every iron maiden show live and it has also been covered several times couple? Examples are iced earth. Powder finger the iron maidens among others and I love iron maiden it because they are God and apparently the devil the first song by iron maiden I believe I ever heard was flight the vigorous the second song was number of the beast. And oh I loved it. It is such a great song and what they do melodic. What's interesting is? It's a lot. The the beginning verses verses are are key was alone you know the whole thing is it's not kind of what you expect but it still sounds very very like kind of majestic and scary at of course there's the beginning of the the thing at the beginning where they read. I believe that's the passage from revelation now and for for when I was young. I imagined vincent price or any. It's not very cool. It would be very vincent price. It'd be very surprised that they didn't and then you young whippersnappers. You don't know who Vincent Price's shave on you so looking at Google it. Yeah you have the Google machines. Now LEUCOPENIA I. I don't really know what else to say. Except the song blew my mind. I loved it. I couldn't get enough of it. Pittsburgh radio played it like we had to play like after midnight like V very. I almost never heard it. On the metal shop there was a show on. TV came on It after midnight on Sundays called the metal shop and you would hear bands like steeler iron maiden bands like that except it was the first time I heard balls to. The Wall was on that show but that was it. I mean I couldn't hear them enough so I loved them but I just couldn't hit. Nobody would play them. And we didn't have I lived out in the sticks. We didn't have cable so I didn't get MTV or anything for a long long long them later but just just a dynamite piece of music and that intro. There's a great documentary about about them. It's actually the behind the music. Yeah humanity about them that that was very very difficult to get that that rhythm with guitar and then the bring the vocals in they did it over and I can't remember. They did it many many many like an exhausting number of times before they were actually able to nail that. It's a long time for them to get it together. It's an amazing piece of music. So what do you got next next on my list. which is a band? I don't really. It's one of my favorite ever bans. But I don't mention them a whole lot on the show. It's shout at the Devil by Motley crue written by basis Nikki six. It's the title track off the album of the same name from Nineteen eighty-three it. He was also on the list of controversial songs. Among religious groups it was re recorded in for the nineteen ninety seven album generation swine titled Shout at the Devil Ninety seven seven. It was the music brock listener while in the UFC according to the book the dirt. If anybody's read that not the movie because it's not in the movie the book it was originally called shout with the devil but Nikki was experiencing some paranormal occurrences at his home and decided to change the title. Shout out I have a paranormal experience that I will relate to guys after the show so if you guys go to Lombardy rocks dot dot com get into the inner circle. We're going to do our after show and I will tell my paranormal experience there. It was one of these shout at the devils one of the songs they absolutely zoe loved but just was terrified parents. We're going to hear me listening to but I loved. It says that that beaten you know those those lyrics you know. Ah It's actually one of my least favorite motley absolute favorite model. I know I mean I like them all but this is not on my top. Take Time Motley crue Song List. It's still good just not up there yet. Great great track. What does that break three eighty three? Yeah yes eighty-three three. They had that album with Pentagram to change it religion. They make you do things. Yeah Yeah Okay. So what. What's next next is crossroad? Blues by Robert Johnson sort of has to be on the list was written in nineteen. Thirty six has become part of the Robert Johnson mythology as referring to the place where he supposedly sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his musical talents Leader Eric Clapton. With cream popular popularized the song as crossroads in the late sixties The Rock and Roll Hall of fame included as one of the five hundred songs that shaped rock and roll. And I think it's fascinating because of the story it's it's It's got a story to it. The lyrics are slightly different. If you listen to Robert Johnson's version. It's got a different if if you if you want to listen to a very haunted record. Get Robert Johnson's King of the Delta Blues. It's a collection Shen of all of his songs. And I mean I think our song I think another sign the we could put on this list. That's definitely a song about the dark. Lord is Hell Hound on. My trail is a song about somebody feeling feeling like the devil is coming for them like they are done and they're just all they can do to hang on Crossroads boot just just get it is yes. Rock people have redone sweet home. Chicago is a Asong that a lot. The that has been redone. But we hear these songs done by Robert Johnson. They all have this very haunting and haunted vibe to them even even something like sweet home Chicago when you listen to your like. Wow this guy was he was dealing with some stuff he was like he probably he has him stuff that was on his mind. And and so the idea that extrapolating this idea that he had sold his soul to the devil and the story goes that he was trying to be guitar player and he kept showing up places and everybody's like he sucked and then he disappeared for. And if you think about it he didn't need to sell her soul to devil. He disappeared for about a year and a half well a year. And a half. You really work on it. You can become a pretty you can. You can figure out the guitar especially and I'm sure I mean obviously natural ability. He had a passion for it. He wanted wanted everybody to show any time he would jam the musicians. He was trying to pick up on what they were doing. So it isn't the the I sold my. I saw the devil. That's a kind of a cool thing. That is actually more popularized by the movie by Walter Hill with Ralph Macho than was crossroads in it really that really brought that out and became a more of a thing because of that movie I will just I said this is some of the other day and I'm not ashamed to say this. I think that the Astros by cream I understand why people loved it when it came out. It's three of probably the most virtuoso musicians at the time reinterpreting in a great song. But I think it's terrible I just I just think I it's. It's everybody soloing simultaneously. It's just it's I learned this for a band a few months ago. And so I got I revisited. It and listen to it and Clapton's tone is amazing and I and it's very impassioned and power to get all that but just I mean every Jim and Jack Bruce to sound like they're competing with each other all song Of course they and I just feel like I get why people dug it there. Were you know jamming at the time. And everybody was hopped up on something but he we know they couldn't like dial all that way back and made a much more grooving track in my opinion. What's next next on? My List is deal with the Devil by pop evil. It's the second single from their twenty thirteen album and the eleven overall from the band. It's their second number. One single single following trenches They are the This is the second part of a trilogy that deals with Substance Abuse and dependency so in this case. The devil is the substance abuse and dependency. But I think it counts because I can understand I can relate to that so I do not know this band pop evil. They're relatively new their rock band though I forget where they're from I've only seen them once but they are pretty amazing. Okay I've got. You're the devil in disguise by by Elvis Presley. Nine hundred sixty three single written by bill giant Bernie bomb and Florence K. The song peaked to number three in the US charts. The song is of course about Out a woman because men think women are the devil it was covered by Tricia Earwood in the movie honeymoon in Vegas and the misfits covered the song on the extended edition of Project. Nineteen fifty could also be song about Elvis himself. Yeah well he usually sang to a woman because right but it people were freaked out and wh as I was bringing up earlier in the in the pike as introducing this idea. One of the things that freaked freaked people out was they. Were afraid that the first of all it was what was this was it was looked at as white. Kids are white guys are are white musicians playing black people's music and in the fifties in America. I never wants to make America Erica. Great again but the listen pay attention. Comedy people were so people were terrified of like the race's mixing it was like you know I knew somebody I and this was in my era even and I was completely over this. Our parents weren't like because even though they were very Conservative girl told me like you know you know her. Dad told her like the worst thing she could ever do is get with a black guy. So that's the mentality mentality. That people had people were freaked out. Oh my God you know. White Kids are listening to black people's music back so it had to be the work of the devil right now that that was it and the worst thing that we could do is mixed races and I would just be like. Yeah well my God you know so. There was the other side of this devil's music thing th- another aspect of it. Was this sort of like race thing and I mean I don't Lick on the show at all. I'm just telling you history. You know this is. This is how it was. And when Elvis got up there and fact there were people who had not seen L. was who just heard him who thought that he was black. I don't know if you realize this. In fact yeah a lot of people I remember my parents telling me that when they were young because see we okay. Everybody now has youtube and the Internet. You can google something in like like two seconds and know the whole story of it in the fifties. You didn't know who was black. White Jewish yes. You didn't you didn't know. And so a lot of these artists that sang rock and roll. Were emulating black music. Because these guys up Elvis would listen to late night. AM stations and he would hear old blues. They also listened to a Lotta music from south of the border as well and so they were bringing in all this other stuff. And that's what made it so exciting and so dangerous and you know the the two things is fed each other this sort of like fear of racial racial mixing or you know you know white kids listening to black music and then the kids were getting off on the fact. The new parents were screwed up about this so they wanted to play that up even more. So it's like this kind of snowball effect. It grew even more the British invasion because the Beatles really threw off this idea of what male masculinity was two people at the time that was long hair. Oh yeah okay now. And and also. They didn't act the way typical whole Western ideal. The idea of the Western male acted look that way. They didn't sound that way. They were sort of questioning. All of a sudden I again. People were really tied to when something is unfamiliar to your seems new. The first thing that happens you afraid once and then fear user turns into into extreme aversion or I'll use the word hate and that is where so much of this idea of the devil being being in music being rock music because it was popular and kids were gravitating towards it and kids were abandoning their traditional values in the favor of with the Beatles. Were telling them to do what they're all styles are telling them to do so. That is the sort of atmosphere. Where are this whole thing foster and I think that later bands like black Sabbath Venom and these bands that Judas Convention I think they they? They were wise to what was going on. They played on it because all kids kids want to do their own thing. They WanNa do the opposite of what their parents are doing. So if your parents are going to church you're going to worship the devil not literally but but you're going to buck and so this this just fed this whole idea of the devil in music. Why are we talking so much about? Because it's devils night. ooh Go double night and we're having a good time and Whilst you can speak for yourself so so you know. Lily brought up elvis the the devil in disguise. I wanted to kind of bring up sort of Philly guys on the you know the history somebody today called me a the music anthropologists. I like that So this is a little bit of that coming out Guys enjoy stuff like that. Please share the PODCAST. If you haven't already let the world world know about the the great music we play here while you got anything else on your list. What he got got smell last one Bohemian rhapsody by Queen US Assan written for the nineteen seventy five album night at the opera? It's six minutes week consisting of several sections that of course If you don't know this song by now Your I don't know who you are. Obviously but it's been said that one explanation it's about a young man who was killed someone and sold his soul to the devil on the night. Before his execution he calls for God's saying Besmellah which is and with the help of the angels regains his soul from Xian which is the devil of Islam No one actually knows the true meaning behind it because Freddie Mercury was very Secret about what it was about. Didn't really talk about it much. But in any case it mentions the devil several times in the song it was revived in the movie Wayne's world and the film version of the video the film version of the music video. One Queen it's only MTV video music award so so pretty cool stuff. I counted that I would not have thought of Bohemian rhapsody. The city is a song about the W I know right but they do mention it. That is different. Oh I know. Devil has details above has a devil put aside for me says `I references to hell and in things like that and things to make And then I did have one as I walked over here tonight. Devil's got a new disguise. It's an Aerosmith Song on the two two thousand six. The very best of Era Smith of the same name Devil's got a new disguise. It's not that awesome of a song but I like era so I put it on there. I don't have history behind it. Though you and your aerosmith. I love them ever Smith Okay. Let's talk about some comments from from all y'all out there. Shaun King says Master's apprentice by open. I know that one you. Here's one that like I. It was like of course to hell with the Devil by by my crash mccracken striper. Yeah I don't know what in that either man Michael Said Devil man which I would have said to you. Brian Urso said that it's a reference to devil man which is some anime anime character. But so what whatever. People don't know that Yoga last week. I know I still love that. Little Devil title by Michael Schenker Group Little Devil by the cult think eighty ninety. I haven't seen a minute. Shout at the Devil Dave. Douglas said mentioned mentioned that one as well Bryan who said Heaven and hell by Black Sabbath Black Sabbath a number of the beast straight devil with a blue dress Mitch Ryder and the Detroit. All right. We'll crash you know all the good ones brother love you man. Dan Qatar a mentioned running with the devil. Janet Lang said the devils bleeding crown. Don't I don't know that Song Song. Of course Dan also mentioned devil. Went Down to Georgia town. Great Song Georgia town dance with Mr de. We talked with seventy with the devil. But we do not talk about dance with that is a great one Damon is wild. By kittens. Bryant plugged his own band. It's fine that school assigned go for you worked in you. I respect that Hell's bells doesn't mention the devil. I don't think specifically typically not GonNa get you Satan get you. Yeah I'll yeah hell yeah crash. You're right on that one brother Satan serenade by courts rock band off Jane Johnny Stark. That might be ashes. Smashed as dance with the devil by breaking Benjamin In this case the devils alcoholic alcohol I got it. God Damn Devil Ugly Kid Joe Jambi by tool. Ethan Iraq Ra Rancho Roach Rochelle. I'd say wrote. I don't know that Song told by but Ethan if if you say so brother I'm down I would like to add tribute by tenacious d because it is a song about them fighting devil with this song that they'll come up with their walking down as they're walking down the road and IT IS A. It's a little to the crossroads thing and the whole thing so I would. I would definitely put that on here. This is Pagan Mama by Lou Lombardi strangelove. We're GONNA come back and finish up here in a minute talk to you guys. Thank you guys ringing out. Please share share the podcast Devil's night. Twenty nineteen so far I think is kicking ass and now and uh-huh Yeah it's the taste uh-huh it off it off. The law Lombardi's strange Pagan Mama. You can go to Lombardy. MUSIC DOT COM opened the show with sue. wocka sue WOCKA WOCKA TRIBE DOT COM Little Burger King Burger Burger Kill Dot Band Camp Dot Com. We're going to wrap things up with silk nine here in a minute. We're going to get out of here Devil's night. I think we had a good devil's night. We the whole old. Pike has about the devil not just the devil songs we gave you a little background on the devil. We talked about why people thought rock metal etc was the devil's music. The church burnings in Oslo Stat. Didn't help guys sorry. You know it's like you're GonNa do stuff like that you I know people are going to go away as bad RASC- kind of ruined for everybody else Jerks Jake's so our websites Lou Dini rock and roll circus dot com check back often tons of cool podcast as as well as you want if you want to hang out with. We're going to go party here over in our inner circle in a minute lily is going to have another white cloud whether she wants to or not. And you the GO-TO LOMBARDI ROCKS DOT COM. What that there's no mystery you just click? The thing that goes into the patient takes you into our. We have a closed facebook group so and it's very cool because there's no. Nobody's like arguing with each other. People disagree but they did. Do it respectfully talk about music. It's all music all the time. Really cool people having a lot of fun. No politics no flaming nope religion that Lombardi Iraq's Dot Com will get you in. We'll get you admission. WE'RE GONNA go over there and hang out and talk a little bit probably about what the next few weeks. Maybe we might ideas we might kick around for future stuff coming up. I Love I could do a podcast about the devil every week. I don't know why that sounded bad. Anyway so check it all out there LOMBARDI MUSIC DOT com as well as LOMBARDI ROCKS DOT COM lily. V six anything. You want to say anything bad. We got any any shout outs. We WanNa do before we rock out of here for today or should I just make sure you're listening. Show Thursdays tomorrow. Halloween show hotlinks lily six six PM. The M Eastern Time Fun rock radio download the APP for free. I am doing the world premiere of the song. Light work off of the new album late work by sub zero. They are a metal band from in Florida. So it'd be sure to check that out also a character from the movie running man by with Ron Ronald Ronald Schwarzenegger. Okay okay anyway. So check that out and I will be going live for vixen and winger on Saturday because wingers one of my other future husbands. I might change the last name to winger. We'll see. Aw that's all all right guys. Thank you so much for hanging out with US tonight. The Devil's night and we're going to go to go over. LOMBARDI ROCKS DOT COM. And join in. If you're catching send a replay. Oh my God I totally forgot rock. Radio is a little bit of an issue with their facebook thing so we haven't been on the facebook thing but we're still on the Rock Ridge Radio APP and Channel Rock Ridge Radio DOT COM. But if you're listening on rock radio this shows shows up a few days later you can still go to Lombardy rocks dot com and get involved in the inner in my inner circle group where I'm constantly sharing cool videos. Zain Pataki Lilies in there. Everybody you know it's just a really good group of folks that are really passionate about Great Guitar Rock so check that out there. All right guys. We're GONNA pop over there in a second. We're going wrap up with the band that I believe is during a CD released soon. I'm not allowed to say too much more than that. Actually we can say now. It is going to be The Saturday after Thanksgiving thanks giving they we are going to be emceeing for the show. Silk Nine silk nine is the band we're going to be we doing a We're going to be emceeing. Shell the next door cafe and blonde ox. PA that is on the. It's Saturday November thirtieth. Okay there's a doors or eight. Thirty and special guests are from Boston Massachusetts. They are something because I can't see the freaking thing young other. That's the name of the other young other. Okay you guys you guys to check that out. We do appreciate it next door cafe November thirtieth Saturday November Thirtieth Lucchini rock and roll circus live. We'll be working with silk nine on their CD. Release Great Band which you're going to hear now. We've played Adams many many times when playing silk nine for years on this bike as we love these guys but checking. I'll silk nine. I will care. I won't can't Antonio I'm sorry buddy I'm I'm just the computers far away but it's why won't care you silk nine. This single is out on all the songs by the way are available on spotify and we do spotify playlist. All you gotTa do is just search Looney rock and roll circus also. PODCAST is on spotify as well so if you prefer to listen to that way you can do do it as well. We're on I tunes and everything but I think most people prefer spotify these days. I won't Gary You silk nine. Get you guys soon. Pop over to Lombardi rocks. And we're going to continue the party waiting. What did I listen screaming committee? Yeah take not the rent's card. They did they along with the city. The J. Doc it's a Eh in and it out. I'm

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