The Second Death of Marie Antoinette


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A production of iheartradio and Aaron minke listener discretion advised the streets streets of Perez on September third seventeen ninety two or chaos and anarchy reeking of blood and sweat and spit thousands of starving people and desperate bodies pressed together overnight hasty tribunals were built outside prisons for aristocrats to be swept through one at a time hold from their cells in the middle of the night to stand trial for teaming crowd these trials would go on until sunrise marie-antoinette her husband Louis the sixteenth and their children were still not technically imprisoned. They lived in a Fortress Palace called the temple under something close to house arrest forced to wait their days staring at walls listening to the mocking monotonous chance of the guards and the cries for blood from the street. One of Marie Antoinette's favourite ladies in waiting the Princess Dilemma Limbaugh was brought into the courtyard. The tribunal of revolutionaries ask the Princess Dylan Ball to take an oath swearing her love of liberty and her hatred of the Queen. I can swear readily to the former the the princess said but not the latter it is not in my heart those with sympathetic hearts looked upon the princess with horror some whispered to her begging her to take the oath and save her own life. The princess ancestor limbaugh shook her head. The leader of the tribunal brought his hand down and shouted the princess was thrown to the crowd. Her body was torn apart stabbed and beaten those with knives pieces of her flesh to keep a souvenirs her head they stuck on a Pike parade through the city and so from cafe to cafe the Princess's lifeless head was placed before patrons who were told to drink in celebration of the death of traitors then someone in the crowd had an idea. Shouldn't the Queen get to see her favourite wants more. Should she not get to give her friend kiss goodbye. The Princess's head was bloodied and swollen her hair matted and thin and so the crowd brought it to a hairstylist who was forced to style the decapitated head until it had the same blonde cascading curls princess had been famous foreign life when the head was recognizable the crowd brought it to the temple they raised the head on its pike until it was directly outside the Queen's window the crowd began chanting demanding marie-antoinette kiss the Princess's Cold Blue Lips look into our hooded swollen eyes see her grace skin her sunken cheeks and her perfect beautifully quaffed golden hair the meniscus thin bubble that had kept her safe at Versailles popped leaving marie-antoinette with only the shutters on her windows to shield her from having to see her friends grotesque. Ted this sounds from the street. Though the taunts and jeers there was no protection from and even when the crowd scattered bored with waiting for Marie Antoinette to appear ready to find a fresher body marie-antoinette Gwinnett new sooner or later that body would be hers. I'm Dana Schwartz and this is noble. Blood marie-antoinette's the Antoinette first death came when she was thirteen years old on an island in the middle of the Rhine between Austria and France where she was to begin her new life as a DA phen- the wife of the country's young prince she she left everything Australian behind in an elaborate tent she was stripped naked of all of her clothes and dressed a new all French. Her Austrian dog mumps was taken away all of her friends her ladies these the ones who had taken the week's long journey with her by carriage here to a new life or turned back only the little princess born anew continued on in a sky blue carriage of gold and velvet no longer Maria Nia Antonia but Marie Antoinette she was the fifteenth child of the Empress Maria Theresa and was only gifted with the prize role of Fina France thanks to random MHM happenstance and unlikely circumstance befalling her older sisters her education up until that last minute betrothed ill had been minimal but even if she wasn't studious she was beautiful and charming and agreeable she she would be happy in France marrying the Awkward Young Prince only a few months her senior but even if she wasn't her happiness wasn't the point she was a pond secure an alliance between Austria and France twenty two years after after she became a French princess after two decades of decadence in the most cultured and luxurious palace in the world. Marie Antoinette was alone in a cell in the heart of Paris with mobs outside calling for her head to join that her husband and her friends in the Guillotine. Marie Antoinette's prison cell at the concierge Orie was not a place of warmth and kindness but the jail keeper Madame Rashard tried to make the woman men who once lived in a palace comfortable Madame Rashard who ran the concierge ary with her husband had watched the queen hang a small Golden Watch on the wall of herself the only bit of adornment in the dark room where the walls dripped and moaning could be heard from all hours of the night. It was a gift from long ago from her mother. The Empress Maria Therese Madame Rashard had also watched the guards confiscate the watch five days later the Queen was was mostly quiet after that her hands stated her lapse she thanked the guards and they brought her food and thanks Madam Rashard from the jailer brought fresh flowers to the south before those two were banned one afternoon to try to cheer up the Queen Mme Rashard brought her own son to the prison marie-antoinette had always famously loved children. She wants stopped her carriage to help a poor boy on the street paying for his board again education she had clutched her <unk> own children tour so tightly and for so long that verse I had wagged their tongues at her overindulgence when Madame Rashard son Fan fan arrived at the concierge ary marie-antoinette burst into tears for the first first time in weeks her voice rose above a whisper she wailed while hugging the boy pulling her arms tighter and tighter around him. It was a cry of misery. Fen Phen was seven at the time the same age as marie-antoinette Son Louis Charles in prison somewhere far away being reeducated by revolutionaries when Madame Rashard took her son's hand and let him back into the hall she confessed to a made that she had made a mistake and she would never again bring in Fan Fund to visit Marie Antoinette six months prior. marie-antoinette's family had all been together for what would be the last time it was the night before the former King Louis the sixteenths execution and the man. Now called Luik pet was permitted one last meal. Marie Antoinette and Louis younger sister Elizabeth cry the entire evening while the children boy and girl looked up at their stoic father with wide watery eyes. He's promised me the one king said to his children that you will not seek revenge for those who do this to me. Little Louis Charles Marie Antoinette would not stop her weeping. She and her husband had been married for twenty three years Louis. The sixteenth had never taken a mistress perhaps if he had things would have been easier for his queen someone else to deflect the gossip and attention but I was far too late eight to try to imagine how things might have been different Louis the sixteenth consent to death in his head would be on the guillotine the next morning to stop his wife and his sister and his children from crying. Louis promised that he would see them mm tomorrow morning that he would say one final goodbye. This was just good night. We'll say goodbye tomorrow morning. He lied the next morning. marie-antoinette now called the widow Capet is taken to a new prison cell her son seven years old was now technically the King of France and it was time for him to be reeducated in the ways of the revolutionaries young Louis Charles was ripped from his mother's arms and taken away but still within earshot that was important. The guards wanted to make sure that Marie Antoinette heard her son's crying heard his beatings at the hand of his new teacher. A Cobbler Cobbler named Sumo Marie Antoinette became obsessed with trying to catch just a glimpse of her small son she would spend days pressed against a wall in the spot where she cranes her neck. She could just see him being brought brought to his new exercises. The Guard would laugh at little Louis Charles giving him wine until he got drunk then more wine until it got drunker they beat him until he agreed that he hated his parents that the former armor king and queen were traders and he loved only liberty and the revolution they beat him until he agreed that his mother had molested him forced him to lie with her. The two is a harlot to generate a monster marie-antoinette. I heard it all eventually. She stopped crying when she was moved to yet another cell. She accidentally hit her head on the door frame. The guard asked her if she was all right marie-antoinette answered nothing can can hurt me anymore. The Queen was to be moved to the prison of the CONCIERGE ARY in the middle of the night. Her guards lifted their bayonet to knock on the prison door. A young man named Louis the Riviera answered when Louis It was a boy he had worked at for Cy as a pastry cook he had caught glimpses of the Queen and all of her splendens. The woman before him now with sallow is wax dressed all in black. Even still it's impossible that the young Louis Louis did not recognize her that he could not see the shadow of the woman who had once been the son. What is your name? The we Lariviere asked her determined to obey the proper intake protocols for the woman who is now just prisoner sner number two hundred and eighty what could Marie Antoinette say was she Maria Antonia who Seth Joanna archduchess of Austria the Dowager Queen of France or was she just the widow Capet. There was no answer answer. She could give instead marie-antoinette just simply replied look at me. marie-antoinette was brought to her cell. The son had only just begun to rise Madam Rashard a former Haberdasher had had managed to get linen for the Queen's bag and the lace edged pillow but the cell was still a sal damp brick floors and peeling walls furnished only by canvas bed a table and two chairs. Madam Richard had brought a stool from her own room. There was a bucket in the corner. The Room itself is humid with stinking stagnant. Air marie-antoinette began to undress and Madame Rashard. Offer to help thank you child the queen said but since I no longer have any of my household with me I will look after myself when one of the maids brought Marie Antoinette Small Mir little cheap thing with a red boarder an an oriental pattern on its back marie-antoinette held both of the maids hands in her own and kissed her on the cheek the small mirror she kept safe in a cardboard box and she priced it. <hes> marie-antoinette watched the guards play their card games. She requested a needle and thread from Roy -Tory but she was denied until she she pulled the frayed edges of the cells wallpaper and wove with that shred adventure novels over and over again like the travels of Captain Cook lent to her by one of her sympathetic jailer's the queen still had allies technically. There was her family Austria but her mother Maria Therese was long dead and her brother. The next emperor also dead now on the throne was his son her nephew a boy who had never met his aunt the doomed queen so far away marie-antoinette had not seen her home country since she was sent away to become a princess of France when she was thirteen years old but there were still loyalists in France those who tried to imagine ways the queen could escape to freedom a former military officer Alexandru Devereux visited the Queen in her cell and dropped to single red carnation at her feet inside the tightly packed pedals there was this tiny note. The note had a plan for escape. The guards could be bribed and the Queen could be spirited away in a carriage to the home of an ally and then on to Germany all the queen needed to do was to use a needle prick her answer in one of the petals of the flower but before the plan had even begun it was foiled a guard knowing that the queen escaping would cost him his own head gave the game up the queen was escorted to a deeper more secure dungeon the kind madame rashard and her husband were thrown in prison for their laity replaced by another couple grim and brutal none of the small indulgences the Queen had enjoyed to remain if one had bothered to look at the carnation after all that they would have seen the queen's dancer her response to some self proclaimed heroes escape attempt at had ended up costing in her her final bits freedom in tiny letters with the pin the queen had punctured the letters of the word negative <music> when Marie Antoinette was finally brought in for her trial there were gasps from the crowd they knew the queen from her glistening portrait and from the propaganda that circulated depicting her as a wild harlot cheeks rouge and hair stack tie she was drawn as a heartbe sometimes or silly flamboyant ostrich the woman before them with hardly recognizable in the a year and a half she had been in prison her hair had gone wiring gray her eyes lifeless her cheeks were sunken in her hands shriveled. She was dressed all in black in a simple dress that had been mended over and over but the shock of the crowd did not mean mercy her husband had been given time to prepare a case with lawyers as if he might have been declared innocent there is no similar show of fairness for the Queen one by one the case against are listed that she had manipulated her husband. The two is treasonous the to pass along information to Austria and communicated with foreigners to sabotage Franz marie-antoinette remained. Impassive the entire time no expression flickering across her face until the court reached its final accusation on the confession of her son Louis Charles Marie Antoinette was accused of sexual sexual abuse that she had laid with him in bed and taught him pernicious practices marie-antoinette's composure drained from her and the woman became fire one of the jurors turn to the court and Said said the accused has not responded to the facts regarding what took place between her and her son marie-antoinette answered. If I have not replied it is because nature itself refuses to respond to as such charge laid against mother her is scanned across the entire courtroom mad and desperate and determined. I appeal to all mothers who may be present a murmur went through the court for the first time in the entire trial. The women in the room seemed to soften they looked at one another a hatred hard as a clenched fist began to unfurl but it was too late. Marie Antoinette was guilty of being Marie Antoinette and so she was sentenced to death by Guillotine by the all-male jury uh like her first death on an island in the middle of the Rhine so many years ago the second death of marie-antoinette also began with being stripped down Marie Antoinette had not known when her trial and her death wrath would come and so she wore black continually so she would meet her Lord improper mourning for her husband but on the morning of her death her guards forced her to change into a simple white frock she begged for them to leave her to the change in privacy but they refused they were signed to watch her and so under the eyes of men who hated her Marie Antoinette shed her mourning clothes and put on either the Guard nor Antoinette knew that white not black is actually the store color for French Queens to wear morning. She asked to relieve herself. The guards did not respond and so the Queen squatted in the corner as they watched the men she was taken out into the street this time her carriage was not gilded or velvet. It was a cart with a cage at the back and when the queen sat facing forward the guards shouted at her she was to face the the opposite way her back to the horses she sat in the open so the crowds could spit on her and throw cabbages as she passed the night before she had written letters to her family toward daughter. She sent her love. I am instructions to care for her brother to her son reminder to heed his father's words that he would never avenged their deaths. This advice would prove unnecessary. Little Louis Charles would die two years later of prison mm fever marie-antoinette had also written to her sister in Law Elizabeth asking her to forgive Louis Charles for his testimony in court forgive him dear sister think of his age and how easy it is to make a child say what one wants even things he doesn't understand the queen's famous hair was cut short at the neck to make the Guillotine journey easier as marie-antoinette stepped onto the platform of her execution. She uttered her final words. She had stepped on the executioners foot by mistake. I'm sorry sir. She said I did not do it on purpose. The blade came down in a man rushed from the crowd to soak his handkerchief in blood. marie-antoinette body was thrown into a mass grave next to bodies of guards who had died in the attacks tax on her palaces bodies of people who had been crushed to death in the ecstatic firework celebrations of her wedding to the prince nearly a quarter of a century before the mass grave where that very prince who became King Louis the sixteenth. But some self interred the Queen was among her people at last today's episode is brought to you by the iheartradio music festival. You've heard about it. Every September we invite a select group of the biggest artists in the world to Vegas to play one stage over two nights not just a concert. It's a once in a lifetime gathering of the most talented superstars on the planet. You'll never see this group of artists play together anywhere ever again and every year the artists it's joined together for surprise collaborations on stage previously Mary J. 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Marie had once been the art tutor to King Louis little sister Elizabeth at Versailles and it was thought she was still royalist to prove her loyalty to the revolution. The young woman a sculptor was brought to the grass marie-antoinette's head remained still unburied Murray took the bloody head in her lap and made a wax sculpture of it just like the one she had made for the dead King Louis and for the martyr of the Revolution Mariah when the revolution was over and Murray Grass Holtz made it through alive she got married and began touring her wax sculptures around Europe eventually she made it to England and opened a permanent exhibition on the second story of the building on Baker Street her husband frank remained in France but Marie continued to use his surname. It's the name that became associated did with one of the most popular tourist attractions of all time Madam to sell noble blood is a co production of IHEART radio Aaron Minke the show is written uh-huh and hosted by Dana Schwartz and produced by Aaron McKie Matt Frederick Alex Williams and Trevor Young Noble blood is on social media at Noble Blood Tales and you can learn more about the show over at noble blood tales dot com for more podcasts podcast from iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows today's episode is brought to you by the Iheartradio Music Festival iheartradio wants you to be part of history and watch the entire world of Music Converge On Las Vegas Our iheartradio Music Festival two nights one stage with performances. You've never seen before and won't ever see again. 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